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  1. beegeagle says:

    Our military PR Managers must work extra hard to show Nigerians what roles our troops have played. Put together, all the towns liberated do not aggregate to the size of MDGR which Nigerians alone have locked down. Our military PR should have pre-planned their media strategy. It is still too reactive whereas they should be setting the pace in print, on TV and on social media, just to stay ahead of mischief makers.

    The military PR managers and NIC need to summon all the foreign correspondents in Nigeria and CLEARLY state the following

    – the precise AOR and role of the MJTF expanded
    – number of troops contributed by each country
    – why any foreign troops are involved in this at all
    – where the foreign troops are stationed and why
    – where Nigerian troops are jointly deployed with foreign forces

    Given the cynicism with which many foreign-born nobodies in this country approach every story which has to do with Nigeria, NIGERIANS will never forgive our PR managers if, for any reason, they leave this war narrative to the fertile and disingenuous imagination of snide and condescending outsiders.

    • Are James says:

      There is a way the narrative is coming from Chad regarding their conduct of the war that leaves a lot to be desired. The impression they are giving the world is that of unfettered access to all parts of Nigeria’s north east without any indication of an attempt at deference to Nigerian authorities whatsoever. This is very dangerous for local perception of sovereignty and territorial integrity.
      Also what we should be seeing daily from DHQ is a map-based progress report of the offensive, what has been achieved and exactly what the foreign forces are doing in the country with careful management of sensitive information of course.
      The temporary absence of civilian oversight occasioned by the ongoing political campaigns and the consequent absence of the CIC and most legislators who are also on the trail should not be an excuse for a lack of single point accountability.

      • beegeagle says:

        Yeah, bro. That was why I said that we need to spell out the AOR of the MJTF NOW…not later because Napoleonic complex and a false high could lead some official in Chad to claim that they liberated Borno. They should not stray more than TEN MILES into Nigerian territory. That would amount to playing into the hands of spin doctors. Now that Chad have been allowed to stroll into Gamboru, the malevolent sections of the media could easily spin that to mean that they are everywhere in Borno. That would be very dangerous for perceptions at a time when the world has made a David out of the Chadian Army.

        If they are kept within that radius of operation, nobody will come tomorrow to claim that they liberated towns hundreds of kilometres inside Borno.

        MILITARY PR must separate MJTF ops from Nigerian military ops and provide daily updates on both streams of activity or run the risk of losing this narrative to foreign spin doctors and to mischievous Nigerians who are looking to gain political mileage

  2. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, the attitude our military PR is exhibiting over Chads involvement in raids on Nigerian soil leads to one conclusion; Nigeria has played a deft diplomatic hand to force a structured response from all stakeholders, including those whose purposes bordered on the nefarious.

    By bringing in the oversight of the UN, we have been able to force our neighbours to play ball. This is because the UN comes with a lot of rules, procedures and the publication of well researched reports. It is no longer a wild land with the Western press making up stories or acting as the propaganda vehicle for Cameroons Western serving, but suicidal propaganda.
    Cameroon, Chad and Niger now have to report their actions and provide situational assessment’s that make sense to a security council that includes not just the West, but Russia and China; and to a wider UN that includes not just South Africa, but India, Brazil, Iran etc.

    The field is now structured much better and to our advantage and has allowed us to go on a wide “once and for all” offensive that in the past would only have ended in futility, with boko haram simply melting into Cameroon, Chad and Niger to regroup, rearm, restrategise and then striking again (as happened in the past).

    The inclusion of the UN also cuts out wild and unproven stories of human rights abuses. Now only facts will sail and the Western press can busy themselves harmlessly with fictional stories of the helmetless Chadian armies heroics. It doesn’t matter, we now have our anvil in place. Small price.

    Every up and coming nation faces the same difficulties from the usual crew, because they see what most cannot yet see and loathe losing their sources of easy, filthy lucre.
    It is Nigeria’s turn to break free and we seem to be acquitting ourselves quite handily. Greatness, unity and sense of direction will arise from these trials.

    Koni man die, koni man bury am.
    God bless Nigeria.

  3. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, first of all i do not wish to derail this new page with constant infighting but with all due respect its high time we call igbi to order. Igbi and his cohort NaijaSeal (Who happen to be the same person) are progressively turning this into a Turkey shoot. Anyone notice how every ”New” blogger are always allies and never say anything to contradict each other? Anyone notice also how both Oga Igbi1 and Naijaseal (Igbi 2) seem to post comments at the same time and each comment preceding the other one. I do not wish to sound melodramatic, but i do wish ti impress upon you all that Igbi and his clone will go to any length to support his views even f it means creating new profiles to support his views.

  4. beegeagle says:

    You guys all need to leave that spat on the old thread. I do not like some of the effusive negativity which I whiff from you sometimes and I certainly think Igbi quarrels way too much.

    Before I upped and left last time, there was a lot of pressure to remove both of you from this space…yourself for seemingly being a Western lackey and Igbi for being too abrasive and thereby always drawing threads towards inevitable implosion.

    Stop sounding like George Washington and Igbi, stop vetting people’s comments. Make yours instead and make it so convincing that it makes the other person recant. Attack the idea but not the person.

    Now, back to business.

    • kulture 1 says:

      Oga Beeg. please,try to understand Oga Igbi. I think many of us silent followers of your blog actually understanding his points and agree with them. From the past until the Beegeagle blog, the only information one could get on the Nigerian military had always been negative, depressing and discouraging.The need to denigrate anything Nigeria has even been ingrained in the mentality of the West and many Nigerians. I am sure against this, is one of your key reasons for setting up this blog. Kudos to you on that and to the amazinly intelligent bloggers that started it with you.
      However, as the beeeagle blogs soars higher,there are coming people, who´s mind have been conditioned in the slavish mentality mindset that Nigerians can´t do anything unless the y´re helped by the whiteys. They are quick to try and derail the treads with irrelevant, false and discouraging information. They are always posting news items from discredited media,all just to feel involved in things. Some believe the ability to write English has qualified them to be experts at military matters. I´m sure some only read the headlines before jumping on their keyboards to post the first thing that came to their heads.
      To be candid, This blog has ever brought about positive enlightenment to the public about the Nigerian Armed Forces. It´s a blog where things are considered in line with available facts and critical, progressive and positive analysis and suggestions are proffered. This is what I believe your blog is about.And I believe this is what Oga Igbi is hammering on.
      It´s not a must that one must always comment on every post to be deemed intelligent and you don´t need to write lies and fantasies that comes out of one head to be deemed to have a balanced contrary view. Honestly, with the spate of negativities all about, we need positive and encouraging news to keep our spirits up. And I believe Igbi is just calling them out on their ignorance.
      However, Oga Igbi, I´m sure no one can doubt how passionate you feel about Nigeria and I think most people understand your stand. But you must also know that we all have contrary opinions to things and the our rights to express them. Pls try to mellow your tones and like the Beeg wrote, attack the Idea, but not the person. Leave the insults and name calling to the small boys.
      God bless Nigeria and those that seek her goodness.

  5. beegeagle says:




    • mayorrules says:

      in my view this is balanced doc

    • Ola says:

      I do really appreciate this podcast! In my own opinion, this is the first balanced report from BBC on the Boko Haram issue and Nigeria, so far.

      I once angrily wrote on one of the older treads that “our generals have forgotten what war is about because they have enjoyed a long period of peace…” It was a scathing remark and of course, I got attacked for it. I said that then because I had a chat with a former colleague and friend still active in NA and who had just returned from an overseas training trip then and I could not stomach the things he told me with respect to training and morale among our troops compared to what he had just experienced abroad! Doctrine of training has to be substantially reviewed too! I will sing my usual song here again.

      We need to go back to basics of infantry, hopefully this has been realised by the NA and I hope we would see the impact on the quality of our troops in the near future. Apart from that, we need to diversify training and units in the NA a lot more than it is today. The NA is currently training some troops as SF but we need different units of SFs specialised in different types of operations, apart from the SBS that we have today.

      Lastly, there is no army that can move forward without adequate equipment. I hope after this layer of (desperate) equipment acquisition, the 3 arms of our military will speedily focus on repositioning our military to a military of the present and future. Nothing stops us from operating T-90SM or T-90AM approx $4M a piece, brand new. Ordering at least 150 units of these to start with. 100 complete and 50 units as KD that DICON will assemble with Russian experts support. This will create a production/assembly line for MBTs as well as manufacture of plethora of ammunitions at DICON that no one will be able to take away. As soon as we integrate them, we gradually sell off our stock of older tanks and acquire even more T-90s.

      We need to make our NA highly mobile too with plenty of non tracked, AFV typically fielding 105 mm to complement and gradually replace our scorpion tanks while we focus on upgrading Igirigi, may be producing igirigi II based on the battle experience of the first version with Boko Haram. I will canvas for a slightly higher clearance now and a stronger suspension and frame to make easy to mount heavy armaments like twin 23 mm at the minimum and 12.7 mm. This will answer our needs for IFVs.

      The high mobility of Boko Haram and their AA gun mounted pick ups that allow them to outrun Tanks can be effectively countered with agile AFVs and IFVs. Lastly, we need to make AK 74M or AK 103 our standard infantry weapon. Nothing stops DICON from getting a license for this.

      The Navy needs to continue on the acquisition program it has started while including more engineers and working even harder to domesticate supplies. We should as a matter of policy, fully domesticate the acquisition of FACs as we can more easily use them as antipiracy platforms and make them missile boats at the same time.

      NAF? Well, I think NAF is doing well now. We need a lot more AH though, we need at least 2 more dozen Mil variants. We need to look at getting SU-27s and SU-30s in good numbers are the answer to fixed wings, not JF 17s (again I may be attacked here). We need to look into missile defence systems too not minding where it comes from, but again primarily looking to Russia and China.

      In all arms of our military, we need to review our maintenance doctrine such that we after acquisition of ANY equipment, the maintaining and upgrades needed are done locally.

      In the next decade, we should look forward to riding on the back of Russia and China for military tech development, even if it means we owe them after that. It will be money well spent with our dignity remaining intact. In the mean time, we keep our heads low and restructure the army, by the time the “West” will wake up, we’d have a different army. We cannot stop acquisition from them totally, but if we rapidly develop our domestic defence industries and rigorously train our army, when we talk to them about acquisitions in future, we would be able to talk with mutual respect and they will definitely be enticing us to buy from them then. Diversifying our platforms has been of tremendous hep to us in the past and we cannot cease to do that at the stage we are in.

      I see a future where we hold Aerospace and Defence Expo in future, they will come to participate too!

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Ola, but why do some of us attack our country on foreign press forums? No foreigner would ever visit a Nigerian news paper website to abuse, insult or complain about their country. Such behaviour gives foreigners dangerous ideas about us and we all pay dearly in the end.

      • Ola says:

        Hell Mr. Kola, pardon me, I think I missed what you are referring to with respect to news paper website. To the best of my knowledge, I did not write anything on the website of any news paper, Nigerian or foreign. In addition, what I wrote above, I don’t see how Nigeria has been insulted at all, I am for Nigeria any time, any day, no matter where I live.

      • beegeagle says:

        Indeed, I enjoyed reading through your vision for our armed forces as posted by you this morning.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        My Oga, I beg to differ on NAF doing well. IMHO I feel this service should be given more attention. Our main strike aircraft, the Alpha Jet, has served us well. But it is a light fighter bomber with a low payload. We need an excellent and modern multi role fighter that will satisfy our needs, from intercept to ground pounding.

        Like you mentioned, we equally need more helicopters, particularly medium to heavy-lift transport and attack helos.

  6. Oje says:

    After 5 years of attrition that has seen hundreds of our service men killed and billions of dollars spent and the demise of Boko Haram now irreversible it is inconceivable we allow the Franco alliance take credit for it. Remember in the first week of January Chad in collaboration with its Cameroonian counterpart, sent troops to recapture Baga from Boko Haram insurgents, without the knowledge or approval of the Nigerian government.

    After days of ”awkward” silence on the issue Nigerian military CONFIRMED it had no knowledge of an order by Chads Strongman, deploying tChadian soldiers in ”pursuit of Boko Haram” in Nigerian territory.This was not mere conjectures, that is fact. Of course the best thing course of action to avoid embarassment will be to say this was part of the ,MNJTF (Same forces than mysteriously withdraw its forces from their base leaving Nigerian soldiers to defend the base alone.

    Prior to that remember The Chadian president who himself was a former rebel leader told the countries f parliament that the aim of the troops was to capture Baga, I BET MY TWO CENT they did not consult or ask for permission from Nigeria. Remember Chris Olukolade, verbally said that the Jonathan administration was unaware of the deployments but said that he would need to “verify”, after this we have Chadian airforce launch aerial attacks on Nigerian territory, going as far as recapturing Baga .Why am i the only one smelling rat here?

  7. Oje says:

    Et tu Oga Beeg?, it appears you tow the line of igbi, Why would you label me a Western Lackey? Why do i even have to defend my views? And why is it anytime someone says something critical of the blatant corruption on the Nigerian armed forces you all jump the gun and label that Pro Western or Mr Negative or Boko Haram sympathizer. Why dismiss my criticism of Nigeria’s misplaced priorities and corrupt practices of this present administration? I am the true patriot here, i said it before blind patriotism is harmful but why waste my time then. You think it is ” un-Nigerian” to criticize this countries excesses hence one must support the government good or bad. Well let me tell all you something, and this might be my last contribution to this blog. The love i have for my country drives me near tears sometimes. I express my love for Nigeria by supporting efforts at positive change, especially in the military.I oppose some misguided policies and non challenge of our leaders because I care about my country and want to improve it. Our foreign policy is a mess, our war handling is a mess, worse the presence of Chadian and Cameroonian troops on Nigerian soil is bad enough, conducting military operations without proper acknowledgment from the Nigerian government is close no madness and no other country will tolerate this.

    You want me to a a Nigerian army Cheer leader and lie to myself when the house is on fire? Nope. This is my last post on this blog before someone insults my mother. Igbi and Co and whoever it is says i am an unpatriotic pro Western, Pro Boko Haram unapologetic dude, well i have nothing to say or prove to you. Thats that.

  8. G8T Nigeria says:

    @ Oje your observations are quite clear but Nigeria is maintaining focus on Boko Haram. We cant fight Boko Haram, Chad, Cameroun (US and FRANCE) and the entire international media at the same time. Chad and Cameroun now see the advantage of joining hands with Nigeria now. Otherwise they will battle their lives out if Nigeria massively push the terrorist out. But to answer your question, i must confidently state that SOME of the principal contributors to Boko Haram insurgency have been established. If you had listened to the president speech most times he carefully stated (EXTERNAL FORCES). The application of wisdom to solve the worst problem first, is the best course of action.

  9. Julio Caesar says:

    Oga Oje , majority of us Nigerians are aware of the flaws in our great country,but we don’t gloat about it.Instead of washing our dirty linens outside ,we profer useful idea,praises,recommendation and suggestions. This is what this blog is for-To spread hope and not for hate speech. If you have to rant about problems,you can do that with your family in company of big bottled beer.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Well, both of you needed to hear the truth, Oje.

