NNS OKPABANA, a pre-owned 3250 ton ex-USCG ship was commissioned this morning at the Naval Dockyard in Lagos

NNS Centenary F91, a new-build P18N 1,800 ton stealth Offshore Patrol Vessel of the Nigerian Navy

NNS SAGBAMA, an enlarged and modified Type 062 gunboat built in China and donated to the Nigerian Navy by the Chinese Government

NNS PROSPERITY A497, a pre-owned 65.981 metre 1,020 ton ship once served as the Irish Offshore Patrol Vessel, L.E Emer.


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  1. please if any one has pics. post asap

  2. beegeagle says:



    + NNS PROSPERITY is the 65 metre 1,020 ton ex-Irish OPV, M.V Emer. Acquired as a training ship to replace NNS Ruwan Yaro which was decommissioned in 2001.

    + NNS SAGBAMA is a 46 metre platform donated to the Nigerian Navy by the Chinese Govt in fulfillment of a pledge made in 2014

    + Eight more small craft expected later in the year

    + NNS UNITY, the second 1,800 ton stealth OPV will be delivered later this year

    + Navy Capt Okehie, CO NNS Centenary is a member of the 42 RC and holds a Masters degree in Defence Studies of the Kings College, London

    + Navy Capt Bob-Manuel Kokoette Effiong also a member of 42 RC is the CO of NNS Sagbama. He holds two Masters degrees in Telecomms and International Affairs

    + Navy Capt MY Abba, CO NNS Prosperity, is a member of RC 44 holds a Masters degree in Humanitarian Affairs

    + Female officers and ratings now serve on NNS Okpabana and NNS Centenary

    + NNS YOLA P166 is patrolling as we speak while two Agusta A109e Power helicopters bearing the national flag and naval ensign respectively are flying overhead. A Shaldag FPC also on patrol duties

    • Are James says:

      All the COs have higher degrees in engineering, science or social sciences.
      Functional training wont be a problem with this culture.

      • Saleh says:

        Good additionally most officers in Nigeria Armed Force now hold similar higher degrees in their chosen professional fields. Really wish we were also commissioning missile ships too

      • Are James says:

        Yeah, yeah, we know…
        These ships are tame. I am just holding my tongue because we are celebrating.

  3. beegeagle says:

    NNS PROSPERITY’S pennant number just came into view – A497.

    Ship is anchored beside the NNS Ohpabana while NNS Sagbama is anchored beside the NNS Centenary

    • Henry says:

      We need additional Helicopters to further extend the reach of our patrol. Although the Navy use NIMASA Helicopters for SAR, i still feel the Navy needs to add more Helicopters to their inventory.

      According to the Announcer, the Navy now has 50 capital ships(does not include small patrol crafts) in it’s inventory. I feel at this point, our patrol capability has been satisfied. We should now move on to fighting ships.

  4. Are James says:

    Chris Anyanwu is there. This woman deserves major kudos for in govt advocacy for the Navy.
    I see a chopper somewhere, which ship be dat?.

  5. beegeagle says:

    NNS PROSPERITY was acquired in conjunction with UNIGLOBE INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LTD in 2014. Measures 65.981 metres…endurance at sea is 21 days.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Mr President meeting the young female crew of the NNS Centenary – an officer and two ratings.

    Posing for a group photograph with them now.

  7. Are James says:

    The Lynx is on NNS PROSPERITY?.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Mr President inspecting the embarked helicopter on NNS Centenary – a Bell Jet Ranger.

  9. beegeagle says:

    No, Are James. That is a Jet Ranger. We brought the world a first photo of that helo in NN service when I visited the SBS Camp in July 2012. Quite familiar with it.

  10. CHYDE says:

    I love what I am seeing Live on NTA

  11. Are James says:

    Two more ships coming ke?

  12. beegeagle says:

    Mr President just let slip a nugget. These are four of SIX capital ships to be commissioned in 2015. True.

