Nigerian soldiers and a Streit Spartan Mk.3 APC


* Expects the temporary evacuation of residents in conflict-affected areas

WorldStage Newsonline
23 January, 2015

The Nigerian military has finalized plans to conduct a once and for all comprehensive operations” towards the elimination of Boko Haram terrorists in the parts of North East to the boarders of neighbouring countries, according to a military source.

International media and satellite images had indicated that areas presently under Boko Haram occupation could already be as large as Belgium. The source disclosed that political authorities disturbed by the activities of the terrorists especially after viewing the latest video from the terror group which claimed that it already had enough weapons to take on Nigeria and its neighbours, had endorsed the military plan and expressed full support for it.

According to the source, the determined onslaught had received the assurance of cooperation and support of Cameroun, Niger and Chad, which have now realised the danger posed by continuing to allow terrorists free movement across the borders.

The source disclosed that, “Nigerian military is reviewing strategy in the combat against terrorists to accommodate joint and combined operations with neighbouring military organisations. Massive deployment of air and amphibious assets are expected to feature in the operation. Preparatory to this mission,the Defence Headquarters has changed the General Officer Commanding the 7 Division which is the leading formation in the counter-terrorism campaign.

“The deployment for the mission is expected to facilitate the elimination of safe havens and escape routes of terrorists in or out of Nigeria. The arrangement has enlisted the support of the military forces of neighbouring countries towards ensuring that the plan to effectively block the terrorists for elimination while they are being pounded in the ongoing counter terrorism campaign is effectively attained”, the source elaborated.

The operation which is expected to commence very soon is expected to terminate well before the February 14 elections so that Nigerians living in every part of the country can vote in their towns and villages. However, it is expected that innocent citizens living in the areas where the terrorists presently operate are expected to have temporarily vacated any area infested by terrorists for safe towns away from the theatre of operations.

The Director of Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade, declined to give details, saying the military would not relent in its efforts to restore peace to every part of the country as quickly as possible but that details of such efforts would not be disclosed now.

He however admitted that all the countries bordering Nigeria are willing to compliment the efforts in Nigeria as terrorism has remained a menace or threat to all in the region.


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  1. ugobassey says:

    my Ogas if any one can recall what I said in the ‘Normalcy returns to Damaturu’ Thread.
    ugobassey says:

    January 12, 2015 at 3:01 am

    I know people are going to say this is impossible, but why cant the military cordon off the entire section that is being held by BH, send the NAF to drop pamphlets for a period of 1 week asking all civilians to those towns that are currently being held by BH. After one week, rain down artillery (all types in our procession) 24/7 non-stop and flatten every square inch of the area including the Sambisa forest then send in the Infantry covered by Hinds to mop up.
    I’m glad the military are thinking of doing just that (with the exception of the flyers).

  2. ugobassey says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but I think this campaign with decide the political future of this country….I pray it goes well.

  3. beegeagle says:

    While I am not too happy that this plan for a major offensive was made public, I guess the heated-up environment, political and military, forced DHQ into making this public so that those using this war for campaign purposes can cease to do so.

    That said, one is particularly pleased about the plan to clear out non-combatants from the area. It suggests that intensive air and artillery bombardment can be expected.

    One is even more pleased about the plan for amphibious operations. Before now, it appears as if no terrain-specific plans were made to dominate the natural environment of the Northeast. Such shocking gaps need to be plugged once and for all. Personally, I have actually written what we believe to be an ideal orbat for 7 Division.

    As it stands, let it be that after the AOR has been stabilised, the NA station a composite 400-strong battle group which would incorporate an artillery squadron, a desert warfare company and a Gunboat Company at Baga. My preference though would be for an amphibious battalion (incorporating a SF platoon and a desert warfare company) tl be permanently stationed at Baga district (and no further than 10km from the Lake Chad)while we have an artillery regiment at Kukawa to complement the armoured battalion at Monguno.

    Let me crave your indulgence to reiterate that said ideal orbat for 7 DIV..



    The most exciting thing about the Chadians going into Cameroon is this….Cameroon use the Alpha Jet while the Chadians use the Su-25 Frogfoot. We have always said that with its ability to fly through a wall of 20mm flak, the Frogfoot is the non-aligned world’s tank in the skies. I hope the NAF note the incomparable bombload and protection levels applicable to both types. The Frogfoot is a must-have for us.

    As this war grinds on, never again should we fail to utilise the lessons learnt. We must build a military which is able to rise above conventional and asymmetric challenges alike. My big brother here, Freeegulf, will tell you that as long ago as 2009, we had reached agreement on the absolute necessity to have dedicated desert and mountain warfare battalions. This was based purely on our appreciation of the terrain of what was then 3 Div AOR.

    Well, Gashua, Geidam, Kukawa, Baga, Abadam…those are all in the desert while Gwoza, Mubi, Madagali, Kerawa are all in the highlands. See how we have paid a steep price for not having the NA trained, deployed and resourced to dominate every square inch of our territory?

    All around the world, the predominant form of military engagements these days appears to be asymmetric warfare. We must learn the lessons of this insurgency by training and equipping the military with task-specific equipment

    – MRAPs
    – IFVs reinforced with cage armor
    – MBTs with reactive armour
    – 60mm mash mortars
    – AGLs and MGLs
    – 107mm MRLs which can be truck-mounted and used to saturate the open country through which these insurgent knuckleheads come and go
    – desert operations-compliant Toyota Landcruiser trucks (NOT Hilux)
    – Mi-17 helicopters for rapid reaction and hot pursuit opertions
    – attack helicopters
    – the Su-25 Frogfoot

    Let us rejig 7 DIVISION to have two infantry brigades, an armoured brigade and an artillery brigade

    * one of the infantry brigades should have two infantry battalions, a desert warfare battalion and an artillery regiment(with 105mm howitzers and 107mm towed MRLs)

    * the other infantry brigade should have an infantry battalion, a mountain warfare battalion, an amphibious battalion and an artillery regiment(with 105mm howitzers and 107mm towed MRLs)

    * the artillery brigade should have a medium artillery regt with 122mm guns, a heavy artillery regt with 155mm guns, an armoured battalion with Panhard Sagaie AFVs and a mechanised infantry battalion

    * the armoured brigade should have a light tank battalion with Scorpion light tanks, two tank battalions with T72 tanks and a mechanised infantry battalion

    Finally, the Nigerian Army Amphibious Forces need to station a Gunboat Company with SIXTEEN attack boats and FOUR 17m landing craft armed with .50 cal HMGs and 40mm AGLs at BAGÁ. A garrison with a remote and conflict-prone maritime frontier on three countries deserves no less.

    May God grant our leaders the courage and wisdom to do the right thing


  4. beegeagle says:

    The lessons of this turbulent period suggests that Nigeria needs to review her strategies, doctrine and deployment.

    By training, provisioning and deployment, the NA has to and needs to be poised at ALL TIMES to effectively defend every square foot of Nigerian territory against domestic and foreign aggressors alike.

    • Roy says:

      My ogas, it is true that this offensive can cause chaos if opposition political parties decide to play politics with it. CHECK THIS OUT.


      Does this mean we should wait after the election. My answer is no because the new commander in chief might decide to change strategy.

      The president should invite the opposition and demand that this issue must not be politicized.

      The military PR must carry the public along with briefings, videos, pictures and public awards for our gallant soldiers.

      I have always maintained that these video can be adjusted so that it serves as negative intelligence for Boko haram and you will still the passing the positive message to Nigerians.

      Long live me and you
      Long live the Nigerian military
      Long live Nigeria.

  5. Kay says:

    I doubt any offensive to clear BH can be completed before the elections. ‘Blitzkreig’ or not.
    Godspeed to the soldiers.

    • Are James says:

      I personally doubt any such large offensive is taking place at all this month or next.
      The accuracy of this piece of news is suspect.

    • Augustine says:

      The video is an embarrassment to all Nigerians in the 53rd to 56th minute play.

      • asorockweb says:

        Speak only for yourself.

        The sooner the real issues are made public, the sooner they will be dealt with.

    • asorockweb says:

      Thanks for the video.

      That was straight talk.

      Dasuki is an asset.

    • chynedoo says:

      The NSA gave a candid and non-political appraisal of some of the issues and challenges being faced in the fight against Boko Haram. During the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the British, a country with one of the most astute fighting forces and intelligence services in the world grappled with containing the IRA which, compared to Britain’s impeccable records in fighting conventional wars around the world for centuries was baffling to say the least in the light of the fact the IRA were receiving funds, weapons and training from Libyan government of the time, Libyan being a country the British had overcome in various direct and proxy wars.
      Lest we forget, the IRA attacked Downing street in 1991 as John Major and his cabinet were deliberating on the Gulf War. If that attack had been successful, the IRA would have wiped out an entire generation of British politicians, or would have literally wiped out the government. The point is, it is easy to conduct armed struggle armed at undermining a country’s security structure than it is to defend it. Let us also accept the fact that in any security system whether it be that of a country or a smaller group, there will always be vulnerable points that could be exploited by an enemy. Most special forces in the world dedicate a lot of time going over the same routine in training in order to perfect the ability to exploit vulnerable points in an enemy’s security system. Modern day hackers also apply the same psychology.
      We are fighting a war that is unusual, we have an army that has been so neglected by the political class, there is also the problem of indecision at the highest levels of governments under various administrations over the last 30 years. We have problems with institutions of government, the military especially the army seem to lack a procurement department that has the cutting edge skills required in 24/7 logistics, SCM 2.0, vertical integration, and application of ERP systems tailored to the requirements of the military especially as it regards the current insurgency. We have a lot of issues in this war, but like every other country faced with challenges, Nigeria is building up its capacity to deal with these issues albeit at less than the pace most Nigerians would have liked. One issue we have to accept is any country faced with existential threats would always bounce back on the basis of self-preservation and survival instincts. Boko Haram may appear to be scoring small victories, but in all honesty, as soon as that sense of survival instinct kicks in, there is no place for them to hide again. We are going through the learning period coupled with the ‘shell shock syndrome’ which countries who had been in similar situations faced. It took the Algerians a number of years to finally find the right tactics against Islamist rebels. The Sri Lankans fought the Tamil Tigers for over 20 years before it finally found the kill switch. The Indians faced similar situations in Kashmir for decades before finally finding a way to keep a lid on the JKLF. Angola faced the same issue against Jonas Savimbi’s Unita. So Boko Haram is going to go the same way. Surely we are building at snail speed but we will surely overcome.
      The only thing I need to add is, by eliminating human errors and needless mistakes, we could accelerate the end of this conflict. At the end of the day, this war is costing previous Nigerian lives.

  6. beegeagle says:

    It cannot and will almost certainly not be completed before the polls. The AOR spanning three of the six states in NE Nigeria, spans 155,000 (which is larger in size to England and N.Ireland) of plains, forests, desert and mountain terrain..not to mention 1,400km span of borders through which insurgents flit back and forth. It is not a cakewalk fighting to dominate such a large area. Check this, BORNO ALONE is exactly five times the size of Northern Ireland. Was it ever completely dominated by the enforcement organs of the UK while the insurgency lasted?

    So it is my hope that we surmount the daunting task of ultimately restoring law and order across those conflict-ridden and remote districts of a decidedly vast AOR.

    However, the realistic and easily achievable objective will be to have the insurgents totally on the backfoot in that AOR this Q1 2015. This has previously been achieved ref July-Sept 2013 when the DEFSEC forces in collabo with civilian JTF militiamen chased out BH from urban centres in that AOR. We did not press the advantage but rested on our oars and so, BH regrouped in the far-flung border districts, preying on the hapless and eventually staking a claim to these remote communities.Foothold regained, they started to fight back in places where they had retreated from.

  7. igbi says:

    God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Victory for Nigeria.

  8. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg welldone.

    I said it in my previous posts that a major offensive is coming up once the military gets all the assets is waiting for. It is going to be after the elections. An offensive now will disrupt the North east and may leadto voter’s apathy in most parts of the north.

    Even if it wasnt made public, boko haram isnt led by stupid people. What do we think Shekau’s recent video was intended to do? Instill fear on the negerian populace. Now many Nigerians wont believe the FG will win even if they launch an offensive simply because they believe Boko haram has captured all our weapons. Even boko haram was attempting to show the government they wont be easy by displaying the cache of weapons. It is simply psyops.

    Maj.Gen Adeosun must be a good officer to be the one chosen to lead this offensive. Is it a coincidence that the former GOC of 7DIV was sent back to army headquaters to become the Director pf plans?

    Preparations are underway and i cant wait for the battle to begin. Nigeria will overcome its challenges. We will win!

  9. jimmy says:

    I may sometimes not like what my NSA may tell me, but I would sure as hell will detests him if he is covering up stuff that is even worse. OGA AUGUSTINE, no matter how the yanks played it out /glossed over it they struggled in FALLOUT AND RAMADI and it is no coincidence today they are some of the inner strongholds of ISIS and just because he said it before a foreign audience, he was talking to both audiences both Nigerian and British.
    Finally I am glad there is going to be an offensive action taken, unless you are living under a rock you will not believe that one is going to take place , before or after the election does it make that much difference, the important thing is that it is going to happen and now they want the whole COUNTRY BEHIND THEM WHICH IS A GOOD THING.

    • Augustine says:

      I copy you Oga jimmy, just that the NSA talk just pain me sha, 300 NA/NAF men KIA on cenotaph, those are not cowards. Why blanket 120,000 men with a bad name and ridicule them on world stage for the sake of say 1,000 cowards?

      Oga jimmy, I go shut up sha, my consolation will be that we do final offensive and let the accused ‘cowardly’ NA prove itself. As far as I am concerned my own national army is not cowardly, or else Boko Haram would have arrived Abuja after making a big caliphate in Maiduguri.

      • igbi says:

        Where in the video does the NSA call the soldiers cowards ? I just watched the video and I saw no such thing. I think you are still thinking about that sensational article, but for your information the video is here and proves the article wrong. The NSA can call deserters and mutineers cowards, but certainly not soldiers cowards.

      • igbi says:

        please watch the video of the speech of the NSA.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Igbi, don’t bother wasting our time on a pointless argument, either you want to lie, or you did not hear the English language in the 53rd to 56th minute of that video that the whole world has played again and again and again and again and nobody is disputing that part of the speech except you.

        The National Security Adviser said and I quote :

        “…We have a lot of cowards, there was a problem in the recruitment process, we all admit.”

        The NSA even said more than that, he mistakenly did free PR for Shekau III by announcing what we have not seen in Bokos mocking video, the NSA said in Baga Boko Haram captured from Nigerian army, 4 units of 105mm artillery howitzers, 6 Armoured Personnel Carriers with 4,000 rounds of APC ammunition. That is free international publicity for Boko Haram, done carelessly by the NSA in front of world press in London.

        @Igbi, please don’t create a false argument, go back to your laptop and play it, I took my time to listed to the whole one hour speech and read the text also page by page word for word.

        On this blog, people should do their research well before coming out to challenge others who have done their homework with precious hours. Lets kill this African mentality of sentencing people to death, after that we now begin court trial, find them innocent, grant them posthumous pardon. Let Africans learn how to be diligent in homework before they come outside to speak. No bad feelings bros, I just hate being told I am wrong when I have provided infallible proof, thank you.

