A MOWAG armoured personnel carrier recaptured from insurgents by Nigerian troops during the Battle of Konduga II re-enters the garrison city of Maiduguri to the appreciation of the agitated and war-weary citizenry.

If Konduga had fallen to the BH terrorists, Maiduguri, a relatively safe centre of refuge with an estimated combined population of two million residents and IDPs alike, would have been laid open for a multi-pronged attack by unscrupulous mass murderers from all directions – Marte to the north, Gamboru-Ngala to the east, Buni Yadi to the west and Konduga to the south.


A Nigerian Air Force Eurocopter AS 332 Super Puma helicopter prepares to lift off


Facing the camera are a Brigadier General and two Colonels of the Nigerian Army, chairman and members of the Court Martial constituted to try errant soldiers, some of whom had been ‘causing confusion’ at the frontlines.



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  1. Oje says:

    Where are our MLRS, it is reported we have about 21 in service, i am yet to see a single BM1 of the Nigerian army. Boko Haram attacks in large convoys of sometimes up to a hundred trucks in very flat and featureless terrain. With MLRS we can saturate a large area with rockets from kilometers away, its no rocket science.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.
      saturate the whole area ke? really? so that tomorrow, DHQ will be accused of gross human rights violations? no thank you; they don’t have proof yet, see the level of animosity palpably deployed to ridicule, prosecute and lay charges against Nigeria, what do we think will happen when they have actionable proof, such as the use of multiple launch rocket systems? Headlines will read, “Nigeria genocide; Military kills thousands of civilians with rockets in search of ragtag boko haram” then they’ll call them ragtag, only because they have us exactly where they want us, with our pants down, arerams are still been portrayed as supposedly sophisticated because its a psychological tactic enlisted to get us to overreact; we cannot afford collateral damage on our soil; its simply counterproductive.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga mcshegz my brother, you see, me I always keep quiet when I hear MRLS, na the deadly firepower of the tin dey fear me o, because that weapon na mass killer, it does not discriminate between innocent civilian and terrorist.

        Do we need it? Yes. I am very sure Nigerian army needs MRLS in the open desert as an answer to any nonsense from a conventional army like Chad and Cameroon.

        Mobile Rocket Launcher System is an excellent weapon when the target area has no innocent civilians, and the enemy force is large in number or spread so you need to mass wipe them out, or the enemy is rapidly advancing towards you and you need to disorganize their formations, stop them in their tracks, or simply deny them access to the empty space between you and your enemy.

      • Are James says:

        About two years ago, Book Haram was in identifiable camps littered across Sambisa. We had the chance to use MLRSs then we did not. The chance to use them without collateral damage even now presents itself once in a while. We have just not designed them into engagements till now.

  2. beegeagle says:

    What about the more appropriate SBAT 70mm MRLS?

    You just mentioned tactics which the Sudan Army have used repeatedly in comparable terrain. That is why they own hundreds of Type 63 107mm MRLs. These can either be towed or mounted on Landcruiser vehicles.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga GIles. I respect your hustle sir.
      Hostages are rescued by countries all the time, this wouldn’t be the first, neither would it be the last. However, the way and manner with which those hostages are rescued is something the families of those hostage wouldn’t care about, i’m sure they’re just happy to be reunited with their loved ones. If it is indeed true that the German has been released, then, most likely, his family says thank you. I see no ridicule in this whatsoever. Don’t be tired Oga, that’s what the enemy wants, to make us feel weak, and helpless against a supposedly invisible enemy, so that we lash out at neighbors, Nigeria hasn’t done that, Nigeria will not do that, hence puppet masters are furious at Nigeria’s calm and concise nature, hence the continued psychological pressure, i lay bold to claim that much more money has been spent by puppet masters on the psychological part of this war than the physical. Nigerians must continue to have faith in their country, do not give in to cheap blackmail, Nigeria is indeed powerful “when a child keeps pinching his mothers breast in public, the worst response would be for the mother to descend on the child in a hail of slaps and a barrage of blows, because once you do that, the narrative changes, and that mother will likely go to jail, irrespective of the initial actions of the child.” One only need take a look at the case of the Ugandan house-help molesting a young child, irrespective of her excuse, she is in jail. Nigeria can be a bully if she wants to, but she refuses to be one, because nobody likes a bully. A powerful entity knows exactly how much power and goodwill it wields, that’s maturity, no need to huff and puff.

  3. Oje says:

    As long as we have a Commander in Chief that is not versed on the intricasies of Internal politicking nations will continue to ridicule us, there is an incentive to dom so, more so now.. they are not guaranteed a similar clueless Commander in Chief after the elections if Buhari wins. We have a foreign affairs office that is allocated millions of dollars to handle Nigeria’s external affairs and relationship yet our foreign relations is so mess and an embarrassment. This is the same Nigeria that Cameroon was to timid or chickened to confront over Barkassi where Nigerian troops for 20 years maintained a presence. Our President of over 170 million people, the Richest country in Africa and the largest standing army outside of Egypt payed courtesy visits to hitherto insignificant Chad and Cameroon even though there was clear evidence these countries continue sabotaging our war efforts. The Nigerian army surpisingly have still been resilient enough to keep Boko Haram from expanding South. Seeing the futilty of their saboteuring they now resort to ridiculing the Nigerian army and claiming victory.

    @ Oga Beeg,

    Nigerian Generals and officers are among the most educated in Africa. Our military academy is bettered only by South Africa, why is it our war efforts till date is zig zag, zero strategy and objective. We are fighting an enemy that does abide by the rules of engagement yet our Generals keep sending foot soldiers to fight like its a conventional war. Israel is able to hit Hezbollah hard by just airstrike and artillery fire, ground troops only come into the fray when its a full time invasion. Pack a dozen or more BM21’s, monitor Boko Harams movement by remote sensing satellites, launch waves and waves of rocket attacks and have slow flying Helicopter gunships do the rest. Is this so hard to do?

    • Dario says:

      I have to call you out with your constant Buhari shrining Oga Oje. Stop it. Buhari is not and has never been a credible leader and even the very basis of his admission to and promotion within the NA is now under serious scrutiny. I don’t want to make accusations on this blog because what the enemy wants is to see us fight against each other and I won’t do that.
      But if I see that your agenda is to constantly cast aspersions on Nigeria’s first overtly nationalist Head of State in a very long time, I will call you out. I don’t know if your constant outbursts against the President are due to some teenage lack of emotional control or because maybe you are one of those people here pretending to be a Nigerian (and indeed your constant hyper-patriotism-on-steroids is a big smoking gun) but either way, be guided. This is an Armed Forces blog, not a Buhari groupie circle-jerk. If you want to campaign for Mr People’s General, head over to Nairaland or Linda Ikeji’s blog.
      Don’t come on here and start promoting the man under whom Nigeria’s economic and military decline kicked off in earnest; the man who supported a Fulani Nigerien Muslim delegate to the OAU over an Igbo Christian Nigerian delegate.
      Either rein your emotions in or quit trying to insult our intelligence.
      I nothing else, you should be aware that online narratives do not affect Nigerian electoral outcomes so if your mission here is to derail Nigeria’s progress by getting Buhari elected, then you’re wasting your time. Those daft enough to choose Muhammadu Buhari on election day are not those who read Beegeeagle’s Blog.
      Quit this nonsense immediately.

      • saleh says:

        you just went into politics too, who told you some folks on this forum dont actually prefer buhari. please hold back your use of the word daft. On this forum words have being said about the C in C lack of interest in the fight against BH, about corruption in arms procurement and amonst military general, purchase of VVIP Helicopters when we need more gunships, our presidential jet are top range while the NAF uses Mig 21 clones. He had to be pressured to visit his troops at d frontline cos of pressure from opposition since election is close. there were gunship to up the security in maiduguri during the C in C visit and non available to strafe BH long convoys. Saying he will build fence around schools to prevent another chibok, better keep your political opinions and your idea of others being daft to yourself. I dont even think he has a check on his generals

      • igbi says:

        so @saleh,, you have just outed yourself as well. For your info, Dario didn’t say anything to say he supports GEJ or Buhari. If you read him you would know. Actually he was standing against people destorting thr truth just for political gains. Yes some people are saying dangerous and mutinous lies just for political gains. And standing against that doesn’t mean you are yourself politically oriented. You can’t play politics with everything, the military and national security should be left out of this politics. We don’t need lies and half truths, being poitically otivated is not an excuse. Here we are honnest and patriotic.

      • saleh says:

        @Igbi i guess u replied for Dario because saw my reply to him. pls read his comment again ” Those daft enough to choose Muhammadu Buhari on election day are not those who read Beegeeagle’s Blog.”

  4. Oje says:

    The malicious propaganda and manipulation to distort reality on ground and ridicule the Nigerian army war effort is nothing short of an act of war. The same way Cameroon opened its damn with very little or no prior warning into Nigeria which saw a dozen killed and damages worth Billions of naira. All Chad has to do is Call Shekau and tell him to release 20 prisoners, this makes the Nigerian army look stupid.

    • mcshegz says:

      hahahahahahah, i catch your drift Oga, makes total sense. This carefully crafted psychological affront would have elicited a severe response by a country looking to prove a point; but Nigeria has no point to prove, Nigeria cannot be bullied or psyched into a rabid mental state; its just not possible, the posture will remain defensive, the posture will remain to continue to eliminate singular and particular threats as they arise, not an envelope destruction carried out to show that we have power. Nigeria is the most powerful country on the continent, aint nothing no one can do about that, shikena.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga giles, I indeed concur with Igbi, are we supposed to believe any word that comes out of this guys mouth? really? propaganda!!! this guy is a propaganda construct, shekau1, shekau2, shekau3, all created to deceive and taunt, nothing more, no element of truth to his words, believing him is analogous to believing the first paragraph of a 419 email, one you buy into the first paragraph, you are hooked, the rubbish that comes next is much easier to swallow.

      • giles says:

        I don’t believe either,only dat if some cowards are crying lack of ammunition to always prove dem I just keep on wondering wots wrong

  5. igbi says:

    I don’t think spreading boko haram propaganda is a good thing to do. I am always surprised why people go and watch them. But what I certainly can’t understand is when people post them, especially if the people “are” Nigerians.

  6. igbi says:

    Although, I guess the ennemy propaganda is going to serve against itself this time. As some people here claimed, the ennemy is claiming to have captured a lot of ammo. This will at least put to rest the dubious claims of deserters and mutineers that they are not giving the equipment to fight. Now this will reinforce the morality of the courtmartials and this will lead Nigerians to know that mutineers and deserters aren’t heroes but cowards who put the country at risk. The ennemy isn’t verry smart after all. I think we can totally use the ennemy propaganda against itself. But what worries me is the fact that western propaganda seems to have several heads even contradicting each other. If you kill one head, another one rises up. What we need now are scientists specialized in psychology and theory of information. Fighting against propaganda requires real expertize.

  7. igbi says:

    the fields we need to fight against propaganda:
    1) skilled people in litterature
    2) scientists specialized in information theory
    3) psychologists and/or psychiatrists
    4) The cooperation of the kings of our different tribes

    • mcshegz says:

      Igbi. I respect your hustle sir.
      And we also have to remember that media propaganda for ones country against the world isn’t usually profitable, think, CNN, PressTV, Aljazerra, RT, BBC, CCTV, France24, these outlets are for country, against the world, hence they are all not profit oriented, their aim is to bolster and support the country, no matter what the rest of the world thinks, ratings never define the story line. Nigeria’s Nduka Obaigbena AriseTV seems to have that quality and reach but isn’t a propaganda outlet, its a profit oriented one, hence, they tow the same line that portrays Nigeria in a certain way. Can’t blame a man for wanting to make profit. NTA, looking on the bright side, is beginning to find its footing with the digitization of its entire process and collaborations with China’s Startimes, with time, i believe they’ll become more efficient, propagating to the world in a very modern and attractive way.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      You are missing the IT component, which is very important in todays world.

      There is a specialised area of IT called Text Mining. With it, you can trawl through millions of articles and quite accurately analyse them. There’s lots of open source software for that as well.

  8. igbi says:

    While there is a war on the field, there is a parallel war of information. And on the information area the usa and other of its western partners are showing themselves to be our ennemies. usa and boko haram are both keying into each other’s propaganda work. We have the advantage of the field, indeed Nigerians are our people and Nigeria is our country. If we use our advantage well then the information war can be won in no time.

    • Roy says:

      Oga mcshegz, I love your optimism, but invading the territories held by Boko haram is the only thing our military can do. I believe that they are brazing up for an invasion will have minimal collateral damage. Or do you have a better idea?

