Colonel(rtd) Sambo Dasuki, National Security Adviser

9 March, 2015

The FIRST THING to bear in mind is that our detractors, unpatriotic hirelings of the opposition who have taken up vantage positions in the foreign media, have been actively using their perches to undermine EVERY REPORT which can shed a positive light on the efforts of the military, just so that the FG do not get any plaudits for their exertion. You can see how much damage narrow-minded and insular buffoons such as Aminu Abubakar and Haruna Umar are doing using the AFP and AP respectively. They always have eyewitness accounts to fall back on as evidence whenever and wherever Boko Haram strike but pretend not to know anyone in towns liberated by Nigerian troops, so that they will not authenticate the gains made by our resurgent military. It is both disingenuous and unethical…a violation of sacred trust. The Hausa Services of most foreign radio stations also do the same thing and even transcribe their jaundiced output into international languages. All of that is done to discredit the Federal Government and the military.

HOWEVER, the FG and DHQ acted naively ab initio when they acceded to plans for the Chadians to even go as far as Dikwa. The insincere newshounds know that smart people would realise that the foreigners are only playing a peripheral role in the fighting insofar as they remain pegged to the borders. So they are now trying to pave the way for a skewed narrative by sneaking in dishonest accounts such as the myth of foreign troops operating “deep inside Nigeria” but NEVER naming the places so that we can appraise just how deep foreign forces have come? Chad have only taken two towns in the border areas – Gamboru and Dikwa. Even the BBC know this and have said so.

The unfolding plot is this. A believable false narrative cannot be cooked up unless the myth that the MJTF operate deep inside Nigeria is propagated. The plan is for them to hereafter claim that all gains made by the Nigerian forces was in collaboration with the foreign forces. DHQ must not allow this to happen. Let it be known that all those who are plotting a joint offensive with foreign forces on BAMA and GWOZA are only digging a grave for the heroic efforts of Nigerian troops. To be sure, any town taken in conjunction with the Chadians would be reported by the compromised foreign media as a CHADIAN victory regardless of WHATEVER Nigerian forces do. So we must not get started down that road to folly and ignominy. KEEP FOREIGN FORCES pegged back to within TWO MILES of our borders. If they do not like it, let them get out.

The FG should feel free to hire Gurkha, Sri Lankan, Ukrainian and Indian mercenaries to jointly deploy with Nigerian soldiers within the same two mile radius of our borders while Nigerian troops fight in all places beyond that perimeter. I mean this VERY SERIOUSLY. Such a force will fight for the money sans the diplomatic baggage of President Deby and his troops. Chad are only here to buff the image of their sit-tight dictator. If they say anymore self-aggrandizing stuff, they should be told to leave our soil entirely. Let a joint Nigerian-PMC combo man the border districts instead. The Chadians are currently doing a lot of demoralising and divisive talking which is far in excess of their real involvement in the fighting and have even started bringing foreign TV crews onto our territory to buff Idris Deby’s megalomanic designs? Even the Nigerians who have liberated 36 towns do not talk as much as these Chadians. I am sorry but our leaders acted naively. They seem to fall for every cheap trick.

IF CHAD cannot contain their egotistic designs, get them out. Form a Border Security Task Force of 500 skilled mercenaries, 2,500 Nigerian soldiers and 1,000 Police CTU and they will jointly defend the stretch between Gamboru and Geidam from infiltration. Give them 40 APCs, mortars, gun-trucks and some armoured fighting vehicles. If the neighbours like, let them not defend their borders. Boko Haram will prey on them. Were they not aware when Boko Haram were using their territories as rear bases and logistics supply lines? Now everyone is purporting to have come to help Nigeria in a matter which could have been nipped in the bud if they had cooperated with the Nigerians in years gone past?

CONCERNING what we can do to up the ante on the PR front, it is a very simple matter IF we are empowered with information and given the kind of privileged access which is able to transform a narrative. We shall come away with answers for those who think the FG are not doing enough by providing photos of hardware systems and show the world those towns retaken by our troops by merely posing in front of landmarks with our troops. This is not the biggest and most referenced defence blog in sub-Saharan Africa for nothing. Ability does speak for itself.

What our military PR do is not classified, so there is nothing wrong in partnering with Nigerians to move the real narrative forward. IF foreign PMC advisers can be used in the Northeast for tactical and operational advice and planning, nothing stops our military PR from inviting us to join them in giving the effort a fillip. I believe that we have the leverage with which to reach out to the most referenced defence media and news media across the globe. Many of these people already reach out to us to ask questions but it would take on a whole new meaning if we are able to do so on a quasi-official basis.

During the Nigerian Civil War, MARKPRESS handled military PR for Biafra. The secessionists won the propaganda war. Let us not forget that.

For now, ego will not permit the global media to admit that they spoke too soon and too dismissively of the Nigerian military. It would expose their quackery so they would rather give credit for the battlefield gains to whom it is not due. That is so poor in spirit and antithetical to the hallowed tenets of journalistic balance.


The foregoing was written as riposte to a question posed by OCELOT2006, a Beegeagle’s Blogger.


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  1. Naijaseal says:


    Please leverage ALL and EVERY known contacts in the military and politicians, plus Social Media to get Ogabeegs access to the front. Lets keep pushing please.