    Remember that at the time (which was when the Cobra attack helicopter deal hit a brickwall), you were still on and on seemingly pooh-pooing any idea that we should explore our options in Russia and China while seemingly asking that we keep trying to make America see reason. You even thought we could get A-10 tankbusters and spared no opportunity to praise everything on their rack. People were calling for realisable acquisitions such as Su-25s and Su-30s while you were promoting the F35 and the Raptor. Not a few people were absolutely disgusted by that, coming at a time when the USA had blocked the sale of Cobra helicopters. It sounded so surreal and as if you were only here to promote the myth of the infallibility of Western systems while talking down on the Russians and Chinese who were the only ones who would sell to us.

    That curious tendency did not go unnoticed by other bloggers and I got a lot of angry comments in which some alleged that Nigeria’s military would remain empty-handed if you were not hushed up as you sang the Western lullaby to the absolute detriment of our national interest.

    In tandem, Igbi drew a lot of flak to himself for carrying on in a manner which had him constantly engaged in shouting matches and not a few thought that peaceful deliberations here would be impossible with him around.

    That is the story. I spoke from the gut. Pardon me if it stung but I have merely rehashed what the preponderant opinions were.

  11. Augustine says:

    Ghana’s president says AU 7,500 troop force deployment will be finalized next week in a meeting to define rules of engagement. Nigeria has better negotiating power now that Boko is on the run.

    FG and DHQ should follow Oga Beegeagles recommendation….

    NO FOREIGN SOLDIERS, VEHICLES, OR AIRCRAFT FROM AU-MNJTF shall advance beyond 10 miles from their border, into Nigerian territory.

    May I also add my opinion, for others to assess.

    Nigeria should demand 100% command and control of the 7,500 man force even if the force HQ is based in Chad.

    NO media press release from any AU-MNJTF on their operations inside Nigeria without joint approval of the news update.

    NO spying on Nigerian military positions, face Bokos, fight, cross back to your country.

    NO foreign AU-MNJTF force shall stay as garrison on Nigerian soil beyond 7 days after liberating a town without express approval from Nigerian FG/DHQ.

    Nigeria should leverage on our current winning position to our full advantage and insist that if the AU or MNJTF members do not agree on major issues affecting our public image and sovereignty, Nigeria shall proceed to fight alone with 100,000 soldiers and massive equipment in overwhelming force, and if Boko Haram escapes into neighbouring countries, Nigeria shall pursue to the border and immediately begin airborne laying of landmines on the borders, and official closure of all such borders PERMANENTLY.

    We have been screwed enough, time to talk tough, act tough, fight tough, like the Israelis who don’t take nonsense, we need to save our 177 million people from ravages of war and humiliation of national pride. Nigeria is still a fighter, when we get angry with our problem, we will kill it.

  12. Augustine says:

    NAF, NA, FG, MOD….Say NO, big NO to any new rethink by America to sell us Cobra or Chinook helicopters when we are about to win this war, else they will say….”America saved Nigeria by lifting unwritten arms embargo to help them get our combat and transport helicopters, they could not have won without the USA”.

    No Cobra or Chinook helicopters again, NAF has paid hundreds of millions of dollars to Russia for combat and transport helicopters. PERIOD !

    No sharing of glory with those countries who have rubbed the nose of Nigeria inside ata rodo or tatase kind of hot pepper.

    • beegeagle says:

      They said we cannot even maintain them so let them keep the Cobra attack helics. What kind of friend continuously talks down on a supposed partner? Let us use the money to upgrade 12-15 Hinds to Super Hind Mk.IIIs when they arrive, abeg. Haba, na wetin?

      Nigeria has become synonymous with rights abuse whereas the Iraqi forces were in the news for extra-judicial killings a few days ago yet operate high-end US hardware including Abrams tanks. It is our hunt for “third-hand” AH-1 Cobra helics which gets whimsically vetoed.

      • jimmy says:

        I Sincerely believe accepting any equipment from the US with caveats or conditions would be a very bad idea, Right now the bulk of the Nigerian Air force Pilots are trained specifically on the Russian models type Helios, with the haul coming in/ arriving they need to continue along those lines.
        There is a lot that both countries can do to repair the absolute mess and hypocrisy they made of a a+100 year relationship and it has to stop from a respectful lesson on both sides.
        The election will come and go and despite the naysayers come May29th 2015 either BUHARI or GEJ will be the President,both Candidates must at this stage have a crystal clear idea of where they want one of their largest Trading partners to be.
        The US has to decide even as it arms people of the most dubious character and some countries with the Worst Human rights record in the world ( S’ ARABIA, the -free -Syria -whatever- they -call- themselves these days ,TURKMENISTAN) what type of relationship they want,Nigeria is going to wiser after this insurgency comes to an end and the era of frivolous exercise as far as Nigeria is concerned has come to an end please go give the hummers to Cameroon, Ghana or FILL IN THE NAME OF THE COUNTRY.
        Nigeria whether it is BUHARI or Jonathan will as predicted go on yearly billion dollar procurements to re-equip specifically the TRI SERVICES because neither one of these two guys wants to deal with BOKO HARAM pass 2015, As to be expected Russia and China will get the bulk of this cold hard cash, coming in also will be ISRAEL , This is what will be the likely scenario unless this relationship is repaired/ amended/ reset / whatever you want to call it
        Finally when this election madness is over JuneXXXX2015 both Ambassadors US and Nigeria should be quietly recalled,it will start the healing process.

      • I really dont know why we insist on American equipment when there are viable up to par Russian options. Russian military hardware is generally cheaper, hardier, less sensitive to the elements and easy to maintain. thats why the M16 jammed in vietnam while a half buried AK 47 could shoot non stop as soon as it is uncovered. Thats why private space entrepreneurs in the US rely on Russian space engines. thats why there is a terndency for Arab nations with their harsh climate to buy Russian equipment. thats why the US bought russian helos for the Afghan army. I’l go with the Russians any day except hwen it comes to 5th Generation figher jest and drones cos I am covinced America has the edge in those categories.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Adetayo’s Blog. For 5th gen fighters and drones, the major areas are positioning and software (they all know enough about stealth). It is impossible to put either side ahead in these two areas.

        The F-35 has major issues (still unable to carry weapons) because its 8 million lines of code are proving an immense problem. It is estimated that the 8 million lines of code could jump to as much as 25 million for the entire program on completion.
        Between 2006 and 2007, the Chinese stole several terabytes of F-35 data, some related to software (others to electronics and design), so you can be sure China is up to speed. Russia and China also inspected a US RQ-170 stealth drone that Iran captured by cyber attack.

        Unlike the F-35 that uses fly-by-wire for thrust vectoring, the current Su-35 entrusts this to the pilot. The F-35 is currently the most manoeuvrable plane, so it is a guess that the Russian 5th generation fighter, the Sukhoi PAK FA (T-50) too would not require software for thrust vectoring either, which would mean less code and complexity.

        As a aside, I am on my knees praying that very soon, Nigeria will buy squadrons of high tech planes (heheh!). I wish it was a Nigerian doing the pure witchcraft with the Su-35 in this video:

      • The PAK FA is still under development and I believe the SU35 is designated as 4++ or so by even the russians, its very manueverable but lacks stealth which is one of the main things that makes a 5G a 5G (the raptor and the f35 are both quite stealthy). Regarding acquiring hi tech planes of su35 e go tay small oo cos russia does not export it. neither does america export the raptor. as for drones, to my knowledge America leads the field. other countries are catching up very fast but the key phrase is “catching up”.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Correction: I meant, the F-35 cannot carry ground attack weapons, not all weapons.

      • ocelot2006 says:

        We can’t maintain the Cobra?! Now THAT is an insult! First of all (*go down low*) why will we even settle for bloody Cobras when we have the more lethal Mi-24/35 Hinds? As for the Chinook, all that’s needed is a few months of training and type rating, and we’re good to go.

    • saleh says:

      haha is this for real. lol we dont want it anymore thanx for their offer

  13. Augustine says:

    Manpower shortage? If any, let NA use MOPOL as half of garrison in liberated towns.

    Gas, gas, gas ! NA learn to use gas masks and tear gas when necessary. NAF be ready to air drop tear gas if necessary to disorient the Bokos for easier action by NA infantry or SF.

    That man in the video I posted last month, Shekau III, thou shall not let him escape, SF, SBS, SAS, SSS go nail that guy….he is the one in charge of Chibok girls when it happened…..”Zan sayad da mata”….get that slave trader that sells educated teenage girls for $30 per human being.

    NA please capture some Bokos now for serious interrogation, we need information to aid this war, I don’t need to tell you what questions to ask them, according to their rank in Boko hierarchy, you guys are smart at DMI and DSS, you know what to do.

    It’s your hour GEJ, NSA, COAS, CAS, CNS, IGP, DG DSS, use it well, it’s hot flames now, time to roast your suya !

    No retreat, no surrender, no compromise, no negotiation, no prisoners, no mercy, no pity, no kid gloves, no slowing, no dulling, no pausing, no delay, no procrastination. Fire on all burners, create and spread the heat of war… a burning fiery furnace ! God be with you and with Nigeria.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Augustine, I mentioned this gas thing on another page too. Though is was for
      non-lethal cave action in case the Chiboc girls have been hidden there to evade surveillance fights.
      We should not be shy to engage in chemical warfare where necessary. Things like tear gas and carbon dioxide can be brilliant weapons to disorient those demons with.

      • jimmy says:

        OGA KOLA
        They are already using the tactic you described it was used to capture a town about 80 miles away from Mubi.
        Enough said that is classified info for real.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        My Oga Jimmy, thanks for that info! Interesting stuff!

      • If you wanna use Gas you have to rem that its indiscriminate and spreads according to the wind and i dont know if the NA has enough Gas masks to go round. the most amazing thing about tear gas is that it can be used to quell civilian uprisings but is banned from use on the battlefield under the Geneva convention. before i am labelled a western lackey let me just say that am not supporting the ban am just pointing out the very odd irony.

      • igbi says:

        @Adetayo, no body will call you a western lackey just giving useful information. What I Wonder is this: boko aram is a terrorist group, not a conventional forces, therefor Geneva convention doesn’t applyto them. Moreover, could we just have policemen using teargas on boko haram,rather than soldiers ? if that solves the Geneva percieved problem, then why not. But still Geneva convention doesn’t apply to boko haram

      • igbi says:

        *just for giving useful infomation*

  14. Oje says:

    I wish our Commander in CHIEF can order the final offensive before FEBRUARY 12, half the NIGERIAN army troops will be deployed across the country for security leaving large swaths of the North East to foreign troops no matter the guise. We have the aerial and logistics assets, we now have the weapons, what are we waiting for?

  15. beegeagle says:

    As back-up in aid to civil authority, the NA do not need more than two companies per battalion to support internal security for the polls. A ratio of one section to 40 MOPOL is a stern enough mix for that. Do not forget that the NN are not key to this war effort and can also deploy 3,000 men to support the cops.

    Add to those Civil Defence and regular cops and we are good to go. It is elections…not an insurrection. Outside the far Northeast, every battalion and regiment can contribute two companies in support of security ops. They only need to be mixed up intelligently to have the desired mollifying effect.

    A truck carrying two airmen/ratings/soldiers and eight MOPOL men on patrol looks forbidding enough. Never mind that regular cops and Civil Defence chaps shall be conducting visibility patrols in tandem.

    25,000 military men, 40,000 MOPOL, 250,000 cops and 60,000 civil defence chaps, supported by SSS, Customs and NDLEA deployed nation should be enough.

    The NA and NAF need to press their advantage in the far Northeast. The polls need not interfere with operations.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegeagle, I have a post awaiting moderation. You can read it without making it public.

    • jimmy says:

      OGA OJE, OGA IGBI both of you need to calm down and cool off.
      OGA OJE if I were to give you a nickname it would be John McCain by your accounts we should of Invaded CHAD, Cameroon, Niger, strafed the French , the Americans and the Brits all in one fall swoop, Nigeria is going through A BLITZKRIEG right now redefining the books of COIN both in tactics and weaponry ( in case it escaped your notice Nigeria is the first AFRICAN country period to use ARMED drones) based on your tone I understand your thinking process if it is not American it is not good enough, this is a very flawed process considering AMERICA still buys Russian Military equipment for it’s allies and recognize the DURABILITY of their products ( IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN) and constantly looks at military grade equipment .
      OGA IGBI
      Just because someone says something does not mean you have to call out their Nationhood . Please stop the name calling state your case ” most respectfully and move on the next couple of days are going to be grueling, And if you think this is tough wait till after the elections are over even the virgin seekers know it.
      Let us concentrate on what is important: Winning this war.

      • igbi says:

        You are right, after all I am not the moderator.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Well said Oga Jimmy.
        Also it is not just the legendary durability of Russian products that is important. They also manage to build every one of their weapons based on very practical philosophies and for much less. No fluff.
        If Russia is our most reliable source, then lets not look back.

        As for being technically inferior to Western weapons, there is something taking place under the worlds nose at this very moment that gives a lie to that myth – electronic warfare and the Ukraine war.
        Somehow, Russia is able to blind the combined NATO surveillance assets (sea, land, air and space), to move massive amounts of bulky hardware into Eastern Ukraine without any photo evidence from the West, not even from a satellite. That level of electronic warfare is certainly not a display of technical inferiority.

        Russia might like the entrepreneurial skills to make an IPhone, but there is nothing like the Su-30 or Su-35. Those are the first planes that literarily have the capability to fly down alleyways and engage in ways most wouldn’t believe a plane can engage in.

        After this war is done, Nigeria will do well to seek weapons sources that are reliable and weapon systems that function beyond their calling (like the AK series, Su-27 series etc). We should also not restrain ourselves from out of the box thinking.

      • well said bruv, am new here and felt IGBI’s breathing down my neck for daring to criticize the NA in any manner and he conveniently forgot every other thing some of which was to the credit of the NA. A critic is not necessarily an enemy and No1 is an island of information

      • igbi says:

        Sorry @Adetayo, but I was getting tired of hearing people repeating the same claim one after the other. And it is more infuriating when it comes with no proof. It is the same way people used to be repeating that the earth was flat. Though I am sorry.

  16. Oje says:

    Oga BEEG, I agree with you on the arrogance and disrespect of the OBAMA administration on this issue but then again what we’re we thinking trying to buy AMERICAN helicopters? Super advanced and capable yes but then these Helicopters were not built with 3rd world countries in mind, they are just too difficult to operate. Take the APACHE for instance, learning the ropes takes the most experienced drivers 2 years. Do we really have the time to train these pilots? I think not. The Rooviak and Russian M-Series helicopter better suites our needs.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      I have intimate knowledge of the Roovalk, too expensive over $10,000 an hour to operate and dispatch reliability is not too good, does not do well seating outside in the open

    • not to mention that we already have considerable experience handling and maintaining Russian Helos and equipment

  17. igbi says:

    Wow, I guess Egypt is not a third world country then, because they operate american attack hellicopters, I also guess saudi arabia and other middle eastern countries are also not third world. But indeed they are not third world countries, they are emerging economies and so are we. It is verry hard for me not to correct comments which are full with ignorance. And as for the cappability of us weapons, all i can say is that most of those they sell them to end up losing a war miserably. It is not by mistake that all the countries which have succesfully defeated insurgencies used only eastern weapons.

    • Oje says:

      Oga BEEG, will someone get this teenager off my case?

