A freshly supplied 73mm gun-armed BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle revs on

Old reliable for infantry support: a ZSU-23-4 SHILKA SPAAG prepares to reassert its legendary role in Nigerian military history

A BVP-1 IFV follows behind a SHILKA



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  1. ozed says:

    Good to see the much maligned Shilka making a comeback.

    Good show boys.

  2. Kay says:

    Good media ops.
    First time we are seeing our hardwares majorly rolling out to battle.

    PS: I think we should hire a younger junior officer as media spokesman. probably with a previous media related role in the military or otherwise. Basically one that understands very effective use of social media and also able to counter wrong information proactively.

  3. Augustine says:

    Sorry I have to derail the thread, I want to spill the beans as I promised some days ago, please Oga Beegeagle, forgive me, if my post is not okay here, please delete it….I now spill the beans….

  4. Augustine says:

    My ogas, as I said last week, we shall spill the beans this week, all the things they are not telling us we will know a lot, even if not all….now let’s spill the beans !

    In 2014, Nigeria purchased officially (There could be hidden deals) :

    5 units of CH-3 UAV/Drones with 30 units of AR-1 air to surface missiles
    120 units of Big Foot MRAP from China
    4 units of BVP-1 IFV from Czech Republic
    6 units of RM-70 type 122 mm MRLS
    14 total units of T-72 tanks ONLY !
    5 units of BTR-4 IFV from Ukraine
    9 units Mi-35M Hind E
    12 units Mi-171s Terminator

    0 units of jet fighters from anywhere in the world
    0 units of ATGM from anywhere in the world
    0 units of SAM from anywhere in the world
    0 units of guided bombs from anywhere in the world


    Chad now has 25 units of R-27 long range air to air missiles with average of 100 km range !
    Chad has enough missiles to wipe out all Nigerian F-7 jets two times over with repeat over-kill !



    Chadian air force has the MiG-29 version with with extended range elongated internal fuel tank to reach Aso Rock in Abuja from Ndjamena !


    Sorry I will not pop any champagne yet until I the next $1 Billion arms procurement result is known.

    We still have a very long way to go, Nigeria has a long long long way to go in military equipment procurement. Better watch that next $1 Billion fund so it does not go away with wings without plugging the huge gaping gaps in Nigeria’s defence arsenal 2015.

    No champagne, good night, I dey vex.

    I have always warned about numbers of these equipment purchased and their level of armament or ordnance they are armed with. The only small good news is the peanut 5 units of CH-3 Drones, the rest is NO big show for party party celebration.

    Data Source : Na dat one concern you for dis matter wey dey for ground? Ask Oga Beegeagle, he knows the source of all these information. Me I day vex and stammering uncontrollably as I do when I am agitated….Goo-ooo-Goodd N-N-i-Ni-Night, see you to-toto-toooo-morrow

    • Are James says:

      So let us be maturedly professional and stop fawning over CT/COIN acquisitions. I have expressed similar sentiments in previous posts. The media blitz against Nigeria is an IRRITANT but what shouId be of CONCERN is the lack of tools to project National power in furtherance of our objectives. The NAF is a disgrace and a few threads ago i was uncharacteristically arrogant with @lachit and his recommendactions of more types of COIN air craft as if Boko Haram which is practically defeated is the woukd be all of threats Nigeria would face. We need a serious airforce. All the media hyping of Chad that we are seeing is just the softening phase of national deconstruction project, the same powers doing that would plot regional superiority for that same country. We need to get really serious.

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        man i am sorry to say that u completely misunderstood my previous post. u simply read between the lines and failed to get the gist of my comments.

        i actually RECOMMENDED acquisitions of MODERN AIRCRAFTS FOR NAF

        STATEMENT 1
        “u should speed up the aquisition of 4++ aircrafts.but these aquisitions cannot be in isolation.necessary auxillary aircrafts like advanced trainers must be procured concurrently to effect a smooth transition from legacy f 7 aircrafts to advance su 27/30/35 ,j 10 etc”

        STATEMENT 2

        “NAF will most probably use the jf 17 for interdiction and CAS missions
        while su 27/30 etc will be for air superiority and force projection missions.
        and if it buy advance trainers like scorpion etc,they will use them for COIN and ISR missions.”

