Artillerymen and a Bofor FH-77B 155mm piece.

A Bofors 155mm artillery piece opens up a barrage against hostile targets

Nighttime bombardment by artillerymen

New to the inventory…a BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle kicks up dust

A BVP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle and its raised 73mm gun

The exigencies of war; rotary wing airframes at a makeshift facility

A powerful pintle-mounted machine gun onboard s Mi-35 attack helicopter



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  1. Ola says:

    Interesting screen grabs! Everyone appears to be very busy in these pictures…seems like NAF guys have been flying a lot of sorties, it appears as if several choppers are being launched simultaneously…way to go! Give BH hell!

  2. OriginalPato says:

    I never seen a Super Puma helicopter with such large wing stubs before. I believe that should be a Mi 24/35 in the last picture.

  3. okomonika says:

    The artillery men hn the 3rd pic are firing too close to a building.i think the army should release videos of these.

    • Are James says:

      I am actually angry at some wrong information some people had peddled in the past. That our Bofors were in ‘storage’. These are actually some of the most formidable artillery pieces in Africa.

      • lachit says:

        i had previously asked the same while discussing the various upgrade options for the nigerian bofors but nobody had any answer.

  4. Love the screen grabs, these vice news guys will work wonders

  5. saleh says:

    the morale of this chaps is on a high and BH is more or less dead and buried. With what is going on now my only fear is hope we are ready to counter BH in urban areas. the NPF and DSS have to up their game on humint and ensure no more bombing in our towns. God bless Nigeria

  6. beegeagle says:


    • Naijaseal says:

      Dambazau is very wrong choice for NSA. He restricted NDA admissions during his time to certain folks from a certain part of the country. His role in Yaradua’s last days were ignoble. His time as GOC in Jos was terrible.

      When i discussed the possibility of Dambazau emerging as NSA with a good friend from KD, he told me that even Northern ethnic minorities hate this man. Buhari better shop for another person.

      As per Commassie, we all know his utterrences and loyalty are not what a united, ethniclly diverse country like Nigeria needs right now. He is a wrong choice too. Pls Buhari, shop for other candidates with less baggage.

      For the coming Vice documentary, well done to the guys that facilitated it. Let me see how Chad will open their mouth and spew rubbish again.

      God bless Nigeria.

  7. doziex says:

    Yeah gentlemen, I believe we are unto something big here.
    Perhaps beeg is setting us up for a surprise.

    As someone said earlier, these vice guys are some of the best war correspondents today, and it seems they covered the massive final assault of operation Zaman Lafiya.

    So what oga augustine worried out loud about the other day, has thankfully not happened.
    NA at their finest hour did not go undocumented as happened in our ecomog wars.

    Let’s. Watch how western media spinners and their chadian cohorts can continue their false claims, that this war revolved around them after this Vice News documentary comes out.

    Kudos to the folks at vice news,
    And Long Live the Nigerian armed forces.

  8. CHYDE says:

    I saw this and thought it to be interesting, sorry for derailing

  9. lachit says:

    hope these will clear any doubts regarding the identity of the helicopters in the vice news video


    MI 35

  10. Oje says:

    Americans are smart, i knew all too well the decision to stop production of the F-22 at justover 180 aircraft was weird. Lockheed Martin is gonna make it big this time,i can tell you categorically now that soon you will hear Lockheed have been contracted to produce 500 F-22 Raptors. Why else do you think the U.S vehemently refuses to sell the F-22 to foreign powers, not even its closest ally Japan, Australia or Britain will be allowed to buy the F-22. Russians are pretty good when it comes to making advanced fighter jets. The PAK-50 will be more than a match for the F-22.

    • lachit says:

      in one to one combat in the beyond visual range (BVR) PAKFA will be at disadvantage against F22 but in the withen visual range (WVR) combat will be more than a match against F22

      • Are James says:

        So the latest versions of the F15 and F16 remain with the F22 while the F35 numbers remain curtailed?

    • majorohis says:

      The F22 is nothing to be messed with (It is the true definition of Aim High, Fly, Fight Win). What is known publicly known about this bird is not even close to what it can do. The Air Force has done a good job by keeping the F22’s true nature a secret. The only shortcoming of the Raptor is that it is very sensitive, not rugged at all. Then again, the F22 is one step from being a UFO. I respect the PAK-50, but it is almost an insult to compare both. Happy Sunday guys 🙂

    • Sir Kay says:

      “China is delivering 120 Poly Technologies CS/VP3 armored personnel carriers, 30 AR-1 anti-tank missiles and five CASC CH-3 unmanned aerial vehicles. SIPRI data says the CH-3s are armed, presumably with the AR-1 missile. Photos recently emerged of an armed CH-3 that had crashed in what was supposedly Nigerian territory in late January.

    • asorockweb says:

      Interesting take on the Igirigi

    • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

      Just a point, in July 2014 the MOD/NA intended to freight by Air for 20 x T72 M/M refurbished and refitted in Czech , the package included tens of thousands of 122MM Cartridges and Grads. It was intended to be flown out of Ostrava, I knew the Russian/Ukranian Antonov crews, who sought advise on the airspace routing and global / english documentation , Makes sense that maybe the rest of procured equipment came by sea

  11. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    it was then planned for a series of flights

  12. Oje says:

    Going by recent acquisitions and the discovery of weapons systems in the Nigerian army we hitherto thought we did not possess, such as these Bofor artillery guns on paper the Nigerian military is qualitatively and quantitatively superior to that of Chad, Cameroon and Niger combined. We might not realize this now but in the next 5 years or even less the Nigerian military might just about be the best equipped and best trained military in Black Africa

    • saleh says:

      Lol Bofors 155mm is the organic weapon system of the artillery regiment at anambra and the platform was used during the bakassi conflict.

      • Are James says:

        Real NA artillery grunts call them ”Bufars” by the way. The corruption of the real name endures from the civil war days till today.

  13. DEATH MACHINE says:

    tested and trusted Vulcans

  14. jimmy says:
    This is full of typos but it explains the gist of who LT GEN ABDULRAHAN BELLO DAMBAZAU
    @NAIJA SEAL He has courted controversy his entire life as Military life as the registrar@ the NDA for six year speaks volume could it be the other way round he refused entry to certain people from ethnic minorities of the North maybe because they were not qualified? he was kept there for a very long time almost six years so he must of been doing something right as we have seen now that some people were admitted and failed to show the right stuff on the battlefield
    He is the first army chief to bag multiple degrees and the first chief to have a PHD,i am pegging him to be the defense minister however he is controversial, he was retired not because of all the scandals that swirled around his head but because of his inability to get along with his then current CDS This is where my red flag comes in.
    The PRESIDENT elect has the right to choose his own man but will his man get along with his NSA? who might be COL ALI? GMB despite the strict no nonsense suffer no fools gladly did not do well with sycophants his military cabinet included Domkat Bali and IBB.
    It will be very interesting whom GMB will choose as his army chief as a former GOC 3div and a quartermaster general and responsible for procurement, GMB ‘S pick for army chief/ if he decides to stick with LT. GEN KTJ for at least a year will be heavily scrutinized whichever way his goes.Personally i know two people who either worked for him or were his mates, like Gen SCHWARZKOPF He has always engendered intense loyalty by those who liked him and -as a result were blind to some of his faults, my thinking is for the ARMY , LT GEN KTJ whom it now beginning to appear has done a remarkable comprehensive job of finally putting the right people in the right space and removing the wrong people

  15. drag_on says:

    ” …… Nigeria last year produced 10 Streit Cougar armoured personnel carriers (APCs) under license as the Igirigi. The Igirigi is assembled by the Nigerian Army Engineering Corps and was initially thought to be a wholly indigenous design….”
    (Defence web).

    False, the Igirigi and the Cougar are completely different viehicles.

    • Henry says:

      The Igirigi APC first entered service in October/November of 2013, not 2014 these guys are claiming. In 2014 25 Igirigi APC’s were delivered to the Nigerian army, with most of them serving in Abuja (guards brigade) and in Adamawa.

      Streit group Nigeria, did help with the final Production model. While Streit group UAE delivered the Spartan MK3’s to the Army.

      However, the numbers and when the Igirigi entered Nigerian military service been quoted by defenceweb is wrong.

      • asorockweb says:

        Defenceweb was quoting SIPRI.

        IF a production licence was obtained by the NA for the IGIRIGI, then the design content of the IGIRIGI, source from the COUGAR APC, must have been high.

        That is, IF a production licence was bought by NA for the IGIRIGI. NA may have bought a production licence for the COUGAR, but still produced the IGIRIGI by it’s self. The stance of both vehicle does look similar though.

      • Henry says:

        The cougar is the much smaller, Toyota based LAV. The Igirigi just like the Streit Spartan MK3 is based on the ford F550 chassis.

