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  1. Muyiwa says:

    Just like the Hummer jeep, don’t be surprised some Nigerians will acquire the MRAPs for private use soon. Those vehicles look awesome though. Wish our boys luck en route Gwoza

    • sazulu says:

      Unlike the hummer, there’s no civilian version. Besides, anyone getting this will have maintenance and fueling to contend with. Yet again, these vehicles will be highly unstable at medium speeds because of the relatively high Centre of gravity due to its height. In fact apart from its armour I don’t see any real benefit of this to a civilian unless you move around with CBN vaults.

    • sazulu says:

      Another important point I missed it’s the turning circle of these MRAPs. An average car has a turning circle of about 10 meters. MRAPs have about 17 meters turning circle. This affects maneuverability especially at U-turns. Due to this, the vehicle has to do a 3 point turn to negotiate a U-turn on our roads.
      The major problem in the military role this can have on the vehicle extracting itself from an ambush or an attack. In an open space, driving too fat in a quick turn can overturn the vehicle because of the high CoG as mentioned darker and doing a 3 point turn is suicidal.

      • sazulu says:

        Sorry I’m making these comments on my phone. Sorry for the errors. Autocorrect seems to get a better part of me today.

  2. beegeagle says:

    Lol..Doc!! Lemme not talk sha. Something tells me you were my friend and lecturer o.

    These things are big o…no kidding. The ones I stood beside at Abuja while waiting to buy fuel yesterday were massive and lovely.

    • superboi79 says:

      Oga I saw the Military and police doing a joint patrol today too and the BigFoot was in the convoy, that machine is massive. Also one hilux with huge antenna seem to have jammed our phones. The same patrol took place at Minna too where I was coming from.

    • holtabt says:

      Hi to everyone on this blog. I am new here but I just want to say you guys are doing a great job of representing our mother land. I am a Nigerian living in the United states and I felt saddened by this Boko Haram issue when it went out of hand. Through the western propaganda media, and with a heavy heart, I have watched, read and listened as events unfold in our dear country. This blog is the candle that burns in the darkest part of this world as they try to drag the name of our brave military men in the mud. Oga beeg’s, may the spirit of our ancestors always be with you as you continue with the defense of our mother land. You guys are true patriots and I pray our dreams for this great nation will come into fruition. Thanks.

    • emereuwa says:

      I saw one today in Obigbo Rivers State, on the PH-Aba Expressway. Boy was that thing Massive, impressive and intimidating?
      2 gunners sat atop the beast, swivelling in opposite directions.

      The other vehicles in the convoy looked like toys in comparison.

      Chai come see swagger!

    • buchi says:

      saw one alongside an inkas LAv.beat by far in terms of bullishness

  3. jimmy says:

    My question is this do you think this is still part of the 120 batch or we have gone beyond it.Let me be clear I am speculating I do not have any proof having said that we now have seen bit in three different colors so oga Augustine’s theory does not wash he
    As per moving around equipment

    • Augustine says:

      Oga jimmy 120 units of Big Foot was ordered in 2013. No order reported in 2014. We don’t know if any fresh order was made in 2015.

      Does one NAF ATR-42 aircraft appearing in the air over 6 towns mean we have 6 different Surveyor aircraft? Does NAF not move aircraft around?

      I see one NNS Centenary in Apapa port one photo, then another NNS Centenary in Warri port second photo, then Port Harcourt, then Calabar port….does it mean we have 4 units of NNS Centenary warships?

      120 MRAPS, we can have 40 each in 3 different colours. We can deploy 100 in NE, 10 in FCT, and 10 in V.I… that not a way to move equipment around? Does it mean we have 500 units?

      Oga mi sir, let’s not become speculative just because it is sweet to believe we have more than what we really have. SIPRI says we ordered 120 units in 2013 and China delivered 60 units in 2014, meaning you will get 60 more units in 2015 this year, that is what you now see as new incoming equipment of new deliveries from the same year 2013 order. Let’s not become speculators of imaginary numbers.