        STATEMENT 3

        “since it is clear that someday nigeria has to buy advance trainers then why not go for a platform which can support a wide variety of roles .
        sending su 30 for killing 20-30 terrorist is certainly a overkill when u can have coin optimized platform doing it with less cost and less maintenance.
        these will free up ur higher end 4++ aircrafts from fatigue, cost over runs and allow it to concentrate on its primary role of defending nigerian airspace.”

    • asorockweb says:

      What’s your source?

      • Are James says:

        He is at liberty not to reveal his sources but i believe the info if the time stamp on it is the year 2014. Also he has RIGHTFULLY left out the Gazelles, REVA MRAPs, Alpha Jets upgrades and Puma upgrades/re arming. As far as i am concerned, these are toys because the iinevitable strategic focus after BH is Chad, Cameroon and Sudan.

      • asorockweb says:

        We criticize media outlets for news stories that are not properly sourced. How is this different?

    • Henry says:

      Augustine, offcourse, this isn’t a definitive list. The Helicopters from Ukraine aren’t listed, neither are our M28 Drones.

      From Ukraine,
      Total units unknown: MI-35 Helicopters, NAF 261, NAF 526

      Total units unknown : M28 Drones, 4 units seen.

      Gazelle Helicopters
      Total units unknown

      Reva MRAPs
      Total units unknown.

      Puma up-grades
      1 unit armed at the moment.

      As for T-72 tanks, we have far more than 14 units, although there actual numbers aren’t clear at this time, but 14 units, is a trivial estimate.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry, I said 2014 list, if Gazelle came 2015 you won’t see it on that list. We are already almost 3 months into 2015 and all those will not be listed, I said on my comment’s heading 2014 and I underlined it bros. Good morning my brother.

      • Henry says:

        Augustine, NAF Helicopters 261, 526 et al are not 2015 deliveries. The gazelles are from 2015, but NAF MI-35p’s aren’t.

        This is the point I’m making.

        Again, another hole is 14 tank deliveries. The military received more than 14 T-72 tanks in 2014.

        The list by no means exhaustive.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Henry, if our Puma’s are not new purchase, but just upgrades, they wont make the new acquisition list, they are just mere upgrades like Alpha jet upgrades.

        Please do you have any proof we got more than 14 units of T-72 tanks in 2014 ? Photos get recycled by snapping the same tank in different towns, read my reply below to Oga ozed.

        I raised the issue of the BTR-4 some weeks ago, I said we have maximum of 7 units, that’s what is available in the market, the report says we got only 5 units.

        Same 5 units BTR-4 were being photographed repeatedly in armoury fresh after delivery, later in the field of combat deployment…..making extra xerox photocopies does not increase the number of your originals.

      • Henry says:

        Oga Augustine, NAF 261 and 526 (and more from ukraine) are MI-35p Helicopters, not Puma Helicopters.

        They are new additions to our fleet, were delivered in 2014.

        However these deliveries aren’t listed in the Register.

    • jimmy says:

      I hate to burst your Bubble , OGA AUGUSTINE
      The initial estimate on your T-72 tanks is WRONG just for 2014, The very first set of tanks that came , most likely came from Russia, To OGA ZACHARY’ annoyance, I went and checked the Initial number of T-72 TANKS that were delivered were 18 not 12 for 2014 , this is not even counting the CZECH deal this was in early 2014 since then ,Based on what has happened with the purchases/ Smashing victories/ Conservatively Nigeria is Estimated to have between 75- 100 , T-72 TANKS, Again let me stress this is a conservative number, this number is actually projected to INCREASE when Nigeria gets her deliveries from Ukraine.

