Through Czech company – Excalibur Army – Hungarian T-72A have been sold to Nigeria. 16 vehicles should be shipped to Nigeria on board of Ukrainian AN-225 soon.

These are the vehicles that were supposed to go to Ukraine as some people said few months ago but it turns out that the Ukrainians will participate in this transaction only by lending their AN-225 for transportation. T-72 will be shipped to Nigeria.

The first batch of four tanks took off from the Ostrava airfield on 26th January on board of Ukrainian AN-225 (number UR-82060). Before the departure the vehicles undertook servicing in one of the Excalibur Grouop’s facilities (probably VOP 026 Šternberk).

Nigeria has signed a contract for T-72AW tanks with Ukraine last year but probably due to ongoing civil war it can’t be realised.



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  1. beegeagle says: this was what President GEJ was referring to when he told the Emir of Ilorin on Monday that we are expecting fresh deliveries of hardware this week and next week 🙂

  2. Henry says:

    Problem is, I see no ERA on those Tanks. Without ERA, they are mere sitting ducks.

    • beegeagle says:

      You have a closeup photo of those?? If not, let us see what EXCALIBUR do when the tanks land in Nigeria.

      After the superlative performance of the T72s with ERA Kontakt and the indifferent showing of those bare-hulled T55, all in NE Nigeria, I doubt that the NA will import any tanks without ERA at a time of war.

  3. beegeagle says:

    This consignment delivered in Q4 2014 came from Ukraine

  4. drag_on says:

    Indeed, i can hear rolling thunder. 🙂
    a blogger on this site confirms this as well.


    Plane is in the air and Flying to Africa ,supposedly Nigeria bought 16 tanks from Excalibur ,who bought 58 T72A in Hungary ,which were originaly bought in Belarus in 1996.

    In any case, shipping tanks via air freight is expenisive and even An224 needs 4 trips to deliver 16 tanks.


  5. Oje says:

    Oga Henry, ERA is part and parcel of any Tank post 2001, no Russian Tank is built without ERA. Also these ERA are kept in pacos or boxed, upon assembly they are simply fixed to the Tank. No big deal. Africa is witnessing a resurgent Nigeria military. The Nigerian Navy is already arguably the biggest and most equipped in Sub Sahara Africa, yes more so than SA. Our highly advanced maritime surveillance and tracking system more than compensates for our lack of Submarines. The fact that the Nigerian Navy Flagship NEW Thunder was the only warship in Africa with enough endurance and skilled crew to journey that far and back, making port calls in Angola, South Africa etc. Very few 3rd world Navies have achieved this, not even the Chinest. There was a media and patriotic frenzy in China 2012 when a Chinese Frigate sailed to Libya as part of am anti piracy expert it iona force. It was the very first time in China’s 4 thousand year history a Chinese Ship has travelled that far, this should put into perspective the milestone achieved by the Nigerian Navy with its superior training and less bureaucratic political nonsense interference.

    Our airforce however is crap, total utter crap we use Jet trainers as front line fighters, John Travolta has in his collection two Alpha Jets, the German model. As for our army, these guys are doing what only the United States, France and to some extent Britain can do as regards fighting a very large, well funded and ideological nuts Jihardist group. More perplexing is that this is an entirely new kind of warfare of which no African military is trained for, they are fighting a force as large as ISIS in a terrain they never trained for yet like France, U.S.A the Nigerian army has twarted any attempt by terrorists to advance as far as the Capital City or even occupy half the country as in the case of Mali and Iraq, it’s been 5 years of a bitter war of attrition yet Boko Haram has scarcely impacted the Nigerian economy much less take over the government. If this procurement and rearmament pace continues uninterrupted for the next 5 years the Nigerian military will dwarf all others except North Africans. The army should start developing a HELL MARCH, cos victory is near, i smell it and so long we prevent Chad and Cameroon from playing their destabilising act.

  6. Tobey says:

    More tanks….We are fighting a highly mobile enemy..If we are to gain an edge over the insurgents in the field, we need more IFVs..not more tanks. We should be shipping in BMP-2s in by now..This is nice, but let’s think about IFVs first..they suit our needs.

    • Are James says:

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Please don’t distract the Nigerian army from these acquisitions. We have discussed this extensively. Which one you dey?.

  7. doziex says:

    We know better.
    Which makes it hard to celebrate. Yet.

    T-72 tanks were available for a dime a dozen a few years back.

    Since. Nigeria. Chose to come late to this party, we seem desperate to scrounge up a few tanks here a few tanks there.
    By the time we are done buying them from diverse users in tens and twenties, then flying them in, instead of a bulk shipment that is usually the case, our bill will be ten times what ethiopia paid for 200 t-72 upgrades.
    Pakistan got about 500 plus t-84 tanks from Ukraine. Ethiopia, kenya/ south sudan also made haste, and made some deals, when ukraine needed money, but had no wars.

    I wonder why we dont just buy t90s from Russia, or t99 s from China.

    • jimmy says:

      They should buy the upgraded T90 from Russia built from scratch and then shipped with the ifvs, they will be needed later on. This is going to be a war of attrition. Most inportantly right now we need these to increase our Aor as oga. Beegs has said then we can use our igirigis and cobras.
      Oga doziex omo this one no finish quick, or quick e no go be no victor no vanquished,this one go end bitter,e no matter whether nah gej or buhari, Naija don wake up eye don begin dey clear.
      Oga obix where you dey bia niba

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy, I agree with you on 100 units of T-72 tanks for Nigerian Army, we have about 66 local governments in NE zone, one T-72 there in each LGA and I don`t see us losing any town again, Boko Haram has no answer to the T-72 tanks ERA armour.

        It is our game changer weapons to win this war and for NA to fight effectively without NAF air support which as been declared to be NOT READILY AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE.

        Each LGA should have an army garrison base with one T-72 tank each to be available and mobile for deployment in any town where Boko shows up. There will be no need for retreat and abandoning base anymore, even when T-72 runs out of 125mm cannon ammo, it will just drive over all Bokos Toyota 23mm cannon trucks and even ram all APCs into pieces, while using the 12.7mm and 7.62mm guns to kill Boko Haram foot soldiers.

        Russia has 3,000 units of T-72 tanks in reserve, so I don`t know why we are not buying from them in bulk numbers.

    • trigger says:

      My thoughts exactly.

  8. Oje says:

    Why una dey complain sef? We no buy Tank una complain, we buy Tank ha complain, wetin una want sef ?

    • Are James says:

      There is no issue with the T72 tanks at all. If they have been upgraded for night fighting or can be so upgraded then there is no problem. Airfreighted T72 tanks are the fastest way of getting some armour in country for the COIN blitz we have been advocating. Airfreighting stuff these days is more cost effective than what the uninformed oyinbo boy talking rubbish on the liveleak site was implying. It is not going to add more than $25000 to the unit cost of the tanks and there will be no damage in transit.

