A Chinese-built CS/VP3 BigFoot MRAP of the Nigerian Army leads a convoy of soft-skinned utility trucks into a theatre of operations in Northeastern Nigeria.


10 January, 2015

Normalcy is gradually returning to Damaturu, the Yobe state capital,after unknown gunmen believed to be members of the Boko Haram terrorists’ group carried out coordinated attacks on the town on Friday night.

“Things are gradually taking shape as the gunshots and sounds of explosive devices have ceased,” a resident said.

Heavy artillery sounds and sporadic gunshots rained throughout the night with the continuation of isolated shooting this morning in the troubled north-east state.

Attacked Formations

Although authorities are yet to confirm the level of destruction inflicted on the town during the attacks, residents said the Police “A” division, the state Area Command and the Police Officers Mess all located in the heart of the town were all burnt down by the terrorists.
They also confirmed that the Izala mosque and some shopping
complexes at the Damaturu motor park were also set ablaze during the invasion.

Proactive Measure

Security forces had before yesterday’s attack,invaded Gujba and Gulani areas of the city, believed to be strongholds of the insurgents with the recovery of some arms and ammunition. The situation was said to have made the insurgents mobilize and attack Damaturu in a reprisal attack.

Since the recent attacks in some major towns of Yobe State, residents have continued to live in fear of more attacks by the insurgents. Yesterday’s attack started late in the evening around 8:00 pm local time, as residents kept scrambling for safety after heavy artillery and sustained sounds of gunshots were heard across town with more intensity around the southern part of the town.

Although security forces have not confirmed the casualty figure after
yesterday’s attack, hospital sources said one corpse was brought to the morgue on Saturday morning. The insurgents had on December 1 2014 attacked Damaturu, the state capital, with the aim of capturing the Government House, but were successfully repelled by the military.

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  1. rugged7 says:

    This makes for sour reading. The western press are enjoying all the negative news out of Nigeria. Well, 7 days for the thief, one day is for the owner.
    The Nigerian army should clean house.But for sabotage, Nigeria would have ended these boko haram scum a long time ago. But we will defeat them. By God, we surely will.

    • peccavi says:

      Oga rugged7 abeg what was the sabotage?

    • Rdokoye says:

      Boko Haram militants attacked Bama on September 1, 2014 and were flushed out around September 6, 2014, since that time; there have been no additional attacks on that town.

      So why is that fictitious map reporting that it is under the control of Boko Haram?

      Additionally Baga was recently attacked and occupied by Boko Haram, but right now the military is currently engaged in a counter offensive to reclaim that town.

      Lastly, Boko Haram occupies only a few towns and uses the forests for cover, not as principal regions. So in essence, they do not have a caliphate.

  2. Henry says:

    Everyday, we analyse weapons, tactics and formations all for a good course. However, The most central question/problem has been staring all of us (Nigerians) in the face, with a single logical answer.

    I wonder, How has one of the largest and most economically powerful countries in Africa, with one of its largest military forces, proven incapable of defeating a domestic insurrection fought primarily with small arms?

    We never lacked equipment.

    We never lacked money.

    We never lacked men.

    • peccavi says:

      Because war is business. And business is good

    • jimmy says:

      If you really want the answers to your questions I will honestly answer them for you
      First start of by reading the not so accurate ACCOUNT of the ALGERIAN CIVIL WAR and why ALGERIA became the strongest Nation in Africa. Nigeria surprisingly is following the same painful trajectory right down to the jail breaks, incompetent leadership and initially believing in the Western powers that be to provide a miracle cure.

      • peccavi says:

        Massive difference.
        Algeria was already a developed (by African standards) country with good infrastructure, good industrial base and good education. It had/ has a professional civil service and military.
        Second the Islamist were organised and were part of the state structure, they actually won the election. In other words they were discernible and had a clear unambiguous, achievable objective. It also means the enemy had a base, not a secret base but a definite power base and popular support amongst the people
        Nigeria has crumbling infrastructure, poor civil service and poor leadership.
        The military is struggling
        The enemy is faceless, their requests are illogical and unobtainable.
        Boko Haram might have won a few Local Government elections in 2007 but it has no widespread legitimacy or popular support.
        And the Algerian model for dealing with the insurgency is not really 100%, although it is an interesting model all the same

    • ugobassey says:

      Sir you said exactly what been on my mind all this while.

  3. jimmy says:

    ALGERIA back then IN 1989, 1990 had and still has a conscript ARMY however now it is the other way round they have more volunteers than they have conscripts.
    In 1990 the had very few helicopters let alone airlift capacity hece it was not uncommon for a mountainous village to be wiped out overnight 900+
    In the 1990s the ISLAMISTS AS OGA p pointed out an the UNDER EQUIPPED Algerian ARMY balked HOW UNDER equipped were they? they were handing out AK-47S to Villagers take care of the ISLAMISTS themselves in Nigeria we call them Hunters or CJTF worefa
    They tried to make peace /bribe them it did not work just like boko haram split they split into more extreme and hardline.
    Algeria a former FRENCH colony must of turned to France a dozen times to get MORE PUMAS MORE GAZELLES NON they said not willing to arouse their own underbelly in the ghettos of
    The President of algeria eventually was removed because he percived to be too concillatory towards the islamists as the bombs came raining down and throats kept getting slit , he was replaced by an ex general who was more hardline, This had nothing to do with infrastructure but everything to do with Leadership both Political and Military
    OGA HENRY DO YOU SEE THE PARALLELS ? choose which frog you want to eat whichever way it is going to be a bitter foul tasting meal.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberGeneral Jimmy thanks for hitting the nail on the head. This asymmetric warfare can not be worn without a strong Nigerian Airforce. We keep hearing about airforce assets being procured, but what is not clear is whether we have enough trained ground and air human resources to support these assets, and more importantly if we have the right supply chain to manage these assets adequately. The Nigerian Army needs close air support to carry out there mission and without a 24/7 capability Nigerian Airforce, the Nigerian Army’s mission might be hampered in theatre. God Bless a United Nigeria.

  4. jimmy says:
    When will the NAF , the NA and the Artillery go on the offensive must we keep on the defensive.

  5. tim says:

    It think it is a problem of resources… few manpower and equipment to go out hunting in large numbers like boko does, and still have enough resources to hold down territory. I think what the army does is to send little hunting soldiers of say 100 men or so….to do patrols….and when they make contact, call in for re-enforcements from airforce or nearby units…. Which to me in regards few resources is a smart think to do…..but at the long run is a stupid way of wasting resources and prolonging the war.

  6. COLONEL NGR says:

    I believe army headquarters have offensive plans. I guess they dont wanna launch an offensive without being adequately prepared. The airforce needs time to get its new platforms delivered, train its personnel and key its plan into the overall plan for the offensive. The offensive requires a massive build up of men and resources. 3 large states are involved with international borders surrounded by countries whose loyalty is questionable. It will be foolhardy for the military to launch an offensive without the hardware it needs, i believe they are simply trying to contain boko haram pending when the assets arrive. The military is not rushing things. Even the fourth quarter postings havent been released. I believe the offensive will be launched after the elections. The political class doesnt want an offensive disrupting their chances of re-elections. The north may view the use an all out offensive negatively due to the associated destruction and civilian casualty.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga COLONEL NGR….you said the facts. On target !

    • Naijaseal says:

      God bless my brother. Defense HQ seems to threading water till after the election…

    • saleh says:

      how long is the planning suppose to be when Nigerians are being killed daily and territory occupied. pls call a spade what it is, the longer the insurgency last the more those gaining from it make money.

