Nigerian troops advance on Baga on either side of a fit-for-purpose Toyota Landcruiser gun truck which is optimised to operate in the unforgiving terrain.

Nigerian troops enter Baga with a Chinese-built SINOTRUK lorry towing a M56-2 105mm howitzer

Even as the Toyota Hilux is not optimised for Sahelian-Saharan operations, Nigerian troops in arrive the strategic town which bestrides the borders of four African countries in bullish mood, notwithstanding.



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  1. Manny Aaydel says:

    All I can see here? The boys are all oozing confidence and a ‘can-do’ spirit…Victory has indeed come to us from God alone!!!

  2. beegeagle says:

    Gentlemen, we as Nigerians are living through very interesting and transformational times.

    During the course of the past 24 hours, Beegeagle’s Blog spotters have reported as follows

    – in the Niger Delta/South East, a stupefying convoy of about fifteen tank transporters bearing no less than four T72 tanks, two BTR-series APCs/IFVs, other unfamiliar military vehicles and a confounding ‘aircraft’ borne on a massive trailer!

    – in the Bendel/South-West axis, another convoy bearing several T72 tanks complete with ERA Kontakt armour heading to the frontlines.

    – all hardware systems arrived by sea

    – Locations withheld for OP SEC reasons

    Gentlemen, the really consequential numbers can only arrive by sea. So after the expedited movements by AN-225s have stabilized the frontlines, the longer journey by sea has started to deliver large quantities of armaments.

    We shall overcome, Nigerians. Pulling the chestnut out of the fire is what we do best. Thank God for his material and financial blessings on Nigeria which maketh many things and turnarounds POSSIBLE.

    • Omonon says:

      We shall overcome, Nigerians. Pulling the chestnut out of the fire is what we do best. Thank God for his material and financial blessings on Nigeria which maketh many things and turnarounds POSSIBLE.
      Can somebody say amen to that.


    • Are James says:

      This “aircraft ” is sounding interesting.Only one aircraft type has such a wide wingspan that cannot go in an Antonov.

      • beegeagle says:

        And it did not have the delta-wing of the F7 AirGuard, mind you.

      • sizzorkay says:

        Oga Are, which aircraft is that ? Or dont wanna speculate.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Lets see….
        JF-17 doesn’t have a delta wing and a wingspan of 9.45m
        Shenyang J-8 doesn’t have a delta wingspan 9.34m
        Xian JH-7 doesn’t have a delta wingspan 12.8m
        Mig-29 doesn’t have a delta wing and the wingspan is 11m
        Su-27/Su30 doesn’t have a delta wing and the wingspan is 14.7m
        Shenyang J-11 doesn’t have a delta wing and the wingspan is 14.7m

        Based on the wingspan, Su27/Su30 looks more like it but based on deals with China, it might turn out to be J-11.

        I desperately hope its the Flanker

      • CHYDE says:

        @ sabatino9, do you think the Chinese will make the J-11 available for export?

      • sabatino9 says:

        @CHYDE, sincerely its not guaranteed they would, that doesn’t mean that they can’t.

        As of now, the J-11 is not the Chinese Flagship, the J-11s airframe is a carbon-copy of the Su-27 and the Su-27 is readily available for intending buyers. The only snag is this, the Russian were unhappy with the production of J-11 which led to Rosoboronexport stating its concern over future sales of advanced Russian systems and components to China, the rift was settled, but no one knows the details of the settlement between Rosoboronexport / Sukhoi and the Chinese, part of the agreement might include not selling the J-11 to the international market as-is.

        Another angle is that the J-11 is gradually being replaced by J-16s and with the development of J-22 which is set to rival F-22 Raptor, the J-11 though currently forming the nucleus of PLAAF “could” be offered to NAF. Lending credence to this assumption is the sale of the CH3A drones and the Chinese M28 drones to Nigeria. These are classified assets which like the mythical Dragon has neither been seen in combat with even the PLAAF nor with any other foreign Militaries, until the sightings in Nigeria. My take is this, it is easier to sell J-11 than selling the Drones and we’ve been sold the later, although I may be wrong in my assumptions.

