President Jonathan visiting the troops in Baga today, inspects arms & ammunition seized from insurgents.

Mr President mingles with and addresses the troops at Mubi

President Jonathan and his men. Standing immediately to the right of the C-in-C is a bespectacled Major General LO Adeosun, GOC 7 Division of the Nigerian Army



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  1. asorockweb says:

    Great Morale boost for the troops.

    Great political boost for the President.

    Oga Beegs,
    Is the C-in-C wearing the new, made in Yaba, NA uniform?

    That the President and his ADC can’t spot the same uniform is very worrying.

    What does the word “uniform” mean?

    • asorockweb says:

      Can someone count the variety of uniforms in Pic 4 picture alone?

      • OriginalPato says:

        @asorockweb The visit must have been a pleasant surprise for all involved and a morale booster. As for the different shades of combat fatigues its mind boggling. I can count at least 5 different shades.

    • igbi says:

      You should be giving lessons on how to see a problem in every good news.

    • Deway says:

      Asorock abeg leave dat one for now, we go address am later, those men fought and conquered. It gladdens my heart to see this. Don’t forget Gen Minimah also said every soldier that fought to retake Baga dead or alive gets promoted to the next rank.

  2. igbi says:

    I am proud to be a Nigerian. This picture will become my screen saver.

  3. Omonon says:

    This is a very, very moving scene. I almost wept seeing this pictures. Thanks oga beegs for these pix. Nigeria is moving ahead.
    These pix need to be sent to the enemies of progress, to obama, cameron and to all those who have tried to derailed us.
    Really, i must confess, these pix are what we really need from time to time.


    • Aragon says:

      You almost wept? Well, I did weep when I saw it on network news and i was shouting and screaming and my wife watching another program had to come to find out what was exciting me and I told her, ‘that is my commander in chief and those are our soldiers, the men who are defending us and putting their lives on the line for us’. The tears were tears of joy to see our soldiers in such high spirit. Right now, I feel like joining the military. Thank God the cowardly soldiers who joined the army for the salary have all deserted.

  4. Omonon says:

    I am proud to be a NIGERIA.


  5. cerberus 89 says:

    Now thats a commander in chief

  6. sizzorkay says:

    3 to 4 different camos in that first pic, lord. Either good to see the CIC doing his thing, more of this is needed.

  7. ocelot2006 says:

    Morale high!! ‘got to watch the visit on NTA. ‘glad to see the Super Puma transport helo in action. And I’m loving the current army body armour πŸ˜€ . A bad day to be a terrorist in Nigeria.

  8. Henry says:

    Our military top brass need to do something about the proliferation of Camo. This isn’t just a rank and file/ lower level officer problem, even Top level Generals are guilty.

  9. Deway says:

    Oga Beeg, here’s one of the pics I got from The Nation, its the best pic imn that visit

  10. ugobassey says:

    Best set of PR photos I’ve seen hands down! I love it, I love it and I love it more!

  11. Augustine says:

    Great photos, good news, grand morale and image boosting PR at presidential level….leaves so joyful I become speechless

  12. sizzorkay says:

    “Mr Buhari said force was the only option to deal with the insurgents, as peace was not something they wanted.”
    That was a quote from bbc interview the Gen did.
    And the reason why i post this here, is because i see good news in this, meaning he have his mentality on the same page as the president in terms of using force to deal with these fools.
    So whoever come out ahead in this upcoming elections, i hope they continue the spending spree to buy more assets for our military, that’s my point here.
    We need these arms purchase to continue into the future, so hopefully both candidates are set on that.

  13. KKY says:

    Looks like Maj. Gen. L.O. Adeosun. newly appointed GOC 7th DIV. (19th Jan 2015)
    Might be sporting his new rank after yesterdays mass promotion

  14. Kay says:

    Not a Jonathan fan, but incredible showing from him.
    Sending a message of defiance to the enemy at the same boosting the troops and acknowledging their efforts.

