Chadian troops pictured elsewhere in the Central African Republic

18 January 2015

A contingent of soldiers from Chad has arrived in northern Cameroon where it will deploy to the Nigerian border as part of efforts to contain Boko Haram fighters. The troops arrived in Maroua, the main town in Cameroon’s far-north region, late on Saturday, Colonel Didier Badjeck, Cameroon Defence Ministry spokesperson, said on Sunday.

He declined to say how many soldiers had been dispatched by Nigeria’s northeastern neighbour. “In the coming days, they will be deployed to the war zone on the border with Nigeria so that they can join our defence forces to crush and prevent incursions of Boko Haram into Cameroonian territory,” Badjeck said.

The deployment came as Boko Haram fighters kidnapped at least 60 people in a new attack in northern Cameroon in which some people were killed, police said on Sunday. The fighters “burst into two villages in the Tourou area … They torched houses and left with around 60 people. Most of them were women and children,” a police officer cited by AFP news agency said.

He said the cross-border attack had “left some people dead” without giving an exact toll, adding that the Cameroon army had “launched an operation” in the wake of the assault.

Blood campaign

The kidnapping was the biggest in Cameroon by the fighters who have staged a series of attacks in the country in recent months and escalated their bloody campaign in their stronghold in northeastern Nigeria.

Cameroon’s communication and information minister told Al Jazeera the attack took place in a village with no government troops on the ground. Issa Tchiroma, speaking from the capital Yaounde, said: “They [Boko Haram] attacked a village and burnt to ashes 80 residences. “They killed three people, and many people including children and women were taken hostage.” He said he did not have the exact number of the people kidnapped.

Boko Haram, which aims to carve out an Islamist state in northern Nigeria, has stepped up attacks in the region as Africa’s biggest economy prepares for a February 14 presidential election.

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya, who recently appealed for international assistance against Boko Haram, announced earlier this week that he was expecting the arrival of a large Chadian force to support his country’s efforts against the fighters.

Chad has a reputation as one of the region’s best militaries and helped French forces drive al-Qaeda-linked fighters from northern Mali in 2013. Despite the growing cross-border nature of the threat posed by Boko Haram, efforts to deploy a joint force from Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon to take on the fighters have faltered.

Ghana’s President John Mahama, who currently heads West African bloc ECOWAS, told Reuters news agency on Friday that regional leaders would seek approval from the African Union next week to create a new force to fight Boko Haram.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Well, it is clear that it is going to take more than reputations to dissuade the fanatical band of BH marauders. The Chadians are going to have to fight BH, not that BH will become battle-shy and fade away just because the Chadian troops are backing their Cameroonian allies. I SUSPECT that BH’s strategic weapon here is going to be suicide bombings against civilian and DEFSEC targets in Cameroon..something which the Chadians are clearly unfamiliar with.BH will avoid frontal collisions with the Chadians who are very familiar with semi-arid/desert operations and who fight like guerrillas.

    Note that BH burnt this village in Cameroon on the same night that the Chadian troops arrived and in what might be a symbolic gesture of defiance.

    Goodluck to everyone who is involved.

  2. rka says:

    I wonder how long Al-Jazeera and their cohorts will remain upbeat and positive about the Chadians and Cameroonians before there will be all sorts of briefings against and the blame game starting?

    Good luck to the troops and if they have any strategic thinking, should co-ordinate with the NA when necessary especially if they intend to go on the offensive.

    We don’t want the wrong people firing on each other like a Blue of Blue or in this case, Blue on Green scenario.

  3. Oje says:

    These two leaders (Biya and Idris) are not massing up for Boko Haram, there are hidden fundamentals here we yet understand, this is a Franco Phone vs Anglophone thing. It makes no sense for Chad to withdraw its troops from the multinational force from Nigeria and then instead send a thousand men with convoys of Tanks and APC’s to Cameroon. Boko Haram is yet to launch a full scale attack on Cameroon, why the pretex that Cameroon is in distress hence we need to join forces. Nigeria will inevitably have to face Cameroonian incursions with Chad backing them up. They are glory tasty and see this as a target of opportunity. I suggest we deploy forces and lots of amoour to the borders as well.

  4. Augustine says:

    Boko Haram abducts 60 to 80 women and children inside Cameroon’s north.

  5. jimmy says:

    I honestly want to say away from Cameroon and Chad because I firmly believe that when Nigeria gets its act together MILITARILY AND POLITICALLY about what one country is doing will not be of a concern to Nigeria.
    I talked extensively about BAGA and the international implications that it entails both short term and along term for each country I repeat I said short term Nigeria will suffer the most I said long term the greatest loser ( s) will be Chad followed by Cameroon.
    One of the bloggers said this in some ways reminds him of all the mistakes America made in Vietnam, the difference is America was not fighting on American Soil, and MILITARY WISE America did not lose it was the Political indecisiveness and public opinion that changed the tide for the Vietnamese.
    The public in Nigeria wants the f.g. to go out and end this war, spend whatever it takes to end this war it is the administration that has been reticent which is the biggest irony, it has now become a major political issue and yet you would think an incumbent administration would seize upon it and whip up patriotic sentiment it the opposite that is going on.
    The western world has not come to grips with the role that Cameroon played in safe havens , caches of cash, passports and riding the tiger, CNN needs to go there and listen to their sob story.
    The unbelievable thing is that now that bh has decided to kidnap 60 villagers what will Cameroon do? what will they do when the first bomb goes off in a crowded market , will they call in the cameras?
    Since some people are of the opinion they are well trained and well equipped, they should of sent one of their recently purchased HELIOS TO hunt them down and voila! the problem is solved.
    When your neighbors house is on fire make sure you help him put it out.

  6. igbi says:

    I just wanted to recall a few things about chadian army: it seems to me that they have an habbit of giving up easy to the ennemy. I say this because I can recall what happened in CAR: South african troops and chadian troops and CAR troops were to face seleka. But as soon as seleka entered bangui, the chadians gave up the fight and welcomed seleka by calling seleka brothers, the CAR troops put up a little resistance but were defeated by the seleka and then the little south african force had to fight alone. Chadian military is a big joke. Just because france used them as cannon fodder in mali, all the papers are now calling them magnificient. I also recall that after the deaths of 17 of the chadian soldiers in mali, the chadians became unruly and swere soon to leave the theater of operations, claiming that they were not trained for that kind of warfare.

    • doziex says:

      Chief, you got a point.

      While chad is trying to get better, and a have a combat experienced force, the western press seems to be engaged in an exercise in overhype, partly to dis Nigeria.

      Whatever the case is, I want Nigeria to be truly militarily competent, no matter what the hype is.

      NA should dominate our environs, with superior numbers, superior training and the best equipment.

      Others can wallow in western media hype.

  7. Saleh says:

    It’s going to be interesting watching what happens in Cameroon in the coming days.

  8. freeegulf says:

    Nigerians and our cynical attitude towards our nation. this tchad that now seem like the new wehrmatch of west and central africa is still a semi guerrilla army. the same tchad that still has a raging insurgency in their border with sudan. i wonder why their almighty army haven’t annihilate those perennial insurgents yet. same tchad that had its capital invaded by Khartoum backed rebels and had to rely on french armee de l’air to save them. may God deliver us from cynicism and shortsightedness.

    the nigerian army still remain the most formidable army in the west and central african region bar non. and when the politicians and brass hats finally see the seriousness of crushing BH, they, the terrs, will be obliterated.
    as for the west and their prestitute let them continue their disinformation and subtle plans for the disintegration of nigeria, they will fall flat in their faces. and ‘amrika’ can donate as much hardware and kits to their puritan camerounian and chadian armies that do not commit human rights. good for them, we are nobodies puppy and will never be a pushover.

    i would say this sincerely, i like the chadian army for one thing, outside of their rouzou-rouzou guerrilla tactics that they have now inculcated into their regular army, their honesty when it comes to casualties is commending. since the days of the DRC wars, they have always been forthright with their KIAs, MIAs, and WIAs, this goes a long way in settling the war for the troops. we re very much lagging behind on this aspect, as such, there is room for improvement for the NA. hopefully, accountability would mean more focus on troops and their families welfare.

    • igbi says:

      the chadians also have a habbit of shooting civilians.

      • igbi says:

        eventhough the white media is trying to whitewash them. I think they are doing this because chad has shown it is the servant of white france, soit is their good boy. And they want to give it the crown. I have a feeling that the white media and even our local media will soon be dashing out our victories to chad. Just watch. General Olukolade, please film our battles.

  9. beegeagle says:

    Good day, gentlemen. Let’s stand together on the side of our country and our armed forces. Let us keep on prodding them towards getting the best equipment that shall remain continually usable and not grounded by sanctions and embargoes.

    Real men concern themselves with how to secure their communities and their nation.Real men discuss defence and security. That is the leading edge conferred by testosterone. It is a selfless state of mind which connotes maturity. Speak up, only don’t ramble. Be angry but not interminably grumpy. We shall overcome. It is all starting to come together now.

  10. beegeagle says:

    The most exciting thing about the Chadians going into Cameroon is this….Cameroon use the Alpha Jet while the Chadians use the Su-25 Frogfoot. We have always said that with its ability to fly through a wall of 20mm flak, the Frogfoot is the non-aligned world’s tank in the skies. I hope the NAF note the incomparable bombload and protection levels applicable to both types. The Frogfoot is a must-have for us.

    As this war grinds on, never again should we fail to utilise the lessons learnt. We must build a military which is able to rise above conventional and asymmetric challenges alike. My big brother here, Freeegulf, will tell you that as long ago as 2009, we had reached agreement on the absolute necessity to have dedicated desert and mountain warfare battalions. This was based purely on our appreciation of the terrain of what was then 3 Div AOR.

