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  1. beegeagle says:


    KAMPALA, Feb. 5 (Xinhua)

    Uganda’s military chief on Thursday said the East African country will not deploy troops in Nigeria to fight Boko Haram militants. Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala, Chief of Defense Forces, told Xinhua by telephone that there are no plans by the country to
    send troops in northern Nigeria as part of regional efforts to tackle the Boko Haram insurgency.

    “There is nothing like that (deploying
    troops in Nigeria). I am not aware of any plan by UPDF (Uganda People’s Defense Forces)to deploy or send any troops to Nigeria,”said Gen.Katumba. “As UPDF we are always ready to deploy anywhere there is a problem. But there is no such a plan at the moment to deploy in Nigeria,” he said.

    Some local media on Thursday reported that UPDF is to deploy two battalions in Nigeria as part of the continental effort to tackle the conflict in the West African country. Ugandan troops have been involved in peacekeeping missions and combat operations in Somalia, South Sudan and Central African Republic, where they are hunting down the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army’s rebels.

    African leaders agreed last week at the African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa to send 7,500 strong force to fight Boko Haram insurgency in northeast Nigeria. The move came after the African Union’s Peace and Security Council urged heads of state to endorse the deployment of troops
    from five West African countries to fight the armed group.

    The Boko Haram militants are notorious for abductions, ruthless massacres, burning of churches and other public institutions in northern part of the country. The insurgents recently launched cross-border attacks from Nigeria into Cameroon and Chad as part of its drive for an Islamic state in the north-east of

    The Boko Haram attacks in northern
    Nigeria have intensified over the last few weeks as the country prepares for the Feb. 14 elections. The Boko Haram’s five-year insurgency has killed about 10,000 people in the last
    year and displaced at least 1 million.

  2. Oje says:

    Everybody wants Eldorado, soon we will have NATO troops….

  3. igbi says:

    okonjo, the same person who deliberately starved the military of funds and boasted of that in front of the westerners. Now she goes to give an interview to cnn, one of the most anti-Nigerian channel on earth. I consider this an act of treason.

  4. igbi says:

    Obviously the americans want a regime change because our current president is not taking orders from them. When Kerry came, I hope the Nigerian president told him that the anti-Nigeria propaganda coming from the USA will not work.

    • Saleh says:

      Lol I dont think that’s the reason may be we should for once open our eyes to our problems and stop associating it with foreign powers. The fact is dat the govt is not serious.

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, so now you believe that america stands for Nigeria’s best interests and that it should tell us what to do and think. Look, all I am concerned about is our souvereignty and also I am tired of all the propaganda from america targetting Nigeria. I didn’t invent the propaganda, it is there. You said this “The fact is dat the govt is not serious.” I really don’t see how that relates to my comment and what you are supposing is that the usa should have like a divine power to give a mark to our presidents, in other words you seem to think that the usa should chose our president for us. The problem I was talking about is the propaganda coming from the usa, I am not a magician and can’t make it to not be associated with foreign powers. You seem like the kind of guy who would slap yourself when someone hits you rather than fight back.

      • Saleh says:

        No you are wrong there the power to choose our president lies with us however the US govt have a right to say what they want and this time around they said the truth. When we leave our flanks exposed folks will talk. If at this stage officials still want to scam Nigeria it’s time to look inwards

      • igbi says:

        Please keep in mind that I am not trying to vex you, rather to explain the situation to you.

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, no you are wrong the usa is not saying the truth and it is quite obvious from their videos. What I find dangerous is the belief that the us must br truthful. Just remember that they are a verry selfish people and they stand only for their interests. Also remember that they refused to sell us weapons and that they refused to share intelligence with us. So without even talking about their propaganda against our military, you can already see that they are not interested in helping us, but rather in making us suffer. Don’t forget also that we are buying weapons from their arch rival Russia and the americans don’t like that.

    • Oje says:

      Dude please stop saying things for saying sake. The more you lose sleep over Chad the more you make them important. We have all it takes to go it alone, we are described as the most independent minded and entrepreneurial spirit in Africa, this we wear as a badge of honour. Allowing the situation to fester to the point Nigeria now calls for foreign troops under the MNJTF or whatever misnomer we choose to call it is tragic in itself.

      As For Okonjo Iweala, why do you have a problem with the Interview in CNN? I’m sure you watch CNN more than any of us here, stop roping America into our circle. They stopped buying our oil, they betrayed their biggest ally in Africa…its sad, it’s a lesson but no more mention of America’s Regime Change Agenda. This ain’t no Tom Clancy script. America has over $13 trillion in domestic debt, they barely just ended 13 years of a costly we and is at the risk of another one in Syria. In Europe we have Russia upgrading it’s nuclear forces and seizing territory by its own term. If you think America is anxious to engage in a proxy war in Africa or regime change in Nigeria think again. America today is the biggest oil producer and have as an ally the biggest exporter of oil Saudi Arabia…America couldn’t care less because now they don’t need our oil. We can face our problems ourselves without resorting to the now genetic ” it’s so so and so’s fault.

    • Omonon says:

      Nigeria is slave of no one. We are not under this empire called the west!!!

  5. superboi79 says:

    Seems NNS Centenary has Arrived Lagos

  6. Augustine says:

    I won’t blame Okonjo Iweala, she has near zero military knowledge and does not study the centenary global war history 1914 to 2014.

    Did the Nigerian military top brass present their case very well to her and FG? Did they write military top level precis and threat analysis to convince her? Did they show her reconnaissance photos of secret Boko Haram build up to justify Nigerian military proactive build up in 2011?

    Did they prove to her that money released for arms procurement will be transparently spent, made public, and accounts audited?

    We see a new story of ALLEGED NAF corrupt practices in buying almost half a billion dollars worth of aircraft now, still an allegation to me until FG confirms it, but no smoke without fire….Nigerian military is known for corruption in weapons procurement covered up with LOCAL SECRECY in weapons purchase.

    I have always said advanced countries don’t do secret weapons purchase with the public’s money and yet hide details from the public that owns the money. Those who support secrecy in weapons purchase are supporting corruption in Nigerian military, what is secret about weapons imported from overseas, when the country that sells to us knows it and their ordinary street workers in the manufacturing/trading defence industry know it, United Nations arms sales log records it and the information is available to every government member of UN, while Nigerians at home are being blindfolded about so called secrecy of weapons purchase THAT HAS NOT WON ANY WAR FOR US, secret weapons purchase NEVER wins you a war, the enemy sees the weapon the first time you deploy it, or you use secretly purchased weapons from inside army armoury at the barracks or inside airbase hanger by hiding it inside storage underground?

    See us arguing like confused kids because we are blindfolded, it’s BMP-1, no it’s BM-2, no it’s BVP M80, no it’s another version of it upgraded, no we don’t know for sure, no we go with what we see from the one quarter photo….

    Who is fooling who ? Why are Nigerians being fooled into darkness in weapons procurement done with Nigerian peoples money?


    Back to war zone NE…..

    “An unnamed Chadian officer made the following statement: “We dispersed them (Boko Haram fighters) completely and prevented them from regathering. They were armed and killing people. It is not Godly, what they are doing, you cannot slaughter humans like animals.”

    Fleeing Boko Haram fighters headed into Cameroon and attacked the village of Fotokol.

    Cameroonian authorities said the militants have been repelled.”

    Chad changes story in 24 hours. Yesterday, said they wiped out all Boko Haram fighters in Gamboru, today says they only DISPERSED them from regathering.

    Now the same ‘dead’ Bokos killed yesterday by Chadian ‘Rambo Super Soldiers’ drove Toyota vehicles out of Nigeria across border under the noses of Chadian 2,000 troops and those Bokos arrived well gathered in Cameroon to cut the throats of 100 civilians and wound 500 more civilians.

    Since when did ghosts of soldiers killed by Chad start damaging the lives of 600 Cameroonian civilians the same day ? Meanwhile, Chad was invited by Cameroon to protect the same 600 Cameroonian civilians dead or injured by Bokos, so what was Chadian army doing inside Nigeria while exposing the other people who invited them for protection? Glory hunting on Nigerian territory? We are musing, but this one is amusing !

    • igbi says:

      As I keep saying the chadian military totally lacks brains. Actually they are not different from that of mali. They act like a bunch of cowboys, planning doesn’t seem to be their thing. Actually thinking doesn’t seem to be their thing.

  7. Oje says:

    You just sounding bitter which makes them seem stronger. Channel your anger and energy to a way we can reverse this trend and tell our own story ourself. The world doesn’t know our story, the President seldom even give official speeches. They get news from Boko Haram from whoever they can. Our media is shocking clueless and ill informed.

  8. Oje says:

    Boko Haram fighters flee Cameroon after attack.

    It’s no rocket science seeing how Biya can rule Cameroon for nearly half a century without the people even putting up resistance. They re brainwashed and Deluded.

  9. am new here and its a bit encouraging to see the patriotism exhibited here. However i also see that any1 who criticisez the military or the government is automatically labelled unpatriotic or a western lackey or an ignoramus. the person is likely to be attacked, without pple sitting to think and see if his criticism has merit. I dont think true patriotism is a blind act. you cannot sit and say the best is being done when it is not being done simply cos u are patriotic. Hard truths must be told no matter how difficult. the truth is that since the insurgency began it has not been handled well. its not about the infantry man carrying his rifle but the p[lanners and the leaders. the Nigerian soldier brave but i belive he has been failed by the military leadership and the state itself. in the fight against BH true leadership has been lacking leading to the debacle we experienced. the media blackout imposed on the battle has backfired cos stories of heroism dont get out either and the news of failure always does. the NA has not let the world see the extent of the problem or even its victories so what else is there to go on other than the way BH sweeps through towns.

    • igbi says:

      Look, in a war there are always setbacks. Ask yourself why the “almighty” usa hasn’t been able to destroy isis yet ? Do you know that half of iraq is controles by isis ? Also nobody called you a western lackey. But one can not ignore that western propaganda is changeing the perceptions of many people. And when someone comes and repeat the claim of western propaganda which has been repeated millions of times without any thread of proof, a logical mind feels frustrated. Hard truths is still truths therefor it requires proof. It is not because an information is negatif that it must be true. No country on earth has won an insurgency in less than 10 years, and the Nigerian military has been able to contain the boko haram terrorists to the north-eastern border. The military plans were hampared by the fact that our neighbors alowed boko haram to use their land as rear base. Now all that is changeing. If you go out to declare that soldiers have been failed by their military planners then you are inviting soldiers and officers to forget military hierarchy, therefor to not follow orders and I can only imagine the disaster which would follow. You have to think things through before acting. The most important and powerful weapon of the military is disciplin, therefor don’t go against that same disciplin.

      • So you believe there has not been a failure in leadership. You believe that all is well. in the years of the insurgencey hve things gotten better or worse. BH went from random shooting and bombing to controlling swaths of territory. somehow our security aparatus missed the rise and growth and evolution of BH. we declared a state of emergencey and BH hit harder and seized more territory. pls tell me what went wrong or explain what happened and show me how this does not reflect failure on one level or the other

      • igbi says:

        As I have explained to you and as you are forcing me to repeat to you again, boko haram was chased out by the army and then our neighbors allowed them to use their land as rear base where they regrouped and recruited and amassed a lot of weapons. I am not paid to do what I am doing so stop believing that I am obliged to enlighten you. The military budget which was given to the military was far too small for the challenges facing Nigeria and thank God that is being addressed. Swaths of territory ? Take a map and look at the part of land in which is occupied by boko haram as of today (after the bbeginning of the offensive). What I am pleading with you is that you demand proof for whatever information you are being fed. Stop trying to divide soldier and soldier by their ranks, that is the worse thing to do. Encourageing sentiments against superior officers is the same as inviting military personnel to not obey orders (the malians did that and we all know the rest). You have to measure your words and think of the consequences especially when you are mearly repeating things of which you have no proof. I need to go and study. Take care.

