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  1. alade says:

    abeg dis ship is taking too Long to get to the Nigerian waters, its cruising on waters witout getting here……though i really dnt like d design bt since its a stealthy OPV , i congratulate tje Nigerian Navy

  2. Oje says:

    Oga Alade, true talk, but there is no ship like this in other SSA Navies. It’s wonderful the speed at which these new platforms are being aquired. It’s like the Nigerian Navy is an independent arm of Nigeria, ironically its a peace time Navy. Our war time army and airforce need to keep up. I’m the U.S stiff competition between the Navy, Airforce and army is legendary, this leads to innovation. U.S Navy pilots will tell you they kick ass USAF pilots.

  3. giles says:

    congrats to Nigerian navy.but y a coastguard vessel.we better start up arming does ships ple.b4 do DAT b4 some oversabi con3 start pushing international anti piracy op.

  4. Okpa1 says:

    Congrats NN on this achievement.Hope to see more of this platform.Oga Alade pls be patience the ship will surely arrive Nigeria as it takes at least 5 weeks to sail from China to Nigeria.

    Owing to her 21 days endurance, she will need to make at least 2 stopovers for fuelling and replenishment.

    Once again 3 gbosa for the NN.

  5. tim says:

    I think, we should get about two or 3 of this gun….. In our FOBs in the north east, to help repel BH mass advances…..what do you all think?

    • Henry says:

      Tim, we already have enough Guns in the North-East. We don’t need anymore variety.

      What we require are better Tactics, adequately kitted with webbing and a well supplied military. Troops should ordinarily carry not less than 7 Mags each, not the paltry 90 rounds they carry on average.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry, I will return to topic and keep this P18N thread clean. Just a brief chip…Oga Tim has a point, Minigun was invented to defend against overwhelming enemy numbers. Oga Henry you too have a point, Nigerian army’s questionable tactics and poor supply of ammunition, Minigun is an ammo consumer. However, 100 Boko Haram fighters will die in 5 minutes if they attack a Nigerian bunker that has a Minigun. Heavily outnumbered American troops used Miniguns to mass kill massive waves of Vietnamese soldiers.

      • freeegulf says:

        well said gen henry. tactics and small unit leadership are key to rolling back the vermin called BH. the individual soja still does not carry enough ammo, same goes for the sections and platoons.
        some buddies who served in the old SADF of yore where accustomed to webbing that easily took more than 10 mags. NA do seriously need to take up that issue, irrespective of the ballistics vest won by troops.
        the section should be able to carry up to 4000 rounds. these units should be able to carryout offensive and defensive ops without the constant headache of running out of ammo. add proper air mobility to this, and the casualties on the side of own troops would reduce drastically. of course, the will power from the officers and NCOs, and good fire discipline are crucial for this to turn into success for the army

      • Henry says:

        Augustine, we do not need any Gatlin gun or any other fairy tale weapon for that matter. Oga we already have enough.

        What we need, is to get the basics in order first. Our tactics, strategies and soldiers are falling us.

        The military needs to design a properly roboust QRF. The military also needs to be able to properly resupply troops under attack with men and supplies. We do not have the capability/reasoures at the disposal of the Americans or the west to always call in Air-strikes when troops are in contact with the enemy. Even the brits in Afghanistan could not sustain it.

        All this talk of always having to call in air-support is balderdash.

        We are failing in basic infantry operations. No matter how large the attacking force is, our officers should be able to develop strategies to halt the enemy or descivively defeat him with the sort of resources i’ve seen at their disposal.

        Baga should not have fallen, same as Gwoza, the military had enough Fire-power to defend those bases.

        We should first go back to the basics.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Tim, I am not willing to derail this thread so I will make it short n sharp. I have shouted for Minigun last year for garrisons, America sometimes calls them Gatling gun as the inventor, but Russia and China have produced their own miniguns/gatling guns now and Nigeria can buy it for use when our soldiers are outnumbered by Bokos.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Henry, the new Chinese Minigun is marketed at international anti-terrorism trade shows as an Anti-Terrorism Gun, so oga Tim has a point there. We can discuss it on a relevant thread.

    • Rdokoye says:

      This story has already been debunked by the Nigerian Navy, so why are they arresting people over a false allegation. It’s against the law for a private company to own warships in Nigeria and anywhere else.

  6. Augustine says:

    P18N, it is said that Nigeria is repeating orders for this ship, Navy HQ long-term plan calls for 10 units of OPVs, if it is same P18N then it will cost about $1 Billion for 10 units. Would they all be mounting oil spill control tanks on the same position where AShM are supposed to be mounted?

    NN should remember that they could have a variant of P18N without oil spill control tanks, those can be in the armed configuration of the Type 056 light frigate built to size of the P18N but with better hull ballistic protection along with the panoply of Type 056 missiles, torpedoes, ECM, CIWS etc.

    That does not stop the ship from doing regular OPV duties, the main factor in an OPV is endurance and engine capacity to tolerate constant operation in marathon voyages, an OPV is meant to sail many times more than a combat ship.

    Countries that have used standard frigates for OPV duties have suffered engine fatigue and are replacing brand new engines in just 5 years due to fatigue.

  7. Augustine says:

    Oga Henry, oga Tim, oga freeegulf, let’s be patient till we have opportunity on an appropriate thread to discuss NA bettlefield tactics and logistics problems. We are all on correct, just need to align our good opinions.

    Meanwhile, we await the long delayed P18N arrival, party go shele for Apapa base when the best ship in Nigeria arrives….can someone tell us if we need to make NNS Centenary our new flagship?

  8. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, latest reports indicate that this beautiful ship has sailed into Simons Town Naval Base in Cape Town, South Africa. That means she could be home in Lagos, Nigeria within ten days.

    Let us hope that the C-in-C commissions our new naval dividends of democracy namely, NNS Centenary and NNS Okpabana, no later than Saturday, 7 February 2015, latest

  9. giles says:

    pls which one is NNS prosperity

  10. beegeagle says:

    Well, we did say before now that the former Irish Naval Force OPV, L.E Emer, a 65 metre 1,020 ton ship which was acquired by a Nigerian security contractor and then impounded by the NN, is on the cusp of getting renamed and inducted into NN service

    Methinks NNS PROSPERITY is the former L.E Emer.

  11. You are Correct Beeg, NNS PROSPERITY and NNS Okpabana Are To be inducted though the induction ceremony was cancelled till further notice

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