      • jimmy says:

        This is the perception,it is a dangerous perception and as the election draws closer,with less than six weeks,it is becoming an albatross around both the Army and the collective political and military leadership. Let me be very clear, I am not inciting anyone on this blog.My integrity is clear,I just want this war to come to an end,and it will not end if the army is not making extensive coin operations, and I repeat like a broken record if the fleet of the. Nigerian airforce is not flying extensively. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  7. Tobey says:

    Since General Minimah took the reins as COAS, the N.A’s campaign in the conflict zones has taken a drastic turn. Despite being an Infantry Officer, he has never replicated the successes of General Ihejirika, who ironically is from the Engineering Corps. What we have seen since General Minimah’s assumption of office is an ENTIRELY defensive strategy which has further boosted insurgent morale and operations..How many times will the same drama be repeated? Losing territories to insurgents? What happened to large scale offensive operations? Is the Army’s idea of CT-COIN operations all about FOBs and patrols? Do we have to wait till BH siezes territories before we act? Of what use is all the new military equipment being acquired if soldiers are orientated to dig in at FOBs and wait for BH to attack first? we have aerial recon assets for God sake! We just keep wasting lives of troops holding FOBs that have no strategic significance..Make no mistake, this is already a conventional war..We accuse soldiers of cowardice when the real cowards are the Senior Generals who, out of fear of falling out with the Northern Elite, use their men as cannon fodder defending large swaths of land, only for BH to attack en masse with technicals, kill our men, and restock their arsenal with N.A ordinance.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I’ve been asking myself the very same question. The last set of military service chiefs (with the exception of Air Marshal Badeh) and the set before them were truly exceptional. But I still don’t get the current ones. Honestly, I feel that Badeh shouldn’t have been appointed as CDS. It feels like GEJ repeated same mistake like the Police when he bypassed a set of DIGs to appoint Hafiz Ringim, an AIG who couldn’t contain the Kidnap Siege in the South East, as IG.

  8. Augustine says:

    Oga jimmy and other Ogas thank you all, well said. I will say you all have good points on why we have not won this war.

    Below is my own personal view.

    Nigeria has not defeated Boko Haram because :

    1. FG initially underestimated the threat, poor threat analysis. Calling an elephant an ant.

    2. FG lacked the initial political will to crush Boko Haram in infancy, FG feared to offend the Arewa elites by declaring war in NE.

    3. FG had a poorly armed military for the first 4 years of the war, started rearming after Boko Haram became too strong.

    4. FG assumed years ago, that it can win this war against an enemy that is small, fast, stealthy, undefined, unidentifiable, asymmetric, widespread, fanatical, covertly supported by many Nigerians, and mobile across neighbouring international borders, with the Nigerian military’s obsolete, faulty and limited number of military equipment available to NA and NAF.

    The 10 characteristics of Boko Haram I listed above, makes them have an advantage over any conventional military force in the world, and will be difficult to defeat by a regular army/air force.

    The only way out is to retrain, retool, re-orientate and re-invigorate the conventional national military to adapt and become a COIN war capable force. This also involves changing the balance of advantages by acquiring overwhelming firepower for the Nigerian military to reduce the effect, weaken, and heavily degrade the 10 powers/characteristics/advantages of Boko Haram.

    5. Millions of Nigerian northern Muslim children and adults love and support Boko Haram

    6. FG has Boko Haram supporters embedded in the government and military, working daily to help and sustain Boko Haram. FG efforts are frustrated by these moles strengthening Boko Haram, traitors from low level to high level employees and appointees, fully employed in the government service, paramilitary and military services.

    7. Some people make money/business/profit from prolonging this war.

    8. Chad, Cameroon and Niger republique are habouring Boko Haram’s bases on their territories, frustrating Nigeria, failing to fight Bokos the way we fight them, and for Chad….secretly supporting Boko Haram to weaken Nigeria.

    9. The western powers are happy to humiliate Nigeria and reduce the power of the world’s most potent fully black nation, the most vocal, stubborn, and most Pan-African in foreign policy.

    10. The final military offensive is delayed for reasons like, slow and frustrated importation of urgently needed equipment, and other reasons like the fate of the Chibok girls kidnapped, then for other reasons best known to top level government and military authorities.

    10 reasons why Boko Haram is strong and 10 reasons why Nigeria has not defeated them

    My 2 kobo contribution for the fatherland. God save Nigeria ! Amen.

  9. jimmy says:
    Let us hope it does not get to this stage.@ COL NGR, i deep down do not agree with this philosophy, I am humble enough to disclose I am a civil Engineer not trained in the art of MILITARY WARFARE and the insidious role politics plays in it, I will go far as to hold my Tongue but if after March 14 TH the enemy is still holding large towns like Gwoza the ARMY CHIEF should honestly declare he does not have a solution to solving bh and let someone else step in
    Major General Sarkin Bello (RTD) if he does not come to wind the Kogi ELECTION comes to mind .and MORE OMINOUSLY for this administration they are being judged by the insecurity situation regardless of who created the situation in the first place.
    Let me repeat this for the WAR TO END THE ARMY MUST GO ON THE OFFENSIVE.
    God bless Nigeria. Amen.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Again, excellent point. Damn I wish Maj. Gen. Sarkin Bello was still in the Force and not at ONSA. We need a COAS that’s aggressive and thinks outside the box, and a CAS who truly understands the importance of air power and mobility.

      • Are James says:

        Sarkin Bello is now in full Agbada contesting for governor

      • jimmy says:

        We know that he is contesting the Governorship of Kogi state on the platform of the PDP ,He came late to the party in a state that is essentially a toss up between the two major parties.The rationale is that if he does not win he would be better served regardless of who comes to power buhari or jonathan to serve as a COAS. Do not forget, Jan 14th will mark the one year since these service chiefs were appointed,it would be very surprising if all 4 of them return after the election. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  10. rka says:

    I do not seriously think the Armed Forces are waiting until after the elections, they are awaiting delivery of the equipment they believe they need to go all out and more of the Special Forces being trained at home and abroad to become available(I believe it can be done now if the go-ahead is given).

    I just hope it isn’t way too late by the time the order is given. One would have thought it would be more politically expedient to crush BH before the elections than after. But whatever.

    My thoughts only.

  11. Roy says:

    After Elections! What if the new C n C orders for a change of strategy. Honestly, Nigeria needs a president who will look and see beyond politics. For God sake Nigerians are dying and generation are being wiped out. I can’t wait for this war to end already Just spoke to one of my student who left maiduguri 2 weeks ago and l could not hold back my tears.

    Long live Nigeria.

    • Roy says:

      I am just a medical physiologist but l have questions begging for answers
      1. How well is the civilian populace protected in hot zones
      2. Are there plans for civilian evacuation when necessary
      3 why cant civilian populace be evacuated from hot zones so that the war changes to conventional.

      It is good the military is trying to build positive sentiments against Boko haram but there is a negative side to this too.

      God bless our military

      • ocelot2006 says:

        I’m no soldier, but I think civilians living at remote settlements, and soldiers posted to outposts guarding these places are pretty much on their own. Reasons?

        1) it takes too long for any QRF to come to their aid due to the terrain and bad roads.

        2) we do not have enough transport helos to at least mount a decent air assault with same QRF teams to relieve beleaguered military units, fly in supplies, or fly out casualties (MEDEVAC) or civies trapped.

        3) Little to no combat air support from NAF. Not even enough NAF ISR assets to fly recon missions.

  12. Roy says:

    Thanks oga ocelot2006.

  13. doziex says:

    I will say it again for the one thousandth time.

    NA has the head knowledge of how to fight this war.

    What NA lacks, is the operational know how.

    Functional literacy.

    For NA to get it right, and stop groping in the dark, at the expense of our towns, cities and entire states, NA MUST CONSULT WITH A COUNTERINSURGENCY ADVISORY GROUP.

    These EXPERTs will help with the management of this war.

    This war has not only exposed faults with our frontline troops, it has exposed faults with our generals and their ability or capacity to do battle management.

    Counterinsurgency is impossible without the situational awareness that comes from proper intel, and good battle field management.

    Unfortunately, this is not a six week course. Hence the need for expert advisers.

    I can only point to the chaos in Iraq a few months ago, and the impact of the spatial orientation or the situational awareness brought by the American advisors to the Iraqi and Kurdish forces.

    All of a sudden, these forces with the proper advice and orientation, are registering gains, as I said they would.

    A good conventional force could try to though out an insurgency e.g NA in Liberia, NA in sierra leone , NA in the Nigeria delta, Cuba and Angola vs unita.