      • Are James says:

        You have to stop recycling lies. Please take it from me that Nigeria gains nothing from this amateurish patriotism standpoint. Young Nigerians should be the renaissance generation. Nigeria is the only cause of the Boko Haram scourge in West Africa and its inefficient and ineffective response to it is the driver of its growth wed.. The current crop of active politicians both in the ruling party and opposition are complicit. Everybody is getting tired with all this effeminate fear of facing weaknesses and finding solutions, if I fail at something I double efforts until I win, I don’t refuse to look at the result card.
        We are not happy with the performance of the military in the main and whilst we are giving support we are also keeping an eye out for any monkey business in the contracting out of the job to smaller neighbours. The government is making Nigeria look like decadent old Chinese empire being pillaged by Genghis Khan and his hordes.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, you are famous for jumping to conclusion with very little data. You are also famous for saying that patriotism is a bad thing. Whenever anybody gives positif data you challenge the person. But when ever anybody give a negatif story you immediately conclude it is truth. You are a pecimist. What you are doing is not actually being realistic, it is being overtly negatif and pecimistic. Recently someone talked about the video which I have just watched (COUNTER INSURGENCY OPERATION: The Gains and Prospects ) and people were amazed by it and you called it avaerage. All this shows a pattern. Now you are telling me that I am recycling lies ? Come on be serious, it seems every positif data is a lie to you and every negatif story a truth, i can see that you are still strugling with your conspiracy theorist habbits. Let me just inform you that I told no lies, I gave only verrifyable data.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, boko haram strategy is based on using the border to escape offensives. Indeed due to international laws, conventional forces can not go beyond their respective borders with out a military agreement. Now that we have the agreement I find it laughable that some are now saying that it is equivalent to outsourcing the war. When I hear people say this two things cross my mind: is this person that naif and shorsighted and shall I say clueless ? Or is he or her saying this on purpose while he or her knows it to be false ? But it remains a ridiculous statement, i am only worried that it might fool the less educated and most gullible among us.

    • Oje says:

      Well well ! Where have you been? You are a breath of fresh air, please tell them what patriotism really is. It transcends typing on your keypad from EUROPE.

      • Omonon says:

        Freedom of expression, but with responsibility, promoting the common good.
        Our journalists must learn this.

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga Adetayo,


      There’s a diverse collection of people here so don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

      Since you are new I will give some advice; some people on this blog will try and drag you into a meaningless texting battle; try very hard to resist that.

      Our people have a saying: When you are fighting with a madman, onlookers cannot tell the difference.

      I hope you catch my drift.

      • @asorockweb, I feel you and get your drift. thanks for the heads up and nor vex if it sounded like i was generalising. just had to get it off ma chest. thanks again

      • igbi says:

        @asorockweb, I can also catch your drift and I find iit verry unfortunate. When you newly arrived at this blog, I certainly had a lot of kind words to say about you. This tells a lot about the kind of person you are. Have a nice day.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      These “hard truths,” where you tell them, who you tell them, how you tell them… All can make you a slave.


      In todays wild Nigeria, “hard truths” are usually malevolent rumours. I feel very deep pain whenever I witness fellow Nigerians telling “hard truths” to the foreign press, commenting “hard truths” in the comment sections of foreign websites, even printing “hard truths” as a letter to REPORT the President of Nigeria to David Cameron. There is also a youtube video of a man with wherewithal giving an interview about why he was in the US to REPORT the President of Nigeria to Obama.

      We have only one country and “hard truths” are destroying it.

      • I feel your view but i also believe that you see some merit in what i said even if you dont agree with all of it

      • Omonon says:

        Patriotism, yes, but with maturity! Nigerians, I would say, if not the only country where her citizens far and near blasfeme their country. I say blasfeme, because i believe that ones country is sacred. All must contribute to the glory, growth and development of Nigeria.

        Is Nigeria corrupt, YES!!! Are we on this blessed blog stained with one fault or the other, i think so. He who have not sinned, let him cast the first stone.
        Our critism must be outrightly constructive and full of respect for the dignity of others.
        We must not allow the west and their diabolical media to rubbish us. We have the SACROSANCT RIGHT AND DUTY to fight back, using the same means, I.E. MEDIA WEAPON!!!

    • kulture1 says:

      It is a patrotic duty to criticise your government, when its policies do not serve the interest of its citizens. (Constructively) However, basing your criticisms on false information or, unsubstantiated facts is really dangerous. Most of the so called critics are not even in the area of events and I´m sure have never been anywhere near the seat of power in Abuja, not to talk of having acces to how things are been run. Almost everybody here gets his info on Beegeagle.
      With all the shouts of the government is weak, is corrupt, things are not being done well,bla bla bla, I´ve not seen anybody volunteering to go fight boko haram, or even going to the front and check things out. If you agree that the Westen media is bias, then there is no point quoting them here. We complain the government is not buying enough arms, the ones bought are not yet on ground,still some people are already seeing corruption somewhere. Na wa o.
      One should criticise constructively, based on facts and suggestions should be based on reality. Nigeria is not perfect agreed, but shouting and spewing condemnation based on exagerated faults and unsubstantiated info is unpatrotic. And I know for sure that is not what Beegeagle blog is about.
      Oga Igbi, I troway salute o.

  10. am not unpatriotic cos i see things going bad and state it as it is. we cant move forward if all we wanna say is the good news real or otherwise. the hard truth must come out and be dealt with.

    • igbi says:

      read my response to you and again the mistake you are making is that you are considering things true without actually seeing proof of them. It is not because something is repeated millions of times that it is automatically true. You are only being misled into believing something and that thing is what you are repeating. You are calling it hard truth while actually you have no proof of it being truth. You should rather call it negatif information, because that is what it is. For it to become truth a proof needs to be provided.

      • igbi says:

        I made a mistake in my choice of words, i meant “negatif story” instead of “negatif information”.

    • igbi says:

      You have to always be rational even if it means that you have to read books about maths logics.

      • Oje says:

        Dude, go back to school. When you get into the UNIVERSITY your black and white view of the world will change. I was once 14 so I understand.

    • Oje says:

      Oga Adetayo don’t waste your time trying to convince someone who believes Nigeria is perfect but WESTERN conspirator bent on regime change are responsible. You can’t fix his situation, trust me.

  11. Oje says:

    My price for the NIGERIAN Nation.

  12. Oje says:

    It’s time to do something about this igbi dude. You can’t keep trolling this blog with your childish gibberish.

  13. igbi says:

    Beegeagle please I would apreciate that when responding to a certain clueless and illogical war monger you desist from associating my name with his because i feel terribly insulted. Thank you.

  14. Oje says:

    Beegeagle is too busy to put up with your trolling. You living in FRANCE have no right to call someone here in NIGERIA, GROUND ZERO an unpatriotic or Western Lackey. You couldn’t know what patriotism is even if its spelled out to you.

    • rugged7 says:

      @Oje, u and Igbi should cool it.
      Igbi’s opposing view is just as important as ur view.
      Why don’t we argue about improving Nigeria’s offensive capacity as opposed to all this other childish banter…

      • igbi says:

        Rugged7, I have already cooled it as you can see on this page. So please adress him not me. And please don’t associate my name with his. Thank you.

      • igbi says:

        But it is with a great measure of respect that I adress you.

  15. Kola Adekola says:

    Boko haram has attacked Bosso in Niger republic.

  16. Kola Adekola says:

    Boko Haram attacks soldiers in Niger, wounds five: officials
    NIAMEY Fri Feb 6, 2015 8:39am EST

    (Reuters) – Boko Haram militants clashed on Friday with soldiers in Niger, who were reinforcing border positions to fend off the insurgency that is spreading from Nigeria into neighboring states, officials in Niger said.

    At least five local soldiers were wounded, they said.

    The fighting is taking place in the southeastern region of Diffa where Chad has sent hundreds of troops to help Niger take on Boko Haram at its long, porous border.

    Violence erupted when Boko Haram fighters, who have seized swathes of territory in Nigeria, attacked the Niger town of Bosso from the neighboring Nigerian town Malam Fatori, a military source said.

    Niger and Chadian troops were holding their positions in the town, he said.

    A second source told Reuters by telephone, “There is heavy weapons fire from both sides. The fighting is intense and we have at least five injured in our ranks.”

    Boko Haram, which wants to set up an Islamic emirate in northern Nigeria, has emerged has the worst threat to Nigeria security as the nation, Africa’s top oil producer and biggest economy, heads to a presidential election on Feb. 14.

    The militants are also increasingly threatening neighboring Chad, Niger and Cameroon, prompting regional leaders to come up with a joint plan to defeat them.

    Chad has deployed some 2,500 soldiers to neighboring Cameroon and Niger as part of this effort. Niger’s parliament is due to vote on Monday on a proposal by the government to send its troops into Nigeria to fight Boko Haram.

  17. beegeagle says:

    If those guys who love to quarrel in here were providing status updates instead of arguing about inane stuff, we would be making progress. Na una sabi.

    • igbi says:

      Beegeagle please look at the situation correctly I am desperately following what you said and I have stopped quarelling with who ever. Don’t blame me for being harrassed by someone else. Thank you

  18. beegeagle says:

    Hmnn..Chadian troops were reported by our local media as having taken out BH from Malam Fatori. How come they still attacked Bosso from there?

  19. beegeagle says:


    GENTLEMEN, can you all try to search for this video, “Counter Insurgengy Operations: The Gains and The Prospects” broadcast on Channels Television at about midday today, February 6th, 2015?

    It features the first-ever recorded drone strike and kill by an African country. Some of us have tried searching for it but to no avail.

    Very interesting video!!

  20. sizzorkay says:

    You two guys should exchange numbers and take this finger fighting someplace else.
    Let’s focus, and give others their space to voice their own opinion, its a free world.
    Being patriotic means loyalty to your country, and if you have a government that isn’t working or functioning at full capacity to take that country to where it’s supposed to be, then we the people have the right to call the leadership out over it, not because of hate, but because of the love we have for our country, that’s why we shouldn’t allow few so called leaders to ruin it for us, its ours, not just theirs.
    Criticizing the government to do better, that’s what patriots do, not blindly supporting a bad idea or being led to a slaughter.

  21. @ Olumide lol, see as we be like echo

    • mcshegz says:

      choiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,see drone elimination, now that’s what i’m talking about. 15:10 – 15:50
      Oga Henry. I respect your hustle sir.

      • asorockweb says:

        Can you edit the video and remove all instances of “big men talking”.
        Ideally, I would like a video of just soldiers training and the drone strike.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Naijaseal seems to be on top of the matter sir.

    • Ola says:

      This is what we’ve been talking about! More PR! Now we see NAF and SF carrying out night operations and we see one precision aerial kill (drone or helicopter because that was definitely, a slow flying, highly manoeuvrable craft). We need more of these morale boosting videos. PR is coming late, but the quality is good, I hope the NA and NAF will sustain the effort!
      The next thing we want to see is the map of the land that has been reclaimed by our forces and the highlights of our map CLEARLY indicating where MNJTF is operating. We do not necessarily need to see the bodies, but we want a head count (if possible) of all boko haram members killed or suspected killed, we want to see the faces and nationalities of boko haram fighters captured, we want to hear them tried in military courts because they are POWs and as the president did recently, we want the names of our fallen heroes etched in gold. Hence forth, state burial for all soldiers killed no matter the rank.

    • kolawole says:

      why did it take them so long but anyways i like that airforce bombings it gave me delight..i created a thread on NL that talks about it..nigerians must know the truth

  22. Naijaseal says:

    Was that the drone kill was around 15m:42s scene of the video? I did not see a rocket launch. I will work on editing this video to just keep only the combat side of things

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Naijaseal. I respect your hustle sir.
      The camera is zoomed in on the target, you therefore cannot see the rocket launch. As per the editing of the video, i would want us to err on the side of caution as per copyright issues and proprietary data. Please be sure to clearly state the owners of the visuals, whoever it is. You too moshhh oga.

    • Are James says:

      You wont see the rocket launch na. It is even more interesting if the missile itself carries its own camera then what you see is the target mark and an increasingly bigger target and …gbooooom.

