Brigadier General Mohammed Musa Mshelia spoke to Al Jazeera TV on the transformational impact of the Chinese-built MRAPs on the tide of operations and suggests that they were on the backfoot before the wholesale acquisition and deployment in battle of these MRAP vehicles.



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  1. Colloid says:

    It have proved that it could be depended on. Am not sure if it fall in the category of LAV. Its height is also an advantage to our troops coupled with the fact that it’s Mine Resistant.

  2. asorockweb says:



    Yes, I see SF wearing black, but apart from that, ONE UNIFORM!

    Looks like AJ has been given access.

  3. mcshegz says:

    BIGFOOT MRAP, apparently in Chibok
    Brigadier General Mohammed Musa Mshelia talking about how they were on the back foot before the use of these MRAPS in numbers. MRAPS have indeed come to stay Ladies and Gentlemen; what we need now is increased participation by Nigeria’s private sector so as to justify buying 100’s of these per year, an easily justifiable expense to the betterment and increase of Nigeria’s GDP and its overall economy, otherwise Madam Okonjo Iweala go frown small, hehehehe.


  4. egbeigwe says:

    Did anyone notice the registration of the helicopter that took the minister to chibok. It looks like 4L-TBS. It doesn’t look like what was registered in nigeria.
    From a Google search it appears to be a Mil 8MTV-1 (Mil 17) registered in Georgia

  5. beegeagle says:


    Looking at the Geography of the AOR, the liberation of Dikwa has split BH from all northern supply lines. Banki is the one major border town and all supplies have to come over the Mandara’s since Banki is a war zone with the Cameroonians across the border shooting everything that moves. If its a given that Cameroon is acting as an Anvil on their side of the Mandara’s then this could be the last stages of the conventional fight. The terrain being a mountain range however will need to be surmounted, The lines at Bama , Limani, Amchide need to be resolved for this to be a 3 prong assault (Damboa from West, Madagli from South and the road from the North going east of Bama and West of Limani which seems to still be held by opfor).

    Nigeria may have the leisure of determining where to hold the final battle, with no information available to me I would say clear Gwoza first before Sambisa, simply due to the Terrain, if the final battle is to be after the rainy season then have Gwoza be the final objective, since vehicles will not easily move in Sambisa once the rains hit. However if the Opfor has already vacated Sambisa and has decided that the last stand will be at Gwoza the terrain has to be taken into cognizance.

    I wonder what other bloggers would believe is the best option for shaping the battle field, can Gwoza be taken without Bama, Banki being pacified? And should Sambisa be pacified first (as it seems the NA is doing). With BH digging into Gwoza this could be an end to their army, as all the forces withdrawing from Dikwa , Madagli and the Damboa LGA are being funneled into Gwoza.

    I still have no clarity on the Gujba axis, what is the news out of there? Now that the lake chad axis is closed to BH business we need to close the 3rd axis and focus on just the Gwoza, Sambisa, Bama triangle. The Gombe , Yobe axis is a distraction to draw our forces (a feint) which we must push back on so that BH is rendered immobile, Yes sleeper will lash out with attacks against soft targets but that will peter out over time.

    Long term the focus will shift to Cameroon, which unfortunately is ripe for destabilization with a long lived strongman, weak army and relatively poor geopolitical positioning. Sudan and chad are somewhat supporting Seleka rebels in CAR, BH has heavily recruited in the Far Nord region, the populace is ripe for insurgency and unfortunately there are no easy answers in this region. Nigeria needs to start thinking long term of what is the best strategic solution to ensuring Cameroon does not fall into chaos, this is something the international community has realized and has started funneling a lot of help into Cameroon, it is a foregone conclusion that Nigeria will end this menace, however if we allow it to simply dive into Cameroon it will come back eventually and may be harder to defeat next time (in a decade or so).

    I know this is not the purpose of this thread so I can move it if needed, just curious what every body thinks about how to shape the battle field and launch the final battle, and two; what o what do we do about our brothers and sisters in Cameroon.

    • jimmy says:

      In reply to Roscoe:
      Based on reports in the news and this map which i have pasted and I hereby clarify :
      THIS MAP IS NOT A MILITARY so you have to take this map with a grain of Salt)
      There are certain inferences we can have from this map
      The triangular axis of GRAVITY lies betwen the three places SAMBISA Forests, BAMA and Gwoza all other places may have boko haram presence but other than be a bloody nuisance these areas can be overrun/ mopped up in a day.
      When the Town of MAFA was recaptured and it was announced by the dhq i thought just another town but the proximity to the three A.G.. began to make sense, what followed was a reprisal ( who teaches these morons?) in parts of DAMBOA as a result of panic on bh part and the noose FIGURATIVELY tightening .
      A lot will depend on the topography i have advocated causing the most panic that is objective Gwoza , take it at Night or very early in the morning meanwhile simultaneously bomb and strafe SAMBISA forests while simultaneously bomb/ shell BAMA at the same time,this is how:
      From the south a BRIGADE through MADAGALI attacks through LIMANKARA heads towards bama to their left flank is the Sambisa forests anything that pops out should be shelled by the NA artillery and the NAF while this is going on From the North through Kodunga ( this is why bh keeps attacking it because they do not want troops coming through there heading south they will attack BAMA will now be caught between TWO brigades the enemy now has to decide whether to fall back to Gwoza or rush virgin seekers to their death either going up through the mountains of Gwoza where a welcoming party will be waiting for them.
      The NA has to attack the sooner the better and the NAF must fly 24 hours to protect the left flank of the NA heading towards the sambisa forests .
      THE NA must literally hold the high Ground both artillery wise and NAF Wise this is the fear of boko haram as their stocks get depleted look for another sucide run at monguno OR baga they have to find a way out that I WILL NOT DISCLOSE
      Cameroon : is a topic for another day.

