Nigerian troops celebrate after the liberation of Bamâ

A Panhard VBL M11 armoured vehicle cruises through the battle-scarred streets of Bama



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  1. beegeagle says:

    President Idris Deby of Chad is hurting very badly. His monumental ego has been bruised.

    If Deby wants a UN Force in the region, they can be based in his native Chad…not in Nigeria. After all, he is concerned about a spillover and that is all.
    He is not at all concerned about Nigeria’s stability.

    I think Idris Deby is just pained that he was not allowed to come & do his self-aggrandising stuff. And it is good that we spoke up early on the need to keep them strapped to the border districts for the NA were almost certainly going to commit a monumental blunder and allow them in to fight in Bama, Monguno, Baga and Gwoza. That would have been the most injurious decision in the NA’s entire history.

    So Deby now knows that BH are kids with rifles, all to try and detract from the NA’s victories. So why was he engaging in self-adulatory chest-beating at Gamboru and Damasak? All that noisemaking for haven beaten kids? Lol. Deby is a loser and very poor in spirit. He got ensnared in his web of intrigue.

    Thank God he was tactless enough to say that the armies have not been cooperating. So he can only revel in exploits in the border districts. Confirms what I have been saying about Chad playing a marginal role well in excess of their chest-thumping.

    Kids with rifles broke through occupied Gamboru to kill 14 Chadian soldiers? Kids with rifles have kept them from taking Malam Fatori after two attempts since January?

    Thankfully, it takes the consent of a potential host country for a UN force to be deployed. Nigeria must keep on arming herself and must resolutely reject any UN Force. Above all, we must enter into a strategic alliance with China and Russia to veto such a plot by desperate glory seekers.

    They have gone from hyping Chad to hyping mercs all to detract from the swift victories by the NA. Not done, the same people who denied us arms now opportunistically and shamelessly want to come into what is now a low risk theatre after our troops have done the hardwork? Marines…to come and do what? Why are they not interested in going into Libya and Yemen but want to come here? Sounds like a selfish scheme aimed at earning undeserved plaudits.

    Not every country in the world is populated by simpletons.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Beegs, Idris Deby? That one is just misfiring like the unintelligent thug he is. He has had his 5 minutes of fame and is bitter that it is ending the truth has knocked his big mouth right through his leathery, old, scarily hairy arse.

      The Nigerian government should ignore the buffoon, otherwise it will seem like we belong in same low grade. We are simply well above Mr Deby’s rat pack league:
      He has basic education; our President has a Phd. Chadian soldiers have no helmets and have 30 year old “generals;” the average Nigerian officer has a university degree (or two). Idriss Deby is a despot (24 years in power – seized by insurgency/coup); Nigeria is a democracy. Chad has a pathetically poor economy (GDP – $31.448 billion), yet Ndjamena is the worlds 2nd most expensive city; Nigeria has the worlds 21st biggest economy at $594 billion (19 times bigger than Chad’s).

      Lets just seat back and allow Idriss Deby’s own stupidity knock him out.


      General Beegs, I de hail ooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! It takes a strong man to create a patriotic community like this in the face of overwhelming negativity. It makes this blog the best place to celebrate this victory.

      Naija I hail! Notin de happen! Shekau don see strong tin. The “caliphate” has fallen!
      Wen jungle mature, who no know go know!


      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga’s, don’t let us bother ourselves with this Idris Derby motto-mouth. “Silence is the best answer for this fool”. We have got a current mission that we can’t afford to be distracted from, so lets leave this dick-head alone and get back to our current asymmetric warfare. “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”.

        God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

      • Omonon says:

        Babylon the great has fallen, the satanic caliphate has fallen, shekeu where are you now, please show yourself. You said you an hero, the Nigerian Troop will use your head take drink tombo.
        Victory comes from GOD alone!!! AMEN!!!





  2. Eugene4eveR says:

    On a lighter note, abeg, wetin can of Gino Tomato dey do for the picture???

  3. beegeagle says:

    Na makeshift musical instrument

  4. drag_on says:

    The Chadians are not happy they were reduced to border guards when they had expected to be in the vanguard of the ‘raids’ while we mop and hold behind them. Too bad. They hyped themselves up,thinking that we are Mali, and they are the second best thing in sub Saharan Africa since the French.
    They have been shocked to have been reduced to customs duty.The Mali campaign got to their heads and the western media were all to happy to play along. Well both they and the media were not given the access they wanted to document the fighting as the wished, now that media has abandoned chad and switched to some mythical East European/South African mercenaries as the campaign main heroes and the Chadians are spitting out dummies.

    We have to effectively fence and patrol the North-East. Way to much trouble from that axis.
    Let me make this very clear ISIS is at our borders Niger and Chad can’t stop them from slipping through the desert to Nigeria and the French foreign legion is too small to be effective.

    • tbite says:

      I can’t help but laugh…if the Chadians really did think that Nigeria was Mali Part II.

      The Ogogoro is strong, across Lake Chad it seems.

      In what parallel universe can the Chadians come to Nigeria and do such a thing?

    • igbi says:

      Actually, malian soldiers played exactly the same role as chad in mali, today western journalists are trying to rewrite history, but the truth is that malian soldiers and chadian soldiers were mere cannon folders for the french army. And the malian soldiers saw much more action than the chadians.

  5. pappy says:

    I wonder why NAF deployed Hinds to yenagoa when they will be more useful in the North East,The Agusta LUH will have been better down south.

  6. Kola Adekola says:

    Not 100% accurate, but the chickens are coming home to roost with Obama/America’s hypocrisy in this war (right-wing view):
    The comments are quite damning. This is a pointer to the fallout of the propaganda, which is why we must not try to force matters. Like the Iraqi “weapons of mass destruction,” the propaganda is going to unravel MASSIVELY. The long game is more painful, but is unbeatable. I got convinced that Nigeria was playing a long game when they gave the BBC this interview:

    Contrast that high tech view with the ALWAYS DIRTY (troops and vehicles), crude and thuggish looks of the Chadian army and it is beautiful psychological ammo for any right-wing Republican; they will be our greatest allies going forward.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Compare to the Chadians. Heheh!

      • Omonon says:

        But these Chadian don chop so, i beg mak una give dem some food jare.


    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      We do not need any Domestic political alliance, The right wing GOP would do the same or worse, is it not Sen. McCain that referred to our President as that one called “Good Luke Jonathan” and also said they do not need any Nigerian approval to run any operations in Nigeria. It is White West vs Black world, nothing changes, we do not need to keep looking for who to lean on, we need to carve out our destiny like other BRICS nations. ( have we seen India or Brazil or even South Africa looking for a “helper” in this modern world.

  7. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio

    A #BokoHaram 5 man mortar team were just discovered hiding in a tunnel in liberated town of #Gwoza while Nigeria Army bulldozers where at work

  8. startrek says:

    Gentlemen the days of lamentations
    are over and now it is time for the
    The very essence why the Nigerian
    government tolerated those puppet
    houseboys and their banana
    enclaves running around our
    countryside border in the name of
    joint forces is mainly a strategy in
    the so-called Human right
    international diplomacy than the
    military purpose which this despotic
    goons are ignorantly walloping in.

  9. igbi says:

    Why is nobody reminding derby that his soldiers and niger soldiers ran out of baga before the fighting started, leaving the Nigerian contingent alone to defend the base. How on earth would he now be expecting that our soldiers would trust his illiterate soldiers ? As I have said earlier chadian soldiers lack the brains to conduct a military operation. In mali, they were taking orders from french officers, in central african republic, they were confused about their role and when they spotted the ennemy, instead of fighting they greated the ennemy and called him brother and opened the gates for the ennemy. That left south africa and local soldiers alone to face the ennemy. Contrary to many who have just discovered chad, I have been following their activities since 2009 when a silly francophone told me I looked like a chadian.

  10. Saleh says:

    I actually love the fact that the ranting of the Chadians cry babies is being ignored, they should just continue securing their borders. However, I think we should now start a more serious up-arming, this is not the end of BH but a beginning of the end. they will resurface and be better armed to counter the CAS provided by the NAF. Additionally, the act of ignoring the chadian cry babies will soon result in an actual or claimed blue on blue. if that happens and the cry babies impose a restricted fly zone in the AO what will the NAF do about it

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga Saleh, that’s the million dollar question. That’s is why we need to build a New Nigerian Airforce that has the capability to control 4th+ and 5th generation fighting air assets. Building a next generation Airforce architecture like this takes time, and we need to pray to God for a wise leader that can secure our defence for the future.

      My the best man win our Presidential election today.

      God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  11. Augustine says:

    Nigeria should begin to play the normal super power kind of politics and espionage games. Work covertly to assist opposition forces to ‘substitute’ any bad and hurtful leader around our borders.

    Nigeria must fence our borders after this war, top priority is to prevent the return of high speed guerrilla attack war strategy from escapee or new recruit Boko Haram fighters, thousands would have escaped into Cameroon and Niger Republic in this last 3 months of final offensive

    Use local contractors, (I guess we start with maybe 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep dug trenches) to block/cut off all vehicle passable roads along Nigeria’s borders with Cameroon, Niger Republic, then lastly Chad which is water boundary except if portions of the lake Chad have dried up for vehicle access. ATR-42 surveyor aircraft from air and Civilian JTF plus local hunters on ground can know all these land cross border routes.

    Air patrol those obstacle positions and the entire border line daily to look for illegal human activity like bridging. Patrol everyday using very cheap low cost operation long range single engine light weight propeller aircraft civilian grade, like Cessna 172 available for about $ 300,000 per unit brand new, or a Diamond DA42 that costs twice that price. Dedicate a fleet to border patrol.

    Also have specially selected, time tested, trusted and loyal civilian JTF and local hunters resident in the community close to each border trench, employed and paid salary as security surveillance guards to ride Okada or horses to periodically monitor those trenches for early detection of suspicious activity or illegal breeches, they will report weekly to the police or army base nearest to them by communication.

    For the boasting mighty mouse, let’s play mighty lion game. Close the border with Chad, Niger, and Cameroon permanently for the next five years to stress up his economy and let him eat his hundreds of ATGM and BVR missiles……while we too buy our own, the ones wey go pass him own.

    My 2 kobo on election day…..may the best man win.

    • ScouseNaija says:

      Amen Oga Augustine!

    • smartboy2000 says:

      As much as I agree with you Oga Augustine, the fact is that if we cripple these rag-heads economically, we would create another refugee problem whereby their citizens would have no choice but to migrate into to Nigeria as economic refugees. Now economic refugees would cost quite a lot of money for our Nation, and as at this time I really believe we should concentrate our resources on Building a Next Generation Nigerian Airforce.

      God Bless our Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • tbite says:

        Weakened Neighbours is obviously bad news for Nigeria. actually it is a large part of what fueled Boko Haram in the first place. People say that the power vaccuum in Mauritania in the Mid 2000s, initially helped Boko Haram get off its feat. Of course later down the track..Mali and Libya significantly bolstered Boko Haram. As well as unconfirmed reports of assistance from the Chadians and Somalians. All of this flowed through the Nigerien and Chadian borders, unimpeded.

        So definitely without a doubt…having weakened neighbours does not help Nigeria in any way shape or form. The ideal situation for Nigeria, is having neighbours in the mould of Ghana. Countries that we will maintain a Military superiority over…but will still be sound economically.

  12. chynedoo says:

    BBC says Nigeria’s population has grown by ’56 Billion’….did I hear them right? Errr…what’s the world population again?
    Follow the link and listen

  13. Okpa1 says:

    Now the world knows we are not weaklyn
    Congratulations Nigeria.

  14. Oje says:

    Is there anyone out there who still thinks the Nigerian military is not capable of holding its ground and defeating enemies on mutiple front; today you have your answer. That said i still think it is dangerous for Nigeria to fold its hand and allow Chad insult, discredit and undermine Nigeria’s military effort. Yes silence is the best answer for a fool but let him do the ”mouthing” in his home soil. We should not allow such from a hitherto backwater country right inside Nigerian territory, our silence only gives foreign journa,ist the believe that perhaps Derby is right, we are afraid to take back what belongs to us. No sane government will allow foreign troops ”they do not trust” on its soil while they engage in series of manipulative and destructive gesture against them. You notice Idris Derby ”conveniently” airs his ”lies” to ”French Journalists” alone, not BBC. Say what you like about the BBC they do have well trained journalist who will smell a ruse in such statements and will never promote such unfounded allegations.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga Oje, I agree with you 100% when you really sit down and listen to this chap rant about Chad’s military might, it is natural for you to want to stand up and give this small-boy a dirty slap, but a wise man must learn how to restrain himself from going into a spiting wars with someone of Low IQ. The Nigerian Military are a group of Gentlemen, and Gentlemen don’t spend their precious time debating with half-wits like this.

