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  1. beegeagle says:

    The Nigerian camouflage, the peculiar placement of the rank badge and the Nigerian flag on the Major’s uniform make it clear that this is Nigeria.

    Just saying because some international commentators go to extraordinary lengths to deny the obvious and to under-enumerate Nigerian asset holdings. The smaller we look, the less threatened their egos are. But a giant nation remains just that…a giant nation. We cannot be caged or emasculated.

    For the purveyors of the mercenary stories, remember that I said Nigeria bought equipment and signed contracts for training support. That training, stemming from the exigencies of war, obviously now takes place in the field at Borno. Take note of the Caucasian male standing on a T72 tank. He is one of the training and technical crew. When he gets seen in Borno, depraved local and foreign journalists begin to proliferate all sorts of stories.

    Good morning Nigeria. Congratulations to the President-elect, General Buhari and even more KUDOS to President Goodluck Jonathan, most elevated among men and a Nigerian of towering moral stature. You say what you mean and mean what you say. I dunno any other Nigerian leader who could have been as magnanimous as you were. Your unprecedented gesture in acceding to the will of the people has pulled this nation back from the precipice. For placing nation above self,you are a national hero and a towering beacon radiating a bright light for our mammoth of a nation.

    Sir, may God our Divine Imperator forever uplift and save you from your enemies, from bad friends and from your abominable detractors. May He grant you the dew of heaven and the fatness of this earth.

    Diamond life..what more can I say!

  2. COLONEL NGR says:

    good. this is definetely nigeria. oga beeg, i know that the current service chiefs may be retired after jonathan hands over the mantle to buhari. can we do an analysis of the officers who may get the top job and its implications….

  3. beegeagle says:

    Since Gowon left office in 1975, no Nigerian leader of northern extraction has appointed a Chief of Army Staff from outside the North. I do not foresee any change from that pattern. Although a Southerner, Obasanjo mostly appointed Northerners as his COAS – SVL Malu, Agwai and as his last act, Luka Yusuf. He also appointed Ogomudia and Azazi from the Niger Delta.

    GMB left the Army thirty years ago and is likely to rely on a former COAS, General Dambazau, a man who was very visible at the high table during the campaigns. Dambazau is likely to emerge either as the new National Security Adviser or as Defence Minister. NSA is looking more like it. Colonel Hamid Ali might be his Chief of Staff at the Presidency. I expect to see Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed playing a role in tinkering with the intelligence services or heading one of those.

    Nigeria today is a deeply divided country which calls for deft diversity management. People will be looking to see whether GMB is a President for the North or for all Nigeria. Therefore, the strategic appointments must go round or the new administration would be setting out on a mission to leave Nigeria polarised. GMB does not need people with feelings of entitlement around him.

    As we speak, GEJ’s National Security Adviser, Defence Minister, Interior Minister, Foreign Minister, Chief of Protocol all hail from the North. That is the all-inclusive pan-Nigerian template to be followed. The path to national reconciliation does not allow for a “winner-takes-all” approach to diversity management. That would be a recipe for chaos in a deeply divided country where many are bound to be angry and ready to foment trouble for a few more years. This is after all the year predicted by the CIA as that in which Nigeria disintegrates. Perhaps GEJ remembered that and toed the path to peaceful coexistence with his show of magnanimity.

    • Well said @ Oga Beegs, GMB’s 1st Litmus test will be the makeup of his cabinet, he must strike a balance btw competent hands and giving his Cabinet a National outlook. It will immediately look suspicious if all the military and inteligence related positions go to 1 region. God bless Nigeria.

    • Are James says:

      One man sure to disappear quick and permanently is the current MOD. No amount of ‘connections’ will help him with Buhari. The bad is blood going on three decades. Something tells me current CoAS Minimah will be retained for a year or more just for the hell of it …but that is if the pockets are found clean.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga at the top Are James, I second your motion sir!!! After the debacle of putting our boys in harms way with soft-skins Hilux’s during the beginning of the conventional phase of this asymmetric warfare, somebody has to be held accountable. Without coming across as a witch-hunter, the buck has to stop with the oga at the top, and as far as I’m concerned that is the MOD. Somebody needs to be held accountable for the un- avoidable blood those brave boys shed in battlefield. Those guys were the sacrificial lamb that were lead to the slitter house. They were like the ducks in clay-pigeon shooting, they did not stand a chance of survival. I pray to god that at the end of this current phase of the asymmetric warfare, a permanent memorial is placed in Abuja for all the war heroes who laid there life in battlefield, so that people like us can have a better tomorrow.

        As for CoAS Minimah “the jumping General”, this would be the wrong time to retire him. He should be allowed to finish this phase of the operation especially now that we have got the rag-heads on the retreat. Changing the head in the middle of operation might not bare well for our war effort.

        God Bless the United Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hehehehe, Great news. We shall overcome.

    • beegeagle says:

      Yeah, that is the first published photo of seaborne deliveries available on the internet, even as Nigerians in the PHC/Aba and LAG/IBD axes have been seeing these tanks being transported by road in multiples since February. Spotters who are followers of these blog reported these sightings but because we do not make hollow claims, those who have my back covered have graciously hunted for and have now provided priceless photographic evidence to lend credence to my honest narrative on sightings by spotters.

      BEEGEAGLE’S BLOG…integritas.

      • jimmy says:

        oga beegs
        I know it took a lot … I will talk with you back stage, Job well done,so now we can tell Mr sipri something we already know Nigeria does have more TANKS SIPRI isquoting.
        Any Idea where they came from because these have the ERA on them unlike the last batch that came through Europe.

      • jimmy says:

        check your inbox

  5. Bharat says:

    General Beegs, transition is a phase where there is greater susceptibility. Although Military leadership remains unchanged, they cannot lean on their political compatriot who are in the process of leaving their post and or have just taken over and getting up to terms with the situation.

    Thus this is a time when you can expect vested interested to try and take advantage. So, in the hind sight it was a very good decision to postpone the election to push back the BH so that they are rendered toothless to take any advantage of the transition.

    • beegeagle says:

      Nigeria’s political stability largely rests on control of the military and the loyalty of that institution. There shall almost certainly be a new COAS who is usually someone who the President feels comfortable with.

      In less complex societies and if BH be the issue, the man who leads the current successful campaign against BH would be in pole position on the list of the eligible. It does not pan out that way in Nigeria.

      • Bharat says:

        Interesting, so it’s more complex than I thought. Anyways, wishing Nigeria a smooth transition and hopefully the new team delivers the death-blow to BH soon.

  6. Eugene4eveR says:

    Any ideas on the numbers procured?

    • zachary999 says:

      200 Tanks in all..

      Beegs, GEJ also never appointed any northerner as COAS despite the fact that you had the likes of Gen Ngubane who were top class officers. Infact, Gen Ihejirika overstayed his tenure as COAS !

      I pray Gen Buhari appoints one of the top Brigadiers irrespective of ethnic and other considerations as COAS so that the army can also undergo this wind of change. Gen Obasanjo’s letter yesterday was instructive and to quote him “With so much hard done to many national institutions including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me”

      There is a need to build on and redo Gen Agwai’s transformation plan for the NA. We need to change the structure,doctrine etc for the NA. Our threats have evolved and we need a new plan mainly based on the threats of the future. we are no longer on a defensive posture.Counterinsurgency,special operations and homeland security training is needed…

      Gen Buhari would free resources from all the areas of waste (NNPC, Customs, PEF,NIMASA etc) so the Army should not have a problem with funding despite low oil prices. It has always been management of resources because there is nothing Algeria is doing today that we cannot do… why should Ethiopia be buying T-90 and building the largest hydroelectric power plant (Grand Renaissance dam circa 6000MW) and we are receiving embarrassing quantities of T-72 and buying 6 Alpha Jets in 2015 ?

      Starting from the new aircraft acquisition meant for the PAF this year, all PAF requests should be looked at. The fleet should be trimmed, sold and the funds used to buy additional requirements for NAF. The Agusta AW 101 helicopters should be also sold and the funds used to defray expenses for the MB-339 which are still in Italy due to litigation. They should be modernized and brought back to boost our fleet. Imagine if we had the MB-339 during the height of the BH insurgency, this aircraft has 6 hard points and is good for light ground attack.

      GOD Bless Nigeria

  7. jimmy says:

    Based on the constitutional requirements of the NSA / Defence Minister it will depend on who gets what not to parrot GEN BEEGS but one thing certain to happen is this:
    LT GEN Dambazau who has been with GMB campaign from the get go will be appointed the NSA he will as is the case now will see the President first thing in the morning.
    When GMB was overthrown a little unknown secret was the amount of Southern officers who supported him who were retired with him .Brig Oni being one of them , the current Alake of Egbaland COL Gbadegbo was almost shot because of his protege like relationship with Late Maj Gen Idiagbon.I believe also a certain prominent S/East officer who actually should of being credited with crushing the 1975 dimka led coup Brig Ugo Chuckwu ? ( correct me beegs) comes to mind.
    Based on the mistakes and until the recent appointment of Rtd Lt Gen Aliyu Gusau as defence minister look for this Def post to be filled by an Ex MIL GEN
    In the greatest sense of IRONY, In 1983 GMB was handed a list of officers that needed to be retired ASAP No.1. on that list was IBB No.2? Gusau.
    As predictable as GMB is people y’all can expect some surprises.
    Predictable,: we will not need to argue how many Tanks we bought they will be bought in BULK L something GMB is keenly aware of when it comes to procurement.
    The CDS will be replaced, The CAS because of what is brewing in terms of this of again on again procurement may get to stay it may also help him in terms of the fact that the NAF is still receiving procurement ( literally as we speak). The CNS is anyone’s guess,The COAS might be retained one thing in his favor is his intimate knowledge of the Entire Situation another thing in his favor would be his candor/ honesty something that would sit well with GMB.
    One thing that will be apparent is that all positions will NOT GO TO ONE REGION, 30 years ago it did NOT and now more than at any time where Diversity helped him win the election it will NOT So let us put that to rest.This is based on people who worked with him in the past and the present.Already it is being speculated that the Gov of River State will be the Interior Minister and the EX Sen Ngige will be made the Min of Works
    There will be women in his cabinet and from a defense point of view back on topic based on Oga Zachary’s input Especially about the 6 XAlpha jets expect to see more lethal aid from our Western Allies.I guess we are no longer committing human right violations.What form this will take I could not tell you, however I do have a very serious question those M-60S shown in a recent picture that the youth corpers were training with were they a recent acquisition or did we ” borrow them ” from Liberia?

