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  1. joeaso says:

    Dats nice. A metal detector to probe for mines… The Army is entering into the 21st century finally.

  2. Sir Kay says:

  3. Augustine says:

    Our troops clearing or detecting land mines. Only Nigerian army is banned from using mines in this war, Boko Haram uses land mines in thousands. Not a fair game.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Man, what are you talking about? Since when does terrorists / Militants/ Rebels follow war rules? Like they care. They will use a nuke if they can get one.
      So rules don’t apply to these guys.
      chairman .

      • colloid says:

        Oga sir kay, i respect your hustle sir. You are on point. Does any terror group knows/abide by “rule of engagement”??? The day any of them observed that “rule of engagement”, they have turned to a “convectional army”. I mean, they have become a state army. Why are they called terrorist/insurgents? If not that they never and will NOT abide or stick to any rule whatsoever. Which rule? By who? For who? Are the questions they will asked. Isn’t that what differentiate an army from a terror organisation?

    • ocelot2006 says:

      And I’m glad we don’t use those anymore. Maybe except claymores.

    • Henry says:

      Augustine has lost it…….. LOL!!

  4. Sir Kay says:

    Was trying to embed a twitter feed on here, but says awaiting moderation, Oga beegs, a little help, thanks. there are pics of materials seized from those fools in the forest.
    Dead bokos too, but won’t post those on here lol

  5. eyimola says:

    I really would like clarity on exactly how many south Africans are in the North East, and what their mandate is.

    • igbi says:

      Please kindly go and read what we have already written on the matter, we can’t be discussing the same subject indefinatly. There are no mercenaries in the north-east. Because of the newly aquired weapons Nigeria needed people to train Nigerian soldiers on the maintenance of the equipment and also to maintain the equipment while our Nigerian soldiers are being trained. The “white mercenary” tales are a western invention to rub Nigeria out of the glory of defeating boko gayram.

      • eyimola says:

        If they do not work for a state, then they are mercenaries. This in itself is not a bad thing. However the south African government released a statement stating clearly that they intend to prosecute their citizens who come to Nigeria to fight BH.

      • igbi says:

        Actually, you are wrong, they are not carrying weapons therefor they are not mercenaries, they are technicians. And please use the right word. As it is used in the media and as it presuposes, the word mercenary is being used to say that it is foreigners doing the fighting for us. So I will not compromise my self on the use of the word. I will state people’s occupation in the most precise way rather than putting them in a vague category and using a word which presupposes that they are carrying guns and doing the fighting for us. And also, where is this talk about south africans coming from, let south africa prosecute its ghost “mercenaries” and go straight to hell.

      • igbi says:

        The statement relesed by south african stupid governement is not even new and we already discussed it, I don’t see the logic of bringing old topics and asking people to repeat themselves.

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        If South Africans assisting Nigerians in both training and maintenance of hardware are termed mercenaries, then I have to admit that we are guilty of the charge of employing thousands of mercenaries; located in firms like MTN, Shoprite, Multi-links, etc

  6. colloid says:

    @ oga eyimola, we have already deliberate on this on several topics of this blog. @ oga igbi, i agree

  7. jimmy says:
    The Last gasp , it appears the battle for the center of BAMA town is ongoing anymore reports oga Buchi, Zachary.

    • colloid says:

      I quote
      “The source said, “The Bama battle is the hottest, it is very fiercest because those people put up a resistance…”

      end of quote.
      I want a vidoe of that war. Chai! HOTTEST!!! I feel like joining the Army. This is the kind of thing i want— something that can stretch me, i like to participate in tough things like this.
      Godspeed NA/NAF. We are praying for you. Oga L.O Adeosun and your Army, we bid you Godspeed and Safety from these scumbags bullets and bombs that flieth by. HOTTEST and FIERCEST. #GodBlessNigerianMilitary

    • igbi says:

      how many of the western dubious claims are you going to post ? We have answered your question already, there are no mercenaries in Nigeria.

    • igbi says:

      And even these corrupt western media go further to speculate that their invented mercenaries are from south africa. What an utter rubbish from people who still have no single proof of what they keep repeating, but that is their trade mark, repeat a lie one million times and hope it becomes true.

