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  1. cerberus 89 says:

    finally something that will match bh’s AAA s

    • Augustine says:

      Match ke? Over-match! Nice weapon for defending an FOB like the one that fell at Baga and Boko kidnapped our female soldiers, all after Chad’s betrayal.

      Kai ! if only that Baga FOB had this Samil ‘Terminator’ gun truck….

  2. Henry says:

    The Samil is a great choice. Samil has an almost 100 years service in South-African military service. The Samil is the SANDF primary logistics vehicle, it’s High strength chassis is used as the base of virtually all SADF MRAPs in the apartheid era, and still today.

    80% of all south-African MRAPs use the Samil as primary chassis. OTT PUMA LSV, OTT Puma MRAP etc etc are based on the samil.

    Good choice.

  3. mcshegz says:

    chiiiiiiiiiiiiisosssssss, my lawd… one can only guess how much ammo can fit on that truck; hehehe
    talk about log lasting suppressing cover, happy strafing. Omo arerams go hear am today. Better repent and turn a new leaf.

  4. asorockweb says:

    The gun is probably a 40mm.

    • Augustine says:

      asorockweb, when I recommend this same Samil truck mounted with twin 23mm cannon last year for Nigerian army use against Boko Haram, you called it rubbish idea and you aggressively devoted your energy to kill the idea, shay you see wetin dey happen now? Not good to deliberately mislead your country bros. If we say fence border make ISIS no come, na you go first kill the idea for personal reasons. Na waa for you o ! asorockweb.

      • asorockweb says:

        A 40mm can strike targets at a much longer range.
        If placed at a hill top, in the right terrain, it can dominate a significant area, or deny the enemy a long stretch of road.

        Still, it’s a cumbersome system and very vulnerable in a high tempo battle space.

        It is NOT for convoy protection, or urban warfare like you suggested.

        But most importantly, the NA should be allowed to experiment and come up with their own solutions as they see fit, they are professionals after all.

      • Augustine says:

        asorockweb better stop embarrassing yourself and just sidon dey look that NA new Samil gun truck…..and learn how to swallow your selfish ego in national interest, be a pillar and not a caterpillar, Nigeria needs patriots not egoistic self aggrandizers.

        The whole of Beegeagle’s blog welcomes this AAA gun Samil to Nigerian army service, we will drink champagne, if you like be soaking gari.

        Samil truck with anti-aircraft gun is death to Boko Haram, who no like am make him go use petrol fry dodo plantain.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Augustine, You are making great progress. Pretty soon you will be able to think critically.

        But if at this stage you can’t see the weaknesses of a truck like that, in an environment like we have in the north east, maybe I over estimate you.

        What I always wanted was to ensure that we don’t have an army armed primarily with trucks mounted with big guns. As I dismissed gun trucks, I advocated Tanks and IFVs.

        And thank God; our army choose Tanks and IFVs over gun trucks.

        No one should expect our soldiers to be braver than suicidal attacks.
        By choosing Tanks and IFVs over gun trucks, we avoided a situation where an NA gun truck is expected to go toe to toe with a BH gun truck.

        What we need to do is rebuild the NA unit types: Armoured, Mechanised, Recce, Motorized. Down the road, we can develop doctrines around gun trucks, but I suspect it will be mostly for special forces.

        Oh, ignore your insults, not because I can’t strike back, but because I don’t want to clutter the blog with personal attacks.

      • Augustine says:

        asorcokweb, by your comment on Samil truck AAA gun system, you are simply saying the Nigerian army is wrong and you are wiser than all the field officers, Colonels, and Generals in Nigerian army combined.

        Learn to put your ego aside in the interest of Nigeria, what if you were president, is this how you will rule Nigeria, this type of character?

        Nigerian army has made a good decision, if it hurts your personal pride na you sabi.

      • asorockweb says:

        We have all seen the newly acquired Tanks and IFVs. Dozens and dozens of them.
        Adding a truck mounted 40mm gun system to the mix is a good idea as well.

        Oga Augustine, your 10-man garrison can all be stationed on the truck, then you would have gotten everything you wanted to protect a town.

  5. jimmy says:

    Very good choice.