    • Are James says:

      I agree with this analysis. You almost took the words from my mouth.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      My Lord CyberGeneral Jimmy, as usual you bring wisdom to the platform. This analysis is straight to the money. I have always wondered how anyone could justify placing someone without any kind of military experience in the Defence Space of a Nation. How the likes of Obanikoro can be in the Defence Space astounds me. Without a shadow of doubt it was a political dispensation, but it still amasses the logic behind putting our state security in the hands of despots. With the calibre of retired Generals and Colonels we have in Nigeria, the Defence Space should be washed with Top-guns.

      In the case of Interior Ministry, I personally believe that someone with Military Intelligence and Civil Law background would be the ideal candidate. Lets dispense with all these politically appointment posts, and start nominating the men or women that can actually do the job.

      God Bless our United Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!!!!!

  8. jimmy says:

    p.s I counted at least 5 tanks here.

  9. zachary999 says:

    200 Tanks in all..

    Beegs, GEJ also never appointed any northerner as COAS despite the fact that you had the likes of Gen Ngubane who were top class officers. Infact, Gen Ihejirika overstayed his tenure as COAS !

    I pray Gen Buhari appoints one of the top Brigadiers irrespective of ethnic and other considerations as COAS so that the army can also undergo this wind of change. Gen Obasanjo’s letter yesterday was instructive and to quote him “With so much hard done to many national institutions including the military, which proudly nurtured you and me”

    There is a need to build on and redo Gen Agwai’s transformation plan for the NA. We need to change the structure,doctrine etc for the NA. Our threats have evolved and we need a new plan mainly based on the threats of the future. we are no longer on a defensive posture.Counterinsurgency,special operations and homeland security training is needed…

    Gen Buhari would free resources from all the areas of waste (NNPC, Customs, PEF,NIMASA etc) so the Army should not have a problem with funding despite low oil prices. It has always been management of resources because there is nothing Algeria is doing today that we cannot do… why should Ethiopia be buying T-90 and building the largest hydroelectric power plant (Grand Renaissance dam circa 6000MW) and we are receiving embarrassing quantities of T-72 and buying 6 Alpha Jets in 2015 ?

    Starting from the new aircraft acquisition meant for the PAF this year, all PAF requests should be looked at. The fleet should be trimmed, sold and the funds used to buy additional requirements for NAF. The Agusta AW 101 helicopters should be also sold and the funds used to defray expenses for the MB-339 which are still in Italy due to litigation. They should be modernized and brought back to boost our fleet. Imagine if we had the MB-339 during the height of the BH insurgency, this aircraft has 6 hard points and is good for light ground attack.

    GOD Bless Nigeria

    • freeegulf says:

      oga zach999 points well made. however, i would like to add that i was very much in favour of having Lt Gen Ihejirika on the mantle of leadership that long. yes it meant things where frozen for some, and others lost the opportunity. but ihejirika, bar ty danjuma (give or take) would stand out as one of the most effective COAS the army ever had. his leadership was outstanding.

      i think we should take a cue from pakistan (we all follow same martial tradition anyway) and have COAS with given tenure, rather than they been subjected to the whims of political intrigue. so an army chief should be expected to serve 3 years tenure in office irrespective of shifts in the political landscape. of course, this should not mean our C-In- C does not have full control over the army, he still should. however, the more stable that office is, the better for the army as an institution, as shown in the ihejirika era.

      Gen Agwai was extremely brilliant and very highly regarded by his peers and subordinates alike. unfortunately his term in office did not bring about the high hopes that accompanied his appointment to that apex position.

      and yes, once officers start attaining general officer ranks (brigadiers upwards), they tend to become very much involved in the political aspect of the army, it cant be helped. in fact, once they attain red neck, being politically savvy and prudent will come second nature, because by then, its all about brownie points henceforth. we just need to learn how to strike balance between merit and national outlook.

      in my opinion the one service chief i would like for him to continue in his current role will be the CAS. the air force is in a very edgy position. this is the time to really get their best foot forward. the current CAS is a fearless leader who leads from the front. hopefully NAF can continue to benefit from his hands on leadership.

      @marshal beeg, your prayer was touching, hard to add to that. may God bless this blog, bless our military, and bless the federal republic. viva FRN

    • Kay says:

      Quite a haul then at 200, though might mean less probability of buying more capable tanks I’m guessing.
      Square pegs in square holes, capable hands forward who know their onions and not the type that abdicate chasing governorship posts.
      Pray we revamp all other industries; steel and all.

    • Are James says:

      Did you say 200 tanks?. Are they all T 72s?.

  10. saleh1812 says:

    I really hope the president elect takes the up-arming to the next level. President GEJ have done his part

    • Franky says:

      Alright, maybe we have more than three malam-fatoris.. They have to liberate this one too ASAP!!

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, maybe we do, ha.
        Besides, i find it curious that the Chadian are always losing 9 soldiers in each battle, i mean, what on earth. Each time its always 9 soldiers dead.

      • 9, 9 ,9 fantastic number 9, multiplied by any number u can find its always back to Nine. this little song from my younger years comes to mind after your comment. lollll.

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, i know right, its always 9 soldiers dead, i mean, c’mon

  11. igbi says:

    It seems we might be becoming a puppet of the usa and the uk:

    Notice that “the international community” in GMB’s speech refers to the usa and the uk, strangely the same countries which were claiming that there were “political” manipulation of the count of votes while it was ongoing and GMB’s victory was not certain. The same countries whose media badmouthed Nigeria (probably because they didn’t like GEJ). The same countries whose media had been campaigning for GMB and whose media have been doing propaganda against our military. The same countries which have been going out of their way to starve our military of equipment.

    • we really must differentiate our military relationship with the west from our trade and other relations. while i subscribe to the idea that we should stop our military procurement from countries like the US and the UK because of the puppet strings attached we cannot ostracise them all together. there are many other avenues of cooperation that we can and must explore with these countries. I am not preempting GMBs meaning neither do i have a crystal ball but he may have been talking generally and not in military terms. we cannot want to become a power and totally shun relations with the west. Russia, china, pakistan, India, brazil all have extensive relations with the west. Seems a lot of us think in only military terms but in the modern world being a world power goes beyond military might. the sanctions on Russia are crippling the economy. you must handle the west with care cos they can make us suffer economically. I repeat that our Military procurement shld look eastwards but we still have a lot of dealing to do with the west in other spheres.

      • igbi says:

        Russian economy is solid like a rock. It is only on western propaganda that it is described as being crippled. Though the aim of the west is to destroy Russian economy and force Russia’s president out of power.

      • dude!! even Russia Admits that its suffering under the sanctions and it has been tightening its spending and cutting expenditure. Not everything that comes out of western media is propaganda and sometimes the mdia is even more critical of them (though rare). Mind you Russia are the masters of Propaganda and posturing. No comment on the other things i said?

      • igbi says:

        kindly direct me to where Russia admits that western sanctions are crippling its economy.

      • after you show me its strength

      • i did not use the word crippling in any case

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry, but up to today the world master of propaganda is the usa. Even hollywood movies are full with pro-usa propaganda. As for the rest of what you said, I erazed what I wrote on the matter.

        here putin comments that the sanctions are part of what is affecting the economy albeit not the only thing. wlda sought a Russian media story but i dont speak Russian

      • igbi says:

        I will not listen to usa propaganda, so please post the Russian version. I know the usa twisting of words way too much. But it is revealing that you posted a usa source, therefor confirming my thoughts that you might be being misled by usa propaganda.

      • you are in denial bruv u cant blanket deny a source. how about this from Russia Today? “No sanctions would force Russia to make changes to the persistent line it follows in international affairs,” Peskov said in early March. He also called the sanctions “a double-edged weapon” that, while causing certain discomfort to the Russian economy, was also hurting businesses in the countries that introduced them, not to mention the world economy as a whole. ”

      • igbi says:

        “…that you might have been misled by usa propaganda” (please excuse my fading english)

      • igbi says:

        @adetayo’s blog, please while addressing me, talk in good faith, I am talking to you in good faith. I don’t see anything in there saying that the Russian economy is crumbling. It actually says that those who are trying to destroy the Russian economy are suffering just as much as Russia. Look it is fine that you are prowestern, but don’t blame me for not being an adept of western propaganda, we can’t all share the same beliefs and dogmas.

      • Am talking in good faith @ ogai Igbi, the word i used was “suffering” i never said “crumbling” or “crippled” or any other form of those words. suffering was the word used in the article too. you were the one that mentioned crumbling and crippling. you on the other hand said the russian economy was rock solid” and this articles says the russian economy is suffering as much as those imposing sanctions. bottom line is that the Russian economy is suffering under the sanctions.