    The conventional force if good will suffer a lot more casualties, waste a lot of effort but may still hold together. (US in Vietnam)

    A poor conventional army, e.g NA vs BH may collapse of it’s own weight. The poor morale , poor organization and poor espirit de corps means unlike the NA of yore, we can’t take major losses and keep ticking.

    Moreover, we need our assaults to be effective, not an exercise in futility.

    As for advisory groups, they could either be National army to national army, or Private military advisory groups to our National army.

    Pakistan and isreal have shown the most willingness to help us.

    The Chinese and the Russians will sell us what we are willing to pay for.

    Unfortunately, the US and the UK, the nations most suited to help are choosing to give us lectures and play games with our survival.

    But a self professed giant of Africa like Nigeria don’t need no country holding our hands in this matter, we simply need to enter a serious confidential business transaction with a sufficiently serious PRIVATE MILITARY COMPANY.

    For advisory services, Battle space management, we are currently getting training from the Russians, we have had training from the americans.

    Here are a few reputable PMCs The Paramount group, XE, triple canopy, MPRI.

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Doziex You know as much as we stand on different sides of the Atlantic ocean on this issue. You do have a serious point putting pride aside and inserting cold hard common sense.I have read from both beegs blog and another that one of the groups you mentioned is involved.However before you begin dance if the COAS and the presidency does not direct the. Army to actively demonstrate a more offensive posture it will be all for naught,it should be interesting to note what type of actions take place now and immediatly after the election. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  14. Buchi says:

    Baga: the carnage, inaccurate
    reportage and Government
    ‘indifference’ Part 1
    Last week, the world was inundated
    with news of the attack on Baga
    town by the extremist group,
    Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’Awati
    Wal-Jihad (“People Committed to
    the Prophet’s Teachings for
    Propagation and Jihad” ,
    otherwise known as Boko Haram.
    Baga is in the north-eastern
    Nigerian Borno State, close to Lake
    Chad. It lies north-east of the town
    of Kukawa which is the
    headquarters of the Kukawa Local
    Government Area. The town is
    approximately 196km from
    Maiduguri, the capital of Borno
    Indeed, Baga is more or less a
    border community and this played a
    significant role in its being chosen
    as headquarters of the
    Multinational Joint Task Force MJTF,
    comprising troops from Nigeria,
    Chad, Niger and Cameroon—put
    together as a multilateral response
    to neutralising the menace posed
    by Boko Haram. To the residents of
    Baga town, and given the various
    brushes they have had with the
    extremist group, it is doubtful if
    this joint force is actually worth the
    piece of paper containing the
    instruments that decreed its
    The attack last week came on the
    heels of the withdrawal of Chadian
    forces from the base at Baga, two
    days before Boko Haram came
    calling. According to Nigerian
    security sources quoted by domestic
    media, the Chadians claimed they
    were rotating their troops. The
    Cameroonians have never
    contributed to the force, while the
    Nigeriens, in the aftermath of the
    attack in question, have announced
    that they will not be sending troops
    anytime soon. According to foreign
    media sources, Niger’s foreign
    minister, Mohamed Bazoum, has
    clearly affirmed that his country
    would not step in to help recapture
    the area.
    At this very moment, Nigerian
    forces are involved in coordinated
    ground and air operations to
    dislodge the terror group from Baga,
    discountenancing any regional
    support for such effort. If past
    history is anything to go by, they
    will prevail soonest but what often
    happens after that (revenge attacks
    by the group in the face of poor
    garrisoning efforts by security
    forces) is raising apprehension
    already. Perhaps, relying on a
    regional strategy was useful for
    mobilising against Boko Haram in
    the first place, but domestic
    observers of Nigerian diplomacy
    have always felt that such regional
    effort should only be political, while
    Nigeria single-handedly provide a
    military response, something they
    believe she is capable of doing as
    long as the local population in areas
    sympathetic to Boko Haram sided
    with the authorities.
    So how did Nigeria get to this sorry
    pass? Indeed, several successes
    have been made by Nigerian forces
    against Boko Haram, but these are
    hardly reported, even by the
    domestic press in Nigeria. Should
    Boko Haram take a town
    somewhere however, it is often
    reported with glee by both local and
    foreign media. The pattern of the
    insurgency over the past year has
    been such that Boko Haram, with
    the exception of a few towns,
    actually is not controlling the
    expanse of territory ascribed to it
    by the press. It is usually flushed
    out of any town or village it has
    taken, often a few days after such
    ‘capture,’ by Nigerian forces. The
    group is however quite adept at
    propaganda and seems ahead of
    the Nigerians in utilising this to
    maximum advantage.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Buchi, nice piece of info. Is that a news publication? Please beautify it by posting the weblink source. Thanks.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      If anyone is to blame for no reports on the military ‘ s success, it’s the military itself. I’ll say it again: Our military could learn a thing or two from Cameroun ‘ s own PR stunts up north with their own military, particularly the BRI.

  15. Augustine says:

    When the border based FOB protecting Baga fell, the buffer was broken, Baga was the destination, the FOB was an obstacle taken out, the defence line wiped off.

    1. Why did the 7 to18 hour hour battle in Baga get no NAF air support for NA?
    2. Why did NA not preempt Boko Haram and move new tanks and men into Baga and form a defensive cordon plus 24 early warning border patrol and recce?
    3. Why did Baga fall about almost 24 hours after it became a clear target?

    Who is to blame?

  16. Buchi says:

    Nigerian authorities quite
    rightly recognised that Boko
    Haram could become a regional
    scourge and sought the
    cooperation of its neighbours
    early enough. Those neighbours
    however did not seem to have
    shared that view. Cameroon,
    which dithered in coming on
    board early enough to hinder
    the group from operating on its
    own soil (from which, ironically,
    most Boko Haram operations
    against Nigeria often originated
    in the early days of the
    insurgency), had to be ‘forced’
    on board by President Francois
    Hollonde of France before she
    started ‘cooperating.’ Analysts
    ascribed that to the fear of
    President Paul Biya, staying in
    power for too long, being wary
    of exposing his army to war
    which could embolden them to
    challenge his long stay in office
    when the insurgency ends, or
    even in the course of it. Today,
    she is paying the price of that
    delay with sustained Boko
    Haram attacks and new
    warnings of worse ones to
    The recent Baga attack was
    symbolic and signposted the
    desire of Boko Haram to get
    into the news again, having lost
    media visibility when it could
    not hold all the ‘territories’ it
    captured in Adamawa State just
    some months before. It
    suffered very heavy losses in
    the hands of Nigerian forces in
    the counter-attack launched by
    the State. Boko Haram
    apparently coordinated its Baga
    offensive with a reprisal attack
    in Damaturu, capital of another
    Nigerian north-eastern State of
    Yobe, which was successfully
    repelled by Nigerian forces
    (again hardly reported),
    although it raised questions
    regarding the origin of those
    attackers. From eyewitness
    accounts, they may have been
    embedded in the city itself for
    long before staging that brazen
    but foolhardy attempt,
    following pre-emptive raids on
    their hideouts by Nigerian
    Special Forces just days before
    the reprisals were launched.
    The western media, posing as
    ‘experts’ on the Boko Haram
    campaign, often publish reports
    which expose their lack of
    understanding of the problem,
    the unfolding developments
    and perhaps, a deliberate
    attempt by them to undermine
    efforts by the Nigerian
    authorities to defeat the
    insurgency. True, the
    administration of President
    Goodluck Jonathan has made
    several mistakes and exhibited,
    atimes, outright indifference in
    its response to the threat.
    However, security forces have
    made significant gains in their
    effort to contain and eventually
    defeat the extremists despite
    lack of equipment, platforms
    and devices required for
    engaging such threats. In their
    response, they have been
    hampered by a late review of
    doctrine (an army that had
    become comfortable with
    undertaking peacekeeping on a
    large scale in order to
    discourage its officers from
    eyeing political intervention
    thereby becoming ‘soft’), lack
    of clarity on the mission by the
    political leadership and outright
    sabotage from within its own
    ranks and from local politicians.

