Unlike 2014, Nigeria have in Q1 2015 been listed by REVA Armoured Vehicles as a CLIENT. QED.

9 March, 2015

Stemming from the fact that there are still some folks out there who doubt that Nigeria have acquired the REVA MK5 MRAP, find attached two photos of their client list from their website at two timeframes to show the latest inclusion of Nigeria and to erase any doubt.

My impeccable sources have reliably informed me that “Nigeria has rightly opted for the maximum training package”, viz:

“Full tactical and technical training is provided to the users of REVA
Armoured Personnel Carriers in the areas in which they are deployed. All users are specially trained in their area of operation. Training is tailor-made to specific configurations, but also to the relevant terrain and conditions.

“Training curricula are based on internationally accepted practices and include, but are not limited to,

-deployment procedures
– tactical manoeuvres
-immediate action drills
– recovery methods
– offensive driving and
– weapon utilization.”

As of now, suffice to say that the only missing detail is the specific number of units procured. All efforts by my reliable source to get his contacts to divulge those details hit a stonewall.

Therefore, we are either fated to wait for the Nigerian federal government to disclose this, or “we have to wait for the next quarterly arms export report to the South African parliament, covering the period 01 January to 31 March 2005.

According to my source, Nigeria have almost certainly placed a very substantial and heartwarming order for these MRAPs because “the cryptic clue my contact provided was that REVA factory is operating at full capacity which is 30 vehicles per month”

You can draw your own conclusions.


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  1. beegeagle says:

    Like I said yesterday, expect to see white South Africans coming in as these deliveries pile on. Trust the malevolent sections of the media to label them as ‘mercenaries’. Clueless knuckleheads 🙂

    • superboi79 says:

      Good Day all,
      I believed I mentioned that most experts people were seeing around AOR were helping in new systems integration due to the accelerated nature of these requirements…

  2. mcshegz says:

    Oga BEEGAGLE. Tuale baba. you are most able.
    If anyone still doubts that Nigeria has acquired REVA MRAPS, i wonder why, what’s so hard to believe, but i do understand the skepticism posed by some, because we have been left in the dark for so long that, when information starts to trip in, it triggers shock, and disbelief. Naija, i hail thee, needless to say that DHQ have come to the full realization that we need armored vehicles in their thousands. If REVA is smart, which i belief they are, they’ll setup a local manufacturing arm in Nigeria, if they don’t, DHQ must compel them to do so, if they wish to continue doing business with Nigeria. We have to get involved in the full value-chain; with war comes opportunities, we must not squander such, we must use this time to, not only #ArmNigeriaToTheTeeth, but to make sure we continue to gain know-how on the manufacture of at least 50-70% of all fighting-equipment across board, if not now, when? >500 billion dollar economy, hmmm, Naija, abeg o


    • beegeagle says:


      Abeg, take full cognisance of the complete training curriculum which the FG have settled for. We have a war in progress and new systems get railroaded straight to the frontlines. So REVA technicians and trainers are almost certainly going to train our crews out there in the field – at Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. These are white South Africans.

      Once our empty and frivolous journalists and opposition Twitterati see them, they can only be described as either South African soldiers or mercenaries.

      Already, I told you that a spotter saw six REVA Mk.5s sweep through Jos enroute the frontlines and that they were being followed by white guys in a Hilux.

      By the time that they get into Borno, Aminu Gamawa and Abu Sidiqu will come out to spin tales for their impressionable readers. That is the pathetic reality of Nigeria’s politicised war narratives as of today.

      But God KNOWS that we shall overcome

      #NeverAgain #ArmNigeriaToTheTeeth

  3. jimmy says:

    This is very good news no excuse me this is extremely Fantastic news.
    1) It acknowledges what we have repeatedly said on this blog that They ( Nigeria) need to systematically phase out the SOFT SKINNED /HATED hliluxes
    2) There finally appears to be SOME GENUINE cooperation between the South African DEF/ GOVT and the Nigerian DEF/ GOVT to ALLOW THIS TO HAPPEN
    3) My only concern and I do not know if you are having any info on this I hope this will not be to the detriment of the IGIRIGI I know they are two completely different CATS .
    Thank you to our South African Brothers.

  4. rka says:

    Great that the Reva has been added to the growing list or armoured vehicles procured, so kudos to DHQ, although no thanks for not divulging the purchase in the first place.

    Bye bye Hilux from the front lines.

  5. beegeagle says:

    Bye bye to all soft-skinned utility trucks EXCEPT the Landcruiser

  6. beegeagle says:

    Meanwhile, thank you FG for the steady progress in procurement. Let it be a matter of national resolve to retain the services of a menacingly armed military because military power is a core instrument of statecraft and the foremost business of government is the provision of SECURITY for lives and property.

  7. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Oga Beegeagle, is there also a maintenance agreement, stock of spares and possibility of manufacturing the spare parts for scheduled maintenance locally. so that we do not see these vehicles un-serviceable a few years down the road. Better still why don’t we buy those needed immediately for the NE and request the local assemble /manufacture of the fully requirement in a paralell shop line with igirigi. this provides thorough knowledge of the vehicle and increases the capability for local battle field recovery. Igirigi carries more respect for a nation and endless possibilities, I am sure if tasked the same engineers would design a more efficient and manageable IFV. it is worth noting that if we have this amount of vetos against sales to us while fighting an acknowledged terrorist group, what would happen if we have cross border conflict ( we should expect an almost total sales sanction ). this should be the big lesson of this conflict.

  8. engineerboat says:

    It is a known fact today that The Government have a listening hear. This is a season of #ArmingNigeriaToTheTeeth.
    Never Again! Never Again!!, NeverAgain !!!
    Kudos to every contributions in the Blog specially Oga BEEG.

    I think at this point in time, that our government rise up to the occasion in sanctioning all this intruding press mens and information carriers, spreading out false alarms and information.

  9. Deway says:

    Good news. This will help in the final assault against boko haram since it seems DHQ and Army HQ are thinking about future bh threats likely in the form of IED attacks, suicide bomb attacks and land mines. Good acquisition. We need at least 120. Some should go to the NPF for intensive inner city and town based patrols and intensive border patrols after clearing those towns of the evil bokos and to the Quick Response Force at the international airports. Our international airports are one area it seems no one is looking at for now.

  10. Augustine says:

    In 2013, Nigeria was reported as ready to open an assembly plant in 2014 for Mountain Lion MRAP in a deal with the South African manufacturer. Silence has enveloped the deal.

    I am not sure why NA is buying the REVA MRAP, but I would only guess, we have swallowed up all Big Foot MRAP production from China and the factory has made NORINCO workers collapse with over-time shifts. Next guess is Big Foot does not yet have ambulance variant and NA wanted those.

    Thank you FG and NA for providing well armoured and speedy ambulances for our courageous troops who use their skins and bones to receive the Boko Haram bullets meant for all of us.

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