      • igbi says:

        first of all I am not challengeing you, I am just correcting a few mistakes you made and this is not about my ego or yours, it is about Nigeria. So I would not even respond to your insult since it doesn’t affect me. But I will correct you again, the NSA said: “we had a lot of cowards” reffering to the people facint a courtmarshal or those who spread false rumors. In no way did he say the entire army is made up of cowards as you suggested. It is time to calm down with the ego trip.

      • chynedoo says:

        From the video he said ‘there are a few cowards’. The NSA I understand is a former soldier, so he is possibly pained at the fact some of his fellow comrades had to die including civilians because a ‘few people’ in uniform refused to fight when they had the weapons in store to fight Boko Haram in Baga…
        It may be worthwhile for the NA high command to instruct commanders that ‘in the event of a Boko Haram attack, the CO should issue a blanket order for soldiers to apply all necessary force required to fight back, and that in such circumstances, that the soldiers are permitted to directly access the armoury and acquire and deploy every weapon in the armoury against the attackers.

    • igbi says:

      …rather than read the article, and by soldiers I mean those who did not commit mutiny nor desert.

  10. jimmy says:
    This is the first i am hearing about Night vision equipment for Tanks and Artillery…….HMM

  11. ugobassey says:

    Hope we get to see a massive deployments of the T-72s and the M-35 hinds. if these are all upgraded versions they should allow for both daylight and night fighting. As far as MLRs goes I don’t know what we currently have in our arsenals but we should deploy as many as possible. I found it interesting that a top brass commented we have half of our army in this campaign. That would be between 50 to 80 thousand troops. I suggest the entire NAF should be involved as well.

    • jimmy says:

      Not to jump on your words,but he was stretching the truth a little bit yeah we have extensive elements of the 1, 3 and 81 division but we do not have anywhere close to 50,000 ,it is some where between 20,000 and 25; now maybe they will have a surge (eye roll towards the heavens) that will take it to 50,000 then I will agree with moi General. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  12. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    BH as bitten more than they can chew, except our neighbours that are massing are 5th columnist , if this offensive goes ahead, the end has come for BH, no amount of propaganda, would beat a body count, except it is from beyond the grave. Which I doubt the gatemen in hell would allow to happen. i hope the military would use this to mend and division with the public and have them cheer just like was done in Chad and all this hard lesson will not be forgotten, but the momentum used to push our forces into the next phase on being a world/regional power, we must start to manufacture our own arms ( IFV/APC for a start and Drones).

  13. G8T Nigeria says:

    Upgrade and more acquisition of weapons is done not only because of boko haram but because there is a language blowing from some countries. The game at hand is to force an international mission in Nigeria while the present president forced out of office as carried out in Liberia (Charles Tailor). They will call for an African force that requires no consent of host country and secretly equip the enemy to cause more havoc and starve the African forces of support. The African forces would then request for international assistance and the world calling for more action. With the prevailing chaos, they come in as saviours whereas they are the sponsors. Gentlemen our enemies are so many and it takes a careful step. Our economic indices, anti western policies and growing ties with Russia and China is never accepted. It was more daring that we refused signing an EU AFRICAN (slaving) policy. Most daring that we went against same sex marriage and even told to learn from us how to tackle ebola. Dont worry, you will see the enemies visiting Nigeria soon.The quiet disposition you see today is not weakness but to beat a scheme planned totally on our usual black supremacist ideology. The news of imminent attack on BH is a counter measure against any planned mission but truly we all know elections itself causes crisis, hence the NA will balance war effort before and after the elections. WE WILL NEVER SUCCUMB TO THEIR GAME. NIGERIA ALL THE WAY.

  14. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen of the house, my few words on this FINAL OFFENSIVE :

    1. Is the news true or false? DHQ and FG are silent.

    2. If true, the time frame should have been kept top secret, its not good it has been published. NA/NAF will lose element of surprise, shock and awe in battlefield. However, secrecy might have been deemed impossible by DHQ because Chad, Niger, and Cameroon are also involved, sure Idris Deby could have told Shekau III anyway.

    3. If it is false, it might be a ruse to stop impending forceful deployment of UN, AU, and EU forces at Nigeria’s doorstep in maybe 90 days from now, who knows?

    4. If it is true, it may be to help PDP get voters vote for next month election, the Baga disaster is enough to give APC an edge. Not political talk, just policy and strategic studies stuff as in Kuru NIPSS.

    5. If true, it could be a pre-emptive strike to show AU, EU, and UN that West Africa does not need external intervention forces.

    6. If true, it could be timed to create chaos in the north and postpone elections.

    7. This is an offensive done in panic by FG, they can no longer wait for NAF’s new jets, 40 helicopters, and more NA heavy equipment to arrive. Lesson learnt I hope, because like Super Eagles and NFF, Nigerians don’t learn any lessons many times.

    Lesson is…The best time to prepare for wartime is peacetime.

    Pressure of war may stop you from rebuilding your military in war time. Reason why I warn NN and FG to rebuild our navy in peacetime, you won’t get missile frigate and submarine to sail into combat in 6 months when war happens.

    8. The NA of 30,000 men at last count ordered by FG, is too small for a full scale offensive on NE war theater that is as large as Great Britain. You need aggressor battalions and after they secure territory, you need garrisons to hold the land, or else Boko will return and start operating behind our lines ! France used NA and Mali to garrison liberated territory in Mali war, reason why the insurgents faded away and could not re-invade.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegs, numbers 9 to 15 of above comment vanished. Not sure why, comment was split into two halves to avoid being treated as spam, yet it vanished, if you could please help find it. Thanks sir.

    • jimmy says:

      Premium times and Vanguard have been pretty accurate in reporting Military news. Oga Augustine as far as element of surprise,I personally do not believe anyone unless someone is living underneath a rock do not believe a major offensive is in the making,where I believe you may be erring is the timing it has more to do with placing the right people and equipment in the right place.Baga put a spanner in the works.There is nothing the NSA said that the COAS hasn’t said before and I suggests you leave oga igbi alone what we need from the NSA is the truth not a gloss of lies we want to know whether they were under equipped at baga or not? The answer is no they were well equipped. When a us soldier killed 16 soldiers it was not glossed over. Nigeria will learn from it’s mistakes that how we will learn,we learnt from Mubi,the first Tank to Tank battle you cannot duplicate,simulate or replicate real life combat experience to know who should go from Major to Lt .Col to Col.Baga has given the NA an experience they will learn from and move on. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • ugobassey says:

      I agree with your assessment that 30,000 is not enough to hold and contain. I would suggest that more elements be deployed from the 92nd and 2nd Div. to surge up to 50,000 men. If indeed BH is holding a territory the size of Belgium this makes the theatre close to or equal the size of the Biafran conflict. We are in a full scale war. Time to stop treating this as a ‘Police action’ or before we know BH will be in Abuja.

      • Rdokoye says:

        Where are you getting your information from?

        Boko Haram doesn’t control a region the size of Belgium. They control Gwoza and they’re scattered around the Northern Eastern region, in the national parks, where they’ve setup camps. Please explain how that translates into controlling an area. By that same reasoning, Al Qaeda must control Paris, since it’s patently obvious to all that they’re operating within that city.

        Just because they’re in a specific location, it doesn’t mean they control that area. The media reports are just sensationalising what’s going on. They’re trying to create this impression that Boko Haram are in control of an actual country, protected and shielded from the Nigerian state, within the Nigerian state, when in actuality, this conflict is more of a guerrilla war, where rebel fighters dress in conventional clothing in order to make themselves indistinguishable from the general public.

      • ozed says:

        Just on this small matter of number of soldiers deployed. There is the big question we avoid all the time. i.e. how many soldiers do we actually have?

        1st) if we assume that the entire army is 150,000 men or thereabout, how many of them are teeth arms (infantry, Armour, artillery)? Can we assume, admin, logistics, Engineers (field and maintenance), Supply and transport etc. probably account for 20-25,000?

        Bearing in mind that the nature of the war we are fighting involves plenty of ground holding or area denial. This is extremely infantry intensive!! So in view of the fact that a chain is only as strong as its weakest point, if we only have say 100,000 infantry in the army, this means we may not be able to spare more than 70,000 for this North East campaign at anytime.

        But that brings us to the scariest question of all—– Do we actually have 150,000 soldiers? Why is this a real fear? Consider, the Ministry of finance has introduced an exercise to verify all govt workers using biometrics to enable direct payment of all worker from FCT. This exercise has revealed close 50,000 ghost workers.
        The funny thing is that the Armed forces and Police have resisted this exercise virtually with their blood!!! That means that actually salaries paid from Abuja are paid based on broad estimates from unit commanders without a clear indication of exactly who is being paid. i.e. it pays unscrupulous officers to inflate the numbers of men under their command at any point in time. No wonder when N1trillion is spent on def sec budget, only perhaps 20-30% of that finds its way to Capital expenditure on arms, ammunition and equipment.

        Meanwhile when the chickens come home to roost and we are faced with a Boko haram type threat, we suddenly find that battalions which have 600 men on paper, possibly have less than 250 real combatants. (Recall the strange story that appeared at the court martial of Col. Oppurum advancing on Mubi — or was it Gwoza with a ridiculous number of men).

        The truth is that the Armed Forces MUST embrace the tenets of good management. If they dont, it costs lives, materials, territory and worst of all National Pride!!!!!

  15. Augustine says:

    9. Speed will be needed by NA, Bokos are very fast, tanks are slow in hot pursuit, the best vehicle is an IFV or LAV with at least 110 km/hr rated engine like the Cobra, BTR, Spartan. We have very few of them, what a pity. Toyota will be doing the job, let our boys avoid being drawn into ambush in pursuit ops, the Toyota has zero armour protection.

    No BTR available in the market, Ukraine is at war, bad time to start buying IFV.

    Spartan MK III manufacturer in Dubai always has ready stocks and from two factories can sell you 500 units in two weeks, it can carry AGL or 50 cal HMG.

    Crude option, buy brand new Toyota 4×4 Landcruisers and swallow pride, mount ZSU-23-2 on them with night vision, NA is said to have over 300 ZSU-23mm guns, who knows? Anyway, Putin can ship them to you cheap second hand in two weeks and send lead engineers to train NA on mounting them.

    10. Hot pursuit from air by F-7 and Alpha jets, cluster bombs in the open semi-desert or mountains is good tactics to wipe off scattered fleeing Bokos spread over wide areas.

    11. Lots of Night vision goggles and thermal cannon sights for our troops will be needed. Lots of illumination and smoke rounds from mortar and howitzer will be needed or else many fleeing Bokos will escape for ever, live to fight another day.

    12. NA will need to do a lot of house to house street clearing, it should be well rehearsed in simulation mode by platoons, squads, fire-teams.

    13. The biggest problem is Sambisa forest and the 200 Chibok girls, need SF and trusted-tested-loyal local hunters to help as well as NA regulars.

    14. DHQ and FG, work with the military of Cameroon, Niger, Chad but don’t trust them, we need them for sure, but no trust ! They can betray Nigeria. These envy-stricken neigbhours are joining the fight now because they see Boko threatening Cameroon on a rising scale that Biya’s army cannot withstand.

    15. Nigerians need to pray and fast in every church and mosque for total and final victory as we launch the expected final offensive.

    God be with you Nigerian armed forces, you will win this war in Jesus’ name, Allah ya taimake ku, amin !

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Bro, Well said, The SAS was formed by Sterling on this basis, fast agile attack Landrovers full equipped and armed to the teeth, In there element which was actually Guerilla tactics ( Picking the time, area and phase of engagement) the wrecked havoc on General Rommels desert corps in N.Africa. the panzers and half tracks ( predecessor of our modern APC,/IVFs) were no match for their speed, agility and maneuverability. The final answer was the Luftwaffe 190 and Stuka diver bomber armed with very high caliber cannons. Hence the NAF Gunships would be needed to play a major part in stopping the retreating Technicals of BH, reserve air strike elements ( preferably with Night fighting capability to see the engagement to a logical conclusion , which is putting that particular BN group out of commision)would need to be on reserve to continue to blunt the retreat hard enough to give an time gaps to plan ambushes for pursing NA troops. There is also need to start locating their fuel dumps and taking them out, as long as the Neighbours continue to maintain the “virtual east border wall” the end for DH as come

  16. ugobassey says:

    Please I meant the 82nd Div.

  17. Henry says:


    Maiduiguiri is currently under attack. Details shortly.

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks for the alert.

      I strongly believe that they will be repelled. The DEFSEC forces and the people are united in their belief that MDGR must remain the hard-won oasis of stability which it is. That is what it takes to overwhelm insurgents.

      The insurgents shall fail in their onslaught. Let us hope that the NAF do the utmost in terms of reprisals. There must be hot pursuit.

      • Henry says:

        I hope they don’t gain access into the NAF base. Reports claim the insurgents are currently attacking the base.

  18. Henry says:

    The Borno state capital has been under attack by the Boko Haram insurgents since Sunday morning. There have been heavy shooting in parts of Maiduguri with some residents running out of their houses . Details later

  19. COLONEL NGR says:

    The defence headquarters just tweeted about the attack. Boko haram launched simultaneous attacks on monguno and maiduguri.

    The defence headquarters is reporting that the attack is being repelled through land and air ops.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Good. As many insurgents as are escaping towards Monguno from MDGR to link up with their cohorts, should be obliterated from the air.

    The defenders of MONGUNO must also be provided with air support. That is what will cause the attackers to pull back.

    Let us restate the need for the FG to always acquire hardware systems in usable numbers. Since 2010, we have been shouting about the dearth of armed scout helics and attack helicopters. At the time, we had eleven Hinds for all of Nigeria. This was at a time when one air chief after another was claiming that they have all it takes to defend Nigeria, even as that self-injurious and hollow claim appeared to have been steeped in the false belief that fighting will only ever take place on one front at a time. Sometimes, there are three battles raging at the same time. How can the pilots multi-task, not to mention support training operations at PHC, KD and Jaji simultaneously?

    We do not like to be honest to ourselves in this country and that is why it has come to this sorry state. At the very least, MDGR, YOLA and DMTR should have had a minimum of twelve Hinds in situ since 2012. Not to mention six Hinds at PHC to cover Niger Delta operational requirements, two each at KN and JOS for obvious operational reasons and three at Kaduna/Jaji for training support.

    We keep on living the lie that we can continue moving assets between frontlines which are 1,000km apart, as was the case when Hinds were moved from 97 SOG to 75 SG at Yola?

    How come we always make the same disgusting mistake of wishing that a conflict peters out on its own (all in a bid to continue the odious practice of maintaining a less than optimally armed military), instead of training and equipping to force the outcomes which we desire? Militants had been obliterating oil industry infrastructure for three years before an order for 215 river gunboats and landing craft was made? Is it that someone wants to stuff his mouth with these monies?

    When we are not doing that, we continue to look for the basics instead of working to retain a qualitative and decisive leading edge. Base model Cobra APC, base model Hind, base model Agusta. Please, if you are not buying leave it at that but don’t go buying rubbish for Nigeria?

    After fifteen years, it is now that all-weather capability for Hinds has become a priority. Ab initio, nobody realised that insurgents and enemy foreign troops will fight at night where they can?