    • doziex says:

      Hehe he.
      So guys, you all think T72 tanks will do for NA ?

      Of course the tanks go blast BH’s technicals to kingdom come, at least until they adapt, and learn anti tank tactics.

      My worry is not BH, it is Cameroon and Chad.

      Watch Biya go import T90s. Tomorrow.

      These 2 nations, will militarily take advantage of Nigeria, until we decide to concentrate our best military minds on our defsec needs, not treat it as an after thought.

      • Are James says:

        They say Nigeria has already given them (Chadian Army) a key town near the border while Nigerian Army has recaptured Monguno. I am opening up all channels to confirm this story but suffice it to say government is a trust and people should not get somebody angry in this country.

  9. Augustine says:

    PMC’s reported arrived in Nigeria from South Africa, are these Colonel Eben’s 100 soldiers ?

    Nigerian Army Brig.Gen Olukolade seems to ‘admit’ it somehow :

    Scores of South African ex-military experts are currently in Nigeria assisting Nigerian troops in counter terrorism efforts to tackle the menace of Boko Haram.

    Daily Trust gathered yesterday that the troops are in Nigeria as specialists and technical experts training and aiding Nigeria troops in the protracted fight against the terrorists.

    South African news website City Press yesterday quoted another report that said about 100 South African ex-military are in Nigeria on the request of the Nigerian government to help fight Boko Haram.

    “About 100 soldiers have gone to Nigeria – at that government’s request – to help train soldiers to hit back at the terrorist group which has claimed responsibility for attacks in which thousands of people have died over the past few years,” the report said.

    The story further said that: “A member of the South African team said they weren’t mercenaries, but helped with training to skill Nigerian soldiers.

    “The first goal would be to stop the terrorists’ bloody raids, and also to free the remainder of the 200 Chibok girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram last year,” City Press quoted.

    Daily Trust also gathered yesterday that the foreign experts are part of efforts to improve Nigeria’s military capacity to curb the problem of insurgency.

    A security source maintained that the Nigerian government will continue to pursue all available avenues to end the insurgency.

    However, South African Minister for International Relations and Co-operation, Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, yesterday was said to have told journalists ahead of the African Union Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia that she is dismayed by the development.

    “We always discourage South Africans to enter the fray in a situation like that,” she told journalists in Addis Ababa, ahead of the African Union summit there, City Press reported.

    When contacted yesterday, the Nigeria Defence spokesman Major General Chris Olukolade said, “It is well known that terrorism being an international and trans/cross border menace calls for the involvement of all well meaning countries all over the world.”

    He added that: “In this case I’m only aware of partner countries whose activities have been mainly in the form exchange of ideas and support to ongoing training activities.”

    Olukolade also said: “The conduct of Nigeria’s counter terrorism campaign remains exclusively an all Nigerian troops affairs. This is the much I know and can discuss.”

  10. Henry says:

    ****** BREAKING NEWS

    Chad’s army has driven Boko Haram militants out of Malumfatori town in north-eastern Nigeria, a senior official from Niger has told the BBC.

    The reported capture of the town, which lies near the borders of Chad and Niger, follows two days of fighting.

    Both ground and air forces are reported to have been used in the assault.

    Niger officials said Chadian ground forces moved into the town after crossing Lake Chad. It is not known if the operation was approved by Nigeria.

    • Are James says:

      PMC advisers embedded at Brigade and Divisional Hq we can accept. However opening Nigeria to foreign incursion in the name of multilateral action against Boko Haram is carrying things too far. This is a very very dangerous precedent and is following and ominously familiar script.

      • Henry says:

        Let us wait for DHQ to respond. If this report is actually accurate, the COAS, CDS and CAS should do the honourable thing and RESIGN their posts.

      • Henry says:

        However, I remain skeptical with this report, how did Chad do it, Did they fly over lake chad?

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Henry. I respect your hustle sir.
      bbc? hahahaha, please oga, you crack me up, i thought we have all wisened up by now to know where each player lies in this war? do not be immersed in the propaganda, rise above it, it takes courage. And from your subsequent post, its obvious you are ready to skin the cat regardless, suggesting meting out punishment if found to be true, it really is hard to hold ones tongue, i state again, it takes stamina and guts to remain objective in these times, we can see the feeble minded display their rush to break so called news, unverified propaganda, bbc? chaiii, lololoz

      • Henry says:

        Oga mcshegz, my mind is actually open. I want to know how the chadians carried out the operation. To take malafatori, the chadians need to go through Niger Republic. Now, I don’t remember any report stating chadians troops been deployed to Niger.

        Let us wait for clarification . Until then, and a DHQ response.

  11. Tobey says:

    At this point, are we still bothered about “illegal foreign incursion” and all that crap..The Chadians are putting pressure on BH and cutting off escape routes..on whose soil that takes place is irrelevant at this point. Chad also has its interests to look after. Partnership is all we need now.

  12. igbi says:

    To hte best of my knowledge, chad has not engaged the terrorists yet.
    A trained mind would know that it doesn’t make sense that niger would be the oone reporting the actions of chad’s army to the news. Or is chad made up of people who can’t speak any human language ?

  13. igbi says:

    Also, if the fighting took 2 days then howcome it is only being reported now ?

  14. jimmy says:

    I do not want to SPREAD anything that is false or untrue, but there is speculation that the NA is very busy.

  15. jimmy says:
    This has not be substantiated by any one in DHQ , NA, the only people substantiating it are the Chads and the BBC. Let us honestly wait and see what is going on, speculation does no one any good.

  16. rugged7 says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA ‏@DefenceInfoNG 1h1 hour ago

    RE: #Malamfatori is within the Area of Operation covered by the Multinational Joint Task Force of which #Chad has always been a part. /1

  17. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    It appears the Chadians have adapted to some form of mobile fighting gained from their earlier desert fighting experiences ( Libya, Sudanese inspired rebels that attacked in the early 2000s). BH ‘ doctrine seems to be mobile, agile and maneuverable warfare, The Chadian are fighting fire with a little hotter fire – BH’s Technical s ( Wheeled 4×4, no armour protection, advantage is speed to engage and disengage accessing through roads/off road) against the Chadian ( Non tracked Armour,having the advantage of faster than tracked tanks, agile and close maneuverability as the 4×4 Technical s, but offers protection to crew and superior firepower). It is going to be very difficult to purse and destroy BH when they disengage and scatter/ disperse in retreat using only NA T-72s or tracked vehicles only.
    Same as Sterling’s theory for forming the SAS’s using armed to the teeth 4X4 vs Rommel’s Panzers in north Africa, during raids, Almost all of SAS’s losses came via aerial engagement by Luftwaffe’s M109 and Stukas, because the Panzers could not catch up and the Half tracks could not maneuver effectively ( when the SAS initiate the engagement or raid) . NA needs to also deploy mobile, fast combat vehicles with deadly fire power to support the heavy armour( I guess they already have this in the works). I applaud the purchase of the T-72 to send a message to our neighbours. I think a study should be made of what the Nigerian Defense Forces are encountering to come up with a counter to similar type of combat.