  23. Naijaseal says:

    Oga beegs,

    Amongst other things, i’m pretty good with Audio/Video editing, if you need any help down the line producing anything in that direction

  24. camouflage1984 says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio
    · 7m 7 minutes ago
    #BokoHaram objective to blow up the doutchi bridge linking Bosso the staging area of Nigerienne troops to Nigerian towns was today foiled

    A dozen bodies of #BokoHaram fighters were left behind. Nigerian ATR surviellance flights detects enemy movements between damasak n abadam

  25. Omonon says:

    My great Ogas, i am reproposing this wonderful article. It’s quite revealing. All hands should be on deck. By the way, who is funding boko demons??? Are we sure the west doesn’t have a hand in this.
    This article seems to show the diabolical tactics the western media employ in this our war against this demons. Propaganda, mediatic lies, half truth, demoralizing of our citizens by feeding them with their fabricated story on presume failure of our troops. All Nigerians must know that not only our beloved troops are in war but Nigeria as a whole.
    The boko bastards are in war with Nigeria. Haaaaaaaaa, he who step his feet upon the tail of an AFRICAN LEOPARD invites trouble upon himself. The boko demons has invited war because they have steped their feet on tail of the AFRICAN LEOPARD.

    Really, we need ten blogs like this in this country called Nigeria, with Objective analysis, full of well researched write-ups, to dismantle and disarm any anti Nigeria propaganda and ideology.
    GOD bless beegeagle, GOD bless you all.
    dem go tak, olomokilofomoreooo eni ale…..
    Victory to our troops.

  26. Oje says:

    3 days of us shouting over the tops of our heads over our lagging behind in the PR theater we have this. Wow ! This proves constructive criticism works.

  27. asorockweb says:


    “Nigerian ATR surviellance flights detects enemy movements between damasak n abadam”

    • Omonon says:

      What do you mean we have 12 blogs like this in this country? Nothing comes close to Beegeagle blog, this guy has been at it since 2010, can you imagine the kind of patriotism it takes to float this blog that long?

      General Oje, GOD BLESS YOU SIR!!!

      I mean we need more blogs, if possible, that will build on the same principle and spirit of beegeagle!!! Nigeria pose a great threat, and one of the reason is our population. I believe that great population is wealth, and it is strenghth. Let’s go for dominance!!!

      Going to battle with 2 battalions is not the same as going with 20 battalions. You see what i mean now.

      Oga beeg don show us our to love and be sacrificial for ones country, more blogs touching on diverse points and issues can pick from that and expand on it. That’s what i mean!!!
      As they say, no tree make a forest, and in fact all us has something to contribute to the well being of this great country. Hope i did clarify my self.

  28. Oje says:

    What do you mean we have 12 blogs like this in this country? Nothing comes close to Beegeagle blog, this guy has been at it since 2010, can you imagine the kind of patriotism it takes to float this blog that long?

    • Omonon says:


      What do you mean we have 12 blogs like this in this country? Nothing comes close to Beegeagle blog, this guy has been at it since 2010, can you imagine the kind of patriotism it takes to float this blog that long?

      General Oje, GOD BLESS YOU SIR!!!

      I mean we need more blogs, if possible, that will build on the same principle and spirit of beegeagle!!! Nigeria pose a great threat, and one of the reason is our population. I believe that great population is wealth, and it is strenghth. Let’s go for dominance!!!

      Going to battle with 2 battalions is not the same as going with 20 battalions. You see what i mean now.

      Oga beeg don show us our to love and be sacrificial for ones country, more blogs touching on diverse points and issues can pick from that and expand on it. That’s what i mean!!!
      As they say, no tree make a forest, and in fact all us has something to contribute to the well being of this great country. Hope i did clarify my self.

  29. igbi says:

    Dario arrived at this blog with a lot of intelectual skills, it is unfortunate that he left the blog.

  30. Williams says:

    I really get angry and frustrated when I read comments from certain persons on this blog.
    please everyone, this is not Nairaland or Linda Ikeji.
    this space is meant for contributing to our national and military developments.
    someone who has never been to a war front or even experienced IED explosion would just sit at his home comfort and write or promote stuffs that derailing and incorrect.
    Why would someone write that this Boko haram insurgency hasn’t been handled very well?
    Do you know what it takes for a well trained and experienced conventional military to be turned into an asymmetrical army over night?
    why hasn’t boko haram been able to capture just one state at least esp Maiduguri?

    The only error the government made was to under estimate the potential of the group to be transformed to an estimated 50, 000man terriost organisation and I really don’t blame the government for that been that the international human right issues was on our neck so they peddled softly.

    Chad, Niger, mail, Cameroon and even naive south Africans should Be thankful that this didn’t erupt in their own country or any other part of Africa.
    AFRICA should be thankful that this erupted in the most powerful black nation who has the capacity and capability to handle and control this global menace. If other African countries do not support us morally to defeats this menace, they are only digging their death graves.

    Please, stop spreading propagandas on this blog weather directly or indirectly.
    The Nigerian army is in total control of this war and we are currently winning massively. Chad is only just stealing the glory but they know too well what the Nigerian army is good at CONVENTIONAL WAR.

    Our ‘re arming has increased our capability now to 65%.
    I can authoritatively write that most of you don’t know even Half of the type of weapons purchased from the black market by the Nigerian army.
    All you see here and online are weapons bought from traceable market.

    I stated in my post that boko haram was negotiating with some Chadian military moles for an escape route from Nigeria someone here asked me for proof……..I only but laugh.
    How else do you think Cameroon was attacked with Chadian manning the borders? Did they fly?

    • igbi says:

      Thank you sir.

    • Are James says:

      This insurgency has been handled well?…..I am really getting worried now.

      • igbi says:

        I can see that you continu in the same habbits, why wouldn’t you just live and let live. Most everybody be as negative as you ? War is war, there are setbacks and victories. Even Obama admitted that in fighting isis the usa forces would encounter setbacks as well. But what I am curious about is the country which you are using as a point of comparison, because even the biggest militaries of Russia and USA didn’t do better.

      • Are James says:

        This points taken from your post provide proof that the government has not handled the insurgency well. Please remember N7 trillion has been spent.

        ”…..Do you know what it takes for a well trained and experienced conventional military to be turned into an asymmetrical army over night?
        why hasn’t boko haram been able to capture just one state at least esp Maiduguri?…”

        If this, boko haram having not captured MdGR IS the basis of the pass mark you give to the Nigerian military then you are just making people like me very angry. Did you forget to add that all resources expended on MDGR by BH were NA weapons and ammunition.

        ..”The only error the government made was to under estimate the potential of the group to be transformed to an estimated 50, 000man terriost organisation and I really don’t blame the government for that been that the international human right issues was on our neck so they peddled softly..”

        This is the kind of argument you make to junior secondary school students. The government made an error in underestimating Boko Haram but it was due to human rights organizations that they underestimated them, this is the IQ level that will take Nigeria to the moon. Keep it up.

        ”..The Nigerian army is in total control of this war and we are currently winning massively. Chad is only just stealing the glory but they know too well what the Nigerian army is good at CONVENTIONAL WAR…”

        Okay. So Chad is stealing the glory out of a war that Nigeria is completely in control of. We have even just signed an operational agreement with them after they violated our borders a number of times. Okay Thank you sir. This argument as well we are going to Planet Mars with it

      • Are James says:


      • igbi says:

        I think you responded on the wrong place. And I also think you of all people shouldn’t be insulting others. Beegeagle it is getting tiring that everybody who is not extremely negative about Nigeria to the point of spreading anti-Nigeria propaganda gets attacked on your blog.

      • igbi says:


      • igbi says:

        @arejames, it is funny that you who have kept telling lies after lies and who have even been caught redhanded many times, you are now telling even more lies and accusing those who are giving verrifyable data to be liars. For your information, chad never violated Nigeria’s boundaries, but again you want to tell that lie. Have a nice day. I have had enough of this croud.

  31. Oje says:

    People like Williams and igbi are the reason Nigeria is facing all this embarrassment. If singing praises and blind patriotism could win this war we would have won it long ago. Are you telling me the Nigerian government have handled it well from day one? The complaint of our soldiers, the billions of dollars earmarked for capital expenditure but never seeing fruition. When ISIS took over several bases from the Iraqi army within 6 days units of Su-27 and Mi- helicopters were delivered, SIX DAYS my friend, it’s been 6 years were are the Embraer turbo prop aircraft? Where are the 4th Gen fighter jet? Africa’s richest economy and largest military does not fly one 4th gen fighter. Why is it Well fare for soldiers are at the bottom of the foot chain? What will propel soldiers to fire at the Commanding officers? Don’t kid yourself. Compare the transformation of our Navy to our airforce, which should have top priority? Everything wrong about this country is displayed in our war effort. Rather than hold those in charge accountable we are here doing cheer leading. When we do not hold the corrupt cronies accountable but instead make excuses for them for there treacherous act by blaming foreign powers how do you expect things to change rapidly? Do not sit from your comfort zone in Los Angeles or Paris and start insulting those with a critical view here. This polarisation should stop. If you think President Jonathan is incompetent say it loud and clear. This is Nigeria not North Korea.

    • Are James says:

      My major problem with them is that there are no real technical and operationally rigorous proofs they offer to support their assertions that the war is being well run.

      All they do is knee jerk response to foreign negative propaganda which is actually being waged against us but could have been eliminated by more positive actions on our part to roll up this thing.

      War is war, a very physical activity with visible results. If you succeed or fail it is visible. If you succeed and they tell lies against you, you take journalists and networks on a tour of the AOR and all voices against you are silenced shamefully.
      Can anyone tell me the justification for having a few thousand foreign soldiers do cross border operations in a country with a military/Para military in excess of 300000 men?. If they are part of a multi national force let them operate on their side of the border. If you give them permission (or they forcefully take the permission) to operate on your territory then don’t complain when they take the glory from it. The irritating attitude is to eat your cake in terms of cowardly acquiescence and wanting to have it again in terms of national respect and glory.

      What of N7 trillion spent and only a few F7s and Alpha jets are still flying around. We are now hot shorting tanks and armoured cars via Antonov flights from western Europe.

  32. STARTREK says:

    Gents much as I personally enjoy your teens indulgence. Even as the house marshal has pleaded, advised and threatened.. yet to no avail …pls. the BeegOne the continuous distraction is causing rumbles at this end.

  33. Dario says:

    Well Beegeagle, there you have it. Your blog which used to be the last refuge for anyone with an ounce of common sense and national pride has become Linda Ikeji.
    The most important thing for you now is to keep a “conversation” going regardless of how deceitful and one-sided this “conversation” is.
    You know very well that the poster above me is NOT a Nigerian and that his mission here is to spread fear, panic and seeds of regime change. He is linking a propaganda video protraying the President in a posture of weakness and despair right here on your blog and if anyone calls him out, you say “Quiet you two, we’re trying to have a conversation”.

    You are an intelligent man so I don’t for one second buy into this fake equanimity. I do not know what your agenda actually is but my time here is done. Since you have decided to donate your blog to become yet another mouthpiece for those who spend morning to evening screaming “NIGERIA IS F*CKED!!” then please ban my ip address from this site and remove my commenting status.

    History will judge you just the same way as it will judge Linda Ikeji and Seun Osewa. At least they’re in it for the money. I honestly cannot understand what your agenda is.

    Why you deliberately and knowingly continue to shield and harbour these elements here, only you can answer.

    • igbi says:

      I totally agree with the points Dario is making.

    • rugged7 says:

      I am struggling to identify your angst against Beegs.
      I urge some measure of caution from you.
      Anybody who would fault Beegeagle’s integrity in setting up this blog needs to have his head examined.
      We don’t all seek financial gain for being patriotic.
      Money is not the be all or end all.
      A lot of people on this blog obviously have strong emotional ties to Nigeria and want to see her succeed.
      We can’t all be singing “Kumbaya”; that all is fine with our beloved armed forces when their are clear limitations.
      One man’s mistake is another man’s lesson.
      There is nothing said here that the NSA-sambo Dasuki has not said, in a far blunter manner.
      Blind patriotism without criticism and retrospection is a weakness in itself.
      I urge everybody to keep their eyes on the ball.
      This is the end game.
      The single most important thing is the comprehensive defeat of Boko haram by the Nigerian armed forces.
      God bless Beegeagle’s Blog
      God Bless the Nigerian soldiers who bleed and die everyday for the green and white.
      Let their sacrifice not be in vain.
      Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • igbi says:

        I seriously beg to disagree with this statement : “There is nothing said here that the NSA-sambo Dasuki has not said, in a far blunter manner.”. Again respectfully.

