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  1. Stormslim says:

    lovely, they now see the benefit of MRAPS in the operation.

  2. tbite says:

    Looks more modern from the side…but beasty nonetheless. I don’t know why we didn’t learn from the lessons of America in Gulf War II. However, better late than never.

  3. Saleh says:

    Cool better late than never

  4. Akin Oges says:

    Nice! More protected mobility for our valiant troop.

  5. Deway says:

    Being green in colour, is this heading for the Guards Brigade?

  6. buchi says:

    rest in peace soldier,may the good Lord grant you rest in his eternal abode

    the btr-4 with cage Armour behind

  7. jimmy says:

    Behold the beast itself
    FURTHER CONFIRMATION that they are listening and an indication that when a Chinese made product proves itself in battle more will be order.
    OGA BEEGS inadvertently the F.G. is phasing out the most reviled thin skinned TOYOTA HLIUXES by purchasing theses and the IGIRIGS based on what we are seeing that they appear to be doing creditably well are we seeing the death throes of the hilux a vehicle that caused so much DISAFFECTION among bloggers and Military personnel.

  8. jimmy says:

    * More will be ordered*
    by the way it is also good to see those Btr-4s.

  9. Augustine says:

    Nigeria is doing good marketing for China, when your weapons/equipment gets tested in battle and does well, such that you even buy more, you are boosting international market sales for the manufacturer.

    Norinco should transfer Big Foot MRAP technology to Nigeria and make us marketing partner for Africa. Jacob Zuma can eat his Soweto MRAPs by himself, he never even said….my brother in my days of bondage, you saved me, now I have 700 MRAPs and 1,200 IFVs I don’t need now, take 100 of each for free and defeat your enemy, you helped me before, I help you today…..Africa is full of ingrates.

    The Chinese MRAP may be satisfying Nigerian army in reliability, but also because it has the speed advantage and can chase Bokos in hot pursuit, faster than most IFVs of this world.

    I think we should talk to manufacturer and ask for single turret of larger size hatches in a special version to work like an IFV, chassis of an MRAP is solid rock strong, factory mount twin barrel 23mm cannon or single 30mm cannon atop some BigFoot MRAPs and get Protection+Speed+Firepower, the 3 elements of COIN war field engagements.

    Thinking aloud.

    • Colloid says:

      Oga augustine, i concur. These MRAPs are agile, fast, and importantly “protective”. Imagine if we have these in our arsenal long ago, BH would have been a forgotten issue like Ebola. As we defeat that “Biological terrorist” patrick sawyer and his virus, so also we will defeat this “Bandit terrorist” BH and their ideological virus.
      Now, we are sure hilux would soon be dethroned with our Igirigis and other ‘armoured’ vehicles like these MRAPs.

    • Oje says:

      Most Intelligent and spot on post on today’s thread. So true.

  10. rugged7 says:

    US Sends Cameroon Equipment to Fight Boko Haram

    Our “American friends” have landed key weapons for cameroon.
    Imagine how fast they are able to transfer weapons to cameroon.
    A country with a dictator on the throne for almost 30 years, who has clear human rights problems with repression of the opposition etc
    They are obviously doing this to spite Nigeria and to partake in the glory now that Boko haram is on the back foot.
    loool…Americans are the greatest of all hypocrites.
    Well, God will Judge all of them accordingly.
    As for me and my household, we vie EAST…
    And please, OGA JONATHAN STOP begging these americans.
    For my sanity and peace of mind…

    • Are James says:

      Nigeria and Cameroon are not on the same level. Let us start to behave more like Iran in this country. That calls on a new paradigm and a new carriage by people in government. No more infantile grovelling, We are a medium (regional) power. if America feels that it needs a special strategy to handle us, it means we are nothing less. Welcome to the big leagues.

  11. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Oga rugged7, if dem been sell us the equipment sef and we come defeat BH, no be dem go begin claim the credit? God sef no want make them share for the praise wey our boys and girls go get. Simple. Paul Biya’s government is as democractic as Idris Deby’s? What an interesting world!

