A BTR-3 APC of the Nigeria Police Force


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  1. giles says:

    may be part of the 2900+ vehicle aproved for d police by d FGN ealry dis year

  2. trigger says:

    I count 4 units of BTR-3

  3. This is really cool. My Ogas do we have details of the specific numbers and the types of vehicles procured?

  4. beegeagle says:

    In the photo, you have AutoKraz lorries made in Ukraine…the blue-coloured lorries which dominate the background.

    You have three Streit Cougar Mk.2 APCs on either side of four BTR-3 APCs and a lone Streit Spartan Mk.2 APC with a turret to the left – 8 APCs in all.

    There some dark blue Toyota Hilux trucks in the front row while the white ones appear to be specialised vehicles for the Bomb Squad.

  5. beegeagle says:

    The NPF probably now own 400-500 APCs deployed by MOPOL & CTU.

    Dominating the numbers are the Streit Spartan Mk.2 which have been mostly donated by state governments. Then you have the Streit Cougar Mk.2, Springbuck APC, Casspir, REVA and GILA MRAPs, Saxon APCs, UR-416, Otokar Cobra APC and a myriad of Israeli and South African types etc.

  6. COLONEL NGR says:

    I just want the police retrained in the use and maintenance of these APCs. Our mopol units need to be trained more in counter terrorism. They should be able to garrison a town while the military move to other targets. We have able men in the mobile police and i know just a little more training will do them good, pls i need to know who the current military secretary is. There were postings done in january that were not revealed to the media. It simply means that thos occupying strategic positions as branch chiefs last year are not the ones in those positions today.

  7. jimmy says:

    Maj. GEN Illiyah formerly stationed in Kano……….. destroyed BH in KANO

  8. ahouldnt the NPF be feilding the Igiri too?

  9. shouldn’t the NPF be fielding the IGIRI too*

  10. Proforce on its website is claiming to produce UAV’s and tanks (proly infantry fighting vehicles). this is just posturing right? or am i missing something

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      This is not funny at all, How come we still haven’t got it right, The ancient Egyptians were noted for their war chariots, the Indians for their trained war elephants, How can a country that does not produce it’s rudimentary weapons get the respect of those that do the selling to us. At this day and age what marvels of science is so unavailable in Nigeria that we cannot produce even means of terrestrial movement How can it aspire to over take them and become a global force or is it that we have decided that we “know are place”. The Igirigi and Pro-Force are more than a match for any local occurrences and should have had priority during the purchase based on “local Content” policy. Does anybody here seriously think any attention would be paid to their Maintenance ( going by the various types this must be a logistics/spares nightmare). We keep funding the military industry of other nations, while are own is left to decline and are workforce degraded. ( imagine what the amount used to purchase 2900 units would do, it will transform the areas involved like oil or the mobile phone market, I understand a state in Nigeria gives all students one free meal a day at a cost of 2 Billion naira a year)
      Pro-force is not just claiming, Google it their vehicle is actually operational with the Police, we should be close to the second level of exporting to the region, it will be cheaper, (if only going by delivery cost). Other sectors are expanding into the region, banks, telecom/mobile, etc. This also borders on patriotism. ( idle minds are the devils workshop), how about jobs and skills for are own youths.
      Prof-orce is capable of building UAVs, I build small UAVs with navigation autonomously programmed and controlled myself (not RC models). it is no big deal. They just need to scale up airframe with matching components and robotic delivery systems

    • jimmy says:

      NAH ……… They aint there yet they have promised a prototype they gave a mandate to themselves to produce one ( A tank) in Five years that was two years ago.Beegs would need to update us on them but unless they have done something Assembly wise with Russia? South Africa? or Ukraine? I sincerely would be surprised. As far as the UAVS- They would need to demonstrate they can carry and fire a payload, this is honestly the step forward after the bh INSURGENCY.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        Were they funded for research like this companies we buy from, get from there Government, at least they have a produced the APC/ armoured cars, did they get encouraging orders or they would build a tank with their own funds and suffer same fate as vehicles they have on the ground

  11. COLONEL NGR says:

    Thanks jimmy.

  12. engineerboat says:

    This is very welcomed

    Now Let the NPF sit up and get the work done.

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