  8. jimmy says:

    oga eyimola
    Give it a rest , Please the war is almost over. If you do not have anything better to do Go and join the Nigerian Army put in your Application , I will ensure you are posted somewhere between GWOZA and SAMBISA
    This subject has a thread it has been beaten to death. The lovely US / Western world that you hold so dear repeatedly used PMC so much they became a Nuisance, Please if you can’t love Nigeria LEAVE HER ALONE KILODE NOW?
    Is this the only topic on the MENU, for your Informed INTERESTS and that of your Silly American Friends last week friday some of my FRIENDS travelled 1,625 KM from Lagos TO maiduguri picked up men MATERIAL and Equipment by Monday Morning they were Fighting somewhere in Borno
    The question I should be asking are you truly a Nigerian or are you MASQUERADING as one say SOMETHING in YORUBA because at this stage I am really beginning to question who you really say you are
    The people WHO YOU ARE QUOTING will not , shall not sell weapons to us, they go on CNN saying how we cannot defeat BOKO HARAM , three weeks later we have confined them to two towns and A FORESTS, i get IGBI, OJE, AREJAMES you I don’t it seems you are
    a) UNHAPPY the WAR is coming to an INGLORIOUS end
    b) The merc story is not top billing it is a side story driven by western narratives who did everything not to help Nigeria, it got so ridiculous they were chasing Nigeria around the worls maybe you focus on that ABI NA SHAKABULA man go take fight BOKO
    For your INFORMATION Nigerian Army OFFICERS work 12-16 hours Shifts why don’t you report that back to the link you provided
    And no you did not get under my Skin , You cannot Nigerians more than the Nigerians who live there which you don’t
    Just for your INFORMATION there are Nigerians FIGHTING in BAMA , GWOZA AND JUST OUTSIDE SAMBISA FORESTS feel free to hop on a plane, get to BORNO, I will pay for your AK-47
    Have a good day
    kini ti e seri ? o le sunkun ju iya oso lo

  9. jimmy says:

    * You cannot love Nigeria more than the Nigerians that live there.”

  10. Oje says:

    For those who postulate the ”war is almost over” im sorry to bust your bubble, this is ”picnic” compared to what may ”potentially” escalate the conflict. Humanity has no idea what is about to befall them. As of this writing the United States security apparatus is on an extraordinary emergency meeting based on their new findings. New Russian cruise missiles with a range of 2000 miles or more will be fielded in months, these missiles can be carried by virtually all of Russia’s 4th Gen fighters and long range bombers. These missiles are low, fast and deadly ACCURATE, NORAD will be hard put to detect them . All this is happening as American submarines are believed to patrol the Russian coast 24 hours, these i believe are the Ohio class submarines, just one Ohio Class submariner is enough to destroy Russia’s entire East coast Cities, as if that’s not provocative enough the U.S is sending 3000 soldiers (Yes o, 3000) to the Baltic for NATO exercises. All this is happening at a time Radical Islamic terrorists are laying siege to Cities and holding large swatches of land, unprecedented, terrorists now attack and occupy whole Cities. ISIS competing with Al Queda, terrorists in Libya, Tunisia and Nigeria pledging allegiance to ISIS.In China the government have increased its clandestine (obviously not) tunnel building infrastructure, some say Chinese underground tunnels are hundreds of thousands of miles long, extensive and interconnected with roads and even ”highways”. Japan about to discard its half a century long pacifist constitution to counter Chinese military assertiveness( A militarized Japan is the last thing the world needs), South Korea arming up to counter Japan and China increasing its nuclear sabre rattling. Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan following suit. Just yesterday North Korea test fired 7 new missiles. Just 3 days ago Pakistan testfired a new missile called the Shasheen 3, its nuclear capable and able to hit all of India. Trust the Indians to respond in kind.

    It is apparent multi dimensional extra terrestrial entities are driving humanity to an apocalyptic 3rd word war, one which will see %80 of humanity wiped out, the surviving remaining few will be kept as slaves, there is about to be a ”Hostile Take Over”, that’s the only thing that can explain these simultaneous madness on a global scale. Never in the history of humanity has the world being in such economic, social and military tension all at the same time. Not during the great depression of the thirties. Not when the Third Reich held sway, not even during the Cold War. This is it folks,fasten your seat belts and brace for impact.