      God bless Nigeria

      • igbi says:

        I think you posted on the wrong place. I am igbi.
        But since you posted to me, even by mistake, let me just advice you on the choice of word. I think the word “liberation” fits the situation better than “invasion”.

    • Roy says:

      Oga Igbi, thank you very much. “LIBERATION”

  9. Roy says:

    Oga Igbi, I watch them because they seem to be the only motion pictures we can get from the war front. I want to also have a feel of what is happening over there in the north east.
    May be the NA should get some movie producers from Nollywood to help package videos from the frontline.

    • igbi says:

      You have to be stronger than that. You have to be strong enough to not watch ennemy propaganda. The Nigerians I remember were much stronger than this. We all have our breaking point. After a certain number of propaganda you will start singing the propaganda as well. That is what it is designed for. So don’t watch it. That is plain and simple. the us army also gave this advice to the us people during the vietnam war, but they were too weak to follow the advice. But we are Nigerians ! Don’t watch it.

    • igbi says:

      Just remember as a Nigerian you have no other choice than to be strong. Soo please be strong.

  10. igbi says:

    If the political parties could spend half of their energy to defend Nigeria’s interests rather than to throw stones at each other then all this would be over in 10 minutes. Fracly I don’t get all the hype about the candidates and I really don’t care who wins. Could we all focus on winning this war ? Politicians, I am begging you.

  11. Oje says:

    Be strong about? You are talking like Nigeria is in a leash she can’t get out off. We can get out of it, not by appeasement or listening to the West but by resolve. By resolve means not giving a damn about Amnesty. Imagine Amnesty’s resolve to dehumanised Nigeria is so great they are ready to pay for sattelite photos to show the extent of Bokostani damage and our ineptitude to respond.

    Not too long ago the Nigerian Army completely decimated Boko Haram. Their members were hunted down and killed, their commander was killed, we had Boko Haram members on the run but then we had the Westera media led by CNN and Aljazeera accusing the Nigerian army of heavy handedness, they accused us of summary executions, they described our military crack down on terror as a “disproportionate” use of force. We as expected obliged, the army back pedalled and Boko Haram remnants were so scared they fled to Cameroon. Then came NATO, they destroyed the Gaddafi regime but failed to put an eye on its armouries which at that time was among the most extensive in the Arab world. Now you had truck loads of weapons being supplied/sold yo Sudan, Alshahab, Boko Haram etc. Boko Haram managed to secure large amounts of money from its French missionary captives, the proceeds went into purchasing more arms, some even speculated Helicopter Gunships were dismantled and loaded unto trucks. NATO with its drones and aerial assets watched it unfold. This oversight has given rise to arguably the largest and most barbaric terrorist group in the word, bested only by ISIS.

    Enter 2013/14/15. The United States saY’s our military is too scared to fight, they say corruption has eaten so deep into our military, they say over 13,000 has been killed that our army is incapable. This is the same America where in 2014 over 8,000 Americans were killed by gun violence, imagine that. We are at war in our own homeland. America is at peace yet close to 10,000 are killed each year due to gun violence, is that not comparable to 3rd world status?

    • igbi says:

      I think you may not have understood what I said. could you kindly reread it ? I never suggested that Nigeria was in a “leash”. I really don’t understand the basis of your miscontent with my statement. Do you just like to argue for the sake of arguing ? i am telling people to be strong enough to not watch propaganda against their country. Do you have a problem with that ?

  12. rka says:

    “Nigeria also operates AgustaWestland’s AW109 utility helicopter – which the air force plans to weaponise and fit with cameras – although Zannah claims that in the current political climate, it has “an inadequate” number of helicopters.”

    • asorockweb says:

      If the NAF’s chief of policy and plans has the time to deliver a lecture in a foreign conference, all must be well on the home front.

    • Are James says:

      Read in between the lines here. This force is on full blown civilian mode and it is settled in and comfortable there. They bought a number of choppers with just ‘basic configuration’ which means they were essentially a glorified air taxi business probably not even as good as Caverton. I am not sure these guys ever knew what they were doing.
      My other problem with this piece is the tacit admission that the Russian choppers they acquired have not cut it as regards effectiveness against BokoHaram, I would say because they bought old basic crap he seems to think it has to do with
      country of manufacture.
      Now weaponising and fitting cameras onto AW109 is good from the technical and surveillance standpoint but bad for actual combat situations. Militarised AW109 are good platforms for launching missiles at large ships and submarines. However this chopper can’t carry the payload and pull the high g’s you require to evade AAAs while busting fast moving targets with canons and rockets. Some rivets might just pop off from the structure if you use these machines rough.

      • beegeagle says:

        If the man knows what the capabilities of a Super Hind or Mi-35M are, I doubt that the base model Mi-24V and Mi-35P which we got during the 2000s would be reason enough to make such a sweeping proclamation.

        In my book, the Hinds which came in last year and arrived painted in desert camo and with FLIR devices marked the real start of HIND acquisitions. Let us see what they are getting from Belarus next. The 35M Hinds need no hard sell.

        Truth is, our modernisation and upgrade culture is appalling. Otherwise, our people would go shopping for pre-owned hardware knowing that they have to ask what latest technologies can be incorporated on them.

    • asorockweb says:

      “Most of our aircraft were acquired in a basic configuration, which is a real problem for us Zannah says.”

      This is an interesting statement by the NAF AVM.

      Does this mean that politicians acquire weapons that does not satisfy the NAF requirements? Or the past NAF leadership acquired the wrong equipment?

      Maybe it’s a political statement, to influence future purchases?

      Picture the following scenario if you will:

      The NAF specifies the aircrafts that it needs, the politicians say “ok, let’s see what we can do”. Months or years later, the “right” deal is spied by the “right” broker, and a purchase is quickly made. Then, the politician call the NAF AVM, and says “good news, we bought those choppers that you wanted.”

      Turns out, the choppers are just “basic configuration”

      So much to be done; so much can be fixed.

    • Deway says:

      This is what is called hanging your dirty laundry in public. An AVM speaking about the lack of capacity of the airforce at a Defence IQ conference. How long will it take to weaponize 7 or 8 agustas? This gist been going on for over 2 or 3 years now. How many more years are required to weaponize agustas? Those helicopters were manufactured/ assembled in South Africa and they can do the weaponizing or upgrading right there or here if we want it that way. If I were in that conference, I would have asked him what role he played to ensure these helics had basic offensive capability. Let me even ask if 1 or 2 of the agustas have been configured to medivacs? He spoke like the airforce has no responsibility in procurement or maintenance, lack of spares ???? What they are doing about this situation is what we would like to hear. For how long will we continue to sing these songs?

  13. Oje says:

    Oga igbi how does my comment indicates I am arguing with you? How can you tell people not to watch propaganda video in this day and age of YouTube? Does watching it affects the Nigerian army battle plan or gives them the resolve to punish these murderers.

    • igbi says:

      I already explained why people shouldn’t watch the videos, kindly reread what I said. It serves only the terrorists if people keep watching their propaganda.

    • igbi says:

      Are you really asking a question such as this “why should people stop watching bokoharam propaganda ” ? Do I really need to convince you of the obvious ?

    • igbi says:

      “You have to be stronger than that. You have to be strong enough to not watch ennemy propaganda. The Nigerians I remember were much stronger than this. We all have our breaking point. After a certain number of propaganda you will start singing the propaganda as well. That is what it is designed for. So don’t watch it. That is plain and simple. the us army also gave this advice to the us people during the vietnam war, but they were too weak to follow the advice. But we are Nigerians ! Don’t watch it.”

  14. Oje says:

    Your explanation lacks bite., what do you think this is? North Korea? This is 2015, you can’t just tell people don’t watch Boko Haram video’s on YouTube, how does watching YouTube in any way avoid the war effort? Are we gonna start carrying placades in support of Boko Haram? The Nigerian army havery the capability to launch its own media campaign, they can show the world it’s side of the story, for reasons I don’t know the President hardly even makes any official comment to highlight the progress of our war effort, no journalist on the ground. There are hundreds of ISIS videos on YouTube but have you ever heard the leaders of these countries tell it’s people not yo watch ISIS Videos on YouTube? It’s futile and a waste of time. We have a war to fight and win, why waste your time worrying about who watches Boko video’s.

  15. Oje says:

    Oga igbi you sound like a weak and naive left wing guy. What do you mean by we were more stronger than this? 15 years ago there was no YouTube. Boko is not gaining ground because of its YouTube videos. Information warfare is part and parcel of modern warfare, the moment you urge people not yo watch Boko video’s on YouTube, the same moment you spark people’s curiosity. I am watching the video on my GalaXY TAB, A does that make me u patriotic?

    • igbi says:

      Ok, don’t mention me anymore. I am not an american and I have no idea what a “weak and naive left wing guy is”. All I know is that you are not making any sense. Not only are you preaching for the free circulation of boko haram propaganda, but you are attacking me for telling people not to watch the terrorist propaganda. It is just like the world is reversed in your brain. Please someone else try to reason with him, I am running out of patience.

  16. igbi says:

    so @oje, let us just avoid each other, the rest will interact with you if they want to. But leave me alone. I do not have your time.

  17. Oje says:

    Your labelling me a Boko Haram sympathiser because of your absurd analogy of Nigerian being weak because we watch YouTube is borderline nuts. Your self aggrandising righteousness is beyond me. What else should Nigerians not do? Read news about Boko Haram online because there are far more Boko a propaganda news written online than on YouTube. % 80 of Nigerians in the South only see Boko Haram activities on the news, for all we know the Boko conflict could be happening in Sudan. You are so mentally weak you think everyone is like you. Calling Nigerians weak, then saying Nigerians used to be strong is borderline retarded. If you think you are patriotic because you don’t watch Boko video’s on YouTube then I have nothing else yo say to you,

    • igbi says:

      You labelled yourself a boko haram sympathizer by what you have just written and by what you wrote earlier. Everybody can check my previous comments, I didn’t call this individual a boko haram sympathizer, but he is the one coming out to call himself a boko haram sympathizer after previously preaching for the spreading and watching of boko haram propaganda, and after attacking me for telling people not to Watch boko haram propaganda. I repeat, you are not a Nigerian. This quote from you “Your labelling me a Boko Haram sympathiser” is you showing that your comments out you as a boko haram sympathizer,

  18. cryptologist says:

    @Oga Oje, am with you on this one. Watching BH Propaganda video doesnt make one weak, unpatriotic or believe em.

    • Are James says:

      My suggestion; weaponize and put surveillance gear on the A109LUH by all means but not so sure of the big man chopper AW109 that they were suggesting in the article. AW109 has all the bells and whistles that can be upgraded to an advanced rotorcraft surveillance platform but its combat credentials are suspect.

      • Oje says:

        Surveillance? Good idea but dont you think it will be tasking for the pilots who should concentrate squarely on ground attack with the distraction. What are our 5 sattelite doing in Space, why is the army not requesting for sattelite photos in suspected Bokostani area of operation?

  19. Oje says:

    Oga beeg, is there any fast blitzkrieg like solution that can at lead halt Boko Haram in their tracks and prevent them from gaining more ground? As award as this may sound civilians may have to setup a Think tank group committee led by you and other bloggers, our suggestions/proposition could be relayed in an official capacify signed by hundreds if not thousands of people. As of this writing I am watching CNN and I could swear for a while I thought they were talking about Syria when I heard over 100,000 refugees are in Chad al ready, in the past 2 days alone over 19,000 Nigerians have moved to Chad. About 1.5 million Nigerians have been displaced from their homes.

    This unprecedented carnage is beginning to make the Nigeria/Biafra civil war look like a Tea Party. More alarming is delay by our armed forces in planning or launching a counter offensive to at least launch waves of artillery fire and maybe air strikes to soften the ground, deny Boko Haram their much needed rest while an attack is planned. I don’t see how an election can be allowed to go ahead knowing fully well how Boko Haram has mastered the art of opportunistic targets. I know we are yet to receive the full compliments of weapons we ordered for but how many habe so far been delivered? How many have been inducted into our armed forces, what are the weapons available now to do the job. God forbid Boko Haram, awash with cash begin using Helicopter Gunships and long range artillery or rocket systems. How do we even know they are not on the search for Nerve agents like VX mustard gas.

