Brigadier Jonny Bourne, British Military Training Team Leader explains a point of interest to Lt General KTJ Minimah, Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff while Major General JAH Ewansiha listens.

Commanders and Commanding Officers of the Nigerian Army and their British counterparts.



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  1. sizzorkay says:

    “Nigeria’s former Colonial Master to the rescue”.

    Expect such insane headline from Western Media once they get a whiff of this.

  2. Tobey says:

    Am I the only one who has noticed that wearing of waist belts is now compulsory on camo wear for N.A personnel?

    • asorockweb says:

      I have noticed the abundance of waist belts.

      I find it a bit surprising; I thought it was only the guards brigade the always wore waist belts.

      Even the picture of the artillery corps’ testing of the truck-mounted 57/40mm gun showed soldiers wearing waist belts.

      • Tobey says:

        Am sure it became standard practice this year..I also noticed that the peaked cap is now being worn on Officer “greens”….reminiscent of previous practice in the military.

  3. Augustine says:

    I think BBC should see from the photo and heading of this thread, that the Nigerian army is NOT inferior to the British army, we are contemporaries in terms of human resources, our officers and men are well trained and experienced like the British. Only difference is equipment.

    So, if Nigerian army has not done something, British soldiers will find the same task difficult, we have same training and education.

    My take is, message to BBC and CNN, Reuters, etc. If you insult Nigerian army, you are insulting an army that rubs shoulders with the British army top brass as peers, not sub-ordinates. If our army has challenges, your army too will be cumbered by same challenge in operations, your men are not super-humans, we are all flesh and blood.

    So any British man reading this? Go tell BBC to mind it’s language henceforth. Nigerian army ranks and flocks with the best NATO armies. See the photos on top of this page !

    • Manny Aaydel says:

      @OgaAugustine, right on point. Did they defeat the Taliban before abandoning Afghanistan? Did they defeat the armed opposition in Iraq before pulling out? Recently, there were even allegations of some US soldiers being captured in Yemen by the armed opposition only to be disgraced before being released without their Humvees! Yes, we can learn from their mistakes in those places but the western press ought to be put in their place when they make ridiculous insinuations and continue to report today that BH still ‘controls a vast area’ or has ‘carved out a Caliphate’ for itself. I have never seen such ridiculous reportage. They keep upholding BH claims, and continuously exaggerate Chadian and Cameroonian propaganda that does not even have any basis (propaganda is often an exaggeration of a fact, not really outright lie but in the case of some of our neighbours, they simply manufacture stories and the western media dutifully amplies it)! GEJ has visited Baga but to them, it is still controlled by BH, haba!!!

  4. beegeagle says:

    It is now getting clear to me that the Nigerian Armed Forces only need to deepen their military training to be as indepth as their educational pursuits. In terms of education, they are probably among the best educated in the world. Only yesterday, I met a young officer who is not yet thirty but has already earned three Masters degrees. It is possible that as many as ten percent of officers have already tucked away their PhDs, twenty percent hold at least two higher degrees while forty percent have earned a higher qualification.

    I also understand that these attainments, categorised under professional development, are weighted in points when PERs are written. This could explain the fixation with education. More than half of the officer corps could easily be university lecturers.

    What the NA need to do now, is structure an indepth array of military training courses aside from Staff College and Defence College which would factor more weightily than postgraduate studies. I am thinking of two-six month long courses which would see officers applying themselves with as much zeal as they have to the pursuit of education.

    While Staff College and Defence College prepare officers for middle-level and senior leadership, perhaps we should have in tandem with those, courses in facets of asymmetric warfare, information warfare, Psy Ops along with a deepened curricula of corps level courses.

    Remember, the mainstay military activity across the globe for the past two decades has been asymmetric warfare. Think Iraq, Afghanistan, Waziristan, The Philippines, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Somalia, Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, Thailand, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Syria and Nigeria.

    These are dynamics and the reality which we cannot afford to ignore. There is so much more we can do. For instance, let us see more officers who have attended several specialist courses all at once – YOC, amphibious warfare, airborne warfare, mountain warfare, desert warfare, among other courses. When that counts far ahead of education, the Army shall be an even more potent force.

