A Chinese-built BigFoot MRAP of the Nigerian Army on patrol in the Far Northeast.


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    • beegeagle says:

      Not yet.

      But we shall prevail. We have the momentum now, so long as no self-injurious and bird-brained ceasefire scams rear their ugly heads yet again.

      The NA and NAF should press their advantage with resolve and ruthlessness. I am pleased to learn that the GOC 7 Division and the Commander 5 Brigade are leading this fight from the front. That is the hallmark of good generalship such as made the likes of Lt General Joshua Dogonyaro, Brig Gen Tunji Olurin and Brig Gen Maxwell Khobe such effective frontline commanders during the ECOMOG years.

      There can be no quantifying the mollifying effect which the presence of the Generals will have on morale since the troops are reassured that any potential snags – ammo, provisions, air support – will be immediately redressed by their top commander who has direct access to the COAS that sent him there to oversee operations.

      Way to go, Generals Adeosun and Udoh. No let up.

  1. beegeagle says:


    17 February, 2015
    YAOUNDE, Cameroon (AP)

    The Nigeria-based extremist group Boko Haram on Monday threatened neighboring countries Niger and Chad, warning the fighters were prepared to carry out suicide bombings in the countries sending troops to help fight the militants.

    The warning came as leaders from Niger and other countries in the region gathered in Cameroon’s capital to finalize plans for a joint offensive against the militants who have stepped up their attacks in recent weeks.

    In a translation published by the SITE
    Intelligence Group, Boko Haram sharply criticized Niger for joining the effort and said the country was being dragged into a “swamp of darkness.” Over the last 10 days,Boko Haram fighters have repeatedly struck the town of Diffa but not the capital. “If you insist on continuing the aggression and the coalition with the government of Chad, then we give you glad tidings that the land of Niger is easier than the land of Nigeria and moving the war to the depth of your cities will be the first reaction toward any aggression that occurs after this statement,” it said, according to SITE’s transcript.

    A multinational force to fight Boko Haram is expected to be formally launched in coming weeks. Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin initially pledged to help Nigeria. On Monday, Burundi and Central African Republic also agreed to contribute troops to fight the militant group.

    The Islamic extremist group has fought a five-year insurgency against Nigeria’s government, leaving 10,000 people dead last year alone. The violence has forced some 157,000 people to seek refuge in Niger, while 40,000 others have gone to Cameroon and 17,000 are in Chad, the U.N. said. Almost 1 million Nigerians are internally displaced, according to the country’s own statistics.

    On Monday, leaders in Central Africa said that 10 member states had agreed to contribute most of the $100 million needed to combat Boko Haram. They did not state how much had been raised nor how much is remaining despite calling for the creation of an emergency fund to
    bridge the difference.

  2. beegeagle says:

    ANOTHER moronic report by the AP. The following excerpts suffice:


    A multinational force to fight Boko Haram is expected to be formally launched in coming weeks. Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin initially pledged to help Nigeria. On Monday, Burundi and Central
    African Republic also agreed to contribute troops to fight the militant group.


    * So, so, Cameroon and so initially agreed to help Nigeria. That is factually, silly. How many attacks have Cameroon endured already? Dozens? It is not more important to help themselves?

    This month alone, BH killed 5 Cameroonian soldiers and about 100 civilians at Fotokol; they kidnapped 11 persons elsewhere in the same Far North region and only yesterday attacked a military post at Waza and you are agreeing to help Nigeria? You better help yourselves first and quit wallowing in your small republic Napoleonic complex. When Cameroon invited Chadian soldiers onto her territory, was that meant to help Nigeria as well? You people just write your incongruent, feel good stories without reality checks?

    * Nobody asked BURUNDI to come near these parts except they are going to be stationed in Cameroon. What business of theirs is the fight? The CAR are one of the six states in the Lake Chad Basin eventhough they do not share a common frontier with Nigeria.

    Which Burundi? The one which is currently enmeshed in a scandal in which their troops extrajudicially executed over 45 insurgents after they had surrendered?