      • jimmy says:

        You have said it all. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Omonon says:

        Well said oga rugged7. There is need to control our emotion, the out side world is reading what we are posting. Oga Dario, mak u no comot oooo, we need you no bi small.
        I thank oga beeg for accepting my poor self on this great Blog.


    • sizzorkay says:

      Arguments are bound to happen, we need to respect other people’s right to express themselves, if people start getting censored for voicing an opinion, then what are our soldiers fighting for? Freedom. Let’s respect that.

  34. Time to sheath the swords lads. One thing is clear and its that we all love this country and want d best for her. The path to take is the issue and thats inevitable. We would never agree on the finer points. So lets stay on Point with the BH battle. Our differing opinions should nt derail d essence of this thread

  35. igbi says:

    I keep being attacked for defending Nigeria against propaganda and at the same time I am also blamed for being attacked, I quarrel too much. Right !

    • Oje says:

      lol what makes you think you are defending Nigeria? by sitting in bed typing away from your Iphone from your room in Paris? Try to be analytical sometimes or ballance your views rather than your black and white mentality. The world is not that simple.

  36. No wars will be won here folks

  37. Kay says:

    Like the video but too much talking. What would it take to make something like this bookmarked video of Nigerian SF training

  38. Are James says:

    Don’t you guys see a danger with the attitude of cheering your team even when goals are being scored against them?.

    • igbi says:

      Nobody is stopping you from joinging the game by going into maiduguri and joigning the cjtf.

      • Are James says:

        The mistake you are making is to think fellow Nigerians don’t understand what you are trying to put out. I know what you and @Dario, @Wiliams and @mcshegz sometimes are trying to do. The right thing – rally for your troops, rally for your country, support the effort.
        You are all however doing it the wrong way sometimes.

    • G8T Nigeria says:

      @Are James, I think there are no perfect teams in the world (Except in heaven or Jinnah). We can make our team perfect by solidifying their strength before attempting to correct their weaknesses. If you start the latter too early, there will be no team in the long run. Your views.

      • Are James says:

        While we are on soccer as a metaphor, what is happening can be compared to this kind of situation:
        Our team coach and entire technical staff have been taking money from opponents to apply the wrong strategy or wrong team selection. just to throw the match. Praising the coach would be very wrong.

      • I fail to see how u can strengthen ur team without addressing its weaknesses. Wouldnt that amount to putting the cart b4 d horse

    • Kola Adekola says:

      I wonder how we can help our country in any way by repeating “we are useless,” “government is useless,” “our army is useless,” “Nigerians are corrupt,” “we can’t think” etc.

      You are forgetting that those we are condemning are playing that part as Nigerians, some giving their blood and their lives. It is easy to talk, but talking is rarely a sign of inner strength, backbone or the steel will to drive forward to success through thick and thin.
      Should become condemners, betrayers and cowards when strength for victory is needed?

      Citizenship is an extreme form of team membership, more like being part of a family. You don’t demean your team within ear range of outsiders; with family, it is taboo.
      We can only continue to demean Nigeria if our identity is questionable and we do not realise where we sit in the scheme of things.

      We are not foreigners, we have no choice, but to build Nigeria up. Let each person that has seen a lapse volunteer their time and effort to close it by BUILDING, not condemning.
      Every one of us has a talent, use it to the glory of Nigeria and the Glory of God.

      • I dont remember anyone here saying the Govt is useless or the Army is worthless. No one here has caRried out a total condemnation of the system. Some of us hve simply said the establishments are broken and pointed out the weaknesses that we all know exist. We would not build a nation by glossing over these issues and cheering away while the foundation shakes. To make something broken work, u must identify the issues and tackle them and that would require some taking apart and trimming and it is gonna be painful. Acting like all is well and smooth running will just leave u with a blown engine in d middle of 3MB @ 3am. Is there anyone here that honestly believes in his heart that many of the problems that have bedeviled the Army in this insurgency do not stem from some level of inadequate planning, corruption and a grevious underestimation of the capacity of BH. *runs to put on several layers of Kevlar Full body armour while sitting in an abrahms Tank*

      • igbi says:

        I tried verry hard to explain this to folks in here, but it seems almost impossible. Logics is failing many people here. It seems some people are more interested in their own ego than in Nigeria. They refuse that you could be right and that they could be wrong. So when you speak logics into their ears they get enraged. Rather than pushing the debate forward, we have people on whose heads logics just fly away and to them it is all about defending their “superiority”, their “reputation” both of which they actually have none. They are not on a path of learning and improvement, but rather on a path of being wrong and proud of it. All this could be changed if beegeagle chose to be more active and hit the hammer when it should be done. But instead here you get attacked for building a sound reasonning. Some other bloggers are also just too attached to certain beliefs that they are not actually debating they are trying to get you into joigning their dogma. When you speak logics to those ones they will tell you with no arguments that you are a lost case. There is also the possibility that some bloggers (I don’t know how many, but I have noticed at least two) are actually not Nigerians and are only interested in pushing the voice of their country. I am waiting for someone to make a defsec blog in which these issues are addressed.

      • igbi says:

        My comment was addressed to Kola Adekola, and I would just want to add that the behaviour of the bloggers I was talking about is verry dangerous in times of war in which all Nigerians are supposed to be together as one and speaking with only one voice behind the military. Instead of that some people have invented their own fashion of patriotism in which they are committing acts of sabotage agaisnt the war effort. ANd to thzm that is patriotism. Sir I have already wasted too much time in here. Take care.

  39. naijaseal says:


    Pls calm down. Oga beegs has been balanced , he calls our our military when the fail and praise them when they do good. Lets toe the same line in a civilised manner

  40. naijaseal says:

    *calls out*

  41. Delvin says:

    This blog has always been an educative blog for me regarding the military. Attempts by certain individuals to turn it into a political blog smacks of childishness…
    I want to believe that being objective is different from being patriotic, however being pessimistic and trying to run down the military or anybody harboring good intentions for the country and its armed forces is plainly what it is, bad blood. The likes of Oje, Asorockweb, Igbi should sheath their swords and engage in constructive arguments. And @igbi, I admire your tenacity for the patriotic fire in you. Thank you for being a part of the much needed hope

    • igbi says:

      Thank you sir.

    • Oje says:

      Why encourage his behavior? Are you saying the rest of us bloggers are not patriotic because we say things based on the facts on grounds rather than letting nationalistic sentiments cloud our sense of judgement. Your continious critisms of those speaking out against a failed system and a flawed strategy has polarised this blog into Realist vs Cheer leaders. It is no secrete that Nigerians in diaspora are by far the most ”patriotic” in their views. Cant blame em, they get bored easily and long for HOME.

  42. Ufuo says:

    Dear Beegeagle,
    I have been a most ardent follower of your blog for over a year now. I come in here everyday hoping to read tactical maneuver and successes recorded by our gallant troops. Lately, this has become not only irritating but annoying as some posters have become non repentant in their bashing of the Nigerian Armed forces all in the name of giving balanced reporting. I believe you also critic the FG’s handling of the whole CTCOIN operation in the NE. But when you do that it is from the eye of one that is pained and not one that hopes to denigrate The country just like the enemies of our motherland woukd do. Personally the comments of Oje is unbecoming of one whose allegiance is to the green white green neither is arejames new posture. Same with Akintayo. While Igbi’s propensity to readily defend Nigeria is commendable, he should know when to draw the line lest he starts acting as a troll on this laudable platform. I do not want this enviable project to become another gossip outfit like lindaikeji. Please help in keeping it as the unofficial advisory board for the Nigerian Army. That said I do wish u moderate comments poster here, and please make it clear, this a pro Nigerian blog and anything that undermines the nation shoukd expunged. Repeat offenders should be banned for a calculated period. Please let’s get back to being an informative blog and a pro Nigerian movement…. We already have more than enough haters out there. Thanks

  43. buchi says:

    will some people just learn to flow together..your giving me personally a nerve straining headache with your continuous back and forth Flask….everybody’s opinions counts if it flows within the context for which this blog was made
    abeg oga igbi
    oga oje
    make una relax..i go order one bottle of orijin for una(per person)
    gentlemen we have a war to win and constructive criticism to give

    • igbi says:

      I would like to attract your attention to the fact that I am not the one adressing that folk on this page and that he is the one who keeps attacking me. I can’t be any more peaceful than I am already. So please in trying to be neutral don’t accuse me of what I am not doing. Call the folk to order and let me remain in my current peaceful state. I do not believe the folk is a Nigerian nor that he has Nigeria’s interests in mind but for some reasons unknown to me beegeagle keeps him on his blog. I was told to stop vetting people’s comments, and I did exactly that, but then some folks were no longer satisfied with that, aparently I must be hurting the propaganda spreading plans of some people. But I remain peaceful. Take care.

  44. asorockweb says:

    We have 3 new security working documents.

    “The documents were tagged National Security Strategy; Counter Terrorism Strategy; and Cyber Security Plan and Strategy.

    At the launch held at the Presidential Villa, Jonathan advised all security agencies to adopt the principles enshrined in the documents”

  45. Deway says:

    Interesting video posts today. Good job guys.

  46. Omonon says:

    Theresa Okafor, a pro-life, pro-family activist has something to share us here!!!


  47. igbi says:

    The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Air Chief Marshal Alex Badeh, has disclosed that a total of 7500 soldiers from Nigeria and Chad, are currently undertaking a joint mission to rout Boko Haram out of some specific areas in the North East.
    According to Badeh, while The Nigerian Army deployed 5000 troops for what appears to be the final onslaught against the insurgents, the Chadian government sent 2500 soldiers, under a subsisting Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).
    The 5000 Nigerian soldiers, Badeh clarified, are to participate in a joint mission with Chadian troops, while Maiduguri and other areas, remain under the strict control of the Nigerian military.
    The CDS spoke in Abuja Friday, at a high-level meeting with his Chadian counterpart, Major General Ibrahim Mahamat, where both militaries made additional inputs to the existing MoU, which was signed on January 18.
    He said: “l will like to state here that we have had several meetings under the auspices of the Lake Chad Basin Commission towards eradicating the Boko Haram menace.
    “And the result of the bilateral agreement we had, we are already seeing the results. We also agreed on some things that we are going to do, which we shall also address in this meeting.
    “I know that Chad is bringing a force of about 2500 soldiers, Nigeria is taking all our forces, but specifically to work with Chadian Forces, we have 5000, and that is what we have there.
    “The contribution from Cameroon, I am not very sure of that for now…The MoU we have with Niger, they are on their own side, so that the Boko Haram or the enemies won’t have the opportunity to run into Niger, to cause havoc for them.”
    On his part, Mahamat said: “Our visit here is to discuss with our Nigerian colleagues; to discuss the issue of Boko Haram and how we will coordinate and probably eradicate it”

  48. igbi says:

    To all patriots keep the flag flying. wherever you are. Take care.

  49. drag_on says:

    I have posted screenshots of the strike on nairaland

  50. asorockweb says:

    The 1st official statement on how Nigeria is cooperating with Chad against BH.

    Apparently an agreement was reached on Jan 18 to undertake specific, preplanned, coordinated actions against BH.

    It was always obvious to me that what is currently going on are preplanned actions, but I hope this clarification will easy the minds of many.

  51. Naijaseal says:

    I’ve made a rather hurried editing of the original video. I removed all talking and the audio since it overlay the action anyway. What is left is about 5mins
    This is the (link to the edited) video

  52. mnl01 says:

    Like someone said when this report first came out :- DO WE EVER LEARN!!!

    Nigeria Set To Lose $466m In Military Arms Procurement Deal

    Whistleblowers in the defence industry are raising the alarm over a massive fraud of $466.5 million about to be executed at the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) with some arms dealers, using the United States’ refusal to grant export permit for military hardware to Nigeria as pretext.