  17. ugobassey says:

    I know people are going to say this is impossible, but why cant the military cordon off the entire section that is being held by BH, send the NAF to drop pamphlets for a period of 1 week asking all civilians to those towns that are currently being held by BH. After one week, rain down artillery (all types in our procession) 24/7 non-stop and flatten every square inch of the area including the Sambisa forest then send in the Infantry covered by Hinds to mop up.

  18. ugobassey says:

    I meant to say asking all civilian to leave those towns.

  19. Roy says:

    If the pamphlet is for areas already held by boko haram, they will simply refuse the civilians because it will be clear to them that their end is near.

    What I would rather suggest is that civilians should be asked to leave areas that are very close to the territories being held by the mofos and prone to attack so that the civilian collateral damage is eliminated and the complexities of fighting back when Boko haram wants to expand their territories is reduced (from as asymmetric to conventional war)

  20. Tope says:

    Boko Haram have metamorphosed into a Regional Problem, No matter how Smart they are if thet were not working for or with a Foreign Country they shouldn’t have the capability or know how to set up myriad of networks within Cameroon, Chad and Niger as well as Nigeria, these So called Ragtag Groups are hitting now at 2 Professionally trained Armed Force, its clear they are also Well Trained…….very soon if Cameroon keeps getting hit, France will step in and then its Mali part 2 we must Stop this before then….as Pecavvi pointed if a Group of Terrorist cell are allowed to hit the Capital city and go as far as the Govt house it means Intelligence and Police force are doing ZERO work, Intelligence and Analysis of dat Intel Data is meant to help give Security Forces an idea of their Supply Route, Logistic Base, Modus Operandi, Weapons Depot, Terror cell network, Recruitment centre, Recruitment modes, Financial Apparatus, Leadership Structure and Teachings, Support Structure, Hideouts, Patrol routes but Its clear dat they dont know about this thats why they can calmly walk into Markets and Explode IEDs and VBIEDs, Threat Assessment and Attitude of Security Agencies are Horrible, the Political class just dont know what to do…..the Immediate Solution is to get Offensive Minded Ex Generals as Consultants to DHQ , immediately remove all battle weary soldiers and Replace wit Battle Hardened ones some to act as Field Advisors, Immediately start Massive Recruitment in Army to bring us to 500,000 strong,Train them for CTCOIN and Equip to the Teeth, Deploy 2 Division Strength level of Soldiers for Reinforcement, Increase Airlift and Air power…….BH use and act like a Trojan Virus to Eliminate them u must attack from all Sides or like Konduga …Set a Bait….pull them in in one Sweep and Wipe them.. Next is to Step up Army PR

    • doziex says:

      Hmmm Oga Tope you seem to be onto something here. EX generals as field advisors ??

      Do they have to be ex NA generals ??

      What of ex isrealis, ex south African, ex US, and so on.

      These other armies have thousands that have been trained to fight, AND have fought in counterinsurgency wars.

      A valuable combination of know how and experience.

      • Well I would Start first with Ex Generals from Nigeria since Many Soldiers for Morale Purposes will listen to them… we can select over 50 of them from Brigadier General level who are Extremely Battle Hardened lets Start a list of them from RC1 to RC 25 but i know Gen Zaruwa and Iherijirikah should be there, This Generals will Be in Diff Positions. Some as DHQ Think Tanks, Battle Op Planners some as Field Advisors, others at Brigade and Division level.

    • Number one says:

      God bless you.Where is the DMI ? It seems the SSS has been sidelined.I’ll suggest the setting up of a liason office between the services strictly dedicated to the N.E. Theater.

      • Saleh says:

        DMI got their priorities wrong during the military rule when they were more interested in spying on military personnel. There is no time for a turn around now. The DSS could have being better suited to get info from local populace however they are presently more interested in investigating APC. The talk of there not being generals fit and capable of handling BH is not true, the wrong people are in position of authority and appointed by a govt that is not interested in seeing d end of BH and will rather wish it away. This complaints of US not selling arms to us is very childish, their preference for buying from d west is not for patriotic reasons but to be able to launder funds. They prefer to buy properties and invest in d west

  21. Oga Doziex….Finally you have won me over!!! I think i buy into your idea. We need PMC’s that would be involved in day to day running of this war. To provide/chart a way to end this carnage. My only opposition would be on the origin of the PMC. They MUST not be Americans or UK.

  22. UPDATES ON BAGA BY GEN. CHRIS OLUKOLADE (Defence Spokesperson)

    @GENOlukolade: My attention has been drawn to a sponsored opinion in a Chadian Newspaper, The Government of Chad does not share this sentiment.
    The Sponsored piece on Chadian Paper Al-Widha claims Chad Govt refused to cooperate with our Military because we are allegedly corrupt.
    It is merely another remark to trumpet the campaign of local and foreign sympathizers or collaborators of terrorists operating in Nigeria. None of those meaningless allegations of corruption has ever been proved. They are just diversionary and a tool for detractors.
    Al-Widha Report: Another irresponsible alibi coming from the foreign and local pro-terrorist party. It means NOTHING to us here.
    We are Fighting in Baga. We are taking Terrorists down, We are losing our Soldiers too. STOP the Noise, Let’s Fight.
    There were Civilian Casualties in Baga. No numbers Creditably Determined. We can’t count the Terrorists we killed too.
    No portion of Nigeria’s territory has been or will be conceded to terrorists. Not Baga. Boots on Ground, Raids from the Skies.
    We are MOBILIZING and REGROUPING to Save Baga. We are fighting Everywhere. We held Damaturu Down. Boko Haram is Evil. We are ‪#‎BagaTogether‬
    Our OPs consider first protection of Civilians, the Innocents who are being assailed for refusing an Islamist Militant State.
    Since Jan 3, 2015 We’ve been at War in Baga . The attack by blood hounds on the innocent is EVIL and not those fighting them #BagaTogether
    What does it take to Shell or Reduce Baga to Debris. Should the Larger Population of the Good Pay the Price for the Wicked?
    Baga: Soldiers M.I.A rejoined their units, More Resources Deployed. There is more to Fight & Die for. For 1 Soul, For Pride.
    The Men Fighting & Dieing in Baga are from different tribes, religion & persuasions. No cause for division. Rise against Evil #BagaTogether
    More troops deployed to the Multinational Joint Task Force HQ in Baga. (De)Briefing for the Save Baga Mission
    2013; Amnesty accused us of Massacre in Baga even when evidence points to the fact that it is Terrorist Propaganda. Whatever, #BagaTogether
    We in the Military swore an Oath to the Code, of Allegiance to Country. Rise above Political Propaganda. Evil is Evil #BagaTogether
    For Reasons known to them Niger, Chad withdrew their Troops from the MJTF HQ’d in Baga. We own this fight. Stop the division #BagaTogether

    Lets spread the word #Support our heroes#

  23. igbi says:

    We are at war, trying to discredit the Nigerian military is an act of treason if you are a Nigerian and sabotage if you are a foreigner. The one thing I am almost sure of is that some people here only pretend to be Nigérians. I was in Paris during the terrorist crisis and I am still in paris, I can tell you that nobody was passing blames, everybody was supporting the security agents . Just for information to some who blame the army for the lack of efficient PR. Let me remind you that cameroon PR is being helped by US international propaganda press (washington post, newyork times, wsj, …) and by french propaganda press (RFI among others), Nigeria on the other hand is Under media attack by the west. I think if anything you should blame yourself for not being strong enough to ignoe propagand and rather believe your own armed forces. South africans always tune down foreign press during conflicts. The only words which count are thoseof their troops. I see some mindless people keep accusing the military of corruption, shame on you.

    • Odion777 says:

      I understand when you say Nobody is passing blame, but when an insurgency has gone too far you should start passing blame, the bulk stop with the CIC of the federation.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        …And you are just an onlooker with zero responsibility? Shame.

        Like Igbi says, some foreigners out to sabotage us might be posing as Nigerians.

        As Nigerians, we have only one country and we stand by it come hell or high water.
        As citizens, we will each pitch in to build a country our children can be proud of.

