21 MARCH, 2015

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VOA, this kind of slanted reportage really should be beneath you.

First of all, what is the real essence of putting the name of your Hausa Service hireling namely, Ibrahim Ahmed, on that report? Truth be told, most savvy Nigerians see them as compromised minions of vested interest groups and their offerings are invariably skewed to reflect their biases. Rather than making your report authoritative, it detracted from its likelihood of being a dispassionate narrative.

That fact is made more acutely noteworthy when the VOA, contrary to the hallowed tenets of journalism, prods its readers into reaching certain conclusions rather than asking open-ended questions.

I put it to you that the following excerpts were intended to prod your readers into convicting the FG before a court of public opinion on account of the hiring of Private Military Contractors in the Northeast.


“Whether the fate of the March 28 election will change on the fact that the war is being won in part by private, non-Nigerian soldiers remains to be seen”


So why are you scandalizing the role of PMCs in Northeast whereas America used mercenaries such as BLACKWATER in Iraq and contracted BANCROFT to train and advice Ugandan and Burundian troops in Somalia and the VOA did not raise a whimper on account of those? PROOF?

A glaring case of double standards and biased reportage then. That is permissible elsewhere but should be made an election issue in Nigeria, right? That is rather pathetic, VOA. Your proxy forces in the glamorised Somali theatre needed PMC mentoring but for Nigeria, it is supposedly emblematic of systemic rot in the Nigerian military? Even the USA used PMCs in Iraq and it was not reported as signposting the terminal decline of the US military. Why do you wallow in such bare-faced hypocrisy and double standards which demean the VOA’s stature as a global broadcaster? You surrender your facilities for the Hausa Service reporters to bring their village agenda into a war involving the lives of Nigerian soldiers from across this federation?

I noticed that you have taken a cue from my ground breaking report published earlier this week to put names to the places where PMCs have been active. Yours truly was the first person in the online media, professional or amateur, who mentioned Bama and Mafa as places were PMCs have been involved at any level.

Are you trying to use my lead to reinforce a flawed narrative in the false hope that it is going to make the ingrained falsehood borne in your report become believable?

Additionally and because it is convenient to feign amnesia, you have mentioned towns which you associated with PMC activity but seem not to remember that regional forces from Chad and Niger have only played peripheral roles rather than any major role which you seek to ascribe to them.

Indeed, out of a total of 43 liberated towns in the State of Emergency area, Chadian forces by dint of their own efforts took the border-facing towns of Gamboru and Dikwa while the towns of Damasak and Malam Fatori were taken in conjunction with forces from Niger. Where else have they seen action in the Borno, not to mention all of Adamawa and Yobe States which were captured by the Nigerian military acting alone? I suspect that the VOA know that the regional forces have been peripheral to the main fighting and that is why the VOA are reluctant to come out and directly name the very few border towns where the regional forces have been in action.

Again, I put it to the VOA that you embellished your report with a mythical Cameroonian involvement in the action at Bama. What actually happened was that when Nigerian forces took the town of Bama, Boko Haram forces fled eastwards in the direction of Cameroon and massed at Ndaba. To prevent them from escaping into Cameroon, that country’s forces were advised on the situation by Nigerian forces and given authorisation to engage them on Nigerian soil while Nigerian troops concentrated on taking Bama.

Again, when mention was made of PMCs from Russia, Ukraine and South Africa in your report, you sought to ascribe real or imagined combat roles to them but feigned ignorance of the fact that since August 2014, the Nigerian forces active in the mission area have taken delivery of an array of hardware systems which were hitherto not in the arsenal and that the fighting men to whom these unfamiliar systems were delivered in the middle of an ongoing war, expectedly had to be trained on their operations right there in the field by these PMC trainers and advisers.

Some of the newly supplied systems include T72 tanks, RM-70 122mm rocket artillery, BTR-4 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, BTR-80A Armoured Personnel Carriers, REVA Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles, Gazelle helicopters and also, modernised Mi-35 attack helicopters and weaponised Mi-17 assault helicopters, both of which types have been optimised for night-time operations.

As can be deduced by honest assessors, these new systems were manufactured in Russia, Ukraine and South Africa and that is the major reason why PMCs from these countries were contracted to come and train Nigerian forces on the use of the unfamiliar systems right at the frontlines since Nigeria have a war ongoing and the fighting men cannot be trained anywhere else due to the exigencies of an ongoing war.

To be sure, I have photo evidence on my blog to back up ALL of these new acquisitions and you can use the search window on the blog to pull the relevant articles up from my blog archives. I would have done so but I do not want to deface this riposte by embedding too many weblinks.

It is not lost on savvy Nigerians that the Voice of America are the broadcast arm of the US State Department. To that extent, the VOA are decidedly a tool of American diplomacy and possibly, a medium for the dissemination of propaganda, regardless of the posturing about being a purveyor of untainted news reports.