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Take it from me if you want, you are not getting any American weapons, most Nigeria would get would be to facilitate easy of purchase of eastern weapons from former Soviet states of whom US has influence and training and tactical but not strategic intelligence. People think all the media job on Nigeria is for Jokes, eventually you will get to see the whole jiggle, Wars is usually about the Benjamins, They share some outcome interest with BH. Has anybody here ever seen an serious US weapon right up to Guns in Nigerian Military arsenal, except of browning bought via other manufacturers, Nigeria paid for 5 Chinooks in early 1980, NAF personnel spent 2 yrs there. eventually till date they were never delivered.

  18. ugobassey says:

    @Oga Beegs
    After listening to that BBC piece, I don’t know about everybody else but this is a very insightful piece of material. Seems to me everyone on this interview were very honest. The truth be told yes the military has done much (negatively) to bring us to the state we currently are. There is a need for an in-house cleaning and that calls to mind the issue of our Defense Policy. Changes need to be made in our collective mindset on what it means to be a Nigerian. In the US, every American (at the mention of the US Military) will drop everything to honor their men and women in uniform, they go to every length to make sure their needs are met (equipment, social and health needs), The Military in turn appreciates these and are very patriotic. They don’t beat their civilians or organize coups because they have they need.

    • igbi says:

      I hope you will allow me to say this simple thing: police job is not for soldiers.
      When the french army did police job it was marked by the worse kinds of abuses imaginable to man kind. Each time the usa deploys its national guard (soft part time soldiers) to do police work, a lot of abuses (not only beatinng civilians, much worse than this) take place as well. If we want a solution then we should stop using soldiers to do police work, soldiers are not trained for it. And please, we have been a democracy since 1998, so it is not fair to still be talking about military coup.

    • igbi says:

      I say all this respectfully. And please allow me to add this last comment. The video collateral murder is an example of the us military doing police job, and see for yourself whhat their so called profession soldiers do. The fact remains that the usa rarely uses its soldiers to do police job in its territory. So you can’t really have a comparison with a country in which the army is constantly being demanded to do police job for which no soldier is or should be trained. So the impression you are getting about us army good behaviour is because it is not deployed for police job. Each time it was deployed, abuses took place.

      • on this i have to agree with you, its obvious that we need to upgrade the capabilities of all our armed forces and make each fully capably of doing its job properly. let soldiers be soldiers and let cops be cops. we must never reduce a Nigerian Policeman to the level of a houseboy to a rich Nigerian, picking up kids from sch, carrying madam to market, and running errands. the psyche of a trained cop will be eroded by all these things.

  19. igbi says:

    More than half of iraq is still in the hands of isis, despite the hype over us weapons. It is funny how the western media doesn’t emphesize the fact that the terrorists are at the doorstep of baghdad and that they controle half of iraq. So how are nato forces and the locals equipped with us weapons doing ? Is nato failing in iraq ?

    • Abi oooo. America spent Billions arming Iraqi forces and are now spending billions to destroy the same equipment. If thier training methods and equipment are soo good why did the iraqi forces fall apart under the ISIS onslaught. something was obviously deficient either in equipment or training or both.

  20. Oje says:

    Dude you will be the first to shout Western media conspiracy if the Western media turns it’s attention on NIGERIA. Who cares if the WEST cover our war effort or not? Why are you comparing us to IRAQ? Nigeria did not seek or ask for media attention as a prerequisite when it invaded and liberated Liberia. Nigeria did not give a damp when our gallant soldiers liberated S-Leone and restored democracy. Given the size and capabilities of our military the world did not for one day think NIGERIA will need foreign boots, we still don’t. We must fight this war on our own terms, our success will speak for itself.

    • i dont like the foreign boots on our soil either. Right now a debate on the source of weapons is pointless. we have to buy form the soviet block cos the US has turned its back on us. Last year the US gave Egypt 600 million dollars worth of helos and other military equipment. its arming tribal forces with horrible human rights records in Syria and Iraq. the US is being hypocritical shikenah.

  21. igbi says:

    Even with their “magical” weapons ? I am yet to see where the usa and her overhyped weapons have actually defeated an insurgency.

  22. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Take it from me if you want, you are not getting any American weapons, the most Nigeria would get would be to facilitate ease of purchase of eastern weapons from former Soviet states of whom US has influence and training and tactical but not strategic intelligence. People think all the media job on Nigeria is for Jokes, eventually you will get to see the whole jiggle, Wars is usually about the Benjamins, They share some outcome interest with BH. Has anybody here ever seen an serious US weapon right up to Guns in Nigerian Military arsenal, except of browning bought via other manufacturers, Nigeria paid for 5 Chinooks in early 1980, NAF personnel spent 2 yrs there. eventually till date they were never delivered.

    I have intimate knowledge of the Roovalk, too expensive over $10,000 an hour to operate and dispatch reliability is not too good, does not do well seating outside in the open, you will have constant spares problem on airframe, certain spars on power plant would match the SA332 Pumas, For are use the Mi35/24 super hind in correct numbers and flown with adequate experience would suffice, everybody knows what the 2 x Mi24 did in Sierra leone and Liberia. flown by S,African SOF Pilot.. There might be a supirise modern AH type that may come into the play

    • igbi says:

      who can even compare an Rooivalk to an MI35 or MI24 ? Rooivalk is a piece of junk compared to those russian hellicopters.

  23. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    WE must not let any body for any reasin take the Glory from our Troops, let them keep their late in the day help, they want to associate with victory another White Messiah complex coming to save the Black Africans,, The trith is that Nigeran Nilitary would Wipe BH ant time T

  24. Bigbrovar says:

    @Oga Beeg I did listen to the podcast yesterday . It was the most balanced insightful and thorough view of the whole BH situation ever from a western media.. in fact I had to double check that it was from the BBC ..

    To hear the BBC’s own western expert criticize the west for abandoning Nigeria in our time of needs.. while praising the Nigerian Military as the most disciplined and well trained in SS-Africa and on toe to toe with the west.. I had to play back that part.. I hope the producer didn’t get sanctioned for not following “party line”.

    • beegeagle says:

      Best report on NIGERIA by the BBC in a decade

      At the research stage, one of the brains behind this unblemished work humbly reached out to me based on a referral by a very famous Nigeria analyst. I told him why I thought the BBC were failing in their Nigeria reportage and he opted to rise above those constraints. The glory is the BBC’s. In life, humility is everything. We have said severally that if the BBC reach out to us with a hand of fellowship, we shall do our bit regardless of my strident criticism of the debilitating influence which the Hausa Service have exerted on Nigeria reportage.

      We appreciate this honest and balanced journalistic effort. It surpassed my modest expectations. Now they know that the only route to the truth and stellar coverage is not through lapping up every disingenuous bit of clatter by so called activists who are all closet politicians with their own agendas. BRING BACK OUR GIRLS and Hadiza come to mind.

      Excessive reliance on the offerings of activists and opposition figures is one major reason why Western journalists typically lose the plot in their Nigeria coverage. That was why Heather Murdock of the VOA failed spectacularly and the boy who has replaced her and is steadily ranting balderdash from Lagos has started failing already (like Heather, he also strings for the CSM and he it was who lied about Michika having been taken by Chadian forces – true to his apocalyptic style). Jon Gambrell of the AP failed woefully because he chose to be an activist and not a journalist. He has taken his verbal diarrhoea to Egypt.

      • jimmy says:

        I was awakened by a now familiar chirp from my phone.I read oga beegs piece who knows me (background) very well.I had refused steadfastly to listen to them.This honestly is the first piece of solid piece of Journalisim from the BBC since :…..I can’t remember.
        My hope my prayers for the future is the tactical training,combat training under very,very stressful conditions,I.e.24 hour fire fights ;casulaties will be infused by a country that has long term interests in mind. This too me means a country like Russia.
        A western country that Nigeria can still look at to me would be Germany under the right circumstances, right now there are Uk soldiers in Nigeria this was alluded to by the NSA himself but for how long? And what is the long term goal?
        How effective can an Lt Col be even if he has two degrees if he has not had serious combat stimulation/simulation skills? This is the questions they will have to answer long after bh is vanquished.

      • igbi says:

        Although, let us be verry careful with them, this report might have just been a way to bring our ears closer to them again, before they go back to their usual anti-Nigeria propaganda. Although I salute the report.

      • igbi says:

        Though: I didn’t listen to the report.

  25. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Sorry typo meant for “”any reason””

  26. Abeg any new updates on the NA offensive against BH

  27. beegeagle says:

    BTW Big Brovar, the chap who rightly said so was Colonel James Hall, a former Defence Adviser in Nigeria for 3 years. He rightly described ours as the best trained military in sub-Saharan Africa, able to match Western standards and enjoying a deep tradition of iron discipline across the ranks.

    He xrayed the reasons why thinly spread troops have had to melt away in the heat of battle and called for the UK to support the NA with LAVs, transport and communication assets.

    He suggested that our very well educated officer corps have probably dwelt too extensively on the pursuit of education to the exclusion of drills in military tactics and regimentation. He spoke from the gut and without reaching for the overkill. Told us what our depths and weaknesses are and also told his people that the attainment of good governance in Nigeria such as the UK hope to see can only come to fruition when the UK join hands with Nigeria to overcome the BH menace. So he told us our faults and told his govt what their failings are.

    Compare that to some ramblers talking a boatload in the House of Commons, waxing sanctimonious about our problems without any self-examination. Compare that to our own partners in the US-Nigeria Binational Commission who never spare any opportunity to publicly run down Nigeria from White House press conferences.

    Note also that Colonel Dasuki was only asked open-ended questions and given the chance to explain things in full and as he saw them. The lady who interviewed him sounded like someone who honestly wanted to be led to the light by the NSA. The interview was conducted without predispositions and that is why it is upstanding. Compare that to the kangaroo court, guillotine and gallows which some brusque fellas at BBC AFRICA love to set up for high officials of African governments?

    ALL BEEGEAGLE’S BLOGGERS really should endeavour to listen to that podcast. Thank you, BBC. That was a stellar and professional job. Well done.

    • Are James says:

      This point about the officer corps being slightly educated in excess of requirements with subsequent deterioration in tactical skills and regimentation. Whoever made that statement was knocking close to the truth. The person KNOWS what he is talking about. Sometimes truth floats around you so familiarly that you don’t see it and you need an external eye to do that. When Boko has been demolished field exercises at brigade level should be monthly and there should be four combined manoeuvres (with NAF) every year as a standard for each division.

  28. Ola says:

    I do really appreciate this podcast! In my own opinion, this is the first balanced report from BBC on the Boko Haram issue and Nigeria, so far.
    I once angrily wrote on one of the older treads that “our generals have forgotten what war is about because they have enjoyed a long period of peace…” It was a scathing remark and of course, I got attacked for it. I said that then because I had a chat with a former colleague and friend still active in NA and who had just returned from an overseas training trip then and I could not stomach the things he told me with respect to training and morale among our troops compared to what he had just experienced abroad! Doctrine of training has to be substantially reviewed too!
    I will sing my usual song here again.
    We need to go back to basics of infantry, hopefully this has been realised by the NA and I hope we would see the impact on the quality of our troops in the near future. Apart from that, we need to diversify training and units in the NA a lot more than it is today. The NA is currently training some troops as SF but we need different units of SFs specialised in different types of operations, apart from the SBS that we have today.
    Lastly, there is no army that can move forward without adequate equipment. I hope after this layer of (desperate) equipment acquisition, the 3 arms of our military will speedily focus on repositioning our military to a military of the present and future. Nothing stops us from operating T-90SM or T-90AM approx $4M a piece, brand new. Ordering at least 150 units of these to start with. 100 complete and 50 units as KD that DICON will assemble with Russian experts support. This will create a production/assembly line for MBTs as well as manufacture of plethora of ammunitions at DICON that no one will be able to take away. As soon as we integrate them, we gradually sell off our stock of older tanks and acquire even more T-90s.
    We need to make our NA highly mobile too with plenty of non tracked, AFV typically fielding 105 mm to complement and gradually replace our scorpion tanks while we focus on upgrading igirigi, may be producing igirigi II based on the battle experience of the first version with Boko haram. I will canvas for a slightly higher clearance now and a stronger suspension and frame to make easy to mount heavy armaments like twin 23 mm at the minimum and 12.7 mm. This will answer our needs for IFVs. The high mobility of boko haram and their AA gun mounted pick ups that allow them to outrun Tanks can be effectively countered with agile AFVs and IFVs. Lastly, we need to make AK 74M or AK 103 our standard infantry weapon. Nothing stops DICON from getting a license for this.
    The Navy needs to continue on the acquisition program it has started while including more engineers and working even harder to domesticate supplies. We should as a matter of policy, fully domesticate the acquisition of FACs as we can more easily use them as antipiracy platforms and make them missile boats at the same time.
    NAF? Well, I think NAF is doing well now. We need a lot more AH though, we need at least 2 more dozen Mil variants. We need to look at getting SU-27s and SU-30s in good numbers are the answer to fixed wings, not JF 17s (again I may be attacked here). We need to look into missile defence systems too not minding where it comes from, but again primarily looking to Russia and China.
    In all arms of our military, we need to review our maintenance doctrine such that we after acquisition of ANY equipment, the maintaining and upgrades needed are done locally.
    Within the next decade, we should look forward to riding on the back of Russia and China for military tech development, even if it means we owe them after that. It will be money well spent with our dignity remaining intact. In the mean time, we keep our heads low and restructure the army, by the time the “west” will wake up, we’d have a different army. We cannot stop acquisition from them totally, but if we rapidly develop our domestic defence industries and rigorously train our army, when we talk to them about acquisitions in future, we would be able to talk with mutual respect and they will definitely be enticing us to buy from them then. Diversifying our platforms has been of tremendous hep to us in the past and we cannot cease to do that at the stage we are in.
    I see a future where we hold Aerospace and Defence expo in future, they will come to participate too!

    • Are James says:

      -Nigerian Infantry used to be the best in Africa, something changed for the worse and it was only in the last 16years. I need you to fill the blanks……..
      -Nigerian Artillery Corps and our Armoured Corps still the best in Africa they only need modern weapons and they will shock you and me.
      -The Nigerian Air Force is not doing well at all. They have not done well since Liberia, even Liberia was mediocre by their older standards of performance dating to late 70s.
      The NAF has been technology shy until recently and they have been known to promote the wrong people to high policy making levels. It is only strategy skills, tech. skills, ICT skills, operational management skills that should be the criteria for promotion from now on.
      -Commendation should go to NAEME/DICON especially NAEME for responding to battle field requirements with good modifications and improvisations to support field operations, this is actually an achievement that should be credited to the former CoAS.
      -Thank you for harping on maintenance.
      – Finally, we need a Ministry of Aerospace & Defence Industry to coordinate all activities required for developing a military-industrial-maintenance complex and also terrestial aerospace technologies. Making it a ministry gives cabinet level visibility and funding from the annual budget.

      • Ola says:

        When I say NAF is doing well now, I mean with the recent acquisition of more AH, China CH-3 UAV and intention to acquire modern, fixed wings…But then, we need proven fixed winged platforms, that is why I advocated for SU-27 and SU-30. If we acquire these, we’d definitely train our men to fly them easily because we already operate JF-7, most chinese birds are built on Russian engineering.

