STEYR 4K 7FA-G127 tracked armoured personnel carriers of the Nigerian Army


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  1. okomonika says:

    I think when this war is over we should sell off all steyr APCs and shop new tracked ones

    • asorockweb says:

      STEYR 4K 7FA is good vehicle for us. We know how to maintain them and we have trained and fought with them. So why sell it off?

      They are more modern than some of the stuff we are buying now.

    • Saleh says:

      @okomonika why do you think they should be sold

  2. jimmy says:

    No we need them for MARSHY areas and they tend to take a beating and keep on ticking i.e. ;low maintenance.
    Now about those highly detestable toyota hiluxes ……..

  3. drag_on says:

    Well it seems as though the French are more proactive in protecting her interest than we are?


    Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said France would increase its West African
    counterinsurgency force to support the fight against Boko Haram. The roughly 3,000
    troops had largely tracked al Qaeda-linked militants spanning across the Sahara from
    Mauritania in the west and southern Libya in the east.

    End Quote.

    They are increasing their forces in the magreb.The force spans from Mauritania to Libya.The increase is obviously to counter ISIS/BH. So….., what are we going to do to counter ISIS since our army is engaged? France can pull out of Africa if they want to at any time but not us.


    On Wednesday, the United States announced that it would seek to revive a training
    program with the Nigerian military pulled last year after a dispute over weapons

    End Quote.

    It seems the U.S. want to restart training of our soldiers. I wonder what has changed.

  4. KKY says:

    The French are WELL embedded in Africa, West Africa to be precise.

    This three-part series tells the story of ‘France Afrique’: a brutal and nefarious tale of corruption, massacres, dictators supported and progressive leaders murdered, weapon-smuggling, cloak-and-dagger secret services, and spectacular military operations.

    • igbi says:

      That is why I maintain that francophone west africa is still a french colony.

    • igbi says:

      There are better sources than aljazeera. Don’t walk next to aljazeera in a dark corridor. but it us true that francophone west africa remains a colony.

  5. Sir Kay says:


    NAF carried-out two Airstrikes on mine-trapped Hills surrounding Gwoza and Limankara, in push towards Boko Haram last stronghold, DHQ states

  6. ugobassey says:

    The question is not wether NA can take Sambisa alone, of course they can….with high casualties involved how if this MNJTF is to mean thing then DHQ should use them where they are most required. The fact that we are carrying out probing raids on Sambisa goes to confirm that this is going to be a tough nut to crack.

    • asorockweb says:

      I guess the real question is “how many men can MNJTF bring to the table?”

      There are 2 armies in MNJTF – Chad and Nigeria.

      Currently Chad has committed 2500 troops and they already have their hands full. Fotokol was attacked while under Chadian guard and there was also a break through by BH to take a town behind Chadian lines.

      Chad should guard Cameroun – apart from BIR, the Cameroonians have very little capability or capacity. Cameroun needs guarding because there are BH camps in Cameroun.

      If it’s true that Sambisa is cut off and isolated, then the NA can take it’s time and completely finish the job.

      It’s our job, it’s in the middle of Bornu state. We have the shortest logistical lines, we have the Intel.
      Are we bringing in foreign troops just to share the cost in blood? Why is a dead Chadian worth less than a dead Nigerian?

  7. Kola Adekola says:

    General Beegs, I have a post awaiting moderation. Please can it be released? Thank you, my Oga.

    • asorockweb says:

      “The US is doing what it has been asked to do; we are providing training, manpower development, capacity building and we have assisted Nigeria with billions”

      Billions? In us dollars? The man lies.

    • igbi says:

      We never asked for usa troops in the first place.
      He should rather tell us why the hypocrisy on fake human rights abuses ?
      What is the true reason why they tried to starve the Nigerian military during this war against boko haram ?
      Why has the usa media been uplifting the image of boko haram and ridiculing Nigeria and its armed forces ?
      Why is obama not as against terrorism as a normal president or human being should be ?

  8. Emmanuel says:

    Apart from Boko Haram, there are also rampaging marauders, the so called “Fulani herdsmen” or “Fulani gunmen” terrorizing and killing people in Kaduna, Nassarawa, Jos, Taraba, Benue, even down south! These guys are everywhere and are a potential security threat! I hope the authorities also pay attention to this!!

  9. Augustine says:

    The error with the Nigerian STEYR 4K 7FA-G127 tracked armoured personnel carriers started with poor armament and firepower. Mostly armed with 12.7 mm guns, We should have armed the APCs with 20 mm cannon version readily available then, but as usual, Nigerian army loves to buy the weaker guns like a tradition.

