19 March, 2015

Lt General KTJ Minimah, Chief of Army Staff

The foregoing embedded weblink refers.

Your article signposted a new low in unethical journalism and was notorious for its deliberate obfuscation of facts, pursuant to your undisguised mission of writing to tarnish reputations. My modest guess is that, as is typical with most skewed narratives emanating at this time, it was written to give a fillip to your political preferences.

Personally, I have followed your work since you undertook a Kano-Lagos train ride for the now-rested “BBC AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE”. That was a great report which was aired about fifteen years ago whereas this diatribe appears to have been badly jaundiced by a preference to deploy ethno-regional gimmickry.

Here are the facts:

So of all 42 towns which were liberated in Adamawa, Yobe and Borno, it is now the backwater that is Dikwa which was the nunc dimitis of the war, just because Chad operated there and you were clearly writing to discredit the FG and the Nigerian military?

If President Deby said they spotted Shekau at Dikwa, you think the Nigerian Army deployed faraway at Mafa, Marte and Monguno stopped the Chadians from killing him? That sounds like puerile conjecture. It was just another hollow claim made by a megalomanic President Deby and the Chadians have been caught more than once telling white lies about their role in this war. How many times have Nigerian troops spotted or killed Shekau or one of his doubles? Did that mark the end of the insurgency? So why make it seem like the war would have ended had the Chadians been allowed to slay Shekau? Such incongruent extrapolation is emblematic of the sort of incoherent buccaneering journalism which many compromised Nigerian journalists subscribe to. Who hired you to write that cheap diatribe?

I put it to you, Malam Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, that neither President Deby nor his military spoksman, Colonel Azem, can be described as being ‘credible war communicators’. They routinely peddle falsehood to make themselves look better than they really are. PROOF? Here we go…

At the end of January 2015, Chadian troops claimed to have liberated MALAM FATORI.



Only a week thereafter, Boko Haram staged their first-ever attacks in Niger and that was when they hit Bosso and Diffa from, wait for it, a supposedly liberated Malam Fatori.


Indeed, Malam Fatori had not been liberated at all for again in March 2015, Malam Fatori was apparently ‘liberated’ but this time, by a joint force Chadian and Nigerien troops.


So the Chadian military were clearly caught lying about battlefield gains. And they lied yet again. For indeed, they also claimed to have taken the town of DAMASAK in conjunction with Niger’s troops.


That was another lie which was exposed by Radio France International a few days after when they reported that Damasak was still in Boko Haram hands. And as if to confirm that, the Nigerian Army which you maligned so terribly, stepped in to reclaim Damasak only last weekend, in the face of flailing attempts by JOINT Chadian and Nigerien forces to capture the border town from Boko Haram. There goes your ‘valiant’ Chadian Army.

It is again emblematic of lazy journalism for you in Nigeria to sit behind your desk and unashamedly quote a decidedly dubious Adam Nossiter of New York Times who writes his fiction from faraway Senegal.

Be that as it may and even as you are a professional journalist whereas I am a humble citizen journalist, I have reached out and sought the perspectives of those you termed ‘mercenaries’. If only buccaneering Nigerian journalists would take a cue therefrom instead of quoting the AFP, AP and Al Jazeera all the time.


That is what is going on in Borno at this time. So why make it appear as if the ex-paramilitaries of Namibia’s Koevoets it is who have now become the storm troopers in Borno? I put it to you, Ishaq Modibbo Kawu, that the trainers/advisers in Borno are predominantly ex-soldiers drawn from the apartheid-era South African Defence Force and the South African Air Force of that same epoch. Koevoets are a footnote to the story but I am not surprised that you sought to amplify that bit of falsehood way beyond its relevance and factuality, all in a calculated attempt at misinforming Nigerians and smearing the Nigerian military.

Be it known to you that as of Monday 16th March, a total of 42 towns had been liberated in the mission area. Nigerian troops fighting ALONE and without your Chadian mentors, cleared all of Adamawa and Yobe States while the Chadians only took Dikwa and Gamboru. Along the line, a joint Chadian+Nigerien force took Malam Fatori while that joint force probably managed to take Damasak following an intervention by Nigerian troops.