  5. sazulu says:

    This info sounds authentic though. Augustine I’m equally sad. It’s time we started arming our armed forces strategically. Honestly I don’t trust all these francophone countries, they’re all the same one way or the other. Our capabilities should be such that we can take out all their ground to air platforms to allow safe passage of the NAF into their airspace. Heck we should be able to take out all their planes in their airfields before they even take off.

  6. sazulu says:

    But seriously what will 14 tanks do? My prayer is that more tanks will be acquired in due time.

    • ozed says:

      Guys we are in an emergency. Look how long it took to procure the pre-owned and surplus stuff we are using for this offensive, i can understand why this is not just yet time to make purchases for the future needs of the forces.

      But i suspect given the ubiquity of the T72 in the North East that we have more then 14 of them.

      Thankfully the $1b is not yet spent, am sure that is for the more conventional re-equipment.

      I understand our frustration, but let us manage it with the understanding that we are suffering mainly from the sins of the past. Those sins shall soon be remedied once Boko is dealt with.

      Also we must address our supply chain turn around time. i.e. why does it take us so long to ensure delivery of our procurement? Is it that people salt away the monies for payment and enjoy interest gains from fixing the money? or what? Quite frustrating.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Ozed, the list above says ONLY 2014. Any T-72 that came 2015 will be missing. Moreover, NA is moving equipment from town to town according to ops needs, so you can see 14 units of T-72 tanks in 14 towns today, and next week for next battle they move them to another town and you think you have 28 T-72 tanks? No, you are just rotating your 14 tanks in different AOR and videoing and photographing the same tanks repeatedly in different locations.

        Remember the rumour that armoured vehicles were about to be removed from Konduga for use elsewhere, then in a new town you photocopy the same armoured vehicles again and you have 10 xerox copies of 5 originals.

  7. doziex says:

    Methinks abuja will go back to business as usual after the elections.

    No lessons learned.

    The election is the time to rid ourselves of poor performing leaders and enthrone those with proven desirable qualities.

  8. doziex says:

    They are going to make a mockery. Of NA’s never again slogan.

  9. dndynamite says:

    I doubt that will happen @doziex. BH was a wake up call, and I do not think the Generals will go back to sleep after receiving insults from the Chadians, Cameroonians and from Niger.

    Besides, the money being made from procurement is something the won’t want to pass by ( Believe it or not). The war industry is profitable across the globe and altruist as we all want to be, if someone isn’t making money from it, it won’t happen.

    All we can hope for is for the level of greed not to undermine National Security and National Interests.

    Keep up the good work guys, obviously people are listening to the comments and things are happening.

  10. beegeagle says:

    I don’t think that list is in anyway exhaustive. It only reflects startup orders for hardware acquired PRIOR TO the approval of the US$1 billion purse for PROCUREMENT. There is nothing to suggest that repeat orders have not been placed for additional deliveries.

    SIPRI also use open sources in tandem with entries made in tge UN REGISTER and insider info from manufacturers. In broad outlines, they have confused the MiL helicopter acquisitions because in tandem with pre-owned equipment acquired and upgraded in Ukraine, the NAF have an order with ROSOBORONEXPORT for the delivery of brand-new Mi-35M and Mi-171Sh Terminator helics. So all the allusion to “possibly rebuilt” to or “possibly modernised” makes it clear that even as SIPRI provide a rough guide, their offering is not sacrosanct and is sometimes speculative. Did they not award two Su-25s to Nigeria in a flawed entry made last year?

    I concede that they are spot on about the BigFoot MRAPs. After STARTREK posted on these pages last year that an order for 120 units was placed,.I did some follow ups and confirmed that we had 120 units coming. SIPRI have confirmed that.

    After the CH-3A drone crash, I did some fact checking and got told that there were ten units in service and that they are homeported outside the SoE area(details withheld)

    Several top guys at the STREIT GROUP blog here and I am sure that someone shall whisper the precise numbers sold to Nigeria in a bit.

