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  1. tim says:

    Am thinking army and the gazelle’s

  2. beegeagle says:

    Well, yours truly also said so when last we posted a Gazelle photo here. I said we believe that the when the NAF calibrated weaponised Super Puma and Gazelle helicopters at Owode in February, they calibrated the Gazelle on behalf of the new Nigerian Army Aviation Corps

    • beegeagle says:

      Wondering why the Bo-105s of yesteryears were not similarly deployed during the ECOMOG years. Those very, very brave soldiers could only hope to get air support from Alpha Jet aircraft..nothing whatsoever from combat helicopters

      • Augustine says:

        Oga Beegs my boss, I think NATO arms embargo killed all NAF 24 units of MBB 105 helicopter gunships, and FG then with bonanza $ 6 billion extra gain oil money from Gulf war prices windfall, did not think smart enough to buy Mi-24 Hinds and Su-25 Frogfoots at that time when the aircraft were cheap from Russian brand new.

      • lachit says:

        did u notice this about the Gazelle picture u posted above

      • lachit says:

        plz click on the link posted above to view the picture in higher resolution
        i noticed that the Gazelle picture u posted above has the necessary hardpoints to mount a weapons pylon so it will be good to take advantage of it .
        the PINTLE-MOUNTED BROWNING M2 .50 CALIBRE MACHINE GUN is good but has a limited firing arc .
        addition of weapons pylon to the existing hardpoints will increase the firepower role of these heli and further these upgrade will require minimum re-enginnering .
        these can be done inhouse easily in a cost effective manner.
        rocket pods, machine gun pods, even the turkish rocket and missile combo pods are few of the options.\ to mount on the gazelle.

      • lachit says:

        in the picture above i have explained the easiest configuration for integrating the pylon.
        the boom type pylon is the most suitable. nothing fancy, also no hassel and less headache.

        additionally vertical and horizontal load bearing struts can be attached to the boom to provide structural flexibility to the pylons.

  3. Henry says:

    The gazelle Helicopters are so cheap, that anything short of 10 units for the NA would be a great disservice for the military.

  4. beegeagle says:

    Which kind ten units? More like eighteen units, bro and six weaponised Mi-17s with 81 mm rocket pods. That would be a decent start for the Nigerian Army Aviation Corps

  5. freeegulf says:

    the guy in the pic with no insignia. definitely not NA, that camo pattern and field cap is surely not army issue.
    good initiative though. miniguns and rockets would also come in handy. they can procure two dozens of these LOH without breaking the bank.
    good job marshal beeg, kudos oga henry

  6. nice one. Me thinks the Navy needs a pretty good air arm too for its counter-piracy activities.

  7. Segxi says:

    Great acquisition.


  8. buchi says:

    Troops accused of mainly looting, cross-border
    Voting in IDPs camps’ dangerous, military
    Urges them to return home
    Senator Iroegbu in Abuja 
and Daji Sani in

