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  1. Augustine says:

    The ATR-42 Surveyor aircraft has proved to be a great asset to Nigeria in peace time and war time, on land and at sea. Well, it will be useful in mapping out border lines for fencing when the time comes.

    • Augustine says:


      • Augustine says:

        NAF should try upgrade all our ATR-42 aircraft with self-protection systems…..laser warning, missile warning, chaff and flare dispensers…..just in case we face a well armed foe.

      • Augustine says:

        The plan in the pipeline is to buy 7 more ATR-42s and make up a total of 9 units for Nigeria.

  2. drag_on says:

    This just shows then importance of the ATR 42.The 4th picture carries a lot of info for any good artillery man to be devasting. I am of the candid opinion that we need one more to make a total of 3; One in maintenance,another on standby/deployed in other activities and a third in operation. If we decide to go for a third it should we configured for ASW . If we can’t get a third then, we reconfigure the current ATR’s for ASW and configure one of the Do 228 to an ISR asset as capable as the ATRs’.

    • Augustine says:

      Not sure ATR-42 can be configured for ASW role. They come in armed version with a gun/cannon turret which Nigeria does not have, the NATO mafia guys of Italy might have objected to selling the armed version to Nigeria, I don’t know. The cannon is radar guided and a big threat to pirates.

      ATR-72 ASW is the elongated version for ASW, so I don’t know if any configuration of ATR-42 for submarine combat is possible.

      I would still avoid a western origin combat aircraft anyway, but hard to find eastern bloc ASW MPA in that class of ATR-72 ASW.

      • sazulu says:

        we are wiser now, i myself wouldn’t want a western origin equipment for that matter. I am of the opinion that a good ASW MPA should have the capabilities to land on water. This is because it can also be used in an active SAR role.
        i know the Chinese were developing a flying boat MPA. I think its the AVIC TA-600. it has a good MTOW and can carry up to 50 pax. So imagine some of this pax being the navy and can use zodiacs after the TA-600 lands on the water. Infant, the pirates can be neutralised, arrested and brought to base in the aircraft.

    • Henry says:

      There is a plan to procure 7 more units. This ISR has proven to be an invaluable asset for Nigeria.

      The deal with the CAE Avaition, if it goes through, would most likely see one or more of our DO 228 converted to ISR asset.

    • lachit says:

      u could look at the Maritime surveillance and patrol variants of indian Do-228 they are equipped with

      1.surveillance radar -Elta’s EL/M 2022 V3 multimode radar

      2.FLIR (forward looking infrared) -a retractable Elop CoMPASS electro-optical (EO) pod.
      also HAL and BEL together with IAI have integrated an Airborne Multi-Mission Optronic Stabilised Payload (AMOSP) on the fuselage in the forward starboard side fairing of the main landing gear. It houses three optical apertures – the larger one is a low light Charge Coupled Device (CCD) camera, a second one is an IR camera and the third is for possible fitment of a Laser Range Finder. It is based on a full day and night imagery gathering concept with a down link to the ground station’s intelligence system. The AMOSP can view targets of up to a range of 25 miles (40 km).

      3.EAGLE Electronic Support Measures (ESM) systems have been fitted on-board the MPA – The system is an indigenous development by the Defence Electronics Research Laboratory (DLRL).

      4.Trigun AIS and SATCOM (satellite communications),and data links

      they are economical,reliable and highly effective in maritime reconnaissance .and i believe they can be modified to suit customers needs.

      indian Navy last year happy with performance of the aircrafts and its ESM suite has placed orders for 12 more Dornier Do-228 maritime surveillance and patrol aircraft (MSA) with HAL.

      • beegeagle says:

        The Bangladesh Navy kickstarted its air arm in 2010 or thereabouts and they have since acquired Agusta A109 and Harbin Z9 helics and two Dornier Do 228NG planes. Were the Dornier planes acquired from the Indian production line?