  5. beegeagle says:

    The Chief of Army Staff has been the standard bearer for the commendable practice of wearing peak caps over the no.4 dress. The garrison cap, popularised during the 1984-99 military interregnum by the likes of Lt General MB Haladu and the triad of SSC 1 officers namely Major General Tanko Ayuba, Major General John Inienger and Brig John Shagaya, has also staged a comeback.

    I personally think the berets became to common place and the return of the peak cap is most welcome. That was the way it used to be when the COAS enrolled at the NDA in December 1978. The no.4 dress looks much better with the peak cap. Let them keep it that way.

  6. beegeagle says:

    BTW, the BigFoot MRAP is becoming a real mainstay in the NA these days. Saw a unit parked at the Garrison inside a Lagos Cantonment two days ago. Was clearly visible even from the MRS nearby.

    • Augustine says:

      Oge Beegeagle, the answer is NTC….National Training Centre, practical battlefield craft and combat simulation centre with all the cheap small small modern tools as explained before, that is what American and European major military powers have that Nigerian army does not have.

  7. couldnt agree with you more @ oga beegs, BH exposed a deficiancy in NA training. I hope going forward the NA going forward will constantly evaluate the threats we face as a country and what the world generally is experiencing in order to tailor training and doctrin along the lines of current reality. Unfortunately the nature of armies is to be rather unyielding and inflexible. Hence the probs the US faced in Vietnam and Afghanistan same with Russia in Afghanistan more often than not the dont change until the danger is upon them. that’s why i agree even more with your earlier idea of specialised divisions for each from of warfare we may face, that we we are never short of equipment, men or knowledge for any situation.

  8. scipher says:

    Meanwhile, South Africa is busy extolling her own soldiers.
    they said they are playing a ‘major’ role in the fight. Since no media mentioned SADF they took it upon themselves

    • if we don’t tell our story ourselves someone else will. IF the NA doesn’t step up its PR game then we can expect more of this. AM even getting tired of complaining, while the Chadian army and nation is on a charm offensive we dey form reticent. Pish!!

  9. beegeagle says:


    I just left the lobby of a hotel where I saw a newsclip on CHANNELS TV’s “Network Africa”.

    They showed a clip on the Chadian forces at Dikwa. I saw a Panhard AML 60 and an Otokar Cobra captured from BH. The Chadian spokesman, Colonel Azem, said that “there were no Nigerian soldiers within a 50km radius of the town”. I leave you to decide the agenda which underpinned that assertion. Clearly, Chad are competing to outshine the Nigerian military for a share of the limelight. They have already let in the CNN into Gamboru to prop them.

    Hmmn..Nigeria, BEWARE. We have come again with our simplistic attitude towards shaping narratives. This country never learns.

    Meanwhile, the only reason why an army retreats from an onslaught is when you throw in too few soldiers into a fight, leave them counting bullets like toffees and acting like you are on IS Ops to stabilize an area ravaged by murderous herdsmen rather than determined and suicidal terrorists. It is a war…not some tepid IS Operations. Change the nomenclature and see attitudes change.

    Looking at that video alone, and in a convoy of about forty vehicles, I could could no less than seven Landcruisers armed with twin 14.5mm AAMGs and 23mm cannons, three WZ 523 APCs carrying DShK 12.7mm guns, two LAPVs armed with 12.7mm guns and four 90mm gun-armed Eland Mk.7s. Not to mention about ten Landcruiser gun-trucks armed with DShK 12.7mm guns and carrying troops. Pls check that out for the real meaning of throwing in overwhelming force.

    Our own people would probably Have featured 25 Hilux trucks, two lorries, three 4WDs armed with 12.7mm HMGs, two Otokar Cobra APCs armed with GPMGs and a BigFoot MRAP and imagine that we have really amassed something great.

    My POINT is, these are areas where sahelian plains dominate the landscape for five miles around. Where else can you use MRLs with ruthless efficiency to decimate fleeing terrorists? Where better to use big gun AFVs and heavy 14.5mm and 23mm cannons?

