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  1. Lordfej says:


  2. ScouseNaija says:

    Welcome home NNS Centenary. May God grant you rough but smooth waters

  3. Colloid says:

    Finally Home!!! *sits and pour champagne*. Now, our NN is positioning herself as a “force to recon with” as the planet is concerned. With this one also, we are getting it right. “a DROP of water makes a mighty ocean”. Vessel vessel= Blazing Power/Prowess. Hope our other two brothers would copy NN “style” of getting “modern” warfare weapons and training. NIGERIA: THE WAKING GIANT. WHEN NIGERIA SNEEZES, EVERY OTHER AFRICAN COUNTRIES CATCHES THE COLD.

  4. Oje says:

    Rugged !!! This should be based at the Eastern Naval Command in Calabar. Lets give Yaounde something to worry about.

  5. Bharat says:

    P18(N) OPV which will be sold to Argentina by China will have AShM as seen in the picture.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Thanks, Bharat.

    The Argentine P18 template PROVES conclusively that a P18 corvette(which is an enlarged Type 056) complete with two quad-cell AShM launchers and two tri-cell torpedo launchers plus an expanded flight deck will cost us an unmatchable US$50 MILLION only. There is no better deal for such a well-armed corvette in the universe.

    At this point, we can only emphasize the need for the NN to move in afresh for a second haul of 3 P18 corvettes, following the Argentine template. At a time when we have a US$1bn largesse for arms procurement, I do not think that spending US$150 million on three corvettes is too much. Worst case scenario, reach for Preferential Trade Credit from China EXIM Bank with which to finance the deal.

    But we need three P18 corvettes – one for each fleet command. Abeg o, wetin now? Abi Naija don dey forbid fighting ships? We can do this. Let us plug that capability gap now. Thanks as always.

    • Bharat says:

      Welcome General.
      Although I doubt the $50 million figure. Definitely they will be cheaper than western sourced ones with similar capabilities.
      Along with 8 AShM and 3*2 torpedo launchers, PDMS is also required. CoDAG configuration with top speed around 35 knots is also required even for low intensity warfare.
      Also what will be required will be soft-kill and hard-kill features for torpedoes. All those will come with their own sensor systems.
      Thus the role and environment under which it will operate will determine what goes into her.

      With modular ship-building becoming popular, a new concept is becoming popular, it is called ‘fitted for and not with’ in layman’s terms it is as close to plug and play as it gets. The hull blocks when fabricated/fitted out is provisioned with the back end of the systems so planned to be integrated in future. Thus new systems and capabilities can be added with less effort and down-time.

      Although, addition of those will not make the OPV a true multirole frigate but will make it have addl. capabilities.
      So, a OPV which has that facilities of ‘fitted for and not with’ will have a higher cost of procurement than one which doesn’t have that capability although outwardly there will be no visible feature to justify that higher cost.

      Thus, immediately one might not need a particular feature but, as life of a ship is more than 3 decades one must keep future improvements also in mind.


  7. Manny Aaydel says:

    Onward together…I particularly am gratified by the additional sailing experience of the Captain and crew that sailed the vessel all the way from China to Nigeria. NN officers and crew have sailed from Nigeria to Brazil and from Nigeria to Australia in the recent past covering staggering nautical miles…you can’t buy such experience anywhere! We remain the most active seafaring and growing bluewater navy in Africa (north of the Sahara and well beyond the River Limpopo) at the moment!
    Welcome to your home port Nigerian Naval Ship (NNS) Centenary…Bravo Zulu!

    • beegeagle says:

      We have a sailing and well-exercised navy which has been voyaging from one end of the world to another.

      In 2012, the NN sailed home a 3,250 ton warship from the USA. In 2013, they sailed that ship to Australia and back in a 22,000 nautical mile return voyage. In 2014, they sailed home another 3,250 ton warship from America and this weekend, they brought home the first of two 1,800 ton stealth OPVs from China. The NN are representing us well.

