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  1. Saleh says:

    Cool to know the acquisition of BVP-1 is confirmed

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah, I actually saw a Russian language online portal which carried the story and used Google Translate to read what they wrote. It did not mince words at all in stating that EXCALIBUR sold T72 tanks, RM-70 122mm MRLS and BVP-1 IFVs to Nigeria.

      Nice one. The NA should arrange for cage armour from China. Let’s fence off this asset from marauders.

      • Henry says:

        What about we develop our own Slat armour, surely that’s achievable.

        Although the chinese/ eastern bloc countries might not ask questions, neither they, are our friends. Many times Defence Procurement aren’t only based on money, interests are just as important as money.

        Our only true ally/friend is our oil.

      • beegeagle says:

        Downline, bro…downline. There is a war in full swing and this is not the time for R & D. Rapidity of action such as had these IFVs in the Czech Republic two weeks ago and now at the frontlines. Thinking about stuff which can be done with immediate effect.

  2. rugged7 says:

    How powerful is Nigeria?
    So na why dem just dey beef 9ja sha?
    Well, God pass all of them.

    • asorockweb says:

      Information for thoughtful people.

      But right now, the western media is bent on “teaching Nigeria a lesson”; so is the US and it’s allied NGOs.

      My advice is that we should concentrate on ourselves; Nigeria should concentrate on providing security and opportunities for Nigerians. That is all that a government should do if you actually think about it.

      • Henry says:

        Thank you.

        Nigeria also has to have a defence industry that can support it’s military. The South-African and Egyptian industries might be to far ahead for us, but an Ethiopian standard is a feasible target.

        I find it usually embarrassing for Nigeria to be importing protected mobility. These are things we should normally be able to manufacture.

        My counsel is, we put as much mental and physical exertion in developing a defence industry that can support our military.

      • beegeagle says:

        Ethiopia do deep maintenance of the Su-27 which is outstanding. What else? I still see them in BTR APCs. In Somalia, they are using Type 86 and WZ 551 APCs. I don’t see an Ethiopian APC. We made drones before they did.

        What else is ongoing in Ethiopia?

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Henry. I respect your hustle sir.
        Are you suggesting that the biggest economic power in Africa should aim for a military industrial complex the size of Ethiopia’s? i don’t catch that drift oga, not in a million years, i’m sorry sir, there’s no need for modesty anymore oga, we tried that, and we’ve been taught serious life lessons, never again. Nigeria will, and must punch in its weight class, Nigerians are already building oil rigs and ships, technology doesn’t get more grandiose and complicated than that. We accept that the Nigeria’s military industrial complex is still fledgling, but even at that we cannot aim low, we posses the capacity to build satellites for gods sake, soon to launch Nigerian made satellites on Nigerian soil; now tell me how missile technology compares when you posses knowledge to launch satellites to earth’s orbit. Private companies just need to be given the necessary nudge, impetus, and incentives and you’ll see wonders; mind you, they said Innoson, a young Nigerian in Nnewi was a day dreamer when he said he was gonna start making cars, buses and suv’s, guess what, he pulled it off, supported by the bank of industry, Anambra state government, and the federal government, Naija no fit carry last abeg, nobody will develop this country but Nigerians. I suggested earlier why a company like Caverton, operating in Nigeria for multitude and multitude of years doesn’t deem it fit to license and start production of helicopters in Nigeria, someone said rather ignorantly “they are a service’s company so why will they start manufacturing?” well, until a Dangote or an Innoson muscles them out of business then they’ll start crying partiality, heheheheh, better ask lafarge, their eyes don dey see pepper now abi, forced into merging and consolidation because they believed they’ll always rule Naija market, better shine eye wella, this isn’t 16th century, information is widely available for anyone to take action, and when that information is been hoarded, then clandestine and surreptitious approaches have to be taken to get it; abeg, wey hackers and yahoo boyz, we gatta do what we gatta do; respect is earned, not dished out like fried rice and chicken.

      • Henry says:

        Oga mcshegz, i’m trying to be realistic. Ethiopia manufactures T-72 tanks bro, complete with ERA. They have a pretty decent Defence industry for their size.