    There are indications that the Nigerian military
    is not happy with the unfair speculations and
    outright falsehood dished out by some
    members of the Multinational Joint Task Force
    (MNJTF) currently battling to wipe out the Boko
    Haram insurgents from the region.
    Sources close to the operations of the MNJTF
    are particular about the claims of the Chadian
    military, which is part of the anti-Boko Haram
    operations in the North-east.
    The military sources, who spoke to THISDAY on
    Sunday, dismissed media reports claiming that
    Chadian soldiers have recaptured many border
    towns but are being frustrated by the refusal of
    the Nigerian troops to take over control of the
    ‘liberated territories’.
    However, investigations have revealed that
    Nigerian troops are treading cautiously having
    been deceived several times “by the so-called
    territorial gains claimed by the Chadian military
    in most of the border towns”.
    According to the military sources, the Nigerian
    troops have found out to their detriment that
    most of the towns the Chadian soldiers claimed
    to have liberated are actually still being
    controlled by Boko Haram, with the Nigerians
    meeting a surprising and fierce resistance until
    they finally wrest such towns from the
    They explained that the Chadian military
    strategy is anchored on cross border raids, and
    looting purely for commercial, financial and
    economic gains.
    “What do they mean by clearing a place when
    they are not holding ground? So on what
    ground are they telling the international
    community they are holding? They are doing
    entirely a different thing and have been lying
    all along. They have not been telling the truth,
    just that our military wants to be diplomatic in
    dealing with this issue.
    “Even all those areas they claimed they were
    holding, is all hoax, they only came to loot and
    disappear back to their boundary, while
    claiming they are holding grounds but when our
    troops come, they meet strong resistance from
    Boko Haram,” the source said.
    Also speaking, an intelligence source recalled
    that recently, it was found that the Chadian
    troops’ claim to military gains in border towns
    of Damasak, Dikwa and Gamboru Ngala were
    According to the source, some of the pictures
    and images being brandished by Chad through
    the foreign media are propaganda tools
    showing their military training activities and
    cross border raids and incidences of looting.
    The senior security officer explained that
    Nigeria had refrained from going public with
    what it had seen as “bags of lies, falsehood and
    dangerous deception by the Chadians” for
    diplomatic and operational reasons.
    The source noted that even before the current
    military arrangement that allows the countries
    of the Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC) to
    fortify their contiguous boundaries and deny
    safe haven to Boko Haram terrorists, Nigerian
    military had viewed the Chadians’ involvement
    with a suspicious link to the terrorists.
    The source noted: “It’s just that we don’t want
    to tell the whole world of their lies but honestly
    they are constituting more problems for us. We
    have refrained from talking much on this in
    order not to compound issues for the military.
    “The other time they claimed to have captured
    Dikwa, only for our troops to get there and
    found it deserted and yet encountered strong
    Boko Haram resistance. Like I told you, how can
    they say they are holding a place when they are
    not on ground? Do you know that when they
    claimed they have liberated Dikwa, but
    surprisingly, our soldiers got there and ran into
    ambush with the terrorists entrenched? This
    alerted us that they were not even there at all
    or rather cooperating with the terrorists. All
    they do is to come, loot and go back to their
    “You know that most of these towns are along
    the border, so all they do is to raid the towns,
    shoot one or two Boko Haram, cart away things
    and run back to their country and not that they
    are holding any ground. Some of those pictures
    they are showing you even in some foreign
    media are training pictures and those of their
    raids. They have never been able to hold any
    ground including Gamboru Ngala. How many
    times have they claimed to have recaptured
    the place, about four times, but they are all
    Speaking further, another senior military officer
    explained that the reason for the reluctance of
    the Nigerian military to rush towards any
    border town claimed to have been liberated is
    to first consolidate on the major towns that the
    troopscaptured and conclude mopping up
    operations and effective occupation before they
    can proceed to other areas.
    The source further explained that leaving their
    flanks open in a bid to take over any territory
    claimed to have been liberated by a suspicious
    ally had led to major attacks by terrorists to
    recapture the newly liberated areas or being
    ambushed on their way to the new territory.
    “So this is why we have to take caution before
    rushing to the areas claimed to have been
    liberated by Chad, and if at all their claim is
    right, why are they not holding the ground until
    we are ready to take over?” he said.
    In a statement by PRNigeria, its investigations
    revealed that the Defence Headquarters (DHQ)
    was especially piqued about distracting
    comments such as the one announcing that
    some of the cooperating countries have been
    entering Nigerian territory without the federal
    government authorisation or that DHQ refused
    to respond to calls by MJTF partners to send
    troops to liberated communities.
    Another source disclosed that due to certain
    experiences in the past, DHQ had instructed
    troops never to leave any territory where they
    are stationed even in response to distress calls
    about terrorists’ invasion from unreliable and
    unverifiable sources.
    “Meanwhile, through deliberate military
    strategy, once Nigerian troops recover a
    territory they are not asked to go on emergency
    mission or rescue operations because of
    distractive antics of terrorists. They remain
    there until the liberated areas are stabilised.
    Some of our allies are actually here for
    something else… Some are known as
    supporters of our enemies,” the source noted.
    The Director of Defence Information (DDI), Maj-
    Gen. Chris Olukolade, has refused to speak on
    the matter, saying it’s an operational and
    strategic issue that will be dealt with at that
    level if the allegations are found to be true.
    In a related development, military authorities
    have advised against the use of Internally
    Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps for election
    purposes, saying it constitutes security risk.
    According to a top security source, it would be
    safer to encourage the IDPs to return to their
    liberated towns, communities and villages to
    vote rather than being allowed to vote in the
    “Of course the IDPs are returning to their
    territories but cautiously.” The Minister of State
    and former governor of Adamawa, Boni
    Haruna, said recently that he was returning to
    his home town of Michika to vote. Haruna
    believes that the IDPs should be encouraged to
    return to their liberated homes because in IDP
    camps, anybody can infiltrate the place to
    commit crimes.
    Haruna argued that 70 per cent of Michika’s
    electorate might be disfranchised in the general
    election, if the Independent National Electoral
    Commission (INEC) insists on conducting the
    election outside the local government area.
    The minister, who spoke to journalists on
    Saturday in Michika town expressed concern
    over INEC’s insistence on conducting the polls
    for the IDPs outside their homes.
    He noted that as a former governor of the
    state and one of the major stakeholders of
    Michika, he acted rightly by coming down to
    Michika and its environs to assess the true
    nature of things in the area.
    The former governor, who was in the company
    of journalists and some stakeholders of the
    affected areas, visited villages and towns of
    Hong, Mubi, Madagali and Michika where the
    insurgents had reigned to encourage and
    empathise with victims of the Boko Haram
    Boni while addressing a mammoth crowd of
    returnees in Kuburshosho, his native village,
    said it was obvious that about 70 per cent of
    the people affected by the activities of the
    insurgents had returned to their homes.
    The minister noted that now that the areas had
    been liberated from the grip of the insurgents,
    INEC can conduct elections in Michika without
    any fear, except the electoral body is ready to
    take the pains of transporting all the people
    back to Yola in the days of the elections.
    Haruna said those areas they visited have been
    completely liberated from the insurgents and
    residents are beginning to return on their
    Some returnees who trekked long distances to
    their homes, expressed happiness at meeting
    some of their kith and kin again, whom they
    have missed all along.