  29. Naijaseal says:

    Some clown on twitter is spinning some tales that Nigeria was forced by France to allow Chad come after BH. How low can some Nigerians go? Na wa o.

    For those of you on twitter, check out his recent posts. His handle is @ContactSalkida

  30. Naijaseal says:

    Please guys, one of the way we can help in this ongoing war is to get on social media, especially twitter to debunk a LOT of lies flying around. We need a more robust PR campaign from DefenseHQ. We need videos, pictures etc.

    This blog is doing its best, but our fellow Nigerians will undermine Nigeria itself on social media. Never seen the sort of “Uncle Tom” behavior i’m seeing these days…

    DefenseHQ really needs to step up its PR game.

    It is well with Nigeria.

  31. camouflage1984 says:

    MNJTF forces massing for counter-offensive against #BokoHaram in Krenoa after Nigeria’s Alpha jets airstrike

  32. lachit says:

    @Adetayo’s Blog
    this poster might explain things about PAKFA and its current and future evolution including exports.
    Though i think india will ultimately go for all dual seaters (FGFA) contrary to media reports.
    nigeria will be well advised to go for the dual seater in future since it will provide better situational awareness and air superiority .

  33. lachit says:

    and if any of you like more information on FGFA (T-50) i have a pdf/doc file with pictures and detailed analysis that i had made, i will upload it if requested

    • Augustine says:

      Oga lachit welcome to the Beegeagle’s Battalion.

      Nice info you gave on some of your comments. We do like photos, but we just fear that many videos, pics, and files that are too heavy and too long, they eat up our browsing megabytes like hungry lions. Web links are better, also saves the blogs bandwidth space…….all that is my personal opinion sha o ! No be me build dis house, I be tenant who pays no rent.

    • please upload the document

    • giles says:

      am interested

  34. Augustine says:

    France’s air force joins anti-Boko Haram war…Rafale jet fighters at Nigeria’s borders ?

    “Our air force is carrying out reconnaissance missions, but not over Nigeria,” Reuters quoted a French defence ministry source. Our support is limited to neighbouring countries such as Chad and Niger Republic.

  35. Augustine says:

    Mmmmmh, different kind shoppers don begin dey enter dis market from land and air. I don’t like Oyingbo market type of war scenario….too many cooks in the same kitchen with different recipe/menu….too many masters….speaking different languages inside the same classroom

  36. Augustine says:

    Can we buy some initial 6 units of JF-17 Thunder jets off the shelf from Pakistan and make me sleep well at night ? Just saying….just musing…

  37. Augustine says:

    It’s easier for NAF to quickly train and graduate pilots from F-7 to JF-17 than to a more complex aircraft, just for urgent need of ‘national airspace security and deterrent’ to some nations who may just violate our airspace because they have superior aircraft. The land and air is now full of people who speak the very language Nigeria does not understand….French !

    Thinking aloud sha.

  38. buchi says:

    BH gave BIR troops a damn tough time seems like we have anoda massacre in cameroun

    and please i cannot confirm this
    a certain pak blogger pasted on his page at 11:32hrs that PAK may have delieverd 5 units of the jf-17 thunder to NAF “flown by nigerian pilots”….i replied him for confirmation..he didnt reply..
    at 13.12hr when i checked his comment about the said issue had disappeared..obviously deleted…
    i simply pray it is true …….

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Buchi, I saw some thing like that on Pakistani defence forum last week. They were discussing about the new JF-17 Thunder Bk II that the Chinese are to help mass produce to meet the needs of two unknown clients- likely the Iraqi Air Force and the Nigerian Air Force as PAC Kamra can not meet the demand of these clients on time as PAC can only roll 25 units of JF-17 per annum.

  39. Oje says:

    Whatever happened to the 4G JF-17 Janes reported Nigeria was acquiring from Pakistan?

    • Bharat says:

      Pakistani Air Force has yet not confirmed receiving any JF-17 block-2 yet. Dec 2014 was the date of receiving. Further IFR will be integrated with Block -2 only in 2016. That is when some sources say the first JF-17 will be exported. Unless some country is interested in present configuration.

    • Rdokoye says:

      Who knows, Nigeria is very secretive about these things; they could already have one or two.

      • Bharat says:

        If you have JF-17 (bought/leased) currently, then it has to be the current configuration that is available and not Block-2 with IFR as indicated by many posters in this blog, simply because that configuration still not available.
        Though Pakistani posters claim current configuration can be upgraded to Block 2 with IFR in future.

      • Are James says:

        Block 1 is very capable. We’ll take, it thank you.
        Now my problem is that this blog does not have a member watching the skies around TAC or MDGR, the JF 17 is difficult to hide from a trained eye.

      • igbi says:

        @Bharat, it seems to me that Block 2 is already available, its production started more than 2 years ago.

  40. beegeagle says:


    Channels Television Incorporated.
    4 February, 2015

    Fierce fighting is on going between the Nigerian military, the Allied Forces and Boko Haram terrorists in the Monguno-Baga area of Borno State, northeast Nigeria. Reports say that the militants relaunched attack in Dikwa, Baga and Munguno in the early hours of Wednesday. Eyewitness reports says the Allied Forces are repelling the militants, who have suffered very high casualty.

    In the last few weeks, the terrorist made efforts to take over the 6 Battalion of the Nigerian Army in Maiduguri twice, but the military repelled both attacks.

    While some Nigerian Army officers are being tried by a military court martial for allegedly fleeing while fighting the terrorists in Baga, some have been withdrawn to allow new faces fight the terrorists.

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga, Are James, you are forgetting that I’m in Makurdi,I don’t want to speculate,I’m being very careful here bros.It is not every thing that should be posted here. I f only you know how I have been running out of my house and working place to get a glimpse on aircrafts flying over Makurdi,just to identify any of the JF-17 or SU-27/30.
      The F-7s have been very busy all this while. Don’t be too excited, I can recognized the sound of the F-7s,Alpha jet and L-39,even the CH-3A drones in the service of the NAF,yesterday I missed 4 fighter jets that flew into TAC,in pairs from Abuja with a different engine sound from the afformention jets.

      • Are James says:

        Upgraded ground attack Alpha jets or maybe JF 17.

      • jimmy says:

        We need photo.The Jf17 still leaves a plume of smoke albeit reduced and come to a halt with a parachute. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  41. buchi says:

    Nigerian soldiers have recaptured Gwoza, a town in northeastern Borno state, from members of the Boko Haram sect.

    A top security source who confirmed the development to TheCable said that Baga and Marte, also in the state, have been recaptured by a combined team of Nigerian and Chadian soldiers.

    Kukawa, another Borno town, “could possibly have been recaptured as well”.

    “In Dikwa, troops and the insurgents are currently in an exchange of gunfire,” he said, adding that “only Bama and Banki remain in the hands of Boko Haram”.

    Boko Haram first captured Gwoza in August 2014, declaring it an Islamic caliphate.

    The military fought back to recover the town, but the insurgents again seized it, as well as Chibok, in November.

  42. rugged7 says:

    Had always wondered where the hard core numbers and battle experience of BH was coming from.
    It seems obvious we have a full blown Mali/AQIM infiltration in the BH ranks..

    ChiefBisong Etahoben @ChiefBisongEta1 · 2h 2 hours ago

    It appears mercenaries from Libya, Sudan & Azawad fighters from north Mali, white skinned people took part in Fotokol fight this morning.

    • igbi says:

      Although I would take tales from ChiefbisonEta with a pinch of salt. He is known for being a cameroonian propagandist.

  43. beegeagle says:

    Yeah, let the FrAF restrict their activity to the aerial patrol of the skies of Chad, Cameroon and Niger. No non-regional forces needed here at all. It would only take one French air strike for looneys from ISIS and AQ to internationalise the conflict citing oppression and aggression against muslims.

    Last I checked, this ain’t northern Mali. The world needs to be wary of an 85 million-strong muslim segment of Nigeria. The backlash, in a country characterised by religious restiveness, a festering Islamist insurgency and a homegrown ‘brigade of suicide bombers’, appears certain to cripple the sub-region.

    • Henry says:

      It would soon go from border reconnaissance to actual bombing missions deep in country. Just watch and see.

      For many years, we pleaded, begged and beckoned on our government to equip our military, it all fell on deaf ears.

      Our Air Chief was infact boasting he had a strong capable fighter fleet. Strong fleet with rickety F-7’s, and Grand pa Alpha jets. LOL!

      Now, we are panic buying. 4 T-72 tanks from 4 different countries.

      Conduct proper P.R …….NO! Instead let us continue to our Soviet style press releases.

      We brought our current embarrassment on ourselves.

      • beegeagle says:

        That would be suicidal for the French and for Nigeria if allowed to happen. We are told to believe that ANSARU have become allied to ISIS.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Henry, I respect your hustle sir.
        Are you suggesting that France will start bombing Nigeria? how one thinks sometimes baffles the mind, are you saying France will start bombing Nigeria? when? how? please desist from these emotional shenanigans, pays no one. We all know the puppet regimes controlled by the puppet master somehow didn’t want to take arerams seriously for one reason or the other, now puppets have grown some sense; the puppet masters plan didn’t work, which was to get Nigeria to lash out at its neighbor with full force, which will warrant retaliation pummeling by said puppets fully backed by puppet master. So please, enlighten us as to why puppet master will unveil himself when she couldn’t dare do it from day one, why now? bomb Nigeria, hahahahahah, i die.

      • Henry says:

        Mcshegz, I don’t do emotional posts.

      • igbi says:

        Although Henri, with all due respect you must admit that it is irrational to make such a prediction, since you can’t see in the future. Again, I respect you for all you have been doing, but I think MCShegz is right on this one.

  44. sizzorkay says:

    Hey all, Finally decided to open an account, being watching on the sidelines for a while.
    To My Beeg, well done Chief.

  45. beegeagle says:

    OK, I do not understand how this happened. A MASSACRE at Fotokol in Cameroon which lies opposite Nigeria’s Gamboru – just a mile away.

    Only yesterday, I saw a strong Chadian contingent based there on Al Jazeera TV. They were well armed and had Chinese-built WZ 523 APCs and Type 63 107mm MRL in that acreage.

    • Are James says:

      There is enough Sahel Savannah vegetation in that neck of woods to hide thousands of insurgents who will come back to launch surprise attacks and melt away. Many still undetected insurgent bunkers and caves.

    • igbi says:

      After constantly claiming that boko haram was Nigerian, it seems that the media is now claaiming that cameroonian territory hit by boko haram is Nigerian.

    • igbi says:

      The writer of the article must be smoking coccain bacause he is claiming that boko haram controles nearly 130 villages. Perhaps some of these folks are just confusing

      • igbi says:

        Perhaps some of these folks are just confusing Nigeria with iraq.

      • Martin Luther says:

        Y do U sound D way U DU

        Nigerians are dissent gentlemen

        U DU well 2 hurt what U think U build

        Building D country U think U love starts from U

        Decency is an investment in ur culture, it breeds ethics

      • igbi says:

        @martin luther, What is your problem ? Please seek for help on your problem elsewhere, I do not have your time.

  46. beegeagle says:

    And what is this reductionist drivel by South Africa’s malicious eNCA all about? Do those guys imagine that blowing out another man’s candle will make theirs burn brighter?

    • igbi says:

      Again the highly exagerated number of 130 villages. Where is this coming from ?
      How did their usual claim of 25 villages turn into 130 overnight ? Why are they saying this ? Is it a deliberate lie or are they just misinformed by a boko haram propagandist ?

  47. lachit says:

    thanks for clarifying will keep in mind

  48. Bharat says:

    @Are James, Oga, I would love the situation where you have JF-17 already inducted in your AF.
    Not just that, but your AF flying close ADP against French AF Rafale and/or Mirages. (Not venturing into the territory of capabilities.)
    These will be a situation is one which IAF will sit up and take notice.
    This would be a situation which is happening 1000’s of miles away from our sub-continent but has ramification on us. French will not mind sharing data points with us if we finally go for Rafale.

    But, probably this is a theoretical situation.

  49. sizzorkay says:

    Any one noticed that the haram leader hasn’t released any video as of late. Perhaps he’s dead or on the run?

  50. KKY says:

    ChiefBisongEta1: Final body count of those slaughtered by Boko Haram in Fotokol WILL shock the world!!! The counting just began.

    • rka says:

      Oga Buchi, much as I hate the boko B*stards, I don’t know whether appropriate to post such a picture directly on the blog. Maybe a link?

      Anyway, will leave to Oga Beegs.

      • igbi says:

        Come on it is a beautiful war picture showing the vermins in the state they should be. But the picture of the soldier’s face should have been blaired. I am not happy with the fact the soldiers picture is intact.

      • igbi says:

        sorry I meant “blured”

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Buchi,

      Where was the picture taken?
      Is that a Nigerian solider?

      And finally, I gotta say: what a waste.
      With all the bodies collected together like that, one has to say that Boko Haram is just a waste of human lives.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      ‘dunno why I keep smiling when I see that pic. A good terrorist is a dead terrorist.

  51. buchi says:

    if oga beegz finds it grossly inappropriate then i urge him to take it down

    • rka says:

      Oga Buchi, it wasn’t a criticism. I will go along with Oga Beegs decision. Much respect.

      Oga Igbi, I honestly don’t mind, but I seem to recall bloggers suggesting in the past not to post pictures of dead bodies, or I could be mistaken.

  52. rka says:

    I listened to the BBC podcast, which weighed the different points of view. I thought it was quite balanced, although each so called witness had their own interests to look after. Some issues discussed have been somewhat overtaken by current events.

  53. gbash10 says:

    Please for the sake of our National Security Interest, say no to those American tokumbo AH-1 Cobras and the CH-47 Chinooks helicopters the US government intends to approve for sale to Nigeria by the Israeli IAI.
    Again no foreign boots should have been allowed on our land,they should remain at the border areas only!

    • igbi says:

      We have to say no or else we might lose our Russian and chinese allies and then the usa would go back to bdenying us any sale of military hardware and then who would be selling ?

  54. asorockweb says:

    Regarding the AH-1 Cobra deal.

    I would say this:

    The US Gov’t. Should reject it and the Nigerian government should ALSO REJECT it.

    It’s not a good deal for Nigeria.
    And here’s why:

    Firstly, The platforms will take too long to integrate (I am talking training). We should stick to our Mil helicopters and make sure we buy the right upgrades.

    Secondly, the platforms are old.
    It’s not just that the platforms are old, but they have done 1000s of flight hours. The combined availability rate for these decades-old helicopters will definitely be less than 50%. That means that if we buy 40, we actually have less than 20 available at any one time.

    And finally, the platforms are being sold to the government at an expensive price. The bulk of the money will simply go straight into the pocket of a well known wheeler dealer.

    So, say NO to the Cobras.

  55. Bharat says:

    @Igbi, Oga, I never said JF-17 Block-2 isn’t in production. I have also seen them completed and in primer paint. But have they been inducted in PAF? No evidence. Pakistanis are also asking the same question.
    So, how can you say they are available? It may be. Also, it is confirmed that there will be no IFR till 2016.
    So, that’s why I said if you have JF-17 now, it has to be block I. Unless you want to induct Block-2 ahead of Pakistan and take the risk.