    • rugged7 says:

      Or the chadians are an active part of the boko haram terrorists.

      Consistent reports of chadian arabs among boko haram…

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Rather than just nimble ground vehicles, we can also look into drones that can cover a very wide battle field area from an altitude that is too high for boko harams anti-aircraft guns.
      A single drone can overlook several dozen square kilometres.

  18. rugged7 says:

    Attack on Monguno Desperate, Diversationery – Military Sources

    Read more at:

  19. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    There has been a long wait for the Nigerian Offensive, there should have also been some News worthy jabs ( propaganda & posturing ) while we wait for the big push, eg NAF combat interdiction etc. We are suppose to take the initiative in this campaign. If they( Chadians) choose to stay, be sure that AU, UN and the West would be on their side. All the earlier propaganda on the media of Nigeria not capable of handling BH was for the purpose of setting this stage. Considering how things are now, does anybody honestly think that they can be easily ordered out without them choosing to cooperate. Note the timing of the AU meeting on “how to tackle BH” being just down the road.
    Security Council may come up with a Syria type activity ( Were the Host country has little or no say). We should have been posturing even before the planned Nigeria Offensive.
    As we speak the UN is adamant that an International Force must be deployed either with Nigeria’s consent or not. (Luckily this has not got through at the security council. Once it does Chad would be used as the spear head and others would follow). If nothing significant is done by Nigeria before the next Council meeting on the issue, It may get passed.

    • rka says:

      It was a joint operation by Nigerian Air Force aircraft which have been bombing the area for 2 days and Chadian troops.

      It is always best to wait for DHQ, no matter how annoyingly slow they are.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        DHQ can never be described as “annoyingly slow”, who wears the cap knows where it pinches.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga rka. I respect your hustle sir. Good to see International effort towards ridding these areas of subhumans, all hands seem on deck right about now; everyone has come to the realization that they are dealing with an existential threat, one that if ridden for far too long will only destabilize the region for a lot longer than anticipated, a democratic Nigeria will suffer, yes, but not as much and not nearly as gravely, and badly as these other countries that are seemingly despotic, hence, such threats wouldn’t be resolved by elections as is the case in Nigeria, but by outright elimination of the despots to the great beyond; guess one can say that’s some intense fire on ones backside ehh? Puppets, better grow some more thinking cells, and dissuade themselves from listening to every whim of their puppet masters promising all sorts of booty, promises, promises, yet what you get is a swelling population, and a battered economy due to the halt of trade with Africa’s economic giant, well, corporation is much appreciated, we hope to see more fruitful ventures, without having to drag you by the ear to France, just to get you to corporate; arerams, you are been encircled by desperate forces, hehehehe, goodluck.

        PS: i seriously doubt BBC called DHQ to confirm their so called story of Chad involvement without Nigerian permission, guess, all the so called news breakers can see what a propaganda bullhorn machine looks like.

  20. rka says:

    AU can talk as much as they want, they ain’t coming anywhere near Nigeria without permission. Nigerian, in conjunction with the MNJTF, will take care of everything.

    If the West are so concerned about the situation, why have they been sitting on their behinds all this time and colluding to block arms sales?

    All their negative publicity is not having the desired effect and they can see the Armed Forces arming up and want to step in with an intervention to pretend to save the day.

    I beg make i hear word jare.

  21. Are James says:

    Me and you will never agree. There should be no ‘international’ effort to rid our territory of subhumans. It should be our national (local) effort alone and we should have done that some time (3 years ago) ago. We should also have been the ones signalling to neighbours that we possessed the ability to come into their territorial space to do the same if they didn’t put their houses in order. This loss of prestige is going to be paid for dearly and the individuals who are letting it happen are going to be judged badly by history – who wants to hear that it was when his relative was so and so in Nigeria that Chad came to rout Boko Haram for the Nigerian army?.
    Forget all the multi lateral bullshit, face the truth and tell it how it really is – this is really the Republic of Chad bailing out Camerron and Nigeria. Pure and Simple.
    Is this a good thing?. How is history going to record it?. How are you going to tell the kids?.
    We are just projecting ourselves in the committee of nations as a big container of good for nothing people if you ask me.

  22. Bigbrovar says:

    We can try to spin this anyway we want.. That Chad is able to deploy within a short time and clear our Book Haram from Nigeria terroitory a territory that has been held by the former for months.. It is a moment for reflection from our military authorities. Nothing says we aren’t doing some things right than what Chad did to Boko Haram in Malamfatori. Now we all will leave to see the day when AU forces will deploy inside Nigeria to help maintain security.. SMH.. At least we can kiss good bye any Permanent place in the security council. We are entering DRC territory in terms or national perception

    • igbi says:

      The MNJTF has been in existence since the 80’s and the operation was a MJTF one and the chadians of the MNJTF were not alone, our soldiers were apparently with them. And sorry but, it doesn’t feel right to say things like “our boko haram”. The MNJTF doing its job is not a thing which we should hold against it.

  23. rka says:

    On the one hand, some people where complaining that Chad, Cameroon & Niger weren’t engaging with MNJTF. They have done so, now we are complaining and it is the end of the world.

    Nobody outside Nigeria (international community) has ever seen or said anything good about the country and don’t intend to, ever.

    The sad thing is, we can’t wait to line up in joining them. Well good luck with that.

  24. igbi says:

    I want to ask a few questions to those who keep commenting with emotions rather than wisdom:
    1) Was the MNJTF created yesterday ?
    2) With the size of the area of operation and the peculiarities of the border, don’t you think it is wise that the MNJTF plays its role at the border ?
    3) Is your problem actually the fact that boko haram is beaten by the MNJTF ? Or that the MNJTF exists ?
    Stop reacting on an emotional level, facts remain facts, nomatter how the media tries to bend it.
    And also I don’t recall the AU or the UN threatening to invade Nigeria. Your source is a media house which is inventing things to increase its ratings.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Oga Igbi, it is not an invasion, it is just the same way we ended up in Darfur, I can tell you with all conviction that it is on the table and my source is active and not the media. I hope I do not see the day. BH has a lot of meaning and opportunities for different interests. The West is usually focused and unchanging in purpose and would try and do all it will take. Why should anybody be concerned about our well being. As anybody shed a tear for Libya or Syria. Why create a strong and prosperous African country that might work against our commercial interest later. when you can break them up as in the Franco-phone model where “they know there place”. Gaddafi spoke about the security council and Nigeria has aspired for such strength. Gentlemen, Nigeria alone could at any time got rid of BH. now or then, if there was the will

      • igbi says:

        I tend to not believe sentences in which an unidentified “source” is quoted. Is the west hostile towards Nigeria ? The answer is yes. And I think most of us know this by now. And for your info, it required an agreement from Bashir for a UN force to deploy in Darfur. At this verry momment. And sending foreign soldiers into a country without the consent of the host country is an invasion. Have a nice day.