      • igbi says:

        Look @adetayo, I don’t think you are giving the word “suffering” the right appreciation. All it means is that the west is indeed tryiing to destroy Russian economy. When you take these sentences out of context you give the wrong impression. I have to go now.

      • Sir Kay says:

        @Igbi, you are wrong sir.
        As i mentioned in the other thread about their new Fighter jet, they had to scale back the number of jets they can purchase because they couldn’t afford more, because of the sanctions. Do you have any idea how badly their currency have fallen? Man, that sanction is biting.
        Not long ago there was an article that talked about Wealthy Russians adjusting to new realities but still loyal to Putin. Adjusting as in, not making that much money any more, since their companies are already sanctioned.

      • buchi says:

        Straight plain and simpl words of wisdom.Oga beegs how u Dey

    • ABT says:

      Oh no sir. Miracles is what was promised during this campaign and Miracles is what we expect. Revamp of the Nigerian Armed Forces to world standard. Electricity for all Nigerians, jobs, affordable health care, fighting corruption including special interest. Failure to do these things…. 4 years no far oo!

      • Sir Kay says:

        Don’t hold your breath. Its a big country, they have to lay the infrastructure for these things, it takes time, the Man will try, but we might not see real results until after 4yrs.
        You know what it will take to power that whole country? Man, no be small thing o.
        They might go solar or something, perhaps that would be faster, i don’t know.

  12. igbi says:

    My dream was for an independent Nigeria, which would stand tall in the community of nations. A Nigeria which would talk to other nations as equals, a Nigeria which would not take orders from foreign governments.

    • Are James says:

      I also noticed a slight genuflection towards the west during the General’s interview with the CNN’s Amanporuur’s interview. This is not the man we used to know and we are going to be very very WATCHFUL for any monkey business. We won’t replace one ‘c’ for another ‘c’. I also did not like a phrase he threw in about Nigeria’s ‘helpful partners in the west african region’…or something along those lines.
      I trust the man though I think he will wake up after the swearing in ceremonies.

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry, but given the body language of our people (Nigerians), I am not sure that Nigerians value independence anymore. I think our scholars and intellectuals and our most educated masses are a minority and the majority has labelled them with the word “corrupt” with the help of western propaganda. I wish you all a nice future and I wish Nigeria my country the best success possible. I wish GMB to take Nigeria to an even greater level. The only way to eradicate tribal racism is by mass education. Nigeria, my Nigeria, I am taking a bow. Thank you all.

  13. igbi says:

    I am just waiting to see if africom gets a base in Nigeria.

  14. igbi says:

    Today, I read a report from “the economist” stating that GMB is a better choice because he is a muslim and a northerner and a former soldier. So now these foreign propaganda have descended to these kinds of statements. So basically GEJ was not goood enough because of his tribe and his religion ? I am starting to understand what the westerners mean by the word “corruption”. To the westerners, you are corrupt if you are not from the “right” tribe and you are not muslim.

  15. Ufuo says:

    Now it is no longer being written in obscure words… The likes of Reuters never liked the guts of GEJ. Imagine the following line from the link below “Chad’s battle-hardened troops have been a driving force behind a regional offensive against Boko Haram that has expelled the Islamist group from the major towns of northeast Nigeria in a matter of weeks.”

    Honestly, I wish our warring factional leaders can see what they have turned us into. I wonder how Chad is leading the offensive when they keep reclaiming 3 towns. According to the vanguard ( they were attacked 10km from a supposedly earlier captured town. We may have to call the Chadians to explain to us what capturing a town means. That said, I guess the West have had their way. In the coming days we would be watching with keen interest the steps that would be taken.

  16. lachit says:

    Nigeria’s newly elected president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari is an ALUMNUS of the INDIAN DEFENCE SERVICES STAFF COLLEGE in Wellington from where he graduated in 1973.

    in the elections many brandished brooms, Buhari’s party symbol, also the same broom is the party symbol for an indian political i see why the world nowdays seems so small.
    hehehe 😀 😀

    Hope india and nigeria will work together for each others mutual benefit

    • Are James says:

      Nice coincidence. The broom has some history in Nigeria’s contemporary politics. It was the original logo of a smaller regional party called the ACN that eventually became part of a another party which eventually merged with other parties to become the APC, Buhari’s current party.

  17. asorockweb says:

    Nothing warms the heart like a ship load of tanks 🙂

  18. DEATH MACHINE says:

    Goodnews,now lets finish them up .
    #first comment #neveragain

  19. Sir Kay says:

    How many tanks can such ship hold? any idea? Probably 4 or 5 tanks in that pic

    • igbi says:

      On just one line I saw 3 tanks, so I think there were much more tanks on the ship, besides, the reason for using a ship rather than an antonov is because it can be loaded with more tanks. Given the time it takes to travel by ship, it better be worth it ! The next question is how many ships came that day and how many ships came in total. Personnally I think that ship would have a minimum of 15 tanks.

    • no way to determine that but bear in mind thah what we are seeing is just a fraction of the ship, the re could be more levels below and the ship is probably much longer so even on that level you could have 2ce the number we see or more

    • asorockweb says:

      I see 4. So at least 4.
      Shipping only 1 tank by sea is still cheaper than shipping 1 tank by air.

      The T-72 is our gun-truck – Perfect! That’s the way it should be.

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry but I think you are wrong in saying this: “Shipping only 1 tank by sea is still cheaper than shipping 1 tank by air” Especially when the delivery is in Africa. Apart from that, the fact that we are in the middle of a war and that therefor we need the material urgently would imply that unless the number of tanks is too great for antonov delivery, it wouldn’t be worth it to deliver the taks by sea because of the timespan of the sea voyage. But you are entitled to your opinions.

  20. Roscoe says:

    Lets be clear here, it is on record that Buhari was supported by Dave Axelrod’s PR firm , and that the “west” saw him as a better candidate. APC also wooed the “west” by portraying themselves as a foil to the GEJ government. Was there other forms of support to make GEJ look “bad” by our allies in the west? We do not know. What we do know is that Obama and his foreign policy was unfriendly to Nigerian interests with the oil purchases, the invocation of the leahy act and general bad press under his watch, lets not even talk about Hillary’s state departments blank refusal to label BH a terrorist org, which she later blamed on the Niegrian government asking her not to, but I digress.

    None of the above should make GMB a puppet or ally the west, we have no permanent allies any more, only permanent interests, we should meld west and east to build ourselves as a pole in the coming multi polar world, with our sphere of influence everything below Egypt all the way to the CAR, The French want out of Africa, we can replace them as we grown. GMB did not implement SAP in his first go around and hopefully all he is doing is moving towards a thawing of relationships or a distraction to keep folks mollified while he firms up foreign policy.

    We must not become a US client state, if they had been good allies I would have had a different view but we see now its all dependent on the oga on top, AFRICOM and all that bs can stay in Chad and Niger, we need to develop our military and foreign policy absent US interests. We want their hand of friendship but will not bow to any foreigner any more, we set our own standards going forward.

  21. jimmy says:

    One of the most IMPORTANT lesson I learned from my own Mother is this ” In politics/ life there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Nigeria is going to have to deal with both America and Britain just like She deals with Russia, China and France and while they are at it add Germany, Canada ,France and South Africa to that list.
    OGA Igbi , please calm down just a bit on the Anti Western hysteria, Nigeria has to move.
    Nigeria has chosen one yardstick in regard to it’s Armour ed Tanks Standardization it appears with 200 Tanks the T-72 is here to stay with UPGRADES for the foreseeable future .Russia’s economy is in the doldrums ours does not need to follow just because we want to follow on an emotional roller coaster it does not work that way OGA IGBI, Nigeria has extensive BIZ TIES with the west going back in modern terms of over 200 years you do not jettison that .
    In 2017 , DANGOTE will open the modern refinery in Lagos Nigeria, Speculation is there might also be one on a smaller scale in Anambra these are $10B- $20B projects , these are things that need to get done financial transaction wise Nigeria goes through three main sources For Europe it is the UK, for the AMERICAS it is the US and for Asia it is China Neither one of these Countries can Ignore one another for an extended region , this is fact alluded to by the French Ambassador and the French Foreign Minister who DELIBERATELY mentioned in separate statements that dealing with Africa means dealing directly with Nigeria.
    OGA Zachary has been very accurate with sources and he alerted to the Planes and the Number and it is instructive to how it was phrased at the time. Any Plane given from A TURBO PROP TO A PGM PLANE is not Non Lethal Aid that phrase went out the Window in WW1 when the first planes were used to drop bombs from the cockpits by the pilots themselves so let us not kid ourselves about the recent alpha jets, I do not know anything about F-16S but will wait on OGA ZACHARY to clear that up hopefully as the Lord is my witness , The people in power will listen that it is important that Nigeria acquire the JF17 BLOCK2 ,

    • igbi says:

      I admit it, I am now obsolete. Totally. Take care folks, good bye. God bless Nigeria

      • jimmy says:

        You are not obsolete there are just other people that see things different from the way you see things nonetheless your views are appreciated even by me , even when i disagree , it is hoped you will stay, the same to oje,

      • Sir Kay says:

        lol, dude, you gotta give room for others to have a difference of opinion.
        Why would you think you are obsolete because some people might disagree with your opinion? Must we agree with you all the time? I’m confused lol.
        Don’t say no good bye, get back here lol.

    • smartboy2000 says:

      @jimmy, Words of Wisdom Sir!!!