      • lachit says:

        no they were bought from RUAG Aviation directly.
        though the banbladeshi Do 228NG is a modernised version it is good for detecting oil slicks, performing border and fisheries patrol duties and conducting environmental research,they are not as capable as those of the indian version especially in terms of maritime surveillance and esm role.they dont have any weapons .

        but the indian versions have two inboard and two outboard pylons that can carry an array of external stores, including gun pods, rockets, short-range anti-ship missiles and even SAR pods. The IN Dorniers reportedly carry AShMs of an unspecified type.

        Important features of indian Do-228 specific to Maritime Surveillance include :-
        1.High fuel capacity
        2.Ability to operate from short-semi prepared air fields.
        3.Four wing hard points with capacity upto 1030 Kgs.
        4.Ample cabin space for mounting of sensors.
        5.Unobstructed Radar coverage
        6.Outstanding performance in flying at low altitude
        7.Open architecture for easier upgradation and modifications.

        Sate-of-the-art sensors and avionics enable the crew to carryout their task in a practical environment, with mission equipment well located. The cabin has ample space for aircrew comfort during long endurance sorties. The aircraft’s integral wing tanks with increased fuel capacity and low overall consumption enables it to fly for long duration typically 6-8 hrs with mission equipment installed.

        Mission specific equipments include :-
        1.360 degree Surveillance Radar
        2.Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR)
        3.Forward looking Infra Red (FLIR)
        4.Electronic Surveillance Measures System (ESM)
        5.Microwave Radiometer
        5.Handheld Annotating Camera
        6.IR/UV Line Scanner
        7.Pollution Control Pods
        8.Two wing mounted Gun Pods each housing two 7.62 mm guns.
        9.Optical Sight SP-700 for guns
        10.Loud Hailer
        11.Search light
        12.Tactical Data Management System
        13.Bubble windows
        15.Flight Openable Roller Door

        indian made Do-228 has been exported to Seychelles and Mauritius.

        and beegeagle could u please comment on all my views posted on
        i have felt that some overlooked the main points that i tried to make.

        your opinion will be very helpful

      • lachit says:

        if ur looking for an affordable ISR aircraft u can go for DRDO EMB-145I multisensor airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) will nicely complement future NAFs su 27/30 series aircraft and help gain air dominance.

        To the global market, DRDO and the MoD offer the EMB-145i in three possible categories:
        (a) A total solution, available as is (with modified tactical systems according to user needs)
        (b) As a sensor package adaptable on user-identified platforms , and
        (c) as a modified version of the EMB-145i that involves a co-development/component model.

        The system mainly comprises of a primary radar and secondary surveillance radar (SSR/IFF). The SSR provides Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Communication Support Measures (CSM). It identifies and classifies the threats based on the emissions from them, and also serves as a Friend or Foe identification system.

        The Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) which is integrated into the ESM system, Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS) and Counter Measures Dispensing system (CMDS) forms a Self Protection Suite (SPS). The Data Handling and Display System (DHDS) will present the Air Situation Picture on Operator Work Station (OWS) and will provide communication facilities to interact with the system.

        The AEW&C system uses C band data link, Ku band SATCOM and a set of five V/UHF frequencies. The C band and Ku band links form redundant links for air to ground communications.

        The V/UHF frequencies are used for air to air data and voice communications. The communication systems allow the AEW&C system to communicate with satellites, radar ground control stations and more than 40 fighter aircraft.

        Mission system control (MSC) is the brain of the AEW&C system, as it incorporates all the data from sensors and other systems to control the whole system. It assesses threats using data received from the on-board sensors and other sources, and presents the Air Situation Picture (ASP).It manages the whole communication system of the AEW&C system. The MSC can record the data and play back the same for conducting mission analysis. The Intercept Control Segment (ICS) integrated into the MSC will carry out recovery operations by guiding interceptors and vector strike aircraft.

        the features provided are much more than offered by similiar platforms.

        It is the only aircraft in its category to support the in-flight re-fuelling system for extended endurance of the mission.

        its price as of now is around 90 million dollars which is low compared to similiar aircrafts.
        nations that have asked for briefings on the platform includes Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Oman, and UAE.

      • lachit says:

        another picture of DRDO EMB-145I

      • lachit says:

        in future u can even go for these being developed under “AWACS India” programme
        which will have a radar that will be electronically steered (Electronically Scanned Array), which will give 360 degree coverage. The flip side is that space requirements for the radar and its systems are so large that Boeing 767 and Airbus A330 are the only suitable of now airbus a330 is the sole bidder for the AWACs programme.
        a model of an Airbus A330 fitted with a radome.