  56. beegeagle says:

    Nobody should come and cause confusion at H-Hour. We do not need either Chinook or Cobra helos. In a matter of months, we would own a total of 24 units of pre-owned Mi-24V/35P attack helos plus 6 units of new Mi-35Ms. Use the money to acquire six more Mi-17s and upgrade fifteen Hinds to Super Hind Mk.IIIs.

    IF the USA have quit hedging, their CENTCOM can make 50 M-ATV MRAPs and 100 uparmoured Hummers, sold at discounted rates or cascaded for free. Ditto two C130s. There is no need for any long-winded rants here. Do that and we are all back in business. It is a war ongoing and not a game of monopoly. We need weapons. Period.

    I concede that the US have provided outstanding support in maritime security with the cascade of six 1,041-3,250 ton ships in a decade and the emplacement of RMACC radar stations. We are clearly ahead of the pirates at this time.

    Concerning CTCOIN however, it has been an absolute fiasco – botched training, brickwalled arms deals and indifferent air recce results. We can change that.

    • asorockweb says:


      If the NAF wants a dedicated attack gunship, then they should consider the Mi-28.
      It’s a Mil and would be easier to integrate and service than the AH-1 Cobra.

      • rka says:

        Maybe the Mi-28 will be ideal to start up the Army Air Corp so that those 40 or so army pilots that were trained won’t just be wasted.

    • Are James says:

      The US apparently never stopped providing some measure of lethal support. I think it probably is one of the best kept secrets in the war. The argument seems to be that they have not approved enhanced (higher tech) procurement requests.
      Let Nigeria induct JF 17s, use attack drones successfully and …..thou wilt find them coming from yonder bearing sundry offerings of support.

      • igbi says:

        “The US apparently never stopped providing some measure of lethal support.”
        Please can you be precise ? What form of lethal support are you talking about, and please could you provide some sort of proof. To the best of my knowledge we don’t even use us guns.

    • Are James says:

      That forest is going to need an entire brigade of troops and constant air operations over a number of days. Thank God we have the drones. That is the inky masterstroke in this entire thing.

  57. triggah says:

    US invasion of Grenada…

  58. giles says:

    nta is airing NE coin op

  59. ocelot2006 says:

    Question to the house: which units are receiving the new Polish Beryl Rifles? And will they come with other accessories likes optics and co?

  60. drag_on says:

    It seems that chad was first attacked by bokoharam in cameroon,they retaliated(after permission from Nigeria) by chasing them to gamboru ngala and defeating them there. Bokoharam then countered at fotokol leading to the deaths and slaughter we heard about in cameroon.

  61. drag_on says:


    Still, Nigeria has been ambivalent and embarrassed by the need for foreign
    troops. The commander of one Chadian infantry battalion on the border,
    Maliki Aboubakarim, told the AP that their job will be more difficult if Nigeria
    does not give them carte blanche for hot-pursuit raids across the border,
    implying such permission is being granted piecemeal.


    • jimmy says:

      Honestly Imho, I do not see anything negative about this report it actually paints Nigeria in a somewhat good light.Previously noted comments I had said with. The Gamboru Ngala axis now in our hands to close the triangle the two fotenskols needed to be secure apparently our allies in Cameroon were to busy watching themselves on Tv.This article actually indicts Cameroon by saying Fotenskol North in Cameroon is a known safe haven. As far as the pr campaign is concerned it is important maybe. I have belittled it a bit because the Camera syndrome starts to set in and an effective pr campaign has never won a war. This war will be won by Nigeria when she is able to react on multiple fronts with a high mobile ,disciplined combat tested Na and Naf. No jounalist has won a war that is doneby Soldiers and we are on are way. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  62. beegeagle says:

    Well, Stephan Yas has been rearing to spin it for CHAD. So our military PR have to provide twice daily updates if they do not want to fight and hand the glory to someone else.

  63. igbi says:

    A former commandant of the Nigerian Army School of Infantry, Brigadier General Williams Obene, has advised the Nigerian government to declare full scale war on the Boko Haram in order to eradicate terrorism from the country.

    Delivering a lecture on ‘Combating Terrorism and Insurgency in Nigeria’, General Obene, said the fight against terrorism could only be won if Nigeria took the bull by the horn, with adequate equipment given to the military.

    Element Of International Conspiracy

    He advocated an end to the current carrot and stick approach by the Federal Government, saying “there is an element of international conspiracy against Nigeria in the fight against terrorism”.

    The issue of terrorism and insurgency topped talks at the gathering organised by the alumni association of the National Defence College.

  64. Julius says:

    This is what happens when the military retires the best guys.
    The General has been advocating for full scale war for a while.
    The best folks in the military are reading this blog.
    Thats all for now folks.

  65. beegeagle says:

    I found this comment interesting…


    “Is Nigeria missing in action here or just don’t have interest in this war against Boko Haram? May it be fear to fight or just “Don’t care”? Is
    Nigeria trying to redistrict their
    borders by sending some of their population away from Nigeria in
    the name of Boko Haram insurgency? Which country in the world can be so terrorized by the insurgent and not send the army to fight? Are we reading this well? Which role Nigeria wants to play here? What’s their true objectives? Do they call themselves the Best Army in the region and they can’t even stand face to Boko Haram?
    Who will pay the refugees’ bill? Nigeria? Cameroon or Chad? How
    about the war itself, who will pay that bill? Go Cameroon, Go Chad –
    Show Nigeria that Big is not Strong
    and at the end, give them the bill.”


    That is a tip of the iceberg…payback time for years of dalliance with folly. Remember when we were calling for the acquisition of T72 tanks, Hind attack helics etc. If we had everything in place by 2012, would all these military charlattans come to the party? What has become of the ‘competing demands?’. A country so pathetic that it does not realise that military power is an adjunct to diplomacy and statecraft?

    The Nigerian military are at liberty to lose the plot or claim the glory. I would never know what manner of naivette or strategic thinking underpinned the decision to allow Chadians into Gamboru whereas the Fotokol in Cameroon where they are jointly deployed by the thousands can still witness a massacre, never mind the chest-thumping of this Cameroonian Lilliputian.

    You would think that Gamboru is the epicentre of BH activity whereas it is only remarkable for being a gateway town to Chad and Cameroon and thus an escape route to Cameroon. The battles fought by Nigerian soldiers in MDGR and MAFA last Sunday were five times more intense yet people are angling to pretend that the tail can wag the dog and our DHQ are conveniently leading them on by allowing this narrative to become free spin.

    What role are Nigeria playing? That is a wake up call for our military PR. As you can see, the AFP are taking count of the number of towns were Chadian troops have intervened alone. Two border towns…exit routes to neighbouring countries which they use as rear bases and resupply centres.

    Chadian troops must not go beyond that lest the NA begin to debate who liberated Borno with foreigners. MJTF activities must not go on anywhere inside Nigeria without Nigerian troops being there. The Chadians must not walk or stroll into any other town by themselves. We sometimes act so naive. If France are prodding them on, then it is time to bring in the Chinese military for our own backup so that if anyone feels above the law, they will be brought back down to earth with a thud. Chad go everywhere? Sanctioned by who? Are our military clueless about intrigue? It must not happen. AFP are ready to turn this to Chad’s war if we are tactless enough to fumble any further.

    Dear Beegeagle’s Bloggers, I cannot be here and there at the same time. When you encounter such attempts at revising a story, speak out. The world reads Yahoo News. Speak out and expose false narratives. If you allow it to go unchallenged, it becomes the ‘truth’. Our nation is BESIEGED.

    • Deway says:

      Indeed Beeg, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Never mind that the Chadians have only faced just 2 bh skirmishes. Someone mentioned earlier that this isn’t a PR war, I declined to respond. Wonder why the Germans had a propaganda ministry in WWII? Lack of decisive action over the years has resulted in what we see today. We should expect more of such and Defense HQ had better start flooding the media with serious info on air and ground operations. We don’t want to hear any more of US wanting or not wanting to sell us equipment, we’ve past that period a long time ago. We need decisive action. The offensive should continue full scale. There should be troops from other divisions getting ready to rotate weary soldiers, it must go on unabated. The Chadians should remain outside our territory securing their border with Nigeria and eliminate bh within their own territory, that’s what we need them for. Our officers and men can’t be dying for nothing only for the glory to be given to a western media favored late comer to the party.
      On the other hand, I don’t see where the media is portraying Cameroon in bad light for their inability to counter bh without the help of Chad??? So much for their elite BIR.

      • igbi says:

        I totally agree. The west seems to see us as a threat to their ambitions in west africa and over the black man. So they will do anything to humiliate us. If you look at all their reports, then you will see that their main goal is to humiliate us. Our weak neaighbours who remain french colonies, and therefor bow to the white man, are praised and glorified while they stop at nothing to ridicule us. President Jonathan please you need to create a strong PR department to counter all this.

  66. beegeagle says:

    What the hostile sections of the global media are waiting to see before they award the victory to Chad..

    * Chad take one more town alone

    * stray beyond 10 miles of our borders to engage in joint operations

    If that happens, the narrative would be that Chad’s entry marked the turning point in this war. We can play into their hands by outsourcing the responsibilities of our military.

    Never mind that in the Cameroonian town of FOTOKOL where the Chadians are HQed with Cameroonian forces, a massacre was carried out today after yesterday’s supposed rout of BH goons in Nigeria’s Gamboru. It is good that everyone is now fighting so that they know the difference between reality and make-believe, This is the second massacre that BH have carried out in that same Logone et Chari district of Cameroon in 2015. Now they know that even their joint offensive with Chadian troops might not necessarily stop BH massacres. Now they see why ‘Nigeria has been helpless in the face of BH outrages’

  67. beegeagle says:

    We say welcome to all the ‘battle hardened’ militaries.


    Let us say that BH have until now treated Cameroon as an area of peripheral activity.

  68. ugobassey says:

    The attack on Sambisa in my opinion marks the beginning of the end for BH holding any territory in Nigeria. Gentlemen the curtains are finally falling on this very dark sober period in our nationhood. Thank God! I get all the patriotic talk about is taking the credit and who isn’t. Personally? I don’t think it matters. Let this thing end once and for all then we can begin measuring shlongs with Chad and Cameroon.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga UgoBassey,

      It’s not about taking credit, it about honouring our dead combatants and telling their stories.

      Imagine 15 years from now, a young man tells his friend: “My dad died fighting Boko Haram is Mafa”, and his friend would say: “really? I thought it was Chad that defeated Boko Haram”

      History is memory and memory is history.

      Regarding Boko Haram, this is not the End, just the beginning of the End.

      • ScouseNaija says:

        God bless you Oga Asorockweb for this statement “Imagine 15 years from now, a young man tells his friend: “My dad died fighting Boko Haram is Mafa”, and his friend would say: “really? I thought it was Chad that defeated Boko Haram”

        History is memory and memory is history”

        DHQ and all armed services, partner with Nollywood and immortalize our heroes!! Films like Top Gun and Black Hawk Down are all PR stunts o

    • jimmy says:

      Thank you oga ugo Let us end the war then we can get into a dick measuring contest.The assault and subsequent death inducing measures undertaking by Bh marks the beginning, I do not want my Colonels standing in front of Cameras giving interviews. I want them doing exactly what they are doing now stressed out, working 12 hour shifts and being on radio call 24 hours a day. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Kola Adekola says:

      You actually think patriotic talk is something to deride, especially in a time of war? Na wa!
      Any Nigerian that is not patriotic is as much an enemy of Nigeria as is boko haram and any country that is actively demining our efforts (in word or deed). Think very deeply about that.

  69. drag_on says:

    Perspective for our silent readers.

    Nigerian military operations are ongoing in an area the size of Belgium/Sierra.leone/UAE. Under an Area of Emergency larger than England.

  70. Rdokoye says:

    They’re reporting over 500 dead in Cameroon. That has to be the largest attack ever recorded by Boko Haram.

    ChiefBisong Etahoben @ChiefBisongEta1 · 3h 3 hours ago

    More than 500 bodies counted so far after Boko Haram massacre in Fotokol. And the counting goes on, according to a military source.

  71. Kola Adekola says:

    We keep blaming military PR for handing our glory to first Cameroon and now Chad, but we have a Ministry of Information that should include professionals who know what to do and how to counter.
    We are failing massively when even anti-Western PR organs like RT (Russia), PressTV (Iran), CCTV (China) etc just regurgitate what they get from AFP, BBC etc, because no one in Nigeria seems to be feeding them useful news from our perspective.

    Is it not funny how the Chadians were allowed to chase boko haram only 500 metres into Nigeria and Chad made it look like they had conquered Lucifer and frozen Hell over?

    Exactly which Gamboru did Chad “liberate” yesterday when today boko haram overran the Chadian military headquarters (Fotokol) with a huge massacre of soldiers and civilians?
    It is in our neighbours interests to shut up and do their jobs rather than making wild claims.

    You can bet that the Fotocol massacre was a boko haram breakout from the tremendous heat in Nigeria to regroup in Cameroon. If that is the case, we can assume that, perhaps several thousand terrorists who are skilled and hardened enough to frontally raid the Chadian army headquarters are now operating in Cameroon. How would they cope if this is true? How would mouthy Chad cope with Ndjamena just a couple of metres down the road and homeless, but ambitious elements of SELEKA are roaming just a couple of metres south?

    Our dear neighbours might have done themselves in by allowing boko haram to use them as safe havens, while they mouthed off Nigeria. Time will tell, especially as the Nigerian cauldron grows hotter, they don’t have the kind of weaponry we can field and France will be wary of operating in two more African countries – no Western country wants to look like a neo-slave master.

  72. asorockweb says:

    If the death toll at Fotokol is as high as 500, then that leads me to only one conclusion – the forces at Fotokol were routed.

    Has a large column of Boko Haram punched through the Chadians and the Cameroonians?

    Has Boko Haram leadership escaped?

  73. Augustine says:

    Cameroon is feeling the heat and wobbling. Chad is helped by the Lake Chad natural barrier and it’s marshy ‘dry zones’ plus French Rafale jets doing recce to watch for Bokos spill over into Chad as Nigeria pushes harder than iron nails !

    Nigeria has no radar along the whole border to know if Rafale jets violate our airspace.

    Chad’s army is beginning to do free entry and exit, and now asking for full rights of unlimited access to Nigerian territory. Time to say enough, FG should say enough.

    Boko is running, let then run into other countries and let those countries defend themselves from their own side of the border. If they don’t, we will close the border and aircraft landmine the evil 1,000 km line of terror.

    Too many Franco-players on the football field, Nigeria beware, the referee speaks French !

    NA, DHQ and Brig Gen Olukolade, please form anti-foreign propaganda internet force of 500 ‘idle’ soldiers in the south, east, west to go on twitter, facebook, read foreign propaganda news and counter it with aggressive NA counter-propaganda comments and photos, ask Sirius Black for current photos if you have none !

    If need be, let Nigerian soldiers non-combatants leave their offices and bedrooms across the country, carry rifle and RPG to join this fight ! Chad is using only 2,500 troops so can’t we find 10,000 extra men from Bonny camp, 2 mech, 82 composite, etc and let them help in NE ? Ask for volunteers who love Nigeria willing to die, don’t force anybody….no ‘conscripts’ of cowards, we need willing and able men.