    Nigeria, BEWARE. That is a first step towards landing an AU peacekeeping force in our country and thereafter, the UN will take over the force, citing financial incapacitation. Remember Mali and Darfur where the unfolding template has been used? Then, having obtained the UN’s seal of approval, those greedy and self-obsessed Western powers will enjoy the legitimacy with which to run and ruin Nigeria by proxy. What are they doing for Tunisia, Libya and Yemen now after the Machiavellian intrigues?

    The only gameplan here is to prevent the Chinese from securing access to the STRATEGIC minerals necessary to run the defence and aerospace industries which are available in that part of Nigeria.
    These people have no altruistic designs for Nigeria. Only our trusty C-in-C has refused to accept this and move on. These powers would sooner facilitate the decline of state authority in that part of Nigeria, so that warlords become defacto rulers and mining concessions can be obtained to plunder a weakened state.

    Nigeria must not get involved in joint operations with any non-regional troops (meaning troops from beyond the Chad Basin+nextdoor Benin). The morale of the Nigerian soldiers has been dented enough. I hope our NSA realises the full implications of this banana peel.

  3. beegeagle says:


    Nigerian soldiers backed by air strikes recaptured two towns from Boko Haram on Monday as U.S. and regional troops began war games in
    neighboring Chad, part of a growing international campaign to counter the Islamist militant group.

    However,guerrillas from Boko Haram, which has killed and kidnapped thousands in a six-year insurgency in
    Africa’s most populous nation, still managed to attack a military camp near Waza in northern Cameroon,
    wounding several soldiers.

    “The wounded are being evacuated. The insurgents have been stopped,” a Cameroonian military officer
    told reporters in Maroua, a town just south of the restive Lake Chad region
    where Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon meet.

    After coming under fire, the soldiers in Cameroon,where 100 people were massacred in a Boko Haram border raid two weeks ago, hit back by
    killing several guerrillas and capturing an armored personnel carrier, the officer added.

    Monday’s strike beyond Nigeria’s borders is typical of Boko Haram’s recent tactics — hitting troops gearing up for a coordinated campaign against its effort to build an Islamic caliphate in northeastern Nigeria.

    In Nigeria itself, where the insurgency was cited as the main reason for postponing a Feb. 14 election by six weeks, the military said it was going on the offensive after months of criticism for an insufficient and inefficient response. Troops backed by aircraft recaptured the northeastern town of Monguno, on the shores of Lake Chad, it said in
    a statement. Monguno was seized by Boko Haram in an offensive last month that also targeted Maiduguri, the regional capital.

    “The air and land operation is
    continuing with aggressive advance towards other designated communities and locations meant to be cleared in the ongoing offensive against the terrorists,” defense spokesman Major- General Chris Olukolade said. The army had also seized the nearby town of Marte, the statement said.

    War Games

    Coinciding with the Nigerian offensive, Chad launched a U.S.-backed counter-terrorism exercise involving 1,300 soldiers from 28
    African and Western countries that has been billed as a warm-up for a multi-pronged onslaught against
    Boko Haram.

    The annual “Flintlock” exercises began in 2005 in an attempt to improve cross-border cooperation in
    Africa’s arid Sahel belt, a region prey to al Qaeda- linked and home-grown
    Islamists, separatist insurgents and criminal trafficking gangs.

    But as the death toll and outrage at Boko Haram have mounted — particularly after the kidnapping of more than 200 schoolgirls from the
    town of Chibok last April — the group has become the primary target of the

    Chad suffered its first known lethal attack last week in what appeared to be a revenge strike for deploying its forces in the Nigerian border town of Gambaru. “This exercise to a large
    extent can be considered a warm-up to enable our special forces to learn
    techniques in the fight against terrorism,” Chadian Brigadier General Zakaria Ngobongue said in a speech to mark the start of the

    More than 250 U.S. troops will take part in the three-week training drill, helping improve intelligence-sharing, patrols, desert survival
    techniques, airborne operations and
    marksmanship, the U.S. military said. Other nations taking part in Flintlock include Algeria,Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Mauritania,Niger,
    Nigeria, Senegal and Tunisia

  4. beegeagle says:


    Securing Strategic Minerals for War

    Those interests, erroneously attributed to the American people, include oil — Nigeria is the 13th largest oil producer in the world — and numerous strategic minerals, including chromium, cobalt, platinum and manganese. Without these minerals, “it would be virtually impossible to produce many defense products such as jet engine, missile components, electronic components, iron, steel, etc.,” notes a report issued by the U.S. Marine Corp. The main competitor for these strategic minerals is China,which has pushed aside the United States and France in African trade.