  15. Obix says:

    President Jonathan Visits Reclaimed Territories In Adamawa And Borno :

    • Engineerboat says:

      Buku haromu your days are numbered

    • Engineerboat says:

      Please does anybody See the Joy of the Soldier @3:30 of the video above

      • Henry says:

        I don’t like that bullet proof vest. There seems to be no provisions for pouches to store extra magazines, grenades and other accessories.

        It doesn’t look like DICON vest though.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Those guys were damn proud of that tank!

      • igbi says:

        I think they are the tank crew of that tank. And I quite understand their excitement, they have just won a major victory, they have just recieved a visit from the COAS, the CDS and the president and they have just been promoted and congratulated by the president and the COAS and the CDS. They have also just become legendary and they know that.

  16. blaise20 says:

    Nice pics… gud to knw every soldier has a radio

  17. Victor says:

    What is the name of this flak jacket ?, it seems like it is now standard issue. Was it made at DICON

  18. rugged7 says:

    Nice one for the C-in-C…
    Nigeria will surely defeat those boko rats

  19. Naijaseal says:

    Something has changed dramatically in GEJ. I cant pin point it exactly, and i dont think its just politics. My take is that Nigerians will be in for a lot suprises if GEJ wins. Just my view

    Either way, this visit sends a STRONG message both to BH and also to the armed forces. Welldone Mr. president.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      My Oga, swagger comes with experience of what you can do. That is a man who is thumbing his nose at major powers and succeeding; boko haram has ceased to be a pressure point on Nigeria.
      The arms embargo has come to nothing, the negative press blitz now looks ridiculous, who knows whatever other massive pressures from the great powers that the man has been able to overcome?

      God Bless Nigeria.
      God Bless our gallant army.

      E go beta!

  20. igbi says:

    The french press seems to be upset that we Nigeria are shining more than chad. In an article about the Liberation of Baga the french press forgets to say that it was done by Nigerian soldiers and goes on to say it is part of the effort of the MNJTF and then goes on to claim victories for chad (it doesn’t specify the names of the places of “chadian victories” though). I think this photos have really hit hard on the western press which was trying to turn Nigeria into derision. Whoever had the idea of the CIC visiting the troops in Baga is a genius.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Igbi, don’t mind them. If you noticed yesterday, General Minima said that our troops will soon liberate Dikwa. Guess what, just like Chad claims to have “liberated” Gamboru every other week, they claimed to have liberated Dikwa last week.
      Whenever we liberate Dikwa, we must do it with a lot of fanfare and pictures to match. Some pipo go faint!

  21. Henry says:

    NAF gazelle Helicopters have been deployed to Borno state.

  22. demola says:

    we need more pictures, this is a PR war

  23. jimmy says:

    I am a vocal critic of GEJ
    Iknow this is also political season
    however on this day
    maybe the swagger came from the tear gas controversy , oga KOLA, naija seal but today he showed real swag and f or that I give him props.
    I WAS DELIGHTED TO SEE our troops claim and take pride in their own Tanks

  24. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg , punch is reporting that two boeing 747 aircraft filled with weapons landed at the abuja airport on wednesday and is being offoaded. Can you kindly confirm the story?

  25. Oje says:

    For those scumbags who say the Nigerian military is not capable of protecting er interest, well not you have your answer. For those who say the Nigerian military will not be able to prosecute its war without our Hitherto Western allies,well you have your answer. For those myopic entities who call Chad and Cameroon as allies (despite the obvious) and advocate closer military ties – well, time will tell. After Boko Haram is burried i suggest we take military actions (punitive) to protect our outer perimiters and create a 50 kilometer buffer zone in the border with Cameroon and T’chad with permanent garrisons visible to Cameroon and Chad to let the idea of the futility of further military manipulation sink into the head of N’Djamena, Y’aounde and Paris.

  26. beegeagle says:

    Visit showing on NTA now

  27. Oje says:

    New dibs : There are celebrations on the streets of Freetown and Monrovia over Nigeria’s military resurgence…..

  28. beegeagle says:

    Get INVOLVED by retweeting to spread the message of hope. Counter the false narratives. Passivity is not an option. Be the purveyor of the true narrative which you seek

    Fresh titbits being uploaded now


    Thank you @iamtenseven for tirelessly retweeting to your 16,000+ crowd.