      God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

  15. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    It must not happen, the West was not able turn us into a war torn country, now they want use the pretext of UN PKO and refugeee situation enter and stay for 20-25 Yrs, It is not a joke and the potential force contributors have been contacted already, posts were already allocated, prior to the recent NA victories, the training operation in Chad was actually a recce and dress rehearsal. Nigeria must say No NO NO on our territory, once they are in we would become a Dafur.
    We need to shape up and Arm up fast, no stop in this current momentum, but to be due sensibly not buying de-militarized Alpha jets, which were civilian registered in the US as experimental category. we would have been better with 2 x SU25s. to be used for breaking in the Air Crew and start generating a pool of pilots that would start getting used to the Soviet/ SU type design ergonomics.
    Serious systems, not all this uncoordinated buying with no strategic objectives. The argument being put forward is that BH is also ISIS and hence a threat to the region and the world. The Countries of the UN , under Security Council (Like was decided for Syria) are obligated to act on SC vote, Anyway in our case, the surprise was the way the Nigerian Military turned the tide and it as left a movers of the UN presence confounded. There would be other attempts and issues that would be brought to bear, So we need to be strategic in planning and arming, right up to demonstrating capacity, both economically and militarily ( start Producing Igirigi), start training a more disciplined and organized civil defense force ( Weekend warriors in Neighborhoods, NYSC to understand basic military maneuvers, weapon identification so the populace can make accurate reports.
    The West and SC wait now for a Gbagbo type scenario from our election as an opportunity to be able to move in, that shows . At the end of the day, it is all about the Benjamin s ( being number one African Economic , that completes with the West sales in the region’s domestic market and also passion about our local gay laws, etc (like Mugabe after banning gays from the Rhodesian book fair), the threat are not empty but supple to make us feel the impact of their our actions).
    I hope our leaders and decision takers would take notice and nullify there actions.
    Reply. The Chadians are just pawns like all Francophone nations, the Masters are behind the curtain.

  16. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Sorry typo – Arming “to be done sensibly”

  17. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    We need good Wide Area Surveillance System, that do not affect the pocket in all major border towns and sensitive areas, hear is an example of what is being to protect Kabul to a large extent., we must secure our borders using pratical means, a chain electronic walls and rapid deployment and intercept units

  18. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    • lachit says:

      for border management the most efficient and effective platforms are the Aerostat mounted Radar/optical System for providing low-level/high-level airborne and ground surveillance.many of these systems have range in excess of 500km.

      Any deployed aerostat surveillance system can provide a low-cost, long-endurance capability not possible with a fixed wing aircraft. Many of the current helium filled aerostats can be deployed and operated by a crew of just 2 people.
      also since the aerostat is used as a stationary airborne platform, it is designed to detect low altitude aircraft and surface targets at the radar’s maximum range by mitigating curvature of the earth and terrain masking limitations.

      they are also called as Poor man’s AWACS
      Though the aerostats cannot replace the AWACS in view of its very high mobility in air, the aerostat radars are important for defence of airspace and intrusion by land.
      they are in use by US,israel,india,afganistan,south korea etc

      however its advantage far outweigh the vulnerability and the cost. The aerostats cost varying from USD 5 million to USD 100 million, whereas the AWACS can cost more than a billion USD.

      these aerostats come mounted with multi-spectral Electro-Optic/Infrared sensor suites with multiple detection and assessment technologies in a self-contained, mobile platform.
      the mounted thermal camera can be used at night and in low visibility conditions. The mounted electronic intelligence payload uses its communication intelligence system for capturing and analyzing a variety of communication.

      also it can track boats, ground vehicles, cruise missiles, manned and unmanned aircraft and provide coastal, air and ground surveillance and also serve as a communications relay station.
      but the most outstanding capability is that its ability to provide 24/7, 360-degree coverage of 500km+ area, and are also cheaper to operate at 20-30 percent of the cost of fixed-wing aircrafts.

      so we see that apart from providing border management they will also serve as early warning systems for the NAF. 4-6 of these systems strategically placed will go a long way to plug the border and also the air surviellance capability against aircrafts,cruise missiles etc.


  19. Oje says:

    This : “The whole world is asking why the Nigerian army, which is a big army… is not in a position to stand up to untrained kids armed with Kalashnikovs,”

    This should not be entertained, neither should it go unpunished. Ir needn’t be via direct military actions, economic sanctions will suffice. Let us not kid ourselves, our ”silence” on his libelous lies to undermine Nigeria’s war effort is the encouragement he needs to continue or even take it a step further. We have two choices, take action or remain silent and allow him continue ”right inside Nigerian territory”.

    • rka says:

      @Oje, we let our fighting do the talking, hence Deby is letting out his frustration at not haven taken a central role.

      I am sure there will be a response in due course, but we do not want any distractions at this stage. Deby will use any excuse to withdraw his troops from the border region, but at the moment, he is tied down to the MOU.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga Oje, to faceoff with this tinpot soldier we need a minimum of 2 squadron (24) 4th+ and 5th generation fighting attack/combat fast jets. No matter how intelligent we are, this is not an architecture that we can build completely within the next 12 to 18 months. So the facts still remains, Military Procurement as you well no is snail pacing. So the likely hood of putting together a formidable Airforce that would dominate the skyways of West Africa if by some miracle can’t happen till after 18 to 24 months. This particular scenario is what I call the miracle path, but the reality is that stomach infrastructure most of the time scoffers deals like this to happen in Abuja. The reality is that it might take us 3 to 5 years before a wise leader in Nigeria can achieve this task.

      God Bless Nigeria!!!

  20. Oje says:

    I am so happy, we can all see evidence the Obama administration did deliberately fail to share critical Intelligence to the Nigerian military and instead shared them with Chad and Cameroon, all this to slight Nigeria because its just to big a country and too non aligned in foreign policy to influence. We denied them a military Base in Nigeria, we drafted a law making gay marriages a crime, our economy became Africa’s first trillion dollar economy ..the list is endless. Obama is the worse thing that ever happened to the black race. But Alas ! Oluwa is on our side, we will never be defeated.

  21. Oje says:

    Excerpts from the link posted above :

    ”The whole thing is a joke. We provided military aid to Uganda and they have a bad human rights record as well. We’ve provided military aid to al Qaida-liked groups in Libya who are now joining ISIS. The whole thing is ludicrous,” said Simpson.

    Despite very little U.S. assistance, Nigeria is starting to make significant strides against Boko Haram. Forty towns have recently been liberated, at least 500 Boko Haram members have been killed and many of the terrorists are retreating to the jungle in the border regions near Niger, Chad and Cameroon.

    The Nigerians say it’s because they finally got help – from Moscow.

    “They are having an impact but they claim it’s because finally they had to turn around and get their arms from Russia. They got Russian Hind attack helicopters and some other heavy duty military equipment, troop carriers and [armored personnel carriers] and things like that. So they’ve been able to take the fight to the enemy,” said Simpson.

    Another major issue at work is the Obama administration’s push for a “gay” rights agenda throughout the world and Nigeria recently moved decisively in the opposite direction.

    Fifteen months ago, Nigeria enacted laws that criminalize homosexual behavior and strictly forbids “gay marriage.” Simpson says a public display of affection between homosexuals could draw imprisonment of 10 years or more.

    That is not sitting well with the Obama administration.

    “The gay rights agenda is detested throughout much of Africa. Seventy percent of African nations have laws outlawing homosexuality. This particularly harsh law was passed in December 2013 and the United States and other western nations spoke out against it,” said Simpson.

    The diplomatic friction over the Obama administration’s “gay” rights agenda may well be a key factor in America’s refusal to provide more help against Boko Haram and in Obama’s desire to see a new president in Nigeria.

    “Obama, in sort of veiled threats, said that he would withhold aid if they didn’t repeal that law. The Nigerians basically told them to get lost. ‘We’re going to do what we want. You don’t have any right to impose your morality on us,”’ said Simpson, who says the Jonathan campaign alleges that Buhari has secretly promised the Obama administration that he will work to repeal the law if elected.

    Gaffney believes some concerns about laws addressing sexual orientation may be warranted, but said he has no “dog in that particular fight” and believes regional and U.S. security interests suggest the administration ought to be pursuing a far different course.

    “We do have a profoundly important stake in the larger question of whether Nigeria continues to slide into chaos, into the orbit of these jihadists,” he said. “Oil, the strategic resources and position and population of that country are put into serious jeopardy as a result of these calculations.”


    • Saleh says:

      why do i sense elements of hypocrisy in the blog, most folks here condemn articles of this nature coming from most western elements. however since this article gives a funny reason for the west not supporting Nigeria because they want GMB to win the election most folks are in agreement. Gentlemen this article just like other articles from them is rubbish, is it the supposed person that will introduce sharia that will also approve gay rights. the writer didnt do a good research before writing. they should find another article to write or more importantly seek a solution for their model, Yemeni. I still stand by my opinion that its not our right for them to sell anything to us and we shouldn’t have created an issue over it. .

      • igbi says:

        I don’t read anything posted by oji, and I think most bloggers do the same. I read the beginning of your response, but that is it.

  22. Oje says:

    I am going to have a drink with some folks to celebrate this humungus moment in our nations history. Never been this happy in a while, never been this proud. Written below is my new mantra:

    ”The Nigerians basically told them to get lost. ‘We’re going to do what we want. You don’t have any right to impose your morality on us,”


  23. Oje says:


    • Omonon says:

      Obama, please go to hell. That is where you belong. You are destroying the world.
      Thank you Russia, Thank you China, and thanks to all who have been of immense assistance to us. May GOD bless you all. Amen.


  24. Oje says:

    Thank you China? For what? Charging us $370 million for a dozen pimped up Mig 21 ?

    • giles says:

      yes broda i say a very big thank you to china russia belarus ukraine pakistan so der it china’s fault afterall we wer given d chance to do otherwise,but OBJ choose d pls leave chinco and direct ur anger to OBJ.

    • lachit says:

      i could not resist a smile while reading ” pimped up Mig 21 ”
      u are surely outspoken in expressing ur views,which is good most of the time, also considering that i have been at its recieving end once. 😀 😀 😀 😀

      and also there seems to be some sort of FUNNY competition going on between u and me.
      i had already delared my intention to resign from this blog once and i guess u have till the point of my writing this comment have declared ur intention to resign from the blog atleast 3 times(not including the ‘no comments only observer’). 😀 😀 😀 😀
      neither of us have done so and nor will do so i guess. he he he

      most importantly looks like u are winning the competition. he he he

      • Oje says:

        lol.. Oga Lachit, your analytic prowess and knowledge of a broad spectrum of weapons systems makes you a very valuable asset, it also gives this blog a global/international dimension.

  25. igbi says:

    Thank you China, Thank you Russia and thank you Pakistan and thank you Czeck republic. As for the usa, you are a loser, you are a backstabber.

    • lachit says:

      i have been meaning to ask u this but never got around to it
      i have read about chinese and russian hardware used by NA in this blog.

      i know about the trainning provided to NA special forces by the pakistani SSG
      but failed to find a single reference to pakistani hardware being used by NA.
      can u provide some info on the type of equipments being sourced by NA from pakistan.

      • igbi says:

        The pakistani have helped Nigeria in making its F7 flit flyable again and also I know about the special forces training which you talked about and also, I am under the impression that the Nigerian airforce is buying about 40 JF17.

      • giles says:

        oga igbi u forgot to let him knw of d ones d saudi refused to fly tru it’s airspace

      • lachit says:

        yes pakistan operates f7s therefore they can provide spares and upgrade to the NAF f7s.
        thanks for the reply

      • igbi says:


  26. tim says:

    Booby traps ied’s threat is real in the NE, a young army captain was lost to one today!!

    • lachit says:

      u need these to protect the soldiers from anti-personel mines
      they are not expensive and nor are maintenance intensive .
      therefore can be issued at bulk to all the frontline soldiers.

      these Inflatable Mine Shoes are designed to provide a means to safely traverse a mined area where there is a threat from pressure activated landmines.
      the shoes work by spreading the weight of the wearer through a metallic frame and transferring the weight through 5 user inflated air-cushions located in the canvas carrier in each shoe.
      the system reduces the ground bearing pressure below the thresholds typically needed to initiate an Anti-Personnel mine.

      • igbi says:

        I would like to see a test video of these shoes.

      • lachit says:

        if it was even possible for me to arrange these shoes, not even for u or anybody i am going to walk a minefield to shoot a test video.
        try the utube just type inflatable anti mine shoes

      • igbi says:

        I really have my reservations about these shoes, Even the concept of anti-mine shoes doesn’t look very attractive to me. The energy generated by an explosion will certainy not be contained by the weight of the guy wearing the shoes. By the way I found no videos on the matter. I sincerly don’t think it is physically (obeying the laws of physics) to make shoes which would be able to protect against mines.

      • I believe the idea is not to protect from an explosion but to prevent the mines from exploding. By distributing the weight over a large area, the weight exerted on the mine trigger may not be enough to set it off. That said it seems a bit far-fetched still. Such shoes would reduce the mobility of the soldier drastically. Not practicable for an active combat zone. Mayb for peacetime mine clearing, Just mayb

      • igbi says:

        I sincerly don’t think it is physically possible (obeying the laws of physics) to make shoes which would be able to protect against mines.

      • igbi says:

        there are a lot of links about the shoes but I didn’t find any test video. I am still not convinced that these shoes can actually perform, do you know if they have been used in any battle field.