  20. chynedoo says:

    Our thinking on this war is questionable and we have to stop making excuses or blaming other countries who decide to do things the way they are supposed to be done. Have you seen the weapons Boko Haram captured in the Baga raid? Tell me if those weapons are not enough to defend a base until helped arrived. Yet if the Camerounians do what we are not doing because we refuse to do them either for political or sectional reasons we all sit here and just condemn other countries trying to put what they have to work.
    Oga Beeg asked a very lucid question the other day when he said the conditions and weapons in the NA in the 1990s were no better the conditions and weapons in the present NA yet the Nigerian Army proved to be one of the most formidable forces on the African continent at the time. In those days, NA soldiers fight to the death, no one ever abandoned their position yet the excuses of today is that the soldiers met a better fire power. Compared to the weapons we had in the 1990s, Somali, RUF and NPF rebels were more formidable forces, they were tactically aware and their situational awareness in battle were light years ahead or the current Boko Haram who from all the available evidence simply lack the tactical discipline of a professional force yet the NA soldiers of the 1990s stood their ground and fought without abandon their positions.
    How could soldiers of a professional army fail to fight to the last bullet, or even refuse to use the huge catch of weapons in their possession to defend Baga?
    All along we have been blaming the FG and NA high command of under-arming the soldiers, but with the heavy calibre guns, modern rocket launchers, hand grenades and hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition, there is no reason why the soldiers could not defend Baga deploying all those assets.
    From the Boko Haram video, if the truth be told the soldiers simply ran and refused to fight. It can be no clearer than that. We cant win this war by having soldiers who abandon their positions at the first sign of a firefight. These excuses in the light of emerging facts could no longer be acceptable. If civilian jtf are able to hold their grounds and fight Boko Haram into submission, if the Camerounians are able to counter Boko Haram and fight back without abandoning their positions even though we deride them as being an amateur army, then why are we just not fighting back? Why is Cameroun with less resources than Nigerian fighting back when we are not? Why is civilian jtf able to fight boko haram, Borno hunters repel Boko Haram attacks on villages to the point boko haram had to beat a retreat and return weeks after yet the army was nowhere.
    This war is being sabotaged by the army, not just by the generals but by mid level officers and the rank and file. This picture is becoming clearer by the day. In some countries, a soldier who abandons position is shot on the spot because that individual is no different to the enemy.
    We have a government that has sunk nearly a billion dollars in procuring new weapons yet soldiers simply gift these very weapons to Boko Haram by abandoning their positions. Sabotage! Sabotage!! If these soldiers don’t want to be in the army, they should simply say so and let many of us take their positions!!!!

    • igbi says:

      I took a lot of my precious time trying to help in a little way, but the setbacks I encountered are really too much:
      1) apparently it is not even obvious to people that watching boko haram propaganda is what boko haram wants and it works against Nigerians and Nigeria.
      2) I tried to hold people to the standard of not lashing out, to the standard of self controle, but that clearly faiiled as well.
      3) I tried to hold people to say only what they had proof of, rather than guess work or feelings, that failed as well.
      4) I tried to make people understand the importance of supporting their soldiers, that failed as well. (now a fellow is even claiming that the entire army is sabotaging the war which it is fighting).

    • fmkpang says:

      Many of the heroes of the 90’s were led by combat tested veterans (Snr NCO’s) d resolve of those in various wars (Civil war, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc) soldiers earned d accolades Nigeria enjoyed for several years (D moustaches were even trimmed to send fear into the enemies spine) Remember the 63 na’s
      Many factors are responsible for the present decay in the armed forces, here are my tots
      1. Many combat tested officers were laid off from 1999 for having been ADC’s or perceived loyalty to some ogas at the top!!
      2. The NCO’s lost a lot of its vets (63 Na,), who had tasted action in the civil war, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia etc, compulsorily retired due to age
      3. The armed forces became anoda recruitment agency, d pay got higher, and pple tot, well y not get in there, wear uniforms , harras civilians, wit pension assured, employment assured etc. Many who had d zeal, courage and love couldn’t get in, because they had no Godfather!!

  21. igbi says:

    I don’t think I am of any use on this blog, all my goals here have failed. Perhaps I would have been more helpful had I have studied psychiatry instead of maths. What I have learnt is that while dealing with people (especially our own Nigerians), logics don’t seem to matter. Just take two sentences about Nigeria which contradict each other. Give them to a Nigerian, he will believe the most negative one and throw the other one away. We haven’t built in a culture of logics yet.

    • chynedoo says:

      Look, if you are going to insult people you don’t even know because they do not agree with you, or because your reasoning is so abysmal and bereft of any logical grounding that not even the most brainless individual would ascribe to it, then you may expect the like in return in terms of disrespect.
      Divergent views make a debate stronger, better, and in a position to reflect every shade of argument on a particular issue. From what I have seen, you do not possess that intellectual depth to engage is complex argument. If you prefer a monologue to a dialogue, you can happily submit yourself to Gwoza because the way you think is exactly the sort of ideology that drives this very savages behind Boko Haram who aggregate to themselves a sanguine infallibility of being all-knowing and the only people able to decide, interpret and direct knowledge.
      You are starting to annoy others by assuming to be the only one on this blog with anything worthy of being accepted as reasonable. Mind you many of the people on this blog are professionals from all walks of life. If you are humble and smart enough to sample others opinions, you may be able to learn one or two things from others as I’m sure the might also learn you if only you. Even a foolish person has a reasonable thing to say.
      If I may ask, what makes you think you are more patriotic, or that you are more Nigerian than anyone on this blog? What have you contributed to Nigeria that should confer on you alone that superior presumption of being a patriot? Name one single thing you alone, as Igbi, have contributed to Nigeria that no one else has?
      If you could comfortably answer any of these questions in all honesty, then you would realise your claim of patriotism above every other individual on this blog is completely infantile.

  22. igbi says:

    I took a lot of my precious time trying to help in a little way, but the setbacks I encountered are really too much:
    1) apparently it is not even obvious to people that watching boko haram propaganda is what boko haram wants and it works against Nigerians and Nigeria.
    2) I tried to hold people to the standard of not lashing out, to the standard of self controle, but that clearly faiiled as well.
    3) I tried to hold people to say only what they had proof of, rather than guess work or feelings, that failed as well.
    4) I tried to make people understand the importance of supporting their soldiers, that failed as well. (now a fellow is even claiming that the entire army is sabotaging the war which it is fighting).

    I have done all I can, my reserves are empty. It is too hard to stop Nigerians from self destroying.

  23. Oje says:

    Igbi it is apparently clear you lack an open mind, and when you talk it comes out like you are under duress, explaining yourself. I tried to…, i tried to make them….., i tried to hold…, i took my time to…..,who are you explaining yourself to? Do you have a gun pointed on your head? Everything Chynedo said is nothing but the truth. Why should soldiers time after time abandon millions of naira worth of weapons to Boko Haram? Blind patriotism makes u a liability as a citizen. You are not half as patriotic as me or anyone here. Let’s call a spad a spade our army’s action of constantly leaving behind weapons for Boko Haram is nothing short of treason. Boko Haram fears the civilian JF who find with bolt action hunter rifles than the Nigeria army awash with multi million naira worth of hard ware. It is enbarassing. Where are the nearly 80 State of the art T-72 Tanks with explosive reactive armour.? There is nothing in Boko arsenal that can stop it, except sabre rounds. If this is a delibeate act to destabilise and discredit Jonathan I pray Niger Delta militants do not take up arms again with Good luck out of office,

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Oje, who told you we have 80 units of T-72 tanks, are you sure it is not 8 units? Nobody knows the true numbers as at today. They are not seen everywhere we expected to see them, for now the numbers are still limited far below requirement ….reason why both the FOB and Baga town fell or is said to have fallen.

      Then T-72 is not state of the art, it is 2nd generation, RHA and ERA armour, if you want to see state of the art tanks in Africa, visit the armouries of Egypt, Algeria, South Africa and Uganda, they will show you 3rd generation tanks with impregnable composite armour that stops anti-tank missiles. Chadian or Cameroonian anti-tank missile will enter inside your T-72 tank.

      Only the class of Boko Haram with 23mm AAA and RPG are unable to defeat a T-72 having ERA .

  24. Augustine says:

    How did he join the army with F 9 score in Mathematics? Nigerian standard they punish us with is 5 credits including English and Mathematics. Sorry o, just confused about Nigerian army recruitment policy.

    • igbi says:

      The head of the army at that period was a british officer if I recall. And that was 53 years ago. today every general has a masters degree, that was not the case in those days. You can’t compare the army of today to the army of those days.

      • Augustine says:

        Okay, I now understand the recruitment policy.

      • zachary999 says:

        Every general does not have a masters degree today. We have quite a number of generals who attended NIPSS in kuru and not the war college. Graduation from war college in Nigeria and an additional 6 months in UI qualifies you for a Masters degree.

      • igbi says:

        quite a number meaning what number ? An example of general without a masters degree please, and in Nigeria there is no institution called war college, what we have is called National defence college.

      • igbi says:

        one more thing @zachary999, do you agree at least that every second lieutenant in the army has at least a bachelor degree ?

      • zachary999 says:

        @igbi…Again not all Second Lieutenants have Bachelors Degrees, We have a couple from Quartermaster’s Commission or “Q-commission”… WO 1 who have done well !

        Its a case of semantics, even in the military its “war college” everyone goes to in Abuja. Name of institution is just NDC, but you are effectively going for war studies.

        I would not drop names but one of the finest Armoured Generals in the NA went to NIPSS and does not have an MSc….

      • igbi says:

        @zachary999, how many officers became officers through “quartermasters” commission ? My guess is: verry few. So the counter examples being negligeable, my statement remains valid. Every second lieutenant has a bachelor degree (except a verry verry verry few ).
        I never discussed the subject being studied at the Nigerian defence college.

      • igbi says:

        @zachary999, I am still waiting for th name of just one general in theNigerian army who doesn’t have a masters degree. And I am still wwaiting for the number of the generals who do not have a masters degree.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      Well, i think the answer could be the politicization of the Armed forces in the 60s, as explained by Brig. General Alabi-Isama in his book the tragedy of victory.

  25. Augustine says:


    I am 90% sure it’s him, Shekau III who poses with NA shin Cobra APCs and vowed to sell our Chibok girls for a price tag of $30 each ! saying “Zan sayad da mata…”

    It’s him, see the head, face, nose, height, mannerism, voice, hand gestures, special camouflage jacket and ammo webbings…

    I said it last year that he is still alive, he is not the one killed at Konduga, the one killed at Konduga is Shekau II with a bump on his forehead, the master battlefield strategist and tactician of Boko Haram, his demise as commander in chief led to a critical weakening of the entire Boko Haram machinery last year.

    Now this Shekau III displaying ‘NA weapons captured in Baga’ according to his private opinion, was probably focused on Chibok girls captivity all the while or hiding away inside Chad, he has now been brought back to frontline war zone as new commander in chief to replace the one we killed in Konduga, that was Shekau II.

    The emergence of Shekau III has led to the renewed vigour, and victories enjoyed by Boko Haram in the Baga saga, crush an FOB, invade Baga, create international reaction, humiliate Nigeria….blah blah blah.

    Hey, Naija Ninjas, special forces, commandoes, covert recce platoons….this is expo for you, go trap and delete this guy Shekau III and the new year 2015 new backbone of Boko Haram will be broken I assure you !

  26. igbi says:

    Please people, leave your politics out of army matters. Stop making dubious statements and accusations just because it suits your candidate. I think some people are even ready to endorse boko haram propaganda if it makes their candidate win points. The interest of the nation seems like second to the interst of a candidate to some.

  27. igbi says:

    While Nigerians are busy humiliating their army, cameroonians and chadians are coming out in great numbers to support their army. And we are supposed to be wiser. But really how wise are we ?

  28. Oje says:

    @ igbi, it is high time you shut your mouth or keep your opinions to yourself. We are not high school cheerleaders. We cheer and celebrate when there is reason to. We become critical when negligence and corruption begins affecting the war effort. I suspect you to be maybe 16 years old going by your nonstop rambling.

    @ Augustin,

    Did igbi not tell you to stop watching Boko Haram videos? How can you be so unpatriotic? Very soon you will quit your job and take the next available flight to Adamawa and Borno to join the fight. ……

  29. Tobey says:

    Oga Augustine, stop living in Utopia..Shekau was never killed..Don’t believe the DSS lies..He is alive and in control of his bandit musketeers. Shekau 1,2,3? Only a naïve government will keep underestimating its enemy..BH captured a large cache of arms from the MNJTF base at Baga. The base commander should be court martialled for such a treasonable action..Only aggressive offensives backed by the right equipment will turn the tide in this war. Is cowardice slowly creeping into the military? I cnt argue otherwise. Why will a base with such a large haul of ordnance fall to BH? And now the NAF is yet to get the needed assets to rout the jihadist scum. Is it a handful of Mi-35 helos that will cover such a wide front? 5 Su-25s will have routed advancing BH colums with rocket fire and dumb bombs.forget PGMs! How long did it take Iraq to get Su-25s? How long? This administration simply lacks the political will to end this conflict..Promises, promises, promises! JF-17 today, Tucano tomorrow! We need CHANGE. This government has failed its military..and honestly the service chiefs don’t give a flying fuck. Abuja is a loong way from Maiduguri. Nonsense.