    • asorockweb says:


      There are a few factors to consider regarding the question:

      what comes next, Gwoza or Bama?
      I will go ahead and highlight just two of these factors

      The logistics hub for the southern flank is Yola. The forces attacking from the south are now in Madagali and have rounded the eastern side of the peaks that lie to the east of Gwoza. Funneling new forces through the southern flank to attack Gwoza may stretch the Yola logistics hub to it’s breaking point.
      On the other hand, the Maiduguri logistics hub is current unencumbered by any major fighting. Maiduguri has being preparing for war longer than any other city in Nigeria and the Northern flank that it supports is mostly quite now.
      There is no logistics hub to the west of Gwoza only centers of strength in Chibok and Damboa.

      If logistics is the only consideration, then BH’s conventional force will be imploded from the top, in very much the same way that your open palm would strike your other hand when it’s curled into a cylinder.
      The top is Bama. There should be a simultaneous, pinning attack on Gwoza, from the north east and east of Gwoza. The aim would simply be to pin the BH forces in Gwoza and isolate the forces in Bama. The NA forces south of Madagali would simply hold their ground.

      The cost of Urban warfare:
      Bama is a larger town than Gwoza. Even though the terrain favours the defenders in Gwoza, clearing Bama could consume a significant force, slowing the overall progress of the war.
      If time is the most important factor, then attacking and clearing Gwoza first would shatter the myth about the conventional capabilities of BH. If the bulk of the BH force retreats into Bama, then, the BH conventional force can be isolated and slowly destroyed.

      These are just 2 of the factors that military planners have to take into consideration. The NA clearly has to watch out for potential BH breakouts. The BH attack on Konduga a few days ago was an attempt to breakout. There’s still a lot of danger and this phase of the war could still end in defeat, even though it is highly unlikely.

    • buchi says:

      I agree with Roscoe argument.however in shaping up the battle field for the final assaults. I sincerely believe that bama,bakin and sambisa should be cleared in a three pronged attack(sambisa already commenced) pushing them back into gwoza in retreat will allow for concentration on gwoza as the final objective.taking out gwoza first will expose us to much to the risk of decoy and flanking attacks from the above pre-mentioned areas especially villages SE of damboa.
      so let’s hit the secondary objectives two kobo

  6. Augustine says:

    I still believe Nigeria should be manufacturing the Big Foot MRAP locally after the war. We should have a variant with bigger roof hatches, each customized for one 14.5 mm ZPU-1 heavy machine gun each. Add night vision and optical sights, the MRAP protection, and it’s 110 km/h speed, all for a base price of $550,000 we have a beast to unleash on insurgents.

    Thank you FG and NA for the good MRAP you have chosen.

  7. Augustine says:

    Seems like we have conceded Dikwa victory/liberation to Chad anyway. Reports say hundreds of innocent Nigerian civilians died during the Dikwa Chadian operation. Like Chadian army no send anybody message, it’s not their homeland, so no care about collateral damage.

    Ask my opinion, if nobody, PMC, MJNTF, Brtish trainers, American truck gifts, etc, if nobody helps Nigeria and we just buy the right weapons as needed, we will still win this war. Who helped us in Biafra war with any PMC or MNJTF ? Nobody, we just purchased new weapons.

    • sizzorkay says:

      We need to be careful about news we can’t even verify. What i read what that it was Boko haram that slaughtered Civilians before the Chadians got there.
      I wasn’t there, just telling you another version of same story that i read in the news.
      So who knows what’s true and what isn’t.
      But if a government is responsible, then it should made clear the rules of engagement, and not allow a foreign force to indiscriminately kill its own people, in the name of killing terrorists . I don’t understand why there aren’t Nigerian troops embedded with the Chadian, its odd, but i hope I’m wrong on this. No foreign troops should be operating in our territory without supervision.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga sizzorkay, I did not say Chad or Boko Haram killed those hundreds of Nigerian civilians, I said reports say the civilians died in hundreds. Who killed them? You will NEVER know unless the killers confess?

      All the alarm I am raising is very valid, I am in close contact by normal routine with veterans of Gulf war cum Afghan war, these ex-soldiers will tell you what they did in combat zone engagement to save their own necks at the expense of Arab or Afghan civilian lives, less precaution than what they would exercise in their own home country, afterall the said collateral damage is some civilians not my countrymen, that’s what these soldiers tell you off record.

      Beware of the activities of foreign troops or MJNTF in Nigeria, once hundreds of Nigerian civilians begin to die in the process of liberating only one small town (How many people live in Dikwa sef wey HUNDREDS of Nigerians dey die there?) where foreign troops are operating, then smell a rat or your people will be wasted like pure water.

  8. sizzorkay says:

    This is making me boil on the inside lol, I mean, i hope this is not true, and if it is, Please President Jonathan, unleash massive spending on our military for Christ sake, and I’m not talking about some 1 billion dollars. its obvious Chad now has zero respect for Nigeria and its President. Buy advanced jets and more assets for Christ sake, then choke them off economically until they come begging. I mean, who is stirring the ship in that country for goodness sake? This is annoying.
    There is no fun in having a tiny poor country undermining ours, not a matter of arrogance, we should be above this as a nation.

    • igbi says:

      ofcourse it is not true, the war started way before cameroon called chad for help. As I keep saying, there are a lot of crazy stories being circulated and there are many more to come. I do ot believe idris derby said this, it doesn’t even make sense, chad’s war efforts against boko haram have just begun and look like a boyscout march compared to Nigeria’s war efforts against boko haram.

    • igbi says:

      I do not believe idris derby said this,

    • Colloid says:

      Oga sizzorkay, shey na only boil una dey boil, me don dey push out steams of anger over that statement from a dictator. When i first stumble on that news, i nearly smash my phone. I can’t imagine such disgusting and arrogant comment coming from a dictator whose aide was caught with SAM meant for BH. Am beginning to draw a correlation btw Chad and those helios(allegedly dropping food and ammunitions as confirmed by locals and ‘escapees’ in Borno). They accused Nigeria of allowing Shekau III to escape in Dikwa when they (Chad) had sighted his convoy. This type of scenario do happen when the Giant is not doing her homework. FG and NA, we need to get earth shaking armament for our troops. I wonder what’s pulling us back from getting Antey-1500 just like Egypt did. Emm… Mrs Finance Minister, please for Nigeria Safety, release money(am not talking of even $1B) so the military can be upgraded to world standard.

