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  1. beegeagle says:

    The BigFoot MRAP is heartwarmingly becoming a mainstay of infantry operations in the Northeast.

    STARTREK it was who suggested on the strength of privileged insight that the FG placed an order for 120 BigFoot MRAPs.

    And things are about to get better. During the Presidential Media Chat two days ago, the C-in-C indicated that disbursements from the US$1 billion special outlay for procurement are about to commence.

    Makes you wonder how nice things shall soon become IF with all the new tanks, IFVs, rocket artillery, MRAPs, armed drones and attack helicopters already delivered, we have not yet started to spend from the US$1 billion.

    The best is yet to come.

  2. kf says:

    Please oga beegs when are the jf 17s coming ?

  3. beegeagle says:

    We dunno that yet, KF.

    Truth is, IF the Pakistani eagerness to kickstart foreign sales is anything to go by, I would not be surprised if the NAF get supplied with some of the JF-17 Block 2s which are currently being produced for the Pakistan Air Force. So those could land in Nigeria at anytime.

  4. Colloid says:

    Oga beegs, do you noticed the ‘sub-heading’? Tell me, isn’t the Sambisa mission SOLELY NA work, or is it Multi-National? Am getting angrier with these “twist” by the media houses oo. Pls clarify

  5. ozed says:

    Hoped we would have secured Gwoza, Gujba and all other inhabited areas before venturing into Sambisa Forest. Wont this stretch our boys too thin?

    Any which way wish them God Speed! Keep up the momentum.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    I would suggest that we buy strong air defence systems too, not just air planes. The Roland is impotent in this era when some of our neighbours possess advanced, heavy jet fighters. For obvious reasons developing around boko haram, we need to be able to defend ourselves against stealth weapons from advanced armies as well (or at least make any adventurer do a double think).
    A modern air defence is far from a luxury in this day and age.

    We need capable long-range SAM’s like BUK-M2’s and HQ-9’s as well as comprehensive radar coverage for the entire country (not just littoral/oil producing areas). HQ-9’s are cheaper and the Chinese are much more willing to transfer technology than most arms dealing countries are, so that might be the way to go.

    For our trainers, lets go Su-54/Su-55. It is a fast 4+ generation supersonic light trainer that can handily replace our alpha jets.
    Its basically a miniature Su-33 that’s still awaiting a launch customer, so there are potential deals to be had, including possibly, technology transfer. The great thing about the Su-54 family is that it can simulate 4th and 5th gen fighter characteristics; it will also give us an opportunity to go with Russian or Chinese advanced fighters. Finally, it carries the Su-27’s advanced Phazotron radar (all-weather multimode, X band Pulse-Doppler), and because it is a trainer it will come cheap, so we can buy it in huge quantities.

    My Oga’s, I no be soja, so please educate me if I’m wrong.

    • CHYDE says:

      The BUK is a medium range SAM system not a long range system, The S-300 ( and depending on if LIVER dey, the S400 Triumph) is rather a better option, mind you i am not ruling out the Chinese HQ 9, if they are willing to transfer Technology, why not? It will be a great idea

    • Are James says:

      SU trainer jets Supported.
      $1bn should not go for anything less than 4.5gen combat jets. Aside from JF17s, we need some senior boy stuff …let us buy what India is buying from Russia in the lower quantities required. One half a squadron SU 34 and half squadron of PAK FA when it becomes available. Nigeria needs a “top gun” squadron of aircraft and pilots/ground crew always ready and at 90% availability. This is what they call strstegic elements of defsec architecture… not useless buzzwords to be thrown.about during.interviews n
      We are not going to be able to do this again in another 3 years so get the best and train, train and train

  7. Henry says:

    Proper Personnel kitting is just as important as heavy equipment. The Army should properly kit it’s personnel.

    • ozed says:

      Dont forget the often forgotten orphan of the military arms – Logistics!!

      The reason why morale is often so low on the front lines of the North east, the reason good food, replacement kits, water, medications and must importantly ammo is too often in short supply.

      We need to have sufficient logistics to keep at least a division on the field indefinitely.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Ozed, I agree completely with you. Because logistics don’t usually go “BOOM”, we forget how indispensable it is in the military.

        A fighting unit, battalion, Brigade is just as good the logistics deployed to support them in operations.