    • Dario says:

      Here is another.

    • Dario says:

      This sort of propaganda isn’t even intelligent enough to be foreign sponsored. This is probably one of the many online propagandists paid by APC’s local PR firm Verdant Zeal in Ikeja GRA to spread disinformation and discredit the President in any way at all, including discrediting the military and national institutions.
      But some of us know you inside out and will always be here to challenge your rubbish.
      Just so you know.

      Be guided.

  30. Dario says:

    I think this thread has finally exposed a foreigner (likely an American) who is pretending to be Nigerian on this blog. This character has
    1.) Constantly advocated for IMMEDIATE!!!!111 military action against Nigeria’s closest neighbours particularly Cameroon, a scenario which is totally unnecessary and won’t end well under present circumstances
    2.) Intermittently mocked and derided the capability of the Nigerian Armed Forces, especially in comparison to those of surrounding countries
    3.) Constantly flip-flopped between American-Sniper-style “patriotism-on-crystal meth” and nihilism and defeatism
    4.) Advocated the watching and spreading of Boko Haram propaganda videos. Enough said.
    5.) Constantly campaigned against the President. Inciting people against their government in war time.
    6.) Continuously accused posters including Beegeagle himself who disagreed with his campaign of calumny of trying to act like we are in “North Korea” (a dead giveaway. North Korea is the American propagandist’s equivalent of mentioning “Hitler” to a Jew.)

    Whether we want to accept it or not, Nigerians, we are right in the middle of a media and propaganda WAR. There are no rules in this sort of war. You shouldn’t even believe me. You should research and analyse for yourselves. We have moles and propagandists right here in our midst.

    Be guided.

  31. Tobey says:

    Mr Dario and Igbi,
    A wise man, Thomas Jefferson to be precise, said “Dissent is the highest form of Patriotism”..How dare you label me as unpatriotic for pointin out flaws in the system?..Only a foolish man tries to hide a flame by keeping it under his bed. Is it because you are sitting in the comfort of Lagos that you belief evrything is fine? Also labelling my comments as Pro-APC si just plain stupidity of the highest form. Is it everyone who differs on issues of National Security with Mainstream government ideologists that is an APC supporter? I am a Nigerian. A proud one at that ..I DEMAND accountability from my government. Is that too much too ask?

    • igbi says:

      first of al I never adressed you. Second of all this quote from you “We need CHANGE.” is the APC slogan. Not only are you dishonnest, you are also campaigning for your political party and sacrificing the truth to do so doesn’t border you. And your methods re not even smart shall I say. By the way it wasn’t the DSS which proved the death of shekau, it was general olukolade, so your attack on the DSS can only be motivated by political easons since the DSS exposed some hard truths about your party.

    • igbi says:

      Please leave the military and national security out of your political dancing. Let serious people do serious work. National security is more important than buhari nd gej.

  32. igbi says:

    To all true Nigérians in here my defending of Nigeria is not a personnal enterprise, so don’t let me do the work aloe, rise up and do your own bit.

  33. G8T Nigeria says:

    Thank you Dario. They are mainly 9 of them who are here for a very strong mission. 2 of them put fear on bloggers in view of neighboring countries activities, 2 for SA’s interest and the rest to promote the interest of the west. We are at war gentlemen. The main battleground is not the North East but our minds. The call for patriotism is at your door steps. DO NOT GIVE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULDNT ACT. RATHER TELL THE ENEMY THAT WITH OUR DIFFERENCES WE CANT BE BROKEN.

    • Akin Oges says:

      “The main battleground is not the North East but our minds”. Clever Sir. And thank you.

    • Roy says:

      CAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!! Oga Igbi I feel your pain but the fact remains that everyone has his own opinion. Watching Boko haram video does not mean you are unpatriotic because indeed we draw different things from this videos.
      Some get fear from the videos ( unfortunate) while others develop more hate for the enemy (fortunate). Some also tries to access the situation and be better informed ( quality of our uniforms, boots, helmet, ammunitions etc). Gen Olukalade is doing a lot but l am asking for more ( sir we need videos ) because it seems that the terrorist videos are all we have to watch. Oga Igbi, try to understand.

      My cyber generals, this blog owe this nation a strong sense of patriotism, hope and belief in our military. This doesn’t mean we will be blind to the truth but we will see and say the truth in a way that will not rubbish our military and our country because there is no gain in doing that .

      Lastly, politics cant work in this blog. My ogas CAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!!

      Long live NIGERIA

      • igbi says:

        Actually, boko haram videos are propaganda which means that they are a cosmetic design to make you doubt the capabilities of the military. They are made to increase panic among the people and to destroy moral. I don’t even get why I need to explain why Nigérians shouldn’t be watching boko haram videos. And no you are not Learning anything from it, it is all lie. And watching boko hram videos is the blindness you should be talking about. Could we just agree to campaign against boko haram propaganda ? And no boko haram propaganda is not only filthy, it is a bunch of lies and make beliefs, don’t Watch it, it is designed to destroy us Nigérians.
        If you felt my pain then you wouldn’t be campaigning for boko haram videos.

      • igbi says:

        How on earth can someone advocate for Nigérians to Watch propaganda designed to destroy Nigeria and Nigérians and also to drive Niigerians crazy ? This is beyond me.

  34. chynedoo says:

    Igbi, you have to allow others to make their contributions rather than trying to stampede others into submisdion. They say free speech is like a marketplace of ideas in a democracy. From what I know, you are not the moderator on this blog and stop pushing your opinion into the faces of other people.
    Truth is blind patriotism is as good as the Orwellian charateristics of some of Nigeria’s officials in sensitive positions who prefer to preach patriotism in its most penetrating version yet their actions is in the very least anything but patriotic.
    I’m sure many Nigerians are not interested in who wins this war or which party he comes from si long as it happens. Nigeria is going backwards and even falling over things we used to do so well with ease because a lot of the people in Aso Rock, NA, Ministries, Police, DSS etc think and act like Igbi blind alley patriotism leads to propaganda, one lie brings up more lies, and then a menu of lies and it becomes the norm. Before long the people who spin this rubbish start believing in it.
    At the beginning of this war the FG said it was a bunch of thugs. Then they began to say it was political and after the govt even said Boko Haram was in the cabinet. Then it later became a festival of excuses…soldiers started being described as embarking on tactical manoeuvres into Cameroun even whem Migerians knew the truth of whay happened even when Camerounian state radio was almost going into frenzy reporting the disarming of 400 plus Nigerian soldiers.
    Now see where all the lies, blind patriotism and propaganda has led us.
    We have to reappraise what we are doing wrong in order to correct our mistakes in the current war. And I dont need Igbi to lecture like a junior politburo comrade

    • Dario says:

      Predictable. So predictable.

      • Dario says:

        You forgot to mention “constructive criticism” and “North Korea” though you did mention “Politburo” so that substitutes well enough.
        Next time don’t forget to mention that “Nobody here is more Nigerian than anyone else” and also that “we all want what best for Nigeria”. You can also throw in the trusty old kernel “this will be a bitter and unpleasant process and some won’t like it”.
        Also, when you include a false story in the body of your propaganda to reinforce it such as the “disarming of 400 Nigerian soldiers”, always make sure it isn’t easily discredited by a simple fact check such as the fact that they were “disarmed” by Cameroonian military and under Cameroonian law, which does not actually contradict the statement of it being a tactical maneuver.
        Also try to minimise the use of terms like “Orwellian” and “blind alley” because the concept of Orwellian patriotism does not actually exist at any level in Nigeria and accusing military and government decision makers of such only makes your lie less believable.

        As I said, some of us know you inside out. Post 1000 lies here, we’ll post 10 truths which render all your propaganda impotent. We know what’s what you hate about Nigerians don’t worry. You’re gonna get REALLY mad.

      • chynedoo says:

        I guess some comments are not worth a reply

    • igbi says:

      For your information I was the one who was attacked and the reason was that I called for Nigérians to be strong and to not Watch nor spread boko haram propaganda. It is funny that somany people want a word with me. APC fellows keep outing yourselves. The words you are saying, I have heard exactly the same from APC représentatives. I can easilly recognize you guys no matter how hard you try to hide and distort the truth.And for your info, you will never kill patriotism among Nigérians. And as I have said ptriotism is necessary for Nation building. Americans are patriots, french are patriots, brazilians are patriots, even our neighbours (chad, cameroon, niger) are patriots. You are not going to stop Nigérians from supporting their army for your political aim. Nigeria is bigger than politics ! So kindly swallow your lies and half truths and be honnest once and for all. Nigeians be patriots, some people want to fool you into destroying the moral of our soldiers. But no, we will remain patriots and w will never be broken.

  35. igbi says:

    Polticians, how many times must you be told to leave ntional security and the armed forces out of your political dancing. National security is not a toy you can manipulate for your political ambitions. If you seek to be elected then start by serving Nigérians rather than showing your will to sacrifice the nation for your personnal ambitions. Stop attacking the verry notion of patriotism ! This attack on patriotism is the same as your attack on national security and the armed forces, you are ready to lead Nigeria into a civil war just for your political ambitions, and I say no, Nieria is bigger than you.

    • igbi says:

      “Nigeria is bigger than you”

      • Roy says:

        CAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!! Oga Igbi I feel your pain but the fact remains that everyone has his own opinion. Watching Boko haram video does not mean you are unpatriotic because indeed we draw different things from this videos.
        Some get fear from the videos ( unfortunate) while others develop more hate for the enemy (fortunate). Some also tries to access the situation and be better informed ( quality of our uniforms, boots, helmet, ammunitions etc). Gen Olukalade is doing a lot but l am asking for more ( sir we need videos ) because it seems that the terrorist video is all we can watch. Oga Igbi, try to understand.

        My cyber generals, this blog owe this nation a strong sense of patriotism, hope and belief in our military. This doesn’t mean we will be blind to the truth but we will see and say the truth in a way that will rubbish our military and our country because there is no gain in doing that .

        Lastly, politics cant work in this blog. My ogas CAUTION! CAUTION!! CAUTION!!!

        Long live NIGERIA

      • Dario says:

        It’s not the politicians I blame. After all when SHTF, they’ll be up on the next available flight to Europe and North America with their families and they have mansions in London, Monaco and Potomac waiting for them.
        It’s the poor unemployed sods who use their own strength and intellect to destroy their own country and future because someone will pay them N50k at the end of the month who are the real villains in all of this.
        Just like I don’t blame the Americans for taking advantage of foolish Libyan Young Turks and using them to turn their own country into a giant warzone from being Africa’s most advanced country with Africa’s highest HDI indices, I won’t blame the Americans if young Nigerians consent to be used to kill their own destiny by working for foreign proxy interests such as their “progressive” political party. This world does not recognise what is “morally right”. It only recognises who is intelligent enough to see the big picture and act accordingly.
        That’s why the country which built itself on stolen land, genocide, slave labour and mass rape is the world’s most powerful nation while Nigeria which lost up to a quarter of its then human resources to the slave trade is still struggling to catch up.

        To the thinking Nigerians who read this blog: I’m talking about those who read news from several different sources, those who analyse news for deceit and hidden agenda, those who refuse to be carried by the force of the seething online and offline mob, those who value facts and figures and rational analysis over emotional catharsis and intellectual masturbation: YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU NOW MORE THAN EVER. THIS IS NO TIME FOR YOU TO BE WEAK. This type of war has no ebbs and flows – the information war is constant and ongoing, day and night. Arm yourselves with facts and learn to always make sure that every opinion you hold came from your own brain and was not implanted there by someone else. Do not listen to anybody who tells you Vote Buhari for CHANGE!!! or Vote Jonathan for Transformation Agenda. Politicians are just politicians. They themselves work for interests which do not show themselves in public.
        Do your own thinking and analysis. Don’t let someone post 16 paragraphs of text into your brain – it can be 16 paragraphs of well prepared lies and nonsense!
        Walk around with your eyes, ears and brain switched on at all times!

        Some people have decided to tackle Nigeria to the floor and they have realised that the only way to do this is to make Nigeria throw itself to the floor. Even if your friends and family are part of the self-immolating, auto-destructive mob, have the mental strength and fortitude to say NO!

        You are HUMAN BEINGS with your own brains and thought capacity. NEVER let someone dictate your opinion to you – ruthlessly scrutinise everything inside your head and make sure it is actually your own.