    AFRICOM was established explicitly to
    counter this perceived threat.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Oga now the cat is being let out of the bag, Nigerian Military was always meant to lose this encounter. N0w we are beginning to see it goes beyond BH, they are just a means to an end. like in Libya, Syria.
      The west is focused and would not stop at anything, the foolish francophone simpletons are going to be used. We need to start doing things our selves those minerals are the future. Start manufacturing, start getting surface to surface missiles technology, we would eventually come against this guys, all the bad press is preparing their populations mind for the encounter. Missile force can be developed, Look high school students build this devices. same as trying to build space launch program, we have satellites, so we have reasons that are not military to acquire this technology for our satellite program. I understand a number of test firing took place years ago in a center at epe.
      I laugh when I keep reading American this American that, We are in a very serious situation, the Nigerian Military need to get rid of BH in short order, those towns occupied by Chadian and Foreign troops would remain under their control for a very long time and also all minerals there. they would have full support of the UN,AU, etc as being a necessary presence to prevent further BH activities, even if they are unable to take the resources glaringly, they would at least prevent the Chinese, Indians, etc..
      Since when did the white west start caring about black Africans, it has always been that way, even Hitlers manifesto says ” Blacks will serve Whites” period and that mentality has not changed, it is simply the out cry by moderate people in the home countries that is preventing an out right invasion/re-colonization, not arms or casualties are a deterrent ( Native indian, Australian aborigines, Maori of New Zealand, South American indians), after all , how would we feel if their was a group or race of people that have all natural endowment and minerals to achieve greatness, but hang around unable to show they can do things by themselves , always waiting for the west. that is why the Igirigi is a very important turn of events. they turn a blind eye to it, but it is surely noted.
      There would be no accurate information about Nigeria, propaganda is all about the state of mind and they have gone very far in projecting Nigeria as incapable of running it’s affairs which is now affecting it’s well behaved, little aspiration neighbours. it is setting ground for Western heavy presence. we need to sort this BH out in quick order.

  5. beegeagle says:

    How some of the Oyibo writers arrive at their conclusions beggars belief? I thought they said BH occupy territory which is equal in size to Belgium…roughly 20% of the State of Emergency area which spans 155,000 sq km?

    How has this chap managed to translate that to 20% of national territory, something which would mean that BH control every hamlet, village, town and city in the 155,000 sq km span that is the State of Emergency area (ALL of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states) ????

  6. jimmy says:

    I will try not to belittle Operation Flintlock because obviously a lot of planning went into it,but as a blogger pointed out the list of countries that in recent years have received US aid consists of the following:
    Libya they got the humvees ,all are not doing well infact some do not even have a current head of state.The work of the NA,together with the pmc,and the returning russian trained SF is apparently showing.Maj Gen Adeoshun is well liked by his men and morale is high,this also is another factor although to early to tell it does appear the 7 div got their man.

  7. beegeagle says:


    This “war game” Operation Flintlock is looking suspect as hell. At a time
    when we are on the offensive against the insurgents, the West and its allies are holding war games in our backyard. This might just be a ploy to take the shine that we are getting off the army.

    The “games” are taking place in Chad where it is suspected that the Chibok girls are being held. The participants of the games may well “stumble” on the location of the said girls an “liberate” them. Once again, its timing and location is suspect.

  8. camouflage1984 says:

    Nigerian Amphibious Soldiers now inserted in Dogon Fili & liberated Bunudaram villages near Baga previously captured by #BokoHaram fighters

  9. buchi says:

    i am getting some not so palatable news from askira uba my ogas

    • Augustine says:

      Oga buchi read your story to the end… shaking, it says…..

      “Gunda, the vigilante group spokesman, suggested that Boko Haram’s seizure of Askira Uba was a “desperate measure, because everyone is after them now. There is nowhere for them to go anymore.”

      “Askira Uba is part of the Sambisa Forest. The militants are trying to run away. The attack on the town is just a desperate attempt to hide somewhere,” he said.

