The DESIRABLE: BMPT TERMINATOR – Russian Tank Support Vehicle

Based on chassis of the T72 tank, the “Terminator” combat module can also be adapted for the chassis of the T55 tank.

The Nigerian Army own a total of 279 T55 and Vickers MK.3 tanks whose performance in the ongoing “War on Terror” suggests that they are probably inadequate for Nigerian requirements. This is coupled with the critical matter of obsolescence facing both tank models.

Sometime around the year 2003, a total of 36 Scorpion light tanks and 14 Steyr APCs were upgraded at the Special Vehicle Plant in Bauchi by Messrs Marshpearl (Ireland) and EXPOMA(Austria) respectively. As far as I am aware, there has been no other attempt at upgradation by the NA.


Since we cannot dwell on antiquity ad infinitum, permit me to posit as follows;

WAY FORWARD on the fleet of 129 T55 tanks

– Convert 36 units to the TERMINATOR

– Upgrade 36 units by equipping them with ERA Kontakt armor. 12 units of these should be the first tanks fielded by any expeditionary force while 24 units should be put into storage for the benefit of the NA Reserves.

– Convert 25 units to specialised engineering vehicles

– The rest 32 units should be given to allied armies which use the T55 tank as follows; Chad (12), Mali (6), Guinea (6), Rwanda (8)

WAY FORWARD on the fleet of 150 Vickers Mk.3 tanks

– Upgrade 36 units with the addition of reactive armour and retain in regular NA service

– Convert 24 units to 30mm cannon-armed Infantry Fighting Vehicles

– Convert 60 units to 14.5mm MG-armed tracked APCs

– Convert 30 units to bridge-laying and mine-clearing engineering vehicles


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. Kay says:

    I support this.
    Especially with the logistics vehicles, bridge layers and mine clearing.
    The Ukrainians have aT55 MV6 variant highly armoured and modified with 2 turrets. Though can’t be too sure of how cost effective in terms of upgrading.

    With the current campaign, also consider some might have been lost, beyond repair etc. There was an audit of all known military hardware and units, itll be easier with those figures to ascertain and allocate which should be put forward for modernisation.

  2. beegeagle says:

    The NA should reach for a total of 200 units of T72AV tanks now and in 2016, place an order for 100 T90S tanks. Those should be delivered in batches of 33 units and paid for in three instalments until 2018.

  3. giles says:

    and Pls I tink it’s high time we begin to procure good AFV’s

  4. Saleh says:

    I don’t think we should give any out. They should all be upgraded. I don’t think SVP upgraded any t55. SVP only upgraded scorpions and Mowags

    • Augustine says:

      I agree with your comment Oga Saleh.

      The new focus of Nigeria’s foreign policy should now be….NIGERIA…..not Africa anymore, see Zimbabweans, South Africans, Ghanaians, Francophonie Nigeriens, Cameroonins, Chadians, Ugandans, etc all insulting Nigeria today in our time of pain and sorrow, these are foes not friends.

      No more free gift of equipment, training or cash to ANY African country, let them go and get freebies from America, Britain and France.

      Surplus Nigerian military equipment can be donated to NDA Kaduna for training purposes or target practice at live ammo shooting ranges. When did a Nigerian army infantryman ever fire ATGM on a tank? Give them any scrapped T-55 to train with as done in advanced countries.

      • gbash10 says:

        Oga Augustine, you took those words out of my mouth ooo!
        No free gift to any damned African country,hehe…Gen Beeg, we no give any body any thing again for free,leye!

  5. freeegulf says:

    on point marshal beeg. the current armour arsenal need to be revamped. the T55s and Vickers are no longer suitable as MBTs.

    NA should procure upgraded T72s, between 150-250 would be a viable start for the armoured corps.

    as for the obsolete T-55s and Vickers, we should refurbish them as armoured support. some units should be armed with the 35mm oerlikon twin cannon or the 30mm cannon on the tunguska. i believe finland did experiment with the T-55 chasis using the oerlikon cannon. we could do the same using both the T-55 and the Vickers chasis.
    others can be converted into specific engineer vehicle variants such as bridge layer, bull dozer and similar heavy kits.

  6. freeegulf says:

    seconded oga saleh. the days of we being santa are very very over!! look where it got us, now we have even wretched niger calling us all sorts. this is the era of looking inward and taking actions purely for our self interest.

    the T-55s and Vickers should be used as the basis for anti aircraft cover for the armoured div. we should also get some converted into engineering variants. no muss, no fuss, no fur, no feathers! we are done with all the unnecessary dashing and splashing.

  7. asorockweb says:

    I tend to agree with Saleh. We can’t give stuff away when we don’t have enough.

    All viable vehicles should be upgraded. The rigour involved will enhance our Engineering capabilities.

    We must rebuild our unit types.

