Nigerian Special Forces commandos during an April 2013 operation in the far northeastern district of Baga (AFP photo)

21 February, 2015

Nigeria’s Defence Headquarters on Saturday, announced the recapture of the strategic town of Baga,taken by insurgents weeks ago. In an official tweet, it said: “Troops have this afternoon captured #BAGA after fierce battle with terrorists.

Heavy Casualties.

Mopping up ongoing.” Baga town is in the northeastern state of Borno, close to Lake Chad. It is about 196km from Maiduguri, the state capital, and has seen some of the most intense fighting between Nigerian troops and insurgents.


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  1. beegeagle says:


    Lemme quickly put the preamble to the battle in the loop before AFP spin it towards Chad. Already, I have read one of their typically half-witted reports with a caption like “Nigerian military CLAIM”…since the battles, as far as Aminu Abubakar is concerned, are all about politics and his quest for regime change. Facts never matter to that dunderhead.


    Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:38pm EST
    BAUCHI, Nigeria (Reuters)

    Nigerian forces backed by air strikes began an offensive to retake the strategic northeastern town of Baga from Islamist militants on Saturday, the military said, noting that “a large number of terrorists had drowned in Lake Chad”.

    Baga is at Nigeria’s border with Chad,Niger and Cameroon and it was the headquarters of a multinational force comprising troops from all four countries. (Makes clear offensive started on Saturday)

  2. Omonon says:

    Well done, Nigerian troops, your are great . You are making Nigeria proud.
    Nigeria is really proud of you. O ye hero of our land, victory, victory, victory!!!
    Pursue the demons, for victory is near.

    Kudos to our troops.

    O what a good news. We thank GOD!


  3. Are James says:

    First question from CNN news career; were other countries involved in the re-capture of Baga?.

    • Are James says:


    • beegeagle says:

      The IMPLICATION of that is…CNN and most other foreign media are willing to ascribe any turnarounds to the foreign troops. I have long since admonished our DHQ not to step on that banana peel by ensuring that our neighbours are pegged back to within a mile of our common borders.

      The Nigerian Armed Forces must ensure that all the important towns are taken and garrisoned by the Nigerian military – Gwoza, Mubi, Michika, Madagali, Monguno, Baga etc while joint operations can be conducted in the far-flung border towns and villages where the foreign troops are sometimes 500 metres away whereas we are marching from a hundred miles away through hostile territory.

      Joint operations ONLY at Abadam, Malam Fatori, Damasak etc. No foreign troops should enter without pre-operational aerial bombardment by the NAF. We must be in every narrative. That is the best we can do in remediation of decades of mismanagement and shameful abandonment of our institutions of national power

      Nigeria must not outsource any of these operations to anybody else claiming to be whatever.

      Meanwhile, BH attacked the Niger side of Lake Chad overnight. With 2,500 Chadian troops on their soil, that place is still open.

      • rugged7 says:

        Tell ’em BEEGS

      • rugged7 says:

        Meanwhile, they appear to be listening to u Oga beegs.
        NOA- National orientation agency the other day was praising itself on releasing 24 pictures of NA.
        I don warn them say we need ACTION footages!
        Enough of these half measures. They should give us pictures so we can counter the devilish western narratives against the Nigerian army

  4. If says:

    Congratulations nigeria. We will reclaim Bama and Gwoza soon I believe.
    I am just concerned a little about gombe. Are there boko haram camps there? Possible blind spots we are not seeing? We need answers oga beegs

  5. Kola Adekola says:

    Fleeing Boko Haram terrorists drown in Lake Chad

    Three gboza for awa gallant guys! Gboza! Gboza!! Gboza!!!

  6. makanaky says:

    I don’t understand what CNN,BBC, and others are up to , I am deeply concerned about their intentions.
    Kudos to our men and women in uniforms

    • Omonon says:

      cnn, bbc, and all their satanic alies are boko demon’s advocate.

      Mak una no mind dem, dem be enemis of progress.

      Viva Nigeria.
      My ogas, my bele just dey sweat no bi small. Mak peson bring water mak i drink before i go die of happiness ooooooo.

      Ha na waooooo. Wel don oga beeg.
      I beg una mek una bring pami mak we celebrate jare.


  7. beegeagle says:

    Anyone who tries to spin it, does so in vain. I have not even heard that Chadians are pounding the BH goons trying to flee across the Lake into Chad, never mind Chadian troops fighting in Baga as of now.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Please, post this to the guys who write LONG WAR JOURNAL and to CNN.