The fact is that our Nigerian troops have done more than 90% of the fighting yet you make every minor battle seem like it was the main event.

WHAT is the strategic relevance of DIKWA? Because Chad operated there? Is that historical desert town more strategically important than the garrison towns of BAGA, BAMA and MONGUNO which have been retaken by Nigerian troops? Your contemptible kind of cash-and-carry journalism deserves to be consigned to ignominy. It is not worth anybody’s time but you surely needed to be led to the bright light.

In closing, be it known to you that the same BBC which you worked for have sent in a Nigerian youth, Tomi Oladipo, to go see and report from the mission area. Imagine if they had trusted your powers of discernment and hired you to report from Borno? It would have been calamitous for Nigeria, I dare say.


I am sure you are constrained to believe your former paymasters or you worked for them in the belief that they are not credible? I doubt that.

FACTS must remain SACRED in the reportage of this war.


About beegeagle

BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. clement says:

    Beegeagles, you’ve never ceased to amaze followers like me with your open mindedness, objective, ethical and investigative practice of journalism; particularly at a time when the lettered society is laden with toxic and compromised journalism. Keep soaring.

  2. Saleh says:

    really love this, setting the issues straight

  3. beegeagle says:

    My Oga Clem, thank you jare. Nice to hear from you again. I actually asked after you at the weekend.

    “Evil thrives when men do nothing” Lemme assure you that it took some effort in research to put together this piece between 0525hrs and 0710hrs this morning. But the motivation was strong because the lies were truly outrageous.

    One can only hope that members of this community help to counter that man’s narrative by retweeting this riposte enmasse.

    My experience from actively using Twitter this past month assures me that it is true medium of mass communication and rapid reaction. You cannot imagine the number of reporters who we have cleared their doubts by instantly reaching out as soon as their false reports crop up.

    More importantly, a simple retweet by just one Beegeagle’s Blogger, instantly reaches out to 100-20,000 followers. Imagine if all of those retweet to their own networks of followers and associates? In just one day, people have been known to circulate a tweet to millions of followers.

    NIGERIANS are very active on Twitter. If we need to disabuse their minds of jaundiced reportage, we have to make effusive use of the medium to keep them positively informed.

    Good morning gentlemen and God bless us all.

  4. Manny Aydel says:

    Gen Beegs, you’ve just done what some people are being paid to do In Nigeria but which they so unashamedly fail to do. I like the concise and logical train of your thesis. Great job!

    • freeegulf says:

      couldnt have put it better than this oga manny, right on the mark. well done.

      @marshal beeg, we are fighting for the heart, soul and sovereignty of our nation, and you our marshal is right at the front of this glorious campaign. the OON national award does not even cover this great strides of yours. this is the hallmark of for God and country, especially in these latter days of globalists agendas.
      we thank you.

  5. rugged7 says:

    O Boy!!!
    Oga Beegs don pieces them with english.
    Meeen! some people go dey look for dictionary just about now.
    Well done Oga Beegs.
    It is sad that we have such self-hating individuals, who suffer from a stockholm syndrome encased in mental slavery.
    Like i always say.
    Nigeria is passing through the valley of the shadow of death
    But we are without fear.
    Nigeria pass all these enemies.
    We will surely overcome

  6. Oje says:

    Oga Beeg abeg eh no vex, which school you go? Wetin you study? Cos as I dey here so I Don confuse. You are a testament that Nigerian academic institutions though lacking in basic infrastructure still mange to turn out people with bright minds like you. Trust me you will give Fareed Zakaria a run for his money with your analytical mind and perspective. Maximum respect from me to you.

  7. Oje says:

    # Economic, diplomatic,spiritual and military offensive against Nigeria’s enemies.

  8. citizen says:


    This answers the questions about Clintons refusal to designate Boko Haram as a FTO!!!

  9. Naijaseal says:


    You are truly an inspiration. A man serving his fatherland very unbiased. You tell it as it is. No one can accuse you of being partisan.