  6. Tobey says:

    Its a Bofors cannon..40mm..since its already an obsolete Air Defence asset, the Artillery Corps has put it it “good use”…heheheh!

  7. ozed says:

    Interesting. Is this an existing weapon system, or was it conceptualized (i.e. best truck platform with appropriate weapon mounted) and built for us?

  8. Saleh says:

    beautiful piece

  9. ozed says:

    Great for our current boko Haram fight. however in a conventional fight has too high a silhouette for use on the front lines. Would probably be converted for point defense (in semi dug in positions) or anti aircraft use.

    Good move in any event.

  10. ozed says:

    Maybe na our $9.3m be this? Otherwise dont see that we would be buying anything from those people right now given our relationship with them.

  11. Tobey says:

    Oga beegs..that cannon is a Bofors 40mm piece..but the questions are
    1. Where will the ammo be stored?
    2. How will the N.A prevent this from getting into insurgent hands?
    3. Can the Samil’s chasis handle the cannon without falling apart in weeks?
    4. Isn’t the Samil sluggish and unsuited to the exclusive demands of desert warfare?
    5. Will it be an N.A infantry asset or an artillery asset?

    • igbi says:

      1. It is a truck, so there is plenty of room for the storage of the ammunition.
      2. The same way the NA prevents Bigfoot MRAPS and Igirigi from falling into terrorist scum hands.
      3. Again, it is a truck, a military truck, not a pickup truck. Besides the testing the Nigerian army is doing is not for show.
      4. This doesn’t look like a question, rather like a bashing of the truck. And given the 2 vents on it, it seems it was aimed at desert warfare, and again it is being tested.

      • Are James says:

        This is what I was trying to say. This not show this is almost a proof of concept demonstration to also generate a list of items to be taken into the field to prepare TTTPs. Exactly how a professional military should induct new type of weaponry.

      • Tobey says:

        My concern with the asset falling into enemy hands is not out of point. It will be a deadly tool in the hands of the insurgents..a guntruck with this amount of firepower is not the same as an Igirigi, or Steyr APC..ALL N.A assets have also been fielded by BH inculding the Sagie platforms..any lieutenant whose platoon let’s this beast to be captured by BH must be court-martialled..If capture is imminent, destroy the vehicle..our troops should know that..ammo dumps, APCs and othe vehicles should rather be destroyed by troops than let it be captured. Also, on the issue of chasis, AAAs will wreck vehicles in weeks. Also, why Samil? We have an Innonson plant!

    • igbi says:

      3. The same way the NA prevents Bigfoot MRAPs and Igirigi and T72s and others from falling into terrorist scum hands.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Tobey, I disagree about wrecking the chassis. AAA’s can be mounted on their own horizontal suspension, instead of directly to the truck bed.
      I’m sure our military engineers are up to the task.

  12. Are James says:

    NA is really ready for these bastards. This is out-bokoing Boko Haram. Some one actually did calculations and correctly specified the right chassis to carry these high calbre rapid fire ex AAA guns.

  13. beegeagle says:

    Based on what I read in his memoirs, Colonel Barlow and his PMC commandos whilst in Angola used a similar-sized DAF flatbed truck with a twin 23mm gun mounted on it. They also used the BMP-2 IFV.

    As for the photo above, I do not see any reason why they would have imported a SAMIL flatbed whereas NTM Kano have plenty of HOWO and SINOTRUK types to sell to the NA. Makes no sense to me. Even the Ukrainian AUTOKRAZ lorries are probably more rugged than the SAMIL, so why not those instead?

    I believe that the complete gun-truck was imported whole from SA as the ZUMBACH

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegs, they might have gone for the Samil because it is 4×4.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga Beegs, Samil truck variant 100, is 90 km/h road max speed, 1,000 km travel range, 11,000 kg payload of a jet fighter, and full time permanent all wheel drive 6 X 6 beast ! 6WD ! Those may be the factors in it’s favour, plus about 30 years of war and industrial site tested reliability/performance.

