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  1. majorohis says:

    Just for information sakes, the operations was under the direction of USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) in collaboration with the countries involved. One of the SOCOM Commander’s Priorities is: Continue to build relationships. I am sure the invaluable experiences gained from FLINTLOCK (which is a symbiotic one) will go a long way to create tactical know hows and enhanced SA (situation awareness) for all involved to help battle terrorism.
    In my professional opinion is it is only a matter of time before there is a strong cohesive expeditionary force that will never let what we are experiencing in the NE Nigeria happen again. As per these evil terrorist holding ground, I think this is the end of that era. What I see happening is them attacking soft targets. The only way to battle that is never letting them rule over our lives with fear, for it is fear that they rely on. We should go on with our normal way of life and embrace freedom. On the other hand Nigeria should keep the pace with military modernization, she has the wind behind her, and there is no turning back.
    Break// Freedom is not free.
    #Marchforourtroops God bless Nigeria.

    • Ola says:

      Just thinking aloud, would you know if the march for our troops is taking place in the UK? Since Nigerians in the UK are always doing various marches, e.g, for Chibok girls, also both Sambo and Buhari when they each visited Chattam house. I’m curious to know if Nigerians in the UK care for the troops and their war winning efforts and if the march is taking place here, I will gladly participate!
      Also, many of us don’t seem to know what’s happening here, we only watch the nonsense spewed out by BBC and their African experts on Nigerian military capabilities and recent gains on boko haram. Quite embarrassingly and annoyingly, a Nigerian told me that Chad, Cameroon and Niger are the ones fighting boko haram and saving us, I had to refer him to Beegeagle blog for news. Can somebody please BEG NTA, Channels, SIlver bird and all other Nigerian TV stations with satellite reach, to at least get more involved with our soldiers and broadcast their successes? If they cannot insert journalists with the men of the NA and NAF at the front line, they can at least interview CDS, Generals and foot soldiers that have directly seem combat in the north and broadcast same!

  2. Oje says:

    Lets be careful about zee Americans military working so closely to Nigeria. Remember its the CIA which infamously predicted Nigeria breakup in 2015, they even held war games for such scenarios, as Oluwa will have it the prayers and cries of 170 million Nigerians has not gone unheard and the plans of the Franco/American destabilizing act against Nigeria is in dissaray before their very own eyes. We should not train or have any further military ties with an American administration hell bent on limiting the effectiveness of the Nigerian military.

  3. Oje says:

    Instead we should exert our military influence in the region when the dust settles, the alternative is to have as neighbors pack of wolves waiting for the next opportunity to exploit our vulnerabilities and destabilize the North again.

  4. Colloid says:

    Oga oje, i dont think we have to “exert our military influence on our neighbour”. Nigeria isn’t a country like US that oppresses other country because of their economic or military power. We are Nigerians, we are not a “terrorising” nation. We give due honour to everyone same as they accord us ours. But, because we are “Damy” doesn’t connote we are not Dangerous. If threatened, we became dangerous to the aggressor. But, i dont share in your view to attack other countries esp our neighbours. They may be hostile, but we are hospitable. We are never late. #NEVER AGAIN.

    • Are James says:

      Please don’t say this again. We have tried this lazy, pacifist approach in the region and see what it led to. We have said it many times unless the Nigerian armed forces display on going capabilities to dominate the region we will never be safe. It is going to insurgency after insurgency, border raids disguised as cattle rustling and super powers treating us like kids. The INSULTS of the past few weeks is even enough for us to say NEVER AGAIN.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Colloid, if as the biggest and most developed country in the region, we neglect to exert influence, then entropic influence will be exerted on us. A power vacuum is always a dangerous thing.

      We can exert influence in several different ways such as; economic, Nollywood movies, political interference, “in your face” military displays. There are many tools open to us.
      Of course, direct military pressure should always be a last resort, but nevertheless, one we must not shy away from when necessary. We MUST be able to change the governments of our neighbours, so that we can all build together – it is equally a security risk for Nigeria to be an oasis of development in the midst of poverty stricken neighbours.

      For military might, Egypts request for cooperation last week is a pointer to where we should be going. We must have a military with the capability to utterly dominate our immediate neighbourhood and be able to take on two neighbours at any one time (a requirement of our less than stellar relations with Chad and Cameroon). However, war should always be the last of last resorts.

      • colloid says:

        Oga kola adekola, i concur but you ogas mis-interpreted my statement. Am specifically saying, we shouldn’t go on a rampage with our neighbour. You know, oga oje really like war, (hahaha, i hope he is in the army sha?) but i dont share in his view of us attacking chad,niger or cameroun. We know they are like boil, so we need patience to deal with the boil. Dont mis-understand me please, am saying in a sentence that— we shouldn’t be a prancing horse now that we are dealing with these idiots. We need to get our priorities right—NAF,NA,NN— must get their assests before venturing on a dominance stunt. Israel is a good example. He was diplomatic first like we are before becoming an aggressor commanding her enemy’s borders. We can do this, but we need to set up the atmosphere for its survival. Just as am forced to reply, i would like to state that we should put aside the “vision” of just our neighbourhood and cast our vision for africa dominance and a force to recon with worldwide. If we are to use chad and cameroun as our yardstick in building our military, we are just going back to square one. Let’s mind the “higher” callings and stop giving face to chad. Our MOPOL units could be trained to take on chad and cameroun while our army will be on the world stage. We should look on the world stage and use those world powers as our yardstick not decimating chad who our police force ONLY can destroy if given the needed training and equipments. During Israeli-Egyptian war, israel with its military force was able to dismantle and decimate egyptian’s military capabilities– why? Numbers doesnt counts where “brain” is ruling. They were able to pin-point all EAF fields and destroy most of their runways, airports and jets. We just have to exert control over them in a “subtle” manner so we wont become another tyrant like US. China could be used as a role model–“Hot as Hell but Hospitable like an Angel.”

