Nigerian troops dismount from a military transport plane of the Nigerian Air Force at Maiduguri

A Scorpion light tank (left) and an Otokar Cobra APC of the Nigerian Army

An Otokar Cobra APC of the Nigerian Army


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  1. jimmy says:

    One of the more interesting aspect of this asymmetric war it how truly diverse you can see as this war has reached it’s climax or whatever you might call it whether it is a screen grab the amount of diverse apcs
    In this picture and that hilarious ” MOVIE” by the CJTF fellow you went from the Hiluxes , Landcruisers, APCS Steyrs ,big foot, to the to the T-72S.
    It is interesting to see how far we have come hopefully we shall see the first T90S come by the NORMAL WAY I.E. BY SHIP.

  2. jimmy says:

    Does anyone have any reports on how these SCORPION TANKS have performed in this war?

    • Are James says:

      Three generations of armoured corps and mechanized infantry officers slept and woke up in the Scorpion Tanks. Many military coups were executed with this same machine, it is actually the NA’s version of the Alpha Jet that they are very familiar with. I think we had initial issues with spare parts and ammo but that should be over now so the performance of the Scorpion Tanks must have been good.

  3. beegeagle says:

    We have two types of Scorpion in service – for a total of 150 units. Some carry 76mm guns while the 36 units which were upgraded by Messrs MarshPearl carry 90mm guns.

    • lachit says:
      this link though 5 months old mentions nigerian air force interest in buying SCORPION light attack jet.
      but going by US lack of interest in selling weapons to nigeria it seems unlikely as of now.Having said that, i believe SCORPION is best suited for nigeria needs and she should actively persue will be a force multiplier in no small terms.

      Karakorum-8 is a likely choice but its major disadvantage is that it not as refined as the SCORPION for light attack, surveillance and reconnaissance.and does not sport new technologies. .

      however EMB 314 Super Tucano is also a good choice given that it is combat tested, incorporates 4th generation avionics and weapons system to deliver precision guided munitions, plus it can operate in high temperature and in extremely rugged terrain.

      and last but not the least there is AHRLAC Holdings Ahrlac (Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft) a light reconnaissance and counter-insurgency aircraft developed by South Africa.if nigeria decides to wait for it .i think it will be a good decision in the end incase scorpion is not is optimised for usage of various infrared and optical cameras, synthetic aperture radar, electronic intelligence gathering and electronic warfare equipment.and there are no US made parts so it cannot be blocked for sale.

      and another aircraft which triumps all others is the YAK 130 .as a trainer it is able to replicate the characteristics of several 4+ generation fighters as well as the fifth-generation Sukhoi PAK FA. It can also perform light-attack and reconnaissance duties, carrying a combat load of 3,000 kg.however for Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance ISR missions it falls short of expectations.but the russians will be more than willing to fit all the necessary equipments provided the client provides funding for it..

      nigeria should be careful in choosing the right platform and in all probability go for G to G
      deal.these will ensure transparency and a better deal.

      these aircrafts will prove invaluable in the long run because
      1.they can serve as the 1st stage training aircrafts
      2.they can support counter insurgency (COIN) operations.
      3.they can be armed with air-to-air missiles, cluster bombs,guided munitions, rocket pods and various calibre machine guns for close air support tasks and destroying low performance aircrafts.
      4.these aircrafts have provision for night-vision goggle compatible glass cockpit with hands-on-throttle-and-stick controls, forward-looking infrared, chaff/flare dispensers, missile approach warning receiver systems and radar warning receivers etc.
      5.these aircraft can be used for standalone ISR missions or armed reconnaissance.
      6.also the cost of operating these aircrafts is low and they are maintenance friendly.
      7.they are optimized for operation from rugged airstrips under hot and humid conditions,though yak 130 might struggle at this.

      around 40-46 aircrafts of this type will nicely set up the foundation for acquiring higher performance aircrafts like the su 27/30/34/35 etc in the long run.

      u had made a post previously regarding light attack crafts and i thought i should elaborate on it . hope all of u like it.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Lachit, that was a good post. You mentioned the Yak-130 for its 4+ generation features. What do you think about the Sukhoi S-54 which shares the 4+ gen features of the Yakovlev and is also Russian? Especially as concerns possibilities for technology transfer/acquisition?
        It can also replicate the characteristics of 4+ generation fighters and the 5th gen PAK FA, but does not have ISR capabilities.