      • Augustine says:

        lachit, thanks for the info on MPA and ISR platform options. Many thanks sir.

      • rugged7 says:

        Oga Lachit, nice analysis on the platforms.
        I really wonder why the Nigeria Army does not collaborate a lot more with the Indian armed forces. Especially in R and D

      • lachit says:

        @Augustine @rugged7
        thanks the pleasure is all mine
        @beegeagle and all bloggers
        i was was thinking of doing a analysis on nigeria air defence , would u guys be interested. if yes.
        can u guys provide me with links to high resolution maps of nigeria, military grade would be preferable, i could not find one.
        then i could provide a roadmap to develop and build a air defence environment based on present and future threats.

  3. @oga beegs, hw about a thread to discuss the next phase of the BH battle. The current phase will wind down shortly and BH while decimated may not be dead and may go back to hit and run tactics. their ability to hold territory has vanished for good. But how do we end the insurgency for good. how do we get to the end of BH. whats our quick reaction time like. how quickly can we respond to a small band of roving fighters attacking a community. we must continue to stay steps ahead

    • beegeagle says:

      We shall get to that inevitably.

      Yes, you are right. The dregs of BH goons who have been uprooted will now regroup in the towns for a last stand. Their goal would be to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt but the NA proved in 2012-13 to be truly adept at urban warfare.

      Remember when there used to be near-daily driveby shootings, roadside IED attacks, suicide bombings, car bombings etc in KANO, Kaduna, Jos, Damaturu, Potiskum, Bauchi etc? How a mammoth-sized city such as Kano, larger than every city in West Africa bar Lagos, was pacified remains a real puzzle to me.

      When displaced BH goons sneak back into the cities, I expect the war of attrition to be greatly boosted by Police and SSS intel gathering. That way, the terrorists get pummeled to oblivion before the end of 2016.

      • beegeagle says:

        It was after BH had lost their toehold in the towns and cities that the moved into the farflung border districts to institute a reign of terror in precincts which, across the developing world, are usually characterised by weaker levels of state authority.

      • it still surprises me that BH kept its activities to the North and particularly the NE. while they were evolving i really thot we would experience attacks around the country. Its baffling really.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Adetyayo’s Blog, boko haram kept its terror to the North because it seems to need the ability to melt into communities.
        Except for nomadic cattle rearers, compatible communities are largely unavailable elsewhere. Resident trading populations are very easy to police when away from home, so aren’t of much use to boko harams backers.

  4. beegeagle says:

    It was after BH had lost their toehold in the towns and cities that the moved into the farflung border districts to institute a reign of terror in precincts which, across the developing world, are usually characterised by weaker levels of state control.

  5. Tobey says:

    With the ATR-42 aircraft, N.A artillery men will be able to provide fire support more accurately. My fears still lie in the final battle for Gworza. It will be bloody as its BH’s last stronghold. Really bloody…Only adequate recon will save lives.

  6. Manny Aydel says:

    The third photo suggests that journalists were given an opportunity to see the ATR in action, very good initiative by Gen Chris. Most of our journalists have no clue what our military capabilities are, including even some senior government functionaries themselves. Let’s hope this helps improve reportage of the on-going counter-terrorist operation.

    • the lack of knowledge stems from lack of information

      • Manny Aydel says:

        @Oga Adetayo’s Blog, you’re right up to a point sir, but you will also note that most of our journalists today are not even inquisitive anymore. They prefer to sit in the newsroom and quote wire agencies like Reuters and AFP for something happening under their nose!

  7. Augustine says:

    If Nigeria accepts one single rifle gift from any NATO country now during this war, USA/EU, etc, they will say it is their own rifle that defeated Boko Haram and claim our own AK-47 failed for 6 years. Beware of the white foxes, sly foxes of the western world, Nigeria beware of black or white glory thieves from Africa, America, and Europe.

    Nigeria has helped itself and is defeating Boko Haram. Fact !