      • Are James says:

        Suspecting Chinese combat aircraft Xian JH-7 or J11.

  3. Omonon says:

    Ho yes bros. Manny Aaydel, victory comes to us from GOD alone!!!
    Look at those guys out there, they are battle ready, morale is high, and who dare call them cowards, those who run away.???
    Those are our heroes. Heaven is with you guys, we love you all.

    Ho the month of February has been a busy month for beegeagle, with lots of postings and up dates. I wish all Nigerians can come and visit this blog for real news up dates, instead of feeding themselves with dangerous propagandas against our troops and against our beloved country.


  4. buchi says:

    yvonne ndege abi whatever you call urself u and ur network should be very careful this morning.aljazerra be careful ur total rundown of garbage against nigeria is nothing but fuel for a volcanic eruption that will engulf them

    • beegeagle says:

      It is the usual African malaise. The bonehead that was Jeff Koinange was squeezed out of Nigeria when he went doing MEND propaganda and followed it up swiftly by suggesting that Nigerians prefer military rule.

      This Yvonne Ndege endured some fright when the Niger authorities clamped her into detention for a number of days. Sobriety took hold thereafter and now that she has squandered goodwill and nobody will usher her into the AOR under armed guard, she has taken to frothing gibberish like a diseased pelican.

      If she cannot offer unbiased narratives and insists on inflaming the situation with her bile-infused reportage, she should be eased out of the country. She is not here on a salvage mission, is she? Two years ago, she was already filming supposed soldiers with backs turned to the cameras who claimed to have witnessed the massacres of over 3,000 persons in a Borno village. Never mind that if it were true, it would be the most horrendous outrage of the war. Not even HRW or Amnesty re-echoed her made-up narrative. That is what she and Ardo Hazzad did all through 2013 on Al Jazeera.

      Can she go to Egypt and run her big mouth that way? She dares not. Only in Nigeria where Mr Nice dwells. We have a Nigeria Press Council. If her reports are adjudged to be slanted, she should be reported to the Press Council and if it warrants that, her accreditation should be withdrawn so she can go home and watch from there.

      • buchi says:

        clear on point.i almost chocked on my lunch listening to her rubbish.had to drink a full small bottle of

  5. Lefa says:

    Toyota hilux now works better and faster than the landcruisers in the sahel, we used it here in yobe to transport Aids to IDPs in tulotulo, niger…

    • ocelot2006 says:

      True. ‘used the same Hilux to access our Base Stations spread across the Gembu mountain range with its extremely rough terrain and cold weather at over 1000m above sea level. A truely sturdy 4×4 vehicle. My concern though is that it’s light skinned and offers little protection to the troops.

    • beegeagle says:

      If we seek the best option for the fighting men, the Landcruiser is a better offroader ALL ROUND for the Sahel and Sahara. For one, it has what is known in layman’s terms as a ventilator/air cleaner which prevents it from sucking up sand into the engine. Speed is not the most important requirement in that theatre. Durability and ruggedness are more important to the users


      The 4WD system in the Hilux is very basic so it’s ability off road it
      due to the its suspension, gearbox and power combination. The lack of AWD on sealed roads means that it does not handle as well a the Landcruiser especially in the wet.


    • gbash10 says:

      Gen. Beeg and Oga buchi,una no go kill person with laugh o!

  6. buchi says:

    a refreshing view

  7. buchi says:

    a c-130 just flew past low altitude so i have a positive ID.airspace has been busy this past few days in my area

  8. jimmy says:

    God bless Nigeria. Amen.

  9. Manny Aaydel says:

    Dear CyberGs,’
    I love the sight and sound of NAF’s delivery of sustained air-to-ground artillery to pave the way for our troops to enter Baga! Methinks we are moments away from regaining our title as the best ‘combat-tested military force’ in Africa earned in the 1990’s with deployments in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Bakassi Peninsula without yielding ground (despite sanctions then)!

  10. beegeagle says:

    That black pot-like stuff above the passenger door is what keeps the engine going EVERYWHERE. The Hilux does not have it and is not optimised to operate everywhere. The Landcruiser’s 4WD is incomparable to the basic mechanism of the Hilux.