      • lachit says:

        sorry for the delay i lhad problem with my net connection
        the israelis have been using this system for many years has been trialled extensively.any thing israeli is worth trusting most of the times.
        the main advantage is that the mines are not set off while walking with this shoe on.
        anti personal mines are activated by pressure/weight on its trigger plate.
        if the pressure/weight exerted on the trigger plate is lower than the activation pressure of the mine then the mine does not explode.
        it is simple.

        also the soldiers can wear these blast proof shoes together with the Inflatable Mine Shoes to prevent injuries to the limbs if by chance any mines do explode.but the possibility is low because the type of anti personnel mines mostly used in africa is of the butterfly type of soviet/russian origin and the blast radius is not extensive.

      • lachit says:

        me too i did not find any utube video of it
        but i found this

        Childhood toys lost in a war-torn field have inspired an odd-looking invention which its young Dutch inventor hopes can help save thousands of lives and limbs in his native Afghanistan.
        the device is the size of a golf buggy, a “mine kafon”.

        “The idea comes from our childhood toys which we once played with as kids on the outskirts of Kabul,” Hassani told AFP as he rolled out the device for a demonstration.

        Short for “kafondan”, which in Hassani’s native Dari language means “something that explodes”, the kafon consists of 150 bamboo legs screwed into a central metal ball.

        At the other end of each leg, a round, white plastic disk the size of a small frisbee is attached via a black rubber car part for drive shafts, called a CV-joint boot.

        Assembled, the spherical kafon looks like a giant tumbleweed or seed head. And like the dandelion puff it moves with the wind: the kafon is designed to be blown around, exploding anti-personnel mines as it rolls on the ground.

        With the legs made from bamboo, they are easily replaceable. Once they are blown off it’s simply a matter of screwing on others, which means the kafon can be used over and over.

        Inside the steel ball, a GPS device plots the kafon’s path as it rolls through an area that may be mined and shows on a computerised map exactly where it is safe to walk.

        But initial trials – some using explosives with the Dutch Defence Force – and an in-the-field rolling test in Morocco this year showed promising results.

        it looks like a good alternative to expensive anti mine vehicle in the future

      • lachit says:

        did u see the video i posted on the anti mine device.
        quite ingenous dont u think and very practical too

      • igbi says:

        Yes i did and it is very interesting.

      • lachit says:

        i have made this collage which explains why the inflatable anti mine shoe will not activate the mines and keep the soldier safe

        this should clear ur doubts

      • lachit says:

        the area of the shoes are in square centimeter not square meter.(exception BIGFOOT lol)
        i have assumed that the size of the normal shoes as 5 square cm. put any value instead of 5 and simultaneouly increase the corresponding size of the anti mine shoe.
        u will get the same result.

        open the picture in another tab to view clearly

  27. Martin Luther says:


    Israeli Air Force Tzefa helicopters
    The Israeli Air Force named its Cobras as the “Tzefa” (Hebrew: צפע‎, for Viper).[19] Since the mid-1970s Lebanon has been Israel’s most active front; IAF Cobras had been fighting there for more than 20 years.

    Cobra helicopters were also used widely by the Israeli Air Force in the 1982 Lebanon War to destroy Syrian armor and fortification. IAF Cobras destroyed dozens of Syrian ground vehicles. The Cobras were also used in major operations against Hezbollah in Operations “Accountability” and “Grapes of Wrath” in southern Lebanon.[citation needed]

    Israel retired its fleet of some 33 AH-1 Cobras in late 2013 due to budget cuts. The attack helicopter role was taken up entirely by two squadrons of Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopters, and the fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles took over the role of patrolling combat zones. The Cobra fleet was older than the Apaches and responsible for some fatal crashes, and more expensive to maintain than UAVs and more vulnerable for pilots to MANPADS fired by guerrilla groups.[20]


  28. giles says:

    oga igbi u forgot to let him knw of d ones d saudi refused to fly tru it’s airspace

  29. Oje says:

    @ Saleh

    ”why do i sense elements of hypocrisy in the blog, most folks here condemn articles of this nature coming from most western elements. however since this article gives a funny reason for the west not supporting Nigeria because they want GMB to win the election most folks are in agreement. ”

    Oga Saleh, the word is ”Objectivity, non partisan and factual. What does this mean? It means i do not base my comments on the white or black syndrome, I will not have a fixed point of view by default. The fact i criticize the West when they get it wrong and praise them when they do the right thing means i do not allow sentiments (nationalistic or otherwise) cloud my sense of judgement. This is called Objective and unbiased point of view. Some ignoramus (he knows him self) here see things as black and white, the world is not that simple and frankly this constant attack on any comment i make is getting very annoying.

    • Saleh says:

      Oh sorry I didnt mean the comment directed at you, it was actually generalized, just pissed that the yanks are dragging us into their partisan politics, where was the writer of the article when we wanted stuffs and was refused

  30. Oje says:

    @ igbi,

    Dude, you are an idiot. That said i know Oga Beeg like many on here turn a blind eye to your instigation’s, probably because of your blind Anti Western propaganda and even when they do its a little pat in the back. As for me many see my views as too radical and extreme. Una dey see the way igbi dey turn this blog to kindergarten playground. I joined this blog because of the insightful and professional way in which events are analysed. If nobody puts a stop to igbi’s nonsense i will permanently leave this forum. This blog started way before i joined and my exit will certainly not make a difference or impact this blog, my exit is purely based on personal reasons.

    • lachit says:

      “”The whole thing is a joke. We provided military aid to Uganda and they have a bad human rights record as well………………………………………….
      “We do have a profoundly important stake in the larger question of whether Nigeria continues to slide into chaos, into the orbit of these jihadists,” he said. “Oil, the strategic resources and position and population of that country are put into serious jeopardy as a result of these calculations.”

      ur post at March 28, 2015 at 4:44 pm
      was most revealing and intersting find, straight from the horse mouth.
      it shows that even in the west (US in this case), people have quite opposite views to one another.
      at the end of the day it is the man in power (obama) who takes the call.and the others suffer.
      can u ,me or anybody do anything about it except vent our frustration.and it is always best to agree to disagree.

      so chill and
      on the funny side u again threatened to resign 😀 😀
      so the scorecard now reads
      lachit oje
      1 4

      also feel free to inform me of any counting mistakes on my part. 😀 😀

    • ozed says:

      Oje, what’s with all this naked abuse and name calling?

      Don’t you see that you are probably the only person on this blog who still resorts to this. As irritating as Igbi’s choice of words can sometimes be i must note that he has now cut out the name calling and abuse.

      PLEASE for the love of God we are adults, am not sure anyone here is unfamiliar with the application of restraint in everyday life. Why is it so difficult for you to practice on the web.

      Name calling e.g. Idiot and naked abuse is profoundly distasteful. Can we please stop it? Am not sure any exchange or disagreement justifies it.

      Please cease and desist!! It take away from the credibility of this blog which i think we all love.

  31. tbite says:

    We should also not forget that a lot of this…actually all of this is happening during an election period. I really do not think that all of this is perchance. Idris Derby is simply taking shots at Nigeria, when we have our pants down.

    After the elections have been concluded and particularly after the May handover……I would predict a massive toning down from both the Chadians and the Westerners alike.

    The one thing that they did not anticipate…is that this volatile political period, would actually motivate the government to accelerate its missions in areas such as Bama and Gwoza.

    The Political Narrative kept evolving to try to match Nigeria’s speed of success

    1) First they said that the Chadians were storming in for success
    2) Then when it became apparent that it was the Nigerians doing the vast majority of the work and the Chadians were simply playing Border Cops
    3) Then they said that the Nigerians were impeding the Chadians and slowing down success
    4) All the whoile they ignored the constant failures of the Chadian army…to properly cleanse the towns they had “Liberated” from Boko Haram elements in the peripheral areas
    5) This of course made it easy for Boko Haram to constantly reignite their flames and stage attacks on the Nigeriens and even the Chadians
    6) Then when it became irrefutable that the Nigerian protocols were not slowing down success, they latched onto the Mercenary theory
    7) They even initially said that Boko Haram had superior firepower and the Nigerian Military had no weapons to match them
    8) Then when they saw our new acquisitions from the CIS bloc and from China, they changed their stance and said that…Boko Haram are a bunch of Children with water pistols
    9) They failed to dictate the roles of the Mercenaries or even put their numbers into any context, just as how they did not put the roles of the Chadians into context.
    10) They cannot even begin to fathom the numbers that Nigeria has in this war, from the Police Force, to the MOPOL,to the Airforce, Army and even Navy Commandos, to the Intelligence Agencies and Civilian JTF.
    11) This makes any efforts by our neighbours SIGNIFICANTLY pale in comparison
    12) But this was all part of a cheap attempt to catch Nigeria off guard during the election periods; when they thought that Nigerian Politicians are typically distracted.
    13) They did not anticipate that Nigeria would actually use it as a tool for motivation, to intensify our efforts and as the election period winds to a close..they have lost their window of opportunity.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      Well said sir!!!

    • igbi says:

      The one thing these guys didn’t anticipate was the postponment of the elections. They even sent kerry to urge us to not postpone the elections, they were hoping for a massive blood bath and also that it would start a civil war in Nigeria, therefor fulfilling their dream of destroying Nigeria in 2015. Well it didn’t work ! they were saying that the Nigerian army couldn’t archieve all this and that it was ridiculous to claim the Nigerian army will archieve it in 6 weaks ! Well here we are. They claimed yemen was an example of good counter terrorism methods, well, an other lie straight from the white house.

      • igbi says:

        6 weeks

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga Igbi, maybe it’s time we need to write an accelerated asymmetric war manual for our western detractors, and teach them how to get the job done. I think they should send some of their personnel to Abuja for training. Show them what we can do in 6 weeks when we set our minds to it.

        Hail to the Nigerian Army and Airforce!!! Phase 1 is almost over, we need to start strategizing for Sambisa Forrest Jungle Warfare. This is going to be our second mission of military operations and I wish our heroes a speedy completing of the next mission.

        God Bless Nigeria.

      • Ufuo says:

        Oga Igbi to buttress your point, I do remember the CDS saying by the time they re done with the current war on terror, the world will learn from our approach. So yes they can eat those words of it can’t be done. Need I stress here that the 2 most reported Boko Haram attacked towns have been visited by the BBC and AFP. So they can not deny that it was all a ruse. Bama and Baga have been shown to the world. We await footage from Gworza and Sambisa. Once that’s done, the Yankees can go get themselves another target because this ship has got wind in its sail

      • Omonon says:

        @oga igbi
        Well articulated and well said sir!


    • Sir Kay says:

      May hand over? Are you predicting Buhari is gonna be the next President? That’s what handover means. Lol. I dont care either way, just find that statement interesting

      • Sir Kay says:

        @tbite, that is

      • tbite says:

        Yes you are right, but I did not mean to infer that. But even in the event of GEJ winning the elections. The May period is still crucial! A new tenure…is still a significant change, even in the event of PDP winning the elections. This elections after all is not just a Presidential Ballot and power and decisions are determined by various other factors.

        So either way…..March is just the beginning..Nigeria will not return to normalcy until after May…and Economic Analysts have already predicted Nigeria will grow slowly in the H1 and much faster in H2.

  32. Oje says:

    Jonathan wins!! Celebrate.

  33. ugobassey says:

    Sorry to burst the bubble of every GEJ supporters on this blog….but GMB is leading in most booths and I can predict almost confidently he has won.

    • ozed says:

      Guys please leave out the politics.

      In any case, who ever wins is not to be envied. He will need to address raging insurgency, crude oil stealing (likely to increase), low oil prices etc even paying the massive civil service will be difficult without huge loans.

      Pray for whoever the winner is that he can manage all that.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga Ozed, I second your comment. The fact of the matter is that we pray to the Lord that the Best Man Wins our Presidential Election. I further agree with you that we should leave politics out of this DefSec blog and concentrate more on our current mission and the next mission.

        God Bless Nigeria.

    • engineerboat says:

      Abeg does this place look like INEC official Home page.
      This is DEFENCE-Blog, not for politics.

      Please dont bring in Unwanted discussion here abeg.

      You can take that to NAIRALAND. It is most welcomed by them over there. Thanks you for doing that.

  34. Sir Kay says:

    Lord, calm down people. Jeez

  35. igbi says:

    I find it very distastful to turn this blog into a political arena. And every person doing that deserves the stick. That shows a terrible lack of maturity.

    • engineerboat says:

      Please let us as much as possible ignore all this Politicians, bringing in their political behaviour on this BLOG. Well it is a known facct that sometime maturity is not only about AGE. Shalom

  36. Number one says:

    10 YEAR DEFENSE PROCUREMENT PLAN (An Outline) * spend $ 1.1 billion annualy for procuring defense equipment. * $ 1 billion : 40% army,30% navy,30% airforce. * $ 100 million for the NPF,Prison service,NSCDC,Customs, and the Immigration service.

    • Are James says:

      I know a way to make this generate $5B-) annually for the local economy using key local content mechanisms. 45% of key defence technology companies are now start ups in field like LAVs, IR surveillance equipment, radar based ground surveillance, datalink, these companies need finance through partnerships with governments. Then there are lots of k bbm knowledge intensive but poor countries like Ukraine (their force reserves has crashed from $20b to 7bn in three years) , Czech, Belarus, S. Africa et.c . In five years we will develop comparative advantage in equipment assembly and packaging, equipment maintenance et.c so it won’t be a waste of money.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Lord CyberGeneral Are James you’ve done it again, hitting the nail right on the head. As we are all aware in the Military, you have no permanent friends, no permanent enemies just strategic interests. So Nigerias short, medium, and long term Military Strategy should have funding focusing on Research and Development. We have massive amount of local brain-power that can build our Defence Industry and in the medium term we should be looking at exporting some of our local manifactured hardware to countries within the West Africa region.