    • Deway says:

      Augustine, national interest should dictate our foreign policy, let’s leave emotions out of it. For instance, if Germany comes today and says they want to help us fix and upgrade 15 of our stored MBB 105 helicopters for 50% of the current market cost, u go say make them no help?

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Deway, they can come and upgrade our equipment after the war has ended. Not all gifts in this world are acceptable depending on circumstances. National pride is not emotion, it is placing a value on your fatherland above other nations. Why should Germany come with weapon upgrade gift 10 days to the end of Boko Haram war? Where was Germany when her NATO friends agreed with her to place arms embargo on a war damaged and bleeding Nigeria?

        Oga mi, if you wan sell your own national pride to Germany na you sabi o ! You are on your own sir.

      • Deway says:

        I’m not aware that NATO placed a current arms embargo on Nigeria during this COIN effort. Czech Rep is a NATO member, we got T72 MBTs, MRLS and other equipment from them. Their government didn’t stop Excalibur from shipping them to Nigeria. Poland is also NATO, we are sourcing beryl rifles from them. A few weeks ago, an Alitalia cargo plane landed in Abuja with armaments for the military. Canada has been selling their LAVs to the MOD and Police. Italy and Canada are core NATO members. Help me understand.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Deway, the weapons we got from Czech Republic are ex-Soviet. That is very important.
        The rest of NATO was in with America on starving us off arms in our trying moment. Any upgrade “gifts” now will have to wait until after we have declared victory, even if they are for free. We must stamp our pride on this victory in permanently indelible ink.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Deway, are you new to this blog? Why was sale of Cobra helicopter gunships, Super Tucano COIN combat aircraft, Textron Scorpion ISR +attack aircraft, Guided missile armed drones, Tear Gas, etc blocked by NATO powers from reaching Nigerian military arsenal to fight Boko Haram.

        Ever heard about written and unwritten constitutions? Bros don’t let oyinbo man dribble you like Ronaldo !

    • rugged7 says:

      This raises a lot of questions…
      We hope cameroon is communicating with DHQ.
      But then again, we do know that both countries do not have a right of “hot” pursuit.
      And cameroon is the least friendly of all the francophone countries.
      As long as they are killing boko haram it may not be a major problem.
      BUT at a point, Nigeria Airforce may need to drop some bombs on their cameroonian heads to remind them that they are in Nigeria.

      • Deway says:

        Rugged7, one thing is for sure, they wanted to be in the news. Even yesterday, security chiefs from Nigeria, Niger and Chad met in Abuja to discuss setting up a joint ops HQ for COIN coordination. As expected, the Cams were absent. We do not know if they received DHQ approval to enter Nigerian territory. If they didn’t, then our foreign affairs policy should be reciprocal.

      • ozed says:

        A true tit for tat would be to round up an entire company of their troops in Nigeria, disarm them and host a press conference stating their troops fled from Boko Haram and entered Nigeria for shelter.

        Release the disheveled looking troops 2 weeks later from the Calabar border.

      • chynedoo says:

        I think they both have a right of pursuit, if you watch that video the intel agency guys mentioned it, and I think there is a youtube vid where Mike Omeri also briefed on same issue of cross border pursuits if necessary

    • Eugene4eveR says:

      Maybe my english is a bit rusty.
      Quote: “Cameroon Col. Jacob Kodji said forces from his country attacked Boko Haram militants FROM Borno state’s Ndaba village on Thursday and Friday, killing several of the extremists and destroying some of their vehicles and ammunition.”
      The story, if to be believed, said the gallant, never-lost-a-battle Cameroonians attacked the boko vermin FROM the Ndaba village and NOT IN Ndaba village.
      An ambush of retreating vermin on cameroonian soil in now being presented as a major incursion into Nigeria. An unauthorized incursion into Nigeria will most likely result in a “friendly fire” incident with either the Air force, Artillery Corps / Special forces OR ALL combined.

      • sazulu says:

        “never-lost-a-battle Cameroonians”? Was that description necessary at this point? These guys are mocking us.