      • Are James says:

        Park 60 of them on the outer fringes of Sambisa, send three combat aircraft to strafe and disturb the insurgents, then let loose with volleys when they crawl out running from their

  14. lachit says:

    do u have the 40 mm bofors AA guns. i think they would also be a good addition to this trucks

    • lachit says:

      well the posts above already says its a 40mm bofors, well i missed it,and from the photos it difficult to make out,i thought it was the 23mm guns
      the frontal and side armoured panels looks like that of bofors 40mm though

      @tobey ” How will the N.A prevent this from getting into insurgent hands?”

      fight the insurgents in their own way – bobby trap it
      they will think twice plus many of them dead

      • sizzorkay says:

        That’s right, destroy it instead of it falling into enemy hands. But also not easy to be attending to blowing up a truck when you are being shot at lol. this ain’t a movie.

      • jimmy says:

        Guys remember this is an Artillery unit. The likelihood of those scenarios happening are very low. Also need I remind anybody the NAF is busy.

      • lachit says:

        u just have the bobby trap installed beforehand as a precaution.
        eg have a SHAPED C4 charge underneath the chassis just below the truck with the detonator attached .prime the detonator in such a way that it fires if the guns are elevated or moved.
        when u are forced to abandon the truck just activate it simple.
        also the exploding fuel tank is going to make a nice bonfire.
        next time even at gunpoint the insurgents will not be willing to take any free gifts from the nigerian army.

      • lachit says:

        also after the insurgents learns of the deadly side effects of the nigerian weapons they will try to avoid it.
        afterwards if the vehicle is still unharmed then the army sappers can easily defuse the bobby trap and recover the vehicle.

  15. Deewon says:

    Oga beeg Sir, can this week getting any better for our troops

  16. Kola Adekola says:

    Chai! The evil that men do!!!
    Who dreamt up dis kain weapon? Dat one na artillery nau! It has the grim capacity to make boko haram obey God and never stray again.

    The truck is already a 4×4, so just needs a souped up/big fat engine to be able to chase boko’s across the Sahel and read them their last rites.

    • sizzorkay says:

      lol, its not evil, the world we live in is about preys and predators, the unfortunate thing is, most African Governments did not learn from the past (slavery and colonization) like the Israelis did ( holocaust and all ), they said “Never again” will they be oppressed and dominated and their military build up speaks to that, In our case Some African countries are still busy running and depending on those that killed millions of us and took over our lands. That’s sad.
      So such weapons are needed to keep the predator away, unfortunately.

    • Colloid says:

      Hahaha. “read them their last rite”, this one no be joke again o. This type weapon go make them confess sharp sharp. If one bullet from this truck bore a hole like a oil rig in one of those boko technicals, the rest will become “letter courier” to Baba God.

  17. Augustine says:

    The photo needs a close up shot to confirm if it’s 4×4 or 6×6 version, and also to I.D. the gun if it has the funnel shaped flash hider of the Bofors 40mm.

  18. Are James says:

    One last unmentioned positive is that these modified canons are also very accurate in operation.

  19. Oje says:

    Now that we have the military capability and political will (GEJ MUST WIN) to take the fight to the enemy are we going to take punitive actions against Idris Derby for his devious interferance in Nigerian issues which is tantamount to a declaration of war? or are we gonna live side by side comfortably with an enemy that sought the desolution of the Nigerian State.

    Oga Igbi, please dont derail this one.

    • Are James says:

      ###.. stop putting subliminal political advertising in your posts, some of us don’t share your political views and we should be put into consideration, common courtesy please…###

    • igbi says:

      oje, please kindly go and fight against whichever country you chose on your own, Nigeria is not interested in fighting stupid wars. Especially not with our allies. You really sound like a mental patient. And this is putting it kindly.

    • rugged7 says:

      Oga Igbi and Oga Oje,
      I think it is very clear we live in a hostile francophone environment.
      We have seen this consistently from our francophone neighbours.
      Be it holding safe havens for boko haram training camps, economic sabotage of Nigeria, to being responsible for the deaths of Nigerian soldiers in liberia and sierre leone- this was coordinated specifically by presidents of bukina faso and cote d’ivoire via charles taylor and forday sankoh.