        God Bless our beloved country Nigeria!!!!

  37. mcshegz says:

    NTA is definitely stepping up their game, with digital migration around the corner, its only a matter of time before NTA becomes a real, modern, news outlet; used to perform its integral duty of telling Nigeria’s story endlessly.

  38. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 2h 2 hours ago

    There were 3 Nigerian Helic Airstrikes on a #BokoHaram camp in Balmo forest.

  39. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio ·

    Sundays #BokoHaram attack on dungulbe village via alkaleri has been finally dislodged by Nigerian forces killing 12 destroying 4 BH SUV

    • Kay says:

      These bastards still committing hit and run raids! Not sure how entrenched Sambisa and balmo are but waiting to hear the complete rout of these scums.

  40. ugobassey says:

    Gentlemen yes this is a DEFSEC blog. Saturday was the Election Day. It comes only once every 4 years, so alluding to the election (as long as it is done maturely) is not politicizing the blog. Like I said it is once every 4 years. So for the critics that think I was probably out of line to mention it I think you are a little (just a tad) bit irritating. No sparks were flying and no insults were traded so why take offence. Once again its once every 4 years. Chill.

    • igbi says:

      this is a defsec blog, not a political arena

      • lachit says:

        @igbi and all

        a very important thing is being done to the warship in the picture .
        can u/anybody guess what is being done to the ship???
        (hint:it is something related to the chains wraped all around the ship)

    • ozed says:

      Ugo you hit the nail on the head. Its big and it happens once every four years. As a result everyone is talking about it (yes including yours truly and am sure most people on this blog) and most platforms are focused on it TV, radio, blogs etc.

      Therefore it is a luxury to have a blog such as this where one can retire to after the political rofo rofo on other blogs and media for some intellectual defsec discuss. we just want to keep it that way, it wont take more than a few comments on the elections to completely derail this thread. It is that emotive.

      That’s why it would appear that we jumped on you. No vex its the love we have for the sanctity of this blog.

  41. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    The Roman Centurions pledge, ” Mine is to fight, I concern myself not with the reasons” , apolitical warrior

  42. drag_on says:


    Structural integrity/buoyancy test?

    • ozed says:

      Preparation for dry docking?
      With the ropes steadying the ship while the water is pumped out.

    • lachit says:

      @drag_on and ozed
      good try, i appreciate it

      the currect answer is that ship is undergoing DEPERMING, also known as DEGAUSSING.
      (the two terms inspite of implying 2 different process, are almost used interchangebly.)

      A ship is a huge magnet owing to its Permanent Magnetism (acquired during construction stage) and Induced Magnetism (due to cutting of earth’s magnetic field). Degaussing is a process to continuously demagnetize a warship of its induced magnetism at sea. If not degaussed, a warship is under threat from underwater mines, torpedoes and other magneto-sensitive ordnance, where the principle for detonation is distortion of local magnetic field.

      1.This makes warhips easily detected by magnetically activated mines.
      2. increases the chance of detection of a submarine by ships or aircraft with magnetic anomaly detection (MAD) equipment.

      thus to remove any traces of magnetism from the ship/submarine,either of the processes are used

      Degaussing: The original method was cabling installed inside the ship, energized from a degaussing switchboard. Several cable runs (‘coils’) with names. Different cables engergized differently depending on ship’s course. The ship’s structure is not affected; the cables generate a neutralizing field. Turn off the cables, protection goes away. Installing such special equipment was, however, far too expensive and difficult to service all ships that would need it,so an alternative called wiping (and now also called deperming),

      Deperming: Wrapping the entire ship with cables, from keel over the main deck and back. Cables energized to neutralize the signature of the ship’s magnetic material permanently; done when the ship is new.

      The US Navy tested in April 2009 a prototype of its High Temperature Superconducting Degaussing Coil System referred to as HTS Degaussing. The system works by encircling the vessel with superconducting ceramic cables whose purpose is to neutralize the ship’s magnetic signature, as in the legacy copper systems. The main advantage of the HTS Degaussing Coil system is greatly reduced weight (sometimes by as much as 80%) and increased efficiency.

      😀 😀
      hope u found it interesting

      • OriginalPato says:

        Now, that’s what I call “infotainment”. Thanks @lachit

      • lachit says:

        “infotainment” huh lolzzzz 😀 😀
        for the past 24 hours the blog has the feel of a cemetery .
        except for a few mourners visiting now and then
        and me being the self appointed caretaker
        i am trying my best to get all the prodigal sons(bloggers) back.
        by way of “infotainment” 😀 😀

    • lachit says:

      this is a picture of a submarine undergoing deperming.

      if deperming (degaussing) is not done will cause irrepairable damage to the new ships/subs magnetric field which cannot be undone.
      hence the ship/sub will remain vurnerable to magnetic mines , detectors etc all throught its life.

      • ozed says:

        Wow all this complex stuff behind the scenes, and i used to think all you needed to do was crank up your engines and full speed ahead.

        Thanks for the info Lachit.

      • lachit says:

        yes warship building is very complex stuff especially submarines.

        a simple calculation mistake during designing phase can sink ur submarine. which actually happened to Spains scorpene varient S-80.

        by the way everybody seems busy with the elections.

      • lachit says:

        if u guys are getting bored.
        u can try identifying the purpose of the two set of holes arranged in a rectangular box like pattern visible on the side of the set below the tower and another set a little farther away from it.

        can anybody guess its function???

        (hint:the set of holes come into play when the submarine is submerged completely i.e completely inside water.)

        also in the immediate future the nigerian navy must look up for the aquisition of atleast 3 submarines (SSK).
        2 for regular patrol duties while one stays at the harbour for maintenance.
        the submarines must be armed with anti ship and land attack missiles like the russian SIZZLER.
        this will give her a solid naval edge in the region

      • Akin Oges says:

        Thank you Oga lachit. You are truly a worthy contributor on this platform. Could the vent-like contraptions be Ballast intakes/expellers for deep dive and upward lift?

      • lachit says:

        @Akin Oges
        good try,with any other submarine u would have been spoton with ur answer.

        but with this submarine u missed the important VISUAL CLUES. he he he 😀 😀

        the ballast intakes/outlets are the long staight slots running along the side of the submarine.straight below the the conning tower and just above the waterline.there is another one at the edge of the photo and half immersed in water.u can almost see the water seeping out through one of these.

        now the answer to the question
        the two set of holes arranged in a rectangular box like pattern visible on the side of the set below the tower and another set a little farther away from it are the LAUNCH TUBES FOR THE ANTI TORPEDO DECOYS and looks 100% similiar to the WASS made C303/S anti-torpedo countermeasure system for also has a version for surface ships with similiar looking launch tubes.

        The C303/S is an anti-torpedo countermeasures system designed to counter attacks of acoustic homing torpedoes, active/passive, lightweight and heavyweight, wire and non wire-guided, through the use of expendable low-cost, light-weight, high-performance stationary jammers and mobile decoys.

        The submarine deploys such devices during the course of computerised pre-determined evasive counter-manoeuvres, to maximise the submarine survivability against modern torpedo attack.
        The C303/S consists of:
        1.The effectors: mobile target emulators and stationary jammers
        2.Launching system: mounted externally on the pressure hull of the submarine and below the submarine super-structure
        3.Control computer: fitted with a man machine interface and connected with the torpedo detection system or with the combat management system, which controls the launch of the countermeasures.

      • Akin Oges says:

        Wow…!! Good information, Oga lachit. Please sustain the standard Sir.

      • lachit says:

        and here goes my last piece of “infotainment” 😀 😀
        can u/anybody identify these 4 odd looking platforms/weapons in the picture.
        some of these are serious attempts to make FUTURISTIC weapons (there i gave a hint ).
        fig 1 =?
        fig 2 =?
        fig 3 =?
        fig 4 =?

        also looks like these 4 platforms are designed with the overwhelming need to achieve/attain/optimize 1 perticular feature or quality .
        can anybody identify that need or quality or feature in these platform.????

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Lachit! You are a pleasantly dangerous man!
        That was good entertainment, here are my entries:

        Fig. 1 – DRDO HSTDV (India)?
        Fig. 2 – NASA X-43A (United states)?
        Fig. 3 – Perseus CVS401 (UK – France)?
        Fig. 4 – BrahMos-2 (Russia-India)?

        They are all high tech hypersonic jets. Supersonic, in the case of the Perseus (ramjet), the rest are scramjets.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        i am impressed !!! 😀 😀

        the fig 2 actually is the X-51A (WaveRider) but that can be overlooked since it is kind of based on the cancelled X-43A.but still u will agree that there are considerable differences in the structure of the both in the rear end.

        i guess CVS401 Perseus must have been given away by the 2 guided effectors or submunitions.

        also did u notice a commonality among all these :i.e similiarity of the front section together with the air intakes.

        if any of these or their derivatives comes online they are going to be really dangerous.

        in WW2 the germans would have definately won the war as their technology was way ahead of the allies.their only fault was that most of their scientific projects started late and few of those which produced result came too late to provide any advantage.
        the us and USSR learned their lessons well and therefore invested heavily into science and technology fields.

        so to make a nation really strong and powerfull one must build good schools,good college,good universites first.
        armies can be defeated again and again but u cannot defeat a man with knowledge, he will always bounce back again,again and again and these men go on to make a strong undefeatable nation.

        i think
        1.FOOD – TO LIVE

        but alas our quest for knowledge is aimed only for securing the small meaningless comforts of life and a time comes when we realize our mistake.but the problem is we realize it on our DEATHBEDS. 😈 😈

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Go onnn Oga Lachit, the pulpit is all yours, Preach my Brother!!!!!! Preach!!!!! Let them hear you all the way to downtown Mumbia………

  43. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio.

    Nigerian Army aviation Recon team now over Zwal, gongo towns NE Nigeria. Columns of #BokoHaram convoy spotted close to balewa town.

    • jimmy says:

      They need to be taken out, there appears to be an active CELL in GOMBE still smarting from the facts on the GROUND that an election took place.
      Do not worry they( the bloggers will be back to Normal……. soon.

  44. asorockweb says:

    Guys, election results is not politics.
    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    When the rest are released, I will update

    • igbi says:

      Just one question: how are you doing your calculation ? Are you using a calculator ?

      • asorockweb says:

        Calculations? Excel spreadsheet

      • igbi says:

        not quite a bad idea, I don’t remember how to use it though, the last time I used excel, I was in secondary school.

      • igbi says:

        But what matters is that we get the same result.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Oga Igbi, I salute you sir!!!!!! I can see where you are coming from. The only problem na se old guys like me wey den never get excel, Microsoft no dey, Cisco no exist, Oracle no dey, SAP no dey, Siebel no dey, Unix bearely, Internet no dey, Smart Phone no dey, GSM Phone no dey, Desktop PC no dey, Lap top no dey,Tablet PC u won chop am, GPS, Galileo, GNSS den no dey, Smart Watch only if na juju when I dey for secondary school, I bi like se I go have to go bring out my multiplication tables wey de behind my exercise book because that na de only thing I get wen I dey for secondary school.

        God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!!!

      • igbi says:

        Yes, sir, Xcel is ancient history for me. I am used to writing my own programs when I need to. Try and learn some computer science in order to write your own programs on your computer, it will make life easier for you. But it is true that when people talk about things like xcel I suddenly feel old (though just 27 and soon 28).

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Yes Sir, I salute you once again!!!!!!! Old-skool like me at times don’t realise what your new-generation Information Overload is facing. You guys were born into the world of cyberspace, old-cronies like me are still trying to figure out what the hype is all about. Anyway I still believe my multiplication table behind the back of my exercise book, especially my blue exercise book wey de give me for primary school in Naija, I go do a good job. Anyway na collectors item now,so I go still fit make good money on am if I go sell am for antic.

        God Bless our Great Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!

      • saleh1812 says:

        @ oga Igbi you are actually very young why will someone reinvent the alphabet because he wants to write an essay. Excel is just fine for collation of data. Or do I sense blowing of trumpet. Really why will I want to write a program for election result when I bought a Microsoft office software with excel. My guy use your time for other things.

      • igbi says:

        Oga saleh, seriously it is easier for me to write my own programs than to go and learn excel once again.

    • igbi says:

      I would advice you to use a program instead. Here is a little program I made to calculate the votes.

  45. asorockweb says:

    Police Mobile Force.
    Seriously kitted.

    • asorockweb says:

      From the protest in PH today. Source: AP

      • saleh1812 says:

        One of the reasons US said they won’t sell arms to us (lol). But why are they gassing unarmed female protesters, it’s actually a low. I guess we shouldn’t use the Picture on this blog.

      • igbi says:

        It is not done any differently here in europe. I believe the Mopol is applying best world practices. And to the best of my knowledge it was not just unarmed women in the protest.

      • igbi says:

        the fact that they are unarmed doesn’t mean mopol can’t use teargas on them.

