L-R: NNS PROSPERITY A497(foreground) and NNS OKPABANA F93 (background), both pre-owned warships are pictured to the left of your screen while the brand-new Chinese-built ships pictured to the right of your screen are NNS SAGBAMA (foreground), a vastly modified and enlarged Type 062 Shanghai III gunboat and NNS CENTENARY F91, a stealth P18N Offshore Patrol Vessel

NNS CENTENARY F91, a state-of-the-art 1,800 ton stealth warship is derived from the Type 056 modular design.


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  1. Blueblood says:

    A good one sir,now the ball is in our court to maintain this assets. Sir I think it would be nice for the Armed forces to have a Twitter account for PR purpose,God bless your works .

  2. colloid says:

    Does anyone has the pix of those divers shown on NTA during the commissioning of those ships. I think with this additions, it’s time we get missile destroyers too. Too much big brother playing here, we need to fix our navy to world standard in term of equipment acquisitions. With the “classified” deals on sub, i think we can still go with the chinese sub for training while i would suggest we get our fighting subs from russia—forget america, they aint a friend for now(maybe if the republican took over the mantle sha), obama’s adm is totally a “friendly foe” to Nigeria for now. I can’t imagine a situation where we demand weapons and tabled our money and you refuse to sell to us, while you are busy arming Ukraine, syria,iraq and now Chad/cameroon. Just this week, white house is considering training and arming over a thousand iraqis to face ISIL onslaught. Yet, your african friend is in dire need of platforms.
    Back to the issue, NN is setting the pace for NAF/NA to copy. And most importantly, NA please we are pleading, WE NEED FEEDBACK ON THE PROGRESS OF THE WORK UP NORTH. As Mr President said during the commissioning, “i have directed that Ngerian be briefed REGULARLY on the war on BH”,(something like that), we sincerely hope that will be done.

  3. Henry says:

    “Mr Jonathan said crude oil theft had reduced, added that he was delighted to witness the inauguration of the four new ships that were added to the Nigerian Navy fleet.
    “As the lead maritime security agency, therefore, the NN deserves all the support it needs to effectively carry out its statutory roles.
    “The four ships being inaugurated today are part of a total of eight ships that are expected to be commissioned into the NN fleet in 2015,” he said.”

  4. Manny Aaydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, great event and congratulations to Beegeagle for consistently driving the opinion on the modernisation of our defence architecture which is one of the reasons we could have these platforms added to our naval orbat. Congratulations too to the ‘celebrants’, the Nigerian Navy and all Nigerians. President Jonathan deserves commendation indeed for this one. On a lighter note, the female commentator on the NTA live feed was a total disaster! Should she not have rehearsed her scripts? And to think that that transmission was an international broadcast! Furthermore, the coordination between the NTA announcers and the NN Master of Ceremony was poor, largely because the NTA folks would not abstain from running commentaries when the NN officer came on live. The Naval chap had the command of the ceremony and should have been respected. Lastly, I want to appeal to our TV stations, in future ceremonies of this kind, to allow consultants assist them with the provision of technical information on the equipment being showcased or launched. I daresay there are many of such on Beegeagle, beginning with Gen Beeg himself. Once again, congratulations Nigeria. Bravo Zulu!

  5. beegeagle says:

    I hope I can lay my hands on the performance indices of the NNS SAGBAMA.

  6. beegeagle says:

    A 46 metre platform? Of course, she can mount AShMs ! As I write this, there are 25-27 metre missile craft of Chinese origin serving in the Egyptian and Bangladeshi navies.

    IF we seek to replace the 58m missile craft of yesteryears, this is the Modified Type 062 gunboat which appears to have been delivered only to Nigeria and Seychelles since the design came into public view in 2014, appears to be the natural successor.

    Assuming that these can hold up well in Sea State 4-5, we can actually move for six units in the first instance – arm three units with three-cell 324mm torpedoes and another three with two-cell C802A AShMs. We can thereafter deploy a missile craft and a torpedo boat EACH to every one of our three fleet commands.

    These are midshore patrol-capable and should be able to venture out as far as 120 nautical miles from our shores and with missiles able to hit targets 280km away, we can actually achieve AShM coverage for well over 450km from our shoreline.

    We can get a C802A AShM for US$800k or thereabouts. We have got to be doing something.

    What to do wuth our 58 metre Lurssen+Combattante III missile craft? We have six in all – three of each type. Take ONE unit of each type and use as spare hulks to keep two of each type afloat. So we will have four of those 58 metre ships afloat.

    Knock off the 76mm main guns from all six ships, remove the 40mm guns from three ships and delete their missile launchers and put all the extracted missiles and gunnery into storage.

    From those four ships, convert one to a replenishment vessel which can resupply OPVs out at sea. For the rest three ships, use their 40mm/70 Breda as main guns and supplement with two 12.7mm HMGs and use them as Midshore Patrol Vessels.

    For PATROL MISSIONS, here is what the Canadian Coast Guard are doing with similar-sized Midshore Patrol Vessels

  7. beegeagle says:

    Hmmnn…South Africa also operate similar-sized 46.8 metre Damen 4708 patrol vessels. I agree with Chairman Maz. The modified Type 062 gunboat, NNS Sagbama, looks like a design which was entirely inspired by the Damen 4708.

    The Sentinel Class Cutters of the USCG are also Damen 4708s

    South African Damen 4708

    Nigerian Modified Type 062

    USCG Sentinel Class Cutters

  8. okomonika says:

    Gen beeg keep up the gud work.

  9. beegeagle says:

    What is that pennant number on the NNS SAGBAMA – P104?

  10. max montero says:

    Congratulations to the Nigerian Navy!! 4 ships in 1 swoop!


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