Nigerian Army troops and Landcruiser gun trucks

Kareem Haruna
Feb 24, 2015

Borno State Governor Kashim Shettima has yesterday said that
90 per cent of the ongoing battle to reclaim seized territories under the Boko Haram terrorists is being carried out by the Nigerian armed forces and not by the foreign troops as “wrongly” perceived by the media.

Shettima insisted that soldiers of Chad, Cameroon and Niger Republics cannot claim undue credits for the current successes being recorded over Boko Haram because the Nigerian forces are playing larger role in the

“We appreciate their efforts and
support for the government of Nigeria, but it should be known that the bulk of the job of cleansing our society of these Boko Haram lunatics is being done by officers and men of the Nigerian armed forces who are
ably supported by the Nigerian Air
force”, Shettima said.

“I don’t want to dwell so much on the inner workings of the ongoing counterinsurgency operations which I have access to; but by and large we
appreciate the efforts of the Chadian, of the Cameroonian and Nigerien troops; but I can say that 90 percent of the job is being done by our people – our own soldiers”.

Shettima who made this remark
during a courtesy call at the Government House Maiduguri, by the new Commander of the 79 Composite Group, Nigerian Air Force, Maiduguri , Air Comodore Christopher Eyi Egbuoba, said all that the troops of the three neighbouring African countries had been able to do was not
more that 10 percent of the job
needed to be done.

“Some of them especially the Cameroonian had assisted us by
sealing off the borders.

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  1. Henry says:


  2. Oje says:

    Oga Henry, i am already salivating in anticipation.

  3. beegeagle says:

    Henro the Lion Heart, I trust. Hit me, bro.

    McShegz, we dey stand-to?

  4. Omonon says:

    Consoling report.
    cnn, bbc, & co. una don hear that so. Na NAIJA FORCES DEY DO THE 90% BATTLES.


  5. Augustine says:


    Remember the price Nigeria is paying today for Mali intervention.

    “Egyptian Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Ashrat Salama, particularly noted that it was necessary for Nigeria to work with Egypt to combat the terrorist group because both nations are not far from each other.”


    • sabatino9 says:

      In Iraq and Syria
      200,000[13] (Kurdish claims)
      20,000–31,000 (CIA estimate, Sept. 2014)
      70,000 (Russian military estimate)

      Outside Iraq and Syria
      1,000 – 2,000 (In Egypt)
      1,100 (In Libya)
      1,000 (In Algeria)
      4,200+ (In Jordan)
      135+ (In Afghanistan)
      “Dozens” (in Yemen)
      300 (In the Philippines)
      1,000–4,000 (In Europe)
      Estimated Total:

      Based on this estimate, they have up to 235,800 available fighters sufficiently outnumbering our boys in the north east 7 to 1.

      Nigeria should not get involved o, I take God beg una, at least till we get all our assets and fighter Jets.

      • igbi says:

        We are 180 million, so we outnumber them, not the other way around.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Spot on @Igbi, but its better we set our house in order first before getting involved. The Boko boys are getting supplies from Libya, it is only logical that the next stage of this campaign would be to chase them into Libya. But we all know that Egypt didn’t send us pilots or assets during our trying times, we should vigorously negotiate how getting involved will benefit our national interest.

      • igbi says:

        What you don’t realize is that they and boko haram are allies. But I agree, we should continu uparming at a verry high rate, global terrorism is knocking at everybody’s door, we all need to fight against the terrorists and win. We need to increase the manpower of our military ( 500000 ) would be a great number.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Augustine. I resoect your hustle sir
      arerams nko? dem no be world class danger? arent we routing them; please let us not under estimate the prowess of the Nigerian Military, especially in conventional warfare, because as situations are in Libya right now, its very much conventional, with a sprinkle of insurgency. We have to go on the offensive, thats for sure….
      To those agitating for war with neighbors, that’s not the way to go, Long distance war is what we have to undertake, one which we are very good at, i must add. We must not allow Libya fall into the depths of darkness, les, we are in for a rude awakening.
      Yes, Nigeria must continue to up arm for these actions to remain sustainable. We must not close our eyes to the anarchy currently going on in Libya. Nigeria has never done that, we cannot start now. Egypt, Nigeria, Algeria, France must align towards this engagement, South Africa too. Now thats what i call a joint effort, one which would be readily supported by the AU and subsequently by the UN.

