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  1. Saleh says:

    Cool picture

  2. camouflage 1984 says:

    Very obvious that the tank has seen battles.

  3. jimmy says:

    What kind of gun is on the turret?

  4. Henry says:

    Beautiful image Oga Tobey, thanks for sharing.

  5. sizzorkay says:

    “This is just as residents of the area were gripped with fear and apprehension upon sighting a helicopter in military colours, which the military said deposited expired bombs in the surrounding bushes”.

    Okay why on earth would the Military be depositing expired bombs in bushes close to civilian population? Or I’m i reading this wrong

    • asorockweb says:

      The question you are asking is the question the journalist should be asking.

      But is doesn’t make sense anyway. Why use a helicopter to deposit “expired bombs”?

      I am assuming “expired bombs” are shell casings.

      • sizzorkay says:

        I know right, funny how journalist can’t ask a simple follow up question. They tell them something and they move on without asking more questions

  6. beegeagle says:

    That is a 14.5mm HMG that I see

  7. asorockweb says:

    That is a great picture.

    The T-72 is usually equipped with the NSV HMG as the anti-aircraft gun. The NSV was designed to replace the DShK:

  8. Kola Adekola says:

    Some of the ERA seems to have been blown off.
    Nice photo. These are our frontline guys; more speed to them.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      We must have local battle field capability to repair and not “manage”, assets should be brought to original serviceability state during breaks in combat

  9. Colloid says:

    Seems the tank had seen war considering some ERA are off. Did you notice something in that picture? The way that soldier stood shows CONFIDENCE. He is like saying “c’mon BH, c’mon boys, dare attack me and feel me. TASTE ME AND YOU’LL KNOW AM SWEET”. Godspeed Gallant Warriors.

    • Are James says:

      The gun handling shows good training.
      Another thing I see in the picture; the men are not being fed properly.

      • asorockweb says:

        Not being fed properly? Please explain 🙂

      • sizzorkay says:

        You saw one man in a picture and you believe the “MEN” are not being fed properly? that’s a massive generalization there bro, besides people don’t look the same, some people can eat a whole house and still look super skinny. But yea, explain, in case I misinterpret what you just said

      • asorockweb says:

        Abi na child soja?

      • Are James says:

        He is a well trained motivated soldier to be sure. However something about the way he is leaning against the tank tracks suggests that the field mess kitchen that afternoon was not open yet and generally not properly stocked. Pls a second look ..very carefully. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Bros na over analysis be that oooo. All that from one picture. tou must be clairvoyant

  10. doziex says:

    Regarding Oga captain tobia’s cnn footage, where we see cnn’s awa damon embedded with chadian troops,
    Who or what is stopping her from doing the same with NA’s currently victorious, # Never again troops ?

    General Olukolade should be extending the invitation, then loudly criticizing cnn if they refuse the opportunity, and then continue this chadian praise singing at the expense of NA troops.

    The Chadians may be brave, but their level of participation or achievement in this war doesn’t. Warrant this level of praise.

    We know that the western media are doing this on purpose to spite or humiliate nigeria.
    What we want to do as intelligent nigerians, is to catch them in the act, and discredit them.

    NA should beware of any cooperation with our neighbors. All they need to do is seal their own damned borders and nothing else.

    And NA should develop the ability to go on cross border pursuits, if BH is allowed a safe haven anywhere.

    Funny, how chad is now complaining to the western media, that NA is restricting them from further chase to finish off BH.
    They were not allowed to participate in the retaking of Baga. ( kudos to the NA official that made that decision)
    Their whining proves that they are just here to glory hunt at NA’s expense. The sooner Nigerian officials wise up to this, the better.

    Also, al Jazeera also wants to portray a few border town victories by chad as the entire war.

    General Olukolade wake up sir, don’t let this continue on your watch.

    Show some sophistication. Show some imagination. Beat NA’s enemies in the press at their own game.

    #Never again.

