A freshly delivered Chinese-built CS/VP3 BigFoot Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle of the Nigerian Army’s Guards Brigade.

This is the first photo of a BigFoot MRAP which is not painted in desert camouflage scheme as was the case with first cycle deliveries and this unit is armed with two 12.7mm heavy machine guns.

The BigFoot MRAP was inducted into Nigerian Army service during the second half of 2014. Manufactured by Poly Technologies Incorporated, the BigFoot MRAPs were swiftly acquired in the wake of rebuffed attempts at acquiring MRAPs declared surplus to requirement after the interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan by the United States military.

As recently as two weeks ago, fresh supplies of brand-new BigFoot MRAPs were spotted on tank transporters by Beegeagle’s Bloggers in Lagos, as the powerful vehicles were being transported to places inland.

The BigFoot MRAP has been crucial to convoy protection duties in the volatile Far Northeast of Nigeria where Nigerian troops are battling against murderous insurgents.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Nice one. Imagine what this does when providing suppressing fire.

    Good to see that the NA are increasingly hearkening to our calls and knocking off those unsightly GPMGs from MRAPs, APCs and Landcruiser gun-trucks.

    GPMG-armed combat vehicles have no place in an AOR creeping with 12.7mm Dushka-armed technicals. Could that be what some troops referred to when they claimed, rightly or wrongly, to be under-armed relative to the insurgents? I have not even see a Chadian vehicle with a GPMG anywhere around it..Landcruisers, WZ 523 APCs etc. All carry 12.7mm or 14.5mm MGs.

    NA..say “NO” to the use of GPMGs as main weapons on combat vehicles. GPMGs must be knocked off EVERY gun-truck and APC deployed operationally. In the AOR, they are useless. Call it counterinsurgency operations or war but it is does NOT fit into that nebulous description of IS Operations. It does not..

    • Augustine says:

      The NA Cobra with GPMG were effective deterrent on area boys during petrol price subsidy removal demonstrations in Ketu-Ojota area of Lagos, those Ketu gangsters were very impressed with GPMG…..but Boko Haram is the devil in human skin, he won’t fear low caliber weapons.

  2. Saleh says:

    I am still try to get a grip on why there are too many armoured vehicles in abj when the troops in NE dont have sufficient

    • igbi says:

      You can’t really say “too many”. That would be a wrong judgement. And it seems to me that the capital needs to be the safe. It is not like if the terrorist didn’t attack the capital. Can you give me the number of armoured vehicles in the capital and in the north-east ?

      • Saleh says:

        Oga Igbi Pls take it that they are numerous. Ask a friend to take a trip to Gd Brigade and and AHQ Garrison so you wont ask me for proof. Yes there should be rear area security but what is the threat analysis for abj that requires the amount of IFVs. Abj is only vulnerable to sucide bombings and IEDs therefore what abj need is a proactive measure which the ifvs cant provide

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, I didn’t ask you for proof, I asked you for the numbers. How can you conlcude that they are too many or too few if you don’t even have the numbers ? And for your information being proactive doesn’t mean to be preparing for something which has happened in the past, you also have to prepare for things which have never happened. I don’t even see the reason for a debate here, unless you are saying that there shouldn’t be any soldier in Abuja, your statement has no meaning.
        People could you complain for real problems rather than being childish ?

      • saleh says:

        @Igbi I dont know why you get insultive when you reply folks. are you aware troops are lacking IFVs in the NE. For your info the recapture of Mubi was successful because the troops had just one t 72 imagine what would have happened if that broke down. you just shout praises when platforms are procured without bothering about the number procured. in this forum there have being alot of times photos of IFV in abuja have being posted i have counted aleast 4 different igirigi meanwhile some units in the NE can only boast of toyota hilux and ford rangers, i am sure you have never seen a picture of a hilux after combat with bh otherwise you wont advise stockpiling of ifv in abuja. imagine driving past wadata plaza and seeing 2 armoured vehicles deployed there because some politicians are attending a meeting or 6 cobra apcs deployed in and around govt house Umauhia . my brother please the troops need these platform in the NE, technicals can be used for patrol in Abuja, you and I know those vehicles being in Abj is to give the C in C the impression they are the surplus from NE after he would have being made to believe a large number was procured.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Saleh, it’s necessary to have a powerful army garrison in Abuja, deterrent to Boko Haram, prevention is better than cure.

