Nigerian troops and a Browning M2 12.7mm HMG-armed Toyota Landcruiser gun truck


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  1. God bless the Nigerian Soldier!!

  2. beegeagle says:

    Nigerian troops liberate Madagali and Gulak in Adamawa State and Bara in Yobe State

    • Roy says:

      #never again.

      Oga beegeagle, Wat of the march tomorrow.

      • igbi says:

        Can I assume that we all went to school in Nigeria and we were thought how to march (military style), it would be amzing if our march was a military styled one. It would be in the first page of every paper.

  3. Deway says:

    Just informed that BH raided a Chinese factory up in Northern Cameroon and stole a good amount of explosives. They are currently lining border roads with IEDs. A Cameroonian special forces vehicle was hit with 2 dead and 7 injured. For more info see here:,65474,@,cameroun-exclusif-un-piege-de-boko-haram-tue-deux-militaires-et-fait-sept-blesse.html

  4. colloid says:

    #NeverAgain will they hold our territory for ransom. #NeverAgain will any media war/propaganda works on our Effective,Efficient,Exemplary,Educated,Exceptional Military work.
    We thank the Military. Surely, we need no prophet to tell us we are winning.

    • Augustine says:


      “Meanwhile, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has requested the US to deploy soldiers to the country to counter Boko Haram, which controls a swathe of territory in North-East.

      Jonathan was quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying that he has been appealing the US since early 2014 to send soldiers along with military advisers to fight Boko Haram, which is receiving ‘training and funds’ from Islamic State.

      “Are they not fighting ISIS? Why can’t they come to Nigeria?.

      “If Nigeria has a problem, then I expect the US to come and assist us.”

      However, Pentagon press secretary Navy rear admiral John Kirby said the country does not intend to unilaterally send soldiers to Nigeria, but is considering participation in a multinational task force with African nations to assist the country in its fight against insurgency.

      The task force will be designed to help strengthen Nigeria’s own counter-terrorism capabilities, Kirby added.”

      • igbi says:

        It is funny how the americans like to quote you out of context and even to go on claiming to speak your mind. Reality check the CIC never asked for us “boots” on our ground, we offered to buy their weapons and they refused so they can go to hell. The context of what the president said was that of exposing the hypocrisy of those who killed talking accusing us of human rights abuses with no facts whatsoever. I expected you to be able to get all this on your own. Moreover it is funny they are talking about this now, since it happened a long time ago. Here is the video:

      • jimmy says:

        A rehash of old news in which
        Now that the BH is on life support American interests are trying to finagle an angle
        GEJ was making a side comment that if isis is America’s enemy AS PER THE BEHEADINGS of American Citizens they should be doing more.
        In any case kirby is diplomatic that is the kind word I will use here . America has got a lot on it’s plate right now primarily Iraq .Nigeria is not a priority.
        Nigeria has a lot on her mind and America is not her Priority.

      • igbi says:

        “The context of what the president said was that of exposing the hypocrisy of those who kept baselessly accusing us of human rights abuses”

  5. buchi says:

    this bastards want to spoil our fun
    An attack on damaturu-maiduguri road was attempted by elements of haramites possibly from areas east of gujuba LGA but was repelled nd thrashed by belief is that they are either haramites retreating from gulani in gujuba N lookING for a softhit or decoys hence gombe shld be on high alert.
    I have always said that just as gwoza is dangerous nd strategic so also i is the only location inwards borderin hithro peaceful states now other is the only location that acts as an octopus for the bastards.we need to take gujuba now and gurantee that any attempt by bh to run lnwards west or expand is thwarted nd gve residents of bajoga nd ashaka peace of mind

  6. Colloid says:

    This ” Never Again” slogan is really mind invoking. Since the President had said that, i have some kind of strange happiness and i feel like oppressing the oppressor. NeverAgain is the military going back to 19th century armament. NeverAgain are we going to allow “propagandanist, traitors” soil our Military reputation through their “media war”. I say NEVER AGAIN!!!

    • sizzorkay says:

      I’ve been wondering why on earth social media is allowing these low lives to have accounts on their platform. Terrorists shouldn’t be able to post videos on youtube or open twitter accounts, and Google should do all it can, constantly to remove their materials from their search engine.
      Media outlets often release full speech of terrorists to the world, why help them spread their propaganda, i think its insane.