    • sizzorkay says:

      We do not need to extend invitation to any body. All the military leaders have to do is invite our own Journalists, if they have the gut to take the risk of reporting on the front lines that is.
      We need to tell our own story, we don’t need CNN, BBC or ABC to do that.
      All we need are Nigeria’s own reporters. We don’t need to suck up to these people.
      Who are we trying to impress? Foreigners? Why?. What Nigerians think is what’s important, and that’s for them to know that their soldiers are working hard to protect them

      • doziex says:

        Oga sizzorkay, it’s not about kissing up to cnn, bbc or aljazera , it is about defeating them at their own game, by discrediting them.

        If only nigeria was paying attention, we could have exposed the bbc and their lies and obsessions in sierra leone.

      • sizzorkay says:

        That’s why we need to tell our own stories, using our own resources.

  11. Augustine says:

    BBC was complaining about how Nigeria restricted Chadian army to border areas, then wrote under the photograph of the Nigerian soldiers……”Nigerian soldiers have failed to end Boko Haram’s six-year insurgency.”

    Wow ! saying this when Bokos are now running from Nigerian army and drowning inside lake Chad? So, Britain wants Nigeria to give Chadian army permission to drive BMP IFV into Abuja and meet Goodluck Jonathan abi?

    Somebody please help me remind BBC that British military and intelligence failed to defeat IRA terrorists for 27 years on British soil until a peace accord was agreed.

    Same British military with American help has failed to defeat Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan for 11 years now and are about to withdraw.

    British army, listen to me, YOU ARE FAILURES !

    • asorockweb says:

      Why are you punishing the British Army for the offenses of the BBC?

      Just a reminder; British Marines have helped a lot with the training of our SBS as well as the amphibious Special Forces of the NA.

      • Augustine says:

        Nigeria will win this Boko war without British army training, did British troops train us in the middle of Biafra war or ECOMOG war? Any foreigner who insults Nigerian military gets his own Country’s army insulted in return. No apologies.

        Israel, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Algeria, Russia, all have great experience of war on terrorists and powerful insurgents, they can train Nigerian army, what does British army have as experience that no other nation has in this world? They defeated Satan in hell?

      • Augustine says:

        …..and I merely wrote the correct history of the British army’s own failures with IRA and Taliban as written in global war history found in public libraries, and history cannot be re-written unless you can turn back the hand of the clock….

      • CHYDE says:

        Cos for me they serve the same master

      • Augustine says:

        From general rules and practices, foreign military training is paid for in cash by Nigeria, so did British SBS train Nigerian SBS free of charge for me to worship the British? paid service is business not charity. Anyway, na only Britico get marine SF or SBS training on planet earth? Can Nigeria not survive without Britain?

      • asorockweb says:

        I am only saying that one should make a distinction between the British Army and the BBC.

  12. jimmy says:

    Please try and remember in time of trouble those you thought as your FRENEMIES who came to your aid are your FRIENDS and those friends who refused to come to your aid are your FRENEMIES .
    Do not lump the British army with the BBC one knows the value of LETHAL AID and the only knows the power of the pen .
    A journalist or propaganda has yet to win a war from Roman times till present.

  13. jimmy says:

    Nigeria is not under any obligation to invite anybody.
    The narrative is not going to change , The focus is to annihilate, decimate and totally destroy BOKO HARAM whether it is BUHARI OR Jonathan that is in power.
    BBC / CNN/ AL JAZZEERA can be embedded with the troops the only people who can tell an objective story are Nigerians themselves, the rest will refuse to tell it even if it bit them in the butt.
    omo ekun , ekun ni o jo ( The child of a tIger will always act / behave like a tiger)
    Eventually the stories about Chad will grow stale, there was no rousing victory into Baga, Sans CNN ,Nigeria did not fall apart. no we do not need a country who at the slightest provocation will abandon a base to help reclaim ONE MONTH LATER.
    Nigeria lost the base .Nigeria regained the base END OF story. Nigerians should stop worrying about what fits the Western Narrative, and focus on ending this war militarily .

    • sizzorkay says:

      that’s what i said. why do we need cnn and bbc to carry our stories for us. When we put our affairs in other, they will be begging us to let them in

      • doziex says:

        Yeah men, I am all for us getting our act together.
        Our journalists have to 1st take their craft seriously.
        Some of the crap we are reading these days, the hardware misnomers, the poor descriptive narratives, the scarcity of video and picture footage to enhance the narrative.
        Etc etc
        We need to train or hire more competent journalists.