      • Saleh says:

        Proactive deterrent you mean right. I dont see how a MRAP fits that role. All these ifvs in abj gives it a semblance of Iraq and Afghanistan which actually scares away foriegn investors. I guess too that you were fine with the deployment of 2 AH in abj when we had just 4 mission capable AH ( before recent acquisitions. Deterrent of bh in abj should more ints based with dedicated strike teams

      • Are James says:

        The guards brigade is not for defence against Boko, neither is it for defending Abuja.
        Most Boko threats against Abuja have been terroristic suicide bombing acts calling for more intelligence and homeland security type forces. Arming presidential guards to the detriment of frontline troops in war time is typical African, Banana republic mentality and we have carried it a little too far here.

    • sizzorkay says:

      Because Abuja is Nigeria , the seat of power, our sovereignty, if Abuja falls, well, then all is lost. Abuja need as much security personnel and assets as much as the North east. Imagine these low lives taking over the National Assembly with those unfaithful lawmakers trapped in, lol.

    • Henry says:

      We cannot claim Armoured vehicles in the North-East aren’t considerable. Fact that Armoured vehicles are deployed in Abuja, doesn’t mean the N.E is starved of Armoured vehicles in favour of Abuja. There are hundreds of Armoured vehicles deployed in the North-East, with more and more Armoured vehicles joining the COIN effort.

      Ther are our traditional, Otokar Cobra’s and Panhard deployed in their hundreds. We also have Mowag piranha’s, Steyr 4KFA’s, MTLB’s, BTR’s of all sorts (Russian and Ukrainian made), our Casspir MRAPs are also deployed there. The Army also has new entrants, Streit MK3, Inkas LAV, Igirigi APC’s, Proforce LAPV’s and the CS/VP3 bigfoot deployed in the region, in large numbers.

      So, I don’t get your comment of too many Armoured vehicles been deployed in Abuja.

      The CS/VP3 Bigfoot is also deployed in Port-Harcourt.

      • Saleh says:

        Don’t where you got that info from but they are not sufficient in the NE as you think. May be you have forgotten an inf bn needs a minimum of 70+ and there is at least a div+ deployed on combat duties.

      • Henry says:

        My Point is, Armoured vehicles are constantly been deployed to the N.E. So, Armoured vehicles in other parts of the country doesn’t mean troops in the front-lines of the N.E are starved of protected mobility as you often like to paint.

        There are other military operations going on in other parts of the country. There is operation pulo shield in the Niger delta, operations in Nasarawa, Jos, taraba, benue and Ebonyi state. So, Armoured vehicles are required also in these areas, as well as Abuja.

      • saleh says:

        when you say they are being deployed in the NE, are the numbers sufficient? what is the priority of ops in Nigeria now because I think NE is the highest on my list. in the various IS ops around Nigeria what are the threat levels? most of the operations are anti robbery and kidnapping, do you need a MRAP for that. Do you intend to use MRAP in the creeks? op pulo shield actually requires gun boats based on their mandate, there have never being reports of ND militants operating from technicals so what are the vehicles needed in the NE doing in the ND. the threat level as a result of kidnapping in abia is now in the realm of the NPF capabillity however 14 Bde still posseses a large number of armoured vehicles, for your information those platforms are there to protect our politicians while the troops in the NE conduct patrols in soft skinned vehicles

      • Henry says:

        According to you, it took 1 Tank to liberate mubi…….. I don’t know where you dig up some of these stories from. So can you also tell us what it took for the insurgents to take over mubi?

        Another baseless allegation of Armoured Vehicles used to protect politicians. So, you want to tell us that otokar cobra’s and Panhard VBL’s are used as close detail support for politicians. Lol!

      • Saleh says:

        I get mine directly from the field. Being on ground or from participants and still trying to figure out where you get your info from. never said the vehicles are used as close details

      • Oga Saleh, you point is noted, but as Henry and Igbi has said the Bg of Guards armored vehicles doesnt neccasrily mean the troops in the NE are starved. and your analogy of 1 T72 being the reason the NA won is unfounded. Please let us be real. More Armored vehicles are needed up front, but it doesnt mean other formations should not have.