    Not to mention the fact that several “black market transactions” were also made. Our most reliable colleagues here did say so. Zachary999 said we acquired six units of Super King Air 350. SIPRI have written thtre units here. Who is correct?

    So I would not draw any conclusions based on these entries if I were you. A good guide but not an infallible estimate. Next to none of these acquisitions were made under budgetary stipulation and as such, we have to balance the stated numbers with what we see in the field at Borno and elsewhere.


    L: Nigeria 10 Cougar APC 2013 2014 10 Igirigi version

    R: Nigeria (10) Spartan APC/APV (2013) 2014 (10)
    Spartan Mk-3 version

    (20) LAPV APC 2014 Delivery 2015

    R: Nigeria 2 P18N OPV 2012 2014 1 NGN6.8 m ($42 m deal); delivery 2014-2015
    (120) CS/VP3 APC (2013) 2014 (60)
    (30) AR-1 ASM (2014) 2014 (30)
    (5) CH-3 UAV/UCAV (2014) 2014 (5) Armed version

    Czech Republic
    R: Nigeria (4) BMP-1 IFV (2014) Second-hand; BVP-1 version; delivery 2015
    (6) RM-70 122mm Self-propelled MRL (2014)Second-hand; delivery 2015
    (4) T-72M1 Tank (2014) Second-hand; delivery 2015

    R: Nigeria (2) FPB-98 Patrol craft (2012) 2013-2014 (2)

    Germany (FRG)
    R: Nigeria 4 MTU-4000 Diesel engine 2012 2014 2 For 2 P18N OPV from China


    R: Nigeria 3 Mi-35M/Hind-E Combat helicopter 2012 2014 (3) Possibly second-hand Mi-24 rebuilt to Mi-35M before delivery

    6 Mi-8MT/Mi-17/Hip-H Helicopter (2012) Mi-171Sh armed version

    (6) Mi-35M/Hind-E Combat helicopter 2014 2014 (2) Possibly second-hand Mi-24 but modernized or rebuilt to Mi-35M before delivery

    12 Mi-8MT/Mi-17/Hip-H Helicopter 2014 Armed Mi-171Sh version

    South Africa
    R: Nigeria Spingbuck APV/APC (2009) 2010-2014 (48) Incl Springbuck-4 version; incl assembly in Nigeria (from 2014/2015); for police

    R: Nigeria (5) BTR-4 IFV (2014) 2014 (5)

    United States
    R: Nigeria 1 Hamilton OPV (2013) 2014 1 Second-hand; aid
    3 King Air Light transport ac 2013 2014 3 King Air-350 version

    Unknown country
    R: Nigeria (10) T-72 Tank (2014) 2014 (10) Second-hand; probably from Ukraine

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear All, without aerial superiority, All the terrestrial assets are just potential chalked “kills” , this is a proven all recent modern. ( Gulf war, Sadam’s Republican guard’s tanks and armor was decimated once in the open, to the extend that they were prevented from maneuvering and reduced to artillery pieces courtesy of A10 and Apaches. Also “High way of death” in the 1st Gulf war. As always I found no mention of our only innovation from the conflict “Igirigi”, It should be the main stay of our forces, Big Foot is good in the Sahel type environment, how would it do in the thick forested south areas. Igirigi should have been made effective in our fight against an unconventional force ( Born In Battle). what marvels do this imported IVFs and APCs have that cannot be made or reproduced within Nigeria, why by 120 Big foots, why some can be assembled in Nigeria ( Jobs, Skills and tech transfer, National Pride), Why springbok APCs not a modified to specs Igirigi. As for the NAF/Chad issue we have a mighty problem here. except we take out their airfields before they are airborne, which would be quite a task with the French squadron ( Mirages, Rafael),including tactical air defense radars and a B707 tank/AWACs all parked in the same airport in near proximity. We need to self critic and also self advise as of when needed

  11. Augustine says:

    Oga Beegeagle, I was know you will step up the game and reveal the source. Reason why I said anyone who wants to know should ask you what the source is. Me and them had some behind the scene discussions about this list many weeks ago. The guy won’t list anything NOT ordered as at December 2014. He agreed to list weapons ordered but not delivered.