      • saleh1812 says:

        One of the principles of internal security which crowd dispersal falls into is de-escalation. the situation in Rivers is already tensed and the sight of unarmed women who are obviously mothers and wife of other folks being tear gassed is a recipe for violent actions by group sympathetic to the women. the security personnel were responsible for the protection of INEC office. the women had already being restricted to the road and the INEC office was not in any way at risk based on the video. A better way of handling the situation would have being by the use of female security personnel speaking to the women and other personnel ensuring that the INEC office is not breached. Yesterday, male youths went to the same INEC office to protest and there was no case of tear gas being used. Peaceful protest is not an offense in europe as you said and the police will not tear gas unarmed women, its advisable security personnel avoid any action that will push Nigeria to the brink at this time when everyone is tensed and politicians are looking for issues to capitalize on

      • igbi says:

        @saleh, I don’t know why you want to make a big deal out of police doing itd job. Please kindly go and propose your service to them since you think you know their job better than them. You seem to think you have all the data and all the knowledge it takes then please go and do the job rather than making a big deal out of a policeman putting his life in danger while doing his job. For your information I was once in a protest in france, we the protesters were students and professors and we got beaten by the police, even though we were peaceful. But I guess since you know it all you are going to tell me that that is impossible ! please cheers and stop thinking you have the absolute knowledge and stop taking the guys who are TRAINED for the job as fools.

      • saleh1812 says:

        I just told why I said they were wrong, pls don’t go about disparaging my little opinion. For all you know maybe I was an instructor for the NPF CTU and not so happy that discretion was not applied based on the current national situation.

      • igbi says:

        Sometimes I get worried with the kind of statements some people say. Now we have soeone claiming “unarmed female protesters”. Look, let me ask you one question: do you want to live in a country without police ? Do you want to return to the laws of the jungle ? I guess no, so start appreciating the police. Nothing is stopping you from joigning the police and then showing them how the job is done while puting your own life on the line.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga saleh1812, you put down a disturbance in sensitive period with necessary force. That’s what the tear gas was bought for. Human rights are only violated when people are beaten or killed, so to say the US didn’t sell us arms because of your misunderstanding of legal ways of dispersing a crowd is absolutely painful. I don’t see why some Nigerians love to beat their own country to a pulp to satisfy foreigners.

    • asorockweb says:

      I don’t see unarmed women in the picture. I am not against the police doing their jobs.

      I put up the picture because the cop seems to have both an assault rifle and a side arm. For a Naija cop, that’s serious kitting.

  46. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 30 10:20PM

    Results for 16 states released.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Haha, that don’t look good for the Presido.
      And yes i support what you are doing here man. We have to be flexible sometimes and talk about National issues once in a while, especially one as important as electing or re-electing a President. But that looks like a massive gap btw both candidates

      • asorockweb says:

        I believe result of an election is not politics. It is “National Fact” and exceedingly relevant to Defence and Security.

      • igbi says:

        The problem guys is that you need to make a difference between giving raw data and making polical comments. For example, all I gave was a program to help people count the votes. But the other problem is that one person takes one step, an other takes two steps and so on and finally the house becomes a political mad house.

      • Sir Kay says:

        Who wouldn’t make comment in such situation? Someone posted data, we all saw it, and we just walk away? What are we, robots?
        If i see the raw data, and one Candidate is ahead of the other, hell i will comment on that, i don’t consider that political comment, its simply a fact regarding what i just saw.
        That is, Mr Buhari is up, Mr Jonathan is down. That’s the reality check as of right now.
        Moving on.

    • asorockweb says:

      Lagos time

  47. igbi says:

    I pity those who are trying to use their calculator to calculate the sums, that will be a verry big head ache

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My multiplication table dey still dey do a good job as we speak, na only my biro de mess-up.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Even though using multiplication tables, addition tables and subtraction tables in todays modern world makes it come across as absolutely ridiculous, the fact still remains that it is still good mental exercise. Your moto-neurons would be emitting warp speeds and as everyone has agreed on this blog, u only have to do this once every 4 years.

        Manual Process = 1 Automation Process = 0

        God Bless our Great Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!

      • smartboy2000 says:

        It looks like I’m going to have to change to pencils and erasers, these biro’s that I’m using are totally useless. Den dey as useless to me as the Smart Phones dey useless to me currently. At least with pencil, my corrections go neat for paper.

        God Bless Nigeria!!!!!!

      • igbi says:

        Wow, if you can sum up seperatly (and only with your pen and paper or even with your calculator) two sets of 37 numbers which have mostly 7 digits and not make a mistake then you have done something which is tromendously commendable and you have to teach new generations how to do it.
        Here is the little program I made:

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Thanks my Oga Igbi for your reply. The key here is the 7 digits. Those 2 (37) numbers are random numbers and u don’t really have to worry about them until stage 2 of the calculation process. The 7 digit numbers rely heavily on the Law of Probabilities and that is the part that comes difficult to visualise mentally. There are a great number of MENSA articles that have researched heavily on the cognitive process of number crunching within the human brain and information/ mental data distribution. Sorry,not to bore you with all my psychological rants, it takes a lot of Mental Exercise.

        God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

      • igbi says:

        I totally agree with you that it is a real mental exercise.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Oga, I have done a quick code review of the code you published, and I like the simplicity of the code. I was worried you were going to be using all these fanciful loop- statements and bells-and-whistles that characterise all these modern day object oriented programming languages. Once again, thanks for the simplicity.

      God Bless Nigeria.

  48. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 30 11:30PM

    Results for 19 states released.

  49. Sir Kay says:


    Updated info regarding the polls is right there, with all the numbers.

  50. lachit says:

    please ignore the above comment.
    i posted it here by mistake,was intended for another forum

  51. igbi says:

    Sometimes I wonder why people are so attracted to the idea of self destructing.

  52. This Tear gas matter sha! teargas is not meant for just any protest by humans, it is meant fro violent protests and riots. it really will not make sense for any police force to teargas peaceful protests cos that can exacerbate the matter and make things violent, which the police is meant to work against. Let me paint a scenario: Imagine a white country, where blacks are peacefully protesting and then the white police force tosses teargas at them? Every one would shout racism and excessive force. Tear gas is a tool to be deployed against violent protesters. Protests are fluid and the police should always act to diffuse the situation not make matters worse.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      In a white country, black people (or anyone) protesting can get pepper sprayed, Tasered, beaten. Blacks easily get shot too. Go to Fergusson, USA and ask.

      I’ve been arrested in Europe once, just for walking down the road with a bloody beautiful Brazilian babe. They asked who the girl was (as if they couldn’t ask her), then began embarrassing me; they checked me for drugs, checked my immigration, warned me to stop insulting or swearing at them etc… Anything they could find. Di worst tin? Babe run!
      What do you call that? I don’t understand the impossible opinion some of you have of the West sha, even some blacks who leave there.

      • seems you missed my point, i am not saying these things dont happen in the west. I am saying thsat when it happens we all agree that its wrong, that its overkill and that its using excessive force. so why do we wann use a different standarrd regarding our own people. If gassing peaceful protesters can be considered wrong in one clime then the same people should consider it wrong in other climes

      • I have no illusions regarding the west. Being black put you on everybody’s suspicion radar and leaves you at a disadvantage. but basically whats wrong is wrong and in my opinion when faced with PEACEFUL protesters the police should not deploy force. If things get violent and there are attacks of people, property or the police force then by all means deploy “measured force” depending oon the level of escalation.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga Adetayo’s Blog, there is nothing wrong with using tear gas. It is used all the time in the West on blacks, whites and anyone who gathers in an unauthorised protest or in an unruly manner and refuses to disperse. This is especially so at a sensitive time like our elections when people can get killed.

        Talking about “measured force,” during the last UK wide rioting, plastic bullets were issued in the Midlands and almost used in London. in the aftermath, there was discussion between top police officers and politicians about actually shooting to kill rioters in the UK. While we pray for peace, someone might get shot dead next time they riot in the UK, it is only after the event that we will know for sure what the deliberations (between police and political leaders) about raising police violence levels yielded.

        Tear gas is a normal way to control unruly crowds. Use enough of it and you don’t have to shoot or beat anyone, despite it being legal (in the West and everywhere else) for the police to do so at such times.

      • lachit says:

        Adetayo’s Blog,Kola Adekola and all
        the best way to look at this is through the MANY WORLDS INTERPRETATION.


        it is an interpretation of quantum mechanics that asserts the objective reality of the universal wavefunction and denies the actuality of wavefunction collapse.
        ( he he he 😀 😀 that must have damaged quite a lot of ur brain cells.same here, when i first tried to understand it, years ago.)

        i will now explain it in a simple way
        now let us take the example of a african lachit :D, hot brazilian babe 😀 :D, racist police officer.
        there are 3 actors in this (event) when all 3 of them come face to face.
        the event can give rise to infinite possibilities
        i will list 5 of them
        1.the police officer will be nice to me
        2.the police officer will abuse u but let me go
        4.the police officer will abuse me and arrest me on trumped up charges
        5.the police officer will shoot me
        so on….. to infinity

        now comes the fun part
        any one of the possibilities might happen depending on me, my 😀 hot babe, police officer.

        suppose the officer shoots me dead.
        is it game over?
        no definately not.

        according to MWI every possible outcome of any event is realized in a separate and non-communicating physical reality, which actually exists alongside our own.

        the event i described above will simply branch into all possile unique world-lines( parallel universes), resulting in every possible outcome of the event i encountered .
        meaning i may end up dead in this universe because the police officer shot me but simultaneously there will be infinite copies of me in infinite parallel universes facing rest of the infinite possibilities of the above event that i encountered.
        now i am dead in this universe but still living in the others , but my clones have no way to access each other even if they are in the parallel universes which are in the same space and time of this universe in which i am dead.(maybe through DREAMS,instances of DEJA VU ,SIX SENSE)

        there is no point of debating the merit or demerit of any event that has already happened e.g like that of the women protesters and the police incident.since all alternate possilbilities are being played out in all the corresponding possible parallel universes.
        lachit might support the police action in this world but in another parallel world he is surely opposing in a way lachit arguing about it is meaningless 😀 😀
        i wonder why the great sages of very ancient india/world used to wander of to far off places and live in solitude, away from any discussion etc maybe they knew the truth .

        now to all readers, be honest and tell me how many of u are showing symptoms of severe headache.:D 😀

      • @ Oga Lachit, after your post there is a debate in my head whtehr to like you or hate you. lol. Nawa you know i took a few philosophy courses in school adn my conclusion was “what is the point”.yes you gave me a headache. phew!!!! I assume you are saying that either of our opinion s could be right depending on a number of variables which may be infinite. I recognse that, thats why i stopped sef. Gimme another headache like that and ……………………….

      • lachit says:

        @ Adetayo’s Blog
        Gimme another headache like that and ……………………….
        and I WILL SHOOT U DEAD? he he he 🙄 🙄

        therefore according to the MANY WORLDS INTERPRETATION
        i might end up dead in your hands in this world but in another parallel world you will end up dead at my hands.
        so another SEVERE HEADACHE for u. he he he 😈 😈

        the MANY WORLDS INTERPRETATION is based on QUANTUM MECHANICS.and u should try to read about it.
        it is very interesting

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My dear Ogas, before we start having a Human Rights Law debate on this particular photo, can anyone clarify to me what the rules of engagemet was given to the Mopol Squard at that particular site, and more importantly what situational evidence was provided to the Squard Leader on site.

    • igbi says:

      Excellent video, thanks for posting it.

    • igbi says:

      Please NTA don’t be so precise on the data next time. Don’t say how high our pilots are flying. Remember that the ennemy also watches tv.

      • lachit says:

        do u have any info on these ATRs self defense and countermeasure suite.

      • igbi says:

        no, I don’t

      • lachit says:

        @igbi i took this from AleniaAermacchi_ATR42MP_ENG_2014.pdf

        The ATOS Mission System is based on two on-board workstations and manages a comprehensive sensor suite including multimode radar, EO/IR turret with IR sensor, colour and monochrome TV cameras, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Direction Finder (DF) and video recording systems. The modular, open architecture of the MMS allows tailoring of the whole surveillance system. Additional subsystems and sensors such as Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) and Side Looking Airborne Radar (SLAR) are part of an optional package to be easily integrated to cope with customer needs.
        Furthermore, the mission system can be easily removed to allow to reconfigure the aircraft in few hours as cargo, transport of passengers, Medevac, transport of troops etc.
        The aircraft can be equipped with a door or hatch that can be opened in flight for SAR kit drops, two bubble observation windows, and two pylons on the fuselage sides, capable to carry pods such as a powerful searchlight pod

        as u can see there is no mention of self defence and counter measures dispensing system.
        may be they will be installed when the planes are upgraded

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Thank you, Sir Camo, nice one, also good for see a foreign journalist on board and she can see there are no mercenaries

  53. kf says:

    We are going to have a new commander in chief and I am glad he is one of us (military wise )

    • igbi says:

      I am actually doing the counting, and 8 states are remaining. Therefor, what you are saying is not objectif, so please no political comments.

  54. kf says:

    Heard from the grapevine , we might be the first subsaharan country to be using the F16. Made possible by change in administration

    • igbi says:

      I don’t know if you live in an other world, but on planet earth the votes have not all emerged.

    • igbi says:

      It is even funny that you don’t see a problem in a foreign country meddling into our own politics.

