Nigerian soldiers deployed to fight Boko Haram insurgents are seen here in a well-armed Chinese-built BigFoot MRAP vehicle (left) and a Toyota Hilux troop transport vehicle.

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  1. One sure advantage the MRAP gunners have is the high vantage point. Gd bless the Nigerian Soldier and God Bless Nigeria.

    • ozed says:

      Sure it tends to increase the effective range of the HMG on it, also the high clearance from the Ground protects it from land mines.

      However, in a conventional fight against a well equipped enemy, its high profile would make it an easy target for anti tank missiles since its silhouette against the skyline would be visible for miles..

    • rka says:

      Lovely shots taken of the NN SBS commandos. One wonders why professional photographers are not assigned to cover exercises in Nigeria as well as the ongoing insurgency.

      Until we learn and understand the role of war correspondents, Nigerian military enthusiasts will continue to be short-changed.

  2. nice one @ Oga Henry

  3. kolawole says:

    This what i call “nice cover”

  4. drag_on says:

    The sooner we replace those T. hilux with Igirigi and mount a 12.7mm on it the better.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Nice one, Henro. You don see my hand backstage? Cooperate o.

    MCSHEGZ, e wan hapun again…

  6. camouflage 1984 says:

    1. Gen. Chris Olukolade ‏@GENOlukolade 2h2 hours ago
    In a bid to spitefully drown the efforts of our troops, this group of people have been mischievously and exaggeratingly reporting reporting the supportive roles of foreign allies to the detriment of our operational success in the fight against terror. They go to every extent to ridicule,taunt or project every falsehood purely to score some points in clandestine sympathy for terrorists. This unpatriotic posture is directly or indirectly undermining the esteemed status of Nigeria in the comity of nations. The need has therefore arisen for a call on the media to beware of the mischief and conspiracy by some theorists who are still bent on orchestrating a well-rehearsed smear campaign against the Nigerian military.They’ve been struggling to attribute recent defeats inflicted on terrorists to the invincibility of other forces other than Nigeria’s. Unfortunately, some interest groups who seek to misinterpret this fruitful collaboration are seeking to drive a wedge between the. Nigerian military & supporting military formations or contingent by deliberately trying to ridicule the effort of the Nigerian forces. If other militaries that have just joined the war against terrorists would be described in some warped reports as “battle-hardened”. The antics of some foreign media&their local collaborators who will stop at nothing to bring our military to disrepute is no longer new. The Nigerian military will not be distracted or detracted from the current momentum which is geared towards stamping out terrorism. Much as we value and appreciate the ongoing collaborative effort of the troop contributing nations of the MNJTF, there has been NO compromise of any aspect of Nigeria’s sovereignty or soil to any foreign force. This counter terrorist operation is comprehensively driven by Nigerian forces. Other members of the MNJTF have so far successfully denied the common enemy freedom of trans-border operations and this is in consonance with the idea of the multinational coalition initiated as far back as 1998. The Nigerian society coming out in unison to cheer and celebrate the modest achievement of the nation’s forces is inspiring indeed. We thank the CinC for the confidence he reposes on his troops & for the Support & Encouragement he has always extended to the military. We are conscious that the fight is not over and the Nigerian military will therefore not relent. Nothing will be taken for granted. We must at all-times remain Vigilant & Conscious of our environment & #lookout for unrepentant terrorists,collaborators or sympathisers. When the country is at WAR, it is not only the military that should be involved but every segment of the society. We believe that together, we shall certainly defeat the forces of darkness that strive to destroy our country.

    • rka says:

      Gen. Olukolade, I beg have an independent TV crew follow the Armed Forces or release timely photos of troops in action when towns/communities have been liberated. The photos should have as their background known landmarks of the area/town if not signposted.

      It is the only way to debunk mischief makers. No matter how many statements you release, it is seen as mere propaganda with no back-up to prove otherwise.

      Learn to play the game or forever see and hear the military ridiculed. Mud sticks.

      • igbi says:

        I don’t think any such thing as indeppendent tv crew exists. I would rather have NTA and channels or RT or its chinese equivalant, but no cnn, no bbc, no aljazeera, none of those.

      • rka says:

        I really don’t mind who as long as the Nigerian military’s story is told. They can’t distort the story when we are clearly winning.

