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  1. saleh says:

    Hope we get a better picture soon so that janes will continue updating their news since they want the super hind to belong to Algeria

  2. beegeagle says:

    Hey, don’t worry. Kudos aplenty to JANE’S still. It was a balanced report. Methinks they came under tremendous pressure from the South African guy named Darren and the other Algerian guy at DIFA3.

    Tis our country still and nobody will get as up close to the juice as we can. Our hands are on the plough. Watch this space then…

  3. Buchi says:

    Can somebody post the ihs jane link abeg

  4. zachary999 says:

    Damaturu was a rout for the gallant NA troops. Without any T-72 or BTR , they completely repelled and routed the BH guys. They fought since 0700hrs friday and are cleaning up as we speak. Kudos to the men of 27 Bde…

    NAF is a major disappointment, no air cover for over 24 hrs !!!! When last did anyone hear of any air sortie after the Alpha Jet crash since Sept ? Why is it taking too long to come from Pakistan ???

    @Doziex, your people are on ground and doing a good job.

    • Are James says:

      Congrats Nigeria but i still maintain this thing should be wrapped up real soon. BokoHaram should never be given space to regroup. No more flowery officious speeches about multi-lateral defence with hostile neighbours. As we have always said here there is no such thing ever.

  5. pappy says:

    maybe NAF operations are been hampered by bad weather,several flights have been cancelled /delayed this past few days.#justsaying#

  6. pappy says:

    *civilian flights*

  7. Manny Aydel says:

    @zachary999, many thanks for this update sir. Kudos 27bde…Victory will continue to be that of the NA…and from God Almighty alone!

  8. Augustine says:

    Oga Zachary999 thanks for update from battlefield. NAF is heavily re-arming and reorganizing in preparation for final offensive and improved overall capability long term.

    This war is 100% a ground war, Boko Haram has no air force. NA can use T-72 tanks to penetrate any Boko stronghold without fear. NA can use BTR-4 and Spartan MK III to speed chase Bokos anytime.

    Damaturu victory without T-72 or BTR may be due to the Bokos level of firepower deployed, maybe no T-55 or APC and maybe very few or no 23mm AAA Toyota from Bokos. If firepower is equally matched, NA can easily win even if outnumbered ratio 3:1, the difference comes from better training and tactics by NA, plus a good commanding officer with average courage and loyalty.

    • peccavi says:

      It was a raid, BH attacked got to the heart of the town, destroyed their objectives and withdrew. Sorry to be the voice of doom and gloom but it was not a victory.
      The moment BH got into the city itself it was a defeat.
      To take and hold Damaturu in a frontal attack will need 10s of thousands of fighters and several days. Unless that happens its not an attack on Damaturu but a raid and as long as the enemy penetrates the city, destroys targets and withdraws they have won

  9. jimmy says:

    OGA BEEGS 27 BDE of what division 1st or 82nd?

  10. jimmy says:

    In light of your well known respect for our courageous troops perhaps you can spare one of these Helicopters to ferry our wounded and to transport necessary equipment to the front..

  11. beegeagle says:

    When the 7 Infantry Division was formed in August 2013, it initially had

    5 Brigade
    12 Brigade
    37 Brigade

    These were start-up formations which were hitherto not in the NA orbat.
    The 27 Brigade is also a new formation in that AOR and it is almost certainly under 7 DIVISION.

    In the old divisions, the newest formations are 14 Bde under 82 Div and 35 Arty Bde under 81 Div.

  12. jimmy says:

    Photos from Dumaturu indicates they did not withdraw to any location they were soundly beaten and Weapons siezed, the NA so far has not released enough pictures there is only one picture I have of captured gpmgs and ak47s . BH attacked for close to eight hours starting from 730 P.M They came to stay in reprisal for another gallant effort by our troops who captured men AND material from a nearby location. Their purpose was to capture Dumaturu not conduct a raid they have done that before, they FAILED miserably and LOST MEN and Equipment let us give CREDIT to the NA when they do the right thing, Whenever we CRITICIZE them for doing the wrong thing we should in equal measure ACKNOWLEDGE them for doing the right thing.
    Nigeria is a free society we cannot stop the movement sorry FREEDOM of persons and vehicles for ever . Even in a curfew it only practical for a number of Hours.

  13. Oje says:

    Well said Oga Jimmy

  14. gbash10 says:

    Fellow Cyber Generals, it is as if the NA has quietly dismissed over 200 soldiers that survived the Baga attack after they regrouped.
    Snippets on ground is that our troops engaged Boko Haram first wave of attackers armed with cutlasses,bows and arrows in hundreds for over 4 hours without any reinforcements or air support from the NAF.
    Having defeated the first wave of BH attackers,our gallant troops
    were then being attacked by a second wave of BH infantry and motorized column,our troops ran out of ammunition,as they were withdrawing ,BH keeping on pressing them until they were out of Baga town,8 hours of tenacious fighting without any reinforcement,much of the death toll speculated is said to be dead BH insurgents not civilians,some of our troops also died.
    Gentlemen, pray for the souls of our fallen soldiers.
    What is actually happening at NA HQs,NAF HQs,Defence HQs, and the MoD,Abuja ?

    • jimmy says:

      Unless you have concrete proof i believe that is pure speculation, right now BAGA is very sensitive, I do not believe the NA is dismissing any Soldier in the incident, .The reports coming out of BAGA speak otherwise and for obvious reasons I will not delve into them.

      • Roy says:

        Impressive but devilish idea. Use hundreds of cannon fodders to consume your ammunition and then bring on the real guys.

        The NA must work out a way of re enforcement of any location in the north east if we must win this war. And we will win this war.

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