      • lachit says:

        @kola adekola
        as far as i know
        the su 54 single-engine two-seat advanced supersonic trainer and light combat aircraft never proceeded to the production was part of the competition where it lost to yak 130.

      • Are James says:

        We don’t need the South African toy air craft AHRLAC. I would go so far as to suggest that we even keep our current COIN capability represented be some upgraded Alpha Jets, Chinese UCAVs and the F7 NI jets with the improvised tactics we are currently using against Boko Haram. That should do it for COIN aircraft and no more manned aircraft should be procured for chasing insurgents.
        What we need urgently is to put NAF on the path of transformation by acquiring two or three squadrons of long legged 4.5 Gen Aircraft from China or Russia. Simultaneously we should channel funds that we had wanted to deploy to buy COIN aircraft to local development of technologies for low speed ground attack aircraft, UAV rotary IC engines and local surveillance technologies. The world is going to be an interesting place soon Nigeria needs a very agile defence procurement and technology development strategy.

      • lachit says:

        continuing from above………………….
        according to wiki nigeria has the following types of trainer/light attack aircrafts
        alpha jet 11 nos
        Aermacchi MB-339 12 nos
        Aero L-39 Albatros 17 nos
        total 40 nos

        these birds have been effectively utilized in operations against boko haram.
        as most of these have been purchased almost a decade ago they are in need of replacement in a phased manner.
        additionally adequate amount of ground-based simulators should be purchased to enhance pilot skills and reduce costs.

        the The Aero L-159 ALCA derived from the Aero L-59 is also a good option since it is optimized for a variety of air-to-air, air-to-ground and reconnaissance missions.
        it is equipped with a multi-mode Doppler Grifo-L radar for all-weather, day and night operations.

        MB-339 T-Bird II is the latest version of Aermacchi MB-339 it is equipped with laser rangefinder, radars, AIM-9L Sidewinder and AGM-65 Maverick capability.

        The two-seat, two-engine chinese Hongdu L-15 FALCON is also a good option since it features quadruple fly-by-wire cockpit (two multi-color head down displays for both the front and rear cockpit,and an additional head-up display for the front cockpit)
        3.hands-on-throttle-and-stick flight control.
        The aerodynamic performance of the aircraft is enhanced by its large leading edge extensions (LEX) design, which gives a maximum angle of attack of 30°. considering that nigeria is looking to buy jf 17,L-15 will be optimised perfectely to stimulate the flight characteristics of jf 17.

        The south korean FA-50 is the most advanced version of the T-50. It is equipped with a modified Israeli EL/M-2032 pulse-Doppler radar with further Korean-specific modifications by LIG Nex1 and has more internal fuel capacity, enhanced avionics, a longer radome and a tactical is designed to operate as a full-fledged combat platform for precision-guided weapons, air-to-air missiles and air-to-ground missiles.
        The TA-50 can mount additional utility pods for reconnaissance, targeting assistance, and electronic warfare. Reconnaissance and electronic warfare variants are also being developed, designated as RA-50 and EA-50.

        BASIC CRITERIA which should be kept in mind for selection of trainer/light attack aircraft

        1.should have high transonic configurations, with atleast limited supersonic capabilities, which should inturn allow it to cover both the primary role of advanced/fighter-lead-in training and also that of a lightweight fighter.

        2.high angle of attack capability, meaning the ability to effectively manoeuvre above 30-35 degrees, with additional potential for high energy manoeuvrability, expecially in the transonic arena, with high turn rates.

        3.provisions for progressively increasing the performance and handling cabability to match the pupil capabilities, up to the point of matching the operational aircraft flying qualities (in-flight simulation).