      • igbi says:

        At this verry momment I am yet to witness the UN speaking abiut invading Nigeria. As far as I am concerned no such thing will take place and Nigeria should keep beefing up its military might, in case some fools mistake us for weak.

  25. Williams says:

    I really don’t comment on this blog But I have to really cry out here

    And this satanic elements are in control of both the US government and NATO.

    The only way to break the unity of Nigeria is by carving out a new country and the north is the weakest part.
    I cannot begin to write down the full details on here on the plot but as I am aware, Chad is playing a major role in this by harbouring thousands or terrorist. In fact, the ratio of terriost in chad compared to that in Nigeria is 70:30 and they are preparing.

    I beg of you chad, please do all you can to get rid of this terriost in your country and leave Cameroon alone. The target isn’t Cameroon. The issue is between chad and Nigeria. Chad don’t let me suspect you are part of this plot because, GOOD ALWAYS TRIUMPH AGAINST EVIL and You shall face it hot when the war is over.

    Please our military officers, our only saviour to make Nigeria still remain as one before Feb/14 /2015 is to conduct a massive……when I mean massive, I don’t mean just 30, 000…….I mean 70, 000 highly equipped men should be deployed for an offensive within first week in Feb.
    They plan to destabilize the north before the elections so that elections would be cancelled. We need elections to hold on Feb for peace and unity sake.

    Secondly, please we need to marry either Russia or China militarily ASAP and have a very strong bond with them just like Syria, North korea and Iran.
    This is the only way we can defend Nigeria.

    France is the only country which has refused in partaking in such a wicked act by this bastards but, they are still sitting on the fence.

    They did not sell weapons to US because of the plans they have…….

    The rebasing of our economy was a treat and it was part of what prompted this evil to raise up more than this…….at first, it all started as a local issue but now, this evil ones has corrupted the local boko haram which were known for just using local guns and cutlass.

    I have spoken.

    How did I know all this you may ask?

    Well I would say it’s not only in Nigeria we have moles but also in the west too.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you @williams. This is the only trully patriotic view of where we find ourselves and what we must do and what Nigerian institution must do it. Multilateralism and globalism is anti theatrical to nationalism. You cannot be shouting great nigeria, great Nigerian army and be supporting complicit neighbours running a protection racket against your country. The way forwards is what you have said, move close to Russia and China. China has issues in the aerospace hardware quality but with creative procurement management we can get the best of all worlds. Pakistan is there, the East European states don’t have money but they have the tech we need, Nigeria has talents, so many options are open and waiting for leadership to point the way and manage properly.
      Even if moles and political division in the army has been an issue there are about six different ways these could be tackled, all very effective. Love of country and leadership are just the problems.

  26. jimmy says:
    grudgingly the info leaks out.Gentlemen at least for this weekend let us be sensitive in our comments unless our sources are telling us otherwise let us wait till our DHQ makes it’s own voice heard.

    • buchi says:

      oga jimmy the comments on that yahoo site showed me the level of destruction of the nigerian image and state by foreign media
      look at this dunces asking if we have an airforce????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

      • doziex says:

        Well, they have a point.

        NAF. Is anemic, and has been teetering on parade ground status for decades.

        Our useless thieving leaders bear full responsibility.

        OBJ, IBB, Abacha.

        GEJ had a chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, but he squandered precious time, and is now scrambling at the 11th hour.

        NAF with all it’s air marshals, can only boast of 10 or so F7s, and may be 10 alpha jets.

        Look at Sudan, US sanctions. Not withstanding, they assembled. An effective force thru the acquisition of chinese and Russian assets.

        Something nigeria can replicate so easily, but won’t not even to save our country

  27. STARTREK says:

    Gents. All the Tri-services have been ordered to battle mode alert since Monday
    meanwhile there have been heavy multi theatre operations since Wednesday throughout the northeast resulting in the liberation of michika, mongonu, fatori etc and still on going. the foreign press have developed a bad habit of reporting half truth and outright distortion of facts they can not help it.
    as already known they have their Agenda …
    I urge us to remain fast and not be easily swayed by the hint of any unpalatable.
    while facts are not necessarily the truth, the truth is always the fact.

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you, because STUFF is going on.

      • Are James says:

        LOL. Let it just be Nigerian troops doing stuff. We really don’t need any news about any foreign country doing stuff. Even if they are doing stuff we dont want to be told they are doing stuff. Let us manage the information properly. “Nigerian troops with some MNJTF elements have done this and that……”. It is very important.

    • Kay says:

      Foreign press are doing us this amount of harm because even our own media seems not to know what’s happening. How many times have they asked the army to provide updates, videos and battle reports.Sometimes, foreign sources are the first to report breaking news in our country. You bet they are already itching to play the spin doctor.
      Instead they sit pretty and think the West with their own agenda would write oratory speeches on their behalf.
      Let’s wake up

    • rugged7 says:

      @ Startrek the problem lies with the reactionary information management of Defence headquarters.
      Knowing that people in BBC hausa service and other foreign media do not like them, they should be more pro-active about their information management.

      What stops them from updating that Nigerian airforce jet action was ongoing in malam fatori b4 the western media got wind of the chadian action??
      Their levels of secrecy often becomes counter-productive in this information age.

      I’m sorry to say this, but the Nigerian military has been constantly undermining itself and shooting itself in the foot.
      5 years into a war, they should have a lot more experience on the whole gamut of COIN and information management.

  28. Augustine says:

    Why won’t Chadian army criss cross into Nigerian territory at will, na today? General Aguiyi Ironsi commanded NA units fight Chadian invaders tire in the 1960s. Nigeria’s borders remain NOT fenced, so expect free entry and exit by both man and animal, good and evil, friend and foe.

  29. ugobassey says:

    My Ogas does it matter who takes the credit (us or Chad or Cameroon) as long as this Boko menace is curbed and end. Lets just end this war. I personally really don’t care ends it but let it end. The US has been occupying South Korea since the 50s, I don’t think their economy has been any worse off for it.