    Well, Gashua, Geidam, Kukawa, Baga, Abadam…those are all in the desert while Gwoza, Mubi, Madagali, Kerawa are all in the highlands. See how we have paid a steep price for not having the NA trained, deployed and resourced to dominate every square inch of our territory?

    All around the world, the predominant form of military engagements these days appears to be asymmetric warfare. We must learn the lessons of this insurgency by training and equipping the military with task-specific equipment

    – MRAPs
    – IFVs reinforced with cage armor
    – MBTs with reactive armour
    – 60mm mash mortars
    – AGLs and MGLs
    – 107mm MRLs which can be truck-mounted and used to saturate the open country through which these insurgent knuckleheads come and go
    – desert operations-compliant Toyota Landcruiser trucks (NOT Hilux)
    – Mi-17 helicopters for rapid reaction and hot pursuit opertions
    – attack helicopters
    – the Su-25 Frogfoot

    Let us rejig 7 DIVISION to have two infantry brigades, an armoured brigade and an artillery brigade

    * one of the infantry brigades should have two infantry battalions, a desert warfare battalion and an artillery regiment(with 105mm howitzers and 107mm towed MRLs)

    * the other infantry brigade should have an infantry battalion, a mountain warfare battalion, an amphibious battalion and an artillery regiment(with 105mm howitzers and 107mm towed MRLs)

    * the artillery brigade should have a medium artillery regt with 122mm guns, a heavy artillery regt with 155mm guns, an armoured battalion with Panhard Sagaie AFVs and a mechanised infantry battalion

    * the armoured brigade should have a light tank battalion with Scorpion light tanks, two tank battalions with T72 tanks and a mechanised infantry battalion

    Finally, the Nigerian Army Amphibious Forces need to station a Gunboat Company with SIXTEEN attack boats and FOUR 17m landing craft armed with .50 cal HMGs and 40mm AGLs at BAGÁ. A garrison with a remote and conflict-prone maritime frontier on three countries deserves no less.

    May God grant our leaders the courage and wisdom to do the right thing

  11. rka says:

    Some pics of SSG Nigerian commandos on instagram;

  12. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, what the heck is ”White Africa” and ‘Black Africa”.. well i dont blame them, i blame ourselves, by ourselves i mean both the government and the civilian populace to the sort of ridicule that has now befallen Africa’s best hope for a global Powerhouse.

  13. rka says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA retweeted
    Gen. Chris Olukolade @GENOlukolade · 4h 4 hours ago

    I’ll be reasoning with Nigerians 5PM today. Let’s talk #DefenceNGspeaks. Moderators: @comradephils & @SandraSandygold

  14. Menatti says:

    The only reason Chad and Cameroon are now saying they will fight BH is cos the fight is at their doorstep. Chadians are starving cos all the food they usually get from Nigeria has stopped. No more farming or trade in the NE and well Cameroon are feeling the brunt too. Trade between them and Adamawa is almost NIL. Bloody clowns.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Menatti. I respect your hustle sir.
      LOLO, Its always been at their doorsteps Oga, they’ve watched and grinned while Nigeria tried to neutralize the situation all on its lonesome, Nigeria conducted very high level official visits into those countries seeking for sustainable corporation, even to the point of Nigeria dragging all of them by the teeth to their former and yet present colonial master in Europe. Well, riding a tiger is just as fun as it sounds until one discovers that when push comes to shove, all bets are off. Puppets who think (if they can) that puppet master will always have their back even when the variables begin to unravel are nothing but naive. Puppets who wonder why the goals and achievables laid out by puppet master isn’t going according to plan only have themselves to blame for not been circumspect enough to know that, its one thing to have a carefully crafted plan, its another to get all its moving parts oiled, lubricated and moving in their intended directions, this is what the scientists call “all things been equal” but all things aren’t always equal, variables can, and will act in unpredictable ways, ways which you cannot even fathom until one is neck deep in ones stew. The puppets were assured and reassured of a certain outcome at a certain time with a certain quantifiable booty, guess what? the puppets are getting nervous, not one of the things they’ve been promised has been delivered, other than the seemingly successful antagonistic media campaign against the Nigeria military, well, how does that benefit the puppet on the ground? Rather, the puppet has seen nothing but a dramatic increase in its population, already mired in its own economical strains, thousands of extra mouths to feed simply contradicts the promise of heaven on earth, hence the quickening of their steps to ensure that things don’t get seriously out of control because the puppet is at least smart enough to know that once the tide gets big enough, his rather comfortable position is up for grabs as well.

  15. beegeagle says:


    JAN. 19, 2015
    Yaoundé (AFP)

    Around 20 of the dozens of hostages seized by Boko Haram in Cameroon at the weekend were released by the Islamists as they were chased by the army, media reports and sources said on Monday.

    In their latest cross-border raid on Sunday, the Nigeria-based jihadists seized at least 60 people in northern Cameroon, most of them women and children. But they released around 24 as they were chased by the
    army shortly after the raid, a source with a non-governmental organisation said on condition of anonymity.

    Cameron’s national radio and television reported that around 20 hostages were freed, but did not provide any details. The weekend raid was the largest abduction ever carried out in Cameroon’s far north region by Boko Haram and comes amid mounting fears the group is expanding its operations into neighbouring countries.

    Cameroon had come under attack last Monday when it said its troops repelled a raid by Boko Haram on a northern military base, killing 143 militants in the process.

    Brutal raids, massacres, suicide bomb attacks and kidnappings by the Islamists have claimed at least 13,000 lives and driven an estimated 1.5 million people from their homes, mainly in its stronghold in northeast Nigeria.

    Chad on Saturday sent troops, some 400 military vehicles and several attack helicopters to Cameroon and Nigeria to aid in the fight against the Islamist militants.

    • igbi says:

      so now cameroon has become “cameroon and Nigeria”, so after all the lies about cameroonian victories, now they want to rub cameroonian humiliation on Nigeria. I hope you guys have noticed that cameroon has failed and now the face saving media which had been telling a bunch of lies making Nigeria look weak and cameroon look strong, is making new lies to cover its former lies. chadian soldiers ran away from their side of baga and nowthese prostitute media are claiming that they are deploying to “cameroon and Nigeria”. Please general Olukolade, could you issue a statement.

    • Oje says:

      20 prisoners released? Chad at work again, they are getting very good at fundraising. Wonder who paid the ransom this time.

  16. Oje says:

    Well let them feel the pinch. These regional superpower wannabees should have pondered hard on the implication of trying to destabilize Nigeria via proxy Boko Haram, paying millions of dollars in ransom, supplying weapons to Boko Haram via Chad, they did not factor in the fact that the Nigerian army was not fighting a small and weak rag tag force, thats why we havent been able to defeat them. The mistook sensational news of Nigerian soldiers fleeing and barracks overrun for Nigeria military weakness and rationalized that what better time to seize this target of opportunity and cut Nigeria down to size. Now for the first time they have a taste of what urban guerrilla warfare is like. Barely a week Paul Biya is already crying for outside help as his 7000 Special BIR soldiers stationed near the border are nearing breaking point yet Boko Haram hasnt even attacked Cameroon in full force yet. Got o Cameroonian blogs its flled with crap like: BIR should drive to Abuja and destroy these elements once and for all if Nigeria cant do the job. Some say Nigerian soldiers should come to Cameroon for training, many defends Biyas decision to pay out hundreds if thousands of dollars and generally see the Nigerian military as a threat no more. They falsely claim to have killed Sekau twice. When Cameroon launched its first ever airstrike Cameroonians declared they are the new its game on, rather than stay neutral they decided to meddle into our affairs. I pray our final offensives comes into the fray soonest. Nigeria army successes will mean more and more Boko Haram fighters will fall back into Cameroonian villages… and since they were audacious enough (I dont believe France sponsored this act) to derail our war efforts by negative proxy interference we should do the same. With Boko Haram ravaging Norther Cameroon we could give financial and technical support t the marginalized Anglo Southern Cameroonians in their fight for independence after suffering decades of neglect put on them by the Franco Cameroonians.

    I really do wish Nigeria, after suffering 5 years fighting terror alone while others spectate can end this war on time without sharing the glory with Chad or CAAMEROON., because if we survive this we would have inadvertently built up the largest and most powerful fighting force in Black Africa. With a Navy larger and more powerful that those of the South African Navy (Which is the only other Navy in Africa worth mentioning), already Nigeria has better power projection Capabilities and experience. Nigerian Navy SBS is the best trained and best equipped among other African Naval commandos. Our ATR Maritime surveillance aircraft are by far the most advanced anywhere in Africa and we have an advantage over all African Navies by having more Satellites in orbit than the rest of Africa combined. Nigeria will finally be a military superpower with a war machine not seen in Nigeria’s history. With a trillion dollar economy we can invest more in our Indigenous defence industry by making it commercially viable. We could sell warships and other small arms to neighboring countries, profits will ensure our defence industry continues to get the kind of sustained financial support it needs.

    • igbi says:

      it seems to me that bir is about 4000, not 7000. Just stop going on cameroonian websites, it is not helping you. The best way to fight against propaganda is to switch it off. Stop reading propaganda against Nigeria just for kicks. It will get to you at some point.

    • beegeagle says:

      “March to Abuja”

      Some bloody Lilliputian gripped by Napoleonic complex actually muttered such gibberish? Why did they not march out to claim Bakassi after 15 years of occupation by Nigerian troops, preferring instead to seek the legal way out by running to the ICJ?

      Everyone thought it was a movie until it hit home. BH have not even opened up and they need Chadian help? What will happen when the stage of fullscale urban warfare kicks off ala 2012 Nigeria when weekly attacks on churches was the norm in Kano, Kaduna, Zaria, Jos, Bauchi etc? What will happen when three day-long sieges on urban centres, complete with guerrillas and suicide bombers in tow, such used to be the case in Damaturu, Potiskum and KANO, kicks off in Cameroon?