  2. odion777 says:

    The Chadian army may not have asked for all this publicity really, Chad president Idriss Deby did say he called for the attack on boko haram, but then our National security Adviser said weeks ago that Nigeria will flush out Boko Haram before the election on march 28th, so both side where mouthing off really, we cant blame the Chad for this alone and lets not forget it was the Cameroonians that invited them in the first place.

    Thing is the foreign Media want to sell stories, they want frontline video, pictures, interview, Nigeria army have refused to give them these, the Chadian and Cameroonian army have taken Aljazeera, CNN and other news agency to the front line and hence it was no surprise when the world media all praised the Chadian and Nigerien for the offensive 48 hours ago and saying the 200 vehicle convoy are going deep into Nigeria territory to encounter Boko Haram, each country have its military own policy, our own have never been to pally with the media.

    Truth is Chadian government got wind of the modern weaponry Nigeria army have got and invested in and knew in a few weeks Boko Haram will be driven out, they just did not want them using Chad as a base after they have been slaughtered in Nigeria as is going on presently, which really can destabilise the fragile country and they have several home grown group in Chad to contend with, I also think the Chadian have sent over 80% of their troops to the front line, just my thinking.

  3. ocelot2006 says:

    Maybe it’s time the Nigerian military embeds friendly foreign and local media teams with frontline troops. Let them see our successes and tell our own story in order to counter the trash currently spewed by the Chadians and swallowed hook-line-and-sinker by most western media houses. And like Beegeagle suggested, keep the damn Chadians out.

    • beegeagle says:

      That has worked. After the biggest media siege of the post-Saddam era was mounted on SYRIA, they ignored the Western mischief makers and pranksters and turned to RUSSIA TODAY and XINHUA. Soon Westerners swamped RT and with that, western mainstream media were forced to roll back the propaganda and report the news

  4. beegeagle says:

    Cameroon invited Chad into Nigeria? Yet the insurgents entered the Cameroonian town of Sueram yesterday while Chad were hunting for glory in Niger and Nigeria?

    Does any of that add up in your books, Odion777?

  5. odion777 says:

    Absolutely, it does add up, everyone love the limelight, I have seen a few of our military pic and our Nigeria soldiers really love the media but we just don’t carry them along, but I still think our formula of not to pally with the Media is best, as sometimes you may not want to take prisoners and we see how this had come back to hunt retired America soldiers and serving also, i.e. WikiLeaks and others, however the world know the true story, they know Nigeria forces have liberated 95% percent of those towns and villages in Northern Nigeria.

  6. beegeagle says:

    CHAD, NIGER TROOPS TAKE DAMASAK, MALAM FATORI..advance six miles to the south of Niger into NIGERIA


  7. doziex says:

    Nigeria’s ministry of information should get tough like the Egyptian authorities.

    If CNN, Al Jazeera , BBC and co insist of playing political media games, and misrepresenting the truth about this war, they should be warned and fined heavily.

    If they persist with their current mischief , their visas and reporting privileges should be revoked.

    Any self respecting country the united states included will deal similarly with reporters with dubious intentions.

    I wish that aviation minister Osita Udoka can be made our minister for information ASAP.

    Nigeria and our image is under a multi pronged international media assault.
    We need our best hands on the plough.

    We need mission oriented, well spoken, intelligent and assertive individuals.

    This media assault is every bit as harmful as any boko haram raid.

    So Nigeria’s officialdom should act and react accordingly.

    • beegeagle says:

      Supported. Our problem is that some of us lack spines. Egypt have coerced Al Jazeera into shutting down their Egyptian spin nest. A Nigeria that is twice as big open her flanks and teeth to all adventurers because we try too hard to be politically correct.

      If all these foreign TV crews which are crossing into Nigeria from Cameroon and Chad did so illegally, let them be subjected to five-year visa bans. Ditto that Johns Hopkins professor who lied about South Africans flying sorties for the NAF. These foreign-born irritants must be made to understand that there are bound to be consequences for misdemeanour.

      In the real world, you are bound to hurt someone, someday. Life is not a cakewalk and that is why we tread on sand and not on egg shells.

  8. beegeagle says:


    Lemme point out that the Nigerian government entirely blew it’s international credibility around the time of the Chibok affair.

    Multiple claims of having rescued the girls which were proven false, declared ceasefires that were explicitly disavowed by BH, and claims to have killed Shekau that later proved false means that no journalist worth his salt will take a Nigerian govt spokesman’s word for the military situation without outside confirmation.

    So you can’t really blame foreign media organizations for lending more credence to the Chadians and Cameroonians; at least they haven’t been caught out in big lies.

    • rka says:

      @Papaeno,wasn’t it the Chadian president, Idriss and his cohorts who allegedly negotiated with a false Book Hram negotiator and tricked the government into going along with it?

      Didn’t the Cameroonian media all falsely claim that they killed Shekau. By no, just ignore that and run with the false narratives.

      And it wasn’t big lie about Shekau, it was one of the doubles/imposters that had previously appeared in their propaganda videos.

      Do more research before you make comments otherwise you are merely joiig the bandwagon.

      • rka says:

        Excuse typos, my tablet he a mind of it’s own.

      • Kay says:

        All this Shekau shit, all they had to do, was a dna test to ascertain if Shekau was dead. His wife/ves and children were once in government custody for questioning, it takes nothing to take samples from one of his kids and verify if he actually was the one or not. The instant another video came up showing a purported leader, it was another slice of credibility chopped off.