    • egbeigwe says:

      I fully support your position. An inhabitant of Gwoza, mongonu or many parts of Borno state, would not care who does the job. But if you live in Lagos, ph or USA you can afford to be considering your personal version of “National pride”. Nigeria needs to have practical mature/effective foreign policy with clear objectives and expected outcomes not one driven by emotions and pride. The truth is that in international diplomacy you may have to get in bed with the devil (provided you do it with both eyes open) to achieve your long term objectives.
      While I fully agree that our army should solve our problem otherwise we would lose our prestige and “bragging rights” but as things stand lets solve this problem fast. Then we can slowly build up our army in peace time with a long term view. In my opinion the most important step would be to strengthening the procurement process for the military and make it fully transparent in other to avoid the mistakes of the past.

      • chynedoo says:

        No country ever builds a proper army once foreign boots come in. You can check recent history…
        Sierra Leone

    • igbi says:

      So you think we should willingly be colonized by the usa ? Unbelievable !

    • Deltaman says:

      My Ogas, perception matters, simply put, we have to stiffen our backs and sort out what effectively is our mess. Help from neighbours should come from sealing escape routes. Are we now DR Congo that every rat in the neighbourhood wants to piss over? It’s not just ‘National Pride’, it is Realpolitik, i.e. if you are perceived as weak, then lord help you! This problem requires a robust response with Nigeria leading not floundering in the lethargic manner we are doing. We are on the defensive on the battlefield and in the media space. This needs to change, simples!

  30. toondey says:

    information coming in indicate AU has approved 7,500 strong force to combat book haram.

    • toondey says:

      The debate with analyst is will Nigeria accept?

    • rugged7 says:

      Reuben abati discussing the matter on BBC.
      And why must they go to the same BBC animals that are the 1st to report bad news on nigeria?
      Why can’t they provide this information to CCTV, channels and other nigerian local stations as exclusive news.
      That way bbc plays catch up??
      Na wa 4 Oga dem at the top sha…

  31. doziex says:

    Those who consistently opposed. NA’s use of PMC advisers should really stand up and own the current state of affairs.

    1stly, I told y’all it was only a matter of time before. Our leadership realized the need.

    But now, it’s quite late in the game, so fellow. Country men, be prepared to eat a lot of national humble pie.

    Oga Are james, listed some of the reasons. Why NA always needed advisory help, the same case I tried to make on this blog for the past 2 years.

    The PMCs will mentor and advise NA on multiple levels, field and HQ, how to successfully deal with BH according to best practices. ( Advisers are NOT just Trainers ).

    Instead a lot of folks here just wanted NA to “wing it” , and damn the consequences.

    Well, we are witnessing the consequences.

    (1) AU has decided to send 7,500 soldiers. To bail out Africa’s hapless giant.

    (2) Chad and Perhaps Cameroon, will soon be romping around, bbc in tow, liberating Nigerian towns under BH control.
    You know the west will readily give AU, all the support they denied NA.

    What is about to unfold, will eliminate Nigeria’s claim to Africa’s leadership, for a generation.

    When next nigeria speaks. Up, president. Idris Deby will tell us where to go sit down.

    The anti PMC sentiments. i encountered on this blog were all motivated by nigerians rejecting the humiliation foreign assistant implies.

    Well instead of a quiet business like help/ contract between NA and a PMC,

    We will have Chadians ,Cameroonians, perhaps the UPDF, all products of some effective miltary advisers, bailing us out.

    I am ready to go in the past and revisit all our arguments, whenever Beegeagle is.

    • rugged7 says:

      @ Doziex…Your points are well valid.
      It is sad…
      BUT short of a Nigerian army BLITZKREIG in the next 2 weeks; that takes over all fallen towns from here to cameroon/chad borders…
      Once any foreign troops- AU or ECOWAS put boots on ground on nigerian territory,
      Nigeria will be poised from one of the greatest military humiliations that will emasculate it’s military for the next 50 years with the yankees and the rest of africa laughing and cheering their hearts out.

      • rugged7 says:

        *poised for*

      • rugged7 says:

        I personally believe that will be the end game for the yankees.
        To skewer Nigeria…
        Since Nigeria is one of their greatest opposition to siting an American AFRICOM command on African soil.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga rugged7, I respect your hustle sir.
        this ya timetble na die ohhhh, lololo, 2weeks vs 50 years of humiliation, hehehehe, Nigerian armed forces are faced with a relatively new threat, forcing her to re-tool and up-arm; modernization is not a destination but a process, it never ends; democracy has given DHQ one of its best times yet, couple that with the largest economy in Africa and what you get is a nation that’ll stop seeking to be loved by everyone, but a country that’ll take decisive steps to secure its interests; Nigerian armed drones? haha, who would have thought, more recently, Nigeria has stopped giving two f**s
        AU, ECOWAS? for wherr??? please dont crack me up abegi….

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Mc Shegz….lool
        Leave my embellishment.
        U get my point.

    • Are James says:

      My brother you were right. :

      The capability problem resided where exactly I put it a few days ago, amongst middle ranked officers between Major to Brigadier. While we aware re-training lower ranks for COIN we somehow left out these officers thinking “an officer is an officer”. Apparently not and it is becoming apparent that basic field craft and leadership is very lacking. How does a brigade get expelled from its headquarters (wait for it).. in a state of emergency situation where you had power for aggressive patrols, money to pay local spies, power of arrest of suspicious characters, temporary 24hour curfews that could have been mounted and many platforms and technologies that could have been brought onto the battle field when everything else changed.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Doziex, I respect your hustle sir.
      First of all, go down low, lololo,on a serious note, insinuations to PMC’s isn’t valid and hasn’t been corroborated by anyone yet,
      Secondly, are you suggesting that DHQ doesn’t already employ trainers from around the world, to continually train its own? if you could please elaborate this point it would be very much appreciated, because i seriously doubt that we don’t utilize private local and international trainers.
      Thirdly, your tone comes across as if “i told you so” i might be wrong but if this is your intention, then i believe we need to learn to remain magnanimous in so called victory.
      Once again, Chad Cameroon, Niger, and Nigeria all have the responsibility to protect their borders, it is their duty, that these countries have to corporate isn’t some shlong measuring contest but the ideal thing to do, a collective effort’s always sustainable when fighting terrorism. And lastly, “What is about to unfold, will eliminate Nigeria’s claim to Africa’s leadership, for a generation.” really? lololo, i seriously doubt that, tell that to the 510billion dollars in GDP. jeeeeeeeez, no one comes close… hehehe

      • doziex says:

        Oga i spoke of advisers, nothing about trainers.

        Big and crucial difference. NA has had several foreign trainers.

        Military advisers / mentors, are a whole different. Business, they stay with you, while you fight.
        Exactly what the Americans are doing against isis in iraq presently.