    • superboi79 says:

      Very Correct Igbi, this is not a time to apportion blame amongst ourselves (as Nigerians) or to ascribe victory to the enemy. This is the ploy of any modern Islamic insurgency (Read: Management of Savagery which is a handbook written for this model of insurgency and where Nigeria was listed as a target) . Their ploy is to wear down the psych of the citizen and military of a country. We never loss faith and be careful of the words we use.


    • Buchi says:

      Oga igbi welcome bck nd happy new yr

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      I wonder why the Cameroonians only mention the body count and NEVER show the dead bodies, even via live leaks? Maybe Bokos killed in Cameroon disappear like in Call Of Duty.

  24. majorohis says:

    Quick questions: Is it a SOP for all soldiers to carry side arms? Or just officers?

  25. majorohis says:

    Thanks, I think is it paramount to have one. In my experience it is better to have one and not need it rather than not have one and need it. The usual issue I hear is weight, but when you think of it, how much weight are you really adding? Some might say accidental discharge, as a professional, I don’t see why that will be an issue. Anyway, I would recommend the Sig Sauer p229. (I was just curious) Thanks @peccavi
    Freedom is not free

  26. peccavi says:

    Oga Doziex,

    We don back and forth on your PMC issue.
    Its not the answer. The BIR in Cameroun that is fighting BH to a standstill was set up and trained by an ex Israeli Colonel, who died a few years back.
    The Zairean Special Forces were also trained by French Special Forces during Mobutus regime. BIR despite being deployed to the East, South east and North of Cameroun has held their own for 6 months. The Zairean SF broke and ran.
    What’s the difference? Biya has left BIR alone, with stringent entry, selection training, well paid, well equipped and promotion on merit. Mobutus forces had Russian/ Serbian/ Ukrainian merc pilots and his SF was led by his son. In other words they were a rich playboys thugs, ill trained, ill disciplined. They were not soldiers.

    The point I’m making is if you bring foreigners in, unless you have a clear idea of what you want you will just be wasting your time.
    Case in point: 143 Bn, it was being trained by US SF. Now I have reservations about US training but at the bare minimum we would have had a trained infantry battalion, and more importantly there was a train the trainers programme setting up a Ranger type school. Even if we have wahala with the US why did we not get our moneys worth, complete the training and get the Ranger School set up and kick them out?
    Instead we stopped halfway and have a half trained battalion. Does that make fucking sense?
    If we do not have a clear and coherent defence policy, then PMCs are just throwing good money after bad.
    If we are bringing in PMCs for targeted projects like train up specific or secialise units, help us wth solutions with our logistics or medical services, help us with intelligence, command and control and then we take over.
    Alternatively DHQ could analyse the Army, understand our problems and look for solutions within the defence forces.

    Oga Jimmy, forget the Camerounians, they have killed half of Boko Haram apparently. But want can’t be denied is that they have held them to an extent and they have very good PR

  27. Augustine says:

    This new figure of 150 dead will NEVER circulate around the world, the 2,000 dead figure has traveled from Brazil to Australia, London to Cape Town… thanks to Amnesty International.

    • jimmy says:
      I am going to actually reflect on Baga for a couple of Hours and based on what is transpiring election coming or election going it is beginning to me that THE curses of BAGA will turn into blessings.
      One of the things that OGA BUCHI alluded to and was reported by the Gasikiya press was the refusal and the alleged non cooperation of Niger to be part of the MJTF
      i agree totally Niger should not be part of it, Nigeria should use Niger politically they can blow their trumpets
      I also sincerely believe Nigeria should withdraw their defence attache from Niger and likewise very politely ( no noise in the media) and then ask Niger to withdraw their, defence attache Nigeria should explain to them it is not payback, Nigeria should remind them how many times the President of Niger came to Nigeria in 2013 and 2014.
      It gets better Nigeria should at the end of the school year if any Nigerien officers are studying at the NDA academy or at JAJI should ask them to quietly withdraw .no fuss no wahala, no cnn reporters no bbc or french our answer should be they are more than capable of taking care of themselves and it is no longer in Nigeria’s strategic interests to continue to help Niger.

  28. jimmy says:
    This is what I meant by the role of SOCIAL MEDIA,This is a war it is heart breaking and lives have wrenched away, however the N.A has role to play and it commendable that they have reached out via a press conference to state their case.

  29. COLONEL NGR says:

    I am amazed when people sy we dont have Generals capable of handling the conflict. I dont know much about General Minimah’s battle experience. I do know that he was the Brigade commander of 1 brigade before commanding the 81Div before being moved to jaji where he was appointed Army chief.

    But one thing i am sure of, is that General Minimah has battle experienced Generals in the army Headquarters who are part of his team. Some of this Generals were involved against Boko haram in the kaduna-kano axis and were able to keep the insurgents are bay. 3 of these Maj. Generals are popular and won the COAS commendation awards in 2012 and 2013. Incidentally, they all served under 1Div.

    The current director of adminsitration, Maj.Gen Garba wahab was the GOC 1 Div, during the crises in that AOR. He is a good leader of men and experienced. Got the COAS award in 2013.

    Maj.Gen T.C Ude the current Director of plans, army headquarters was then a Brig.Gen and commander of 41 Div Engineers. He was in charge of internal security in kaduna and was instrumental to checking the insurgents while carrying out raids what resulted in the capture of large cache of weapons. Those were in kaduna in 2012 and 2013 can testify to the efficient security system in place, he got the COAS award in 2012.

    Maj.Gen illiyasu Abbah, the current military secretary was in charge of the 3rd brigade in kano during those rough days. He took the battle to the insurgents and his troops was able to keep their activities at bay. He is also a 2013 recipient of the COAS AWARD.

    These and other Generals at the headquarters actually have experience against these insurgents. They are offensive minded Generals who can hold their own. I still believe that the army has offensive plans but are waiting to carry it out when they feel the time is right.

    I believe the leadership of the army is keeping its plans secret for the time being. I have heard people call these Generals cowards. They forget that some of this guys are veterans of the ecomog era as middle ranking officers. Many young officers are already making names for themselves in the north east. While a few others have stained their names.

    Yes, the army is lacking lots of vital weapons and intelligence, but a good commander must learn to adjust to the dictates of the battle field intelligently. The battle field actually teaches more than testbook tactics. Tactical withdrawals can be done in an orderly manner if they cant face enemy fire power. The fact that a frw commanders goofed doesnt mean the entire officer corps of the NA is bad.

    Our troops are doing their best with what is available to them. I must commend them. I want to believe that serious documentation is being done and that the NA is learning from this episode. The lessons should be used to build a better NA both in doctrine, mindset and weaponry.

    • jimmy says:

      Sorry OGA COLONEL
      I literally ran to my COMPUTER even though I had some serious studying to do Moment of disclosure I am from the SOUTH WEST and I do not know Maj.Gen illiyasu Abbah or Maj Gen Joseph Zaruwa from Adam
      I had wanted to wait till Jan 14th Including responding to the idea to bring back some retired BRIG GENs but your article was too explosive to me to put down till Jan 14 , 2015.,
      Maj.Gen illiyasu Abbah was in charge as a Brig of effectively Kano state and beyond and made it a graveyard FOR BOKO HARAM what was his reward / he was given a desk job as ARMY SEC. Right now this is not the job this man needs he needs to be reassigned to the 7th div as the GOC this is a failing on the COAS, when I personally criticize the coas for being less offensive minded this is what it meansd, followed very sharply by MAJ GEN Zaruwa whose command has inspired his men to wipe the floor in Adamawa state with boko haram bodies.
      In war you have your lions and you have your cheetahs, Right now in WHAT IS GOING ON YOU NEED YOUR LIONS to ATTACK.
      Let me very clear the COAS has not gone on the full fledged attack of what a lot of his supporters( moi included) expected him to do being to cautious, waiting for every little thing to be in place will not get you to your objective , you have to keep the enemy off balance, that means attacking his suspected whereabouts FRIDAY before prayers Saturday @ night Sunday in the afternoon and then following on Monday at night and during the day and Tuesday during the afternoon a punishing unrelenting style typical of an infantry general mad as hell to end this insurgency it has not happened yet we are still waiting and hoping.
      There are capable GENERALS THAT CAN DO THE JOB BUT THESE ARE THE TWO THAT WE HAVE SEEN DO THE JOB. This is not the time to give them desk jobs, LET ME REPEAT I AM NOT CAMPAIGNING/ Lobbying for them neither am i related to them i just want the war to end. Frankly i do not give damn where they are from.
      The same way i honestly believe this war will end when we start FLYING OUR AIRFORCE 24/7 on Intel, followed by DECISION MAKING FOLLOWED BY BOMBING , FOLLOWED BY INSERTION , FOLLOWED BY CAPTURE.
      To win the war you need the right GENERALS and the right Equipment at the right time you also need AN AIRFORCE GENERAL in the AIR making spot decisions in conjunction with his Peer Army General right there, this is not Hollywood , this is a reality.