      • mcshegz says:

        Oga Eugene4eveR. I respect your hustle sir.
        Divide and rule tactic, works if you allow it. Nigeria has nobody to fear in the whole of Africa. We are a well boisterous group, nobody can stampede us into a war of attrition with our neighbor. With our neighbors, we have to be defensive and surreptitious in our actions. Plausible deniability is the word.


    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Dear Ogas we must also be mind full of the third aspect of the 3Cs, could these Media guys be working on creating divisions to see the Successful joint effort that excludes all Western suggested methods fail ( No blue on blue, no disagreements within the command structure), could all this misinformation generated by the media be blamed on our Allies for a grand purpose ?

  8. beegeagle says:

    Guys, check this talebearer out @ibnezra

    I have already opened my account on his trust. Mek una dey show o…not just murmuring and doing nothing about the false narratives

    • jimmy says:

      Just so you know we have been all over the DEFENCE WEB bringing clarity and refuting some of the Absolute nonsense, OGA MAKANAKY, RKA, 100% BLACK, YAGAZIE have all represented very well, it has been a labor of love, i just replied to a horrendous narrative to A SELF HATING MR MARTIN EWI, on Defence Web , the dude is just delusional and living in self torture that the WAR is ending what agony for him.

  9. Deway says:

    Clarity provided: Foreigners train Nigerian troops as “final onslaught” hits Boko Haram

    By Karin Strohecker
    LONDON (Reuters) – Foreign private security personnel from South Africa, Russia and South Korea are on the ground in northeast Nigeria to train Nigerian troops and are not engaged in frontline combat against Boko Haram, the government said on Tuesday.
    According to security and diplomatic sources, Nigeria has brought in hundreds of mercenaries to give its offensive against the Islamist militant group a shot in the arm ahead of the March 28 presidential elections.
    But government spokesman Mike Omeri said foreigners on the ground were only engaged in training Nigerian troops.
    “There are trainers on the ground to assist in the handling of equipment,” Omeri told Reuters on the sidelines of a news conference in London. “They simulate, they teach. These are the things they do.”
    Asked if they were directly involved in fighting, he said: “I am not aware of that.”
    Africa’s most populous nation and top energy producer has been plagued by the Boko Haram insurgency since 2009, when insurgents intensified efforts to establish an Islamic caliphate in the northeastern Borno state.
    However, this year Nigeria and its neighbors have launched a series of offensives to recapture territory, turning the tide against Boko Haram in the run-up to the hotly contested presidential poll.
    Omeri would not confirm how many foreigners were involved but said they had come from the same countries that had provided military equipment. He cited South Africa, Russia and South Korea.
    “Acquisition of recruitment and military hardware is done through a number of processes. There are government-to-government exchanges and there are those who also come through contractors,” he said.
    The contractors’ stay in Nigeria would end when local troops had become proficient at handling the equipment, he added.
    “This is training on site and maybe this is why the people on the ground have been described as mercenaries.”
    He declined to predict how long it would take for the military to regain full control.
    “We have started the final onslaught,” he said. “This is the road to the finish and we are on it already.”

    • Are James says:

      South Korean trainers?. What equipment might that be for?. FLIR, Airborne radar and Ground Surveillance Radar are possibilities.

  10. drag_on says:

    @oga tobey
    If not for the election timetable pressure,the best thing is to lay seige on gwoza and let hunger smoke them out(Hunger can do strange things to men),add to that day and night raids and their ammunition store will go low before you can say presto.

    • drag_on says:

      Each time you deploy a daytime raid on a particular position you can be sure it will be fortified in time for the flyboys to destroy at night leaving artilery to pick off any attempted resupply of the position.

  11. jimmy says:
    I just replied this person, it took a lot of will power to be RESTRAINED and NON ABUSIVE.
    Some people just cannot abide the thought S.M.D.H. 😦

  12. beegeagle says:

    Telling the world a story on Twitter about a little known Captain in the NA, a PhD, who has produced a drone


    • jimmy says:

      I do not know how we are going to do this but we honestly need to really highlight the importance of the ATR and the ARMED DRONES This is task that must be done.
      Lastly this is trending ,Nigerians in a wonderful show of love and support are donating food, drugs and money to the ARMY Someone gave N1 Million Naira, I implore those who can to give in a small way if you see ARMY/ NAVY/ AIRFORCE officers eating in a restaurant pay for it does not take much especially if you can afford it.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        We must not forget the families of the fallen heroes, their children, wifes should not want for little things school fees, food, etc

  13. asorockweb says:

    From the NAF ATR Surveillance aircraft: a Nigerian Army tank moves to intercept a Boko-Haram VBIED vehicle outside Bama.