    Thank you once more for taking this charlatan masquerading as a journalist to the cleaners. His ethno-political bias has totally destroyed any shred of credibility he has. I have put this on @vanguardngr twitter.

    God bless Nigeria.

  10. Aragon says:

    I read this Modibo article this morning and I was shocked at how puerile, lazy and intellectually empty the writer was. He wrote in a condescending manner. He presumed a lot of Nigerians would swallow hook, line and sinker his fables. I didn’t bother wasting my time to read all he spewed from his warped imagination. I looked for his email address to respond to him personally as he probably wouldn’t read my comments on disqus but I couldn’t find it. Beegs, could you please publish this response in Vanguard, the same medium he used in carrying out his criminal act of attempted misinformation.

  11. Ola says:

    Sir Beegs, thanks for taking the time to write this! One of my friends (who’s never commented on your blog before but an ardent follower), a non-Nigerian shared this latest post of yours with me. I have gone ahead to share the insightful and balanced report you presented here with others as well. Please keep up the good work, we are all proud of you!

  12. joeaso says:

    Keep up the good work. Re tweeting this piece of work should be d responsibility of all Beegeagle readers and contributors. Its appalling the number of Nigerians who believe Ishaq Modibbo’s stupidity called an essay, they really need to be educated. Thank you Oga Beeg!

  13. Deway says:

    Very nice riposte to this saboteur. Nothing more to add.

  14. Naijaseal says:


    If you are not yet on twitter, please please SIGN UP asap. We can make a difference believe it or not through that platform. We must counter every falsehood from by these pseudo journalist or defsec experts.

    Next time, a lot of this charlatan journalist will be more careful before peddling rubbish.

    Oga beegs knows the reach of this blog, and more and more people are reading this blog, but he can not do everything by himself.

    We must not allow any silly lie take root. Get up and get involved in social media, especially twitter. Staying silent is not an option abeg.

  15. Naijaseal says:

    Also, we should urge @vanguardngrnews to print this riposte by beegs. Unless of course Vanguard is Boko Sympathizer. Please get on twitter and ask @vanguardngrnews to publish this beegs article, with his permission of course.

  16. geopapa says:

    Channels TV is reporting “Boko Haram suffers crushing defeat in Damasak”

  17. Enigma says:

    @Oga Beeg,thank you so much for this powerful rejoinder,l know ls’haq Modibbo Kawu very well and he is following an agenda like those other foreign media that spread lies and misinformation to demoralize our troops.Please send this rejoinder to Vanguard and some other media houses for publication.Nigerians deserves to know those that are deliberately spreading misinformation to further their hidden agenda.,

  18. beegeagle says:

    I wonder if anyone can help to post this in the comments section of that VANGUARD page like this…


    Malam Kawu, someone responded to your false narrative



    They are free to publish this on VANGUARD. Every story deserves a rejoinder. Let me try and see if it goes on TWITTER.

  19. Enigma says:

    Oga Beegs,a friend of mine Femi Adeoya runs an online news blog and he says he will publish it if you send it to him, editor@skytrendnews.com
    My regards sir.

  20. asorockweb says:

    Good write up, Oga beegs.

    It’s silly season – people will regain their senses again (or remain silent,) after the elections.

    In politics, the gulf between winning and losing is incalculable – even when decided by a single vote.

    But to malign the people doing the sweating, the bleeding, the fighting and the dying, in search of political gain is unforgiveable.

  21. odion777 says:

    Nice Write up Beegeagle, very good and well written, great respect.

  22. makanaky says:

    Thanks Beegeagle, I woke up this morning to read the useless write up on Vanguard online.
    I was happy the tongue lashing responses Nigerians gave him; I check Beegeagle’s blog later then I read your response.
    I was blown away by the structure and content of your response.
    Na gwode mai gida, in Kanuri they will say Alan goro and in BINI we will say uwese kaka bo!

    • Colloid says:

      Busy trying to take “undue” glory. Now, their victory is getting a “K” leg. Tchad: sleeping on duty.

