Nigerian soldiers clustered atop a tracked Steyr 4K 7FA Armoured Personnel Carrier of the Nigerian Army. This unit appears to have a Singapore Technologies Kinetics CIS-50 12.7mm heavy machine gun mounted on it, as against the more familiar Browning M2 12.7mm HMG.



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  1. rugged7 says:

    How Russian Arms are Helping Nigeria Fight Boko Haram

    “Look at when one of the drones was sighted in Adamawa, the US were said to be angry, asking how we were able to secure them”.
    Americans- our “good” friends…. This is an eye-opening report

    • rugged7 says:

      And i keep hearing of these “T-55 with mine clearing abilities”
      and “the Cobra equipped with night vision capabilities”..
      Oga Beegs, na typographical error abi there r actually cobra helicopters???

      • sabatino9 says:

        I also noticed the “Cobra” mentioned as well as this paragraph reference of an “F17 bomber”

        “For the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), we have the MI35 attack helicopters from Russia and associated weapons and accessories, Agusta 109 support helicopters, Super PUMA helicopters from France, F17 Bombers with precision guided munitions, and the ever present Alpha Jet bombers”

        Is this a subtle mention of the JF-17 or is it the F-7NI, because NAF doesn’t fly the Northrop YF-17 “Cobra”. General Beegs, abeg shed some light on this mix up.

      • Henry says:

        I think the reporter meant F-7.

      • sabatino9 says:

        …and to add, the writer got the names of the other platform correctly, the MI35, the Agusta 109, the Super PUMA and the Alpha Jets, the mention of the F-17 is the only anomaly, which to me is not a coincidence. Remember when there were mentions of Airframes being assembled at TAC as well as some sightings of fighter jets with black smokes (which is synonymous with the JF-17) and the hearing of different sounds by people staying close to TAC. The sound was said to be “different” from the Alpha jets, the only thing missing is the pictorial evidence of the JF-17.

        Gentlemen, I think NAF “might” have added the JF-17 to its inventory albeit in a testing capability and some sorties by the Pakistani pilots, hence the non-mention of the jet. Please don’t quote me on this o, but I am feeling this might be the case, personally I’ve been checking the departures from PAC, Kamra but no luck on the C-130s, even the deliveries of PGMs were not flagged, so i wouldn’t be surprised if the JF-17 has been delivered under the radar.

        Oga Beegs, over to you.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Oga Henry, I think you are right, I am 99.9% sure it has to be the F-7, but 0.1% it might be the JF-17,. But being a patriot, I so much hope its the JF-17, a classical case of “Seeing the cup half full”.

      • beegeagle says:

        I really cannot make much of that writeup. Its technical content is getting in the way of comprehension. Second base jare…

      • Henry says:

        Lol !!! Baba sabastino, no be small “seeing the cup half full”.

        Fact is, like you, myself and hundreds of other Nigerians in the military cyberspace we are frustrated and desperate for some actual “real” fighters for our Airforce.

        The same thing played out when the military had the Vickers MK MBT as it’s main MBT. Frustration with the F-7 when lesser nations like chad, uganda, Eriteria, Ethiopia fly 4th GEN. Fighter jets and Nations in our class fly all weather, day & Night, Gripen, F-16 and SU-30’s.

        This fact is actually quite demoralising. Like you, I actually want to believe the reporter meant JF-17 thunder jets, I do, to be honest though, I think the reporter actually meant F-7.

        However, if it turns out to be JF-17, i’ll be as elated as anyone else. Just keep in mind, the 1 billion dollars largesse hasn’t been shared, so there is all right to be optimistic.

      • Saleh says:

        I think they are referring to cobra apc with NVG

      • Are James says:

        Cobra APC with night vision gear is already proving itself in another theatre. Turkish Army operations against ISIS. I saw some improved Otokar Conrad chassis and 2013 NVG turrets on CNN two days ago.

      • Are James says:

        *cobra *

  2. okomonika says:

    Gen beegs d photo ain’t loading.

  3. Daffiduss says:

    God speed

  4. beegeagle says:


    “Look at when one of the drones was sighted in Adamawa, the US were said to be angry, asking how we were able to secure them”.


    For the benefit of my good friend, Oje, who continues to look upon these American things with starry-eyed relish. Perhaps our man is a Nigerian-American or works at the US Consulate. How else can any country so consistently deny and put down one’s country and he refuses to get to grips with the reality. Our man alone knows the impeccable qualities of US-made hardware but never wants to ask if these are REALLY intended for Nigeria’s benefit. Not even a sadomasochist would persist in his futile hunt of the unattainable. Nigeria were hankering after F16 jets in 1986 but have never really come close to actualisation and anyone can suggest that we try harder? Only a lunatic does the same things repeatedly and expects a different outcome. Perhaps it would provide headsup for Tim and Tobey as well.

    When we applauded the acquisition of CH-3A drones from China, we swore that no WESTERN nation would have contemplated the sale of armed drones to Nigeria. There goes the reality check.