        Western mind warfare is not a joke. From relatively simple Neuro Linguistic and Neuro Photographic Programming to Monarch Programming and the MK Ultra programme, these guys have insidious ways of getting into your mind. But the choice to admit or reject propaganda and self-destructive thoughts and reasoning is ALWAYS yours.

        Never, EVER let what someone said become the basis for your opinion.


      • igbi says:

        Actually, boko haram videos are propaganda which means that they are a cosmetic design to make you doubt the capabilities of the military. They are made to increase panic among the people and to destroy moral. I don’t even get why I need to explain why Nigérians shouldn’t be watching boko haram videos. And no you are not Learning anything from it, it is all lie. And watching boko hram videos is the blindness you should be talking about. Could we just agree to campaign against boko haram propaganda ? And no boko haram propaganda is not only filthy, it is a bunch of lies and make beliefs, don’t Watch it, it is designed to destroy us Nigérians.

  36. Roy says:

    That will not rubbish our military.

  37. giles says:

    oga beeg ,pls any idea on d audit d coas say will b carried out.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga giles thank you o! That audit report issue is important. Hope we ever see it from our over-secretive Nigerian military… if those equipment where not imported from overseas where foreigners know more about Nigerian weapons than the Nigerian public whose money was used to purchase them.

  38. giles says:

    na naija we dey any ting goes,I kip on wondering y d military kips on seeking for cooperation from d public wen it does ever ting in secret. leaving d civilians in dark,n only get to Knw of d military good or bad works tru d back channel.

  39. Augustine says:

    Can anyone confirm the authenticity of this UNBELIEVABLE publication?

    • giles says:

      DAT is old news only dat if I had posted our patriotic citizens will call for my throat. true b told Nigeria military is in deep shit from army to Navy and air force and even other security agencies wen I saw dat video I Knw dip down does wer from our military.
      but mean while y do dey want to do dis exercise during our elections

      • igbi says:

        ” I Knw dip down”
        So you think with your feelings rather than being rational. That video is propaganda, and even if the weapons were those of the Nigerian army. The base was overran no body is denying that. So why should it be surprising that the weapons of the base are now on ennemy hands ? The base was having only 1/3 of the personnel it was supposed to have because the chadians and nigériens had ran away. If you hae only 200 soldiers defending a base then even if you have 3000 guns it wont make a difference. Moreover Baga is at a border point which makes it easy for the ennemy to come from different angles and in great numbers. The soldiers in the base were outnumbered, i am sure of that. And shall I say, the chadians probably gave info on the base to their “friends”.

      • Dario says:

        I mean who writes like this? And spelling “those” as “does”?
        You guys are trying too hard.

    • igbi says:

      Trust the british journalists to twist words and hear what they want to hear. As I said earlier, when you kill one of their propaganda, an other one rises. If the statement is authentic then it should rather read “deserters and mutineers who claimed to be ill equipped, and who by the way are facing courtmarshals, are cowards”, not “soldiers are cowards”. But it fits the purpose of the british journalist to rather say that all soldiers are cowards instead of saying that those who were condemned for cowardice are cowards.

  40. Julio Caesar says:

    There are many passive observers on this blog as well as saboteurs and promoter of panic ,hate and political turmoil. Just a word of caution to these rumour mongers and prophets of doom-If you know you don’t have useful info that will promote national unity and Nigerian patriotism , Please be passive. Do ride on the minds of the simple.

  41. Julio Caesar says:

    There are many passive observers on this blog as well as saboteurs and promoters of panic ,hate and political turmoil. Just a word of caution to these rumour mongers and prophets of doom-If you know you don’t have useful info that will promote national unity and Nigerian patriotism , Please be passive. Do not ride on the minds of the simple.

  42. saleh says:

    while we try to ask for more equipment and improve strategy of our anti bh below is a portion of the statement of the CDS,

    The Chief of Defence staff, Air Chief Marshall Alex Badeh, says any Nigerian soldier with a riffle cannot complain of being under-equipped. According to him, Nigerian soldiers enjoy free accommodation, transportation, Electricity and other pecks which those in the civil service do not enjoy. Badeh said this and more in an interview with the Defence Headquarters magazine recently.

    We live in houses we don’t pay for accommodation, we have buses that bring troops to work every day and take them back home, we don’t pay for light, we don’t pay for water, our salaries are good compare to what is paid in the civil place, if someone with school certificate joins the Army, by the time he is five years in the service, his salary has doubled that of a graduate. Why do you think Nigeria is doing that for us? Nigeria is doing that for us because we have vowed that we will defend our nation if need be with our blood; so for a soldier to come up and say am not well equipped, yet you have a riffle; what do you want? You want APC, you want tanks? The basic weapon of an infantry man is riffle, so why should there be mutiny…”

  43. igbi says:

    Now everybody knows that the only reason for mutiny is cowardice.

    • saleh says:

      the way you talk shows that you are very much uninformed and what is called a paper tiger. it is obvious u have never being in uniform and have read a lot of books. yes a soldier has agreed to give his life for his nation by the virtue of joining the army however, the nation was also mandated to fullfill a role in making the soldiers duty possible. the MAW gives you a task and resources available to you but in the case of nigeria a task is given with no resources made available for the soldier and they are to achieve it in any way and manner. if the CDS can say if a soldier has his personnal weapon he is well equipped please figure out if that soldier is a coward for not confronting BH

      • Well, Saleh, Kindly explain the amount of ammunitions they keep leaving behind for BH to use!!!

      • igbi says:

        do you mean that every solder should be driving a tank ? And piloting a helicopter gunship or owning a small nuclear weapon ? I was basing my talk on the article which was posted. And as I said earlier, the soldiers are well equipped. Mutiny is only caused by cowardice.

      • igbi says:

        Being well equiped alone oesn’t mean that they will win the battle, there is still room for operational hasard. They might have been grossly outnumbered by an ennemy advancing from several directions. And I stand by this hypothesis because that is what boko haram does, it throws two thousand terrorists against 200 soldiers. The position to defend wasn’t a verry good one neither. The geography was terrible. I guess there are some strategic sacrifices which were necessary for the sake of protecting the population of Baga. hope shekau3 is at baga when the army liberates it and kill all the terrorists in it.

      • igbi says:

        “Being well equiped alone doesn’t…”

      • saleh says:

        @ Optimus I guess from what u heard at baga the soldiers fought for hour without being reinforced however 200 additional troops could be flown to maiduguri for CinC visit, Have you heard of battle fatigue. @Igbi there are two issues here, either I have to add your expertise in playing call of duty to that of read many books or ….. obviously what the article said is that if a soldier is with an AK 47 he is well armed, its that mentality that is used in arms procurement by which equipment are bought in piecemeal, its as if folks are more interested in the equipment purchased than the quantity of the equipment. still looking for MRLS in the AO. Meanwhile its your mind state that determines if BH video affects you negatively or positively, you choose what you want to believe

      • igbi says:

        look @saleh, thank you for always stressing my “experience” as a soldier. I bet what you need to be a soldier to have common sense or to use your brain. I guess you just want to claim that you were a soldier and that therefor you don’t need to make sense, your words are sacred. And you are reading on the article things which are not reading on it. I know that Air marshal badeh is not verry good in interviews, but let us not tist his words neither. What he is saying is that it is not every soldier who is going to be piloting a hellicopter gunship or driving a tank or driving an apc. The Equipment of an individual soldier is his rifle. So an individual soldier can not complain that he is ill equipped while he is provided with his Equipment. And as for the boko haram propaganda, what does that have to do with what we are discussing ? Or is that also a part of your “military” training ? Boko hram propaganda needs to be crushed just like thse making it. Nobody should Watch it or spread it because watching it is what the terrorists want and it is designed to break us Nigerians.

      • igbi says:

        line5: “and you are reading on this article things which are not written on it”.

      • igbi says:

        But what I am sure of is that the Nigerian army will win the war.

      • saleh says:

        yes we must and will win this war however we need to get our acts right in order to reduce the resultant number of widows and orphan that will be created in our barracks after this conflict.

      • igbi says:

        On that I agree with you @saleh. We will winand we must win this war against these idiot boko hashish cannibals.

      • igbi says:

        I want to withdraw the expression “strategical sacrifice” and replace it with amore fitting expression “operational hazzard”. Thank you.

      • saleh says:

        I guess u live far away from Nigeria that why u dont know what happens to whistle blowers. when i said 20 soldier i was refering to the fact that they are deployed in piece around the AO( Thought you knew that), in most case which you attribute to cowardice thats what happened. remember the case of Lt Col Opurum court martial evidence he stated that his bn has a strength of 200- guess that is a battalion for you. for proves on corruption issues in the defence sector be contact folks you know in the AO for confirmation. An AVM stated in want of the links posted in this forum that when equipments are purchased they are always basic and skeletal i guess u also think the funds were realised for basic models. why do you think our cobra APC came with GPMG when other countries have 12.7mm and AGL mounted on theirs. additionally, why do you think purchases are shrouded in secrecy do you think its because of the adversary, its more because of the public questioning the actual amount spent.

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, please could you respond to me in the right place. I already answred some of the questions you are asking me again, and myanswer was posted right Under your question. Please stop with your replacement of proof. Just give a proof and name or don’t make the accusation. It is not about rhetoric or inventing stories, it is all about facts, as you may know my field is mathematics, I don’t get convinced by rhetoric, I need a logical proof, of which you have none. All you have done is put up stories and facts which in no way constitute proof. I think you are drifting from your field of soldiering and you are venturing into the field of science fiction. Have a nice day.

      • Saleh, battle fatigue made them abandon such volume of equipments to BH? why not destroy it? Sir, that excuse is not accepted.

    • igbi says:

      line 2: “I bet you need to be a soldier to have common sense or use your brain”.

      • saleh says:

        @Igbi maybe cos i said u have never being in uniform offended you. This is not james bond whereby 60 rounds corresponds to 60 kills, how long do you think 60 rounds will even last for. personal rifles are not game changers, let me look into military history which i know u are good in. in ancient battles, a sword, spear or bow was seen as a basic weapon but the presence of catapults and battering rams was seen as a game changer. the more the merrier. additionally, the sight of a charging cavalry cladded in armour was also a nice sight if they are friendlies. back to present days a serious country at war will not be creating a mountain because the US didnt sell weapons to them (are we a US state or protectorate) when we can buy from other countries. the weapon issue lasted for months while BH were on the offensive and claiming more territory. when we finally woke up and realised that we could buy from the east we bought just a handful, my brother we should be buying in hundreds. yes it should not be a soldier per tank or APC but then it shouldnt also be 0-4 apc per battalion. you are fine with sitting down somewhere in front of a computer very far from the scene and calling people cowards do you think the funny corruption reports in govt agencies does not apply to the defence sector too. you are asking for names before you agree there is corruption you obviously know you wont get that. its funny when you expect 20 regular soldiers with AKs to repel BH in their thousands. since u are in front of a computer please calculate the density of troops in the NE and tell me if the area is saturated, when u r done i will let you know the reason for the low density

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, I never aid that 60 rounds is enough, but you never provided proof that all soldiers carrie were 60 rounds. I live in a world in which claims need proof before becoming facts. As for corruption, here we go again, so now you are admitting that you have no names and no proof, but you want to hang on to th claim. Logics dictate you to bury the claim. I also neverstted that 20 soldiers should be able to fight off 2000 terrorists, actualling I gave that as a possible reason why the officer would have given the orer to withdraw. Howcome you get me s wrong ?

  44. beegeagle says:

    This is even more damning. Who is this French busybody called Dr Montclos who is so passionate that he even goes so far as to prescribe a President for Nigerians?

    • Rdokoye says:

      That report also claims that Boko Haram are in complete control of Borno State.

      “His recent Chatham House report argues that Boko Haram, which has taken control of Borno state in Nigeria’s north-east, is adept at exploiting the state’s chronic institutional weaknesses.”

  45. Julius says:

    That statement is sad from the CDS.In 2015 he is saying any soldier with a rifle cannot complain of being under equipped.Did he remember to tell us how many magazines they give to each soldier.
    A certain General mentioned that MOPOL officers and soldiers are on the same level with regards to Bullets allocation.
    Its sad but these guys are backward. They are not thinking ahead and its very very sad.
    Its only corruption that will not make the military upgrade armory and equipments being offered to soldiers.
    Before boko haram menace escalated,the military send in their budget to the National assembly that no one will ever question. If we have been acquiring all we need all this while,we wont get to this sorry state we find ourselves in.
    We are at war and we should act like it.
    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    • igbi says:

      “A certain General mentioned that MOPOL officers and soldiers are on the same level with regards to Bullets allocation ”
      which general ?
      If you have proof that the soldiers are not iven enough ammo then please provide and don’t refer to an unnamed person, please.. Please also do not accuse an entire institution of about 200000 personnel of corruption without providing names and prof. And as for the weapons, it is funny that someone on this verry blog would doubt that they are being bought. Just surf the blog and also kindly go to Mr Henry120’s nairaland thread. Let us move forward with logics as lences.