      I say we handle boko haram 1st.
      BUT, we will have to find a way to deal decisively with the anti-Nigerian sentiments of the francophiles, including their “Papa”- France…
      Boy scout motto- Be prepared…

      • sizzorkay says:

        Some people keep talking about war with Chad and Cameroon, no need for that. Nigeria dominate that region economically, if we are smart, that’s all we need to cripple them, no need to fire a single shot.
        War will only get the innocent in those countries killed.
        But cripple their economies and they will come begging, because as we all know, A hungry person is an angry person, who do you think they will unleash their anger upon once their economy start tanking? Its their leadership.

      • igbi says:

        Dear Rugged7, I agre with all you have said. And I think we have to intervene in those countries, one way or the other. Their problem is that they see us rising while they keep going backwards. The more we rise the more they are threatened. We must lead them, because either they want it or not they are our satellites. Their economies depend on ours, their security depends on us. Their very existance depends on us (without Nigeria, west africa would just be a chaotic warfront). We have to remind them this the loudest way possible. The west wants to keep those countries as slaves and that is why they keep using propaganda against us to reduce our glory and influence. Our media arm should be increased, our armed forces should be equipped to the level of france itself while our economy and our industries should also be given priority. I agree that they should all know that the Lion called Nigeria is awoken and that any provocation will be dealt with in a swift manner, be it military or economic. I hope you all noticed how niger closed the filthy mouth it used to insult our soldiers when General Olukolade took exception of their comment. It doesn’t make sense for a giant to try and play nice and desarm itself, because the midgits will only seaze the opportunity to try and kill the giant so that he can never rize again. It is our duty to be wonderful. When we speak we must be listened to. Close our borders and francly ECOWAS should be shaped in such a fashion that Nigeria would always be on top of it. But we also have to be diplomatic when we can. But if diplomatie fails then I pity the fools who refused our diplomatie. For now we have been successful in our diplomatie, the neighbours have waken up to their responsability of denying their land to the terrorists and cooperating in the MNJTF. Good.

      • igbi says:

        By intervene, I don’t mean to destroy them with war, but to use our economy and media and influence. War is always the last resort. But don’t push the Lion too far.

  20. Bharat says:

    I think it is Bofors 57mm mounted on that truck.

    Though the picture is not clear, the length of the barrel and the size flash suppresser/ baffle gives me a impression it is Bofors 57mm that is mounted.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Bharat, you remember when we discussed the light artillery weapons for siege warfare? The NA scarcely have enough of those and we need them for base defence and siege warfare. Personally, I have always felt that the key to the effective defence of FOBs and strongholds in highland areas would be to dominate approach roads using 37mm-57mm artilley and 70mm MRLs such that collateral damage is minimised


    We need to think reduced collateral damage because there are villages dotted across the entire span of the Mandara Mountains. 60mm mortars and 57mm AA artillery, 35-40mm AGLs, 75mm RCLs would be great for siege warfare against entrenched BH positions.

    We have SBAT-70 MRLs of the 70mm calibre which are made in Brazil. We can test those on BH now. In Naija lingo, “the earlier, the better..”

    • Bharat says:

      Yes, General I remember. Also refreshed the same by visiting the old discussion in the link.
      The 57mm truck mounted gun will be effective. But what I also think the mounting be done in a proper way.
      The rebels might just mount it on any truck but a professional army should do it differently.
      For example, if this is a heavy gun as 57mm AA gun then it can weigh as high as 4 tonnes.
      If you don’t use hydraulic studs/ foots to directly transfer weight to the ground to decouple the suspension system of the truck during firing, think how much vibration/ instability it will cause. Ultimately it will affect the accuracy and rate of fire.
      What are your thoughts on this General?

  22. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria army special forces:Operation Flintlock
    I wish Nigerian army PR department can produce pictures this clear for our armed forces…

    • Are James says:

      Nigerien or Nigerian?. I was not aware that we were participating in these exercises.

    • rugged7 says:

      Correction, they are Navy special forces, not army…

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      I am still surprised I didn’t see medals on the chests of the properly dressed Chadian and Mauritanian troops. They really came dressed to impress, with spit shined boots and crisp lined khakis, unlike the Nigerian “Agbero” SBS operators, who came dressed for work in camos, t shirts and scarfs.

  23. buchi says:

    haba Nigerians no place like home,Madagali is being pummeled heavily by NA nd NAF and civilians are already rushing back to michika.what can i say no place like home….civilian trust has been achieved by NA great week

  24. asorockweb says:

    Given that BH deployed 100s of landmines only after occupying Baga for a few weeks, the static defences that BH may have put in place at Madagali, Baga and Gwoza must be formidable.