      • Colloid says:

        Antey-2500 rather.

      • sizzorkay says:

        I Couldn’t have said it any better , it’s more than insane. We need to be above these countries militarily that they won’t dare issue absurd comments, we have the economic angle covered, massive military spending is truly needed.

      • Are James says:

        Once again we are at that place where we decide on a cause of action (inaction) and resentfully reject the consequences of that same action(inaction). This only happens in kiddie land. So now we are angry at how foreign commentators are claiming victory for Chad, we are also worried foreign troops may have committed genocide against Nigerians and that a foreign political leader (a democratically elected one) is claiming victory and looking good at the expense of our own. So my question is what were we expecting.. we’re we expecting multilateralism under strict rules of engagement, joint control of information and eventual drum rolls for Nigeria after inviting foreign troops to attack the enemy within its own cities???. If these were what we were expecting, then I reserve the harsh negative comments that such international amateurishness deserves.

        @Augustine is correct. Nigeria had the full potential to do this job alone and also provide assistance to the neighbouring countries in the region in clearing insurgents from within their borders. A very massive ‘re armament of the country and repositioning of its military is required under serious and no nonsense national leadership at all levels in our defsec space. To tell you how interesting the region has become, if Nigeria buys two squadrons of Sukhoi jets today, the Chadians and Cameroonians will most certainly actually try to match it with similar platforms, not achieving parity would be as a result of lack of money and manpower, it won’t be out of a lack of political will.

  9. jimmy says:

    I honestly want in a manner which is very unusual to caution my fellow bloggers to BE RESTRAINED IN SOME OF THEIR UTTERANCES just because it it pasted on the INTERNET does not make it gospel truth, to the best of my ability I have not come across any excessive collateral damage in DIKWA And it is not in the CHADS INTERESTS TO DO SO.
    oga Augustine calm down a little bit unless you are contact with the senior military officers leading this fight sometimes read through the lines, I believe they know what they are doing.
    Total strength of CHAD : 35,000 men + NAF + SF + MOPOL+ DSS. and growing my estimates is that it will grow to > 50,000 by the time this is over regardless if it is GEJ OR GMB WHO INCIDENTALLY WILL TAKE IT TO 75,000 MEN UNDER ARMS.
    Do I want the NAF to fly the su-27, and the jf-17? Yesterday sure bet
    It was the right decision to postpone the election Military wise BOKO HARAM has by even the most objective observer has pressed the panic button- which is what we want them to do.
    The President announced that 65% of the procurement has arrived meaning 35% remains let us be patient and see what this weekend and next weekend brings. In addition for better for worse this war is grinding to it ‘S NASTY CONCLUSION either before the election or after the election( it does not matter) if all this is happening before the election what kind of mayhem do you think will be inflicted when the election is out of the way ?
    Again it is not everything that comes out of AP that should make you froth at the mouth.THIS BLOG needs your sound analysis please don’t join the ranks of those who keep insisting we bomb Chad and Cameroon even as they ( both countries) feed our sisters and brothers . 😦

  10. jimmy says:

    TOTAL STRENGTH of chad 35000 MEN

  11. jimmy says:

    TOTAL STRENGTH OF NIGERIA >35000 MENand it will grow to 50,000 MEN
    NAH wah for my computer

  12. jimmy says:


  13. buchi says:

    show down in gwoza soon…I can also confirm that Mafia was liberated by NA 3 days ago..things are going to get hot

  14. drag_on says:

    It seems as though the North eastern axis of gwoza has been cutoff with the capture of dikwa and now, mafa. Effectively,all access to lake chad for BH from the gwoza area has been cutoff. The western corridor at sambisa has been shut as well, so also the southern routes, madagali and gulak. To the east is Cameroon and BIR. So in essence, they have been boxed in at bama/gwoza.The fact some online newsites have mentioned massive troop buildup at Maiduguri suggests a push on bama.

  15. buchi says:

    it makes more logistical sense to hit secondary objectives first although the distance may be eye catching especially for heavy convoys and supplies.the safety rate of the convoys at least will be 83% guaranteed..gwoza in the meantime should be kept busy with artillery from pulka and its environs by at least.a regiment (3 battalions) poised for deployment to eliminate first contact defenders(BH) when the secondary objectives have been achieved.and linking up with troops from madagali at that time.for now hit them with artillery and deny them sleep with SF

  16. beegeagle says:

    I wonder if all it takes to pacify 155,000 sq km of territory is 100 mercenaries. Why did they not send a battalion to pacify Afghanistan? Mercs – are those South African soldiers? What are these News24 dunderheads spinning? Do they have a photo of even one merc in action? Wherefrom the ‘major role’ ??

    Heeen, Nigerian authorities..the aftermath of this war is sure to leave a sour taste in the mouth o. The spindoctors are controlling the narrative. We spent US$3 million on a hired image mgt firm to no effect whereas there are Nigerians who know and understand the entirety of Nigeria’s DEFSEC architecture and would EASILY transform this narrative for one-sixth of that outlay? What kind of people are we, undermining our own and promoting half-baked foreign solutions? Same way we were paying out forex to foreign coaches to no avail only for a Nigerian to come and win the Africa Cup of Nations and take the country into the knockout stage of the World Cup? They have again gone out to hire PMCs yet Nigerians who can help to shape a meaningful narrative are left in the lurch?

    The war is coming to an end o. The narratives are being written and Nigeria think that civil service-type press releases is what will tell our story?

    • Are James says:

      Major role for just 100 men?. This is how history is going to be written if we are not careful.