        All there wheeled mobility are produced in their country, including over-haul of their SU-27’s.

      • Deway says:

        Oga Henry, you have a point. As of now, we can match the South Africans or Egyptians and certainly it will take years of heavy investment in R&D and production. Even if we want to reverse engineer we still require a decent level of R&D. However, I’m not sure if the Ethiopians manufacture their tanks but I know they do complete overhaul of their armoured vehicles and produce artillery and tank shells in their thousands not in hundreds. They also do complete overhaul of light and medium sized aircrafts. There’s a lot they do and I’ve come across a catalogue with different kinds of components produced and services offered by their defence industry. Something DICON could certainly learn from.

      • Deway says:

        Sorry, meant can’t match the South Africans and Egyptian defense industries

      • Are James says:

        Ethiopia is not manufacturing the T 72 tank.

      • Henry says:

        Just a part of the Ethiopian industry.

      • Henry says:

        Video not showing, here’s the link.

      • Are James says:

        The word manufacturing is used loosely these days and I admit as an engineer it is hard to be agnostic in these matters. This is just an assembly plant for tanks and other military vehicles.
        In the 2000s we call everything manufacturing because global supply chain management created a new class of manufacturers called ‘packagers’. The company that bolts spare parts together coming from hundreds of manufacturers calls itself the manufacturer.
        Anyway take it for me the total Ethiopian value add going into these equipment is less than 20% and does not include the key critical components. I came to that conclusion watching the video carefully.
        The assembly of these equipment is highly commendable and Nigeria should learn from it. Apart from value add that ensures that a great part of your defense budget is spent locally, you also develop capability to maintain and support your field equipment.

      • giles says:

        bros henry,pls o Ethiopia don’t manufacture t72 or apc,dey only assembly from CKD shipped to dem from Russia and China.

    • Augustine says:

      The USA is eager to suppress China’s glory and might….Asian giant/Oriental power….The USA is eager to suppress Nigeria’s glory and might….African giant/Black power.

      CIA has Nigeria on the secret list of rising powers that America needs to cage. Simple.

      Cure our three ailments of corruption, tribal/ethnic and religious quarrels…. Nigeria will rise like a black China. Remember that Boko Haram is waging this great war all because a southern tribe Christian man is president of Nigeria….anybody denying this fact is deceiving himself not us, we all know the truth!

      • sizzorkay says:

        I think we should always be honest with ourselves, its the best way to move forward.
        Lots of things triggered this conflict, and the extrajudicial killings of their members at the beginning is also part of that trigger. In which country, with a sane government have you ever seen cops order citizens to lay down on the side of the road and execute them In broad day light. That was horrendous for me, I mean, there is something called an arrest, why execute suspects in broad day light while citizens walk pass, without a care in the world. I often ask myself, who is in charge of these men,
        Or the fact that their leader died in police custody. Right after all these, the conflict started.
        Just saying, the video is out there. So if we are to reach that promise land, as citizens, we need to demand accountability from our security personnel for such acts, its was pure murder of over 15 unarmed men, like to hear it or not.

      • asorockweb says:

        I kind of disagree.

        Nigeria was just ripe for a Jihadist movement.

        We have had many incarnations of Boko Haram; these blossomed and burnt out in different environments.

        Boko Haram is different because of the environment in which it blossomed.

        I believe the factors that make BH very different are:
        1) The communications environment (Internet, cellular technology, cheap satellite access)
        2) Easy availability of small arms since the end of the Warsaw pact.
        3) Easy access to Jihadist mentorship
        4) the physical environment (borders to three countries, mountains, etc)
        5) Access to old tribal allegiances that crosses national borders
        6) Military and political leadership failing to understand the type of enemy they faced.

        Imagine if the Maitatsine Movement (MM) had access to AK-47s, RPGs and technicals. Imagine if MM had access to trainers that had many years of experience with insurgencies.
        MM killed 1000s with clubs, knives and petrol bombs. If MM had BH tools, they may have kill more than a 100,000 people.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga sizzorkay,
        In the U.S, black youths are routinely killed extra judiciously.
        Blacks are routinely incarcerated unfairly and for extended periods in the U.S.
        I don’t see blacks starting any guerrilla movements or chopping off the heads of people in the U.S.
        Lets be frank, there has always been a culture of violence, savagery and murder upcountry. Nobody has ever been brought to book.
        From maitatsine to boko haram and everything in between.