  14. Oje says:

    Africa is about to witness the resurgence of the Nigerian military with massive aquisitions in ways not seen before in Sub Saharan Africa in so short a span. In a twisted fit of fate Nigeria’s military will be among the most technologically advanced in SSAm second only to South Africa. Platforms like this ATR is not in the inventory of any African country, neither does any African country hace 5 Sattelites in Space as assets. If ony we can set things right Nigeria has a ggolden opportunity to reassert its self before the eyes of the world and gain back the respect and admiration it once had,

  15. rugged7 says:

    A lot of foreign clowns masquerading as journalists sha…
    Na wa. 9ja don hear am for these people hand.
    Person go wake up one day begin dey write rubbish.

    • Are James says:

      Who needed this spoilt, silver spooned overgrown America-wonder boy playing cowboys and indian games and being paid for it in Nigeria?. They want to smile to the bank upon other people’s misery.

    • rka says:

      I am beginning to wonder a bit about the Gazelles as they don’t appear to have NAF insignia.

      Could they really be contractor owned as they were sighted in civilian colours before being re-sprayed in camouflage schemes?

      Maybe they are being used purely as scout/recce platforms maybe with pintle mounted guns.

      The one that was sighted with the Puma coming from the test range may have been used to film the Puma from the air while it was testing new weaponry as the gazelle has never been pictured so far with any rocket/missile attachments.

      My thoughts anyway.

    • rka says:

      The next stage of France’s move into the region to call the shots.

      Nigeria is getting more and more surrounded especially if the Cameroonians cave in and allow this to happen.

  16. Oje says:

    E don dey start. I don tell una say Nigeria’s victory over Boko Haram might not go down well with the powers that be. It appears if they cannot cut us in size using their Proxy puppets (Chad and Cameroon) they will do it themselves using a flimsy excuse. We should be prepared.

    • Are James says:

      You see why token acquisition of tanks and zero acquisition of top of the range long legged combat aircraft is annoying to some of us here. When did Nigeria become such a upset in the international community. What band of local traders and businessmen ‘re running this country that they cannot see beyond toro and kobo for their pockets.

    • Sir Kay says:

      ” France intends to use the liaison detachment to control the multinational force of 10,000 men, endorsed by the African Union March 6, 2015″

      Now that’s disturbing. Control?

  17. Oje says:

    Stupidity. What makes these people think NIGERIA will allow an AU backed 10,000 multinational “peacekeeping” FORCE now that the Nigerian army has found its mojo back. Me thinks (and I am quite certain) this is nothing ore than another CHESS move by the Franco alliance backed by the CIA to cut Nigeria to size by cook or crook. Make una dey watch very soon una go hear say ISIS Don dey Nigeria to help BOKO HARAM prompting a “French led” multinational military response to ” Prevent ISIS from having a foothold in West AFRICA” . Gentlemen we are talking about Rafael fighter Jets taking control of the skies over NIGERIA, there is nothing in our arsenal that can put up even a feeble resistance, we will be completely powerless. Edward Snowden said it years ago that France and Cameroon had conclude plans to invade Calabar and annex OBUDU but in an ironic twist of fate BOKO HARAM paradoxically saved us from an embarrassment of cataclysmic proportion. Now they are at it again, making a second attempt this time using BOKO HARAM, and ISIS as pretext. Make we shine our eyes, we are about to face a ruthless and smart enemy. Pre-emptive action by NIGERIA will buy us time. We must dissolve the MNJTF, kick out the Chadian and Cameroonian army and start building up a robust air defence system to protect strategic infrastructure. 2015 will make or break n us as a nation. Time to prepare is now.

