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  1. Are James says:

    This is very good. Is there a video?

  2. beegeagle says:

    That is more like it. Enough of the ribald Hilux joke. It is an army and not a militia.

    • engineerboat says:

      It is more commendable that the Military is getting more of this Hardware now at this point in time. It will also serve as booster for them in confronting this Rag-tag. My candid opinion is that the NA should be very careful not to let this hardware get into their hands NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!!.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        I believe those that were “dashing” boko haram weapons have been either removed or “persuaded.”
        Lets stop beating a topic that no longer exists and helping others belittle us.

      • engineerboat says:

        @Oga Kola

        I understand your points, but I don’t think there is any issue in what I said, I only gave a counsel to the ever NEVER AGAIN! NA, NAF, MNJFT.

  3. engineerboat says:

    @ Oga BEEG, this town seems to be in Cameroon

    BH fighters yesterday night entered Sueram village, 17km from Fotokol with 2 tanks and 7 pickups. They are still there right now.

    Let see how the Cameroonians deals with this.
    Again the question is, where do they get their supply’s (Petrol for hilux, diesel)

    • asorockweb says:

      I suspect that the BH that entered Sueram village are BH resident in Cameroun. The BH running from the Nigerian Army offensive shouldn’t have the confidence to move to a foreign land and just sit on a village.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Exactly Oga asorockweb. I have been checking the map and can’t see border area they could have crossed easily with two tanks and 7 fighting vehicles. There is a bridge separating Nigeria and Cameroon at Fotokol, which is under the control of thousands of Cameroonian and Chadian soldiers.

    • beegeagle says:

      Of course, SUERAM is in Cameroon. I never said it was in Nigeria.

  4. Colloid says:

    I agree Oga Kola adekola. Most of the “philantropist” of hardware to BH had been court martial or dismissed. So, the Military is gradually being purge of saboteur, those who joined the army bcox of “finding something to do”, and those who just join the army just to bully people. Other things to note is that BH wont dare attack a base with these hardware–though am not ruling that out, but we should just forget about attack from these scumbags cox their lifespan is now 70% depleted. Once the Ops in Bama,gwoza and sambisa are finished, their lifespan would have been reduced to 99%. In summary, BH isn’t a threat once the army is through with the remaining Ops.

    • Saleh says:

      ogas can you stop this talk of dashing equipment and soldiers being saboteurs. if BBC or ajazeera starts quoting it you wont like it. for your information most of the supposed dashed equipment were stuffs the authority had not maintained for decades and obviously broke down. the tanks at bama were same tanks GMB used against chad decades ago

      • asorockweb says:

        You are right, oga Saleh.

        There are many reasons for abandoned equipment.

        Sabotage is probably the least of them.

        Poor equipment (the men have no confidence in the equipment)
        Followed by poor planning/leadership (the equipment were not properly tasked) are probably higher up in the list.

  5. Oje says:

    Boko Haram will overun Cameroon with little stress if the bulk of their(20,000) manpower is no more able to hold ground or operate on Nigerian soil. When this happens the Cameroonians will realise facing an armed insurgency with its puny conventional armed forces Is futile. Cameroon should start inserting secrete agents into its villages before Boko Haram penetrate deep. They will not be coming in camouflage uniforms and Tanks, they will attack with Cameroonian boys, girls, men and women, would like to see how you can defend against that.

  6. rugged7 says:

    This Chadian Idria derby is developing a very loud mouth…And them never even capture pass 2 towns.
    If e pass 2, heaven go fall then.
    Nigeria Army better beware of the Trojan horse.

    • ocelot2006 says:

      So I noticed. And western media aren’t helping matters too. Just watched a PBS report and the ignorant reporter claimed that the Chadians are the ones “LEADING” the current operations against Boko Haram. Imagine that rubbish.

  7. beegeagle says:

    Rugged7, na wan chance you enter so o. NEWSRESCUE is a hopelessly partisan opposition tabloid with barely literate writers. You would be much better off reading Sahara Reporters instead.

    What you are seeing there, as with the fake merc photos, is a propaganda fight back from the opposition for whom insecurity had become a main plank of rhetoric. Can you not see that it was clearly targeted at seeing that the C-in-C gets no credit for the battlefield turnarounds?

    36 towns captured by the Nigerian military and 2 towns captured by Chadians. Who is doing the core of the fighting? What does it matter who mooted the idea of a joint offensive? Was the MJTF not formed in 1998? Was it Deby’s initiative? Did the MJTF not fight BH when they tried to take Baga in April 2013?

    • rugged7 says:

      Yea, guessed as much because the information was quite disjointed.
      Anyway, that is why we have beegeagles blog.
      Critical analysis sans reservations.

  8. beegeagle says:

    BH did not start recruiting in Cameroon today.

    They are now fully sucked into the problem. So pretending that it is Nigeria’s headache would be self-injurious.

    • engineerboat says:

      So many Enemy pretending as Friends of Nigeria in the battle, but one thing for sure is that, No body can take the glory of our NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!! NEVER AGAIN!!!, NA, NAF, C-IN-C.