    • igbi says:

      There would be no PMC and no foreign soldiers other than the MNJTF. Period.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Dear Sir, You did not listen to the Abati’s interview. The NSA has the same view as you and almost everybody here. but what are the realities ? Some people think it is the easy way out, but really every country that has gone that way will never achieve the greatness it deserves, forge iron it has to go through the fire , this is our fire. Once the political arm agrees to AU , UN , US (c/o Kerry’s visit, which was not to talk elections alone or tell troublesome people they would not get Visa- code for you will lose all your personal accounts and interest in the West) it will take a lot to sway that course of action once initiated. If you still not believe how serious things are reach any of our MILADs or their office in the West. This is about domination which interprets into control of resources – MONEY. once AFRICOM is established in an area (directly or in directly as with Niger and Chad US c/o France- military presence). How would China and Russia be able to penetrate or have significant control of Strategic trade. ( 2nd Scramble for Africa, main stumbling block to the west is Nigeria). It is not a question of hate, it is a fact of survival. As earlier said they( West) are focused and unflinching. I wish we would realize the same and stay the course.
        If we should let Foreign troops into Nigeria. it equates to the fact we cannot stop BH, not to talk of keeping our neighbors in check. We cannot become the “Shakara” man ( quoting late Fela). Does anybody think 8500 Awilo/dobolo dancing troops would make a difference to what is on ground ,it would just confusion and prolongation of this event.

    • Oga Doziex, I ONCE (just once ooh) attacked you for calling for PMC’S. …Kindly accept my apologies…

  32. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria: Exclusive – Nigerian Military Arrests Generals, Other Senior Officers Over Boko Haram’s Takeover of Baga

  33. rugged7 says:

    Does anybody have any additional information on this:?

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 3h 3 hours ago

    Nigerian Army vanguard troops engages #BokoHaram Terrorists in #Madagali 1st time after its capture in 4months just as #Michika is Liberated

    Overnight, Nigerian Army Artillery shells flashing across sky, explosions thundering across fields. Madagali environs hammered.

  34. Martin Luther says:

    2000 persons killed, no it was only 150 persons.

    People are figures for some but family for some others

    If 1.5 persons died violently and the .5 was family it would hurt badly

    I just want this crisis to end please God and by whatever means

  35. pappy says:

    oga rugged that guy has a lot of intel about the state of things in the NE,even up to the type of platform deployed.

    • Are James says:

      PMC related guy. I am sure he has friends and colleagues fighting on three continents. He has friends and colleagues fighting in Nigeria.

  36. rka says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 1h 1 hour ago

    An officer told me #BokoHaram tried counter attacked #Michika from rear but was fight off effectively. No encirclement or retreat
    0 replies 25 retweets 1 favorite
    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 1h 1 hour ago

    Frontline reports of #BokoHaram pouring fighters into #Gulak from #Gwoza as captured BH deserters who fled waga mongoro villages confirms
    0 replies 37 retweets 1 favorite
    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 1h 1 hour ago

    Several Tauregs were killed among the #BokoHaram jihadists in #Michika on Wednesday. A tracked APC was destroyed and several arms siezed
    0 replies 29 retweets 3 favorites

  37. Augustine says:

    It’s so sad that after 5 years consistent practical field combat experience in COIN war against the same enemy Boko Haram, 5 years enough to get a BSc and MSc in a field of study, plus special training in COIN from Russia, Israel, Pakistan, etc, Nigerian army still needs PMC to tell them what to do, so so very sad….thousands of Captains, Majors, Colonels, Generals….yet we need foreign retired soldiers to help us…where are Nigerian army’s retired ECOMOG battle tested officers? When EO the PMC left Sierra Leone, we took over and saved that country, we got no help in Liberia….what has become of the legendary great 150 year old Nigerian army?

  38. freeegulf says:

    @oga Mcshegz, we are indeed learning. but you should reread what oga austinho wrote. he is absolutely correct. where we are currently failing has nothing to do with learning, no. we are failing because we have obviously forgotten the basics. no officer can graduate from a military academy, infantry school and staff college, and still has no proper appreciation of perimeter defense. we might as well go and investigate what they are teaching them in those war school.

    we have the likes of oga doziex gloating about ‘i told you so’ rather than be looking at the big picture. for those in the know, the army has been utilizing PMCs since the gunboat war. however, what the likes of oga doziex wants is to deploy mercs to hold the hands of the military, same peeps that should be the pillar of a 150 year institution. if that’s the case, we might as well start from the very beginning and build a new army.

    @oga Are James, is easier to train troops within couple of weeks. but for officer training, it takes a long while. and i think that is why we have NDA, JAJI and other Krieakademies where these guys are failing is in the minor things. now if they fail in simple basics such as reconnaissance, aggressive patrols, CMIL in AOR, and base defence, then tell me, we have no chance in high manoeuvre warfare that involves superior strategies and deep operational arts. if a doctor cant operate simple appendicitis is it open heart surgery he we be efficient at?

    i m glad the NA high command is beginning to take disciplinary issues serious. troops that perform less ideal in battle should be disciplined. inept officers should also be dealt with. we really need to take this NE campaign serious. even if the army claims it is nobodies business to question their strategy up north, they should at least do the basics right. except of course, they are freely donating these weapons to terrorists. if that is the case, its good bye nigerian army, and good bye nigeria as a federation.

    @oga jimmy, AU is not deploying nada to this country. if it aint the MNJTF, we can as well say good bye to the govt and republic. there is more chance of khaki peeps back to power than some naive leadership acquiescing to UN schemes for this country.

    • jimmy says:

      Personally I know that is not the case AU is not going to deploy.I was just sharing the information.Oga Doziex enough of the gloating,please it is unbecoming unconfirmed reports out of the mouth of the SA defence ministry confirm that there are former SA in Nigeria.Oga doziex please go back to your sources and they will tell you PMCs have been with us for a while. Let me say this the NA heirachy has made mistakes and has it’s problems which a crisis like Boko Haram has shed light on and they will overcome it. However now is not the time to be in I told you kind of thinking, please. People there is a reason why I have restrained myself Heavy fighting is going on Confirmed our brothers and sisters are heavily-xxxxx now is not the time to do anything else but support them. Let us not worry about the western media let us worry about our families. God bless Nigeria Amen T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  39. STARTREK says:

    Take from history the French the Spaniards and even the British had one time rescued the all mighty America …Au mandate is not particularly for Nigeria, Actually it is the Afri standby force that is being activated Asap by willing members in lieu of the danger posed by the bh especially those countries that are less likely to counter effectively. the fight is and will always be by Nigeria and Nigerian interests only. make no mistake about this.
    For those of us who were very much online before and during the Niger delta crisis, one recalls the subtle, and the crazy banter the west were bringing to the table. that given the economic implication of the situation in Nigeria to the rest of the world at that time. the unsc should take control and administer the region. otherwise; the impression was that left to the Nigerians alone the crisis will not end in 40yrs.
    the real danger to Nigeria is in the type of maneuvers that is being employed by the so called political elite.
    no nation or country will attempt to invade or occupy Nigeria from outside and be successful. period.
    However what is playing out is the beginning of the real liberation of black Africa even beyond the bH menace.
    Only those who have understanding can see beyond the tint.
    PLEASE somebody tell GEJ the moment he capitulates to foreign pressure for whatever reason. then for all intent and purpose the soul and heart of his government has been played and lost
    No need to falter just keep the sight on target (FULL STOP).