    • rugged7 says:

      Wasn’t it America who used video evidence to claim they had seen weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
      This was later found to be the greatest lie in the galaxy.
      Has it stopped the western media from reporting America’s war on terror in a positive slant?
      Lets not kid ourselves, there is a concerted conspiracy against Nigeria engineered by the western powers, their media and traitors within nigeria.
      Nigeria should catch some of the illegal foreign journalist from al Jazeera and cnn and JAIL them for 365 days, revoke their Nigerian visas for 10 years and flog their nyash small.
      The Egyptian treatment is the only thing they will understand.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga papageno, it is low self esteem to claim we “blew our international credibility,” especially when we are victims of terrorism and overtly racist press attacks. Just saying.

  9. odion777 says:

    Point on Beegeagle, very much so.

  10. The bull being spewed by the international media in conjunction with Chad is truly amazing. Just yesterday a joint force of Niger and chadian troops launched a joint operation against boko harams forces in the region of malam fatori. The same malam fatori Chadian troops claimed to have cleared of boko haram insurgents a month and a half ago.

    Seems like the Chadians are losing sight of the true goal. That goal is to first keep the MNJTF box solid and closed to ensure insurgents dont sneak past them and establish bases of operations and the second is to clear Boko haram insurgents from the dikwa-malam fatori-gamboru ngala axis and ensure the economic livelihood of Chadians is not affected by the conflict.

    • igbi says:

      they also claimed to have cleared dikwa some weeks before claiming that they have just cleared it. Dictatorships and propaganda work hand in hand. I don’t believe anything the chadians say. Even if the western media keeps hyping them. The Nigerian army unit in the north-east is bigger than the entire chadian army combined with niger army. (I am getting tired of westerners not being able to tell the difference between Nigerian and nigerien, and they call themselves wise)

      • doziex says:

        Chief, they know the difference, they are just doing this on purpose.
        We should start fining them heavily, then kicking them out on a second offense.

        The news will not suffer. We have to contain their preconceived agendas.

        Especially when they are this blatant and this sloppy.

      • Your right. I totally forget about Dikwa. Also remember chadians saying they captured it a month ago, only to now recently hear again it was captured by Chadians again.

      • drag_on says:

        You seem to forget that their citizens have been fed with so much trash from the news media and Hollywood that they think Africa is a ‘Country’ full of huts and giraffes.

      • igbi says:

        About two years ago I spoke to a greek computer science student, and he didn’t know that south africa was just one country among the 54 african countries, he though south africa and black africa were one and the same. Therefor he though black Africa was a country, and these are the educated westerners ! so immagine the average ones !
        I spoke to one guy from haiti and he was under the impression that all houses in africa were little huts, and that guy has two masters degree, again in computer science.

  11. eyimola says:

    This issue has finally come to a crisis point. We have two foreign militaries on our territory, and they are NOT going anywhere until after the elections. This should ordinarily trigger mass resignations, but instead we are pointing fingers at Chad (a poorer, smaller country) rather than demanding accountability. The only goal Chad has is to ensure Boko Haram doesn’t create a political problem in their country. That should be Nigeria’s goal as well

    • rka says:

      The problem is, the Government naively invited our neighbours to join the war effort rather than requesting they secure their borders only.

      They have so far prosecuted this war along the lines of other PR savvy militaries with war correspondents and photo journalists embedded to tell their story and capture images.

      • eyimola says:

        Absolutely spot on. For years many have been demanding a tighter control of the borders. That dint happen. We asked for cross border raids to destroy BH strategic depth ion Northern Cameroon and Niger, but that didn’t happen. We criticised the secrecy of the military both in issues of procurement or operations, only to be given all sort of cock and bull responses as if Nigeria is unique country with a totally unique set of circumstances. I sat down this morning to watch 2hrs of Chadian military operations in Nigerian territory. Sice this conflict started, this is the most information we have been given access to, and that’s not because of our armed forces, but rather the media savvy chadians and the embedded reporters from SKY news, France 24 and the BBC. That is just unacceptable

      • Henry says:

        And for those years , the government has actively urged our neighbours to pursue a stricter government border patrol policy. We should also not forget that our government has on several occasions urged the international community to do more in clamping down on the proliferation on SALW.

        Something also quite astonishing is the selective amnesia media agencies across the west seem to have developed in the past weeks.

        Chad and Niger Operated have always operated in Nigeria. These countries only pulled back their forces 2 days before baga was attacked. It seems to drive down a narrative it has become very convenient to forego this fact.

    • jimmy says:

      There is only one Foreign Army on Nigerian Soil and they are heavily MONITORED as it is reach back from the hysterical button.
      Boko Haram will be a problem for all four Countries if all four Countries do not learn how to cooperate with less Chest beating from Chad and Wary Indifference from Cameroon.
      They stand to lose the most including and not limited to regime Change and years of INSTABILITY.

      • jimmy says:

        * I meant and reach back from the hysterical button*

      • eyimola says:

        Jimmy, I saw and heard senior military officers from Niger and Chad giving interviews to France24 on Nigerian territory. Indeed the programme also claimed that Benin also had troops in that contingent

      • jimmy says:

        You are Correct I stand corrected the offensive went from DIFFA, BOSSO TO DAMANSK? in Borno.