    If anything is missing on that list, it’s likely not ordered as at December 2014. Reason why JF-17 Thunder is missing, even though I dragged the matter with him, but he won’t add what is not officially ordered for NAF, but he did list 100 JF-17 for Pakistan because it was ordered despite not being fully delivered.

    Also, I suspect 2015 January to March orders will have more tanks, and that some black market deals will be missing on the list. Reason why I said in my comment’s heading….2014 official orders BUT there can be HIDDEN DEALS.

    I also suspect that evaluation equipment are not listed, I argued for some of them, but they won’t accept evaluation as order/procurement.

    My guess is that T-84 Oplot is under evaluation as well as JF-17 Thunder evaluation was completed last year.

    However, almost 6 months after evaluation began, JF-17 Thunder purchase has not been ordered to our knowledge, but could be a hidden order 2015, but why so slow? There may be other aircraft under evaluation even inside NAF base at Makurdi secretly. Nigeria, the more you look the less you see. I never said that list is exhaustive, but let us not be over optimistic, many things are missing and may be missing for a long time.

    Chad now has confirmed 25 units of about 100 km range Beyond Visual Range air to air missiles for her 3 units of extended fuel tank longer range and modernized MiG-29 M Fulcrum C 4th Generation air superiority jet fighters, that is big threat for Nigeria to worry about.

    Sergeant tells Colonel to shut up, do we know what’s giving Sergeant new boldness?

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      That Chad has MiG-29’s flown by Eastern European mercenaries is not in doubt, neither is the threat posed by such assets, BUT we forget that the pilots are first and foremost Mercs. Mercenaries are not patriots nor fanatics who believe in dying for a cause (dead men don’t spend gold / dollars): hence, an upgraded air defense system would dissuade them from any gallantry. Also, Mercenaries ARE FOR SALE. I believe if we offer them the right amount and terms (maybe a pardon from their home countries if AWOL), they will defect to our side with their shining toys. Check communist defections

      • Sir Kay says:

        Ha, i seriously doubt we can buy their loyalty, to betray chad that is.
        Let’s not forget, these guys also function based on reputation. So if they easily betray the Government they work for, they can forget ever getting a job any where else.
        And should Nigeria trust people like that? People that can easily be bought? Man, they can easily then be paid again by Chad and have these guys assassinate our leaders, how about that?
        Never work with any one who betrays the people they work for, that’s a bad idea. And if you must, like the defectors you talked about, put them on a long leash.

  12. STARTREK says:

    Yahaya Beeg. Am humbled by your focused determination march on Brother.
    @AU you reserve the right to speculate but there is a major flaw to it. I ve information in the line of duty that is up to 75% accurate yet I dare not publish for obvious reasons.
    Any attempt to ignore the balance of 35% and take VERBAL OR ACTIVE POSITION is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Perhaps you ve had the reference the Nigeria military is the only institution that has kept Nigeria together ? well its not a myth go figure. FG is merely Cady shopping for the boys.
    pls lets not get this detractors started on our acquisition at this moment. when Men go to shop they don’t by they order period.
    my friend Dixie have faith and a little Patience.

  13. Augustine says:

    Oga Eugene4ever, I greet you.

    Never limit what your enemy will be willing to do in war, speculate it but don’t conclude it. We are not mind readers of other people’s hearts my brother. Badme war, mercenaries flying Ethiopian and Eritrean Su-27 and MiG-29 jet fighters were shooting down and killing each other with BVR missiles. Some class of mercenaries do have life insurance contracts .