      We need now to make a list of capability areas we have contracted to the PMCs and provide a gap closure plan to the Commander In Chief so that he is sure we would be able to do the same things ourselves without outside help very soon.
      The capability areas as I see them are the following:
      – fixed wing airborne surveillance of ground based enemy force dispositions using radar, IR sensors and other electro optical means.
      – data linking and remote sensor integration between platforms.
      -communications integration
      -rotary wing wing IR ground surveillance and information transfer to C3I systems.
      -satellite surveillance and integration with C3I
      -precision weapon operations from all platforms
      -precision guided munitions delivery from fixed and rotary wing platforms.

  17. beegeagle says:

    I mean, look at XINHUA who have offered the most balanced narrative of this conflict. Deji Badmus reports for them in Nigeria and their CCTV AFRICA LIVE is primetime stuff at 11am and 6pm.

    We leave that guy behind and take a big-mouthed Al Jazeera TV which have been BH propagandists for years to Chibok? Is that any way to encourage good faith and diligence? do our leaders make these decisions?

    Kai, I think I am really, REALLY getting tired of these frustrations.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Please can everyone redouble their efforts in challenging skewed narratives and retweeting. Tweets get around faster than anything else. That is why I have become uncharacteristically active @beegeaglesblog

  19. beegeagle says:

    Is the country on autopilot? Why do we leave everything to chance in a country where political opportunists deny every gain made by government agents? The Nigerian military are doing the fighting while the unearned plaudits go to Chad and PMCs simply because someone is either too big or cannot be bothered to carry Nigerians along on a day-to-day basis?

    We seem to approach DEFSEC matters with a secret society mentality. What stopped anyone from telling us when and why the FG hired a PMC for whatever reason?

    • asorockweb says:

      This country has been on autopilot for awhile.

      Leadership has been lacking for years now.

      The military has institutional pride, history and tradition that compels them to try and do the right thing. Other than that, we would have had Shekau in Abuja by now.

  20. Saleh says:

    There is still an issue of Nigeria not having air superiority in the AO, sooner or later there will be blue on blue with the chadians at the receiving end. this is based on utterances by the chadian and Nigerian authorities which points to a lack of common purpose and end state for the operation. i sometimes doubt if both parties even know ops plans of each other. when a blue on blue occurs and chad retaliates in one way or the other what will Nigeria do?

    • Are James says:

      This is in concurrence with what as many as three of us said on this forum. There really is no MNJTF in spirit. Chad has a leader who is used to braggadocio and self adulation and will play it for all it is worth. Blue on blue will indeed happen soon and we have to proactively manage it, know the risk areas and mitigate them on paper now so that when it comes it is deploying a plan immediately instead of scrambling around for solutions.

  21. jimmy says:

    While on principle I want to agree with you on GENERAL PRINCIPLE (G.P.) if you are the NA and NAF you want to create PANIC akin to a stampede Attack GWOZA in a side SWIPE at the same time attack Sambisa and Bama the enemy then has to decide which one to be the sacrificial lamb ( BAMA) while he is retreating Kondunga and BAGA should be on RED alert because the enemy is desperate to break out of this fishhook of a stranglehold
    As far as the PR and Narrative it is one thing to blame the cut and paste Western JOURNALIST but when the dhq do not have enough trust and confidence in their own then something is wrong.
    The gov of Borno who is not on the friendliest of terms with THE current ADMINISTRATION HAS REPEATEDLY SAID 90% of all the fighting is being done by the Nigerians yet it is up to the pr dept and the dhq to follow through this is begin to look like the thin skinned hiluxes debacle all over again.
    OGA BEEGS,I feel your frustration about this administration normally and especially now at the heated political season where people continually make in what in some cases are actually LIBELLIOUS/ defamatory statements I have kept quiet and kept my tunnel vision on one thing and one thing only the total and utter destruction of boko haram and it’s entire infra structure.
    I refused to comment a lot of times on the short comings of this incumbent administration because in the past it was suggested maybe I am pro APC ( I am DEEP DOWN not Iam just tired of it taking both of us two years to get t-72 tanks Solid APC systems and still looking at photos of the CAS climbing out of jf-17s instead of them being paked at Markudi, Maiduguri, Yola and Lagos we are still looking at photo..
    For the life of me i do not get the pr of this administration, they have the correct people to blow their trumpet see hard talk on BBC , THE COAS also is built in the mold of GEN COLIN POWELL ( RTD) in terms of speaking and a firm grasp of issues but it does not happen on a regular basis, it is up to them , if they don’t do it ( pr) they will lose the election not because the opposition is actually better but they are much better at crafting their message and more importantly responding immediately to ANY negative MESSAGE with PHOTOS AND LAWSUITS.
    It is up to them already the narrative is being told about the tanks, now it is the oyinbos, We have over 35,000 men , equipment , airplanes, uavs, helicopters, jets but the CHADS with 3,500 men are doing the whole fighting, on Facebook I responded to one self hating low life of a Nigerian who said the Chads should plant their flags on the so called territory they liberated and have Nigeria fight to take it back even though CHAD IS OUR ALLY, I told him to please learn how to speak french, give up his land to CHAD AND since Nigeria is so bad he should move to CHAD .
    This is what we are up against, they are holding rallies govt sponsored rallies in Cameroon,because it is beginning to dawn on at least some of them thereal war in Nigeria will soon be over the spillover is Cameroon , i do not believe their citizenry believe everything being said in the PRESS unfortunately in Nigeria bad news is greeted with vindication and happiness because it sells.
    We keep telling them on this blog whomever shouts the loudest and pays the most attention to security will win the Election, I have had my say.

  22. ozed says:

    Reports on most online papers in the last half hour suggest we have retaken Marte!!

    Forwards and onward boys!!! give em Hell!!

    Na only Bama and Gworza remain. The final showdown seems like it will be in Gworza. Given the terrain, may need extensive softening up before the boys on foot go in. Dont think there will be much still standing.
    Sad but necessary.

  23. asorockweb says:

    All Chadian ops in Nigeria occur only after an OK from DHQ.

    This doesn’t necessarily apply to border towns, or local defensive ops.

    Forget the crap that is written to aid the sales of newspapers and to generate page views.