    Even if all twelve pre-owned Hinds expected from Belarus arrived today, deploy nine units to the frontlines and have ATE of South Africa upgrade three units to Super Hind Mk.IIIs on the ground in Nigeria. When those are ready, deploy them to the battlefields and pull back another three for upgradation until all are fully modernised.

    About three units each of pre-owned Mi-35P attack helics and Mi-17 transport helics are thought to be due in from Ukraine. Expedite the deliveries…not sign a deal and pay six months later.

    We like to complicate issues for ourselves. We make every simple maneouvre look like heavy work or rocket science even in this era when pre-owned attack aircraft and helicopters are getting delivered to serious customers in as little as ONE WEEK.Why..WHY? This business of relying on a self-defeatist and minimalist approach is what has complicated what would have been a straight romp to victory for 1990s-era NA troops. We need to reappraise our methods and move on to new ways of doing things.

    Concurrently, expedite deliveries on the new-build, state-of-the-art Mi-35M Hinds (6 units) and Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helics (12 units).

    When the skies are abuzz with the clatter of rotor blades, BH shall cease to attack with impunity, knowing that the NAF will be upon them anywhere and everywhere that they attempt to strike. They can get away with it for now and that is why they continue to strike at will.

  21. Spirit says:

    The Beeg one,

    Hmmmmm,….at times,it seems as if we are cursed.
    Sometimes,I begin to wonder if our leaders are actually ‘sleepers”sent to destroy this great nation at all cost.It seems they were sent into the country at very early age,told to school,work,marry and get elected into these positions to execute a grand plan of keeping this great nation down.


    This is a country where 109 senators earn $1.6 Million eachper annum men!
    Mine is a country that can afford to order Blackberry phones for farmers.
    We can afford to buy billions of Naira worth of cooking stoves for rural women,but we can’t buy the equipment and weapons that is required to ensure they eat the Amalathat the stove will cook?

    Why do we continue to live/act as if we rented this country and we will soon go back to our own/real country?

    This insurgency has been on-going for 5 years now, and we have just started ‘taking delivery of attack helicopters!. ‘TAKING DELIVERY’!

    Must we continue to belive that;
    1) It cannot happen (a friend still told me today that MDGR cannot be taken IJN)
    2) God will somehow come and help us because Nigeria is somehow very dear to God.
    3) If we pray hard enough,BH will just retreat,roll over and die without any action by our military.
    4)BH can be reasoned with somehow.

    By 1945,the whole US industrial base has been mobilised such that the US aviation industry was churning out military aircraftsat the rate of 100,000 units per annum!

    The GEJ administration has tried for the military but it still baffles me that same administration could acquire such an expensive chopper for PON while NAF would have thrown a party if they are given assets like MB-109!. Its so sad the presidential fleet can boast of 10 aircrafts while grasses are growing on NAF runways!

    Is there a ‘self-destruct’button hidden somewhere in our psyche?

    If Iraq can get Sukhoi under one week,why cant we?

    It took our military think-thank 5 years to realise that help is not coming fromthe west?Something that a lot of secondary school history students know very well?


    Nigerians,wake up from your slumber as your house is on fire.

  22. Roy says:

    They will surely overcome.

    • superboi79 says:

      Just heard BH have been pushed back from Maiduguri

      • ozed says:

        That would be good news. What would be better news would be that they be made to suffer 500+ casualties between Maiduguri and mongonu, evidence by piles of retrieved and abandoned hardware.
        The best news of all is that would long threatened final push (this is now beginning to be reminiscent of the ‘final pushes of the Nigerian civil war, where there was one every other week) finally kicks off poste haste.

        Wish the boys Goodluck. Give ’em hell!

      • beegeagle says:

        That was obvious. They will never take Maiduguri because the people have opted for peace and will no longer stand idly by as marauders obliterate their districts and livelihoods.

        Glory to God.

      • rugged7 says:

        Maiduguri was more of a diversion so the NA cannot send re-enforcements.
        Their main target is probably Munguno…

  23. beegeagle says:

    As of January 2013, we had eleven Hinds (24V and 35P) operable. In 2013 and 2014, we lost four to accidents and operationally. We were then left with seven units operable. In 2014, two units of pre-owned Hinds with FLIR devices came in via Ukraine. So let us say that we had NINE HINDS aloft as of last light in December 2014. Are those nearly enough for all of Borno which covers a land area that is comparable to Sierra Leone? To support operations 300 miles apart inside one state while staving off diversionary and multi-pronged attacks? Think about that.

    Yet the NAF have to cover requirements for training at PHC, Jaji and KD, maintain an operational presence across the Niger Delta and be present in other flashpoints across northern Nigeria. All of that on a footprint of nine Hinds? Just imagine if from that number, we field two at Damaturu and three at MDGR. Would that really leave us with four Hinds for ND operations and for training at KD/Jaji? Come on, that is pathetic.

    Imagine for a minute that we have to consign two Hinds to STF operations on the Jos Plateau, two each to YOL and Kano for CAS duties, one each to Potiskum, Mubi, Konduga, Mubi, Biu, Monguno…that leaves the NAF with an added operational requirement for twelve more Hinds.

    Given the estimated nine units of in-service Hind attack helics,assume that three modernised Hinds come in from Ukraine as replacement units for lost assets; twelve pre-owned Hinds arrive from Belarus and six advanced Mi-35Ms come in from Russia, that would see the NAF fielding a total of 30 units of Mi-24V/Mi-35P/Mi-35M attack helicopters. Add to those, 12 new-build units of state-of-the-art Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helicopters.

    Somebody tell me HOW BH are going to be able to continue attacking with impunity? Who knows if the defenders of Baga could not get air support because none was available to be deployed in the face of other engagements?

    Gentlemen, we are the architects of our own fate. I kid you not.

    • zachary999 says:

      4 of the 6 Alpha Jets have arrived. We have a lot of deaf guys upstairs….

      • Are James says:

        You are always annoying me personally with your Alpha Jets stories.What kind of @Zachary99 who is this always demoting my airforce and what kind of NAF is this that is so un ambitious. Being a Nigerian is getting really annoying and painful.

      • Kay says:

        Oga it makes sense if they’re Alpha jets, I reckon they are the only platform we have fighter jets pilots at the ready.
        They left ‘fighter jets shopping’ way too late. It would have been easier to first buy Su-25 as always stressed by Beeg. As far as we know, not sure we have any pilots out,training on other platforms.
        If new fighter jets arrived yesterday, I’ll bet that it’ll be mercenaries flying them. If they can even loan Alpha jets for now, so be it… Just press it to the pilots ears about adaptive flying in lieu of anti air weapons used by the terrorists

      • jimmy says:

        I feel sorry for you SOMETIMES I do not know which is worse to know the information you have at your finger tips or to read how some highly placed people in govt keep going on about how serious they are taking BH.
        They say knowledge is power and we should shy away from castigating one candidate over the other , for integrity purposes sometimes, i have had to self censor, this is the part this administration truly does not understand, Most of us on this blog want this war to end now regardless of who is in power.
        May God and the ARMED Forces of Nigeria save Nigeria AMEN.

      • Henry says:

        @Are James, why are you angry with zachary999 now, What did he do to you?

        Abi em tell you say na him be NAF chief on policy and plans, or he be the chief of air staff?

        I’m thoroughly frustrated with our Airforce. Any way, let us continue to hope, probably by 2035, when the SU-30 has become obsolete, we would put forward a substantive order for it.

        LOL @ the Federal republic of fire brigade approach.

  24. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg you have said it all. We need to get assets that can adequately cover all grounds and stil have enough for training. I still believe some people at abuja are still hoping a miracle will happen and boko haram will just dissappear from the earth.

    You have said enough. It is left for them to listen and do the right things. I am glad that inspite of the inadequacies, our troops are performing miracles keepin boko haram away from the capitals and even from abuja.

    Oga beeg. Just keep up the good work.

  25. AY says:

    Oga beeg, what do you make of John kerry’s visit to Nigeria?

    • jimmy says:

      I honestly would like to know T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • ozed says:

        Unconfirmed reports on Premium times say the attack on Maiduguri has been repelled. However, Mongonu seems to have fallen to the insurgents.

        The best time for a counter attack is immediately after the retreat! Hope we can muster the resolve and material resources to counter as soon as possible, before the enemy can fortify and consolidate.

      • jimmy says:

        Nah wah .This administration is deaf. I predicted that boko haram would launch an attack before the election.I said you cannot sit back till after the elections.I rest my case. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Roy says:

        They attack, we repel. They attack again, we repel again. They attack again we lose territories. If this method remains the whole of Nigeria will be lost.

        God, OFFENSIVE oooooo, where are thou.

        Long live Nigeria

      • igbi says:

        I do not believe Monguno has fallen. I think the battle is ongoing.

    • beegeagle says:

      Sorry but I am not so sure that this is not self-serving gimmickry.

      The USA know that they have never endured such low popularity ratings as currently suffices in Nigeria. Many Nigerians are APPALLED at the consistent double speak and double standards which has been a hallmark of the said CTCOIN cooperation which has not yielded mere surveillance drones or aircraft, utility helicopters or uparmoured Hummers, never mind MRAPs and combat helics.

      Politicking has firmly gripped the consciousness of Nigerians and a high profile US official, no less the Secretary of State, appears to be the man best poised to use the moment in the limelight to shore up American diplomatic stocks and to create the impression that a great deal of importance continues to be attached to US-Nigeria relations.

      He shall come and rehash the following tired cliches

      * Nigeria is too important to slip into crisis and call for peaceful and transparent polls

      * we stand with our Nigerian partners in their fight against terrorists

      * we continue to engage with our Nigerian partners and to offer support to the DEFSEC forces

      Maybe I am sounding cynical but can you blame me? WHAT ELSE IS NEW? Personally, I am not impressed even as the big man is welcome to Nigeria. With Nigeria, America have conclusively FAILED to manifestly keep the faith on its much-touted commitment to help ‘partner nations’ to confront agents of terror. Any trainers or experts in here at this time look like military tourists and not partners committed to helping to turn things around. As of now, we are looking but not seeing the evidence of CTCOIN cooperation on the ground.

      We need war materiel, cascaded or sold at a discount. Talk is cheap.

  26. Are James says:

    They wanted to pre empt the large scale offensive that was been planned to start. There is nothing to the fall of Monguno and Boko Haram’ s overall plans that air power will not reverse. However on the airforce, i don’t think the people our friend set up this blog to support and advice will ever listen.

    • zachary999 says:

      Monguno has fallen…. You begin to think now that ihejirika was on top of it ! KTJ has lost most of the territory operation Zaman lafiya had in its control as at jan 2014.

      • jimmy says:

        I have refrained from using the previous COAS name out of respect for the current COAS, CNN is quoting an unnamed Military officer that yes indeed Monguno has fallen, I do not know how far this true.We have not had anything concrete from Dhq.This does not look good, I bow my head in prayer, Previously the NA was on the offensive ,now they are on the defensive and we keep praying for them to go on the offensive,I am tired of holding my breath starting Friday night till Monday morning. Lt Gen KT Minimah ,I Honestly do not know what you are doing but consider this Three weeks ago Baga fell, today Monguno is up in the air,when is the army going to go on the attack? When? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  27. jimmy says:
    UNRELATED THREAD:This is really a surprise apparently Germany does not agree with Saudi Arabia could it be because Germany’s Chancellor is a woman. The money and arms $400m is paltry by Saudi Standards but the symbolism of the embarrassment is not.This is right after the King died in a further Snub. Chancellor Merkel did not attend/ go to Saudi Arabia to pay her Condolences

    • Roy says:

      Oga Igbi, I BELIEVE. And l sincerely hope so. This thing is beginning to cause hypertension oooo. Indeed, Nigeria army has an image to redeem. And it must be redeemed.

      God bless our fatherland.

  28. rka says:

    There is a determined bid by both local and international press to upload all sort of information on the net mainly to discredit the Army, which I obviously won’t post..

    Don’t know how accurate the below tweet is from someone on the Nigerian Defence HQ Twitter account, although there are others giving the opposite news;

    RightsAfrica ‏@chairmanNHRC · 54m54 minutes ago
    Sources from frontlines confirm #Nigerian troops wth strong tactical support frm Airforce hv beaten back attack on #Maiduguri & #Monguno…

    Once it was leaked that a plan to attack BH was imminent, Defence HQ should have brought forward the plan and got on with it because this was predictable.

    • Roy says:

      Oga rka, On our part we should not help propagate the gospel of the terrorist (fear) but our military also have a part to play (clear the doubt of these local and international press uploads) I hail oooo.

      • rka says:

        Quite right Oga Roy, that’s why I haven’t posted anything in the last couple of days or so. It is annoying when there are so many alleged “sources” who are falling over themselves to give an opinion and mostly negative ones.

        They won’t succeed.


  29. Augustine says:


    16. NA needs plenty of communication radios, personal role radios for each soldier, or at least per 4 man fire team, long range radios per company and per battalion.

    17. NA troops will need a lot of extra ammunition and ordnance for forward troops on the move, during ops, and for resupply, seamless logistics/transportation, all needed.

    18. High speed medical evacuation vehicles of wounded troops must be available close to battlefields as well as FOB field hospitals.

    19. Mi-171 armed transport helicopters may not have arrived from the new Russian order, but NAF claims to have a few in service from older procurement, HAS ANYBODY EVER SEEN A NAF MI-171 TERMINATOR HELO ?

    We need to find a way to climb Gwoza and other hills. May use C-130 paratroopers at night on nearby safe hill ranges to give them altitude deployment/insertion, they have to stealthily land and advance to objective.

    20. Lots of reconnaissance, spy ops, snipesr with long range day/night rifles, lots of covert ops needed to detect and map out all enemy positions before assault.

    21. Evacuation of civilians from inevitable battle zones is hard to achieve, Boko won’t be foolish enough to let them go, terrorists basic tactics likes to use human shields to prevent the regular army from unleashing maximum firepower on their positions, especially artillery. May need undercover local infiltrators to lead civilians to escape at night to secret rallying points.

    22. Russian Metis-M1 version, multipurpose day and night capable ATGM second hand with 2km range, night vision/thermal sights targeting, light weight, one man carry like a backpack, one man launch, easy handling, learn use in few days, thermobaric warhead, plenty in Russia second hand, delivery in one week by air cargo, cheap second hand launchers, quarter life ordnance so cheap.

    Advantage over RPG is 5 times more range stand off out of enemy sight, night capability, precision on target, kills more than target as it kills anything else close to the target, starts a fire, wipes out all enemies within it’s explosive effect radius, can hit one Toyota and destroy the two other Toyotas before and after the target once they are within the missile explosive radius, kills or fatally injures all foot soldiers near explosion zone with shrapnel, kills many birds with one stone, yet does not reveal location of the soldiers who launched the weapon, our SF and paratroops or commandos remain hidden in secret positions !

    Nigerian army T-72 tanks and APCs may not be able to drive up steep gradient to the top of high altitude towns like Gwoza hills and no helicopter can carry a tank uphill, but one single infantry man foot walking soldier with one Metis-M1 is equal to one tank in firepower.