      They just pack together so many Disjointed information, rush to the press, shouting “I UNILATERALLY CALL FOR THIS WAR”.And his soldier cannot unilaterally detect Boko Haram remote controlled bomb. shio

      So absurd.

  9. jimmy says:

    This does look like MUBI but I can’t see clear enough.

  10. colloid says:

    Oga saleh, i quite agree with your view but i still disagree that there aint saboteurs in the Army. Last year, some soldiers and their commander were court martial for burning down TWO newly procured hardware(probably IFVs) on a mission to rout these scumbags. They were reportedly “filmed” by an ISR in air alighting from the vehicles on the order of the commander, burn the vehicles, run inside the bush and came back to base that BH had burnt their vehicle. That’s just an example. I know some may want to debunk this but it was reported in the dailies. So, when i say saboteurs, i mean those who are not really the “warmongering, warrior” type who just want to sit at base and run away during confrontations simply because they are not bargaining for a scenario like this COIN Ops. You can try to verify the story i relate. The “cleansing/purging” and the induction of new armaments in the Army have reduced/halt “desertion/mutiny/cowardice” and have resulted in the overhaul of the Army. So please, dont misinterprete my message. Even in the presence of Jesus, there is still a Judas(a traitor).

    • Saleh says:

      good you said those scenarios are no more in existence and said it was as a result of new acquisitions. thank God for this blog that drummed the need for most of the acquisitions. these your supposed personnel complained of inadequate arms and were not listened to. they were instead called saboteurs and cowards then all of a sudden those same personnel have turned to heros and kicking asses in the NE. the incidence of the burnt apcs was not captured by any isr, the personnel reported that their equipment broke down and requested for reinforcement which didnt come, therefore they did a scorch earth policy to prevent it from fall into the hands of BH. scorch earth policy is in NA SOP. Thank God for their action those equipment would have being used against their colleagues. pls lets stop these issue of calling our own guys saboteurs or we wont be different from those our African neighbours ,

  11. engineerboat says:

    @Oga Beeg, can we have latest updates on BATTLE of BAMA & GWOZA.

  12. doziex says:

    Gentlemen, the BBC, CNN and Aljazeera are all reporting about a joint niger-chadian offensive deep inside nigerian territory.

    Our minister for information must now refute this story, if it’s a lie or an exaggeration.
    If it is true, GEJ must explain to nigeria what neighboring forces are doing deep inside nigerian territory.

    Air Marshall Badeh is the one that has been talking to the chadian military commander.
    Is this the short sighted agreement he negotiated on behalf of a clueless GEJ ?

    Pray tell, with over 150,000 NA troops un engaged in other theaters, and available to swamp the north east, why is GEJ administration allowing the glory hunting chadians deep inside nigerian territory ?

    CNN, BBC and co are not describing border town raids, they are talking of niger and chadian military offensives deep inside nigeria.

    Is GEJ’s administration clueless enough to allow such, after the substantial military expenditure to reverse the tide of this war. ?

    • rugged7 says:

      The information is that the offensives are in Diffa and Bosso.
      These are in Niger republic.
      There is no clear evidence- as of yet, that they are “deep in nigerian territory”.
      Take anything from CNN and BBC with some pinch of salt.
      Lets watch events unfold…

      • jimmy says:

        The operations are on going as oga Rugged reported in Diffa/Bosso some stupid newspapers reported that it is in the Borno Niger area.
        Chad for all their braggadocio Know the Nigerian Artillery is deployed and they have a record of being deadly accurate. They also cannot have long lines of logistics. They will stick close to whatever plan the Dhq gives them not what anyone else.

    • asorockweb says:

      Yeah, “Nigerian” and “Nigerien” is a problem that we have been plagued with for quite sometime now.

      Sometimes, Americans are too unsophisticated to pronounce the difference correctly.

  13. beegeagle says:

    I have just communicated in an uncharacteristic manner with several Beegeagle’s Bloggers. Check your email and keep the details to yourself.

    YES, I sent the message to you. Do not be apprehensive

  14. beegeagle says:

    No matter what the foreign media report, the Nigerian military have liberated 36 towns. Ask them how many the foreign forces have liberated.

    • Augustine says:

      At the end of the war, Nigerian FG and DHQ must come out with OFFICIAL FINAL WAR REPORT backed up with photos and video evidence, analysis, civilians testimonies from all liberated towns, this visual and oral report must be shown on cinema projector screen at a huge world press conference with invited key American, European, Asian, and African news media that have large readership/viewership around the world. Then the report uploaded for free YouTube so it can be accessed by anybody anywhere in this world and circulated around on social media.

      This is the only way to avoid the great mistake Nigeria made after ECOMOG war losing the glory of victory to Britain for doing one single ops while we did hundreds and lost a battalion of Nigerian troops KIA. Nigeria just kept silent after the war and watched as the giant was robbed of it’s hard won glory by a smarter ex-colonial nation.