  9. Williams says:

    when this war began in February fully, I stated on this Blog that Boko Haram are in partnership with the Chadians for an Escape route from the Nigerian Army assault and someone here was asking me for proof or I should keep quiet.

    what you are hearing now is only a tip of the iceberg.

    The Nigerian army already knows this and they are keeping quiet because of the international community.
    once Gowza and Sambisa is taken, you would hear what the Defense ministry has to say on a Poor bastsrd country like chad.

  10. drag_on says:

    We have to play along with the Chadians until we secure our back door.Sambisa and gwoza need to be cleared.
    We seem not to have enough alpha jets to rotate through maintenance and standby while dedicating a few to frequent air patrols at our border with Niger. These patrols are necessary to suppress BH in those border areas while preventing new fighters from coming in.We should not trust the Chadians with security up there.

    Also, the F.G. needs to monitor our international airports for incoming foreigners from Europe, some may actually be terrorists.

    Concerning the gazelle,they should be strictly for night operations due to their low armour,and should be armed with rockets.

  11. em...eka says:


  12. jimmy says:

    Thank you for stating the OBVIOUS, They say a son does not ask about the whereabouts of his father’s killers till he has a Sword in his hand and if I may add is willing and knows how to use it.
    The F.G. due to it’s short sightedness is stuck not just with Chad but also with Niger.
    We now have instances where a second LT who joined the Army YESTERDAY in Chad is Spouting of ” The Clay Idol/ God when it wants to get into trouble will asked to be put outside during a rainstorm”
    Nigeria has to have a sense of Military direction and purpose what happens before , during, and after Gwoza and Sambisa Forests?
    What is to be done with the middle RANKING boko haram leadership i.e. like the captured amir of Mubi? the leaders who killed the kids at Fed govt school Buni Yadi ?
    Lastly if the effectiveness of the Gazelle does not wake up the f.g. to buy at least 24 of them nothing will .None other the GOOD LUCK flew in one of them and was also escorted by them on his visit to ADAMAWA STATE AND BAGA.

  13. jimmy says:
    @This stage one does not have to be a map reader to see the strangulation. Nigeria must emerge from this boko haram INSURGENCY with a better equipped airforce and a bigger Army of at least one more division.

  14. drag_on says:

    @oga lachit.

    nice spot.