    • jimmy says:

      Please tell your Friends we want a screen shot of the green white green flying over baga.
      Something really turned in me when i saw that fool BURN OUR FLAG ,Nigerian soldiers need to see our flag flying @ full mast over BAGA , this is is big boost to all of us
      I have breaking news on ISIS over running yet another base and seizing a grip of equipment but that is for ANOTHER THREAD.
      God bless Nigeria
      God bless all the Nigerian Soldiers

  9. ”Mining 1500 spots”?! Chisos

    • Are James says:

      We gave them the tine na . However NA engineer has good sappers that dying skill is not dead in naija.

      During the assault on Gbaramantu in the Niger Delta some years back Nigerian soldiers saw some amateurish booby traps and burst out laughing. Professionals are always professionals and that inspite of all the bloody civilians playing soldier in all the insurgencies around the world we are seeing now

  10. Kay says:

    The Juggernauts marching on to the next objectives.
    I’m not forgetting the works of the engineers who probably have to work together to find and disable ieds for advancing parties.

    Godspeed to all until Shequack is captured DOA and all cadres of boko haram totally destroyed.

  11. NJOKU OUJ says:

    If there is any spin to this cheery news, we should be the ones to do it: “Gallant Nigerian Soldiers retake town of Baga; Fleeing boko haram terrorists drown in lake chad; Chadian military says own troops did not fight in this glorious battle”. Viva Nigeria!

  12. beegeagle says:

    Nigerian troops a few days ago commenced a three-pronged offensive to retake MONGUNO, KUKAWA and BAGA.

    TWO of the three strategically important towns in the desertified north of Borno State have now been retaken.

    We might get to hear about the fall of Kukawa within the next 48 hours. Godspeed to the gallant troops. The SF chaps leading this offensive are showing real class and ruthless resolve.

    Willing to bet that the Russian-trained SF commandos have returned. Eat your hearts out, naysayers. By God, we are on a roll.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Beegs, we should be thinking of consolidation as well…
      Crack troops of DSS, DIA Intelligence boys, NIA, Immigrations, Regular troops, even civil defence should be flooding into these areas for pacification and to identify and capture any fleeing top level boko rats, collaborators + prisoners. And also to gather additional intelligence. Freeing up SF boys for additional
      We cannot afford to loose momentum.
      The rats are in disarray, we must continue to strike them down.

      In addition, i hope the tips of the spear- Our SF boys still have additional reserve regiments rounding off or starting training(must be a continual cycle) with the russian spetsnatz teams…
      My 2.5 kobo on the mata sha

      • Colloid says:

        Seconded. The likes of DSS, NPF, NSCDC, CJTF, MOPOL and other security agencies should be drafted to those liberated towns so the military can go on with their offensive. We dont have to overstretch the Army by asking them to FLUSH OUT and still OCCUPY/HOLD the liberated towns at the same time.

      • buchi says:

        oga rugged in summary all hands must be activated and must be placed on deck

  13. Naijaseal says:

    Will there be a likely Lake Chad offensive?

  14. sizzorkay says:

    Oh no, did we just took the shine off Chad’s President? Wasn’t that place a trophy he vowed to claim? lol, too bad. But hey, they can always fish out the drowned fools and give them proper burial. Then again, i say let the fish have some meat.

  15. sizzorkay says:

    Let’s hope they capture that fool alive. But we are also talking about Countries with so many unguarded areas, this guy could easily sneak out to any country within the continent.
    I hope we have a unit specifically designated to his capture, this is important.
    And they should try as much as possible to capture him alive. I want to know the people behind these low lives, and only he might be able to tell us.

  16. sizzorkay says:


    The Nigerian offensive led by GOC 7 Div Maj. Gen Adeosun got Gajigana, Mile 90, Kangarwa, Yoyo, doron fili, Kukawa & #Baga all liberated

  17. Emmanuel says:

    Very Good news!! Kudos to the military….don’t know if you saw the report of 8 French nationals fighting alongside BokoHaram captured by Cameroonian forces and the pressure being mounted by the French government to hand them over !!