  74. Kola Adekola says:

    “Around 7,000 heavily armed militants attacked Fotokol Wednesday morning, said the sources, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to reporters.

    The joint army initially retreated but recaptured Fotokol a few hours later after an offensive.

    According to a villager in the area, many civilians left their homes to escape the violence.”

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Kola,
      I see your handiwork on that site.

      Is it possible that Fotokol was attacked by 7000 “heavily armed” BH men?

      If Fotokol was attacked by 7000, and 300 were killed, then where are the remaining 6700?

      In Gamboru Ngala, that is occupied by the Chadian army?

      This is what I see:

      A fair sized BH column counter-attacked THROUGH the Chadian forces in Gamboru Ngala, pushed them all the way back to Fotokol, and succeeded in gaining control of the town of Fotokol.

      Whenever BH has time to throat-slit, it means that the defenders on the town has been routed.

      Just saying.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        My Oga, it seems quite clear that boko haram has broken through Chadian ranks into Cameroon.

        “If Fotokol was attacked by 7000, and 300 were killed, then where are the remaining 6700?”

        …Very good question. Cameroon might just have embarked on a journey of pure horror, caused by their own incredibly stupid handling of this crisis.

      • jimmy says:

        It looks like the Tiger has shaken Cameroon of it’s back.The figure of 7,000 is also highly questionable.It is more likely to be a force of 200 to 300 men but this is what happens when you exaggerate everything. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  75. Oje says:

    I am VERY ANGRY, so angry I CANNOT SLEEP. Its 01:35 am as of this writing and i still cannot sleep, i can literary taste the anger in my mouth and it doesn’t taste good. Im seek of hearing ”Chad must not do this”, Chad must not do that. Victory might be near but we are being cheated out of it because our politicians priotise election campaignes than the war effort. Its amazing 5 years of war with Boko Haram the Executive Office is yet to declare FULL SCALE WAR. We are still fighting with just 25,000 men when report imndicates Boko Haram might have double that number of fighters and as elections near it might get worse but first let me line up those i am mad at.
    1. Our PR (I call it Pride of the Nation). The exact picture of the Nigerian soldier Buchi posted is on a Francophone site with the heading ”Chad kills 300 Boko Haram militants in Nigeria. Forget what we say here to cheer ourselves up, the world believes Chadian troops are on the front bunner taking the war to Boko Haram and wiping them off. Just what is this supposed to mean?

    ”YAOUNDE, Jan. 4 (Xinhua) — At least 300 militants of Nigerian Islamic sect Boko Haram were killed Wednesday in a fighting with a joint army of Cameroon and Chad in Cameroon’s Far-North Region, according to the latest unofficial figure…….” (Will provide citation if requested to.)
    On Yahoo we have : ”Chadian troops take over Nigeria’s Gamboru town”….Save for the U.S, Israel and China no country have used armed drones in combat, meanwhile the Nigerian military have employed the use of armed drones for months now yet NOBODY knew about this until the crash. Imagine the Propaganda coup wasted.

    Some here will readily dismiss this as not important but mere propaganda without truly understand how damaging this can be on phsych and morale. One only has to look at the Vietnam war in which the North Vietnamese were effectively defeated over and over again yet negative public orientation on the issue led to a political catasrophy because Americans just had no idea what the situation was on the front, if they did their revulsion would have turned to pride.

    Solution: President Jonathan should go on air every time Nigerian forces make good steady progress even if it means everyday. Not only will this dispell the myth of Chadian prowess with fake claims it will show our Commander in Chief is very much on top of things with a resolve to defeat Boko Haram.

    2. Where are all the weapons the Nigerian military have amassed for the past 12 months deployed? I dont understand. The Nigerian Army and Navy have never been this armed with sophisticated weapons in its 55 years history. On paper this should be the most powerful Nigerian army ever, from British Vickers weve graduated to top line T-72 Tanks, weve moved from Hillux trucks and rickety apcs to BTR-4 infantry fighting vehicles. For reconnaissance we now have assets in Space in numbers not seen before on the African continent, we fly the most advanced maritime/aerial surveillance craft in Africa. Weve graduated from ingenuously building drones to actually using armed Drones, the only military in Africa to do so. We have MRAPS other countries like Chad can only dream of yet we hardly see them in action on the frontline. One would think our government will think ahead and calculate the risk involved in not mobilizing our full resources for full scale war and throw everything we have at Boko Haram. the ceasefire brokered by late Yar Ardua with the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), ends this year. if Jonathan is defeated, the large annual cash payments that accompanied the 2009 amnesty agreement will be history, what happens if MEND pick up arms thereabout to exact revenge because frankly many see this Boko Haram conflict as a ploy financed by Buhari to discredit the Jonathan adminstration and make the country ungovernable. Do we have a guarantee MEND will not take back arms to make the country ungovernable for Buhari? If they eventually do does the Nigerian military have the capability to tackle terrorists and armed insurgency on multiple fronts at ones?

  76. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, why are you raising alarm? I have emphasized time and time and time again that the operational style of the Chadian army on Nigerian territory is nothing short of an invasion.. you saw the kind of flak i got from everybody here as an irrational war monger. I have to be politically correct and to do so i dare not make a statement that potrays Nigeria in a bad light. Soon Cameroonian forces will follow suit and yet again army Spokesman will say ”Nigerian sovereignty have not been violated”. We can analyze with patriotic vigor all we wont it will not change the situation on the ground.

  77. beegeagle says:

    Thank you so much, Kola, for leading the îgnorant folks on that Cameroonian website to the light. Please,sustain. Guys, Kola needs back up. Lend him your hands in support.

    Those Cameroonian guys on that forum are so sold on lies and so desperate for glory that even the photo which appeared in the story was actually that of a Nigerian soldier standing in front of BH insurgents killed at MDGR. I thought they should know that, just to buttress the fact of how far from the reality they really are.

    If I am correct and if the photo is on Nairaland (or wherever it was first posted), make them realise that the pic was even photo-shopped from Nigeria, which in sync with their penchant for embellishing every military story. Shameless stuff really.

    Telling a story about a Cameroonian victory and buttressing the false point with a photo of Nigerian soldier, just because he has a convincing pile of dead bodies behind him? Those guys are quite low for real. So the citizens of the police state cannot even access real photos of their army’s supposed rout of BH terrorists?

    • Oje says:

      I am at the front line in that forum. Deluded they dream of military conquest and glory without realising the disaster about to happen. They be stealing glory now and talking about marching to the gates of Stalingr……..err Abuja, when they start losing Soldiers once again you will have them crying accusing Nigeria of dragging them into our conflict and Paul Biya once again crying out to the international community for HELP again. Deluded spineless and docile people. Little wonder a man can hold unto power for 35 years and keep Cameroonians under his tyrannical steel claws with just a body guard of 4000 Elite BIR soldiers.

    • kolawole says:

      dats wat i told dem ooo on nairaland…cameroon want to take our glory

  78. beegeagle says:

    LEADERSHIP, in sync with long-established traditions of skewing the narrative, claim that the SAAF and Chadian troops liberated Gamboru.

    Methinks it is time for some compatriots to renounce their citizenship status. This guy cannot be a Nigerian. All of this gibberish just to portray the FG in bad light and to gain political mileage? Chei..

  79. beegeagle says:

    Last I checked, KONDUGA lay to the south of MDGR whereas Chadian soldiers have not advanced beyond a mile into Nigerian territory. Yet some Cameroonians are already claiming that Chadian troops liberated Konduga. How and when they travelled 110 miles to Konduga via MDGR without any photos remains to be seen.

    Apparently, our neighbours live in the dark ages and are amenable to being lied to. That is why one has had the same leader for 33 years and the other, for 25 years.

    Is it this Konduga, Kola?

    It would be nice to rally the crowd at Nairaland to go into the Cameroon Online website and lead the ignoramuses to the light. Nigerians, defend the reputation of your nation. We are under attack.

    IGBI and OJE, I am amazed that you are both MIA there whereas that is one place you can use your mastery of the French language and put your stamina to proficient use..whichever is applicable. PLEASE stop wasting it on needless argumentation with Nigerians here. Face those aliens. Go engage those guys in English and in French and they shall become mindful of tale bearing. Thank you.

    Kola, do not mind the guy asking how you have time to respond to all those people. Truth is, you are making a massive dent and they want you to go away so that the lies and ego-tripping can continue. God bless you.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegeagle, thank you so much. I de hail!

      I tried to keep it level with common sense African brother talk while winding up those who need winding up, however I’ve just lost my temper with one Chadian guy, which is not good, but its been an all night thing with those Cameroonians.
      The hatred some have for Nigeria is legendary and they don’t feel any sense of shame even when they are telling the most ridiculous lies. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that guys post about Konduga!

    • igbi says:

      It is going to be hard for me to take on hundreds or thousands of french speakers alone. And I am currently trying to enter a PhD programme and I am also preparing for an entrance exam. I am in the process of writing a bunch of thesis to convince the researchers to give me a PhD contract, here is one of the papers I am writing:
      I have visited french speaking websites before and I corrected their anti-Nigerian bashing (they thought I was one of them because I speak french), but it would be good if I were not the only french speaking Nigerian here.

      • Are James says:

        Igbi, who are you planning to kill with all these advanced mathematical analysis pages?.
        The headache I am having now just reading through the first three pages is worse than any Boko Haram commander is facing from the three countries attacking them.

      • igbi says:

        Thanks for reading, I am writing a bunch of thesis which I would send to a bunch of researchers hoping one of them will become my thesis director.

  80. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, twice I brought your attention to that blog “” and twice I was reprimanded by the likes of Henry and Co to “steer clear of Cameroonian blogs, it will Help you””, remember?

  81. Oje says:

    …..also Oga Beeg what makes you think I Understand French?

  82. beegeagle says:

    I wonder why you are all left alone there while brothers who profess to love Nigeria to bits are arguing amongst themselves here. I do not like that AT ALL. Such energy can be put to much more productive use. I hail you too, brother.

    I guess some people are starting to see through the myth of Chadian prowess after FOTOKOL. That is their main base, innit? The media created the Chadian myth to spite Nigeria but not everyone is that ignorant.

    Check these

    Ryan Cummings @Pol_Sec_Analyst 11h False media narratives have some writing #bokoharam obituaries. #Fotokol proof that this war is going to get worse before it gets better

    Ryan Cummings @Pol_Sec_Analyst 11h @ImadMesdoua @archittiwari exactly the point I’m making. Many overestimate chadian gains in N.Mali. Chad floundered without Ops Serval

    Archit Tiwari @archittiwari 11h @Pol_Sec_Analyst I have said a 100 times, Chad is not Sparta and BH is not LRA or even Seleka.

    Ryan Cummings @Pol_Sec_Analyst 11h Or ansar dine/aqim RT

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegs, Fotokol will overturn a lot of the propaganda people have been flying. It is the Chadian base for their anti-boko haram operations, yet it was overrun. Above all, France was carrying out reconnaissance flights for them, but they never got warning about boko haram movements, so one can only conclude that it is either they have no communications systems (probably not even functional radio’s) or France cannot distinguish between boko haram and civilian.

      Whatever, it is highly embarrassing considering Chadian claims of vanquishing boko haram in Gamboru. Its funny, especially as I read on some website (Quartz I think) a couple of days ago that compared to the Nigerian army, the Chadian army is well trained and well equipped! That’s not to put Chad down, but the truth is sacred.

  83. beegeagle says:

    Dem don dey hear am na…after much bluster. It was supposed to be a cakewalk judging from the rants of outsiders.

    MORE TWEETS you can use to give headsup to those blokes who live a lie. They were killing 300 BH everyday yet they need Chadian troops even when BH have barely started to attack Cameroon. Pride goeth before a fall. Humble pies coming aplenty now. So while Chadians drove into Gamboru to shame Nigeria, their Fotokol base was overwhelmed and subjected to butchery. Well, that is the same way BH have been coming in from rear bases in CMR to prey on hapless Nigerian border dwellers. It was all put down to the incomptence and cowardice of Nigerian troops. Well, how come the Chadian military juggernaut is getting bogged down now? BH aint low gamers like SELEKA or the LRA. Chad are up against the first suicidal armed group ever to emerge in West and Central Africa – different from the runarounds against local armed groups in that neighbouring country.

    In just one week, Chad have already lost a third of the number of troops that they lost after three months in N.Mali and BH have not yet commenced suicide attacks.

    José Miguel Sardo @jmsardo 54m #Cameroon: Boko Haram new massacre in #Fotokol. At least 370 civilians, 110 islamists killed acc @DavidWanedam

    Edward @DonKlericuzio 11h UPDATE: 16 Tchadian, 7 #Cameroonian troops n several hundreds of civilians(body count still on) died in todays #BokoHaram attack on #Fotokol

    Liesl Louw-Vaudran @Lieslvaudran 3m Contradicting stories of #BokoHaram attack in #Fotokol :200 BH killed by Chad soldiers, 370 civilians dead, others say 600 – still bloodbath

    ONE thing which I admire about the Chadians though is that they try to be fully prepared before they go into a fight..hundreds of vehicles form up for a battle, Landruisers ONLY (no trashy Hilux types) armed with mortars, HMGs and MRLs and armour. Nigeria will send a company out with nine Hilux, a Landcruiser armed with a GPMG and an Otokar Cobra also armed with a GPMG and hope to rout 1,000 BH terrs? We must take ourselves a lot more seriously.

    • yesso. Initially we grosssly underestimated the BH threat, and it took too long for us to arm up and shape up and this cost us a lot of fine officers. My greatest grouse with the NA leadership is how it just failed to shape up and step up to the realities on ground. The NA must develop and maintain extreme operational fluidity and flexibility no more point and shoot reactionary moves. I hope the wind of change that has blown through keeps blowing

  84. Oje says:

    What ? You mean that dude doesn’t even live in Nigeria? Figures ! Little wonder the disconnect between reality and passion.

    • igbi says:

      coming from a person who confuses malian soldiers with Nigerian soldiers, it doesn’t mean anything since you are clearly the disconnected one. As you may have heard we should rather focus on the people trying to destroy Nigeria’s image.

  85. we have a battle on our land and thankfully its truly swinging our way this time. I dont hink a war of words on a blog is worth pursuing. the truth is that other west africans particularly the francophone countries are envious of this great country. so no amount of words no matter how well couched will change their short sited perceptions. flooding the blog with Nigerian opinions will not change a thing. the beef for NIgeria is ingrained into their psyche. so lets focus on the real war against boko haram and leave the foreigners to their opinions. Envy is a strange thing and they wanna stand on the shoulders of this Giant. in the first days of battle it takes a while for the smoke to settle and the facts to become clear, when it settles the facts will speak for themselves. lets focus on our boys and the Nigerian media, leave the neocolonised to flounder in their delusions.

  86. Kay says:

    I tried to create a map of retaken towns on Google Earth pro, but with little information and not knowing where the frontlines were, it looked disjointed. Some towns are not even available on satellite maps and require manual long/lat coordinates to pinpoint them.

    Not forgetting the fluidity of the battle too where the terrorists broke through Chadian lines to Fotokol.
    So far looks like a lot of work done especially around the Adamawa axis.