      • Deltaman says:

        Ogas abeg! I’m inclined to support Oga sabatino9, it’s not our war! make we face de one wey dey our backyard first, arm up well well! flex small muscle for all those yeye francophone neighbours (after we land deep strike air assets, purchased at least 500 tanks, grown the army to 250k and 3 more divisions and have built our military industrial complex). Make Egypt go meet dem Ogas for Washington, we no do abeg!

      • mcshegz says:

        hahahahahaha… Oga Deltaman. I understand your reservations.
        We have to do both simultaneously, defend and #FenceNigerianBoarders as well as enforce peace and decorum in Libya; Egypt alone cannot do this, because they are neighbors and intervening alone would seem too heavy handed, they are in a similar position Nigeria was up until last year. Egypt needs allies on the continent since the un democratic majority led GCC countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the rest have begun to spurn about Egypt’s intervention. Nigeria, has a unique stand in Africa as the largest, most democratic nation on the continent hence, what applied to other non contiguous countries on the continent not been allowed to partake in our war, cannot and will not apply to Nigeria been able to intervene in Libya even though we are not neighbors. That’s the very unique stand Nigeria has. hence, we cannot afford to leave it to Egypt alone, we must at least open one more front to this peace enforcement, mind you, once Libya can pull off a string of elections then, adios.
        Oga Deltaman. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga mcshegz my brother, you go carry AK-47 rifle dey my front go enter Libya fight ISIS, me I will be in Abuja with my long range sniper rifle guarding your back 24/7, no shaking, nothing go do you, Augustine no be coward, I protect you from far away behind.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Augustine 10 4 hehehehehe

      • Deltaman says:

        Oga mcshegz, hustle respected always! if we go collect oil blocks for Libya no problem, if not make dem no disturb us O! what did we gain materially from all our Big Brother waka since the 1960s? so so insult! sotey na Naija come turn to laughing stock for Africa. Make dem leave us! If we have defined a foreign policy that sees clear economic benefits maybe yes, if not let Africa sort themselves out. We will not be humiliated by anyone again. Our energies should be focussed on building our great country, industrialise, produce, educate, build, improve security, deliver the dignity to our people FIRST! when we are booming and our people are happy and secure, then we can talk from a position of strength. No more Big Brother for now. My tuppence.

      • sabatino9 says:

        Oga mcshegz, I concur with your line of thought.

        My take is this, military simulations / exercises are totally different from real war situations. One of the strengths of the US has always been fighting wars on foreign lands, this makes it possible to have battle tested combatants, Pilots with more hours and experience. The current Boko idiots would be decimated before the end of Q4 2015, by which time most of our procurements would be in place, more T72s, MRAPs, 4.5 Gen Fighter Jets, PGMs and so on, in fact there are feelers in some quarters on the procurement of T-90. The new assets would make us stronger and taking wars to the enemies will also reduce the incidence of exposing our civilian population to threats.

      • igbi says:

        The naivity of some commentators is incredible. First of all boko bastard and Pissis are allies. And your “let the devil grow” approach is baffling. For your info Pisis doesn’t intend to stop at libya. You guys want proactiveness, here it is ! the terrorists are allies so we need to fight make an alliance to fight them. Let us not let the devil grow and please no more agrandizing terrorist scumbags.

      • sabatino9 says:

        ** I meant Q2 not Q4**

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Deltaman. I respect your hustle sir
        After democracy, come economic transformation, Nigerian companies will not be left out of the democratized Libyan economy, Nigerian firms are already snapping up oil assets all across the African continent, from Chad, to Niger, Ghana, to Angola, Libya, will not be different

      • Saleh says:

        pls lets face our problems and finish first. all these new allies when things have started getting better should go and handle their problem

    • igbi says:

      I am baffled by this your comment augustine. This is some serious fear monging you are doing here. For your info isis and boko haram are allies if not the same. We are already fighting against the scumbags. And please try not to agrandize terrorists by calling them “world class danger”. “The price we pay for mali intervention” ?, seriously were you not following the fact that boko haram was training in mali ? Please try and do away with these kinds of posts which rate terrorists organizations above us.

      • Augustine says:

        Igbi, wen trouble sleep, yanga go wake am, wetin he dey find? Palaver he dey find, palaver he go geti o ! La la la, lalalalala !