  30. doziex says:

    Oga Colonel NGR, why then do our well trained generals not have the entire borno state under map and grid ??

    They should be able to at least deny BH use of the roads, as they drive their long dust raising convoys of ex NA hiluxes, now BH technicals.

    These are the VERY convoys that left un interdicted, end up attacking damaturu for the 20th time without warning.

    Sometimes, they role right into maidugri. (hopefully a one off)

    These un harassed conveys mount battalion sized assaults within the tri states of the NE, and are rarely interdicted.

    If our generals had good situation awareness about this battle space, WE will be hearing of BIR like ambushes on BH convoys, not assaults on damaturu, the razing of Baga, etc. etc.

    Armed drones, armed helicopters, tucano type turbo prop planes and SU-25 frogfoots, is what it will take for NAF to pin BH in place while NA decides whether it will launch a final assault or not.

    A few hand held javelins, or Milan HOTs are used by the americans and the French to destroy technicals at range.

    So these wire guided missles in the hands of heliborne ambush teams from our SFs will render all main roads impassable to BH convoys.

  31. doziex says:

    Oga peccavi,

    You have answered your own question.

    If NA sought BIR like training, and maintained a BIR like ethos, it would show on the battle field, and NA would have no need for tutors and advisors at the 11th hour, when our nation’s existence is at stake.

    All NA has is adhoc incomplete spec ops outfits none of which have had the time and dedication Paul Biya paid to BIR.

    He truly invested in BIR, so when he calls, he is sure of what will show up.

    Ditto Zimbabwe and their special forces.

    These NA spec op forces should have been raised during the ecomog wars,, maintained during the interim periods, And be tested on BH, MEND and in JOS.

    Nice kits and Tavor rifles don’t make special forces.

    In this case, it is the man that makes the clothes.

    So since NA did not prepare for test, they will continue to flunk it until they get help.

    Then maybe we can prepare adequately for the next test.

    • Maybe, the SBS should be handed the role of SF in the NE. Let us see if their would be a difference.

      • doziex says:

        Chief, I believe they might be a game changer, if we get their infiltration and extraction means right.

        They need expert pilots, in perfectly maintained choppers with night flying abilities.

        The whole of borno state , outside maidugri is essentially “behind enemy lines”

        So is parts of cameroun and chad.

        Imagine them calling in airstrikes, assuming NAF has the platforms.

        Conducting raids on poorly defended, unsuspecting BH ammo dumps.

        Laying ambushes on bush pathes and road sides thru out the battle space.

        We could fly in a 4 man mortar team to stalk a BH group and deny them bush sleep whenever they want to sleep.

        Our ranger units that the US was training is supposed to possess these critical skill sets of stalking the enemy.

        If Col Eeben raised such tracking units in sierra leone and Angola, he could certainly do just as well as the US rangers, possibly better.


        We must keep them off balance and confused as to NA’s overall intentions.

        Special forces are insurgents to the insurgency.

        The guerillas to the guerilla army.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ Oga Optimusprime007, that may not even work. The SBS is a tier 1 counter terror force, ‘though I’m very sure they’re equally quite versed in Direct Action operations. But they are damn TOO few for what we may have in mind, therefore extremely precious. What we need is a tier 2 or 3 (ranger styled) Force and even Special Ops capable forces (airborne) to spear head our offensive efforts against BH. The SBS should be used for specific missions like deep recon in support of our intelligence gathering efforts, hostage rescue, and hunting down specific High Value Targets (HVTs).

  32. freeegulf says:

    oga doziex, and you think NA do not know all these things abi. common, these guys have been going on ops since the early 90s non stop. they are not as dumb as you think.

    we keep hearing Cameroon this, BIR that, for heaven sake, some of our infantry men that have seen them in combat weren’t as impressed as we seem to be on this blog. today is cameroun, tomorrow is chad, Haba! we are not on the offensive yet, the basics haven’t yet been covered. we should be asking why rather than praying for miracle oyibo generals and BIR to come save us.

    • doziex says:

      Chief, just read the tea leafs from the battle space. By now, you should be used to that.

      Our boys may know the theory of inserting behind enemy lines, but in practice, it is NOT happening.

      Most global observers can easily see that.

      That fraudulent Australian negotiator posed a similar question. Why are BH convoys not interdicted ?

      A lot of us on this blog has asked these questions.

      Where is the blocking force ?

      Where is the ambush ?

      Where are the aggressive perimeter patrols ?

      Where is the air reconnaissance ?

      Where is the HESCO fortifications, indicative of a serious defense ?

      Where is NAF’s Assets ?? Oga CIC, is it 12 -24 SU-25s that we cannot afford ??

      Remember Iraq bought theirs from Russia in 7 days. And you have taken all 6 years of your administration, and NA still can’t get any useful air cover ?

  33. doziex says:

    Oga freegulf, I mention BIR’s exploits, because so far no one has proven them to be wrong, or liars.

    NA can only envy the results BIR has been reporting.

    If it’s no big deal, then NA should report theirs.

    We all know that BH will expose anyone who is lying real quick on you tube.

    • freeegulf says:

      oga doziex, that is what the camerounians keep reporting. they are always playing around with figures, today it is 300, tomorrow, 150, next 100. they are even getting better at it; its now odd number figures. who can verify these claims? with all the so called KIAs yet we dont see the expected result.
      i dont know the present fighting style of the ground troops up north, but using the BIR as a yardstick to measure the NA combat troops is a big set back.

  34. chynedoo says:

    You ogas for all the brilliant suggestions. Interesting points raised. I only need to pose a question to everyone of us:
    If you are in a position to command the army, or air force whether as COAS, or CO of div or unit on the frontlines in the NE, HOW WOULD you fight BH?
    -What counter measures will you take to stop BH sneak attacks
    -How do you defend whole towns in the middle of nowhere?
    -How do map the logistics, getting men, hardware and ammo to where these are needed?
    -What about the propaganda war, targeted at locals and foreigners?
    -How do you organise, source intel?

    • chynedoo says:

      Dos the NA make use of snipers at all in this war? With the videos of BH attacking in crowded unorganised but large, unwieldy but forceful numbers, throwing in a good unit of snipers could cause an absolute carnage for the BH fighters on a sneak raid on a NA position.
      If used well, they could buy NA soldiers under attack some time to regroup and counter the attackers

    • doziex says:

      Oga Chynedoo, let me take a stab at it.

      1st off BH is not sneaking up to these cities, they are attacking en masse with technicals, motorcycles, and even APCs.

      A large force like that is most vulnerable en route.

      A tucano or an Mi-35 on night patrol, can spot the convoy, destroy the 1st and the last vehicles to trap the convoy, then procede to decimate the entire convoy.

      In a case where there is poor recon intel , hence poor situational awareness, One has to then depend on meticulously prepared defenses and counter offensive weapons and strategies.
      For instance US spec ops would use 1st of all their ever present close air support.

      If unavailable, the TOW or Javelin wire guided missiles will take out the technicals and APCs.

      As you suggested the 50 caliber sniper rifle can take out the gunner or the engine block of a car, rendering the technicals impotent. ( That could have saved lives at Baga )

      The attackers on foot you could mow down with machine guns, anti personell exploding shells from tanks,apcs, mortars etc.

      As for defending towns, from insurgents, I would look at history, and see what has worked best.