  7. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg, how would you propose a military solution to our current quagmire? just when we are beginning to gain momentum and Boko Haram is on the retreat the ”POWERS THAT BE” are about to bring ISIS into the mix. We are staring a full scale war in the face and we don’t just see it? Nigeria will NOT be allowed to defeat Boko Haram, it goes against what the CIA (Criminal International Agency) have ”predicted” of a Nigerian break up, it goes against America’s ally (Saudi Arabia) effort to curtail Nigeria championing the need to cut oil production in OPEC, it goes against Western Interest and China and Russia cannot save us. Nigeria, a nation on its knee barely recovering from decades of military ruin is able to within a decade build the most powerful economy and growing at over %6 ON GENERATORS, a leader in telecommunications and Internet technology and the preeminent Space power in the span of just 10 years, imagine what we can do as a nation if we even just fix only half our problems. We have been encircled and surrounded and i suggest we begin to think about reintroducing the draft. We are facing the most trying moments in our history as a nation and there are only two routes, we either capitulate and become another sorry African story, or we emerge victorious and become the richest and most powerful black nation the world has ever known. The time is now, we are at war GEJ should mobilize fully the resources of our nation to fight to the last man. The Civil defence should be armed, we must kick out the Western agent ”Coalition MNJTF” or what ever misnomer they choose to call it.

    Nelson Mandela, legend of the most developed nation in Africa was not joking when he said we ”NIGERIA” let Africa down and let ourselves down. Being the 6th largest populated country om Earth with oil reserve of nearly 40 billion barrels (Estimated worth : $7 trillion), a resilient and entrepreneurship people and the dominant cultural soft power in Africa Nigeria has what it takes to rival or be like the United States and China, we are Africa’s last and only hope of a black global power, the West or even East wont let that happen without a fight and lets not wait, if we wait our case will be a sorry one. When the Mossad got wind of a planned Egyptian and Syrian offensive on Israel the knew they stood no chance, the Egyptian air force being the ,main threat able to strike deep into Israeli territory was first of all taken out by a surprise preemptive strike that succeeded in destroying %80 of the entire Egyptian aircraft on the ground, the rest is what we read in HISTORY 101 classes. I dont know which scares me the most: the fact we have allowed ourselves to be pulled into the global geopolitical struggle for resources and influence or that we as Nigerians do not seem to grasp or understand whats going on, we either defeat Boko Haram quickly and end foreign troops on our soil or we get sucked in a vortex of global events. The United States, Canada and France already have military personnel and equipment in Chad, Cameroon and Niger, hell if the North Atlantic was land they will base their as well. The bulk of their equipment’s are mostly surveillance systems, who do you think they are spying on-Boko Haram?

    • Colloid says:

      Hmm… Nice writeup oga oje. I can’t agree less/more with you. You nail it. Am sure too that Recon carried out during the chibok saga are nothing but spy. If you remember well, US said they wont share the images and info gathered during the ISR with Nigeria. I believe those guys did more than spying on BH. Or don’t you think there is something “fishy” about the SUDDEN WITHDRAWAL of US intervention? Am sure they have gotten the secrets they are really after. ISR intervention is just the trojan horse employed to achieve it. Who knows if they even flew as far as lagos also considering the fact we lack stealth radar detector. We can’t rule out that they employed stealth surveillance during those period. Time for us to arm our military to the teeth. Time to build “hardened” military base, heli bay, jet hangars etc. Time to start fielding Antey 2500 ADS. We need “lethal weapon” oo. NN, please, time to drop those kid ships and start buying missile destroyers/frigates, LPDs, Subs etc.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        We must stop this buy buy ideas and start to look at steal tech, build, build, manufature

      • igbi says:

        I think they spied on behalf of our neighbors or on behalf of france (which is pretty much the same) or on behalf of boko haram. If you recall, the usa has started a period of negotiating with terrorists. Perhaps they intended to give that info to the terrorists incase they needed to negotiate with a terrorist group somewhere.

      • igbi says:

        @captain tobias, we have to have a short term plan (buy) and a long term plan (build). Both are needed.

      • igbi says:

        Also notice that the terrorist attacks became more efficient after the usa had gathered its intelligence, so I think that directly or indirectly they gave that intelligence to boko haram.