        The numbers and when the Igirigi entered N.A service quoted by the various sources are both in-accurate.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga Henry, you are right.

        We know that, at least most of the numbers quoted in the article are wrong, even if SIPRI provided the numbers.

        There are more than 10 IGIRIGI for starters.

  16. Oje says:

    Oga Saleh which Bakassi conflict are you talking about? i assume you are alluding to the Naija Cameroon imbroglio.There was never any form of border or territorial skirmishes that required the use of heavy artillery. Both countries never went to war.

    • ozed says:

      Oje, i dont know if that is correct.

      Once had work to do in Calabar and a taxi driver i used to patronize took me round the city, he showed me the route to Ikang (border), telling me that at the height of the bakassi face off they could hear the sound of shelling from the outskirts of Calabar.

      I assume he was telling the truth as he really had no reason to lie to me on that matter.

    • saleh says:

      Oga Oje a battery from 301 GS Arty armed with 155mm bofors was deployed for bakassi.

  17. dndynamite says:

    I guess you have all seen this video

    • Sir Kay says:

      You guessed right. Why did you repost it? hehe, jk

    • Roscoe says:

      Well read and well spoken soldier at the end, Quoting suvorov. Train hard, fight easy. Vice is always very good. Embedded journos @ last. Can’t wait.

      • That quote reminds me of a quote I read from a tom clancy, “their drills are bloodless battles and their battles are bloody drills”

      • asorockweb says:

        Thank you, Roscoe!.
        “What is difficult in training will become easy in a battle”
        “The bullet is a mad thing; only the bayonet knows what it is about,”

    • Jaspo says:

      Does anyone know the release date of this documentary?

    • buchi says:

      beautiful absolutely beautiful..we got the right crew in there to tell our story and they are telling our story,i am short of words.
      damm,the recoil from the 155mm bofors is enormous…many things we can deduce …as for those asking for live footage of NAF aerial bombardment there you have it….
      this is just a preview the full video will be the bomb.oga beegz oga mschegaz thanks for this early morning tonic…
      that night pounding by the vulcans reminded me of a phrase used by british SAS troops when supported by heavy CAS in an operation..
      “thats bloody outrageous mate”
      we are becoming masters of improvization.ill keep my eyes out for the full video.our detractors can eat their words in shame..
      we are a proud race….
      i think the helo with the wing stub is a super puma…and the gazelle was the helo firing the rockets from the pods during the invasion of bama at 0;46

    • Muyiwa says:

      Great Trailer!.

  18. lachit says:

    can some body identify the gun at .40s in the video

    • asorockweb says:

      An AKM with a drum mag?

    • lachit says:

      i meant the artillary gun same as that in the picture posted above “Nighttime bombardment by artillerymen”
      cant recognize the type

    • asorockweb says:

      FH77B 155mm Howitzer. Designed by Bofors. India 100s of FH77s.

    • lachit says:


      watch carefully the vice news video,( in the night firing scene) the soldier is loading the shells into the breech manually and the loading trough/rammer is missing.
      if u look at the 4th picture above the “Nighttime bombardment by artillerymen” u will see something like the breech screw just below the white paint patch on the breech block but below that the loading trough and rammer which is a standard fit on FH-77 B is not there.
      this picture shows the missing part(the part below the the breech screw)

      normally the projectiles are loaded onto a loading table and are then guided onto the loading tray, while another loader places the propellant charge onto a separate loading trough/rammer. In two operations, the projectile loading tray is swung over to line up with the chamber and then the charge tray swings over, behind it. The projectile is then hydraulically rammed forward into the chamber with the charge pushed right forward behind the projectile. Once the projectile is seated in the driving bands the loading trough/rammer is withdrawn until the charge is stripped from the tray by a retaining catch. The rammer mechanism is fully withdrawn, the breech screw is closed and a primer cartridge automatically loaded into the primer seat from a magazine holding eight tubes.
      and ur gun is ready to fire.
      either the loading trough/rammer has been removed(if it is a bofors gun).
      or it must be a different artillary gun ( the breech block is way different from the bofors.)
      the latter option is likely.

      • sazulu says:

        Have you served in the military before? You seem to know a lot of the firing procedure.

      • asorockweb says:

        Oga lachit, you must work for Indian Military Intelligence.

        I just assumed it was the same gun.

      • lachit says:

        lets say once i was involved in a project for *ahem!!* albit indirectly
        my role was very small 😀

      • lachit says:

        “Data Mining” has great applications in economics and military.
        if any of u guys are from computer science engg i suggest u take a interest in it.
        lots of money to be made here.demand is huge for the talented

      • lachit says:

        i so much wanted to…..

    • lachit says:

      identified it.
      its the D 30 122mm artillary

      • sazulu says:

        You’re right.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        My Oga Lachit, u are a man of hire calibre and I salute u!!! As a Data Mining Specialist, I totally agree with you that this fields application is far wide, and covers the Military, Finance, Economics, Geographical etc to name a few. There is hardly any industry worldwide that Data Mining doesn’t touch, and a country like Nigeria with it’s high volume knowledge base has the opportunity to shine in the world market by supplying these highly sought after resources.

        God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.

      • Are James says:

        Data mining is the twenty first century skill set, it also needs good math skills. There is one young mathematician commentator on this blog who would have been useful in that field instead of all the !#=/?@ stuff he keeps posting here.

  19. lachit says:

    RAM AT from israel, loaded with eight LAHAT missiles, a nice low cost ,low maintenance,high mobility all terrain vehicle for anti tank, anti infantry missions

    hehehe 😀 did any one see this comming

    meet the Flimmer DUCK DRONE
    Flimmer can cruise at about 57mph. Underwater, it can achieve speeds of 11mph
    armed with sonar capabilities, it can stay glued to enemy submarines above or below sea level and track it as needed.

    • HmMM the RAM AT looks fly, Is it armoured? As for the flying duck, hmmmmmm Ingenious, doubt it can transit from marine operations to flight on its own though u never can tell but I just cant seem to wrap my mind around d possibility. Flight to marine shld be easier though. But a flying duck is certainly sumthing!! Heheh @ Lachit I dont believe that u merely worked on a defence project and played a small part. Me thinks that u are meshed in the def industry

      • lachit says:

        in hindu mythology there is story where one fellow was being tested by a god he was asked what is faster than light?
        that fellow answered “MIND” .it is limitless as the universe
        u see brain is the only worthwhile thing in the human body. god only exits because human brain thought it up.every thing exits because the brain interprets it logically and presents it.

        my point being nothing is impossile as long as the brain can comprehend, process and search for has being doing so for thousands of years.
        most of the scientic work being done now is based on ideas thought up by simple people with vivid imagination eg teleportation was first talked about by comic book writers.but 2-3 years back scientist managed to teleport a single atom from one point in space to another.

        and u r stuck with trying to figure out whether it can transit from marine operations to flight on its own.
        try to figure it out and may be u will end up giving ur self a noble prize 😀 😀

      • Hmmmm, Nobel prize indeed, well ma training is in d arts, but u neva can tell maybe there’s prize winning non science trained techy inside me somewhere. In any case it reminds me of Thunder Sub tooo. Heheheh

      • lachit says:

        what about the comic book writers? (generally arts background but fantastic scientific ideas)

        arts/science just another useless depends on the individual

        maybe a beer or two will jolt the brain from art(istic)-> erot** 😀 ->scientific thinking hehe

    • @ lachit I bliv u meant to write RAMTA, nd it looks like d RAM Mk3.

      • lachit says:

        yes it is the RAM Mk3.
        The RAM Mk3 equipped with a weapon station carrying four laser guided anti-tank missiles eg LAHAT is also known as RAM( Mk3 )AT.
        The missiles are mounted on the recessed ramp, elevated into position just before firing, thus maintaining the anti-tank vehicle an undistinguished silhouette, contributing to the vehicle’s survivability and combat efficiency.

        Unlike many conventional armored vehicles built on commercial chassis, the RAM forms around a structural skin (Monocoque hull), which is built of two pieces of diamond-shaped ballistic steel. This hull renders the fully bulletproof, mine-protected cabin.and defeats 7.62mm AP and 0.5” ball threats.
        The vehicle is offered in two ballistic versions and over 20 configurations,The basic design offers mine protection meeting STANAG 2A and 2B level, and ballistic protection conforming to STANAG 2 or 3, depending on customer requirementilored for customer-specific requirements.

      • lachit says:

        i believe nigeria will gain much by having strong ties with israel.
        i have always said knowledge is everything.u cannot always keep importing weapons.
        someday u got to develop it.
        for that u got to develop the human resource in nigeria.

        u can do it by copying (chinese way but it has its own weakness:long gestation period and very expensive) or by learning/acquiring relevent skills by sending/sponsering ur country men to israel,japan,s.korea and western countries for training/R&D.

        believe me the israelis are very good people they have a great thirst for knowledge and are also willing to share their information once u gain their trust.

        i am pround of my software skills but when a israeli fellow (specializing in cryptanalysis)started to lecture our group .i felt like a dumbass.