  5. Oje says:

    I am not talking about military invasion here. Our military force was once a strong deterrent against any stupid adventurism by our neighbors, Chad tried it in the mid eighties and we know how it ended for them. Tchad is dirt poor, so is Cameroon whose combined GDP is less than that of Lagos State, hence there is little to gain from an invasion or occupation. We can however send a clear message with our now strong and proactive military. If the Nigerian military had led an Ecomog style military action against Malian Rebels in Mali (Which the world expected us to do) raher than wait for France no country will dare try anything hostile against us : Be it smuggling Surface to air missiles (as in the case of Chad) or laundering money to our enemy (Like Cameroon). 5 years ago the though of Cameroonian and Chadian soldiers on Nigeria soil for whatever reason was as unthinkable as the idea of Mexican and Canadian troops on American soil. We cannot make this mistake again. Fortify our borders with a large military presence, launch attacks against terrorist camps and financiers deep inside Chad and Cameroon. What good is it having the biggest economy in Africa if we cannot protect it?

    • Are James says:

      Thank you my brother.

    • colloid says:

      I get your point now. Oga oje, i agree with you. No one could possibly imagine this. “But, what will happen will happen”. “A saying goes thus : the knife don cut the pikin’s finger, we throway the knife, the knife don achieve its goal”, so also here, what we thought impossible is now possible today, we cant do anything against this. The only thing we can do so there wont be a re-occurrence is to build our Military to take on anyone/anything. NEVER AGAIN must any country’s military set their feets on our soil for any type of “assistance”, except where there is a coalition to fight insurgency somewhere and Nigeria is the best launching pad for aircrafts going for the mission.

  6. cerberus 89 says:

    arwa demon of cnn is busy hyping chadian soldiers describin them as d best fighin force smh these oyonbos r a.piece

    • Augustine says:

      The only way to solve the problem is massive combat imagery with narrations PR campaign by FG, DHQ, NA and NAF released to foreign media and spread all over internet like locusts on a corn farm land

  7. Augustine says:

    I thought Nigeria was not part of FLINTLOCK initially.

  8. Augustine says:

    Oga, the suicide bombing has spread from North to Middle belt, is it heading South?
    Danger sign, what do we do? Boko Haram is changing tactics as we all expected and going underground…..SSS, NPF….

    • sizzorkay says:

      Jos has been hit in the past no? So i don’t think its new.
      Its usually easier for terrorists to carry out such single attacks on soft targets, i think this will continue for a while, the priority now is to degrade these low lives so they can’t carry out raids or hold territories any more.

  9. Oje says:

    O please not here and not now, why is it diaspora Nigerians are so paranoid? Suicide bombing as a sign of desperation. Suicide bombing have little or no strategic significance, suicide bombing cannot be prevented, your response to this isolated and senseless suicide bombing is exactly what Boko Haram needs. Suicide bombing in Jos does not mean Boko Haram is heading South, hell if Boko Haram today wants to launch a suicide attack on Abuja im sure they can find someone to do it. The important thing is that Boko Haram have virtually nearly lost all of its territories, its fighting for relevance and attention so do not feed the flame of fear and paranoia for them. They are gone and burried.

  10. asorockweb says:

    We need a mass publicity campaign to drive out the suicide-bomber cells in our cities.
    This is an issue that landlords, community leaders and local Police can address.

    These BH cells must be addressed and the media can help.

    Mr. president, its time to lead again. This time start now, don’t wait.

  11. beegeagle says:


    Nigerian troops retake Madagali and Gulak in Adamawa State; Bara and Gulani in Yobe State

    – according to #DefenceInfoNG


  12. Deway says:

    Here you have a better video of the visit. Notice the Gazelle helicopter?

    • mcshegz says:

      Talk about morale booster, Naija, we hail thee
      Oga Deway. I respect your hustle sir

    • Omonon says:


  13. Omonon says:



  14. Okpa1 says:

    BH it will never be well with you & your sponsors.
    By God’s grace we Nigerians shall see your end.
    Kudos to the gallant officers & men of the Nigerian arm force, your effort is highly commended.
    God bless Nigeria

  15. Tobey says:

    Oga Beegs, please open another CT-COIN update “segment”..

  16. doziex says:

    Late in the game, but a step in the right direction.

    #Never again.

    Sir Oga GEJ, it’s time to start thinking beyond this BH challenge.

    It’s time to think about NA and military superiority in a regional, continental and eventually global context.

  17. buchi says:

    mopol recieving more ikirl APC from mekhog

  18. buchi says:

    permit me to say this our intervention in libya may be delayed but is inevitable my two kobo

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