  11. Augustine says:

    Ogas who responded to my post on land mines, the truth is that nobody and no army is banned by any law, from using land mines unless you personally go and sign the UN treaty to ban yourself by your own free will.

    It is foolishness for any country to do it because you don’t know tomorrow. So what if Nigeria is engaged in conventional war with another country that has not banned itself via UN treaty and then that nation deploys land mines against Nigerian army?

    It’s foolishness to ratify that treaty, reason why USA, Russia, China, Korea, etc have refused to bind themselves with some freaking law that can backfire on them in future.

    Pakistan refused to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, if they had signed, their foolishness would have shown when India tested it’s first nuclear bomb.

    Nigeria that does not have much military might on global or intercontinental scale keeps binding itself with UN weapons treaties, we also put our hands carelessly on the UN cluster bomb treaty, the same cluster bombs that gave us tactical advantage over Liberian rebels when we were heavily outnumbered over a wide area.

    Keep binding yourselves with tight ropes made by UN, keep limiting your military options for war, wetin concern me, I be field marshal?

    • jimmy says:

      oga AUGUSTINE
      Nigeria can withdraw her SIGNATORY to that treaty, as you correctly said the US, Russia, ,China and Korea are not part of that treaty, this is something that Nigeria will look at seriously when this war is over, however Mining your border mind you is not the silver bullet it just provides a layer of protection albeit a gruesome one.
      And people still sneak into North Korea even as we speak, so it’s effectiveness can be questioned, plus see how disparagingly the Nigerian sappers talked about the mines the bh placed in BAGA

    • Kay says:

      Just remember the scatter gun fleeing of our population over borders during this crises. If they had to walk over minefields to escape to other countries, very few would make it alive.
      All we need is a well armed, trained, no arms barred army, everything would fall into place.

      • igbi says:

        this is a fake logics, the citizens wouldn’t have had to run away if the land mines were in place.The best army in the universe can not man such a border because it is too wide. We need to block it one way or the other.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Kay and my other beloved brothers on this platform, is border crossing the only way to flee? In the whole of our 774 local governments in Nigeria there is no village, town, or city to flee for safety? Only to Cameroon and Niger Republique?

        Bad crisis management of a 6 year old war, no governor, local government chairman, councilor etc has spoken to traditional rulers and village heads on escape plan and route for their local people at grassroots level?

        When Hezbollah rockets are fired into Israel do their people run across borders into Lebanon?

        So all those governors down to village chiefs cannot create and communicate a safe rallying point for their masses in advance? We know how to spread election and political campaign message to grassroots for votes at street and ward level even in the villages, but we cannot communicate wartime survival plans to affected Nigerians? So it’s only their votes we need abi? Like thinking and planning ahead for civil crisis management is hated in Africa?

        Last year when Chibok girls crisis happened I said all governors and LGA chairman should work with FG and pull back all boundary line settlements some dozens of kilometers away from border back inside Nigeria and create a buffer zone virtual barrier against guerilla hit and run border tactics of Boko Haram. Why should Nigerian refugees of war go live in Chad, Cameroon, Niger? Did Nigeria not build camps for foreigners, Liberian refugees inside Nigeria? So we cannot establish war refugee camps for our own people inside our own country?

        Did South Korea tell itself stories about why it should not mine it’s border with North Korea? Everybody that is saying don’t mine the borders I am sure you are very far away from Boko Haram threat and safe enough to enjoy your life in peace everyday. Nigeria’s Boko Haram war has not threatened Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt, if (God forbid) we see war that makes senators abandon senate building and run inside the bush, nobody will ask questions before laying land mined on the borders, let us go ask South Korea to explain the meaning of “Threat to national existence”. South Korean military is 100 times more powerful than Nigerian military, yet they use landmines to keep their country safe.

        I am not saying land mine is the only way, I have said trench all motor vehicle passable roads on border lines until we fence our borders properly.

        However if Nigeria faces the threat level of South Korea in the future, we better do what South Korea did or perish (God forbid).