      The BTR-4 proves a point, only 7 units available in world market, we believed we got more than what is available for sale because of duplicated photos shot in different locations with the same group of vehicles….SIPRI said we got 5 units.

      Nobody knows how many Big Foot we have, but going to SA to buy REVA might mean we have sucked up all that China can give in quick time….120 units first order.

      How many Igirigi APCs do we have? Igirigi gets moved around. Nigeria has not got so many armoured vehicles to be able to leave all equipment as garrison after liberating one town, we need much force to launch the next offensive, how do we do it if we leave all powerful equipment behind in 40 towns all at the same time?

      Even US Marines moved equipment around in Iraqi war.

      Nigeria cannot hide procurement easily, we do not manufacture 95% of our heavy equipment and vehicles. Can you hide Igirigi numbers? Only from Nigerians, we don’t produce the engine, we import it, SIPRI reported the Canadian engines we imported. We can only dribble the world a little if we use different engines from different sources for Igirigi…..but the UN Convention on arms transfer still tries to trail every import.

  4. colloid says:

    We need to get more of these. They are quite doing well on the warfronts. The height alone would make any boko boys start writing his Will. I will soon email some pictures to you oga beegs on some kind of vehicle(bullet proof) being used by my state police.

  5. God bless nigeria….. team never again

  6. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    We need to start building or else we find our selves back to scrambling for sellers in a few tears just like the T55 bought new years back are now destined for the unknown. The public goodwill and positive drive, political need to arm the military is on high gear now and funding and practical need to kick start local industries to meet the military need is alive, We all talk of starting a military complex , where are the orders going to come from. Igirigi and definitely Pro=force involved a lot of investments and need numbers for them to see sizable production lines and hit break even figures, even I have had people here calling for foreign imported IFVs for the police ( rather expensive way to combat arm robbers and to police a civil populace ). There is absolutely nothing exceptional in the design of this imported IFV/APC vehicle’s design, except practical battle field experience of the manufacturing countries, imagination and the will to think, modify and produce. ( gained from S.A in it;s Sahel type grass lands in the Swapo, ANc wars), I believe this vehicles would not do too well in the forested areas of our Nation, hence there is need for our own modifications to adapt to all our terrain, without funding made available by orders for sizable numbers, the ingeniously designed IFV/APC would die a natural death. Imagine the Nigerian military all decked out in Nigerian / locally made IFV/APC , that is enough to generate decent respect from our neighbors both to the North and around the region( I am not asking us to re-design the wheel). All we have procured during the past months can be made ineffective with one vetos and bans. A lot of the Nigerian sectors are putting their own foot prints in the global affairs, Now is the time our Military must do the same, how can a nation equate itself to others that manufacture the weapons they wield, this is how we got colonized in the first place and got left behind in the scheme of things, Now that with our hard work and perseverance we are catching up as an African/ regional force, we are again grievous neglecting our gains in the production of our military needs/weapons, inclusive of the ones we have proven our the ability, technology and finance to this equipment.. Here we go again, even the basic truck mounted tubes of the MRLs, which I have seen crude improvised and fabricated versions, working versions built in one large store room metal shops / factories in Libya and Syria by non college educated Welders. We really need to mean this “never again”. instead of funding other countries work force and youth.

    • sazulu says:

      I tend to agree with you on this. Just because the version 1.0 of the igirigi has some defects does not that it can not be perfected. In fact this is how vehicles and equipment are perfected. My opinion is that we should focus on the ogirigi and even try and make a tracked version. Once we get this right, we can then make variants to complete our IFV suites. However, I think we would like to go the easy route and just purchase instead which will be more expensive at the end.