        4.must be able to reproduce the cockpit environment of modern combat aircrafts.

        5. in a secondary role should have a robust fighting capabilities . a supersonic configuration, expecially for point defence roles would be a big advantage.

        6.must be able to conduct ISR( intelligence,survillance and recon ) missions with modular payload attachments specific to mission needs.

        7. must have low operating costs and should be able to operate from short runways and in hot/high conditions.

        this concludes my summary and looking forward to suggestions/contradictions

      • lachit says:

        @Are James
        yes u can upgrade the alpha jets but u fail to realize they are quite old and presently there exits no udgrade programmes for it so upgrading it is going to be a costly effort.finally it is ur choice.

        UCAVs are not the mother of all solutions.the devil lies in the details.
        if that had been the case than everybody would have stopped buying manned aircrafts.
        even US is having lots of probem operating them.

        also what u failed to realize is that i pointed out the requirement of a next generation trainer with secondary COIN / ISR suggestions offer more bang for the money.

        **************surely u realize that trainers are a important part of any airforce especially if u r going to operate 4++ gen aircrafts.**********************

        and yes u should speed up the aquisition of 4++ aircrafts.but these aquisitions cannot be in isolation.necessary auxillary aircrafts like advanced trainers must be procured concurrently to effect a smooth transition from legacy f 7 aircrafts to advance su 27/30/35 ,j 10 etc


      • lachit says:

        @are james
        “We don’t need the South African toy air craft AHRLAC.”

        having a gung-ho attitude is never going to do anybody any good.

        one must be logical and pragmatic.

        and this is from my personal experience.

      • lachit says:

        here is a picture of chinese Hongdu L-15 FALCON one of the many options for next generation trainer with secondary COIN / ISR capability.

      • Are James says:

        MB 399T Bird II would be my recommended option for Trainer/ COIN because of accumulated experience on the type. However the NAF has to be more than an anti insurgent air strike force which problem while being an an irritant should not be the major focus of the force. We have disrespectful neighbours (temporary allies) who need to be persuaded not to get too big for their breeches.

      • lachit says:

        yes MB 399T Bird II is a good choice but the M-346 Master manufactured by the same company Alenia Aermacchi would be a far better option. there is commonality between the two.also recently israel has bought this aircraft for training its pilots.

        @are james
        “However the NAF has to be more than an anti insurgent air strike force which problem while being an an irritant should not be the major focus of the force”

        u have been reading between the lines.i am now copy pasting from my previous quotes
        which nowhere states that u should confine ur selves to aircrafts for fighting coin mission only:

        1.”also what u failed to realize is that i pointed out the requirement of a next generation trainer with secondary COIN / ISR suggestions offer more bang for the money.”
        2.”and yes u should speed up the aquisition of 4++ aircrafts.but these aquisitions cannot be in isolation.necessary auxillary aircrafts like advanced trainers must be procured concurrently to effect a smooth transition from legacy f 7 aircrafts to advance su 27/30/35 ,j 10 etc ”

        since it is clear that someday nigeria has to buy advance trainers then why not go for a platform which can support a wide variety of roles .
        sending su 30 for killing 20-30 terrorist is certainly a overkill when u can have coin optimized platform doing it with less cost and less maintenance.
        these will free up ur higher end 4++ aircrafts from fatigue, cost over runs and allow it to concentrate on its primary role of defending nigerian airspace.

        any nations airforce is made of aircrafts suited for different roles or better still dual roles
        1.u have trainer versions like scorpion etc tailored towards coin and isr mission
        2.u have air superiority fighters like su30 mki etc for air dominance and interceptor roles
        3.u have swing role aircrafts like rafale etc for deep penetration missions or interdiction missions.
        4.u have bomber/fighter like mig 27, jaguar etc for bombing missions,CAS missions.
        u cannot mix and match since each is optimized for a single or at the most 2 roles.