      Once bitten twice shy. How many times will Nigeria be outsmarted so easily?

  15. beegeagle says:

    God bless the Nigerian Armed Forces for all that they go through to keep this country safe.

    To be sure,I was at Maryland junction in Lagos in the company of a redneck officer and a Lieutenant at about 22:00hrs tonight when a convoy of troops from 149 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, a unit normally stationed at the Ojo Cantonment, arrived from MAIDUGURI, after a road trip of 1,675km (1,040 miles).

    They arrived in a convoy of seven Chinese-built trucks ; four small SINOTRUK HOWO tankers and three QINGQI 5-ton trucks. They small trucks had troops bearing GPMGs and RPGs, testimony to the perilous times that we are living through as Nigerians.

    I did speak to the soldiers and they assured me that they only escorted the trucks down to Lagos. The troops are returning to the frontlines immediately

  16. Augustine says:

    beegeagle says:
    March 8, 2015 at 7:02 pm

    36 towns captured by the Nigerian military and 2 towns captured by Chadians.


    Oga beegeagle and other Ogas, can we now estimate the total number of fighters Boko Haram had before we began the final offensive in January?

    38 towns liberated, how many men form a standard Boko garrison and add Samibisa forest HQ biggest camp, Balmo forest, Gwoza, and other towns not yet liberated.

  17. Julius says:

    They totally hate Nigerians today am totally convinced. This useless analyst from John Hopkins University highlighted the South african mercenaries the Nigerian Military is using to fly our jets which is why the Nigerians are gaining momentum.
    He didnt indicate that Chad Military are presently fielding Ukrainian pilots.
    I was expecting him to be happy that Nigeria has a solution to their problems.
    I did not see that.This is a man saddened with the otal turn of events in this war.
    The NA needs good PR.

  18. igbi says:

    Nigerian military has raised concern over careless talks and undue exuberance by some individuals from the military of neighbouring countries involved in the Multinational Joint Task Force (MJNTF) which have the implication of destabilizing the spirit of the joint efforts against terrorism within the sub-region.

    Reacting to a purported statement in some media by officials from the MJTF that troops from Niger and Chad made deep incursions into Nigerian territory to battle Boko Haram elements, Director Defence Information, Major General Chris Olukolade advised that it was necessary for officers from participating countries to beware of the terms they use while speaking with the press and also understand the implications of those terms.

    According to him, “The location in question has to be mentioned before one can confirm whether it is part of an assigned or authorised mission or an incursion as described. This campaign against terror only makes provision for collaboration and cooperation; not incursion into territories. I think there is a careless use of terms by some inexperienced people or officials eager to make impression without understanding the implications. There’s no allowance for incursion here.

    “The truth is that there were some preemptive manoeuvres along an axis in the theatre. Nigerian forces were also involved. It is unfortunate if that is what this young man is reporting in this false and divisive way. He may have to be called to order to stop this exuberant attitude of misinforming people as this is not good for our collective efforts. We will take this up where it matters.”

    • Colloid says:

      Oga igbi, is that a tit-for-tat? Hehehe…. That’s real PR and good counter measure. Firstly Maj.Gen. Chris olukolade debunked the so called “incursion”. Secondly, he gave out a warning and lastly he sent out a deterrent approach to whoever is responsible in”twisting”, “roundabouting”, “U-turning” report. I think that’s in response to BBC, CNN and ALJAZEERA “amateurish” reports of MNJTF incursion DEEP(chai! That word is hilarious and absurd. Deep kor, Shallow nih.) into Nigeria. These people are just hade/lake of fire/hell bent to make sure the glory of the outcome of this war was never in Nigeria’s favour. Abeg, wetin we buy for these people’s market?

  19. drag_on says:

    South African mercenaries flying our alpha’s? What utter nonsense! It is Nigeria that gave that jet battle experience and developed a doctrine of use for the jet in its’ attack mode. None of the jets we use is part of South African Inventory.

  20. Henry says:

    Oga’s, there are beautiful Navy SBS photos here. Anybody with access to AP images?

  21. Julius says:

    It was frustrating with that annoying analyst from John Hopkins University. CNN is the culprit with their terribly biased analyst. They specifically emphasized on the South African mercenaries flying our airframes.Very hopeless folks.

  22. Hussein says:

    i think its high time our DHQ create a full fledged propaganda unit, I feel appalled when i see how Chad and Niger are trying so hard to take glory for battles they no nothing about. This same thing happened in Sierra Leone during the ECOMOG era, we can not allow this to continue

  23. beegeagle says:

    I see a MOWAG APC on the left, a Vickers Mk.3 Eagle tank and a tracked MT-LB APC

  24. ocelot2006 says:

    Oga Beegeagle, is there any way this esteem blog can counter the false narratives being peddled by the Chadians and western media houses (BBC, CNN, Bloom berg, AFP, etc)? Browse the Web for information and you’ll get the wrong impression that the Chadians are leading the current offensive deep in Nigeria, even if they just liberated 2 border towns. It’s getting too annoying and embarrassing.

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