    • Sir Kay says:

      But how is this a capture? if they stayed and live there, we can call it a capture, this was a raid, they kill and they move on.
      That said, is it Chad’s job to hold our towns for us? I mean, really?
      They liberated it, if i guess right, now its Nigeria’s job to hold it, not Chad’s.
      So we are the ones that dropped the ball here, unless if that town is in Chad, its all on us.
      We need to be fair about these things, we have more troops there than they do, so its our responsibility to secure that town after the Chadians pulled out, and if this trend continues, then we are just gonna be running around in circles.
      Recaptured towns must be secured, not left unguarded .

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Sir Kay, my guess is that Gamboru was not attacked from within Nigerian, but from Cameroon. All you have to do is look at the map of liberated areas to reach that conclusion.

        For some time, we have been hearing that boko haram had transferred a huge fighting force (including two tanks and 7 other vehicles) to Sueram (or Soueram) which is a Cameroonian village that is just 17 kilometres from Fotokol where the Chadians supposedly have a huge base, backed by Cameroonian BIR.

        All na wash!

        As it is with SELEKA, Chad and boko haram are almost one and the same thing. Wherever Chad has gone “liberating,” boko haram attacks have always followed in an unfailing repetition of history. As it is with Gamboru, so it was with Malam Fatori, Fotokol, Dikwa and Damasak.

  23. Colloid says:

    Nice write-up. Well composed, analysed, summarized and well laid out points. EFFECTIVE and POTENT delivery. I thumb up. ***searching for some Beegs words in the dictionary***.
    Oga beegs, i do retweet your tweets. Am not that active on twitter but since the media had haywire over Nigerian Military, i have made it a point of duty to retweet your tweets. God bless you Oga beegs and other Ogas. You know, THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE NOT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL BUT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOTHING ABOUT IT. Pls, if you are not on twitter, go open one now and retweet.

  24. Sir Kay says:

    Edward ‏@DonKlericuzio

    #BokoHaram terrorists fleeing fightings in gwoza and Pulka were noon engaged by a Nigerian army blocking unit at Ngoshe foothills.

  25. beegeagle says:

    Actually, if the Chadians pulled out of Gamboru and headed southwards to Amchide on the opposite end of Banki, it is the DUTY of Nigerians to defend Gamboru.

    I still think we need to pull out all but 1,000 CTU cops from all duties which are unrelated to this counterinsurgency operations.
    We need to device an intelligent way to garrison liberated areas. NO MATTER how many troops are deployed offensively, I really do not see how and why we should not be able to deploy a mixed company of troops plus a SF platoon (equipped with mortars, AFVs and artillery) and a mixed 600-man complement of MOPOL, CTU and NSCDC).

    As far as I can see, that mixed company could easily hold six 60mm/81mm mortars, two 105mm guns, six IFVs/AFVs and nine Landcruiser gun-trucks. Given the dexterity at firefights of MOPOL/CTU elements in those precincts, you would be surprised what such firepower and potpourri of riflemen will accomplish in garrisoned towns. We can afford to use that kind of alignment to keep our liberated areas effectively garrisoned.

  26. beegeagle says:

    We are fighting more professionally these days. All these stopper elements used to be unheard of. Back in the day, we would just clobber them, they scatter and then return after a week to wreak more havoc.

    • freeegulf says:

      yesssooo marshal beegs, we have been pleading with the army high command to adopt high tactics in their combat operations. no more simple linear advance to contact. now the staff planners and local commanders are taking flanking attack and their own rear security more seriously now. kudos to the NA

      blocking troops, and strike groups to roll up the enemy flanks is not new to conventional forces. so hopefully, the conservative element in NA high command would not end up disregarding this war lessons and disband ‘irregular elements and tactics’.
      painful lesson have been learnt and heed, we should work more on our orbat for future ops irrespective of the challenges of any theatre

      • beegeagle says:

        Armies shall remain conventional forces for many more decades to come. However, the global trend of these times is that asymmetric warfare is the mainstay kind of military engagement.

        The NA should prepare, equip and be poised to face conventional and asymmetric threats all at once. That is what the world’s most useful armies are poised to do.