  15. odion777 says:

    Hello gentlemen , just want to raise two point, the World press just keep praising the Chadian army and justly so, as have read on the BBC and Yahoo news, the Nigeria army media unit have failed, they should have taken foreign journalist along to the front line as most modern army unit does, even Cameroun did it and the Libyan rebels did also when they ousted Colonel Ghaddafi, am sorry but 10 to 15 years after this insurgency, the world and the story will be that Chadian army liberated Nigeria, just like we liberated Liberia and Sierra Leone, our Armed forces media unit have failed to think ahead and do the right thing, the Chadian army seems good in propaganda and selling itself, our army cant do such.

    Also the point on Chadian army looting in Nigeria does not make sense, Boko Haram have occupied those territory for over 7 months now, what will be left for the Chadian army to loot, of course your guess is as good as mine, the only thing Chadian army can loot is what they got off the bodies of dead Boko Haram members, guns, watches, jewellery, cash, militarily stuff etc.

    • rugged7 says:

      The chadian army has a history of looting. Even in C.A.R, they did too…

      • colloid says:

        Even if they are looting, i still believed that Chadian Army have little to loot since BH had been active there for some months prior to liberation. I think most of what they were able to loot would be from the supply of BH and their armoury. Looter(chad) looting looter(BH). So, they can lay claim to those since they are “spoils of war”.

  16. Defence Headquarters

    35 mins ·


    Troops have yesterday evening taken full control of Pulka in Borno State after a fierce battle with terrorists who have been operating in the town. The town has been serving as one of their major access to the Mandara Mountains and supply route out of the country and link towards Cameroon. Cordon and search has commenced after the air and land operation that overpowered the terrorists.

    Also in the mission area, a male terrorist suspect who disguised himself as a lady fully dressed in hijab was nabbed by vigilant troops as he made for a mission to kill innocent citizens in Kwaya Kusar Market in Borno State on Saturday. He is currently in custody of the troops and has already given useful information on the mode of their operations.

    In another development, the mission of two female suicide bombers was yesterday aborted by troops in Aouno, also in Borno State. They however succeeded in blowing themselves up with no military or civilian casualty as they apparently intended to.

    The mission against terror continues.

    • asorockweb says:

      PULKA! Awesome!

      Polka is about 20km south of Bama, and about 10km from Gowza.

      The taking of Polka means that BH can no longer head to their bases in Cameroun by rounding the northern edge of the Mandaras Mts. from Gowza.
      The southern access to Cameroun (from Gowza) was taken from them when the NA took Madagali.

      There are mountain passes east of Gowza, but large convoys of vehicles will be vulnerable to air attacks (or ambushes as they enter the plains east of the range).

      The noose tightens.

  17. odion777 says:

    But what exactly can they loot, Boko Haram has been there for 6 to 7 months in those towns and villages, Boko Haram would certainly have looted all the good stuff, what will be left in those towns are food for Boko Haram members, ammunition, guns and maybe Jewellery won by Boko haram members taken from the civilians population, and the Chadian have a right to claim these as they re basically untraceable, these would be item taken off the dead bodies of the Boko Haram members..

    • jimmy says:

      A lot of things that everyday Nigerians take granted…….
      Last year the Deputy Gov of Borno State alluded to this STEALING AND SELLING to first the boko haram and then the wink, wink nod nod agreement with the Chad Govt.

  18. beegeagle says:

    Thanks for that link, Lachit. How did you spot that? How typical is the placement of that firing port? Are the Indian Aloutte IIIs also weaponised?

    • lachit says:

      the indian alouette are not weaponized they are used in the light utility role.
      when i saw the picture that u posted i was curious about that round hardpoint on the could have been for providing access to the side fuselage .i was not sure, so i did some searching and found out that they are for the weapon pylons .
      i have provided another picture showing the easist configuration for installing a boom type pylon together with two load bearing struts.(already implemented on the armed gezelles so it cuts down on the integration and testing time.)
      the pylons should be capable of sporting 2 rocket pods or 2 gun pods on either side or any combination of the two.
      provide the pilot and co pilot with night vision goggles and u can even go hunting in the night.
      i am sure the airforce technicians would find the idea they are very simple and basic type of pylons.
      all that needs to be done is to connect the trigger mechanism on the control stick to the firing interface of the weapons pylons.
      the firing interface of the MI 17 weapons pylons is very simple and rugged it can be easily be duplicted on the gezelles weapon pylon.
      plus successful integration will motivate the NAF to persue upgrade programs with more zeal and confidence in the future .