    • drag_on says:

      Yes indeed the Adamawa axis is where most of the operations are ongoing.The NA have been flushing them out of the forest and highlands into the N.Eastern plains and chad basin. That will relieve pressure a bit of pressure on maiduguri and focus bokoharam on the tip of the spear as they are driven towards the lake from the south(Adamawa) west(konduga/Maiduguri) and East (Cameroon). If the Chadians hold the anvil up north,then the encirclement will be complete.

      my 2k

  87. beegeagle says:

    Have the Russian-trained commandos returned home? Have they joined this fight? Have we sent more men to be trained there or we want to rest on small laurels yet again?

  88. drag_on says:

    This report suggest their are Non-Africans associated with bokoharam infantry.


    “Several heavily armed Boko Haram units entered Fotokol in the morning to attack our camps. We are in
    the process of repelling them,” the sources said without giving the exact death toll from the fighting.
    The sources said the terrorist group which had in its ranks mercenaries from Libya, Sudan, Mali and other
    non-African fighters, was using sophisticated weapons.

    End Quote.

  89. beegeagle says:

    Again, I concede that Chadians try to get prepared. We would rather send troops to fight in Damboa first and then start moving ammo from over a 1,000 miles down the road from Lagos.

    Look at this…two Chadian Mi-17s at FOTOKOL. This is the kind of footage which should be accessible on the NAF website at a time of war.

    • the Nigerian military is always shrouded in soo much secrecy that after a while it becomes suspicious. No need to reveal operational details, but let the people see for a fact that the military is up and about. the virtual blanket over the NA does not help pple’s perception of the army

  90. kolawole says:

    dont we have war journalist than can go to the front with the soldiers ,remember world war 2 story one of the achievements was because of the journalist that went to the front to record their military success that is why we all see all this world war videos…most of the war pics are snapped by soldiers on the front in nigeria and send to blog or friends that share with others…

    • I dont think the NA allows journalists to ride with them neither does it allow them into its areas of operation. In fact in the NE the NA is blatantly against independent reporting. Have you noticed that any Time the NA is victorious in Battle and it is reported in the media, the Narrative is always identical across all media outlets. it word for word what the Army PR releases, independent reporting is difficult to impossible. the Tight grip the NA has on media reporting has its upside and its downsides too

  91. beegeagle says:

    The SILENCE of our military PR is haunting. This war narrative must not become skewed. TELL…do not wait to react to misinformation. We used to wait to repel BH attacks . See how things have improved since we went on the offensive?

    We say this because someone wrote today that Chad have helped to recapture Baga, Dikwa, Malam Fatori, Damasak, Ngala and parts of Bama. THIS IS A FLAT LIE. Chad have only moved into the towns of Gamboru-Ngala and Malam Fatori. They are in their own part of BAGA. How about that? Gamboru and Fotokol are on town separated by colonialists into two countries. Same way Banki and Amchide are one community separated by colonialists. BAGA, KERAWA and ASHIGASHIYA are that way too.

    The point is that it is a war and the meaningful communique should be coming from our military PR first, before the NIC or Ministry of Information. We are leaving too much to conjecture as always and it is the reason why rumours are proliferating. I do not see why DHQ should not be issuing daily communiques on NTA NEWS, saying “these are the gains made by OP ZAMAN LAFIYA” and “this is what MNJTF have been doing in the past 24 hours”

    • kolawole says:

      really least the army have military reporters cant they take them along are they not soldiers too…it is we that know how the war is going that have refute all lies coming from foreign medias and BH followers eg twitter Cameroonians…and there is a COAS directives that have stop soldiers from posting anything on blogs…sirius black a NL blogger told us…He showed us victory and showed and told us how the war was but now they’ve stop coming…does minimah knw wat dey called “public awareness”

      • igbi says:

        Actually the COAS’s order was about posting sensitive information. And that is an order also given by the Isrraeli COAS and almost every cCOAS in the planet. Please let us not lose track on what we are doing here.

      • igbi says:

        The COAS talked especially of photos of military equipment which were not authorized to be photographed.

      • kolawole says:

        mr igbi….most nigerians dont know what is happening..i update my contacts on BBM how the war is going…most nigerians believes NA are just bunch of cowards…many people think it is chad that is fighting…they dont even know that air force r even carrying out serious air raids and NA r carrying out mopping…so sad…

      • igbi says:

        Indeed, and I understand what you are saying, all I need is to talk to my brother and my sister who are just like the average Nigerian.

      • igbi says:

        Eventhough we used to live in the barracks.

  92. beegeagle says:

    KOLA, tell your Cameroonian friends the truth namely, their suddenly powerful army watched from a distance while the same Nigeria with cowardly soldiers held a part of Cameroon on lockdown for 15 years. Why did they run to the ICJ instead of fighting to liberate their country?

    I suspect that the beef against the NA stems from injured pride. Here is the truth…straight out of the ICJ. So much for an army suddenly fighting to save Nigeria from BH. All these minnows sef and their hollow Davidian claims.

    (b) that the Federal Republic of Nigeria has violated and is violating the fundamental principle of respect for frontiers inherited from colonization (uti possidetis juris) ;

    (c) that by using force against the Republic of Cameroon, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has violated and is violating its obligations under international treaty law and customary law;

    (d) that the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by militarily occupying the
    Cameroonian Peninsula of Bakassi, has violated and is violating the obligations incumbent upon it by virtue of treaty law and.customary law;

    (e) that in view of these breaches of legal obligation, mentioned
    above, the Federal Republic of Nigeria has the express duty of
    putting an end to its military presence in Cameroonian territory, and effecting an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of its troops from the Cameroonian Peninsula of Bakassi;


    We OCCUPIED Bakassi…not that we tried to dislodge them from there. Reason why we WITHDREW…no occupation, no withdrawal.

    • kolawole says:

      i studied the post on the escalation and i discovered that most of the air raids are doing by French pilots….so how powerful is Chad and Cameroon…i bliv Nigeria air force have not really been in this kind of situation of real hand war…most of their past war was weapon supports..even Cameroonians twitter stated that their raids are done by French fighter pilots…only one Cameroonian chief on twitter only gives clear definitions of chad and Cameroon role in the war…Cameroon said they have a strong army.. 700 boko haram members brought them down yesterday on their knees…i laugh wen dey call us cowards…

    • kolawole says:

      the funny part about this war is that most of the junior officers that fought the bakassi war were my fathers course mate in NDA…so Cameroon cant lie about the war

  93. beegeagle says:

    NIGERIA need to wake up and smell the coffee. I understand the need to create buffer zones and that Chad entered Gamboru with Nigerian permission so that the threat posed to the sister town of FOTOKOL in Cameroon is removed. STILL no foreign troops should be allowed to venture further than ONE MILE inside Nigeria, buffer zone or not. It is clear that this is more of a glory hunt for the neighbours than it is about a collective effort at self-preservation.

    • kolawole says:

      Another problem is DHQ are not fast to refute claims of this countries…it seems Nigeria military is more interested in winning the war than telling people they are winning…but this can cause a backlash cause this countries will claim they helped nigeria…

  94. Akintayo says:

    The NSA’s office finally admits the need for ” fusion centre or the counter-terrorism centre”

  95. beegeagle says:

    Indeed, Kolawole, IF Nigeria would rather fight than tell, it had better keep foreign forces pegged to within a mile of our borders. There are a lot of self-despising Nigerians who derive sadistic pleasure from reading downers about their country. They cannot tell you which state Dikwa is located in but once foreign forces get mentioned, they conclude that the NA are not in it.

    The CDS and COAS must realise that this is probably their chance to have their names written in gold. It all depends on whether their PR units manage to drive home the point of Nigeria’s leading role or it is left to conjecture so that when they go into retirement and say “the war in the Northeast was won under my watch”, someone would say “no, foreign forces did it”.

    The building blocks which shall shape this war narrative are already being laid down. Chad’s military PR are already mouthing off about their ‘valiant troops’ and how they will ‘go after BH everywhere’

    To pre-empt that, a simple “MNJTF ops will be restricted to AORs which lie within a radius of one mile of each country’s territory’ will take the wind out of the sail of any blabbermouths. It is so simple really. The Nigerian military must stay ahead of the field as far as war narratives go.

    • kolawole says:

      This as been the problem many nigerians dont know gwoza has been cleared…nigerians like praising other wen they hear of der success but talk down on us wen dey see a propaganda video of boko haram..they take delight in it…i had to create a forum on NL to show the list of soldiers that died on the front with their images…they now become sober and realized they have been wrong all along….we need military reporters at the front

      this is the link

      • igbi says:

        God bless you sir. My only reason of being on this blog was to correct all the propaganda going on against Nigeria and Nigerian armed forces. You seem to be doing the job much better than I. One thousand salutes.

  96. igbi says:

    One of the biggest problems with the chadian army is its lack of brains. It can’t actually plan a war, all it can do is to rely on the plans of a professional army. That is what the chadians did in Mali.

  97. STARTREK says:

    Oti oo o master OJE kini ko
    Obey before complaints
    forward march halele hmmmm

  98. eyimola says:

    The Chadian contingent is very small, but it has embedded journalists and TV news crews with them. I have yet to see any sign of the Nigerian military engaging the media like that. If you don’t tell your own story well, don’t expect others to do the same.

  99. igbi says:

    It seems that photo thought to about a missile truck thought to be originating from sudan is actually chadian, it is on this video:
    Though I do not recommend the news paper, it is clearly anti-Nigerian.

  100. chynedoo says:

    On this blog I think we should start putting together a war cabinet of sorts, by that I mean collating the facts, tables, pictures, data, patterns, developments in the fight against boko haram so that we can build a dossier of the ongoing war. I suggest the details should be forwarded to general Beeg as this would help us at some point push forward a more factually accurate and balanced narrative of the ongoing war when the time arrives.
    There are a number of western, Nigerian and even Al Jazeera who would be so happy to publish the details and the authoritative analysis contained in the report.
    At least that is another way we could help to counter the one-sided narrative out there. We owe it to other Nigerians to set the records straight

    • kolawole says:

      thats true but that would need some much combing from different sources to soldiers at the front and those that have served to the villagers and displaced citizens and maybe cjtf

    • Nnamdi says:

      I have a big problem with bloggers here when we refuse to show due respect to our allies and foes. Pride goes before a fall.

  101. camouflage1984 says:

    Most of the about 600 civilians slaughtered by #BokoHaram in Fotokol were killed in d Grand mosque they sought refuge

    Edward @DonKlericuzio
    · 26m 26 minutes ago
    #BokoHaram: nigérienne soldiers of MNJT massing in Diffa in préparation to join #Nigeria in the Counter-offensive

    Tchadiens n Nigerian airforce today carried out an airstrike against 5 #BokoHaram technicals outside monguno

  102. igbi says:

    I followed the libyan war from day one and that is where I got to understand how the media can be used as propaganda. The second golf war which I followed as a child also opened my eyes on media propaganda.

    • igbi says:

      So I easilly saw through the propaganda coming from the western media and their anti-Nigerian slant and their repetetive unfounded claims. Their double standards and all.

      • kolawole says:

        almost of this country want the downfall… don’t you see it we are surrounded by francophone countries….i can boldly say none of his country if they join forces cant defeat Nigeria….we will massacre dem…many of the soldiers cant even be kitted properly that they had to use our pic for propaganda news..,,they say we carry fancy weapons…see sophisticated weapons it couldn’t save dem…it wasn’t only civilians dat were massacred even soldiers lost der lives heavily…BH have change gear dey have seen the Cameroonians are vunerable since the NA and NAF have gone on serious offensive…my deepest condolences to them in advance for more BH attacks, hope they can survive it…

      • igbi says:


  103. kolawole says:

    The reason boko haram have gotten so strong is not the fault of Nigerian military but the fault of our neighbors if they have done the needful, it wont have been like this, can this countries tell me they didn’t see BH with heavy arms passing tru der borders into Nigeria or the chibook girls…. Cameroon have been the most stupid in this mission they boosted last week…boko haram threatened today they went on their knees tomorrow…pathetic

    • Are James says:

      Don’t press this line of argument too much. It is too childishly patronizing. The Nigerian military is 100% the reason why Boko Haram grew strong, there is no other reason.
      Indeed serving army officers will even agree with me on that. All the points you make after the first two lines I also disagree with. Good attempt at showing support and patriotism but lame in its overall effect.

  104. Augustine says:

    Once you allow one foreign boot in Nigeria, ten foreign countries will be claiming champion on our home soil, funny how news media now say South African air force is bombing on Nigerian soil, does SAAF fly from Pretoria to Gamboru on one fuel tank?

    Now Ugandan army is boasting about troops coming soon to save Nigeria, in the future Lesotho and Swaziland too will claim they saved Nigeria in 2015 from Boko Haram.

    Ugandan army get entry visa from Abuja? Some envious people think we are Bosnia. Rubbish !

    • igbi says:

      The ugandans are confusing Nigeria and cameroon. Nigeria didn’ ask for foreign troops on Nigerian soil.

      • kolawole says:

        most of this countries thanks to media propaganda from the west believe its a Nigerian “only” problem…so if forces are coming its to Nigeria…they will be shocked when they arrive and find out we have rooted the pest…

      • igbi says:

        Yes sir, I totally agree.

  105. Augustine says:

    It is clear now that Boko Haram CANNOT withstand a full scale offensive by Nigerian army and air force on all fronts, so we can win….FG and DHQ please less foreign troops on Nigerian soil, those 2,500 Chadians are not more than what NA can muster from Bonny camp, Ikeja cantonment, Alamala div, Enugu compo, leave navy and air force riflemen to hold the west, east, and south….plus mostly non-combatant army units.

    Can we bring home troops from NA peace keeping ops abroad? We can muster 4 times more troops than Chad, Cameroon, Niger can ever loan to us to be fighting on our soil.

    Let’s not turn our own fatherland into Bosnia where AU, NATO, ECOWAS, UN, will be mixing men and weapons into strange formulas and craftily inserting them on Nigerian soil.

    I could get desperate and train selected volunteers of NSCDC and MOPOL to carry RPG and help as garrison in low threat areas while my best troops are on frontline, advancing and pursuing the enemy in Blitzkrieg style.

    My opinion.

    • kolawole says:

      first of all this success that can only be attributed to God…secondly i believe the success is the centralization of Nda if you discover most officers that died are either course mates or were in the course line if you get….so they get the same tactical training and know there selves more to discuss tactical change and easily call themselves for backup

      • Augustine says:

        Baba God we thank you o ! Prayer plenty for church and mosque and the result is the imminent defeat of Boko Haram and the new strings of victory for Nigerian military.

  106. beegeagle says:

    Hogwash. AU mandate does not mean a pan-African jamboree. The Lake Chad Basin states belong to ECCAS and ECOWAS respectively and that is why they can only be deployed on an AU mandate, not under the auspices of any sub-regional grouping.

    NOBODY requested for Ugandan troops. Bombs are still going off in Mogadishu and Kony has yet to be found. They need to focus on that instead of dissipating energy on frivolous talk. AMISOM are calling for more troops in Somalia and someone is thinking off shipping off to Nigeria for an ego trip?

    The AU Mandate specified 7,500 troops from Benin, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria. All the rest of the military expedition buffs can stay home.