    We know that NNS UNITY is one of those but which is the other? The second Made-in-Nigeria patrol craft or a second ship from China (which, if is belongs in the 50-65m category, has to be a Type 037-II missile craft)

  13. Are James says:

    “I directed that Nigerians should be briefed regularly on the Boko Haram war”,
    They are not doing it o.
    Let me report DHQ to you Mr President, we have really suffered. In fact…

  14. Are James says:

    He says he has also boosted the airforce. We shall soon see if it is just Alpha Jets.

    • igbi says:

      Just learnt that @arejames was born in 1988, so he is not in his fourties as he claimed. I no longer have time to comment, but I had to share this.

  15. beegeagle says:

    One of the NN’s Bell Jet Ranger. I photographed this one in 2012 whilst on a visit to the SBS commandos

  16. Okpa1 says:

    Congratulations Nigerians for this wonderful achievement.
    This is a sign of better things to come…
    Let me also use this opportunity to appeal to the naval brass hat to consider acquiring a least 4 x of the type 37 missile craft as a replacement for our aging fast attack craft.
    Once again congratulations Nigerians…

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Okpa1, seconded. Sure they hear you, those NN Admirals have sharp eyes and ears… them, if FG gives money for it, they will buy it.

  17. Cryptologist says:

    Did anyone got the screen grab off the SBS guys and Divers? We need to beam it out there and discuss about their webbing and the boat they were on. Onward Together

  18. Augustine says:

    Nigerian Navy, big congratulations !!!!

    4 ships in one day ? African record ?

    Onward together our Admirable Admirals and our able men at sea and on shore !

  19. beegeagle says:

    One thing which did not fail to attract my attention today was the appearance of strained relations between the USA and Nigeria.

    First of all, all the dressed-up foreign military officers in sight appeared to have been Chinese PLA and PLAN officers. The expatriates who I imagined to be Americans were dressed up in mufti (a man and a woman) and the man was blushing for some unknown reason.

    Secondly, when Mr President spoke, he only acknowledged the presence of the Chinese ambassador. It suggests that the U.S ambassador was not on ground for the event.

    Whatever happened, I think America have overplayed the diplomatic and military mind games. Or was that diplomatic gaffe another manifestation of their obscene rivalry with China? It was uncalled for and unnecessary. Savvy and simplistic Nigerians alike are watching.

    • I think the American absence is because of the Chinese. they wouldnt want to appear to be celebrating the inroads being made into NIgeria by the chinese and definitely they have overplayed their hand. But I think if the republicans come in we can expect a more aggressive push for better relations with NIgeria. the Obama administration from the onset seemed not to like NIgeria. i fail to understand what they hope to gain by isolating Nigeria. I also believe we should be wary of the chinese a bit, the are not known for being entirely scrupulous. we shouldnt shut out the americans entirely either, things may be frosty now but in future under diff american leadership we could still have many dealings.

    • CHYDE says:

      E se.o orr Chinco, joor fu awon Naija submarine ati SAM’s,,ati tech transfer. Hehehe. I’ll drink to the Chinese on this one o.

  20. beegeagle says:

    Barack Hussein Obama, President of the United States, it was who set the tone for his government’s Nigeria relations using high-end intrigue and absolute pontification. Remember his lecture from Accra? Nigeria responded by welcoming then President Medvedev of Russia to Nigeria instead. Remember?

    Obama started off on a confrontational note and since we are not exactly an aid-dependent republic, it was never going to work. Neither would such mind games ever resonate universally in a country of 514 languages and 180 million indepenent-minded and sure-footed people.

    Even Egypt which have depended on American and Gulf Arab aid for decades have called America’s bluff by signing big defence contracts with Russia and France.

    America always try to use their given largesse for the furtherance of unrelated political designs and that is why they fray nerves ever so often. They need to stand down from that beaten path and device a Plan B. And their diplomats talk too much as well..too many media stunts and too many White House press conferences. You cannot antagonise a non-beggarly partner ad infinitum and expect that there will be no ill effects.

