Nigerian troops and a T72 tank

A Super Puma helicopter of the Nigerian Air Force



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  1. Lefa says:

    The way these francophones are bashing us these days is definitely tragic and utterly appaling, something need to be done URGENT

  2. beegeagle says:

    We are not adequately making use of available options. AFP, AP, eNCA and NYT are still wallowing in hostile propaganda.

    The Public Affairs Dept of the Presidency and ONSA should get involved in a hands-on manner in the propaganda war.

    We really should get the correspondents of XINHUA, BBC, RT and REUTERS to go round and about in these areas under armed guard.

  3. xnur44 says:

    We’re even paying these twats and the dividend is their insults; what irony!
    B’Haram: Nigeria pays Chadian, Nigerien soldiers N146m monthly via @sharethis

  4. Akin Oges says:

    We must now deploy MOPOL, ATS, NSCDC, DSS Stormtroopers et al to garrison these liberated areas. This would free up the NA to take on Gwoza and Sambisa Forest. At this point it is wise to bring up one more NA Division to beef up the numerical strength of the troops at the frontline. Let the NA conclusively defeat BH in Gwoza and Sambisa, that way we won’t have to deal with their kind of madness a little while down the road. God’s speed to the men and women doing the fighting on our behalf. Never Again!

  5. Ola says:

    Are we really bearing the cost of operations of Chad and Niger?

    I wonder when the Nigerian armed forces would bring these people under control. How can you be paying somebody to do a job and he goes off mouthing off to the press. It’s not done. The Nigerian armed forces should either bring the so-called MNJTF under control, restructure it and curb the excesses of its element or completely disband it and send them home!

    • Sir Kay says:

      There is no proof that we are paying them.
      We chose to often believe stories that suite us, but not those we consider propaganda against us.
      This is something said by some anonymous person, now if it had been bad news against us, we trash it, so why are we now believing this?
      Until we hear from the Government itself, i will consider it trash with the rest.
      That means its up to our journalist to press this question you just asked, and the Government should give an honest answer

      • igbi says:

        I already stated that it might be an other fabricated lie from the media. And I don’t see how this would actually suit us. And about the “things we consider propaganda against us”, just show me an example of war with no propaganda ! The iraqiq were also stating that all the claims of weapons of mass distruction which were being repeated constantly by the foreign media were mere propaganda, but at that time almost everybody would call anyone refuting that media claim a mad man. Look, I have read some of your posts and you really don’t look like the most knowledgeable person here on the matters consigning this war against bokoterrorists, probably there are going to be things which would be less obvious to you than to others.
        And please people stop posting the same thing ten times, just take time and see if something was not already posted and discussed before reposting it and reoppening the debate elsewhere.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, dude, you really have issues? you need to learn how to give others a breathing space without being on their case 24/7, i mean, what’s your problem?
        I’m not the most knowledgeable person here? Wow, and you are?
        Use your common sense dude, you have your opinion, i have mine, rest your case and stop being a tick.
        Let people express themselves, stop commenting on every damn thing you disagree with.
        I never called myself a military strategist, that doesn’t mean i can’t voice my own opinion, stop making yourself beegeagle police, open your own blog if that’s what you want. Lord
        And learn to correct people without personal insult, not long ago you called a member of this blog an idiot.
        What a troll

      • igbi says:

        Compare your post with mine and tell who is the most civil. Notice that I didn’t insult you in any manner. I only stated the obvious. You are not the most knowledgeable person here consigning the ware against boko terrorists, and I am putting it kindly.

  6. beegeagle says:

    Hmnn..what is going on? CHADIAN FORCES have been caught lying again?