      • Kay says:

        Boko Haram existed long before the current administration, so let’s not act as if it was conceived as a bulwark against Jonathan.

        I believe the main reason for BH started from recalcitrance to education/western influence in the North.
        Obasanjo sitting aside and granting sharia further emboldened the nascent flames of diehards and opportunists that eventually morphed into the terrorists in our midst.
        Yaradua’s 2009 crackdown with mixed results showed them out challenging the state.
        And eventually Jonathan inherited a beast which he initially doubted their level of grotesqueness.

        Collectively, they all failed to nip the buds at whatever stage they were. I place the blame in the laps of these leaders and not any foreign country or interests. This fight got strung out because of the way our flanks were open to indecisiveness, stalling and corruption.

      • Augustine says:

        Ah ! Nigerians good at forgetting history. Sharia law imposition was because OBJ was a southern Christian president. Boko Haram existed before GEJ, yes, but it was taken over, expanded, and set loose on a wild run by a mafia of northern Muslim elites who don’t want the north ruled by a southern christian president Jonathan. If you are a northerner and honest with yourself, you will know how the Muslim north traditionally reacts to southern Christian leadership over them. You my ogas will NEVER understand, you no dey for inside inside that ‘mafia empire’s cocoon’….you will NEVER ever know, newspapers and street stories are not the real intestine of Nigeria.

        I leave the matter alone. I move forward to the topic at hand.

      • sizzorkay says:

        @OgaRUgged, what happens in the US is based on stereotype, with some truth in it, I live in New York and have been harassed by the police more than once, the difference is, they don’t lay their citizens out on the street in large numbers and execute them, and even if they kill someone, there is always accountability, which is the one thing lacking in Nigeria, accountability.
        Imagine crime dominating certain areas in Nigeria, a simple call to the Divisional head of the police in that area by someone with higher rant along with an ultimatum to stem that tide would bring changes, instead crimes just run rampant, as if there are no cops in that country. Within the 17yrs i spent in Nigeria , i never once saw police patrol in my neighborhood
        You know what happened when our house was robbed when i was young? Armed robbers came around 1am and left around 5am. We called the police before the criminals gained entry, and they said they couldn’t come because they have no gas in their vehicle, and we were left at the mercy of heavily armed criminals. Imagine that? In developed countries, if those cops have to take vehicles from civilians on the street to get to someone in distress, they would, but in our case, they simply didn’t show up. Accountability matters.

      • giles says:

        d day Gaddafi was killed i wiped. Hw is north Africa now BH got stronger from doing loot of Libyan arsenals.religious extremist has always existed in Nigeria but the Libyan arms gave dem momentum

      • CHYDE says:

        @ sizzorkay, pls come back to reality, How can you be comparing Nigeria with the US. Remember New York once had one of the Worse crimes rates, We watch everyday how blacks a murdered in cold blood and the system doesn’t find the killer cops guilty, I saw a video of a Black that surrendered to the so called law enforcement officers and still got chocked to death, a video of a man asked to step out of his car and was shot as he was doing so, luckily he didn’t die and everything was caught on tape.

      • Omonon says:



  3. Tobey says:

    Oga beegs, pls check your mail.

    • Are James says:

      These guys know what they are doing. All these are under $200million. If we had spent at this level steadily every year since 2007, Boko Haram would be a MOPOL problem now not DHQ’s main concern.

      • beegeagle says:

        That is almost certainly a US$100 million transaction…60m USD for the Tucanos and 40m USD for the Z-9s. Good one for Ghana.

        Nigeria tried to get theirs first but was almost certainly blocked by the USA. Water under the bridge..ship has sailed.

        Get our Su-25KM Scorpions and Mi-35Ms and they will do more.