      You can garrison a village with say 50 well armed troops, but the insurgents will always try to overwhelm your numbers at the time of their choosing.

      So you must have stand by rapid reaction forces plus close a support, to provide help to the garrison.

      Also, use the civil population effectively in their own defense, by empowering them with weapons and training.

      But one must NEVER abandon innocent civilians to their fate.

      NA has a lot of work to do in this regard.

  35. doziex says:

    Also, Oga freegulf, I will add, NA is not dumb, just conventionally minded.

    General Iherjirika knew that, that is why he tried to reorient the army en masse , with those short COIN introductory courses.

    Even now that BH is fighting a largely frontal conventional motorized fight, what’s our excuse ?

    A straight road runs thru a village that NA is about to capture. The land surrounding the roads are either hilly , or heavily forested.

    How does NA subdue and capture all the insurgents, and allow for no escapes ?

    An open question.

    • freeegulf says:

      i consider Lt Gen Iherjirika as one of the best (if not the best) COAS that NA has ever had, and that’s including greats like Lt Gen TY. as top army boss, he was truly inspirational.

      as for these so called unconventional tactics, there are no miracles or napoleon-isk about them. we are just not serious in prosecuting this war yet. even without the flashy style, if we where truly sincere in rolling back BH, they would be history now.

  36. doziex says:

    Before the Ultra patriots start chiming in,

    This is not a bash NA contest, and I have zero interest in bashing NA.

    But I am a long time observer, and I can see that wrong has been done, and needs to be acknowledged, then corrected by the institution.

    Without this self reflection, NA can’t become the winning force that we all want and frankly NEED.

    I know NA is full of well educated and trained officers. But at some point corruption, good times and effesy (effects) aka show boating infected the institution from the general population, and combat effectiveness dropped to the lowest rung on the ladder.

    So you have air marshals by the dozens and almost no operational assets, we had admirals but few functional boats.

    Haba, even tompolo is showing that warships can be sourced on the world market at very affordable prices.

    But did our myriad of brass hats take matters into their hands ?

    Well one CNS did try to locally refit some of our boats. Sorry his name escapes me.

    What NA needs, is for knowledgeable citizens to 1st hold her accountable, as we hold ourselves and our political leaders accountable.

    With accountability, NA can be all they can be. After that comes a force we can all sing praises to.

  37. jimmy says:
    This is an EDITORIAL from a newspaper it details what happened at BAGA . This administration must come to grips on how to reinforce an Army BATTALION/ Company at a remote location
    It is no use blaming soldiers who fight continuosly for more than Eight hours and they are not reinforced with Men and Equipment
    How do you do that?
    You drop men and equipment behind the LINES OF ENGAGEMENT( remember this battle is not a line by line battle it according to reports came from three different directions) secured by SF and ARTILLERY brigades we have in stock ARTILLERY with Ranges of OVER 28KM what is the purpose of them not being used,
    The BAGA INCIDENT needs to be a lesson on how not to abandon people to their fate.

  38. Are James says:

    Olukolade on the O&M show.

  39. egbeigwe says:

    Interesting perspective on recent developments by our man peccavi

  40. Kay says:

    Vital assests that were sorely needed, instead went through a very unnecessary long evaluation process. JF17s if arrived today, who will fly them unless we hired pilots. Were they waiting for arms to go on sale? this is being handled with kids gloves and only because there seems to be no consequences for failure. Bar court martial, the head has been largely absolved so far after countless infantry training.

    • doziex says:

      That’s why NAF should use their brains, and buy su-25s alongside the JF17s.

      It is affordable, readily available, sub sonic, heavily protected from AAA, Almost armored.

      Carries a heavy pay load, and can loiter over the target way longer than NAFs alpha jet or F7.
      It is a no brainer to save Nigeria and crush BH. But these folks in charge, are just not using their thinking faculties.

      Any country that has an insurgency problem, gets the SU-25 and the MI-24/35 hinds

      Only Nigeria wants to be different.

      If those sworn to defend us won’t do their jobs, THERE ARE OTHER ALTERNATIVES OUT THERE.

      ENOUGH of these BH bastards slaughtering Nigerians because those in charge don’t want to focus on the task at hand.

  41. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, i just found out there are over 3 million views on Beegeagles Blog, you are in effect one of the most powerful and influential man in this country, you can use this medium to bring the much needed attention and save this country by focusing %100 on the shortcomings of the Nigerian army vs Boko Haram Season 15 Finale. The Nigerian army is losing this war, a bitter pill to swallow but whoever says we are winning is in self denial. Oil prices are down below $45 a barrel, at this price we cannot even fund out military this year and austerity measures will not go well with the Nigerian populace. If millions of people can see how serious the situation has become on a daily basis via your blog i believe the ensuing outcry will be enough to force the government to act. President Jonathan inner circle is composed of only Southerners who see the Boko Haram issue as a Northern Wahalla hence its not given the priority it should, this is a very dangerous trend and the Nigerian State is at the precipitate of a major disaster.

    • Are James says:

      I am beginning to like your no nonsense posture this new year. We really are wasting time, lives and money dragging this war and chasing well armed “small boys” all over the northeast (and sometimes they chase us as well).
      Even our discussions about the battles have gone stale as we go round in circles many times on same issues and previous mistakes get repeated, events that happened two years ago still happen today like we were watching a film that should be called deja vu..

  42. beegeagle says:

    OGA DOZIEX, you sabi dis DORAMIN guy? The strident PMC marketing sounds eerily familiar albeit with an added defamatory tinge 🙂

  43. Oje says:

    Do you sleep?

  44. beegeagle says:

    Well, Oje, we are actually on to 4.176 million views as of this morning, IF the statistics matter to you.

    I think all approved commenters have consistently ventilated what the known shortcomings in this war are albeit at GREAT COST to one’s aspirations for the blog. If you think that they are not being read, you are wide off the mark. As of last year, two of the TOP 6 citizens of Nigeria were already visiting this blog. Ditto a weighty assemblage of service chiefs and branch chiefs TO MY KNOWLEDGE. What do you think gets said here that does not already reach the very top of our DEFSEC architecture? So much so that we are aware that proceedings on this blog scroll on big screen in the innermost sanctum of the APEX, right round the clock. The platform is here and has been strategically positioned since 2013 at the latest. Let us use it more productively.

    If anything gets ignored, it could be that the abrasive style which some commenters adopt here might have earned us enemies and even that has stifled the growth of this blog. When chaps call for the removal of this chief or that, if the man is not reading, his ADC, MA, IO or CSO is SURELY reading. Does anyone imagine that to have a salutory effect on the growth of the blog or the advancement of one’s ideas? Rubbishing the credo of a serving chief and hailing an outgone one who has no power to impact the tide of this war? How smart is that? All the name calling…is that supposed to give us the leverage to influence outcomes? Some of us need to gird our unbridled tongues and be tactful about the delivery of our messages.

    One is a field-oriented person and what I would most love to do now is go out like I did to the SBS Camp and to PROFORCE. I am not really interested in aggregating half-baked news written by our mostly clueless journalists. What I really want to do is visit the frontlines, visit our foreign areas of operations (Liberia, Darfur, Mali), report from field exercises etc. Those who can facilitate that are the same people who some of us, loquacious but certainly sure to be taciturn when they come face to face with the subjects of our daily aggression, have been all but alienated.

    Since I have done this for five years now and have still not been able to get the kind of cooperation which I seek to take this blog to higher heights, chances are that I shall become more disinterested everyday. That is why when I do not have photos to show us or something particularly newsy to post, I opt to hold my peace.

    Blame it on the voluble name callers who have a label for everyone who does not rise up to their high standards. They call it speaking up but it profoundly stifles the chances of the blog attaining full bloom and getting our ideas implemented. Do we not have to visit the frontlines to get acquainted with the wrongs which need to be corrected? How is the unwavering use of polemics and hostile posturing going to get us there? You think we can just hop into a war zone to report therefrom without military PR and intel clearance and support?

    That is the price I have to pay for some people’s tactless comments and it FRUSTRATES one to no end and a major reason why I walk away. Some of us are majorly unruly. And I am expected to sustain their excesses on the bandwidth that I pay for?