      • igbi says:

        what is even more serious is: why on hell is afp among others airing boko propaganda and menace.

      • igbi says:

        why are people who are supposed to be normal human beings living in LA or whatever, agrandizing terrorists ?

      • sizzorkay says:

        I know right. There is an article on Yahoo now and its been there for days, it made it sound as if Canadian troops ran away from boko haram. Why they are making these terrorists seem invincible is beyond me.
        “Boko Haram attacks force Canadian withdrawal in Niger”. Smh

  7. ugobassey says:

    Given the increasing wave of bomb blasts (again), now is the time for the internal security agencies (NPF, DSS, Civil defense, etc) to begin pouring into the North east in large numbers and swing into action, They need strong local intel and the Nigerian house of assembly should provide them with emergency powers to arrest and detain like is currently obtained in US.

  8. sizzorkay says:

    North East

    Credit: nigerian_military_history

    • ozed says:

      Interesting to see the old trusty panhard amoured vehicles are still up and about right beside their newer cousins (T-72s), and as can be seen in the pix have just benefited from a fresh coat of paint.

      Speaks of improving maintenance in the NA.

  9. Henry says:

    Oga beeg, has the march commenced?

  10. sizzorkay says:

    @DonKlericuzio ยท 19h 19 hours ago

    2 airstrikes carried out by Nigeria’s Alpha Jets against #BokoHaram positions in madagali today as 11 islamists were captured near dapchiri

  11. Omonon says:

    Good morning my ogas on beegeagle.
    Just thought this is an interesting article.
    Probably, it might be of help.


    • Are James says:

      Accurate but a little shallow. There is spiritual emptiness in anglo saxon western society which has also managed to eliminate most poverty in just a few centuries of world domination
      A young man who has most of Maslow’s lower needs fulfilled and none of the self actualization and spiritual needs hanging is a walking time bomb. This same culture sent explorers all over the world including Africa between the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. So while the emptiness of poverty and unemployment is driving recruitment into terrorism in Africa, the emptiness of having every basic material need fulfilled is driving it in Europe. Either way the world is screwed.

      • Victor says:

        Those are true words oga james

      • succinctly put Sir! @ Are James

      • igbi says:

        it is much more simple than that. The western media is a big part of the problem and it will not tell on itself, there is also th problem of too much freedom of speech and too much internet freedoms and bad parenting, go back and read the article of Jacob Zenn. That guy is a real expert who deserves to be listened to. Nobody needs to be religious to be good. I am yet to find an atheist blowing people up.

  12. Manny Aaydel says:

    @Ogas Are James, Victor and Adetayo, can you imagine where the world would be 5-10 years from now with this type of motivation of the youths into advancing flawed causes coupled with the emerging technologies of warfare? BH and ISIS are bad enough templates…Frightening!

    • Are James says:

      These are high IQ, extremely well educated young people with talents in IT, Physics, Science and Electronic Engineering from the best universities in Europe. Are you getting scared yet?

      • Highly skilled ppeople ooooo! And the worst may b yet to come, because when these guys start sneaking back home. Then all hell would b let loose in the west, Imagine hundreds of radicalised youths wandering through streets with bomb making skills and blood thirst.

      • igbi says:

        @arejames, please controle your imagination and stop hyping terrorists. Why do you like to say things you are only guessing ? No we are not scared.

      • igbi says:

        They are not highly skilled why do defsec blogues tend to attract conspiracy theorists, which universities did they go to ? Give me some names associated with the universities.

      • igbi says:

        “high IQ” ? You tested them ? Please cget back to our universe and stop dreaming.

    • Omonon says:

      But then Nigeria need to wake up, for our youth can be lured into a false ideal which at the long run breeds only pain and anguish.

      By the way, can the west for ones admit that we have something to offer, or better still, we also have something to offer them as well? We have gotten our sovereignty, ideal and aspirations as a nation and as people.

      Oga Are James says: “So while the emptiness of poverty and unemployment is driving recruitment into terrorism in Africa, the emptiness of having every basic material need fulfilled is driving it in Europe”. Well said bros., but i don’t think the west seems to realize what is befalling them. And just recently, the Italian health minister says “ours is a dying country, where people die daily (the aged) and have no one to replace (offspring) them “. And this are the same people who leave their own country to pucnose in other people’s business. They want to help us to fight terrorism, they want to combat aids for us, they want to correct our human right abuse record, they want to alleviate our poverty, they want to do many things for us while death and vandalism is knocking at their own door. HYPOCRITES!!!