        Now, let us get back to our own internal affairs. I just added a photo. The BVP-1s look very clean. Glad they arrived in this condition. They look next to new.

    • asorockweb says:

      Am I right to assume that the US nixed our Super Tucano deal?

    • giles says:

      yes does crafts fit dem.NAF Pls go for su30 n jf17, Pls time to procure A29 Don pass

  4. Are James says:

    The guy in the third pic is carrying the new Beryl rifle, am I correct?

    • buchi says:

      oga are.beryl rifles are usually black and most i have seen online certainly are not bull prop(foldable stock)..they certainly have no iota of russian trademark in i doubt.this is an upgraded type 56 to me

  5. Colloid says:

    But i thought they said its Bvp m2. Well, good move. But i hope they are bought in large quantities. People are saying “How do they want to destroy BH in 6weeks when they cant do that in 6years”, but today, we know that is achievable and is currently in motion.

  6. beegeagle says:


    This is getting interesting, When is Shekau going to release his latest video. I did love to hear what the lunatic is going to say.

  7. buchi says:

    last pic type-056 with optics thats what am talking about.improving accuracy making every round count…just wish ww could get a lot of the point dotted cheap optic upgrade and make our type 56 nd AKM somwthing to think abt

  8. Colloid says:

    Am sure those RM-70 mrls are also delivered. We can upgrade them later like slovakia did. . Oga beegs, do we have any mine sweeper?

    • jimmy says:

      @ Colloid
      The RM-70s have been delivered they have trained on these systems since the pictures broke and Almost Certain by now have been sending the scum of the EARTH to hell. The boys are very happy to have this system,

  9. Henry says:

    Can anyone I.D the APC in the last picture?

    • jimmy says:

      Much respect/ sympathy/ understanding for your COMMENTS. I get where you are coming from but now is not the time.
      Nigeria is at what and owing to a lot of self inflicted mistakes, needs to procure not just for herself but to re-equip her armed Forces as the days go by and the grinding continues it gets hard to stick to the same narrative.
      As the Antonovs continue to land and disgorge their goods it gets ridiculous to be offering a country that imports 40,0000 radios , communication Equipment , notice how long the two clips story begins to disappear?
      We are not there yet and it is baffling to see America sell / allow Tuscanos to Ghana but continue to pontificate to Nigeria, maybe America wants Nigeria to fight with their hands I DO NOT KNOW. If there is a GOD and I know he lives I will live to see the green ROUNDEL on a gazelle , SU25, SU27/ SU30 in my lifetime, but right now is not the time to be doing extensive r&d …… not the time my brother let us put this fire out permanently lest other people get ideas.

      • jimmy says:

        *Nigeria is at war *
        Sorry typo.

      • sizzorkay says:

        Our obsession with US arms is what’s pissing me off. Why are we still even giving these people recognition? We should stay quiet and deal with the Russians and Chinese and modernize, yes it takes time, but it can be done.
        Nigeria need a heavyweight Nation on its side, either Russia and China, Because the US is definitely not reliable in that regard, Nigeria need one of those countries to have its back when the time comes, for example the UN, the security council, stuff like that.

  10. beegeagle says:

    Those are the rear doors of the BVP-1 IFV.

  11. beegeagle says:


    The weapon in the third pic which Oga Are James is trying to identify Is
    not a Beryl rifle but an AKMS which
    loosely translates to “Modern Automatic Kalashnikov Short”

  12. beegeagle says:

    To put it mildly, Maitatsine chaps were consummate barbarians. In just about 2 weeks circa 18 May 1980-3 Jan 1981, those lunatics killed 4,177 persons and injured over 10,000 persons in Kano ALONE.

    They were ultimately liquidated by the men of a certain Major (later Brig Gen) Haliru Akilu’s 146 Bn, a formation under Colonel (later Maj Gen) YY Kure’s 3 Brigade.

    Maitatsine himself was a Cameroonian national from Maroua who emigrated to Kano in the 1940s.