    • CHYDE says:

      I laugh at the wisdom of this writer, he states that the Nigerian and American govts that canclled the military training program. Last time I checked it was the Nigerian govt that did the cancelling. We dont need their marine training, they can keep it, as per the issue of civilians drowning, the writer and his sponsors are on their own.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      What exactly is this training,
      1) How to handle boat maintenance,
      2) Collateral Damage control.
      3) Basic combat skills.
      To a Military that has been in existence for over 50 years, been through COIN operations in S.L, Liberia, Somalia, Dafur (when all other countries backed off), with a viable Military Training and indoctrination outfit.
      Apart from Liberia and S.L which Nigerian mostly executed and lead operation, the UN has no other significant military success story.
      I saw scene from the Chad exercise, a western soldier standing over a Chadian, practically telling him where to point his rifle, British soldiers teaching how to physically carry wounded comrades from a fire fight.
      It is our own guys that need to rise up to the challenges, This countries do not have any special military experience than us, only thing is that they are retaining and using a think tank to harness lessons learned.
      Collateral damage lessons should have been learned from the death of Yusufu, the Nigerian civil war, various earlier civilian military or police encounters with most bordering on discipline ( this involves seriously the Officer corps taking control)
      Can anybody say we honestly need them, Answer is no, no no, there is enough brain power in the Nigerian military to formulate tactics and strategy ( if the untrained BH hordes can do the same),
      All this they will help us, they would sell to us, they would teach us everything has to stop, (why PMCs, while we have lots of retired highly, expensively trained retired and experienced officers who can form think tanks with their adequately qualified civilian/academic colleague, We must demonstrate some level of internal capacity, our modern and global military experience started during the WW1 through WW2 , we must have a least figured out some things as a race. I saw India’s path to greatness, when during the Tsunami they categorically told the West ( White savior Messiah complex) that they do not need their help in coordinating rescues or funding relief Ops, they don’t export oil and have a large population. With the Will and Focus we will be Greatest Nation on God’s Earth

    • colloid says:

      LMAO…. They want to pose too? The glory hunted by chad is not enough, US is also ready to glory hunt.
      For all i care, US Marine are not superior than our troops. Forget about the best “toys” they possess, the only leverage is that they engaged in more training than Nigeria.
      We don’t need any external help from a “frienemy” who abandon their ally during her trying times, run her down with propagandas and defaming narratives. A so called ally who refused to sell her friend hardwares for her needs and claim one “bogus” HumanRights.
      Any training they want to give us can be embarked upon after we are through with this COIN war. NIGERIA MUST NOT ACCEPT ANY US ARMY, MARINE “TROJAN” HELP. We dont need it NOW. We are self capable of defeating these scumbags.

      what experience? Hehehehe, i like this writer… He failed to tell us that US did not win the CTCOIN war in Afghanistan nor Iraq. Their occupation of Iraq lead to the holes in the Iraqis defense structures which ISIL is now exploiting. Upon all their “best toys” they failed to clear Taliban from afghan/pakistan but here Nigerian Army have cleared two states and one other(which is over 70% cleared) of terrorist within a five weeks period. THAT IS HOW TO FIGHT TERRORIST. US, COME AND STUDY HOW TO FIGHT TERRORIST JUST LIKE WE DEFEATED EBOLA WITHIN TWO MONTHS. We fair better than you, so dont come here and start lecturing us on how to fight insurgents.
      See the way he even put the article that “Nigeria and US had cancelled the military training”. Who is deceiving who?

  7. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Funds used in manufacturing flow down the line from the factory, to the suppliers of very basic thing used in the making of the equipment, (suppliers of screws, wires, cables, bulbs, etc) which creates a vibrant economy for the local population, imagine the effects of the amount used in procuring sizable number of IFV / APCs injected into the local economy. (without being political, I read that one state in Nigeria gives all students , one full meal free very school day at a cost of N2 Billion for a year ) imagine what billions of Naira spent locally does to small scale support companies and individual families that are sub contracted to manufacture items supporting the Military Complex, All this adds to the patriotism of Nation , This things need the Nation’s Focus and will