      • Kay says:

        North Korea is a madcap country that wouldn’t mind sneak or devastating attacks, we don’t have that relationship with our neighbours. Militarily they are no match for us numerically or otherwise.
        Firing rockets from across the borders, why would people run to the same place. Israel use bomb shelters. When you’re being pursued from within your country you don’t choose where you run to, instead where you think you’ll survive the most. Refugees got dispersed all over before settling, go on youtube or read excerpts of survivors escape stories crossing either mountains, forests,valleys and unmanned borders where they’ll have probably get blown to bits with the latter.
        Fence the borders, yes. Mine, no.

    • Sir Kay says:

      It’s not set in stone. If we are in a conventional war and another country uses such on us, we will simply do the same, treaty or no treaty.
      We, at that point will be talking about our survival, to heal with treaty.

  12. Oje says:

    Oga Augustine, we do not need landmines, trust me we dont. We only have to look at Angola and Somalia as examples where civilians till this day are still having their limbs blown off from mines laid decades ago. Nigeria is not organised enough to keep a clear record and data on ever landmine placed in combat, why do you wanna turn Nigeria into a full blown WARZONE.

    • rugged7 says:

      I would postulate that landmines are one of the surest ways to delineate our land borders with our “friendly” neigbours.

  13. Oje says:

    We do not need landmines to defeat Boko Haram, why would anyone encourage the use of landmines in Nigeria? Our current conventional stockpile is more than enough to defeat Boko Haram. What we need is more air assets, better Intelligence and greater resolve.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Landmines to keep the “neighbours” as neighbours, instead of morphing into boko haram at night and Nigeria’s “saviours” by day. Also, to stop boko’s from hopping our borders into safe havens with their full compliment of limbs when we can take away a limb of two to persuade them that border hopping is not clever. That’s the gist. bro.

      No one is saying we need landmines to defeat boko haram.

    • Omonon says:

      Seconded, Oga Oje!!!


  14. Tobey says:

    Journalists to begin tour of the frontlines..This is what we have been asking for.

    • rka says:

      Anonymous sources denying the use of mercs isn’t enough. As already said, actual combat footage is needed.

      • Augustine says:

        Maiduguri photo is the source of confusion, the latest photo image is 90% likely to be North East Nigeria proved by the vehicle number plates and so many keke marwa. However, those PMC guys in MRAPs may be merely trainers for our new weapons, or will they ride okada from hotel room to shooting/testing range?

      • igbi says:

        Please avoid giving percentages while you did no calculation. The number plates ? I don’t recall seeing any number plates.

  15. asorockweb says:

    In this world that we live in, It is not strange that a European or an American to says “Africans can’t do this” or “Africans can’t do that.”

    What Gen. Olukolade, needs to do is setup an interview with some of the NAF pilots.
    The pilots should then do a brief walkthrough of our air assets – primarily the F-7, the Hind and the Alpha Jets. We use a Georgian company for auxiliary logistical support, that should be acknowledged, but the emphasis should be on the combat crafts and their NAF pilots.

    This is a simple thing.

    Unfortunately, you will need a media houses with global reach, so you will need to get the BBC, and their French, German and Russian counterparts.

    Gen. Olukolade, don’t forget to let them know that we were underestimated because we are black people.

    This is easy. Just Do It.

  16. beegeagle says:



  17. jimmy says:
    The ARTILLERY /MRLS was Specifically asked for by the NA

    • jimmy says:

      Oga rugged someone was doubting your source.The said system is confirmed. Training by NA has been completed and said are now deployed.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

  18. jimmy says:
    US- Nigeria Relations
    Don’t hold your breath on that training schedule anytime soon apparently beegs blogs was read by these two guys

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Oga Beegeagle, I have gone through the article, it is very disturbing that unlike your activities , our National Government PR warriors are oblivious to issues affecting the war effort or just cannot get a grasp of the effect, looking at the Nigerian local paper print media, it appears that they are already repeating and feeding the public with this very wrong information, is it when it bring Nigeria to the verge of another negative global response before they think they should act, we all know that it is not true, but wars are at times won on the pages of the newspaper. It is all a matter of the state of mind, they are conveying psychologically to the Nigerians that your Military cannot defend you because your system is broke, always realize that you are subservient to the Western white Messiah in all things, cause you cannot do anything without us, This type of outcome is not what our Military is fighting for, they are working on bringing on a stronger Nigeria which all including the young persons believe in it’s greatness. Our PR people need to come up to speed, they are also engaged in this war, why let this most annoying false information spread. The west thinks if we cannot bring them to defeat in reality, we can make people believe that they are on their knees, it serves the same purpose true or not

  19. beegeagle says:

    Nigeria should not do any CTCOIN training with America until BH have been wiped out. The American Govt have acted more like enemies/rivals than partners.