    In January 2015, they claimed to have retaken Malam Fatori from BH. A week thereafter, the towns of Bosso & Diffa in Niger were attacked from Malam Fatori by BH goons

    Fake report

    the lie gets exposed

    AGAIN in March 2015, Chadian & Nigerien forces claimed to have retaken MALAM FATORI

    Another Chadian lie

    Another Chadian lie exposed: BH are right now massing in MALAM FATORI

      • Sir Kay says:

        See, that is the problem. This rebuttal came from an anonymous source, i mean , for Christ sake, if we aren’t happy with these people, are we scared to come out and say it?
        To reduce such info to some anonymous source is insane, this should be coming from the government, plain as day, not some guy with no name or face.
        Why is an anonymous source doing the job of the Government? Lord.
        Source said we are being diplomatic, didn’t want to tell the world about the lies the Chadians are telling.
        Seriously? They are out there in the media right now trashing us and our image, and here we are playing nice guy. Right

      • Omonon says:

        Can this be for true, Chadian looting our father land. What a shame for this poor chadian.
        Something need to be done fast and urgent.

  7. drag_on says:

    Libyan Airstrikes on Mitiga airport & surrounding areas saturday resulted in death of 3 black africans
    believed associated wit #BokoHaram

    Pls, to whom it may concern. let us get, Nos. 15. introductory used Su27s’ as long distance strike platforms. 3 of those configured as air refuelers.
    Already the French see the threat and have sent their foreign legions to block smuggling routes between Libya and Nigeria/Chad.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Who is to say those 3 black Africans aren’t from Mali? not saying it can’t be boko.
      That said, i concur with your comment, we need to be ready, this is gonna be a long drawn battle, as long as terrorists are in Libya and other, the homeland is not safe.

  8. lachit says:

    NIGERIA must have bought 120+ BIGFOOT MRAPs and it is given that they are going to serve the forces for a long time to come.
    if it was a G to G deal then was there any provision for TOT and manufacturing them inhouse.???

    if not i think the next step should be for transfer of TOT for joint development and upgradation of these MRAPS and HAVE THEM fine tuned for operations in african conditions.
    nigeria can become the base for export OF THESE MRAPS to african countries and can provide MRO SERVICES to these exported mraps.
    it will be a win win situation for nigeria.

    the picture below is that of a panhard crab. i think it is a great concept to take inspiration from

    it would be great if in the future the nigerains will chinese help could integrate a turrent of similiar sorts to the bigfoot MRAPS as these mraps are solidly build and looks capable enough to sport a unmanned turrent.
    advantages are more firepower and 360 degree coverage.

    below is a russian unmanned turret sporting a rapid fire 57mm gun it is much more capable than the 25,30mm guns

    also there are many chinese options which will be way easier to integrate and cheaper
    one of them is the turrent sported by the type 92 IFV it features a 25mm gun and a 7.62 mm machine gun.

    • lachit says:

      the idea of adding UNMANNED GUN TURRENTS TO MRAPS is definately the first time u guys must have heard of .
      nowhere in the world i think it has been attempted.
      but that does not mean that we should not try it.
      another advantage of adding a unmanned turrent is that the added weight will lower the center of gravity thus the mrap will be able to negotiate curves more easily and its handling will be more easier.

      • asorockweb says:

        Lower center of gravity by adding more weight the top?

      • lachit says:

        u saw only the top part what about the lower portion???

        if u google any pictures of unmanned or manned turrents u will realise that except for the gun most of the weight is taken up by the cage or the bucket that extends below the turrent
        all the necessary servo motors/hyraulic/electric drives with related machinery is installed in the cage/bucket which also may or maynot mount the gunner.also all the ammo are stored in this cage/bucket.
        thus u can see that this portion makes up for a large portion of the weight.
        also the picture of the russian turrent does not display the lower cage and hence your doubt
        google the picture of the latest russian turrents for BMP will provide a better understanding of weight distribution.
        also what i failed to point out is concentrating the mass at the centre might help any tendency to flip due to center of of mass coinciding or atleast comming close to the center of gravity.
        hey man u are starting to sound like my high school teacher.
        good old school days. hehehe
        leave the headache to the scientists trying to build it and just enjoy the post

      • asorockweb says:

        Thanks for the clarification, Lachit. I didn’t realize that you were discussing a specific photo (which I still can’t see).