      • kf says:

        The change in administration was made possible by the Nigerian people not the americans. Except you are implying that the americans were on the ballot .
        It is in our strategic national interest to crush Boko haram and unless you point to a factory in Nigeria where a fourth generation aircraft is being manufactured , then I suggest every help should be appreciated . The last I heard we are still friends with the russians and the chinese so why not the americans warts and all.

      • igbi says:

        Look, once agin the votes haven’t all appeared ! And please don’t try and disguise what you said earlier. You are actually in support of the usa having a veto on whom Nigeria votes in. Perhaps we should just rename ourselves into “usa colony”, that would surely please you.

      • igbi says:

        You mean russia doesn’t have 5th generation jets ? So we should weigh our votes with usa approvals ? I can’t believe my ears.

      • errr, Russia does not have any functionally deployed 5th Gen figters, the PAK FA is still in development. If you want 5G den its the US and they aint selling

      • igbi says:

        @adetayo, please reconsider your comment because Russia does have 5th generation jets, proof:

      • Nothing to reconsider @ Oga Igbi, the aircraft in the video is of the Pak FA/SU50 and its still in development and is not in active service. granted it has entered advanced testing phase but it has not yet been deployed.

      • In my initial statement i said russia has no functionally deployable 5G aircraft

      • igbi says:

        An other video of Russian 5th generation jets:

      • Sir Kay says:

        To be fair though, the jet in the Youtube video is not functional yet, that is, it won’t enter service until at least 2020, i read about that update only a few days ago, and not only that, the Russians have scaled back the number of the same jets they would be buying, now i think they are going for only 12 or so, i mean, their economy is in the gutter, that’s the reason for the reduction.
        But I’m 100% sure its not in serve, that is just a prototype .

      • @Oga Kay, thanks for the further info

    • ozed says:

      Haha they will give you F16s, and then tell you how to use them.

      The day you dont do as they say, your F16s will become so much expensive junk (breaking the record currently held by our Jaguar aircraft). We should shop with people who are not as interfering as the US and EU.

      So no thanks, am not even sure i want your F16s. And by the way i dont live in France. I live right here with you sir.

      • kf says:

        I have no idea igbi and ozed are the same personalities .
        The US will always have us in their radar of influence so deal with it .
        We have to find a way to deal with all the global powers and extract what is maximum for our own national interest . Till we become self sufficient like India , that is the way the cookie will crumble .
        By the way F16s in our inventory will not be a bad idea.

      • igbi says:

        please @kf, as from now be hanging a usa flag over your house.

    • Deway says:

      Dear kf, please tell your sources to stop that thought. Whether change in administration or not, that is not the issue here. I’m all for getting ISR equipment from the US but certainly not power projecting assets from them. We are not self sustaining but there are numerous options out there. Where you not here when the US refused to sell us weapons, abi u no hear? They refused to sell to Nigeria (not Goodluck) in our greatest time of need. The Jaguar jets are still fresh in our minds, gathering dust. You can ask the Paks how they are currently dealing with their F16 issue. We’ve been beaten numerous times, time to learn.

      • ozed says:

        I guess Oga Deway must also be the same personality as Ozed and Igbi Abi?

        Just to clear things up before a lie oft said become the ‘truth’. Based on info i have gathered from Igbi’s various comments on this blog:
        1. Igbi lives in France while i live in Lagos
        2. Igbi has told us on this forum that he is about 27, i am a vibrant and virile middle aged man (with spots of grey hair and a pot belly to match)
        3. Igbi is a mathematictian, i am a hybrid of engineer/chartered accountant
        —may i stop now?

        sorry i forgot to add, i am also better looking —-Lolz.

      • Deway says:

        Oga Ozed, I prescribe 3 hours of treadmill + 30 mins of weight lift and pull per day for the next 4 weeks for you. LOL!

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      We would never learn, No F16 are coming, this thing is deeper than we all think, it is not ops normal with the West, in fact it is game 2 coming on. We either focus on those that have been assisting our war effort and what we can do for our selves. No F16 is going to seat side by side on a ramp with SU30s.

  55. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 31 2:30PM

  56. kf says:

    I heard you live in france , igbi ,
    You might as well listen to those of us living in the federal capital for once.

  57. igbi says:

    One question: We have 36 states without counting Abuja ? Right ?

  58. I dont see the US selling us f16s. and if by some crazy chance it happens i really dont think we should go for it. I’d rather we get similar aircraft from russia. enof American bullshit and hanky panky

    • Sir Kay says:

      That’s right, taking their F-16 equals putting chains around our own necks while they stir us.
      No need buying trash with so much conditions that it won’t make sense. Let them keep their F-16s, there are other countries out there you know, so we shouldn’t be obsessed with everything American.
      Before you know it they will dictate to us when we can use it, how high to fly it, don’t dispatch it outside of Nigeria, unless for peace keeping missions, lol. the only time we can use it is when a bomb drops on Abuja lol ( sarcasm) . Fools and their conditions. Say NO.

      • igbi says:

        Please can someone just answer my question: is the fct a state ?

      • For the purpose of elections the FCT is considered a state. So for these elections u can say it is the 37th State. But ordinaril the FCT is as the name implies and not a state

      • Sir Kay says:

        Thought you are Nigerian, @Igbi. You should know.
        But Abuja isn’t called a State, that’s why there is no Governor there, Never been there before., there are 36 states, then there is the Federal Capital for all of those states, and its Abuja.
        Why are you asking a question I’m sure you know that an to lol

      • igbi says:

        I am a Nigerian and I am asking because it is not clear to me, and as I can see, it is also not clear for you, the fct is considered a state, or else we should state that we have 35 states + the fct

      • igbi says:

        nah, there are only 36 results which makes me think that the fct is one of the 36 states we have

      • igbi says:

        Wait what about maiduguru ? I haven’t heard about results from maiduguru, so you guys are right, forgive my silliness, 36 states + Abuja

      • U mean Borno not Maiduguri. The results for Borno are not yet in, its one of the outstanding state results.

      • igbi says:

        thanks now I confuse stae capital and state.

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, what do you mean it wasn’t clear to me? Because i said I’ve never being to Abuja before? well, i had no reason to be there.
        Thought you asked the question as a joke though.
        But no, Abuja is not considered a state.
        And there was voting in Abuja because Nigerian citizens live there, not because it is considered a state, its simply the seat of power.
        Someone mentioned its a state only during elections or something, Wrong.

      • igbi says:

        34 results already, 3 remaining.

  59. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 31 3:30PM (Lagos time)

    4 states to go.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I thought the massive lead in rivers state reduced the gap btw both candidates to about 500,000 votes, according to what i read online. Either way, The General’s people have declared victory.
      Personally, i don’t care who is in there, just arm up our men and women and buy modern air defense systems, ugh.

      • asorockweb says:

        It did. The win in Rivers shattered the general’s lead. But he slowly rebuilt it. 2 states to go. It almost over. The general has an unassailable lead.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I know Chief, afterwards we can all get back to the original intent of this thread, ha.
      No Vex Oga beeg, ha.

  60. lachit says:

    @Adetayo’s Blog/igbi/all
    this thread is surely getting TOO HOT to handle
    everything imaginable is being discussed from
    PIMPED UP MIG 21(this one is a original, had me smiling),
    Wide Area Surveillance System,
    Roman Centurions(hell !!! where did this come from ),
    TOYS from afganistan(lolzzzz !!!)
    multiplication, addition and substraction tables (was sort of discussed),
    unarmed female protesters ,
    “infotainment” ,
    parallel universe,
    HEADACHES(he he he )
    Adetayo’s Blog planning murder (lachit) 😉 😉
    Kola Adekolas “bloody beautiful Brazilian babe” 😎 i kept the best for the last


  61. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 31 2:30PM (Lagos time)

    2 states to go.

  62. jimmy says:

    Please let us come back down to planet Earth
    1) We are not getting any F-16 PLANES . Please let us keep the integrity of the blog real here.
    2) Nigeria urgently needs the su27/ 30
    3) THE SU25 Frog
    4) It is important as soon as the election is over for Nigeria to sign the deal with PAKISTAIN for at least a squadron of jf-17

    • lachit says:

      u need to atleast place order for around 45 jf 17 as early as possible because the annual production rate in pakistan for jf 17 till now has been around 15.
      so it is going to take some time for the aircraft to arrive in nigeria,if orders are not placed early.

      also now is the best time to negotiate with russia for su 30s since russia is desperate for hard cash they will offer NAF a good deal.

      • lachit says:

        the jf 17s block 2 order can be broken up into 40 single seat and 5 trainer version.

        and when u take up the mid life upgrades (MLU) of these aircrafts, u can upgrade all the aircrafts to block 3.

        also make sure that all TOT ,spares,maintenance and upgrade clauses are included in the agreement with provision for fines it there is delay in delivering the planes,TOT,spares etc.
        pakistan should be asked to provide a soverign gurrantee to nigeria which will be cashed if pakistans defaults from any of the provisions of the deal.

      • Sir Kay says:

        i have no idea what we are waiting for, Russia is sending SU-30’s to Angola, Imagine that, this year Angola will 8 of the SU30’s, and here we are still thugging in our Alpha Jets

    • sam says:

      I think we are going to get F-16s since GMB is now president. The UK and US alliance is back on . Russia and China looking bleak.

      • igbi says:

        I don’t think so and that would be the worse mistake ever. I know that the west put all its propaganda to influence our internal politics, but Buhari remains a patriot and he will never gamble with Nigeria’s future.

      • igbi says:

        By the way the usa has never sold f16 to any black nation. And if we go for that, it would mean the death of our democracy since if the usa don’t like the presidential candidate or what the incumbent is doing, then they will just starve our military while Russia and China and Pakistan will refuse to sell weapons to us just to show us a lesson of loyalty. Therefor we would be a puppet state.

      • igbi says:

        That is why we must not buy any usa weapons.

  63. zachary999 says:

    I can tell you for free that our $500M would be returned post may 29 and used to get 4G fighters instead of this thrashy deal been rushed. Good thing is that the puma helicopters are no longer available as the romanians have backed out of the deal due to NATO requirements and concerns around the threat from the mighty eastern neighbour…

    we have passed the stage of mounting GPMG on helicopters

    Guys we can get F 16 if we want to, the Americans have told us what to do if we require this advanced weapon systems. We visited the boneyard in 2014 as a precursor…

    Things can only get better but kudos to GEJ and Minimah, they have done well..

    GOD bless Nigeria and goodluck to our incoming president, GMB

    Cheers guys

    • igbi says:

      still one state: borno.

    • igbi says:

      I do not believe we should dash away our freedom to get some usa rubbish.

    • igbi says:

      With a difference of 2123856 votes, I concur, GMB has won.

    • Deway says:

      Very happy to hear about the return of the $500m. The thing for don chop interest anyway. Oga Zachary999, which 4G are they considering? Still JF17?

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for that information. We now need to be wiser and get more bangs for bucks. Most of the countries we bought weapons from bar Russia and China had lower GDPs than ours yet with advanced weapons manufacturing capability. Jonathan significantly scaled up from Obj’s dicon with Igirigi amongst others. We should now be getting serious with our own weapon manufacturing on a different scale. No more dodgy invoices.

    • Are James says:

      No be ordinary eye my fear. People for go prison na. Let me let you in on a secret, ..prison and billionaire dont go well together.

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      We are not subservient to other nations ” the Americans have told us” what exact capability are you trying to achieve with F16, Do we need it, the answer is NO, are there cheaper and more effective aircraft with no strings attached, Yes

  64. asorockweb says:

    I put the data released by INEC into a table in my old website:

    Last updated:
    March 31 5:45PM (Lagos time)

    1 state to go

  65. igbi says:

    ok, please can someone bring some updates on the war against te stupid rams ?

  66. Bigbrovar says:

    Once again Nigeria has shown why we are the Giant of Africa.. Despite coming late to the Democratic process we have shown growth and progress has be made.. Our people have shown the resolve to beat the odds be it Boko or Ebola.. When the world write us off is when we raise our game to the top.. Not even Russia or Egypt not even South Africa can booast of the level of maturity, sophistication competitiveness and fairness of our election.. In the end we have a gentleman president magnonismus in defeat. A great thanks to our commander in chief of our armed forces who rose above politics to extend an election ensuring people of the north east could vote even though he knew they might not vote for him. He did what needs be done.. And to our troops whose blood and sweat ensured that Boko where on the run through out this period ensuring Nigerians carry their vote without fear.. And to the people of Nigeria who came out to make their voice heard.. For me this is a new beginning for Nigeria has we once again up the standard for Africa.. Long live federal republic of Nigeria.

  67. Oje says:

    Shame shame Obama. You called the world’s 4th largest democracy corrupt, you touted so much about theviolence that we’ll ensue after elections, you insulted Nigeria and called it corrupt. You and your entire team saw Nigeria as Iraq, where free and fare elections don’t exist. Today you have been put to shame. When you sleep all you will see is Nigeria, when you wake up, all you will hear is Nigeria rising. We defeated Ebola without you, we stood our ground and refuse to give in on legalising gay marraiges, you crippled our war effort, setting us many months back by not o lying refusing to sell us equipments bUt also blocking Israeli and Pakistan or any U.S ally to sell us arms. You advocated for Boko Haram’s Human Rights to be you laughed a charm offensive on Africa’s two longest serving corrupt dictators, a gross violation of your national policy to have no relations with dictators, despite allthis the “Nigerian Spirit” (I don’t expect oba to know what it means” prevailed.