      • Are James says:

        Same thing. Air power related problems again.Strap all food, water, ammo, into para-dropable containers fly them over FOBs and barracks and drop them from the air. If you are sure of your safety and the security of the surrounding area the use Choppers; MI 8 and MI 17s.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Henry, its not just proper personnel kitting o. From pics and videos available, I have been doing a basic analysis on Nigerian and Chadian troops using their utility trucks (landcruiser/hilux) as the basic infantry unit. For Nigeria, one hilux carries at most 6 – 7 troops. For the Chadians, they seem to find away to squeeze up to 10 men per truck sitting on top of a lot of supplies. Have you also noticed that each Chadian landcruiser carries with it at least 10 RPGs? Compare that with our hilux, where our troops carry 1 or 2, with 3 RPGs being the most I’ve seen per Nigerian hilux or landcruiser. Not much supplies being carried, unless of course supplies make their way to troops via helicopters or other utility vehicles.These may seem very basic and rudimentary to many of us but it says a lot about our fire power at the most basic unit level.

      • Are James says:

        Good idea. Increase unit level firepower.
        Best approach is IFV – that is a walking armoury with canons, 12.7mm AA, ATGMs and numerous RPGs that can be carried on board. In the event you don’t have IFVs, get more RPGs and AGL s per platoon on 12.7mm Canon armed Hilux trucks, maybe a ratio of 50% of the platoon especially now we can’t guarantee timely reinforcements.

      • ozed says:

        Funny you mention this now. i had recently done some research on how much ammo an average soldier carries into a firefight. Various accounts for US and UK army have soldiers carrying between 7-10 30 round magazines per man. Some of the really scary accounts from our boys in the North East says soldiers are sent to war with as little as 2 30 round magazines per man. To get a feel for how inadequate this is, i invite you guys to watch any of the live firefight footages on youtube from iraq or afganistan. The Brit and US soldiers go through 2 mags within 3-4 minutes of an intense firefight.

        Why oh Why should we not have enough bullets? Shebi DICON dey manufacture bullets. We really need to up our game. If capacity is the issue, why not do partnerships with the private sector. private sector procures the factories, and runs them, but they are owned and secured by the military who would oversee all production batches.
        Anyway no be my work. They should figure it out and give our boys sufficient bullets. Its the least we owe them!!!!

  8. jimmy says:

    Does anyone I really want to know (OGA HENRY, BEEGEAGLE, XNUR, OBIX, SPIRIT) without any speculation what we within reason can expect to get from the $1b loan? it would form the basis of a piece of what I am working on.
    OGA ARE JAMES, I respect your comments except for the last part, I sincerely believe with everything within me the days of piecemeal procurement are over, personally @ this stage I cannot wait for the election to be over because one thing that will not matter whether it is GEJ/ BUHARI, once it is over reality will set in Neither one of these guys wants to carry this albatross around his neck expect $1-$2B yearly procurements till the boko haram as a group ceases to exists, the personal humiliation that Nigeria is going through right now has awoken a sleeping Giant.
    Yesterday was the first time this administration since the days of departed Foreign Minister Ashiru (mhrip) read the Diplomatic act to Foreign Ambassadors about meddling , right now we have an ONSLAUGHT of a MILITARY offensive on going to be followed by an election, expect a lot of activities between now and a period of ONE TO SIX MONTHS after the election.

    • Henry says:

      Oga Jimmy, this is a massive question, and in truth, I cannot answer it. At this point, I have no clue.

      • xnur44 says:

        Until the FG make payment then one is sure of aircraft type(s) and other systems, but their are proposals from the three armed services before the government.

  9. Deway says:

    The Igirigis are gradually phasing out the hilux trucks! Good!

    • mcshegz says:

      Welcome to Nigeria’s Military Industrial Complex, cheiiiiiii, see rugged Igirigi’s…… cheesussssssss
      Oga Buchi. I respect your hustle sir.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Sir, I am too tripped and cannot express in words, just tripped and spaced out, nothing like this any where in the region, fielding a convoy of made in Nigeria IFV, I am so proud, Now with our neighbours as Fela says ” No bi same category OO”