      • igbi says:

        “Please also do not accuse an entire institution of about 200000 personnel of corruption without providing names and proof”

    • giles says:

      wot of AvM zannah speech.dat our choppers are ordinary basic configuration,it’s funny for d passed 3yrs our defense budget is all most 1trillion naira and notting to show for an Igbo adage says ONE WHO LEAVES OUT OR MISS USED HIS BASKET OTHERS WILL ALSO JOIN HIM IN USELESSING HIS BASKET.a word is enough for d wise.if need b hire a good PR outfit to do it for u

      • igbi says:

        Actually, I did an analysis on this already and I concluded that the budget was far from being enough. You do know that the soldiers need a salary, right ? About 63% of the budget was spent on salary. But I guess you know this already.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      I don’t know about the ammo allocation to soldiers, but that of MOPOL personnel is, honestly, abysmal. I don’t know who’ll survive a long gun – fight with just 2 mags (60 rounds) of 7.62x51mm bullets for their Type 56-2 rifles only. In a couple of cases, it’s even worse with just one mag and 20 rounds. Cops tend to go to the black market to purchase additional rounds. No secondary weapons (side arms), no grenades, not even CS gas canisters or flash bangs.

      As for the complaint about soldiers not being fully equipped, I must agree with Oga Saleh. No one is saying that each soldier must be equipped with tanks, but for heaven’s sake let’s get the basics right. How do you explain a situation were our troops are equipped with Otokar Cobra APCs, Land cruiser pickups, and other lighter vehicles armed with mere GPMGs have to face a numerically superior enemy armed with technicals equipped with HMGs, AA guns, and even AGLs? Even a basic British army WMIK vehicle is better equipped .Keep in mind that there’s been complaints of mortar and RPG rounds not going off (duds). And in cases were they’re considerably armed, our troops have to fight to the last bullet with absolutely no prospect of resupply or air support. It’s totally unfair. In the Army’s case it’s even better. I still don’t understand why NPF MOPOL units on rotation to these hotspots are not at least armed with GPMGs, Pechenegs, or even Minime SAWs like the DSS.

  46. rugged7 says:

    An Army of cowards???
    The NSA Sambo Dasuki has lost the plot…
    Imagine him calling Nigerian Soldiers cowards infront of those morons in Chatham house???
    What exactly is he trying to achieve???
    Those narcissistic oyibo newspapers are going to have a field day with this one.
    Talk of shooting oneself in the foot.
    This is just revolting.

  47. Oje says:

    Please can someone tell igbi to shut up, he us becoming a source of embarasment to Nigerians. Nearly 5 million people worldwide visit this blog everyday, childish tantrums from igbi should not vibe entertained. Telling people mot to watch Boko Haram video dies not make u a patriot, if you are a true patriot you won’t derail this tread with your absurd accusations and stupidity. ..oh wait, I’m not Nigerian, i am an American CIA Spook sent to spread Boko Haram propaganda abi.

    Oga beeg is epitome of what a patriot is, this blog is testament to that yet he doesn’t even get the credit he deserves, he has never for one day engaged in your stupid “u am more patriotic than you” childish tantrums. You have derailed this tread with nearly 10 pages of crap. Oga beeg, please it’s high time you set an age limit for people wanting to participate. We can’t have 14 year old kids with homonal imbalance ruin the reputation of this blog.

    • Dario says:

      @”Oje” you already outed yourself long ago. You are neither Nigerian nor a patriot of any description. Even your exaggerated use of the word “abi” to reinforce your projected Nigerianness is a dead giveaway, as is your immediate appeal to authority to shut down the discussion. Those are two obvious signs of an internet shill.

      And no, the CIA wouldn’t send people to type English on Beegeagle’s blog so don’t flatter yourself. You’re maybe 8 or 9 links down in the chain from Langley.

      The deceit you are covered in stinks. We know what you are, so stop pretending.

      • chynedoo says:

        Are you also Igbi because if someone says something about Igbi you suddenly dive in.

      • igbi says:

        @chynedoo, We are certainly not even in the same country, if you had brains then you would ask Beegeagle the owner of the blog, because he has access to th ip addresses. So you thought I were the only patriotic Nigerian on the planet ! Those who aim to destroy Nigeria, you have failed, we Nigérians are a patriotic people ! I urge beegeaglee to check the different ip’s to take off people who might be using different identities.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        Guys cmon. This needs to stop. This isn’t nairaland.

  48. Dario says:

    Funny how what Beegeagle posted now was ignored because it exposed exactly what the Western agenda for Nigeria is.

    Fact 1: Ever since Nigeria returned to democratic rule, its government institutions, economic indicators and infrastructural deficit have improved dramatically.

    Fact 2: To derail Nigeria from its path to greatness, it is important to weaken its governmental and military structure and make it subservient to all manner of ridiculous agreements and treaties as it used to be.

    Fact 3: The EPA treaty which proposed to open up the Nigerian market 100% to EU imports was phase 1 of the economic war against Nigeria.

    Fact 4: Boko Haram is the phsyical manifestation of this war.

    Fact 5: President Goodluck Jonathan the Clueless, charisma-free Aso Rock drunkard from Otuoke refused to sign the EPA treaty and as such carried out his constitutional duty to protect Nigeria’s interests first.

    Fact 6: President Jonathan approved a programme of military hardware acquisition on a scale not seen since the 1970s. The cheaper and foreign-approved alternative to this was to invite foreign troops to engage in a neo-colonial quest disguised as anti-terror warfare on Nigerian soil. Again by so doing, and by refusing to be stampeded into rash actions, he again carried out his duty as PresidenFact 6: President Jonathan approved a programme of military hardware acquisition on a scale not seen since the 1970s. The cheaper and foreign-approved alternative to this was to invite foreign troops to engage in a neo-colonial quest disguised as anti-terror warfare on Nigerian soil. Again by so doing, and by refusing to be stampeded into rash actions, he again carried out his duty as PresidenFact 6: President Jonathan approved a programme of military hardware acquisition on a scale not seen since the 1970s. The cheaper and foreign-approved alternative to this was to invite foreign troops to engage in a neo-colonial quest disguised as anti-terror warfare on Nigerian soil. Again by so doing, and by refusing to be stampeded into rash actions, he again carried out his duty as PresidenFact 6: President Jonathan approved a programme of military hardware acquisition on a scale not seen since the 1970s. The cheaper and foreign-approved alternative to this was to invite foreign troops to engage in a neo-colonial quest disguised as anti-terror warfare on Nigerian soil. Again by so doing, and by refusing to be stampeded into rash actions, he again carried out his duty as President.

    Fact 7: President Jonathan is in fact our first overtly Nationalist President in a very, very long time. Nigeria for the first time in decades is now partaking vibrantly in foreign relations as against just accepting lazy, pre-defined roles such as support for Palestine against Israel.

    Fact 8: Muhammadu Buhari is not responsible for the deafening media campaign surrounding him. He is a frail old retired General who is being manipulated or coerced. The sudden chorus of Buhari everywhere from Beegeagle’s blog to a french General in Paris is part of an orchestrated psychological operation to foist regime change on Nigeria because the incumbent and his policies are nationalist which is not in line with the Western agenda for Nigeria and Africa.

    Fact 9: A large part of this psy-op is to bully and silence those who refuse to be stampeded into supporting a foreign-sponsored regime agenda. I work in PR so I know things. I know of a major electoral NGO which receives funding from the Canadian Mission to Nigeria. Obviously it claims to be non-partisan but in reality it is yet another covert regime change instigator. I see and hear things every single day and so I know for a fact what script is being acted out. The goal is to shame and silence those who are in support of the “cowardly, charisma-free, clueless Otuoke drunkard” who happens to be a nationalist president who is bad for foreign governments and businesses wishing to resume exploitation of Nigeria. Then when the only vocal narrative available is that of “CHANGE!!!!” regime change becomes possible.

    Fact 10: Goodluck Jonathan is not a fist pumping, firebrand President. Some would even consider him to be underwhelming and lacking in charisma. But Kwame Nkrumah had charisma and he bankrupted Ghana and found himself ousted by a CIA coup. Government, leadership strategy and warfare are not about lighting fire and getting adrenaline flowing. It is about THOUGHT and CAREFULLY PLANNED Fact 10: Goodluck Jonathan is not a fist pumping, firebrand President. Some would even consider him to be underwhelming and lacking in charisma. But Kwame Nkrumah had charisma and he bankrupted Ghana and found himself ousted by a CIA coup. Government, leadership strategy and warfare are not about lighting fire and getting adrenaline flowing. It is about THOUGHT and CAREFULLY PLANNED Fact 10: Goodluck Jonathan is not a fist pumping, firebrand President. Some would even consider him to be underwhelming and lacking in charisma. But Kwame Nkrumah had charisma and he bankrupted Ghana and found himself ousted by a CIA coup. Government, leadership strategy and warfare are not about lighting fire and getting adrenaline flowing. It is about THOUGHT and CAREFULLY PLANNED Fact 10: Goodluck Jonathan is not a fist pumping, firebrand President. Some would even consider him to be underwhelming and lacking in charisma. But Kwame Nkrumah had charisma and he bankrupted Ghana and found himself ousted by a CIA coup. Government, leadership strategy and warfare are not about lighting fire and getting adrenaline flowing. It is about THOUGHT and CAREFULLY PLANNED ACTION.
    And the facts are sacred. Regardless of the lies of those who wish to discredit him to push a regime change agenda, the fact remains that he is the President who has led Nigeria into the most promising growth and development phase in its history. You cannot separate military strength from economic strength and infrastructural development. Nigeria for the first time in decades is truly developing by all indices from healthcare to transport to electricity and the resulting economic explosion powered by 200 million people is what some do NOT want to see happening in Africa which as far back as 1884, they designated as the world’s natural

    • Dario says:


      …natural resource plunder zone and dumping ground.
      So it is no surprise and in fact it is to be EXPECTED that they and their sponsored elements will cry foul and make noise about the President who does not play ball with them.
      In fact when I would be against President Jonathan is if he was being awarded Nobel Peace Prizes and national honours of European countries like Nelson Mandela – a situation in which it will be plain that like Nelson Mandela, he has been bought by foreign interests.

      Bonus fact: This regime change agenda will fail just like the agenda to destroy China, Russia and Iran also failed.
      You guys only intimidate those who don’t know you. I know you as surely as I know myself. You will lose because it’s in your nature.

      But you’re welcome to try though.

      • Are James says:

        @Dario May this not be your portion.

        Resist the temptation to make excuses for people in power when they are not performing.
        The Nigerian Presidency is probably the most powerful in the world in terms of what is capable of being done with the powers invested in the office. If the incumbent in that office is not performing well enough, especially in defence and security, there is something really going on there that may be related to competence. You dont have to like me but I will say my own.

        It is an EXECUTIVE presidency, which indicates a lot of vision setting, goal setting, commanding, controlling, coordinating, measuring performance and punishing poor performance. Not many people have the training, temperament and experience to do that please let us say the truth and stop insulting ourselves pretending to be dumb.
        A business leader, sport coach, military man, political activist would always do a better job than an academic any day because of ‘vocational familiarity’ with the attitude required for that job.

        Also, I don’t agree with the ‘western world does not like Nigeria story’, the man they probably don’t like is the President. Pure and simple, if youmlikem you can go and ask why.
        Nigeria is currently the most westernized country in Africa now as far as free market economics go and you don’t get to be that way by being anti American/anti Europe. This regime is very far from Hugo Chávez and Mugabe and they never even had the nerves for the independence of views and action of these kinds of leaders so let us top deceiving ourselves .

        Also, we attracted billions of dollars in FDI in a few years to this country that does not come by being ECONOMICALLY NATIONALISTIC like you are saying.?
        Some of the things we gave away to attract investments, no nationalistic regime would ever permit it. PLEASE STOP SELF DECEIT about some govts not liking this Nigerian gov’t because of nationalism. There has been no economic nationalism by the ruling party. Obi., Yaradua and this one are the same as far as economic programmes go.
        Last two weeks the same western nations fund managers and investment bankers removed N750bn from the stock exchange and we currently have a crisis in hand.
        Oil price is down to $45/barrel and there is no downstream industry to derive gain from it all refineries are comatose.
        Economic Nationalism?… please stop lying to the kids my friend.
        The only economically nationalistic regime we had in Nigeria was 1983/85 and we know who was Head of State then.