    DHQ already made public that the Chadians would help with specific tasks.

    If we don’t like Chadian troops on Nigerian soil, then we should focus our rage against our own leadership.

    • ozed says:

      using Chadian and Cameroonian troops to close off the border was the most efficient approach. E.g. to close out Gamboru-Ngala before the main offensive would have required an airborne assault using choppers or paratroopers. Right now am not sure the NAF can deliver and support more than 100 men into a combat zone.

      Also given how the town sits astride the border there would always be a danger of Nigerian troops unknowingly crossing the border (as happened earlier in the conflict) with the risk of blue on blue incidents.

      Hence the need to have them close off those border crossings by crossing and holding the crossing points.

      However, with the way the Chadians are talking now, am sure the Army is wishing they had done it the hard way by htemselfs

  24. okomonika says:

    Gen beeg there has been a partly foiled multypronged attack in borno state reports say about 100 dead can you confirm?

  25. sizzorkay says:

    Sorry to bring this up again guys, but i just found this on Gen Chris’s twitter page, even though i’ve posted these pictures here before, and we all agreed they aren’t Nigerian asset, now imagine my surprise when i saw the same pics on the General’s twitter page, here is a screenshot.
    So how do we explain this? Or the General also couldn’t tell if these assets are ours or not?
    Some people on here made comments about it being American bomber and all that, not in disagreement with that assertion, why question is, why are these images on his twitter handle.

    • Saleh says:

      just checked the handle, i guess he just retweeted what someone tweeted without checking (poor though) we dont have those stuffs less the bottom right.

    • sizzorkay says:

      That’s my point, poor as you said. Unless if the General isn’t the one actually posting these things, i find it weird that kind of mistake will happen, i mean, Lord.

    • asorockweb says:

      That’s embarrassing.

    • asorockweb says:

      Please, someone should delete that tweet. General Chris must have had a long night.

    • sizzorkay says:

      Lol, Embarrassing indeed. There has to be professionalism about everything our officials do, both military and civilian.
      Some mistakes shouldn’t be happening, that is, everything should be vetted before published, that’s very important, our image depends on it.
      I was shocked late last night when i saw it, then thought, well perhaps i was right all along, we have new toys , lol. But i guess we don’t.

    • gbash10 says:

      I can categorically tell every body on this blog that the NAF do not have a B-52 heavy bomber !However,I can not say same about this ugly heavy-lift helicopter which I suspect comes from Russia.

    • sizzorkay says:

      @Oga Gbash10, that’s the confusion, seeing the tweet on the General’s twitter page reinforces someone Else’s bad call, so yea, it was an error, hopefully someone can hit the Gen up and let him know, Perhaps he will respond.
      i don’t tweet.

  26. jimmy says:

    WAR is not or is rarely won by emotional decisions
    The govt of Cameroon and Chad decided to play a game of OSTRICH IN SAND the spillover effect is beginning to take place.
    IDPS from both CAMEROON AND Nigeria are putting pressure on both the UN , Nigeria and especially Cameroon to resolve this crises this had all of a sudden led to real arrests of bh sympathizers who were heavily involved in logistical support including providing legal documents of Cameroonian origin as a form of legitimacy.
    Military wise
    If as being reported MARTE has been reported the remaining bastards are not going to commit suicide they are going to run somewhere with no mercy expected from the so called much aligned NIGERIAN ARMY where death is certain they will flee towards Cameroon.
    The CDS went to CHAD on thursday to talk about the next phase of the Operation for those of you hyperventilating about every thing that CHAD does behind the scenes they have to be in constant contact with the Nigerian Military.
    OGA ASOROCK the MJTF is REAL because if they stray from designated areas on GPS designated grids marked out they risked being SHELLED BY NIGERIAN artillery and THE NAF who have those coordinates.
    Maybe WE DO NOT DO T.V. maybe we just are not as TV BESOTTED as the CHADS , don’t know why however there is a real nasty war going on and there is panic in the air .
    I expect heavy fighting around the madaglia- limankara- kodunga axis because unlike the AP NEWS, CNN NEWS THE BH BASTARDS UNFORTUNATELY can read maps and like the German soldiers who wanted to surrender to the Americans rather than the Russians the bh would rather surrender to the Cameroonians than the CHADS or the Nigerians

    • Augustine says:

      Sorry please, I forgot to separate my own comment from oga jimmy’s comment I quoted and I reposted, my own reply starts with the quotation marks and the phrase Chadian troops… “CHADIAN troops…

  27. Augustine says:

    jimmy says:
    March 7, 2015 at 4:34 am

    I honestly want in a manner which is very unusual to caution my fellow bloggers to BE RESTRAINED IN SOME OF THEIR UTTERANCES just because it it pasted on the INTERNET does not make it gospel truth, to the best of my ability I have not come across any excessive collateral damage in DIKWA And it is not in the CHADS INTERESTS TO DO SO.

    oga Augustine calm down a little bit unless you are contact with the senior military officers leading this fight sometimes read through the lines, I believe they know what they are doing.

    “CHADIAN troops have seized a key Nigerian town from Boko Haram, but not before the Islamic extremists killed hundreds of civilians, Chad’s military said yesterday.

    The Chadian forces regained control of northeastern Dikwa, occupied by the militants for weeks, said Chad’s military spokesman Azem Bermandoua.

    One soldier was killed and 34 were wounded, most by a suicide car bomber, Colonel Bermandoua said. Dikwa is at a crossroads to two border crossings with Chad and a route north to Lake Chad.”

    My ogas, I NEVER said Chad killed Nigerian in Dikwa, I said according to reports, hundreds of NIgerian civilians died in the Chadian army operation.

    Lets analyse :

    1. Boko Haram does not normally massacre civilians in it’s controlled territory.

    2. Dikwa is the first case where liberation is taking place and hundreds of Nigerian civilians die in the process, is it not the avoidance of heavy civilian casualties that has slowed down Nigerian army many times we want to retake a town? We plan for many weeks before we attack, all because of civilian’s safety.