  8. rka says:

    Hope they are not taking their eyes off he ball


    Nigerian forces early saturday morning repelled a #bokoharam probe into Bama from the fringes of sambisa forest. Patrols on.
    1:02pm – 21 Mar 15

    • Ufuo says:

      Here’s a response I got from Dan-Borno@danborno twitter handle to that attack at 2.14pm, Mar 21

      “@danborno: @DonKlericuzio until Sambisa and Alagarno are completely destroyed, it will continue to be their hatching bases”

    • superboi79 says:

      This may not be an attack per say; but a group of insurgents with no where to run looking for a way out… cornered rats

  9. rugged7 says:

    Geopolitics, France, Boko haram and the role of Nigeria’s neighbors in undermining Nigeria….

  10. buchi says:

    PGA colloid and Tobias insightful analysis

  11. Augustine says:

    rka says:
    March 21, 2015 at 3:43 pm
    Americans want to glory hunt now.


    Nigerian government and Nigerian military, PLEASE DON’T SELL YOUR GLORY TO ANY COUNTRY, we beg you in the name of God….those same countries and their media have been insulting you FG and DHQ for over a year now….and they refused to sell weapons to you, now they want to share your victory and steal your glory o !

    • beegeagle says:


      Then, ISIS would have good cause to relocate to Nigeria. Where have America fought and peace reigned thereafter – Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen or Libya? Then in a year which is said to be the endpoint of a united Nigeria as we know it, we want ro bring in American troops?

      This a shameful attempt at a glory hunt. You cannot give MRAPs and uparmoured Hummers but you can fight alongside our troops so that you get a slice of the action and use all the major news networks to claim the glory? Absolutely no.

      When the USA that tried to fashion out every option except military action as a way out this crisis comes in to ‘support’ because the job of quelling BH is going so well? Hell, no. Not in our abating war. Their State Dept officials can continue to run down Nigeria from White House press conferences.

      If America need a whiff of glory, let them go and stabilize Yemen and Libya. They have no business getting involved in the war against BH. They left us out in the cold and we fought our way back to the centre of the ring. We do not need US troops coming to Nigeria now that the birulence of BH is abating since they refused to lift a finger when BH were rampaging through the countryside. It smacks of opportunism and a brazen hunt for glory – do so little and hug all the headlines. Upsetting to even contemplate such.

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegeagle on target ! Bull’s eye, direct hit shot.

        Funny that the local news on TV today shows us America declaring that it is ready to WITHDRAW it’s 120 troops/special forces from Yemen because the insurgency is increasing and to avoid getting drawn into an escalating conflict, the USA is poised to leave and abandon Yemen in chaos.

        So America desires to remove it’s soldiers from a place where war is starting in Yemen, but desires to come to Nigeria and deploy troops to where war is ending and Boko Haram is on the run drowning inside Lake Chad and abandoning towns to sweeping offensives from the unstoppable Nigerian army moving gallantly in German army style Blitzkrieg….Can someone help us send colour world map by email to American White House and Congress with arrows pointing to Yemen where the US Marines are urgently needed on ground to save Yemen from a growing insurgency?

        Yemen needs 10 battalions of American soldiers…NOW ! Send them there today !

  12. Augustine says:


    “The Nigerian Army has not succeeded in facing Boko Haram.

    Our biggest wish is that the Nigerian Army pulls itself together โ€” that it takes responsibility in the towns. We are ready to disengage, right away.โ€

    Second Lieutenant Hassan of the Chadian Army was quoted to have berated the Nigerian troops as failing in their responsibilities.

    He said, โ€œWe asked them (Nigerian Army) to come, to receive this town from us, but they have not come. It is because they are afraid.”

    SEE CHADIAN ARMY 2ND LT. SMALL BOY INSULTING A WHOLE LT. GEN. KENNETH MINIMAH’S ARMY, when 2nd lieutenant begins to insult an army commanded by a lieutenant general….what a pity !