  12. camouflage 1984 says:

    #BokoHaram Terrorists currently on the backfoot in Gwoza N.E #Nigeria as Nigerian Forces multi-pronged assaults leaves the enemy in disarray

    Its like Gwiza offensive started on Saturday/Sunday

    • jimmy says:

      OGA Camouflage1984
      It appears the typo devil is wrecking habit with your computer.
      Please keep us informed but leave out the Towns/ Positions of where are boys are
      Situation is Sensitive as it is.
      Onward to Gwoza
      May God protect our boys
      May God be with the Nigerian Army
      IJN AMEN.

  13. lachit says:

    media has nowdays become the fourth arm of the defence forces.
    a concerted effort should be made to high light the achievements of the armed forces.
    a failure to do so will have negative impact on the on going operations .plus it will have have negative effect on prospective countries who are willing/looking to help nigeria in her fight against terrorists.
    dedicated jurnos should be embedded along with the troops to provide a comprehensive and accurate details of operations.
    the first step in this direction should be taken by the government itself.
    a point by point rebutal of incorrect reporting should be done on a regular basis in the presence of international media.
    a website dedicated to defence related issues should be hosted by the government and serve as the final word on nigerias stand/fight against terrorists.

    off topic i have come across a document issued my ministry of indian defence a few months backs
    issuing no objection certificate to many countries including nigeria for export of indian defence equipment manufactured by government and private companies.this could be a big step for building up defence relationship between the 2 countries in a big way.

    • jimmy says:

      I believe this is GOOD news that Nigeria can add India to the list of Countries that she can do biz with.

  14. doziex says:

    Oga papageno,
    Remember when US tv personality Geraldo Rivera embedded with US troops in iraq and started mouthing off about battle plans on his foxnews show?

    He was given a one-way flight back to the US courtesy of the US army censors.

    Also the Americans protested to aljazeera Doha sponsors, about the biased coverage the US troops got in iraq.

    So, every country is cognizant of the fact that the media can be used as a weapon against them, by news networks, or just reporters with certain biases or an axe to grind.

    The Us army severely defeated the vietcong in the tet offensive, but Walter Cronkite and his media backers led with a demoralizing narrative, that the war was lost.

    No matter what you think of the credibility of the Nigerian government, media outlets shouldn’t be trying to creat or distort facts on the ground out of their own biases.

    Credible outlets should report the truth, and let the narrative take care of itself.

    CNN and BBC are notorious for coming to Nigeria, with the intent of creating a narrative.

    Well, in a war zone were soldiers and civilians alike have paid to ultimate price, this is very dangerous behaviour.

    And the Nigerian state reserves the right to protect itself and it’s interests.

  15. Kay says:

    We are also playing second fiddle because there’s still no understanding of telling our story. From the early stages of the conflict, BIR were shown on Sky posturing and trying to prove their capabilities. We pointedly shut off any requests to show our military efforts and closed our doors to media as it tis North Korea except when we see another terrorist video of soldiers retreating. Chad has also seized on that showing more of their efforts and conquests than the Nigerian army ever dared to show. Until we start doing what we need to do, this would continue.
    Derby is using this conflict to show himself off as a strongman at home and probably curry favour in the eyes of his citizens by implying he can project their military power abroad and also send a message to anyone planning to overthrow him not forgetting the threats of repeated cycles of attempted coups he has to endure.

    Instead of NTA feeding us with round the clock political ads, let them put money where their mouth is and rather show us comprehensive updates on the field. Go learn from Iraq, who while were shown to be cowards have now postured themselves as the backbone of the infantry units required to rout IS. Their government makes sure with polished and elaborate reporting of their triumphs even if backed by militias and IRGC. BBC and CNN know better than to say the success is largely that of their allies.

    If not for few citizens fighting out on cyberspace, it’ll be worse than this. Fact! NA releasing press statements alone won’t do shit.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Kay, It is true, our PR efforts are quite puny and strange.

      As for Sky, CNN, BBC etc, they will not show Nigeria in good light even if they were given a ticket to heaven, because they have an agenda. So, let us forget about them.

  16. camouflage 1984 says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio · 4m4 minutes ago
    #BokoHaram jihadists unit barricaded inside a place of worship in Gwoza wit sandbags armed wit PKM’s, RPG were toasted by an IFV 23mm cannon

  17. Now also hearing that Boko haram are setting up defensive formations in sueram of cameroon which is 17km away from fotokol cameroon. (that is where a Chadian and Cameroonian military base is situated)

    How did that come to be??? Seems somebody is sleeping on that side.

  18. okomonika says:

    There is no need to dance to the gallery.uncl sam said there were nukes in iraq,claimed it had decimated the taliban,said it had degraded d militants in iraq e.t.c but we have since found out all of these were false.dat there were no nukes in iraq,dat d pentagon has forcasted dat d taliban may control all of afganistan by 2017,dat militants in iraq were paid off and worst still d USA will fastrack its withdrawal of troops frm afganistan……..

  19. rka says:

    Nigerian forces EOD Tech guys & Combat Dogs proving invaluable in ongoing fightings in Gwoza against #BokoHaram Jihadists.
    4:21pm – 9 Mar 15

    • beegeagle says:

      Combat Engineers and War Dog Unit doing us proud. Great.

      • rka says:

        Imagine, Oga Beegs, if images were taken of them in action and released for general consumption. Awesome.

    • mcshegz says:

      ahhhhhhhhhh, Oh lawd, where is Nollywood when you need em; this seems like a perfect war story. Nigerian EOD Tech guys & their Combat Dogs, helping to keep our freedom. After watching such a movie, there’s no way you’ll not have a deeper sense of respect and appreciation for these lads.
      Oga rka . i respect your hustle sir.