  10. buchi says:

    ehmmmm who is this hudini that did that to my pic… careful lol

  11. Ola says:

    Nice pictures sir Beegs! I hope to see the day the Nigerian armed forces PR unit will learn form Beegeagle and post actual combat pictures, if not videos. Also, My desire is to also see different variants of Igirigi on the front line. About the not yet spent US $1 billion, I will say we invest the money wisely in procurement. This is the time to sign reasonable contracts with Chinese and Russian defence companies. Time for BOLD, EYE POPPING, JAW DROPPING acquisition for an AFRICAN country.
    Let the navy get US $200 M Let the navy sign contracts of US $ 500-600 M dollars with this.
    Airforce US $500M Let the airforce sign contracts of US $1 – 1.5 bn with this.
    Army US $200 M Let the army sign contracts of at US $ 500-600 M dollars with this
    Our local ordinance factories should get US US1 $ 100M.
    What should this money be used for? Under a government to government, open and transparent deal (time to cut out greedy, corrupt middle men and end shady deals) The money for each unit should be initial down payment for various supplies. From my understanding, this money is different from the usual budgetary allocation and security votes, so all can be devoted to procurement that it was meant for. Time to put ourselves at least 25 years ahead of militaries in our subregion.
    Starting with our local ordinance factories, these guys should up their production of ordinance. All non-guided bombs, mortar and tank shells, HMG and LMG rounds as well as personal and small arms rounds should no longer be imported in this country, they should be exclusively supplied locally, irrespective of the calibre. We should be meeting our own needs. It’s time to also kit ALL our men properly too. Many of our men use Ballistic vests and helmets these days but we must not stop until EVERYONE that has a cause to put on our Armed forces uniform has one. Since these are being produced locally, we should patronize our companies and have an exclusive local supply.
    For NAF, I will continue to say “NO” to non-battle tested and proven JF-17. This is not the time for us to start experimenting with something just coming out of the factory from a nation that is just developing her own military aviation industry. We should aim for 15 units of used and upgraded SU-25 and rapidly confine Alpha jets and Chengdu J 7 to training purposes only. 15 Units of used but upgraded (mainly avionics) SU-27 and 20 units of Sukhoi Su-30MKK or Sukhoi Su-35. The contract should include precision munition. We need 2 highly advanced AWACS too.
    Army should procure 100 units of T-90. Let the army sell off 80 units of scorpion and 60 Vickers of what is left of the respective 150 and 136 units those that we acquired. We should add to the money realised and use it to buy 100 units of modern, non tracked AFV and IFVs and we need to see more Igirigi inducted.
    Let the navy continue with current acquisition with 2 more missile capable OPVs. It’s time for the navy to acquire a submarine. A cheap, fairly old but still very functional vessel more for training purposes and handling experience.
    All deals (NA, NAF and NN) need to simultaneously come with technology transfer and NAEME needs to do more in tech. advancement. Time to re-write our maintenance doctrine.
    Hopefully, the outstanding on this kind of procurement will be instalmentally paid off with subsequent special procurement vote.
    I do hope to see a no distant future where NSA will have a military arm that will join forces with NAF and NA to provide a multi-layered air defence system for us. We need purpose built military satellites and batteries of long range missile systems integrated with radar coverage of every square inch of Nigeria.

    • ozed says:

      Well said mon bro. Why for instance cant we make basic anti tank guided missiles? Even if we had to take apart our old Milan missiles and see what makes them tick. If we can make drones why cant we crack this?

    • Are James says:

      I agree on everything except busting the JF 17 deal. Don’t forget the engine on this aircraft is proven and not an experiment. The fly-by-wire has also been used before on an existing Chinese aircraft and has the standard 4x redundancy…so what else told the problem?. The aircraft is also upgradeable from the software standpoint and that is a key factor when you want to alter operational roles and use it in a different .
      Generally, it is also easier to digest a third world country derived high technology item than gold plated over bottled western types. The upgraded SU 25s are not going to be t hat many now that a lot of countries have started snapping them up really fast. We should not expose ourselves to more than a squadron only for Army aviation/COIN. Very expensive jet to put in the air we are told.

      I don’t have a view on your suggestion for an Air Defense Corps reporting to the NSA.
      The NSA would never get a constitutional role controlling any forces in Nigeria. He would continue to act in an advisory capacity with limited executive functions as delegated by the President from time to time.
      However there should be an Air Defense Corps reporting independently as a Service in its own right. We also need Cyberwarfare and defensive centre all provided for under the new National Defence Strategy document.