    • beegeagle says:

      Nice one, Oje. We shall come back to this. You try!!

  8. igbi says:

    The opposition also has the duty to always stand by the Nigerian armed forces and promote the image of the Nigerian armed forces. You don’t become the CIC by attacking the same military you want to lead.There are things you don’t politicize. I would advise any political party which is having its campaign handled by foreigners to desist from that. Hampering the war efforts is against the Nigerian federation and people and is punishable by death. Promoting the image of the military can only serve the opposition, that would show them as patriots who want to lead because they have something to offer rather than people hungry for power.

  9. igbi says:

    The president and the APC candidate and the service chiefs should have more meetings and should take pictures together showing their solidarity for the Nigerian cause. The police and DSS also have to warn all politicians about hampering the war efforts (it is punishable by death). Governor Shettima who is a member of the apc is showing an example his party members should follow.

    • beegeagle says:

      GMB has already talked down on the military in a CNN interview. That was a low blow, coming as it were from a General of the Nigerian Army. IBB would NEVER have done that.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Igbi, your suggestion is good with the proviso that it should be limited to the President, security chiefs, non-political patriotic leaders, Chiefs, Emirs etc.

      I wouldn’t advise photo ops with a presidential candidate who could humiliate the Nigerian identity so badly by campaigning in a foreign country as if we are second class humans that need foreign validation; not just that, but he has also repeatedly claimed that our army is a disgrace with the false claim that they are reliant on Chad. How else do we define “viper” or “demon?”

      We need to be very careful who we give our trust. There was a time about a year ago that I had a conversation with a “reputable” British press agency about carrying false news about Nigeria and got to learn that the source was a reputable (and very learned) Nigerian.
      It isn’t just the foreign press having a go at our dignity, it is our fellow Nigerians giving them the opportunity and strength.
      Many of our people do not know what it means to be Nigerian; they have an identity crisis that is so strong it is a national security risk; some people have such low self-esteem that they can be traitors without realising anything is wrong.

  10. Oje says:

    The best way to launch a pre-emptive strike is to secretly support and fund secessionist movements in Southern Cameroon.The marginalised English speaking part of that country are treated as second class citizens, several attempt and seeking a referendum to leave the Union and join Nigeria or become a single entity have been brutally squashed by Biya. Without money, recognition and support the could not stand. A restive Southern Cameroon will give France and Biya something to think about. They took Bakassi from us, the flooded Nigeria with billions of cubic ft of water with no single verbal apology, twice they claim to have killed Shekau just yo take the shine out of our boys, they pay Boko Haram millions of dollars (likely France, Cameroon is dirt poor) without the simple regard of notifying our President, and now they are being used as Agents of destabilisation.

    As for Idris Derby not even thinking twice to insult our nation by publicly stating they took unilateral action (which is a declaration of war), accusing Jonathan blocking Chadian troops should make us question the credibility of the so called MNJTF. First they allow Boko Haram to capture the MNJTF by “conveniently evacuating” a day before Boko attacks, then they make a detour to Cameroon with hundreds of troops and armour with the excuse of trying to prevent Boko Haram from attacking Cameroon, do this people think we Nigerians are stupid? Till date no credible explanation gas been given for a French plane armed with weapons and Gazelle helicopters en route to Chad, no explanation or prosecution of Idris Derby ‘ personal aid in his failed attempt to smuggle 19 SA-7 surface to air missiles to Boko Haram. Just last month Cameroonian troops captured several French citizens fighting for Boko Haram, France immediately demanded for them to be released and sent back home. These are events that are enough to become global headlines but as shocking as they are they are strangely never picked up by the Western Press.

    • Number one says:

      With the chaos in Libya,Sudanese belligerency,an entrenched boko haram in northern Cameroun(the Chad-Cameroun oil pipeline) and the Nigerian military build up,Deby is going to have his hands full in the medium to longterm.

  11. Deway says:

    We still don’t have enough Igirigis to replace the hilux. Production needs to be stepped up. We are a professional army and I don’t like that sight. The hliux can be used for urban patrols when security risk is adjudged to be low not in a high risk combat environment.

  12. Oje says:

    We still need the hillux, there will never be enough Igiris.

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