  40. asorockweb says:

    My Ogas in house,

    After the Ceasefire/Mubi debacle, I resolved not to comment directly on BH related issues until we had new military and/or political leadership. Although I am grateful that this administration has opted to procure Tanks and IFVs for our army.

    But I just wanted to remind those of us that are welcoming a UN/AU force about a couple of things.

    Firstly, the force will take several weeks to come to full strength.

    Next, a force of 7,500, IF deployed in a piece of land the size of Bornu state, against an aggressive, tenacious enemy like BH, will not be effective.

    Lastly, this is a UN force, not a force from Mars. There’s a long list of UN deployments. Let’s consult our history books and see how effective UN actions against determined enemies have been.

    There are no shortcuts or wizards of war.

    Regarding the fall of Gwoza, Bama, Ngala and Mubi, it is clear now that these towns all fell in similar circumstances; the garrison commanders had retreat as their 1st option once the enemy shows strong determination.

    At the military leadership level, it appears as if the generals were saying “They are trained officers, they should know what to do.”
    But the duty of a leader/manager is to “ENSURE” – plan and prepare, and help subordinates plan and prepare.

    I understand the overall strategy of our Chief of Army staff, but the execution of the strategy has left a lot to be desired.

    I will leave this for now.

    • igbi says:

      It seems to me that the UN force is a renaming of the MNJTF.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Well said , Sir

    • freeegulf says:

      ”At the military leadership level, it appears as if the generals were saying ‘They are trained officers, they should know what to do.”
      nothing more to add to this oga aso rock. such is the mentality that bedevils the army.
      no one is calling for micro management of top heavy decision making. however, the high command needs to revamp the attitude and neglectful combat style of some of the leadership element.
      with the new enforcement of discipline that affects both officers and other ranks, the combatants would think straight before abandoning garrison towns and arsenal for the enemy to loot.

      we are going through a very unique phase and the lessons would be significant. we shouldnt forget these lessons as we did the ECOMOG experiences.

      • asorockweb says:

        For me, your phrase, “neglectful combat style” captures it all.

        There’s nothing wrong with having expectations of your officers and men, but leaders have to ENSURE: plan and prepare.

  41. jimmy says:
    Vindication: However I do not know about rocket launchers, Sometimes my fellow Nigerian Brethren the way they write articles makes me embarrassed and once again they can’t even get the story right, NAH WAH.

    • camouflage1984 says:

      Oga Jimmy i got mine from the source

      • jimmy says:

        Thanks can you clear up one question for me
        We appear to importing either the T72A or The T72M1 not quite sure and prior to their departure EXCALIBUR “serviced them”
        Also can you help find out what kind of rocket launchers whether it is the SMERCH? , Don’t mean to put pressure on you but if confirmed about the rocket launchers it will be a huge MORALE BOOST to our boys in the field.

    • Are James says:

      Maybe we need a joint venture oil refinery as well with Sinopec or its downstream arm. Very few countries allow Chinese downstream oil and gas operations on their land so they must be desperate for available offshore refining assets. I think it is a good deal for 50-50 JV in this area producing petrol, diesel, heavyoils and bitumen for export to China and local consumption in Nigeria. Right now the only reliable project on the horizon is Dangote’ s refinery coming up in Lagos.

  42. jimmy says:
    BBC NEWS is confirming that heavy fighting has been going on to recapture Michika,
    Confirmed: Heavy ARTY in MICHIKA CONFIRMED: Offensive actions being undertaken by Nigerian Military.

  43. Julius says:

    A Nigerian Navy Sub-lt today recorded a target and kill of a boko haram mortar spotter at a distance of 985m. With a Dragunov SDVK Sniper Rifle.

    If this is meant to be news and not the Norm for Nigerian Soldiers, then we should have contracted the PMCS a long time ago.

    This is clearly what should be news for a military like Ghana or Togo and not a rich country like Nigeria with all our resources.

    That was the tweet from @donklericuzo on twitter.

    • Deway says:

      Interesting, almost 1km away. Hope the army keeps a record of such events.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Julius, I respect your hustle sir.
      Please sir, clearly delineate the said tweet from the whole comment above, as i for one am not sure which is the tweet and which is your comment; please do, so that one can either appropriately applaud the heroism of said Nigerian or adequately degrade and tongue lash the author of such subsequent condescending remarks. Either way, let your views be expressly and clearly stated out, don’t be shy, encapsulating ones view in another person’s opinion is the result of a confused mindset, don’t you agree Oga?

  44. jimmy says:

    Please RELAX first of all it is a tweet not a hole thread, it is not coming from the military.
    As gruesome as it sounds that 985m is almost one Kilometer away in mathematical terms it is 3,232 feet away it is an accomplished because this is 0.6 of a mile away.
    Considering how much we talk about two main topics.
    1) Training of our personnel – Therefore let us praise them when they do something good a mortar spotter is the equivalent of a mass murderer of our troops . The sniper saved a lot of lives and may go down history as one of the longest KILLS.
    2) The type of RIFLE used is RUSSIAN ,and for some people anything Eastern is not good enough well we have our proof that a Dragunov SDVK Sniper Rifle is just as good.
    Relax this thing is going to take a while.

    • ozed says:

      Practice makes perfect. Especially using a Dragunov.

      When we start using heavier anti-materiel rifles, the sniper can actually be the answer to the technical, because some of those anti materiel rifles can take out a man at 2.5km, and also shoot bullets heavy enough to destroy an anti aircraft gun, with a strike on the breach block or any part of the barrel assembly.

      Good work guys!!!

  45. chynedoo says:

    Did Chad retake a Nigerian town on our behalf? Are things that bad? Is there an AFRICOM connection to the blockade of Israeli and other western arms meant for Nigeria?
    When are we going on the offensive? Repelling and repelling and again repelling is no longer good enough. We need to attack and attack and attack and attack so that these savages will not even find the time to sleep, or sniff glue or rig a crude IED, or convert a 4×4 to a gun truck.
    I hope we will not let any UN or AU force on Nigerian soil. And I hope the president and his advisers know that whoever allows that to happen in this war will forever be regarded by generations of Nigerians as someone who destroyed the reputation of the Nigerian Army built up from the time of the British war in Burma where the Nigerians who went to fight in Burma came back with the respect of the colonialists and of their own countrymen.
    We should never destroy a reputation built over the course of more than 60 years.