        I also don’t believe all this economic growth story being credited to one man. Please dont dress people in borrowed robes. The economic size had always been large but poorly based, also a lot of the economic growth was purely as a result of smart international money following oil prices and running after the typical MINT countries deficit in infrastructure and construction.

        My major problem with the ruling party is this. Granted you have resourced a smart minister of Trade and Investments who can speak with the best CEOs in the world and attract investments in autos, textiles, cement et.c, a smart Finance minister who could look for money for every possible development project and tweak tariffs & taxes to stimulate the right kind of growth, a smart agric minister who did so much in terms of innovation for that sector and an ICT minster who has silently revolutionalized the businesses processes of government.
        Why did they have to spoil everything by not resourcing the most important office of all properly?.

      • Dario says:

        Unfortunately, your lies lose all semblance of credibility when you end up agreeing with a French army general who wants regime change to Muhammadu Buhari.
        That’s the issue with lies – you end up contradicting yourself and telling even more lies to cover the contradiction until you end up going round in circles and confusing yourself.
        You might as well just come clean because I most certainly am not fooled in the slightest bit. I know how a coordinated BTL propaganda campaign works – this is my JOB remember?

      • Are James says:

        I am not agreeing with any French General. I have studied the two personalities involved and one of them comes short. The French General only read about them in the news, I was in university when one of them was military head of state and twenty-something years into my career when the other one became president. Please stop joking about serious issues. CIC is about management of violence against a country’s enemies, decision making ability, risk management, broad mindedness, taking the hammer and knocking heads of non performers. No French General can tell us what we already know.

        I am the most realistic commentator on this blog and I will say it the way I see it. There might be concerted political action against Nigeria, yes. There might be all sorts of disinformation and propaganda, yes… but all these do not subtract from the reality that topmost leadership has been INCOMPETENT. I am beginning to think you have never held responsibility before. The problem is not hidden, it is there in your face, where you are personally challenged is admitting it or calling it out.

        500 soldiers court martialed, maybe 3000 soldiers to be dismissed. NSA and CDS knocking the rank and file of the army in public, Baga fallen everything reflective of anarchy and lack of control and all you can say is that this all just an international plot. The CIC is really not to be blamed (maybe just hugged and cuddled and told we all love him).My friend lets get serious abeg.
        When did Nigeria start opposing the western world?. When did the move towards the east really start?. Was it at the beginning of this administration or was it later?.
        Is the military even fully supportive of the move east?. You just saw an AVM saying Russian MI attack choppers are not good even though he said in the same breadth that they bought tame configurations. Why is everything giving the impression of falling apart when there is somebody in charge?. Is this the way you run your own family?.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Are James said: “500 soldiers court martialed, maybe 3000 soldiers be dismissed.”

        Should they be given medals for failing while we punish the leader of the country?
        Wetin pesin no go hia from politicians!

      • Are James says:

        @Kola Adekola

        I was mainly suggesting that the man who said that in public should also be disciplined.
        I was also saying fearlessly that Nigerians should punish the incumbent CIC at the polls for non performance as well. I don’t usually make such statements on Beegeagle blog by was provoked by somebody writing about ten paragraphs praising the people whose responsibility it was to have stopped this thing many months ago. You can scroll back to see who started this unfortunate detour into politics.

        What will hurt Nigeria most is the culture that punishes the man lowest down the ladder for failure and festoons a medal on the chest of the big man leading them. This is softness of the head becoming softness of the spirit. It is old British 60s style behaviour that almost wrecked that nation. Now it is commonplace to voluntarily resign when you fail, steal, cheat or don’t perform in your duty all over the world. You guys can keep up with your alternate universe comedy act but I will always tell you it is wrong

  49. igbi says:

    Also @saleh, please it would be good if we let the military do its job rather than spread accusations without proof. These accusations can cause mutiny and we are at war. So please let us act in the interest of Nigeria.

    • saleh says:

      @Igbi, hmm ok pls stop that talk of them being cowards, many of your supposed cowards are on this forum with you. men that have actually bled for Nigeria. their opinion is I should let you continue you ranting cos u will never understand that combat is not black or white like maths but has many shades of grey. good nite

  50. Yagazie says:

    The NSA at a speech delivered at Chatham House, london has accused nigerian soldiers who abandon their positions and flee from BH terrorists of cawordice. This was reported in the Guardian Uk newspapers and on Arise news channel .

  51. Tobey says:

    Mr Dario and Igbi,
    This is a DEFSEC blog..We are in the midst of a conflict with savages who threaten the very essence of our statehood. BH’s last video showed the burning of a Nigerian flag..That is a declaration of WAR..This is not some CT-COIN conflict where matters can be taken lightly. Mr Igbi, I know your problem..You are still suffering from the mindset of military rule where the Armed Forces was not answerable to anyone..This is DEMOCRACY..The Military is a tool of democracy and not vice versa..Tax payers money is being spent to equip our Army so we can feel safe, yet we are seeing no concrete results. Yet you believe we musnt complain so as not be seen as “unpatriotic” This is a Defsec blog, not some Soviet Army platoon where you can force blind conformity like you are some fanatical Commissar..It won’t work. Our people are being killed daily, yet the Army keeps convincing us that all is well..How many towns have fallen to Boko Haram? We can get 15 Su-25s by Monday morning if we want..Quote me anywhere.. During ISIS’s initial advance on Baghdad, the Iraqis penned deals for Su-25 CAS jets and the were operational in 3 Days! 3 days! How long will it take to get the needed assets? All we do is blame the U.S.A for all our problems..How much of Algeria’s impressive Arsenal is Western? Don’t be a naïve conformist..The same goes for you, Dario. We demand answers from our military..When U.S Generals are adressing Congress, you feel the slight fear even among the stoutest of officers..Here our Generals have no respect for our lawmakers..We demand results from our Army. Why did Baga fall? Why did Mubi fall? These top brass should be under FIRE from ALL Nigerians..Not encouraging them..Incompetence cannot be tolerated.

    • Dario says:

      Yes! More! More! Lay it on thicker!

      We believe you 😉

    • igbi says:

      loke Tobey, we have already moved away from the usa, they betrayed us and keep trying to starve our military, and that we say loudly for all to hear, including unsuspecting usa citizens. If your roe is to come here and push for mutiny, anarchy and chaos in nigeria while defending usa interests then you are in the wrong place.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t give a damn about the usa, Al I care about is my country Nigeria. For your nfo Mubi as been liberated by the army. But ofcourse you won’t say that because it doesn’t fit you purpose. I knew some people here were only disguising as Nigérians while their interest is clearly not Nigeria.

    • igbi says:

      tobey Nigerian generals and Nigerian lawmakers respect each other, even though your your dreamworld vision doesn’t support that.

    • Are James says:

      My own problem with most people is the lack of balance. We are expected to praise the military for its few successes and not commend them for its failings. We are also expected to, pander to tender egos of some funny characters in uniform who hopefully are leaving office in May. I am praying and fasting for it.
      An NSA (ex army officer) blames troops for abandoning their positions in war and calls them cowards in a foreign country, at a prestigious venue and he does not come for criticism as promoting BH propaganda but @Tobey must be crucified for pointing the muzzle of the criticism gun a little upwards.
      Another most senior military leader also calls AK47 and six packs of ammo enough ammunition to go against a highly mobile, AAA/RPG equipped force and we must be satisfied with that. Aloe hinting that the only problem with the nigerian forces arecpeople below the rank of Major and we must agree with thatvout of ‘patriotism’ even after we know same general ensured that a significant part of defence budget was spent buying all the civil aircraft required to logistically support his boss’s election instead of real combat jets and choppers which are still being glossed over in brochures as we speak.

      • igbi says:

        “a significant part of defence budget was spent buying all the civil aircraft required to logistically support his boss’s election instead of real combat jets and choppers which are still being glossed over in brochures as we speak.”
        The presidency office has its own budget, you don’t know from which office the budget came from. Lookfellow, nobody said it were soldiers or junior officers who were to blame and take your political diatribe elsewhere. “few successes” are you kiddng me ? Look at iraq, the terrorists are practicall at bagdad, while in Nigeria the terrorists were first pushed out of Maiduguru, YKonduga, Biu, Mubi, Chibok, Hong, Damboa, and may others, yet your political diatribe is making you practically sing songsfor the terrorists. And learn one thing or two, it might smarten you a litle bit, the article has not been confirmed. You want to go all emotional and lash out ? try and carry your rain with you while you do that ! And also listen, what you are doing is only encouragement of mutinee, and i don’t buy the idea that you can sacrifice national security for the for the voting in of you candidate.
        Look do not encourage mutiny, why do I even need to say this ? Go and do your politics on subjects which do not compromize national security.

      • igbi says:

        Try and see beyond your noze, if nobody obeys his superiors then how do we win the war ? Be a responsible person and stop accsing people without proof. Actually I have just verrified, the budget for the presidential aircrafts are not part of that of the armed foorces. And I think it is verry dishonnest to start sayig that every aircraft in the air force is there to transport the president, a litle bit of common sense would tell you no !

      • igbi says:

        Tell me exactly where i attacked an entire rank in the armed forces ? That is the type of thing you do, not me. What I did is support the court marshals which maintain disciplin in the armed forces. Your dream of creating mutiny will never be materialized. Go and dance your political dance in a subject which doesn’t threaten the nations national security. A word is enough for the Wise.

      • Are James says:

        The only political dance I have is for Boko Haram to be eliminated, the country secured and not bleeding young blood as it is doing now, my country should be respected, feared and loved the world over.

        The parties are the same in ideology and they have shared Nigeria’s stock of corrupt politicians 50-50 which is the only fair and equitable thing in this democracy.

        However, this largest concentration of black people should be strong, respected and recorded as contributing to the world’s stock of knowledge, innovation and economic prosperity so we need good leadership which boils down to personality.

        Somewhere above I rattled off a list of ministers I thought were high performers unfortunately defence and Security have been one of the worst and that area is not ministerial responsibility. The MofD is actually just an adviser to CIC .

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I don’t understand you people.
      Why exactly would any non-intelligence services normal person seat and watch boko haram videos? For what? I don’t get it.

  52. igbi says:

    The masks keep falling.

  53. Spirit says:

    Salutations to the Beeg one and all my generals on this blog.
    May the Sun never set on all of you that truly love Nigeria.

  54. igbi says:

    Politicians have invaded the blog.

  55. igbi says:

    Please people both parties the name of the winner of the lelections is not that important, both candidates are fine. Let us look at more important subjects: national security.

    • Are James says:

      Party or no party, constitutionally we placed single point accountability for national security duties upon only ONE man.
      How is it possible to discuss national security without shining light on personalities?.
      Luckily for us Nigerians it is an elected position and we are approaching the date where we the voters whose destinies are being toyed with get to play God as well.
      Now when a certain blog contributor called @Dario makes these annoyingly patronizing statements along the lines of …misunderstood, visionary, persecuted, victimized, unfairly criticized, Lee Juan Yew type description for the incumbent guy, it was necessary to set records straight, stop false romantic notions and expose how the guy is actually being perceived in many quarters in the country.

      • igbi says:

        vote for who you want, I don’t care. Just don’t bring politics into mlitary affairs. Because when people start politicizing things they tend to tell convenient lies. I will repeat it oe las time I don’t care who wins the élections. This is a defsec blog I was told, let us leave politics out of the military, you can’t play politics with everything. Have a nice one.

      • igbi says:

        To b honest, at his verry momment I am extremely tired and I didn’t fully read what you wrote, my response migh not be totally adequate, if that is the case then I appologize. I really have to rest, and I have to stop commenting as well. I have overspent my time. To everybody who loves Nigeria, you are my brother no matter your tribe, religion or party. To Those who love Nigeria, always defend the flag, I salute you and I leave all in your hands. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Ok, go and vote and bloody leave the rest of us out of it.

        We all have our preferences, but we don’t come here to listen to political campaigns.
        As far as I can see, many are only here to forward boko haram propaganda by one guise or the other. It wasn’t like this in the past.

  56. Are James says:

    Saudi Arabia just lost its king. That region is going to keep changing for sure.
    Something interesting happened in mid 2014. The country sacked its intelligence and security chief – Prince Bandar. Very influential, skilled, connected and clever with a number of successes but he still got sacked. Rumours were flying which were later partially confirmed that it was because of the Syrian war.
    He apparently gave advice and took the kingdom along a path that not only did not produce immediate positive results but also cost many lives and did not counter Iran effectively and many other things. Long and short the man (a Prince in the royal family) was sacked for poor performance. I did not blame the Saudis then, maybe if you have an enemy like Iran as a country you realize that some things are high stake games and not all mistakes can be tolerated.
    There are a lot of lessons there for us as a country.