  22. jimmy says:

    Sorry Computer acting up.
    The SU27/ 30 and the Frog foot.
    There are two Presidential Helicopters , hopefully the new administration will donate one to be used as a Med/ vac HELICOPTER to the Nigerian Army.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Donate? aba, oga. Two helicopters for the Presidency is not too many. In fact its about right. What happens if there is only one and it needs servicing? The President should walk? hehe. I think two is okay. The army should buy one

  23. jimmy says:

    The PDP also hired a US firm directly related to the Clintons it does not make Nigeria a US client state either way ,Nigeria is going to have to deal with both Nations so they MIGHT as well craft a cogent, strategic policy now rather a schizophrenic policy of the past.
    What is it that Nigeria wants from the US?
    What is it that America wants from Nigeria?
    1) Who will be the Nigerian Ambassador to the US ? and to the UK?
    2) Who will be the Defence Attache to Russia, China, and Israel? these have to be Merit based people and decisions not because of an emotional Jerk and pull,because Nigeria is going to be doing biz with them.
    3) Nigeria needs to deepen her Military/ Biz relationship with S’ Africa it does not make either country a client state of the other it means it would be EXTREMELY FOOLISH for both countries to keep ignoring each other to other countries gain .@the height of the bh crises there were quite a few AFRICAN countries that were popping of out the mouth ( Uganda, Ghana, Zimbabwe and even some nitwit from Kenya) Nigeria has to have a thick hide of realpolitick and deal with South AFRICA g2 to g2 they need out oil and our BIZ and we need joint ventures in Military issues it is that simple we need to get beyond the emotional baggage and concentrate on the future and dealing with the countries mentioned and PAKISTAN ( that I left out INADVERTENTLY) is theway forward.

  24. Are James says:

    Fairly good one from Reuters. I have not read it just pasting.

    • @ Are James. Reuters is still operating under the stupid illusion that Chad troops are leading the battle against BH. This article lends credence to @IGBI’s assertion that the western media and maybe the West is unapologetically pro GMB. The article is so pro Buhari it could have been written By Lai Mohammed.

      • Are James says:

        There is nothing wrong in being pro Buhari. The important thing is that the tone of the article was alluding to Nigeria’s ever present capability to lead the way or even do the job alone if only that decision had been taken in time.
        Anti Jonathan does not necessarily translate anti Nigeria.
        I don’t think Jona himself was pro Nigeria. How many CICs will manage the whole crisis of the Boko Haram the way it was done. Waiting and rallying to garner support, appropriating sympathy to himself instead of helpless civilians.
        And the whole idea of paying Chad/Niger/Cameroon to do their own part of the job was just too ugly only local mercantilist oriented leaders do such thing. I think the departing president was scared by advisers into adopting a self absorbed self defensive attitude to the BH problem. It was presented as more of a regional rebellion to him, a weapon fashioned against him alone. That attitude severely limited the level to which he could leverage Nigeria’s entire power of State and bring elements of national.power to bear on the problem.

      • Well @ Are James am just wondering why they are that way ni not saying that it is bad to be Pro Buhari. On that issue of us paying Chad/Niger to fight, that got me very angry indeed. Truth is Jonathan was not respected @ all in int’l circles and Buhari is, even if its grudgingly. GEJ dint help himself with some of his utterances.

    • Deway says:

      Are James, this article is not fairly good. It is unfair to the efforts of the current government and army in operations so far to deal with the insurgency. Please this is no good.

      • Deway says:

        And what is this about the north being estranged by Abuja by years of indifference and army abuse? We know those who brought this once prosperous country to the grass and rode on tribalism, nepotism and oppression of religious freedom to run the country. Why didn’t Reuters write the same when OBJ’s army swept thru Odi? Please let us all have a level playing field. Why should a student from my state be prevented from gaining admission to a federal school becos of a very high cut off and someone from another section just sails thru with low results and this has been going on for many many years and no one is talking? The article also acknowledges that “Despite pledges by Shekau to disrupt elections in the north, it carried out only minor attacks”, but laid this success at the feet of regional efforts not Nigeria’s. And u call this a fairly good article. Its a piece of crap!

  25. Williams says:

    The west are so much in support of GMB…..I only but wonder why they are but personally it doesn’t look or sound good to me.
    Could it be that they have signed a “crazy path” with GMB to finally control Nigerian resources (Military, Economy, human and natural resources)?

    NO….this is very fishy and filled with suspicions.

    Suddenly all the foreign media are projecting GMB and the west as been “best friends”

    What did GEJ do that made the west turn their back at us?

    There is something playing out that we do not know. Russian President is silently voicing out this orchestrated plan by the west.

    I’m my opinion, the west is broke….which is very obvious and they are looking to connect their sucking pipes to regions that can feed them and Nigeria seems to be a good catch.

    Besides, the Russian economy is still doing awesomely great and the west can do little or noting to break them down or else, Europe would be out of power supply and you know what that can do to Europe now they are broke.

    Please brothers,let’s all be on the look out…..this isn’t looking good at all.

    • ABT says:

      Oga Williams. It is because they are hoping they can pull his nose (GMB) to whatever direction they please. Don’t get me wrong, GEJ government was indeed corrupt and slow to react against the Boko Haram menace but all truth be told, is this the first time a Nigerian government has been corrupt? What about all that stolen Nigerian Money laying down in western bank accounts from past government officials? Why are they turning a blind eye to the past sin’s of our leaders? Stolen money from corrupt African government help to keep their economy strong hence the pretense. You are indeed right, we should keep a watchful eye to this new found friendship. White teeth, black hearts.

  26. lachit says:

    interesting diagram of next generation russian ARMATA MBT

    • I hear its got the biggest Gun yet. The number of cameras suggests giving the command a high level real tym situational awareness and a greater review ability from a tactical point of view. We know where our tanks are and we know what they are seeing

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog

        It was reported so but as u can see it is not the biggest but the most powerfull, the tank’s main armament, the 2A82 125-mm smoothbore cannon is capable of firing high-powered munitions,including armor-piercing discarding sabot, guided missile, shaped-charge, and other types of munitions.The muzzle energy of the 2A82 125-mm smoothbore cannon is greater than that of the German Leopard-2 Rheinmetall 120 mm gun.Compared with the T-90’s 2A46M cannon, the 2A82-1M gun offers 15 to 20 percent improved accuracy and its rolling fire angular dispersion has improved 1.7 times.

        In future the tank’s turret will also carry a 30 mm sub-caliber ranging gun to deal with various targets, including low-flying aerial targets, such as attack planes and helicopters

        The Armata is one of the most protected MBTs in the world. It has been reported that it has newly-developed armor, made of steel, ceramics and composite materials. Also it has a Malakhit add-on explosive reactive armor of new generation. The crew of three men is located in an armored capsule in the forward portion of the hull. The forward projection has multilayered, combined armor protection which can withstand a direct hit of any type of rounds which exist today, including sub-caliber and cumulative rounds. It can fight even with penetrated armor, as far as the crew cell is intact.

        As usual this MBT is fitted with NBC protection and automatic fire suppression systems.The Armata will be fitted with new Afganit active protection system.

        The T-14 tank is equipped with an adjustable suspension capable of adapting to varying relief, terrain type, and vehicle speed, resulting in increased speed while moving in columns, as well as over rugged terrain. The suspension system will also alleviate crew fatigue, while assisting the fire control system to deliver accurate fire while on the move.

        It also has a tank information control system (TICS) that monitors all assemblies and components, diagnoses malfunctions, and controls onboard systems.

        The tank also boasts fully automated ammunition loading and completely computerized targeting systems.

        From the earliest stages the Armata was designed to be a versatile platform for a whole host of armored vehicles. Self-propelled artillery system, heavy IFV, armored recovery vehicle, self-propelled howitzer, heavy flamethrower system, engineering vehicle, self-propelled air-defense vehicle and other support machines will be based on this platform.

    • Are James says:

      Diesel fueled gas turbine engine eh?. War will be fast but war will be very expensive.

      • ozed says:

        My brother i agree with you.

        Indeed it will get to where the greatest deterrent to going to war will be the threat of financial ruin thereafter. The combat systems are now so expensive that very few countries can afford to buy them and exercise in them to the levels required to actually build proficiency among the users.

      • lachit says:

        @are james
        it already is very very expensive

  27. okomonika says:

    I think GMB wanted support from where he could ever he could get it but has his own plans u don’t just contest 4 times without a clear cut plan he i trust him to do d right thing. sai baba,thank u JAGABAN,God bless naija.

  28. okomonika says:

    I think GMB wanted support from where ever he could he could get it but has his own plans u don’t just contest 4 times without a clear cut plan he i trust him to do d right thing. sai baba,thank u JAGABAN,God bless naija.

  29. beegeagle says:

    I have just posted something very interesting on TWITTER. Go there…punches holes in the stupid REUTERS rhetoric about Chadian much ado about nothing

  30. lachit says:

    i was going through this

    when i stumbled across this humorous section:

    January 17, 2015 Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) Abuja

    The high commissioner, in his remarks, noted that although India collaborated with Nigeria to set up NDA, India still had much attachment to the college.
    When we thought of hosting this function (golden jubilee), I sat with my colleagues and discussed whether we should have it.
    “It’s a Nigerian institution. Yes, we helped them to set it up but it is their institution”.
    The immediate reaction was
    “it is as much ours as theirs”. 😀 😀 😀 😀 LMAO
    That’s what the instructors from India feel”, he said.

  31. Kay says:

    News out there is that Pakistan is getting 8 Chinese subs,
    Also in the wake of constant terrorists attacks as in Kenya, its time we start upping the stakes with our counter terrorism police units; more training, maybe ballistic shields, eods,radios, better guns,hardwares, et al. Either that or we dedicate an army unit to this aspect. Unpreparedness is not an option.