    • Bharat says:

      Yes, Indian Aloutte IIIs were briefly armed when they entered service. But that role was infrequent and mostly used as a SAR and light utility and transport.

      Below are two pictures, 1. Firing Milan ATGM. 2.with light weight torpedo.

      copyright with respective sites.

      • lachit says:

        did not know that
        and the missile looks like the ss11 anti tank missile india did operate a few of these missles at that time

  19. jimmy says:

    Please do not allow one or two people to distract you from the valuable information you are PROVIDING good solid information ,,,,,,,,
    Now if you are still INTERESTED in that Nigerian Girl’s cooking we could possibly track her down if she is not married 🙂

    • lachit says:

      well she got married 2 months back and i am very happy for her
      my advice to u guys it is always better to strike the iron when it is hot
      otherwise u will end up regretting like me.

  20. beegeagle says:

    FROM yet another ROSCOE???

    Hello Cyber generals, it may surprise you to know the reach of this beautiful African blog of yours. I am Trinidadian and reside off Brooklyn Heights. Having stumbled upon this blog by accident and foll I (like many of my pals) do find this blog pretty enlightening and extremely entertaining and now feel the need to inject one or two points i have.

    First and foremost i do not think the problem your country faces stems from obsolete equipment, training or will to fight, i do think the ”Intelligence, HUMINT/ELINT” is Nigeria’s soft underbelly.

    Conventional weapons can only go thus far but without proper Intel on enemy movements, etc. It does appear to me the Chadian militaries trump card is the Intelligence it gets from France and the United States. I have friends who are ex marines and i say this categorically, there is no way possible for soldiers fighting in a foreign and unfamiliar terrain to reclaim territories in such speed without proper real time Intel. This is the edge they have.

    While military hardware has its benefits they are limited in effectiveness against COIN targets. Win the Intel war you put others to shame.


    • ROSCOE says:

      This one na New York Roscoe from T&T, no be ol boy Roscoe from 9ja.

    • asorockweb says:

      Hi Roscoe, thanks for adding some insight to this blog.

      Regarding Chadian victories, I believe I could list them as follows:
      Malam Fatori (border town – but apparently not actually taken)
      Gamboru Ngala (border town)
      Damasak (border town – with troops from Niger)
      Dikwa (30km from border)

      Intel from US and France no doubt helps the Chadians, but their swift “successes” can be attributed mainly to the fact that the Chadians don’t actually clear the surrounding villages of BH elements. Chad attacks a BH held town, win the battle for the town, then declare victory.

      The way the NA operates is, clear the villages around a town 1st, clear the town, then declare victory.

      Two towns “won” by Chad were later used by BH as bases for launching attacks. These are Malam Fatori (an attack against Basso in Niger,) and Gamboru Ngala (an attack against Fotokol in Cameroun.)

      So maybe the real Chadian secret weapon is the media that ignore their failings.

      • Deway says:

        Very insightful Asorockweb

      • colloid says:

        You are so on point @Asorockweb. The media “deliberately” overlooked the flaws and errors in chad’s tactics of liberation(s). I dont think their is the word “mop up” in their doctrine.

      • asorockweb says:

        Yep, all because they cast Nigeria as the bad guys in the story. Bad guys can’t be recast as good guys without an overt act of contrition.

        The situation on the ground was changing and a hero was needed. Enter Chad.

      • colloid says:

        ***THERE***. Oga beegs, can you please create a way so we can “EDIT” blunders instead of retyping.

  21. beegeagle says:

    Hmmn, Lachit, so you were recruited for this parade by a Nigerian woman? Lol..such is the power of women.

    • lachit says:

      i am a women hater actually
      but she was different, very different
      if nigeria has more women like her i see a great future for u all
      none the less
      indias(and my loss) has become nigerias gain

      • Bola David says:

        @Lachit, you apparently seem so different: intelligent and persuasive in your analysis. Unfortunately, Amar V. Mahajan and Gopalji Jha were not. Quite terrible guys. Thanks for being a friend of Nigeria, though.