      Everyone, including the foreign media, were waxing lyrical about this being a ‘Nigerian problem’ in 2012. So the experts really lack expertise then? Flip through the blog archives. We shouted ourselves hoarse about the fact that, two republics deep in every direction, armed conflict rages and that with a glut of guerrillas in this anarchical neighbourhood, not to mention the new arms bazaar in Libya, the conflict was bound to spread. Well, that day is upon us now.

      It is a veritable backblast in the faces of foreigners and Nigerians alike who thought this was about corruption and regime change in Nigeria.

      Welcome to our yesterday..

  17. Kay says:

    Ogas in the house, what’s the typical Nigerian Army infantry loadout?

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      I mentioned earlier that we would meet Chadians very soon with their Visors down, they have stated that they would go in Hot pursuit of BH to any where, some where along the line, they may clash with Nigerian Forces, Pls not to the day dreamers getting weapons from all sources. In such an encounter the whole Global arms market would support the French through the Franco-phone countries, already because of our funny relations with Russia, they are stated that they would be supplying Cameroon ( France satellite) with sophisticated arms ( 2015, the whole works). time to start manufacturing the IFV in mass and also seek Missile Technology, this is to bring the giant down, split it’s market along the West Coast for European manufacturers,. All this is not strange tactics that have worked in British protectorate of Nigeria ( Jaja of Opobo- selling and controlling Palm oil trade). The Nigerian story with our attraction to Western Arms is like the Moth and the Flame ( F16 , Abram tanks, Cobras, etc). the flame would eventually kill the moth. This is real, the time table for our break up is about to start running, after all who benefits from the turmoil, just ask the Libyans now, They would have been better off under Eastern influence or their Ghadafi.
      Baga must not be take by the Chadians at any cost. Once foreign troop become active in Nigeria either under Regional alliance, UN or AU, we will become finished completely, then the West can carry out a 2nd colonization of Africa (indirectly using Umbrella organization.
      There would be no arms sale to Nigeria in such a conflict with any of our Franco-phone Neighbors from the entire West and only limited sales from the East to all parties involved (us and Them), we can forget any french based armament we have been made effective or operational. We need to move now and deter. The global newspaper/news media reporting are part of the plot to condition the minds of the world against us as a no good, no useful, cannot defend it’s self country, that is only occupying space and wealth that is useful to the international community.

      Sorry, I might have some tipo

  18. jimmy says:
    The fate of some of the soldiers who let the nation down in Mubi who at the sight of the bh INSURGENTS FLED.

  19. drag_on says:

    Cameroon’s military will take delivery of “the most sophisticated military
    equipment from Russia” before the end of 2015, a statement released by
    President Paul Biya’s office announced on 16 January.
    “Among other latest-generation weapons, this includes heavy artillery and
    missiles, air protection, anti-aircraft missile system, and cannon,” the statement
    said. “Armoured trucks of Russian production will also be delivered to
    Cameroon to transport troops.”
    It added that Russia was also ready to train Cameroonians in operating these
    sophisticated systems.
    The statement followed a meeting between Biya and the Russian ambassador
    to Cameroon earlier on 16 January.

    It seems like they want to counter an airborne threat.

    • igbi says:

      I think cameroon fundamentally sees us as ennemies, as soon as we buy fighter jets, they buy anti-aircraft missiles, when we buy warships, they do the same as well. Their military procurement seems to be a complete reaction to ours.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      I mentioned earlier that we would meet Chadians very soon with their Visors down, they have stated that they would go in Hot pursuit of BH to any where, some where along the line, they may clash with Nigerian Forces, Pls note to the day dreamers getting weapons from all sources. In such an encounter the whole Global arms market would support the French through the Franco-phone countries, already because of our funny relations with Russia, they are stated that they would be supplying Cameroon ( France satellite) with sophisticated arms ( 2015, the whole works). time to start manufacturing the IFV in mass and also seek Missile Technology, this is to bring the giant down, split it’s market along the West Coast for European manufacturers,. All this is not strange tactics that have worked in British protectorate of Nigeria ( Jaja of Opobo- selling and controlling Palm oil trade). The Nigerian story with our attraction to Western Arms is like the Moth and the Flame ( F16 , Abram tanks, Cobras, etc). the flame would eventually kill the moth. This is real, the time table for our break up is about to start running, after all who benefits from the turmoil, just ask the Libyans now, They would have been better off under Eastern influence or their Ghadafi.
      Baga must not be take by the Chadians at any cost. Once foreign troop become active in Nigeria either under Regional alliance, UN or AU, we will become finished completely, then the West can carry out a 2nd colonization of Africa (indirectly using Umbrella organization.
      There would be no arms sale to Nigeria in such a conflict with any of our Franco-phone Neighbors from the entire West and only limited sales from the East to all parties involved (us and Them), we can forget any french based armament we have, they would be neturalized and made in effective or not- operational ( spares, overhaul,etc). We need to move now and deter. The global newspaper/news media reporting are part of the plot to condition the minds of the world against us as a no good, no useful, cannot defend it’s self country, that is only occupying space and wealth that is useful to the international community.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        France sees us as Competition for the West Africa Market, after all how many Anglo-phone countries are there. Any Franco Phone countries consider themselves French Men. Had the Bakkasi issue got to this stage of open full conflict. Chad would have done the same (they have defense alliances). After all Togo and Benin held a full military exercise during this period to remind us that our commercial capital in Lagos is just as close to Bakassi is to Douglas. Guys time to wake up. this is no longer any joke. their are no independent countries around us only stooges of France.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Ment ” Bakassi is to Doula”

  20. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    France would not come out directly, they still have considerable commercial investment in Nigeria that exceed that in Chad, Camerooun, Niger., whom all still get bread crumbs from their table, it is all about the Benjamins

  21. rugged7 says:

    Kai, Nigeria don suffer sha.
    All these insults because of boko haram.
    Now even those chadian and cameroonian riff-raffs are opening their mouth wide to talk down on Nigeria.
    Well. no matter how long the night, DAY must surely break.

    • Are James says:

      We advised the Nigerian gov’t to show strength, arm up, offensively chase BH and display ongoing capability to chase BokoHaram into Chad, Niger and Cameroon. Sadly it was Chad and Cameroon that took the advice. Who wants to bet that they get their Russian weapons before ours fully arrive?.
      Now we are being asked to contribute to a defence policy when there is no clear foreign policy or national creed. National defence policy is chiefly the CIC doing his job proactively.

      • jimmy says:

        Our weapons have arrived the timetable of who gets their weapons is not the issue.The issue is one of prompt payment followed by offensive action.Our President sent condolences to France about Twelve citizens being murdered it took him 10 days before mentioning the word Baga. Right now for all the Bluster Chad is in Maroua which last time I checked is in Cameroonian territory. The last time we talked I brought up the issue of the Smerch artillery systems.Unbeknown to you people in the Military have reapeatedly asked for this system they were told to submit proposals ,this is why we are where we are.The chads are waiting on us and idris and paul are not stupid they are reading the tea leaves very,very carefully they know Nigeria has gone on a massive procurement binge, they know they are purging the ranks of the wannabe lawyers in the army,and most telling they would rather deal with Gej than Buhari,just like the Iranians twisted carter in the wind than deal with Reagan. More dangerous for them they realised Nigeria has sacked/ redeployed the GOC of the 7 division.biya and idris are reading the tea leaves just fine. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  22. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Pls permit my little indulgence, as I am aware that our Professional warriors on this blug are aware of this points.
    BH tactics would be in a cycles and stages of
    1) IED and urban guerrilla attacks (initial stage)
    2) Carryout significant Military Hit and Run attacks (Commando style)
    3) Hold Territory.( end stage and possibility transforming into a political or ideological entity)
    The advantage of the Asymmetric warrior is being able to call the shots ( Time, place and manner of engagement), his main weapon is invisibility ( can melt into the Populace and even live next door) .
    His weakest point is the moment is when he starts to convey semi convectional warfare and hold grounds ( which is usually the end game of his actions). ( BH is thinking (3), nut if forces are not decisive and fast he would start de-cycling back to (1) and out wait the reduction of an expensive standing deployment.
    BH is understandable running it’s SWOT analysis, do not rule out they are receiving outside planning and logistic help. ( they waited before attacking BAGA). and would soon fade back to (1). if there is too much sword rattling and posturing before the assault. he must not be allowed or he will wait and start the cycle again.
    Once they are under a big delayed Nigerian Offensive they would reverse this Cycle
    going back to (2), then return to (3) and wait for another period of opportunity
    Hence the Civilian JTF must be involved in preventing these BH Cadres/People from melting back into the Civilian populace. or else this would begin all over again. Together with the offensive (we are all praying would happen) they need to be weeded out from population areas and prevented from returning, A lot would also fade back to Chad. So this action must be focused , fast decisive. just llike executed in Sri-lanka /Tamil Tigers) .
    They must be decimated Now, since they are boxed in a corner of the country, they have show capability and ability to filter away when the going gets hot ( as far down as the South in an hibernating mode, entirely Civil, no arms appearance).

  23. Kay says:

    Gen. Olukolade on twitter answering questions from Nigerians. Here is the timeline of tweets and replies.

    • Kay says:

      President Mahama in Berlin with Merkel. Merkel suggested EU funds force to fight BH. Force to consist of only ‘African troops’.

      • igbi says:

        I wonder what the hell is wrong with mahama ? Did Nigeria approach him to go and start asking for help on our behalf ? Or is he asking for help for cameroon or chad ? Nigeria is not mali ! Nigeria has a standing army, instead of this stupidity merkel and mahama are showing, let the west drop the mask and stop trying to starve the nigerian military. So they won’t let us buy weapons, but they are ready to give the weapons to some other people to go and fight our fight. If they are talking of a border force in niger, cameroon, and chad then it would make sense. any way the terms are not precise enough.