    We need to register our displeasure at the treacherous tide of events…deny our troops weaponry and then turn your condescending media on Nigeria to open up a nasty barrage on our nations.

  20. Victor says:

    What type of mine detector is the gallant soldier holding.

  21. beegeagle says:


    according to AJ news Nigeria non
    commission officer confirmed that south Africa mercenaries are doing the bulk of the fighting

    • Henry says:

      However, according to the same nick schifrin, in the same news report, sources tell him that the mercenaries are only there to provide technical and training support.

  22. beegeagle says:

    Not correct.

    Visit the lead narrator’s TWITTER PAGE


  23. beegeagle says:

    Anyone interested in giving ADAM NOSSITER a tongue-lashing for his sadistic NEW YORK TIMES report can do so here

  24. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear Oga Beegeagle, I have gone through the article, it is very disturbing that unlike your activities , our National Government PR warriors are oblivious to issues affecting the war effort or just cannot get a grasp of the effect, looking at the Nigerian local paper print media, it appears that they are already repeating and feeding the public with this very wrong information, is it when it bring Nigeria to the verge of another negative global response before they think they should act, we all know that it is not true, but wars are at times won on the pages of the newspaper. It is all a matter of the state of mind, they are conveying psychologically to the Nigerians that your Military cannot defend you because your system is broke, always realize that you are subservient to the Western white Messiah in all things, cause you cannot do anything without us, This type of outcome is not what our Military is fighting for, they are working on bringing on a stronger Nigeria which all including the young persons believe in it’s greatness. Our PR people need to come up to speed, they are also engaged in this war, why let this most annoying false information spread. The west thinks if we cannot bring them to defeat in reality, we can make people believe that they are on their knees, it serves the same purpose true or not. The objective of the West is to do damage at all cost, either smiling with you or patting our backs to see us crash, their focus is total and all sections of their influence including the media is joining in, can’t our own PR guys understand this.

  25. igbi says:

    the westerners seem to be blocking blacknaija
    It seems the entire western system is corrupt.

  26. jimmy says:

    go to

  27. chynedoo says:

    One of our biggest problems in this war, which in fact is fuelling the false narratives, and the gratuitous derisive remarks about the Nigerian military and by extension the Nigerian people, stem from the secretive nature of the way the people in the know are running the war effort. Every aspect of this war has been shrouded in needless secrecy which has been seized by both local and foreign media houses and turned into a frenzied fest of mis-information, outright lies, and unbelievable mischief. It is absolutely and mathematically impossible that all reports in the western and local media only cite anonymous sources in all the damning reports about how some fabled Cameroonian, Chadian, and now South African soldiers are doing all the fighting at night while the Nigerians move in the morning to claim victory. Many of these reports, if the subject matter had concerned any western government, or even private individual, some of these media houses would have been overwhelmed by the amount of claims of damages for defamation brought by these unverified reports. The Nigerian authorities are the only people able to change these false narratives assuming they choose to do so. My only worry is that, in this 24/7 global media age, we are allowing people who either have ulterior motives or are simply interested in perpetuating a pre-packaged stereo-type about Nigeria and its people, to tell our story on our behalf. Someone sitting in a glass house somewhere in London, Washington, or Dubai is busy writing inaccurate narratives of what is going on in the North East, records that would be read centuries from today, and the Nigerian authorities are just not even taking any notice. This is exactly how we allowed Europeans to tell our children that Mungo Park discovered River and River Benue in 1771 in spite of the fact Asaba, Onicha, and Benue had been using the two rivers as their stomping ground even centuries before Mungo Park’s ancestors were born…

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Very true, misinformation, to stop the populace from believing in there race capability and development. colonization of the mind

  28. Oje says:

    Western propaganda against Nigeria at its best. These anchor women do not even bother masking their contempt…

  29. Sir Kay says:

  30. gbash10 says:

    @ Igbi, I watched Aljazeera yesterday and one yeye Nick Schneif reported from Jos that he got information from a wounded other rank that told him,the South African mercenaries go and do the dirty work in the night, and the NA go by day to take the glory!
    Imaging that kind of nonsense, some of these international media houses are still on the offensive against Nigeria.