    The world has witnessed the most high tech and we’ll coordinated elections Africa has never seen. Free and fair the incumbent even called the winner to congratulate him and concede defeat (I bet your CIA didn’t see that coming). What now Obama? You’ve lost a strategic ally in AFRICA, SYRIA is a mess, IRAQ is in turmoil, Yemen is burning, EGYPT is on the brink of catastrophe, In Libya you have terrorists who have their own airforce killing each other…..but what’s happening in Nigeria? Yes, Nigeria just proved to the world we have aworking democracy, the voice of the people is not silenced, there is freedom of speech, the media in free…Boko Haram is all but finished. .who is laughing last now Obama?

  68. Oje says:

    With Buhari’s victory there will be a paradoxic reverse. Our military will fare better, our economy might suffer n.

    • Are James says:

      Economy won’t suffer. There is so much capital globally with no where to go but Nigeria. The new man wants to concentrate on textiles, steel and solid minerals…This is real sector stuff instead of financial engineering.
      We expect better fiscal prudence but $eriois spending on welfare programs which is inflationary bad for the naira but not entirely a bad thing. People would have to pay their taxes and stop stealing money…Very simple. This will be like a UK labour party government. Private jets and luxury watches are good but you go pay Na. In any case, the Forbes list billionaires have been dropping by to say hi and congratulations.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Lord CyberGeneral Are James, I’m beginning to get worried that you are reading my mind again. lol The way you precisely hit the nail on the head every time you comment on this blog is astonishing. Abi u bi Oracle or Artificial Intelligence Robot wey dey data mine my brain. Which ever way, I salute you sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Oje says:

    Christian Amanpour on it again, stressing on ”John Kerry’s concern that the collating process have seen disturbing irregularities and manipulation”, why cant these people just for once drop their policy of negativity sometimes.

    • Sir Kay says:

      They can’t help themselves. Its like a party not invited to. They have to stick their noses in other people’s affairs in other to feel relevant. Its an insecurity issue on their part.

  70. Obix says:

    My ogas, where’s Marshal Beeg?

  71. asorockweb says:

    Final update with a couple of bar-charts throw-in

  72. jimmy says:

    We give congratulations to our new President Elect Muhammad Buhari. I refrained from using his military title because now he has been elected in his own right through a civil dispensation of the will of the people of Nigeria.
    I have to say this with the greatest amount of respect President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan exhibited tremendous class before the votes for Borno State were counted he called his main political rival , he did not wait, he gave his word and he kept it. I am humbled that he would do such a thing and it truly demonstrates his finest hour. He will go down in History as the first AFRICAN HEAD of STATE to concede defeat and victory to his opponent even before the votes were finished, yes such men exist in Nigeria, today I salute .
    God bless you and your Family.
    God bless Nigeria

    • smartboy2000 says:

      Congratulation General Muhammad Buhari!!!!! May the Lord give you wisdom, knowledge and understanding to deal with obstacles that are coming your way now and in the future.

      Commensuration with my President Jonathan Ebele Goodluck. The wisdom that God gave you to conceit defeat, and pick up the phone to congratulate our worthy opponent shall be flowing within you for the rest of your days. You are definitely going down in the history books of Nigeria as a modern hero.

  73. chad is now claiming to have retaken malam fatori. This is the third time they are making that claim! dikwa and Gamboru ngala are also still in boko haram hands and the chadians claimed to have cleared those towns as well.

  74. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 7h 7 hours ago

    #BokoHaram fighters captured in d Nigerian offensive are being interrogated in #Maiduguri. HVP’s in secret locations

  75. buchi says:

    Congrats u take over from a capable GEJ.I wish u the best as u do the job.if u can do the job…as for all this tales am hearing abt F-16 it better not be true cos that will be Ur first monumental failure as a leader.our jaguars come to mind..out sovereignty and our stand in Africa must never be compromised we knew the politics the north played (dirty one but that’s a politician’s headache) maintain a detribalized Nigerian not make the mistake you made in the 80s or u will truncate the proffesionalism the military has managed and fought to attain..let the right man be the coas,CaS,cas and tribal especially northern consideration cos that was the main reason my father resigned from the army at that time..courtsey of Ur past nepotism..this 2015 let me believe u have changed.cherrio nd goodluck

    • ozed says:

      Truth is he has set extremely high standards for himself based on the juicy promises he and his party made during their campaigns. Nigerians are now more impatient than ever, and the social media has attained a significance that wasnt even there at the beginning of the Jonathan era. The Presidency is under a microscope. i just hope the expectations he has fueled can afford him a clear chance to make the painful changes required.

      My other concern is the fact that we Nigerians have all our focus on the Federal Govt. (about 51% of the pie) while we have no clue or interest in what happens in the States and LGs (49% of the pie), and sadly Buhari will have little say in what happens there.

      We must wake up and hold our Governors and LG officials to same (or even higher standards) than we hold the FG. If we dont development will never happen. Outside of security, major infrastructure and Power, there is little else a federal govt can do to impact the life of the common man. Most other things should actually be handled closer to the populace at the State and LG job creation, healthcare, education, secondary and tertiary infrastructure (e.g. the road from your home to your office, market etc.). ——What is the experience of those of you who live outside? Lachit? Igbi? et al?

      • Kay says:

        First thing I think should be done is to lower dependency on oil, increase ND allocation whilst cancelling amnesty and waterway security deals. Phase 2 is revamp other industries, coal, agriculture, mining. Cut stupendous political salaries and others. Its the anti corruption, security creed that’ll resonate mostly with this new government.

      • lachit says:

        in india the constitution clearly defines the responsibilities of the center and the state,and
        also the specific conditions under which the center can intervene in the matters of the state.
        in short there is no room for ambiguity,which is necessary for the any country to function properly and efficiently.
        also the points raised by u are valid and if such problems do exist, then corrective measures must be taken.
        a framework for proper coordination between the federal government and the states must be developed for equitable distribution of resources,jobs,infrastucture etc otherwise it will be difficult to sustain all around growth and development.
        it is really nice to see bloggers who are aware of such complex (but easy to overlook) issues and looking for ways to resolve it.

      • You know everybody likes to focus on the center anfd leave State Govts and LGs out of the blame loop. but the state and LGS are actually closer and more visible to the people and should also be held accountable. @ Lachit the Nigerian constitution is pretty clear on the functions of each tier of govt however due to dereliction of duty the lines between have become blurred by practice. and i think there is too much power, authority, resources and consequently responsibility at the center in Nigeria. Federal might can only reach so far, the center needs to shed some of its functions, responsibilites and resources to the states. how they handle it is another story though

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog and ozed
        the media especially the social media can make a big difference.
        a single individual might find it difficult to fight any wrongdoings by corrupt government officials and individuals, but with the backing of honest people through social media will be able to make a big difference.

        by the way i am a big supporter of social media but i am distrustful of mainsteam media since they seem to serve their monetery interests only (via sensational news and one sided reportings) and their masters whoever that might be.

    • chynedoo says:

      North played dirty politics? It would be interesting to glean from the evidence you base such sweeping conclusions on….
      As Nigerians we should remain focused, we should appreciate our diversity and differences and at the same work toward a unified purpose because that’s where we derive our strength and resilience as a nation from. Resorting to ethnic, tribal and even political sentiments weaken and demean us as a people!

      • buchi says:

        Bro no matter how we use sultry words to describe this elections the north played friend who is a corper and an inec adhoc staff has evidence and is a witness.violence against those intending to vote against the pdp.underaged voting.but that’s not my business. My business is Nigeria and the greateness of our military simple

      • Bigbrovar says:

        Both sides played dirty not just the north. I have a friend (and they are pictures of this) where 1000k where given to people lining up to vote after which they would be escorted to the booth to ensure that they “voted right” the security officials were looked away.. and lets not even get started on what happened in rivers..

        The important thing is in spite of the dirty play. The election did reflect the general will of the people and the dirty play was not substantial enough to change the outcome of the election. We are not perfect but we would get there.

      • buchi says:

        For the pdp I mean

      • igbi says:

        @bigbrova, I would be curious to see your imagined pictures. As for the person going into booths to see if people voted right, that was an idea of Jega and it was done in every polling unit. Apparently to reduce mistakes.

  76. Bharat says:

    Congratulations to Nigeria for a successful election and electing new President. May the new government help your country achieve greater heights in peace and prosperity.

  77. Kola Adekola says:

    For those saying Nigeria should refuse F16’s, well sorry. We will now learn what it means for a presidential candidate to campaign in Chatham House London, yet we are a sovereign country.
    We are most certainly now 100% owned.

    It is almost certain that we will be getting toy F16’s (you know, the decoration type with neither bomb nor missile).

    Mek man Sidon look jare!

    • saleh1812 says:

      If the US is giving us the F16s free or otherwise, of course we should collect them open handed, in international politics there is only permanent interest, when we got the seepcats from UK we relaxed on our oars and didnt work on developing our local MIC. the Egyptians use F16 and were deprived of spares after the military coup (restrictions have being lifted) even with that can our NAF match them. the Iranaians received alot of US platforms during the Shan era (including the cobra AH) these platforms are still being used and some modified. even though iran is under US sanctions they are still a major player in the middle east. A good relationship with the US will not only mean weapon platforms but a checkmate to our francophone neighbours and a stronger voice in Africa. If the US is giving us anything let us collect but remember that when we eat with the devil we should do so with a long spoon, hence develop our local MIC. Pls no one should disparage my opinion and utter pro-US, I am very much pro-Nigeria and will always be

      • igbi says:

        “The USA has no permanent friends, only permanent interests” – said by clinton at the beginning of Rwanda genocide when he removed all usa peace keepers and urged all other western nations to do the same, that enabled the genocide. And after the genocide, clinton came to rwanda and said “people in the usa had no idea”. So please letus do away with quotings like those which enabled a genocide. No to usa weapons

      • igbi says:

        My friend, I don’t know if you noticed but, Egypt has gone back to buying weapons from Russia. And there are virtually no usa weapons in Iranian stocks as we speak. Please if you want to support the usa then do it in good faith, don’t lie and pretend. It is not in Nigeria’s interest to become a usa puppet and that is what the usa wants.

      • saleh1812 says:

        Take it or leave it international politics is all about permanent interest and in this case we are bothered about the strategic interest of Nigeria. you just distorted facts, the US never never had peace keepers in Rwanda. yes the Rwandan genocide issue was appalling but before you go condemning the US have you asked yourself what AU did about it. we can not cry more than the bereaved. if you condemn the role of the US in the Rwandan genocide you can as well condemn Nigeria for not sending troops there, the Ghanians peacekeepers worked with Gen Romeo Dallaire to prevent the genocide even though the Cameroonian adminstrative head of UNAMIR constantly hampered their good works. Rwanda presently has a good relationship with US and their military personnel are on courses in the US. the govt of Rwanda had issues with the role of France and Belgium nevertheless the bulk of Rwandan military helicopters are french made. Finally its time we move away from considering the interest of other nations ahead of ours.

      • saleh1812 says:

        when I last checked the bulk of the Iranian airforce platforms were made in the US, please they still use F4, F5, F14 C 130, cobra etc and despite the poor relationship between the US and Iran the Iranians tried using the back door to buy off the Venezuelan F 16 fleet

      • chynedoo says:

        Where is all the news of US F-16 coming from? My ears are on the ground and I have scoured the web but not a single hint of that news….
        Or am I missing something?

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Go on Preach My Brother, Please Preach your congregation is listening.

        Preach to us My Lord CyberGeneral Saleh1812!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      May I authoritatively point out that all Rwandan helicopters are Mi-171s ( converted to English and western avionics) plus Mi24/35, which a flown by Rwandian pilots ( very highly trained, young articulate pilots who hold military and civil licenses. Believe it or not NO F16 is being offered or coming. When last has the US every sold Nigeria any lethal weapon right up to rifles. The Naval Ships were given not sold under a special legislation as de-commissioned and same goes to the company selling the Alpha jets, they were all demilitarized and carried civilian registration. The last major purchase I remember was the sales of Bronco Jeeps to the military in the early 80s. they train our guys and keep serious data on them, that they would employ under confrontations, right up to the PAF pilots. by nature there is racism in the air, even they cannot help it against their own elected president. Why would they make us strong ? to out shadow them in the ECOWAS sub-region. They are looking at 10-20 years into the future when we would be contesting for the money and resources, once we start manufacturing and turning into a global force. The Iranians fabricate or approach the black market to re-furbish there American aircraft by any means possible. Pls no nation that is going to occupy the positions we are heading for would get any where, if we keep thinking like this.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        Thanks Capt Tobias Wilcock for pointing out the truth to us. We are going to have to be self-determined in order to grab hold of our destiny. Without our own local Defence Industry, we would be sacrificing our future for the next generation. We have a very young and dynamic brain power resource within our local community, let’s put these resources to use in building our own Defence Industry. By the way, if by any chance our allies the USA decide to dash us decommissioned F16’s, we should gladly accept them and use them as “Trainers”. One or Two is good enough to home in the skills of our young Top-Guns.