    Long live respectful US-Nigeria relations.

    • Yh. My point exactly. the US has a black president and relations with the influential; African states is at an all time low. his foreign policy is just wack and very reactionary.
      his trip to ghana underscored his plans for Nigeria. My grief however is that our president keeps going back to ask America for help. we can get the required help elsewhere. NO matter what the west thinks they cannot afford to ignore NIgeria and the earlier we realise that the better

  21. The Fact Remains 2 New OPVS: China 1 De-commissioned OPV: USA 1 De-Commisioned OPV: Ireland i think China carries the day and hence need to be Accorded the Respect.

    For the Next phase 2 Ships will come from China 1 a hydrogaphic ship MV Donnell will come from USA A made in Nigeria ship and den the refit of the 8 oda crafts are planned in the 10 yr Strategic plan so it will be a very good year for the Navy

    Onward together…….im smiling cos being from the Naval stock im swelling with pride God bless the Navy….

  22. beegeagle says:

    What are these eight small craft which the CNS said are lined up for delivery later this year? Shaldag FPCs, OCEA FPB 72 Mk.IIs or similar-sized Chinese or Singaporean craft?

  23. beegeagle says:

    I have it on good authority that NNS Centenary is deployed to the Eastern Fleet (ENC)

    • Henry says:

      Calabar……… Isn’t that the home port of NNS Thunder?

    • Augustine says:

      Hot zone for long voyage patrols Oga Beegeagle. Sails down gulf of Guinea along the sea route Nigeria, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Angola….hot zone for international sea piracy attacks. NNS Centenary will be very busy.

      Oga Beegs, can’t we reduce the sweating and endless labour our navy ships and men are daily subjected to? We keep burning diesel, engine oil, wear and fatigue engines, trying to reduce oil theft of billions of dollars yearly….reports say CEOs of oil companies are heavily involved in this daylight looting of Nigeria’s wealth, can’t Senate amend laws and we send SSS to arrest the root of the problem so we stop fighting with the branches? Amend law, life jail and confiscation of all assets as judgment for convicted oil theft barons hiding behind the pawn oil thieves we arrest at sea. Nigerian navy is working, sweating, labouring overtime in these daily hunt and chase actions.

      I think SSS should attack the problem from the root, so the navy has less new growing branches to fight with.

  24. Oje says:

    Oga Adetayo, I have randomly visited 3 different defence blogs and I see your handwork, defending the Nigeria and addressing the (willful )nativity of Africans. Omo nice work.

    On your Obama remark I have stated it before, we were all happy when Obama was elected which should have given us cause for concern. The Tea Party historically have had a more proactive policy with Africa. I remember vividly well Republican Senators calling for U.S intervention in Sudan to stop the killing of Christians and innovent civilians before “Rwanda” repets itself, it fell on deaf ears. I saw a documentary on PBS after the UN bombing in Abuja question why Hillary Clinton vehemently refuses to recognise Boko Haram as a Terrorist organisation. Hear Obama live speech yesterday one will think at first he is ISIS PR Chief. No remark on Boko Haram atrocities which ranks higher than anything ISIS has done in recent times. Hundreds of Christians and Muslims alike killed almost daily. There is ample evidence Boko Haram has ties with Al-Queda, draws inspiration from ISIS and this year alone have killed more people than ISIS but no….Terrorism in Africa is acceptable, it’s a “REGIONAL ISSUE” he quips.