    • sizzorkay says:

      I read it on Beegeagle’s blog and another site, its foolish, these terrorists didn’t commit any crime against France, they committed it against us and Cameroon, therefore must be tried where they were captured, i hope Cameroon stand its ground.
      But France FM is now touring West Africa as we speak, he is in Chad, he will go to Cameroon, but of course no mention of him going to Nigeria, imagine that.
      Probably gonna put more pressure on Cameroon to keep a lid on things

  18. Colloid says:

    Yeah, we want him alive but his death PUBLICLY will be something Nigerian would be happy about. Maj. Gen. Chris just got off air few minutes ago. He spoke on the successes, the mission, the rift btw them and obasanjo, the 6 week “offensive” and what Nigerian should expect in term of Degrading them to the point that even if they still exist, they wont be able to carry out their satan given work. #GodBlessNigerianArmy.

  19. sizzorkay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio

    PHOTO 5: A squad of #BokoHaram terrorists during their failed assault on the Nigerian town of #Gombe feb.

    • sizzorkay says:

      There are more pics from that twitter handle, but I’ve decided not to post them here any longer, showing these fools in action , even though unsuccessful, makes me uncomfortable, don’t want to promote them devils adventures.
      unless if you all want me to post them, if not, i will not.

  20. jimmy says:

    This is a day of days
    BAGA please someone get a picture of Baga flying THE GREEN WHITE WHITE
    Maj Gen KOLADE Please can we get a screen grab of BAGA FLYING THE GREEN WHITE GREEN?
    This bastard fled BAGA He should of stayed and fought to the bitter end but he wouldn’t because he is the real COWARD He burnt our FLAG not knowing he could not burn the desires of the love we have for our country in our hearts .He SHEKAU IS THE REAL COWARD he is cursed to die a thousands deaths, but the brave and resilient Men of Nigeria die but once, he is now cursed to roam the fringes of Nigeria like the vagabond that he is as he gets hemmed in all sides whether he dies today , tomorrow or next year it does not matter he will wake every morning till the inevitable happens .he is cursed never to sleep in the same place for more than a day
    Shekau your name will be synonymous with that of a stray dog who will die in the streets and the vultures and fowls of the air reeking of filth shall pick your bones clean, may you live just long enough to see everything around you falsely created crumble to pieces , you are now dead man walking D.M.W.

  21. asorockweb says:

    Oga Beegs,

    The NA setup a SOCOM last year (the US ambassador was present at launch.)

    I guess you are suggesting that it exists only on paper?

  22. Lordfej says:

    Amen to that

  23. CHYDE says:

    Hehehe, Oga himself,

  24. drag_on says:

    ”Some pick-ups captured from BH are found 2 have passed through Agades in Niger and were among 100
    shipped from Dubai through a Libyan port.”

    • asorockweb says:


      I wrote a short piece about BH funding awhile ago, and in it, I brought up the possibility of middle eastern funds supporting BH via Libya.

      • jimmy says:

        This is a very serious topic that is cause a lot of DISQUIET in Washington, You may recall that EGYPT BOMBED Libya two days ago and the only Country to disagree publicly was QATAR. This is as serious as it gets and Nigeria will do well to link up SPECIFICALLY with the Egyptians.

      • asorockweb says:

        Has anyone considered a naval inspection of ships arriving at Libyan ports?

    • asorockweb says:

      The people that destroyed Libya must now return and make it whole again.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Dubai also happens to be where “Nigerian Journalist and a close associate of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, Ahmad Salkida” is “exiled” in.


  25. beegeagle says:

    Major General(then Brig Gen) L.O Adeosun, GOC 7 Division is pictured to the right of Governor Theodore Orji.
    Gen Adeosun was the Commander 14 Brigade at that time.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy God bless you for the above weblink, we are enjoying it, long and full story ! Does not matter if the journalist does not know the exact names of military equipment, we know what he is trying to say even if he stammers like Augustine.

    • asorockweb says:

      “new acquisitions like mines-counter armoured personnel carriers such as the Cobras equipped with night vision”


      Can anyone hazard a guess at this journalist’s IQ?

  26. Augustine says:

    Has Nigeria granted Chadian army’s request for deep penetration into Nigerian territory for combat engagements ?

    “Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) – Boko Haram militants suffered heavy casualties when Chadian troops pushed into Nigeria this week, residents who fled the fighting told AFP on Thursday.

    Chad’s army said on Tuesday evening that they had seized control of the town of Dikwa, which is about 50 kilometres (31 miles) southwest of the Nigerian border town of Gamboru.”