  20. Dario says:

    First of all, let me tender an unreserved apology to Beegeagle and to everyone on this blog for lashing out at him due to frustration at a perceived lack of a focused agenda.

    Even if this comment does not get published, I think the manly thing to do is to hold up my hands and apologse unreservedly – I was wrong about Beegeagle.

    This post has drawn a very thick and visible line in the sand. I now know for a fact that Beegeagle is without a shadow of doubt on the side of Nigerian posterity.

    Beegeagle, I am sorry for ever doubting you.

    There is nothing more to add to the beautiful piece up there.

    Thank you.

    God bless Nigeria.

    God bless Africa.

  21. rka says:

    #Nigeria Blocking Force in place at Konduga, Kauri, Chibok etc as offensive on #BokoHaram Terrorists hots up in Gwoza, Bama N.E Nigeria
    4:53pm – 9 Mar 15

    Both twits from Donklericuzio.

  22. Manny Aaydel says:

    Dear CyberGs, why must we keep rehashing this same story of how the western media / Qatari Government-owned Aljazeera are messing up our story? Up till today, the Aljazeera correspondent in Abuja was still reporting that Boko Haram has suffered heavily in the hands of multinational forces who have recaptured several towns from them? Multinational forces recaptured several towns? No be NA capture 34 towns back, supported by NAF sorties? This guy is right there in Abuja o! Has he been reprimanded? With due respect, Gen Chris needs to be stern with these clowns. Xhinua dey, RT dey, NAN dey even PANA sef dey. What exactly is the problem? Me I don tire o, seriously.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Manny Aaydel, in fact the number of towns NA has captured should now be nearing 50 to “multinational forces” two. Indeed, the two the “multinational forces” captured always seem to get recaptured every few days or so after the original capture. na wa!

  23. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria must be prepared.
    We have to land our jets for the air force ASAP. JF17 Su 30 etc
    I forsee a blue on blue with chad troops soon, when they stray too far into Nigeria territory.
    They look like rag tag guerrillas in the 1st place anyway.
    If that clown derby decides to field their sukhois in retaliation, then what???
    We have to be prepared to use overwhelming air force…

  24. Ola says:

    Well, the whole “Chadian calvary” coming to rescue Nigeria may not be unconnected to western efforts there. In the short clip videio above, one can easily conclude that the US and their allies have come to train Chadian soldiers who have now taken the battle to Boko haram “DEEP” inside Nigeria and are winning the war in Nigeria, thanks to the training! In the flintlock video above, you clearly see the Nigerian SF as the best equipped and seemingly most operationally capable in the tactical display in the video, yet the report was all about Chad! Our SF are very distinct, thanks to their dessert T-shirts boldly emblazoned with the Nigerian flag and their distinctive head cover.
    So, the US and their western allies may be the ones glory hunting without firing a bullet, while using block-headed Chadians to front the narrative they want to be told. I think the NA should mount a serious border patrol there and any of their correspondence that comes into Nigeria with Chadian troops without the right documents should be immediately detained for illegal entry while the Chadian troops that bring them in should be arrested and detained for human trafficking. This would cause some tension initially, but if we hold our grounds, Chad will be afraid to do that again in future.

  25. okomonika says:

    The brits swallowed their pride whole when they signed a ceasefire with d IRA,d isrealis swallowed their pride likewise when they signed the ‘grapes of wrath agreement’ with and d most pompous of all uncl sam swallowed its overbloated ego when it had to pay militants in iraq to reducf the carnage on american troops yet they are regarded as the best even with all their failures relegating russia to 2nd place bcos of their control of world media houses fighthng dem is futile lets concentrate on d job.

  26. beegeagle says:

    I have already said this – invite a correspondent of RUSSIA TODAY. Give him tax-free residency. XINHUA too. Add NTA. Add REUTERS and BBC. Take them all expenses paid through the AOR. Seeing is believing.

    At the very worst, the BBC and REUTERS will raise their factual content to 70%. RT and XINHUA will stay counterpoised and give 95% of the real story, forcing the rest to try and match their efforts or lose credibility. Tis a simple plot really.

    As for BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG which has earned global recognition, we have been asking to be shepherded through the frontlines since 2012 so that we put the true story out there. If we get into that party, you can be sure that nobody will outshine us either pictorially or in the reportage. Nigeria shall be the better for it. Everyone from IHS Janes to Army Recognition, Defenceweb to Global Security, IISS Military Balance to CIMSEC, Airforces Monthly to Navy Recognition etc know that we are here. Ditto the US State Dept and European External Action Service. We have no point to prove.

    Our country only needs to allow us to serve her.

    • rugged7 says:

      The Ogas at the top should listen to what Oga Beegs is saying.
      I know Oga Abati is constantly on this blog.
      Please u guys should do the needful.
      Nigeria is in the gravest fight in it’s 100 year history against conspirators foreign and domestic.
      This is not a fight only for the army. I kid u not.
      They must enlist the Nigerian populace in this fight.
      Oga Beegs is exquisitely poised to be of service to the Nation.

    • doziex says:


      General Olukolade, ministry of information, beegeagles blog is the answer to our information woes.

      Help us help you.

