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  1. mcshegz says:

    Hahahahahahaha Vastly upgunned indeed baba.
    Dayumnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Ingenuity at its finest
    THE BEEG ONE, this your hustle sweet oh..hehehehe

  2. beegeagle says:

    I wish they could have that fore-mounted on the BigFoot MRAPs, man. We could easily have this in front of a BigFoot MRAP while mounting a single .50 cal HMG aft. Tremendous suppressing fire for convoy protection.

    This Streit/AutoKraz Spartan looks like becoming a legendary vehicle of counterinsurgency operations. On TV, I have seen this versatile vehicle deployed by Ukraine’s National Guard and by troops in Tunisia and Libya as well.

  3. tim says:

    Are those not 23mm guns?

  4. Henry says:

    What do you call an LAV with a ZSU-23-2 / 14.5mm?

    I don’t think that’s an LAV anymore, it is now a fully transformed IFV.

    Nigerian Streit Spartans come from Nigeria production line and Production lines in the UAE.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Great to hear “Nigerian Production line”

    • Are James says:

      ZSU-23-U please let us use the right jargon.

      • beegeagle says:

        Well, to be candid, that would be the correct way to describe it, given the fact that it is a self-propelled ZU-23-2. That would make it a Spartan ZSU-23-2.

        All of this is coming from our very hardworking NAEME. I can see that the gun shield has lights fitted to it at the low end

      • freeegulf says:

        its actually ZU-23. The ‘S’ there is self propelled as in the quad barrel SPAAA

  5. beegeagle says:

    Yes, those are surely ZU-23-2 23mm AA cannons.

    Hehe..one half of a Shilka.

  6. pappy says:

    three days ago i counted a lot of Gunboats been transported by NA along Ahoda ,seems FG is also has the Niger Delta in mind.

    • ozed says:

      Pray against it my bro, but irrespective of what happens in the elections the climate is likely to get hotter in the Niger Delta. With the low oil prices, i dont think we can afford the current levels of crude oil theft, and the thieves are unlikely to go away quietly.

    • Are James says:

      Badeh has just commissioned them. Keep it up with the good sense of observation sir.

    • colloid says:

      I think those gunboats are MAINLY to escort election materials and also to provide security during the elections since some communities are not reachable by land but by water. So, they are preparing for the “likely”. It’s good that those could also be used to checkmate the activities of oil theives and bunkerers after the election.

  7. buchi says:

    KIA see beast with zsu 23mm.chai the gunner behind the fire control must ensure he goes into combat with a good amount of pain killers (paracetamol) prefarably lol.recoil plenty but still this is ingenuity and right thinking.goodbye gpmg era

    • beegeagle says:

      That NAEME officer was telling me that in tests of the gun shields which they configured on Landcruiser trucks, the shields were able to withstand 7.62mm shots from an impressive 25 metre range.

      He actually told me the thickness of the plates which they used but I have to exercise restraint and keep that bit of info to myself.

  8. buchi says:

    I think streit Spartan protection levels are top notch for an apc.I remeber watching a video of an attack on two fielded by halifta hafta’s troops by misurata militia rebels.the first streit took one direct hit while breaking cover from opposite a building.it stopped for a while then surprisingly moved toward and managed to escape.it did take a tail hit all from an RPG but still was able to drive away ..
    the second one took 2 or 3 direct hits but still refused to explode.its neon lights were still flashing after the second or third hits but I don’t think the occupants behind made it .but the frontal occupants took off I guess cos the rebels commenced rifle fire after the 3 hit..

  9. Deway says:

    Nice, fire power gradually going up! How I wish those bokos could come out in full force and face the NA and stop running and hiding like cowards they are to Chad and Cameroon, they’ll surely be decimated.

  10. jimmy says:

    Five years ago when the Short sighted F.G. used to celebrate the acquisition of TOYOTA HILUXES with a mounted GPMG as a stern deterrent.
    This puts things in perspective, there is still a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done however at least Nigeria is on the right Highway heading towards the right exit.

  11. Number one says:

    DHQ Should learn to be proactive doing the right thing.for 4 + years we’ve been asking for things like these.