      Isis has already sent a threatening message to Italy for an eventual attack, and Italy being a pacifist country by excellence decided to go the way of diplomacy instead of preparing its war machine for an attack on the domain of the enemy. In fact, pacifism is an intrinsic evil. I wonder why Egypt didn’t call on Italy instead of calling on Nigeria for a coalition against the diabolical isis.

      The U.S.A through their C.I.A., said that come 2015 Nigeria will be disintegrated, and the same U.S.A said that they want to help us combat terrorism, and the same hypocritical U.S.A blocked our efforts to procure arms, and the very same hypocritical U.S.A were dumbfounded or rather astonished that we are now using drones, they used their media to manipulate our war victory and glory. It is high time we go east, develop our own war industry, aim at indigenization etc, etc. etc……………….

      Looking at the nature terrorism, I don’t think it is possible to combat it only with arms, since terrorism as an ideological under tone. There is also need to present an ideal to the youths, engage them , build schools (which i think the FG has been focusing on), create an environment where they can be well useful to themselves and to the society.

      LONG AFRICA!!!


  13. odion777 says:

    Well just seeing Wikipedia is referencing Beegeagle blog, well respect to the blog and all the research team,

    {{ over 72 being delivered and the NA is still taking deliveries of pre owned tank from four defferent countries .Template:Web name l

  14. Augustine says:

    Deway says:
    February 27, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    Just informed that BH raided a Chinese factory up in Northern Cameroon and stole a good amount of explosives. They are currently lining border roads with IEDs. A Cameroonian special forces vehicle was hit with 2 dead and 7 injured. For more info see here:,65474,@,cameroun-exclusif-un-piege-de-boko-haram-tue-deux-militaires-et-fait-sept-blesse.html


    When person dey shout here say make Nigeria go temporarily landmine ALL motor vehicle passable routes across border, dem say na bad idea….Boko Haram has taken the initiative from us na ! Simple battlefield strategy for large battle space too many to cover with sentries and FOB !

    Short time expiry land mines will trap Boko Haram here while we kill them with final offensive or block them off inside foreign territory THEN BOKO HARAM CANNOT REINFORCE TO RE-INVADE WITH NEW MERCENARIES RECRUITED OR NEW SUPPLY LINES OF WEAPONS/AMMUNITION/LOGISTICS FROM AFRICAN BLACK MARKETS, and Nigeria won’t need any Chadian, Nigerien, Cameroonian military help to secure our borders, the escaping Bokos will be running into minefields and be bleeding or dying there, now it is MNJTF and Cameroonian elite special forces that are dying from Boko Haram land mines……when you refuse to take initiative in war, your enemy will take it before you and damage you. Fact !

  15. beegeagle says:


  16. Deewon says:


  17. jimmy says:
    And so it shall come to pass that they will be hunted like dogs and rats in the streets of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe and when they cry out to the people what have done? the people shall say to them ” YOU ARE BOKO HARAM” you ARE HARAM we Nigerian.

  18. jimmy says:

    oga julius
    Thanks for the pics it shows the boys in high spirits.

  19. jimmy says:
    This picture I found interesting because it shows the interaction between the SENIOR OFFICER, The junior officer in the armoured brigade and the President.
    This also dispels any notion from the naysayers who have constantly belittled anything said about the role of Armour in this conflict , I am praying the Major told the President that the T-72s, the BMPS , THE IGIRIGIS, the BIG FOOTS have played a major role in destroying bh

  20. jimmy says:

    oh by the way the senior officer in question?
    This picture is not coincidental.
    Nigeria expect more armor.

  21. Augustine says:

    Chad has also started a massive PR photo campaign, they are releasing dozens of new battlefield successes to international media. Nigeria’s photos seem to be mostly on local Nigerian media only. A new PR war has begun as Chad decides to prove it’s point over Nigeria.

  22. Augustine says:

    In the days of SiriusBlack, Nigeria’s combat photos go don reach like 300 pictures posted on internet.

  23. sizzorkay says:

    “Cameroonians demonstrate against attacks by Boko Haram”.