      • smartboy2000 says:

        The subject of cryptanalysis has evolved over the years. 24 years ago when I started researching on cryptography and it’s impact on worldwide security of electronic systems, I was astounded on how unsafe the world is. Over the years, there has being massive awareness on the subject matter and I believe the Nuclear Industry is the pace setter on this security subject.

        God Bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!!!

      • lachit says:

        i dont have much knowledge about cryptanalysis because it is way out of my league.
        but this much i can say if u have a good cryptanalysis team in ur military/intelligence set up then half of ur battles are already won.

      • lachit says:

        Senegal, Botswana, Cameroon, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Lesotho, and Morocco operate the RAM in africa
        dont have any info on nigeria ordering the RAM.
        just wait and see

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, you are very right about sending people abroad for training/R&D. Knowledge is power indeed.

        One easy area I think a country like Nigeria can benefit immensely from is Formula One. A great deal about cutting edge aerodynamics, next generation materials, precision, civilian mindset’s with military style organisation (Nigeria’s biggest weakness); quite a few Formula One people are from aerospace and military backgrounds, all Formula One teams are backed by Big Data, there is MASSIVE (terabyte level par race) data gathering from the sensors on each car.

        There is an Indian owned team, Force India (owned by Vijay Mallya), data . Tata (India too) provides Formula One’s core data services (real time data floods from all car sensors) and Formula One’s communications. Do you know how do these two companies mesh with India’s wider military industrial complex?

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola

        Vijay Mallya he has nothing to contribute to defense industry.
        but TATA is in different league.presently fourteen Tata companies are engaged in providing support to the Indian defence sector. The key players include TAL Manufacturing Solutions, Tata Advanced Systems, TCS, Tata Elxsi, Tata Industrial Services, Tata Motors, Tata Power (Strategic Electronics Division) and Titan Company.

        The Tata group has increased its footprint in integrating and supplying systems of strategic importance in the areas of mobility solutions, aerospace, missiles, radars, network-centric warfare enablers, electronic warfare systems, manned and unmanned platforms (land, aerial, marine and submarine), integration of C4I (command, control, communications, computers and intelligence), command and control systems for air defence and naval combat, battlefield transparency systems, information assurance and home land security systems.

        The MODI government is trying to reduce the over-dependence on imports by stimulating indigenous innovation and developing an export edge in the defence sector. it is seeking the involvement of the private sector and adopting the public-private partnership (PPP) model, similar to what has happened in many countries including the US, the UK and France.

        joining the Tata Group are Bharat Forge Ltd, Anil Ambani’s Reliance Group, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), Larsen and Toubro Ltd (L&T), the Godrej group and the Mahindra Group. etc etc.the companies i have listed above in turn have lots of subsidery companies under them engaged in different defence sectors.

      • lachit says:

        i forgot to mention the only worthwhile contribution that Vijay Mallya makes:
        is to my(and many indians) intake of wiskey and beer 😀

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Chai! Oga Lachit, is Vijay Mallya that bad? 🙂

        By the way, I didn’t realise Tata was such a conglomerate and has been in business since 1868 (147 years).

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        he is liquor baron hehehe

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        Vijay Mallya’s The UB Group is worlds no 2 Spirits Company

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit. it be a shame for Vijay Mallya to not be contributing to military development.

        Quite a few formula one bosses and engineers have military or aerospace backgrounds; my favourite is Martin Witmarsh who used to be Director of airframe manufacturing for the Harrier Jump Jet before he joined a Formula One team called McLaren.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        vijya mallya is an exception.he he he
        thanks for the info on Martin Witmarsh
        did not know that

  20. Oje says:

    lol.. Israel is nothing but an American aircraft Carrier in the Middle East. American money, American technology, American protection. American arms,…indeed tha’ts Gods on country.

    • lachit says:

      hey man i missed u. (not the bashing i got previously) 😀

      humans compromise, countries also compromise for the larger goal.

      i believe u have never being in a situation where u had to compromise in life.
      man i had more than my share.
      say what ! i should send one or two of them your way hehehe 😀

      if u got discovery channel in ur TV i suggest u watch the the program MENTALIST
      it shows how the human mind can be tricked.
      mordern day media,internet based reports alters the way our mind draws is unconciously forced to accept their point of view.

      israel did what it way necessary to survive.they are intelligent people.their gift of knowledge to humanity is immense.all the countries in the middle east taken together have not contrbuted a fraction of their contribution to science.

      if u think israel is u enemy then also u must try to learn from them because atleast they are a very intelligent enemy. 😀 😀

      latest news:relations between israel and us are not so good lately due to obama policy .u can see it because the israeli are opening up relationship with china,russia,india, and other countries.
      no friend no enemies only permanent interests.

      i am recommending a good book on statecraft written between (350–283 BC)
      download and read it
      ******* arthashastra by chanakya***********
      {newbie intelligence agents are made to learn it by heart}

      • smartboy2000 says:

        I concur with the above comments 100% !!!!

      • Oje says:

        lol wow, nice one. you have a pretty good analytic skill.

      • buchi says:

        this is a free lecture worth more than a quantifiable amount of money oga lachit pls keep it up.i would sincerely like to meet you in person…my software skills are not at its best..and i have just met a good tutor lol..ur info is informative

    • giles says:

      Israel “US Mideast aircraft carrier” dats so funny, bros d relationship between Israel and US is a simple symbiotic relationship. I give u money u give me good technology. pls who own’s d USA

      • lachit says:

        illuminati ???

      • buchi says:

        lol the quakers and all migrants

      • lachit says:

        man i love conspiracy theories like illuminati,bermuda triangle,aliens,ufo,atlantis,ancient indian nuclear weapons,vimanas(flying vehicles) and almost every imaginable crazy theories.
        u see in this present modern era everything has been maped out or discovered.
        there is no more new countries to explore or no new things to go in search for ( atleast not for an ordinary common fellow like me)
        inspite of all these. i still want to explore/think/search/believe in these therories.they are my only chance to fullfill my desires to do something great for myself.
        (if i was born 700 years i would have become a EXPLORER/PIRATE :D)

        thinking about all these helps me to fill up my thrist for knowledge/cruiosity which every human is born keeps me feel relevent/important (atleast to myself :D) inspite of my shortcommings/limitations or inability to do something great/worthwhile.
        (except the girls maybe i found that they are always curious about silly things :D)

        every human being is an asset ,everybody can be great provided they do it for their own personal selfsatisfaction rather than trying to show off .
        i rather find the concept of GREAT (that is being interpreted/used nowdays very silly),i see no point in being great for others,it leads to unnecessary complications/jealousy etc in society and everwhere. but one must try to be great for themselves i.e only to fullfill their own thirst for knowledge/self respect etc, but sadly it is the otherway round.

        hehehe 😀 😀 if u were to born 700 years back what would u like to become????

      • lachit says:

        i mean harmlessly dangerous 😀 😀

    • Bharat says:

      Israel has one of the highest per capita PhD holders and per capita entrepreneurs.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje. Till now, the relationship between Israel and the US has been the most successful country to country relationship on Earth.
      It is an impressive relationship that has been kept stable and alive across differing governments and across decades, its like a happy marriage. There is a lot to learn from it.
      The population of Israel is just 8 million, yet their clout on the world stage is that of a world power; America is by far the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, with a lot of its core scientists being of Jewish descent (Oppenheimer, Einstein etc); Israel’s military backbone is supplied by America… Then there is Wall Street.

      Nigeria can participate in such relationships when we have finally nailed down our identity and laid out a set of interests that can endure across generations for the betterment of every Nigerian, whether from Zuru, Lafia, Warri or Uyo. Let us try not to poke fingers, but to observe and learn from older, succeeding countries.

      • tbite says:

        The Israeli Relationship is fine….but we certainly cannot live with a South Korean type situation. What Igbi says is really true. It is not simply the destiny of Nigeria..for the country to be successful, that is hardly our objective. Our objective is to be successful AND be an independent power in the world. One that can project its own ambitions. Anything short of this and we have failed as a nation.

        So even if Nigeria became South Korea or Vietnam…we would still be a failure. We must have the type of assertiveness as a China or an Israel. Of course Obama tried to wrestle away that level of boldness…from Israel but failed. If a country like Nigeria cannot be independent and assertive..then what future does the African continent hold?

        Hate Gaddafi all you want, but at least he believed in an African Continent that could have its own imprint on this world. Which is why I get particularly distressed when I see what is brewing in the Francophone axis. If Africa is nothing but a puppet of powers such as America and France….then what is the point?