        God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

  78. Sir Kay says:

    I think there has been enough political discussions, let’s get back to the intent of this blog. Election is now over, for now

    • I dont know if this exists already but think every state in Nigeria should have a couple of SWAT department, in its police command, complete with snipers and special vehicles. The number of teams in the dept should be determined by the needs and the population of the state.

      • ozed says:

        I guess thats what the Special anti-robbery squads are supposed to mimic. Each state has their own. I guess what is missing is the proper training and equipment.

      • I see your point. if that is the case then its time to step up the game, a few states at a time and give them proper training and equipment

      • ozed says:

        Where there is a total blank in my view is the detective and intelligence areas i.e. with proper centralized Computer based criminal records/database systems tied to fingerprint records, modern forensics and ballistics labs etc.
        These would make the country real small for any wanted criminal.

      • Fact ooo my @oga Ozed its mind boggling that we have little capacity in that regard. recently The Gov of Lagos handed over the new Area C to the police. it was reconstructed by the state govt after the old buildings were burnt. its supposed to be complete with facilities for Biometric data collection. proper interrogation rooms with @ way mirrors etc, but as far as i can tell thats the only police office in Lagos with those kinda facilities. I have been to the LAgos command HQ and saw nothing of such. a proper starting point for biometric data woulda been the national ID records or even voters records. I remember a story of a dismissed police officer making it back into police college only to be fished out months later, the Q is how did he make it that far?

    • Sir Kay says:

      Well things might get better in that regard soon.
      I read yesterday that states will be allowed to control their own police departments and structure them according to their own local needs.
      Essentially, a State police, not the Federal one that we have right now.
      At least that’s the promise of the new President-Elect, when that will happen is another thing.
      So its about time we have State police, I think Lagos will do better in that regard, to manage its own Police force, because the state have more resources

      • You sure its state police or federal police with more flexibility and leeway at the state level?If you have a link pls post it. If i would love to see it too. I feel we aint politically mature for state police, dont wanna place private armies in the hands of these politicians.

      • Sir Kay says:

        “Roadmap for Peace, Security and Foreign
        Policy Includes:

        Enable states to have their own local police forces that address
        the special needs of each community, including community policing
        initiatives that restore trust among local citizens.

        Establishing a serious crime squad with state-of-the-art training
        and equipment to combat terrorism, militancy and ethno-religious
        communal clashes.

        Provide a comprehensive compensation plan for victims of ethno-
        religious crisis, communal clashes and terrorism.

        Initiate a national reconciliation and healing plan, beginning with
        a truth and reconciliation commission on ethno-religious clashes,
        ensure the teaching in our schools of religious tolerance and public
        demonstrations of religious & ethnic tolerance by public officials”

        Its from their party website, a road-map if you will, google APC party.
        Read the pdf file yesterday, so this came from there.

  79. lachit says:

    does somebody have an info on the amount of money the NAF has allocated/looking to for puchasing new combat aircrafts

  80. buchi says:

    pls my ogas i have been searching like mad for many months
    can someone direct me to any organization or institution local or foreign offering schorlarships for pilot training and obtaining PPL and CPL licenses externally or with their organizations ..i will be glad to be provided links to any off the above mentioned…full or half scholarships any one.i just need one to aid me thru…
    thank you..
    cc.oga beegz,mschegaz,jimmy,bigbrovar,odion,igbi,are james,lachit,bharat,adetayo,usman,xnur,sir kay,chenyoodo,sam,adetola,deway,asorokweb,saleh,smartboi,camoflage,capt tobias wilcock ,et al

    • Oga Buchi, i dont know of scholarships for pilot training as such, However i have a friend whose training was sponsored by a local airline on the agreement that he would work with them for a minimum number of years after qualification. maybe you can explore those possibilities

    • lachit says:

      pilot training is very expensive in most of the countries.
      u might try malaysia heard their courses are not so costly but i dont think they provide scholarships.

    • igbi says:

      what about joigning the airforce.

      • saleh1812 says:

        The NAF might not be appropriate for your desire because I guess you already have a degree and way above the age for regular cadet entry. Pilots are mainly regular combatant commissioned officers. However, if you still within the age bracket giving it a try wont be a bad idea. check NAF website and contact me

      • igbi says:

        I wasn’t talking to you, neither was I asking a question I was giving an advice.

      • buchi says:

        oga saleh to be sincere the reason i want to undertake this course….is to obtain a PPL or CPL with type rating because i want to join the Nigerian airforce…if your suggestion is feasible pls send me your mail so i can contact you..
        a little profile
        i am an OND holder in computer science majoring in computer hardware maintenance,networking and mid level for age i am very young oga saleh

      • buchi says:

        and pls oga saleh what is the age bracket for cadets in NAF

    • Sir Kay says:

      Sorry boss, i have no connect to such. My brother went to one 2yrs ago i think, but my sister paid for it, wasn’t a scholarship

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Bristow helicopters for rotary wing

  81. jimmy says:

    off hand I do not know but I will ask around.

  82. lachit says:

    “please ignore the above comment.
    i posted it here by mistake,was intended for another forum”

    i am totally clueless how this comment got posted because after replying to BUCHI i did not post any comment

    • Sir Kay says:

      Lol, that thing is stalking us all, it just won’t go away

      • lachit says:

        @Sir Kay
        i found out the reason why this happened

        “please ignore the above comment.
        i posted it here by mistake,was intended for another forum”

        was posted under a comment which i had made (also which subsequently was placed under moderation tag) and now that comment has disappeared and the above comment which was underneath it became an orphan. this messed up the code big time and therefore it sits at the bottom of the comments haunting us. 😀

      • Sir Kay says:

        Haha, its all good chief

  83. igbi says:

    @saleh, stop rewriting history and telling lies to support the usa, it is clear that all your interests is the usa. Stop pretending otherwise. If Nigeria follows what you suggest then we might as well start hanging usa flags over our embassies.

    • saleh1812 says:

      Sorry I just realised I shouldn’t have replied you since you even think the US contributes troops for UNPKOs especially in Africa

      • igbi says:

        Yes you are right, you shouldn’t have replied me, but you also shouldn’t have pretended that you actually cared about Nigeria. And you shouldn’t have put a lie claiming iran were awash with usa weapons. By the way do you have a proof for that lie ?
        I am the one who shouldn’t have to talk to people who want to sell my compatriots into an other kind of slavery ! And listen, I never claimed the usa is currently sending peace keeping troops to Africa, I only said they had peacekeepers in rwanda in 1994. Now you want to claim that that mistake of mine should define me and allow you continue trying to sell my people out ! Well why should I expect any less from you.

      • saleh1812 says:

        @ Igbi Did you actually say that I lied or you keyboard is programmed to chunk out rubbish. Please read up the equipment of the Iranian military. On the issue of pretense I do not know why you think you love Nigeria more than others because you sit in front of a key board far away in France and not in anyway doing anything to improve Nigeria expect maybe sending western union to your mummy if you even do that. I have being in uniform and bearing arms for Nigeria since 1990 when you were obviously still sucking milk. I have killed and bled for my country at different times and places including the NE, you so much think you are an expert in. young man you do not love Nigeria more than most people in this blog and your opinions is not divine.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Lord Oga Saleh1812, Espiri-de-Corp…… You are a hero for your Nation.!!! You guys are the ones that make me go to bed safely at night. Without people like you, the world wouldn’t have been a secure place to live in. I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning and thank my Lord that people like you exist. One again My Sir, Espiri-de-Corp!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ozed says:

        Igbi, you sometimes dont know when to let a matter go and thats why you are perpetually in some exchange with one person or the other.

        Also you may need to work on your choice of words. Accusing someone of lying is certainly not polite. A better way would be to challenge the source of the information and debate issues. Calling him a liar is a direct insult on his person, someone you dont even know.

        Please check yourself so you annoy fewer people on the blog.

      • igbi says:

        @everybody I didn’t intend to insult anybody, I just genuingly think what @saleh said wasn’t true. I am not going to dispute what people claim about their self because it is just as futile as making the claim in the first place (no verrification is possible). All I can do right now is pray that Nigeria avoids the traps of becoming an other iraq or yemen which would be the result of exchangeing our soveregnty for usa toys. Let me tell you what our usa permanen interests have done so far:
        1) openly supported bht until the bht started threatening the usa
        2) did a lot of propaganda against the Nigerian army
        3) stopped buying Nigerian oil
        4) refused to sell zmapp to Nigeria (for ebola)
        5) accepted to sell weapons to Nigeria for the fight against bht and gave a delay of 6 months and then refused the sale at the very last day of the delay.
        6) pressured Nigeria (via usa propaganda) into allowing usa spy drones to gather intelligence on bht positions and then the usa refused to share the intel and instead of helping the usa started making even more unfounded accusations against the Nigerian Army, and strangely the situation got much worse after the usa proposed “assistance” in intelligence gathering.

      • igbi says:

        @saleh if you are indeed an ex soldier then I salute you. You are not forced to believe this, because since this is the internet it might be a lie, but here is my claim: I lived in the barracks until the mid 90’s. I am not doubting people’s claims out of disrespect, but rather out of the fact that the internet is too faceless. God bless Nigeria. Everybody take care.

  84. Sir Kay says:

    News to my ears. Well the first few part about tackling Boko Haram, that said, we need those Jets like yesterday, not even for Boko, but for power projection across West Africa and beyond

  85. igbi says:

    @saleh, the usa did have peacekeepers in rwanda:
    “Threats by the Clinton administration to withdraw peacekeepers from Rwanda, even before April 6. The day before the shooting down of the presidential plane, Washington linked a three-month extension of UNAMIR [Document 2] to progress on implementing the Arusha peace agreements. According to Keating, the U.S. wanted to keep Rwanda on “a short leash” [Document 1] as a means of bringing pressure on the warring parties to meet their obligations under the peace accords.”

  86. igbi says:

    “However, the United States has to be considered as well because of its major role
    in preventing the use of the UN peacekeepers intervening in the genocide”;jsessionid=8890D4BF18F6C8B3A5CC83554540428B?sequence=1

  87. igbi says:

    I didn’t think it were possible to be as wicked as this, so the usa stopped other nations from doing peacekeeping in rwanda eventhough usa peacekeepers weren’t even involved. That is wickedness. Yah “permanent interests”

  88. egbeigwe says:

    Chad’s army said its forces had killed hundreds of Boko Haram militants and lost nine of its own troops in clashes in northern Nigeria on Wednesday.

  89. Emmanuel says:

    The new government should urgently conduct a “sincere” and “credible” census ! If we continue this way, we’ll keep on living in denial and continue throwing money at issues whenever they come up!!

    • igbi says:

      First of all GMB is not president yet, he is president -elect. And I actually agree on your census idea, at least this will show people that all the noise coming from the west was mere propaganda ! perhaps that will listen this time.

    • Sir Kay says:

      We can also start by instructing police officers to randomly stop people (yes prone to abuse, i know) on the street and ask them for identification, here in New York if a police officer stops you and ask for your ID and you don’t have one, they will arrest you, and won’t let you go until they know who you are.
      This is a matter of security, how could a country not know its own citizens, lord.

      • Sir Kay says:

        and also educate women to give birth in hospitals, instead of at home or church, educate them about the need for a birth certificate for that child, therefore a child without a birth certificate should not be allowed to enroll in school, be it elementary or high school. Having such data is how developed countries know how many babies are born, and where they were born, these are relevant information, its part of knowing your citizens and how many of them are born daily.

      • chynedoo says:

        Stop and search never works. In Nigeria, it will turn to targeting people for exploitation. In Europe and America, it is simply the minorities especially black and muslim looking people, visitors to a new town who may not know there way around and so look out of place that are targeted. Stop and search is just a policing gimmick for profiling the poor, the minority, and the deprived. It will never catch a career criminal or as in Nigeria’s case a corrupt official, a terrorist, or an armed robber. Since an order for dismantling of road blocks were effected, there has been no obvious rise in crime in the cities and towns across Nigeria, if at all the rise is marginal (in the absence of reliable data in Nigeria)…
        Point is, building a proactive security structure where personnel are easily deployed to deal with any threats to the citizens and national security remains the best options.
        This of course is the thinking behind special armed police units, undercover units, and within the military special forces, strike force, etc…
        This approach is more practical, more cost effective as a result of maintain smaller, compact but equally effective units

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Chynedoo. You misunderstood my post.
        I never said any one should be searched, no reason for that.
        I said people should be randomly stopped and asked for Identification.
        Why i said this is because i want the Government to educate the people on the need for a proper ID, this is a security issue.
        How on earth do we have millions upon millions of people without ID or birth certificate, that’s madness, these are things that should be compulsory, and its useful for so many things as well. A Government should know its citizens and how many of them there are.
        Allocate proper burial grounds and let people report the death of their loved ones and buried in proper cemeteries .
        Also good for keep data on criminals by simply running their IDs. ( easily catch repeat offenders )
        So that’s all I’m saying, a simple thing the Government can do is to simply issue the State or National IDs to people for free, therefore people will be more eager to get it, since it cost no money and no reason for fraud, since its free.
        An Identification is important.

  90. buchi says:

    oga saleh i have gone thru NAF site and they seemed to have removed the role of PILOT from
    Application for Airmen/Airwomen Recruitement Exercise

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