    3. In that huge casualty list, ONLY ONE Chadian soldier died….wow !

    4. Chad was always in a hurry to attack Dikwa, why ?

    5. Nigerian military was said to have told Chad not to attack Dikwa until NAF degrades Boko Haram’s garrison there.

    If you are a high court judge my dear reader, who will you hold responsible for professional negligence and try in court to prove guilt or innocence? Boko Haram? Is it Boko Haram that will be tried in court? Look at the points 1 to 5 above again and judge.

    I warned about the safety of Nigerian civilians in January when AU and UN were planning to deploy forces in Nigeria, I said when you have multiple armies and air forces mixed up and fighting inside the same battle theatre under different command and control, you will get a big mess and civilian lives will be wasted, go check war history, e.g. Bosnia war, different armies will trade blames, make up false stories in many versions, transfer fault, and pass buck and you never get anyone to admit his own operation cause heavy civilian casualties.

    The Niger Republique funeral party of 30 civilians that died in air raid, was it Boko Haram air force jet? It was an MJNTF jet fighter that bombed them to death. Niger Republic was blaming Nigeria, other sources were blaming Chad. That’s what you get when different armed forces fight under different commands in the same battle space, especially when they are in competition for glory.

    Shebi Nigerian lives dey cheap, the tin no kuku matter, abi?

    Someone go try that with USA or UK, try waste their citizens…..try it….

    • sizzorkay says:

      That’s the point my brother. We tend not to care about the lives of our own people, unless of course if they are from an influential family.
      Look at the American woman that was kidnapped for example, every asset was unleashed to find that woman, from the Military, to DSS. Had it been an ordinary Nigerian citizen with no wealthy family, will you ever have the DSS come out and look for that person? No way, but a Minister’s son goes missing, all hell will break loose.
      America will dispatch its aircraft carrier if it has to, to save one citizen in trouble,they will stop at nothing, even if they lose 15 soldiers in the process.
      We have a nonchalant attitude, fact is fact. And until we show that we care about one another, no one will respect our people any where on this earth.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga sizzorkay. I respect your hustle sir.
        This your Hollywood stereotype is greatly exaggerated and immense ohh, chai,
        “America will dispatch its aircraft carrier if it has to, to save one citizen in trouble,they will stop at nothing, even if they lose 15 soldiers in the process.”
        hahahaha, wow, i get that you are trying to make your point as to the supposed lack of care of human lives from the Nigerian government, but i think its safe to say that the analogy you posed defeats the purpose and argument you were trying to make. Please don’t get me started on the amount of human life wasted just from gun crimes alone in your so called perfect America; this is not to denigrate that country in anyway but just to make a clear point; Nigeria is not perfect neither is any country in the world, we have to descend from cloud 9, abeg
        “Look at the American woman that was kidnapped for example, every asset was unleashed to find that woman, from the Military, to DSS. Had it been an ordinary Nigerian citizen with no wealthy family, will you ever have the DSS come out and look for that person? No way, but a Minister’s son goes missing, all hell will break loose.”
        “Kidnappers of Female Journalist Arrested in Lagos
        and countless other stories of successes by our security forces. This just goes to show that when we allow our emotions cloud our judgement, utterances, and actions, we tend to quickly loose grip with reality; it becomes harder to keep sane.
        Oga, abeg coolu tempa.

      • sizzorkay says:

        First of all, I’m not glorifying America or saying its perfect, so don’t misinterpret me on something i never said.
        I live here, and i know how hard the police here work to keep a citizen safe, if in distress, that’s a fact. I’m not saying its perfect, but America is a country that at least prefer that it cares. And yes people do get killed here, not naive.
        And yes, didn’t America dispatch its aircraft carrier when its people were in trouble in Libya? They did.
        And i speak from experience, OK? While back home in Nigeria, 1am, armed robbers started breaking down our door to gain access to our home, luckily they couldn’t break those doors in time, you have to break down at least 5 doors to get into our living quarters , so that bought us time to escape
        But guess what, we called the police from our land line at the time, and the police told us they couldn’t come over to rescue us because they have no gas in their vehicle.
        Now in what sane country will a police department tell tax paying citizens ( Yes my dad have a company and pay his taxes) that they can’t come to their aid when their are killers with guns in their house? Even if they have to take a vehicle from the street, they should have.
        And guess what , they never came. THose robbers left around 5am. Police finally came around 7am.
        You will never see that happen in most Countries. So when i tell you that the government need to show and do more that it cares about its own people, i mean just that, you can keep living in denial all you want, I speak from personal experience, no nation is perfect, but at least pretend you care about your people.
        Right there in Akure, there will be a dead body on the side of the road and it will stay there rotten, on a major road, in a state with a government, smh.
        I’ve seen Nigerian police officers in one occasion stand idle while thugs are hitting voter with planks, or a 4×4, yet the police stood there and do nothing, are you kidding me? In what country will you ever see that? Thugs beating up civilians and dispersing them from voting, while the police just stand and watch.
        So my point remain the same, you have yours , and i respect it.
        Our leaders just have to do more.
        Look at bags of rice being given to displaced people in one northern state for example, those bags of rice had the picture of the governor on its entire front end, why on earth is a governor’s image on a bag of rice given to displaced people? Did he buy it with his money? No, its state money.
        So keep deceiving yourself my chairman. I’ve stated my point. We need to care about ourselves more, that’s all I’m saying, living in denial is the reason why we are where we find ourselves today.
        Sorry for the long post fellas, and let’s end this convo here. No need for further convo. Don’t wanna ruin the thread, again, apologies.

      • mcshegz says:

        Ohhhhh, okayyyy, sorry ohhh

        “I live here, and i know how hard the police here work to keep a citizen safe”
        🙂 including all the black teenage boys savagely beaten and shot to death? R.I.P.

        This is obviously an argument between An American and a Nigerian.
        Now that i know were our feet are planted, things are obviously clearer.
        My deepest apologies sir, you are outside looking in, i’m inside looking out, our point of views are bound to vary vastly.