        Our fight is not just against Boko Haram…actually Boko Haram is not our main fight. Our primary objective is to be able to project globally and we cannot lose sight of that, even in the quest to eliminate Boko Haram!

      • lachit says:

        u got the priorities mixed up

        first project nationally and when successfull
        then project globally.

      • Simply put Charity begins @ home

      • tbite says:

        That is not what I am saying at all. I am saying that our national priorities must not sabotage future global ambitions. For example how we negotiated the Boko Haram conflict….with our neighbours was definitely not our only option. It was certainly not an option that we needed to execute…yet we did.

        Such poorly thought our decisions, can affect our global standing. You plan for our immediate concerns, but you never lose sight of your long term objectives.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga tbite, I am a 100% with about Nigeria needing to be both independent and to project globally. However, where is the foundation for projection? We must build it first. We are destined for greatness if only our leaders learn to see clearly.

        At the most basic levels, we talk about a military industrial complex, yet it is not possible to online patent applications in Nigeria, our civilian research institutes (PRODA, FIIRO etc) are not integrated with themselves or civilian industry or the military. Our entire Intellectual Property system is absent; that our economy has come so far is only due to the resilience of the Nigerian person. There is no doctrine to tie us tightly together as a single unit with a single purpose, instead we have a cacophony of individual (and mostly suicidal) definition’s of Nigerian identity.

        How can these things project us globally?

        As for boko haram, the very same pressures of amorphous, non-doctrinal identity spaghetti made us victims. How could so many take up arms against their own country and engage in such bestial slaughter of their “fellow Nigerians?”

        The US and Israel are two completely separate countries, not merely separate ethnicities, yet witness their incredible singularity of purpose. We have a lot to learn so we can build. My Oga, we need to first project to Nigerians before we can even project to Africa, talk less the world. When we have a clear-cut idea of who exactly we are and what exactly our worth is, we would not fear to go into beneficial, EQUAL partnership’s with other nations, just as Israel has done with America.

      • On the intellectual property front @ Oga Kola A Patent registered in Nigeria has no clout internationally cos we Patents Registry lacks the wherewithal to investigate the claims of the inventor. In fact the patents Law prohibits the registrar from investigating. Same for designs but Trade marks and Copyright dey try small but the laws r kinda archaic and n ot in tune with modern realities. But u can file ur intellectual property application online in Nigeria albeit through an accredited agent. Truth is most pple dont appreciate the intricacies or essence of IP

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        99.99 % bang on target

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Thank you o jare, Oga lachit.

        “A Patent registered in Nigeria has no clout internationally cos we Patents Registry lacks the wherewithal to investigate the claims of the inventor.”
        – Oga Adetayo’s Blog

        You hit the nail on the head. Can you imagine if a Nigerian has some big, top secret defence (or other) invention that they would have to patent it abroad? That is like a grown man giving his money and wife to his neighbour for safe keeping. Money go los and wife go get bele! 🙂

        Intellectual property is just one of the numerous ways we subjugate ourselves to 3rd party countries and it all stems from lacking a cogent definition of what it means to be a Nigerian. It is only from such a definition that collective self and national worth can spring forth; and it is only when one has self worth that they can truly understand the magnitude of riches (human and physical) that they sit on.

  21. freeegulf says:

    oga kola, while you make some fine points, i had say Tbite is quite correct on his take about our geopolitics.
    your assertion on US israeli relationship is far from accurate. i have to say the best country to country relationship will be the USA / UK one. yes tony blair nearly made britain the 51st state of america, but the relationship on average is one of mutual respect for allies and shared common goal in international relations. this is a relationship that goes back to WW2 and has remained firmed ever since.

    now coming back to the USA / Israel relationship. if i m asked to name top 5 countries i admire the most, Israel will definitely be part of that list. african countries and their pan arab stand in the 70s and 80s, that is a long dead relationship just like india and pan arabism too.
    i feel pity for the palestinians, however, if they cant sort out those useless arab countries, then sadly, they will never actualize their statehood dream.

    back to the US / Israel relationship. there is nothing symbiotic about it. its one of usury. full stop! one side thinks the other is her client state in the ME, and to use oga oje word, ‘american aircraft carrier’. on the other hand, the other party thinks the super power is there is sustain and nourish her. subsidizing of the economy, the military, and spending about $10 million per day on israel. whats so symbiotic about this relationship? when both parties think they are using the other. of course, we know whos got the short end of the stick in this so called symbiotic relationship.
    today if china becomes the world power, i bet we would have dual israeli chinese citizens too.
    the current american relationship with israel is far from healthy, and unfortunately, it would have tragic consequences for both countries with the way both parties try to mesh into the other’s internal affairs. look how that clown bibi is insulting the intelligence of americans. the relationship will soon milk dry. that is where it is heading.

    as for nigeria, yes we need to establish our identity, and also assert our mark at the international scene. however, this will not come at the compromise of being under the thumb of any imperial power. we have our own independent foreign policy and we would continue to chart that course. nigeria is the hope of the black race. if nigeria succeeds africa succeeds, we all know the alternative to that.

    • lachit says:

      freeegulf tbite Kola Adekola Adetayo’s Blog Igbi ❤ oje and all represent the varied views of nigeria .
      as long as national development is the main goal, all other differences can be sidelined and resolved in a progressive manner.

      pan arabism :man !! many arab countries are the prime reason why nigeria is facing BH,middle east burning,africa burning,asia burning.with US UK FRANCE keeping quite because of the petro dollars involved.china russia cashing on the arms deals.everybody is looking after their own narrow selfish they give a hoot over the dead/dying people.
      surely u must know that.

      personally i support israel anyday over arabs.but will keep US at a far off distance while acquiring all their technology and bussiness tactics.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga freeegulf, I am in complete agreement with you about our need to project and be independent. We don’t need to partner with any country to achieve that. However, in the areas where we need partnerships, we MUST have the sort of self sufficiency that can only spring from the deep self belief which can result only from an equitable and strongly doctrinal identity.

      Today we are all very righteously pissed off at America for its hypocritical role in our boko haram struggle. They stabbed us in the back, mocked a country that is victim terrorism and made it look like the monster; they even talked about “human rights” for boko haram!
      Now, our anger is all well and good, but let us begin to deal with the cold, hard facts so we can learn our lessons and build up. The fact is that 45+ years after Nigerians invented the Ogbunigwe (a very novel anti-aircraft/ground attack mechanism), we are angry that America decided to give our officials mere cups of tea, while refusing to give us “strong American Ogbunigwe” to fight boko haram. Irony?
      That is just one illustration of how a lack of identity can lead a nation astray. We should be angry with ourselves for allowing our fractious nature to give America the ammunition to maltreat us.

      If a person says, “I don’t who who or what I am,” then it is absolutely impossible for them to understand their own value and the value of their assets. That is the problem with Nigeria. Where is Ogbunigwe today? The last I heard was that we were trying to partner with China for such mundane things as RPG’s. That is no way to project belief in Nigerian prowess to Nigerians, talk less Africa and the world.

      Right now, we need to work hard on national restructuring to breed identity, identity, identity.

      • freeegulf says:

        oga kola, well said. we need to restructure our national identity. and yes, we would partner with those we have to partner in innovation with. as for political alliance, we dont need all that. it was our incoherent foreign policy that got us the embarrassment of our president going to paris to beg france to get our neighbours to cooperate. it was also this lack of vision that got our NSA and politicians going to chantam house to completely prostrate to those wannabe superpowers. we dont need all that. a strong, decisive leadership can motivate the people to work together for progress and national success.

        @oga lachit, yes pan arabism is bravo sierra. africans and indians backed these silly fellas in the 70s and 80s. for africa, it was the fusion of zionism and apartheid that took her to the arab camp . for india, it was non aligned brotherhood. well, we have all learned. pan arabism is non existent today. like i mentioned previously, i feel pity for the palestinians. its hard to watch the disproportionate use of violence against gaza without feeling pity for the people caged in that open ghetto.
        but really, we should ask, what have the arabs done for the palestinians? its the non arabs like iran and turkey that re even more fair towards them than those fat cats in the gulf.

        nations now guide their own foreign policy without some bogus ideology. in the 50s and early 60s, india thought she had a friend in red china. the hindi chini bhai bhai turned to smoke once the chinese sent their troops on the offensive. today india knows better.
        no more ideological hubris, no permanent friend or foe, simply permanent interest. international relations is not cued on emotions.

      • Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

        The Ogubnigbwe is basically built to act like an intentional detonated clay-more mine, which is a force multiplier for fixed point defense and capable of stopping momentum of any infantry attack. The ” Flying Ogbuniguwe” was a modification that increased the lethal/kill zone by detonating airborne above the target, think of an heavy load RPG round that explode about 10 metres above an attacking infantry unit, It was effectively used at River Niger crossing against a numerical superior force, by less armed defenders during the Civil war, a rocket propelled version was built ( All using implements got mostly from a railway repair shop)

    • lachit says:

      see !!! everyones thought process is turning out to be almost same and our bit by bit interaction is leading all of us to the same conclusion.

      nobody is a saint be it the israelis or the palestinians.those knuckle heads dont realise that they are playing into the hands of countries who are trying to raise their international stature by keeping the conflict alive.
      if israelis and the palestinians come together they can become one of the most properous countries in the world.
      (two is a company but three is a disaster in the making)

  22. One Chief Bisong twitted this

    Dozens of Nigerian soldiers have crossed the border into the Cameroonian village of Kerawa. Not yet known whether they are deserters.

    Cameroon army in contact with the Nigerian soldiers to find out what their mission is all about.

  23. lachit says:

    DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has an indian origin Arati Prabhakar, as its director .she revealed the DARPA’s Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV) program that seeks to develop a new type of unmanned surface vessel that could independently track adversaries’ ultra-quiet diesel-electric submarines over thousands of miles.
    This system will be the underwater equivalent of a Predator drone.

    ACTUV aims to persistently trail adversaries’ submarines, limiting their tactical capacity for surprise. As designed, it would operate under sparse remote supervisory control but could also serve as a remotely piloted vessel, should the mission or specific circumstances require it. With an envisioned price tag of $20 million per vessel, ACTUV aims to provide breakthrough capabilities at a price much lower than manned warships. Initial water-borne testing of an ACTUV prototype is scheduled for later this year.

    • lachit says:

      in the previous threads i had mentioned that nigeria should seriously think about acquiring submarines when she has the resouces to do so.(as quick as possible)
      she should go for at least 3 submarines with two in regular patrol while one stays at the harbour for maintenance.
      the submarines should come equipped with land attack and anti ship cruise missiles.
      in any future conflict that are going to play a great role.
      one good submarine is worth 3 capital warships any time.
      they can close down shipping lanes indefinately thus crippling the adversaries supply it is good for morale also.

      • sazulu says:

        I agree with you Lachit but i feel we should prioritise our needs. Currently, our fleet needs to be worked on. The currently budgetary allocation wouldn’t be enough to maintain the few vessels properly. You and I know that maintaining subs isn’t easy. Owning subs are a thing of national pride but having cases of losing subs to preventable accidents would do more harm than good. In our current situation, i feel we should invest on surface vessels for now, that’s enough to free our waters from pirates.

      • lachit says:

        ur right about prioritising current needs .

  24. lachit says:

    i invite all to visit this website.
    run by an australian it deals on matter relating to submarines etc
    u will run into some interesting conversation between me and the gentleman
    infact he updated his post later to include my info hehehe

  25. Kola Adekola says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio

    #BokoHaram Alargano camp in Sambisa forest was this evening fully destroyed with many enemy casualties. More camps under artillery barrage

  26. Oje says:

    Oga lachit, don’t you think it is wrong to make referrals to another blog while enjoying special privileges and recognition from this one? Just my opinion.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Nothing wrong with it boss, since its not a blog focused on Nigeria or boko haram,
      Or Africa for that matter, at least from the little i’ve seen on there.
      therefore no competition with beegs’s blog or a threat to it.
      My opinion

    • lachit says:

      never thought of it that way.
      will not post any links to other blogs

  27. Sir Kay says:

    I just posted couple of things but my post are disappearing .

    • lachit says:

      hehehe 😀 😀
      this happens when u have more than one page of the SAME THREAD open
      and u try to post comment through one of them.

      just have only one page open of a perticular thread/topic of on ur browser and post ur comments through that only.

      hope it solves future problems

      • Sir Kay says:

        No i usually only have one opened. I posted a link with a picture showing lots of boko haram captured in chad by Nigerian troops, so i was curious about that, since there haven’t been any mention of our troops operating inside chad, but the link wouldnt show here.

      • lachit says:

        try pasting the link on a seperate browser tab to see if it opens there.
        if it opens then it should get posted here too

      • sazulu says:

        This happened to me when I joined this blog. I kept on disturbing Beeg. Now i’m wiser. Thanks Lachit.

    • jimmy says:

      Try re-posting or give us the link.

      • Sir Kay says:

        nope, no luck, i even remove some of the letters in the link ( referral links or stuff like that), and it still work on firefox and chrome, but not on this blog, each time i past the link and post, it takes my to the top of the page. I give up.

      • Sir Kay says:

        I think its simply the website, no links on there would post here.

  28. Sir Kay says:

    Saw this caption under a pic of boko prisoners, do we operate military inside chad?

    “Members of Boko Haram captured by the Nigerian Military in Chad on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (Photo Credit: Defense Headquarters)Members of Boko Haram captured by the Nigerian Military in Chad on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (Photo Credit: Defense Headquarters)”

  29. Oje says:

    I hope its true, and going by Buhari’s ideologue anything is possible.possible. Boko Haram has left a big scar in Nigeria and its image among AFRICANS. Any Nigerian President whose foreign policy has strategic depth will paradoxically use this Boko conflict to restore Nigeria’s prestige and power in the sub region.Nigerian Special Forces taking out Insurgents deep inside Chadian territory (technically it is legal, part of a framework agreement to allow cross border pursuit of fleeing terrorists) will be a good start, and expel the myth of Chadian invincibility.

  30. Sir Kay says:

    “Members of Boko Haram captured by the Nigerian Military in Chad on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (Photo Credit: Defense Headquarters)”

    That’s the image grab from the link i couldn’t post here

    • Henry says:

      I’m sorry, but can’t you guys identify a Nigerian military Camo pattern? Even if the caption says Nigerian military, everybody should ordinarily be able to identify a Nigerian Soldier.

      First of, Nigerian troops do not wear a turban, only troops from chad, Niger, mali and Mauritania wear turbans.

      Secondly, the camo patterns in these photos are definitely not Nigerian, coupled with the fact that not even a single soldier in that photo is wearing a basic bulletproof vest.

      These are obviously chadian troops and definitely not Nigerian.

      • Are James says:

        ……and those are Nigerian kids sitting on the ground. So many things have been professionally done. This story just flew upon us from the internet. Was the FG even aware? Is there even a protocol for handling Nigerians captured by foreign troops (on Nigerian soil for chissakes!!) or is it to be assumed that every young Nigerian boy found in Gamboru or wherever by the Chadians is Boko Haram?. For those who trully are, who tries them?. So many rules of engagement broken appear being broken by Chadian troops . Were there even rules of engagement drawn up?.
        Is any Nigerian official working on repatriation and trial/rehabilitation as the case may be?. These are the things we consider when we knock the departing government who seemed to have so many unqualified, unpatriotic businessmen making policy -charlatans in high positions from top to bottom. Everything was just set up as if only one man mattered in everything. Look at some of the faces in that picture. SMH.

      • Are James says:

        *unprofessionally done*

      • Sir Kay says:

        And where did you read me call them Nigerian soldiers? The useless caption is what i intend on sharing on here, because it says Nigerian troops in Chad, when i know we have no troops in chad.

  31. lachit says:


    can somebody identify the plane on the left and on the right
    and its implications.

    • asorockweb says:

      Left: a US designed used for the F-35 competition
      Right: Chinese design for one of their stealth fighters.

      Implications? Stolen design

  32. startrek says:

    @ are James You are perfectlyly entitled to ur opinion bt U do not have all the facts or even the full info… enough of the Jonathan
    bashing or don’t U think so ?

  33. startrek says:

    @ are James You are perfectlyly entitled to ur opinion sir bt U do not have all the facts or even the full info… enough of the Jonathan bashing or don’t U think so ?

  34. Are James says:

    PAK FA.

  35. Oje says:

    Oga lachit, thise are obviously Chinese version (stolen design) of its J-20 Stealth fighter. Its a feeble attempt to marry American F-35 structural design with Chinese Engines and avionics. The ChiComs never really get their metallurgy right, still have a long way to go IMO.

  36. chynedoo says:

    Kenya bombs Somalia al-Shabab bases after Garissa attack

  37. Oje says:

    Oga Henry, those soldiers having pot bellies in the photos are Nigerian soldiers. Its natural Chadian soldiers will be in the mix even if Nigerian soldiers are on their soil.

    • Are James says:

      Ok so pot bellies define Nigerian soldiers. Noted.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Oh man, i can’t laugh lol.
      I mean, there are lots of soldiers in that pic, so those in turban obviously aren’t ours, but who is to say Nigerian troops aren’t there. But hey, i posted the pic to so that we can talk about it and clarify things ( if you are talking about the pic i posted that is, lol )
      All i know is, those are lots of boko suspects, which is good

    • Henry says:

      Oga Oge, there isn’t a Single Nigeria Soldier or Officer in that photo. Not one.