  32. igbi says:

    Now, this is disturbing:

    But most of us already knew it, didn’t we ?

  33. ugobassey says:

    Last time I checked, I was told to keep politics out of this blog…How come politics is all over this thread? just a humble question.

  34. ugobassey says:

    My dear lad don’t be patronizing. I read people indirectly calling the President elect a western stooge and that’s geo-politicking? politics is politics.

    • igbi says:

      since when are foreign countries like america part of our internal “politics”. Since when is the war in the north-east a political game ? Why was the image of the Nigerian army tarnished in this manner ? by these same westerners. A lot of treasonous lies were said by our countrymen only in order to get the current president out of office.

    • igbi says:

      We are seeing clear signs of usa interference in purely Nigerian matters. I believe we have the right to know if we are being owned or not.

  35. Are James says:

    It is amateurish to think that gay marriage was the only issue with Jonathan. Corruption was endemic with that regime time as well. Alarming fund flows into private pockets must have been flashing all over server and computer screens in westen intelligence agencies. Nigerians bought hundreds of real estate assets on the choicest streets in London and other European cities yet the war was bleeding the country of young lives and even more money.. The foreign reserves is now $29bn (4 months imports) and falling fast. India and China are rejecting crude oil cargoes from Nigeria if favourable discounts are not offered. We have super big problems this year.
    What did we expect a liberal American government to do, praise the FG for creating 12 billionaires and 120 million poor people with zero middle class?.

    • Are James says:

      American allies Saudi Arabia and Israel are now worried about an Iranian deal with the US that will move the c.g. of American cooperation further towards Iran. That is what a strong country gets when it relates robustly to the US, I expect a removal of sanctions, American direct investment in Iranian civil nuclear industry and even security cooperation in the coming months. Arabs are now worried and are going to form a mobile defence force this year not trusting American support anymore.
      Obama warned the world about the consequences of new changes to America’s world view but we die not notice. The lesson from all these is if you are a strong country, able to articulate and assert your own policies with depth and profundity the US will respect you and reckon with you but ambivalence and weak leadership attracts their contempt.
      A leadership concerned with parochial thinking and material gains for a few people instead of a strong foreign policy would necessarily find itself out of depth in these waters.

    • Naijaseal says:

      Jonathan administration was no more corrupt than OBJ’s or IBB’s so your explanation holds no water. Millionaires were minted in Nigeria simply because the economy was growing, its that simple.

      Buhari has a LOT of political IOU’s to pay, both locally and internationally.
      Personally I have no regards for him nor his supporters. I have seen GMB and his supporters disparage the armed forces, praise our neighbours and generally ridicule the efforts of DHQ in the war against terrorism, all for political mileage. GMB was ready to sacrifice Nigeria to get to power. He will never have my respect.

      GEJ with all his softness never came across as someone ready to sell Nigeria to slave raiders.

      My support and respect is with the men and women of the armed forces of the Federal republic of Nigeria. GMB must increase the speed of arming them up, keep the military free of ethnicity and tribalism.

      Nigeria of 2015 is not Nigeria of 1983/84. People are watching GMB’s every move.

      God bless Nigeria.

      • Kay says:

        A lot of governors were convicted under Obj, no? What about people like Tafa Balogun. Point out convictions under Goodluck. Please, Jon let loose everyone to pilfer as they liked.The Arthur Eze deal comes to mind. If I state other instance, there’ll be a comment melt down here. Abeg, its up to us to support the new government now. Ofcourse, Buhari would be held to account like Jo was, that is now guaranteed.

    • igbi says:

      Still you are providing no proof of corruption. What you are doing is speculating. There is no proof to what you say. You are also speculating that the west are babysitting us. That they own us, that they are saving us. Independence is dead.

    • giles says:

      Mr are James
      1 Jonathan’s govt is not corrupted
      2 d west hard Jonathan bcos he refused to sell west Africa to dem
      3 buhari wants to fight corruption but his grand supporter tinubu is “a corrupted thief”-OBJ
      4 d economy is a crude oil based pls tell me a country apart from d GCC who’s economy n foreign exchange was not affected even might Russia was touch.
      5 pls next time don’t judge GEJ administration with d above

      and for bolo haram d north wer in support of dem cos der thought dey wer kill d infedil from SE Nigeria .

      above all am waiting for April 22 for him to b disqualified.

    • giles says:

      Mr are James
      1 Jonathan’s govt is not corrupted
      2 d west hard Jonathan bcos he refused to sell west Africa to dem
      3 buhari wants to fight corruption but his grand supporter tinubu is “a corrupted thief”-OBJ
      4 d economy is a crude oil based pls tell me a country apart from d GCC who’s economy n foreign exchange was not affected even might Russia was touch.
      5 pls next time don’t judge GEJ administration with d above

      and for bolo haram d north wer in support of dem cos der thought dey wer kill d infedil from SE Nigeria .

      above all am waiting for April 22 for him to b disqualified.
      all of u waiting for change sorry for your country has been sold.Libya no2 Congo no3

  36. Bigbrovar says:

    Every country has a bias when it comes to the leadership in another country.. Nigeria and most African country are generally in support of democrats in the white house, Labour in number 10 and socialist in Paris.. Tell me an African country that is happy with a right leaning gov in the big capitals of Europe. It is the same with the west. Geopolitics is about strategic interest you want a goverment that protects your interest. It is not in the interest of US or UK for Nigeria to Implode the catastrophic effect of this would make Libya, Somalia and south Sudan and Syria combined look like a street brawl. It is generally believed that under GEJ this is where we are headed. With a mismanaged economy, uncurbed insurgency in the north east.. Rampant mass killing and tension in the middle belt.. And massive leakages and oil theft in the delta (at an industrial scale ) and piracy in our waters.. All this is bad for business.. Western countries are looking for new markets ( to do business , invest and get great returns and sell to) and one of the brightest stars is Nigeria which is currently under performing no thanks to unchecked corruption and general indecisveness in dealing with the ills of the nation.

    For me the biggest problem GEJ had was perception .. His gov is not nearly has bad as it is made out to be. GEJ did a lot in strengthening out institutions and creating a system that is inherently resistant to corruotion.. From the ewallet system in Fertilizer distribution which helped to remove corruption in our agriculture industry making Fertilizer available to poor farmers and eliminating the middle man and the human asoect to the Integrated payment system which allowed civil servants to be paid directly by the ministry if finance helping to weed out ghost workers and saving billions of naira.. Even company registration can now be done online (my hope is GMB continues with this policy) yet GEj is still perceived as a very corrupt administration in Nigeria because he failed at information management when report came of $20 billion was missing he sacked the CBN governor no body does that u only make him a hero… Rather than immediately make public posture about inviting international credible audit firm to investigate suspend NNPC boss indicted until his name his cleared (inline with best practice) he mishandled the issue allowing the opposition to go for blood.. Same thing happened with the minister who bought bullet proof BMW at a time when plants where dropping from the sky.. Sack the minister make a public show of auctioning the BMW and giving the proceeds for a good course or returning the money.. He foot dragged on the matter allowing stories about how the many used was taken from training allocation of Aviation industry staff

    We still remember his reaction or lack of it when the girls were kidnapped for 2 weeks no word from Mr president when 40 boys where burnt to death in Yobe the picture we saw was of a man dancing in Kano.. Many of the issues Jona had was mismanagement by his media team.. It takes someone like Beegeagle to single handedly tell the Nigerian story.. Now we can see what is been done in defense .. How GEJ has remarkably improved on indigenous capacity building from NNS Adonis to Gulma to Agrigri, About the bigfoots and T72s about the armed drones and the Alenia ATR non of this things was promoted by GEj media team to counter the narrative about him imagine a world without Beef how many of u will not fall inline with the western narrative of NA military performance in north east? So rather than assist Oga beef give him access allow him to tell our story the man is not even asking for money or position just access what do we get? President was dolling out money to people like Ayedee a man who before he became popular on twitter I almost had a fight with for his viral tweet on the human right records of Nigeria soldiers and GEJ incompetence in defense procurement.. Even Linda got some dollars .. How far did that help? IMHO one can not blame GMB for the western support he is getting .. Give it to his campaign team they did a good job.. From his dressing to having a personal professional photo grapher with him at all times taking iconic pictures .. From the social media campaign to the town hall meetings to the Chatham House speech where he most have won many western leaders .. His campaign turned every slant against him into a victory and Evert gain for GEJ into a stick for beating him.. When the election was postpone people said BH couldn’t be beaten in 6 weeks.. Then they were people said so u could do it in 6 weeks why did it take 5 years.. In all this GEJ media term of Okupe, Abati ( who comes here to steal pictures ) and Fani Kayode all failed to bring up a better narrative..

    Look at Putin for a man who gives the finger to the west but has his PR on lock down see how RT has positioned itself has an good alternative to western media BS same with CCTV and see how Aljezeera is taken up the Arab story. Even SABC dey try.. Look at our dear NTA.. I rest my case

  37. Naijaseal says:

    You thoroughly nailed it. Buhari is high on PR, lots of which were lies, but that’s a story for another day. GEJ team had zero PR/media awareness/management. Like you said, perception is reality to people, even if the “reality” is false. GEJ lost because of this perceived “reality”

    Now that Buhari is in power, he will realize its not about PR and rhetoric’s. Nigerians must be ready to give him the same sort of scrutiny and tirades GEJ got. He has 4yrs to deliver, there will be no excuse or blaming the past administration, this wont fly.