        NAF will most probably use the jf 17 for interdiction and CAS missions
        while su 27/30 etc will be for air superiority and force projection missions.
        and if it buy advance trainers like scorpion etc,they will use them for COIN and ISR missions.

        i hope i have cleared ur misunderstandings

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The AHRLAC’s engine is P&W and US made, no armour protection for cockpit, without flogging issues the SU25 would do just fine, as for then Scorpion, I have the last test flight reports, it has not even undergone any weapons flight testing and also no cockpit protection, the same Veto would never permit the sales to Nigeria. It offers nothing that puts it in the class of the Frogfoot

      • lachit says:

        @Capt Tobias Wilcock
        “without flogging issues the SU25 would do just fine”
        man what can i say,
        i rest my case. alas i can only explain so much.

        WRT the AHRLAC i had already said if ur willing to wait .
        comparison between scorpion and su 25 ?????
        i was talking about advance trainers with secondary coin and isr capabililty
        and su 25 is a dedicated CAS aircraft.
        they belong to two different classes ,u cant compare them.
        it is like comparing a tractor to a mercedes benz.

      • lachit says:

        i believe people think that scorpion is for light attack and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions only
        it can also act as a trainer infact Textron Airland confirmed that the Scorpion will be entered in the U.S. Air Force’s T-X trainer program competition.and necessary modifications are being carried out.

  4. mcshegz says:


  5. beegeagle says:

    McShegz 🙂 , I nuh dey blogspot o

    • mcshegz says:

      hehehe.. Oga, my bad.
      Abeg, no vex sir 🙂
      was too excited, got carried away
      Oga, na your hand we dey ohh
      God bless you hustle baba

  6. jimmy says:

    This is really cool.

  7. Are James says:

    This is the sort of picture we should use on a poster to drive recruitment into the armed forces.

  8. beegeagle says:


    LAGOS, March 12 (Xinhua)

    Nigerian troops have cleared members of Boko Haram out of Madagali, the last town held by the terrorists in restive northeast state of Adamawa, an official said on

    In a statement reaching Xinhua in Lagos, the nation’s economic hub, spokesperson for the Nigerian Defense Authority Chris Olukolade, who had been on a tour of the
    northeast region, said there were no
    casualties on the side of the Nigerian forces, which included the army, air
    force and other security agencies. He said mopping up was ongoing, and
    that more details would be provided by the Defense Headquarters.

    Meanwhile, the Presidential Campaign Organization of All Progressives Congress (APC), has applauded the armed forces recent victories in the fight against Boko
    Haram terrorists.

    The party’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu, said the achievement was
    commendable, noting that nobody could pretend to be ignorant of the huge progress that the military had made in the counter-insurgency war in the northeastern part of the country.

    “The armed forces, in collaboration with a multinational force made up of armies of neighboring African countries, have recorded a number of significant victories in the fight against Boko Haram, ” he added. “About 36 territories formerly in control of the insurgents have been taken back over the past few weeks. This is commendable. We congratulate our armed forces,” he said.

    Shehu wondered why it took the Federal Government this long to apply the current level of force against the insurgents. He said the government left the issue to fester for too long, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of lives and displacement of thousands of persons in the northeast.

    • igbi says:

      It is good that now every Nigerian is on the Nigerian side, always remember that our army is our army, it doesn’t belong to anyone it belongs to all of us. Politics will never seperate us from defending our land and encourageing our armed forces. We are Nigeria.

  9. igbi says:

    Western media is sounding more and more racist.

  10. rugged7 says:

    Ambassador Ayodele Oke, the director general of Nigeria’s National Intelligence Agency and Gabriel E. Okoi, Nigeria’s chief of defense intelligence Advice to the United States:
    Our “friends” failed us…

    • mcshegz says:

      Oge rugged7. I respect your hustle sir.

      Atlantic Council: Update on Security in Nigeria and the Campaign against Boko Haram

      A discussion with:
      Ambassador Ayodele Oke, CFR
      Director-General, National Intelligence Agency
      Federal Republic of Nigeria

      Rear Admiral Gabriel E. Okoi
      Chief of Defence Intelligence
      Federal Republic of Nigeria

      • mcshegz says:

        Chief of Defence Intelligence Rear Admiral Gabriel E. Okoi no dey joke with America ohh, hehehehe, the man just says it like it is, the plain truth, a bit diplomatic but, candid all the same; e dey hot ohh..