      A forum that attracts highly motivated nigerian patriots, and defsec analysts, blessed with official access to information ( pictures and video footage ) would be unrivalled, and would get the job done.

    • Augustine says:

      beegeagle says on March 9, 2015 :

      The FG should feel free to hire Gurkha, Sri Lankan, Ukrainian and Indian mercenaries to jointly deploy with Nigerian soldiers within the same two mile radius of our borders while Nigerian troops fight in all places beyond that perimeter. I mean this VERY SERIOUSLY. Such a force will fight for the money sans the diplomatic baggage of President Deby and his troops. Chad are only here to buff the image of their sit-tight dictator. If they say anymore self-aggrandizing stuff, they should be told to leave our soil entirely. Let a joint Nigerian-PMC combo man the border districts instead. The Chadians are currently doing a lot of demoralising and divisive talking which is far in excess of their real involvement in the fighting and have even started bringing foreign TV crews onto our territory to buff Idris Deby’s megalomanic designs? Even the Nigerians who have liberated 36 towns do not talk as much as these Chadians. I am sorry but our leaders acted naively. They seem to fall for every cheap trick.

      IF CHAD cannot contain their egotistic designs, get them out. Form a Border Security Task Force of 500 skilled mercenaries, 2,500 Nigerian soldiers and 1,000 Police CTU and they will jointly defend the stretch between Gamboru and Geidam from infiltration. Give them 40 APCs, mortars, gun-trucks and some armoured fighting vehicles. If the neighbours like, let them not defend their borders. Boko Haram will prey on them. Were they not aware when Boko Haram were using their territories as rear bases and logistics supply lines?

      Reply :

      Patriot Beegeagle, I agree with you 100% on the above.

    • Augustine says:

      Nigerian leaders, beegeagle is burning with patriotic zeal to fight for the recovery of Nigeria’s stolen glory in this war, please give him a chance to serve our fatherland in this Boko Haram war media campaign. Our humble appeal to the powers that be in Abuja. Thank you sirs. God bless you all.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Strongly supported. BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG will bring the kind of intellectual and factual reporting that is missing in our PR attempts.
      Our NA Oga’s at the top, this is a really good offer to promote the Nigerian side of the story in irrefutable terms. We can’t continue letting the foreign press rubbish our gallant army and blessed nation.

  27. beegeagle says:


    Something is not adding up, Malam Fatori was the first town the Tchadians claimed when the offensive started in late January, there must have been an unreported reversal then a counter-reversal since now the Tchadians are claiming Malam Fatori and a new town (Damasak) I think The MNJTF cannot have FOB’s @ the border, they have to push in to destroy BH counter attack staging areas. There is truly a thick fog over this war right now, we have to carefully sift what the Tchadians say and compare it to the reports of contact trickling in, if an area is still taking ground infantry contact it must still be contested.

    • beegeagle says:

      I knew it was a lie, Roscoe because less than seven days after, BH attacked the Niger towns of Bosso and Diffa from Malam Fatori.

      Check the reports from the first decant of February and you will see what we mean

  28. makanaky says:

    I will say it again the Chadians effort in this BH issue is by design , the script was written years ago.
    Guys open your eyes or be humiliated not in the armed conflict but in the media war !
    Send them packing, they were invited because at a stage Nigeria was desperate for a solution to BH.

    • igbi says:

      actually, it is the cameroonians who called for chadian help and the cgadians pretexted that they were attacked by boko gay terrorists who retreated to gambaru, then they requested permission from Nigeria to excert right to hotpursuit and it was granted.

  29. Kola Adekola says:

    My Oga’s, I de salot o!

    We should see the negative press onslaught for the propaganda that it is. As it is with lies, we have seen the propaganda change with time as new lies are needed to cover old lies and new realities.

    1. It started out as accusations of poverty and neglect of Northern states due to the FG, this is despite the fact that (a) states have their own governments and (b) Borno state receives the 10th highest Federal allocations.
    2. The accusations morphed to human rights abuses, with claims that the people did not know who to fear most between boko haram and the Nigerian army. This was roundly proven to be false when the “oh so very terrified” people formed themselves into vigilante groups to support the army they were supposed to be terrified of.
    3. Then for a brief time, Amnesty International held sway with outrageously false accusations.
    4. After Amnesty International had been discredited, the haters turned on the Civilian JTF, claiming the army was arming and using them to perpetrate massacres. The questions for this most stupid assertion would be, massacres of who exactly? Themselves?
    5. All of these switched to an attack on the army by politicians with identity issues. We saw protests by officers wives against call to duty as well as other battle field setbacks; only for our own politicians and journalists to begin talking as if they are, enemies, speculators and foreigners who have no stake in our dear country; to the extent that someone even went campaigning with these false issues in Chatham House, London UK!
    Of course, the real enemies saw this as their big break to begin insulting both our sovereignty and our army. Even little Chad that is led by an unwashed thug is chipping in.
    6. The latest twist in the propaganda journey is that Chad has a better trained and equipped army than Nigeria! Even a fool wouldn’t have coined this, but they print it anyway and our self-hating press copies and pastes it to weaken Nigerians.

    The aim of negative propaganda is to demoralise, deceive and create conditions. Some of us fear that history is being rewritten, but the purpose of propaganda is always more sinister and hardly ever considers history. Today, no weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq, but Saddam is dead and Iraq is like hell.