    Already Buhari has started giving excuses, we will not take that. I said so on twitter and i’m saying it here; Buhari MUST deliver on his electoral promises. No excuses. Anyone that starts to excuse Buhari in the future is being disingenuous; already some of his supporters are saying there is 16yrs of PDP rot to clean up. Well, lots of those PDP people are with Buhari right? I am not interested in the past, I’m interested in the present and future.

    I am eagerly looking forward to NSA, MoD, CAS, CDS, CNS and COAS appointments and also ministerial appointments. This will clearly tell us what direction the Buhari administration is taking.

    Also, i wonder what happens to the (existing?) G2G defense deals we have. Will Buhari cancel those? We are watching.

    Also, i think in an irony of fate, GEJ has made the war on terror easier for Buhari with the ongoing massive re-arming of the armed forces, as characterized by these 200 T72 tanks. I hope Buhari speeds these up and gives honour to whom honour is due, though its not in his character to be so charitable…

    God bless Nigeria

    • Bigbrovar says:

      Many weopons ordered under GEJ will be delivered under Buhari and attributed to him.. GEJ has pretty much delivered the NE.. At least the conventional part of the war.. All that is left now is mop up and rebuilding and reintegration and of cause GMB will get the accolade it all be spinned as his victory.. I just hope that GMB builds on the inroads GEJ made in the area of agriculture infrastructure development and deployment of technology to enhance governmental workflow.

      • Are James says:

        This is just the first valid point I have read today.Don’t tell me the departing presidency was good, tell me the departing government was good in a lot of areas, one does not equal the other if you read your constitution. There were many ministers in the last regime you wished were the President. Let us stop deceiving ourselves. The only comma areas of the last regime were areas where constitutionally you could not delegate the duty to some other smart, astute guy.

        Buhari had better keep the ministers of trade and industry, aviation, finance, ICT and put some project/programme management around the railway revamp currently on going, the minister of agric is going for an international banking job so that one not stay.
        If any of these guys had lined his pockets excessively then they should be dropped.
        On defsec if you observed the professional way the opposition campaign was done then it is almost clear that the new government will embrace modern ideas and may be more tech savvy than the old one that had to wait three years before realizing that there was a young blogger called Beegeagle making good suggestions.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Heheh! Oga Are James, you are really living in dream land. Do you see the people around Buhari? Do they look like people who can fight corruption or are they not corruption itself? Tinubu? OBJ?

        Mark my words. By the end of this year, your tune would have changed.

  38. saleh1812 says:

    Gentlemen, since I started following this blog, the unifying factor for its followers has being on improving the Nigeria Defence Sector. however for sometime now too many political issues have sprung up resulting in discussions on GEJ this and GMB that. this is shifting our focus from defence to politics. Please can we go back to our educative defence discussions. Visitors to this blog are not here for political arguments. please note that just how policy makers in GEJ’s govt frequented this blog in order to arrive that their decisions so will future defence policy makers in GMB govt already be snooping around for ideas, their snooping wont be for political ideas but military ideas. this blog is the only blog i know thats is wholly Nigeria Defence Sector. for all you know this might be the time for the blog and blog administrator to become a part of the Nigerian defence think tank. please let us make Beegeagle’s Blog great and respected. God bless Nigeria

    • igbi says:

      The probability of Nigeria being compromised is not political.

      • saleh1812 says:

        I could have placed a bet that you will reply, I dont expect every one to heed to my opinion I only hoped some objective followers will go back to defsec discussions while the political followers will move political discussions to the numerous political blogs. please stop crying wolf and let us discuss defence, start by proposing equipment, training, locstats etc for Nigeria military post may 29

      • igbi says:

        I am not political, I have never been. That you will question my objectivity ! you out of all people !

    • igbi says:

      The blow the usa was doing to the Nigerian armed forces is not political.
      Treason against Nigeria is not political.
      Foreign countries brainwashing Nigerians is not political.
      Analysing the links between our president elect and the americans is not political.

    • Sir Kay says:

      I agree with you, enough political discussions

    • Naijaseal says:

      Every leader must be held to the same standard. Buhari will get the same scrutiny GEJ got as per DEFSEC. We are not here to sing kumbayaya. If Buhari does well, he gets praised, if he goes awry he gets hammered. Fair is fair.

      Every CinC delegates duties. Will he go and fight in at the front? Who advises him? There is enough blame to go round, if that’s what you want to do. And by by the way, Buhari and his cohorts painted the GEJ administration bad in EVERY sphere. Show me one place where Buhari applauded any GEJ policy. Just one. Let me know when you find it. This is not the type of leader i admire.

      Again, we have seen 200 T72’s in one swoop. I daresay a lot more stuff have been ordered and will be delivered in Buhari’s administration. My expectation for the Buhari administration is to keep the ongoing Sino-Soviet relationship warm, continuing ordering stuff from there. If the West offers us equipments, (F16, Warthogs, M1) whatever, take them, BUT do NOT cut off our Sino-Soviet supplies and partners, that stood with us in our hour of need without pontificating.

      We must learn to have a mixture of East/West equipments. Bad for maintenance, but good for surviving sanctions.

      If Buhari cancels/stops all Sino-Soviet supplies and goes 100% west, then we are in for another Jaguar jets debacle down the line.

      God bless Nigeria

  39. igbi says:

    Let me ask a question: what if this manner of tarnishing the image of the country and that of the armed forces for political gains became the norm ? It is enfantile to do something bad and get rewarded for it, then ask the rest to desist from doing that same bad thing. Unless the bet is that the rest love Nigeria more and will not compromise it. What will stop Buhari’s opponents from calling him corrupt ? Since there is no proof needed to call the C in C corrupt. I recall that soldiers were encouraged to commit mutiny, right in the middle of this war ! The north-easterners were more or less sacrificed by those who wanted the president out of office.

  40. Kola Adekola says:

    200 T-72’s?! Chai! see me dring my garri with speed and the Joy of The Lord! Eziokwu!

    Somebody wasn’t smiling at all, at all!
    Since GEJ surprised us by ordering a whopping 200 T-72’s, could it just be possible that he might have ordered the J-17’s or SU-30’s as well?

  41. Kola Adekola says:

    We screamed #NeverAgain only to get a WESTERN PUPPET as president. Irony?
    Anyway, some really interesting “how to” photo’s here:….the-kind

    I now expect a few things in short order:

    1. Idriss Deby will shut up as if by magic and maybe even begin praising our gallant Nigerian army no end.
    2. Obama will invite the new US ambassador and reciprocate with a visit to Nigeria.
    3. F16’s yanfu yanfu! …All without bullets. 😦
    4. $1billion in military aid (all items chosen and carefully vetted for nill potency by the US government).
    5. Resumption of oil Nigerian oil purchases by the US.
    6. MASSIVE purchases in the Nigerian stock market by vultures of all shapes and sizes.
    7. AFRICOM on Nigerian soil.

    Abeg, ayam hia o! I still de hia… Quietly drinking my garri-Ijebu with a very heavy heart.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Every potential candidate from big or relevant countries often court the West when running for office, its all about raising their international profile while running for office, hell the Israeli PM did the same thing, among others.
      I’m no supporter of any politician, but i dont see Buhari being a Western puppet, my own opinion of course.
      These people do what they have to do to be seen, heard and recognised.
      No way Africom will be based in Nigeria, won’t happen.

      • igbi says:

        Israel is a verry wrong example. Given the relationship between Israel and the usa.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Court the West for what sir? Are we a colony?

        Anyway, in Nigeria’s entire 55 year history, just ONE candidate has courted the West and campaigned at Chatham House, London, UK (land of our colonisers).

    • Sir Kay says:

      Why do people talk like this? Hate the West all you want, guess what, we still depend on them economically, imagine Europe no longer trading with us? have any idea the painful impact that will have on our economy?
      Almost every single leader out there often head to Washington to pay homage once in Office, and sooner or later Buhari will do the same., not saying its a good thing, personally i hate it.
      But there is a reason why most new leaders do that, because the West carries such weight. Its not about being a colony.
      We gotta crawl before we walk, let’s stop pretending as if we are on the same level with these people, we aren’t , in fact we are over 100 yrs behind them. that’s a fact.
      That’s why most wanna be leaders often seek legitimacy from the West, because like it or not, they run the world and their support to any foreign candidate is actually important to that candidate being electable.. Deny that all you want.

      • Sir Kay says:

        It’s called politics, and i despise it for a reason, that’s the reason. No honesty in that line of work

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Bro, oil is practically the only thing Nigeria exports. How much of our oil is Europe buying?
        We are not even economically dependent on China (where our imports tend to come from), talk less Europe.

        It is really odd to claim that Nigeria depends on Europe economically, especially as oil accounts for just 9% of our GDP, the remaining 91% is generated in Nigeria, by Nigerian businesses. Free your mind.

      • johnbest1 says:

        If Europe no longer traded with us. We would lose but they would lose more, and if and when they make such a stupid decision then our business attention turns fully to Asian and eastern block countries. It is projected that by the year 2020-2025 the total business volume between Nigeria and China is expected to surpass that of USA. China is trying to cut into Africa and remove USA from becoming a dominant power in Africa because Africa is still an open ground. And this could lead to a second race for Africa(colonial) and it is for this reason the USA needs a friendly government in place in Nigeria to support its ambition in Africa because without Nigeria’s support you would get nowhere.

  42. 200 Tanks is good news, but its the quality of our airframes that worries me. Against a conventional army with good air superiority Airframes would turn our tanks to sitting ducks and beyond air frames do we actually have reliable air defence systems. I have heard nothing of the extent of radar coverage of our airspace (if any). Can we monitor and interecept enemy aircraft within and even beyond our airspace?