    The other day, I read somewhere that Nigeria acquired about 2,280 Light Machine Guns from Serbia in 2013. They should have added 300 units of 12.7mm HMGs, 200 units of 14.5mm HMGs and 50 107mm MRLs to that stash. Please, we need to act in sync with what will confer total advantage on our troops. We should CLOBBER and not fight Boko Haram.

  10. dndynamite says:

    @ Scipher: I thought they had denied any involvement and even threatened to make them face charges.
    Quite amusing, the Nigerian Govt is saying the deal was okayed by Zuma. Seems like everyone wants a piece of the success story pie.

    Someone had better be keeping proper records of these events and be ready to publish immediately the saga is over.

  11. sizzorkay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio

    Chad claims that 40% of the weapons seized by the #BokoHaram in Tchad are French-made

  12. jimmy says:
    i am not A STUDENT of Military tactics with reports being filtered in that Gwoza is about to face an onslaught inthe next coming days it is extremely important teh Nigerian ARMY, AIRFORCE bring in over whelming force
    I do not know how far Sambisa forest is from Gwoza and Bama but the feeling is all three of these places are linked logistics and Men wise
    Logics would dictate that all three should be attacked SIMULTANEOUSLY with only one being the primary objective.
    After one is RECAPTURED wait for the Counter offensive. Logic dictates when this comes all three and Additional Battalion that specializes in snatching should be used .LOGIC dictates when this happens the NAF must play a heavy role destroying anything on the role.
    Extremely important
    CAPTURED COMMANDERS should be made aware it is to their own benefit to disclose not only where the tunnels are but who are the tunnel diggers.
    Tunnel DIGGING IS DANGEROUS and requires more than rudimentary Skills the DMI , The DSS and the Army SF need to understand there is a possibility the more intense the bombardment gets the more likelihood bh will go underground literally , Please the NA should bring in more bomb sniffing DOGS and more tunnel detecting equipment,
    Heavy Emphasis must be placed on interrogating BH suspects who happen to come from well making families, they know how to dig without the tunnel collasping , this is not paranoia , this is fact
    Snatch/ Capture the local sub commanders in this regions asks not just where THE ARMS ARE HIDDEN ASK WHERE ARE THE HOLES IN THE GROUND?

  13. jimmy says:
    For Example here is what they might need it does not have to come from the West it can come from the East. I.E. VIETNAM has experience digging tunnels going back to the VIETNAM war.

  14. camouflage 1984 says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA ‏@DefenceInfoNG · 13m13 minutes ago
    FLASH:Troops are now in full control of Mafa, Borno State after completing the operation to clear terrorists from the town yesterday evening

    • jimmy says:

      @ camouflage 1984
      I got this map from TABLOID I honestly do not know how accurate it is however with MAFA under the firm control of the Nigerian Army it appears there is truth to two things
      1) bh is falling/ retreating back to GWOZA.
      2) MAFA creates a cut -off point whereby heading North becomes very dangerous what to do? head south to MIDUGURI or Kodunga ( AKA as the place where bh go to die)
      3) LOGIC dictates they fall back to BAMA and Sambisa hence the three places need to be bombed simuteanously it is important that BAMA be place under CURFEW this weekend.

  15. Oje says:

    Nigeria is UNDER ATTACK, under FOREIGN OCCUPATION disguised as “allied coalition”. The Bellingerates :

    Defender’s :

    Great Britain?

    Axis of Evil & destabilisation:
    United States
    Boko Haram
    Great Britain?

