73mm CANNON-ARMED BVP-1/BMP-1 INFANTRY FIGHTING VEHICLE – already in Nigerian Army service and deployed against Boko Haram insurgents



How about this one for an optimised and fighting fit vehicle?


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  1. asorockweb says:

    Almost any gun is better than the 73mm system that comes with the BMP-1.

    Also, against BH, we fight a very mobile war, so we need stabilised gun systems that can fire on the move.
    I believe the ability to fire on the move is an absolute necessity.

    A more powerful engine and additional plate armor would help as well.

  2. Are James says:

    That last pic shows a mass insurgent killer, no matter how many RPG rounds they lob towards it they will be decimated. Enemy helicopters and low flying fixed wings are also not safe from this vehicle. That gun looks stabilised and long ranged.

  3. Tobey says:

    A 30mm autocannon beats a 73mm cannon anyday and anytime..That’s why the glorified BMP-1s we recently acquired was a strategic error…In my own opinion, simple BMP-2s would have set the pace for the reorganization of the Mechanized Infantry battalions of the N.A..The BMP-2s were recently upgraded by the Indian Army to feature improved night-fighting capabilities. As far as I am concerned, the line between Mechanized Infantry and “Pure” Infantry units must be blurred into being invisible in terms of operational ideology..The Infantry Corps of the Nigerian Army must become fully mechanized. That is the first step.
    Oga Beegs, the problem with the IFVs listed above is that they are usually projects undertaken by ex-Soviet bloc States..they aren’t produced in large quantity. Investing in prototypes that have no combat experience is risky.

  4. sizzorkay says:


    Here we go again. You guys should read this. The Chadians are really going all out in their media offensive, while ours are quiet, not good.

  5. jimmy says:

    oga Tobey much respect for your comments
    I do not understand the argument why the procurement of the bmp-1 was a strategic error ,
    q1) When it’s rounds are fired do they bounce of the bhs
    q2) This is purpose built for the swampy areas around LAKE CHAD where both Nigerian apcs and Chad Toyota land cruisers have been photographed getting stuck no?
    I have also seen seen a ton of film of it being used in the urban/ rural warfare going on in east Ukraine so if it is proving itself there I am very sure it can do the same likewise here.

    • asorockweb says:

      The BMP-1’s main gun is really poor.

      Overall, the BMP-1 is only slightly more modern than the T-55.

      • lachit says:

        add this would enhance bmp 1s firepower 100 fold
        it is a israeli remote weapon station with unmanned 30mm & ATGM armed turret
        it also frees up lots of internal space and more troops can be carried inside. also it requires minimum modification.

  6. jimmy says:

    if they know where he is they can do two things
    1) RELAY THE INFORMATION TO THE Nigerians and collect the reward from both Nigeria and THE US
    2) Go kill him since they were/ are in DIKWA anyway.

  7. Augustine says:

    My personal suggestions on Nigerian Army standardization of Infantry vehicles.

    Basically a standard and modern army needs the following vehicle types for it’s infantry.

    1. Light Armoured Vehicle with tyres as wheels, 4×4 WD. Big version about 8 tonne class and small version 4 tonne class. Mi-35 helicopter can sling airlift the 4 t LAV across enemy lines in COIN war, and special forces/recces/commando insertion behind enemy lines will be mobile with hardware and light cargo including ATGM. The 8 t LAV can be ramp/cargo hold transported by Mi-171 helicopter. The air mobile LAVs give the special forces men 500 km to 1,000 km travel range without need for air support/air lift after insertion.

    The LAVs need amphibious versions.

    Air mobility where there is no airfield/airbase is vital for frontline motorized infantry.

    The LAVs should be very cheap, because they will be procured in several thousands.

    2. Infantry Fighting Vehicle fully amphibious and with tracks as wheels for muddy or sandy desert terrain where tyre wheeled vehicles will get stuck and immobile. The vehicle should be cheap priced and reliable, needing little maintenance in the field. Expensive American tracked IFVs gave big maintenance problems in Afghanistan and Iraq wars.