    • Naijaseal says:

      I saw the same silly thing retweeted on twitter. I gave the man a rebuttal. What sort of silly beer parlour journalism is this?

    • igbi says:

      I wonder if they know how silly they are sounding, or perhaps they believe that if they all say it then it would mmake them credible.

  31. demola says:

    the unit is like a fast mobility unit trained for rapid insertion and extraction like the one britian used to attack German airfields in north Africa. their vehicle is customized for maximum firepower and protection

  32. igbi says:

    Notice the Konduga shining star:

  33. igbi says:

    qatar and saudi arabia are believed to be sponsors of isis, please get the qatari tv crew out of Nigeria. And I am talking about aljazeera.

  34. Its like the Reve picture contovery was legit oh see this video. There is also a more vivid picture on Naira land

    • I meant Reva. See the number on the MRAP in the video same as the one in the controversial picture. Reason why i was cautions not to comment then. The fair guys in the controversial pic could have been technical instructors

      • igbi says:

        I think the tag we saw on that picture was 2c, not 1c. Besides nobody is denying that we bought the Mrap in south africa, so it is normal that it would have south african tags on it.

      • igbi says:

        could someone find out what the tag stands for ?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga camouflage1984, the REVA MRAP photo is proved to be Nigerian terrirory, if Maiduguri or another city, I don’t know.


        Fact is, NO PROOF that they are SOUTH AFRICAN MERCENARIES, but surely those men in the convoy are foreigners, could be Russian, Belorussian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Israeli, etc working as technical trainers for our new equipment and weapons.

        Nigerian government has said NO MERCENARY is fighting for Nigeria and I will take that as final authority. Yes, president GEJ said we have technical training teams from PMCs, so how do they move from their hotel room to training locations, by riding Keke Marwa or riding on Donkeys?

        They are our visitors on contract duty and the best way to protect them is by giving them MRAPs to drive themselves and GPMG to protect themselves, Boko suicide bombers may want to harm them in town. We don’t have surplus troops to waste escorting them, so let them be armed to protect themselves. Seems like common sense in my opinion.

        We have to use PMC training at home in Nigeria, no time to send soldiers and pilots overseas by withdrawing them from battlefield for overseas training. We are already at war. Weapons suppliers are supposed to provide training to the buyer, so nothing wrong in these things we see, it happens in America and Europe.

        What I wonder is whether every white-man in this world is a South African, so why do people think those MRAPs men are South Africans? REVA MRAP is all over the world, and Nigeria could buy them and give to Russian PMC staff to drive around town on duty to our training and skills transfer locations.

        We have a confirmed South African mechanic killed here by accident, why not? We bought South African vehicles and so we need South African mechanics for now until maintenance skills are transferred to us Nigerians.

        Mechanic is NOT = Mercenary.

        One works with spanner/screws, the other works with weapons/ammunition.

        How do South African mercenary pilots qualify to fly modern NAF combat helicopters? How much flight hours do those mercenary ‘pilots’ clock in a year? Is it cheap to graduate and maintain combat qualified pilots?

        Some people don’t even use their heads, do they know that South African bush war in Angola ended over 20 years ago? Those SADF special forces are old now ! Many of them are now aged about 45 to 65 years. Is that the age for field combat and running around in deserts, on hills, rocks, and forests? Human heart and lungs does not grow weak with age? Some people forgot their Biology.

        Anybody who thinks 100 SADF old men mercenaries are fighting 10,000 Boko Haram terrorists on a land mass the size of Great Britain, should go and ask Seleka rebels why about 300 well armed South African army elite paratroopers and special forces combined ran at Usain Bolt Olympic speed from Bangui city to Bangui airport in record time, they left their Mortar carrier Gecko vehicles behind and forgot their uniforms in the base, French army at the Central African Republic airport was their saviour from the hands of just about 1,500 Seleka rebels.