  25. Ola says:

    It is a delightful news! But I think it’s high time our navy starts repositioning itself. With a acquisition of 4 other OPVs, these collection of vessels can be divided into two equal parts. One part would be dedicated to coast guard/littoral naval duties, supported by a fleet of 6 helicopters. The news from the gulf of guinea is not impressive, we need vessels dedicated to antipiracy missions. In my opinion, it’s time to stop importation of FPCs. Even if we cannot design something by ourselves, we can clone a dozen Shaldag FPCs at home. Also, NNS Andoni should have offered valuable information to warship building for our men now. A study of how the hull has been performing these 3 years and how frequently she needs maintaining in form of rust removal and general servicing should have provided us with enough information needed to build an improved version. NNS Andoni needs 5, improved sisters, all dedicated to coast guard, antipiracy duties. We should also be building a class of missile defence boats at home. Build the vessels at home, rig them with missiles with due consultations and technological assistance from China, France and Russia.
    The other half from my proposed division of the current fleet should form the basis for a blue water navy, slowly but surely built up in the next 2 decades. It’s time we start reaching for frigates(5), missile destroyers(5) like the type 052D with it’s full, complimentary array, helicopter destroyers(2) and submarines (1 for training, 3 for mission purposes).

  26. jimmy says:

    This is wonderful News you bought up a very powerful topic about the EXTENT of the strained Nigerian American relations. For now OGA BEEGS I want to celebrate the good News of seeing a SITTING PRESIDENT commission Four (4) Naval warships in one day.
    Nigeria We are proud of thee
    God Bless the Nigerian Navy
    Moving on

  27. Deway says:

    From Bellanaija

  28. drag_on says:

    Abeg,slight deviation.
    U.N. has decided not to do anything about the emergence of ISIS in Libya and Egypt’s call to strike it. The Egyptians have blamed Qatar( which has recalled its ambassador) for the ISIS mess. The Nigeria Air force needs to act now.We need deep strike aircraft that can hit these guys, and long range ISR aircraft.
    Let’s no forget we have tuaregs from Niger already active in our country. The Nigeriens can’t patrol their massive borders and needed the French last time around to deal with islamists. The conduit from Libya to our borders can be quickly created. We must be prepared to take the fight outside our borders and destroy any possible handshake across the desert.
    Su27/30 is ideal for deepstike in Tuareg region,central Niger( if the Tuareg accept them again).

    • Omonon says:

      Seconded whole heartedly, oga drag_on.
      Naija, i bow for thee oooooooooooooo.


    • asorockweb says:

      Su-34 Fullback.

      Strike/Multi-role. Two-sweater. Long range.

      Can perform interdiction, interception, as well as air superiority roles (as a high speed missile platform).

      Great for maritime environment as well.

      12-24 aircraft will keep all wolves at bay.

      • the SU-34 is probably Russia’s most advanced air superiority and ground attack jet , that is in service at the moment and as much as we would like it i doubt russia would sell to us. IN fact, to my knowledge only russia operates it at the moment and its gives them a strategic edge they may be unwilling to share. JUst like the KA-52 helic i really dont think russia is willing to export it at the moment, same way the US is not exporting the F22 raptor at the moment. maybe when the Pak fa and the f35 come into service both countries may start exporting.

      • asorockweb says:

        The export version is called the Su-32.

        The Su-34 replaced the Su-24, which was widely exported (Angola has a few.)

        I believe it will be exported, as part of a significant arms deal.

    • Are James says:

      Thank you @drag_on
      ISIS in Libya is an expansionary non state actor in the region.. They will soon attempt to link up to BH via Niger or Chad. None of these two countries have strong security institutions to wedge this expansionism which will happen through their porous borders, un-monitored nomadic tribesmen Tuaregs(Berbers?) and penetration of their security services. They may soon take out local government security structures within Niger and start another nucleus of destabilization and attacks on Nigeria.
      We need the long range strike aircraft now complete with AWACS planes and refuelling planes to persuade our neighbours to do the needful in their internal security and also give us the option for long range pre emotive strike on camps.
      The Nigerian security services also need to develop an international focus on the region.

    • Henry says:

      The continued deterioration of the security situation in Libya should be a major source of worry for our politicians and military.