      • igbi says:

        I guess what is not being said is that boko haram operates bases in some of these countries you never hear about in the media, and that would be where mahama needs help.

  24. beegeagle says:

    Why does this Idris Deby of a man keep on talking about attacking Baga? Is Baga now a part of Chad or he has a Western mandate to do so? He has yet to explain why Chadian troops inexplicably upped and left two days before the attack on Baga. Where they due to be rotated? If so, is it not the norm for the troops taking over to have settled in before those who have completed their tour of duty, pull out of an AOR? So what manner of rotation happened there?

    • jimmy says:

      OGA BEEGS Let me answer your question in the best possible manner, while you were away in the months leading up to December , the NA was confirming with alarm the number of NIGERIEN Mercs they were needlessly Slaughtering it was frustrating to the Soldiers that the f.g. was not being proactive by mentioning this in the press.This has now been rectified @ the battle of BIU where Nigeria clearly meant to embarrass CHAD by not only mentioning the exact number of KIA from CHAD but also that 5 MORE WERE CAPTURED.
      IDRIS like GADDAFI who provided safe haven for the IRA is trying to shed a new skin, trust me on one thing even the lowliest private in the NA does not trust him and his soldiers, and are going to treat the chads with the utmost suspicion.
      The NA know he is not doing them any favors and now that 12 french citizens were killed by MUSLIM ISLAMISTS it is time to get with the righteous, Right now there is a lot finally going right in Nigeria and it is causing our neighbors especially IDRIS to wake up
      God knows we have tried:
      Nigerians know NOW GEJ aint about to visit Chad or Cameroon anytime soon and if the Chief of LOGISTICS is made the GOC better believe this decision was made at the highest level. The court martial of BRIG .GEN KOMOLAFE and other officers who have compelling evidence against them is tough but it is the right step in the right direction, no matter how highly placed you are either you fight or you get your just desserts.
      I have said people should wake me up when Nigeria is serious, well Monday arrived a nd one of the most senior officers was on Twitter, we have a new GOC and those who have been found wanting have been removed from the Field of operations, Tis a good day the Light has started to shine just a little brighter in Nigeria.

  25. Oje says:

    Just when you think it couldnt get any worse that this we are given antoher rude shock. This is so like a bad dream. Cameroon and Chad are on an invasion mission (like i predicted) and the Nigerian army have no idea. The Nigerian army spokes persons reason to this news is that he is not aware of the deployments and needs to verify? We in Beegeagles blog have gotten wind of this days back and have monitored their progress yet our army is unaware? what is really going on?

    • igbi says:

      actually cameroon and chad are not on Nigerian soil, you can trust the media to try and make up stories once again. Let me explain to you what is happening. A section of the media has been claiming that chad was dispatching its soldiers to “cameroon and Nigeria”, all that in order to make people not see that cameroonian army has failed and that it is calling chad to the rescue (which contradicts all the previous claims of cameroonian victory). From that, it went on to “chadian soldiers are showing interest in “retaking” baga” and from there it went to “chad and cameroon have entered Nigeria and to retake baga”. Then ofcourse some individual who might verry well be a journalist asked General Olukolade about chadians and cameroonians entering baga, the general didn’t have any information on that because it is pure fiction. But, what I am not happy with is the media analysis. It would be good that the 2 candidates take some time off of campaigning and address the issues we are facing. Why do they let the media running Nigeria’s name down ? Where are their media analysts, If i can anticipate these things from the media then why is the NAON not doing it ?

    • jimmy says:

      Trust me if you know the Nigerian Army knows.It is not everything that is for public consumption. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Invade Nigeria?

      Brother Oje, we can’t afford to be melodramatic, because we do not know all sides of the coin.
      IN ANY EVENT, GOOD OR BAD, we can’t afford to be melodramatic, because Nigeria is our only country.
      The Chadians barely have two helmets in their army. Cameroon barely has a plane that can lift off the ground. The concept of both invading Nigeria is preposterous.

      There is always something each and every one of us can do to grow our nation, please brother let us stop screaming and shouting. It will get us nowhere. Lets pitch in and do our bit, like General Beegs has done by sacrificing his time and energy to provide Nigerians with a blog that that makes us stand up in pride and realise the rich redness of our blood.

      People come to this blog for inspiration, insight and depth of discourse. Let us build on these things, my brother. Screaming is a sign of helplessness and neither you nor I are helpless; we are all talented people in one way or the other. It is us realising that “WE CAN” and digging deep to develop on our talents to create fixes for lapses we have identified that will grow the country. Finger pointing will get us nowhere, as citizens, we too are responsible for the growth of our country.
      To make Nigeria better, let us join with our “can do types,” people like Dr. Innocent Ifediaso Chukwuma of Innoson, Adetokunbo Ogundeyin of Proforce, General Beegs (not forgetting the great mind and never-say-die General mcshegz).

      There is just the one word we need. Organisation.
      God Bless Nigeria.

  26. Oje says:

    Right, but you agree with me there is a clear and present danger from the Franco alliance staring us right in the face.

    • igbi says:

      I still don’t see them as being able to threaten Nigeria. Chad is clearly not a friend of Nigeria and chicken hearted cameroon catches a cold each time a Nigerian sneezes. The propaganda of cameroon has been carried by french and usa media for quite some time now. each time cameroon was defeated, they claimed cameroon had just won an impressive victory (no proof for the cameroonian victory though). The only reason the western media is supporting cameroon (and now chad) is because it targets us. claiming that we are failing is no longer sufficient, they have to claim that our small neighbours are making it big. The recent reaction of chad, just after the arrest of 5 chadian boko haramists raises my eyebrows. is it possible that part of boko haram is chadian military personnel ? Is that why chad is so eager to play good guy now ? Are they afraid that Nigeria might soon get angry ? One thing is sure they want to wear the mask of people fighting against boko haram now. All this might also have something to do with the recent cnn reports which try as much as possible to make us look like finished. Perhaps chad thinks we are now weak enough for their plans. But deep down they know that messing with Nigeria is something you can’t boast about for long. Just my thought.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        You are right Sir, in your summary, but MIG 29 ( Air superiority) and SU25s ( Ground Strike and Chopper Killer) is a sure threat to dominance of the airspace over the contested area, not to talk of the French Mirage squadron/elements at the capital’s airport, (co- located near their parking area on the apron) and 707 aerial tanker plus C160 transport planes for paratroopers.( any damage done to them would be used as an excuse like they did in Cote D’Ivoire ( Bouake’s air strike) to take out the Ivorian Airforce’s Mig- 27 and Su-25s ( parked in Abidjan) to help the then oppostion’s “New Force” even out the odds on the playing field. We cannot field any thing to counter this air threats at the moment ( F7s, Alpha Jets, Mi35, not equipped well enough for air to Air engagements). So we need to totally DETER any moves to go near Baga by Chad/Cameroon ( Baga stopped being a multi-national base the moment they broke protocol and abandoned it, they need Nigerian permission to re-approach it) or else the International Community would use it as a staging area ( camouflaged under AU or UN approved peace operations) almost same as Dafur , they can remain as long as they want by keep insisting that they perceive threat or reemergence of BH groups in the area. (Could some minerals we do not know about be under this earth in this areas ?).
        The Chadian Military don’t look much different from the BH as they turn out in their uniform, also their choice of transport is like BH’s ( technicals and 4×4 with mounted Anti Aircraft/ MGs), chances are we might mistakenly clash, while they claim they are carrying out hot pursuit Ops into Nigerian territory. hope we don’t, but if we do, we should bash them all the same and apologize later.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Capt Tobias Wilcock, oil was discovered in commercial quantity around Lake Chad in 2012.

        “The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) on Friday announced the discovery of crude oil in an area of about 3,350 square metres in the Lake Chad Basin with Vice President Namadi Sambo directing the commencement of steps towards engaging “willing and ready investors that will facilitate speedy and timely exploration in the second phase of the exercise”…

        More here:

        See also:

    • jimmy says:

      Of course since 1960 T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
      What clear and present danger, arerams, yes, Cameroon, Chad, hahahaha, hellz to da no. Please how, how, how is it possible that three countries bordering Nigeria with combined GDP less than that of Lagos could possibly pose a military threat? I mean, come on people. Some people are trying to cajole us into a war mentality, having us believe that Chad is going to annex parts of Nigeria, i laugh die…. please what sci-fi movies are these people watching, and is this the 19th century?

  27. igbi says:

    For sure, i wouldn’t be surprised to see photos of shekau 3 shaking hands with idris?

  28. Oje says:

    I do not wish to sound melo dramatic, but i do wish to impress upon you that we need a strong and decisive leader. Nigeria is not Sweden,it cannot be ruled by a lukewarm president with no charisma. We need a new Commander in Chief to avert disaster. There is no point sugar coating things, making it look civil when the house is on fire. People seem to have forgotten the CIA prediction so soon, or Snowdens leak. This is the darkest hour in Nigerian history. You talk about sacrificing time and energy to provide Nigerians with a blog that that makes us stand up in pride and realise the rich redness of our blood- Im sorry to bust your bubble, until the government acts in a decisive and timely manner no amount of patriotic analogy will save our pride from being tied to the back of a truck in the mud and driven for miles. Boko Haram, Cameroon,Chad all massing up at the border,why do i smell something sinister.

    • igbi says:

      calm down, patriotism is necessary to win any war, the ennemy is boko haram, not patriotism ! What is a soldier if not an ultra patriot ?

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Bro Oje, let us calm our politicking, because it jades the vision where security matters are concerned.
      Not that there are any practical alternatives to the current President right now anyway. And it is only through drama and emotion that we got presented with an “alternative” that is rapidly becoming an international embarrassment.

      Mek we leave politics abeg, it doesn’t blend well with military style discussion.
      I love how Oga Igbi put it; “What is a soldier if not an ultra patriot?”
      Lovely quote.