  3. Agee says:

    saw several of this on sat, painted in desert camo though! the igirigiri also had the 12.7 mm

  4. sizzorkay says:

    Personally i like the fact that those guys that usually stick their heads up on these vehicles actually have some protection around them with this bigfoot. Its perhaps the most dangerous position to be, just having your head out like that, easy picking. So its good to see some shield around them. I think those guys are called gunners, right? not sure.

  5. jimmy says:
    For the naysayers who shout from the roof tops about how broke Nigeria is this is the official/ unoffical finance records of officially what Nigeria made.
    By the way for those who live in LAGOS, it is official there are some places in Ikoyi where the first $1 million town houses are are being sold.
    We will win this war because we can and we will.

    • Are James says:

      These are 2014 figures my friend, we also lost the dollar equivalent of 400000 barrels daily classified as oil theft and nobody knows the truth about that one anymore.
      So out of this money we spent N5trillion or more on Boko Haram, a group we should have taken out long time ago at a fraction of what it is now. SO we actually had N4 trillion to run government business. I am worried about the figures for LNG, we were supposed to be doing far better than this on LNG.

      Revenue projections from oil and gas is 1/3rd this figure for 2015 (expect something more like N4.0 trillion) and this is going to be meeting commitments total of N2.5 trillion mainly politician salaries, civil servants salaries, fuel for combat aircraft, tanks, armoured vehicles, soldiers allowances and contributions to MNJTF.

      Anyway we have to increase (local) IGR and block stupid sources of leakages like the recent $1B- waiver for some people to import rice for elections with the effect that Thai rice is now cheaper than Nigerian rice. This is a depreciation in foreign exchange by the same amount $1B-).Whatever happens, first line charges for defence capital procurement of at least $600million per annum should be untouched in the budget and recurrent charges for border surveillance operations and anti terrorism situational awareness should be seen also as infrastructural and hence first line charges

  6. jimmy says:

    The next Army division that should be created should be based out of ABUJA not a BRIGADE
    The next AIR TACTICAL command that should be created should be based out of ABUJA not out of ABUJA international Airport, there is a lot that we are going to learn painfully from the bh DEBACLE but in the end it will make Nigeria a better place.

    • Deway says:

      That is if they are willing to learn. Other countries study counterinsurgency operations and wars of other countries, they don’t wait till it happens to them. We lost the opportunity to learn from Liberia and Sierra Leone. The assessment of those campaigns could have been integrated into the studies at NDA, NWC, but no it didnt happen. We didn’t learn a thing from peace keeping operations in Somalia against Al Shabab. The Niger Delta militant crises and illegal oil refineries provided the perfect opportunity to procure Su25 ground attack jets and flood the area with Mi35 AH. But that didnt happen. We waited and waited and bh came calling, but I can see some learning is gradually taking place

      • Deway says:

        Bringing closure to my point from the BBC link Oga Jimmy just provided below:

        “When Russia last went to war, in Georgia in 2008, it looked like an easy victory. But Russia’s generals were deeply concerned at how badly their forces performed in some key areas of modern warfare.
        Russia has spent the seven years since then rearming, re-equipping, and retraining, in order to deal with those deficiencies, and to try to close the capability gap with modern Western armies.
        Now the results can be seen in eastern Ukraine, where pro-Russian separatists have gained ground against Ukrainian government troops”.

      • doziex says:

        Yes sir! Been saying that for years on this blog.

        NA is NOT new to counterinsurgency warfare. As Nigerian officialdom would have folks believe.
        The ecomog wars in LBR and SLR was Nigeria’s. Vietnam.
        NA buried colossal mistakes, and denied itself the opportunity for growth and introspection.

  7. camouflage1984 says:

    “Cluster bombs” or a “Cluster of bombs”?