    Anyway, Chadian MiG-29 pilots don’t need to die fighting Nigerian F-7 jets, Chad will just shoot down NAF jets from 50 km away before Nigeria can fly close to the 20 km missile range of our inferior missiles.

    Game over !

    Air defense by Nigerian army to discourage Chad? Which air defense missile, the ones you have today or the one you day dream about because may not buy it anytime soon?

    Maybe we should leave this procurement and arsenal crisis till after the war has ended and we finished off Boko Haram.

    My Ogas, don’t you think this discussion should be postponed till April ?

    • jimmy says:

      OGA AUG,
      Please do not feel I or anyone else is attacking you PERSONALLY, the number of Tanks , I gave you , came from a source and I waited till even more came in, these deliveries came in 2014.
      @ oga DOZIEX good call on the PMC, based on GEJ’S body language something changed drastically in him ,2015.
      Whether it is GEJ or GMB , after the silly election is over expect these things too happpen in 2015 for the NA/ NAVY/ NAF
      1) More tanks
      2) More ARTILLERY systems
      3) Most probable SAM ,the BUKs come to mind

      4) More big foots
      5) More IGIRIGS
      For the NAF
      1) They will come in 2015 the JF-17s
      2) Expect more Drones from China
      Also expect the phase out of the Toyota hiluxes
      So OGA Aug drink some water calm down knowing that the list you have is incomplete,
      Rest assured also They are NOT I REPEAT NOT moving TANKS around , They are bringing up more EQUIPMENT and More MEN current estimates of the NA in the N/EAST >30,000

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy, I don’t feel offended at all by what my ogas are saying here. Fact is that 14 units of T-72 tanks is listed for Nigeria as at December 2014. Sorry I cannot remember how many you personal quoted in your comment, I forgot your numbers.

        Well can be blame any arms log for under-reporting? If Nigeria does not openly say how many T-72 we have, then what is published by reputable sources is final public knowledge and it ends there for ranking Nigeria and FOR DETERRENCE EFFECT ON POTENTIAL ENEMY.

        Sir, if we ask 20 NA officers in NE how many T-72 tanks we have, they will give you different numbers.

        Only a few people in this country have access to 100% accurate information on Nigeria’s current military arsenal as at today March 2015.

        Likely the fully informed are, COAS, CNS, CAS, NSA, MOD top level directors, President, VP, Senate President, Speaker House, and that class of very few privileged Nigerians. Anybody else will be speculating with about 70% complete information.

        The only reliable public sources are international arms trade registers of repute.

        We are getting duplicated images of same copied equipment, the BTR-4 IFV series of photos proves that.

        Oga jimmy, we don’t have very many T-72 tanks as at now. As at March 5, 2015 about 10 days ago , President Jonathan said in a report that 65% of weapons we are expecting for final offensive have already arrived .

        What is the 35% balance remaining on 9 units of IFVs ? Answer is 4 more units.


        Lets postpone it to April as I said earlier. We have a war to win before March 28….we already have enough weapons to defeat Boko Haram today.

        First things first.

      • jimmy says:


  14. freeegulf says:

    Admiral Augustinho, with due respect, i dont think this is the time to be itemizing our orders, evaluation, delivery or weapons in the pipeline. we should win this war first. then we can all table needs, aspirations, and whats on ground. this list is merely a distraction to the WoT.

    so whether we have 7 T-72 AV or 14 babylon types, it really isnt the problem right now. we are currently prosecuting the war with the hardware we have and obviously incoming ones too. come the successful completion of the destruction of this vermin, BH, we can start lists, doctrines, and mouth watering deals.

    borrowing oga mchez signature words, i respect your hustle.

  15. we need to have Total radar coverage of our airspace, and we need to deploy SAMS along with the radar coverage. and yes we need air superiority fighters asap. we cannot assume no state actors would strike us. we mus be prepared.

