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  1. drag_on says:

    Then Argentines and Uruguayans are interested in getting our modification of the type 056. For the Argentines, they apparently want the antisubmarine version and a deck capable of handling a larger helicopter,this is to counter British sub around the Malvinas/falkland islands.
    I would really like the F.G. to make another 2 orders to be built here. Guess we will have to wait and see the 2015 budget for the Navy post elections.
    If I were pressed,I’d prefer we mastered building this class ship with anti.sub capabilities that buying a sub for the immediate future. My opinion.

  2. beegeagle says:

    True, I saw that report as well. Regardless of the interminably disparaging ramble which some of us like to get into when it concerns China and hardware, we ACTUALLY got something good and that is why the Argentines and Uruguayans are looking to acquire replicas of our P18N ships.

    • rka says:

      Trust most online reports to ignore this and concentrate on possible bad news from Maiduguri (they hope.

      Anyway, safe sailing NNS Centenary.

  3. STARTREK says:

    Oga Jimmy. Here we go again and there we go again: ko ya ka che?

  4. Okpa1 says:

    Sail on and God be with you

  5. Max Montero says:

    Nice. A good addition to the Nigerian fleet! I expect Nigeria to make good use of this ship once it enters service.


  6. camouflage1984 says:

    Oga Beeg there is a certain rumor that Gwoza has been retaken by the MNJTF

  7. beegeagle says:

    That is over 250km removed from the Baga district of northern Borno which is the AOR of the MNJTF. I have to doubt that as you can imagine.

    Methinks the consistent association of Gwoza with Chadian activity stems from the fact that the highland town lies close to precincts in Cameroon’s Far North where Chadian troops are deployed.

  8. doziex says:

    NA for God’s. Sake hire a firm in the interim to handle your PR and propaganda.

    A group that would combine film footage from the front, pictures from the front, audio interviews from our victorious soldiers. From the front.

    You can disseminate the content. Via youtube, NA website, beegeagles blog, etc etc.

    Please, show the country the footage of the newly acquired weaponry in action.

    Nigerians. Need and deserve a moral boost.

    While I will remain a harsh and unapologetic critic of those that brought NA to this new low, I realise that a major effort is underway to redress the status quo.

    SO NA, Don’t Let anyone, steal your thunder.

    Don’t. Let anyone. Usurp the glory that you earn on the battle field.

    I would not begrudge. Chad or Cameroon of their honest accomplishments, so let Nigeria celebrate the victory of our troops when it happens.

    After all, we have borne the bad news and the military set backs.

    Remember sierra leone, and the bbc led conspiracy that usurped the exploits of NA, that was paid for in blood.

    We are responsible for the defense of our image.

    No lies or embellishments needed, just a fair and substantial documentation of the truth.

  9. giles says:

    pls let it b 4 more wit a 100mm gun ,4 *2 AAM,4*2AShM,1 CIWS.and also armed d twin Hamilton class CGS and we are good to go.

  10. Okpa1 says:

    Anytime I see this ship.. my joy know no bound, also its my humble appeal to the NN to consider placing order for 4 more of this ship but at the same time arming the with missile launching capability to form the next line our multipurpose frigate. Its cheaper to run and maintain and also bearing in mind that NNS thunder and Okpabana can only last us another 15 years if well maintained.
    Also, the need to have a Gulf of Guinea command is imperative as our economic main stay reside there making imperative that the sooner we think of acquiring the Type 037-II FAC to replace our aging FAC the better for our dear nation Nigeria.
    NNS centenary, God bless you and may your service to the Nigerian state be glorious.

    • ScouseNaija says:

      Amen! NN, even if F-91 NNS Centenary has environmental control equipment permanently,make sure she prolongs her reach and strengthens her war fighting abilities by embarking 2 x KA-28 helicopters with an imperious 900km range and multi-mission capability both as an ASW and early warning chopper, configurable as desired.

  11. drag_on says:

    It seems as though Argentina will go for 5 ships,with three built at home.

    …….China and Argentina had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in
    October 2014 on co-operation in defence technology and industry. The joint
    development programmes were reported as finalised during a Chinese defence
    trade delegation’s visit to Buenos Aires in late January.
    Argentina could buy two warships and co-produce three more in Argentina. The
    P18 corvette is 1,800 tonnes, is 95 m long, and is powered by two MTU 20V
    4000M diesel engines. Argentina wants the corvettes to be able to land its Sea
    King helicopters and towed sonar……

  12. jimmy says:

    The News agency of Nigeria is reporting that the NN Centenary will be in Nigerian Waters by the end of this week , I don’t think that is possible however I am just regurgitating

  13. superboi79 says:

    Is The NNS Centenary in Lagos already? am seeing the NNS Centenary as docked in Lagos on a marine tracking website

  14. xnur44 says:

    NNS Centenary finally berth in Lagos Harbour today. Congratulations to the sailors for their safe return!

  15. jimmy says:

    Welcome NN Centenary.

  16. jimmy says:

    Any pictures of the lovely ship in Lagos anyone?

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