  8. jimmy says:
    For those Nigerians who continuously clamor after everything Western made, Please read, OGA TOBEY yes this fellow is from the THINK TANK school @ Chatham, the same place where our own dear N.S.A. went barely two weeks ago,
    Russia uses drones, China uses drones and now Nigeria uses Drones everything that i have seen despite the setbacks continuously points to better INTEL.
    BH has proved beyond A SHRED THAT Nigeria NEED NOT ONE BUT THREE types of AIRCRAFT.
    1) THE JF-17
    2) The SU 27/ 30
    3) The SU-25 FROG FOOT
    The ALPHA JET was the hero of the Ecomog wars it has been proved despite it’s admirable record that it is is not just the right aircraft for this type of asymmetric warfare .
    God Bless Nigeria.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, Libya has just got her Su-27 Flankers. Na our own jets dey arrive late. Anyway, they say we have no pilots except for Alpha jets in terms of jets that play major role in close air support for now. Who knows what happened to NAFs 14 Albatross and 12 Aermacchi jets, not seen in action after 5 years of war. Na waa o ! Anyway, FG please vomit cash and buy NAF the JF-17 and Su-30 jets, don’t allow Biafra war episode to repeat itself and NAF will be borrowing jet fighter from Egypt, Algeria, Sudan….one day, people will be unable to help you in emergency…see Ukraine, they have their own war at home today, even with money in our hands they cannot help us much in war time.

      Learn to go to the market before night and darkness falls, or else you will buy rotten yams left over by the early shoppers.

      • Augustine says:

        Apart from the paltry 7 units of BTR-4 IFVs, top speed vehicle in NA for medium level ballistic protection is the Bigfoot, travels at approximately 110 km/h on good road. Only issue is the cost of MRAP maintenance. The Streit Spartan Mk III drives at about the same speed but costs less to maintain because of less weight and ballistic protection. Both have twin roof turrets and both can carry HMG 50 cals for firepower. Those are the best vehicles to do a hot pursuit of fleeing Boko Haram fighters, but they have to watch out for enemy 14.5 mm and 23 mm guns on those Boko Toyotas. I think the troops in the cabin of the BigFoot and Spartan should have one Metis ATGM if they want to hot chase a 23mm twin cannon armed Toyota, so our boys don’t get too close and be cut down with enemy fire.

        What is the life of a Nigerian soldier worth? It’s far more than the $ 5,000 cost of a Metis ATGM. Nigerian army is losing junior and middle level officers at an alarming rate. A Nigerian army MRAP or Spartan LAV is worth about $500,000 each, so I won’t mind protecting it with a missile that costs 100 times less than our vehicle. The job each vehicle will be required to do, should determine how it’s armed. An MRAP inside Abuja will not be pursuing Boko Haram across borders into Cameroon. With the lack of high speed IFVs to buy off the shelf, NA can just fill in the urgent gap with these 110 km/h race runners, well armed with the firepower for each operational requirement.

      • Deway says:

        Augustine, this $466 million episode got me thinking about many things that have to do with NAF. This is no longer about government not releasing money. Now we know they actually have enough for critical and strategic procurement but they don’t do much with the funds. Let me refresh your mind:
        1. There was enough funds to go for Su25s and MIG 29, but they went for the limited capability F7 (with kick backs) for which we are now struggling to assess how they can be used in this war.
        2. There were funds to go for some real utility helicopters that could easily be transformed to combat ready choppers, they threw that opportunity away and when for the most basic agusta LUH helicopters. Now they have been telling us for the past 2 years that they are uparming these helics. I ponder where the funds for this has gone to.
        3. Aermacchi jets and Albatross jets: For more than 3 years now we’ve been hearing they were undergoing modernization. Till today, what is the status of the modernization?. Another case of sharp sharp defense contractor deals? Only the A-jets have done every substantial air maneuvers so far and thank God they got 4 modernized versions.
        to reduce the strain on the others.
        4. The $466m if true, presents another golden opportunity for the NAF to rearm itself to rival Angolan and Sudanese airforce (looking beyond W.Africa as no airforce around here is worth mentioning). But what do we have? (You know the rest make I no mention am again). The procurement template provided by Oga Beeg for the $466m is more than enough for those folks in Abuja who cant think straight to do something meaningful. Did I hear them mention A129 Mangusta helicopters? Please lets maintain our attack helic fleet with the Mi series for logistic purposes so sirs Mi28 is preferred. nothing the $22m Mangusta can do that the cheaper Mi28 cannot do.

      • Are James says:

        Good question on the Albatross and Aermachi trainer/light attack jets.
        Good comment on the A 109 LUH – currently housewife support aircraft.
        You are right about MI 28, the Russians corrected every possible operational issue and design mistake on that chopper. Mangusta is the chopper I personally have been admiring for decades but I don’t think it has ruggedity ..permit the expression..