  27. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga AreJames and Asorockweb, don’t bother yourselves. It didn’t start today and they’re not willing to be educated. It started with their oft-repeated phrases like “armoured tank,” and “condoned off the area,” etc. The Nigerian journalist is unwilling to learn or let the experts advice him. Gone are the days of Julyette Ukabiala of the The Guardian of Lagos. Abeg make we dey enjoy technically sound analyses on Beegeagleblog. Forward Nigeria. Long live the Nigerian Armed Forces. Viva Africa!

  28. COLONEL NGR says:

    This is great news. the news item in vanguard gives an insight to what is happening. this blog is is thebest. it shows that the powers that be are listening. oga beeg….you will always have a special place in our hearts for creating this blog.

  29. beegeagle says:


    Link by an account by deserter to Vanguard, my take on it is this must have been when the helicopters and jets did not have the stand off capability to fly higher than the AA flak. However the retreat seems extremely disorderly with no evidence of a rear guard as well as few tactical maneuvers (at least from the perspective of the NCO relaying the information), the non coms account has several gaps that are disturbing. However I believe we can learn somethings if we are not totally discounting the account. The writer does not seem to be one with an axe to grind with FG, I am making this statement due to his previous writing history (he is the crime editor for Vanguard) But he probably does not rigorously vet his sources.

    The good new is that the battalion was not decimated, as evidenced by counter attack ordered by Ashaka, The account has no estimates of casualties or enemy numbers, the soldier cannot write an after action report to save his life own life, he also stated he was @ Bama… another ignominious retreat. Hopefully the battalion is not making retreats a habit. When the troops withdrew from Bama most of them force marched straight to Maiduguri and did not bother to stop at Kavurri or Konduga to support the battalion there. Seems they were rotated to Gombe.

    • ozed says:

      Most saddening for me was the reference to the preference to go for some soft peace keeping assignment, and the general reaction when they found out they were going to the NE. Makes it look like ‘say liver don fail them’ even before the battle started.

      Also there does not seem to have been any pre-reconnoitered withdrawal routes where ambushes could have been laid for pursuing boko haram troops. It was just a whole sale retreat. Imagine if you were fighting a conventional force with proper artillery and some air offensive capability.

      If there is but an iota of truth in this account, i cant stress enough that the real reform work for this army has to start once BH is extinguished. This shame must not repeat itself.

    • asorockweb says:

      It seems to be a reprint from the Osun Defender website.

      I could only read some of it, but I believe the story is crap.

      “About 90% of us were victims of previous attacks at Bama and other areas and we lost both our loved ones and properties. So, military authorities selected us for foreign mission as a way of compensating us but unfortunately, we were diverted to go and fight Boko Haram insurgents”

      So, he is saying that he thought he would be compensated for fleeing from Bama? As a victim?

      He said he is a sergeant but enrolled through the “regular course”?

      And they were served “tasteless jellof rice” before the battle?

      I think it may be partly made up, if not completely made up by the reporter to sell newspapers. It must have been a hit because other newspapers are now reprinting it.

    • igbi says:

      We should stop believing people when they claim identities which nobody can verrify, It is counterproductif.

  30. beegeagle says:

    Rotated to Gombe? I doubt that.
    As of 1989 when the defunct 255 Tank Battalion was stationed at Potiskum, there was already an artillery garrison at Gombe. That is what they retain till date.

    Some other artillery garrisons which already existed in the 1980s include Abeokuta, Kachia, Kontagora, Owerri, Akure, to name a few.

    As a matter of fact, Kaduna and Abeokuta were the first two armoured and artillery garrisons in that order. As of the 1960s, they played host to recce squadrons and field batteries. The Recce and Artillery Regimental HQs were doubly situated at Kaduna with Lt Colonels Hassan Katsina and Alexander Madiebo serving as pioneer COs of the Recce and Artillery regiments in that order.

  31. rugged7 says:

    I don’t see any abandoned heavy weapons.
    But i wonder about the absence of bulletproof vests for majority of troops?
    Not enough transport vehicles??
    If they are tired by the time they reach the objective, then how can they fight?
    Maybe there is something i’m missing…

    • rugged7 says:

      This appears to be photos of the advance into Baga

      • ozed says:

        Want to believe these are rear echelon troops, giving that they are advancing with the artillery (which would typically be a few kilometers behind the ‘spearhead’ units. however, i agree that ideally even they should wear body Armour.