  57. Augustine says:

    All Beegeagle bloggers, simple question, did NSA Sambo Dasuki make this public speech in London in front of foreign media ? True or false?

    Nigeria’s struggle against Boko Haram is being undermined by “cowardly” soldiers who use “every excuse in this world” to avoid combat, the country’s national security adviser said on Thursday.

    Sambo Dasuki, who has prime responsibility for suppressing a raging Islamist insurgency, described complaints about a shortage of weapons and equipment as the “disingenuous” pleas of soldiers unwilling to fight.

    Speaking at Chatham House in London, Mr Dasuki said this episode was “not something that anybody will be proud of”. He disclosed that the soldiers defending Baga were armed with four light artillery pieces and six armoured personnel carriers with 4,000 rounds of ammunition each. All of this equipment had fallen into Boko Haram’s hands.

    Mr Dasuki, a former colonel, said this proved the army had all the weaponry it needed. “For anybody who has that much in store to say he is poorly armed or poorly equipped is being disingenuous to say the least,” he said. “Anybody who believes that he is not well armed, he is not telling the truth.”

    Mr Dasuki added: “Unfortunately, we have a lot of cowards.

    But Mr Dasuki insisted that the cowardice of individual soldiers was the problem.”

  58. igbi says:

    Nice read:

    Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Mike Omeri

    Says Nigeria won’t accept support aimed at undermining national dignity Adebiyi Adedapo in Abuja

    The federal government on Thursday disclosed that it might recall its troops in various peacekeeping missions across the globe to improve the operational capabilities of the Nigerian operations against insurgency in the North-east.

    The government also said it would not welcome support either from neighbouring countries or any member of the international community, if such support was aimed at undermining Nigeria’s dignity.

    The Coordinator of the National Information Centre and Director General of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr. Mike Omeri, disclosed this while fielding questions at the centre in Abuja.

    “There is a need for ‘troops’ surge’ in operational areas, which may require recalling Nigerian troops from peace mission abroad to enhance the operational capabilities of the Nigerian army,” he said.

    Omeri also stated that the government was studying the latest video by Boko
    Haram leader, Abubaker Shekau, stating it could not confirm whether the acclaimed character in the said video was ‘Shekau.’

    The centre had repeatedly maintained that Shekau was shot dead in a military operation against the insurgents.

    While reacting to allegations that some neighboring countries withdrew their troops from the multi-national joint task force due to inadequate commitment from the Nigerian army, Omeri said the Nigerian side was doing everything possible to stem the tide of insurgency.

    He said the effort would not be considered adequate until the Chibok girls had been rescued and insurgency is fought to a standstill.

    According to him, the challenge of Boko Haram insurgency is a threat to regional and international peace which requires the concerted action of Nigeria and friendly countries to curb.

    He explained that offer of military and humanitarian assistance from regional and international bodies should be deployed along Nigeria’s common borders with neighbouring countries with a clear mandate, command and control as well as rules of engagement.

    “Nigeria will not accept support that will undermine the dignity of our great country. Nigeria will not take any threat by known or unknown elements carelessly, it will be properly investigated and acted upon.

    “The Boko Haram leader, Shekau, is purported to have issued a statement, claiming responsibility for the recent deadly attack on Baga, Borno State. Government is working to verify further claims contained in the said video. However crimes committed against Nigerians in Baga or anywhere will not go unpunished.”

    When asked to clarify if Baga was still under the control of the Nigerian government or the insurgents as claimed in the video, Omeri said: “We cannot take a position on Baga here, I don’t want to make full disclosures.”

    He added: “Nigeria and her neighbours should improve on effective management of their borders, while the Abuja Regional Intelligence Fission Unit should collaborate with the Intelligence Coordination Centre based in Chad in intelligence sharing.”

  59. COLONEL NGR says:

    Gentlemen, pls let reason prevail. Let us focus on issues rather than personal attacks on one another. Everyone is entitled to their views.

  60. igbi says:

    Do you think the health of late saudi king abdula had anything to do with the drastic reduction of oil price ?

    • buchi says:

      definitely not… as much as i do not support the stance of the saudis and qataris on this is economically sensible and viable to knock off capitalist driven investors in shale oil in the US of the business..ready to cash in and create an oil glut far of exceeding when the price will rise up(it will definitely)..investor will think twice before investing in shale…
      it is a two way coin for us
      bad for the moment
      but good for long time plans if we truly accelerate plans to diversify

      • jimmy says:

        1) Agreed long term Nigeria will be FORCED kicking and screaming to take long term progressive steps to diversify the economy.
        2) The U.S. did Nigeria a big favor by waking up one morning and deciding they did not need to BUY from Nigeria it needed to happen sometimes a man literally needs a fire under his ass to wake up.

  61. jimmy says:
    GOD’S SPEED and I pray with everything that is within me for this to surely come to an end
    GOD bless Nigeria

  62. ozed says:

    Not sure this is a good report. I would have liked that the first indication is a massive movement of men and machines towards Gwoza, baga, and other captured towns, preceded by surgical airstrikes against selected targets. Any how i hope it happens soon.

  63. cryptologist says:

    The 1000 DefSec team that went to Russia to advance training with the russian special forces and the Sniper teams in Belarus ought to have being back this january. They where meant to be abroad for 3 month. Godspeed, Ire o.

    • ozed says:

      Are we not going to end up with a cacophony of military philosophies with all this divergent training source? NA special forces trained with US special forces at one point, US training teams were in Nigeria till a few months ago training battalion sized forces, apparently British trained units took part in the fighting at Mubi, now we have a full battalion of joint forces training in russia. How do we inter operate all these forces without some disconnect in approach, philosophy and thinking?

      Would have preferred TRADOC attends all of the best in breed trainings UK, US, Russia, Isreal etc. and distill these relevant training techniques into one consistent philosophy for the Nigerian Army which would be updated from time to time.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga ozed. I respect your hustle sir.
        Rightly said, i believe, we cannot overemphasize the apparent clash of civilizations and philosophy that will arise from numerous training partners, but i think we can harmonize these operational tactics with Nigeria’s homegrown tactics into something more modern and suitable for the times at hand. Anyways, we can never be above learning, and training, show me someone who thinks they know it all, and i’ll show you defeat. We have to continue to send out teams into friendly nations to observe and prepare for different war terrains, because you never know when they’ll be needed. Nigeria must continue to re tool and re equip to face these modern proxy wars, the world’s at a tipping balance now, each and every relevant country has the power and the means to inflict maximum damage, hence large scale wars might as well be a thing of the past, i stand to be corrected, but rightly put Oga, we need to streamline.

  64. cryptologist says:

    *1000 plus*

    • Roy says:

      According to the final onslaught report, the federal government has approved the plan and it is going to start before the election. I can’t wait for it to start.

      Our great general Olukolade, you are doing a great job but please we need videos and regular briefing as this final onslaught unfolds. Indeed these videos can be made to mislead Boko haram by changing time, location, components etc while the message is still passed across to Nigerians.

      This final onslaught should be before the election because the new C n C can decide to change style (most likely scenario)

      Long live Nigeria

  65. Tobey says:

    Final Onslaught! I hope the NAF will bully be involved..PLEASE, PLEASE, am appealing to the Maj Gen Olukolade, This upcoming operation is an opportunity for the N.A’s PR team to garner support from majority of Nigerians..Let’s get the whole operation on video; coupled with airstrike footage too..To be put on NTA, Youtube, whatever! Even if it means contracting out production to media agencies..we can’t keep watching Boko Haram videos! That is how the U.S won the P.R war during the first Gulf War..we all tuned in to witness the might of U.S airpower on Iraqi installations, every night on CNN..Night after night, we watched IR images of entire Iraqi columns being blown up..Our PR here in Nigeria is all about fighting with SaharaReporters..Let the Army get the P.R war right..Documentaries, Photos, Public awards to gallant troops…dats what will draw support for the Army..Not waiting for Shekau to release his advertorials while we sit at press conferences..Abegiii.

  66. Williams says:

    A military officer is contracted to lay down his life to defend his nation wether he is armed with nuclear weapons or with a spoon. As far as the military is concerned, as long as there is no order for you to withdraw from the battle front, you are meant to kill or be killed.
    in the case of baga, there was an order to withdrew after long hours in battle and the NAF I assumed had technical problems which I suspect was due to weather issues (poor visibility). My only issue with the baga case was that the gallant men didn’t destroy the cache of weapons before retreating. I guess they were just overwhelmed and forgot about the basics in a withdrawal strategy. the gallant men where not cowards in the case of baga as purported by The rat tag shekau in his propaganda video which has made some of us on this blog blind, scared and hypnotized.
    such videos should be banned for public viewing and banned from Nigerian blog website cause it appears our citizens are weak minded and easy deceived.

    as for those making biased political statement here, pls move over to the kids blogs Nairialand and Linda ikeji. there you can say all you want.

    you cannot expect the military to be over equipped over night after 30years of neglect and corruption. This recent war was woken the military up and I can assure you, this recently purchases you see is only the tipp of the iceberg. They are only making purchases that suit this current war we face. Once the war Is over in no time, you would be surprised with how the new NIGERIAN ARMED FORCES would become. A formidable force to reckon with through out black and white Africa.

    Please do not listen to anyone undermining the awakening Nigerian armed force….they are our ENEMIES and should be “killed”

    this is my first post on this blog in 2years.

  67. Oje says:

    The more i read the crap igbi writes the morei feel a knot in my stomach. Insecure by nature you try to compensate for this by unnecessary hostility and you will do anything to back up silly postulation. Not happy with the lack of support by fellow forumers you call ”corwards” you go the extra lenght of creating a phantom profile, calling it ”Dario”. And conveniently ” Dario’s (aka igbi) first port of call is to accuse me of being an American spy sent by CIA to do Gods knows what on this blog. Your give away was when you call me an ”impesonator” lol/ Reverse psychology, we played this game when i was 16. One more week of tantrums from igbi and his clone Dario will see this blog losing its soul, that uniqueness and dexterity that differentiates Beegeagle from the likes of Skycrapercity and Nairaland.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t think Dario is in the same country as me and Beegeagle knows this since he has access to the ip adresses. So your lie and your déceptions are not working here. This is not nairaland. But given this line of accusation I urge Beegeagle to check and see if some people might be using several identities. And if i recall Dario said you were too low to be a CIA fellow, but for sure you are not a Nigerian and you are fooling nobody. The thing which gave you away the most was when you confused malian soldiers with Nigerian soldiers. I don’t know of many Nigérians who would make that confusion. Then there is the fact that you started throwing propaganda on the air for Nigeria to go to war with cameroon the same day cameroon finally started fighting against boko haram, therefor denying its land to bok haram terrorists. So far you have called for Nigeria to go to war against almost every country in Africa. Recently you attacked me for warning Nigérians to not Watch boko haram propaganda and for pleading with people not to sspread it. At the same time you were preaching that boko haram propaganda should be spread heavilly and watched by all. By all your actions you have shown yourself. I didn’t out you, you outed yourself. You certainly do not belong here.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga, I’m sure many are totally pissed off with you. Take it or leave it.

      This is my personal experience. When Oga Beeg was AWOL, between you and one other guy, I nearly left browsing this blog for GOOD. It was maybe a week or two into January that the itch to check the blog came back. And behold! Oga Beegs was back! If not, that might have been my very last check on this blog.

      What pained me most was missing wishing this wonderful community Happy New Year. That was stolen from me due to avoidance of this blog (over large parts of December and some part of January), because of the negative, boko haram promoting posts some of you make.

      Please brother, cease and desist. Let peace reign.

  68. Naijaseal says:

    I think we need to keep our heads gentlemen. I assume folks interested in DEFSEC will hace some guts. Keep calm guys…

    Oga beegs,
    U dey see as people dey write wetin dem like? Bro’s no let them spoil your work here abeg…

  69. danbaba01 says:

    This venerable blog appears to have been infiltrated. Their heavy enthusiasm and patriotic smoke screen avail them not. Time to line em up and shoot em up before beegs becomes like the rest.

  70. Augustine says:

    Nigeria’s DHQ website was shut down for many hours on Thursday, hacked by a hacker claiming to be based in Indonesia. I guess maybe NA and SSS cyber-warfare team were the ones that restored it. So many enemies of Nigeria, even hackers now fight our military public information channel.

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