    • Augustine says:

      History says Mohammed Marwa Maitatsine was reportedly killed by Nigerian security forces in battle, his insurrection was sectarian/doctrinal and caused upheaval inside the religion itself, he was a ‘lunatic-fanatic’ turning the Al-Quran upside down. He was against everybody except himself. From Maitatsine bow and arrow era, Nigeria faced AK-47 rifle Sharia riot era. Today we face 23 mm twin cannon anti-aircraft gun and T-55 tank Boko Haram era. We want to end this thing, because the next era will seek to have ATGM and SAM-MANPAD, we want to kill this northern menace that is ravaging our Arewa lands and giving us a bad name, see our farmlands, our agriculture, our animal husbandry, our trade across the sahel, all ruined. We don’t have enough graduates, yet our schools are being destroyed, teachers killed, students kidnapped. FG please wipe out the evil forces from Arewa land and let Nigeria be a united and peaceful nation that we can all enjoy.

  13. Colloid says:

    Am still wondering what the “media war” aimed to achieve. Imagine, the dislodgement and re-capture of Munguno and marte were not reported on BBC webpage. Am not baffled anylonger since they had voiced out that they are Bokoharam Broadcasting Castle. they were keen on reporting the ‘blast’ and any other “failures” of the NA, but now that the Army is giving them “hell”, which will NEVER turn to “heaven”(for BH technicals), bbc and the “COALITION OF EVIL” reporters would be forever disappointed if the military can maintain this tempo of Offensive.

  14. Augustine says:

    DSS-SSS, NPF, time to wake up please, the war is changing direction as we flush Boko Haram’s open forces down the toilet….they have started to raise their game the old way…

  15. Augustine says:

    How many units of BVP-1 IFV did we order and are they coming base versions or full options? That is the koko.

  16. Augustine says:

    See this one claiming champion, no be dem fault, our crayfish wey bend, na condition cause am…

    “….But Niger’s President Mahamdou Issoufou vowed that his country’s involvement in the four-nation coalition would herald the end for the rebels, whose six-year insurgency has killed more than 13,000.

    “Niger will be the death of Boko Haram,” he told a cheering crowd after a protest in the capital, Niamey. “Nobody attacks Niger Republic with impunity.”

    • sizzorkay says:

      Well, Fantasy is different from Reality. Which He will understand soon, but my hope is that they don’t go thru what Nigeria is going thru now, it cost lives. Easy for him to say, after all, he’s nothing but a politician.

  17. Colloid says:

    Oga sizzorkay, you are right. U know, that’s what too much watching of american blockbuster/sci fi films could cause. Even the super power that boasted of “following ISIL to the gate of hell” has not gotten the key that open ISIL lock. I just pray they won’t experience the kind ‘carnage’ of BH. Defaming another to score cheap political point is something that could backfire. “we never run away from BH”, but they have forgotten that “the wind wey pack clothes from room, the yam powder seller wey dey hawk for street should be careful”.

    • sizzorkay says:

      Well said Chief. Let’s hope they never have to fight BH on their soil like we are doing now, it will be disaster for them. No long ago they have food famine in Niger, with their citizen actually taking food from ant mound, for real, i read about that stuff, that’s hunger.
      Now imagine such country facing the kind of onslaught we are facing now? they are lucky, they have no idea.
      If its easy America, a super power won’t be trying to negotiate its way out of Afghanistan, after 10yrs of fighting the Taliban, yet they call us weak. Stupid people .

      • Are James says:

        That is a good leader ‘gingering’ his people. I want you all to admit that this was missing in Nigeria. Let us be honest. The report said….”he told cheering crowds”. We saw the same attitude in Chad and I am saying we did not do same here. Magnifying Boko Haram as a threat in their minds is just the opposite, the leaders are magnifying the potentialities of their states against the threat. and it looks small to the people. This is good ‘anti virus software’ against the programming of terror that Boko Haram will come with.
        Anyway I am sure I am not making sense to some people.

      • giles says:

        Oga are, we did rally only Dat religious n ethnic difference did not let it be. forgot Wen d northerner’s were shouting dat d president was killing der pple… der never supported the War against BH. all dey want is just regime change.