  16. Just saw this article on bbc, the narrative sounds unnatural for bbc. the article shows that sum1 is listening to us regarding getting the media to tell our story

    • rugged7 says:

      It was written by Tomi Oladipo, he was among those that Oga Olukolade flew in to the north east.
      His reports are mostly fair, to some extent.

  17. mcshegz says:


  18. @shegz na to start to dey make t-shirts for sale now oooo. thank me for the consultancy later. loll.
    nice 1

  19. Sir Kay says:


    A roving Nigerian Mi-17Sh Helic took out 2 #BokoHaram Toyota Landcruiser 4×4 which fled fighting in Damasak heading for Kogui bridge Niger

  20. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Dear All, without aerial superiority, All the terrestrial assets are just potential chalked “kills” , this is a proven all recent modern. ( Gulf war, Sadam’s Republican guard’s tanks and armor was decimated once in the open, to the extend that they were prevented from maneuvering and reduced to artillery pieces courtesy of A10 and Apaches. Also “High way of death” in the 1st Gulf war. As always I found no mention of our only innovation from the conflict “Igirigi”, It should be the main stay of our forces, Big Foot is good in the Sahel type environment, how would it do in the thick forested south areas. Igirigi should have been made effective in our fight against an unconventional force ( Born In Battle). what marvels do this imported IVFs and APCs have that cannot be made or reproduced within Nigeria, why by 120 Big foots, why some can be assembled in Nigeria ( Jobs, Skills and tech transfer, National Pride), Why springbok APCs not a modified to specs Igirigi. As for the NAF/Chad issue we have a mighty problem here. except we take out their airfields before they are airborne, which would be quite a task with the French squadron ( Mirages, Rafael),including tactical air defense radars and a B707 tank/AWACs all parked in the same airport in near proximity. We need to self critic and also self advise as of when needed

    • freeegulf says:

      oga aviator, i get your point about the need for local innovation and local assembly. we need to continually improve the Igirigi and work with our local companies for defence productions. however, the current hardware being utilized in the NE are all operational armament for the current campaign.
      these were not part of the orbat of pre BH campaign. so more or less, these procurement where emergency or tailored made acquisitions to equip the formations in the NE and to ensure the complete destruction of the terrs.

      the big ask would be what would happen after the successful completion of the NE WoT campaign? are we going to have the same post civil war situation, where lots of hardware were abandoned with no spare parts to keep them functioning because the FG was buying from all sources. we really need to work on our doctrine after the conventional phase of the WoT is over. we need to streamline our needs and orbat too. but this should all be done after this victory. yes we would need to bring in the Igirigi into the army mech formation. local assembly is needed both for APCs and MRAPs and this should be the next big step after the campaign.

      as for the air force, i think a lot of us are just being totally freaked out about chad having a 4gen aircraft and we dont. it is indeed partially justified to be paranoid but we should not become alarmists prone to panic because of 3 mig 29s. we can equip the air force with 2 dozen squadron of 4.5 gen aircraft if the naf can be as convincing as NN.
      well, even the grandstanding of Derby would amount to hubris if he wants to fight the nigerian armed forces. whether they have LRAAM or MRAAM it is not enough for the chadians to stupidly wish war. yes our reputation took a beaten due to this run in the mill terrorists. but we are slowing regaining our strength and prestige, and woe betide these knuckleheads who want to engage us in small or large scale warfare. Nigeria is a sleeping giant, but damn the bast**ds who awaken the giant.

    • ozed says:

      Would have liked to see a clear statement of what the gains have been and what each forces responsibilities have been thus far.

      That will shut up the biased western press once and for all.

    • Are James says:

      Please this is not an offer of training. That essentially south African company wants to come into as a PMC to do ISR, border control and airborne ground combat logistics work.
      Nigeria has become a PMC goldmine in two months. Maybe we should contract out oil theft surveillance as well.

  21. Sir Kay says:

    Just curious, this guy SF? Either way, this is a beautiful picture, that’s how a soldier should be kitted.


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