      You are another person who finds it difficult identifying Nigerian Troops.

  38. Oje says:

    Oga James. Russian aircraft designs do not incorporate the use of Canards on their aircraft’s.

  39. jimmy says:

    The identities of the ” prisoners cannot be ascertained from the picture itself or from our DUBIOUS allies , remember that this probably if I would to take an educated guess would between either the MALAM FOTORI or Gamboru- Ngala where Sunday bh is from Nigeria , Monday bh is from Chad, Tuesday bh is from Cameroon, right now bh will behave like the Germans at the dying stages of ww2 who were doing everything to surrender to the Americans/British rather than the Russians or even the French, they know and this is even heavily subjective, their best bet of chances of survival are to be captured by the Nigerians, they can bargain with the Nigerians depot locations, commanders whereabouts, ,the Chibok girls, hidden tunnels, with the Chads , once the cameras are switched of they know it is instant death, ditto the Nigeriens, that is why we will see more and more of these type of scenarios, the questions is this why is the picture now surfacing now nearly one month after the fact? expect to see more.

  40. jimmy says:

    Much respect for your comments but the pot bellied officer is wearing a red colored Kepi hat/ beret is a dead giveaway as being French in origin.
    Nigerian officers over the years as popularized by the Buhari/IBB regimes wore the black berets popular with the Armored division (3div). This officer is almost certainly Chadian/ Nigerien.

  41. lachit says:

    none of u are even close to identifying the fighter on the left.
    he he he 😀 : D
    the fighter on the left is the Russian MiG 1.44
    and on the right is the chinese J 20

    Both have similar style of delta wing canard configurations and V-Shaped tail section with closely mounted engines.However there are several differences that shows j 20 is not as optimized for air combat as the MiG. The control surfaces on its hinged ventral fins and on its tail booms flaps are absent on the J-20.The J-20 might do okay on its current configuration but the MiG-1.44 had more control surfaces as a result of a very demanding high AoA behavior. The MiG-1.44 is not stealthy as the others but it is for sure very agile for its size and weight as its inlet is designed to have more side slip resistance and better AoA behavior. The MiG.144 was designed as a pure aerodynamic aircraft with little stealth applied.

    as u all know the WZ-10 attack helicopter was claimed by the chinese to be indigenously developed but later it came out that it was originally designed by Russia’s Kamov OKB, and was then subsequently developed by the PLA’s 602nd Research Institute, Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CAIG) and China Helicopter Research and Development Institute (CHRDI).

    so it is highly probable that the russian mig corporation might have lend a hand to the chinese for j 20, considerering that the mig corporation was in financial trouble.
    also it is possible that the chinese accessed the mig 1.44 technical data without the russians knowledge in the early 90s..

  42. Oje says:

    Pot bellied Nigerian ”Generals” sorry. Think im lying? look at the Cheif of air staff Amosu, or Chief of army staff.

    • FortB says:

      Have you seen the US Chief of Staff? Have you seen the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff as a one star general dropping from a parachute? Stop this stupid stereotyping of our generals. The era where Nigerian military generals are pot bellied is mostly over. Very few are that way.

  43. Oje says:

    Oga lachit, Chinese must hyped new weapons ”DF11 Carrier Killer”, J-20 and the aircraft carrier are just what they are, none has been tested in actual combat.

    • lachit says:

      @ oje

      it is always safe to never underestimate anybody.
      u must have heard that “quality is better quantity”
      but what about “quantity being also a quality”

      chinas ability to churn out weapons at a rapid pace will somewhat erode the quality factor of the weapons fielded by its adversaries in a long drawn conflict.

      in comming years china will improve the j 20 and its aircraft carriers that is sure.they have lots of money and resources to do so.

      but on the DF11 Carrier Killer i am little sceptic.
      basically it is a part of a mind game-a psy ops being played by the chinese.
      which might end up back firing on the chinese.

      continue next post……

  44. lachit says:


    1.for a ballistic missile to hit a target at hundreds or thousands of km away, it has to know where that target is located, with a high degree of accuracy.high mobility ships including carriers travel in excess of 35 m/hr and this will surely complicates the ability of the ASBM to target such platforms.

    2.the DF 11 maneuverable re-entry vehicle is claimed to be equipped with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and optical sensors, which will enable it to hit a moving target.
    any radar/optical sensors mounted on reentry vehicle moving at extremely high hypersonic speeds will have a tough time considering the turbulance and extreme heat generated all around the REV will distort the radar signals and the visual/infra red signals BIG TIME.

    the “KILL CHAIN” of a successful weapons system is as follows
    1. FIND
    2. FIX
    4. HIT

    to FIND a carrier , China will use its over-the-horizon radars, which can search out more than a thousand miles. But the geographic accuracy of OTH radars at long range is not that accurate for pin point strikes.

    China operates reconnaissance satellites with SAR/optical sensors that could be used to more accurately FIX a ship/carrier position.
    Long-range Chinese reconnaissance aircraft or attack submarines could also pinpoint(FIX) a carrier.

    assuming If the Chinese manage to TARGET a ship/carrier, the data would have to be processed, and the missile prepared, programmed, and launched—a complicated command and control procedure .also targetting mobile platforms in vast high seas amids sea clutter is a tough job.

    the missile, its homing sensors, and guidance system would have to function properly to reach and HIT the moving carrier.

    thus u all can see that distruption of the “kill chain” at any of its stages will effectively stop the ASBM.

    in reality he ASBM is essentially a sea denial/anti-access weapon, not a sea-control weapon.
    it is being propagated by the chinese to create doubts in the minds of the countries.
    to make any country think twice before engaging chinese ships.(SERIOUS PSY OPS)



    NOTE( already we have a counter product for this chinese ASBM programme):india has started a program to develop a LONG RANGE HYBRID QUASI BALLISTIC CUM CRUISE ANTI SHIP MISSILE 😈 😈


    • lachit says:

      chinese ASBM is based on these DF 21 MRBM not the DF 11 (TYPO ERROR) which i mentioned above in my analysis.

      • Kola Adekola says:

        Oga lachit, your analysis is very faulty.
        For example, you are assuming that China will not be the first to blind its opponents with EMP, kill satellites with ASAT etc, then launch DF 11’s for the kill. There are almost limitless possibilities with such choreographed attacks.

      • There’s also plenty of margin for error, To blind the with EMP they would hv to sneak up on them. Not sure hw u gonna do that. The US nd Russia have large armed forces spread over a large area. U’ll need a large force to blind them lotsa assets wld hv to be deployed and u cannot hide the movt of that many assets

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        LOL u got everthing upside down.
        i have not described a war scenaro.
        i only analysed the FEASIBILITY OF ASBM in the face of all the likely technological limitation/enemy counter measures that it is going to face.
        that the CHINESE ASBM IS a well thought out HOAX and is going to be counter productive
        if u read it all again slowlyyyyyy and carefullyyyyyyyy
        u will understand what i was trying to explain.

      • lachit says:

        @Kola Adekola
        also for fun let u assume china shoots down satellites with ASAT. what do u think is going to stop everbody from from shooting down all of chinas satellites and then with what are the chinese going to provide targetting information to the ASBM.PIGEONS hahaha!!!

        if required, a single aegis class ship can carry enough asats to shoot down all the chinese satellites will be raining chinese satellites i hope one lands near my home

        “There are almost limitless possibilities with such choreographed attacks.”
        sorry but u r wrong
        do u know military analysts use mathematical models to stimulate these “possibilities”
        and common sense dictates if, a big if, – these limitless possibilities do arise they will be run downed to most likely probable scenarios with the help of actual real life parameters .

        if it sounds little complicated then
        think of it like a mathametical equation where u use certain parameters to restrict the range and get real and meaningful nos(conclusions) .

        i wish ur home was near mine i would have made u learn it by heart hehehe

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        what u said said is just the tip of the iceberg
        i have during my studies come across declassified document which shows that early 1960s onward all major US eqiupments were EMP hardened.
        there was a test where a neutron bomb (it emits the max EM waves) was detonated and a ship stationed withen its direct blast zone survived with almost 80% of its electronics intact.
        that was almost 60 years ago
        surely US has increased the effectiveness of those systems many times over.
        do u know US satellites possess the capability to detect EM emissions and pinpoint them with 100% accuracy.many of their capabilities are still classified.

        soviets/russia also have significant capability in this field

        india also tested a EMP bomb 1 year or so ago it was a failure only managed to knock out the cellphones of the scientists. hehehe
        but research is continuing.

        what is ur opinion about CHINESE asbm is it real or hoax
        by the way chinese have claimed to have conducted a asbm test but the target was a stationery ship mockup in the are available in the net.
        lol even iranians can do that.
        real challenge is against a moving ship in open seas with all the disadvantages that i have posted in my analysis above.