    3. Infantry Fighting Vehicle trye wheeled, 4×4, 6×6, or 8×8 WD and fully amphibious. It will be affordable and reasonably priced, but not cheap like LAVs. Could cost four times the price of an LAV.

    The IFV must, and must, and surely must come in different variants or else standardization advantage will be lost. The same vehicle must be multi-role and engage in different combat roles.

    Must do infantry heavy fire against soft targets and hard targets with light cannon. Anti-Tank Guided Missile launcher role. Main heavy gun tank destroyer role. Mortar carrier role. Mobile command and Control, plus long range communications center and jamming/electronic warfare.

    It is the backbone for both COIN and state vs state conventional warfare, it carries the panoply of a modern army’s technology/hardware/software on the battlefield far away from base.

    4. MRAP. An army needs good mine resistant ambush protected vehicles with good speed.


    BTR-80 vs BTR-4.

    BTR-80 is primarily an APC….sometimes a primary/basic Armoured Personnel Carrier is more like in between an LAV and IFV category.

    BTR-4 is primarily an IFV.

    The BTR-80 basic/low tech APC costs about $500,000.

    The IFV enhanced version of BTR-80 costs about $1 million per unit, yet does not have the many variants of the BTR-4 IFV that costs about the same price. See contract prices of sales.


    I would rather buy the BTR-4 and get different variants, 30 mm cannon, ATGM, 120 mm main gun, Command/Control, Mortar carrier, all standardized on the same one type of vehicle platform.
    Lager numbers needed in hundreds of IFVs, I will ask Ukrainian for technology transfer deal after our war and their war is over. I would choose to buy 500 units and build 100 in Ukraine, 400 in Nigeria.

    Burma is getting 1,000 BTR-3 of same family but slower speed. Iraq ordered 420 BTR-4.

    The IFV is the backbone of any modern infantry, Nigeria CANNOT afford to be stingy with it, if NAF is getting Mi-35M Hind E and JF-17 Thunder and we are asking for addition of Su-30 Flanker, why should we starve our army because of a $1 million IFV ?

    A country in black Africa has 1,200 Ratel multi-role IFVs in all same variants as the BTR-4, and yet is buying another 230 ultra-modern multi-role Badger IFVs in all these modern variety of roles, yet that black African country is not at war today.

    A vehicle that will be the hard labourer donkey for Nigerian army at a very cheap price is the MT-LB as a very cheap multi-purpose APC for $250,000 per unit fully modernized, upgraded, and powerfully armed. Needed in hundreds of units. Must come in various versions, twin 23 mm cannon cheap alternative to Shilka in ground combat fire support role for flat land and fire elevation to hill tops. 14.5 mm HMG. 40 mm Bofors cannon. MT-LB Will do logistics/supply/cargo transport/re-supply to battlefield troops. Field ambulance/Medevac. Ground search radar variant. Anti-aircraft cannon and missile variant for short range air defence in low tech air threat environment.

    I will ask Russia for technology transfer of MT-LB and build hundreds in Nigeria, we get the skills and blueprints for tracked armoured vehicles manufacture.


    After this war, we could slowly standardize and sell off the excessive mixed multitude of vehicles and replace them with standardized few types that perform the needed roles.

    Let us remember to also standardize our 4×4 pick-up trucks to Toyota Landcruisers and heavy duty transport/logistics trucks, Indian TATA or a Chinese company might be ready to manufacture in Nigeria.

    There is need to look at Russian weapons price estimate list.



    From all said above, I would personally hope for the effect of standardization of Nigerian army infantry vehicle inventory thus :

    1. Igirigi wheeled LAV. Twin 14.5 mm or 23 mm cannon

    2. Cobra or VBL LAV. 14.5 mm cannon or Automatic Grenade Launcher

    3. BVP-1 / BMP-1 IFV. 30 mm cannon

    4. MT-LB tracked Multi-purpose APC. Various versions.

    5. BTR-4 IFV in all needed variants.

    6. Big Foot MRAP. I will ask China for technology transfer and local manufacture.

  8. beegeagle says:

    Everyday, the Chadian President makes it clearer that he is on a mission of self-aggrandisement rather than one of regional security. Is this war being fought in the main on Nigerian soil or in Chad? How does he hope to ‘end Boko Haram’ whereas his troops have not seen more than 10% of the action?