    Russia and China are global military dominoes based on Russian-made and Chinese-made military. Anyone who thinks they are not good enough for us probably lives an illusion. Of course, the endlessly showboating West get to do all the talking about the qualities of their own kit. They will not sell to you and they get upset when you explore your options. That is why, in a typical manifestation of insincerity, they would talk down on the quality of anything emanating from Russia or China YET strangely set up entire institutes and dedicate divisions of their intelligence agencies to monitoring and analysing everything about the Russian and Chinese military industrial complexes. STILL, Africans refuse to see the incongruence in that irony and wake up from deep slumber.

    Thank God for eastern Ukraine and Syria, we know better. We will buy Russian, Chinese and homegrown Israeli hardware and become very strong doing that. Largely to the exclusion of Israeli equipment, are Iran, North Korea, Algeria, Syria, Burma etc not militarily powerful? Time for us to forge ahead and quit romanticising mere wishes and our personally fancied options.

    One even recalls having read a near-moronic report which blamed Nigeria’s hitherto dwindling battlefield prowess on a lack of cooperation with the West. Look where we are now that Russian-trained commandos have joined the battle?

    The West do not help to make countries strong. All of the world has to be kept militarily prostrate so that you can be invaded at anytime. Smart republics are wise to these antics and turn to Russia and China for arms. Reality check – Syria, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Burma, North Korea and Iran. The West respect fear all those countries more than they do Nigeria. What have we got to show for years of prostituting ourselves to the West? An obsolescent military.

    Mr President must quit all these entreaties to whichever Western power and act like the C-in-C. Just imagine…livid that we managed to lay our hands on armed drones?

    • Lordfej says:

      I don’t think he meant f 7 I think it’s jf 17 and it’s a more likely scenario

      • sabatino9 says:

        Just to add, the F-7NI are not capable of using PGMs, they are only equipped with Ground attack rockets. The F-7BGI Upgraded version for Bangladesh Air Force was ordered in 2011 which was after Nigeria had its orders fulfilled. The only exception is if the NAF got the J-7G variant which was developed to carry PGMs, also note the addition of “G” to the the PGM capable F-7s. I believe if NAF got the PGM capable variant, it would be F-7NGI not the F-7NI, and there was no mention of NAF upgrading its F-7 to carry precision munitions.

        When NAF got the F-7s, there wasn’t any mention of enhanced capabilities for the NAF F-7NI which is a key modification considering the fact that it changes the F-7 from its main capabilities of AAM and anit-ship missiles to using PGMs. I may be wrong, but I will go with the JF-17 predictions because of the mention of PGMs.

        My 5kobo.

      • Are James says:

        I believe without evidence that the NAF implemented the F7bgi upgrade recently. It is not much to do; new equipment in the sircraft nose cone primarily the radar, the sensors (including NVG stuff) and processing / targeting.
        it is very linear even more so than Alpha jet PGM upgrades

    • Deway says:

      Seems like we got under their skin with the secret acquisition of armed drones, LOL. Just this month, they’ve decided now to start selling armed drones to some of their allies. Italy has been asking them for their predator drones for a long time, dem no gree, now the Chinese are capturing major international deals for armed drones, dem eye don clear! hehehehe!

    • Deway says:

      A point to note from that Thisday report is this:
      “Another point is that the senior officers who are increasingly leading the battle are now encouraging the soldiers to get involved. Before some of the Commanders used to be from the Colonel downwards but now you see Generals leading the charge from the battlefront. Like the battle that is going on now in different parts of Borno like Gwoza, Baga and so on are being commanded by the Generals.
      “Also the change of attitudes of the senior officers who have left their cozy offices into the battlefield has helped to boost the soldiers morale. This has actually ‘gingered’ the soldiers and discouraged those who wanted to desert, saying ‘if such generals could be on the battlefront that means nobody is just sending them to go and die. So this is one of the reasons we are winning the battle”, the source said.

      Though its not a requirement for Generals to be at the battle front, it however says a lot about the new level of seriousness in getting rid of the vermin. NA, we appreciate your efforts!

  5. beegeagle says:

    More MRAPs delivered to the NA. Stay tuned

  6. Augustine says:

    Who knows what NAF F-7NI jets have been upgraded to overnight? Nobody knows. Well Oga Zacharry999 said the Pakistani cargo plane ‘blocked’ by Saudi Arabia has finally found air route and delivered Mk.83 bombs for NAF F-7 jets, those are gravity bombs basically but have variant fitted with guidance kit and transform into LGB.

    Nigerian military procurements, the more you look the less you see.

    • Are James says:

      There is no evidence we bought LGB kit which is a shame. Granted that for Sambisa you dont need precision but carpet bombing yet opportunity presents itself everyday to take things out with accuracy prior to some offensive or advance on target. Typical things you want to take out are AAA trucks and stolen tanks.

  7. asorockweb says:

    Notice that the turret of the Steyr 4K 7FA in picture was reengineered – now has more room.

  8. Kola Adekola says:

    Terrorists disguise as women, as Nigerian Air Force steps up bombardment in Gwoza, Bama, Sambisa forest

  9. More Images from the front

  10. Good Move, I think we need to train our Journalist them biko dey cant get or identify weapons right it just weakens me.

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