    That is the headline on main page, see that? Of course there was no march in Nigeria right. these people are insane. Now its fine to point this march in cameroon out, but are they telling us they didn’t know similar one took place in Nigeria?

    • sizzorkay says:

      And the article also mentioned that about 200 Cameroonian soldiers have died fighting boko, we never heard of such high casualty figure in the past. And given that these guys have limited contact with boko haram, I’m surprised they have lost that many soldiers.
      Now imagine Boko haram based in their country and doing to them what we are currently going thru, they probably will have no soldier left after more than 5yrs

      • Omonon says:

        Hooo, bros. sizzorkay, mak we speak in the past now. WHAT WE HAVE GONE THROUGH AND NOT what we are going through. Boko bastards is already in the past. AMEN!!!
        We have already conquer. AMEN!!!
        Advance Nigeria!!!


  24. rugged7 says:

    Meanwhile Chad is taking CNN film crew-Arwa Damon into nigeria-Gamboru area.
    DHQ must be careful with these chadians.
    I don’t trust them past the tip of my nose…

    • Kay says:

      Oga Rugged. I don’t think the authorities yet know the gravity of media response to apply. I mostly don’t mention much of the Chadian PR, but they are pushing aggressively with their media showing. They’ve showed up the Chief of staff visiting and congratulating their soldiers on our soil. Also the release of purported combat footage and not forgetting how they have many foreign reporters in their convoys from DW, France24, AFP and so.

      The key here is we are not telling our side of the story just enough And in that scenario others would choose to intepret in their own way, biased or not with the available evidence.

      • igbi says:

        ACtually, the western media (most of it) has its agenda. And that is not new, chad is their lackey and represents them so they will hype chad as much as possible. If they had been carried along our soldiers, and they saw our soldiers hand cuffing shekau, that wouldn’t have been a relevent news for them, what they would look for is some boko gayram sympathizer who would come and spew rubbish about our soldiers, the same soldiers protecting them. They would also look for anything to say that we commit rights abuses. They come with a number of things to do and do not deviate from that. I think we should call chad to order.

  25. sizzorkay says:

    The mistake we made was to let them have free reign inside our territory, Nigerian troops should have been drafted to operate alongside Chadian troops. My own opinion.
    Its insane to just have foreign troops inside our country like that doing whatever they want.

  26. asorockweb says:

    Regarding non-Nigerians entering Nigeria without official leave, I would say, unfortunately, that we are still not paying attention.

    An official from our Cameroonian or Chadian embassy should have entered Gamboru as soon as it was safe to do so. This official would then act as the representative of the Nigerian state.

    CNN’s Arwa Damon may have a visa, or maybe she doesn’t. But in absence of state representation, who is to say where the boundaries of any one state starts or ends.

    What are the big heads in Abuja doing – The minister of foreign affairs, the minister of internal affairs? You are cabinet level officers, do your jobs.

    All arms of gov’t must play their roles. The armed forces can’t do everything.

  27. colloid says:

    Ogas, check this out on NL See all these “monster” just delivered. I think this must be from the two jets reportedly sighted at Abuja airport–not sure though.

  28. demola says:

    Oga beeg have you seen the big jet on nairalands frontpage, how true is it

  29. sizzorkay says:

    but how true is it? There are some vehicles in weird camo color, sorry not familiar with the names lol

  30. sizzorkay says:

    That’s what i said. This is NL we are talking about here. Take what you see on there with a grain of salt. Fake pictures, those aren’t for Nigeria. i think

  31. Obix says:

    LOL! My ogas, all the pics on that page were gathered from the internet. The plane is the USAF B-52 Stratofortress bomber.

  32. Colloid says:

    I agree oga sizzorkay, that’s NL for you. Anything can happen there. I may say na my Papa liberated gwoza and put fake pics and NLders will believe. Am still waiting for Oga beegs to clarify these “mysterious cargoes”.

  33. jimmy says:

    The photos appears to be fake.
    The plane appears to be a B-52 BOMBER
    The stuff shown on the ground does not appear to be anything in our ARSENAL
    I would say for the integrity of BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG that this is not what came on the planes on Wednesday .This looks like a photo shopped article that has nothing to do with what arrived.
    The planes that landed were Italian IN origin we do not know what concisely they were carrying, we do know Nigerian Journalists if they were to be graded as defense CORRESPONDENTS would get a grade worse than an F.
    In summary it is best to wait till one of our proven sources, ZACHARY, XNUR, BEEGS, HENRY, tell us definitely what were on those Planes.