        That was why my treatise on a new ORBAT for the NA called for a division-sized Special Operations Command. When this war started, we were caught flatfooted. Remember how many thousands of troops had to be paced through the rudiments of CTCOIN? Gen Ihejirika was overworked because we failed to plan and adapt after the combat missions in LBR, SLR, SOM and the ND.

        It would be unpardonable if we do not prepare a fitting structure to take into congnisance all threat matrices that are likely to impact our national security.

  27. rugged7 says:

    Haters will always hate.
    Nigeria no win, dem go complain; Nigeria dey win, dem go still complain!!
    Ah, ah WETIN? Ki LoDE? Nigerian blast una girlfriends???


  28. rugged7 says:

    Boko Haram slaughter their wives as they run like rats from their sinking ship.
    Why are they running na?? They for stay fight make we see. Animals…
    Question is, after shooting their wives, why don’t they shoot themselves also?
    So they can all meet in their paradise.
    Bunch of DUMB nincompoops…


  29. Kola Adekola says:

    What a beautiful, well constructed and factual rejoinder!
    This has made my day after reading Modibo Kawu’s insanely seditious trash so early this morning. I wonder why people like Modibo Kawu are such self-loathers, how a grown man can trade identity and country for crumbs.

    Oga Beegeagle, I de hail oooooooooo!

  30. rka says:

    Security operations ongoing around villages surrounding Gamboru and Limani in search of #BokoHaram elements who fled Madagali fighting.
    7:46pm – 19 Mar 15

    • beegeagle says:

      That’s more like it. Left to me, I would say the night vision-compliamt airframes should take to the skies over Gamboru tonight and be harried everyday until ground forces move in. They must not be allowed to settle in.

      • Augustine says:

        Generalissimo Beegeagle, nice bombardment against Modibbo’s fifth columnist journalism. May God reward you for your labor that impacts the life of our God chosen nation Nigeria, amen.

  31. Jaspo says:

    My friends, Sanusi himself propagated this mercenary myth in a recent interview with Christiane Amanpour
    Link: http://edition.cnn.com/videos/world/2015/03/18/intv-amanpour-nigeria-emir-kano-lamido-sanusi.cnn
    Time: 1:50

    I am disappointed.

    • ozed says:

      After the $50b to $20b to $10b missing money issue, i have concluded that the emir is a politician.
      i class his utterances alongside the likes of Lai Mohammed, OBJ et al. Not to say that there is no element of truth in what they say, but because they are politicians, the truth is twisted as much as possible to inflict casualties on the opposition.

      Consequently, they need to be taken with a pinch of salt!!!

    • Augustine says:

      Gentleman, the fact is that if we have an unfenced open border line, Boko Haram remnants might shift base to neighboring countries and regroup, rearm, re-launch their old and effective tactics of cross border hit and run high speed guerilla warfare style .

      Chad may be relaxing in retaliation for Nigeria’s claim of 90% credit and stoppage of rampaging Chadian army’s global media campaign of glory stealing on our homesoil.

      Never trust a pig that has taken showers in a jacuzzi, it will soon bring fresh mud back into your home again. I have warned Nigeria about MNJTF, let us believe and work as if we are alone, or if Chad and Niger refuses to cooperate will Nigerians allow Nigeria to die? You don’t force people to fall in love with you now, abi?

      Garrison, the reduced but still existing shortage of men and equipment may be showing already, especially shortage of powerful armored vehicles. Also shows what I said that equipment is being moved around from offensive to offensive locations.

      To garrison 42 liberate towns with two T-72 tanks each you need 84 units, but for a 3 pronged major offensive on 3 new fronts like blocking motorable Sambisa perimeter entry/exit roads, Bama, and Gwoza you need maybe another 16 units to block 4 cardinal points (making some assumptions here). That calls for an army with a total of 100 units of T-72 tanks because the battle space is the size of say Scotland or Belgium.

      When you have cannon IFVs in 4 or 5 units purchased, how do you cover the battle theater or each battalion’s AOR ? There is a certain quality in quantity itself and I am trying to make you all my Ogas to see this point, it’s something to worry about, an operational issue. Algeria is now about to buy 1,200 units of new Fauch APCs for it’s army. Watch those standard African armies, they own IFVs or heavily armed APCs in thousands and usually one single standardized brand/type only in those huge numbers. Check the original owner of Ratel IFV and his numbers purchased into service.