    A letter to the government aroused the suspicion. An arms procurement company wrote that in view of the refusal of the US to give export licence to Nigeria, it had reached an agreement with NAF to substitute the initial order for Cobra AH-IV with alternate attack platform which it claimed, has greater fire power.

    The letter detailed the alternate equipment to include six upgraded armed Puma Helicopters with the equivalent attack capabilities of the Cobra; four SU-25KM upgraded ground support/ attack aircraft;2 EU 25 UB for the purpose of qualifying and training NAF pilots for specific mission.

    To power the pitch further, it offer additional incentive by proposing to build a suitable purpose built storage and hanger for the Puma and SU25 helicopters to accommodate the ground support requirements.

    Same day, the company initiated a second correspondence with the NAF from its representative office at 1c Barnes High Street, London SW 13 9LB, United Kingdom titled “ Additional Critical Armament Requirement for NAF”. The company put the cummulative charges for the various equipment, including shipping at $466.5million.

    Whistleblowers were shocked that in a government parastatal known for slow moving mails and deliberations, the NAF recommended the pitch by the military hardware supply company to the higher echelon of government within 16 days of submitting the proposal.

    In its recommendation, NAF wrote: “The NAF hereby confirms the letters from the firm (name withheld) regarding platform amendment and additional armament requirement for the NAF. This arrangement became necessary because the United States of America failed to endorse the sale of Cobra AH-IV attack helicopter to Nigeria.

    Accordingly, NAF has agreed that the said firm (name withheld) replace the Cobra helicopter with six upgraded armed Puma helicopters, four upgraded SU-25KM and two upgraded SU-25UB attack aircraft”.

    The NAF stated that the technical specifications and scopes of work for the aircraft types, required upgrade, training and support package as well as the additional armament requirements have been signed by both parties.

    Stridently painting the urgent need for the supply, the NAF urged the approving authority to consent to the request immediately to address current national security challenges as the equipment were needed in the short term.

    Curiously, the NAF letter admitted that the equipment being procured was not the appropriate hardware to meet the needs. It noted that the acquisition of new Mangusta 129-Attack Helicopters were actually needed to enhance the Force’s operational capabilities.

    The contents of the correspondence soon became known to insiders in the Defence industry and led to serious petitions against the transaction on the grounds that it would amount to massive fraud if executed and that the NAF was guilty of negligence as it did not carry out the mandatory due diligence before endorsing the deal.

    According to a petition by a military hardware supplier, “ the total cost of $345.05million, including freight in the attached invoice…does not differentiate between the Puma and SU-25. The unit cost for the SU-25 is mentioned as $11million for a new jet on the internet. While the offered SU-25 are not new, the Puma helicopters are heavily overloaded in price of at least $45 million each”.

    Wondering why the NAF would prefer overloaded cost, the company said it quoted $25 million for the helicopter adding that the $39.45 million offered by the preferred firm for armament to NAF, far exceeded its quotation of $13million.

    Its conclusion: “This proposed deal being supported by the approving authority is heavily overloaded and considering the probable age of the equipment, is not a fair deal for Nigeria at all”. It added that the proposed training for the pilots and the building of a new hanger are out of place since the pilots are adequately trained and there exisits a subsisting hanger.

    Defence industry sources believe that the transaction is a smokescreen for massive fraud as the proposed equipment are no longer being produced and those being refurbished for supply under this transaction cannot deliver on their functions.

    Efforts to obtain the reaction of the NAF at the time of going to press were not fruitful as the official lines of the media department were switched off.


    • igbi says:

      this report has already been posted on this blog. What I noticed was the lack of names. I can also invent such a story. Just remember the ethics of the journalism profession (most of them have non). Too many stories and rumours keep flying around, and ofcourse no proof provided.

      • Oje says:

        And you have proof that the over $8 billion security budget of 2014 was well and judiciously spent? thats not even counting the extra $1 billion President Jonathan demanded for immediate Capital expenditure. Show js proof or even citations.

      • Are James says:

        If you knew a little more about govts you would realise that inter departmental turf wars and personality clashes, individual ambitions and clashes arising from all that is a very RICH source of stories. Here some people were angry at something and exposed it by informing the main opposition newspaper. If it had been carried by a one day website maybe one would have reached a different conclusion. The writer of the article has left his name for those who want to pursue it further.
        A similar scam involving Israeli UAVs was exposed by some of the criminal entities involved themselves. Long and short, some people are chopping while our sons are dying due to lack of adequate air cover and it is somehow better for these guys to buy these stuff than G2G clean deals for Russian choppers and Chino-Pak JF17 aircraft.

      • Its mind boggling that a country like ours seems to like black market deals. “It cannot fit to pay us”. Tis more expensive sef.

    • Oje says:

      I wish you didnt say that, welcome to the camp of ”Unpatriotic Nigerians”. Rule number one, never say the truth if it hurts Nigeria’s pride.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      What you mean by “DO WE EVER LEARN!!!?”

      Is it that you are sad that the deal was scuttled?
      The deal has been busted, according to your posts, there were several petitions against it.
      It seems really strange to be dwelling on a quarrel when we have clearly done something right. If we have done something right,

      What we should be doing is making sure the criminals are brought to book. That is if the story is true.
      I don’t believe collective flagellation of Nigeria and its people for no reason.

  53. Oje says:

    @ Igbi, you are becoming a source of embarrassment to Nigerians here. Did you take time to take an indebt look at what he wrote and analyse it before throwing your smoke grenade again?

  54. Oje says:

    @ mnl01, issues like this are also prevalent in other countries. Some years back the Defense Department did an audit on the Pentagon and discovered $billions of dollars were unaccounted for. The Pentagon defended itself by saying funds used for highly classified black projects are not logged. That said if you look at how fat and shiny our Chief of air staff Amosu is you will realize many at the top echelon of our military industrial complex are making a killing that runs into the millions. To cover their tracks they consistently refuse to deploy more troops as shortage of arms will be too glaring for even corrupt officials to handle. Nigeria is the only country in the world that fights for its very survival with less than %30 of its active duty force. Words like ”Boko Haram out gun and out number Nigerian soldiers” should not exist .

    • Are James says:

      The Pentagon under the neo cons stole trillions of dollars of war funds through monopoly supplies, single sources contract awards, New defective weapon developments, Haliburton, et.c, et.c. Even black projects are audited but the scale of looting during the Iraq wars and Afghanistan was unprecedented. Nigeria cannot and must not replicate this type of event here and it is only Nigerians who can prevent it.

  55. Oje says:

    You are right Oga James. I shook my head in amazement when i saw the U.S sent to Iraq $1 billion in cash tied banded with ropes, what were they thinking?

  56. Augustine says:

    If you want to settle a quarrel, don’t take sides, otherwise you become a judge and not a mediator. Those ogas who post in support of one of igbi or oje, you are adding more petrol to the fire. Mediate, not judge. You don’t know who these two people really are on internet, abi you live inside dem house?

    Oga Oje, Nigeria is NOT going to invade Chad or Cameroon in an unprovoked invasion that violates UN charter, if you don’t like them, fence off or landmine your borders and officially declare it closed as such. You attack Cameroon, Chad will support Cameroon, and France will support Chad, you fight France, you drag in NATO defence pact European power nations.

    Oga Igbi, you are not the only patriotic Nigerian on the planet, don’t force other people to swallow your personal opinion, same way you don’t want to swallow their own opinions too. When people don’t agree with you after many explanations, please ignore them and post your own stuff… world.

    Ogas Igbi and Oje, your chatter-box of wasted and unnecessary words clogs up bandwidth webspace of this blog and eats up megabytes of those who browse with mobile phones. None of you owns the blog and none pays for our precious browsing megabytes. Stop ‘spamming’ this blog.

    My cellphone web loader crashes when you overload threads with your tales of the unrestrained.
    Grow up guys, and spend your energy attacking Nigeria’s attackers….Boko Haram and western media, plus envious fellow Africans who have no shame or gratitude for what Nigeria has done for Africa since 1960, please turn all your artillery in that direction.

    • igbi says:

      look just read the page, I am in no way trying to force anything through anybody. Rather some folks are harrassing me. Adress the folks and live me alone.

      • Augustine says:

        Sorry bros Igbi, I cannot address Oje and leave you alone….it takes two to tango….I will not take sides with anybody.

      • igbi says:

        Then kindly tell me what I did. I also don’t understand what you mean by “taking sides”. I did everything to avoid mentionning the said person and also to avoid responding to him while he or her goes on insulting me. I am not quarelling, rather he or her is quarelling alone, therefor I do not understand your staement. You say that it takes two to tangle, but in case you didn’t notice, I refused to tangle. Try and apply logics and stop talling me to make peace while I am already at peace with everybody. The verry fact that I need to explain this to you exposes your process of reasonning. You don’t tell someone being harrassed that he should stop looking for trouble, rather you address the person who is harrassing the other one.

      • igbi says:

        but all being said, I hold no grudge against you. By professional habbits I always seek impeccable reasoning. Take care.

  57. Augustine says:

    Oga Naijaseal, and anyone else who has created videos, web pages, etc for PR in support of our country at war Nigeria, I salute you all and say God bless you all, amen !

  58. igbi says:

    the croud we have here is quite a funny one, how do you blame a person for being harressed by someone else ? This is the only place such things happen.

  59. Manny Aydel says:

    @Oga Augustine. Seconded. Can we have more videos of on-going ops please (where possible) and absolutely less of these inexplicable quarrels?

  60. sizzorkay says:

    Imagine this rubbish? Chad and Cameroon are now called a more capable power. Insane.

    • igbi says:

      Each day america produces an other propaganda against our army, slowly the americans are killing the truth. In this context I don’t see why their politicians are still welcome in Nigeria. They can’t be destroying our image and at the same time be pretending to be our friends.

    • beegeagle says:

      POST THIS ON THE SITE to hush them up.

      BEEGEAGLES BLOG @ beegeaglesblog
      Concise, all-action video of the Nigerian military’s COIN operations, including drone strikes by Nigeria’s CH-3A armed drones…an African FIRST

    • Are James says:

      This is another bad one. They do what they do very creatively. A twist in a sentence, a carefully placed word all intended to do maximum damage by reinforcing an original suggestion of military weakness on the part of Nigeria. Only a significantly positive military action by Nigeria will correct the image and shut the naysayers up otherwise we might as well devote a million threads and a billion posts to how unfair everything is but it won’t solve the problem.

      • beegeagle says:

        The consistent effort by AFP is to ensure that they skew the narrative and play up the efforts of France and her African allies. That is why I say again that foreign forces must not go beyond a mile of our frontier. DHQ should do that or risk making the participation of Nigeria in this war a footnote to the story.

        We must consistently and laboriously UPDATE mass circulation media chiefly XINHUA, easily the most balanced operator in the field. That way, we have an eternal online archive with which to dispel spin by France and her minions.

        NOTE that even after it was stated the China, Israel and the West would help, the FG have kept the Chinese in the background. NOTE that if we get Chinese technicals to sit at HQ in MDGR, XINHUA would similarly become committed and work extra hard to neutralise French and AFP propaganda.

        We still do not know how to play off conflicting interests to our advantage. We wont call the Chinese because we continue to clamour for the validation of the West. The mere presence of Chinese advisers here would instantly jolt these lying Western journalistic platforms for three reasons

        – XINHUA can match their spin, even with satellite footage

        – the narrative would no longer go unchallenged and the fear of reputational damage would quieten down some of these know-nothing journalists from the West

        – the fear of losing more influence to the Chinese will force many to write without hideous agendas

      • rugged7 says:

        Instead of all these spats on beegeagles blogs…
        I really would encourage EVERY patriotic beegeagles blogger to engage these borderline racist, sanctimonious, putrid propaganda emanating from western news media against Nigeria.
        Nigeria is besieged by these hypocrites trying to re-engineer a narrative.

        Engage them every where and anywhere they try to run nigeria down.
        Engage them with facts and logical counter-arguments that will expose their hypocrisy.

    • emereuwa says:

      What else would you expect if even Buhari himself (who ought to know better) says it is a disgrace for our neighbours to join in the fight against BH. He even says they are now fighting the insurgency more than Nigeria.

      Jesus!! what are we putting ourselves into?