  43. igbi says:

    Anybody who has been on this blog long enough will recall when I openly bashed GEJ and some fellow were even calling for me to be banned because I was anti-GEJ. And now saleh is telling me that I am not objectif. What is that supposed to mean. Perhaps he means that I should not be listened to because I have committed the crime of being from my tribe. By the way I guess he doesn’t even know which tribe I am from, but he thinks he knows because the name I am using here is igbi. Tribal racism, showing its head.

    • saleh says:

      @ oga igbi, sorry if you thought my post was directed at you, most comments (including mine) lest Lachit in this blog during the electioneering process became political. please learn not to assume that everyone is against you or fighting you. just as my screen name is not my real name so did i not expect yours to be. so please remove tribalism this is actually the first time i am seeing it on this blog you actually used a new word ” tribal racism” which i just learnt, I guess it your attack strategy in France . for all you know I am actually from the SS. i used the word objective in my earlier post as in bloggers should discuss the objective of the blog.

      • igbi says:

        Your post was directly placed under mine and you were talking to a person not several individuals. Therefor you can’t deny the obvious. As for my attack strategy in france, there you go again, being as disrespectul as possible. So I guess every Nigerian in the diaspora is now a lazy bum who attacks everybody body in his country of residence by calling them racists. I have been holding back on you, but you on the other hand have been showing your lack of respect ! I don’t need to talk about my archievelents, but I hate when people who couldn’t even count the votes start disrespecting me !

      • igbi says:

        The same guy who was telling me that writing a program to count the vote was a waste of time, that I was only showing off.

      • igbi says:

        Try and stop contradicting yourself, I can’t at the same time be showing off with my knowledge and at the same time be a person who only archieves by calling his country of residence racist.

      • igbi says:

        by the way, igbi is part of my real name, just that it still doesn’t tell you my tribe. People tend to assume my tribe by replacing the last letter of my diminutif with an other letter, I think you already know the letter.

      • igbi says:

        Bloggers who have been here long enough know me well enough, you don’t.

      • saleh says:

        Sorry @igbi the fact is that this blog is addictive and it will be difficult to leave , even if you move to Ogida or Germany you will still log in to check on the blog.

      • @ Oga Saleh! True talk oooooo. This Blog is addictive. @ Igbi I dont see why you feel you have to leave. The essence of this Blog is for cross polination of ideas. Necessarily we will have different opinions and disagree. But We all act in good faith. When most disagree with ur opinion its natural and it does not mean that they are commiting treason or inciting the public. Its just a different opinion. Its such choice of words that ticks pple off about ur statements. Your Input is valuable but ur tendency to be aggressive is not appreciated

      • lachit says:

        chill man
        hehehe 😀 😀 looks like u are trying to join the ELITE EXCLUSIVE CLUB ***MID(S)*** whose membership is for now limited to the torchbearers lachit and oje only. 😀 😀
        all hail !!! MID(S)
        note:in no way related to MIB (men in black)

    • saleh says:

      @Igbi you actually love to fight please join the Nigeria Military, we need more young men like you. my initial post on this blog concerning politics which you assumed was meant for you was actually after a post by Naijaseal in which you didnt even make a comment. i replied your post because you mentioned me and brought up issues like objectivity and “racial tribalism”. if you felt slighted about my preference for excel instead of yours sorry, your computer programming skills could be used to great value by Nigeria military. we can use your input on programming for ELINT programmes which could come in handy .

  44. Naijaseal says:

    OK folks, lets just wait till Buhari announces his cabinet.

    I just read on Businessday that Ameachi is being considered for Chief of Staff or minister of petroleum. I wont say more, every man has his disciples…

    Our waka still far, na siddon look i dey so.

  45. igbi says:

    As I keep saying, you can’t do something bad, earn rewards for it and then tell others not to do it. The same people who showed little patriotism and almost destroyed the state by their inciting comments which at times supported boko haram and at other times called for mutiny in the military and at other times disgraced the country with a bunch of lies, these same people are now trying to give patriotism lessons !

  46. igbi says:

    Nobody should undermine Nigeria, and also nobody should have undermined Nigeria. Nigeria should always be above any politicking and always should have. The reason why coup plotters are always afraid when they take power is that they know that what they did to others could be done to them in the same manner. The reason you don’t commit theft is because its wrong and you don’t want it done to you. the reason you don’t insult your father is because it is wrong and you don’t want you children to insult you.

  47. igbi says:

    So @saeh, this comment which you placed under mine was not addressed to me: “I could have placed a bet that you will reply, I dont expect every one to heed to my opinion I only hoped some objective followers will go back to defsec discussions while the political followers will move political discussions to the numerous political blogs. please stop crying wolf and let us discuss defence, start by proposing equipment, training, locstats etc for Nigeria military post may 29” Perhaps I imagined it.

    • saleh says:

      this is actually strange, have you checked to confirm that I was the one that posted the comment which you replied and i replied or am I not allowed to reply to my own post. apart from my bet which was premised on the fact that about 1 in 3 comments and replies are yours. the other issues in the reply were generalized. Please remain in the blog your opinions are fine.

      • igbi says:

        I am sorry, but it is best for myself and for the blog and for Nigeria. Nigeria will be fine without me, the blog will only be better off. It is the best thing I can do.

  48. igbi says:

    Sorry for the authentic bloggers, but I am done. For my own sake, for your own sake I have to leave the blog. Thank you all, and special thanks to Beegeagle. May your patriotism be rewarded.

    • ozed says:

      My man igbi don vex!! Leave him to cool off. I may be wrong but something tells me you will be back in the not too distant future.

      A bientot mon frere!

  49. startrek says:

    Gen. Beeg U have earned your prayers to Gej x2. @Bigbrovar
    I dove my Hat.

  50. Roscoe says:

    T72s are great. Is this our tank platform for now and tomorrow? What are our plans for developing an mbt program? We can model after Jordan for starters and develop turret systems while using a current power plant. Also advances in armor technology show the need for light tanks for mountain warfare (troop support) we must also learn from Syria that deployed tanks with zero infantry support and suffered significant losses. US military doctrine deploys 2 ifvs per tank. Each ifv equipped with infantry scouts who walk ahead in urban areas to asses threats. Ifvs are also equipped with atgms. Also can this T72s survive top kill weapons? So that we can face whatever comes next in our northern front.

    Going to anti tank warfare and infantry supporting tanks. The German army had as part of their doctrine small units deployed with light anti tank weapons. Called sonderkommandos I believe. This would be good to pilot. Right now nothing in our neighborhood is an armored threat. But light infantry armed with anti tank weapons should defeat fast boats in the delta as well as small pirate boats. And also defeat wheeled and tracked vehicles in the north east. Pgms such as javelin are even used by marines defending ships on the high seas from small boat suicide attacks. The Marines deploy in zodiacs when faced with speed boat or patrol boat assault on their ship. Using javelins and machine guns mounted in the zodiacs the engage the boats . This is a defense against threats expected in the straits of hormuz and horn of africa. We face threats in similar regions.

    • lachit says:

      Also can this T72s survive top kill weapons?
      definately no.
      ERA equipped tanks are a danger to infantry .exploding ERA bricks will decimate accompanying infantry troops.
      they are ok in massed tank versus tank combat only.
      after nigeria has procured all her t 72s
      it would be prudent to go for upgradation by opting for these capabilities
      1.thermal sights 3rd generation onwards for the gunner.
      2.commanders panaromic sight for hunter-killer capability
      3.replacement of ERA bricks with the inert armour panels
      4.or replace the add on armour totally with active protection system like trophy or LEDS from SAAB.

      successful implementation of these upgrades will lay the foundation for nigerian tank building industry and after that sky is the limit.

      small groups of infantry armed with anti tank wepons are surely desirable because
      1.they can haress and blunt any armour thrust with tanks and heavy armoured vehicles
      2.they are good for taking out bunkers and fortified positions.
      4.they are usefull for taking out massed infantry assaults with the high explosive fragmentation warheads urban warfare the PCB (penetration cum blast) rounds are usefull for clearing out rooms and buildings limited role they can provide defense even against helicopters.
      7.nowdays anti tank missile are also optimized for naval roles for taking out small crafts ships etc.SPIKE NLOS has been procured by south korea to take out the north korean stealth high speed submersibles.

      what remains is what type of antitank weapon will be procured by nigeria.
      javelin is good but US is very finecky about exporting it.
      my best bet is the SPIKE FAMILY which takes care of the entire spectrum of threats from infantry,bunkers,tanks,ships etc and range is from 500m to 25 km.
      india recently ordered around 8000 of them with TOT (cant recall the exact no ordered though)

      • Bharat says:

        If you use SPIKE FAMILY against stationary targets or soft skinned/ thin armoured vehicles, that will burn a big hole in your pocket.

  51. Are James says:

    Crude oil prices predicted to drop to between $35 to $50 per barrel on the back of Iranian framework nuclear agreement. There is plenty to do this year, please let us stop arguing over dead issues. I believe the new FG should fund defence and security (min $3.5bn a year) solely from taxation, that way it would be directly linked directly to GDP instead of oil sales.

  52. eyimola says:

    Nigeria has elected a proud and nationalist president. I cant believe than anyone on this forum will question the loyalty of General Buhari. Nigeria needs a ten billion dollar military revamp budget. Period. That has been the case for the last 10 years, and has nothing to do with whoever is running the country. I’m not suggesting where the money comes from, just stating a fact. I don’t expect Nigeria’s foreign policy to change significantly in the short of medium term, but in view of the upcoming US elections, I would not be surprised if a Buhari government has a slightly cooler relationship with the West than is expected.