    Most of the 250 to 300 units we had are already obsolete, rusty and mechanically worn out by age and poor maintenance. I think some few dozens were refurbished in the last decade or so, those the nice clean one you see above.

    Yet they fell into the hands of Bokos due to poor firepower of their 12.7 mm machine guns and we destroyed them in battle.

    So, we many have about half the original numbers in service. What have we gained from the Austrian manufacturer since 1980s ? Nothing but assembly plant level. We could not even upgrade it ourselves or re-model them.

    I would rather sell off the remaining NA Steyr APCs .

    Then I would buy Russian MT-LB as replacement, get technology from Russia and mass produce many versions with various armaments on MT-LB APC, 14.5 mm, twin 23 mm, 30 mm, 40 mm, 82 mm mortar, troop transport, ATGM launcher, command and communications center, ambulance, cargo and battlefield resupply, ground search battlefield surveillance radar, etc.

    I would up-armour the MT-LB, add night combat capability, observation periscope, and cage protection. I would have a good COIN vehicle with tracked wheels that drives over desert sand, mud, marshland, swim across Lake Chad in amphibious role, etc……all for about $250,000 per unit with all these options and upgrades fully loaded.

  10. tim says:

    What the hell are we doing with BMP 1’s? With that slow 73mm gun…….cant the gun be replaced with a 30mm cannon?

  11. asorockweb says:

    Replacing the 4K 7FA with the MT-LB is like replacing your 504 with a 404.

    If you want bigger guns for the 4K 7FA then say so.

    Several MT-LBs were captured in the Bazza-Mubi axis, so the fact that 4K 7FA IFVs were captured means nothing.

    The MT-LB is a lightly armoured auxiliary vehicle that was designed initial for the soviet artillery corps.

    The 4K 7FA is much better armoured than the MT-LB. The 4K 7FA is a fighting vehicle by design.

    You can’t say that the 4K 7FA IFVs that fell into enemy hands was because the vehicles were armed with 12.7mm HMGs. You have no evidence for that statement and the statement doesn’t make any sense.
    Our big-foot MRAPs are armed with 12.7mm HMGs.
    The captured Vickers tanks were armed with 105mm guns, the tank destroyers that were also captured were armed with 90mm guns. 105mm artillery pieces were also captured. BH also captured at least one of our quad 23mm-gun vehicles.

    I really don’t understand the love for big guns. Have we asked ourselves how many 30mm shells we can reasonably expect to carry into battle? – the gun system that you referenced above is armed only with 150 rds. The 30mm system for our BTR-4 carries only 300 rounds.

    If one is expected to fight for more than a few minutes at a time, than you need your machine guns that have several thousand rounds available.

    A typical BH column is made up of masses of gun men and a handful of technicals. Without your machine guns, the gunmen will close-in and then, the size of the guns no longer matters, in fact, the smaller gun will prevail.

    A 30mm cannon is a tool. A 12.7mm HMG is a tool. A 7.62mm MG is a tool.
    Every tool has it’s own purpose.

  12. ugobassey says:

    @ Oga Augustine
    Isnt it time FG stepped in a nationalized some of the obsolete so called plants and maybe even hand it over to DICON or PROFORCE for faster backward integration? I say take over ANNAMCO, STEYR, even VON and have it run as a Chinese-private investors joint partnership.

    • ozed says:

      Oga me Noooo! We are even saying Govt should hand down the commercial development of defense blueprints to local investors to operate and give them contracts to supply the stuff as required. Just like the deal for body Armour.

      Thats the model the developed world uses. Can you name me one govt. business that operates well? NAFCON? Ajaokuta? Delta Steel? The original car assemblies?

      Abeg make we no make that mistake my bro.

      • asorockweb says:


      • Private companies are naturally more inovative, thier continued existence depends on that innovation. So we should let private tech companies drive our weapons industry and gurantee them a market if they make good stuff. Govt enterprises r generally nt good for inovation, they can only regulate

  13. Julius says:

    Enjoy sirs.

  14. Manny Aydel says:

    @Oga Ugo Bassey, VON (Volkswagen of Nigeria) has since been bought by Tata of India. The plant is used to produce Tata cars and a part of it is leased to Nissan where SUVs are currently being produced. Your point is cogent though, with respect to Nigeria increasing its capacity to produce essential platforms domestically.

  15. Manny Aydel says:

    @Oga Julius, BH shege! Many thanks for posting this. Kudos to the gallant officers and troops of the Nigerian Armed Forces!

  16. Augustine says:

    @asorockweb, you need to pay attention to technical issues, also read people’s comments very well, perhaps get a laptop with bigger screen for you to see comments clearly, open the web links and photos people post, then ignore your personal emotions and face technical or tactical issues before you reply people.