    This will help Nigerian special forces insertion squads, commandoes, and paratroopers to take out Boko Haram bunkers, fortresses, armoured vehicles, 23mm twin barrel cannon Toyotas that kills Nigerian soldiers from 3km away. Allows small platoons infiltrate at night, destroy all Bokos heavy weapons and bunker heavy fortifications since we have no PGMs, no lasers, no LGBs, this Metis-M1 Anti-Tank Guided Missile will be useful now we have to hurry into final offensive half prepared.

    NAF has publicly announced this month through an air marshal that they cannot fly all the time and everywhere to give air support, NA has to be able to work alone most of the time, the battle space is bigger than Great Britain and the enemy moves with high speed !

    23. Plenty of training maneuvers, pre-strike simulations, and I will repeat again, Nigerian army needs to train all regular infantry men on house to house street clearing standard techniques to flush out hiding insurgents, very very important for towns that have been infiltrated by Boko Haram, or else they become snipers, IED planters, and suicide bombers against our troops even after we capture land. House to house clearing techniques are a must to have Boko Haram free towns for our civilians to live in.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      My Oga, you mentioned the use of paratroopers. While that’s a laudable idea, my main fear is that they will be totally cut off once dropped behind enemy lines. What transport helicopter will we at least use to resupply them with much needed supplies or even use for extraction if it gets too hot? Where’s the air support? And even if we decide to use same C-130s to carry out supply drops, I still don’t think we’ve perfected it, and we run the risk of dropping supplies behind their reach and re supplying the enemy, a repeat of the Owerri seige during the civil war.

      In short Oga, I don dey tire small small oh.

  30. rka says:

    Ryan Cummings ‏@Pol_Sec_Analyst · 25m25 minutes ago
    Lots of contradictory information. @SaharaReporters suggesting that #bokoharam attack on #Monguno repelled

    We will overcomeoooooo!

  31. jimmy says:

    While I may agree with some of your comments we need to worry less about what the foreign press is thinking A JOURNALIST whether in Paris or London is not carrying a gun in Maiduguri or Monguno and can post whatever they like it is up to the F.G TO RETAKE BAGA .
    I predicted that bh would attack before the ELECTION they will not wait till the NA gets all it” ducks in order” – and they need to start this offensive action now.
    It is also up to the f.g. to buy the attack and transport helios now this is not going to change the story if they do not do these things we are going to keep waking up on Sunday to stories like this.
    ” Before a Farmer can till the land he needs matches to burn it he needs a hoe, and he needs rain”

    • rka says:

      Oga jimmy, I m not worried about the foreign or local press, just annoyed as it is clearly a concerted effort to undermine the military and Nigeria.

      Not only Baga needs to be retaken, but everywhere else the scumbags are loitering. They need exterminating fast.

    • Buchi says:

      Oga rugged7 u gat the whole idea..maiduguri was a decoy.monguno was the main target and if intel is anything 2 go may have buckled over

    • igbi says:

      I quite francly agree that I would like to see and hear about the Nigerian army on the offensive, in Gwoza and Baga and Bama asap.

  32. Augustine says:

    Oga zachary999 can you kindly confirm if NAF’s newly arrived 4 Alpha jets are just upgrade of old inventory or new purchases? Are they night combat capable, extra armour, or have FLIR, PGM, etc?

    Oga Are James, dan Allah don’t be annoyed with the man, no be him order for Alpha jets, na FG+NAF+MoD you go ask questions.

    I said it many times, the best time to prepare for wartime is peacetime, Nigeria has failed to do that, a nation of 177 million people has failed to do the right thing at the right time.

    Buy JF-17 or Su-25 jets today, NAF has NO QUALIFIED PILOTS to fly them !

    Wanna hire mercenary pilots for Nigeria? Free world, NAF hired Egyptian pilots in Biafra war 1967, we always come late in Nigeria, we never learn from our past mistakes, it is our national genetic trait, we don’t plan for the future, we hate insurance, we like to see the accident happen first and count how many legs and arms need amputation before we get insurance cover.

    Final offensive against Boko Haram has suddenly become a national emergency operation fire brigade approach, na today?

    Only Alpha jet pilots are available for effective close air supports even though they sometimes get shot down and die in the process…..that is oil rich Nigeria for you sir !

  33. asorockweb says:

    “This is the time for Caesar, all the time has been for God, all the time we have been taking salaries, we go and do exercise saying I will do this, I will do that; I will fly like this ad fly like that, all those ones you are preparing for the day Caesar will come and demand for his pound of flesh, and Caesar has come now and he saying, look come and do your work and you are saying you are not going…? No, it does work like that ”

    Our Chief of Defence Staff strikes again.

    • ugobassey says:

      A tactical withdrawal is different from fleeing a battle scene. I think the NA should investigate the circumstances surrounding the fall of Monguno and remedy the situation. Denying the Brigadier general and his men entrance into the barracks once again the army is washing its dirty linen in public.

      • Are James says:

        Depends on the temperament of the division commander. If I were the GOC as well there would be no entry into the barracks by that retreating brigade. This is very very bad soldiering if half of what we read is true. First of all COIN has its rules, the enemy is weaker than you hence will use stealth and surprise liberally to make your advantages irrelevant in a battle. What the NA field officers don’t seem to have is ability to make proactive battle plans to counter all possible attacks by BH on their positions. Even with such plans an experienced soldier knows that at all times the enemy is around with his field glasses, NVGs, infiltrators and saboteurs within the AOR so the plans have to be quite flexible.
        How do you stay in a place with 1000men and you don’t have situational awareness up to at least 5 km. Where were the aggressive patrols, sentries and snipers?. Where was the air cover?.

  34. Buchi says:

    Oga mschegaz and oga igbi..sorry for being 2 hasty…during this xmas.i was lucky 2 interface with 2 friends of mine who incidentaly were studying in unimaid..well 2day was a very gud day 2 buz them up…
    Well when I called one of them who stays with his uncle around estate area 9am 2day he was the one dat gave me a run down of events of today.
    Well according 2 him and what he gathered from officers around b4 the curfew.the hostiles attempted 2 penetrate from areas around jimelta checkpoint area and some other areas bordering kambari village..actually patrol teams made contact with them first after they engaged troops at the check points..the explosions and gunfire was around 3am helicopters began engaging hostile as they attempted 2 disperse into smaller groups and advance.alpha jets and possible F-7s then provided strategic bombardment centered on armour nd technicals used by the hostiles while helos supplied CAS..he made it a point 2 ask me why they seemed desperate to head to the NAF base(303 wing command).they made every.attempt to attack the base….then trust MTN NOW them show their talent..

  35. Buchi says:

    If u want to call anyone there I suggest u use airtel or glo at least it is more clearer..before the.line went dead I asked about.monguno..he that rumours around was that it.had.fallen..
    Well I called.him around 7pm this evening on my glo line and he told me that NA not only dealt with the insurgents but chased them as far as jere lga..where civilian jtf boys obviously annoyed at how they were bypassed by the hostile joined in the chase..he told me word in town is that none of the insurgents made it back alive as hunters and youths from kambari are on a vengance mission..i asked a couple of questions especially due fear about the air base..he told me that he was indoors at his uncle’s friends place near the city center and the.curfew was in place..but he said all he knew was that the airbasd was safe..he however praised.the artillery men of maimalari barracks (vulcans) he simply told me that.they.were on point and on target with their tracked guns( I guess tracked 105mm)..he then confirmed that monguno was safe and in NA hands

    • giles says:

      God bless u for dis up date.only dat I read someway which dey claim it was gen olukolade’s speech dat konduga monguno and maiduguri wer attacked others wer repelled but dat monguno fell.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you very much @Buchi. You have out done CNN, BBC, CCTV, AIT,..even xyz on this one. Thanks a lot.

  36. Buchi says:

    Dude told me also.that konduga was attacked..they simply wanted 2 breach and were proobing for.the weakest.point.well they found.non.

    Well I have a little intel I want 2 share I discussed with him about the so called.stories around about the media made up massive territories controlled by BH..well here was what he made me understand.
    Each lga in made up of towns and villages.each has a major town..
    Bh may control a town or 2 in an Lga but it doesnt mean that they control the full.LGA but trust the media (foreign and local to sensationalis the truth..he complained.that the NA needed more men and deployments because they were streched 2 thin and unlike most areas in nigeria that have one or two access points towns and villages in borno.may have as much a3 main access points and 10 smaller or petty access point hence even if all were guarded.the requisite force mutipliers and fire support may not go round.hence that is way some checkpoints and small.fob can buckled.because NA is attempting 2 hold 2 may places at the same time borderin fgh a single objective..

  37. Buchi says:

    Well here is a run down of all lgas in borno and their status
    Abadam- contested as at last contact
    with friend serving at an FOB near
    Askira/Uba- in NA hand
    Bama – line of defense held there
    some villages partially held
    Bayo – in NA hand
    Biu – in NA hand
    Chibok – protected by troops from
    damboa garrison in NA hands
    Damboa – undisputed in NA hand
    however probing attacks have always
    been repelled
    Dikwa – as at dec 21 2014 status held
    by insurgents….daily action reported
    between hostile nd troops
    Gubio- attcked a couple of times but
    in NA hands status- precarious
    Guzamala – in NA hands
    Gwoza-in BH control
    Hawul-in BH control situation may
    have changed
    Jere- contested
    Kaga- In NA hand
    Kala/Balge- status unknown last intel
    out of area showed it was in NA
    Konduga – strong defense line in
    Kukawa- BH control uncertain
    Kwaya Kusar- uncertain
    Mafa-in BH hands
    Magumeri-in NA hands
    Maiduguri- in NA hands
    Marte, Nigeria-contested
    Mobbar-in NA hands
    Monguno- as at nov 204 was briefly
    held by insurgents need confirmation
    Ngala – near cameroun border held by
    Nganzai-IN NA hands
    Shani – in bh hands situation fluid

    I posted nairaland profile in reponse 2 an individual peddling the media’s lies
    So the notion of 7lgs being under the control of bornu state gove is false

  38. Buchi says:

    So the AOR is massive if we are going for an offensive let it be LAUCHed as soon as possible because the uneven terrain and access points are being exploited heavily by bh.mobility needs 2 be knocked.out.we need 3 harrass their logistics supply round from places like gamboru ngala and.aschigiya..that is why we need 2 attempt dropping SF troops behind enemy lines.
    Even if the.logistics are tough..let make that gamble.
    A little rumble like operation market garden.
    For all those peddling lie that bh control.70% of bornu be warned

    • jimmy says:

      Thanks for the timely updates oga BUCH i am trying also to get through, however what is the latest on MONGUNO ?.Based on what you are telling us it appears the BASE was a target because of the Helios and punishment being meted out.
      I am not being dramatic but I ‘ m pray to night the NA goes on the offensive this week make bh have to defend baga/ gwoza or bundi it does not matter have a SOLID plan pick a weak target and retake it.

  39. drag_on says:

    Oga beeg.I believe we have done the maths somewhere before. Approx 50% of the helicopter force is expected to be operational, another 20% on standby to deal with emergencies while the remaining 30% in rotating maintenance. This is required if we are to maintain sustained operational presence. If we were to be using them all at the same time then there will be an ‘air gap’ where they all need maintenance and can’t fly. So if we need “x” aircraft to cover country,we need “2x” to maintain that cover. To provide appropriate cover in the mission areas we need approx 35 helios and to maintain that cover, 65-70.

    • beegeagle says:

      As you can see, in the heat of battle, there was no air support available to the defenders at MONGUNO. Maybe what we were saying this morning about the pretty useless numbers of airframes available has been amplified even further

      IF we have garrisons in the SoE areas which cannot get defensive air cover, when are we going to manage to muster air support for offensive action? Our forces sit back and wait for BH to come at them because for now, that is the best that they can do….not that they are clueless. The defence of Monguno would have been as remarkable as what transpired at MDGR IF they had generous air support to send the attackers into disarray.

  40. freeegulf says:

    well done oga buchi, you are an indispensable asset. kudos NA, these BH vermin would soon be completely obliterated.
    however, for these terrs to be eliminated from our territory, our defensive mindset need to change. we need to be on the offensive. the use of SF should move beyond theory, we need these operators behind enemy lines wrecking havoc on these miscreants.

    NA really need to revamp their strategy and embody an attack mindset. such is the way to overcome asymmetric forces. staying on the defensive and guarding towns and villages is not the solution, it would simply end up as a long drawn conflict. staff officers should please start drawing a good operational plans to rollback these terrs and secure our borders before the international community decide to dissect what is left of nigeria

    NA hasnt shown any flare for sophisticated manoeuvre and high tactics. this is mobile warfare, they have all that they need to completely dominate the terrain. large flanking sweeps and air assault ops need to be exploited to the maximum in this conflict.
    Godspeed to our valiant heroes that stare death in the face and death blinked. intrepid and stout-hearted shall be their middle names

  41. Buchi says:

    Oga jimmy right now what I.posted is all.i can trust now..i chatted on whatsapp.with a senior of mine in sec school now a lance corp.based in jos.
    He simply told me that “fight dey go on there” anything else he doesnt know.
    I agree with u.our defensive posture is not yielding fruit at all.we.need to hit a weak link and them on the defensive.this.chadian rebel mercs of them a merticulosly selecting target 2 hit.we need 2 start this offensive now.even if all equipment are not on ground.for crying out loud.nigerians are innovative,we can think under pressure..we can create solutions.if close air support is.lacking then let the artillery guns roar.if we lack ammunition(as they seem 2 say)
    What happened 2 good.old survival insticts.pick that. Dead boko’s magazine.if u are not under fire..ransack his dead f…king body and strip.him of any ammo he has..forge on.find cover..down them and continue up ur objective..maintain firing discipline 2 conserve ammo..
    I don tire seriously…….we need 2 put this bastards on the bckfoot…
    We can try a little recklessnes..put a bullish attitude.and scare them a little force them to stumble.then.lose their ground..
    Even if our british heritage stipulates that we must go into any objective wirh the adequate knowledge of our support system.let try.our own orbat doctrine in this case.let bring in the neccesity of action.lets.pack.the.power..let this offensive begin

  42. Buchi says:

    This thing just dey vex me.the events of today brought me close 2 tears

    • Are James says:

      Thank you so much for sitreps. It is so much better to hear from a patriotic Nigerian than a foreign intelligence agency no matter how negative or positive the news is.

      Our problem is in the air.

      The war will be over in three weeks enough six planes and choppers are in the air at any given time supporting aggressive surveillance and mopping up operations. The LGA s will be liberated one after the other in quick succession and BH would be put into flight.

      This means for NAF a back end structure of Air traffic controllers, ground support operations personnel, armament technicians and maintenance personnel supporting the large number of sorties required. I am not sure NAF is ready for this volume of operations yet and they have not asked for support from allies.

  43. odion777 says:

    There is a formula for this war, actually this war can easily be won, I will keep you guys posted in the next few hours.

  44. beegeagle says:


    This was not a victory, the opfor’s objectives have been achieved, Depressingly, with the fall of Monguno, Maiduguri is effectively encircled . With only one vent (Damaturu) . BH tactics involve simultaneous night attacks to stretch air cover, while the garrison forces keep falling back, Monguno was attacked at the same time as Maiduguri . Damaturu was attacked the same time as Baga was taken, Monguno was attacked simultaneously from 4 fronts, Baga from 3 fronts, none of the defensive forces could mount a counter attack to decimate the enemy significantly or regain strategic advantage.1000 men fell back at Monguno in the face of the attack, most of them had already moved their families before the assault, the men defending this cities do not at this time believe that they can effectively hold the cities. Now we know that Baga was never retaken. Beegs is correct, we do not have enough air assets to cover a multi front battle, simultaneous attacks expose that weakness, now the men on ground must be entrusted to fight with no possibility of air cover for significant periods of time. the 7th div with the assignment of the new GOC will be given the opportunity to prove itself in the defence of Maiduguri and the effort to retake portions of Northern Borno.