  34. jimmy says:

    oga obix
    Hello Long time no hear from you. I hope all is well with you.

    • Obix says:

      In the second picture is a BTR-94 (definitely not ours) and in the third picture is a BUK missile system (definitely not ours)! @Egbon Jimmy, i dey kampe. All is well! How you dey?

  35. igbi says:

    I grew up in the same kind of neighbourhood as most of the people french joigning isis, what I can tell you is that most are certainly not “highly skilled” and very few of them even have a degree. Many of them were being radicalised from an early age, I can still remember when I was about 13 I had a lot of arabic friends and when we were playing, time to time they will tell me that a preacher were coming and they would invite me to joign (but saying that I have to watch what I say in front of him), most of those guys didn’t do well in their education, it is those kinds of guys who joign pissis. Appart from that you also have the very poor who are provided support by some radicalized immam and then they are radicalized by the immam. The guys joigning pissis fit the profile of those two uk-born from Nigerian parents who beheaded a british soldier. I didn’t see a very high IQ on them. There are some students as well, but I have not met brilliant students who showed any signs of radicalization. In the university which I went to, the top 15 were all my friends and I didn’t see any radicalized person among them. So please stop the hyping of terrorists and stick to facts.

    • igbi says:

      And as well those guys would relate about every discussion to God, that was very annoying to me. When I would ask who was the best footballer in the world, one would respond: God ! When I would say that I am the strongest among us, an other one would say: “no God is”. Needless to say I felt their brains were empty and each time the “preacher” came I walked away.

    • Are James says:

      You are describing the initial catchment of radicals. There is s newer and more dangerous wave coming if you listen to all the news catrfully besides all the nigerians so far involved in high profile international terrorism were upper middle class or indeed ‘high IQ’ university graduates. The guys who stabbed the British soldier for instance were not blue collar or riff raff. When we use such words to describe them we are not romanticizing them we are just saying the dimensions of the problem when high skilled young men become radicalised.
      A good example is the alarmingly short length of time it took ISIS to master captured American weapons in Iraq or field sophisticated new weapons in syria.

      • igbi says:

        Once again your imagination is getting the best of you. You claim to be an engineer, so that means that you must have studied maths for two years in the university in the same class as people who are mathematicians today. So please remember what you were thought and start thinking in the mathematical way. Look, many sadam era soldiers joigned isis, that is why they have no difficulty using weapons. Your way of calling people “high IQ” makes me question your own IQ. First of all I don’t know which guy you are talking about, a little bit of specifics would have been nice, what is he said to have studdied and what were his grades and when did he take the iq test and what was the result ? Please swallow your conspiracy theory, we have had enough people hyping terrorists and imaginning that they are half gods.

      • Are James says:

        The shoelace bomber who almost took out an aircraft in the US was the son of an ex Nigerian minister and bank chairman. When I was in secondary school his dad was commissioner for economic development under a military regime.
        The guys who assaulted and killed a British soldier in broad daylight were also not blue collar. Ogwuche the Boko Haram guy repatriated from Sudan to face trial in Nigeria and whose lawyers just out witted the SSS (or maybe there is a counter intelligence operation inside the whole thing ) was also a highly articulate university graduate.

        I deliberately used the term ‘high IQ’ terrorists to explain a phenomenon where somebody is not brainwashed by somebody because he is of poor and of modest mental endowments (like we have in 95%) of BH in the NE but is radicalized or radicalizes himself through an appeal to his higher mind – philosophising, thinking, meditating or worshipping too much and getting persuaded by doctrines against western society.
        These subset of terrorists are actually highly skilled, some times well educated people – Jihadi John is an example, hundreds of French, Australian, UK and many women are swelling the ranks.

        Please my friend, this is not mathematics with its narrow restricted logic.
        This is in the sphere of psychology, human motivation and social adjustment or lack of it. It is also in the province of himan yearning for meaning and all other esoteric things.

        To make things clear to you, in this sphere of life X is not equal to Y under any circumstances.

      • igbi says:

        this is proof you are certainly not an enginear, you don’t seem to understand what being a highly educated person means. You don’t actually seem to understand what education means. You are just calling every terrorists an educated person. You have some issues, start telling the truth.