      “I can tell you they’re under fire,” Gunda asserted.

      He said a joint army-vigilante force would soon flush the militants out of Askira Uba.”


  10. buchi says:

    hmmmm explains everything………hostiles taking to their heels from sambisa forest west to askra hiding place for scumbags #boko

  11. Lefa says:

    Finally, we are now on the offensive against these animals..

  12. beegeagle says:

    Well, let them press on with Sambisa Forest. BH thrive on hugging the headlines and clearly ravaged Askira-Uba to prove the point that they are still in the fight. Sambisa FIRST, that place is twice the size of Lagos State whereas Askira is no more than a town.

    These goons could be encircled if attacked from Damboa, Biu and Mubi which would have the pressed against the anvil that is at Sambisa Forest.

  13. Augustine says:

    Anyone noticed that the Newsweek story of Nigerian military victory in Monguno was posted with headline photo of Chadian army troops only? No single Nigerian military photo on a Nigerian military success story ! Does Chad now represent Nigeria’s battlefield achievements?

  14. beegeagle says:

    We have talked and tired out from doing so. The NA must not allow foreign troops to go beyond ONE MILE of our borders. No joint ops outside border towns such as Banki/Amchide, BAGA/Baga Sola and Gamboru/Fotokol.

    Imagine if there are foreign forces in a fight where the BH leader is killed, what do you think the global media would write, prodded on by local morons on their payroll such as Aminu Abubakar?

    We had better know what we are doing. Morale is on the up. We need not deflate it by ourselves.

  15. beegeagle says:

    Looks like AFP are nothing but an official mouthpiece of the French Govt. Their impartiality is highly suspect.


    Questionable Excerpts


    The current regional force comprising troops from Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon has claimed early successes against Boko Haram, recapturing towns seized by the militants since mid-2014.


    Chadian troops moved into Gamboru after aerial bombardment by Nigerian and Chadian forces.

    WHICH OTHER NIGERIAN TOWNS have regional forces fought in? In which of them have troops from Niger fought AT ALL? When it is convenient for them to do so, AFP lie. Where specifically have regional forces fought inside Nigeria?

    Secondly, Cameroon “announced” that they had killed 86 Boko Haram whereas Nigeria “claimed” to have retaken Monguno? Because regional forces cannot claim the glory for that?

    Thirdly, AFP used to be the first news agency to report on videos released by BH. Now that they have threatened to flatten Niger, how come this writer, a Niger national, failed to carry that story? France do not want to demoralise the people of Niger but if it had been her rival for influence in West Africa, AFP would have been the first agency to write a report pertaining to the video?

    Shame, shame, SHAME on AFP.

    • Are James says:

      Haba but we knew about AFP.
      We know AFP is always first with Shekau videos. I am surprised at your surprise.

      • beegeagle says:

        My brother, I just cant stomach the hypocrisy, man. Come on, NOBODY beats AFP when it comes to spotting BH videos. Now that they have one on Niger in circulation, Mama France have gone quiet so that her African kids do not get justifiably alarmed and lose the stomach for a fight.

        But AFP have been in celebratory mood whenever one of those Shekau videos directed at the Nigerian State gets released.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        My Oga’s, the further coincidence is that Shekau is from Niger Republic, but AFP and others always insinuate that he is a Nigerian. Also, when boko haram attacks in Cameroon whose North is almost 100% boko haram, they report that it is “Nigeria’s boko haram.”

  16. Naijaseal says:

    US to provide Intel equipment to fight BH
    Make una see this two faced US ppl o

    • ozed says:

      Na so!
      like they have been supplying before abi?
      If Africa doesnt know they are on their own by now, then they are in a long thing!

  17. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg. We knew this things would happen. It was predicted on this blog. But nobody listened. Now it is obvious that our successes are being given to other countries. An effeicient PR campaigncan counter this. I hope Gen Olukolade has something on his sleeves…

  18. rka says:

    “He also revealed that the Nigerian military has a lot of equipment coming in which will enhance the morale and performance of the troops during operations.

    The Major General further noted that the operation, apart from being joint, is also combined, maintaining that each of the services has played its role as defined.