    Right now there are 3 major Axes, 3rd div in Mubi Michika Gwoza Axis, 7th Div in Northern Borno Axis, and then the Buni Yadi , Gujba Axis with Damaturu. Can friendly forces defend simultaneous attacks ? (ala tet offensive) combined with IED attacks on population areas? Can we resupply all forces ? is sufficient arty and/or air cover there. Can immediate counter attacks be launced via all 3 axis in order to “give the enemy hell”? Are the commanders there ready for the enemy at the gates? This questions will probably be asked and answered before or during election day. Victory only comes from God.

  45. beegeagle says:


    This forum is great! Oga Beegeagle has by far the best collection of Nigerian military hardware for us to see. and the readers here are i must say are probably the most patriotic Nigerians ever born. I hope our military actually read and follow this forum because it has so many good suggestions. But patriotism ladies and gentlemen shouldnt not be an excuse for dellusion.


    1) why are our soldiers always running out of ammunition and boko haram never does?
    2) is it that difficult to resupply soldiers in battle? eg airdrops of ammo from planes and helicopters?
    3) why are we always on the defensive and almost never on the offensive. We seem to always wait for and then repel an attack, we never hear of counterattacks or towns or barracks being recovered.
    4) in fact in this Monguno town how can 1,400 soldiers abandon their base, weapons and families to boko? the same boko haram will then turn the tanks, APC and guns against us??

    TIME TO STOP DECEIVING OURSELVES GENTLEMAN, If the Naija military was winning we wont be hearing bad news all the time, our countries is becoming like sierra-leone and liberia that we once went to fix.

    i’m beegeagle wont even post my response, he never does… maybe because i tell the truth and most patriots in nigeria dont like to hear that..

  46. beegeagle says:

    You are right, Bayo. That is because your very first comment suggested abundantly that you were almost certainly looking to advance an anti-govt political interest rather than contribute to DEFSEC analysis and advocacy. Perhaps you are a purveyor of regime change who is out to “name-and-shame” but this is a DEFSEC blog and not a political roundtable where every downturn in our national life is a weapon to be used to score political points.

    Running such a busy blog has afforded one certain near-infallible abilities to pre-judge motives and deconstruct persona. You can see how many people are in here yet we do not sound like either SR or TAN. So that is why not everyone gets heard.

    Many have come like lambs but turned out to be closet BH sympathisers. Some are here to market themselves, or to defend the State blindly, or undermine the State, or to market their business interests or to seek to gain cheap political mileage. All tendencies are well understood and I shall quietly clampdown as one sees fit. Some people are going to lose their commenting status for either arrogating unearned competencies to themselves, attempted bullying and for being intractably unruly or quarrelsome. Some are closet enemies of the State who spread fear and doubt, some are hirelings of unclear foreign interests while others are hyper-patriotic jingoists who think they love the country the most and know what is best for her.

    Thank you for your comment, compatriot.

  47. beegeagle says:

    Well done, Buchi. Thank you for the updates…usable content from what has become a journalistic black hole.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Beeg, Air cover, Air cover, Air cover!!!

      Why do trained military personnel require aircover to defend their bases? Base after base, after base keep falling to a bunch of ill-trained illiterates, yet we keep calling on air cover.

      Only few militaries, certainly not Nigeria, can provide air cover all the time. We don’t have the assets or the defence industry to support this constant call for air cover. What is wrong with our strategy and tactics should be the right question.

      Why can’t trained me defend their bases?

      • beegeagle says:

        Good question but that is has to adopting a pragmatic approach…doing what will work in the prevailing circumstances. Sabotage and poor leadership could be two issues key to unearthing the underlying causes.

        These are clearly not the 1990s era troops who went to Somalia without a NAF contingent support yet they busted snipers nests, fought off ambushes, stood and fought where First World armies turned and fled etc.

        The total turnaround requires a deeper level intervention and the exigencies of the time requires that all who are willing to fight be given all the enablers possible. We cannot move the troops and their leaders back to NASI or NATRAC for retraining at this time.

      • I second your opinion Oga Henry. The blame has to be placed squarely on the laps of the senior commanders PERIOD!!! Its high time we start demanding that they be made to pay seriously for every base that falls…This includes the CDS. What is the difference with the quality of battle responses when Ihejirika was COAS and now? There seem to be a disconnect from bases that are under attack. How come they keep running out of ammunitions during battles? Poor logistics? Improper expenditure of bullets during battle? Inadequate Bullets? How do the CO’s in the FOB’s plan their base defence? How come BH continues to use the same tactics against NA and their has been no response to cancel it or use it against them? Finally, let us stop deceiving ourselves that BH are just a rag tag army…They mave have those elements in their ranks but they have very good planners…I suspect that they get help from highly skilled, battle tested foreign jihad fighters. They have adapted better in this war than the NA.

  48. beegeagle says:

    What would it take for as long as this war lasts, and for two years thereafter (to consolidate the peace), to have a Hind parked on 25m x 25m landing strip inside every regimental or battalion barracks in the SoE areas? If air support is available from the onset of every effort to defend the formation, I doubt that units would fall to insurgents.

    Let us innovate and think outside the box o.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegs, you have a solid point about air cover and helicopters.
      The thing is, why do our well stocked bases keep falling to boko haram, effectively arming them? Boko haram has numbers, but unlike us, they have no air force. Even worse, they have no real military training.

      It is clear that there is a much deeper malaise. If we arm all bases with Hinds, they just might be the next to go to boko haram.

      There doesn’t seem to be any logical reason for the loss of Monguno which didn’t lack weaponry, or the foot dragging in the capture of Baga, which too was well armed; Gwoza we have almost forgotten exists.
      Perhaps, we have religious fanatics or a fifth column occupying mid-ranking to high positions in the army. Perhaps we have saboteurs/indecision in govt. I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely SYSTEMIC and we have to tell ourselves these hard truths.

      My Oga, things are wrong and its very painful.

      • Are James says:

        Mid ranked saboteurs very likely.
        Incompetence at brigade commander level most definitely.
        Inadequate air support quite obviously.
        Poor leadership at all levels prevalently.

  49. So Boko harams real objective was the weapon chest on Monguno…
    Horrible decision by the military brass to retreat from Monguno and leave those weapons in boko harams hands.

    • mcshegz says:

      and this so called horrible decision was relayed to you from where? if you don’t mind
      Oga dreamestorical, I respect your hustle sir.

      • Roy says:

        Without aggravating the situation. Air cover, air cover and air cover, hello! Boko haram don’t have air cover too.

        Our defensive strategy definitely has some questions to answer.

        We shall overcome.

  50. giles says:

    it’s either we finish dis NE ops now or it’s going to b hard after d election. reason is dat a large number of non indigenes n Christians are leaving d northern region which will leave a vacuum if not checked can b explored by does haramist.with d way der are enmass n resupplying der ammunitions dey might just boycott Maiduguri and go for other cities. and again if care is not taken I c an external force in Nigeria mayb after d pls rise up from ur slip our great army..

  51. giles says:

    if ask .I tink it’s time we make use of artillery n mrls.combining it with a UaV as a spotter and to increase accuracy. at least dis will mold dem of for long.or don’t we any artillery company

  52. odion777 says:

    This war will only be won by one thing and one thing only, mass of tanks and APC in the affected states, Adamawa, Yobe and Borno state, truth is the General of the Nigeria Army know this and they are all looking for how to make a quick buck with the repeated story of final push or expecting some modern Helicopter or military aircraft, even during the Biafran war we had sanctions from the Western countries.

    Nigeria army should deploy 70% of the Nigeria military personnel to the affected states assisted by the civilian JTF and other remant of the affected stated like the Police and Mopol unit, Nigeria army should also deploy 300 Amoured vehicle to the affected states and each military garrison or barrack should have none less than 15 Tanks attached to it, Boko Haram should also be encircled and all those towns under Boko Haram control should be closed in, towns such as Chibok, Buni Yadi, Michika, Gulak,Madagali,Gwoza,Bama, Banki, Dikwa, Ngala,Marte,Monguno, Baga, as record shows we have in service the following tanks listed below.

    (Have not included the tanks not in services or been expected, have also left out some APC and tanks in very few numbers)
    24 = T54/55 Battle tank,
    108 = Vicker tank,
    16 = AMX/30 Battle tank,
    157 = FV101 Scopion Reconnaissance Amored Vehicle,
    250 = Saurer 4K 4FA Amored personnel carrier,
    110 = Mowag Piranha Amored personnel carrier,
    75 = Saxon Amored personnel carrier,
    47 = BTR3 Amored personnel carrier,
    130 = Panhard AML Tank,
    80 = ERC Sangin,
    70 = EE-9 Cascavel
    204 = Otokar Cobra,
    10 = Saracen,
    Igirigi = ( Unknown numbers)

    If you look at the 2nd world war and the German advance, the battle of Stanlingrad and how the Russian defended Stanligrad, and most combat won by Isreal, those war where won and defended by tanks Division, dont see why ours should be any different, Tanks win battle and boost troops moral, NATO went into panic when Russian tanks headed for the Ukraine border, Isreal have never failed to flaunt its military tanks, if we can deploy all this tanks to the troubled states, in a month Boko Haram will be closed out.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga odian777 don’t be deceived by wikipedia list of Nigerian army arsenal that has many equipment no longer existing in service, many ancient weapons in wrong numbers are listed there, you don’t have all those armoured vehicles oga mi, not all.

  53. odion777 says:

    Even during the gulf war, we saw the role tanks played and can we please stop saying Boko Haram have acquired a land mass the size of England and Northern Ireland or Sambisa forest is the size of wales, in the 1940 the German invaded Europe on several fronts, they where not deterred by the size of the land mass of France, Poland, Belgium, Yugoslavia, Russia when they invaded so we should not be talking of land mass, take each back a day at a time with 2 or 3 frontiers created with the assistance of those Tanks.

  54. Oje says:

    Odion,that is 1939 where Tanks were produced in the tens of thousands, where the Luftwaffe had 200,000 aircraft’s, where having a 2 million man army was considered modest. This is the Era of ”small and numble”, smaller forces with precision assets and power projection caps win the battle field. A 150,000 man army with dozens of aircraft’s and hundreds of Tanks is just too small to control and area that large, even Boko Haram do not control that area. That can cause carnage and destruction in that large area they control, but they do not control it in its entirety, its basically impossible to do.

  55. Oje says:

    How about the Nigerian generals takje a gamble Oga beeg? it worked for Rommel and Norman Schawkpov (God knows how Americans keep up with pronunciations). Alpha Strike or Blitzkrieg like mass attack. Launch all your forces in its entirety against a single finite target. We dont have tme, John Kerry has warned Nigeria not to postpone the elections. Do we really have time to take back lost territories without resorting to nukes?

    • Are James says:

      We have suggested COIN blitzkrieg but I am afraid now to admit that the army cannot maintain a push beyond 5 days at the most. The logistical skills and organizational requirements for a sustained offensive I believe is completely lacking.

      • jimmy says:

        @ This stage anything will do a weekend three day blitz on multiple fronts starting Friday night ending Monday morning with up to 10,000 security personnel is doable,what needs to be infused is resolute leadership. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • fmkpang says:

        Years of neglect and pretending all is well, now the chickens have come home to roost. I still believe though that the NA will have Victory, in d short term, NA needs to have all the needed weaponry, logistics, men/women to make d NE safe again. In the long term, we need to refocus DICON, so that within 5-10 years, we should be manufacturing 60% 0f our military needs.
        I have brodas, cousins, friends, neighbours serving in the NA, and i pray that they will clear the doubts of all terrs

  56. odion777 says:

    You can only go on the offensive with Tanks in great numbers, just this weekend we lost over 40 foot soldiers while Boko Haram lost 150 foot soldiers, Boko haram are now recruiting child solders, The kanuri are assisted by the Fulani tribe in this insurgency, the Fulani tribe cut across 22 countries in Africa including Egypt and Sudan and they re all united in time of war, that is the reason Boko Haram will never run out of foot soldiers, if we had enough Tanks Baga and Monduno would not have fallen, Baga had just 3 APC and Monduno had one Shilka Tank, with Tank you can advance into the enemy and take out their technical and trucks.

    • Are James says:

      Okay. Once in a while you come across brilliant and undeniable truth on Beegeagle like this one about the ethnic nationalistic sustenance for the war.

  57. buchi says:

    oga zacharray 99 the aircrafts handled by air usa is damnn well pod and PGM on alpha jets kai..that is really it..
    look my people.i dont care if we buy more F-7s or even kafir block 60 jets or more alp-ha jets or even JH-7…i simply want aircraft flying in echelon formation (at least 6 to9 in pair) heading to provide support to any FOb under attack…
    more MI 24 and 34 helios…our MI-8 seem non existent..where is it get it out and rig it up.bois at NAF ordinance dept can do that..we need to get as much assets as we can get…..we shouldnt allow monguno to stay beyond…wednesday
    since majority of these aircarfts are 5 hardpointers or 6 hardpoint enabled…one thing is sure we need to turn the tide we need more CAS and we need more airframes…..
    PGMs are a must if we indeed got this mode of alpha jets from the yanks then i hope we got a large unit of MK-82,83 and 84 strike A preset ordinance..both guided and unguided..anything that has a blast radius greater than 25m is wellcome….if we cant get the high ups now..let get what we are used to in large quantities..
    while we wait for the bigger ones…i must warn the as we seek to buy the bigger fish aircrafts with anything less than 7 hardpoints are not welcome

    • Augustine says:

      Oga buchi, you get pilots for new types of aircraft? Takes about a year to train a qualified jet pilot, 6 months will produce a half-baked rookie fly boy.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The Yanks do not have anything to do with Alpha jets, stop dreaming nothing is coming from the Yanks, never has, not in the horizon. we would be better with the SU25s, the alpha jet is not designed for this type of (CAS) close air support but more equipped and effective for combat (AI) Air interdiction and (DAS) that is aimed at destroying BH’s advances and retreat away from the NA ground troops, the reason NAF comes in after NA disengages from battles or BH is in retreat. Without precision delivery weapons or capability of low engagement speed with none precision armament ( canons, rockets), there is a very strong risk of blue on blue , which would be a morale and PR disaster. It would not take a year to train already operational pilots to operate the SU25. It is forgiving on tactical delivery methods, since it carries enough payload and protection for the crew ( BH has no aerial engagement capability).

  58. Martin Luther says:


  59. Augustine says:

    Gentlemen, we keep asking for NAF air support, does Boko Haram have an air force supporting them? Yet they have held Nigerian army that has an air force covering them, to a standstill for 4 good years !

    What if Nigerian army was fighting Chad that has air support? Whom are you gonna call, Ghost Busters?

    Many things are very wrong with Nigerian army, a good army should be able to defeat a weaker land force without air support, have Boko Haram commanders been trained in NATO world class military officers academy like NA? Have Boko Haram fighters ever graduated from NDA military academy?