      Can we use non-combatant troops as garrison for liberated towns mixing them with and under the command of battle tested troops?

      Can we make suggestions please? Garrison may become a new issue for liberated towns if not addressed.

      • Augustine says:

        *Fuchs APC* pardon autocorrect smartphone

      • ozed says:

        My brother i no go lie you, this garrison idea dey fear me no be small.

        Mainly because it will be too expensive to run on an ongoing basis if we use federal troops as i think you are suggesting and split up our forces into small small groups. It will be difficult to sustain and in my experience, when things are very difficult to maintain they tend to fail when you need them. From our track record, how do we maintain logistics supplies to the various teams dotting the villages? Also if the garrison forces are too small, concerted attacks can overwhelm them and valuable assets could fall into enemy hands.

        My preference would be a well planned network of properly defended FOBs equipped at least 2-3 strong companies each, with detachments of our new mobile strike units and small armed scout choppers like the gazelles or their kin. These FOBs would need to be planned to cover overlapping areas of operation such that no location within any FOB is more than 1 hour away by road. The FOBs would need to be very well defended and protected by an ISR and Combat Air patrol net that would see any threats approaching the FOB from as far as 15-20km away.

        To protect the communities, the Police and the ‘Oga at the Top boys’ would need to be retrained and beefed up with appropriate manpower (maybe recruit or co-opt the civilian JTF) and communications to hold off any attacks and call in the response force from the FOB.

        If in addition to this, we can fence off critical areas of border with frequent patrols we can hopefully keep BH in check in the North East. It is important to note that many of these things would also assist in generating employment for the idle youth in the region i.e.
        – recruitment as village level garrisons
        – Construction of border walls at selected high risk locations
        – Patrol of borders etc.

        Maybe i misunderstood you, and we are actually saying the same thing. If so sorry for the misunderstanding.

      • jimmy says:

        oga augustine
        We go discuss this later

  32. ozed says:

    Good solid body blows from Beegie!! Well articulated write up as usual.
    Great work.

  33. Augustine says:

    rugged7 says:
    March 19, 2015 at 2:30 pm



    Some fair and objective reporting from Israel, they know what it means to fight Hamas in Gaza. Some US/EU journalist who has never seen resident terrorism on his homesoil can commit journalistic fraud against Nigerian military.

  34. rugged7 says:

    Another east african moron with a big- mouth…
    9ja don sofa sha.
    Even morons can now open their mouth wide…


  35. beegeagle says:

    That guy is on Twitter @cobbo3
    I have already opened my account on his head as early as 0430hrs or thereabouts as I prepared to catch a 7am flight.

    Reading and moving on is no longer an option, gentlemen. Charles Onyango-Obbo is a notorious West Africa basher who pretends to be a pan-Africanist. You know those sorts with major inferirotity complexes who pull down everybody else so that they may climb into reckoning and who believe that their own lights will only burn brighter if they snuff someone else’s out. I guess that ‘mighty Nigeria’ bit already showed you his underdog mentality.

    He knows how to suck up to South African egos though lest they snatch his meal ticket from him.


  36. COLONEL NGR says:

    Oga beeg, this rejoinder dey sweet me for belle. In my office, on my facebook page..i am telling the story of our brave troops. Letting my friends know that we did the fighting. Our troops deserve the credit for what they have done.

  37. Omonaija12 says:



    Adam Nossiter of the NYtimes just put out a hit piece on Nigeria. I suspect he demanded access from the 9ja side and was ignored. This is the only way to explain the Chadian focus of the reporting. His Twitter is inactive, a rejoinder to the Editor will suffice.

  38. Bigbrovar says:

    http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/21/world/africa/nigerian-army-noticeably-absent-in-town-taken-from-boko-haram.html and the narrative against our country and the gains of our brothers conitnues.. still yet I say MOD needs to do more in shaping the narrative

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