      To think we participated in no small part to the current state of anarchy in libya is another reason why we need to actively take into cognisance the effects of our decisions/support.

      This is why deep interjection fighters like the SU-30/27 shouldn’t be a luxury for the Nigerian Airforce, but a necessity. We don’t want to be caught flat-footed again.

      Or, we should expedite action on the JF-17, complete with air refuelling tankers. We can only be taken seriously if we take our security seriously.

    • trigger says:

      Why do this navy guys moor two vessels alongside so closely? Looking at this pictures I do not envy those ship captains. Or those tugboat guys.

  29. beegeagle says:


    Watching AIT News at 2000hrs and reading through other official narratives, it has emerged that the Nigerian Navy expect to take delivery of an ADDITIONAL FOUR capital ships in 2015.

    Standing where one has been since the start of the year, I believe very strongly that the said ships are

    + NNS UNITY, a second P18N stealth OPV

    + a 38 metre Made-in-Nigeria patrol craft

    + two other ships which I believe to be 65 metre Type 037-II missile craft

    By default and on the strength of gravepine banter reaching me, IF not the ex-PLAN Type 037-II missile craft, could be

    – two enlarged Type 056 corvettes OR

    – an enlarged Type 056 corvette and a miniaturised Type 071 LPD

    Bottomline, we expect to take delivery of FOUR more big ships, NOT two more….PLUS EIGHT small craft (emphasis on ‘craft’ was the CNS’s and that is larger than the ‘small boats’ such as the 17m Manta ASD Littoral Interceptors

    FINALLY, the video aired by AIT NEWS shows that a senior American naval officer was at the event. That was almost certainly the Naval Attache at the US Embassy.

  30. beegeagle says: will manage it somehow. One good thing with the Chinese is that they can keep the lids on any high stakes deal CLOSED.

    This Type 062 gunboat, the deal for MRAPs and armed drones proved that. It is such a big country and with hundreds of shipyards, where really are you going to begin tracking a coded sale from?

    When we decide to man up and do the business, we shall get a LPD, missile-armed corvettes and a frigate, AWACS planes and anything else that we choose to have. It only requires the political will and steely resolve to push it through.

    We have been our own limitation in our quest to gain military strength by refusing to explore all our options, pretending to be more Western than Poland. Now we know that we are on our own and are marooned in the deep end. We either swim or sink.

    This is no time to be writing hare-brained wishlists containing Apache and Chinook helics, Oliver Hazard Perry frigates, A10 tankbusters, Abrams M1 tanks and F16 jets WHEREAS an uparmored HMVV remains a tall order. It is after all, a real war and not some simulation on the Military Channel.

    • rka says:

      Amen to the above Oga Beegs, the Chinese are our best bet for AWACS, LPDs, Frigates, Corvettes at reasonable non-inflated prices.

      i would look towards the Russians for air to air re-fuelling tankers though.

      BTW, what are the Pakistani weapons that were allegedly refused overflight of Saudi Arabia, or was it just a made up story? They were apparently going to come by sea, but would have been too late for the then elections. Maybe they are part of the additional equipment coming in.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga RKA
        According to OGA ZACH They arrived a while back………………… and it does appear that it was not a made up stoy………………….. because no one from the house of Saud ot the State dept denied it, anyhow those pgms have been sending their regards from Sambisa forests.

    • jimmy says:

      I know i should not laugh but sometimes even in the midst of being very serious , Your laugh paragraph did cause a bout of titter please forgive me …..” hare brained wishlists” nah wah oga beegs nah because tortoise beat hare for four legged race it dey this kind yapis 🙂 lol okay back to being serious, someone down below wants your email o! make you answer am o!
      Moving on

  31. Hey Beegs i need ur email urgently we need to talk

  32. Yagazie says:

    KUDOS to President GEJ for keeping his promise to recapitalize the navy. KUDOS to the Nigeria navy for this milestone- FOUR SHIPS commissioned in one day. Now we should go for a Type 054A Frigate (‘hot transfer’), LPD (Type 071), submarines (Type 041-Yuan class) and of course ASW capable Harbin Z-9 helos -ALL FROM CHINA with whom we should have a strategic partnership at the highest level. The navy of Africa’s largest economy and the world’s foremost black power deseves no less.