      • ozed says:

        At the risk of being accused of lapsing into politics. These are some of the things that tend to sound hypocritical about the opposition’s approach to campaigning.
        If we on this blog have bothered to expose the inconsistencies in some of the battle accounts from our Neighbors, how can an experienced military man like Buhari be saying the Chadians are fighting better than the Nigerian Army. How many towns have the chadians reclaimed and how many has the Nigerian Army reclaimed in its new offensive.

        Even if we are all slightly irritated by the need to rely on the neighbors at all, should a prospective head of state and C in C be speaking in this tone of voice?

        He should understand that he may very well win the elections and all of these challenges will fall on his laps. At that time, he may well be surprised that the issues are just a little more challenging than he expected.

  61. beegeagle says:


    In the short term Military procurement must become transparent except for “black” projects, black projects should be things we do not want our allies and neighbors (and UN and others) to know about. and the Military must switch to the biometric measurement and direct deposit of salaries into Soldiers bank accounts. Our Army must grow ,200 million people with a large strategic EEZ, desert forest marine and marsh regions with large urban centers should have a significantly larger armed forces and a world class air force including jet technology.


    The current situation is the best possible that could have happened, there may be longer term strategic questions but for now the co operation of Niger, Chad and Cameroon ensures the end of the conventional phase and denial of the border regions as supply points for BH. Without safe harbor BH will be harried and ultimately destroyed as a conventional fighting force.

    I do not think we have enough troops to pacify NE Nigeria deployed, Peccavi recently published the pt 3 of his harmattan offensive and the best case cites BH hunkering into Sambisa and Balmo forest when forced out of major cities, this would be a return to the pre Damboa attack of 2014. We may actually need MNJTF unfortunately, our army is pretty small for our population size and we may need significant air power (drones and FLIR choppers) including aerial assault forces (battalion size) with CAS and arty support to do search and destroy missions in that region, and even then we will suffer casualties. And then we need to have established human intelligence that will compromise the urban warfare phase, To harry BH and patrol/defend supply routes leading to FOB’s, we need more men and women in the theater .

    Nigerian warfare doctrine , like Soviet doctrine during afghanistan and US doctrine in Iraq, has not adapted to its enemy, until the surge which was like 100K troops large parts of Iraq was never pacified, 7500 troops in that land mass for a diffuse enemy will be difficult, especially in a situation that population centers will still need defending, insurgencies do not typically end quickly. But this case may be different! If it is this will become the model for COIN operations globally.

    • igbi says:

      7500 is the number of MNJTF personnel, not the total number of troops who would be in the operation. So I think there is a mistake there. And it is verry clear on this report.

      “I know that Chad is bringing a force of about 2,500 soldiers. Nigeria is taking all our forces, but specifically to work with Chadian Forces. We have 5000, and that is what we have there. The contribution from Cameroun, I am not very sure of that for now. The MOU we have with Niger affects their side, so that the Boko Haram or the enemies won’t have the opportunity to run into Niger to cause havoc,” he explained.

    • igbi says:

      I corrected a mistake from the journalist: “I know that Chad is bringing a force of about 2,500 soldiers. Nigeria is taking all our forces, but specifically to work with Chadian Forces, we have 5000, and that is what we have there. The contribution from Cameroun, I am not very sure of that for now. The MOU we have with Niger affects their side, so that the Boko Haram or the enemies won’t have the opportunity to run into Niger to cause havoc,” he explained.

    • ScouseNaija says:

      A relatively small army equals what we have always clamored for, a continuous massive intake and deployment exercise of as many force multiplier weapons and vehicles as DHQ can get their hands on. NA, NAF and NN-SBS, may God touch our leaders and lead them to provide all your needs even as He blesses us all and Mother Nigeria

  62. Stormslim says:

    oga beeg i don post the video for the yahoo page ooo

    • beegeagle says:

      Thanks. Expecting to get some feedback from you. The drone strike video is circulating well on Twitter.

      Gentlemen, if you are not already connected to us on Twitter, we are @beegeaglesblog. Get hooked up. You do not want to miss out.

      Moreover, with many more retweets, you can challenge the narrative and reach out to hundreds of thousands of Nigerians across personal networks. You have a role to play. So join us on Twitter.

  63. Tobey says:

    Oga Beegs
    I’m not trying to be the insensitive “5th Columnist” here but, I’ve gone through the footage of the supposed drone strike, but I still didn’t see any rocket launch. My theory is; the vehicle was taken out by the T-72 tank at long range while the whole incident was captured by NAF ISR aircraft..My theory is based upon the following indices:
    1. No rocket launch from “Drone”.
    2. Coloured real-time drone footage is extremely rare.
    3. No real evidence of drone strikes by the CH-3 has been noted yet.

    • rugged7 says:

      @ Tobey, i also thought about this when i 1st saw the video.
      I see ur point as well.
      But the counter-argument to that is u cannot see any projectile originating from the T-72 tanks as well.
      For sure we have seen crashed weaponized CH3 with PGMs recently.
      I had a look at other drone strikes online, and not all of them had footages of rocket launches or “rockets-in-flight”.

      • jimmy says:

        Unless I am mistaken the projectile hits the vbied from it head I.e from above we do not see any flash or any projectile smoke in the horizontal plane.What we see is a strike culminating in an implosion which will only result from an incoming missile it is also important to know the drone operator waited till it had cleared the vegetation, a tank gunner would not of needed to wait, the camera is attached to the drone and is placed in a way to record the strike not to record the missile these are the keys. Lastly the drone that crashed in Borno was armed with two missiles this is very important to note and the fact despite the denials from Dhq they are being used right now. Oga tobey do not worry about being a kill joy as long as we stick to the facts no biggie. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • stormslim says:

      Rewatch the video again and look at the left and side of the screen u would see smoke immediately the drone attack was lunch.

    • Tobey says:

      See a tank projectile from over 150ft? Not possible..But a coloured drone footage? Really? I still don’t believe that was a drone hit. Sorry launch fumes, no rocket was a tank kill. Also, why waste a drone PGM when T-72s can easily take them out? That wasn’t a drone kill..still itching to see our CH-3s in action though.

      • jimmy says:

        oga tobey
        A tank PROJECTILE moves in a horizontal plane and as it exits the Cannon it’s projectile will leave a dispersal trail.

      • rugged7 says:

        @Tobey, i think stormslim might be right.
        Look at the smoke trail @ 11 o’ clock and 12 o’ clock.
        Just as the VBIED clears the house and electric pole and before it drives underneath the trees.
        I can definitely make out smoke trail from the drone, almost obscuring the top corner of the screen.
        Watch the video with NAF roundel below…

      • rugged7 says:

        That smoke trail looks like a signature missile launch

      • Are James says:

        Yes. Back smoke at top of screen seconds before the vehicle was hit by missile.
        Was this a drone?. I think so, the camera is that close to where the CH3 would carry its
        AR 1 missile. If it had been a larger platform maybe we probably won’t be seeing the smoke of launch.

    • asorockweb says:

      I understand your argument.

      I agree. I don’t see a missile.

      But you should also challenge your own assumptions.

      The 1st of which is that you assume that both vehicles further down the road are T-72s.

      How do you prove that those vehicles are T-72 tanks? (more precisely, how do you prove that those dark coloured rectangles are T-72 tanks?)

  64. tbite says:

    Gif that I created of the strike.

  65. Kay says:

    If you want to win media war, its not with NTA and the COAS you have. Until they change in their attitude towards pushing their own side of their story then we can all shout and groan about foreigners in far flung countries.

    Someone can alternatively create an email where soldiers can send pictures, videos and visuals from the frontline if the army refuses to do it. With that, produce clips privately and upload them on youtube. Everyday I observe new Chadian videos with their exploits, calvary and armour rolling on. Ours is to rely on month long videos and you think others won’t make out their own meaning in the absence of visuals or pictures? Please this is not the era where war drums are used to rely messages of victory or where we wait for a man to run a marathon to rely news of another victory. Steal shine or not, all I care is the people caught in between.

  66. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, please check the comments on this Guardian UK article. It seems the scales are falling off a few eyes:

    • Augustine says:


      My Ogas, like it or not, Nigeria shot itself in the foot. The world news, talk, films, media reports, stories, publications about Nigeria’s military ‘incapability’ and ‘weakness’ has always been there since the Chibok girls kidnap, BUT grew worse in the last 2 weeks when the National Security Adviser of Nigeria publicly declared Nigerian soldiers to be cowards in front of the whole world news media in London, so you want foreign press/media to call Nigerian soldiers brave men?

      Chad is now publicly declared as the new West African ‘super power’ according to international media reports, Chadian army and air force is now fighting in four countries all at the same time, their troops and aircraft are defending Chad, helping Nigeria, helping Cameroon, and helping Niger Republic to fight Boko Haram, one country’s military operating in all four nations at the same time !

      When I raised the public image issue last month, most people avoided commenting on it like a plague and one person was even denying the video evidence of that damaging speech. See, the damage has been done and it MAY NEVER be repaired except by miracle, I did foresee the devastating effect on Nigerian military and national image, that was why I raised the alarm. Now people are trying to fix it, but it’s 100 times harder to repair fix than to do the original damage.

      Nigerian leaders and officials should not grant press interviews to foreign media without proper training and drills by local professional PR and media experts.

      Why should a foreigner advertise your son as a genius if you his father has labelled the boy a dullard after series of exams and tests at home?

      I insist, the brave and combat successful Nigerian soldiers at Maiduguri, Konduga, Damboa, Damaturu, Balmo forest SF, etc are the true heroic representation of the majority of Nigerian army, not the Baga or Gwoza runners.

      The worst news now is the ONCE MIGHTY story in circulation and going ‘viral’ among hundreds of international news/communication media around the world.

      Someone proved it to me, he said Augustine, type ONCE MIGHTY NIGERIA on your web browser and see how many results come up….it was shocking, but here is the original source and it is written by some fellow AFRICANS, one Zimbabwean leading other Africans journalists to mock Nigeria deliberately :

      “”We saw the fighter jet when it started shelling and bombarding the insurgents,” said Abari Modu, who watched the attack from a nearby village in Chad, where he had sought refuge. He praised the prowess of the Chadian forces.

      Chad’s victory, and the need for foreign troops, is an embarrassment to Nigeria’s once-mighty military, brought low by corruption and politics.

      For years, Nigeria has looked down on its smaller, francophone neighbors, and Nigerian troops have clashed with soldiers from Chad and Cameroon in the past over border disputes.

      Even as Nigeria’s military is humiliated by the foreign aid, witnesses say it has been ill-equipped to defend civilians from a series of vicious attacks.

      The once-proud military is now riven by the same ethnic and religious divisions that some fear could tear apart the country.”

      This is why I say our foreign policy focus should change now, Nigeria not Africa, should now be the center of Nigeria’s foreign policy, not any other focus. Our fellow African brothers and nations we died for and laboured for, are now the same people hating and insulting us, dragging Nigeria deliberately in the mud in front of the whole world, see envy and hate in action, black on black humiliation ! Most Africans hate Nigeria because we are blessed. Nigeria, stop wasting your time, money, and human lives on helping those who hate and mock you while you call them brothers.

  67. beegeagle says:

    The people who deserve to be feared on this blog are the jingoistic fascists who seek to impose an artificial uniformity of thought an purpose on an online platform which is dominated by Nigerians. It is a country of 514 ethnolinguistic groups and it is only natural to have a babel of voices in here.

    While I detest the cynical stance of those who are implacably negative, the “yes men” who want to turn this place to an orchestra have already failed. If we are naive enough to toe that line, our offering shall become as bland as a Nigerian press briefing. You know how ineffectual those have been.

    We are not a hangout for praise singers and that is why all the world tune in to this blog. If the good and bad are not factually and responsibly delivered on these pages, foreigners will look elsewhere and invariably turn to patently anti-Nigerian news sources. Then, we will be finished. I do not expect the insecure fascists to realise that.

    It is our efforts to keep things balanced in here is what has led to look ins from all the world-class operators who quote this blog. Have you heard any of them quote Okupe or Maku? Ask yourself why.