    “While the Air Force is giving the required fire from the air and giving cover to every advance on the field, troops are moving in and occupying the streets and clearing the terrorists on ground” he maintained.”

  19. jimmy says:
    oga RKA
    i was just about to post the story from another source it does appear some more “equipment” is coming in ,OGA ZACHARY any leads?

  20. Kola Adekola says:

    Teleguided armed and civil insurrections seem to be the new template for stand-off control, so Nigeria must beware.

    Algeria survived the Arab Spring and then began arming up like the world was about to end.
    Before the Arab Spring, Algeria had also just won a civil harrowing war with Islamist rebel groups that led to very heavy loss of life.
    Just like Nigeria is bordered by an antagonistic Cameroon, Algeria shares a border with Morocco which is a Saudi and Western ally.
    It is possible that the Algerians learnt something that scared the pants off them and so in a few short years have become Africa’s 2nd strongest army.

    It might be in Nigeria’s interest to get closer to Algeria, also we must arm up heavily as a deterrent. We can afford to spend 5% of our GDP (about $26billion in todays terms) per annum on the modernisation and refitting of our army, especially if it is for a fixed number of years. A country our size, wealth and aspirations needs a modern, well equipped army of 500,000 at the very least.

    Our eastern neighbours are ruled by strongmen and thugs, so can be expected to always act the fool (to the extent of selling their own mothers) in their quest for self preservation. It is easier to deal with Benin and Niger Republics (in that order), diplomacy and economic carrots will work for these two.
    For Chad and Cameroon, we need to place a very formidable military presence to overlook the Chad basin and our Cameroonian flank. We should have both advanced anti-aircraft, quick reaction and missile capabilities to dissuade the three countries at the Lake Chad nexus and their puppet masters. Money should not be an object in setting this up, otherwise it would cost us much more to fix problems (as we find with boko haram and our past errors of judgement).

    In that way we can plug the most serious loophole in which boko haram can muddle the direction they have come from by using a four country junction at Lake Chad and deal with border breaches on a per country basis.

    Boko haram would be relatively isolated in Cameroon with which we share a very long border; so we can go further to wall it off as has been suggested numerous times here. The wall need not cost heaven and earth – as long as every last material is not imported (eg no iron bars) and we use only local labour that doesn’t require dollar transactions; we can simply print any Naira amount the wall will cost – its what the US calls Quantitative Easing. Basically, we can kill two birds with one stone; build the border wall for free or what it costs to run the Naira printing press, as well as massively boost local youth employment. The lesson of this last paragraph is the importance of a local industrial base.

    As to what the international press says, there is little we can do. The Iraq weapons of mass destruction saga comes to mind. Things will be said, so long as the press has been recruited on a mission. What we need do is get the bit between out teeth and ACT. Actions never go unnoticed, which is why our recent military successes have been reported with some fairness especially as their “great” Chadians are clearly running in highly disappointing circles between Gamboru and Fotokol).

    • Are James says:

      To add to what you are saying. On defence and security, a government should not be looking at oil and gas export earnings alone, it should actually bevlooking at the size of the economy. Admittedly, the GDP is actually down to about $450bn now with naira devaluation (they wont tell you that) but this means that an expenditure of at least $20bn per annum is possible for defence / security per annum with at least half of that going to procurement and R&D. If a government can’t raise that money then that government is not doing TAXATION correctly and we need to be paying taxes. In the UK it is 40% for the rich and 25% average for the middle class. In the US it is averaging 30%. We need to start getting serious.

  21. beegeagle says:

    I ask AGAIN, why have the FG not come out categorically to ask China for support in the ongoing war, same way they have been running after the USA shamelessly but to no avail?

    The China I KNOW will outflank all else in terms of the lethality of the equipment that they will offer. We cannot get defensive equipment such as uparmoured HMVVs and MRAPs from America, not so? Well, China who have already gone the unfathomable mile by selling UACVs to Nigeria will swiftly deliver for free Kontakt and cage armour, WZ 551 APCs, mortars, flak jackets etc.

    Last I checked, they were delivering free 122mm howitzers to the Sierra Leone Army. Will any of these Western partners who never get off TV where they talk endlessly about continuing to “engage with our Nigerian partners” and bla-bla. What are they engaging that never delivers a bullet?