  33. Colloid says:

    Una weldone Ogas in the house. We thank God for the commissioning today, but as some of my ogas have stated, we need missile craft/ships. One question i have been asking myself is that “are we not old enough to own and operate destroyers”? Cox we have to envisage a situation where we need to curtail excesses of state actors. Just imagine the “scene” an ocean going destroyers, lpd, sub, frigates/corvettes would caused as in the movie “battleship”. As one of my oga had said, WE NEED TO PLAN ATLEAST 25YEARS AHEAD OF OUR NEIGHBOURS. As for the issue of NA PR, i concur they aint doing enough on that. Nigerian needs to be briefed on the progress up north as mr president stated in his speech. As per the case of strained US-

  34. Colloid says:

    Una weldone Ogas in the house. We thank God for the commissioning today, but as some of my ogas have stated, we need missile craft/ships. One question i have been asking myself is that “are we not old enough to own and operate destroyers”? Cox we have to envisage a situation where we need to curtail excesses of state actors. Just imagine the “scene” an ocean going destroyers, lpd, sub, frigates/corvettes would caused as in the movie “battleship”. As one of my oga had said, WE NEED TO PLAN ATLEAST 25YEARS AHEAD OF OUR NEIGHBOURS. As for the issue of NA PR, i concur they aint doing enough on that. Nigerian needs to be briefed on the progress up north as mr president stated in his speech. As per the case of strained US- Nigeria relationship, i think i agreed that obama’s adm had been a disaster to africa esp Nigeria. I could still draw an ounce from the words that drone on(abi na drone one) said that west doesn’t hate us. I think more blame have to be layed on obama for the woe he had caused for his country.

    • Omonon says:

      Obama na yeye jare!!!
      He lacks what it takes to rule that country.
      He is ruining that country morally and economically.


  35. Deway says:

    The navy’s next move should be towards thinking around how they can effectively counter Cameroonian anti ship missile capability whether from small fast attack vessels or carried airborne likely via modified alpha jets. Apart from piracy and oil bunkering, this is our greater threat on the eastern flank.

    • CHYDE says:

      Oga Deway, much respect. Dont you think its high we stopped looking at our neighbours and concentrate on being the giants that we are. When we have all it takes to be ‘awake’, anti ship or whatever its called wont be an issue, cos there will defintely be a form deterrence on our side. For me they are just looking for attention.

    • Deway says:

      Oga Chyde, threat analysis of the present and future is very very important and dictates the kind and rigor of training provided to troops, choice of defense procurement and the need to incorporate certain technologies into your defense structure. It also helps you evaluate your intelligence gathering capability and ability for rapid response to threats. So my brother do you not think its futile for us to commission 4 capital ships and some smaller country uses an exocet missile that costs less than $100,000 to sink a $42 million vessel? Mind you this missile can be launched from a tiny 23m platform and their former colonials are ever willing to provide this to them.
      Threat analysis up north is another different ball game. Discussion for later.

  36. beegeagle says:

    Missile armed ships are just what we should pile on. They have taken billions of dollars in loans from China EXIM Bank for everything apart from equipping the military. Well, nobody is now noticing whatever projects those monies were ploughed into.