    The Nigerian press have mentioned something along the lines of “T-55 with mine sweeping capabilities.”
    We know that there are T-55s that have been rigged-out to help clear mines, maybe we don’t have enough of those.

  25. sizzorkay says:

    Now the BBC is making it sound as if it was the MNJTF that recaptured Baga, smh,

    • rugged7 says:

      My brother, it’s a clear propaganda war against Nigeria by the foreign media.
      That is why every beegeagle blogger needs to contradict their negative narratives with factual pro- Nigerian information…

    • Deway says:

      They are just a pathetic bunch of people. I begin to see its not the oyibos who are a t fault rather Nigerian correspondents of a particular stock and affiliation with the intent to rubbish the gains of the military.

      • rugged7 says:

        Yea, i noticed that too.
        Well, they say a house divided….
        We sometimes are the architects of our own misfortune…

    • sizzorkay says:

      I just can’t stand that forum, any thing good or bad, the morons there turn it into political arguments, calling Boko APC or PDP thugs. they made a mess of that site.
      Either way, we know there were assets on those trucks, that’s all i needed to see.

      • Engineerboat says:

        You known some-time children will always behave like children, one will begin to wonder why some Nigerians can just for once Put aside their political affiliation for the progress of this country.
        Once Again BRAVO To the NA and C-in-C

  26. KKY says:

    SaharaReporters: @HQNigerianArmy Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Kenneth Minimah & CDS Alex Badeh traveling to Baga today, Only @NTANewsNow cameraman allowed

    Does any one have the newsclip

  27. sizzorkay says:

    something refreshing

  28. majorohis says:

  29. sizzorkay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio

    Nigerian Army Chief Lt Gen Minimah promotes all soldiers dead or living involved in liberating Baga to the next rank.

    • igbi says:

      Good news.

      • Ufuo says:

        So sorry to repost this…

        This report worries me though… Here’s my concern, some of our boys have gallantly defended Maiduguri, Konduga, and Damboa… Infact in the battle of Konduga, we had waves after waves of attack with no joy of any sort for the arerams (to borrow Oga Mcshegz words). Now to single out the solders involved in the liberation of Baga for promotion, isn’t that going to sow some seed of bad blood amongst soldiers? I don’t know the details of this particular battle singling it out is a bit troubling. How bout the troops in charge of reclaiming Damboa? That was another bloody battle. My take in this is that every soldier involved in defending a base or reclaiming an hitherto lost one should be promoted or considered for promotion while those who showed extreme valour like the officers at Konduga and Damboa be given medals of honour.
        One thing I hate to see is having some person thinking some soldiers are more worthy than others…

        God bless Nigeria…

      • igbi says:

        Due to sensitivity, I decline from commenting on this. And I also don’t have enough info to actually say anything on this. I am also not sure that some of the heroic soldiers of Konduga didn’t participate in the liberation of Baga. Remember that there is something called rotation. The troops posted to a location vary in time. I trust the COAS knows what he is doing, and I agree that all these heroes should be rewarded.

  30. sizzorkay says:

    Just saw the 2015 Global firepower Military index, and according to the rankings, Nigeria is said to be the 4th most powerful Military in Africa, after Egypt (#18), Algeria (#27), South Africa (#32) , Nigeria at number 41 in the world.
    I believe Ethiopia (#46) was ranked above us last year, but not any more.
    Any one think such ranking is even accurate?

    • scipher says:

      Not having capable 4th gen fighter jets and frigates may be the reason why we’re behind SA.

    • igbi says:

      The logics of the ranking is dubious and the fluctuations are illogical. Ethiopia went from second to 5th and Algeria from fifth to second. I dont even understand why south africa is on that list with its small armed forces.

  31. beegeagle says:

    Population size, existing arsenal, potentials for rapid expansion, economy, industrial support base and good old money all factor into the equation when permutations about military power are made. That is why Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria and Ethiopia are at the top.

    Ethiopia do not exactly have a rich
    government but they have a large population, are militarily adaptable, have a large army and arsenal and that is why they are always in the Top 5.