    We need a Plan B o, FG. This “Yankee-or-I-die” business has gone beyond the pale. It is a war and we need armaments, not lectures or hollow posturing. Time to wake up.

  22. beegeagle says:

    More publicity stunts.

    They cannot now run riot annexing border communities and far-flung districts. So the new gimmick to keep them hugging the headlines is suicide bombings and urban outrages.

    Notice the metamorphosis of BH. Between 7 Sept 2010 and the May 14, 2013 start of the SoE, they were into urban guerrilla warfare – driveby shootings, attacks on police stations, roadside IED attacks and suicide blasts.

    When they were driven out of the cities, they regrouped in the remote countryside and started to prey on far-flung communities – slitting throats, burning and looting villages and occupying them whilst flitting back and forth across borders into the passive neighbouring republics.

    Now that the NA and NAF have moved against them in the far-flung districts, they are moving into urban centres to resume their urban guerrilla warfare. These past few weeks just think about the number of suicide bombings recorded in Gombe, Potiskum, Damaturu, Biu etc.

    BH are clearly under pressure on the military front and they are trying to go back to living in the towns and cities where they can find refuge. But the NA fared much better in the urban warfare – think about what it took to pacify a giant city such as Kano and other cities such as Bauchi, Jos, Zaria and KD where Sunday-Sunday suicide attacks on churches used to be the norm in 2012-13.

    In the KD-ZAR-JAJ-KN axis specifically, Maj Gen(rtd) Garba Wahab held sway as GOC 1 Mechanised Division while two of his subordinates were Brig Gen(now Maj Gen) II Abbah who was the Commander 3 Motorised Bde at Kano while Brig Gen (now Maj Gen) TC Ude was Commander 41 Div Engrs (the Engr Bde under 1 Div, that is).

    Between these three Generals, the astonishing feat of pacifying the big cities of Kano, Kaduna and Zaria was achieved. So we know how the NA fare in urban warfare.

    Think about those days when 3-day battles were the standard feature of life in Potiskum and Damaturu. The NA always defeated those invasions and secured the cities. I dare say that urban warfare is something the NA are even better at managing.

    • buchi says:

      definitely NA have fared better in urban warfare else the reality on ground is that key strategic objectives like maiduguri,yola,damaturu,gombe can not be breached and will always be frying pan zones for BH sauce

  23. buchi says:

    oga henry abeg no vex make i steal your handwork small LOL

    i guess this is a bmp-80 not really sure due to the lenght of the cannon

  24. buchi says:

    ehm situation report..radioing back to HQ

    • asorockweb says:

      I have noticed a disturbing trend in the new NA officer uniforms:
      The pips now look like stars.

      Considering that the NA has also flirted with US army insignia at the general officer level, this is not a good trend.

      The officer in the foreground is a Lieutenant, but he is wearing 2 stars on his chest.

      • jimmy says:

        However though not to defend it but you will agree that the Crossed swords distinguished a general from a second Lt or even the triangular spacing of the brigs stars and the eagle still seperates it quite well from a capt’s three stars. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

      • asorockweb says:

        True. But have the NA completely reverted back to only British insignia?

        If a Major General still wears 2 stars on his chest, then an Lt. Should NOT also wear two stars on his chest.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga Aso rock Much emphasis is placed on the British tradition due to respect going back to the Glover’s Hausas hence they (the Nigerian army) will always keep the cross swords.The cross swords represent the mark of the General as well as the red necks that is also british .The distinguishing factor for the army for the Lt .Gen is the star ,the eagle andthe cross swords. But the Navy. On their new uniform has introduced the three Stars.Check out a recent photo of the Coas. One thing that is going to keep coming up is why the Army chief is not a 4 star and the Six chiefs underneath him are not Lt.Gens,but that is a story for another day. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network

    • Are James says:

      Mandara mountains.
      Now I realize why we need 40 choppers. Resupply and quick support always a big issue.

  25. Are James says:

    Pay the money.