    • igbi says:

      We have written a lot about this right here:

      The conlusion was that chad can not hold a position and after claiming the glory of liberating a small border village, its soldiers are scared to death becuase they don’t know how to defend a position. So after riding around near or in the village while posing for journalsists, they are now calling for real soldiers (Nigerian soldiers) to come and do the real job while they would keep the glory. reality check: did chad liberate gambaru as they claimed ? It is a big no it appeared recently that boko haram was in gambaru. That makes two places chad declares to have liberated, only for us to find out it is not true. Alsso, all this recycling of garbage reports is annoying, i wonder if what these guys learn in journalist scholl goes further than copy and paste.

      • kulture1 says:

        There seems to be so many alarmists coming on this blog.

      • igbi says:

        Indeed, some people commenting speak with emtions only and they mistake that for reasonning. Here you will find some people who I like to call the “male-outbursters” always ready to disorganize the house in some sentimental quest.

      • igbi says:

        Ofcourse I am not generalizing, most bloggers here including Beegeagle are doing a very good work. It is sadly the few bad apples I am talking about.

    • igbi says:

      Also, I notice that the journalist is trying to spin that the chadians liberated all the towns. what kind of rubbish is this. How does the journalist talk about damasak in plural ? A single border village and the journalist is calling it towns ? Is this all political again ? It seems the lie told by the new york times was not enough for these political thugs, they needed to amplify it.

  13. igbi says:

    I bet you those chadian soldiers will soon be running away as they did in gambaru and Baga. But ofcourse discretion is the word and the western media is their ally, so they are probably going to find an other twist to say the chadians acted like spartans and that it is us who failed somehow. Chad who asked you to enter damasak ? we didn’t ask you, you asked us permission to enter. Now what is all this b*tching about ? you enter damasak to protect diffa and suddenly we must be there as well ?We have an operational planning and will not do things according to your mood swings. But don’t worry we will be coming to Damasak, though I don’t know if you would not have been humiliated by the boko scumbags before then.

    • Ufuo says:

      Actually according to Edwards, if his narrative is anything to go by (at 10.17am &10:23 am on 21, March) Nigerian airforce flew sorties in the Damasak recapture plus Malam Fatori was never captured by Tchadian army
      “@DonKlericuzio: @JeffreyHustle damasak was cleared wednesday by 3 MNJTF nations including nigeria whose airforce flew several sorties. The story is hogwash”
      “@DonKlericuzio: @JeffreyHustle Nigerian ground troops sector of Abadam county is ashigashiya. Ngrn SOF frid. cleared Malam-fatori claimed cleared by Tchad”

      • igbi says:

        OK thanks for the clarification. I wonder if the things words attributed to chadian soldiers were not actually an invention of newyorktimes whi is trying to create discord between the allies.

  14. igbi says:

    I knew that this would happen, aljazeera, the channel owned by the dictator of qatar (a well know sponsor of isis) is now bashing us again.

  15. igbi says:

    All these foreign countries seem to want to use their media to tell a lot of lies before and probably during our elections. Nigerians beware, The foreigners want a say on who we elect and also a say on how we do things. Ofcourse all they are standing for is their selfish interests.

  16. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Short interview of General Ishola Williams, talks about in house Military training capability

    • igbi says:

      I think you posted the wrong link, this is a link of aljazeera bashing us and accusing us of all kinds of stuff.

    • igbi says:

      I don’t know why our people keep granting interviews to aljazeera.