    Nigerian army suffers from :

    1. Lack of war scenario training and exercises like Operation Seadog that teaches you real war-like combat in peacetime

    2. Cowards who don’t want to die. I will say it here, I won’t say it in London to world news media

    3. Incompetent officers who cannot think outside the box and create peculiar tactics for our peculiar kind of battlefield, and on the spot spontaneous thinking to turn the tide of battle in our favour when faced with difficult situations and enemy advantage

    4. Shortage of ammunition/ordnance and poor resupply lines in battle zones

    5. Weak firepower, not enough of new weapons that FG claims have arrived, did we have T-72 in Baga and Monguno ?

    6. Internal fifth column saboteurs, traitors and moles, cysts in the system, Boko Haram’s secret supporters inside Nigerian military

    7. Lack of alternative to air cover and alternative to Toyota 23mm x 2 cannon technicals, lack of T-72 tanks that Boko Haram cannot stop.

    8. Poor communication equipment/systems from soldier to commander to HQ

    9. Inability to send in reinforcements to desperately needed fronts, in good time before our lines fall.

    9.Defensive posture, we are always on the defensive most of the time in 4 years. In war, attack is an indispensable form of defense you cannot ignore.

    If you keep defending you will soon be losing land, no football team wins a match with defensive game 90 minutes, you need to score goals to win, no wonder NA+NAF Vs Boko Haram = Goaless Draw after full time of play.

    Only an army that is being attacked loses land, Boko Haram won’t lose land until you attack them and force them to lose it, NA loses land because it is under constant pressure of enemy attack.


    Too late to rebuild NAF in fire brigade approach now, NAF has confessed it cannot be everywhere, shortage of aircraft, shortage of pilots, no pilots qualified to fly new types of aircraft.

    Nigerian army can win almost every battle with infantry backed by enough and omnipresent T-72 tanks advantage in areas where a tank can go, but for Gwoza hill type of terrain, infantry is the only solution, well equipped infantry and large numbers, carefully selected effective units, battle tested and found competent.

    My 2 kobo.

    • igbi says:

      Cowardice is a crime in The Nigerian army. Moreover you are not the NSA, you are just a blogger, nothing more. And what the NSA said had a context, he said that the people who keep decieving the public on their welfare and on their equipment were cowards and that such people are being met with the proper punishment by the courtmarshals. If you are going to be insulting Nigerians soldiers, I am not going to take that kindly.

      • Augustine says:

        @igbi, you forget that you are just an ordinary blogger like me, you are nothing more! I will post my comments and you CANNOT do anything about it if you don’t like them. I have courage to challenge NSA for calling Nigerian soldiers cowards in front of world press, you igbi has no courage to challenge the NSA, so you chose to harrass an ordinary Nigerian instead…..igbi you too are one of the Nigerian cowards with green passport, you can only attack very soft targets….my beloved igbi na original coward o !

      • igbi says:

        Look augustin, the matter we are talking about is a serious one. And we need to thread with it in a serious manner. You can continue insulting me as much as you want, it doesn’t touch me. I don’t think it is an act of bravery to twist the words of the NSA and to challenge hierarchy. Courage comes with a personal risk, you are not taking any personal risk. The only risk you are taking is that of encourageing mutiny. I know the importance of respecting hierarchy, eventhough it took me years to see. And again, i only gave you facts, you are just a blogger, I didn’t mean it as an insult, but rather as a reminder. I think it would be best if we all post helpful things rather than insulting the soldiers who are paying the ultimate price while we are typing.

      • igbi says:

        @augustin, mutiny might not be a personal danger to you since you do not live in Nigeria, but it is dangerous for Nigeria, then again do you actually love Nigeria ? Is Nigeria bigger in your eyes than your ego ? Have a nice day.

  60. jimmy says:
    Is this true ? can someone confirm ?this is the first time apart from OGA ZACHARY that I am hearing of the US helping Nigeria through the backdoor

    • majorohis says:

      Uncle Sam is definitely helping, but not in way we might think. There are other dimensions to this fight that will never be in the media.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The Moth ( Nigeria) and the Flame ( West/USA), are we this gullible. Of what benefit is it to the West, to have a black large economy; nationalistic enough for other African countries to look up too. Go and ask the Libyans now if they do not prefer the east. They have told you they don’t need your oil. what exactly do you think they need from you. you to complete with them in future over West Africa.

  61. doziex says:

    Okay, gentlemen, In a nutshell, NA’s problems vs BH can be likened to the problem many heavy weight boxers have when facing the current champ Vladimir Klitchko.

    The issue is one of superior range.( reach)

    Folks in cameroun, and chad are not having such a hard time with BH tactics, because they fight the same way maximizing the REACH, and VOLUME of lead they could throw down range at any given instance.

    So whenever, you see Chadian or BH convoys, they are bristling with heavy caliber long range AAA guns. That are guaranteed to reach out and touch most foes 1st, in any engagement.

    NA TO IT’s DETRIMENT doesn’t believe in this kind of combat, it’s not how the british or the americans do it.

    However, somebody forgot to tell NA, that the brits and the americans are not overly concerned about AAAs, because of they have superior situational awareness, AND PRECISION GUIDED WEAPONS OF ALL KINDS and ALL MOUNTS, THAT NEGATES THE RANGE AND OTHER ADVANTAGES OF THE AAA.

    AREAs that NA has precious little investment in.

    SO, NA if you want to fight like NATO, equip yourself as NATO, so the doctrine would make sense.


    Also if , NA can’t afford NATO sophistication, or even that of morocco and Algeria, then we have to consider fighting like the Chadians with AA guns on every other truck.


    NA seems to have adopted the SHILKA as their base defender.

    But the Shilka’s are old and prone to jamming, or just not in sufficient numbers.

    Case in point, A lone shilka was carrying the day in monguno, until it ran out of ammo.

    A shilka jammed at GIWA barracks, some years back, leaving the base at BH’s mercy.

    The Shilka aka ZSU-23-4 is simply a quad AA gun that can put some respectable lead down range.

    In Libya, yemen, Isis, BH, sudan, chad etc etc the ZSU-23-2 with a double barrel or single barreled AA guns are mounted on trucks and jeeps of all kinds.

    With all this DIRECT fire power going down range, who cares if one SHILKA jams ?

    SO, In conclusion, NA needs to do what BH does when they capture NA issued Hiluxes.

    They tear of the roofs, and those silly chairs, weld on a pole, and mount any AA gun within reach.

    And this message also goes to the MOPOL, NPF AND CJTF.

    Until this war is over, stop underequipping yourselves on purpose, and wonder why BH is sacking our towns, and slaughtering our civilians.

    What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

    Technicals, RPGs, AK-47s, dragunov sniper rifles and PKMs for ALL WILLING COMBATANTs on our side.

    Stop leaving the CTJF with daggers and dane guns

    ARM and train them appropriately, we need all the civil defense we can get.

    • Kay says:

      CJTF wield ak47s in pictures I’ve seen.
      Left to me CJTF probably have extensive knowledge of the terrain and can be incredible assets to the army if only the army would use them appropriately plus superior tactics. BH probably know their surroundings well too and mixing it up with deadly tactics probably have been able to attack frequently.

    • igbi says:

      Doziex, you have done a verry good work right here. Welldone.

    • Augustine says:

      Thanks oga doziex ! Good talk !

    • igbi says:

      Although I am quite certain that the chadians haven’t engaged boko haram yet and that cameroon helped by the western media has constantly downplayed its setbacks. If they were so good then they would not be begging for help. So I don’t think NA methods are less good than that of cameroon.

  62. Kay says:

    In this era of low oil prices, we might not be able to afford expensive PGMs. An alternative would be to attach JDAM/guidance kits to our existing range of rockets/missiles. Can buy preferably from China or develop our own. Easiest, cheapest way to have smart bombs. (the kits are mostly tail fins or wings, gps, microchips) They can be attached to rockets, mortars and free fall ‘dumb bombs’. Yeah, we need to do a bit of work from army engineers affixing them but beats shelling out tens of thousands a pop for PGMs.

    • igbi says:

      Our economy is still growing, dispite the drop in oil price.

    • Are James says:

      Installation and calibration is still a challenge. At the end of the day you need trained manpower.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Kay, don’t let anybody deceive you with low oil prices. FG released $1 billion cash plus $1 billion Russian loan totals $2 billion for new weapons in 6 months. Metis M-1 ATGM costs about $5,000 per missile for second hand missile and about $200,000 for second hand launcher.

      With $1 million NA infantry boys gets 4 ATGM launchers plus 40 missiles. Another $1 million NAF helicopters get 100 Ataka PGM missiles.

      So out of $2 billion, no human being in Nigeria is intelligent enough to spend 0.001 % of that new weapons cash on missiles? Then no wonder white people believe that we black people have brain malfunction. Pity !

      • Kay says:

        METIS and ATAKA were made for heavy armour and effective against moving targets too. In the case of structural targets, not sure they hold up well unless with thermobaric warheads. Not sure what the alpha jets use.
        Just trying to lay down options since they like to complain about ‘$10000 rockets’. F2M2 missile though American costs about $5000 to make with off the shelf parts. Trust the Chinese to better that
        Not an easy feat but if well managed, its something DICON can do to be just as good as DENEL SA. I don’t believe producing a form of PGM is a far fetched idea for a country like Nigeria.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kay kindly avoid twisting information. Metis and Ataka missiles have both HEAT warhead for anti-armour role and THERMOBARIC warhead for soft targets like Toyotas, and fortifications. When a comment is good, lets learn to accept it or keep quiet, enough of twisting it with ‘but’ and ‘if’ to make it look incomplete or useless, lets not mislead Nigerians. A good army knows when to use HEAT or THERMOBARIC. Leave Alpha jet out of it, I said Mi-35 Hind. Stop making the matter confusing to mess up the message . Thanks.

  63. jimmy says:
    Monday Afternoon news:
    Premium times is reporting unconfirmed let me stress that unconfirmed that the Brigade Commander of the Monguno barracks of the 5th Brigade Brig Yekini though wounded in action has been removed from Command let me stress this it has NOT been confirmed by DHQ.
    I personally want to believe that the DHQ will honestly realize it is in their best INTERESTS for reasons I will not go into that the Monguno Army barracks needs to be retaken as soon as possible.
    It is very important for all of us on this blog to stay calm especially now.
    Let me say this too OGA DOZIEX and to my fellow bloggers SIZE matters and it is important to understand even under the best circumstances you need ATTACK helios for targets of OPPORTUNITY we are reading first hand accounts of how desperate BH were to get into the NAF BASE IN maiduguri the reason being because of what they truly fear most CAS , to our President CDS , C NAF we need those AIRCRAFT and helios now I am reduced to begging and I will beg for my Nigeria because without the NAF this war is going to take a long time.
    To the COAS , I am begging hold your senior COMMANDERS responsible the members of the MJTF who retreated from BAGA should lead the Vanguard in retaking in they LOST IT , THEY NEED TO fight to retake it back,For the love of God and everything that is within me I am appealing to you with a sense of honor and duty please retake Monguno.God’s speed Amen
    Finally the picture shows the first real evidence of the troops who retook MUBI had elements of SF involved, I cannot make out the name of the Colonel anyone knows?

  64. Oje says:

    I don’t know why everybody keeps using Chad as an example or barometer to measure Nigeria’s military prowess. There is a bug difference between asymmetry and conventional warfare. One abides by the rules of engagements, the other set their own rules. No country in Africa today can match the Nigerian military when it comes to resilience. Make no mistake, the Cameroonians and Chadians are finding it easy because %95 of Boko Harams man power is locked in battle against Nigerian troops and they dare not let loose a foot at the gas pedal for a minute or their temporary territorial gains will be up in smoke. Cameroon or Chad will not survive a full scale Boko Haram onslaught for 2 motnhs much less 5 years. Not only are they outnumbered by Boko Haram they recruit faster. Chadian Migs are completely useless and limited in numbers against Boko Haram. Chadian Tanks are negligible to be frank. The only strength Chad can draw from are its elite and equally brutal troops bu then again numbers are against them. Cameroon with all its bravado about ” going into Nigeria to finnish Boko Haram if we cannot do it ourselves” were forced to cry for international help after Boko Harams continuous assault in Cameroonian villages. Their 7000 man BIR are stretched to thin.

    Against this backdrop anyone who thinks Chad can take on Nigeria’s conventional might in air,land and sea is crazy. Even their strongman Idris Derby has publicly stated than besides Nigeria and Egypt no force can take on them. Tank for Tank, artillery for artillery, Nigeria will find it easier on the battlefield against a defined enemy like Cameroon and Chad. If after 5 years of fighting Boko Haram Nigeria has not gone the way of Iraq,Syria,Mali or CAR then Boko Haram dream of conquering Nigeria is nothing but a pipe dream…but then these people are heavy drug users, hell they think they can take on America when they are high on heroin, this explains their surprisingly brazen and daring attacks. We need to come up with something that will motivate our boys in arms. We can spend $20 billion if we like but if morale is low and the incessant corruption scandal dont end it will take us time to completely wipe out Boko Haram- But it will be done.

      • jimmy says:

        I honestly do not know, I know something like this would be kept on the hush, hush but in the days leading up to FEB and right after the election it will be ” Day of days” also a lot of stuff speculation will be flying about all sorts of things.I mentioned that John Kerry an avowed critic of Nigeria mentioned Military Aid to Nigeria as a kind of Carrot again this I am extremely careful to stress is Speculation.
        More speculation
        Last week on CNN the Former Commander of the AFRICOM forces was talking about CNN and he mentioned that he hoped after the election was over the training and relationship between Nigeria and the U.S. could resume, let me stress for the third time this is speculation, I was and still and very skeptical of Kerry infact he is not what i consider a true Friend of Nigeria, however give the devil it’s due events leading to and just after the pivotal vote against Palestine may have thawed “something” what it is I do not know I can only speculate. POTUS also mentioned BH in his state of the union speech which for the uninformed is a speech given by the President as to what he wants to acheive DOMESTICALLY not INTERNATIONALLY for it to be included means something what he wants to do – your guess is as good as mine.
        The SA story is the first i heard from your link

      • Are James says:

        Maybe Eeben’s PMC.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Sir, With all respect to you , the SU25s would stop or blunt any attack against the BH’s technicals, it carries enough weapon load and would operate without risking coming out of it’s envelope ( stalling) displaying good engagement speed with handling capabilities at low attitude and speed. good turning characteristics ( double the load of 1 Alpha jet, can transit at Mach one dashes and fly slower than an Alpha jet to engage ground targets. ) . As of now, BH does not have any armament that can penetrate it’s titanium bucket cockpit , even at close range.( Iraq/US first option against IS was the SU25s)
      Also Sir, tell me what we have that can prevent or stop an attack on our capitals , strategic facilities ( Airports, Military Airfields, runways , bridges, electricity generation, against the Chadian air superiority MIG-29s. You cannot bomb their own airfield, especially Ndjamena where the French Mirage squadron is based with the US drones, also you would also like to know that the re-fueling tankers (B707 are parked very close to the civilian terminals). This was the same arrangement that brought Frances into Cote ,Divoirein via collateral damage from Gbagbo’s Airforce (SU25 attack in Bouake).. I totally agree with you that Chad should not be how we should rate are selves , we have a far more deadly entities to deter.