      • Are James says:

        The blame is all round. The major blame goes to the state governors. Nigeria is a federal system and they were the first to have rallied the people. We have been.knocking ng the US a lot here but you and I know in the US it would be a governor in jeans removing bodies from the rubble, loud hailer in hand rousing the people. The governor and the president will in casual clothes then face a battery of tv and newspaper reporters on live tv expressing sympathy, mapping out plans l. The security forces would have swung into action visibly not struggling with crafting reactions in DHQ.

      • sizzorkay says:

        @Mr Are, I agree with that, its like Nigerian leaders just don’t show that nigerian lives matters, unfortunately, and i don’t blame them, for too long the people have detached themselves from Government, if no one is putting fire underneath these leaders, why would they spring into action?
        The US will deploy all asset just to same one american, even if it cost 10 soldiers their lives, not in our case. No reason why we should have lost 13,000 nigerians to this war, its just madness, that’s a lot of people and lives.
        No urgency whatsoever, sad.
        I want a government that will move heaven and earth the moment a citizen is in distress, not act like its nothing.

  18. Colloid says:

    I concur. The onslaught had been hampered by THREE devices— 1. Religion. 2. Tribe. 3. Region. Religion is the MAIN bomb of insurgency worldwide. From ISIL, BH, AL QAEDA, AL SHABAB, HOUTHIS REBEL to the war in Mali. In nigeria, the many ethnics that Nigeria had is also a major flashpoint in that one tribe would want to outplay the other thereby resulting in rivalry. The last is the Region. Mine is paul, yours is apollo, that is why getting together to further the course of this country is never on the agenda of any of the region. We just want to “show off” that we are better than that region, the other want to show the next region that they are their master. Until these 3 bombs are disfused, we may still have insurgency and resurrection in the future(which ipray will never come to pass). We thank the Military for the prowess and power they are showing. God bless Nigerian Military.

  19. Colloid says:

    *defused* rather.

  20. Martin Luther says:

    Are James says:

    February 18, 2015 at 5:44 am

    “That is a good leader ‘gingering’ his people. I want you all to admit that this was missing in Nigeria. Let us be honest. The report said….”he told cheering crowds”. We saw the same attitude in Chad and I am saying we did not do same here. Magnifying Boko Haram as a threat in their minds is just the opposite, the leaders are magnifying the potentialities of their states against the threat. and it looks small to the people. This is good ‘anti virus software’ against the programming of terror that Boko Haram will come with.
    Anyway I am sure I am not making sense to some people.”


  21. jimmy says:
    Let us not get into BODY COUNTS like our neighbors let us leave that to them.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, Nigeria has photos of body counts in many dozens, our Chadian alliance neigbhours will usually show photos of 1 to 5 bodies and claim 200.

  22. Augustine says:

    Has anyone tried to ID the cannon on that our new BVP M80 IFV ?

    Compare this cannon….

  23. Are James says:

    Old Situation map showing the towns relative to the states. Probably less than one fifth of the NE states have major insurgent locations.

  24. jimmy says:
    i don’t know where this map is coming from but it is grossly inaccurate no attack has occurred in LAGOS IN 2015
    Mubi flies the green white green
    Damboa the same
    Gwoza is surrounded on all sides
    Ditto Gamboru Ngala

    • Are James says:

      Old map.
      I just wanted to put the TOWNS currently involved into perspective relative to the entire region.

      • Deway says:

        DHQ will do well to provide us with an updated map showing progress during this current offensive. or those of us here who are pretty good with stuff like this could help do similar but most up to date infographic.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Jimmy. I respect your hustle sir.
      According to the map, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Jos, and the rest, are reputedly controlled by arerams, hahahaha, oh lawwwwd, when i say we have to question the very fundamentals of these so called news agencies, i am not wrong, the info-graph is a mere propaganda tool for arerams created by their supporters, isn’t it obvious, why else would a seemingly reputable agency put out this hogwash

  25. There are many villages and towns liberated that were not mentioned the Key Prize will be Baga, Gwoza, Sambisa Areas signifying a massive clean up of Areas the next will be to intensify Urban Clean up on Suicide bomber Cells, the SSS is still sleeping o

  26. Colloid says:

    Them better wake up. Those bombers needs to be curtail.

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