  46. Oje says:

    Oga Chynedo,
    Remember my endless rants about a possible Chadian/Cameroonian invasion of Nigeria? Everybody here thought i was nuts, that is too extreme and idea for Chad and Cameroon to dare contemplate. Remember when the story of Chadian troops going to Cameroon came out? this was indeed the invasion force. When you have two different and hostile armies massing up on your border you know invasion is iminent and now before our very eyes its happening. They will take advantage of the election period. We cannot fight Boko Haram and her allies (Chad and Cameroon)at once. If this forces intend to go as far as Abuja how does the Nigerian army stop this advance?

  47. Oje says:

    If this report is verified to be true then this will be a big blow to the pride and morale of the Nigerian military establishment, that Nigerian ”Can do” psyche. It is mind boggling the chronology of events, we are sleeping.

  48. ugobassey says:

    ……I wonder if the powers that be are listening…God help us all….

  49. Kola Adekola says:

    This article hints at the real issues we have with our boko haram battle. We need to rebuild aspects of our army almost from scratch.

    ‘Chadian forces fighting Boko Haram with less sophisticated weapons’
    Category: News Published on Sunday, 01 February 2015 05:00 Written by Hamza Idris, Maiduguri

    Chadian forces that recently put the Boko Haram insurgents on the defensive in towns and villages along Nigeria’s borders with neighbouring Niger Republic are using weapons that are not in any way better than what the Nigerian troops abandoned when they fled in captured territories, Sunday Trust learnt from witnesses yesterday.
    Chadian troops had between last Wednesday and Thursday driven over 100 kilometres into the Nigerian territory and chased away hundreds of Boko Haram insurgents who took over Mallam Fatorii and Abadam, two prominent towns near the border between Nigeria and Niger in northern part Borno State.
    They reportedly launched aerial reconnaissance and ground operations, a development that forced the Boko Haram militants to flee.
    Nigerians who are taking refuge in Diffa and Bosso across Niger said they were surprised when they saw the arms and ammunitions deployed by the Chadian troops and succeeded in killing many Boko Haram fighters and forcing others to flee.
    “Honestly speaking, the arms used by the Chadian troops are not as good as the ones Nigerians soldiers have,” said Yusuf Toroma, a Nigerian who is now living in Bosso.
    “I am a Nigerian but I have two wives, one living with her children in Bosso and the other one living in Mallam Fatori together with her children, so, I know what is happening here…Nigerian soldiers have better weapons than Chad’s but it seems something is fundamentally wrong with the counter-insurgency operations by the Nigerian military,” Toroma, who spoke by phone said.
    “The Chadian troops went to Mallam Fatori, conquered the terrorists, lowered their flags and are currently mopping up ordinance buried by the invaders. They told us that in the next couple of days, we would go back to our countries.
    “Surprisingly, most of the troops from Chad had AK-47 rifles, some have machine guns and others anti-aircraft guns which they mounted on their shoulders. Even the fighter jets they used were not in any way different from the ones we normally see the Nigerian Air Force use in surveillance. The only difference is that the one used by the Chadians dropped bombs mercilessly on the Boko Haram and it took hours doing the same thing,” he said.

  50. beegeagle says:


    Good practice embedding SBS snipers in with regular units. Snipers serve as overwatch . Hopefully we get a few SBS legends out of the NE conflict


    Our pride is hurt at this victory of the Chadians, we are at war and we will win, Chad is a member of the MNJTF and has deployed troops on Nigerian soil before, if they secure the 3rd axis (Lake Chad shores and Damasak Abadam) Then we can go about and secure the second (Michika Madagli) and hopefully end the conventional phase of this war by taking back everything up to Banki, Gamborou, Amdichie… BH military forces will be decimated with no safe harbor.

    the best thing that could happen is Nigeria to advance via Michika Madagli and Monguno , Dikwa, Marte while Chad pushes through Banki and Baga. At the same time isolate Buni Yadi. You can liken this to a surge , There is a chance that we simply do not have enough boots on ground to take all these places simultaneously without Chad( I don’t know), however we do have to have a plan to hold these places. SO yes, once this is done.. Chadian troops have to leave , but the question is… when will it be done? The NA has to get bigger. There is a chance that we need one more div (20K men) in Adamawa and Southern Borno with a mountain brigade and an armored brigade, and one more div (amphibious and air assault) to cover Delta, Rivers and Bayelsa. As well as upgrade 7th div to 20K men from ten and have a dedicated amphibious light Brigade to cover Lake Chad, plus a desert corps Brigade for long distance patrolling (but that’s a note for another day). Combined with airpower (for logistics , CAS and air superiority) and a local military industrial complex we will insure our borders and live at peace with our neighbors for another 55 years.

    There is a chance that a large mass of this cancer can be excised and then we can go into the business of good governance and hearts and minds, more and more details about Monguno are coming out and its similar to Gwoza and Bama in that elements of the local populace supported BH, hence the NA forces were basically surrounded on all sides. This is unacceptable, what could turn people against their own nation? Why do they believe BH is better than what they have with the Nigerian govt? Is it just religion? is it a form of nationalism? is it just a bunch of criminals that the police did not ever excise, this is the issue we must face once we have defeated BH in both the conventional and the insurgency phase, no more religious riots, no more corrupt customs and police men looking the other way when items are being smuggled across a border, a world class armed forces to lead the way in integrity and governance, and a humble government to serve the people. Its either we shape up or something worse may come down our way. As we speak the so called “Fulani herdsmen” are again terrorizing people in Nassarawa state, we need to solve the incessant conflicts between nomads and settlers and get a better way for people to identify with the state instead of with their tribe or religion, this is the real war which we must win after this shooting war is done.


    @ Rugged

    Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable, during operations in Bama last year residents claimed helicopters attacked Nigerian soldiers and swore that the helicopter had a patch on the bottom that kept BH troops from shooting it down, it was a bunch of bunk brought upon by over active imaginations and the “fog of war”. They mistook NAF choppers for whatever reason. What the residents probably saw in Monguno was air resupply of ammo and maybe even SF inserts into the barracks while it was under attack.

    That said it could also be that some resupply drops missed their mark and BH got some caches and the residents saw that, and then think the choppers resupplied BH. to say that BH is getting air resupplies however is not true. What we do hope is that we are not having “blue on blue” contact due to troop mis identification.

    While its painful to think we could have inadvertently resupplied BH in Monguno 1, @ least we are practicing resupply by air, eventually we will get pretty good at it and be able to keep forces in far flung FOB’s or patrols reinforced.

    We do not have full information but I think we can confidently say any air assets in an area where there are Nigerian troops probably belong to the Nigerian Armed Forces.

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