    The sooner we begin to assert our economic and military capability the better for us. After using his aide to try smuggle advanced Surface to air missile system to Borno imagine that Rebel leader Idris Derby going on air giving Shekau an ultimatum to surrender or die. It’s time Nigeria unilaterally dissolve the MNJTF and ask all foreign armies to leave but I can swear they will not move an inch if we tell them to leave. This war has the potential to escalate into a full blown inter State war and we’ve had advanced warnings and seeing the signs. Politics is not everything,

  16. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram massing in Gwoza.
    Itz a fight to the finish folks…

    • jimmy says:

      Let us pray for our Boys and Girls
      GOD’S SPEED/
      BH is about to hunker down.
      Nigeria needs to ask The ISRAELI DEFENCE FORCES ( I.D.F.) about helping them deal with Tunnels

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        If we need to ask foreigner for every thing, then we have learned nothing and it defeats the word “independence”. there are enough engineers in the Nigerian military or better still ask university professors. why should we complain that the media is giving the victory to others, just as the South African Mercenaries/Advisors and the Chadians, why did we wait that long. IDF is tooth and nail part of the US military’s remote assets in their battle order

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        BH did not have any foreign military advise on becoming rats and digging tunnels, let believe and use our in house capabilities. all this going around for things we should be capable of doing belittles us

      • Colloid says:

        Yeah. I agree with you. IDF are better off in Identifying Tunnels. Gaza war is a case study.

  17. jimmy says:
    It is very important the CDS stand by the exact words coming out of his mouth, because for this war to come to it’s justifiable conclusion the AFN must also realize the majority of Nigerians are not the problem it is bh and they NEED TO TRANSFER THIS UNPRECEDENTED outpouring of love from Nigerians into something positive.
    The next ARMED FORCES day must incorporate some form of appreciation from the AFN to the citizens of Nigeria , The highly regarded Military hospitals could treat joe public in Nigeria for a day it will be gestures like this that will go a long way of course SECURITY must be tightened during this public encounters that is a must.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Extreme fear and extreme respect is almost identical, the difference is what brought them to be. extreme fear vanishes once the object/person of fear leaves the picture and is replaced with haters for that object/person, extreme respect remains even after the object leaves the picture/scene and is replaced by warmth and love.
      The Nigerian military must now from this point have full respect and love of the people as champions of the nation and masses. The presence of an Officer of the Nigerian armed forces must hence forth project the believe to the masses that no harm or injustice can come upon him or here, Our Military is built on the discipline of steel like the centurion of old. The watch word is respect through discipline, if the soldiers remain in the queue or line , who born anybody to jump or beat the traffic light.
      We have seen the example of the commanders leading from the front in this campaign and the difference it made. The Military Officers must be the Lords of Discipline.
      data shows that in most wars countries that civil populace are one with the military will be always victorious ( example is most western nations) . In all matters we must lead by example and attain a super human form, The military must not be demystified through lack of example and leadership to the civil populace, arrest when necessary but no beating or fighting civilians in the streets. the Nigerian Military still ranks very very high in comportment. May God be with all our fighting men and women and even more with our fallen heroes and comfort their families, may there sacrifice remain always and large in our hearts. Nigeria would not divide, Nigeria would not break, she would only grown stronger, all this crises is just a stepping stone to reach higher heights, the larger the stepping stone the higher the reach, Hard and high form of steel always passes through fire, this is the fire of our time and generation.

  18. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Sorry typo meant hatred

    • jimmy says:

      @ OGA CAPT Tobias Wicock
      No country is truly independent, No Country is an Island. It costs the US govt $70 m it time it wants to sends one of it’s ASTRONAUTS up to the Russian built Space station
      to conduct SPACE experiments or as a Russian Foreign Official said they do not have to use our Station they can fly with Wings.
      Israel has in the past offered us help they have had recent experience in dealing with destroying tunnels, Israel offered us help without pontificating or preaching to us and we do need HELP
      Fortunately we are no longer Sticking our head in the sand and saying we do not need help, because BAGA and Monguno have been recaptured in addition to that MAFA and KODUNGA have once again played a pivotal role.
      Weapons that have been Captured and destroyed have mostly come from the bases of BAGA, Mubi, Gwoza and Monguno However there is no question some of the AAA guns that were destroyed were not even in the NA Inventory these came from LIBYA/Chad/ Saheilian Axis.
      Nigeria is not begging for help, Nigeria is seeking both HELP AN ammunition at the same time another country is going around trying to place an artificial embargo when Nigeria is not under Sanctions, to make MATTERS WORSE Nigeria keeps turning to these Countries who tell her NO while the Countries that are willing to help are at first kept waiting ( RUSSIA, PAKISTAN) .
      Nigeria was under equipped severely by the very same people calling for GEJ’S head and til GEJ decided to act, talk, walk and behave like the PON he also contributed now small share to the problem at least he admitted his share ” We underestimated BH”
      The best we can do is contribute our share to make sure A BRIG GEN never ever gives up a base or there is a total breakdown of control.