      Lets all calm our nerves and support the government to victory through thick and thin. I’m not saying we can’t point out government misstep’s, but lets be measured at all times.

  29. igbi says:

    Lashing out is not helpfull neither. Just imagine you were a general in a war room, planning the next move. Would you and you colleagues think better if everybody were lashing out and trying to shock each other ? or woould you think better if everyone used logics and focussed on solutions, and spoke with a clear mind and without amplifying anything. Where some see a problem look for a solution. Some times we all lose our nerves, the best thing is not to comment in those momments, and to wait for our temper to cool down. We have to act like adults. lashing out is a sign of lack of controle.

  30. Augustine says:

    Oga drag_on thanks:


    Cameroon’s military will take delivery of “the most sophisticated military equipment from Russia” before the end of 2015, a statement released by President Paul Biya’s office announced on 16 January.

    “Among other latest-generation weapons, this includes heavy artillery and missiles, air protection, anti-aircraft missile system, and cannon,” the statement said. “Armoured trucks of Russian production will also be delivered to Cameroon to transport troops.”

    It added that Russia was also ready to train Cameroonians in operating these sophisticated systems.

    The statement followed a meeting between Biya and the Russian ambassador to Cameroon earlier on 16 January.

    I have just warned us two days ago that foreign countries will soon start firing sophisticated guided missiles and guided bombs inside Nigeria’s border-lines in the name of “We dey purse Boko Haram but dem cross border enter your Naija land, sorry no vex, we must use our missiles and LGBs, that’s why we bought dem.”

    If Nigerian military wants to learn how guided missiles are used in modern war, let them wait for Chad and Cameroon to display modern battlefield capabilities, shebi no single Nigerian soldier from Sergeant to General has ever fired a guided missile for real combat in his life, and no Nigerian pilot from Flying officer to Air Marshal has ever fired a guided missile or launch guided bomb in real combat in his life, okay now, Chad and Cameroon won’t mind showing you how it works.

    I sidon dey look o !

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Quote from international Media –
      By Stéphane Yas, Reinnier Kaze 3 hours ago

      Nigeria, which has been unable to halt Boko Haram on its own, expressed its conditional support of Chadian soldiers eventually being deployed on its soil.

      “All backing of our operations will be welcomed, but that must conform to operations we already have under way, given those are on Nigerian territory,” said Nigerian army spokesman Chris Olukolade.

      • igbi says:

        stephan yaz got it wrong, i read the tweet of general Olukolade. He wasn’t giving any support to chad. Someone asked him about chad and cameroon entering baga, he stated that he didn’t know of any such developpement and that any such plan must involve Nigerian army. Now trust the journalist to twist words and hear what they want to hear.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Augustine. I respect your hustle sir.
      Oga, blood dey boil ohh, hahahhahahaha, shoooo, this rant is getting annoying to say the least, i just do not understand how one can spew such gibberish without taking adequate time to rethink and reassure oneself of whats right and whats absolute fallacy. Please we cannot allow emotions to cloud our judgments; petty accusations and over the top hysteria is just playing headless chicken. It is impossible, i repeat impossible to think that neighboring countries will fire what ever munition be it guided or unguided into Nigerian territory for whatever reason, its just not possible, simple, there’s no if, but or maybe’s about it. Please i would advise us to stop the irrational sentiments, below the belt jabs and the outright false accusations about Nigeria and its military; fire missiles into Nigeria; i mean, how ridiculous 🙂 hawks, and war mongers want a war for Nigeria, Nigeria isn’t budging; Nigeria will never go to war with any of its Neighbors; this goes against everything Nigeria stand for as a nation. A war with your neighbor never ends well; very level headed Nigeria knows that. Oga, cool it.

      • mcshegz says:

        and many of these wolf criers are watching too many Aljazeera cycles…. hahahah, watch some silverbird and coole your mind jare; the more one gobbles up that bull horn, the more one begins to think of some false imminent threat of occupation. I mean, this is the funniest ish i read all week.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga mcshegz, keep annoying yourself while war plan is being pushed into Nigerian territory by foreign countries and neighbours, while AU is musing ideas about bringing multinational intervention force from nations that have military sophistication that Nigeria does NOT have, into our borders for combat operations.

        Do you know how nasty war becomes when different national armies of unpredictable people deploy and engage on your doorstep?

        To you, repeated calls for Nigeria to purchase missiles is a rant, when you have a country that never hears a voice once, only repeating words catches Nigerian leaders attention. Do you know how many times in the last one month beegeagle bloggers here have repeated calls for certain weapons including mobile rocket launcher systems over and over again? You did not tell them to stop ranting, but I should shut my mouth, right?

        Bros, you need to go read global war history from 1914 to 2014 hundred year period before you come and challenge what I am saying, you don’t talk war with an atom of knowledge oga mi, you must get your molecules together in various sizes and make a substance, you think war is just what you read on BBC news?

        Better go learn how nations have been ruined before, and stop challenging what you know next to nothing about. We are raising alarm on imminent danger facing Nigeria based on war history around the world and you call it a rant? Oga go sit down and study war, after that you can express an informed and enlightened opinion.

        Like I should keep quiet because you don’t know what you should know? It’s your wahala not mine, I speak for my country, you say yours I say mine.

        Where were you last year when Cameroon was reported to be shelling Boko Haram camps inside Nigerian territory? I remember you were here then, supporting Nigeria’s surrender of about 400 soldiers weapons to Cameroon because we crossed border.

        Cameroon is buying sophisticated Russian missiles and I am shouting, then you ask me to keep quite and stop ranting, do you know what a missile does in battle? Have you studied records of how missiles wipe out an armoured division or wipe out a jet squadron?

        Oga if we hand over Nigeria to you, we will lose this war in one day.

        So, oga mcshegz, I mandate you to personally go disarm Chadian soldiers when they cross border into Nigerian side and you personally stop Cameroon or any country from firing missiles across Nigerian border, and if they do, you are mandated to personally go stop the missile in flight. Thank you sir.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Augustine. I respect your hustle sir.
        hhehehehehehe, omo, emotions run deep, wow, its always funny how human beings acting on emotions seem to invariably toss out rationality from the get go.
        No amount of propaganda or intimidation will make us believe that Chad and Cameroon are just about invading Nigeria, well, i hear some say height of lunacy. If one doesn’t know what this provocation has always been about, i take it upon myself to once again repeat the true aim of the arerams, which is to pull Nigeria into a war of attrition, not with arerams, but with its neighbors.
        With that in mind, Nigeria has refused to castigate or cast aspersions on its sister countries not because they do not have a case to answer, but because DHQ seems to understand the game plan, apparently a lot more detailed plan than we are privy to, but the basics remain the same, arerams, on their lonesome cannot, and will not achieve their ideological aims, anybody who thinks that they can create an Islamic caliphate, or compulsorily Islamise the president and Nigerians is just as naive.
        But what they can do is ensure a level of animosity between neighbors to an extent that they begin to fight each other, and believe you me, that kind of war is the worst kind of war, maybe if we had secure borders fences, maybe we can embark on that kind of war, but when our borders are as open as the Sahel it self, well, you can only imagine.
        Oga, seems one is too eager to be on a crusade, without really understanding the other side’s game plan. We know they want Nigeria to fight a war, which neighbor we fight doesn’t matter, any one will do, and that’s what someone still wants us to do; well the same African, and international dimension that supposedly shocks us now is the same one we’ll end up with if a war dare breaks out between neighbors.
        Cameroon is buying missiles, hahahahaha, really, good riddance, buying missiles to do what exactly, occupy Nigeria, lmao, omo, i no fit laugh; and Cameroon never shelled inside Nigeria, don’t know where you got you information from, camps were destroyed by DHQ, listen to Olukolade, not some fringe, glory-hogging publication.
        And i have never been at odds with Oga’s on this blog who advocate for more precise ammunition, we definitely need more of those, but to say we have none is just plain ridiculous. And we are yet to see the so called force, where are they?, Chad? with its semi guerrilla fighters? hahahah, i die, is that the sophistication you clamor for? my lawwwd.
        I know Oga, there’s that itch to want to go out guns blazzing, trying to defend and uphold some idea, but it pays one to sit back and look at the whole picture before making ratchet steps. As it is Nigeria is ready to let its ego get bruised rather than fight a war with any of its neighbors, talk about will, and courage. Because, truly, as we speak, those are the options, not occupation, puhhhleasseeeee.

  31. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    UN Security Council backs Africa force to fight Boko Haram
    2 hours ago
    United Nations (United States) (AFP) – The UN Security Council urged central African countries on Monday to step up plans for a multinational force to fight Boko Haram, in its first overall response to the threat posed by the Nigerian jihadists.
    The council issued a 13-point statement strongly condemning attacks by Boko Haram, in particular those involving children used as suicide bombers, and demanded an end to the violence.
    On the eve of a key meeting in Niger of regional leaders, the 15-member council urged Nigeria’s neighbors to advance planning for the deployment a multinational task force to drive out Boko Haram.
    Chad is set to contribute a sizeable contingent to the force along with Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Benin.
    The multinational force has been under discussion since last year, but divisions over the scale and scope of its operations have slowed down the deployment.

    Urged Nigeria’s Neighbours.
    Once allowed to start, all will become subject to Security Council’s given mandate, (Host Country and all ), just like Syria, our permission is no longer necessary.(perceived as a regional threat beyond our borders)

    • igbi says:

      The force doesn’t exist yet and the report doesn’t say where the force would be deployed. The report is verry vague. But I hope our president will act soon. It seems some people think that Nigeria has had enoough of Niigerians ruling it. President please issue a statement.

    • igbi says:

      Though I think the place of deployment would be cameroon.