        Of particular interest to me is the turret fixed atop the hilux van would have been nice to see what weapon is mounted on it.

    • igbi says:

      Don’t make conclusions from just 2 pictures, you can’t expect every soldier to be wearing his bullet proof vest 24/7. Also notice that some of the soldiers are not carrying their guns. Sometimes a picture is just a picture.

      • rugged7 says:

        I am well aware of this Igbi.
        Note my query marks and the fact that i said “Maybe there is something i’m missing…”
        However, we need to ask anyway- in the spirit of transparency and constructive criticism.
        I think DHQ is improving with the rate of picture releases, which shows they are actually listening to some of the criticsms on this blog.
        Like Oliver twist, we will encourage them to do more-
        Like improving the quality of the pictures with high definition cameras etc

      • igbi says:

        Right now DHQ should be touring NTA journalists (or NA journalists) in Baga to film the place. boko stupid supporters are upping their propaganda lately and are spreading their propaganda even in french. I understand the need to not provide food for boko haram supporting agencies like amnesty international who would be ready to twist every image, so we need to clean the place and then make a video showing the place.

      • igbi says:

        Victory For Nigeria

    • asorockweb says:

      One can never tell when these photos were taken, but they appear to be support and artillery troops.

  32. igbi says:

    Nigerian patriots defend the colours on twitter.

  33. Augustine says:

    Nigerian army, Baga was the major battle in January 2015 that led to our defeat which greatly damaged the international image of the Nigerian military. It was the loss of Baga and the noise of heavy civilian casualties that brought the whole world comity of nations demanding foreign troops be deployed into Nigerian territory.

    Now DHQ you have recaptured Baga town, prepare the videos and photos in large numbers, let your PR team build the story with images as evidence, that Nigerian military NOT Chadian military that has been making claims, Nigeria won back it’s own Baga.

    Keep the story with motion and still pictures ready for release to international media at the right time, win back your glory Nigerian army, you are 150 years old and NOT cowards that the world calls you, show your power in battlefield images….THE BATTLE OF BAGA !

    Thank you NA, NAF, NN.

  34. Augustine says:

    Boko Haram fighters drown inside Lake Chad.

    This confirms the noise I have been making repeatedly, fence/trench or landmine ALL the motor vehicle passable land areas along Nigeria’s borders with Chad, Niger, Cameroon.

    That is all you need in phase I, once you block vehicle movements across the borders, you force escaping or invading Bokos to go on foot, walk and run tired to faint, climb hills and mountains to faint, how fast will they run, how will they carry heavy weapons on their heads for several kilometers on foot paths ?

    Fence/trench or landmine the vehicle passable routes along Nigeria’s northern borders and Boko Haram will be trapped inside Nigeria while we pursue them to kill, or trapped inside Chad, Niger, Cameroon struggling to find a way to invade Nigeria with so many landscape obstacles of lake waters, hills, mountains, and rocks or wide area swamp/bogland.

    Nigeria will not need any MNJTF helping us with foreign troops operating in our land and airspace. Is it Chadian army that killed those escaping Bokos? No, natural obstacle trapped and killed them in lake Chad waters, Boko has no navy or amphibious forces.

    Running away from Baga, the Bokos faced lake Chad and tried to cross, they drowned there, because there was no vehicle passable route across that border sector, Bokos were forced to flee into a death trap of nature.

    Saudi Arabia is not begging Iraq for any MNJTF, they just fenced off their borders and will kill anybody that crosses the fence.

    Let’s stop seeing impossibility in good things as Africans, some nations went to the moon and came back because they believe they can defeat the technical obstacles of leaving planet earth completely.

    So which one is easier? Fencing Nigeria’s borders or leaving this world to the moon and coming back alive?

    Abuja leaders of Nigeria, over to you o ! Fence/Trench the borders of Nigeria facing Cameroon, Chad, Niger in phases/stages over a reasonable period of time starting with motor vehicle passable areas. Presidency, Senate, House Of Reps, we need your authority please.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Augustine, I’ve said it elsewhere that Nigeria can fence its borders almost for free. The trick is not to use any imported components that would be priced in dollars. With 100% local labour and materials, we can simply print the amount of Naira required (Quantitative Easing), while strongly boosting employment in border areas. We can use good old manual labour as well as local rocks, stones and cement; there is granite in the North and granite-cement aggregate is incredibly strong.

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