    An armoured battalion must have it’s FULL complement of 40 Tanks or IFVs.

    Then Army Reserves must be stood up (we went into an agreement with Chad in Jan 2015 whereby Chad provides 2500 troops for a joint operation against BH. This says to me that we don’t have enough capacity)

    Finally, if we still have newly upgraded/reconfigured tanks left over, then those should be provided to the Police Combat Arms as Heavily protected AFVs. I know we don’t have Police Combat Arms yet, but it is a must now. Images of BH driving happily through Gombe or Damaturu has made that clear.

  8. Augustine says:

    What plan does Nigeria have to build tanks at home same way we got technology transfer for P18N warship, and we pray to do same with JF-17 Thunder.

    Oga Beegs I believe what you say, the T-90 tank is a very logical addition to our T-72, but operating in Sahel region requires large number of tanks almost like the Sahara, eventually Nigeria will need a total of about 500 tanks to achieve ‘ground superiority’ so shall we go shopping so much without gaining technology transfer?

    Pakistani Al-Khalid MBT and Chinese Type-99 MBT comes to mind unless Nigeria can afford what India did and pay Russia for technology transfer to build T-90 MBT locally in Nigeria, build from scratch, not assemble, I mean build our own tanks at home under license from original manufacturer.

    Oga Beegeagle and other ogas in the battalion, what are your opinions on self-reliance and local defense industry concerning main battle tanks for Nigeria in the nearest future.

    • Saleh says:

      I think we might need to re activate ajaokuta or establish a new steel company to be really self sufficient in producing tanks apart from get a licence for it

      • Are James says:

        Armour plate making needs a dedicated addition to Ajaokuta. Composite armour needs a tech center and another separate mini plant, ERA inserts we can make under license but more importantly we should start negotiating an assembly/maintenance plant for tanks along the lines of what Libya had and Ethiopia has now. Most of the countries/companies with the tech are cash strapped which is where we can come in. I am thinking eastern Europe and the Balkans for partnership.

  9. Akin Oges says:

    Oga Saleh and Oga freegulf, spot on. We keep what we have. Favours from this bruised Lion must be earned going forward. Nigeria expended about $10 billion and lost over 1000 soldiers bringing peace to Liberia and Sierra Leone; and yet what came our way by way of support during this ongoing vicious terrorist war from our African brothers have been derision, abandonment and open treachery (South Africa – a nation we earned painful scars to support during years of white subjugation of black folks in that country knifed us; Chad/Cameroon/Niger were openly harboring the satanic thugs in their gardens). Nah! We are wiser now. It has to be symbiotic. Meanwhile, I agree with Oga Beeg’s arrangement for the uprade of those dated platforms to serve other sabre or logistical needs of the NA.

  10. jimmy says:

    I am torn between both forces , the memory of THE chads leaving BAGA two days early sears my mind however where other pontificated Chads Shed their blood on Nigerian soil for us and that should count for something despite the fact of documented evidence of Nigerian Military killing mercs from Chad, I say we reach a compromise.
    Nigeria should give Chad 20 T-55
    Nigeria should stop hence forth of giving any equipment to ANY AFRICA country we need to look inward during this crisis it is extremely regrettable some of the AFRICAN countries who were lecturing us in PUBLIC The lecture was not the problem it could of been done in private not in Public.
    Let them buy their equipment or maybe the US will give it to them, on that NOTE it is no longer in Nigeria’s interest to participate in PEACEKEEPING missions any Nigerian SOLDIER who wants to do so should resign his/ her commission , marry a Ghanian/ Burundian move there an serve.
    Nigeria should ONLY SERVE in PEACE ENFORCEMENT with limited deployment DURATIONS OF one year mandates.
    We need to buy
    100 T-72s w/ ERA, Thermal imaging systems ( yes it is expensive)
    100 T-90s
    Either at Zaria/Bauchi/ Enugu/ or Badagary away from the populace set up a tank assembly plant either with the Russians (#1 choice) or Pakistan. What ever it is we need to do something.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy, with due respect to the dead, I do not believe Chadian troops died for Nigeria, they died for Chad on a glory hunting military expedition inside Nigeria’s territory, nobody invited them to Baga, Chad was invited into Cameroon not Nigeria.

      Reports published last week revealed many things we didn’t hear before. Nigeria requested permission to chase Boko Haram across borders into Niger, Chad, Cameroon. The 3 neighbors gave conditions demanding reciprocal permission to equally enter Nigerian land and airspace to fight anytime they wish. The Francophonies believed Nigeria is now trapped in their hands and they can squeeze our testicles till we beg for mercy.

      Same Chad and Niger withdrew from Baga FOB of MJTF in protest that Nigeria is not meeting some of their demands, then few days later Boko attacked the same FOB, overran it, killed Nigerian soldiers AND KIDNAPPED SEVERAL FEMALE NIGERIAN SOLDIERS to become sex slaves as usual (I warned last year that those Naija soldier girls should be withdrawn from red zones but nobody answer the stammerer).