  65. jimmy says:
    Something to cheer us up ” Lest the uncircumcised rejoice” lol read one tweet.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The Moth (Nigeria’s military )and the Flame ( Western Interests) , everybody wonders why the moth is so attracted to the flame which leads to it’s destruction, I guess the dazzle and colors,( Movies and Magazines), this will eventually destroy the Moth. How can we be so foolish to start talking again about friendship in modern politics. You reckcon you are closer than Sadam Hussien who fought Iran as an American proxy. Looks like the people have not learned a thing. It is simple they are not getting the expected results, since Nigeria is moving closer to the east. Sun Tzu says keep your enemy closer ( So bring Nigeria closer, don’s push them that far away, reduce the string holding the carrot). Yet are guys are cheering again, tell me What American weapon ( military grade ) have you ever seen in the Nigerian Military inventory before. why do you think this weapon’s are the silver bullet that would take care of all other issues ( M16s, F16, Abraham tanks). Which equivalent these and just as efficient can we not get from our present source, with respect as a souveriegn Nation. We don,t even have the funds to maintain the operation of this weapons .

      • jimmy says:

        OGA CAPT
        Much respect for your comments, Please I beg make una no kill Awe (clueless messenger in Yoruba) OGA ZACHARY and Moi are just reporting what is going on Like everyone else he has his sources and I have mine.
        Issue #1″How can we be so foolish to start talking again about friendship in modern politics. We are not foolish we are just facing the reality oga drink wata small small make sure say e be Ice day there to calm you down . The President of Nigeria is his Remarks released to the Press remarked about the Bilateral trade between America and Nigeria to the tune of $18b the largest in Africa no Foreign Aid( Egypt $2b) strictly cash, No one knows the true Estimate of Nigerian American in America guess estimates close to 300,000 +/-. What we do know is they tend to be NO.1 amongst immigrants in terms of Education which translates to Middle class Jobs which translates to Money, Owo, Kudi,Ego.
        Issue #2 “since Nigeria is moving closer to the east.”
        We as in Nigerian Americans ( JIMMY and Doziex) HAVE REPEATEDLY begged Nigeria to go East trust me I coined the phrase ” Go East my Generals Go East” despite that it took a shady deal gone bad before they eventually looked that way.
        Most countries spend what ever it takes to end a war . Last week a “poor country” in Africa through its CBN in a bid to stop the slide of its National currency ( NAIRA) purchased $500m do you need to know the name of that country do you now understand when very people do not believe when our ADMINISTRATION says we are poor , Nigeria even now this late is still underspending and this is hard to believe but it is true!
        OGA Augustine’s words still sting in my ears “we are now buying things like we are at Oshodi market” goddamn ! Since Late November it is estimated that Nigeria has purchased the equivalent of between $3 ~$5b DEFENDING the dollar money that could conceivably been spent in buying A squadron worth of su27/ 30 and a division worth of T-72 UPGRADED tanks with TOW missiles in tow.
        I have said maybe we should rename the Airbase in honor of the current PRESIDENT maybe then our Hinds and su27s will be flying every hour on the hour.
        Honestly ask yourself if this current GEJ loses this election do you think a BUHARI led ADMINISTRATION would not literally print Money to buy whatever it takes to end this war?
        In closing a country where one dept ( land registry) in LAGOS makes xmillion( self censor) of dollars in a quarter can AFFORD THIS WAR this is confirmed news let alone THE F.G. it is up to the discretion of the F.G. to spend the billions of dollars they have to end this war,
        Confirmed :Nigeria has the Money to spend to end this war it is within their discretion this year we will spend $7B next year if we are still fighting this war GOD forbid Nigeria will be spending an estimated $8- $10 b these are the numbers.
        In closing can someone please beg our PRESIDENT TO RELEASE THE FUNDS SO WE CAN GET OUR jf-17s we don take picture tire.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Jimmy. CBN’s money and Lagos state governments money do not belong to the Federal Executive, talk less of being used to buy weapons. The CBN is independent of the FG, as is Lagos state.
        There are rules, laws, processes and budgets at all levels. Even if we have problems, Nigeria can’t be run on whim and wild imagination like some NURTW outpost.
        Anyway, you are openly campaigning as a politician, therefore truths might be inconvenient.

        Some things should just not be politicised. Lets show love for Nigeria, it is our only country.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kola Adekola, CBN money has a portion belonging to FG, other portion to SG and LGA by appropriation formula for federation account, consolidated revenue fund etc as stipulated by Nigerian constitution.

        Also, Federal government alone owns all dollars in forex general reserve account and also controls sovereign wealth account plus any defunct or reopened excess crude oil account. Over $30 Billion cash in dollars is available to President Jonathan today if he wants to fight a war !

        Let’s stop deceiving ourselves about no money !

        Uganda has no oil and gas, they sell tea and coffee, yet that Uganda bought 6 units of latest brand new Su-30 Flanker jets armed with air to air missiles and air to surface anti-ship/anti-radiation missiles, 100 units of latest new generation composite armour impregnable T-90 tanks with laser anti-missile defenses, plus 1,000 units of latest anti-tank guided missiles, all with tea and coffee sales money !

        Your country Nigeria is rich, blessed, corrupt, careless, incompetent and sick, we should stop deceiving ourselves, when it’s time to award contracts for more marble and glass buildings in Abuja, there will be money without argument.

  66. Oje says:

    Dude, the American people did not vote for Obama to further Nigeria’s interest. Its their money, its their weapons and if they decide not to sell to us so what? Russia and China can easily and cheaply fill the void. Lets not forget also that it is America (not China) who handed to us the ex U.S Coast Guard cutter now NNS Thunder free of charge, they also gave to us another Frigate of the cutter Class free of charge. We have ourselves to blame. American weaponry are so advanced their components must be guarded and protected, if they have reasons it might fall in wrong hands its their right not to sell. Going by how much arms we have gifted Boko Haram why shouldnt they be concerned? The Americans are still livid with rage for the Iraqi army for leaving behind 50 brand new M1 Abram Tanks and Howitzers for ISIS when they fled. Imagine the vast array of weapons including artillery recently gifted AGAIN to Boko Haram,why wouldn’t the CIA advise the White House against selling us advanced platforms if thee is a 50/50 chance it will be abandoned and fall into Bokostani n fighters.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Are other countries weapons not as advanced as American ones? If they refuse to sell to us, it is simply because they are unfriendly.

      In fact, further talk of US weapons is tiring.

      We are already getting what we need elsewhere, I guess the noise the govt made about being banned was the most inoffensive way of letting the world know that our fight is bigger than just boko haram. After all, we no be Ukraine wen tink say dem fit fight Russia.

      • jimmy says:

        Much respect, for your comments.
        ISSUE #1
        “CBN’s money and Lagos state governments money do not belong to the Federal Executive,The Lagos State Govt unless the Constitution has been changed are obligated to report their IGR to the Federal Govt and are taxed the same way as a rice factory / company owned by Dangote in Zamfara State. ALL MONIES belong to the Federal Govt because they are the Sole entity RESPONSIBLE for raising Federal taxes, so please understand where my discussion is coming from. from WW1 TO WW2 The American govt issued BONDS another indirect way of taxing your peeps. The F.G. if you do not believe just ask your Parents and Grandparents if they are still LIVING are the LARGEST LANDLORD/ OWNER IN BOTH America and Nigeria regardless of State . I just used Lagos State as an example. .
        Issue #2
        The CBN is independent of the FG, .This is such a myth that I honestly believe you did not
        seriously mean that.The CBN is set up by law to be an independent Entity but it in reality does what is best for the GOVT going back to the civil war when the Finance minister changed the currency in less than 72 hours what did the CBN gov do ? except say yes sir. Sanusi was FIRED not SUSPENDED as per the constitution he can only be suspended guess what you cross the President one time to many you will find yourself having your Passport seized and becoming a traditional ruler. Or if you are a former GOV of LAGOS state you will win your case at every level all the way to the SUPREME COURT, go and beg the HOS ( TRADITIONALLY) and still for two straight years the CBN/ Finance Ministry will not give you a kobo.
        ISSUE #3
        Moreover We are at WAR internationally spanning three Borders ( CHAD, CAMEROON, AND NIGER). The President has at his discretion enough CONSTITUTIONAL POWER if the situation demands to use everything within his power not limited to directing the CBN to Ensure that Financial resources are made Available to procure whatever is necessary.Please do not let me chill your bones as to what a President can actually do a milder version is he can actually LITERALLY print Money, He can wake up one morning and go to war without Informing NASS for 60 days, if you want the more dangerous version I will inbox to beegs.
        Issue #4
        “Anyway, you are openly campaigning as a politician, therefore truths might be inconvenient”.
        My wife of 26 Years told me I would not last a week as a politician because i am always telling the truth. When at this stage I say I am tired I am tired of the WAR not of GEJ or BUHARI deep down I do not give a rat ass about either one whether one wore SHOES to school or HAS A CERTIFICATE. What I truly care about are theses three things:
        1 . The WAR should come to an end TODAY
        2. Nigeria should have their own dual fighter aircraft with at least two squadrons of helios with PGM, licensing agreement and technology transfer
        3. Whomever is President fill the name in INCLUDING YOURS ADEKOLA be willing to spend/ borrow/ sell/( do not steal ) whatever is necessary to buy and pay for all the weapons and Men at your disposal to end this war.
        I have often asked this question and no one has given me a correct answer how much is Nigeria worth? a trillion dollars or more then spend it and pay it off later.
        p.s. @ the end of civil war in 1970 it is estimated that Nigeria was flat broke and had assets worth only 22 million pounds to her name did we not recover ?
        Have a good day
        GOD BLESS Nigeria.

    • giles says:

      bros America son give a shit about nigeria .d tanks, nv googles ,n so much mor dat Isis got from Iraqi army bonanza are dey not america or western made.during d early stage of d war d us dropped loads of ammo intended for d iraqi Kurdish army into Isis for did issue of being afraid of dey hardware ending up in bh’s hands is a big fat lie.I tink all America want now in Nigeria is regime change

      • Oje says:

        Dude, Americans don’t give a shit …bladabladabla, America is 5 thousand miles away. When are we as Nigerians gonna start holding our leaders accountable? With all that is going on around the world do you expect America to put Nigeria in its priority?

        Nigeria :
        GDP (PPP) $1 THRILLING
        Proceeds from oil sale $400 million a day
        Defence budget 2013/14 : $8 billion ( more than the next 15 West African countries combined)

        We have what it takes, let us not make excuses for Oga Jonas incompetence by blaming America, shit you think they give a hoot about us? This is our battle, our war and we shall emerge stronger if our leaders are resolute.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Well spoken Sir, but ever had of the Trojan Horse classic inside job, I am sure that “Gift Ships” is rigged up with so much electronics that the signals reach US before reaching Lagos. The idea is to save the USN from deploying to west Africa on pirate ops, It would have been broken up and decommissioned at a high cost anyway. There no free gifts, even the Visa Lottery has a clause that is applied after a certain number of intakes at a cost to the involved countries. .

  67. Oje says:

    We cannot afford to alienate future American overtures for 3 reasons regardless of how myopic Obama’s administration is.

    1. Chinese are scavengers and will sell weapons to Boko Haram if there is economic benefits, they did this to Sudan,

    2. Chinese weapons are junk. They don’t even use their own weapons.

    3. While Russian weapons are pretty much ok we need to buy them in numbers to make any strategic sense.

    4. We don’t need American weapons, what we need is American Intelligence and precision strikes. Cruise missiles from U.S Submarines or Destroyers.

    5. To get American Intel we need to fish put Bokostani moles. No credible Intelligence agency will share intelligence with a country where chances are the info will either not be acted upon or passed to the enemy.

    Britain, our colonial master has been passive, it is Britain that can make our case to the Obama administration for support and action. The French are good at this.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      We don’t need America or any other place. The days of houseboy thinking are over.
      We don’t NEED any country on earth.

      If America thumbs their nose at us, we thumb ours right back. same goes for all other big powers, including Russia and China. Respect is a mutual thing.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Sir, you are it, I am sorry people don’t believe this thing about the new world order, Russia is not mad in regards of Ukraine, They got real time info plus evidence of the plans from Snowden/ wiki leaks. If you know the plans for Africa and it’s people you would start thinking of learning to build a nuclear deterrence.

  68. Oje says:

    Hey guess what? Kurdish fighters just defeated ISIS in Kobani.

  69. Martin Luther says:

    Who would you say is the biggest arms supplier to BH?

  70. Oje says:

    France, Cameroon and Chad. Remember the cargo aircraft laden with weapons enroute to Chad that was impounded in Kano? Remember President Idris Derby’d close aid who was caught with trying to smuggle 19 SA-7 surface to air missiles to Boko Haram? He even had a special permit signed by the president himself.

    • Martin Luther says:


      • jimmy says:

        okay here is the list of where boko haram gets it’s weapons from make una no kill AWE
        In no particular order
        1.From the Bazzars in LIBYA, 2.from the Armouries of the Nigerian Army who despite repeated lessons taught since the civil war do not know how to put Salt or Too much sugar in their Apcs heck just damage the engine, I guess that is another letter for another day to jaji, 3.Despite repeated denials photos do not lie despite the t.v shows Cameroon has been just as complicit in not damaging their equipment
        4. Chad we do not if they stopped being Father Christmas since Baga and since be say OYINBO plenty there now for their AIRPORT e no go look good make them comot UNIFORM on Friday and then on Monday them waream again.

      • Are James says:

        The Nigeria Army is now the main source of BH weaponry. All Boko Haram heavy weapons without exception now come from the Nigerian Army. It is quite sad to note that Chad, Cameroon and possibly Niger may actually be policing their borders more effectively now prevent infiltration of arms into Nigeria the current problem now being actually from the Nigerian side. Recall that the last series of BH attacks on Cameroon featured captured NA weapons.
        Boko Haram is quite single-minded. They have shown ability to concentrate all firepower temporarily at their disposal at specific narrow military objectives (barracks, armoury, FOB) just so as to realize the temporary goal of capturing weapons. They don’t also mind engaging in elaborate feinting moves and distractive manoeuvres to confuse NA commanders and peel from the resources defending the objective so as to realize their goals. Losing hundreds of teenage canon fodder whilst trying to steal weapons is also something they are not objectionable to. We need to stop reporting number of Boko Haram killed versus Nigerian Army KIA as an index of performance, these guys recruit massively and have a ready source in the millions of young people in the region.
        What we should have is a PLAN to take back territory and the progress in doing that wrt the plan should be the actual performance indicator.

      • Kay says:

        Suddenly, my enthusiasm for new mechanised weapons and hardware is waning after losing bases after bases.

      • igbi says:

        In which army base did they get their anti aircraft guns which they keep mounting on pickup trucks ? The army doesn’t use those weapons. People, please when you are guessing, say so. If you actually did an investigation and concluded, then and only then can you say something categorically. As the president of france said, the terrorists get most of their weapons from Libya. Cold heads are needed, not sentiments. To my knowledge, the only bases which have been pillaged were those of Baga, Mubi (before Nigerian army liberated Mubi), in Gwoza, to the best of my recollection, it was only a FOB.