      • Bharat says:

        RCWS like the protector M-151/153 or Protector lite has been used on Striker platform.
        The empty weight is from 75 kg to 175 kg. Mounting that on top of a 8 tonnes MRAP will hardly change the CG. And definitely it shall not move downward.

        Heavy turret is not required on a MRAP.

      • lachit says:

        i made a typo error the statement should read

        also what i failed to point out is concentrating the mass at the centre might help STOP any tendency to flip due to center of of mass coinciding or atleast comming close to the center of gravity.

      • Bharat says:

        No, not a case here. MRAP has a forward positioned engine. Unlike IFV/APC which has the engine in not so forward position.
        So any thing that added weight on top. Will increase the weight on top. Thus the CG.

        The upward or downward movement of CG is calculated as ‘CG of whole turret block, including inward and out ward components, if is above the CG of the vehicle without it, will eventually raise the vehicle’s CG with it.’ The minimum increase the better.

        A de novo design that encompasses the turret will take care of situation better than adding turret as an after thought. Because at design stage the options are greater. (I wouldn’t go into details.)

        Thirdly, unlike IFV/APC, MRAP has a greater internal shell volume. Needless to say it’s effects.
        Also, MRAP follows a traditional approach, which uses a conventional drive line and thus the wheel positioning in a 4×4 and 6×6 configuration.

        Thus if you add weight penalty as in a heavy turret, it will decrease the weight carrying capacity, which is the primary motive of MRAP unlike the IFV.

        Nonetheless even in APC design, when heavy turret was added as in a IFV, it drove the CG upward. Although no as high to be singularly responsible for it to be the causing tipping over.

        ” The LAV III’s turret gives the vehicle a higher centre of gravity than the vehicle was initially designed for. This has led to concerns that the vehicle is more likely to roll over on uneven terrain.”

        And finally it is self defeating to add a heavy turret to a MRAP where the body of the MRAP even with cage armour offers less protection than the casing of the turret body.

        So lightweight external RCWS is what a MRAP should go for. Even it has both it’s advantages and disadvantages.

        Like Big foot MRAP where two top firing hatch is present only one should be converted to RCWS.

      • lachit says:

        i agree with u
        there are many options and depending on them the CG will vary.
        regarding the MRAP it will depend on the user requirments.
        in CT operations turrents housing 57mm guns or 25-30mm guns are not necessary.

        but in operations against well equipped terrorist like BH ISIS they will be very effective.

        troops will be protected from roadside IEDS and small firearms and they will also be able to provide adequate firepower to destroy the TECHNICALS which are being increasingly armoured and usually accompany the IED squads to kill any survivors of IED blast and to provide quick getaway.
        the russian rapid fire 57mm gun is revolutionary in the true sense.
        u should see the videos of ISIS homemade armoured technicals more then 20 RPGS were fire but could not even scratch it. they are filled with solid concrete blocks and caged armour .i could not belive my eyes when i saw that.
        it was a monster

      • Bharat says:

        To answer it, A single platform can’t cover all the situations. MRAP has a particular task, so has APC and so IFV. While a secondary capacity might be added to each of these, it cannot take care of all the situation/s.

      • lachit says:

        the russian UralVagonZavod AU220M 57mm remote turret has a cannon that is capable of delivering a firing rate of 120-140 rounds per minute, with effective Irving range of up to six kilometers. The turret stores 80-100 rounds.
        The turret does not penetrate the hull, leaving the entire cabin space for carrying troops and equipments.weight penalties are minimum and therefore should not effect any 8+tonne category MRAPS mobility.

        and guys no need to go all RAMBO on me, i just presented a CONCEPT not a requirement.

        who would have thought that someday light scout cars will be heavily armed with 30mm guns.but there are a reality now arent they.
        guess i will be having the last laugh when in future we will see MRAPS sporting armoured turrents will 30mm to 57mm guns.

  9. Augustine says:

    Hello brothers in arms, fellow naija warriors. Can anyone help us beg NAF to please change it’s PR status and imagery in this war?

    Nigerian air force portrays itself as a surveillance only air force, only showing ATR-42 in combat operations.