      • mcshegz says:

        Ambassador Ayodele Oke, CFR. Director-General, National Intelligence Agency
        “Armies do not fight wars, nations do, that includes, the media, citizens, and the private sector” Talk about words on marble.

      • Kay says:

        I watched all the video, great discussions but disagree on the timing of weapons bought. Gowon as a yardstick knew what was required to secure the nation, they had a plan B at the ready possibly because the people in charge of defense understood the implications.
        The excuse for why there’s corruption at 1:13:09-1:14:40 doesn’t hold, whilst there is a measure of blocked arms sales with Western nations hence using third parties, it does not explain why you then use third parties for countries like Russia,China and co. Iraqi government did direct govt deals and secured instant deliveries and still coming. Nigeria…! we’re still trying to secure few bits here and there.

      • Are James says:

        I am not impressed by these guys. They were probably the ones who mis-advised the President along the lines of giving Chad a visible role in all this business after Chad had turned itself into the protector of Cameroon. This was done without the mitigation plan of managing the information warfare nightmare that has ensued from it.
        The NIA itself is completely missing in action in the war against terror due to its obvious light footprint in Chad, Niger and Cameroon even though we have embassies in those countries. That organization is just a desk bound, memo writing body as far as I am concerned. The DIA should have solved the Boko Haram arms resupply, fuel supply logistics and recruitment methodology questions long time ago. The guys look bright enough but we need more oversight of these agencies by the Senate Defence committee and increased capabilities in terms of equipment and training.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        This is not our brightest and our best we can offer, power of persuading and expression is so low, they are unable to project the Nigerian views, square pegs in square holes. Put your self in the position of a foreigner listening to this responses. they might be good at their jobs, but not experts in PR

      • ocelot2006 says:

        @ Are James, the intelligence services probably work in the shadows.

  11. igbi says:

    it is kind of funny the way these crooked journalists use the words “cannot be independently verrified”. When they are writing pure fiction and speculations they don’t use that expression, but when they are quoting officials of a country which they don’t like, then they use that expression.
    One useless story is claiming south african mercenaries are stationned at maiduguru airport, then why don’t the useless junk paper go to the airport and film them and interview. Why make a claim of something that if true could be proved easily, and not come up with a proof. Where are the live combat images of your virtual “mercenaries”, I ask you western media, where is your proof ? Crooked bunch ! western corrupt media !

  12. igbi says:

    western media is corrupt

  13. Ufuo says:

    Oga igbi on overdrive… I actually have also seen that report u re quoting and i believe Oga Beegs too has. They even wemt as far as ridiculously stating that the Mercs fight in the night while our soldiers show up in d mormimg and claim the victory. For a reputable media outfit, how low can one get in order to ridicule a country. Some of us have join on the twitter Offensive. The irritating part is that our local news agencies just copy these reports and feed the populace. If we don’t tell our story no one else will. We need more of the type of military tour channels and co recently had with Maj Gen Olukolade.
    A quick digression, my ogas can we at some point set up a discussion on the possible implications of the BH/ISIS alliance on the region. Personally I feel it is high time we considered the request by the Egyptian Amb. Take the fight to the enemy in Libya while we fence our borders

  14. schearbeek says:

    I said it before ,if possible Oga beeg can contact atleast 2 of the local media house and see if we can get center pages for beegeagle blog so that the real fact can get to everybody .its only take comitment to do it,Atleast that will gather more Nigeria to support there Military and be aware of the success tey are recording in the AOR.nobody can tell our story better than we ourself

  15. Augustine says:

    Nigeria should reject ALL new military training offers from USA and UK. They now want share glory of our sweet new victory after refusing to sell weapons to us, what if Nigeria had collapsed and died from this Boko Haram war, will they have any Nigerian military left to train?