      • Ola says:

        Hi Are James, thanks for your response. By NSA, I mean Nigerian space agency, not National security Adviser. In hind sight now, I see they share same acronyms.
        About Jf- 17, I’m not an aviation expert but I know there is a lot that makes an aircraft fly apart form the engines. Starting from the body, simple things like how the gs you can subject the body to before it stalls or how much juice can you squeeze out of an aircraft engine to maximize the distance it can fly or the weaponry payload matters a lot. That aircraft is been built on chinese platforms which was reverse engineered from russian platforms and you cannot say it can compete with Russian platforms that were forged through the need to match the rest of the world strength for strength during the cold war.
        Yes, there may be a scramble for SU-25s but that does not mean we still cannot get 15 units. We do not necessarily have to get them after upgrade, we can buy them up and then give them to a defence company to upgrade for us to our specification. Again, I say that I am not an expert but based on what I saw for a few months in a non-affluent region where the maintenance culture is also not that great and and which operates this aircraft, the kind of treatment they subject them to, I have not seen any western aircraft that will survive it and still fly, I don’t know if Chinese platforms will survive it either.
        Lastly, I think it’s high time we have aircraft dedicated to ground attacks and troop supports rather than a multirole platform that will carry the burden of every one. Su 25 mixed with hinds are the best for places like the NE where NA is engaging boko haram.

    • gbash10 says:

      Oga Ola, the JF-17 deal is a good deal,because for the first time the NAF will have the opportunity to possess some capabilities that the Western world would not want us to have.
      Image Nigeria having the capability to launch stand-off weapons, BVR,Anti-radiation, and Anti-ship missiles. Do you know that the Egyptians don’t even have BVR capability on their glorified F-16 Falcons ?
      Please before you shout ‘NO’ do some research on the JF-17 first bros.

      • Ola says:

        Oga Gbash10, do you mean to say that SU 27/30 will not launch any of these weapons?
        In terms of weaponry and performance, the JF 17 is not superior to SU 27 in my honest opinion, of course we do not have any record of a head to head test for both yet. If it’s about BVR missiles, the Su 27 has it’s own ranges, but we should remember that acquiring a platform does not automatically translate to having all it’s usable weapons. It will only come with the package we pay for.
        Here is my point.Let us have the same family of aircraft for some time so that we can train many pilots on them and they will be familiar with all the units/variants that we have. Also, we should have dedicated fixed wings for dedicated purposes. SU-25 purely for troop support, SU 27 as interceptors and SU 30/35 as long range interceptors and air superiority fighters. If the army can send 1200 SFs to train in Russia, I think NAF can send 150 pilots and 200 mechanics to train in Russia too for these platforms to start with, in future, subsequent training should be done at home under the tutelage of joint instructors comprising our own men and invited Russian instructors for the next 3-5 years, all depending on how many pilots and aircraft support crew we want to train and how much knowledge we want to squeeze out of the foreign instructors..
        We should also remember that it’s not only JF 17 that can come with tech info, the SU family too can come with tech transfer if we strike the right cord with the Russians. After all, China, India and Pakistan today have a wealth of knowledge in military aviation, thanks to knowledge transfer from Russia.
        Finally, I think we should take a cue from this, the hype around the J 7 turned out to be more than its performance even though it’s a a good and affordable platform. As good as it may sound on paper, the JF-17 remains an untested platform. An untested and unproven platform from an upcoming nation is good for knowledge and we can buy trainer versions of fixed wings from them, but not something to build an air force on, I would say. The middle eastern airforces know what they’re doing when they often buy training versions of fixed wings from places like Pakistan but build their airforce on western fixed wings.
        That is my humble submission.

  12. Colloid says:

    It’s good the Igirigis are more engaged in combat now. The fact that they are phasing out “civilian” hilux trucks is a welcome development. Oga buchi, do you have any intel on where these are heading to? Those Nigerian “traitors and unpatriotic elements” on social media esp Nairaland must be tutelage on this. If you read some comments on NL, you will almost puked out if you are eating bx then. The level of awareness esp APC stalwart is next to zero. Am not against any party but that party member on NL have rubbished the Army more than anything. I opened a thread stating categorically that NA is solely the one doing the mission in NE except where MNJTF is assign. But some goons say No, Chad is the Best, teaching NA how to fight BH. They need re-orientation.

  13. mcshegz says:

    Oga Are James. I respect your hustle sir.
    I concur sir, our aim at this point should be technology transfer, nothing less, we should gravitate towards those that are willing to partner with us and impact necessary skills required in the aviation industry, albeit with Nigerian private companies as well. We cannot continue to be held at ransom, today its the west, tomorrow i bet my life, its the east we have no friends, Nigeria is fighting this war alone, the one and only black world power, whom do we have to look up to? who else dey dier?, we cannot allow history repeat itself in such vivid likeness, Nigeria must learn to produce what it consumes, if not now, when? until we have another war on our hands? God forbid, we must learn to manufacture, even if we are starting with 40-50% local production capacity, wetin dey dier? na winch dey manufacture fighter jets, omo, we must shine our eyes ohh, which level, we already have the capacity to develop satellites, soon to be manufactured and launched in country, this is something to be proud of, Igirigi, and the Navy’s Andoni?, please, please, ask the Indians what they now understand, build in country, you want to sell us rafale abi, build it in country, for Nigeria, JF-17 seems like the best opportunity we’ve had in years to truly master this art, we must not let it go un-utilized. Once we have these capabilities, we can then buy 1, 2, 3, fighter jets from across the world, and make sure our capacities are at par, if not more. That’s how we spook the vultures, #VictoryForNigeria.