    The NIGERIAN military must ensure that Chad are not permitted to go beyond the borders where they currently are. We are saying these things and someone appears to be taking this thing for granted. The global media aftermath might be one which our leaders might rue for decades to come.

    Take a look at the same AMINU ABUBAKAR who reported on a failed attempt by the ‘Taliban’ to gain a mountain stronghold around Limankara way back in Sept 2004. Because he writes to discredit the FG led by ‘the outsider’ GEJ, rather than to honestly inform the world, he has carefully obscured the fact that as of last weekend, the Nigerian forces had liberated 32 of the 34 towns thus far freed from the clutches of terrorists. But do the same AFP miss any minor maneouvre involving the Chadians? Are the Chadians here in the interest of regional security or to buff the image of their dictator? Why did they allow the CNN to come and film at Gamboru? Did the CNN obtain a Nigerian visa to do that? If she did not, she has to be blacklisted and denied visas for the next five years for wilfully violating Nigerian sovereignty.

    It was very wise of the DHQ not to have let the Chadians into Baga. Everyday, it is becoming clearer that the unsrupulous sections of the global media are more inclined to save their ugly faces by not recanting and saying ‘we misjudged the Nigerian military’. That is why they know what is happening but are loathe to admit that Nigerian forces are doing over ninety percent of the fighting.

    By the way, I think it is high time our own NSA uses the credibility he enjoys in the foreign media and thinktanks to maximum effect. He needs to provide the world with weekly National Security Updates. Other than GEJ doing it by himself, he alone has the standing to effectively serve as counterweight to the verbal incontinence of President Deby.

    • Deway says:

      About the cnn reporter illegally entering Nigeria without authorisation or a visa, its driving me mad. I want to lash out at our govt but i will hold my peace. Exaggerated international support for the Chadians has made them think they are now invisible entering Nigerian territory as they like. Quite infuriating. About that cnn reporter that matter needs to be taken up seriously. Enough of the insults.

  9. Augustine says:

    If Idris Deby knows exactly where Shekau is as he claims, then only thieves know where to find a fellow thief. If Chad gets glory, na we give them via MNJTF….it was an unnecessary pact, we should have pulled out of MNJTF, it was there all along and yet this war grew worse for 6 years. All Nigeria needed was final offensive, and Boko Haram will be exported to Chad, Niger, Cameroon.

    Did Algeria do any MNJTF to defeat a bigger terrorism/insurgency?

    We Nigerians like to make strategic mistakes and we repeat it again and again and again and again and we cry foul after we box ourselves into a painful corner.

    Final major offensive is enough, we land mine all motor passable border routes, did I hear someone say bad idea? My brother, Boko Haram land mined inside Nigerian territory with 1,500 IED mines according to DHQ report and stopped Nigerian army from advancing unti we cleared all the mines with plenty headache, so why did the world not stop Shekau from using land mines?

    When a mere illiterate terrorist takes advantage of basic war strategy while we stand by idle, watch and complain about the same strategy, this is the kind of result we get.

    War itself is a bad idea, land mine is a tool of war. When war has come, death is imminent.

    If you land mine before final offensive, Boko is trapped in Nigeria and wiped out by our firepower or landmines. If we land mine after final offensive, Boko is exported to Chad and Co, and trapped there. Nobody will be begging Chad for MJNTF or be arguing about why Chad is taking our glory, na we dash dem. A boy weaker than you can take off your glory if you allow him. Simple logic. Glory stealing is a worldwide practice of men without honour. Don’t make yourself a victim.