      • zachary999 says:

        Kudos to the NN. They are the only ones that have a detailed modernisation plan. (SG1 and SG2). Constantly updated and assessed for implementation milestone, why would anyone not want to give resources to the NN ?

        Leadership is everything and we must also give credit to VADM D Ezeoba….

        Expect a submarine in 2-3 years..

  8. beegeagle says:

    I believe and we have said so severally. Since we commenced operations here and given the depth of snippets made available to us, I have come to realise that Nigeria are many, many steps ahead of the whistleblowers and watchmen of global defence procurement. There is sooo much that they do not know until it gets splashed on these pages – BTR-4 IFVs, Oplot MBTs, T72s, BigFoot MRAPs and CH-3A drones.

    There was a photo which we posted here and knowing the way that we do stuff, I labelled it “the shape of things to come”. Since 2008,Nigerian officers have trained in submarine operations and warfare in Pakistan. The acquisition of submarines is also detailed in the 10 Year Naval Acquisition Plan. I am willing to put my head on the block and say categorically that Nigeria are going to commence sub-surface operations in 2017 and that the submarines will be supplied by China.

    When in August 2012, a Chinese hyrdrographic vessel came and charted the entire coastline, we did say that it was nothing but a precursor to the construction of a submarine bay and that the deepest natural harbours of naval significance are Ibaka and Escravos, most suitable sites for a submarine base.

    Yes I agree, Zach and this we believe. The NN shall commence submarine operations in the not too distant feature.

    The boss of CSOC presents a model of a submarine to Nigeria’s First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan

  9. jimmy says:

    It is well all will be well. GOVT TO GOVT contracts executed within a span of less than two calendar years.

    The NN, the F.G. and the Govt of China must follow this template EXACTLY in terms of doing the ACTUAL contract procuring the submarines let the doubters doubt, and let the haters hate we are moving forward ONWARD TOGETHER

    God bless Nigeria
    Long live the friendship between the People’s Republic of China and Nigeria.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Type 037-II (Houjian Class) Missile Craft


    Displacement: 520 tons

    Dimensions: Length 65.4 m; Beam 8.4m, Draft 2.35m

    Propulsion: 3 X SEMT-Pielstick diesels rated at 15,840hp; three

    Speed: Maximum 33.5 knots; Economic: 15 knots

    Range: 3,200nm at 18 knots

    Crew: 75

    Radar: Type 352E Square Tie; Surface search/SSM guidance;
    Type 347G (EFR-1) Rice Lamp; 37mm AAA fire-control

    Fire-control: Type 88C optronic directors; 30mm AAA fire-control

    Guns: 1 X Type 76A dual-37mm AAA gun, 180 rounds/min to
    8.5km; weight of shell 1.42kg; 2 X Type 69 dual-30mm automatic
    AAA guns; 360~400 rounds/min to 4km for airborne targets

    Missiles: 6 X YJ-8 anti-ship missile; active radar-homing to
    150km at Mach 0.9, warhead 165kg, sea-skimming

  11. Manny Aaydel says:

    Oga Beegs, the missile launched from this Type 037-II (Houjian Class) Missile Craft has a 150 km range? Wahala dey o! Is this the ‘jara’ on top of our two stealth OPVs?

  12. beegeagle says:

    My most measured guess is that this is what we are getting. Last year, the PLA Navy gifted Nigeria a “combat vessel”. Further findings indicate that the ship is in the 50-65 metre category and is a missile craft. The NN probably paid for another one OR we signed another deal for some platforms and got a second free small ship. We have two small ships coming, both of them almost certainly missile-armed.

    As I write this, these are the only ships in that size category which are ‘combat vessels’ and are undergoing fast-tracked decommissioning as the PLA Navy pile on larger Type 056 corvettes. We can only be expecting these Type 037-II Houjian missile craft. The PLAN call them corvettes but I would not call a sub-1000 ton missile platform, a corvette.