      • Colloid says:

        I agree oga igbi. We must be proactive. Isil and BH are twin and if my brain serves me right, BH had sworn allegiance to ISIL. If we are to say “its Egypt war” we are just watering the monster. We’ve seen the blueprint of Bh, we must not be tempted to turn a blind eyes to the egyptian’s call. Firstly, they mentioning us to form an alliance shows the “respect and reverence” they have for us. If we are not capable, they wont try to call on us. THIS IS A CLARION CALL, WE MUST YIELD TO IT.

  6. schearbeek says:

    BEEG,i found it hard to seat aside and seen how this ragtag francofone countries are trying to share the glory with our brave men and women of the Nigeria Military.for that i decide to think along this way because most Nigerians are not getting the true picture of whats going on in the North,both home and i propose this following option for the beegeagle family here,as you all have said, that its only we can tell our own story and beeg has pay his due for establishing this blog for us i think its time we move a little step up,
    1) Beeg should open an account for the blog and we contribute something every month
    2.) Beeg should edit all information coming into the blog and we start publishing it as a magazine
    3) monthly
    i believe with that people will be able to read more success stories and sacrifice of our Military men and women.and the people will also be adequately inform of the kind of military equipment been bought to support the Military and re modernisation.
    4)Better still if Beeg could get in touch with any 1 or2 news papers for a center page with coloured feature to be dedicated to beegeagle word press.i believe we are a patriot,and we all love our beloved nation.

  7. Oje says:

    While we wait for the pics…Can anyone in his right mind ”believe” what the new leader of the West ”Angela Merkel” just said? is she just willfully being ignorant or is she really this clueless?

  8. Augustine says:

    Oga beegeagle if you did not create this special thread for the topic as published by Borno state governor Shettima, I would have said a vital chunk of Nigeria’s war history will be missing on this blog, so I thank you for giving it a full page of it’s own, God bless you as you demolish enemy propaganda using your beegeagle rifle to fire the shots on target.

    Nigerian military is doing 90% of the fighting, crushing and defeating of Boko Haram….news from authoritative source, governor of the state in the eye of the battle storms. Whoever is not happy with the 90% statistical figure can please wear wet clothes and go embrace a 10,000 volts electricity transformer.

  9. Oje says:

    Oga “respect your hussle”,

    Merkel said American leadership in Europe is not needed citing the recent “”cease fire” deal with Vladimir Putler as evidence. She adds that the cold war was won by waiting for 28 years and suggest we adopt “strategic patience” and wait for Putin to crumble lol, by that time all of Ukraine will be under the Russian federation. She fails to add that American Tanks in West Berlin and Tactical nukes was what kept the Red Army at bay.

    • igbi says:

      what does all this have to do with Nigeria ? Look you can’t keep calling yourself a Nigerian while you keep insulting every country which has offered help to Nigeria. Russia is helping Nigeria and the usa is not, the usa is trying hard to sabotage Nigeria and you who claim to be a Nigerian, you are insulting the president of Russia ! Is your brain correct ? We Nigerians support President Russia with all our heart.

    • igbi says:

      Isn’t this another proof that this guy (“oje”) is ready to throw Nigeria into hellfire to protect usa interests ?

  10. jimmy says:
    This from the words of the mouth of Nigeria’s no.1 SOLDIER. It gladdens my heart that they saw fit to only carry a NIGERIAN ONLY CREW TO BAGA.

    • Ufuo says:

      This report worries me though… I have also attached a similar one from the Punch. Now here’s concern, some of our boys have gallantly defended Maiduguri, Konduga, and Damboa… Infact in the battle of Konduga, we had waves after waves of attack with no joy of any sort for the arerams (to borrow Oga Mcshegz words). Now to single out the solders involved in the liberation of Baga for promotion, isn’t that going to sow some seed of bad blood amongst soldiers? How bout the troops in charge of reclaiming Damboa? That was another bloody battle. My take in this is that every soldier involved in defending a base or reclaiming an hitherto lost one should be promoted. While those who showed extreme valour like the officers at Konduga and Damboa be given medals of honour.
      One thing I hate to see is having some person thinking some soldiers are more worthy than others…

      God bless Nigeria…

  11. rugged7 says:

    That rabid Nigeria hater, former ambassador John Campbell is at it again.
    Reading negative connotations into everything positive about Nigeria army victories in the North East.
    What an a$$…
    God pass ALL Nigeria haters.

    • sizzorkay says:

      I don’t think there is a name out there i hate hearing than his.
      That man is insane, i don’t understand his obsession with Nigeria, its either we are dancing on the bring or just lost. He never had any thing good to say.
      I stopped reading his trashy articles a long time ago

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