    If you allow them, they will change story next year and say it was their NATO standard training that made us defeat Boko Haram.

    All of them, USA and UK, chief among glory thieves.

  16. Augustine says:

    Cameroon doing 3% of the combat makes 60 minute video, Nigeria doing 90% of the combat makes 3 minute video. Are we economizing the use of DVD space ? I would personally prefer short videos but let there be many of them, say 5 minutes each for 20 videos well produced and with analysis/voice over. This war events are perishable, once the battles end, no recording can be made after the war. The footage, imagery and voices will vanish forever.

  17. igbi says:

    Western corrupt and stupid media listen: if we had your virtual mercenaries then videos of live combat involving the invented mercenaries would be on the internet by now. By the way we can see that the claim of “white army” (as some of you western corrupt and stupid media put it) is totally racist, you are only expressing your racist beliefs that black people are incapable of doing anything without white help. Shame on you ! And africans who are joigning the west in propagating this claim, you are a disgrace !

  18. igbi says:

    “Leading German Journalist Admits CIA ‘Bribed’ Him and Other Leaders of the Western ‘Press’”

  19. drag_on says:

    So Joe (other tread),you want to deal with facts? let’s look at your link from the nytimes.
    Their first fact is ; according to senior officials in the region. ( unnamed).

    DAKAR, Senegal — Hundreds of mercenaries from South Africa and other countries
    are playing a decisive role in Nigeria ’s military campaign against Boko Haram,
    operating attack helicopters and armored personnel carriers and fighting to retake
    towns and villages captured by the Islamist militant group, according to senior
    officials in the region.

    end quote.

    Here their first known source is mentioned as not acknowledging their presence but a ‘senior government official’ ghost says they are involved in most operations.


    ….”The Nigerian government has not acknowledged the presence of the mercenaries, but
    a senior government official in northern Nigeria.”…..

    end quote

    This ‘fact’ was collaborated by another ghost, a senior western ghost.

    A senior Western diplomat confirmed that the South Africans were playing “a major
    operational role,” particularly at night.

    end quote

    This senior ghost has no authorisation to speak.


    The mercenaries “are doing the heavy lifting,” said the diplomat, who was not
    authorized to speak publicly on the matter.

    end quote

  20. drag_on says:


    But wait,other ghost diplomats exist.


    Another diplomat, also unauthorized to speak publicly on the matter, said he
    believed the mercenary force was composed of fighters from other countries as well,
    but mainly South Africa .

    end quote

    followed by a senior Nigeria ghost


    According to the senior Nigerian official, Chad’s army was
    playing a significant role against Boko Haram, having recaptured a number of towns
    from the militants. But he said the South African mercenaries had also changed the
    momentum in the military effort.

    end quote.

    The funny part is that they don’t know the names of their own nyt ghosts,lol.


    Photographs showing white soldiers atop armored vehicles on what appears to be a
    major road in Maiduguri have been posted in recent days on Nigerian Twitter feeds.
    A correspondent for The New York Times in Maiduguri identified the location as the
    Baga Road.

    end quote

    First quote person with authority on the matter.


    In Washington, Nigeria’s chief of defense intelligence, Rear Adm. Gabriel E. Okoi,
    said in an interview on Wednesday that South African contractors had been hired in
    recent months to help train Nigerian troops. But he said he was unaware of any
    current or former members of South Africa’s military or security services hired to
    engage in active fighting against Boko Haram.

    end quote

    They then quote a former military ghost


    A report on his group’s site quotes a “former military intelligence officer” as saying
    that in Nigeria “most of the gunships” are being piloted by former South African Air
    Force members, “and they are flying a huge number of sorties, including nocturnal
    operations, with great success.”

    end quote

    see ghost story.