    To a degree, we cannot prevent what foreigners write, because they have a goal. Our solace lies in the fact that propaganda is always short lived, so like the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, the stories of Chad beating boko haram will eventually turn foolish, especially as nobody can invent any place “the size of Belgium” (God punish una) that they can claim Chad liberated, neither can they change the position of Gamboru on the map (even if BBC decides to obfuscate facts by calling the town Ngala on some maps).

    However, we MUST work to find out the target of their propaganda, to that end we should carry out an audit of our assets, rare earth metals (strategic for electronics and advanced weapons parts), oil, military, economy, our UNITY and our IDENTITY. When we aggregate and recurse through our asserts, we will find out what it is Joe foreigner is so interested in that he is willing to destroy Nigeria to get.

    As for Idriss Deby, Saddam fought Iran on behalf of the US. Today, Iran is standing strong and Saddam is dead, killed by US policy. Idriss Deby might also want to ask where Mobutu Sese Seko is today. After all, Chad has nothing to offer the world, it is a dirt poor country(5th poorest in the world), but its capital Ndjamena is the 2nd most expensive city in the world, someone posted yesterday that a packet of spaghetti costs 1000 Naira there. The only thing Chad has going is that it hosts US and French military bases – Idriss Deby will very likely learn how expendable he is when this boko haram crisis is over, or when Obama’s horrid presidency ends in two short year from now, or if fences need to be mended with Nigeria. The man is one fool I wouldn’t be worried about.

    • rugged7 says:

      Obama presidency has been an unmitigated disaster for Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.
      Can’t wait for his presidency to be done and dusted…

  30. rugged7 says:

    Western propaganda as usual…

    “This regional response seems to have stiffened Nigeria’s spine as its troops have fought more effectively in recent weeks, chasing Boko Haram fighters out of some of the territory they controlled, Western officials said. “They got their nose bloodied,” said Col. George K. Thiebes, who commands American Special Operations troops in West Africa.”

    These our American “friends” keep on opening their big mouths too wide. Nigeria will shut it up for them one day. Bunch of morons…

    • asorockweb says:

      We did get our “noses bloodied”.

      What is missing is:
      “but they decided to grab the bull by the horns, and now, we are seeing great results from the Nigerian Army”

    • igbi says:

      I am almost sure the american “don’t ask don’t tell” colonel is saying that boko gayram got their noze bloodied, not Nigeria.

  31. asorockweb says:

    May the right way to counter the negative narrative is to start rewriting any anti-Nigerian article we find.

    Show the author/editor with mostly their own words, what they could have written if they wanted to have a factual and informative news piece.

    At the end of the rewrite, try and explain how and why the author went wrong.

    • asorockweb says:

      Maybe the right way to counter the negative narrative is to start rewriting any anti-Nigerian article we find.

      Show the author/editor with mostly their own words, what they could have written if they wanted to have a factual and informative news piece.

      At the end of the rewrite, try and explain how and why the author went wrong.

  32. asorockweb says:

    When the DHQ setup the joint ops with Chad, they should have at the very least, setup a joint media center.

    Nobody is leading our fight against BH, now we have introduce a third party and nobody is leading the combined effort either.

    Leadership, leadership, where art thou?

  33. Oje says:

    We cannot expect positive media reviews when countries as small as Chad and Niger are conducting military operations on NIGERIAN SOIL. This is enough to wake Awolowo and Azikiwe from the grave. No matter the sucesses Nigeria makes the presence of foreign troops will invariably always be the main point of attraction. To get back the glory we deserve we need to dissolve this MNJTF and let Nigeria alone fight and defeat Boko Haram, it will be extremely difficult for the Western media to give credit to Chad or Cameroon if they are not involved in military operations in Nigeria.

  34. beegeagle says:

    McShegz…technical director. Time don reach again o.

  35. beegeagle says:

    To be candid, I am not angry with Dario.

    Some people would like to turn this place into an accordion…a symphony orchestra of uniformly minded jingoists and hyper-patriots. The truth is that without those grumpy naysayers in here and others who some of us would like to see the backs of, this blog would be mistaken for a propaganda tool and its lustre will disappear. The reason why people from across the globe are hooked on these pages is its diversity of perspectives. Shorn of that, our audience would be less enamoured. A symphony is orchestrated and that is what is untenable in my books since it does not obviate editorial balance.

    We must be careful of prodding this blog down a ruinous path which will kill its power and reach because that would take us back to square one.

    Be a blogger and allow me to do what we know best. In five years, I have never asked anybody what to post next yet the blog is booming. Perhaps one’s use of discretion has served the blog well.

    You are not forgiven because there was no bitterness ab initio 🙂 You are welcome.

  36. schearbeek says:

    Naijaseal,i agree with you,in as much Oga Beegeagle is doing his best to get the re picture of whats happening in the battlefield out ,we bloggers of Beegeagle have to support him,he can not do it all alone,we have to make sure the truth get to everybody and see how our gallant soldiers are fighting and dying to protect us.

    God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria

  37. Delvin says:

    Oga beegs. Please allow me to suggest you creating a thread or threads that would be promoted on social media around the country. Like a sponsored thread that will educate Nigerians in a simplified way about the gains of the NA. Sir, I believe that such a thread will apart from being informative, foster a patriotic spirit in Nigerians. Believe me sir, I know it might seem stressful but it will be well worth the stress.