  12. igbi says:

    Let me be verry clear, the only importance cameroon has to the usa is the fact that it is our neighbour. The usa has always seen Nigeria as a threat to usa african policies especially in west and central africa, so the usa wants to destroy Nigerian growing influence in Africa. That is why the usa and western media have been spewing propaganda against Nigeria for more than 30 years now. They started with their accusations of 419, in which they painted every Nigerian as being a 419 to the rest of the world, then they moved on to painting us as drug dealers to the rest of the world, and now they have started painting us as corrupt (ofcourse a word with no real definition, which projects an irrational feeling, rather than a thing which could be proved or disproved). You must be aware that their refusal to sell us weapons is because they don’t want us to grow stronger, they would be verry contempt to see us break down completely. America also sees us as a domestic threat, because the glory of Nigeria speaks to black americans who would identify with it and be bolder to fight for their rights. It is not by mistake that the first African country visited by Malcolm X was Nigeria. But the black americans haven’t realised that their government policies against Nigeria are anti-black driven.

    • rugged7 says:

      Well said, oga Igbi.
      And this is not america bashing.
      It’s saying it, as it is.
      God help Nigeria, as we overcome ALL ENEMIES; Foreign and domestic…

  13. igbi says:

    Thank you Russia and China and Pakistan and Czeck Republic, you have shown yourselves to be good partners and verry reliable ones. Especially Russia and China.

  14. beegeagle says:

    This is becoming mainstay. When someone said here last year that the NA have an order for 120 units, it looked like he was joking.

    But these have now been spotted in Lagos on tank transporters, inside a barracks at MDGR, on the streets of MDGR, on patrol at Abuja and now these new units. Little by little, we are getting there.

    It is important that the NA quickly move to delete the Hilux and Ford Ranger from field operations entirely. They should be consigned to coastal and urban operations. I mean, why would anyone want to hazard the risk of driving anywhere beyond Dikwa, not to mention places to the north thereof some of which are 150-250 miles north of Maiduguri, in Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger? What happens when they get caught up in a haboob (dust storm) and the engine stalls, leaving the troops at the mercy of the enemy?

    For the avoidance of doubt, the ONLY softskinned vehicle in our COIN inventory made for operations in places to the north of Maiduguri is the TOYOTA LANDCRUISER. It is made to ride into the eye of a desert storm and is fully AWD, making it possible to navigate the loose desert sands and not stall.

    Please, please, PLEASE…even Toyota Nigeria will tell the NA this. Many of the NGOs which were operating in the north of Sokoto State had to pull back their Hilux trucks and replaced them with Landcruiser trucks for the precise reasons which I have highlighted. Let us not needlessly jeopardise the lives of fighting men. Seeing Hilux trucks in the footage from Baga was the real meaning of riding one’s luck. Thank God they made it.

    For military engagements, we must keep away Hilux and Ford Ranger trucks from all places to the north of Lat 12 degrees North. That coincides with all places which lie to the north of Kano. Field ONLY the Toyota Landcruiser. The less said about that the better.

    Has anyone ever seen the Malian, Sudanese or Chadian troops in anything other than the Landcruiser? You think it is merely coincidental? I shall post a photo of the Chadian troops operating in the Fotokol-Gamboru border axis shortly.

  15. alade says:

    pls brethren, let’s not forget the land Rover 4*4 the best off road in the world, i jst cnt fathom why the NA isn’t putting them to use at dis time….jst wat my coconut head cld tink of

    • Are James says:

      Notorious fuel guzzler, yet aluminum skinned which leads to the question why.
      The only thing Land Rover Defender has is swiftness and agility but you don’t want to put troops in that relic of another era.

  16. Oje says:

    ……random interjection.

    Words on Marble from Vermin spitting Cameroonian bloggers.

    “A good nigerian is a dead one! look at statistics around the world..there are more nigerians in jails that the whole of other africans put together…what does that say to you my friend???theses are facts!!! conclusion??Nigerians are all criminal..listened to their president speak, he made no sense to me just an idiot like all of them!!!!!loosers”

  17. igbi says:

    Beegeagle, the warmonger above is trying to drive snriments, please try and keep him in check.