At a time when US-Nigeria relations are at a low ebb on account of the US Government trying to ram its options down the throats of Nigeria’s military leadership while holding back on badly-needed arms supply, the VOA can afford to sustain a negative propaganda offensive?

Indeed, in what amounts to open defiance, Nigeria have turned to Russia, China, Ukraine, South Africa and the Czech Republic for armaments which have decisively turned around the fortunes of the Nigerian military in combat operations. It is therefore not unfathomable that the flurry of skewed reports emanating from the VOA as it concerns Nigeria at this time, clearly seem to be part of a propaganda blitz aimed at cutting Nigeria down to size, putting the FG under pressure to conform, demoralizing the military for their open defiance of American attempts at puppeteering and for making very appreciable progress at the frontlines without American support.

The VOA would do well to retrace its steps and adhere to the hallowed tenets of balanced reportage, lest they become a discredited pawn on their paymasters’ diplomatic chessboard.

Yours Aye,


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BEEG EAGLE -perspectives of an opinionated Nigerian male with a keen interest in Geopolitics, Defence and Strategic Studies
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  1. jimmy says:

    Well done VoA can refer to the videos of blackwater

  2. Ojegele says:

    Only God knows why all these media houses are hell bent on denigrating Nigeria… they are apt to broadcast bad happenings while tardy with positive happenings. Thanks sir for such a blog that has served to rightly inform in this era… Your patriotism sir, is unparalleled. The Jewish News narrative below is however contrasting to the regular fulminations of bokoharam “media wings”.

  3. Mike Oke says:

    Field Marshal Beegs, may I humbly introduce myself as one of your foot soldiers. I troway salute Sir! You are doing an outstanding job here. Please keep up the good work. I am avid reader of your blog and believe you are doing a great service for this country. Men like you are few and far in between. Please remain assured of my highest regards.

  4. beegeagle says:

    By the way, the VOA mixed up the details about the ‘friendly fire incident’ which involved a T72 and a Toyota truck for reasons best known to them. There was no East European involved in that. Reason why it is amazing that for people who love to brag about haven talked to “senior people” as a measure of the authoritative stature of their respondents, they can now only find corporals to speak to.

    The FACTS (hitherto unpublished) in the words of my PMC narrator


    “one of our vehicles was shot out by an NA T-72 and we lost 2 of our men and 5 NA guys wounded. We lost another man due to a lack of medical equipment”


    It is quite disturbing that a week after BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG published a photo of PMC operatives, a Nigerian soldier and a Gazelle helicopter as seen above, the VOA even after too high decibel reports about mercenaries, still have not managed to lay hands on ANY photos of mercenaries to back up the fictional stuff which they have been writing all week. We left them playing catch up?

  5. Ola says:

    Thanks Sir Beegs for replying this. In the circles of these people (US esecially), PMC is business and it’s perfectly normal. PMCs have been extensively engaged by the US, UK and even UN officials in Kabul and other places with high civilian population in Afghanistan for SECURITY purposes, I can testify to this. Should we then attribute the fight in Afghanistan to PMCs (even though apart from destroying that country, not much was achieved, I shamefully say!). Yes, Nigeria brought in TECHNICIANS to TRAIN her soldiers in the use of newly, hurriedly acquired platforms and there is no sin in that. Why label them PMCs/mercs? Even if they are mercs, why give all the glory to them? Everyone knows that it will take thousands of soldiers to cover the grounds the NA has covered, looking at the map of Nigeria. Nigeria would have to break a bank to bring in several hundreds of PMCs/mercs to fight as a regular army and do the same job in these 6 weeks, also the PMCs must highly mobile to have done the job. The story is nauseating and does not hold water!

    • Omonon says:

      Well written article. Behold a real journalist, a researched journalism indeed. We are on the offensive, never again.
      Myopic journalism is a threat to itself, to journalism itself, and of course to the society at large. Nigeria seems not to be loved, probably due to our lack of bending in some areas.
      Thanks be GOD any way, we are now doing our part, namely, by taking journalists to the war zone for first hand witness to the real event. Nigeria must soar high like an eagle.
      I am proud of this BLOG!!!


  6. imeh says:

    Our very own citizens also contribute in propagating this angle.
    Listened to Emir Sanusi’s Amapour interview when asked about forces doing the fighting , he gave credit to the Chadians, Camerounians and Niger, Nigerian Army was just an after thought and of course he didn’t forget to add the mercenaries also.

  7. Kf says:

    Any updates oga beegs about the battle for gwoza?

  8. rka says:

    Well written riposte oga Beegs. After a short lull, they have increased the anti-Nigeria propaganda in the lead up to the elections in an effort to influence it.

    CIA and co, I see una hand o!