  53. Bigbrovar says:

    Looking back at history one won’t see any indication of Buhari being a western stooge in fact history show the contrary. We still remember the Diko saga which strained relationship between Nigeria and Britain.. Then they was the Oil by deal with Brazil Austra Italy and France where we give them oil in exchange for needed goods like building materials and spare parts a deal with affected Britain trade with Nigeria and angered their Gov.. His gov refused to bow to IMF stringent loan conditions despite pressures from western gov.. Many still believed that the coup which ousted him had the backing of number 10.. I personally think buhari admin will score quite well in geopolitics restoring Nigeria posture and standing in Africa and the world.

    • eyimola says:

      Absolutely spot on. I actually wrote my undergraduate project on the imf and its policies in the 80s, and during my research, it became obvious that general Buhari was removed from power by a conspiracy including members of his own cabinet and Western governments and institution.

    • Naijaseal says:

      Buhari of 1983/84 was not the Buhari under Abacha and would not be the same now.

      Would Buhari of 1983/84 willing allowed himself to be funded by confirmed crooks like Tinubu and Ameachi? We too dey like deceive ourselves. What is that saying that if you lie with dogs you are bound to get fleas?

      We are just so desperate for a national hero that we’ve refused to believe the reality of the thieves and liars SURROUNDING Buhari, in the hope that the man will somehow, magically control these folks and keep things in order or under wraps. Good luck with that.

      This man has compromised long long time ago. Make una dey drink the Buhari kool aid.

      God will keep us all alive to see how all this genuflecting of Buhari both internationally and locally pans out.

  54. O boy I taya ooo, I taya 4 maself join.. Enof politics said oooo. Does any1 think we should buy the Ka52 Alligator Helic. Or where we gonna gets subs from. Or whether we are gonna get any 4th Gen fighters and a timeline. What is Nigeria considering for border security. When are we gonna take Sambisa Forest. Any intelligence on the location of Shekau. What can we do about the suicide bombings. Why does the SSS seem to operate more like secret police than a true intelligence organisation? Etc

    • asorockweb says:

      I like the Ka52 Alligator, although we may need to consider the Mil Mi-28 instead (it’s a Mil and we already have many Mil systems).

      • Yh u are proly right considering the cost of the alligator and all d red tape encounter to buy it, I dont think Russia has sold it to anyone though they seem willing to.But mehn I love the alligator. Scout helic that’s well armed. Essentially an airborne command post with ELINT gathering capabilities yet packing a punch

      • asorockweb says:

        Yep. It’s pretty sexy. Speed and range as well due to the lack of tail rotor.

  55. chynedoo says:

    Any news on the visit of the air force chiefs sometime ago to Russia?

  56. asorockweb says:

    “The King is dead, long live the King”
    This is Nigeria – We, the people are everlasting.

  57. jimmy says:

    Please @ this STAGE I believe everyone has had their say on the BUHARI VS GEJ saga , I sincerely want to appeal to everyone let us get back on track this is not an attempt at censoring but let us get back to doing what this blog is known for which is discussing Nigerian DEFENSE RELATED ISSUES, Iam appealing to everyone’s sense of honor here
    Thank you.
    OGA chynedoo can you provide a link as to when the airforce chief went to RUSSIA ?

  58. jimmy says:
    Once again it is becoming extremely important that Nigeria upgrade/ revamp it’s airforce. Angola lives in a relatively peaceful NEIGHBORHOOD but is upgrading in a time of peace. Nigerian govt please be aware Angola is doing the things Nigeria NEEDS TO DO.

  59. jimmy says:
    The DSS and the SSS need to intensify their efforts there is an what appears to be an active bh cell in GOMBE.

  60. sam says:

    Oh….this is good PR…..

  61. jimmy says:
    Please can someone confirm this it appears the battle to recover Sambisa forests is underway.
    Please DHQ can you provide an update.

  62. rugged7 says:

    Too much politics on this defense blog.
    It is getting irritating.
    Can we move forward please?

  63. Oje says:

    Without politics there will be no defence. Our political naivety made us elect a man inept at International diplomacy and strategic military planning, the result we know all too well. Buhari;s victory is a nightmare not necessarily for Paul Biya but certainty for Idris Derby. In the mid 80’s Chadian troops in a daring move invaded parts of Northern Nigeria. Buhari, then a Major General chased them across the border in a show of Nigerian military strength, Nigerian troops were 50 kilometers from the Capital N’Djamena , they could have occupied the Capital if they wanted to but chose to use this as an example and duly withdrew its forces. Those were the golden age of the Nigerian military, when we flew 4th Jaguars, when our Navy was strong and well versed in anti submarine operations. Those were days when Nigerian artillery men were considered among the in the world. Those were days you dare not mess with Nigeria. Malabo,Yaounde and N’djamena cowered in the face of Nigeria’s military power. Gentlemen i am pleased to inform you that that era is back, within 6 months the Nigerian military will transform itself once again. But in order for Nigeria to feel secure she must secure her perimeter. Idris Derby will be deposed in a military Coup’de tat or by Nigerian Special forces. Paul Biya is 91 years old, he will be long gone before then n. France knows this, with dwindling economic leverage and dwindling allegiance from her hitherto puppet colonies Francois Hollande is already courting Buhari, inviting him to France. This is the first time i have seen a Western European country call a Nigerian President, inviting them to their country.

    Naija is back.

  64. Oje says:

    Funny, barely 5 minutes after posting my comment i am seeing reports of German Chancellor (the most powerful woman in the world) inviting Buhari to Berlin.

    • chynedoo says:

      If the German Chancellor invites Buhari to Berlin, well and good. Germany is the most important country within the 28 member EU. Point is, if Buhari agrees to visit, I doubt he would jump at it, not now not even after he takes over because he will definitely have a lot on his hands in terms of the politicking of leading, and then the two war fronts that he would more than likely receive his first baptism on the new post SS militants are gearing up for a fight (Shell closed some flow stations a few days ago citing credible info of imminent attack) and the NE Boko Haram fight. Again, there would also be a more than likely possibility Buhari is going to ask Chad to move out of Nigerian territory and deal with Boko Haram from that axis if at all…
      So the issue of going to Germany may be after…many months from now or even years. But it is important that Nigeria resumes warm relations with Western countries because it is a two way thing, they gain from us we also gain from them at least now that we have started to modernise the military. This insular, almost belligerent mind-set of many of us on this blog toward anything West smacks of a failure to put a diplomatic relationship into proper perspective. Egypt receives billions of direct funding and military hardware from America yet it could not be said that Egyptian leaders lick the backside of the West or are western puppets are someone accused (Buhari of)…
      An opportunity to have contact with the leaders of the biggest and most vibrant economies in the world must surely be beneficial to both sides, for us access to German and Western know-how helps, and for them access to our rapidly growing market…win-win, at least on the surface of it
      This is the global world….there is no place for the insular minded, and ultra-nationalistic sentiments. Countries who have gone on that route have realised it is a road to nowhere: Iran (currently desperately negotiating a nuclear deal in exchange for badly needed goods), Zimbabwe where a suitcase of the local currency has less value than our barely used Kobo…and Russia currently begging Argentina for meat and wheat in a food for weapons deal.
      The wise understand that in other to survive, even your enemy could be your friend!

  65. ugobassey says:

    LOL I de laugh o! once again, when I and Ota One had barely faintly hinted on politics we were shouted down by some bloggers. Now the entire house is agog nay choking on it! Ok o!
    My 2 cents then. Please Ogas lets give this new administration time to Set up and function before we criticize. There will be enough time for that. In the interim they need our full support. Wether you are a PDP lackey or you support APC we are still all Nigerians and we wish the best for our country especially our boys in uniform. So I say Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

  66. ugobassey says:

    I meant to say Oga Oje

  67. lachit says:

    continuing from my reply @roscoe
    few the best upgrade options for t 72s.

    1.M-95 Degman Main Battle Tank Croatia. It is a modernization of the Yugoslav M-84 tank, which is, in turn, a variant of the Soviet T-72.upgraded exclusively by Elbit

    2,The PT-91 Twardy (“hard”,”tough” or “resilient”) is a Polish main battle tank. It is a development of the T-72M1

    3.a T-72 upgraded for Kazakhstan by Elbit (electronics) and IMI (armor).

    4.Czech T-72M4

  68. Naijaseal says:

    Na just final letting out of political steam.

    If Buhari swings things around, all well and good, i’ll be singing his praise right away. Ultimately, its Nigeria that matters. PDP/APC are basically the same, peopled by greedy opportunistic thieves, some are just more brazen than others.

    Maybe oga beegs can rest this thread, so we can do a clean break from politics.

    God bless Nigeria

    • Sir Kay says:

      That won’t help, political discussions started on the previous thread, and this new one has been messed up with same. Hopefully the next commenter after this will focus on the war and defense matters and not politics, that needs to be put to rest

  69. jimmy says:

    It is important that we expect the cardinal rules of beegeagle ‘s blog everyone has had there say at least more than once .Please let us respect BEEGS wishes let us keep the def issues.

  70. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Just a point, in July 2014 the MOD/NA intended to freight by Air for 20 x T72 M/M refurbished and refitted in Czech , the package included tens of thousands of 122MM Cartridges and Grads. It was intended to be flown out of Ostrava, I knew the Russian/Ukranian Antonov crews, who sought advise on the airspace routing and global / english documentation , Makes sense that maybe the rest of procured equipment came by sea

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