      • Are James says:

        Thank you. The system is just broken for now. I actually think news journalism is one of the least compensated jobs in Nigeria in terms of salaries. Right now it is looking more profitable to take money from political parties and write damaging stuff in the papers than take risks and embed journalists in the north east. However if these people just had any business sense, i know that based on current international interest a single average quality picture from the front may command up to $600 per shot and $16000 over its lifecycle on the web ….and that is just one picture.
        It hurts to see western women journalists embedded in Syria and Iraq and no Nigerian journalists covering our own war.

    • doziex says:

      Yeah, gentlemen, let’s focus only on crushing BH, and watch the western press award the victory to chad.

      • sizzorkay says:

        And who made them judge? Let alone awarding victory to Chad,
        As i said, we need to do a better job on our side, if our troops give pictures and videos to our own journalists, and have these images and footage spread far and wide, then what narrative is the western media gonna spin? Right there they’ve been owned.
        Its up to us, not them. Nothing they can do that we can not do, all it takes nowadays is the internet, and your message will go far and wide.
        If they award some victory to chad and our own journalist award same to our troops with pics and videos to back it up, who do we think will win that argument?
        Anyways, i get your point, i simply don’t want them thinking we need their approval to tell our own story.

  14. drag_on says:

    We should not have allowed them( chad) into dikwa. I know we ordered them out earlier,but this article now claims they have captured it.


    DIKWA, Chad (Reuters) – Chadian troops have driven Boko Haram militants out of the northeast Nigerian town of Dikwa, losing one soldier in the battle, an army spokesman said on Monday….
    ….”We have total control of the town,” said Colonel Azem Bermandoua. He added that many Boko Haram fighters had also been killed in the clashes on Monday in northeastern Nigeria, the
    Islamist group’s stronghold.”


  15. drag_on says:

    Something is fishy somewhere,we prevented them from entering because we wanted to bomb the bokoharam units there.How is it that after launching airstrikes we will then allow them to walk in and capture the place? I will have to wait on DHQ for its take.

  16. drag_on says:

    Now that i think about it.It is not entirely impossible that it is an opportunistic,glory hunting, PR stunt; considering we ordered them out earlier. That fact proves they are itching to go deep for glory.They must be read the riot act.
    If we bomb your ass thinking you are bokoharam don’t blame us. Very unprofessional of them.

  17. Oje says:

    Fuck BBC (Boko Haram Broadcasting Corporation) or CNN, we can tell our own side of the story. Nigerian army Tanks are unstoppable for now in the region, send those armed Drones to launch missiles on Boko convoys in Cameroon or their training grounds in Chad. This will give them something to think about and of course will make global headlines. Anyone who thinks Nigeria will defeat Boko Haram in its entirety when encircled by governments hostile to Nigeria should think again. The more successes Nigeria records the greater the anti Nigeria media backlash, if the media negativity fails to impact on Nigeria then be rest assured we will either see a re armed and resurgent Boko Haram (all of a sudden) like what happened in September, or we will see Chadians mechanised divisions supplied by France driving deep into Nigerian territory “without permission”. We must not underestimate the resolve of the “Powers that be” to teach Nigeria a bitter lesson for daring to “defeat Ebola”, oppose African, criminalise gay marriages and criticise America’s double standard which is nothing short of criminal. We must prepare for full scale war because unless we sanitizer our neighborhood we will always sleep with one eye open.

    • Are James says:

      We can tell our own story, let the news organizations and media owners reach out to DHQ and let them also resource and train good defence correspondents.
      The Iraqi Army made some significant gains against ISIS this week, without the involvement of American military advisers stationed in that country, in fact US advisers were completely shaded off. Western News Media have deliberately not reported the news as such. Only CCTV has casually slipped snippets about Iranian Revolutionary guards military advisers and Qud force elements achieving more for Iraq against ISIS than US military. This is the kind of balanced view you get when their is balance in that space
      You definitely won’t get balanced news from BBC and CNN because their target market has it’s own narrow sets of demands. You won’t get narrative around growing suspicion by Iran of the US complicity or at least the deliberately looking the other way during the gains made by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, which western media wants to inform their people of that.