    • U sound like u personally know some guys dt have joined ISIS. That I doubt. Secondly ISIS is recruiting from all over the western world. Also skilled and a university degree do not go together. An electrician can be skilled yet he never say the walls of a uni. ISIS obviously has some priti skilled pple in its ranks, they way they operate and the manner in which they recruit and the manner in which the swept through parts of Iraq and syria indicate that. Its not far fetched that they have recruited some solid brains too.

      • igbi says:

        Even in mental asylums there are “some solid brains”, but to go the extra mile and say that most mad people are genius, you need to come back to planet earth.

      • Hw does this negate the possibility that they actually have solid brains in their ranks. There ws truth to what ws said. U may call it hype but its nt outside d realm of possibility.

      • igbi says:

        In other words, we don’t need facts, let us just start a guessing match. Please let us have a fact based debate, not a debate based on “neptunian” logics.

      • You dint present any facts other than u went to sch with some Bigots. Who produced these documentaries dt u call real. And does talking to a few parents amount to sampling the amount to knowing the state of Isis’ foreign fighters. Could ISIS have acheived what it did with only dullards? And “solid brains” was only one leg of my argument……….

      • igbi says:

        I also watched alot of documentaries on these scumbags, not some american media trying to up its ratings, but some real documentaries with the parents of the scumbags and the police and the facts, it is all in french anyway. And the scumbags do not fit the discription you guys are penting. They are not “solid brains” and I really wonder why you keep insisting on that !

      • Are James says:

        Solid brains to you is a higher degree in mathematics with a certificate to show.
        Einstein did most of his work as a clerk in the patent office with no certificate.
        I don’t know why it is even hard for you to understand the transformational dynamics required to turn your back on a former way of life to become a terrorist fighting against it in a foreign land under arduous and squalid physical conditions?.
        Is it a mental block of yours or just planning denial?.
        Everybody is deploying all the social psychology tools available to try to explain and rationalise it but to you ‘scumbags’ is the only explanation you have to describe these people. If this is the way you guys think all the time, I think should ban Mathematics as a field of study.

      • Are James says:


      • igbi says:

        both of you seem to have some admiration for piss-is scumbags,

  36. Omonon says:

    Egbon Igbi says-: it is much more simple than that. The western media is a big part of the problem and it will not tell on itself, there is also the problem of too much freedom of speech and too much internet freedoms and bad parenting, go back and read the article of Jacob Zenn. That guy is a real expert who deserves to be listened to. Nobody needs to be religious to be good. I am yet to find an atheist blowing people up.

    Nice one there Oga mi, but we have to watch ourselves against these western barbarism.

    Here is the link to the various articles of Jacob Zenn-:

    To be specific, which of his articles do you refer to?


    • igbi says:

      the one in which he talks about how western media is turning terrorists into rockstars

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Omonon, the phrase “western barbarism” is quite offensive.

      • Omonon says:

        Thanks oga kola Adekola for the timely correction, well admitted. Thanks alot.


    • Are James says:

      This Igbi guy is very annoying. He is completely narrow minded.
      He is quoting Jacob Zenn who was just expressing an opinion and who asked more questions than provided answers.
      So let us look at some of his questions: – too much freedom of speech, too much internet freedom and bad parenting are the causes of terrorism.
      So is this not a cyclic argument?. Do these three problems not summarize western society as we know it?.
      So Zenn is more or less saying that the reason we have terrorism is because ;
      Western Society = Western Society.
      Let us clap for Jacob Senn because he has just solved the problem and the solution is ;

      Western Society = A more religious and spiritual responsive society

      This to me as an evangelical Christian is achieved through Jesus Christ
      but to a person of another religious persuasion it might be:
      Western Society = Islamic Society that is the solution.
      Whatever happens sha ..WESTERN SOCIETY must change.

      Mum’s cannot be working eighteen hour days to make ends meet in Paris and Beijing. Parents should have more powers to control what their parents consume in terms of information from larger society and so on and too much freedom can be bad….western society should be more than just about money. …beginning to look more and more like …….

  37. beegeagle says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ McShegz..tuale, ore. Appear abeg.

  38. igbi says:

    A guy who wants to ban mathematics, and yet he calls himself an engineer ?!?
    @arejames’ educational background is very low.