  10. Our Security apparatus is notoriously reticent. They have not evolved their thinking to understand the importance of engaging the media and the people. they seem to think that shrouding everything in secrecy is key. however i submit that you can control the media without appearing to muzzle them. we need a major PR upgrade

  11. makanaky says:

    I said it long time ago and somebody ask me for evidence but common sense will tell you that
    1. The Chibok girls are in Chad
    2. Chad is one of the sponsors of Boko Haram
    3. Its a fact Chad know where Shekau is !
    4. Idriss Derby and Modu Sherriff are good friends
    5. Chad exploit is to destroy evidence of their link with BH
    6. Chad is creating a safe passage for BH to escape but not Shekau, they want him dead
    7. The fake cease fire last year was a design by Chad
    8. The Nigerian Army now realises their grand design
    9. Chad is desperate to full the rest of the world but not sane Nigerians
    10. Check their exploit and deeds in CAR

    • rugged7 says:

      Simple and 100% correct in your analysis.
      I never trusted those chadian nitwits anyway.
      Something is afoot and smelling very fishy..
      The coup the grace against Nigeria by chad would be:
      They capture Shekau and with CNN kleiglights take him across the border into chad…

  12. beegeagle says:

    At this juncture, taciturnity would be self-injurious. If the NA allow this narrative and plot to be skewed against them, it may never again be righted.

    Discretion demands that whatever you are famous for, including secrecy or a refusal to sway the populace using mediums of mass reach-out, should be jettisoned when the consequences outweigh the non-decipherable benefits.

    I FAIL TO SEE any purpose which needless secrecy will serve at this time. Half the country are OK with leaving the erroneous notion that foreigners are doing the fighting, unchallenged. Serious war narratives have long since transcended the realm of bland press releases and conferences. It simply means that you are trusting the foreign media to disseminate. The likes of AFP and AP with Aminu Abubakar and Haruna Umar are at war with the FG and in bed with the political opposition. They will either spin the news or dump it.

    Nigeria’s military should tell its own story using sights and sounds. The foreign media will download it from Youtube, same way they download Boko Haram videos.

    Let it be on record that we have forewarned of the dire consequences of a continuation with the current approach.

  13. lachit says:

    the above picture is that of a modernized BMP-2 modernized by the Excalibur.
    RAFAEL has the new Samson MKII 30 mm turret, mounting an automatic 30mm cannon and two Spike ER missiles installed on it.
    Replacing the original Russian turret saved several tons that could be ‘spent’ on additional armor, while clearing more space for troops and equipment inside the protected fighting compartment.

    since excaliber upgrades and modernises bmp1s this upgrade can be also done to it if asked .
    what do u think?

    and there is the option for this. it is a BMP 1 with a elbit turret.

    • lachit says:

      they main advantage of these upgrade i have posted above is that the whole fighting unit will remain relevent and will not become obsolete for the next 10-15 years at the least.
      1.the turrents are remote ie they are uninhabited which increases protection plus reduces the no of crew.
      2.highly sophisticated electro optical system increases situational awareness plus night fighting ability is a huge bonus.
      3.the electro optical system can also act in a standalone mode to provide longe range surviellance and reconnaissance like LORROS
      4.addition of anti tank missiles increases firepower .these israeli turrets would come equipped with spike MR/LR missiles.
      5 the no of mounted troops is also increased.

    • beegeagle says:

      Excellent options, bro. Thanks.

      We have no reason to suffer capability gaps in any role given the plethora of cost-effective options that we can take advantage of

  14. beegeagle says:

    We need some of these Type 63 107mm MRLs to be mounted on Landcruiser and Pinzgauer trucks. This is what is needed in the desert fighting which takes place in northern Borno and Yobe were uninhabited open countryside exists

  15. lachit says:

    and u have the
    Muharram The only 6-barreled 12.7 mm Gatling Gun in the world
    Rate of fire : 2500 bullets per min
    Range : it has an optimum range of 1600-2000 meters and final range of up to 5000 .
    devastating in anti personal role and can cut down technicals like butter

  16. Manny Aaydel says:

    @GenBeegs, this issue of our deliberate self-censorship in a military campaign in which we’re doing so well is both perplexing and an inexplicable paradox! Yet the big guns monitor this site? Is it our desire that all this anti-Nigerian media nonsense going on continues unchecked? (Even in an election year where it can hurt the President that has done so much in the recent past to end this war)? At the very minimum, let us deploy Channels TV and NTA from within and Russia Today and CCTV from without. They are professional and loyal. For wire services, Xhinua alone is enough. I’m sure the APRD knows this so why are we not countering this rubbish?

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