      • @ Lachit I have not done much research on the Chinese ASBm, but here’s my take. Its largely untested and like u pointed out hitting a moving target is diff from a stationary 1. Considering the Size of the ASMB its also a big target for anti missile tech and munitions, its size would make it less maneuverable too considering the speed @ which it flies. The corrections in trajectory required will require Mad algorithms and super manueverability. Makes more sense to cripple a carrier than Kill it. A little damage to the flight deck and flight operations are done for. I read abt a russian ASBM that’s smaller flies freaking low and and changes its trajectory in flight and I think it doesn’t kill but will just deal a crippling blow

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        yes ur right
        did not know that russians have asbm. will try to find about it
        possible u confused with russian long range anti ship cruise 555?

        it was in a interview taken on aug 24 2014 which gave the first indications of indian will easily take around 6-8 years to develop it.

        this is a picture of shaurya(land version)
        k15 is the modified naval version of shaurya but drdo denies it.
        it is a unique missile only one of its kind in the world
        it is a hypersonic (mach 7.5) QUASI BALLISTIC (CUM CRUISE) MISSILE
        it is ballistic because it is powered by solid fuelled rocket motor therefore its high speed. .
        unlike chinese DF 21 its trajectory is not fixed(ballistic missiles follow a fixed parabolic path).shaurya can fly in a depressed trajectory and it can perform maneuvours in flight or make unexpected changes in direction like a cruise missile.
        most probably its longer range derivatives will become the future ASBM.

      • U right right @ Lachit I ws mixing up cruise missiles with Ballistic. Its cruise missiles the russians have and they developed one with the Indians too.

      • To aid Ignition of solid fuels……guess work

      • lachit says:

        since i have already posted the picture of shaurya missile i might as well ask u all a question

        in the picture u can see that just as the missile is coming out of the launcher(canister).a lot of black smoke is seen all around the missile which is generated by the ejector motor to push the missile out of the canister just before the missiles rockets fire.
        the primary function of the EXPANDING GAS from the ejector motor is to eject the missile out of the canister. what is its secondary role/advantage?
        can anybody guess??? the answer is very obivious.

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        u did try but wrong guess.

        just think logically
        the black smoke all around the missile.
        possible advantage of dense rapidly engulfing black smoke all around the missile.

      • to mask the launch, visually and on infrared?

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        satellites used for detecting missile launches use highly sensitive infra red cameras to detect the infra red emissions from the hot plume(intense source of heat) generated by the launch of a missile.

        in the case of shaurya the dense back smoke generated by the ejector motor hides the infra red emissions to a large extent thereby the satellites infra red cameras will show it as a source of heat say from a big bonfire and not from a missile launch.

        so ur correct
        it is to mask the infra red signature of the missile launch
        congrats hehehe

      • hmmm, great. feel like a lottery winner. lol

      • lachit says:

        @Adetayo’s Blog
        did u notice that igbi seems to have gone on TOTAL STEALTH MODE
        and Oje it seems has decided to adopt GUERRILLA TACTICS.he posts a comment and disappears for a while and suddenly pops up again when everything has calmed down.
        nice idea and seems to be working too
        must keep it in mind
        i might need it too in the future hehehe 😀

      • LOL @ Lachit, Igbi has gone AWOL adn Oje is now Black Ops

  45. lachit says:

    i hope u dont mind me posting these analysis
    u see i dont have any detailed knowledge about what is going inside nigeria (outside of her defense needs)
    so i refrain from commenting on such matters.

    i try as much as possible to post on matters relating to nigerian defense
    but sometimes also end up running out of options/ideas ^^’ ^^’

    so to kill the boredom it post all these info

    plz feel free to ask me to stop anytime u want
    i wont mind it in the least bit

  46. Oje says:

    Oga lachit, the Chinese do not have quantity. The biggest misconception people have about China is that its overwhelmingly quantitatively superior to any other country in the world, but America actually has the largest overall military in the world.

    Active Duty Personnel

    China: 2.2 million
    USA:14 million

    Active duty reserve
    China 2.2 million
    USA:1.1 million

    Airforce :
    China: 3,100 aircraft’s (1500 fighters/interceptors)
    USA:15,000 aircraft’s (5000, fighters/interceptors)

    Attack Helicopters

    Attack aircraft (Fixed wing)

    Fighter aircraft
    China :1066

    Trainer aircraft

    Transport aircraft:

    China 9500
    USA: 8300

    China: 4700

    Towed artillery


    Fleet strenght
    China 600
    USA 480

    Aircraft Carriers
    USA: 20 (Marine assault Ships eg USS WASP is bigger than most countries aircraft carriers)

    USA: 72

    China 47
    USA: 11

    USA: 67

    Now, the U.S Navy and Marines together has more aircraft’s and pilot than the U.S air force in itself. The US Navy is essentially the worlds second largest air force and has more quality arcrafts than the airforces of most countries. The U.S airforce alone has a Space Wing, itds the only air force in the world to have its own Space programme.Going by these stats you see the U.S effectly has by far the worlds largest military, not China. Anyway with America will not likely be fought on American soil, they bring the war to your doorstep. With over 630 airbases around the world/ This is essentially why you the US can strike any part of the world in 40 minutes if it does choose so, China cannot take back Taiwan much less project force to take on Japan and South Korea, and lets not forget NATO.

    Forget propaganda hardline postures by Putin, in an all out conventional conflict neither Russia nor China together can take on the U.S even at sea., behind the walls of the Pentagon likes the most powerful military the world has ever seen.

    NOTE: I know there are some here already sharpening their knives, I AM NOT AN AMERICAN FAN BOY. This is just stats.

    • Sir Kay says:

      Oga Oje, Active Military Personnel for the US is 1.4 Million, not 14 Million. Obviously a typo.

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga Oje, loudly posting incoherent stuff without facts and OUTSIDE CONTEXT is fanboyism.

      China has enough quantity to make all other countries do a double think in the South China sea area. If that was not the case, they would have been long since attacked (especially because of their AIIB plans).

      America has the worlds most powerful army, no one can doubt that, but they will never attack countries like China and Russia (especially).

    • eyimola says:

      Its not about being a fanboy, but recognising the strategic reality. However, there is one major advantage Chin and Russia have over the United states. and that is the leadership of both countries have a higher tolerance for casualties that an US (or Western nation really) would be willing to sustain when it is not directly threatened. China has done very well with its fairly low budget approach to projecting its power within its geo political sphere of influence. Whether it can replicate that on a global scale is a different matter.

    • Sir Kay says:

      The Chinese are smart, to some extent. We can say they won’t take back Taiwan now, but in the future, they probably will and there is nothing the US can do about it but negotiate.
      Let’s not forget, once China have enough Military asset to make the US think twice about helping Taiwan militarily , and also with Chinese economy bigger than that of the US in the future, the US no longer have power, that is, it can not sustain a long term war with China.
      During world war 2 the US has over 30,000 factories producing TV sets, today it has zero.
      That means it no longer have the factories that can be converted and use to churn out military assets, unlike during world war 2, China on the other hand, now have more factories. I watched a documentary about this on.
      So the US will never risk an all out war with China over Taiwan, in the future that is, the Chinese are simply just waiting, until they have more military power, then they might strike.
      But let’s hope these countries don’t go to war with each other, Russia included, if they do, we are looking at the end of the world, because Nukes will be flying every where.

      • You never can tell who is willing to risk a war. History is replete with examples of unexpected wars popping up in unexpected places for unexpected reasons. Sometimes it all depends on the ego of the person who feels his ox has been gored. Lock Down, the US has a bad ass military and they know how to use it and they are constantly fighting wars so they have plenty experience. I can easily say also that no1 in his right senses will risk a war with the US.

      • chynedoo says:

        Technology has moved from making TV sets to microchips. Four of the biggest microchip makes are America, Qualcomm still remains the company to beat in terms of technology and grip on the tech market when it comes to microchips and it is still American. Again, three of the largest arms makers are American: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and Boeing. The biggest tech companies in the world, Microsoft, IBM, Intel, and Apple are all American.
        While China’s economy is growing, if you look at the population of China compared to the population of America and try to spread the per capita, and GDP of each country based on population, you’d still realize China is centuries behind America, in fact speaking in economic terms, earning and spending power, quality of life etc China is still a poor country. When you measure military assets, and force multipliers US has 10-19 aircraft carriers (depending on how you chose to clarify them) to China’s one which is not even operational and was an old Soviet era carrier. Point is, China is not yet able to challenge America militarily or even financially. Let’s not get carried away. In 2015, the US still flies thousands of surveillance missions over China. The Chinese can only scramble their jets and escort them out of sight but that as much as they could do. That in a way tells you where the power lies.
        So let’s not get carried away on this blog. A little research on some of these issues might help. All these info are open source. Knowledge as always is power.