    • FortB says:

      In a previous article, he talked of corruption being the problem. Now he has seen the light? Even the caption of the Aljazeera video still say corruption blights the Nigerian military. When all the time serious minded people know it was just a deliberate policy to underfund and weaken the military for fear of coups as Prescribed by the western powers to our unpatriotic civilian leader

  17. Oje says:

    Its time we draw the l;ine between ”foreign governments” and ”foreign media”. The Western Media is doing more damage than even Obama can do and thats sayng a lot. There are no oversights hence American media houses are free to publish crap about Nigeria without even governments knowing. To defeat this we must launch an all our media offensive on our own and court alternate media partners like CCTV,Euro News and even Fox. We can use the U.S bipartisan divide to our advantage and play FOX against CNN, nothing will please Fox better than to show to Americans all CNN and BBC report on Nigeria are crap, baseless and not properly researched.

    On the other front as long as we continue to have Chadian/foreign troops on Nigerian soil these daily insults will not end. I am yet to see Goodluck Jonathan make verbal condemnation of these actions and smear champagne embarked by Chad. If these Chadians are complaining they wanna leave what are we waiting for? we have a 150,000 strong army, 6 times the combined sizes of the Chadian and Cameroonian military, what is the Nigerian army waiting for? Why is the Nigerian government so comfortable and relaxed with foreign troops operating on Nigeriam soil yet insulting us?

    • Sir Kay says:

      I said it before brother, its like that Aso Rock Villa is empty. You would think their ambassadors would have been invited for serious talks over the unguarded remarks by these countries, but no, its utter silence from our end, not just annoying, its frustrating.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        AS Oga Igbi mentioned, could the West actually want us to do that, in order to create discord among our allies, obviously they are not thrilled with the pace and success so far.

  18. rka says:


    2 Nigerian Airstrikes at Damboa road bordering the Sambisa forest targeting a #BokoHaram ammunition truck and a truck loaded with bikes
    4:48pm – 22 Mar 15

  19. rka says:

    Defence HQ

    lots of false information & irresponsible comments being attributed to some foreign sources, which we want to avoid… /1
    5:40pm – 22 Mar 15
    responding to purely because we want to believe such is coming from responsible officers or officials of that country…/2
    5:44pm – 22 Mar 15
    Responding to such claims could cause unnecessary distraction intended to jeopardise our counter terrorists campaign or operations. /3
    5:47pm – 22 Mar 15
    We will not respond for now. /4
    5:47pm – 22 Mar 15

    • rka says:

      I think a holding statement clarifying the situation would suffice.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        AS Oga Igbi mentioned, could the West actually want us to do that, in order to create discord among our allies, obviously they are not thrilled with the pace and success so far. May be the MOD knows a little bit inside stuff than us

  20. rugged7 says:

    I thought the chadians claim to have taken malam fatori??
    Then why the following comments??
    “We know they are massing in Malam Fatori, waiting for us to come,” he said, referring to another northeast Nigerian town about three kilometers (2 miles) from Bosso, the nearest town across the border in Niger.
    Their a lot of false narratives by our francophone “friends” that the foreign media are glossing over…

  21. buchi says:

    Oga beegz check Ur mail now

  22. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio ยท 3h 3 hours ago

    Fightings in Kirawa sunday saw d ambush of #BokoHaram column which resulted in d death of 18 BH jihadists while fleeing gwoza towards Pulka

  23. buchi says:

    Now this is funny.u claimed to have liberated mallam fatori we finally found out the truth.
    You claimed to have also liberated damasak we now know the real deal.

    Now your noise making objective gamboru which u had the temerity to expose Ur mouth to retort to this great your going back or so you say.we need to sit up.the battlespace is clogged with so many false narrative with hidden agenda..

    • Sir Kay says:

      Isn’t that what i just said? The silence on the part of our own Government is shocking.
      If these people claimed to have liberated a town, what would it cost our own Government to confirm or deny it? Yet they kept quiet, if such claims aren’t true, then simple point it out that such town is still in the hands of the enemy, without even insulting them or being agitated.

    • asorockweb says:

      A scientific approach.

      There are a few other, more human reasons – Malice being one of those. Also, many media organisations invested in a negative story after the “Chibok girls” incident, And they have been protecting their investment Ever since.