    1. Who told you Steyr APC has better armour than MT-LB ? They are both equal on steel of about 12 tonnes, so who dash your Steyr APC better armour on the same 12 tonnes of steel ?

    2. Did you not see my comment said I will fully upgrade and also up-armour the MT-LB and I posted the upgrading company’s official data sheet of specifications and the web link has images of extra new armour on MT-LB including side skirts… you read people’s comment before you try to knock them down…..with your obsolete Steyr APC.

    3. Your Vickers tank fell to Boko because it is a piece of ancient crap and poorly maintained military junk, an RPG HEAT will eat it for breakfast.

    Show me where Boko Haram captured a Nigerian army armoured vehicle that has 23 mm cannon. Your Steyr APC will lose because of it’s 12.7 mm gun unless maybe it’s fuel ran out. One single lone NA Shilka with 23 mm cannon held Nigerian army positions impregnable until ammo ran out at Monguno battle after which the Shilka safely withdrew and returned back to HQ.

    4. The reason armies have big guns in addition to small guns is to defeat fortifications, thick walls and bunkers, 23 mm wont breech a wall easily, 40 mm will do far better, then range. Your 23 mm will go 3 km, your 40 mm will take out a farther enemy position 6 km away. Different gun calibre for different types of targets.

    5. Extra ammo can be carried in the MT-LB cabin for reload, who told you that 30 mm cannon gets finished and the vehicle is hopeless? Well hopeless if that army was dumb enough not to carry extra ammo in cabin cargo hold. 23 mm ammo comes in boxes, you pull out empty cartridge, you put in a new ready to use cartridge. Then resupply chain is basic for armies that know what war is, where is your HQ to frontline supply chain?

    6. Bros, your ancient Steyr APC will be like a toy beside an upgraded MT-LB….the armour superiority of the MT-LB upgrade is easy to spot in the photo……

    • asorockweb says:

      Please read about the MT-LB and the 4K 7FA 1st.

      MT-LB is clearly described as a “lightly armoured” utility vehicle.

      The 4K 7FA was designed as a fighting vehicle and can resist 20mm rounds in it’s frontal arc.

      • jimmy says:

        Oga rugged I beg leave Igbi alone.There are bigger things to talk about.Good. clarification from Oga Jona.Oga Henry make you relax small now.The battle even from an amateur’s point of view appeared in its final stages, guys just letting of steam. Good morning my peeps

        Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

      • Augustine says:

        @asorockweb you seem to have comprehension issues. I posted data specs sheet for upgraded version of MT-LB and you are still ranting and asking me to go read about older base versions of MT-LB that has older basic light armor? Like to you, comprehension of a simple paragraph is rocket science, and when they explain to you with infallible proof from sources, you still keep ranting falsehood. If someone like you controls government in Nigeria we are all going to be ruined.

    • asorockweb says:

      The MT-LB is a LIGHTLY ARMOURED utility vehicle.

      It was designed as a LIGHTLY ARMOURED auxiliary vehicle for rear-guard duties like hauling artillery pieces.

      All vehicle in our armoury where captured by BH.
      From Hilux armed with 7.62 MG to T-55 tanks. Yes a Shilka with it’s quad 23mm gun was captured.

      How can you logically thinks that the size of a gun will stop a vehicle from being captured? What kind of logic is that?

      You talk of shooting at targets 3km away using a 23mm cannon, with your naked eyes?

      I will support you if you say we should buy a MODERN IFV to replace the 4K 7FA, but one cannot replace a purpose built vehicle like the 4K 7FA with an old, lightly armoured utility tractor like the MT-LB.

      The MT-LB is LIGHTLY ARMOURED. It’s skin will easily be pictured is you put it in the frontlines.

      • Augustine says:

        @asorockweb, you like ranting a lot about weapons and equipment specifications and capabilities, but when we read your rants all we see are private opinions from your bedroom with zero sources of credible data. Pride also prevents you from admitting you are wrong even when multiple evidence is presented to show you the truth.

        You wanna go far in life and career man? Drop that habit. Just advising you.

      • asorockweb says:

        The MT-LB (multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicle) is a Soviet multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle, which was first introduced in the late 1960s

        Please note the “lightly armoured”. Whenever the designers of a vehicle states that it is lightly armoured, what they are saying to you is “Not a fighting vehicle”

    • asorockweb says:

      You want to replace a vehicle that was introduced in the mid-70s with something that was designed in the 60s?

      Why not go for something that was introduced in the 90s or maybe even brand new?

      Why are you encouraging our politicians to buy crap for us?

      We are complaining that $US500million was wasted on a dozen used aircraft and you want to encourage the politicians to go into more bad deals?

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