    • drag_on says:

      correct link

    • rugged7 says:

      YOU got the analysis pat.
      Ghost sources, Ghost reporters, Ghost information, Ghost western propaganda…

    • rdokoye says:

      White supremacy is as much laughable as it is hurtful. This is just the Western narrative playing out, the fixation on propagating black incompetence or inferiority, has become a crutch for many European peoples. These journalists are simply giving their people a daily dose of what they need; that feeling of superiority whether real or imagined.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga drag_on, that was a tour de force!
      Ghosts invoked by New York times, telling random racist porkies everywhere. Lol!

  21. Ufuo says:

    On a lighter note, Oga Drag _ on is now a ghost buster… *thumbs up*
    The night time fighters for me is a confirmation that they are on a smear campaign drive

  22. sometimes i really feel like BAshing the US in the head for its hypocritical stance on the issue of selling us weapons. Na buy we wan buy na, no be say we talk say make dem dash us. they are to blame for the rise of BH in this regard. ut na to dey arm militias them sabi. Pish!!!!

  23. colloid says:

    Oga drag on: THE GHOST BUSTER. Thanks for the ghost analysis. I think the “white” are the one that help us eradicate Ebola too in just two months? Who is superior? White or black? If white, why are there thousands of black Nigerian in their health sector? Who is managing america? A black right? OBAMA means ‘O’riginal ‘B’lack ‘A’frican ‘M’anaging ‘A’merica. People who are stubbornly stubborn calling Africans “less decisive”.

    • lachit says:

      OBAMA means ‘O’riginal ‘B’lack ‘A’frican ‘M’anaging ‘A’merica

      • asorockweb says:

        What does that mean?!

        That is just racial bigotry.

        Check yourself.

      • colloid says:

        @ oga asorockweb, what do you mean? Rascist? Phew!… Am not being a rascist here neither am i promoting rascism. Am black to the core so if the “white” are trying to insult me, i can’t be easy on them. It’s like smearing my country’s army–something i can NEVER accept. And by the way Obama is a Black African man, Managing and presiding over a white American country, so what is rascism about this? He is an Original Black man from Kenya. A president of a white country called America. So, am being straightforward with this except you are being too protective of the white. I was chatting with an American some years back, i was compelled to chat with his son. You cant imagine that what the boy ask first was that: are you an african? I said yes! He said his teacher said African lives on tree. WTF!!! I ask him also if americans coming for tourism in Africa are sleeping on a tree? You can just imagine the rascism. Just some months back, a video went viral of chelsea’s fans rascism against a black man at a train station. But here, i only coined out the meaning of obama and someone here is shouting about being a rascist. Phew!!!

      • asorockweb says:


        You don’t get it.

        Obama is reputed to have mismanaged America.
        Now, you appear to be saying that Obama mismanaged America because he is African.

        Hope you get it now.

    • Augustine says:

      Oga colloid, if you want America and Europe to cry in agony, withdraw all immigrant doctors from Africa and Asia and life expectancy there will be as bad as in Africa. The whites, majority of them hate mathematics and science related careers. They also cannot afford to pay university cost of studying medicine and surgery, so their government made the immigrant programmed to suck in qualified doctors from Africa and Asia, ask the immigrant doctors to write conversation exams and work for a better pay than their home countries can afford. Brain drain. The western world cannot thrive well without African and Asian immigrants in all sectors of their advanced economy, pull out those immigrants and see economic recession hit America and Western Europe.

      • colloid says:

        I concur oga augustine. Statistics shows that Nigeria alone have over 25k “consultants”, am not talking of doctors or nurses oo in that country. If today, Nigeria withdraw them, they are in DEEP stew. Blacks are helping them, yet they still called Black “less decisive” and “dependent on white”. That’s an irony. Oga asorockweb, i respect your hustle sir, things are being said according to facts. Nigerian are NEVER known for rascism, neither are they into it. Sorry if you misinterpret my “two cents”

      • Withdraw them sha!! U make it sound like Nigeria sent them there and can ask them to come home anytime she wants.