        Over 30,000 Nigerian troops are fighting Boko Haram and winning the war. Until there is 100% infallible proof of a fighting mercenary in Nigeria today, I take the president’s word as final and mercenaries remain mere phantoms….ghosts.

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        Noticed RED team indicator patches on the helmets, normally used for training purposes, don’t understand what the same patches are doing on the helmets in the new picture posted by Gen Augustine. If those MRAPs are Nigerian and heading out to battle, WTF are they doing with training unit indicators??????? OR the interview was of english speaking Equatorial Guinea troopers.

    • I am aware that NA vehicles assigned for training are usually tagged that way eg 1C,2C…. I could be wrong

      • igbi says:

        Nigerian army like every army uses tags on its equipment,
        but I think this particular tage is south african, what I am wondering is the meaning. Is it the level of protection ?

      • igbi says:

        Yes, training vehicles. Right.

    • asorockweb says:

      Who is Nick George?

    • asorockweb says:

      Are those REVA III APCs or REVA V?
      Did anybody notice any NA insignia on those men?

      The uniforms looks Naija.

  35. ozed says:

    Real good professional stuff.

    Keep it up.

  36. Manny Aaydel says:

    CyberGs, whoever shot the ‘NA 75 Strike Force’ video has done a good job and should be tasked with shooting several with particular focus on the efforts our boys and girls in the on-going war against BH. The NTA report on the capture of Baga seems so unimaginative and run of the mill. Our reporters should follow best standards in international reportage. The NTA reporter was even wearing buba and sokoto for crying out loud (c’mon sir, you’re reporting military ops now, not an owanbe party). Now that Gen Chris is giving space to the media to record these momentous events for posterity, let’s put out stuff that other stations-local and foreign-would re-broadcast! That’s one of the ways we can counter the nonsense being peddled by those revisionists who call themselves international news networks.

  37. Augustine says:

    72 mobile strike force should have 2 km range weapons on their MRAP, our usual Norinco Automatic Grenade Launcher should be mounted on one of the four roof hatches, does not matter which side it faces, just a weapon to engage a Boko 23 mm Toyota that is beyond range of our boys RPG and GPMG.

    Also, if a mobile force goes to strike far away from base and T-72 tank support is absent, they may need one small sized lightweight man-portable ATGM kept inside the MRAP, does not need to mount on hatch, can be pulled up and shoulder fired from any soldier in a hatch.

    Ukrainian/Belorussian Skif ATGM is good with the light weight shoulder fired version.

    If 72 mobile strike force wants to quench big fire, they need big firepower….more than those light machine guns, I love their video, thanks to our bloggers who posted it, a professional video indeed.

    Will be good to video the 72 mobile force in real action or after action showing their Boko Haram targets that have been bursted and blasted ! Just to show some real combat stuff to the world.

    Meanwhile, let those boys hide a Skif inside their MRAP or operate in two MRAPs team and mount a Skif on one of them in case they meet a powerful enemy, see these…

    • jimmy says:

      Oga Augustine .In view of the now very apparent that some countries have towards Nigeria’s recent procurement, it is in Nigeria’s interest to acquire ATGMs and where feasible technology transfer.

      Sent from AOL Mobile Mail

    • Are James says:

      Adapt Skif launchers to the turrets of all MRAPs is more like it. Don’t ever carry the rockets, missiles or ammo inside MRAPs with men inside. A separate dedicated vehicle for that is recommended.

  38. beegeagle says:


    I have some nice pictures of what appears to be freshly supplied convey of Reva MRAP patrolling Maiduguri and I also have about 10 exclusive pictures of MOPOLs on the frontline with some kinda of Guns I have never seen before, I will like to share on this blog. The problem is that I don’t know how to upload pictures here. Or better still the moderator could send me his e-mail so that i could send them.

    As a MOPOL, who has been on the frontline in Maiduguri and Yobe, am sad that our contributions to the war on terror is not reported, I will sugget the moderator open a thread on Police / MOPOL contributions. I will provide the pictures if needed.

  39. Manny Aaydel says:

    GenBeegs, I second MC Usman o. Abeg make you open the thread kia kia so that the morale of our MOPOL guys too to rise! Forward ever…#NeverAgain#VictoryNigeria!!!

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