  32. beegeagle says:

    Nigeria is not in Central Africa. She is in West Africa while Cameroon is in Central Africa, not West Africa.

    It is clear that the force in view will be a rehash of MISCA in the Central African Republic and they will be deploying to CAMEROON

    That said, the NA will irretrievably damage her standing before Nigerians if any regional force ever deploys to Nigeria for the purpose of quelling BH. We have the depth in numbers of troops, can recruit many more in a snap and can equip them adequately IF we prioritise. ONLY the nextdoor neighbours whose borders converge on the Lake Chad namely Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria have ANY business being on our territory and even that has to be ONLY where our borders are coterminous. Otherwise, let it be hammer-and-anvil operations whereby the various armies involved clampdown on BH terrorists fleeing a fight in one country and heading to seek refuge in another.

    For many years, Cameroon rode on the tiger’s back by feigning ignorance of the BH presence on their territory which the terrorists used as a rear base and logistical replenishment centre. Now they have ended up in the tiger’s stomach. C’est la vie.

    Since 1999, we have pretended that equipping the military amounts to wasteful expenditure. Maybe we listened too much to Bretton-Woods institutional rhetoric. It is now H-Hour and the only narrative coming out of Nigeria these days is military incapacitation. Very strange.

  33. Gana says:

    It will be a great mistake to let any foreign force be into our territory in the name of fighting bokohara..

    Our problem is we have incompentent and clueless C in C..

    God save us

    • igbi says:

      This is not a political forum.

    • igbi says:

      The reason why Nigeria doesn’t need foreign soldiers to fight in Nigeria is because Nigeria has a capable military and Nigeria has all the ressources necessary to bring boko haram to its end. The foreign soldiers will be useful once the offensive starts and boko haram is running away towards chad, cameroon or niger. The armies of those countries being too weak, the international force will just do the job there.

    • Naijaseal says:

      Guy, a lie oft repeated is taken as truth…

      Lets stay on track, cos if we get started… we have twitter and NL to fight for our perceived “messiah” one of whom incidentally is to known be sympathetic to “his” BH people from previous statements and body language.

  34. Augustine says:

    We are raising alarm bells for proactive action by Nigerian government.

    Don’t allow multitude of different nationalities under different commands to deploy and engage across our borders, if possible avoid them coming near our borders, it can lead to Bosnia war type of mess in a different form.

    This is why we talked about border fencing few days ago, and border closure we have shouted since last year.

    In war, never assume there is no danger when many different national forces are involved, you never know the evil in the hearts of other men outside Nigeria. Don’t trust anybody. Don’t let this war spill over, don’t let this war change Nigeria from Africa’s biggest economy to Africa’s biggest war zone of a mixed multitude of unpredictable multi-national forces with different doctrines and chains of command.

    Don’t let this situation get out of control at sometime in this year. Be proactive now.

    • Naijaseal says:

      Oga Augustine,
      Border fencing will not work in Nigeria. Why? Simply because the borders are artificial colonial constructs and Nigerian nationality is still second or third in the way people identify themselves. Ethnic affiliations comes first, possibly religion second and then Nigerianess as third…

      You want to stop Hausa’s or Fulani’s or Kanuri’s from visiting family across Chad, Niger or Cameroun? Or stop Yoruba’s from visiting Kith and Kin in Benin republic? People will simply find a way round it.

      • igbi says:

        That is where you and most get it wrong. Closing the border doesn’t mean stoping people from crossing the border, it only means closing all illegal entry points. People who have legal business would still be able to cross the border, but that would be done at legal entry points. I know that when we talk about closing the border, tribal sentiments come and obscure our brains, but we have to overcome our stupidity. I don’t see any other solution but closing all illegal entry points.

      • igbi says:

        And it is possible, we have the ressources to do it.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Naijaseal, do South Koreans cross border to go visit their families cut off on the other side of border inside North Korea? No they don’t. America and South Korea proved its is possible to fence off or mine off a border.

        When Nigeria closed ‘border’ against dead bodies from overseas because of Ebola virus, did anybody fly in his father and bury him in the village?

        Land borders can be closed if you want it, Saudi Arabia just fenced 900 km border with Iraq.

        You close border at authorized entry and exit immigration points/gates, the rest is fenced off because they are illegal entry points and unlawful.

        Fencing border is not done in a day and not without warning, if families are split across both sides, they will be advised to relocate to their chosen side as they choose.

        CDS Air Marshall Badeh has agreed Nigeria needs to close borders but we have no fence, for him to support the idea, he knows what his eyes have seen in this war.

        It was proved by someone on this blog early this morning on the new national defence policy thread that it is very possible to fence off Nigerian borders.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Naijaseal. I respect your hustle sir.
        I beg to disagree with your notion that border fences cannot work in Nigeria, why wouldnt they work? is there an embargo on fencing ones border as well, hehehe, in fact, this seems like one of the most logical solutions to Nigeria’s security challenges with its neighbors, because we know for a fact that these marauders bank on the ease with which they can cross into different countries unhindered. This has made their escape much easier than usual because of the wide open borders. Nigeria has to take a defensive border security approach with its errant neighbors before unleashing heaven’s fury on the areram sub-humans. Is it rational to build a house in Nigeria without first securing ones land with a purpose built fence, complete with barbed electric wires and optical systems? same logic applies to Nigeria’s physical integrity, we need physical walls that can be patrolled, with physical gates, that can be manned, opened and shut, whenever we so choose. This should be the main aim of our defensive posture with our neighbors, guaranteeing everyone’s security and safety. A North eastern wall, shouldn’t take more than two years to erect, now tell me that’s not money well spent for some peace of mind. PS: The border fence will not stop travels, it will only ensure that Nigerians are well differentiated from other Nationalities. Does the fence around ones house prevent friends and family from visiting from the village?

    • saleh says:

      I dont understand the talk about fencing and trenching, these are not issues until BH is defeated, you cant not undertake such a project with the current situation in the NE when even getting a semblance of govt there is difficult. How do you intend to move construction equipment and plant there? how do you secure construction workers. the DMZ was constructed when the north korean were pushed north of the zone.ISIL is not operating in saudi or at the border, the egyptians were not in the sinai when the sand banks and bar lev line were constructed. maybe you should take a look at the map of the NE and confirm areas occupied by BH then tell me how the project can be conducted. our priority should be on ways and means of defeating BH now. We shall excel

      • igbi says:

        Actually it could be done in coordination with the military offensive. It needs careful planning, but it could be done. more or less the same way cesar did it while fighting against gaul.

      • Saleh says:

        I am an engr and beg to differ. Pls consider the manpower requirement in construction workers and security for working party. Security alone will take a div. Battles have changed since the time of cesear

      • igbi says:

        In the short term the gains would be that when the construction has reached a certain point, it will make the movements of the terrorists more predictable. And when the work is complete, the movement of the terrorists would be made rare and in verry small numbers and nearly impossible.

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, you are not a military engineer, and this is what they do, they do constructions under fire.

      • Saleh says:

        Lol @ not military engr

      • igbi says:

        @Saleh, I beg to differ on your assesment of the security needs of a team of army engineers who themselves are soldiers and would be armed to the teath and surrounded by their colleagues and helped with the careful planning of the operation by army generals.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Saleh. I respect your hustle sir.
        This is the typical chicken and egg scenario. well, i feel we need to pursue both agenda’s equally, as one will not fully dissuade cross border attacks when the border is always open and free as the sky. We do not need elaborate construction equipment’s Oga, what we need are pre-fabricated iron reinforced concrete slabs, consisting of the bottom section, mid section and the top section, easily interlocked. These slabs are constructed elsewhere and hauled to the border where they are assembled. two years down the line, we have a formidable ever-present physical deterrence. I cannot emphasize this physical deterrence; nothing is more discouraging than a 9 ft wall, this definitely shatters ones spiritual or ideological invisibility. It can be done, it has to be done. This is the most preemptive action Nigeria can take to safeguard her integrity, of course coupled with the latest gunships, fighter jets, dedicated military radar encompassing all of west and central Africa and PGM’s 🙂 all that fancy stuff.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      That Sir, is the most sensible action, Don’t let it get out of control, preemptive action and decisions is so necessary NOW. No Foreign Military has ever fought for us on our Nigerian Soil, How can we come from being the saviors of West Africa to being saved by people called out here “Rag Heads”, no helmets army

    • saleh says:

      When you say the military engrs will be armed to the teeth it becomes obvious you do not know the TOE of a military engr unit. when military engrs operate in combat situations, yes the working parties have their personnal weapons with them but they also have infantry for protection. in this case its a linear project and the construction workers will be picked of like sitting ducks by BH. sometime in 2010/2011 The NAE conducted the reconstruction of a town in Delta state after the bombardment of camp 5 even though the area was thought to have being cleared of ND militants at the onset of the project, the engineer base camp was attack numerous times with resultant casulties. the NE is very much not cleared of BH who are even better armed than the ND militants, the cases in which military engrs conduct tasks other than combat engr task are for opening of approaches, preparing of river banks etc. they do not perform the sort of general engineering task you are proposing. the commander that gives his engineers that sort of task wont have any engineers available in a week. if only you even know how scarce engr resources are even in bigger and more advanced armies you wont suggest it. most importantly the total manpower of the NA engineers are not even enough to conduct it. we are talking of a required labour force of about 20k – 30k. You talked about prefab for the concrete portion of the fence, how will you transport the concrete elements and other construction material through bama, gwoza and others. most of the areas in question do not even have access roads for low bed to transport equipment even when they do BH will have a field day. pls I didnt say it wont be good to have a fenced border but this is not the time for it. BH have occupied areas in Nigeria, the priority now is to destroy them. after the defeat of BH I hope the govt will think it necessary to build the fence

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, thanks for educating me on what army engineers can and can not do. Although, I am wondering if you have suddenly graduated from civil engineer to army engineer. and thanks for bringing a story about casualties on an army engineer site, although I failed to see the relevence, indeed I never said the engineers would not have to face the ennemy. I beg to differ on your assesment that the engineer would be an easy pick for the terrorists. They are soldiers and they would be armed and in a combative mood. And as for your rule of army engineers being protected by infantry, I would just have to remind you that improvisation and creativity is a military value. The mission would noot need to follow your rule, and I never objected to infantry soldiers being part of the team. Your assesment of the number of army engineers in the Nigerian army didn’t come with any numbers, which is to say you are just guessing. Your assesment of the number of engineers is an other guess work as well. Let me just remind you that on a working site, not every personnel needs to be an engineer, actually the bulk of the personnel aren’t engineers. In this case that bult of the personnel could be ordinary soldiers who were provided with training on the equipment. And the number of personnel you gave is an other guess work. I never said it would be easy, but I maintain it is doable, it needs careful planning. I like your zeal, but please give real reasons why it is impossible rather than guess work. Try to understand that the terrorists will try and escape the offensive and hide in neighbouring countries then they would return after the offensive. Their return is due to the fact that the border is wide open. For a lasting solution, you need the border closed. Or else we would just be playing hide and seek for decades. We need this to end ! We need a strategy which comes with a date of end.