      Bokos invaded Baga town and gave Nigeria it’s most humiliating military loss in battle, made us the ridicule of the whole world. Then Chad asked us to renegotiate MNJTF rules before they redeploy their withdrawn troops again fully to MNJTF. We swallowed the frog they stuffed inside our mouth, okay now, we granted their request, Chad came back, Cameroon still asked for more concessions before returning.

      Next show, Chad began to bomb and shoot inside Nigeria with jets and tank destroyers, making youtube videos and granting world media interviews of success in battles where Nigeria failed, Chadian glory hunting to show the world they are the new black power in our region because according to them, the giant of Africa has turned into a dwarf overnight, and Chad is the new born messiah saving 3 countries at the same time.

      Next the Chadian army complained that they need deeper penetration into Nigerian territory than currently agreed, wetin? Chadian army wan drive tank destroyers go inside Abuja, abi? To save President Goodluck inside Aso Rock?

      Chadian soldiers died on Nigerian soil due to cunning and crafty glory hunting on the orders of Idrissu or whoever was driving them like a cow to the abattoir

      • asorockweb says:

        The Chadian operations inside Nigeria were preplanned by Nigerian DHQ in Jan 2015.

        These are coordinated military activities.

      • Augustine says:

        asorockweb can you prove that claim? Nigerian DHQ denied knowledge of Chadian troops liberating Baga saying they are not aware that Chadian army was there inside Baga at all. Next few weeks it was Nigerian army that liberated the same Baga. How does that corroborate your claim that all Chadian operations inside Nigeria are jointly planned with Nigerian army and coordinated by us?

        You personally work inside army HQ top brass situation/command/control room?

      • jimmy says:

        Nigerian troops and only they liberated Bags . I asked a red neck.Not what was put on line he also cofimed not only Bags but Monguno and he stressed what they are seeing in Book haram is real panic.For the first time in 12 months he did not sound stressed out. He said they are literally kicking them out of places There is a funny picture of a man BH dressed as a woman with a full grown goatee .I had time to review his words and I put it in context of a person being in a constant state of panic and literally grasping at anything to escape
        He also said other rednecks read our blogs and has repeatedly said do not believe everything you read in the papers.
        The artillery story is real Oga one the boys requested the Russian system MRL-70 not anything else and they love it.

  11. Solorex says:

    I saw a spankingly crisp MBT atop a broken down carrier today in South West- its a T-55 but with some modification. I think the T55s are already been upgraded-don’t know if this is an upgrade of existing stock or emergency measure from a friendly country.

  12. Manny Aaydel says:

    CyberGs, I share virtually most of the sentiments expressed here but would like to insist that we should still give out some equipment and platforms but ONLY TO TESTED FRIENDS. Benin Republic is a tested friend and crucial to our own security from the south-west up to the north-west. They are even with us in the present coalition though they have not been threatened at all by BH. So my take is that we should, provided they’re operating this series of tanks already (or intend to operate same), be given some T-55. If Benin is insecure, so shall we be. All other points previously expressed remain valid, lol

    • asorockweb says:

      I understand the sentiment but we don’t have enough men and materiel.

      Just today, a security outpost that is west of Damaturu was attack. The key point here is that a location WEST of Damaturu was attack.

      This means that a small BH cell has taken root in a nearby uninhabited space.

      We need more men and assets sweeping states will Yobe, Gombe and Bauchi, while major combat operations are going on in Adamawa and Bornu states.

      Once we have enough, then we can help Benin and Togo build better militaries.

      This war is not over.

  13. Augustine says:

    I will rather fence off my border than engage in free gift equipping of other countries’ military arsenals for them across the border. We forget that we have fought wars or skirmishes with Cameroon and Chad several times. No problem, let us donate to them free Bofors long range howitzer artillery so they can have something to shell us with when another skirmish happens in year 2020.

  14. drag_on says:

    Give the tanks to engineering for mine clearance,bridge construction,and recovery vehicles.
    We can also use them for mobile medium range SAM batteries and AESA radar units. Command and control / situational awareness, and high threat environment mobile electronic warfare units.

    • Augustine says:

      Time for Nigeria to start acting tough, see the way NATO fears Russia, power plus sharp mouth and bold face. That’s it my Ogas, that’s what it requires so people don’t take Nigeria for granted, not good to be the kind of giant that everybody kicks around like a football.

  15. Pls we cannot give anybody anything if at all they will PAY for it sebi dey hv money ? We hv been laughed at too much its time to put the fear in them as it was 70-80s ERA plus Hv we heard of Egypt, Algeria doing any PKO recently dey r focused on Force Projection lets Stick to that we must rebuild and rebuild totally.

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