    Let us keep at it. When we stick to the balanced middle, we shall more readily influence outcomes. Even PREMIUM TIMES are becoming more balanced in their coverage, moving away from the fictional or extreme anti-government rhetoric.

    That 100% FOCUS which you are calling for shall only become the open sesame for the tactless and flippant to froth some more and thereby stifle the growth of the blog until they finally kill it. It is hard enough as it is though. If you know how much effort it takes to keep this place from spiralling into a free-for-all emotional dumping ground like SR, you would be amazed.

    • Manny Aydel says:

      Gen Beeg, methinks you would need to appoint a moderator / moderators for this site to compel contributors and responders to be civil in their language. We can disagree without resorting to foul language and make our points without being abusive.

    • Are James says:

      So there are two things happening to the blog at the same time.
      1.There was the general direction that the blog had going before the Niger Delta crisis and Boko Haram insurgency. The direction was one of salutary analysis and support for all arms of the defence and security services in the areas of procurement, training, operations and manoeuvres. We can call this the major intended track of the blog.
      2.Ongoing operations by the defence and security services in their war against internal threats to national security and news and commentaries arising from those which we may call the unavoidable temporary detours from the major track.
      However, this blog was not intended to discuss Niger delta militancy or Boko Haram but Nigeria’s larger defence and security developments so you know as the founder knows where you are going. (I stand corrected on this).

      So i think a good way of reducing negative commentaries against the armed forces and security services is to carefully craft THREAD TOPICS to deliberately avoid items likely to generate criticism of the military which most bloggers would not be able to honestly restrain themselves about when they see the threads. On a personal level I am very critical of the way the war is being managed by some individuals but I really should not be venting my frustrations out on Beegeagle blog when there are other media.

      @Manny Ade
      I don’t think the concern is about language but the possibility that the blog becomes an opposition to the very institutions we are trying to support.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Hmm mm……my able Oga Beegeagle, you’ve raised valid points here. I must admit that I’m also guilty of being critical of some service chiefs. That said, be rest assured that I and my house hold are 110% SOLIDLY behind our men and women in the Armed Forces and Intelligence services, and if need be, humbly provide constructive and positive criticisms aimed at moving the Armed Forces forward.

  45. I saw a lone bigfoot MRAP on a trailer painted dark green some where in Lagos today.

    New deliveries?

  46. beegeagle says:

    IF seen on a tank transporter, painted in green and spotted at Lagos, it is almost certainly part of a fresh consignment for the following reason

    * first-in-class green livery

    * delivered to the port of Lagos

    * on a tank transporter to be moved to a garrison upcountry

  47. Manny Aydel says:

    Gentlemen, to digress a bit, I went back to the site Oga Buchi had drawn our attention to on Monday ( and found this article: Baga: the carnage, inaccurate reportage and Government ‘indifference’ (2)

  48. beegeagle says:

    @Camouflage1984. Just got a follow-up to your sighting of a BigFoot MRAP.

    Another spotter confirmed sightings of TWO BigFoot MRAPs painted in army green colour on tank transporters in the northeastern end of Lagos at 4:08PM yesteday.

    That makes for three different and freshly delivered BigFoot MRAPs spotted in Lagos within the past 24 hours.

    We can only say..BRING IN MORE.

  49. beegeagle says:

    That is the real situation, Are James. One cannot alienate the constituency he claims to be supporting yet expect cooperation. It would be delusional.

    Hurling personal insults at the same people who one should be on the same page with? There are many ways that one can be diffident without sounding like a scatterbrain or being wilfully defamatory. Some of us imagine that the use of emotional blackmail and polemics will ram their options down the throats of the DEFSEC leadership. But those guys by training thrive on tests of resolve and will be quick to DIG IN and become intransigent in the face of attempts at intimidation. There cannot be either perpetual alarmists or professional and implacable critics here. We must take on board successes and failures concurrently because that is how the real world actually revolves.

    MANY many options for procurement which we have been insistent on through the years are now getting inducted. ENGAGEMENT and not unruly confrontation and unproductive flippancy should be the way to go.

    Finally, as you can see, we have some thread derailment experts here as well. Those ones are so self-absorbed that the visibility of their posts is the only thing that matters. Start a thread on MARITIME SECURITY and the first post has to do with either the NAF or ISIS or Boko Haram. So HOWEVER you choose to entitle a thread, they shall derail it.

    We have all sorts in here, my brother. I cannot say that enough. So many subtle agendas which are antithetical to the simple contribution towards global enlightenment and nation-building which this blog was intended to be.

    • Oga Beeg, with utmost respect i beg to differ a bit…just a tinny winny bit…I think we should differentiate between insults and constructive criticism. If one criticizes the action of the Service Chiefs based on their performance on the job, points out where they are failing, asks them to do better or resign, cannot be said to be insulting them. I think some of us deserve the right to play the 10th man, howbeit doing it with decorum and in civility.

  50. jimmy says:

    Defence web is reporting that a major attack by boko haram was thwarted at BIU with major losses suffered by bh.

    • Roy says:

      The attack in biu was heavy and 2 AAs were recovered. Indeed BH was ready to really achieve something but thanks to our warriors who have displayed what they are made of. Men these guys are really ready to up their ante for this election but they will be disappointed.

      My ogas, but do the military use this captured weapons?

  51. beegeagle says:

    I would not know.

    But if they are single-barreled 14.5mm AAMGs, those would not be out of place on BigFoot MRAPs. That is my preferred weapon for that behemoth. Should be great for suppressing fire in convoy movements.

    Too many .50 cals already in use by soldiers and terrorists alike…mostly CIS-50 and M2 by federal troops and DshK on the side of terrorists.

  52. Oje says:

    Oga egbeigwe is that link a parallel to Beegeagles blog or are you advertising Peccavi’s blog?if so whats the relevance? Peccavi be like attention seeker who gets a high whenever he is complimented on his routine 5 page analysis lol. Now Beegeagle never do? No need directing us to a parallel blog that technically is a competitor,.I do not wish to sound melodramatic .just my thoughts, i might be wrong.

  53. beegeagle says:

    ROSCOE in reply to JIMMY
    Submitted on 2015/01/13 at 5:03 pm | In reply to jimmy.

    They knew BH was coming, and the other countries suspected that Baga would fall. no coincidence that 3 countries withdrew forces. Something unknown is going on but there is some method to it(hopefully).

    ROSCOE in reply to RDOKOYE

    I am sorry, we do not know anything about Bama except that most reports indicate it is at best no mans land, at worst nominally controlled by Opposition Forces, Konduga 1 2 3 were all staged from Bama/Kavuuri???

    The Opfor was flushed out of Mubi and the military took journalists through the area, I have not heard anything from Bama (even CJTF is not there right now). We cannot say there have been no additional attacks on the town. Some reports indicate build up by BH around the Bama jxn
    (supposedly for a westward push to their prestige target Maiduguri).

    Baga was attacked , this we know. We know nothing about the currents status, is the counter attack ongoing right now? Its been a few days and
    no news came back after we heard of the counter attack. Has it been successful? what is its status? We don’t know and maybe we should not know.

    Marte, Dikwa, Gamborou, Banki in Borno .. Madagli, Michika in Adamawa. Not mentioning Buni Yadi in Yobe, Gwoza in Borno and Damasak, Abadam that are at best over run and at worst directly under BH control. We can read maps, that’s not a few towns, That’s a large swath of land.

    ROSCOE in reply to IGBI

    If this is supposed to be a propaganda puff piece blog,that’s fine. We are at war, and we will win it, the question is how many people will die (on
    both sides) and how many of our loved ones will be affected. Most folks here are weapon system aficionados and amateur war historians. Nigeria is our country and it will stay together, calling out people who
    we think should do better is called constructive criticism, we are also all Nigerians,

    Corruption is PART OF LIFE and unfortunately it is affecting the war effort. Shame on you for ad hominem attacks, who here is mindless, you keep instigating, are you trolling or serious? cos your comments are those of a zealous patriot who does not want any voice but his to be heard.

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