      • igbi says:

        “that bulk of the personnel”

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        @gen Igbi. Please, can you explain how combat engineers man-handling pre-fab slabs into place will dodge a hail of 14.5mm bullets or avoid being picked off by a boko ass-ram version of Jamel Kell or Mustapha (iraqi snipers)?

      • igbi says:

        @eugene4ever, I am not a general and as I said, it will take planning. What you need to understand is that it is not impossible and seems necessary since the nature of the operation in the north-east is crossborder. If the mission is given to a general then you will see it realized, no matter what image you have in your head. contrary to what you think boko haram is not wahrmacht, if you put enough pressure on them then they naturally run away. Instead of asking me questions which you should ask a team of generals why don’t you offer a solution to blocking the border. Or a reason why you think it shouldnn’t be done.

      • igbi says:

        @eugene4ever, they are soldiers, walking in warfront is what they do. I am tired of this close mindedness I keep seeing here. If you don’t want it done for some reason then just say so rather than hiding under different excuses.

      • igbi says:

        “working in warfronts is what they do”.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        There is something inherently defensive about a 9ft high prefab concrete block.
        With some lateral thinking, we could load them on some low tech armoured flatbeds made by Proforce or Innoson, and tow those flat beds to the border behind T-72 tank’s.

        In such a scenario, the prefabs could even become armoured offensive weapons of sorts that our guys could use as cover to seriously harm boko’s, even before they are fixed into place at the border.

  35. Naijaseal says:


    Can we do a critical look at this proposal? What is the military numerical strength of the countries that will make up this force from Central African countries? What is their experience in asymmetric warfare? What can they muster to counter BH’s percieved enlarged threats? What western power will covertly or overtly support them? What will this possible western support achieve short and long term?
    How can Nigeria counter this proposal, politically and militarily? What options are available to Nigeria?

    Those are the things we should be discussing here, instead of certain folks coming here to say our C-in-C is clueless… Sounding like republicans calling Obama Dumbo…

    • beegeagle says:

      None of those armies has seen a suicide bomber blow themselves up. In all of West and Central Africa, it was in Nigeria that suicide bombers first struck in 2011.

      After AFISMA deployed to Mali in January 2013, suicide bombers struck in Mali as well and they continue to strike at UN peacekeepers. Chad spun on their heels and headed for home after a suicide attack on their troops at KIDAL. There was another suicide attack at Kidal last week.

      Not even the Cameroonian online hordes who are now running their mouths realise that their troops have not even endured a suicide attack. Never mind all these wannabe outsiders who fancy a jab at glory in Nigeria. NONE of them realise that if the battle-hardened Chadians could not stomach that, most are unlikely to remain in the theatre when the tide of public opinion turns back home.

      Conversely, Nigerians and their DEFSEC forces have experienced hundreds of suicide attacks. There have been arguably more suicide attacks launched by Nigerian females than the world witnessed in Algeria!! Even during battles, BH throw suicide bombers at the NA. Remember what they did during the battle to retake MUBI where they threw suicide bombers at seemingly indestructible T72 tanks? Some of these village armies now spoiling for a fight won’t know what hit them.

      Some of the ECCAS states have good COIN experience, ANGOLA and a thankfully resurgent DR Congo most notably. NONE have counterterrorism experience as far urban guerrilla warfare (bombings, driveby shootings and suicide attacks) is concerned.

  36. beegeagle says:

    Let me restate the fact, Naijaseal, that the most horrendous mistake our leaders, political and military, can make in 2015 when the CIA says Nigeria shall cease to exist as a nation, would be to allow foreign forces from anywhere to come into our country. ONLY the four neighbours on the Lake Chad have any business getting involved and even those can only be allowed to fight BH from their own territories.

    It is clear that there is an attempt by certain powers to have Nigeria isolated and that our so called traditional partners are sitting on the fence. We must now temporarily do what is expedient and needful and sign a 5-year mutual defence treaty with either China or Russia. That way, they bring the leverage that is their weighty veto power and formidable military capabilities to bear on this situation should any foreign clowns decide to attempt to undermine our sovereignty any further.

    You can see how well that has worked for Syria as the harbingers of subterfuge and regime change moved to lead Syria to a new era of ruinous “openness and democracy” such as has shattered the peace and stability of the nations of Tunisia, LIBYA and EGYPT.

    After the gang-up against the nationalist government of Ukraine and its contrived implosion as engineered by foreign powers who are eager to suck that strategically important country into their own orbit, staunch Russian support has quickly tilted the balance of power in Ukraine’s eastern flank and industrial hub in favour of infinitely more nationalistic elements.

    More importantly, in Dagestan and Chechnya, supposedly demoralised Russian forces who had been written off by the loquacious and self-absorbed but ignorant Western media, have decisively turned around precarious military situations.

    There are other more dependable partners who can be of immense benefit to our war effort, IF we find the courage to do what must be done for peace to reign in our land.

  37. Naijaseal says:

    In the short term, Nigeria must reach out IMMEDIATELY to Russia and China to diplomatically frustrate this move at the UN security council level at a minimum.

    While we are doing this, DefenseHQ should plan/accelerate the long awaited counter attack to retake any land where BH is hosting its flag.

    My only worry is that with the elections less thank four weeks away, so many folks are distracted. Please DefenseHQ, keep your eyes on this ball, please, abeg.

    God bless Nigeria!

    • Kay says:

      I don’t think any foreign troops unless those involved in the sphere of this crisis should interfere. I wouldn’t go as far as the UN, if they’re offering arms and support then take it. The army spokesman was still insinuating that they were waiting for weapons that’s why they haven’t embarked on an offensive.

      • beegeagle says:

        Well, let them wait. They can harass the enemy in the interim.

        An absolute “NO” to any international force from outside the Lake Chad Basin.

      • Kay says:

        Waiting reads like a cop out. Meanwhile the enemy continues to raid villages, overrun bases and keep up their own arms race too abi.

  38. igbi says:

    President Jonathan, you have to call Mahama to order. He is more or less parading himself as the president of Nigeria while you are busy campaigning. Please president Jonathan, call the idiot to order.

  39. beegeagle says:

    Mahama is just acting like one if his kind whose claim to fame is being “nextdoor” to Nigeria…whatever that misnomer means. The reality is that the sister nation is three republics distant and not nearly nextdoor. So they have not been a part of any joint military and diplomatic efforts aimed at pre-empting BH.

    Knowing that some of our neighbours(Chad and Cameroon) are in Central Africa and not answerable to ECOWAS, and knowing that there are few ECOWAS armies which pass muster, Mahama is pushing for an AU solution which will bring combat-experienced armies from around the continent which have been fighting for as long or longer than the NA have, into the fray (think Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Uganda etc).

    Then, the good Mr Mahama can send a Signal or Engineer Squadron and then tomorrow, his compatriots will say “we saved Nigeria from BH”. Never mind that they are unlikely to fire a shot.

    Here is the plug. Methinks the brotherly President just might be feeling left out (but they MUST stay out of our war) and is possibly looking to reassert the primacy of the “special relationship” which is said to exist between both countries.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The average Ghanaian soldier or person still looks up to “white people”. He is very acceptable to the West because he is deemed to “know his place”, Not striving to get higher to number one, but of simple disposition and striving to imitate the West from a servile disposition. He is still confused about the “Nigerian’s drive and relentlessness” in all matters and hopes the West would somehow deflate him to bring us to the same level.

      He means no harm, but loves to show his report card after all activities to the West , for approval and commendation.

  40. Oje says:

    This is konbuburacious !! Who makes these foreign policy decisions? Does the executive office have the right to allow foreign military personnel into our country without approval from both houses of parliament?

  41. superboi79 says:

    Beeg as much as I love and commend the the men of the NA it seems like we have generals with no same in the force? If not why would 10 troops in full combat troops be walking about with a single individual in Abuja while villages children and old people keep being killed and maimed? And we ask other nations to respect Us? We must be clowns then. Everybody around was appealed and we hissing at Horric Scene and were publicly speaking against the “cowardly” army. I know its so but the army has to clean up it acts. Our Army should be guiding any individual in this times especially in cities.

  42. Augustine says:

    The great wall of China was built DURING WAR-TIME to stop enemy invasion.

    All things are possible to those who believe. Africans should stop saying they cannot do hard things, while other races are doing wonders on this planet.

    Fence Nigeria’s entire north-east borders….or urgently land-mine vehicle passable segments of Chad/North Cameroon border only, with NAF Mi-35 Hind land-mine dispensers, land mines with expiry date one or two years till we build a fence…..means border is closed for two years….warn everybody to keep off….or suffer sever injuries trying to cross border that we closed.