      • Are James says:

        The new pictures of captured weapons at Maiduguri include a Cobra armoured car, about three field artillery pieces of the Nigerian army and many light weapons. In fact the Cobra armoured car still bore the No of DHQ. I don’t know why this notion of weapons coming from Libya is still making the rounds?. It was at a time but things have changed.. Look at the map, think about the level of awareness now and the US bases in Niger, US/European satellite surveillance and French assets in Chad. How easy is it to move weapons now across the Sahara?. I would put it in the possible but very difficult category.

        The attacks of Boko Haram on army installations now are to secure weapons to defend against an offensive that we have broadcast to the worlds is coming. I personally support the open declaration but we should have secured far fling bases more.

      • igbi says:

        arejames, I never said that the terrorists didn’t loot the baga base. And the pictures you are reffering to are those of what they stole from the Baga base, but you can’t conclude with that, that most of their weapons are those they still from us. As I posted, only 2 bases (baga and mubi ) were looted and I am not sur that the terrorists were able to go away with the loot from mubi, before the Nigerian army destroyed them. And please let us not extrapole so quickly, the existance of a us drone base in Niger is meaningless. The fact still remains that most of boko haram weapons come from Libya.

      • igbi says:

        “are those of what they claim n in the baga base”

      • igbi says:

        “the picture of weapons you are refferring to are those the terrorists claim to have stolen in baga”

      • Martin Luther says:

        In every war, there is loose of weaponry to the enemy at any scale although Mosul in Iraq was a shock to me I must confess. So the NA loses are not shocking, these weapons would quickly be expended in an all-out war and even the large cache you saw pictures of from Baga would be expended at list 50% in an 18hour battle.

        What sustains war is a supply line, either from a country’s industry or from a friendly country’s industry.

        Weapons from Libya yes, but the Libyans are engaged in strife and would need most of those weapons, ever since the fall of the Gadhafi regime, a lot has gone out but the last time I checked Libya did not have production facilities, they only had stockpiles that are not inexhaustible.

        Point is Libya should be running low on stock

        Chad and Cameroun whom I am very suspicious of but do not believe would be engaged as a government in the supply of weapons to BH but there may be corrupt or sympathetic elements in their govs that may look the other way and allow their territories to be used as transits.

        France, why should they be fighting insurgency in Mali and aid another in the same region

        Please help my ignorance

      • igbi says:

        Sorry, I mentionned only Libya, I should have added CAR and Qatar and I suspect Chad.

      • igbi says:

        I suspect qatar, I don’t know it for sure.

  71. jimmy says:

    * very few people*

  72. Augustine says:

    Any NA commanding officer that loses land/territory with ammunition still remaining in their guns, should be sent back with reloaded ammo to retake it, and must not retreat again or else face death penalty as commanding officer….upgrade the law, not just the weapons. Time to punish cowards, see what their mates have achieved in same NE zone :

    I salute you Nigerian army heroes, you are the reason why Maiduguri and Konduga have not fallen after multiple Boko attacks. Your cowardly colleagues lose base and armour/artillery by facing only one single Boko attack. Time to upgrade the martial law….death penalty for cowardly commanding officers….it is an offence that should equal treason.

  73. jimmy says:

    I would love to tell you that everything you told me is correct following the pictures and that Chad , Cameroon and Niger are great at policing their borders………. Unfortunately I trust my source he is not only battle tested from LIBERIA, He is somebody you wish to be your Son/ Brother Uncle no Godfather involved promotion is based strictly on merit/ combat and Education.
    One of the untold Dirty little secrets is just how many CHADIANS and Nigeriens are being Killed the frustration amongst the soldiers is the F.G would for a very long time not even announce it.
    The BATTLE OF BIU for some reason changed all that 57 KIA, out of which 15 KIA were Chadians, 5 captured cannot speak any discernible Nigerian Language except to say they were from Chad, so if they are policing their BORDERS with the Brits and Yanks how did these lots get through? Mind you Chad is twice a large as Nigeria and has contiguous borders with Niger Cameroon and Nigeria where in once spot you could be in three different countries depending on what side of the lake you stand on.
    The LIBYA story will not die because there are still some AAA that have been recovered that unless i am totally unaware of NA never had in their Inventory I am talking of the battles of Kodunga the quad AAA, As recently as January a base in Cameroon was overrun for a couple of hours I will not insult your intelligence to tell you they went to that base to learn how to speak French in fact they also constantly lay ambushes in Cameroon to steal those same Toyota pickups
    Why haven’t they attacked Chad when the GOV of Adamawa STATE saw Govt property being openly sold did the property gain wings ?no it did not if someone is giving you something for free why do you need to steal it- my brother Chad is also contributing when Boko haram attacks the first half baked full -of -old -women- and -Children village in Chad then then I will take those words back.

    • giles says:

      Nigerian officials were reported as saying that “we had
      even tried to procure arms from Russia but this was
      stalled because of the Ukrainian crisis, thus compelling
      us to turn to other nations like Israel.

      pls wot does did mean.

      • Are James says:

        This statement is meaningless and I don’t imagine it is coming from a credible official of government. The FG is procuring from multiple sources and buying from Ukraine may have been resisted from the Russian end and not the other way round. Israeli firms run very successful MI 24/35 modification and Cobra revamp businesses but these are independent sources in their own right not last resorts when other avenues are blocked.

    • jimmy says:

      This is an old story retold and rehashed and to be honest we do not need 40 year old chinooks .We honestly need M-17 utilty,attack helicopters,don’t know why this being published now. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  74. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    This where it is all going, the hand is slowly coming out of the glove. Our leaders are about to destroy work of the generations that fought for “Independence” and other generations yet born that are meant to walk this Earth with pride and confidence.

  75. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Will Libya, Nigeria Trigger Nation-Building’s Comeback in 2015?

    Is nation-building—a concept that most Western policymakers disowned after Iraq and Afghanistan—about to make a comeback? Two weeks ago, I predicted that 2015 could see the deployment of large-scale international stabilization forces in four trouble spots: Libya, northeastern Nigeria, Syria and Ukraine. The prospects for operations in at least two of these cases, Libya and Nigeria, have risen since then.

    Libya’s factions are engaged in on-and-off peace talks in Geneva, and United Nations officials have publicly discussed options for a military operation to support a political deal. Meanwhile, West African governments have been talking up a new regional operation to assist Nigeria in the battle against Boko Haram, which launched a new series of offensives this weekend. Visiting Abuja, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry indicated that Washington could also increase its military support to the country.

    But if these missions do get going, how ambitious could they become, and how long might they go on for? International interventions have a habit of turning into open-ended political projects, as NATO discovered in Afghanistan. The U.N. has had thousands of troops in countries including Haiti, Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo for over a decade. If significant numbers of peacekeepers deploy to Libya and Nigeria later this year, is there a risk they could still be there in 2025?

    Diplomats are not necessarily looking that far ahead. Bernardino Leon, the U.N. official attempting to mediate a cease-fire among Libya’s factions, told the Financial Times last week that any cessation of hostilities “will require a timetable from all militias to leave cities, airports and all vital facilities, and this will require international monitoring.” But the militias, which rejected previous plans for a U.N. observation mission when they seized power in 2011, may resist outside oversight.

    The Nigerian government is equally suspicious of allowing international forces onto its territory. The U.N. Security Council and African Union (AU) have both given their blessing to a West African military taskforce to “neutralize” Boko Haram, but Nigerian officials insist that they do not need the help of a full-scale U.N. or AU force.

    Still, if it proves politically unfeasible to deploy large-scale, long-term international missions in either Libya or Nigeria, more-limited deployments might be easier to pull off. A focused West African military operation, for instance, could help contain Boko Haram’s advances. Similarly, a time-limited observer presence could verify an initial cessation of hostilities in Libya, but pull out before getting bogged down in lengthy stabilization efforts. This might be the best option financially too: Italy has reportedly offered to send troops to Libya, but it presumably wants to avoid the costs of a long mission.

    Security analysts see the appeal of such short, sharp interventions. As Nick Witney has argued, the goals of an intervention should be “carefully circumscribed” as more ambitious plans “just set you up for failure, or irresistible mission creep, or both.”

    It may be fanciful, however, to assume that either Nigeria or Libya can be stabilized quickly—or that it will be easy to get out of either country. A limited regional military effort is unlikely to succeed at breaking Boko Haram’s momentum where the Nigerian military, West Africa’s most powerful force, has failed. A larger international force, with greater Western involvement, could end up being the next logical step. And a cease-fire in Libya is bound to be exceptionally fragile; some militias have refused to engage in the U.N. mediation process altogether. So some sort of medium-term security presence may well be needed in Libya, too. Even if a short-term success proved possible in either case, deep political problems would remain. Rebuilding states—in the Libyan case basically from scratch—is inevitably a prolonged, costly and controversial process.

    Yet it may also prove unavoidable in these cases, not least because Western powers fear that both northern Nigeria and southern Libya could provide long-term bases for Islamist terrorists if they are not brought under control. Some diplomats at the U.N. muse that Libya, which was stitched together by the global organization at the end of World War II, is ripe for a new period of international “trusteeship.”

    This remains unlikely. The militias that oppose U.N. peace talks are not going to bow to U.N. rule. While the U.N. did a relatively good job of constructing more or less decent states in Kosovo and Timor-Leste, administering Libya would be a much greater and more dangerous challenge. Last year there was similar talk at the U.N. of turning the Central African Republic (CAR), where communal conflict has destroyed the state, into a trusteeship. The Security Council opted instead for a more limited peace operation that prioritizes protecting civilians and helping humanitarian agencies.

    In time the U.N.’s focus in CAR will turn to constructing a viable state, and a similar process could take place in Libya. An initial military intervention, potentially led by Italy with support from other NATO members, might focus on security and stability. But they could then hand the operation over to a longer-term U.N. mission with lower military capabilities but a much broader mandate for reconciliation and reconstruction. This might well still be in place in 2025 or even 2035, just as there are still residual international forces based in Bosnia-Herzegovina 20 years after the Dayton peace accords.

    If the Nigerian government is able to reassert control over the northeast of the country, it is likely to resist any further outside interference in its affairs. But if it needs further assistance to deal with Boko Haram, perhaps even including the sort of large-scale U.N. or AU mission it currently rejects, a long-term international reconstruction presence in the region could become a possibility. The chances of a sizeable international security presence staying there until 2025 may not be huge, but stabilization operations can lead to unpredictable outcomes. Rather than recede into history, nation-building looks set to be an international priority for the foreseeable future—although there is no reason to think it has become any easier.

    Richard Gowan is research director at New York University’s Center on International Cooperation and a senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations. His weekly column for World Politics Review, Diplomatic Fallout, appears every Monday.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga, I wouldn’t worry about such imperialist plans, because they are impossible in todays world. Afghanistan isn’t even nearly as developed or wealthy as Nigeria, yet the US has been unable to hold it.

      Most of these “experts” just write their racist dreams. Why dream of intervention Africa? Why not not Yemen, Pakistan or Ukraine? Or ISIS ridden Iraq?
      It stinks of hypocrisy and a seeming belief that the West can do as it pleases in Africa.

      We just have another potentially racist rant from “Richard Gowan, research director, New York University’s Center on International Cooperation, senior policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations.”

    • Are James says:

      This is very commendable capability area that we are developing. I hope we buy a lot more of the CH3 UAVs for monitoring and interdicting mobile insurgents. Loss of radio control signals will always be a problem with UAVs in harmattan or any other adverse weather but we really need to stick with efforts along this line.

  76. beegeagle says:


    Standoff capability achieved with technicals instead or arty or air power 🙂

    This is also part of US combat doctrine for Base defence, In the battle of Wanat in Afghanistan, the FOB had a 120mm mortar and one TOW missile launcher for heavy support, along with their 50 cal heavy machine guns and LMG’s for direct fire support by the marines in the base. DIrect attacks were suicidal for Taliban/Mujahid … The attacking forces got through base defence by pretending to be construction workers then destroyed the TOW and the Mortar, Marines had to fight at a range of around 40 mm and sustained casualties and yes they did almost run out of ammo.

    The US uses the 5.56 mm round on their assault rifles for the purpose of being able to lug about more bullets in the case of a fire fight, M-4 barrels over heated and weapons jammed in the firefight. In Vietnam FOB’s had a series of OP’s and LP’s to bog down the enemy (at the cost of the lives of the men manning the points). Small mortar support is also useful, but inevitably guided missiles are needed by ground forces in order to bring firepower down range, Technicals are not always very accurate and can be defeated.


    I meant Standoff capability is part of Combat Doctrine for base defence also. And even though the Dishka is all over the place, it is a good weapons system and we can use it to complement our PKM’s and rocket launchers. It would be good however to get ATGM’s incorporated into out military once and for all. This is the cost of modern warfare.

  77. jimmy says:

    These ATGM can we get them in time and what is the COSTS? .I want to add something to our STAND OFF DOCTRINE.
    1) The BAGA debacle sears my mind if a base is lost and Heavy equipment is given / compromised to the Enemy it is the Duty of the Brigade/ Battalion to be the Vanguard to retake that Base, a debrief or Court Martial can. Photos and Film clips should be taken of AMMO DISTRIBUTED 10 clips rule of thumb ( one clip per finger), A side preferably a Beretta , and at least two grenades for each Infantry soldier.
    2) There has to be a certain ratio of APCs per battalion and even Brigade and what that is I leave to the Experts.
    3) Nigeria needs to have Satellite Encrypted phones for all ARMY/ AIRFORCE/ SF/ NAVY above the rank of COLONEL
    4) It has to be revisited we have Artillery brigades in a standoff a well stock base should stand on its own four feet for a minimum of 24 hours without retreating if the NAF is not available, the Base commander should know his base grid coordinates and call in strikes OUTSIDE those grid coordinates , this is not new we did this in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Let’s get back to basics folks this was actually mentioned in Col Eeben Memoirs.

  78. jimmy says:

    * A debrief or court martial can wait.*

  79. freeegulf says:

    and how many of these missiles can we buy? next they would be making excuses about lack of missiles just empty launchers. abeg we do not need any ATGM for the grunts. i m fully with oga jimmy on this one. we cant keep making excuse for incompetence.

    introducing ATGMs into the infantry’s arsenal is too expensive and not worth the cost. before long, these same NA weapon would become BH weapons too. NA has now become the quarter master for the terrs and these expensive gadgets would most definitely find their way to the terrs. if the high command need to procure these pricey hardware, they should only be supplied to SF operators. giving these hardware to our infantry would be counter productive, we might as well para drop them at sambisa forest.

    tactics is what repels oppo forces and win battles, not shiny toys. and in the area of tactics, these base commanders have proven abysmal. command and control is truly becoming a big issue.
    an army might have brave soldiers, sometimes lightweight ones too, but the one area an army can never compromise is the officer corp. when command and control is inadequate, the shape of the army will be inconsistent in combat

    some of these base commanders are simply quack doctors who cant carry out a simple appendicitis operation. this is not open heart surgery or any other complex surgery. any officer worth his salt would most thoroughly understand the principle of perimeter defense and severely punish the attackers. the officer dont have to be attack prone or a defense tactician.
    you dont graduate from a respectable kriegsakademie and keep blaming the air force for lack of air support.

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