  26. beegeagle says:


    Exceedingly happy Monguno retaken, the new GOC is obviously an offensive minded fellow who is giving the enemy hell and more, the men seem encouraged. Its critical to note that Ransome Kuti and Adeoshun were both made Brigadiers at the same time around 2011 but now Ransome Kuti is facing charges for the fall of Baga and Adeoshun is cleaning up the Niger/Lake Chad front. The Commander is primary in any effort to execute a strategy, even if the strategy is perfect the commander is the architect of its success or failure.

    I anticipate Baga/Doron Baga will be retaken by Nigerian forces (East attack from Lake Chad , South attack from Monguno) or MNJTF if its a 360 attack from Abadam and from Niger also. The attacks on Askira Uba is simply BH lashing out at a soft target that has been in an ungoverned space, and is also part of their “smaller” war against the representatives of the Sokoto Caliphate, with their killing of the Emir , they again show that they reject the current state of Islam in NE Nigeria and that they regard ALL symbols of religious authority apart from theirs to be Takfiri (Apostate), when in fact BH are Apostate. This may be the key to the loss of hearts and minds, as BH attacks and kills Muslims and their religious authorities, the more motivated the Emirs and Imans will be to speak against them in Sermons and Gazettes, this could devolve to an ideological fight between Takfiri Jihadis vs the Sufism model normally practiced in West Africa.

    With the issue of MNJTF, With the current successes of the Nigerian Army, We should not need MNJTF to advance from the border areas, the FOB’s can be right there at the border towns and should have embedded Nigerian officers for units on the Nigerian side, Cameroon officers on the Cameroon side and Niger officers on the Niger side, al forces should be able to engage in hot pursuit.

    Sambisa seems to be a key haven, I doubted NA could invest a region that size with the troops it had but it seems BH may be more centralized for logistics reasons, or they may be in small numbers, for whatever reason it looks like NA is having great success and going forward will probably have the forest under full control sharpish.

    There is dearth of information from Gujba, Buni Yadi axis. Is that area totally pacified and Damaturu safe? Buni Yadi with Green white green in city center? Or will it be pacified after Sambisa, Southern Borno? Also see BH latest attacks in Gombe over the weekend, which was probably an attempt tp stretch air cover as Monguno was being attacked by 7th div.

  27. beegeagle says:

    Guys, Major Generals wear the eagle and ‘scissors’ on their chest and two stars on their COLLARS. That is why the young Lts can wear two stars on their chest.

  28. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg, abeg update me on my two favourite Generals….did the last posting exercise affect them? The posting wasnt made public. I know Maj.Gen II Abbah is the military secretary while Maj.Gen TC UDE is the director of plans. Did the recent postings made to accomodate newly promoted Maj.Gens affect them? Was expecting them to be posted to the field after spending a year behind the desk. Keep up the good work!

  29. ugobassey says:

    The recent increase in bombings is indicative of a waning BH that is going back to what it usually did before it dreamt of capturing territories for a Caliphate. Its dreams of a regional stronghold is now about to end.

  30. beegeagle says:


    • emereuwa says:

      Obama’s antics look childish to me honestly.
      looking for every possible means to undermine Nigeria.
      He denies us weapons, engages in war games in chad, runs a drone base in Niger and now supplying cameroon with equipment to fight BH while leaving out the main center of the action.

      I only wish our leaders will stop running and begging him for what we know we cannot get from him.

      Please go to china we beg you in the name of God.

    • tbite says:

      America! Leader of the Fleece World!

    • Are James says:


  31. jimmy says:

    America has now accomplished the unthinkable
    They now supply weapons to REPRESSIVE GOVTS that have no interests in democracy whatsoever.
    Cameroon (38 years one president)
    Chad since 1990 24 years ( No talk of election whatsoever and KERRY IS RUSHING DOWN TO Nigeria because an election was postponed by six weeks SMDH).
    Nigeria needs to concentrate all her resources to end this war once and for all.

  32. THE OFFENSIVE HAS BEGUN, its funny how suddenly the So Called Allies hv been busy on their borders yet claim they are liberating Nigerian towns wicked Propaganda begs the question what our DDI is doing to counter this daily attack?

  33. beegeagle says:

    What we got was the BVP-1 made in Czechoslovakia, not the Yugoslav M80.

    The BVP-1 in this photo carries a 73mm gun, just like the BMP-1. The only difference is that the gun on the BVP has been elongated.

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