        PS: when arguments become too long, twisted, and complicated to comprehend i.e rants, know that emotions run deep; be wise, succumb.

        So, oga, its true, everything you say is correct, according to Oga sizzorkay, America, and those who live in America eat rainbows and fart sunshine, according to Oga sizzorkay, In America, everybody cares about everyone else; there is no corruption and rich people are just as good as poor people :-/ Thank the Lord for America; damn the rest of humanity, because, according to Oga sizzorkay, nobody cares as much as the America. 🙂 hehehe abegi, pass me my alomo jor.
        Na when dem deport wannabes finish dem go know say no place like home. Good riddance

        Oga sizzorkay. I respect your hustle sir.

      • sizzorkay says:

        @Mcshegz. Okay dude, I’m beginning to think you have a problem.
        I never said things are perfect in America, and don’t talk to me as if you know me or anything like that. You don’t care about Nigeria more than i do.
        If we all sit back and pretend everything is fine in our country, then nothing will get better, why is that hard to understand? You think i criticize because i hate Nigeria? you gotta be kidding me. I love my country, its why i speak my mind, so those that have the power ( Officials) to change it should work 10 times harder to change it.
        Nigeria shouldn’t be comparing itself to Cameroon or Chad, we should be comparing ourselves to the big boys, and the US sit at the top of that food chain, in my case, its jealousy, i want my country to be better than the one i live in right now that is my point.
        This is a journey for me, not home. I’m currently building a school back home now and intend to fully move back there, with all its shortcomings, its still home and not even America will replace that.
        They eat rainbow and fart sunshine? Really dude? Please let’s grow up, both countries have its challenges, and never said the US is perfect, hell i have whites living in my apt right now because they couldn’t afford an apartment, and that’s an American, born and raise. We have bigger issue and we need to fix them, of course there is corruption , i mean, did i ever said there wasn’t? Lord. Quit making things up dude.
        I’m not on the outside, i was back in Nigeria just last week, so last thing i need from a stranger like yourself is to call me an outsider in my country, that’s disrespectful. Just because you live there doesn’t mean you know every damn thing that happen there.
        All I’m saying is, we need to expose our flaws, talk about them, and only then shall we move forward and fix them.
        Live in denial and you will live with the consequences.
        Have a nice day chief, this conversation is over on my end. And no hard feelings, we do this for the love of our nation.

      • igbi says:

        @sizzorkay, I am sorry, but you are the one sounding like a child. You have an illusion about america which is far from reality. It appears a usa policeman has just killed an other black kid. Black lives seem to be a a legitimate target for usa police. The CIA under Reagan sold drugs to black neighbourhoods and because of that, today there are more black people in USA prisons than there were slaves the year before slavery was abolished. I hope one day you hold a position of leadership so that you can realize that everybody shouting ignorant criticism causes a big head ache and solves nothing. Go and vote, go to the debates ask the leaders some questions, but just basing your thinking on illusions and trying to turn an entire country into activists (which would be the dream of every activist) is ot an option. Sometimes you need to be cautious.

      • sizzorkay says:

        @Igbi, if you can read, i made it clear we should move on from this, who the hell are you to tell me that i sound like a child? Seriously?
        You geniues need to learn not to attack people for having an opinion.
        Why do ppl like to argue unnecessarily
        You sound insecure, and the other guy as well. I never said America is perfect, one would think i’ve been typing in Spanish or something. I never said people don’t die here or live in poverty. I’ve lived in both worlds, and I’m simply saying there are lots of things we need to work on, not because one country is paradise above the other, Lord.
        I said “OUR LEADERS NEED TO SHOW MORE URGENCY IN HOW THEY TREAT AND CARE FOR THE PEOPLE”. Now if that offends anyone, by all means get a rope.
        Good day gentle man. I’m a grown man, far from delusional. Peace.
        If you wanna continue talking, you will be doing that alone..

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Sir, as earlier mentioned the asymmetric cycle is from Urban activities (IED, Suicide bombers) – Guerrilla hit and run tactics, then holding ground and fighting. then if their capability is degraded they work the cycle backwards to urban activities , it is now that the Civilian JTF have to be mobilized to support DSS and police operations to identify and arrest returning militants. or else the whole cycle would build up back in future over the years, they must be completely dismantled now

  28. KKY says:

    My Oga’s
    I am not intending to promote these vermin, it is however necessary to keep abreast with their moves.

    Pol_Sec_Analyst: BREAKING: #BokoHaram formally pledge allegiance to #ISIS

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga KKY. I respect your hustle
      Posting the link goes contrary to your plea of not wanting to promote these vermin; just saying sir, not that i think posting the link is wrong or right.
      hehehehehehe, dem wan join daesh? hahahaha, i laff die, ok, make dem dey pledge allegiance dey go, we already know that daesh is a bottom-up racist entity,
      so what have they been doing all this while? haven’t they been collaborating and seemingly exchanging ideologies? Whatever the case. Nigeria is in this war for the long run, just about every other major power in the world today is. Existential threats are never truly completely eliminated, the fight must go on until life itself seizes. We have to continue to beat these subhumans back, we have to 10ft-concrete-fence our borders, otherwise this would continue to be a cat and mouse game, physically secure all the borders, start with the North, work your way down south, that’s the only way Nigeria can be considerably isolated from these run-ins. Continue to UpArm the Military, so we can fight a longer range war, take the battle to them, start with Libya, we have to make sure the democratically elected government has total control of that country, nothing less should be acceptable.

      • asorockweb says:


        The link just bleats out’s BH’s audio message.

        Posting the link is helping BH spread it’s propaganda.

        Just tell the analysts amongst us how to find the link. The extra step helps reduce the spread of BH propaganda.

      • sizzorkay says:

        Our leaders right now shouldn’t just look forward to defeating Boko Haram. The world is changing, and terrorists and rebels are getting more powerful, our Military responsibilities won’t end after these low lives are gone, terrorism in our world today is gonna be a 20yr affair, that is, it might take decades for them to be truly eradicated within Africa and else where, and we need to be ready to neutralize them within our continent, otherwise we are gonna be fighting them again in our Country.
        So we need to plan for tomorrow

  29. sizzorkay says:

    North East.