    • mcshegz says:

      Bring it on France, pe qouisÉ hehehehehe. Finally, Nigeria will have to compare itself with its true economical peers, not neighboring countries thatève got nothing on Nigeria, in any ramification. Well, no country has truly fully developed without the existential threat of war looming. Every country on this planet has been forced to get its brains out tha gutter and start to manufacture armaments of war, then and only then do you notice how great you are because if your armaments are good enough to defend the homeland then whats a fridge. Abeg, just watch Nigeria continue to sprint into economic renaissance, whats an angry powerful China without its humiliating history with Japan, whats Turkey, without its Ottoman empire, whats America, Russia without Nazi Germany. Every nation needs a swift kick in the backside to jump-start collective objective reasoning, this swift kick makes you say chaiiiii. #NeverAgain ehhennn, Because you truly don’t appreciate and consolidate power until you’re utterly powerless. France and her colonies will continue to be a thorn in Nigeria’s backside until and unless, Nigeria democratizes these nations, pronto, albeit surreptitiously, Nigeria must wake up to the danger behind these sit-tight puppets and must do everything it can to empower the population. They must have the power to elect their leaders, Nigeria must facilitate this process, Nigeria must continue to fund pro-democratic movements to ensure that they achieve their objectives.We fought against apartheid in S.A but cant do the same in our backyard? Not acceptable. The homeland must continue to be physically defended though. Fence Nigerian borders, follow Turkeys route, partner with other countries to develop long range SAM’s, follow India’s method, make sure you patronize local companies, make-in-Nigeria. mraps, apcs, and ifv’s are so easy to manufactureand are already been manufactured locally, i see no reason for imports, except maximum imports of 10-15 percent, jf-17 should be actualized in all its facets, as the only reason i’ma sucker for this deal is its technology transfer. The private sector must continue to see the defense industry as such, an industry, manufacture, show whats possible, trust me Nigerian’s will make a case for you.
      Oga Oje. I respect your hustle sir.

      • Eugene4eveR says:

        Oga Oje, On point warning and plan of action, EXCEPT your preemptive strike advise.
        A preemptive strike without powerful followup attacks is basically suicide.
        There’s NO WAY we will attack any of the french colonies, sorry allies, without the frogs retaliating brutally.
        An attack from Nigeria IS JUST THE EXCUSE NEEDED to blast us back to the stone age. Hunger is a better weapon than bullets in this case.

      • Preach it sir!! Pple keep saying the west wants a price of naija, assuming but not conceding that is true, what better pretext would they have to grab that peice than us attacking one of our neihgbours. Iraq tried it too, dint turn out to well. Yes we must arm up as a deterrent, but attacking any1 would lead to inevitable retaliation from the west.

  18. Oje says:

    O ye of little faith.

  19. Oje says:

    Oga Adetayo, you are one of my favourite former here and your views are often well thought out and precise but on this I’m afraid I will have to disagree. Weather we take actions to defend our sovereignty or not the people we “call” allies will spare no no expense to see that Nigeria never lives up to its potential as a black superpower championing the course for the prosperity of the black race. Chad has little to gain from a powerful NIGERIA. Cameroon will never be at ease with having a rich,powerful and influential Nigeria as a next door neighbour, France will always be France – having a disdain from an all powerful Nigeria. We must drop this “policy of appeasement” because it does nothing but gives the enemy an advantage with more time to prepare for an assault on Nigeria.

    The sooner we realise this the better. I suggest we :
    1.Announce the termination of the MTJTF who’s penny contribution does not compensate for the damaging they re doing to this Great Nation.

    2. Give advantage one week deadline to have all foreign military personnel out of NIGERIA. We kicked out and terminated America’s military personnel out of NIGERIA and months later we turned the tide of the way. We kicked out the American CDC from NIGERIA, went it alone and months later we defeated Ebola. We should be able to kick out these sell out sabeurters without resorting to military force. In the “highly likely” event they refuse then we know without any iota of doubt that we are officially at war with BOKO HARAM, France and her allies and mobilise Nigeria for full scale war. We cannot continue appearing weak, it gives no deference but rather incentives to be attacked “now that we are weak”

    The handwriting is on the wall, the onus is now us to give in or lash back.

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