  18. igbi says:

    it is funny that the same guy who is a great fan of america is trying to push us into a war with cameroon, which america is supplying weapons to. We are busy fighting a war against boko stupidram while some people are busy throwing propaganda around to try and divert us.

  19. Kola Adekola says:

    The epic journey forward has begun. These are GEJ’s words:

    ““Back home, we were at peace with our neighbours. It is now that we are witnessing Boko Haram that we see that fighting them is not what we do with AK 47, and now we have to look for money. I totally agree with you, if Brazil can manufacture commercial helicopter, what stops us from going into manufacturing.”

    The president further said that if re-elected, his administration would focus on local technologies for arms production.

    “Recently, we wanted to buy tear-gas from a country and they were bragging and saying that Nigeria has human rights abuse issues. I kept wondering what is tear-gas? I vowed that God willing if I return, Nigeria must produce tear-gas,” he said.

    “What is the technology of producing tear-gas for God’s sake? What is the technology of producing APCs and armoured tanks? I agree with you that in terms of manufacturing, we must and we have no choice than to get into it as a nation. That is why we are emphasising about local content in production; that you can witness in the automobile industry which has come back.”

    Mr. Jonathan also said that more companies would be issued licenses to produce arms, to complement the Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria, DICON.

    “Just last week a company that bought over the machine tools in Osogbo came to show the bullet proof vest that they produced and I asked them, can’t you produce weapons and they claimed that they can manufacture weapons if they could be patronised and there is a guarantor,” said the president.

    “Yes we have our own DICON, but DICON alone cannot produce all our weaponry. We must have more than two, three companies in a big country like Nigeria.

    “I told the company that immediately after the elections, if I’ll be here for the next four years, before they start going for weapons, all the tear-gas that we’ll use in Nigeria, will have to be produced in Nigeria.”

    • igbi says:

      This is good.

    • asorockweb says:

      “What is the technology of producing tear-gas for God’s sake?”

    • igbi says:

      We can do it. I would even be ready to come and use my field of expertize to join this project. Everything the west can build, we can do it too. If our ancestors had the same access to science as we do, I guarantee you that we would have been using missiles while the west was still using bows and arrows. Science doesn’t belong to a tribe or a country, it is just a matter of using our brains which we have trained in the numerous universities worldwide and in Nigeria. There is nothing we can’t do

    • Henry says:

      Mr President is speaking my language. Indigenization is the only way forward for Nigeria. I mean what is “tear gas”, our Automobile policy is very sound, with the necessary backing from the Federal government, it would surely succeed. I evny the defence industry of South-Africa, they make MRAPs, the same way sachet water “pure water” companies in Nigeria churn out “pure water”.

      We just have to support local Nigerian defence companies. Proforce Leopard LAV is a nice start, but that’s not good enough. The company should be producing Proper LAV’s and MRAPs, so DHQ can have proper local alternatives.

      I hope Mr Presidents statements are Bourne out of genuine anger, and not a political/ campaign statement.

  20. beegeagle says:

    When you read stuff like that from a Cameroonian, respond on the spot. Obviously, that Cameroonian cretin was only wallowing in reverse psychology.

    * the losers in Nigeria are segmentally, the most highly educated BLACK people in America. Cameroon are not even on the radar out there. How come it is the dregs in gaol who are his index of judging Nigerians?

    * the losers in Nigeria had a certain President Shagari as ruler in November 1982 when Paul Biya came to power. The losing Nigerians live in freedom and have had EIGHT other Presidents since 1982. The indomitable Cameroonians are still stuck with Biya. Who are the real losers if the most basic of democratic liberties eludes them and they have no say over who governs them?

    * Nigerians control the retail trade in urban Cameroon while the homers do stargazing. Who are the real losers?

    * Nigeria engaged Cameroon militarily ober the Bakassi Peninsula. Unable to make a headway, the ran to the ICJ for adjudication. Who are the real losers?

    * Cameroonian clubs and homes feed off our Afro-Pop music and Nollywood movies. That is cultural imperialism. Who are the real losers?

    * Cameroonians depend on smuggled fuel and household consumer items made in Nigeria. Who are the real losers?