  14. beegeagle says:

    On point, bro.

    The President also placed emphasis on govt to govt contracts in the disbursement of the US$1 billion war chest.

  15. sizzorkay says:

    nigerian airforce qrf giving support to the ground troops in the north east


    Ahmad Salkida ‏@ContactSalkida · 38m38 minutes ago
    “@JanguzaArewa: Airpower was the decisive element in repelling attack on #Gombe.” Sources say, Gombe was never to be taken. @alouibrahim92

    Maina Kachallah ‏@am280mag · 1h1 hour ago
    “@Bawuwo: Gun sounds and explosives everywhere in Gombe state 3 days after Ali modu sheriff visited the town”

    Maina Kachallah ‏@am280mag · 1h1 hour ago
    “@Eldukku: Curfew Has been Imposed.”

    Complete Silence after Serious engagement as Nig Forces engage BH frm da Air &on ground. Fighter Jets continue hovering in the Air thou

  17. Augustine says:

    Which NAF helicopter uses pintle mounted guns in the above photo?

  18. beegeagle says:


    Oga ghash, I think those pictures
    were from Op Serval in Mali. Might be the reason why the choppers are
    Gazelles and there are also buildings in that forest. I find it hard to believe that is Sambisa.

    • rugged7 says:

      The ones above with the spec ops QRF is definitely in a Nigerian helicopter. ?Query type.
      The ones in Nairaland are definitely of the french military forces in operation serval and NOT sambisa forest.

      • beegeagle says:

        As far as I can recall, the Nigerian Air Force QRF commandos operate thr upgraded Super Puma helics which were reworked at Eurocopter Romania and returned to service in March 2012

  19. Oje says:

    Fellow Comrades, off topic and apologies in advance for those that might view this comment as completely unnecessary but oh well, a happy man is a happy man. I just got myself my very first State of the art Car and thought to share it with you guys.

  20. Oje says:

    …..back on track,

    How is it Boko Haram is capable of taking on the combined forces of perhaps 3 of Sub Saharan Africa’s most powerful militarizes at once, opening up multiple frontal attacks. If conventional military strikes are not getting the desired result we wants and on time then its high time we adopt Adolphus Hitlers brilliant strategy in getting the best our of his generals. I do believing will work best, especially in a society like Nigeria.

    • jimmy says:

      Once of the reasons why apart from blaming Nigeria for everything and they do deserve a significant portion of the blame is there are boko haram sympathizers in all four countries.This may not sit well with the western narratives,but the evidence has become even to the Myopic people of Niger. They have only now started to arrest people who were well known arms smugglers .The city of diffa has been attacked by people who know where to attack. In short bh has people embedded in theses countries which is what the Nigerian Military Intel has been saying for a long time. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

  21. Oje says:

    Well IMO morale is the key and not more weapons becomes we do not have the luxury of months to train crews to use these new platforms. We do not need 200 T-72 Tanks to fight an enemy with no amour, no air force and no Navy. Boko Haram has been hit repeatedly by airstrikes first from Nigeria, then Chad yet there seems to be little progress save for the usual running in cycles, capturing and repelling.

    Propose $1 million reward to the Chief of army staff for the capture of the remaining 9 villages under Boko Haram control and watch it unfold in your eyes in 6 days. Promise the Chief of air staff a $2 million reward it can completely wipe out Boko Haram truck convoys and watch it happen in one week. Allocate $20 million in cash to the 7th division to retake back all territories lost to Boko Haram and watch it happen in one month. Its no secrete Hitler lavishly rewarded his Generals with Real Estates, Country side homes and millions of Marks. Nothing beats a motivating factor and few things are more motivating than huge financial rewards.

  22. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga Oje, succinct! Your proposal is quite interesting and plausible. Just like you sometimes have ‘off the field’ incidents contributing to winning soccer games, it can be considered similar and considered as actions ‘beyond the battlefield.’

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