  39. igbi says:

    call me narrow minded because unlike you I don’t fancy terrorists

    • Are James says:

      I did not actually say that and you have just proven that your English is just as bad as your mathematics. I am concerned that you don’t know mathematics as science, you seem to know it only as a constraint to thought processes (rapping on and on about logic) and what mathematical rules are not possible even in situations where it is ridiculous to even apply that. We know what real great mathematicians do, they can slouch on a couch and whilst scribbling on sheets of paper many have calculated the position, speed and rotation of galaxies that nobody can see in a million years.
      Your own type is village mathematics, applying irrelevant models to most things and committing acts of serious intellectual dishonesty while you are at it.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t read comments written by uneducated lying piss-is scumbag admirer

  40. Ufuo says:

    Can someone please ask oga igbi and are James to stop derailing this beautiful platform? Honestly it is getting out of hand. you all dont need to agree and get along. One would rather talk about the gains of terrorists the other would want a media blackout on their activities, the question however is this; which of this would neutralise their Gains? A warped ideology needs a superior one to conquer it. Let’s not rubbish the stellar heights this blog has attained in the international community. This is the only media piece that seems to give the world the Nigerian side of the story.
    Now to the real reason this particular topic was set up, there are feelers that Gworza is within touching distance for the NA. I hope there are loads of images to back the claims of the recovered territories.
    God bless the Nigerian Army #wetriumphstill #NeverAgain

  41. sizzorkay says:

    It would be nice if people can express their opinion without being attacked, this is a blog with comment section, we all dont have to be on the same page but let’s allow every one to say what they think, who ever doesn’t agree should simply state why without personal attacks. Let’s not mess up this thread please.
    The forth and back bickering is childish, the enemy is out there, brothers.

    • Omonon says:

      I agree with you oga sizzorkay. Please oga beeg, can you call some of the bloggers to order???


    • Oose boss, the personal attacks dey tick me off srzly.

      • engineerboat says:

        NEVER AGAIN ! NEVER AGAIN!! must we start attacking each other. NEVER AGAIN!!!. Please OGA BEEG, there should be some sense of Humor here please, let put a stop to all this personal attacks. I want to believe this Forum is for matured and intellectual minds.

        To our NA, NAF troop. NEVER AGAIN! will She-Cow shoot studio films for his Ogas again
        Never Again!!!

  42. igbi says:

    If anyone here thinks that calling isis Piss-is scumbags is a personal attack then I know the kind of person that would be. If anyone thinks that calling an uneducated person uneducated is a personal attack then I can only guess the education of that person. If someone thinks that calling a liar byt the word liar is a personnal attack then I advice that person to invent a new word to call liars. You have got a guy who is calling every terrorists “high IQ” verry educated and claiming that they went to the best universities in europe, and to you that is the standard we should have here. A guy keeps inventing things which have no link to reality and posts them here while claiming to be what he is not. I don’t understand how you can call a person who studied nothing but theology a very “educated person” who went to the best universities in europe, that is almajiri education my friend. I really hate when people’s imagination get the best of them, those two beheaders in britain, how on earth can anyone call them “high IQ” ? or say they went to the best universities in europe. It is time to get back to reality and stop saying that these terrorists are so smart just because they come from europe and what is even worse is when someone is trying to disguise that as common knowledge verrified by intelligence. Fammilies in france would certainly be intrigued that their teenaged children who suddenly turned terrorists went to the best universities in europe. Abi, european teenaged recruits went to the best universities in europe ? I guess those three london teenaged girls also went to the best universities in europe. And those guys who committed that terror attack in paris (whom everybody in france know to be low life uneducated scums) I guess they also went to the best universities in europe. And as for the fact that they can manipulate weapons being proof that they went to the best universities in europe, I can only answer that I am yet to see a university which offers weapons handling as a course or an entrance exam. But what I know is that many iraqi soldiers who served under Saddam and know to manipulate weapons are among the trashy lunatics and that they are training new recruits.

    • Yawn! @ Oga Igbi, we don pass that matter. Let it be abeg. Opinions differ and its that simple.

      • sizzorkay says:

        Looks like oga igbi like to argue a lot lol. We are talking about our country here, calling someone uneducated is a personal attack, its a matter of opinion of course. But let’s move on my brother.

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