  9. Sir Kay says:

    Air Operation In Counter Insurgency

    Apologies if this has been posted before.

    • sazulu says:

      All I can see here is a collage of equipment. This just don’t cut it, besides NTA is government owned. It’s obvious that this reporter didn’t go beyond Maidufuri.

      • igbi says:

        the reporter was in baga and mubi and other areas. What do you mean by “this doesn’t cut it ?”. I don’t get your point.

      • sazulu says:

        Just being in baga and mubi doesn’t give it that battle feel. Inside the effect it would have had if the press men were well kitted with helmets and vests, carrying out patrols with the troops. Doesn’t have to be a patrol to likely enemy positions.

  10. sazulu says:

    I think all these speculation as to the true roles of the PMCs stemmed from the circumstances by which they were introduced. I’m not ruling out other motives which the western media may have. The point is, the introduction of the PMCs was shrouded in so much secrecy as if it was a taboo to get PMCs to train own troops on newly acquired hardware. The Americans had no qualms in owning up the involvement of BlackWater operatives in the middle east. In fact it was so under wraps that the government of SA didn’t know the role the PMCs were playing in Nigeria. Their roles were more concealed than the acquisition of the equipment itself. I’m of the opinion that if we had come clean from the start, we won’t be running around like this trying to refute all these aggregations.
    Be that as it may, we need to take up a crack journalist with strong international reputation to the front lines so that the world can see how we live and fight.

    • igbi says:

      “crack journalist with strong international reputation”, that exists only in a fantaisy world. The people you are calling crack journalists are mere propagandists. Why is your nickname sa zulu. Are you a south african ?

      • sazulu says:

        They are mere propagandists? Now we’re taking. So what better means for them to help us in our propaganda. Our neighbours just did it and it worked well for them to the extent that the world thinks they changed the tide of the war.

      • sazulu says:

        I almost forgot, about my name, I don’t think it’s up for discussion, I can choose any name I want. if you have a problem with my nationality, please take it up with Beeg himself. Thanks for your observation.

      • igbi says:

        No I don’t have a problem with your identity. i am just curious: you called yourself south african zulu (sazulu) and the code breaker in me just had to speak. About the neighbors. It is not quite as you depict, the neighbors have the support of the west and its media/propaganda, we do not ! That fact is not going to change. The only reason the neighbors have the support of the weste and its propaganda in the first place is because the west wants to counter us. we remain their target ! SO I don’t see what calling them in would do. instead they will just be looking for fabricated stories to tell their audience. They have declared a war of information on us.

    • igbi says:

      I mean no offence by asking the question. There is nothing wrong with being a south african. I have a lot of respect for col Eben for example.

      • Omonon says:

        Na wa ooooo, dis name “ZULU” dey suggestive ooooo. Oga zulu you bi south africa, i beg mak you change di name jare. Please mak u no vex ooooo. God bless you oga zulu.


      • sazulu says:

        It’s ok bro, I understand. Don’t worry, I’m a full fledged Nigerian… Don’t be surprised, I have more Nigerian identity more than you do. I hope you understand what I mean. Cheers.

  11. colloid says:

    Good riposte Oga Beegs. Any PMCs engaged by the West(esp US) are TRAINERS but when used by Nigeria, they becomes MERCENARIES. CIA, i hail you. You are really in bitterness of soul– and i know why. You are just insulted and angry at the same time that Nigeria is achieving successes without using your weapons and advisers. Something that shows a big thumb-up for Eastern weapons (esp your NO 1 enemy-Russian made weapons) deployed in Nigeria. A slap on your face US.

  12. NJOKU OUJ says:

    Taking the Voice of America VOA to the cleaners for what they truely are; the propaganda arm of the US State Department. Thank you for this patriotic duty Oga Beegs.

  13. Jaspo says:

    Oga Beegs, good work as always.

  14. giles says:

    insulting Pakistan to sale ur defense hardwares is very bad, Pls answer dis question of all airforces dat fly d SU30 y do yours always fall from the sky ,of all who use d kilo submarine its only yours dat do malfunction or report inboard fire or explosion, and u now expect Nigeria to buy ur stuffs, even ur copy of the Ak47 do jam.

    • lachit says:

      i have given a reply to ur post
      read it in the relevent thread
      and thanks to u in future i will not post any info on india related products
      no point in making mockery of oneself or ones country
      for u logic and hard facts are irrelevent and difficult to digest i guess

      and surely i expect that u understand this much that any countries procurement decisions are not influenced by bloggers,media reports etc .they are evaluated and trialled thoroughly before being purchased.




    • Bharat says:

      Nice Joke, please tell me more.
      If you know that our planes crash, you can from internet find the reason for that also. For we may lie the cause of them to boost our sales. Isn’t it?
      Not a very good idea to ask us, if I may say.
      I wish Nigeria under your expert guidance procures/ produces a jam less rifle.
      Hope the exercise would be simpler than finding a headache free head. That is a head that will never experience headache ever.
      Good Luck.