    This is not a fascists’ conclave. For it to enjoy any measure of credibility, there cannot be a monotone in here. The reason why people in DEFSEC, Strategic Studies and the media from around the world keep tabs here is because it is discernible that this blog enjoys editorial autonomy, even with its overflow of hardliners and ultranationalists.

    This is a watering hole for DEFSEC buffs like none other in black Africa. We are read by top-level decision makers – from branch chiefs to service chiefs right through to the apex at ONSA. Their aides know how to reach me and they are not complaining. I don’t know you but you are not necessarily more of a more important VIP. So don’t you come talking tripe to me. You understand?

    As you can see, there are no ads on this blog yet I have spent over US$10,000 on research and site administration since inception, nearly all of that on connectivity for laptop, iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry devices just to be able to run this place from anywhere and at anytime. Nobody has ever offered me a mere Christmas hamper, mopped a drop of sweat from my brow, nominated me for a national award (which even rabblerousing activists have benefitted from). Certainly, nobody has given me ‘welfare’ for services rendered either. Yet Dario stands there to question what my agenda is? Wherefrom your misplaced feeling of entitlement? Did the FG set up this place for me or were you part of the absolute risk-taking which saw the emergence of this blog at a time when nobody dared to stray into these murky waters. If I cease to update this pages today, I have NOTHING to lose. It has only been a drain on my finances. All the ultranationalists who want to reap where you have not sown and who rant here for free, please prepare to set up your blogs. With or without updating these pages, all those who can serve our interests best will contact me backstage. I have no point to prove.

    It is okay to critique what Beegeagle, Seun Osewa and Linda Ikeji are doing but it would be better for you to give meaning to your most deeply-held convictions by setting up your own platform and driving it with your vision. Let us see who takes notice of what is sure to be a bland and uniformist blog which sees only roses and no blemishes. Only be the driver of the change which you seek.

    • igbi says:

      Beegeagle, all patriots are making sacrifices. The time I have spent here is an investment I desperately need elsewhere. It is not only you. I already explained in detail my criticism of your blog. I guess nobody is perfect, not even you, but there is no need to take it personal as well. If my comments are no longer accepted then just let me know. Take care.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga beegs, ma bi nu..
      No vex.
      Just leef am.
      In this sad world we leave in, u can’t make everybody happy.
      Jesus Christ, who was perfect, was nailed to the cross.
      There are 3 kinds of people in this world: the hammers, the nails and the wood.
      We see and appreciate the positive impact this blog has made to cutting edge Nigerian, nay- african defsec analysis.
      People like u represent the hammer that forges a progressive Black African narrative.
      May God bless your hand to remain strong and steady as the Nigerian Armed Forces overcomes all it’s enemies- Foreign and domestic.
      Edmund Burke said:
      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

    • igbi says:

      Although, Beggeagle there is no denying the very patriotic work you have done.

    • igbi says:

      Also, just to clarify things, it is not you who I am accusing of attacking ppeople who because they made a point. It is the same negative people who flooded the blog with sentiments and illogical war monging and who caused patriots to question why they are allowed to continue doing that on your blog. The only criticism is: why do you let them carry on here ?

    • Kola Adekola says:

      There are bound to be trials and differences in any human endeavour. We all come here with our varied outlooks and temperaments, because it is a special place, a patriotic island in the midst of madness which offers us opportunity to support our military and learn about its challenges.

      Oga Beegs, we have you to thank for that. Three gboza for you!

      My Oga’s, please, let us all be mindful of others. I am sure Dario regrets by now that he made an overzealous mistake and will wishing things could be unsaid. He will probably keep checking this thread secretly. Such is life.

  68. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle, a public blog will attract the good, the bad, the ugly. Even among 12 apostles we will find 1 Judas. You will face opposition from withing and without, but it is the price to pay for your vow of patriotism in support of Nigeria. You may not carry AK-47 rifle in the North East, but your work clearly fights like a nuclear missile and the effect is global, even the government of Nigeria cannot claim they are not aware of your great nationalistic contributions to Nigeria’s survival and future greatness. If men don’t reward you, God will do it. You are fighting for Nigeria with a unique weapon that even the government does not have….this Beegeagle’s blog.

  69. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg,

    Abeg no vex. The truth is that many people do not understand the efforts you are making. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but the main reason for setting up the blog must not be lost. We must stand firm and do what is right. You may not be appreciated now, but the work you are doing is seen by all and sundry.

    Dont be discouraged bro.

  70. Ola says:

    Hi all,
    In my humble opinion, I think we should ALL appreciate the efforts of Beegeagle for keeping this blog going without getting paid for me. It is a lot of sacrifice to hunt for CREDIBLE information, gather them and post them logically online. Running a blog of this scale is NOT EASY.
    Also, many of us are armchair generals who do not even know what combats feels like while some of us have either been in active service (in Nigeria or else where) or worked closely with the military or come from military backgrounds. We also have different levels of passions and different ideologies, due to this, there is bound to be clashes. My appeal would be that let us be POLITE and HUMBLE in the way we talk to one another, it’s good we think twice before we post or react to certain posts. Our rich diversity on this blog can be our strength or our weakness, depending on how we use it!
    In addition, let us remember the reason why Beegeagle started this blog. I will always doff my cap for him any time anywhere, he is a patriotic Nigerian with a strong passion for truth and honesty. And through him, we get to see what our military is doing in a way the main stream media would never show us either because of ignorance, bias or sheer stupidity. Let us work together as “brothers in arms” to keep this vision for patriotism and show casing the efforts of our men and women in arms. Let us agree to disagree so that the information and opinion streams can keep flowing!
    Lastly, let us remember that this blog is credible and we indirectly offer pieces of advice to home and foreign military contractors and active duty personnel with respect to our military. Petty fighting and “punching below the belt” threatens and this effort and belittles the credibility of this blog.

  71. camouflage1984 says:

    ChiefBisong Etahoben ‏@ChiefBisongEta1 · 3m3 minutes ago
    Chadian General Daoud Yaya who led the counter attack against Boko Haram in Niger and was wounded in the stomach 2 be flown 2 Paris today.

  72. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Oga Beegeagle,
    You are one of the most positive Icons of the War effort, I say, all of us here make a lot of noise about doing things for our country Nigeria, but it remains just a thought. Sir you have talked the talk and walked the talk. Keep your Head Very high and walk tall, you tower above all of us here by doing what you have done in projecting our Country and black Nations image. While the rest go bickering like turkeys over nothing and deviating from the main purpose of this forum. The effects of your action here is very far reaching ,more than you can ever imagine, geographically/globally and most importantly navigating into so many minds young and old. I showed my Son and some people the pictures of the made in Nigeria IFV. They have a different view of us Nigerians as a people, A lot of things is based on the state of the mind, the mind it self is shaped by perception. You are doing very great Brother..

    Nigerian Airpower Hindered in Boko Haram Fight
    by Chris Pocock
    – February 2, 2015, 8:16 AM

    Mil-24/35 helicopters have been used to attack Boko Haram insurgents, but the Nigerian Air Force is hampered by various problems. (Photo: Russian Helicopters)
    The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is facing various problems in helping the country’s fight against Boko Haram, the Islamic fundamentalist insurgents who now control large areas of northeast Nigeria. In a frank presentation to the International Helicopter Conference in London recently, organized by Defence IQ, the NAF’s chief of policy and plans reported a shortage of aircraft and spares, inadequate self-protection, insufficiently trained aircrews and a lack of joint doctrine to underpin operations. A partial arms embargo is another constraint.

    AVM A.A. Zannah said the NAF first conducted operations against Boko Haram in 2010, and had enjoyed some success, such as the strikes on the insurgents’ camps in July-September 2013 by the NAF’s Mi-35P Hind attack helicopters. But the operations had not led to the same outcome as that obtained in the River Niger delta a few years earlier, when combined air and surface operations forced insurgents to sue for peace.

    The threat to fixed- and rotary-wing operations by Boko Haram is not insignificant, Zannah told AIN. The NAF’s Hinds and Alpha Jets had both been hit by gunfire of up to 30mm caliber, forcing them to fly higher, and requiring the NAF to fit longer-range rockets taken from its MiG-21s onto the Hinds. The NAF has a fleet of 24 to 30 Mil Mi-24V/35P helicopters, and has lost two of them during operations, although not to enemy fire. The NAF also operates Mi-17, and is acquiring some new Mil-17-1 versions. “The Mil series is still the helicopter of choice for us,” Zannah noted.

    The NAF has also used its Do-228s twin-turboprops and A109 light helicopters in counter-insurgency operations. It has flown a total of 5,390 operational missions, including 2,648 for ground attack, 1,479 for airlift, and 1,443 for ISR.

    Zannah said that the NAF’s attempt to acquire second-hand AH-1 Cobra attack helicopters from Israel was thwarted by the U.S., which opposed their transfer. Nigeria’s previous history of military coups, together with human rights concerns of the U.S. and other Western countries, has also restricted the NAF’s ability to acquire other equipment, including night-vision goggles (NVGs) to enable night operations. Zannah appealed for the lifting of these restrictions. “We must close ranks against the terrorists,” he told the conference.

    Speaking in Washington last week, Gen David Rodriguez, head of US Africa Command, said that the Nigerian armed forces were incapable of defeating Boko Haram, a task that would require “a huge international effort.”

    • Are James says:

      We are not fully proficient on the Russian helicopters. We have also bought a significant number of second hand MI series choppers with expected availability issues. Brand new MI 35M and MI 171sh choppers and trained pilots will solve most of the problems. I am trying to be restrained about comments on the human dimensions of these problems but new kit and trained men will do it for us. We also need a Mil service center and hub in Nigeria, there are enough MI series machines flying around north and west africa to justify it.

  73. Oje says:

    Not long ago the Nigerian military has been a bastion and force for peace and stability in West Africa and beyond, lately we have been found wanting but i am happy and optimistic on the rearmament process which is making the Nigerian military arguably one of the most technologically advanced in Africa. Our Ship building capability is expanding, our Naval surface fleet operates some of the most advanced and powerful Frigates and OPV’s in Africa and capable of operations as far away as Australia. Our surveillance assets from air and Space is top class, the class even South Africans can only dream of. Weve gone from domestically building drones with Israeli assistance (Amebor) to now using Drones armed with missiles.Our armor, though small is on a league of its own in West/Central Africa.

    Forget all the media hogwash, on paper the Nigerian military is a nightmare to the Franco Alliance of Chad and Cameroon and they know it. What the Nigerian military lacks now motivation and an objective. Maintaining an army of 200,000 + in a region where the nearest rival fields just 15,000 troops is an uphill task as soldiers get bored and doctrines become stale, even training becomes compromised. The Niger Delta debacle was an eye opener and ex President Yar’Ardua’svision 20/20 and rearmament program was in full swing before he cruelly taken away from us by Hades. After that it was back to the old ways. With oil prices above $100 a barrel and an economic benchmack of $70 politics once again took center stage.There was billions of naira to be made as oil money kept pumping in. Projects started by the Yar’adua administration like NASRDA stoped receiving funding, the 4th Gen Fighter jet deal that was meant to replace our stop gap asset (F-7 Chengdu) did not see the light of day. Seeing the effectiveness of Helicopter gunships in operations against Niger Delta militants in the creeks Yar’adua put in place a programme to aquire over 50 of these helicopters. The Drone program was initiated, not many here realise Nigeria’s interest in Drones started in YarAdua’s regime as a means to check oil thieves.
    I am very saddened at the situation today with politicians raking in N50 million a month while the armed forces was neglected. Years wasted. Today we cant even buy 4th Gen fighters because we dont have trained pilots. If less corrupt South Africa had to slash its Gripen force by half because they had only 6 trained pilots that could fly them imagine the uphill task Nigeria has to rebuild its airforce .it will take us at least 3 years to be able to train a full squadron of pilots for any 4th Gen jets we acquire but that is not unique to Nigeria alone. We have wasted so much time and now we have hitherto insignificant countries like Tchad and Cameroon in our own country fighting for us. 5 years ago i did not know where Tchad was on any map, hell i thought it was a body of water (Lake Chad), today we have allowed ourselves so much complacency that countries with an army of 10,000 soldiers and 600 personnel airforce (less than the size of the police force in Rivers State) men are proclaimed West Africa’s military superpower.