    There is a reason why the US only ever present Landcruisers to armies which are active in the Sahel – Djibouti, Mali and Nigeria

  11. buchi says:

    NA sapper at work..

  12. emereuwa says:

    Acknowledgement of the NA successes from Gov. Shettima of Borno State

    –“Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima has yesterday said that 90 per cent of the ongoing battle to reclaim seized territories under the Boko Haram terrorists is being carried out by the Nigerian armed forces and not by the foreign troops as “wrongly” perceived by the media.”

  13. Williams says:

    My fear right now is ISIS already in Africa.
    the Nigerian army needs to Eliminate Boko Haram as soon as possible so as to face a more dangerous global treat.
    Africans needs to form a very power United African Army to confront this blood suckers and destroy them up now that are still considerably weak in Libya.

    If we Nigeria leave Egypt and Libya to face this alone, we are going to be in for a bigger mess.

    • Omonon says:

      Seconded whole heartedly, oga Williams.
      Gen. Beegs, what do you say to this?


    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Williams. I respect your hustle sir.
      We have to do both simultaneously, defend and #FenceNigerianBoarders as well as enforce peace and decorum in Libya; Egypt alone cannot do this, because they are neighbors and intervening alone would seem too heavy handed, they are in a similar position Nigeria was up until last year. Egypt needs allies on the continent since the un democratic majority led GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the rest have begun to spurn about Egypt’s intervention. Nigeria, has a unique stand in Africa as the largest, most democratic nation on the continent hence, what applied to other non contiguous countries on the continent not been allowed to partake in our war, cannot and will not apply to Nigeria been able to intervene in Libya even though we are not neighbors. That’s the very unique stand Nigeria has. hence, we cannot afford to leave it to Egypt alone, we must at least open one more front to this peace enforcement, mind you, once Libya can pull off a string of elections then, adios.
      Yes sir, i believe plans are still on for the African standby Force. We need to quickly expedite this.

      • Manny Aydel says:

        @OgaMcShegs, is it not instructive that Egypt did not mention South Africa as a partner too? Agreed that SA is not within these areas but as a regional hegemon, she could have been mentioned as a potential partner, but no, Cairo ignored her. Your thoughts?

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Dear Sir, Good idea, but it must be where we are wanted, Egypt views it self as Arab nation and would not belittle it’s worth as a Middle East/Arab power broker, Libya exterminated it’s indigenous black Africa population at scales your cannot believe it makes BH boys scout they say Ghadafi favoured them and gave them high ranks in his military, for the rest of black Africans, they claimed he spent too much on sub-sahara Africa so other immigrant black africans including a lot of Nigerians were killed, Morrocco pulled out of AU, cause of the are more comfortable with Arab organizations. For a start let us reinforce our borders and strength our military, why do we need to always associate with people who do ask us, why do we have to related as if we are subservient to them. This matters are not as straight forward as they look. let us first look after are selfs, there are many factions at work and under the manipulation of the west here

      • mcshegz says:

        Capt Tobias Wilcock, Oga Manny Ayde. I respect you hustle sir.
        “Egypt views it self as Arab nation and would not belittle it’s worth as a Middle East/Arab power broker”
        I don’t think its logical to call working with a continental power with the largest economy “belittling oneself” far from it sir, its a smart move, Egypt has a history of choosing partners with similar interests, they work with GCC when it suits them, and work with the AU on issues like Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance river Nile Dam.
        “why do we need to always associate with people who do ask us, why do we have to related as if we are subservient to them”
        Again Oga, this is not their problem versus our problem, this mentality perfectly fits the 17th century, in these times, we are all connected, not les because Libya’s just a stone throw away from Niger. we have to #FenceNigerianBorders and ensure Libya becomes a democratic nation, one that is accountable to its people, not one ruled by fear and trepidation; if we close our eyes now, we’ll only have a bigger monster to fight later. Looking after our own long term interest is subservient? I think not
        “Morocco pulled out of AU, cause of the are more comfortable with Arab organizations.”
        Oga, the whole world knows why Morocco left the AU, and its got nothing to do with comfort, but everything to do with Western Sahara been aptly recognized as an independent nation, Morocco disagrees, they left, simple.
        “For a start let us reinforce our borders and strength our military”
        why not chew and walk at the same time #FenceNigerianBorders, continue to uparm and modernize the Nigerian Military whilst ensuring democracy reigns in Libya. I’m sure we can handle that.
        “let us first look after are selves, there are many factions at work and under the manipulation of the west here”
        So how do we counter that? by putting less or more factions under our control?