    No photos and videos of airborne Mi-35 Hind and Alpha jets firing rockets and dropping bombs.

    Over 2,000 combat sorties in ground attack operations, but my dear NAF has not shown the world how they fought for our fatherland with offensive weapons. Please do something, NAF is more than just a mere transport and surveillance force.

    Nigerian army has been shown firing weapons in new PR videos now.

    NAF, please video your helicopters and jets firing rocket pods, it is usually the most powerful video any air force in the world can show, the firing of salvos of rocket pods by helicopters and jet fighters. Next is the bombing of open fields, showing real colour photos and videos, not just radar screen or FLIR/TV images from scanners and trackers, please show the world how NAF flew 6,000 sorties including 2,000 combat sorties in 6 months.

    Nigerian air force, do NOT let your war history we wiped away without records, no images means no proof of reality. Get professional video-graphers like NA has done, let the story of NAF be told beyond mere surveillance and transportation, you fought and died, Alpha jets and Mi-35 Hind pilots died in Boko Haram war, please show the world today and the coming generations how Nigerian air force fought in ground attack role….the rockets, the bombs….the PGM….AR-1 ASM.

    Thank you NAF, 2,000 combat sorties is an African war history record….show the world, record it in videos and photos, the war is ending soon and unrecorded historical images and operations are perishable, they vanish if there are no images, English language reports in newspapers and press release to media PROVES NOTHING !

    FG and DHQ please help NAF make combat videos, let them not be relegated to the background in PR imagery, we need air to ground attack videos of jets and helicopters. Thank you.

    • superboi79 says:

      They don’t even need professionals Photographers, all they need is a couple of Go-Pro cameras

      • Kay says:

        Gopro is even too expensive, the next best thing is SJ4000 Camera. None of that techy stuff really matters,all that should is visual media. Anything and everything that can record would do. Though, no potatocams please.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      100% with you on that, To get rid of mercenary pilots rumor, with also pics of pre-flights and aircrew deplaning and strapping in

  10. asorockweb says:

    Our problems with PR is just a symptom of how this war is being lead and administered.

    We don’t have one person directing our anti-Boko Haram efforts.
    In years past, when we setup a JTF to deal with a crisis, a commander is appointed to lead the JTF. And within the JTF, the organizational structure is well known. What this means is that when the commander of the JTF calls a news conference, it’s authoritative – the horses’ mouth, so to speak.

    Today, we are fighting Boko Haram and opted not to appoint a single leader for the effort. What we are left with are spokesmen. Spokesmen carry less authority than the actors in the field of battle.
    To compound our problems, we secretly invited our neighbours to join the fight, and forgot to setup a Joint Operations Center. We forgot that every group needs at least a figure head.

    Our efforts with the web-based media are also inadequate. A website was setup for publishing defence information, but this website only publishes victories. If one considers this website authoritative, then Bama never fell to the insurgents – that is, until it was recaptured by the Nigerian Army.

    Our president doesn’t engage with us regularly concerning the Boko Haram affair; the chief of the Army almost never engages the media, the same applies to the other service chiefs. The National Security Adviser rarely speaks. The Defence Minister is silent.

    So I ask you, where is the authoritative voice in the Boko Haram saga?

    • freeegulf says:

      oga Asorock, you hit the nail on the head. there is no centralized command structure. and this is a big drawback for the WoT campaign. i would have expected the CDS to rise to this unique occasion. this would have been the perfect opportunity for him to make his mark on the centre stage. its happening in-country, not in some far flung land, it is more or less an ISO. one would expect him to relocate to maiduguri and handle this conventional campaign with vigor.

      the office of CDS has traditionally being ‘administrative’, unlike the offices of the service chiefs, the CDS does not carry the same martial responsibilities with field formations. this would have been an ideal situation for the most senior of the top brass to shine.
      moreover, this wouldn’t be a case of him butting his head in the ground ops business. the GOC 7 div would continue to direct ground combat operations, air comd Taiwo would run the air ops, the role of the CDS, would thus be that of chairman joint ops to coordinate all the relevant units, departments, and formations involved in the fighting. dont forget elements of 3 div and other formations also involved in the ongoing combat. therefore, his role would have been extremely relevant both from a tactical/operational and strategic point of view.