      • buchi says:

        oga kay they have already succeeded in arm twisting the US from supplying needed spare parts for the TAF F-16s and TN naval ships especially all frigates and coverttes gooten from the US in the mid 90s and 2000s…no major electronic upgrade has happened since..they have already acqiured some weapons from russia..
        in the words of Taiwanese F-16 pilots Max DRACO(code name)..
        there 400 platform airforce can only engage the chinese for a maximum of 2 days of combat..not because in his words the chinese pilots are better trained than them(with a little sacarsm) but because the chinese have numbers..
        chinese ATR aircrafts has been invading taiwanese airspace since mid june last year..recently an AWAC flying at low altitude was detected on radar and had to be waveed off by scarmbled tawainese F-!6s

    • lachit says:

      yes US is stronger in quality and some cases quatitively
      chinas actual no of armour, aircrafts etc is not known.only guesses are being made
      the chinese military industrial complex is really big and totally self sufficient.
      it might suprise u but US manufacturers source all sorts of parts from china for building many of their weapons.
      in case there is war tommorrow how is US going to replace these imported parts.
      eventually they will but it will take take and lots of money.
      and china watchers have noticed a significant rise in capacity build up for chinese weapons manufacturing via increasing no of factories,shipyards etc in the last decade.
      they will outrun US manufacturing in a few years.
      but there is silver lining in all these
      they might end up breaking up like the soviets(due to over spending->financial crises->countrywide unrest->overthrow of communist party of china)
      maybe the US/WESTERN countries are trying to lead china down this path.

      “I know there are some here already sharpening their knives” yeah to cut potatos tomatoes etc maybe also finger and toe nails
      boys u all gonna be careful dont want u cutting off important jewelery by mistake 😀

  47. Sir Kay says:

    These people really are funny insane. How do you fight for your so called God, then open fire on those are pretend to be preaching to. Lord, this is more than madness.
    And someone said it on here before, the police and DSS or whatever its called, need to up their game, more of this will occur, sneak attacks.

  48. lachit says:

    @Kola Adekola eyimola (boys just for fun i welcome u to counter my points)

    1.all reports regarding the invincibility of chinese army is mostly in western sponsered media,
    (does it not make u a wee bit suspicious ) why?

    2.chinese army doctrine call for retaining and using stocks of old weapons system.western intelligence gleefully include these in their reports and mislead their governments .why?

    3.china has bought trillions of US BONDS.if china gets a war going US will be more than happy to participate why?

    4.if china gets involved in a major war with US then possibly RUSSIA INDIA VIETNAM MONGOLIA(SURPRISED) might/will carve up chinas areas.(all of them have at the moment a marriage of convineance)and will this factor be in the back of chinas mind.what is there to stop these countries from making a grasp when china is in a very difficult position?

    5.if china uses nuclear weapons what do u think will stop us india uk france even russia from retaliating together for mutual benfit (a modern day opium war will be repeated in china) why not?

    6.if china is so powerfull why does it protest japans plan for large scale rearmament.
    lol launch of a helicopter carrier made the chinese jittery.( do u know japan has enough nuclear materials and tech capability to make more than 2000 nuclear weapons within a short time )why does china fear japan with only a small defence force in comparison to china?


    • lachit says:

      in the list of countries plz include south korea and north korea also
      and i also forgot to invite sir kay in the above post

    • Kola Adekola says:

      Oga lachit, I demur. A little diversion now and then can be very educational, but we might be in danger of turning this thread into one about China.

  49. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    Back to life and reality, Pls anyone, how are we fairing in the NE. the hard part of the campaign cycle has come back to guerrilla tactics .We need to break the cycle now. All hands should be on deck, main elections over.( Most of all CJTF, MOPOL, Civil defence, DSS, or else once they gain enough strength they would be back again. this no time to let off the pressure.

    • lachit says:

      @Capt Tobias Wilcock
      they best way to approach these cycle of guerilla attacks by BH
      is by using both hard and soft power.

      1.hard power include military, paramilitary to clear, hold, and build areas previously under terrorist.

      2.soft power include political, economic, psychological and civic actions to be taken by the government to get these terrorists to surrender peacefully and erode their support among the people.and also to develop HUMINT recources among these terrorist.

      socio-economic and political conditions in the northern areas must be improved.
      people must be made to realize that peace is the only alternative to development.

      also DSS role is singularly important because of their ability to combat radicalisation and recruitment of BH terrorists by identifying their methods, propaganda tatics and the sources used by these terrorists.
      also CJTF MOPOL can be trained to check incitement and recruitment in key places like prisons, places of worship and community areas etc
      they can also help by recruiting moles or by surviellance to keep track of suspected terrorists.

      these are only some of the basic ways to curb and stop BH guerilla attacks

  50. Sir Kay says:

    “But it has been Chad’s battle-hardened troops, and not Nigeria’s, that have led in the offensive, expelling Boko Haram from the major towns in the north in just a matter of weeks”.

    Imagine such trash.

  51. lachit says:

    “ARTILLARY IS THE GOD OF WAR” russian general during WW2
    NIGERIA inventory of ARTILLARY system
    1.Palmaria Self-propelled Howitzer
    2.D-30 Howitzer
    3.D-74 Howitzer
    4.M46 Howitzer
    5.D-20 Howitzer
    6.Haubits FH77B Howitzer
    7.OTO Melara Mod 56 Howitzer

    majority of the artillary systems are towed by trucks for mobility exception being the PALMARIA mounted on the OF-40 main battle tank for full mobility.
    FH77B featurs an APU to make it self-propelled for tactical mobility only.

    1.nigeria bought around 48 FH77B Howitzers in 1980.they were reported to be mothballed but recent evidence suggest that they are still in action.the no of bofors active might be less than the original 48 since some of them may have been cannablized for spares.

    if nigeria army is still interested in retaining the bofors it is then better to go for upgade of these guns with new fire control systems and modern electronics.
    BAE Systems has upgraded the FH-77B 39 calibre with a 155 mm/52 calibre ordnance and this is designated the FH-77 B05 L5.
    it offers a range increase from 27 km to 40 km using standard base bleed rounds.It also has a direct-fire capability and a MRSI(MULTIPLE ROOUND SIMULTANEOUS IMPACT) capability with up to five projectiles hitting the target within three seconds from one is a serious force multiplier technology.
    It also has a direct-fired range out to 2,000 m.sweden has many mothballed FH77Bs which can be acquired cheaply and upgraded to FH-77 B05 L5 standard.
    a total of 60 of these would be nice.

    2.the D-30 Howitzer,D-74 Howitzer,M46 Howitzer,D-20 Howitzer are legacy soviet era systems.i see no point in upgrading them.
    but nigeria can mount some of these howitzers inhouse on trucks to give them much needed mobility.

    it is a Lebanese system which mounts a 122mm howitzer on a mobile platform copyright

    this one also mounts a 122mm howitzer on a truck.the system name is khalifa and comes from a african country.
    around 60 of these kind of mobile gun mounted systems build in the country using locally source talent will enable nigeria to engage in combined tank and artillary assaults.
    the truck mounted howitzers will soften the target area with massive strikes while accompanying t-72s will move in for the final kill.

    • sazulu says:

      Lachit I’m seriously impressed. You however omitted our Spanish made 105mm PHs and Yugoslav made the 105mm M56 popularly called Yugo, I don’t know why. My focus is on the truck mounted guns. The availability of prime movers has always been a logistic challenge to the NA. They are crucial in a fluid Operation to maintain momentum. Manhandling these guns isn’t easy and we need all the precious time. This system will enhance deployment time for sure, again it looks like sometHing that our local fabricators can do so as to save cost. This configuration would also be excellent for the 105mm M56 on a lighter truck.

      • lachit says:

        105mm M56 around 200. i missed it thanks
        spanish 105mm ?? sorrry can u provide a name

        ” This configuration would also be excellent for the 105mm M56 on a lighter truck.”
        yes ur right

  52. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    @Lachit, saw your reply late, thanks for the link, think I should share it with the other Ogas.
    Sincere Thanks to CP Katsina for how he handled the situation.

    • asorockweb says:

      Yes. Well done CP Katsina. A less enlightened Commissioner would have wrecked the boys lives for nothing more than boyhood curiosity and Innovation.

  53. Sir Kay says:

    Edward @DonKlericuzio · 10h 10 hours ago

    #BokoHaram fighters surfacing from a tunnel in hildi were today fired on & killed by a Minigun & GAU-21armed Nigeria army Gazelle Helicopter

  54. Capt Tobias Wilcock says:

    More like it bro, pressure on

  55. Sir Kay says:

    DEFENCE HQ NIGERIA @DefenceInfoNG · 17h 17 hours ago

    FLASH: Nigerian troops this morning successfully completed a raid on all terrorist camps in #Alagarno, #Borno state.

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