  107. lachit says:

    i hope @Adetayo’s Blog @GILES will find it informative

  108. COLONEL NGR says:

    Seriously, the propaganda is getting serious. Even at my work place, my collegues believe the Nigerian army isnt doing anything that the chadian army is the one liberating the towns.

    Many Nigerians actually believe the chadian army is behind the recent victories in the south east. I am doing my best where i am to tell them the truth.

    The PR organs of our military and government need to do more. If they dont, the propagandists will win and there is nothing they cab do to change stories already in the minds of people.

  109. lachit says:

    @Adetayo’s Blog says:
    February 4, 2015 at 12:55 pm
    ” please upload the document ”

    the above links are to the aforesaid documents

    well sorry to have bothered u

  110. oh ohk thanks. i dint realise that was what you were talking about. thumbs up

    • kolawole says:

      i have stated it before the media houses r not helping….we have more foes than friends…i dont knw what nigerians gain from seeing their country been bad mouth by foreigners..they like to listen to lies from bbc and cnn…but wont believe stories told by the DHQ….the war is almost over…air raids are still on…i think a website or page should be created to counter trends like sahara reporters and amensty international…

  111. beegeagle says:

    Does anyone remember “LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPERS” bearing a tale about South African Air Force/PMC-led bombings of GAMBORU today? Well, we were sure they lied. EVERYONE glossed over any role played the Nigerian military which, ab initio, let in the Chadians in sync with MNJTF ground rules.

    Here is the truth as told by an unlikely source – the AP correspondent in Cameroon


    * NIGERIAN and Chadian airforces jointly bombarded Gamboru before Chadian ground troops were asked to move into the border town

    * 800 BH goons counterattacked FOTOKOL, not 7,000 BH as claimed by the perennially exaggerating Cameroonian online fora

    * 13 Chadian and 6 Cameroonian troops died at FOTOKOL; 91 civilians were killed and 500 others were injured.

  112. camouflage1984 says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio
    · 34m 34 minutes ago
    #UPDATE #BokoHaram deploys suicide attackers & armored vehicles to south west flank of madagali against men of the 23 brig

  113. beegeagle says:

    Egbon Jimmy, at least one of those photos looks faked to me. First photo shows an A-Jet and that is a Cameroonian pilot. Chad do not operate A-Jet. Their ground attack asset is the Frogfoot.

    • jimmy says:

      I am sorry if I inadvertenly posted the wrong information.I was taken,I was trying to butress your argument,however I could not see the plane except the nose, please can you take the thread down. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Oga Beeg, can u help confirm the authenticity of this video porporting to show live action urban battle scenes between Nigerian troops and Boko Haram.. Live War Between Boko Haram and Nigerian Army:

      • rugged7 says:

        This was a malian military action with AQIM/Tuareg rebels stuck in a building from the period of operation serval in mali.
        I’m 100% sure of this.

      • asorockweb says:

        That’s the Malian Army 🙂

        Sometimes, the internet is like a toilet that one can never flush.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Bigbrovar, those are Malian soldiers in Gao. You can actually see that they are poorly trained.

        Nigerian Troops do not fight like that, we employ proper shooting stances and techniques.

      • Henry says:

        The malians are brave, but they are poorly, very poorly trained.

  114. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria set to lose $466m in arms deal
    Well, i will assume this is not true.
    Per chance that it is, DHQ and Ministry of Defence should know that Nigerians are sick and tired of people playing games with the lives of Nigerian soldiers.
    Arms procurement MUST be done correctly without any shoddy business.

    • Deway says:

      If this is true than those NAF personnel involved need to be tried and tied to a stake and you know the rest… How can we continue this way despite being in a war situation. What is preventing NAF approaching Rosoboronexport for their needs? I hope this story is fake of the sake of my sanity!

    • beegeagle says:

      That is CRIMINALITY of the most astonishing kind. Six Su-25s and six armed Puma (supposedly the Puma Socat which I have highlighted on this blog previously), all of them pre-owned, CANNOT and should not cost us US$200m. Not even if they are upgraded by ELBIT of Israel.

      So it is 100% deal and 130% scam. For US$466m, we can get

      – eight upgraded Flankers for 150m USD

      – eight new Mi-171Sh Terminator assault helics for 160m USD and which are far more potent and carry twice as many troops as a Puma SOCAT

      – twelve upgraded Su-25KM/UB for 120m USD.

      That leaves us with a complete and potent array of 28 air superiority jets, ground attack jets and assault helics for US$430 MILLION, leaving a balance of 30m USD for ordnance.

      Shame, shame, shame. Somebody ask Chad and Niger how much they paid for their Su-25s, Niger having acquired theirs in 2014. Chei !! This is one more reason why many cynics continue to posit that the so called secrecy which notoriously bedevils military procurement in Nigeria is a convenient smokescreen for the perpetration of sharp practice on a hideous scale.

      God forbid.

    • asorockweb says:

      This is not about the NAF or the DHQ.

      It’s about the personalities that were supposed to makes about US$200million profit from the US Cobra deal.

      They have now engineered a new deal and want to make just as much profit, if not more.

      It looks like US$500million has been earmarked for high profit arms deals. That’s about half of the war emergency funds.

      So, the summary of the deal is this:

      SU-25 Ground Attack Aircraft (used) x 6
      Puma Attack Helicopters (Used) x 6

      These 12 aircraft for US$466million.

      Let’s do everything in our power to squash this deal as well.

      This is nothing but war profiteering.

      • beegeagle says:

        It is SQUASHED already. With such stupefying levels of greed, why wont the NAF continue to be deprived? This is HIGH TREASON, as serious as collaboration with an invading force!

      • Saleh says:

        When I said corruption is the issue affecting the conflict against bh. Oga Igbi said he wanted prove first. Here is one for you.

      • Are James says:

        To many people on this blog this is not high treason. Criticizing acts like this in war time however is what to them is high treason. When you hear the almost unpatriotic level of vitriol that we heap on the defence establishment of the country we love so much sometimes, this is why. When you hear people like us almost taking it to the point of libel in calling out names without fear this is why. You send twenty something year olds into battle and you a fifty year old General loots the armament budget, how fair?.
        All because ultimately you have no respect for your CIC or love for your country….is that good?.

      • asorockweb says:

        What has this got to do with ANY general? THIS is not about ANY general.

        No general can engineer this. This is about the same people that concocted the Cobra deal.

        Please, when we find corrupt generals, we will point our fingers at them. But this is beyond the military establishment.

      • Are James says:

        Ok it is the corrupt sergeants then.

      • asorockweb says:

        No Oga Are James, it’s the corrupt politicians.

        The generals are roped in AFTER THE FACT, to give their approval.

        Surely you know this.

      • Are James says:

        Airforce generals gave their nod. They actually did a memo that would have gone to council.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga asorockweb, it is soldiers that do the reporting on the arms the want. In this case, the NAF is alleged to have approved the deal.
        If something has gone knock-kneed about the deal, then everybody involved, military and civilian must be brought to book.

        As far as culpability is concerned, this is a very telling excerpt from the article:

        “The contents of the correspondence soon became known to insiders in the Defence industry and led to serious petitions against the transaction on the grounds that it would amount to massive fraud if executed and that the NAF was guilty of negligence as it did not carry out the mandatory due diligence before endorsing the deal.”

        It was scuttled before it left defence circles. So, even with the bad fallout, the above excerpt points to a sort of transparent procurement regime in the defence sector.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Kola,

        Thanks for the insight.

        Question: Did the Air Force ask for the F-7 jet fighters?

    • igbi says:

      If the report is true then the personnel who committed the offense should be arrested and courtmarshalled and if found guilty (which should be the case if the report is true) then disgraced and the executed.

      • igbi says:

        Although I remain skeptic and I do not believe the story. The reason is this: no names are mentionned. It is a dangerous thing to assume accusations to be true while they are not precised and they come with no proof. Let us calm down and not allow emotions invade our brains. Anybody can make up stories like this. Although let there be an investigation, i will respect its conclusions. But before then let us calm down. We are at war and all sorts of accusation will keep flying to distract the military from winning the war.

    • Kay says:

      Gross sabotage!
      After all the furore about officers and soldiers losing lives, civilians dying and displaced some still think money for arms is another pot they can dip their hands into.
      Secrecy is a veil for evil, fact!

  115. KKY says:

    @Rugged7 you are 100% correct
    Here are the links to those battles

  116. KKY says:

    My OGA’s I salute….
    Apologies for posting without the required protocol.
    Thanking all for keeping the Spirit alive

    Field Marshal Beegs….permission to carry on sah

  117. Kay says:

    I don’t usually join in slating Western media because as far as I know, everyone has their agenda.
    In this current scenario, I’m watching closely how very little is released from the Nigerian side regarding the big part they’re playing in this picture.

    It’s fast gaining traction that the ‘foreigners’ are doing most of the work with supporting videos and pictures. The only way we get ours is via forwarded emails or probably WhatsApp from a frontline soldier, no press clippings or embellishments done to the visual received.

    So for me, before bbc,fox news, etc get called out. I always like to take a look at if NTA got something for us. Well no. If the Army and the media blackout continues, so be it. I can look beyond this, the main story is how to save the people caught in between these crises and if it can allow them see a return to normal life, then all else;glory and accomplishment is secondary.

  118. beegeagle says:

    DefenceInfoNG has offered no updates since February 1st as far as I can see.

    It is a MONUMENTAL betrayal of trust.

  119. drag_on says:
    The troops of the Multi National Joint Task Force may have killed a very high ranking member of the Boko Haram Sect in the ongoing military operation in the North East.
    It was learnt that the insurgents’ commander whose identity was not revealed was killed in one of the raids carried out by Federal troops and their counterparts from Chad, Niger and Cameroon.
    It was stated that the late commander was one of the top officers to the founder of the Boko Haram Sect, Muhammad Yusuf.
    The Boko Haram Commander was said to have been killed during the battle of Malamfatori…..
    ……It was stated that the insurgents’ top commander was killed in an air strike by helicopter gunships of the Nigerian Air Force, involved in the combined operation with ground forces during the fight to reclaim some border towns from the insurgents.
    Some of the towns liberated by the soldiers of the Multi National Joint Task Force from Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Cameroon are Gamboru-Ngala, Malamfatori, Abadam, Kirawa and Ashigashiya and Michika.
    It was gathered that troops had encircled Gwoza, and were moving against the town which was captured and made part of a caliphate announced by the insurgents last year.
    An Intelligence personnel said on Thursday that the Nigerian Army also made a big break in the battle against the insurgents by recovering some of the most lethal military equipment captured by insurgents when they took over the Baga base of the task force.
    The recovered equipment included “a Battle Armoured Tank equipped with comprehensive protective system and maximum firing distance and accuracy with anti-aircraft rotating mount; its fire accuracy is attained by range-finder, ballistic computer with a thermal barrel sleeve.”

    • Are James says:

      This is a Nigerian kill. Let us state it as such. MNJTF may have participated peripherally but Punch should have ‘re worded the headline to show who really deserved the credit.

      • Are James says:

        It also appears that Boko Haram actually did seize a few T 72 tanks, Lord have mercy.

      • igbi says:

        I beg to differ, boko haral did not “seize” any T72.

      • Kay says:

        it’s not stated that they seized a T72 but was left wondering after the description of the armoured vehicle.
        WT! If true

      • igbi says:

        Do you actually think the terrorists would “seize” a T72 and not put it in their propaganda videos ? The report looks bogus anyway, if it were a true report then the brank of the tank would have been given. It is probably just an apc. Remember the NSA gave the list of equipments lost at Baga and he talked about 6 APCs, no tanks. So no T72 was lost.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, why do you so easilly jump to these kinds of conclusions ? It is wrong.

      • igbi says:

        sorry I made a mistake on the number of lost APCs, I have just been informed that it was 2 apcs not 6. Please people feel free to correct me if I make a mistake. I would be verry greatful to you.

    • igbi says:

      Just try to remember that most of these journalists don’t know the difference between a tank and an apc. And given the discription painted I can only wonder if the so called “tank” requested annonimity. No tank was lost at baga and no T72 was lost period.

    • asorockweb says:

      The tank is the one we have all seen the picture of. It’s the Vickers.

      The story about the recovered arms refers to the equipment lost at Baga. Most of the lost equipment (the 2x105mm artillery and the 2 APCs), were recovered when BH came to visit Mafa and Maiduguri.

      Sometimes old facts are recycled into new news.

      • Are James says:

        …”equipped with comprehensive protection system,….maximum firing distance…anti aircraft mount….”. Does this read like a Vickers Tank?.
        Gentlemen, make we dey talk true sometimes, life is too short.

      • asorockweb says:

        Everything you described is the Vickers.

        But what has the writings of a journalist got to do with the actual vehicle recaptured?

        We have seen the pictures of the recaptured Vickers, that’s more valuable than the writings of a journalist.

  120. emereuwa says:

    Okonjo Iweala to speak to Richard Quest on Boko Haram now on CNN.

    Anyone watching?

    • Are James says:

      The interview is already knocking Jonathan. Pessimistic about his electoral chances. Iweala has been too gracious to the French and Francophone West Africa in her interview.
      This is an anti GEJ piece, pure and simple.

  121. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, we can confirm that the AN-225 ferrying arms to Nigeria from the Czech Republic has made three stopovers at Tunis since the airfreighting ops commenced.

    More…I think I have seen a photo of the IFV acquired.

    MCSHEGZ, appear abeg.

  122. Freeborn says:

    Having religiously followed this blog for well over a year now, I feel compelled to thank everyone in this community for showing uncommon patriotism in this age where truth appears shockingly scarce. I just listened to Richard Quest interview Okonjo Iweala and immediately after, interview a Washington-based ‘white-coloured analyst’ who without mincing words described our government and military as completely inept while subtly suggesting that a new regime in the country would do a better job.

    I wonder in disbelief if this are the same ones who accused us of human rights abuse when we were on the up. The same ones who rejected us arms. The same ones who blocked our quest for arms. I weep profusely as I type these. Now they align behind certain Nigerians with doubtful ambitions and insult the memories of our dead heroes, our fallen brothers, our friends whom we shall never see again, whose wives we cant wipe the numerous tears that soak their pillows. I see the numerous faces of my brothers who have been forced out of this world because these same foreign powers once insisted BH was an economic problem not a security one and so should be tackled with economic measures. Today, he says (certainly the words of his master at the white house) with a straight face that we are incompetent. Neo-colonialism at its peak (using us against ourselves). Sadly, I doubt that their short term plans, whatever it is, can be stopped now (too little time). Of this I am sure however, Nigeria shall be GREAT whether ‘they’ like it or not.

    In the meantime, I would like to borrow one of the favorite quotes of my biggest mentor Dora Akinyuli–‘Societies grow great when old men plant trees under whose shades they know they will never sit’. Thank you sirs (beegeagle bloggers) for your patriotism. Thank you fallen and falling brothers for your sacrifice. Due to certain restrictions some of us cant comment frequently on this blog. However, beegeagle has remained the solace of many weary hearts. You assure us that our sacrifices are not in vain. Thank you sirs.

    Oga Beeg abeg ignore the email address (you know why). Once again, THANK YOU SIRS. GOOD PEOPLE GREAT NATION

  123. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, we are proud owners of the BVP IFV and RM-70 MLRS

    THIS THREAD IS CLOSED. Part III has been opened. Continue to post your updates there.

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