  15. giles says:

    Pls it’s a mistake meant for another thread

  16. beegeagle says:


    I think there is no smoke without a fire. Beegeagle bloggers are always to eager to push Nigerians success even if there is no concrete evidence.

    I have a lot of evidence to prove that PMCs are heavily involved in combat beyond the training role. I will not disclose or release to protect sources. The Nigerian military has its challenges and it’s nice to know the top brass realise their weak points. It’s heartbreaking to realise the NA doesn’t have what it takes to handle a rag tag bunch of insurgents. There is a lot of training to bring the NA up to standard, in the meantime mercenaries are at the forefront of the battle.

    I think it is also unfair to our neighbours to discredit the huge role they have played. The entry of the Chadians into the Nigerian territory was a major turning point in the conflict. Yes, I don’t trust Chad from a political point of view, but their experience in desert warfare has shown brilliantly. They were complicit in the loss of the MNjTF base in Baga. but You will be lying to yourself if you don’t bel the “distraction” they cause from the North and east aided the Nigerian successes.

    I give credit to the Nigerian armed forces rank and file, I still regard the top brass with disdain.

    I give credit to our regional partners Chad, Cameroun and Niger
    I give credit to our PMCs.

    We are all entitled to our opinions. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t make me smarter than you, neither does it make you or I more patriotic than the other.

    God bless Nigeria!

    I refuse to use the “Never Again” slogan cos its political. I vehemently detest the politicisation of the military.

    • beegeagle says:

      AND the contract of the arrowhead PMC group had already expired by the time you got to Borno, Air Support.

    • igbi says:

      So @airsupport, you are so well informed yet you don’t know that it is the north-east, not the north and the east ? You claim to have proof of something and we should all take your words on it. Everybody can play at that game. It is quite clear that you have no clues at all. You are just under the influence of the foreign sponsored propaganda against the Nigerian federation, and which aims at breaking Nigeria. So to you, Nigerian soldiers “saying that never again will terrorists occupy our land” is political ! please grow up and be serious. I also see that you are one of those people who think soldiers should be despised as they grow in ranks. Shameful.

    • rka says:

      @airsupport, we like to credit wehen due to the military because nobody else does, including it seems, you.

      Yes you can say Chad joining the fray helped Nigeria, but also remember Nigeria had already lunched a large scale assault from several fronts and you can also say this made life easier for the Chadians as they didn’t have BH’s full attention.

      There may well be some mercs engaged in combat as they mentor troops, but surely they would be in a minority with the scale of ongoing operations.

      You mentioning politics, I am afraid, gave your game away.

    • beegeagle says:

      As a slogan, #NEVERAGAIN was first muttered by Lt Gen KTJ Minimah when he visited Baga in Feb 2015, following the liberation of the town

  17. beegeagle says:

    I just flew back from ABJ and I am at an Officers Mess to watch the African Youth Championship final match. Seated next to me is a senior officer of NAEME who has been operating in the Yobe-Gombe axis.

    Gentlemen, NAEME are doing their jobs. My brothers, I am looking at photos in the officer’s tablet and in huts and under thatch sheds in the field, NAEME are repairing MOWAG and STEYR APCs, T55 tanks, Scorpion tanks and 105mm howitzers in support of the war effort. They are configuring gun trucks in tandem. I cannot tell you how much improvisation is going on…mehn. How come nobody is highlighting such diligence? Fitters, machinists, improvised foundries all keeping the job moving. They are even now able to use the widely available Hilux trucks as prime movers for 105mm artillery

    Hmn..I just learnt that T55 tanks it was which defended the town of BIU when the town came under attack a few months ago. The officers here appear to be in agreement that Colonel Agim of Biu deserves to be honoured for his efforts. Using dug-in but immobile T55s in places, they were able to mount an effective defence of Biu, ripping apart BH technicals.

  18. Colloid says:

    @ airsupport you know you have no proof(s) to back your claim. I dare you to post the evidences here for us to see, but mind you, no photoshop–cox that will be detected immediately. Even those spewing “mercs” in the local and international media had no picture or video to show as evidence to back up their “fantasy” mercs doing a MAJOR job in the ongoing COIN war. And FYI Airsupport, your NO #NEVER AGAIN stance shows you are no better than these scumbags yourself. Pardon me that word, your view on the slogan is a show of what you hold on the mission of the Army in NE. It shows you are in support of these scumbags erecting their caliphate in Nigeria. Don’t dare deny that because your body language had shown that. You cant be on the fence of decision. It’s either you are with us or against us– Nigeria. You sound more political than patriotic. NeverAgain slogan to you is political, but to Nigerians who has a feel of these terrorist is Patriotism.

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