  22. Sir Kay says:

    Look at the picture in this article, i said it before, now here is another one. Recent crop of terrorists being arrested and killed are clean shaved, head and beard. Unlike the heavy bearded Bokos of the past.
    These people are probably already melting into civilian population

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      The initial members of the NYSC were given full paramilitary training in the 70s, Rawlings did the same for all civil servants at the shooting range. sometimes back in the 70s/80s, We need our educated populace to be able to act as quick reservist. We need the Populace to be able to recognize armaments at least and stop calling tear gas guns cannons.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Though an AK47 or Shot gun might have been more appropriate.

      • asorockweb says:

        “gun cannons” – that’s a laugh.

        The “gun” because it looks like a gun, and the cannon, because it has a large bore!

    • agee says:

      greetings Generals!
      The army not training corp members to use fire arms. The guy in the image is probably doing his PPA with the army and there was a shooting exercise; at the end, the guy begged for a shot with the m-60. how comes there is only one corp member in all the photos?

    • agee says:

      my colleague serving in kebbi said no such thing happened.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Agee, I will take your word for it.

        In these highly charged political times, people can easily plant stories in the press, just for political gain.

  23. beegeagle says:

    ROSCOE 9JA, I have sent several emails to the email address. How come you have not responded yet? Na you dey keep yasef out o.

  24. beegeagle says:

    ROSCOE, CHECK m*****

  25. jimmy says:

    The M60 GUN is exclusive to USA. OGA sir KAY saw the same ARTICLE a few days ago I chose not to comment on it because man dey busy. I noticed the M60 then ACCORDING to WIKI .Liberia has quite a few, were they “borrowed “from Liberia or were they the dividends of DEMOCRACY from Uncle Sam.I know we had a few in stock before BOKO HARAM but can anyone shed light on the M60 for me I beg.
    Nice Analysis OGA ASOROCKWEB on Pulka nothing more needs to be said.Door don dey close small small.

  26. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    This could be very true, we need to get over BH and start preparing to deal with a more serious threat, which we must not let past our borders

    • jimmy says:

      Please anything fox news says treat with EXTREME CAUTION

    • Colloid says:

      I concur. That’s why those at the helm of affairs should know that F-7 or A-Jet are totally obsolete on such mission like the one staring at us face-to-face presently now in Libya. Until we start seeing a Nigerian owned Jf-17s and su-30s flying can we boast of a TRUE AirForce with power to engage in deep strikes, air superiority and interception roles.
      We don’t need a prophet to tell us that an evil alliance is being perfected near us. So, we must be prepared for the “likely” and “unlikely” scenario. Also, i still don’t get the usefulness of being the giant of economy in africa without proper and “aggressive” funding of lethal armaments. What’s stopping us from getting an ADS(s-300 or antey 2500), missile armed destroyers, LPDs, Subs, AWACs,AFVs(in their hundreds/thousand), JF17s/SU30/SU27. Our DEF/OFF should be paramount than just cruising about the country in bullet proof vehicles with convoy long as train track. I think they do say “with greater power comes greater responsibilities”, so why are our own thinking “with greater power comes greater REST”. A booming Economy demand a Greater Defense/Offense Security Structure and Posture. Nigeria Remember: THE WORLD IS A DANGEROUS PLACE NOT BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE EVIL, BUT BECAUSE OF PEOPLE WHO DO NOTHING ABOUT IT, and that’s why we need those equipments. Start doing your homework now so you wont be floor and flog again.

  27. lachit says:

    here is a good resource on HUMINT (human intelligence) only for those who r intelligence SOPs otherwise u will get bored easily

  28. beegeagle says:


    ANYWAY, I have exposed the unconscionable facts to him via Twitter. You all need to go ro him and vent your spleens


  29. Roscoe says:

    Terrorists have been training outside the country for years, Al Barnawi is AQIM and probably trained in Northern Niger or Mali, Asari Dokubo and some other MEND folks probably trained in Benghazi in Libyan terrorists. Mauritania like Yemen, Mali and Sudan formerly, is just the latest training spot for radicals. Members or the IRA, Red Brigade and Basque terrorists trained in North Africa. BH training with AQ and ISIS is not something we should see as a clear and present danger, its a strategic threat that must be assessed and planned for. This is a long term issue which we have to look at the Isrealis and Americans for how it is sorted out.