      Another factor is the elections in Nigeria – internal and external actors believe that the Boko Haram story is one way to influence the elections.

      Finally there’s the foreign policy aspect of this. The easiest way to influence a nation the size of Nigeria is to pressure it when it’s vulnerable.

  24. Oje says:

    Oga rugged, I have said it before, no one here should use the popularity of this blog to advertise “”another blog” for whatever reason. Oga Peccavi did it on more than one occasion, I reprimanded him and voila, he’s nowhere to be found.

    • rugged7 says:

      Be advised, i am not advertising for nobody.
      I think the general information is useful to beegeagle bloggers.
      I would suggest u let Oga beeg police his blog himself.
      However, point taken.

  25. Oje says:

    Oga Kay, we have a ministry of internal and foreign affairs that gets millions of dollars in annual operational funding, their silence and seeming lack of interest is what is driving these manipulators to continue unabated their smear campaign against Nigeria. The Nigerian media on the other hand seem to be more interested in local politics and election countdown than reporting intensely in the front.

  26. chynedoo says:

    What happened to the foreign ministry? With 2 junior minister and 1 senior minister, surely Nigeria has the manpower to handle all these unfriendly media stories in the foreign press

  27. Augustine says:

    Nigeria pays Chadian army =N= 122 million per month

    I thought they were helping for free, abi?

    • chynedoo says:

      So we are bankrolling them and yet the badmouth us? Couldn’t the FG have hired CJTF to do the same thing Chad is doing at half the pay packet?

    • igbi says:

      I don’t really consider fighting a common ennemy to mean that they are helping us. In my humble opinion the report is just an other bogus one.

  28. chynedoo says:

    This documentary should be a warning on why we need advanced air defence systems coupled with air superiority assets

  29. chynedoo says:

    Surrounded by hostile Francophone nations, with a disorganised military set-up, drip-feed procurement of hardware, lack of political will to procure advanced defensive and offensive weapons, a total absence of commitment by the political class a development of an industrial military complex for the nation’s defence and projection of power on the West African region, and also our officials knack for corruption in almost every aspect of government business over the decades. Nigeria is increasingly becoming weak and vulnerable not by a lack of ability but due to the absence of interest from the people who should know better in strengthening our defence capabilities in the 21st century to meet 21st century threats. A few weeks ago BH pledged allegiance to ISIS, and the Syrian/Iraqi Islamist group sent out a worldwide request to potential Islamists and their followers to head to Nigeria to help BH fight the Nigerian authorities yet in spite of obvious threats, Mali has been battling an Islamist rebellion for a while even with French and foreign troops, the smuggling routes the run from Mali into Libya a country that also has sizeable ISIS following and is awash with weapons yet our security chiefs simply dismissed BH’s allegiance as a mere attention seeking gambit. This is similar to mistakes our intel agencies and military chiefs made during the post 9/11 start of the anti-terror war in 2001-2003 when some Nigerian Islamists trained in Mauritania, Sudan, Libya etc where arrested and then allowed to go on the interventions of some Northern and muslim leaders. We are making the same mistake twice. We seem unable to learn from anything at all even from costly mistakes of a few years down the line are completely forgotten. Like the old woman, we seem to trip and tumble on the same crag all the time

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well said chief, unfortunately our leaders have a zero sense of urgency, let alone preventing disasters. Wait till the next one catch us napping. The elite and ruling class have their jets filled up, once trouble hit, you will see them jet out of the country.
      Crazy stuff. We hail them for buying assets in tiny quantity, is this where we are supposed to be? Comparing our military might to that of Chad or Cameroon, Lord lol.
      Wake me up when these people get serious about defending Nigeria and her interests.

  30. igbi says:

    I owe an appology to Rugged7. And I want to address my appology to him. Sorry.