      its a shame he is not taking advantage of this. i believe the fact that he is not a combat pilot plays a big role in this. also, our society where things like these are uncommon quickly turn such figures into larger than life characters overnight. maybe that is the common fear hear. we dont want anyone shinning unnecessarily. however, does this little pampered ego that we have to deal with, does it completely negate and override the overwhelming advantages of having a centralized figure to prosecute and successfully complete the conventional phase of this war? this society of ours need to value efficiency over mediocrity and mundanes

      • xnur44 says:

        Freeegulf, we also see the handwriting all over the wall; that’s why things are the way they are.

      • asorockweb says:

        I agree with the points you have made.

        Question though, what is wrong with allowing people to “shine”? Why is our society (or political leaders) against it?

        Leaders are forged in times of crisis, we can’t for the sake of maintaining political mediocrity, insist that significant endeavours of our nation must be devoid of leadership.

    • freeegulf says:

      oga xnurr44, things are truly sad the way they are. would these things change to become more streamline and efficient? well i cant give a certain answer, its a societal issue. however, like all societal issues, they do change with more thinking hats thrown in. nothing is ingrained in any particular culture. cultures do change with time.

      @oga Asorock, the foundation of our nation makes it an uphill battle to do things from a strictly efficient POV background as an illustration, it looks so dim.

      we had benjamin adekunle (black scorpion) of the famed 3rd marine commandoes. he fought more political battles with the brass in lagos than the tactical situation at the front required.

      we also had joshua dongoyaro who was going the whole nine yard to make the NPLF militarily ineffective. but the powers that be back home, for fear that he might become too popular and powerful within the army, recalled him with the job still incomplete. how long the liberian war would have lasted with determined FCs such as dongoyaro or olurin, at the helms, its open to narrative. but i m quite certain we wouldnt have had the bloody episodes of late 98 early 99 in sierra leone, and surely wouldnt have even had an ECOMIL in ’03

      maxwell khobe was another great tactician that ran the SRL ops and did a good job there, until things became too diluted and the FG completely took their eyes off the ball, allowing for the disasters of ’98 and ’99.

      for some reason, we just find it uncomfortable to have a centralized figure running an efficient system outside of the political body at the federal and state level. things are always to politicized in our society. there is always that multi layered mix of quota system, ethnicity, religion, all affecting the everyday major decision making. these on its own arent necessarily a bad thing, it is when we make decisions without considering result orientation, that is what keep us down as a developing country. our management skill still has a junk status ratings.

      we need some centralized figure to run this WoT, whether its the director or counter terrorism at ONSA, or the defence minister himself, someone has to be the face of this war. the president has a country to run, there should be a figure responsible for this campaign with resultant consequences to go with it too.

  11. buchi says:

    Oga beegz check Ur mail

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This could be a great modification and addition to the Igirigi Frame, The RCWS is light weight and can be incorporated to modernize and enhance the capabilities of this locally IVF

    • lachit says:

      i guess u MISUNDERSTOOD me, man i am rooting for RCWS to be mounted on MRAPS
      especially the SAMPSON 30MM AND THE TYPHOON WITH THE 20-30MMGUNS.

      in previous posts i had aleady suggested the upgadation of BMP1S with sampson and typhoon RCWS together with spike anti tank missile.
      recall the KALYANI BMP 2 UPGRADE WITH THE spike missile and the tata krestrel apc
      i got my idea there

  12. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    This could be a great modification and addition to the Igirigi Frame, The RCWS is light weight and can be incorporated to modernize and enhance the capabilities of this locally IVF, no need to re-invent the wheel. Put those guys that came up with the (Igirigi) vehicle together and fund the project, I am sure they would figure it out.

  13. lachit says:

    there is some problem with wordpress posts are not showing

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