  38. beegeagle says:

    🙂 😥 These are intensive mind games. Common uparmoured Hummer..no show,



  39. rugged7 says:

    Nigeria denies leaking schoolgirls‏’ rescue plan

    02 March 2015 20:06 (Last updated 03 March 2015 08:40)
    U.S. generals reportedly accused Nigerian commanders of colluding with Boko Haram
    By Rafiu Ajakaye
    A senior Nigerian army official on Monday denied reports that the U.S. military had abandoned plans to help search for dozens of abducted Nigerian schoolgirls because local commanders were leaking the plans to the Boko Haram militant group.

    “There was never a planned rescue operation to be carried out along with the U.S.,” a Nigerian Defense Ministry official told the Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity.

    “The terms of the cooperation or assistance never included any kinetic operation,” he insisted.

    In April of last year, Boko Haram militants abducted 276 girls from their school dormitories in northeastern Borno State’s town of Chibok, according to official accounts.

    Boko Haram kingpin Abubakar Shekau later claimed responsibility for the abductions, offering to trade the kidnapped girls for detained militants held by the Nigerian authorities.

    At least 57 of the girls subsequently managed to escape their captors. The fate of the remaining girls, however, remains unknown.

    At the time, the incident made global headlines, and several countries – including the U.S. – had offered to help Nigeria find the schoolgirls.

    Local media reports, however, have quoted unnamed U.S. generals as saying that Washington had now abandoned these efforts because top local military commanders were colluding with Boko Haram.

    The Nigerian Defense Ministry official, who asked not to be named due to the issue’s sensitivity, denied the claim.

    “All… actionable intelligence from committed partners has always been well utilized in counterterrorism operations,” he told AA.

    At no time, he asserted, did the Americans visit the restive region.

    “Despite the unfettered access granted them, they never visited the northeast even once,” he said.

    He went on to accuse Washington of working behind the scenes to discredit and frustrate Nigerian rescue efforts.

    “This claim characterizes the behind-the-scenes efforts of some foreign officials bent on capitalizing on the security situation here to find a means of discrediting the Nigerian military after failing to be of any meaningful assistance,” said the official.

    “At best, this claim is just another alibi by some quarters involved in carrying out a destructive campaign against the reputation of the Nigerian military,” he suggested.

    In a recent interview, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan promised to rescue the girls alive.

    Relations between Nigeria and the U.S. appear to have hit at an all-time low amid repeated differences on a host of issues, including ongoing counterterrorism operations.

    Since 2009, Nigeria has battled a fierce Boko Haram insurgency that has ravaged the country’s volatile northeast and left thousands dead.

    The insurgency, said to have claimed over 13,000 lives to date, is considered Nigeria’s worst security crisis since its three-year civil war from 1967 to 1970.

    A seemingly emboldened Boko Haram recently stepped up its militant activity, seizing several areas of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states, where it has declared a self-styled “Islamic caliphate.”

    Last month, Nigeria postponed its general election from Feb. 14 to March 28, citing security concerns arising from the Boko Haram insurgency.

    The Nigerian army has since announced that it had successfully dislodged militants from a number of Boko Haram-held towns.


  40. rugged7 says:

    Analysis by Ryan Cummings @Pol_Sec_Analyst on Nigeria and its Neigbours
    · Mar 2
    1/The common, and perhaps misguided, narrative is that #Nigeria army has been inept at curtailing the #Bokoharam threat until now.
    2/Many will argue that elections is the only variable which has spurred government into action against #BokoHaram & why gains are being made
    3/Both claims are problematic. Firstly, SOE declared in May 2013 & associated ground & air offensive in Sambisa curtailed #BokoHaram
    4/#BokoHaram’s westward & southward advance was halted. Attacks became less frequent. It seemed as if the govt had gained the upper hand.
    5/But Sambisa bombardment forced #BokoHaram to likely move key logistical & operational networks to Mandara, #Cameroon & even #Niger
    6/This not only allowed #BokoHaram to avoid military operations but allowed sect to rearm, recruit & replenish with relative impunity
    7/#Nigeria army never had mandate to undertake cross-border military operations. Regional govts denied #BokoHaram contagion & failed to act
    8/ #BokoHaram could raid #Nigeria territory. Slowly gaining a foothold. Forward bases were created, while rear bases remained untouched
    9/The insurgency burgeoned and the Nigerian army saw the tide turn against them. #BokoHaram started to capture & hold territory
    10/This trend continued until after #Baga. This is when govts of Lake #Chad basin could no longer deny that #Bokoharam was entrenched in region
    11/The recent successes by #Nigeria army is due to its neighbors taking firm action against #BokoHaram & no longer providing it a safe haven
    12/Fortunately (or unfortunately) regional cooperation came during election cycle. But govt had to use impetus to illicit regional response
    13/ My concern is that #BokoHaram COIN remains focused on #Nigeria. Networks in #Cameroon/#Niger still not threatened. This must be addressed

    • rugged7 says:

      This is by far the fairest analysis of the counter insurgency operations in the north east by any foreign correspondent.
      And the scary thing is he seems uncannily correct in this analysis of the situation.
      The rest of the foreign media-bbc,cnn,al jazeera and other “foreign Nigeria experts” have absolutely no clue or have pre-decided on what narrative will sell in their papers or media.

    • igbi says:

      The media these days focusses all its resources on character assasination, propaganda, they no longer have time to tell the truth. That is why things as simple as what this analyst has written are unlikely to be seen on the western media and on the media of african countries jealous of Nigeria.

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