  21. beegeagle says:

    NJOKU OUJ, TheSaint and all those Naija broddas who have been knocking on my door, check your email

  22. Oje says:

    @ Igbi
    Do you have an radiating missile hovering over Cyber Space on a hair trigger alert to detect any post i make and shut it down? If you are sensible you will realise that unlike you the fact i openly critisize the U.S when they mess up and give commendations when they do the right thing should make you see i am not a ”black and white” minded person like you. Objective analogy is what makes for a credible point of view.

  23. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg,

    On your remark you are SPOT ON. Insignificant, dirt poor and docile %90 of Cameroonians under the age of 30 have been under the dictatorial steel claws of Biya. Such simpletons they revel in euphoria when their giant neighbor is in turmoil just to make them selves sleep better at night. For their small mind Cameroon has a standing army who never go for any patrol or mission without an AP or any other Western media house in tow. Feeble minded as they are they wouldnt know the seed of Propaganda their leader has been putting into their heads. By creating a ”non existent” sense of glory and power, and of course Cameroonians themselves believe BIYA with his Elit squard of 4 thousand presidential bodyguard (BIR) is the best thing that ever happened to them lol. They more they hear of Nigerian military successes the more they hate, they hate so bad they can taste it in their mouth.

    • Are James says:

      I have to reluctantly agree with @Igbi. Let us not overdo the Cameroon bashing, they are still partners (reluctant?) in this war. There are a lot more serious things to discuss on this blog.

  24. Colloid says:

    Hahahaha! You know, a yoruba adage says “when a mad man is talking to himself, you must not reply him lest they find it hard to identify who is the real madman”. The madman country know herself, so Nigeria must never be tempted to reply their madness. WHEN THE STORM IS OVER………THERE WOULD BE CLEARER WEATHER AND THE LOSER WOULD BE IDENTIFY.

    • beegeagle says:

      Guys, looks like we have a new and long line of some unknown BTR APCs here. Does anyone know the precise type?

      • Are James says:

        Wow. Empire strikes back.
        The wedge shaped front of this BTR armoured vehicle looks exactly like something we used to field in large numbers in the past.

      • Engineerboat says:

        The Boyz are smilling. This is a memory refresh that when an Army have the right tool to fight. War is their Leasure Game.

      • beegeagle says:

        Is anyone seeing that stuff that looks like a FLIR device in front of the second BTR APC?

      • mcshegz says:

        chiiiiiiisus, hehehe, see assembly line… hehehe…. palpable highest morale on that guys face… #VictoryForNigeria

      • beegeagle says:

        Wish I could find a bigger photo of those BTRs. Very worried that I can’t name

        Well, all of this flurry even as we not spent a dime from the US$1 billion boon. All those lil African willies so eager to measure up against Nigeria can come back by year’s end. They will be looking like one brigade of the Nigerian Army.

        Gentlemen, we are galloping. The giant is awakening.

      • Obix says:

        Could be either BTR-80 or BTR-3. Only a bigger picture can clear that up.

  25. mcshegz says:

    More impressive footage of Drone action in the battlefield; replete with thermal footage and all, easily tracking arerams scampering for dear life; tot they’ve all made up their mind to die.. hehe
    Naija, we hail thee; Indeed, we shall overcome.

    • Are James says:

      Not just bombs here…i can hear 25mm or 30mm canon working overtime in short bursts.
      No return AA fire from the ground meaning they were taken out early in the battle.

      • Engineerboat says:

        A yoruba adage will say “Bi Omode ba ri Eru, Eru a ba”. abeg make i translate am. If a small PIKIN see fear, him go FEAR. abeg no mind me oooooh.
        On a serious note, looking critically at this video, one will conclude that, this Boko Haram foot soldier can be defeated, Se as they are running around like someone who has lost his sight of vision.
        This show that with the effective combination of BOTH NA & NAF, this rag-tag foot soldier are no where near our forces.

    • asorockweb says:

      Strange video.

      Were those guys running around, or walking around.

      The military should have made an air force officer familiar with what’s going on in the video present it.