    (1) Unmanned drones for surveillance and strikes on high value targets
    (2) Cruise missiles with long range (300 miles) for deep strikes of enemy targets , psy ops.
    (3) Long range air strikes for Close Air Support and taking out hardened bunkers.
    (4) Special forces trained for deep insertion behind enemy lines , hundreds of miles away from their home base, backed up with air superiority , local tribes sympathetic to a Nigerian cause (or who were heavily bribed). Factions hostile to the terrorists
    (5) Spies who go into the camps and train as terrorists, who are part of conspiracies and cells from inception, spies who dedicate a significant portion of their lives to being the enemy, infiltrating him, reporting on his strikes, his/her movements. This is the most important part.

    We must overcome our reliance on American approval and acquire missiles and longer range drones that can be controlled via satellite, With a fire brigade approach and a security apparatus that is politically inclined the last one will be tough, Nigeria may struggle properly rewarding our deep cover assets, the appropriate way to reward a deep cover is an immediate level 17 position in a federal agency once they come out from under cover. A bullet pension scheme will go a long way to engender loyalty too.

    • lachit says:

      nice idea
      looks like it is for battlefield observation and surviellance.

    • asorockweb says:

      Awesome job by the NA

      *See the problem
      *Understand the problem (Analyze)
      *Come up with an easy to implement solution (Design)
      *Execute the solution

      Next steps
      *Observe the implemented solution
      *Tweak, or return to the Analyze or the Design phase
      *Execute for effect! execute for effect! (mass produce)

  30. Sir Kay says:

    Credit: @nigerian_military_history

  31. lachit says:

    most credible source of intelligence is the human intelligence.
    terrorists have for the last few years have learnt to adapt themselves to the modern forms of surveillance.
    they have taken measures to hookwink most of the survillance systems successfully since most nations lack the resources for persistance intelligence collection.
    also the uavs which are released for export dont have the resolution to make out individual targets positively so if a intended mission to kill the target fails ,it becomes nearly impossible to find the target again since he starts taking corrective measures.
    i think that all forms of surveillance, be it signal intelligence(SIGNIT) imagery intelligence(IMINT)should be geared towards suporting human intelligence (HUMINT) .
    they must not be standalone but rather complement each other and build the platform for effective utilization of human intelligence (HUMINT).

    i dont know is it me or if others have also noticed the inclination of ISIS,BH,AQ towards females be it for terrorist activities,marriage,slavery or for sexual perversions.
    it can become their achilles heel if this weakness is properly utilized.via HUMNIT

    and the following poster highlights albit humourously what i am trying to point out

    the poster is copyrighted @ mike smith

  32. Colloid says:

    Off topic but it’s interesting
    Is this why Egypt is taking delivery of Antey 2500 ADS/SAM/ABM

  33. jimmy says:

    By training I am Engineer and one of the first lessons you are taught is not to assume anything, I honestly want to agree with you that it is bad to speculate without back up from dependable as in dependable sources maybe it is as mundane as my nose twitching I each time I see a picture lol no back to serious biz it just does not add up , however I will make a deal with you I will say 120 +/- mrap big foot are in Nigeria and till I hear from my sources including oga Zachary I will bow to your wisdom,
    It appears we were watching the news at the same time a few days ago in the part where American forces left Yemen . For those who believe that the YANKS would of fought in Yemen to keep the RAG TAG HOUTHI MILITIA from seizing swathes of Yemen they must of been bitterly disappointed, in a bitter cruel twist of irony this marks the second country that America’s enemies have helped themselves to up armored Hummers and weapons seized from both American soldiers and their allies.
    I will restrain myself from printing moving on part 3 till after the silly election.

  34. Augustine says:

    I think we should give NAF some credit for the air to ground campaign that lasted many weeks before this final offensive, I think NAF took out most of Boko Haram’s air defences 14.5 mm and 23 mm cannon, thus making it safe to fly a soft skin Gazelle helicopter in the battle space without getting shot down. Alpha jets and Hind helicopters could not challenge the triple A at close range, so it’s like NAF took them out at altitude, some ISR guided sorties and FLIR guided attacks, Shekau lost his air defences and his army becomes roasted suya in a few weeks of aerial bombardment saturation attacks. Talk about low intensity SEAD….nice job NAF.

    All NAF needs now is LGB, ASM, AShM, ARM launched by long range radar equipped 4th generation jet fighters and we can do conventional warfare SEAD at the African level.

  35. Augustine says:

    America is running away from potential battle in Yemen…. BBC and CNN won’t say that now o !

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