  31. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Gentlemen the earlier we get rid of BH , the better, when the ISIS guy up North (Libya, etc) settle in. they intend to roll south, we need to have all discussed in place, training, equipment, discipline and most of all human assets and intelligence network reaching the bordering villages, We might even find are Guys going north to help out are Heroic neighbors. But for now we must not for a moment think it is over with this campaign. So we need to learn from this encounter, improvise and overcome all adversaries. We need to have sensible and crucial procurement now to deter and to defeat any external/internal combination of insurgents.

  32. ugobassey says:

    I don’t know about everyone else but I’m yearning to hear that the campaign for Gwoza and Sambisa has started. NA please take Gwoza. don’t wait! take Sambisa don’t wait! these are BH hatch nest. End this thing now once and for all.

  33. ugobassey says:

    Why is APC conspicuously absent here?

  34. chynedoo says:

    NA has done a good job within a very short period of 6 weeks. I think also we need to be honest, and commend the Chad, Cameroon, Niger, and even Benin republic in the roles they have played no matter how some of the careless talk and ego of some of their officials hurts our national pride. At least ‘never again’ means we don’t lose momentum just like we did post-Ihejirika, and after the storming of the BH mosque in 2009 in which up to a thousand people died and Mohammed Yusuf was arrested and then liquidated by police. Up till the storming of the mosque, our forces knew very little about the group.
    So we should start collecting intelligence on ISIS, especially people who are connected to them in Libya, Yemen, Mali, Sudan and possibly other neighbouring countries in the region. A ISIS desk at our NIA could be a start, then we simply start collecting publicly available information on their leaders in Libya, groups linked to them, things as simple as newspaper reports from local and foreign press, Arabic fluent officers could be hired to watch and trawl through main ISIS media outlets, monitor ISIS forums, and jihadi websites just to glean from the chatter on these websites. Then with an idea we can start focusing on where and what to look for, who might threaten us, the ISIS groups or leaders that might be willing to partner with Boko Haram or groups who plan to do us harm. In collecting almost all sorts of info on main ISIS and its Libya-Yemeni-Malian-Boko Haram axis, we can at least have a basic idea where and what sort of tactics, capabilities, dimensions that they might add to BH and the likely targets that might be best suited to these. Where we don’t have enough info or intel, our trained military and intel guys can try to fill the blanks. We don’t have to be super accurate on the intel we have but at least we would have built of a picture or what might or might not be and even be able to pinpoint the sequence of events and establish patterns from observing facts. Again we can seek for intel cooperation with trusted neighbours and western countries where possible.
    This is where the second phase kicks in. Strike force sneak attacks, commando units being inserted in places in the dead of the night in areas where we have that capability, or just plain old clandestine assassinations, and snatch squad action. The Nigerian government in 1984 sent some Israeli friends with Nigerian agents to snatch Umaro Dikko, crate him up and bring him back to Nigeria but for one timid excited British airport baggage boy out to impress on a new job we would have pulled it off. If we were thinking ahead in 1984, why not in 2015?

    • beegeagle says: long as the roles played by our neighbours are appropriately weighted and described as the “supporting bout” rather than the main event which Chad has tried to elevate their operations to. They have exhibited a lot of diplomatic immaturity

      • chynedoo says:

        The Chadians have been very unprofessional. Normally it would have been the host country trying to make disparaging comments about the other side, their equipment, discipline etc. But NA chiefs and even the soldiers on the front line have so far shown remarkable composure in terms of staying away from making derisive comments about our forces of the neighbouring countries.
        However, we put ourselves in this position by allowing the BH thing fester this long when it could have been wrapped up as quickly as the first sign of the group’s challenge of federal and state authority became apparent as far as 2007.

  35. Ola says:

    I usually don’t pay much attention to stories from Punch and many other news media from Nigeria on this war because they mostly just copy and paste what their foreign counterparts have written, which are often distorted! But is it true that we bear hundred financial responsibility for the operations of Chad and Niger? as stated in Punch?

  36. Oje says:

    Truth is coming out, time to kick these Chadoharamites out of Nigerian soil for good.

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