    • beegeagle says:

      Lol…now we are in business. First African military to conduct drone strikes in battle.

      • Engineerboat says:

        Please House i want to ask a question. What can be done to satisfy Some Nigerians. This video above already is causing serious head-ache to some people, saying this is war on the North…………………
        NA did not release video, they will say their victory claim is false,
        NA release video of arial sweety Bombardment now, they say this is a war on the North.
        Jonathan did not do anything, they say He is clueless,
        Now “Jonathan Army” is doing something, its now war on the North again.
        SOME people Hmmmmmmm

    • Henry says:

      Oga mchegz, thank you for posting.

      Oga beeg, we would need a new thread.

    • Engineerboat says:

      It seems the NA goes thru this blog. This is what people on this blog have been saying, take the info to the Stations let the world know that Nigeria Army are doing something. Once again Gbosa! for BEEGEAGLE.

      • Augustine says:

        You are right, FG and DHQ read and act on some suggestions made here on Beegeagle’s blog. Thank you our Abuja leaders for listening to our cry and cries on this blog, we love Nigeria as our only fatherland.

    • Are James says:

      This is not a drone strike. It is a chopper or combat airplane bombing and straffing Boko Haram insurgents on the ground. All aerial videos always make ground targets look like they are moving slowly, I don’t know why yet but there is a technical explanation for the sluggish movement.

      • igbi says:

        given the distance between the camera and the people (in this case cows) being filmed, for a movement to be noticed, it has to be rapid.

      • igbi says:

        give yourself a period of time to track the movement, then call A the position of the cow at date 0 and be its position at the ending of the period, call the camera C and draw the triangle ABC. Notice that if the camera is very far away then the angle between (AC) and (BC) would be verry small. Therefor the distance will look small to the person looking at the video.

      • igbi says:

        ofcourse I mean the angle between (BC) and (AC) inside the triangle. (not the one outside the triangle)

      • igbi says:

        notice as well that it is the angle you actually see, not the distance between A and B, but to your mind it is the distance [AB] hich you are seeing.

      • Are James says:

        correct explanation

      • igbi says:

        at the second comment I meant “and B its position at the ending of the period”

  26. Donian007 says:

    @Gen Oje, I see you. Those Cameroonians are something else, see how they attacked my comment and poured insults on me without any provocation. I invited them over here for proper education without further arguments. @ ALL CYBER GENERALS HERE…………I HAIL!……OOOOOOO……..RESPECT!

  27. beegeagle says:

    Chai…see confusion 🙂

    Wish I could find a bigger photo of those BTRs. Very worried that I can’t name

    Well, all of this flurry even as we not spent a dime from the US$1 billion boon. All those lil African willies so eager to measure up against Nigeria can come back by year’s end. They will be looking like one brigade of the Nigerian Army.

    Gentlemen, we are galloping. The giant is awakening.

  28. beegeagle says:

    Aahh my wingman…Obix on the Urals and Caucasus!! I dunno about the NA placing a repeat order for BTR-3s but the silhouettes look like BTR-80s to me. Ditto the little turrets for what must be 14.5mm MGs.
    Again, they seem likelier to be APCs than IFVs.

    Any more news on the potential shipment of T72 and OPLOT tanks
    from Ukraine?

    • mcshegz says:

      Capt Tobias Wilcock. I respect your hustle sir.
      Interesting indeed; Countries desirous about their national integrity and overall well being engage in clandestine operations, intended to acquire pertinent information, if you don’t have the time to invent it, and you cannot get it off the internet, well, you buy it, otherwise, you steal it; this is the very essence of a secret security apparatus; in fact, i make bold to say that, any country not engaged in these kind of activities is not a very wise one. Whoever said stealing is bad, is surely a joker, just don’t get caught lololo; in today’s world, nothing is inherently good or evil, only what works. As a nation, one must ask itself, what works for us? once that’s defined, abeg, soldier on. Once you play the game though, be rest assured attempts will be made at your supposed intellectual property too, its a game.

  29. beegeagle says:

    You are right. That is SURELY a MOWAG. Very good refurbishment work done on it then..

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