    From the ongoing spate of acquisitions in Nigeria, even before the FG have begun to spend from a recently approved US$1bn fund for procurement, also explains why Nigeria displaced Ethiopia. Since 1998, the astute Ethiopians have scarcely splashed out more than US$200m in any deal and at various times, they did acquire 307 artillery pieces at a go; penned another deal for 200 upgraded units of T72 tanks and eight pre-owned Su-27s in a bold US$160m.

    Those compilers know that you cannot discountenance South Africa’s advanced Military Industrial Complex and that is why they are ahead of Nigeria on that list. Acquire twelve pre-owned Su-30s and twenty four JF17s, 200 units of T72 tanks and 100 new units of T90 tanks today and like Algeria, you will overtake South Africa on that list.

    With 220 F16s, thousands of Abrams M1 and other tanks, thousands of artillery pieces, dozens of Mirage and F7 jets and a 650,000-man standing military machine, it is no surprise that the Egyptians are perennially ranked as the baddest military on the continent.

    Wetin man overlook na im wey im mate do pass am. When Nigeria were engaging in rhetoric about competing demands, Algeria and Egypt were conscientiously and single-mindedly building their militaries.

    • sizzorkay says:

      Wow, 220 F16s, that’s insane. I think Egypt will sit on top of that hill for a while, especially given the fact that the US give them a billion dollars or more yearly for their military and also sell them weapons.

      • Are James says:

        The annual $1bn American defence aid to Egypt has been just a meal ticket for the dangerously powerful military industrial complex of the US. The aid package came with the peace deal with Israel but till now no one can still fully explain clearly what all that weaponry, training and defence cooperation was for.
        To checkmate Israel – American ally, friendly country.
        Libya under Gadhafi – was always a likely threat but the country is small with low secondary capability to sustain war,
        Syria and Iraq under Hussein and Assad – very far away and no contiguous borders.
        So why all the weaponry?.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Egypt could be insurance against Saudi Arabia.
        Saudi is strategic for oil movements through the Strait of Hormuz and Red Sea (leading into the Suez Canal), but is intensely religious. Egypt owns the Suez, is much less religious and (alongside Israel) kept militarily stronger than Saudi.

  32. freeegulf says:

    @Are James, Egypt is not there to checkmate anyone, but rather the other way round. Egypt is there to checkmate Egypt. its the most powerful country in the Arab world, as such it was a brilliant move to pry them away from the belligerent camp.

    with such a large population and military manpower, the Americans did a good job. same reason why even the most hardcore of Israeli leadership made peace with the Egyptians.
    also, dont forget, those billions that the US provides to both Egypt and Israel still get spent procuring american weapons. so its a win win for the US military industrial complex. and we all know how influential those are.

    so having a weak Egypt is not good for the neighborhood. if they do not get their arms from a friendly america and keep things in nice and cozy, they will get it from other countries like Russia and France, with the resultant frosty or downright hostile relationship with america’s client states in the region. we all remember how numb and docile Mubarak was whenever the Israelis were pounding Gaza or Lebanon. it was even he, Mubarak, that was even more forceful about the plan for sealing of Gaza underground lifeline. so an Egyptian military dependent on the american largess is good for US foreign policy in the ME.

    it is also good for Israeli policies too. of course, with the strategic balance always in Israel’s favor. we saw how the Israeli lobby in congress stopped the DOD for selling F-15s to the Egyptians, and also pressured the US about selling AIM-120 BVRs to them also. Egypt has to make do with France as the next best option with mirage 2000 and Rafale filling the strategic gap.
    but yes, a strong Egypt is in the interest of both the US and Israel (and with Israel always leading) so the Israelis do not have to worry about their southern front anymore. it was the reason a hardliner like menachem begin could negotiate with Sadat and return the Sinai but refused to negotiate with hafez to return the Golan.
    they took away the most powerful piece from the board. a loss to the soviet, and a loss to Arab unity. it was a brilliant move from a strategic point of view. of course, they have to keep the MB out of power. things could change as it just nearly did when morsi was president. international relations is a balancing act in that part of the world. if the americans stop all that aid money, expect a hostile egypt and that will be very bad for israel. the IDF of the 60s and 70s is long gone.

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