  12. beegeagle says:

    Yesterday and today, twenty units of white coloured Toyota Hilux 4WDs and five units of white coloured 5ton Qingqi trucks were delivered to the Garrison of a major cantonment in Lagos. The Toyota trucks appear to have headed northwards overnight, perhaps to arrive at Maiduguri tonight after a road trip of 1,040 miles.

    Forty units of white coloured Hilux trucks were also spotted at the Police College in Lagos.

    • Deway says:

      Most likely the hiluxes have gone thru “baptism” at the Proforce facility. .

    • jimmy says:

      One thing that very much appears CERTAIN is that PROCUREMENT has not stopped rather it has even been ramped up even more in Q1 OF 2015.
      The MRAPS it appears are here to stay with us for A LONG LONG TIME it also is beginning to appear to me based on all the places that they have been appearing at and in three different shades they are MORE THAN 120+ the most recent thread shows two spanking brand new mraps . you can only move them around till the wear and tear begins to show.
      Methinks they will be used for the ELECTION, STAY SAFE OGA BEEGS .

      • Augustine says:

        Oga jimmy Nigeria ordered 120 units of Big Foot MRAPS in 2013, China delivered only 60 in 2014, and means the remaining 60 units are being delivered now in 2015. Please let us not over speculate our arsenal. Unless there is fresh order for more this year, NA will get 120 units.

        Painting them in 3 different colours does not increase their numbers, and seeing many photos of the same vehicles in different locations is just making xerox copies of the same original. We need more armoured vehicles, other African countries that are serious have 2,000 to 3,000 units of IFV and MRAP in service. Just saying sir.

    • jimmy says:

      Please check your mail

  13. beegeagle says:

    The Qingqi trucks arrived without flatbeds or tanks. We dunno what they will be used for but it cannot be ruled out that, like the Samil 100, they could be used to configure heavy duty gun-trucks – quad-barreled 14.5 mm AAMGs or twin-barreled 23mm cannons, a la the ZUMBACH.

    • jimmy says:

      Without the flat bed means most likely they are going to be reconfigured to carry a heavier payload,
      This is the starting point.

  14. beegeagle says:



    • Augustine says:

      Oga beegs, I posted a news report here some months ago, Nigerian navy reported that top level managers and directors of foreign oil companies in Nigeria are deeply involved in stealing our oil, the navy confirmed it. I don’t know the solution. Ah ! No wonder some people are so rich you ask yourself if they did juju.

  15. Augustine says:

    Marshal Beegeagle, this twin cannon mounted Spartan APC is a dream come true. This blog called for it since almost a year ago, if NA had listed to us then, we would have wiped out Boko Haram over 6 months ago without any MNJTF help and thousands of civilian and soldiers lives would have been saved from death.

    We bloggers consulted among ourselves and ‘somebody’ posted this here during the heat of Chibok girls kidnap saga around April/May 2014 as a quick and cheap solution to Boko Haram’s rampaging :

    ” $100 million for 2,000 units of up-armoured Toyota Hilux 4×4 all terrain vehicles to carry Y-3 Automatic Grenade launchers, 12.7mm machine gun, 14.5mm heavy guns.
    Quick contracts to up-armour the Toyotas to protect against small arms fire, splinters and shrapnel.”

    My ogas, it took Nigeria about one whole year to do what this blog recommended long ago.
    Well, better late than never. I hope they are listening to what this blog is recommending about NAF and NN. A stitch in time saves ninety-nine.

  16. Cryptologist says:

    Oga Beeg, those 4WD should be for security during the elections and not CTCOIN Ops.

  17. beegeagle says:

    Really glad about the rapid shift from jocular GPMG-armed combat assets to 12.7mm and 14.5mm machine guns.

    I just noticed a Steyr APC with a 14.5mm AAMG. This vehicle type used to be armed with Browning .50 cal HMGs. Still looking to see our BigFoot MRAPs with fore-mounted twin 14.5mm guns and an aft-mounted single 12.7mm gun.

    For the REVA MRAPs,let us have some of them armed with a lone 14.5mm gun fore and a 12.7mm gun aft.

    Finally, the idea of obliterating the enemy by overwhelming firepower is starting to sink in, however belatedly. Before now, our troops mostly went into these firefights underarmed, squaring off against HMGs with GPMGs/LMGs.

    That was very ridiculous to say the least.

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