        Cairo apparently did not seek S.A’s help because 1 Nigeria has greater capacity and more conventional fighting experience, 2 because S.A did not support Qaddafi’s ejection, Nigeria fully supported this move at the time. Nigeria aptly supported Libya’s National Transition Council as the legitimate government of Libya calling on Muammar Gaddafi to relinquish power while S.A was still dulling, lololo.
        Cairo and Abuja’s fate are intertwined as relating to Libya. Nigeria should extend a hand to S.A, i doubt if they’ll be magnanimous enough to join in the implementation of democratic ethos in Libya.

  14. buchi says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio

    #BokoHaram tweets in French for the first time: francophone recruits? #Cameroon #Chad #Niger? Media expansion

    • igbi says:

      rather propaganda expansion, by the way most of their propaganda tweets I saw were in french. Before now I had never had of them tweeting.

  15. Okpa1 says:

    Nigeria shall be great again
    BH your end has come.
    God bless Nigeria..

  16. beegeagle says:

    CHAIRMAN OF TOYOTA NIGERIA MAKES IT CLEAR THAT THE LANDCRUISER TRUMPS THE HILUX: stronger, tougher, more powerful and boasts better all-terrain prowess

    “The LC 70 has been requested by our
    customers who wanted a vehicle that is tougher, stronger and more powerful than the Hilux, and this is what the Toyota LC 70 offer without compromise”

    ““With its best in class ground clearance, towing strength, power and all-terrain prowess, the LC 70 stands out among its peers”

    “Apart from the fact that it is the only 4.0 litre engine pick-up in its class, its ground clearance is twice of any other pick-up in the market. The LC 70 is far more spacious and works harder than any pick-up in its segment”

    “The LC 70 has been tropicalised
    to the Nigerian environment and road conditions”

  17. buchi says:

    these bastards are reverting to plan B.kicks of a dying horse.kano and yobe in one day…DSS you need to upt ur game

    • Martin Luther says:

      You should expect statement and same be prepared.

      That is why it is called terrorism

      • Martin Luther says:

        It is designed to cause mass hysteria as a starting point

      • Martin Luther says:

        The best way to fight the terrorist is to be defiant, is to go about business as usual, the terrorist is just like the bully. Stand up to him and he cows, the Emir of Kano’s reaction to the central mosque bombing was a classic example.

        Clean up and get business started almost immediately

  18. beegeagle says:

    That is correct, Martin Luther. There is no doubt whatsoever that these kicks are meant to be publicity stunts. BH are actually on the ropes.

    • Martin Luther says:

      Thank you Mr. Beegs

      • Roy says:

        I met a girl from Chibok today and we got talking. My conclusion from our conversation is that she believed so much that it is Mr President that planned Boko haram. I could not say a word because she lost her parents to Boko haram and she was almost in tears while we were talking. Indeed it is a complicated society.
        One thing Nigeria has taught the world is that you don’t publicize terrorism by the president going to every bombed site (good publicity for the terrorist’s action).

        However, we must not clean up and move on, forgetting the plight of the victims but we can compensate them in secret or if necessary in the open with words that will convince us that the terrorist is evil.

        Oga beegs l hail ooo
        Congratulations in advance for victory.

  19. igbi says:

    There are new photos of Baga, the CIC in person has just visited Baga. This is the best way to kill boko haram propaganda and the foreign press trying to discredit Nigeria and Nigeria’s armed forces. Also this is not about politics.

    • sizzorkay says:

      Well, looks like the President’s advisers are finally awake. They should be the ones advising him on these things, when to make appearance and when no to.
      It’s all about strategy

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