  18. We must realise that for a journalist “bad news is good news”.They always want to have a villain and and a hero defeating the vilian. they find it hard to calll the NA the hero. The NA has been vilified by the media for a while with reason and now that the NA has got its act together they find it difficult to change the narrative. They have branded the NA as weak but now that its showing strength they don’t want to eat their words. Inevitably as long as we keep up the tempo they will have to eat those words. eventually the facts will speak for themselves,

  19. Oje says:

    Oga gbash10 you are spot on. We have a standing army of 150,000 or more and a reserve of nearly 30,000 men plus a paramilitary force of 200,000, why on Earth are we still fighting with just a division force strength when we can easily send 50,000 men to the front, this is more than the combined armies of CHAD and Cameroon combined. Our Special Forces have arrived from training in Russia, they should be sent to the front. Even our Navy SBS Commandos which according to Die Speilger (German Magazine) is the best trained in Africa. Why do we even still have Franco armies on Nigerian soil when we know we can go it alone. We were alone when Boko Haram fighters were surrendering in their hundreds at a time Nigeria had yet to replenish her depleted stock of ammunitions, let’s kick zee Tchadian and Cameroonian manipulators. I worry about U.S pledge to assist Cameroonian army, a country with the longest serving dictator in the continent whose armies have often been accused of shooting defenseless students. Seems to me the Yanks are in no hurry to leave West Africa, we kick them out they camp in Cameroon. Hmmmm, something smells fishy.

  20. Naijaseal says:


    We need our double faced Francophone neighbors to man their own side of the borders. Weather we like it or not, those slippery characters will be involved till we develop an effective border control strategy.

    For now, lets live with it, and contain/restrict the movement of the Franco glory hunters. And we MUST keep arming up, no one will tell Chad+Niger+Cameroon to behave. No b by mouth dem dey win war na…

    If any of them tries an arms race with Nigeria their economy will go bankrupt. We must be resolute in arming up. #Neveragain to be taken for a ride by anyone

  21. Stormslim says:

    Sorry to digress a little, have any one seen this trending video from Russia to Usa .

    please take a look

    • Obix says:

      @oga Stormslim. Please, pay less attention to such overblown russian hypes. It’s all propaganda aimed at lifting the “dominant ruskyi duh” (russian spirit).

  22. Augustine says:

    Any interpreter? Nigerian military Hovercraft ?

    Residents of Gombi town in Gombi LGA, Adamawa State, were yesterday thrown into fear and confusion when a hovercraft in military colours were seen dropping bombs in the surrounding bushes.

    Residents of the area said they became suspicious of the said hovercraft as it kept encircling the town for a very long time which raised their suspicion.

    • No mind the bush reporter na Helicopter. other media sources that have carried the story called it a helicopter. A hover craft cannot even hover over a town. a hover craft hovers just above ground a foot or 2 @ most.

  23. Kola Adekola says:

    The Chadian game is simply that most of boko harams commanders are either Chadians or from Niger. It is this connection that Chad is desperate to protect.
    I read on Oga Peccavi’s blog that the Chadian officers are said to have deep contacts with boko haram, they can talk some commanders into either defecting or providing information on which the Chadian army acts.

    There is a much bigger game with our Francophone neighbours and their sponsors. We should be very careful and keep avoiding open war with any of them, because that is a trap – the lies told in the press are just a part of the setting of that trap.
    A large proportion of Boko harams discardable foot soldiers seem to hail from Cameroon, while their officers cadre’s hail from Niger and Chad.

    The eagerness of the Chadian army spells more of a desperation to destroy evidence, especially now that Nigeria has the upper hand and seems to have sealed boko haram from most of the border. The strong support of the Chadian army by our foreign “friends” hints at this too.