        We don’t have serious people in the air force and the whole war itself might just become one unending scam fleecing the nation of money that should be used fir development. I see these people being always one step behind every thing that could be done to fully destroy the group and now other countries have fully joined, everything can conveniently be routinized. So it becomes another ten year or more LIC with no attempt at a decisive blow to destroy the organization.

  9. Prinx Arthur says:

    I got news from a friend that Lucznik Arms has delivered the first batch of our purposely Beryl rifle

  10. Omonon says:

    On January 11th 1976, General Murtala Ramat Mohammed, the then Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria addressed the Extraordinary Assembly of the then Organization of African Unity (OAU). The address was very decisive and part of which I quote here;
    “Africa has come of age. It’s no longer under the orbit of any extra continental power. It should no longer take orders from any country, however powerful. The fortunes of Africa are in our hands to make or to mar. For too long have we been kicked around: for too long have we been treated like adolescents who cannot discern their interests and act accordingly. For too long has
    it been presumed that the African needs outside ‘experts’ to tell him who are his friends and who are his enemies. The time has come when we should make it clear that we can decide for ourselves; that we know our own interests and how to protect those interests; that we are capable of resolving African problems without presumptuous lessons in ideological dangers which, more often than not, have no relevance for us, nor for the problem at hand.”

    Chad seems to be firming a lot their fight against BH. This is exactly what we as well.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga mi na because Boko Haram never face the nation of Chad with full force and all the advanced insurgency/terrorism tactics used against Nigeria, Chadians dem go piss for trouser. No country in West or Central Africa can survive what Nigeria survived….Mali na big example.

  11. jimmy says:

    To be honest Oga Augustine The LIBYANS have extensive Experience with the SUs you recall that during the Gaddafi Vs Regan era Two of them were shot down.
    One of the things that BEEGS talked about is if we want the powers that be to listen, read, and act on what we say here we have to temper our Constructive criticism, I have tried to do that, I have also tried despite some bloggers degenerating into an APC / PDP not gone into that cesspool of no return.
    I do not expect to be a cheerleader , and when you are privy to certain pieces of information the burden of SELF CENSOR becomes very high, I also aware let me be very frank that this current ADMINISTRATION has done a lot more for the MILITARY administration than anyone has going back to the Shagari Administration- and some continuously use this as a measuring stick which is not only wrong but very poor judgement.
    I read what western reporters write and I derisively call them cut and paste and fulfilling the narrative , @ Roscoe it is very bad IDEA to invite Western Journalist to be taken to the war zone most of them already have a set objective in their head and doing so is like inviting the FOX to guard the hen house.A journalist and propaganda have never won a war since the History of Man kind began . The Military officers combined with the best political leadership have always done that.
    Since the fall of BAGA, and Monguno, The NA has had a decent amount of success, KONDUGA, MAFA , Gamboru, MADAGLI, The West has concentrated on our failures, they have shown a consistency that is 100% downplay the successes and overplay the failures, objectivity has long been thrown out, There is only one Western journalist that I would embed Erin Burnett of CNN she has visited Nigeria, has sister lived in AFRICA ( MALI) and she went to visit her sister of her own free will, the rest of them I would be extremely hesitant to invite .
    Let me say this the most popular show in the US right now is called ” GAME OF THRONES”. Nigerians who can afford it should watch it and learn from it, I will end with two phrases
    1) ” Winter is coming”
    2) “We are the men of the Night watch sworn to protect the realms of the Seven Kingdoms”

  12. Oje says:

    Believe it or not i saw one of these in Port Hacourt today just after the AFB. Impressive sight to behold it looks menacing because of its size. Did wonder what an MRAP was doing down here.

  13. jimmy says:
    Here is some good news, please anyone what is the news from GWOZA? is it leaking (literally) of boko haram being killed off, GWOZA being close in proximity seems to keep creeping into the news.

  14. Augustine says:

    Shay no be senators and other big man Nigerians dey give boys letter as god fathers to enter NDA ? We, dem reject us with quota system, politicians dey give unpatriotic salary seeking boys letter to enter NDA at the expense of the other boys who where ready to die for Nigeria in war. Una reject us….now shay una see wetin dey….dem frustrate Augustine till him waka go queue for embassy for visa….the boys wey I fit beat put sand for them mouth for my street that time we dey SS3 dem use long leg enter become 2nd Lt, almost rise to Captain sef….