    I am confident however that should Nigeria survive this war (which she should) we will rebuild our military into a force to be envied, feared and admired. We have hundreds of pilots training in Pakistan as we speak, we have men training for submarines, we have more than a thousand soldiers in Russia trained for Special Forces operations. Our time will come, Boko Haram has been an eye opener for the Nigerian nation but rather than divide us it has brought us closer. Muslims have as much as Christians reasons to fear from Boko Haram. When that time comes N’Djamena and Yaounde will pay a terrible price for the wanted destruction caused by their covert financial support for Boko Haram disguised as Ransom payment. Idris will pay a price for his clever bit of subterfuge to halt Nigeria’s final offensive to end Boko Haram once and for all. Its hard to imagine months ago Boko Haram members were surrendering and fleeing, we even had factions fighting each other. How did we let that opportunity pass us by?

  74. igbi says:

    Any news from the front line ?

  75. Oje says:

    YES but this time lets not allow them to rest and source for funds,We all know Tchad has a vested interest in Nigeria not in peace. Today we have Tchadiam soldiers on Nigerian soil enjoying unprecedented global recognition and praise for its military, but this wouldnt have happened if Nigeria had been allowed to wipe these bastards off the face of the planet last September when Boko Haram was surrendering. His interference saw renewed violence in greater vigor…5 months later Tchadian troops are in Nigerian soil. Who in his right mind would have even imagined such a thing. With Drones in the sky any resupply of men or material clandestinely from Tchad will be spotted and obliterated.

  76. odion777 says:

    That was a drone strike, but it was another drone that struck it, same control room in Maiduguri, same eye view, but I have a feeling that this drone was doing the recording, if it had actually fired at the vehicle on motion, the drone would have made some jerk like movement, it made none, just my feeling..

    Beegagle I assume you re from the Niger Delta, due to some of your language, you also spend a lot of time on this blog due to your update and reply, you can also earn some money, contact and recognition from this, you can approach channel like Aljazeera, some South Africa and American stations, even the BBC, CNN and local news network like NTA, AIT, if they see your dedication to this blog and verify, you will be having lots of interview to air your view as a security expect in the North east with your knowledge in insurgency, this interview will even be done in Nigeria and all your cost like hotel, travel allowance to the interview will be paid by the news channel, you could also air your view in foreign countries with similar insurgency, you have to market yourself and the sky will be your limit, with your dedication, if you can have a few minutes of air with a top International station, and I am certain Al Jazeera and CNN will send someone over when they see your work and followers and the rest will come calling and then how far you go depends on the wind, as several top news agency also rely or copy your work.

    I have seen Sky news and BBC given interview to so called security expert with quarter of your knowledge, but you have to do the marketing, approach some of the stations yourself and maybe then the DHQ will recognise it own.

  77. Oje says:

    Beeg is not doing this for money, its his passion and love for Nigeria that drives him. Linda Ikeji whose blog barely sees 2 million views daily bought a N120, million mansion with 6 rooms and swiming pool for her parents, she bought a 2010 Range Rover Sports SUV for her birthday and is reputed to weat 1 million naira cloths. Beeg with 5 million daily views will be a gold mine if he decides to monetize the blog.

  78. igbi says:

    Accept my sincere appologies Chief Beegeagle. I didn’t mean to vex you, I just had concerns. But there is no need to be vexed. As you may have noticed, nobody is doubting the reach and the importance of your blog. Also nobody is doubting that you mean well for Nigeria. The only criticism comes from how the blog is ran. Obviously you have your own strategy to run your blog, and that iis commendable. But you should understand that people will criticize you no matter what you do. That is what you get when you are a leader. I got that experience from when I was a teacher. So continue doing what you set out to do and be strong. God bles the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  79. odion777 says:

    Oje I understand your view,but do you know how big and authorised this blog can become if it could have 3 or 4 people working for it, even ex military and present once as hands on advisers, nothing is gained by been stagnated, some news channel stated like this, even a documentary can be done on the Liberia, Sierra Leone civil war and the North east using Beegagle material as I have read from that far back to present.

  80. lachit says:

    @Are James says:

    February 7, 2015 at 6:26 pm

    “We are not fully proficient on the Russian helicopters. We have also bought a significant number of second hand MI series choppers with expected availability issues. Brand new MI 35M and MI 171sh choppers and trained pilots will solve most of the problems. I am trying to be restrained about comments on the human dimensions of these problems but new kit and trained men will do it for us.”

    well u r only partially correct. u cant have rookie pilots flying straight in combat missions and expect them to deliver results.
    first the air force needs to develop specific operational combat and deployment doctrines for the new helicopter types being acquired and believe me it takes time to perfect it.
    Nigeria can bypass it by employing experienced mercenary pilots (Russians have perfected the use of mi series helicopter for assault during afghan war ).the co-pilots will be the freshly trained Nigerian pilots .in this way the learning curve in terms of both personnel training and combat doctrine development & deployment will be reduced leading to much better utilization of manpower resources, spares and ammunition .

    • igbi says:

      One thing which I know is that Nigeria has been training pilots on various systems and also I know that all NAF pilots are verry well trained. And have experience which could rival those of the best air forces in this world. So Nigeria will not hire any mercenary pilots, especially not for piloting hellicopters. Even Cameroon is not hiring mercenary pilots.

      • I dont subscribe to having mercs flying our assets either and I bliv our our pilots are well trained. But regarding actual combat experience I would say we are lacking a bit. Our figher jet pilots hv combat exp from liberia and sierra leone but. Until recently I dont know about flying combat missions in helos other than mayb ferrying troops.

    • igbi says:

      And also remember, Nigeria sent military personnel to train in Russia and Nigeria has been sending pilots to train in eastern europe for more than 20 years now. I wouldn’t call these pilots Rookies, the training didn’t just start yesterday. Nigeria also has air simulators. The thing which is most certain iis that Nigeria would not be needing nor hiring mercenaries, that is the standard of Chad and Libya.

  81. lachit says:

    “in this way the learning curve in terms of both personnel training and combat doctrine development & deployment will be reduced leading to much better utilization of manpower resources, spares and ammunition .”
    u obviously did not grasp the gist of the above 3 lines.
    mercenaries = trainers = friends = military advisors , call them anything as long as the job gets done .
    e.g. when India got vikramditya it was accompanied by Russian military personnel(call them mercenaries) for training etc. etc.
    it is standard procedure to get better utilization of everything!!!!!!
    guess i picked the wrong word should not have said mercs (well I play STALKER a lot so it has become a bad habit )

    well do u have stimulators for the mi series helicopters??? r u sure

    • igbi says:

      I am not sure about the types of simulators but I heard the news that we bought some simulators, I also know that we sent military personnel to train in Russia and that we have a habbit of sending air force pilots to train in eastern europe. I believe we have all it takes to fly our equipment, and to the best of my recollection, our leaders didn’t require any mercs to pilot our war planes or hellicopters for us.

    • igbi says:

      As my comment suggestes the pilots get the training and retraining they need.

    • Bharat says:

      Sorry, mercenaries are not equal to friends or trainers. Call them what you like, but all the roles are not equal.
      And Indian Vik is not accompanied by mercenaries, period.
      Mercenaries get into ‘other’s’ war for monetary gains. That’s not in the case of Vik.

  82. lachit says:

    also training in Russia, eastern Europe with different geographical features ,weather conditions is quite different to training in ones own operational backyard under fire. baptism by fire we like to call it .
    training to fly combat helicopters and planes is not as simple as it sounds first of all it is very expensive almost the cost of the platform being flown depending on the profiency of the pilots. and
    something called combat/operational doctrine/procedures that have to be developed inhouse specific to the helicopter type and unique to the air force operating it , which takes a long time.
    and !!!!!!!!!! my suggestions were for the pilots qualifying on the newly acquired helos. never meant it for the experienced aviators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    good night

  83. Augustine says:

    Takes a couple of years to produce skilled combat pilots. The best time to prepare for war time is peace time. FG majorly and NAF also, screwed themselves up, fact !

    • igbi says:

      Though, their training didn’t start yesterday, the air force is not a new born baby. Some of our pilots even trained in the usa on usa warplaes, over the years many have been training in eastern europe, there are even photos. They also train at in house. And I haven’t heard anybody saying we don’t have sufficient pilots, it is the platforms which were lacking. And that is what is being addressed. Apart from that, I think adding the use of drones was a good idea, verry cost effective.

  84. Oje says:

    In the face of Western weapons embargo we could take a cue from the Iran. They produce their own warships, cruise missiles and submarines. They recently developed their own supersonic fighter jet the Sagaeh (not sure correct spelling) and are on course to start mass production.

  85. Julius says:

    lets face facts, we all have a responsibility to keep this site running for General Beegs.
    Sometimes 14 or 16 months ago we decided to start contributing some funds for the upkeep of operations of this site.
    I didnt participate even though i promised to contribute and am sure most people around did not.
    I think we should take this seriously and put a commitment no matter how small it is .
    An account number will suffice for donations.
    Am not sure if am making sense but if the anchor of humans of new york can raise over a million dollars for a black high school under two weeks,we can do something reasonable.

    My thoughts.

  86. Oje says:

    I once made a pledge to contribute but like everybody else i did not live up to my pledge, now however i am. This should however not be a public discuss. Anything relating to funding should be done via personal email.

  87. Oje says:

    @ Lachit, looks impressive but why develop a Naval variant? Iran has no carriers.and shouldnt. It will be futile trying to, via what platform will it operate? I think Irans strength is in its domestic missile building capability, these guys have enough missiles to close down the straitz of Homuz and recently incorporated submarines as well to sink commercial shipping should missiles fail.

  88. Oje says:

    ” The President of Chad, Idriss Deby Itno has said clearly that the objective is to free the Nigerian town of Baga, that fell to Boko Haram control in January. In N’Djamena, security sources do not exclude a push to Maiduguri, Boko Haram’s old headquarters, now under multiple attacks by the Islamists.”

    Such utterance full of arrogance. Clear objective to free the Nigerian town of Baga without consultation with Nigeria? After we push Boko Haram back across the border in Tchad Nigerian trroops should set up base in Ndamena for a potential Boko Haram attack. You might think its impossible but i know just how it can be done.

  89. lachit says:

    @Are James says:

    February 8, 2015 at 3:08 am

    “A good way to wind you up is to ask how the LCA racks up against JF 17 block II?”

    i dont really care whats the point of sweating over things u cant control.
    comparisons are difficult when u dont have all the date and also u dont know weather the data u have is accurate or not.
    a plane needs a good pilot, good weapons and a lot of things to make it worthy.its kind of a team effort on the part of the machine and the pilot.
    as from open sources-
    lca mostly benifited from israeli and western technolgy
    jf17 from chinese technology

    i leave it for u to decide which might have the edge

  90. Augustine says:

    Codenamed ‘Drones On’.

    I am Augustine, 100% Nigerian blood and genes. My short response to you sir.

    I know the western world, from street people to government/politicians, I understand you, I live in your world, I know the good, bad, ugly about your western world.

    Nigerian military has challenges defeating Boko Haram, NATO too has challenges defeating Talibal in Afghanistan after over 10 years of USA/UK led military expedition in Afghanistan, the west can only boast of superior equipment, not human military prowess.

    Thanks for loving my country Nigeria. Many thanks man !

    You say the west wants to help Nigeria but we have to allow you do it based on western nations’ terms….sorry, Nigeria has our own terms too, take it or leave it….no deal on one sided terms….west leaves Nigeria, we will team up with Russia and China….go tell CIA boss at Langley…..tell the White House…Nigeria has her own terms too…not only the west will make the rules…NO WAY man !

    Can’t hide behind one finger, the west has double standards on human rights violations, when Israel and western aligned oil rich Arabs violates human rights, the USA/EU don’t scream foul…why shout at Nigeria when Amnesty International cooks up a lie of human rights violations against Nigeria?

    West loses Nigeria…it becomes Russia and China’s gain. Period.
    Thanks man…thanks for admiring Nigeria. God bless you.

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