    If anybody says we should not confuse the BBC with the UK, then they are being blind to reality. The BBC is practically state owned, the last spat with the British government saw the Director-General of the BBC (Greg Dyke) forced out in 2004, along with Gavyn Davies and Andrew Gilligan for publishing the TRUTH that the stories about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were “sexed up.”
    In recent times, there were cries to increase BBC’s funding as a propaganda counter to Russia’s RT which is seen to be winning the propaganda war in the Ukrainian troubles. You can read an article from last year on that matter here:

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      You right on the button on the provocation to an open war, the west is lurking in the dark and waiting

  24. Kola Adekola says:

    I repeat again that we can wall off Cameroon, Chad and Niger Republic by printing Naira IF WE DO NOT USE ANY FOREIGN COMPONENT (which can only be imported with dollars). We can create a formidable structure using Nigerian cement and Nigerian rocks only. If any roads need building, let the locals build them too with the same local materials; some ancient cobblestone roads are still viable today in places like the UK, Rome etc.

    As soon as we secure the NE, we must begin walling it off, gradually extending the wall to Kebbi and Cross River. It is a task that will involve local folk and the army (for project security). It will be a project that will create local jobs/skills, as well as creating an infrastructural and economic chain in the NE that will be handy when the wall is finished. Wellbeing always dulls the general population from extremism, isolating the few natural psychopaths that choose that path.

    • sizzorkay says:

      And we can always put those useless prisoners to work and use them for labor lol, hey, others countries do it, after all they are prisoners, they need to contribute something to society while locked up. Even here in America, there is something called ” Prisoner Industry, PI for short” , where they work and produce things.

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga Kola Adekola. I respect your hustle sir

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Virtual Electronic fence is cheaper and faster and detects and preempts intrusions ( A series of aerosat tendered ballons installed along the border with control stations and rapid reaction units to intercept) can be put up and actively in less than a year at fractions of the price of a physical barrier

      • Preach it Oga Tobias. Even a physical wall wld require a high electronic component.

      • mcshegz says:

        Respectfully sir.. We need physical borders, nothing less will do oga, the point is to physically deter and dissuade intrusion, when you see a 9ft wall, your first instinct is to turn back, the wall alone passes a message that’s loud and clear, no arguments. But i do concede though; physical walls will not be a 100% complete without electronic sensors, cameras, and ground radars alike, complete with 24/7 loitering wide area optical coverage. Your idea of teetered balloons make absolute sense, we can also look into solar powered UAV’s. We have to consider that this physical fence will last generations and also make Nigeria more economically secure, because once you have absolute control of your borders, then one is sure that policy’s can be implemented without fear of smuggling and the likes.
        Capt Tobias Wilcock. I respect your hustle sir.


  25. Augustine says:

    Oga Kola Adekola, wise men say that a man whose nice house has no doors/windows and his compound has no wall/fence should stop complaining that thieves always enter his house to steal, kill, and destroy. Great wall of China and new fence of Saudi Arabia 2014 are enough lessons/examples from the wise.

  26. mcshegz says:

    When we see a map of Nigeria, Niger, Chad, and Cameroon, with those really think lines delineating them, nothing like that exist on ground, just bare, open grounds; Point in case
    <img src="

    • asorockweb says:

      Oga mcshegz,

      I respect your hustle.

      Thanks for this.

      A few suggestions
      1) NAF strikes are better depicted with a jet fighter icon and an explosion.
      2) Zoom-in more towards the conflict area, it will make for a more detailed map.
      3) A green solider or a green tank may be a better depiction of the Nigerian Army.

  27. rugged7 says:

    These our leaders sabi beg sha…
    Why can’t they just ignore the U.S????
    Ambassador Adefuye dey fall hand…

    • Lol, Dude is doing what heis paid to do, maintain relations. Whether we like it or not after BHs end Nigeria will collaborate with the UN on many matters military and otherwise, and in fact such collaboration is ongoing. Such is the nature of int’l politics, no permanent friends or enemies, just interests. Lest we forget there is a non military Nigeria that requires int’l collaboration. It may seem lopsided or unfair but such is the nature of modern statehood

    • sizzorkay says:

      No, dude is spreading misinformation. Sometimes some officials exaggerate so as to prompt world powers to assist, playing the victim, but this also make us look bad.
      Let’s not forget that it was the President himself who claimed that 10,000 or was it 13,000, have been killed by BH. But where is the proof of this? Who is actually taking account of the dead and who is counting the bodies? I believe he said it to get the attention of the US and others, so they could assist.
      Now the Ambassador is saying 2,000 died in Baga, a figure that was also known to be false, same figure Amnesty international cooked up, then backed away from, yet that’s the same figure our Ambassador just quoted as a fact when it isn’t true, all this just to get favors from world powers. Is it worth it? That’s the question.
      And i don’t understand why any nation would want another to lead it, in terms of influence, we shouldn’t be inviting the US to do any thing with us, if they see us forging partnerships with China, Russia and others, the US will start finding a way to work with us, out of jealousy and being left out.
      Let’s not forget, these people are hungry for influence and relevance, so ignoring them will make them come to you, as long as you aren’t breaking any law or killing your people.
      But if we keep treating them like God and our Savior, then they are more likely to act arrogant. My own opinion.

  28. johnbest1 says:

    Pls this may seem a stupid question but can anyone tell me the differences BTW both types of t-72’s in the Nigerian army inventory. (Av and …)

  29. Deway says:

    Niger air force bombs fish traders thought to finance Boko Haram

    2 things to note here:
    First, bh is not just using kidnapping and cross-country fuel tanker business to raise funds for their activities, but also benefiting from the cross country fish business. safe to say some of bh’s finances come from Niger Republic. Nice to know focus has shifted somewhat to disrupting their finances even if little.
    Second is I imagine if this were Nigeria airforce bombing fish trucks and traders, what would the media say? What would the Nigerian press write? Wouldn’t this have been a political spin? Your guess is as good as mine.

  30. jimmy says:

    Much respect for your COMMENTS
    The Ambassador is just doing his job, he is supposed to be saying these things regardless of the situation on the ground. Moreover it is not begging, it is part of diplomacy, there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies.
    Moreover and i say this with great respect for your opinion Nigeria and America have a common enemy which is boko haram AND ISIS and it is in both Countries INTERESTS for them to work together,both Countries stand to benefit from the mutual assured destruction of boko haram & ISIS

    • rugged7 says:

      I understand what you are saying.
      But my problem is the play of words..
      Or “couching” of the words.
      Just read the piece.
      He- and therefore Nigeria comes off as subservient, grovelling and beggarly.
      THAT is my problem.
      A MAN should NEVER kneel before another man. No matter how strong the other person thinks he is.
      Though respect is reciprocal, If u don’t respect yourself 1st, NOBODY will respect u.
      Ask Algeria and Sri lanka.
      All those MAGAS including Amnesty international, accusing them of human rights abuses shut up a long time ago…

  31. chynedoo says:

    Russian air flights spooks Nato and US
    Is WWW3 brewing?

  32. sizzorkay says:


    A top #BokoHaram Commander, Abakar Ali, have been Captured In Cameroon

  33. rugged7 says:

    Bama; Nigerian Troop’s El-Dorado

    Thousands of Nigerian troops, including the Air Force and bomb detection experts are mopping up plans to penetrate Bama in Borno State which is still under Boko Haram control after a failed attempt on Tuesday, security sources and fleeing residents said.

    Bama, 78 kilometers from Maiduguri, is the second largest town in Borno State and next to the state capital in terms of business activities.
    The town borders Cameroon and was seized by Boko Haram militants in August 2014, forcing thousands of residents including the first class emir, Alhaji Kyari Ibn El-Kanemi, to relocate to Maiduguri.
    Kalthum Bara, a middle aged woman who said she was freed by the Boko Haram in Bama and fled to Maiduguri, yesterday told our correspondent that the militants were equally re-strategizing for a ‘bigger fight’.
    “My captor in Bama who had developed soft spot for me mapped out an exit point for me to leave Bama. He said it was going to be fight to the finish because they are anticipating an onslaught from the Nigerian forces,” she said.
    Another woman, Suwaiba, said they had been under “Boko Haram rule” in Bama because there was no way they could escape.
    “The whole of Bama, as big as it is, is fortified with land mines and ordinances…you cannot dare escape from the firm grip of the terrorists because they have control over everywhere,” she said.
    “All the main roads, including the ones that lead to Konduga, Banki-Gwoza and Dikwa have checkpoints that are manned by heavily armed gunmen while the landlocked pathways are laced with explosives. Some of our colleagues that attempted to flee were killed by the mines, that’s why we resorted to faith and stopped attempting to flee until now”, she said

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