    • jimmy says:

      I know you are joking right? T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • kolawole says:

      this is so true many patrotic nigerians are willing to go to nda….i can vouch that all the nda exams i wrote i nvr failed it but godfadas would put their own there to satisfy theirselves

  15. sizzorkay says:

    I hope its okay to post these here, found them on another forum, have a couple more, but i just want to be sure if i can post them, if any one knows, let me know

  16. sizzorkay says:

    Unconfirmed reports say that (John) Kerry, on a recent visit to Nigeria, had asked Jonathan why he did not fire Sambo Dasuki, a retired colonel and National Security Adviser, for suggesting in London on January 22 that the 2015 elections should be postponed because of the fiasco over 30 million uncollected biometric voter’s cards.

    Imagine a foreign official questioning a sitting president why he didn’t fire his National Security Adviser. lord.

    • jimmy says:

      Do not open a can of worms unless you have the lid to close it.You know by tommorow the denials will come thick and fast. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • Are James says:

        Good idea. The NSA may be actually the one in the firing position now for all we know.
        All politician public office holders have become yeye again this period, infact I am going to slap a big public official in the face next week and nothing will happen.

    • Are James says:

      God bless you for this one. Anymore flying machines pictures related to the offensives?

      • sizzorkay says:

        No chief , i just found these online late last night, but was told i shouldn’t have put them up since they aren’t my private pics, my bad

      • ScouseNaija says:

        sizzorkay God go bles you and your generations unbormn for these beautiful pictures. Jumping like mad with joy as I see these, and yes we can still do better, much better than this. Viva NA, Viva Nigeria. May our Victory be from God alone!!

    • ScouseNaija says:

      Bless* Unborn*

  17. KKY says:

    ChiefBisongEta1: Fighting 4 over 5 hrs now between Chadian army and BH in Gambaru with BH using tunnels 4 first time to surprise Chadian troops.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Sizzorkay, if you have personal photos to show us, kindly reach me directly at

    There are salient issues to be worked out and we need to ask questions so that sources can be properly accredited. There is also the need to jointly determine what is permissible. One or two could be forgiven whereas a stash would elicit a backlash. You do not want us suffering the same fate as Sirius Black.

    Surely, we cannot for any reason dump another forum’s or blog’s content here. Don’t want to get muddled up in copyright issues. Remember how a celebrated female blogger got her platform shut down on account of allegedly reckless poaching of content from everywhere? The stakes here are pretty high as you can imagine.

    Thank you.

  19. Naijaseal says:

    There is new campaign on twitter #onepixperday directed at Defenseinfo and Gen Chris to pls release one picture per day from the NE front. Please join if you can. Be polite about the request, we are not out to antagonise MoD or Defense HQ, just something that will boost morale of the populace and shape the narrative.

    God bless Nigeria

  20. beegeagle says:

    Good that you emphasized the need for politeness.

    When some of us here do not see the changes which they desire implemented, the principal reason lies in loose talk. Instead of saying “NA why don’t you think of doing so and so”, they will tell you what small Rhodesia did, what Uganda did and end by asking if we are sure we can face up to Togo. In the end, tactlessness makes the communicator undeserving of being listened to.

    Get straight to the point instead of talking about what Chad did or Cameroon did not do.

  21. doziex says:

    Oga Beeg, with all due respect, sometimes adding what chad or kenya has done, provides the proper context of the problem being discussed.

    Nigerians and Nigeria’s officialdom have been aloof and in denial for too long.

    Making nice sometimes is insufficient to address our well known self inflicted wounds.

    • Are James says:

      I am watching sky news embedded with Cameroon BIR. They are pointing to Nigeria calling it Gwoza Caliphate. The entire premise here government in Nigeria. The BIR guys are even speaking passable english. Whole towns in Cameroon have their entire young recruited by BH.

      • Oje says:

        When i say we need to move in on the Cameroonians everyone thinks im mad. Slowly but steadily the clandestine invasion of Nigeria is ongoing.

  22. Oje says:

    Again the situation begs the question, why are we not telling our own story of the war thus far?

  23. Oje says:

    13 Chadian soldiers killed Wednesday.

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