    Do we need them? Immediately so. We have two Vosper Thornycroft Mk.9 corvettes – one is conclusively gone and the other is probably better off being decommissioned.

    Our six 58 metre Combattante III(three units) and Lurssen FPB 57 missile craft(three units) are over 32 years old, have been laid up for long periods, singly and jointly and their missiles are gone. Our best bet for those should be to scrap one of each type to keep two sister ships afloat.

    Of the four ships which should come out post-refurbishment, we should use reconfigure one unit as a supply ship to move stuff to OPVs offshore and use three units as 25mm cannon-armed Midshore Patrol Vessels in support of maritime security and counterpiracy operations.

    We also have a total of eight elderly 31 metre Abeking+Rasmussen patrol craft(four units) and 32.8 metre Brooke Marine patrol craft (four units). If I had my way, two units of each type would be scrapped for spares to keep a total of four afloat for another 5-7 years. There really is no point having that plethora whereas they are nearly all laid up.

    • beegeagle says:

      And yeah, the YJ-8 aka C801 SSM/ASM boasts a 150km strike range. It was the in-thing in the early 1990s when the Type 037-IIG was inducted. There have been follow-ups such as the C802A which has an approx 280km range and the C803 with a 350km range. All of those are on the rack for us IF China actually went so far as to sell CH-3A ARMED drones. That is something which the West would call a strategic weapon and either classify as being off limits to us or claim that we do not have the skill sets to man them. Never mind that as of two years ago, the NAF Institute of Tech (AFIT) had in its pool a minimum of 38 officers trained at Cranfield in aeronautical engineering and robotics (including 8 PhDs and 30 MSc in those related fields) who are able to do anything with a drone.

      Check those out.

  13. Okpa1 says:

    NNS Centenary welcome home

  14. Augustine says:

    Oga Bharat, thanks for the Argentine P18 warship comment.

    I have said on the thread for NNS Aradu’s estimated cost of full refit, that P18N NNS Centenary full cost CANNOT be $42 million ! A fully digital naval technology and stealth capability corvette sized warship will cost about $100 million. One single AShM with long range costs about $1 million…..factor all that in.

    • beegeagle says:

      When the contract for the P18N OPVs was signed in Lagos on April 18th 2012, the stated contract sum was N24 billion. At the time, that was equivalent to US$155 million.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, if anyone has a high resolution, unpublished photo of NNS Centenary, kindly send to me for publication. Some internationals who typically write balanced stuff are packaging a story on the growing Nigerian Navy. They need it and will pick it off from here gratis if we can publish it, Service to fatherland. Do it if you can, bro.

    More, the NN are reportedly talking to some French shipbuilders for the supply of big ships. That is authoritative and from a global naval aficionado. NN underway..hehe.

    • drag_on says:

      Babalola pointed out that the navy would soon take delivery of three warships aimed at giving a boost to the fight against oil theft and piracy within the nation’s territorial waters

      3 ships. If we take Centenary and Unity as 1 & 2. It therfore means that the gifted ship is three unless the Andohi class patrol boat is ready.

  16. drag_on says:

    I hope the presidency wll loan one of it’s two “Executive” MERLIN anti- submarine helicopters every now and then to the navy for traininy at sea with heavy helicopters.

  17. jimmy says:

    My thoughts exactly, as Oga Beegs has alluded I guess we will have to wait and see whatever be the outcome it is still a good bargain
    whatever be the outcome the NAVY 2015-2016
    Will have at least
    An active armed fast attack MISSILE WARSHIP
    And a minimum of 2 OPVS and the NN OKPABANA
    I can say with PRIDE now a NAVAL CAPTAIN is more likely to be out to sea than sitting at a desk.
    Finally it is important and in Nigeria’s greatest interest to go ahead an invest in acquiring two SUBs.

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