    Fix every capability gap in our military FIRST. The ongoing war has finally knocked our FG into the realisation that the FOREMOST business of governments was always and still remains the provision of SECURITY for lives and property. We were pretending to be pacifists for whom military acquisitions are anathema. That is why the country has opened herself to ridicule. And the FG acted with consummate naivette for years. How come we only decided to retool the military now? We should be ashamed of our inaction and for letting ourselves down. Several corps of the NA went fifteen years without a single piece of hardware being acquired in whatever number because we thought we were being smart and playing pacifist Switzerland? That is what we are paying for now. Flip through the blog archives, since 2010 I have consistently advocated for every piece of hardware where they are available for a mere pittance – from T72 tanks to BMP IFVs, Su-25 Frogfoot, Flankers, BTR-80 APCs, RM-70 MRLS because the capability gaps were glaring. Yet someone chose to ride the horse of infallibility and pretend that we cannot be touched.

    As we fix the NA, we continue to remind them that Nigeria must acquire Su-27/30s and missile-armed corvettes/frigates so as not to repeat the folly of first allowing ourselves to be ridiculed by security incidents at sea or in the air before going into panic buying mode as always.

    When I see how the political opposition are making a meal of the issues of insecurity in this country, I cannot help but say to myself that the FG are the architects of their own fate. The foremost reason why this year’s polls will be the most closely fought is because the FG allowed INSECURITY to become a national talking point. Two years ago, they were still buying only rifles and Hilux trucks as if those were intended for a militia?

    Please, I would not like to get angry so early in the day. I think the point has been made.

    • Nor mind them, The neglect of the miltary by the FG has been appalling. We need and must attain a serious strategic deterent by arming up sufficiently to scare any1 with stupid ideas. A nuclear war btw russia and say US is not likely to ever happen cos of mutually assured destruction. When we get to the point where any African nation wld think 2ce before thinking abt messing with us, then we can say we have done well

    • Omonon says:

      When I see how the political opposition are making a meal of the issues of insecurity in this country, I cannot help but say to myself that the FG are the architects of their own fate. The foremost reason why this year’s polls will be the most closely fought is because the FG allowed INSECURITY to become a national talking point.

      The point has been CLEARLY made, oga beeg.


  37. STARTREK says:

    well Naval acquisition is and will always be very important and strategic; however the RedAlert is popping from the far north and of course from beyond our borders.
    To the best of my knowledge the Acquisition of air assets is now a national emergency so much so that the approved $1billion is being contemplated for the Air Branch alone….
    Gentlemen the fact is we ve politics on our hands, the truth is that Religion is on our minds, BUT the reality is that Nigeria is under attack by proxy Nigeria is under direct siege by so called friend and foe.
    Thank goodness there are those working the day and the nite 24/7:7 to apply a deterrent.

  38. beegeagle says:

    And I was projecting towards air power, Startrek.

    Start here if you will

    And please repost your last comment in there as well. Let us kickstart a meaningful dialogue.

    BTW, it would send a wrong signal and be interpreted as favoritism to an extent which could gravely hurt military solidarity IF all of the extrabudgetary US$1 billion largesse for procurement is dedicated to the AIR FORCE alone. The FG must not do that.

    I shall post my thoughts on that matter in full on the thread which I have just directed us to. Stay tuned.

  39. colloid says:

    Seconded @oga beegs. The present admin is the architect of their own life(failure or success) depending on the outcome of this election. If the government have not neglected the most sensitive part of a nation—security, opposition parties and the media(international/local) would not be having a feast on this. Had it been these currently procured hardwares were bought 3years ago, we wont find ourself in this mess. Well, better late than never. We are never prepared until the dime minute. UNTIL WE START COUNTING THE ARMS AND LEGS THAT NEEDS TO BE AMPUTATED BEFORE WE KNOW WE HAVE TO STOP BOMBING AND SHOOTING. This attitude is what is causing shame on us by these media houses, we are just complaining. Until we set our priorities right, we will just be shouting here with little or nothing on ground. “We better start doing our home work before ‘those teachers’ come suddenly and we are beaten to it”. It’s only whe there’s a SECURITY that you have a COUNTRY, and it’s when you have a country that you will talk of LEADER, and it’s when there is a LEADER that you now think about ECONOMY— so basically, everything revolve around SECURITY. No security, No Nation.

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