    • Are James says:

      I have that written down somewhere; “Original Black African Managing America”.
      It is racist as he’ll but I still like it. My major issue is we need more black leaders with swag like Obama and less like …well you know who. The man just vetoed the Keystone Pipeline from Canada, Obamacare is almost irrevocable, Hilary will win the next white house and Bibi Netanyahu will lose the Israeli premiership maybe then people will stop underestimating the power of the International liberal politics that this man is enshrining.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga, Obama has no swag. If anything, he cuts the figure of a very confused person. All I see winning from Obama’s lethargic methods are extremist Islamist groups; especially ISIS (with its Abrams tanks).

  24. zachary999 says:

    When the dust has settled ,I hope the people “opposite Agura hotel” that have gotten free consultancy from Gen Beegs would remember to put his name in the list for the national honors.

    Guys, I want you to look back circa 24 months at the suggestions especially on recommendations for equipment purchases for NA and see what has been streaming in… A lot of good hits…

    A lot of this suggestions has made good $ for a few folks…one liner consultancy on the invoice !

    Keep the flag flying beegs and fellow bloggers….

    Well done..

  25. beegeagle says:


    My country folk, we are losing the
    PR war. NY Times is now reporting that South African mercenaries are
    being used to defeat Boko at night and our army is coming into the towns in the day to claim the victory.

    I refuse to post the link as to not
    help them spread this LIE!

    • igbi says:

      Does the new york times know how ridiculous they sound ? So they are trying to make up for the fact that nobody in the theatre of operations spotted their invented ghist “mercenaries” by saying that the “ghosts” fight when we are asleep ! I wonder what public this iis addressed to, because to anybody with half a brain it is clear that this is a lie.

  26. jimmy says:

    The IDEA that we will ever win THE PR war against a well funded WESTERN narrative is a joke
    Short of DANGOTE buying the NY TIMES, POST, and ALAKIJA buying the LONDON TIMES INDEPENDENT, and Guardian is not going to happen.
    question to be asked why is America requesting to train Nigerian Soldiers once again? if they are SO incompetent and filled with Human Rights Violators why would you want to train such an Army.
    I will tell you why beneath the charade of all this is A Vacuum that has been created. The US sec of State Mr FLIP FLOP himself is currently in Egypt trying to convince him even as Egyptian Personnel are Fighting both on the border with LIBYA and the Sinai that he ( SISI) does not need weapons he NEEDS A DIPLOMATIC SOLUTION MAYBE it is a poverty issue.
    Egypt has made it’s intentions known
    1)$5.2 B DEAL with the french
    2) $3.5B DEAL with IVAN the writing is clearly on the wall.
    HERE WE GO moving forward:
    Nigeria needs to finish this election and do the g2 to g2 deal with Russia and it should not be for $1B It needs to be for$2b +$1b the plus signifying if the $2b is not enough there should be room for $1b
    Nigeria needs to get another Batch of 1,200 soldiers from the three ARMED forces AND SEND THEM this time for an intensive 6 month course in Russia .
    There is absolutely no need for the Americans to train the Nigerians. The Nigerians have more pressing demands and besides they are needed elsewhere.
    Nigeria needs to stand tall , take the assigned Journalist to the Field, JOURNALIST that go cowboy face imprisonment followed by Deportation. Q.E.D.

    • xnur44 says:

      My Bro, Defence and security policy traditionally have never been tied to The US either in hardware nor doctrine. It is the modern generation policy planner that paper over this fact ; American is not a supplier of arms to Nigeria, then one wonders about all the hoo and cries about, fourth year discarded strip down warship here and there and human rights military training changes nothing about our Defence policy.

  27. jimmy says:
    US- Nigeria Relations
    Don’t hold your breath on that training schedule anytime soon apparently beegs blogs was read by these two guys

  28. xnur44 says:

    NIA and NSA offices are strategic offices so they should stop embarrassing themselves overseas. WHOM ARE THEY TRYING TO CONVINCE THAT AMERICA IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR WOES?

    • igbi says:

      I think you might have misunderstood them. They never said america was responsible for our woes, they were talking about the billateral relationship between america and Nigeria and they said the truth, which is that america is not helpful. I francly think they were too nice to america. Did you expect them to start singing the american national anthem ?

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