    Thank you @LordFej, @ChidiZeus, @DonKlericuzio, @BigBrovar

  29. Onyema says:

    Good move by GEJ. That is active leadership. A bigger salute to our gallant men. They are really showing that because they can, never again will Nigeria be occupied by pigs, masquerading as religious bigots and extremists. NEVER AGAIN!!

    • Are James says:

      So we finally learnt how to be CIC after great damage has been done, lives lost and few weeks to d-day. Next lesson should be how to stand up to generals with intimidating uniforms and tell them off when they have let down their country and disgraced their profession. At the end of the day they work for you who are accountable to 170million people. A good leader eats erring generals for breakfast, in Iran generals quake when religious rulers are talking.

      Someone the other day was telling me the other day “..well you know, the office of President not really a military one”…and I was wondering how long a way we have to go in Naija. The Presidency is first and foremost a military office because of the sovereignty impactations. That is pre eminent above every other duty. Roads, bridges, trains, education every other minister or governor can give that but only one person is single point accountable for national defence and security.

  30. Williams says:

    More Equipment coming in… has begun on the $1billion
    more Jets, tanks and ???????? (your guess)

    • Omonon says:

      Waooooo, and what about the Nigerian Police Force? Surely they need some attention too. Equipments, training etc.
      God bless our gallant troops.


      • igbi says:

        Let us stop confusing the police and the armed forces. The 1 billion is for the armed forces. The budget of the armed forces and that of the police are seperated. Their equipments and trainings are also not the same. Their roles are also very different. This has nothing to do with the police.

      • igbi says:

        But I agree and think that more equipment and training is needed for the police, and I think that reequipping and retraining the police is also ongoing, especially the Mopol. God bless the police

    • Are James says:

      This is commendable, kindly pass on any more info.
      Please don’t bring the NPF into it yet, the money will finish for nothing.
      What that force needs is human software (in terms of training and doctrine). The little hardware problem we acknowledge is in the area of communication and thousands of radios have been ordered. The more secure communication elements are part of the national security architecture. However let that force clean up themselves first.

      Remember that the Boko Haram and other internal security issues were first and foremost the failure of the NPF. The police is first line surveillance / responder within anybody national security architecture. Please do your research in this area and what you will find it was crass middle ranks stupidity amplified by higher placed idiots within the force …people with many colourful epaulettes sitting behind very big office desks.

  31. Manny Aydel says:

    Dear CyberG’s, for me what is deeply commendable in these photos is that the President is not wearing any flak jacket. It has a significant psychological import, suggesting that Mr. President has not valued his own life higher than that of any soldeir! Even if it was a PR stunt, it has resonated quite well. Bravo!

  32. dndynamite says:

    @Manny Aydel I agree with you, unlike his last visit up north where he was wearing native with a bullet proof bulge under his outfit. The press had a field day then, I wonder why they are not pointing it out now.

    Anyone noticed his hair is all greyed? And he is looking trim?

    • Augustine says:

      Why won’t GEJ hairs turn grey, it dey easy to rule dis Nigeria? Him suppose dey check him blood pressure every Saturday sef.

  33. Okpa1 says:

    Am proud of this
    pls keep up the good job
    Mr President well done and thanks for the moral bolster.

  34. buchi says:

    when i first saw the pics on nta. I almost had to clean my eyes twice 2 be sure it was presido nd indeed it was him.just take a look at how troops were falling over themselves to take a pic with presido like kids.the palpable joy the never ending chants of “NEVER AGAIN” brought me down to tears.
    To our enemies,to those who belittled us, to those who spewed garbage against us, to those who actively nd inactively colaborated with hostile i have three words for u “WE ARE NIGERIANS”
    Never write us off.the blood of my pals KIA. Of those that i simply met nd struck a good cord with only to hear they were KIA. Has not been in vain.pls permit me to ask that each of us simply type a cautious congratulations to each other.we are nt there yet but we are progressin

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