    If they ever come to exist, UN, AU, EU intervention forces that step on landmines by trying illegal incursions into Nigeria, that is their own headache.

  43. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, these things cost moneym calm down with your demands. Buy this, fence this……

  44. Kay says:

    The bastards’ new video shows a haul of ammo seized from what they say is Baga. Let’s just say the narrative of “running out of ammo” suddenly looks sketchy.

    • Blackrev says:

      my brother, it’s still possible for most of (if not all) the boxes are empty. remember it’s a propaganda video and nothing more.

      i’ll be careful and slow to speculate if i were you.

  45. buchi says:

    For the past few weeks I have silently looked at the new developments. And am keepin mute.Nigeria be warned the chicken are gathering for a feast let the eagle arise and create fear.they are getting their acts together.I reserve my comments for latter.godevening my ogas.

  46. Oje says:

    Digging our head in the sand wishing away a potential invasion force will not help our course. An invasion foorce tied to coincide with our election period where a good chunk of our army will be deployed to key Cities, especially Abuja will be hard to stop. Invasion doesnt necessarily mean occupation as neither Cameroon nor Chad really wants that, but the embarassment of Chadian and Cameroonian soldiers taking back Baga for us will be more than most Nigerians can accomodate. Mark my word we are dealing with people who make no effort to hide their contempt and jealousy of the Nigerian State.

  47. beegeagle says:

    THESE WERE THE CIRCUMSTANCES UNDER WHICH CHAD WITHDREW FROM MALI. Do BH fight any differently? Do they only engage in frontal attacks or also in stealthy, classic gueriila warfare?


    On 14 April(2013), Chadian president Idriss Déby Itno announced the full withdrawal of Chadian soldiers from
    Mali, citing face to face with the
    Islamists is over and the Chadian army doesn’t have the skills to fight a
    guerilla-style war, referring to the
    previous attack in Kidal that killed four of its soldiers.

    According to local sources the army had already withdrawn a mechanized battalion a few days prior to the formal announcement and pulled out its troops from Aguelhok and Tessalit.

    On 15 April, the Chadian parliament
    voted overwhelmingly for a resolution for the withdrawal of Chadian forces in Mali, “within a reasonable timeframe”. The same day the Chadian army announced that it lost 36 soldiers during the three month intervention in
    Northern Mali, and suffered another 74 wounded.

    In total the presence of Chadian soldiers in Mali cost the country 57 billion CFA francs (87 million). During the intervention, in all at least 2,250 soldiers were deployed, with 250 vehicles and a heavy amount of supplies.

    • jimmy says:

      Also as a reminder to my fellow bloggers it is very important to understand two key events in the CAR
      1) The battle of BANGUI where the Chads played a dubious role which caught the SA unawares
      2) The gunning down of innocent civilians in CAR that was documented by the UN when the issue was raised , Chad responded by withdrawing it’s contingent, once again this is not Chad Bashing for those of our brethren falling over themselves in idol worship, this is what they do, Once the body bags start mounting and the money is no longer ” constant from YAOUNDE they will leave.

  48. jimmy says:
    These are the distasteful comments of Shekau notice he talks about BAGA and it’s sister barracks Doro Baga, very little if anything really derogatory is said about Idris Derby
    The Nigerian Army for the umpteenth time needs to step up, The biggest Mistake this administration can make is to assume that the Election will pass through a very quiet phase and once the election is over everyone will dust off their AK-47 and start over , trust me with everything in me this will not be pretty.
    Let us as Nigerians worry less about what Chad is doing and be VERY CONCERNED about what Nigeria ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO DO.
    This is the same retard that said they could hold on to MUBI for MONTHS and could barely hold it for a day.I keep sounding like a broken record BAGA AND DORO BAGA need to be taken in both Simultaneous Operations and because LAKE CHAD is involved all three services especially the SF from the NA, NAF AND SBS from the NN need to be involved relying on Chad is like asking the fox to watch the Chickens.
    God bless Nigeria

    • Rdokoye says:

      What is the military waiting for, why are they taking such an age to attack? Shouldn’t the restoration of Nigeria be their main concern? What other concerns are there? Even if it means high collateral damage, it needs to be done, I’m afraid.

      • Roy says:

        High collateral damage ! No way. I understand your frustration though but our military must find a minimal collateral damage way.

        Long live our military.

  49. jimmy says:

    I am with OGA ROY, the one thing I have stressed from day one, I have said when the NA decides to retake BAGA and they will they should plan it well and take their time to do it right i.e meaning it should involve MINIMUM COLLATERAL damage.. They have the template from MUBI .The only obstacle is Lake Chad which means you bring some RHIBs up north with the SBS.
    BAGA will probabley involve THREE BATTS (2000+) so they need to plan it well not haphazard
    It will also need to involve a standing fully equipped STAND ALONE BATTALION after the battle is over.
    Grimly we wait
    Because what we are about to take.
    From those who hate , it is their Fate
    Not a moment to soon
    It will be high noon.

  50. Oje says:

    Oga Roy, who gives a fuck what the West think by going heavy? American bombings in Libya, Iraq and A-STAN is fraught with civilian casualties. Look at Israel, collateral damage or not they don’t care and will not compromise the safety of its people over a very stupid left wing self righteous and hypocritical amnesty international. The Russians crushed Chechyan Rebels without giving a thought about Amnesty. Our ties with the West has been irreversibly dented, Britain our colonial ally is a sell out, Obama, a left wing liberal Democrat is the worse thing that happened to Africa. I say we bomb to smitherings Boko Haram locations even near civilians. We cannot keep playing civil against an enemy that doesn’t play fair.

  51. beegeagle says:


    Chad wants to be a regional power, for reasons best known to Deby he wants to project Chadian military power and influence, hence the CAR mission, the Mali mission and their failed attempt to mediate between BH and Nigeria. Lets not confuse bumbling with malice, Chad has sought to stay out of the BH issue for some time now, fearing assaults on their oil and gas infrastructure and not wanting to encourage local insurgencies on their southern border, now however the equation is changing, their economy is being affected (note: Chad is landlocked and gets a lot of stuff from Nigeria) Plus France is probably leaning on Chad to support Cameroon. France also wants to get out of the business of supporting their former colonies, because it cost too much money, in case we have not heard, Europe is going into Recession and France can hardly pay its own bills, empire building is not on the cards.

    This war will not be won quickly, but long term our attitude as a nation and a military to border security must change. We have never sought to secure our Northern border out of concern of alienating our neighbors or starting a regional arms race, well , well, our fears have come to pass, now we have a regional arms race but no secure border yet, and BH is carving out a space in those ungoverned and low security areas. To the detriment of all 4 nations in the space (Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria)

    Lets all watch Niger closely, AQIM is very active in Northern Niger (hence the US drone base moving up North Niger) plus the old smuggling routes run Niger seems to be where BH is moving their supply lines through now that the Chad Cameroon route is bristling with BIR and Chadian troops, like Peccavi notes they have basically sealed off their rear by taking towns south of lake chad, and have also isolated the Baga, Abadam , Damasak Axis ( The 3rd front). SO they can probably be resupplied from that region if needed, Since they cannot get all they need from living off the land, esp since their Area of operations has been blockaded. The long term key is shutting off their supply lines and driving them into Niger like they were driven into Cameroon, once they are in Niger they will wither on the vine and be picked off by AFRICOM and Nigerian Army SF deployed along the border outposts.

  52. cryptologist says:

    Oga’s; Word is out that Cameroon & TChad are not on the same page concerning command structure of the joint force on Marou which is to take on BH. The Tchadians dont want Cameroonian Colonels to head the force prefering their own Generals. Maybe Biya will have to promote a colonel if he insists his country should command the force. Learn’t a meeting was held today to iron out the issue but no outcome yet. Meanwhile, a sections of cameroon press seem not to trust Derby ala C.A.R

    • beegeagle says:

      Na dem sabi :-). They wanted Chadian backup. There has to be a price to be paid.

      Deby’s son, born in 1984, wears the rank of a General in the Chadian Army. Most NA officers who entered the NA in 1984 are Brigadier Generals. That is the excellent Chadian Army which some self-loathing Nigerians are propping beyond all reason.

      What the Chadians have is tactical nous in desert ops gained from long years of desert fighting at home. They had a credible outing in Mali but were stampeded out of the CAR same year. When they went to the DR Congo during Africa’s WORLD WAR, they were an absolute disaster. Google that.

      There is no army without virtue. I hope that Nigerians endeavour to appreciate our own sometimes.

      • Are James says:

        My admiration for Chad is limited to its president and not the Chadian military in particular although Dem show Gaddafi one time like that.
        I also don’t particularly like the man personally in spite of the admiration, I think he looks and behaves like the typical ‘African big man’ . However his single mindedness in pursuing his country’s objectives and possibly most of France’s delegated objectives with astuteness can only be grudgingly admired. Whether this is actually him doing it or an Elise Palace appointed adviser/coach/mentor seconded to his office is besides the point. He is achieving results along some defined roadmap and he is carrying his country along and if he does not over reach and embarrass Nigeria too much he might just get away with it.
        As for our own government all I see is complete blankness as to what to do in the region.

  53. Augustine says:

    Oje says:
    January 21, 2015 at 6:48 am
    Oga Augustine, these things cost moneym calm down with your demands. Buy this, fence this……

    You want to fight and win war on land mass the size of Great Britain with 10 kobo spending?

    • Oje says:

      So spending money on fences, barbed wire and cement will win this war for us? The solution to this Boko Haram insurgency is to build 10 kilometers of fence, after which less than 200 soldiers will man a fence several kilometers long? Are you acting dumb? cos i know you are smarter than this.

  54. beegeagle says:

    See what we said days ago…suicide attacks remains the soft underbelly of the Chadian forces.

    READ this

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