    Credit: @nigerian_armed.forces

  30. ugobassey says:

    Except if im wrong, the Sambisa forest might be a stronger hold for BH than Gwoza. If this is the case, then this final offensive should start from Bama and work around to Gwoza. That way Sambisa is completely encircled then use MRLs and attack Helos to soften That forest. Next send in The T-72s and SF to take and hold enemy positions. Finally bring in regular troops to mop up and garrison. I know this is a very large area we are talking about so we are going to need more boots on the ground.

  31. Augustine says:

    Sambisa forest is the most difficult Boko stronghold to penetrate. The toughest war terrain is always jungle (Worse if it has swamps), followed by mountain, then arctic snow terrain. Those zones are natural war terrains of natural death.

  32. igbi says:

    Courtesy defence head quarters:
    FLASH: Troops sacked terrorists from BUNI-Yadi and BUNI-Gari after a successful Simultaneous Operation concluded at dawn. Troops are now conducting Mopping Operation in the areas. Details Later.

  33. sizzorkay says:


    #BORNO: We will avenge the Innocent Blood. Despicable Acts of Terrorists clinging to Straws and set to be exterminated. To #NeverAgain rise

    Amen, kill them all.

  34. Deway says:

    At least CCTV is taking note.

    • sizzorkay says:

      God bless you for this video Chief.
      You guys hear that? The humiliation, the disgrace, the embarrassment, he felt ashamed. This is coming from the man himself, he didn’t hide that, or deny it did not happen.
      If I had said similar thing, i would have been attacked as unpatriotic, smh.
      As i said, we need to talk about our shortcomings and find a better way to move forward, let’s not hide or deny that we have flaws. Acknowledging that we do, is how we can fix them.

    • rugged7 says:

      Fair, balanced report.
      CCTV should be a go-to media for the Nigeria military.
      With exclusives and frontline reports.
      Forget CNN and BBC- Boko Haram Broadcasting Corporation

    • mcshegz says:

      Oga rugged7. I respect your hustle sir.
      This is CCTV Africa, a very clear difference from CCTV America, and other CCTV outlets, they know what they’re doing, which is to pander to each section/region using each of their stations; obviously not a bad thing, but i think we have to learn not to primarily depend on anyone to tell our stories, because one day, their views would’nt align with ours and then what?, this should be the job of NTA and the likes. About NTA, hehehe 🙂 i believe as digital migration of broadcasting stations kicks off later this year, monies currently used to sustain NTA’s very large frequency allocation, large staff, and its numerous physical presence will henceforth be channeled into a handful of feeds, which i believe will make NTA more efficient and palatable. The very crisp and beautiful NTA NEWS24’s just an example of the quality of service it can render once it goes full digital.

  35. ugobassey says:

    @ Oga Deway
    Good one sir…

  36. igbi says:

    Constructive criticism is the type of criticism which helps and which we all appreciate.

  37. sizzorkay says:

    Being honest with ourselves and learning from our mistakes is what’s gonna make us better. I like the fact that he said never again. Now back that up with more assets .
    I check this blog more than 50 times a day, i don’t do that coz i hate my country, I do it coz i love it and want it better. God bless our soldiers and watch over them.

  38. sizzorkay says:

    Now Shekau’s face is the first thing every one around the world would see if they go on yahoo right now., more publicity for a maniac
    But guess what, he can pledge allegiance to the devil himself ( which they already did without knowing), he will be defeated, and will be eliminated, all its gonna take is time.
    Man, I can’t stand that ugly face.

  39. Kola Adekola says:

    Now that boko haram has pledged allegiance to ISIS out of desperation, the situation is likely to change drastically.

    Firstly, they have now become a direct threat to the US, who will now be forced to stop the evil practice of using them as a propaganda tool against Nigeria.

    Secondly, the declaration will afford a saving of face of sorts for boko haram, because their focus will now swing toward the West alongside their declaration. They can then claim that the real enemy is elsewhere, so they withdrew from the WICKED PUMMELLING, PERSUASIVE DROPKICKS and EARTH MOVING UPPERCUTS they were receiving from the gallant Nigerian army. However, boko haram moving to Cameroon would pose an even worse threat for us.

    Thirdly, they will most likely slink across the border into Cameroons Waza Games Reserve, as well as Cameroon-Chad border areas like Kousséri and N’Djamena. That location will not only afford them access to Western bases (American and French) in N’Djamena, Chad, but also to the Chad-Cameroon oil pipeline.
    All this in Cameroon, a country with an inexistent army and Chad, a country with such a pathetic grasp of economics that even though its GDP is truly tragic, its capital city N’Djamena is the worlds 2nd most expensive! Talk of banana republic!

    If boko haram captures either Chad or Cameroon, then like ISIS, they will have access to oil wealth with guaranteed sales in the pirate infested Gulf of guinea. Even worse, their ISIS declaration will give them more contacts as well as foolish Western teenagers with no real life challenges.
    God help us all if these things happen, because the fight will get exponentially bigger. It is tough enough now that boko haram is only robbing banks, stealing fish and receiving overseas “charity” donations.

    If boko haram moves into Cameroon or Chad, especially with their ISIS declaration, then we MUST do everything possible under the sun to drive them out; that would mean driving into either country (a totally different game from invading to settle scores).

    • sizzorkay says:

      Boko haram will never capture chad or cameroon, this group has become Nigeria’s number 1 enemy, that means if they form a new base in either one of those countries, we must go after them, where ever they go.
      So you are right chief, they must have no rest. This is why i respect our soldiers so much, because its easy to sit here and talk, those guys are out there fighting every day. God bless them

  40. Kola Adekola says:

    General Beegeagle and my other Oga’s, the #NeverAgain campaign is truly gathering force!
    This is an inspiring example from some of our youths:
    God Bless Nigeria.

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