  19. rugged7 says:

    Little chad is persistently carrying foreign journalists onto Nigerian soil.
    They are poking a finger in Nigeria’s eye that we can’t do nothing.
    Imagine chad kwa!!!!
    Wonders shall never end. Even 5 years ago they wouldn’t have dared try this.
    Now it’s open season on Nigeria.
    Canal plus france reporters strolling round Nigeria’s territory without visas!
    Kai, wallahi my blood dey boil. But WE caused all these insult.
    Look, DHQ if u don’t give Arwa damon and this idiotic french reporter 10 years ban from entering Nigeria…
    Gaskia, at the end of this war with boko haram, we have to handle these our neighbors with an iron fist.
    Starting with chad.
    Dem don dey grow pass their breeches.

  20. jimmy says:
    Not ready to sing Kumbaya yet but it is a start.

  21. Oje says:

    Why am I the only angry man here? Why isn’t anyone talking about Chadian activities on Nigerian soil? How can the 23 year old dictator of a country a quarter the size if Lagos State be able to humiliate Nigeria when ever they deem it rational, invite foreign journalists and “give ultiiatuns” ok Nigerian territory? Is it not borderline retardation for foreign troops to be on Nigerian soil on the day we have our Indipendence? The minuscule interest we all have to thus ticking time bomb gives me cause to worry.

  22. Oje says:

    For those of us who buy into the chappy Western Propaganda of Chadian military prowess and hence shy away from the idea of a Nigerian military response to clandestine Chadian occupation let’s not forget this statement issued by Idris Derby in 2013 after French forces became bogged down and requested Chadian troops with their knowledge of the terrain take front sit.

    “”Chad’s army has no ability to face the kind of guerrilla fighting that is emerging in northern Mali. Our soldiers are going to return to Chad,”

    Idris Derby.

  23. please check this link out more for the MRAPs than for the headline. I assume the white man there is for tech support.

  24. Manny Aaydel says:

    @OgaOje, it is not only the intrusion, possibly deep into Nigerian territory by Chadian forces, that is worrisome but the claim by President Idris Deby that he knows where Shekau is that is absolutely revealing! He knows where Shekau is? Why is Chad desperately seeking Shekau and co by coming deeply into Nigeria? Is it because Deby is keen to silence top BH commanders and prevent Nigerian forces from capturing and interrogating them? I have a sinister feeling that Shekau is probably actually inside Chad and very soon, Deby will produce his corpse and claim he was killed in Nigeria. I also hope our int guys are following this in particular!

  25. Oje says:

    Forget the hype, Chadian forces are stretched thin now. The economic and human toll is beginning to set in, Chad cannot sustain another month of operations. What better time to strike the heart of N’jdamena than now. 3 Mig 2 ‘, poorly armed is no match against 11 F-7 supersonic fighters and 10 Alpha jets. Chad has no Navy and it’s army not a conventional one in real sense can only fight Insurgency/Rebel style conflict, in a conventional shootout Chad will surrender in a week. How?

    Chad has no answer Nigeria’s artillery fire, no answer to our highly trained airborne unit and SBS Commandos. Our Helicopter gunship fleet is 3 times the size of Chad and Cameroon combined. Our armoured personal carriers we not produce. From Long range Nigerian army Otton melara and self propelled Howitzers can hit N’Djamena from launch points in Borno State. Chad has nothing in its arsenal to threaten Abuja much less Lagos.Chad again Nigeria will be an overwelming mismatch. Technically Nigerian troops can ” go after Boko Haram” in Cameroon or Chad, we should send just 5,000 men into Chad to hunt for terrorists.

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